Wales Women v England Women Scrum V

Wales Women v England Women

Catrin Heledd presents live coverage of Wales Women v England Women from the Cardiff Arms Park. Studio guests include Caryl James and Kat Merchant.

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Today all roads lead to Cardiff for a double bill of Wales against


England and act one begins here. After beating Italy the women have


won five games on the bounce. But now they face their biggest


challenge in the world champions England, fresh from beating France


at Twickenham. There were a few daffodils and a


little bit of snow to welcome the teams this morning. Whatever the


weather it is sure to be a fiery contest for these two, the closest


of neighbours, and rivals. Good morning. It is early but great


to have your company at the start of what is a very busy day of rugby


here in the Welsh capital. Good morning. Yes it is cold but the


atmosphere is warming up nicely here. Some singing behind us. Both


sides by the end of the championship hoping to get their hands on this. I


am happy to say that for the first few hours of action today I am


joined by a member of England's 2014 World Cup winning squad and a former


Wales international. Welcome both. Let's start with you, five from five


under the new coach. Where have you seen Wales development since he took


over? Yes, he has certainly brought a lot of energy to the Welsh camp.


Last week we saw a great all-round team performance by Wales, beating


Italy. They scored some great tries, they've got faith in their defensive


structures. That will give them great confidence to meet England


head-on. I am sure you have something to say about that. You


were part of the World Cup-winning squad three years ago. How do you


see this side differently or the same to three years ago? I think it


is one of the first times we are starting to see some of those World


Cup players back in. A lot of the girls have been off with the


Olympics and Sevens so I am excited to see how they'll build as a team


with those key players back in. Let's see how last week's results


affect the table. Ireland are top after a bonus point


win against Scotland. We will talk about the teams in a


few minutes. First, let's head to camp to see how Wales have been


preparing for this week. Saturday is a huge game, just like


the men really. In this case England are world champions. It's a massive


challenge for us and it's going to be a huge step up from the teams we


have already played. We know the challenge is going to be


huge. We worked on fitness and conditioning and waeths side of


things. Against Italy plenty of running in our legs in the last 20


minutes. We couldn't ask for a better start. Obviously there is


still a lot to work on going forward but five wins from five and


hopefully we will keep progressing. We will be really focussed and ready


for it and they'll play their best and that's all you can do. There is


a great buzz about the team and that shows as Roland has told us, winners


are singers, as long as we keep winning we can keep singing. We will


find out if he can sing in a few hours' time. Let's talk about the


teams. Some crucial players. The back row for Wales. No


Powell-Hughes, a bit of a blow but plenty of experience with former


captain Rachel Taylor. Of course. An all Scarlets back row. They know


each other very well. They play together a lot in regional games. We


have Rachel Taylor, she's going to be crucial for Wales today. She is a


workhorse and will make life really hard for England today. She will be


hitting those rucks and securing possession for Wales and spoiling


the English ball. Look out for her today. Look out indeed. Let's look


out for one of the English players. Emily Scarratt, player of the match


last week. GB's Sevens captain. She's such an influence but her


kicking is vital for England. She's fundamental to how the team


performs, not just for her calmness with kicking but the lines she runs,


always takes two players to tackle her. She's going to and big part of


the team today. Also Daniel Waterman, try scorer coming back


from the Olympics, fantastic player. Plenty to look out for. We are


literally minutes away from kick-off. Let's see how the teams


are feeling and go down to the pitchside reporter.


They're ready to come out. I can confirm it seems to be getting


colder by the second here. No roof to close here at the Cardiff Arms


Park. I had a chat with Wales head coach before the game. He accepts


his team may be going into this contest as underdogs but insists


that they are full of confidence after that opening win against


Italy. I can confirm it is getting cold here at the Cardiff Arms Park.


A few seconds, match predictions, who will take this one? England will


take it. But within a try. I don't expect to you say anything else!


What about you? I am backing the Welsh girls all the way. It's going


to be close. Don't think there will be many tries but a win for the


Welsh women. Right. A split decision there.


As I said, seconds only away from the teams coming out. Let's join our


commentary team this morning. Welcome then to Cardiff Arms Park. A


chilly Saturday morning. An enthusiastic crowd in the main


stands here as the teams emerge. This is the second round of the Six


Nations. Both teams having notched up four points on the opening


weekend. Lining up for the anthems. The silence in memory of a former


South African captain, scrum-half, 89 cap, ten as captain, three World


Cups he played in and five years of fundraising in the battle against


motor neurone. Roland Phillips, the Wales coach. The public address


system is explaining the reason for the silence.


He was a visitor here a couple of years ago as he continued his


fundraising efforts. He passed away on Monday 6th


February, please join us now as we reflect in silence and show our


respects to a true legend of our great game.


Please now stand for the January themes. Starting with the English


national anthems. APPLAUSE AND CHEERING


And now our anthem, the national anthem for Wales.


So the anthems belted out by the teams and choir.


Wales showing one change from their win in Italy, it's in the back row.


Shona Powell-Hughes is injured. Sioned Harries and Lisa Butchers


comes in at number six. The back line unchanged. Howell was player of


the match last week -- Dyddgu Hywel. As for the England side, unchanged


from the win over France. Tamara Taylor, and Rocky Clarrk.


Five of the back line played in the Olympics.


The referee is from France. Alongside me Shaun Holy. England


sure to start favourites but Wales going well. Morning everyone.


Fantastic occasion. A big crowd here. Yes, they will be favourites,


England, but a fired up Wales team for this one and Rowland fill


independents with his daughter -- Phillips, along with his daughter,


the captain, have got them ready. Further possession for England.


They look to float wide. Almost up to halfway.


Four Lichfield players. Six from Bristol. Over halfway.


Hunt away to McLean. Getting the back line moving. Wales are up


quickly midfield making tackles. Scarratt feeding Thompson on the


outside. It's been nudged forward. You can already see the intent of


the England team, using the full width of this Cardiff Arms Park. A


lovely surface here, obviously artificial but both have touched the


ball in these early passages. You see the winger here, Thompson, a


little bit too flat on Scarratt but a good start from England.


So it is a hold-up for an injury on the far side.


The referee looking over to see what's going on. It looks like the


English number 11, Amy Wilson-Hardy has had an early knock and will


require treatment on that leg. A big first hit on the young Bristol


winger, scored a great try last week in the opening game against France.


In my time at Bristol I managed to coach a couple of sessions and here


you see she is a dangerous player. A good first hit from, I think it's


Snowsill. Simon Middleton, England head coach. Snowsill doing the goal


kicking for Wales. Wilson-Hardy is ready to rejoin the fray,


thankfully. A bit of a dead leg, like George North last week. The


first scrum. She as got the upper hand in this department. England


with that waeth advantage upfront and looking to pay it pay. The pass


is intercepted. Trying to repair the damage but it is turned over


possession for England. A good sign for the visitors.


Millar-Mills taking it into contact. England looking to create space in


midfield. They could have an overlap here. Waterman has Wilson-Hardy


outside her. The winger going to the corner. Wilson-Hardy is in


stretches... And has scored the first try. The third minute, just


after treatment for injury. Amy Wilson-Hardy given room on the


outside. Wales 0, England 5. England showed their intent from the start,


putting width on this game and the back row is going to be a


contentious area. She is a wrecking ball, Marlie Packer. Fantastic pass


from McLean. It gets Waterman into the game. She's dangerous and


experienced. You have to watch out for Wilson-Hardy. A lovely step on


this clean surface. A great finish. No qualms but to give that one.


Speed being shown by Wilson-Hardy, despite her knee injury a couple of


moments earlier. The George North of England women, the Wales winger in


Rome last weekend recovering from injury to run 70 metres to score.


England have a wealth of kicking options.


That's close from the touchline but no cigar. England lead by five


points. Wales hardly having had their hands on the ball. Early


lessons for Wales. They're narrow in defensive line at the moment. You


can't give this England back three with the experience it has that much


room. Vastly experienced England side, though. Beaten on their last


visit to Wales. That's a frustrating error for Packer from the restart.


It's a let-off for Wales. Not the greatest of kicks. Took her eye off


the ball. You can see in her eyes she's disappointed with that. Wales


won 13-0 at St Helens Swansea two seasons ago. England had their


revenge last year. Let's see if this back row of Wales can control the


ball. They lost Powell-Hughes before this game. A big player for Wales.


All the Scarlets back row in there. This is a good position to attack


from. It's never been the biggest of Welsh


back fives. A lot of the pack have interchanged


position. Rachel Taylor playing open side, played at lock.


Nice scissors move bringing in Kerin Lake.


Rachel Taylor doing the carrying. Into the 22 for the first time,


Wales. Good carries from the Welsh


forwards. Good response from the Welsh women. They're looking to put


width on it themselves. Out to Taviner. Not quite the support she


wanted there on the outside. But does well to retain possession. She


got isolated but good intent from Wales. They're in good shape. Away


to midfield. Phillips and Snowsill, finds Evans on the charge.


England defence up well. Bevan has it. Away to Butchers.


A newcomer in this starting side. The chip didn't go to plan on that


occasion. Waterman. Aggressively out of defence. Showed her intent there.


Inventive stuff from the away team. Rugby running in the family. Her


father, Jim, was a Bath stalwart for many years. Good pace from Scarratt


on the outside. Wilson-Hardy again. Back independent side towards... Oh


the interchange was going so well. What could have been the scoring


pass floating into touch. A flowing move again from England.


Give them some credit. Water man was involved twice in that


counterattack. Great pace on the outside. I like Emily Scarratt. She


is a real footballing talent. Into the hands of Wilson-Hardy again. Did


Evans get a crucial hand in there? Just to stop the play at the crucial


moment? England looking extremely threatening, you have to say. It


looks as though the Welsh winger did get a fingertip to it because it is


an England scrum, rather than a Wales lineout.


Hunt to put in. Not entirely stable but they rarely


are on this surface. England bringing Wilson-Hardy in from the


wing. Deep into the Wales 22.


A big cover tackle from Taylor there. It was needed. Space is on


the outside of this Welsh defence. Advantage over calls the referee.


But there could be something on for England still.


Cokayne bursting through to score. They played the advantage of the


penalty. They didn't need it. Off they went. It's wave after wave of


attack from the England women's team. The strings are being pulled


by McLean. Tackling from the front row of the Welsh team. She didn't


need a second invitation, Cokayne, showing great power. They look


organised and have power and pace and they're combining well at the


moment. I don't think Rowland Phillips will


be too happy with some of the tackling on that occasion. Should


have been stopped probably a couple of times. The glum look on the face


of the Wales coach who has seen his side win four friendlies and the


opening Six Nations game. But they'll really need to show their


character here. Yeah, a different proposition this


England team. Emily Scarratt impressed with her kicking


technique. Scarratt finds the target. England


lead by 12-0 inside ten minutes. Wales left chasing shadows so far.


No more than the England women deserve. They've shown enterprise


and moving into the wider channels. Plus using their ball carriers to


shorten up the Wales defence. The head coach there has his work cut


out. Snowsill with the restart.


Low into the hands of Keates. Packer involved, as well there.


England looking to pump it back into the weigh shall half.


Hywel going away. -- Welsh. Not much room to work with


so belt it is back down field. She has a decent kicking game, Hywel.


She has a lovely left foot. A bit of a kicking battle going on here.


Snowsill forced to retreat. Waterman upon her. Bevan puts boot to ball.


There was a temporary relief. Scarratt setting up the ruck. All


sorts of pressure on Wales at the moment. Hunt going blindside.


Millar-Mills is in the action. They're queuing up to score. It is


scrum-half Natasha Hunt who goes over for England's third try after


just 11 minutes. 17-0 the visitors lead and Wales don't know what's hit


them. The coaching team need to get messages down there. There is too


much space on the outside. Amy Wilson-Hardy, only four caps, but


she's showing real skill and the support play of England is


absolutely fantastic. Too many Welsh players are confined with their eyes


on the ruck, they need to open up and get width, because the pace on


the outside is killing them. Natasha Hunt getting her 6th try for


England. Scarratt up to 329 international


points. We know that as Scarratt easily


slots that one over that England are a full-time outfit. They look it at


the moment. They're organised. Wales don't have that luxury with all


their players, but if they can pick their heads up they can get more


width. Lovely offload from Millar-Mills. Like all good


scrum-halves, Natasha Hunt on the inside. She was a PE teacher. I am


sure her pupils will be happy seeing that this morning.


Millar-Mills and Wilson-Hardy in the action there.


19-0 the visitors lead. Wales conceding a string of


penalties, as well. The restarts are not helping them either. Snowsill is


putting the ball on Packer. Whether that's a ploy to get her and ruffle


her because she is a big player for this England team, but it's not


working. The kicks are too deep. Indiscretion there at the ruck means


England are on the front foot again. Snowsill plays for Newport Gwent


Dragons and Bristol. A bit of cross-bridge representation going


on. A region and a club, the weigh shall players. The region play half


a dozen match as year or so. But England looking completely dominant.


Thompson in off the near side wing. Looking for work down the centre.


Hunt was it away. So much experience in this line-up


for the visitors today. Wales at last have a little relief


with a penalty in the contact area. Rocky has more caps than Jason


Lennon. A welcome relief for Wales there. Holding on at the ruck. They


need to consolidate. Phillips, the captain, needs to have a quick word


with them. Wales losing some composure and


allowing England another chance to run it back.


Having a good game, Cokayne, combative and quick. Hunt looks for


space and Water man with a good chase. Down goes Wilkins to save on


her own 22. There is a penalty advantage here for offside. I think


Wales will need that advantage to come back.


It goes to show on this surface here at the Cardiff Arms Park, the ball


sometimes just sits up invitingly and it was great vision from Natasha


Hunt to see the space behind Wales' right-wing. A danger for Wales at


the moment. Snowsill feeds to find a solid touch that she does on this


occasion. Yes, Wales played a couple of friendlies on this ground in


November when they beat Scotland and the Armed Forces.


A Welsh throw-in for the captain, Carys Phillips, one of the try


scorers in the AC when Wales were matched for possession and territory


but took their chances better. Will be lucky to create chances today as


Butcher tries to flick it on to Snowsill but she will need help from


the weight of the forwards. They did well to get to her, she was in


trouble. They're short of numbers now, Wales. Wales looking to carry


through Harries. Away for Wilkins. A long pass out, but Wales couldn't


work the overlap. Back to Rebecca Rowe, a former


rower. That's well collected by Waterman.


Over halfway. Brought down by Lake. They've got to


be in control of their kicks. Snowsill kicks and looks for that


corner. They need to be in control of the kicking game because this


England back three are so fast. The attempted kick charged down by


Wilkins. Does well to turn over possession. Snowsill to Evans. Did


not quite go forward, luckily for the prop. Chance missed. Great


opportunity. England are organised again. Snowsill, the chip through,


but the ball beating both Evans and Wilson-Hardy and bouncing into


touch. Wales have in the last five minutes got a toehold in the game


but England completely dominant. An example of what I talked about,


being more controlled in the kicking game. Good chase. Not quite the kick


Snowsill wanted but at least they are building pressure. You need to


stem the tide, find any weaknesses, where to put pressure on England,


and do not concede again this half. Izzy Noel-Smith took a bit of a


knock in the face and she is off for assessment. Sarah Hunter, the


captain, talking to the players. 86 caps. She lives and breathes rugby,


lives in the Bristol area, development officer. Great pedigree,


like myself! The England replacement, Poppy, on


the blindside. Snowsill wide to Wilkins. Long passes from the Welsh


backline. Hywel on the outside tries to get around Thompson. Good


support. Not enough maybe. England get the penalty. Lovely long passes,


it has to be said, from the Welsh backline. Inside left footsteps from


Dyddgu Hywel, she got isolated. Little bit late, second to it. That


is enough for England to win the ball. Second best at the moment,


Wales, to everything. Into this line-out, Cokayne. She


went to school in New Zealand. Came back to play in England.


Millar-Mills on the charge. She has looked useful ball in hand. Into the


22. Another half chance for Wilson-Hardy as she tries to stow


away from the touchline. Evans, experienced winger-macro, makes her


tackle. Evans is then penalised. The last thing you want. Under pressure


in your own 22, on the touchline, it means you have a full defensive line


potential across the field, in from the side, once again, it looks


ominous. Evans, one of the North Whaley and is in the Welsh side,


born in Aberystwyth. Please club rugby for Carmarthen -- plays. The


England coaches will have plenty to smile about. Only just going into


the second quarter. They will not get it like that! Completely


overthrown. Bevan under pressure both from the replacement, Cleall.


Good carry from the English back row. Alisha Butchers making the most


of her starting call-up. Great relieving carry. Mishap from England


at the line-up and an opportunity to get it away. Collision. Evans came


off second best after colliding with Amy Wilson-Hardy. Both players going


for the ball. A lot of keeps on the carry. The referee is bringing them


back for the England scrum. They have shown their professional


pedigree in the opening quarter, England. They are a full-time


outfit. Strategically, they have been excellent. They have to go to


execute the coach's plan and they have done it. Moving it into the


wide channels where they see the weakness. They have shown great


skill. Lovely surface here. You have to credit the coaching staff and the


players for implementing it. Yes, they have the experience, but you


have to do it on the big occasion and at the moment, they are


superior. Certainly enjoying the artificial surface, Cleall has moved


up into the second row with Millar-Mills. Mont off in from the


left. Hunt and Katy McLean. It is too easy. All too easy for England.


They have their bonus point try after just 22 minutes at the arms


Park. Lydia Thompson wins her one-on-one and gets the try for


England. Almost perfect from a script I just mentioned about the


England performance. The wide channel. Katy McLean is pulling the


strings. Emily Scarratt is a fine player. In on the right foot, out on


the left foot and fantastic finish, one on one. The ball is in two


hands. Keeping Dyddgu Hywel guessing. In the end, a missed


tackle one-on-one. That sums up the 22 minutes we have played so far.


England to superior, getting it to the place, excellent finishing. --


too superior, getting the pace. She has landed two conversion so far,


Scarratt. That is an angled kick but she has nailed it as well and no


terrors for Emily Scarratt with the wide kicks. England lead 26- 0-G,


scoring better than a point a minute. It is really ominous --


26-0. They have their work cut out. 20 minutes away from half-time. The


England team are opened. When you have a team in this mood, you are


really on the back foot. What can Carys Phillips say to the team to


get them back in the game? Kicks like that are not helping. England


picking up where they left off last week at Twickenham, came from being


down at half-time against France to win. Another chance for Thompson.


Thomas getting back to make the tackle on Natasha Hunt. Billed as a


plinth as well. Loosehead, high tackle, referee has picked it up. --


ill discipline. I am not sure the England will need the penalty.


Packer brought down by Wilkins. That was called high as well. She is in


danger. Under the new regulations, not a new law, old regulation, let


us listen... First high tackle, OK, not really dangerous, but second one


there, I let you three seconds... Fair play to the referee, giving the


benefit of the doubt. Even if it is an accident, if it is reckless,


yellow card. That is the last thing Wales want at the moment. Not a new


law as such, a new interpretation that came into effect on the 3rd of


January. As Hunt drilled it into the corner, Wilkins allowed to stay on


the pitch. I do not think there was anything malicious in it, but intent


does not matter these days. I am pretty sure, as we see the replay


here, I am pretty sure what Rowland Phillips will be saying is, low


tackles, get Rachel Taylor over the ball. The rest of us, get width into


the defensive line. Tamara Taylor wins ahead of Rachel Taylor. The


most experienced players on the park, both into their 30s. Rachel


Taylor does a lot of line-out work for Wales. Tamara Taylor wins the


ball. England looking for a fifth try. It is relentless from the


visitors. Waterman gets through, looking to feed Thompson on the


outside. Hunt is in, flinging it up to a Thompson. It is a fifth try as


Katy McLean loops around the outside and England just keep on scoring, 26


minutes gone, five tries to do visitors. Katy McLean on the end of


that. It is becoming a little embarrassing now because the England


women are toying with the Welsh team. Falling off, committing too


many. One-on-one at the end again. The wrong angle. On the inside,


force them into touch will stop they are too smart. They know where to


go, they know where the space is and the mismatches and they are


executing Simon Middleton's plan to perfection. England will want to


roll up the pitch and take it back down and forward them. It is


certainly suiting them. The Welsh girls will be looking at the clock


for half-time and England will not want half-time to come, they are


enjoying themselves, big day for all, they are showing their skills.


I would not be surprised if Emily Scarratt knocks this over either.


Virtually the same place as her last kick. It has not got the accuracy


this time. 31-0 in 27 minutes is the England advantage and although


England were huge favourites going into this game, they certainly did


not expect such a one-sided encounter.


I am joined by the Wales assistant coach. It is relentless, tough


against the English professionals. Yeah, it is. To be fair, they


started like a house on fire. Worst start possible. Playing at a tempo


that our defence have not got to grips with. It looks like a lot of


space out wide, we're not working hard enough. After the fourth try,


what did you say to the girls? Just trying to like a bit of fire. Our


defensive line is not hitting them as we would like. We are not, as I


mentioned, working hard. Eating it very difficult for us. Thank you.


-- making it very difficult for us. Line-out on the England 22, on the


Wales 22, rather. Phillips with the throw. Towards the back for Rachel


Taylor. Picked off by England. Turnover possession. Amy Evans. Back


in fields. And England putting it wide again. Wilson Hardie was not


quite with the same precision -- the past ten Wilson-Hardy was not with


the same precision. The defensive line is the issue. If you come apart


on the outside, you have all got to come up hard and fast together and


cut off the pass. It forced an error but there is nearly ten metres space


there for people like Lydia Thompson on the right and Amy Wilson-Hardy on


the left and they are exploiting it. England seem to have one or two free


on the outside with virtually every back move. Let us see if Wales can


put something together. Rachel Taylor wins. Away for Clay to carry.


Harries, rather, setting it up. Rebecca Rowe. The Welsh forwards


getting a bit of ball in hand for once. Hywel looks for the long kick


but it rolls nicely for Waterman. Over half way. Brought down by


Taylor and Phillips. And the fly-half Katy McLean holding up the


path in midfield, looking for the angles -- pass. Katy McLean has got


players over again. Emily Scarratt. Options inside as well. Hunt and


Katy McLean combining again. Excellent tackle from Taviner.


Fantastic player, shifting Wales around, down the short side, inside


support, and on the attack again. Hunt Turner Reed this time. Five


tries to England inside the first half an hour. Wide to Amy Cokayne.


Handling error costs England a potential sixth try. She


overcomplicated it. No need to shift it to one hand, just needed to draw


in Kerin Lake. No need for that. Just draw in Kerin Lake and Dyddgu


Hywel. Another try bond. More points out there for the England women's


team. A few knocks taken out. Indeed. Both sets of medical staff


on. 31 points after 31 minutes. There is Rowland Phillips, the Wales


head coach, former Wales back rower and Wales assistant coach. Rowland


Phillips coached with me at the Ospreys, charged with defence for a


year or two, did a great job. He will be drawing on that experience


at half-time. Simon Middleton, leading England to second place last


year of course in the Six Nations, picked by France on the final


weekend. But certainly you would have thought they would be big


favourites after this display today. Izzy Noel-Smith returns to the


action. Middleton has a lot more resources at his disposal, that is


for sure. A lot more players. They have the resources in the backroom


staff. But having said that, they are executing it and Wales look very


ragged at the moment. Bevan into the defensive scrum for


Wales. Harries with pick-up duties did well to get outside. Made a bit


of headway. Wales with a bit of carrying to do. The power of Rebecca


Rowe. Plays for the Dragons. Eventually the clearance kick from


Hywel. Under pressure, does not find touch. Wales captain Carys Phillips


is bound injured. England will attack where she would normally be


at the end of the line. But it comes for Waterman and Millar-Mills to


link. Clark and Hunter. Butchers got to it first at least. England


knock-on. It is so slow. They need to shift it away quicker and put the


England defence under pressure. Rocky Clark's offside, comeback.


Snowsill looks to put it down the touchline. With her right foot. It


has taken a long time for Carys Phillips to recover from this knock.


Her father Rowland looking anxious. Carys Phillips is needed. Where is


the hooker? There she is, down the touchline, jogging rather gingerly.


I am not sure what happened, but she looks a bit groggy. Big throw in


here. Wales trying to get something on the board before half-time. Carys


Phillips captained last season in the match against Scotland when


Rachel Taylor was out injured. This may be heading for Taylor


eventually. Not sure whether that was what was planned. It got to her.


Snowsill to Harries. Poor flow. Handing over possession tamely.


England with another chance to attack in broken play. Katy McLean


opting for the boot on that occasion. Rachel Taylor covering


back. The ball ran away from her, as it does so often on the artificial


surface. A long role. Wales are pinned back once more. A marked


difference between Snowsill for Wales and Rachel Taylor for England.


Rachel Taylor has a lot of work today. Taviner is not there. The


lady at ten is pulling the strings, all of the pressure is on Wales. The


freezing breeze. It is really cold today in Cardiff. There will be a


few supporters next door cursing the decision of Eddie Jones not to close


the principality stadium roof for the men's match. Harries held off


the ground by the work of Tamara Taylor, eventually manages to get to


deck. Who will get the put-in? Not quite. I would feel a bit aggrieved


if I was Rowland Phillips. I thought Rachel Taylor. The. But you have got


to get on with it. If you are held like that, you have to get


supporting players to get your need to ground so it is no longer a maul.


-- in the. I such she was impeded before she went to ground by Tamara


Taylor. Butchers, one of several teenagers in the Wales side, along


with scrum-half Bevan who picks it up, Wales giving away the penalty.


Amy Evans of the Ospreys is penalised. The confidence in the


England women now, you can see it. Going for gold here. 31 points up


and they are going for the jugular. -- goal. They want to get another


score before half-time and really enjoy that cup of tea or orange,


what ever they have. It will meet to be something hot, I think. Gone are


the days when you have a cup of tea at half-time! It might be reinstated


today. Interesting to hear them asking how long until half-time.


More than three minutes according to our clock, but they do not have that


available on the ground so they have to check with the referee. England


looking to drive their way over for try number six. They are up the


line, they are over. They have gone down. England extend their lead to


36 points as the captain Sarah Hunter comes up with the ball. It is


fitting the captain gets over there, she made the decision to go for the


corner and she steered the England women's ship in the first half in


pretty much a faultless performance. They went to the front and you can


see that blockers in front, they get organised and it is all about


composure, staying tight together and communicating as to when you are


at the line. She gets the call and it is too much for Thomas on her own


to stop. A lot of head scratching going on under the sticks from Carys


Phillips and her dad, Rowland Phillips. A big talk at half-time.


It is. Professionals against part-timers. It looks that way at


the moment. Emily Scarratt finds the mark once more. Four out of six for


her. She is kicking well. 38 points after 30 minutes. She slotted that


with ease, lovely technique, relaxed, followed through, shoulders


square, head still, it sailed through the middle. Emily Scarratt


kicked 16 points in the comeback against France. She has her eye in


from the kicking team. Packer finds Katy McLean to pump it long. See how


the ball rolls given half a chance. Harries, traditional number eight


duties, charging ahead, brought down by Emily Scarratt. Bevan the waiter


Rebecca Rowe. -- away to Rebecca Rowe. Advantage to Wales being


played. Second offside for her. They are going as fast as they can,


maybe. She is 35 now, maybe trying to sneak in an extra yard. The


traditional props tactic, head for where they think the next set piece


will be. The shining light for Wales, if there is one, the back


row, the workrate of Taylor, Butchers who has come in today, she


has played well, Harries has tried to carry hard, but it is too little,


there is too much power and organisation in the England team. If


there is a breeze at the second half, for Wales, they will have to


use it, get down the field, take the sting out of the game. The trial


started in the third minute from Amy Wilson-Hardy. -- the tries. Amy


Cokayne crossed after eight. Natasha Hunt, Lydia Thompson, Katy McLean


and Sarah Hunter, the four of them converted by race Garrett, as Wales


make a mess of that, but England's handling is poor -- converted by


Emily Scarratt. Feisty player, Packer, at seven for England. As is


Katy McLean. She has pulled the strings in the first half. There is


the last action of the first half here at Cardiff Arms Park,


completely dominated by the visitors, England. They have run in


six tries, added four conversions and the half-time score, Wales Aero-


38 England. -- 0- 38. There will be harsh words at half-time? No doubt.


We are not happy with our physicality, we have not met the


energy and enthusiasm and speed we wanted to combat the big backs. Very


frustrating. We will definitely let them know about that at half-time.


Thank you. England have been rampant in that first half. 38 unanswered


points. It all started after three minutes in the Wilson with the first


try. They did not stop coming. Natasha Hunt with the third for


England. The Wales girls tried to get themselves back into the game


but so much pressure from the Englishwomen. Katy McLean with a


fifth try. Sarah Hunter, the captain, added a sixth. It has been


a very one-sided affair. Let us just say that. I bet you are happy with


that performance, Kat. First of all, the scrum, so dominant from England.


England started off as they went to go on. They dominated, turned the


scrum over and use the possession to get a try. What is interesting with


England is the tempo is not massively quick but they are so


clinical. The Welsh have rushed up, a tiny bit too tight, which means


they have a three player overlap and it is good execution, nice little


hold and go from Amy Wilson-Hardy and a good finish for that try. She


has had a good game. She has been everywhere, not just owing on the


wing. It is 1-2, 1-2, almost like touch. Great team try with support.


This was nice to see Lydia Thompson, slightly too tight, Wales, having to


over chase. Hywel's hips have turned. They have so much space. We


will talk about that. Wales have been trying different things during


the game, trying a few chips, but it is not working, this afternoon, is


it? They really need to adjust quickly to the high tempo game from


England. We see a little chip by Robyn Wilkins, trying to get behind


the English defence, but it is too far ahead, not a proper chase and


the backstreet are getting their hands on the ball far too easily. It


is the last ring we want to do. -- the back three. Here we can see the


narrow Welsh defence, the gaps are not organised, too much bunching


around the rock leaving us exploited on the wide fringes -- ruck. England


on the counterattack once again. How happy will England be? They did not


start well against France last week customer they came back into it and


they seem to have picked up here exactly where they left off in


France. It is much improved. England are deeper which means they can get


the ball out wide to the danger players. They have stayed clinical


even though the tempo is so high and there have only been a few handling


errors are considering how much possession they have had, that has


been key in keeping it. I could hear the girls shouting instructions at


each other, the Welsh girls. What will Rowland Phillips be telling


them in the changing room? I imagine it will not be pretty. They need to


stay calm, stick to their processes, they need to organise quicker the


defensive line. To give Dyddgu Hywel, she has been faced with new


ones far too often, they need to make sure they have got the spaces


right around the ruck area, have a better chance to defend against that


attack. We will talk more in a few minutes. Let us bring you up to date


with what has been happening over the weekend. It has already been a


very busy weekend of rugby. There was disappointment for the


under-20s last night. Despite Wales going 13-0 up at half-time the


visitors fought back. There was a heavy defeat for the


Drag bes at Munster, as well. Better news for the Scarlets away at


Glasgow. Despite the home side taking an early lead they destroyed


Glasgow in the breakdown. Despite a slow start and being behind at--time


Ospreys got a bonus point win in Italy. Thanks partly to a Dan Evans


hat trick. The blues take on Connacht tomorrow.


As I have been saying all morning it is a very busy weekend and a day of


rugby here. It is the opening and first act here at the Cardiff Arms


Park. Next door that's where this afternoon the next big battle


between Wales and England will commence.


It is the biggest game of the Six Nations, Wales against England. Get


ready for a battle Royale at the Prince pality Stabbed judge--.


-- Principality Stadium. We are all in it together. There will be no


lack of pride or effort. We thank everyone for their support and


hopefully they can see we are doing our best. Coverage starts on BBC One


Wales. It's very quiet in the Principality


Stadium at the moment but I can imagine the streets of Cardiff are


filling up as are the bars, and the atmosphere building as it always


does on a match day. They're just getting the finishing touches down


at the moment. That kick-off will be at 4. 50pm. Looking forward to that


as Harold Shipman sure you are. I hope you are staying for the big


match. We ing -- looking forward to that as I am sure you are.


How important is George north? When he is on form he is a powerhouse and


scored great tries for Wales in the past. He scored a great try last


week. I am hoping he is in that starting 15. What about England,


they have some problems or have had some problems in that back row. They


didn't get off to the best of starts last week. Yeah, I like that Eddie


Jones has stuck with the back row. You can't be expected to be


world-class in your first game in an England shirt. I think they'll work


well together. Hopefully we will see from my point of view that England


win. Eddie Jones, he has been very honest, he has taken much of the


responsibility. We will see what happens. There's been a few mind


games from both coaches during the week. Let's concentrate on this game


again. Let's go pitchside. Yes, the head of performance with


the WIU. Let's concentrate on the performance this morning. Can you


take positives from the first half? I suppose it is difficult when you


say it like that. I think the positives we have to look at is


matching ourselves against the world's best team. At the moment we


are second best at the moment. They're running well, passing well


and taking chances exceptionally well and perhaps that's why thae are


the world champions. It is a lesson for us, we have a good run until


now, it perhaps shows where we are and areas we need to improve on. I


am sure Rowland is having a good chat now with the girls in the


changing room and hopefully second half we can get points on the board


which is important. And shore up the defence. England have dominated in


every territory. Yeah, they've been able to get across that line and get


past the first tackle which has caused other people to go to the


breakdown. By squeezing the defence in it's caused a space out wide. You


have to take your hat off to them with the skills to move the ball out


wide to wings who finished exceptionally well, pretty classy.


Moving next door later this afternoon, hoping for a different


scoreline. What are you expecting at the Principality Stadium? I am


looking forward to it. There has within hype during the week. It will


be down to little margins, who will take chances and finish and


hopefully it will be us this afternoon. Thank you very much.


Trying to be positive there about this afternoon's game. Finding it


difficult to find any positives about today's game with the women.


Are there any positives that you can take from that first half for Wales?


Certainly last weekend Wales came back out second half stronger than


they started against Italy. They've done it before beating Ireland in


their warm-up game so win that game so I am sure Rowland Phillips will


be having stern words in that changing room right now. They're not


meeting his expectations at the moment. Hopefully they'll come back


and start off with intensity and tempo. I am sure they will. England,


the message will be more of the same, please. More of the same.


They'll be bringing the subs on early, getting them game time. A few


of them only got a couple of minutes against France. Now it's an


opportunity to give them an opportunity. England play in a


professional era, these women, they haven't worked since January. Is


that what we are seeing, the difference between the two sides,


professionalism and amateurism in a way? Yeah it's going to make a huge


difference, when you have to worry about training before work all day


and training afterwards, obviously you are going to be tired. The


continuity as a squad training together, it can only go one way.


They're only going to get better. Oim wondering have you any


expectations that Wales can get back into this game or is it done and


dusted and are they just playing for pride at the moment? Well, yes,


England have already got the bonus points. Wales will be looking now to


stay on in the game, go through processes, it's all about


improvement now Anfielding and working on the work-ones. Yeah, so,


looking forward. We will wait and see what happens during this second


half. The teams are coming out on to the pitch, as you can tell. There


are the Wales women. I am sure Rowland Phillips has had a stern


word. Let's see if they can improve their performance in the second


half. Let's rejoin our commentary team.


One-sided first-half here at Cardiff Arms Park. One for the England


supporters to enjoy. The visitors in dark blue running in six tries,


converting four of them. Wales failing to mount any really


concerted pressure of their own. England have the bonus point in the


bag. They can enjoy themselves. Simon Middleton can empty his bench.


Wales have to play for pride. Well, they've got to start again. Forget


about the scoreboard, that sounds silly but they've really got to


start their own game plan again. Get themselves into this half. Otherwise


you are right, it's going to be an annihalation. One side in the first


half, it can't happen in the second. The Welsh back row has been valiant.


Bevan back to Hywel. England given a chance to run it


back through Waterman. Wales looking to hold her up off the ground but


she's managed to lay it back somehow for Natasha Hunt. Yeah, potentially


a late hit there on Hywel for the kick. Didn't make touch, that's been


their problem, they're giving possession back to England. Waterman


in the action. Brought down by Lake.


Millar-Mills on the charge coming down the middle. Wales looking to


disrupt through Rowe. Quickly taken. Darting to the Wales 22. England


starting the second half as impressively as they ended the


first. Two scrum-half passes from Clack


there. Millar-Mills thought she was clear


Father a moment. Hywel managed to get some contact. The chance is


still on. Thompson goes to the corner. A


second for Thompson. A 7th for England. 43-0.


Well, the referee is going to have another look at this. Maybe some


crossing. The referee of France. The TMO is from Belfast.


Yes, any reason not to award the try, please?


Blue last action. Well, she didn't actually ask for anything in


particular to be reviewed. Yeah, I think Reed goes behind Waterman


there. Has she interrupted any potential tackler on Reed or


Thompson? Well, not to me. Waterman has drawn the attention of the


defence. She didn't actually make contact


with anyone, I don't think. Can you hear me?


Simon. OK. For me there is no reason not to


award the try? The referee is close to the screen in the corner and


makes the call, 43-0 it is. Yeah, a fair decision. If you obstruct a


defender, you block out the line, the potential to tackle a ball


carrier, there was no such incident in that. Amber Reed was free to put


Thompson in and once again it's score on the outside.


Scarratt with the conversion. That's drifted wide. Four out of


seven for Scarratt. The referee can't hear the TMO.


And Thompson going over for her second try.


A winger's dream today for England. Wilson-Hardy and Thompson being


given plenty of room to run and that's just what you don't want, the


restart not going ten metres. The kick-offs have been poor from Wales.


Vice-president given themselves a chance. You mentioned the wingers of


England there. The England back line has been very good. Impressed with


Emily Scarratt, Daniel Waterman has counterattacked. Thompson and


Wilson-Hardy have done what they needed to do. Amber Reed has gone


about her business. That lady there, Katie McLean really pulling the


strings along with Natasha Hunt. You have half an hour to think about


your player of the match. Plenty of candidates, most of them wearing


blue. I don't think I would be too popular across the bridge if I was


to select a Welsh woman. Still a long way to go and we are looking


for something from them. Six Bristol players in the England side.


And several in the Welsh, as well. England on the march again.


McLean out to Wilson-Hardy. Up to the 22.


Wilson-Hardy got the scoreboard moving 40 minutes ago. McLean with


an advantage. Tries a little chip. Evans across to cover. Smashed down


by Harriet Millar-Mills. Rachel Taylor has been penalised in the


ruck. Second penalty for playing the scrum-half. It's a needless penalty.


You are in this danger area defending. You don't want to


compound errors by giving a stupid penalty away and McLean is happy


punching this into the 5-metre area as we saw before half-time, they


drove Wales over the line. That was the conclusion of the first half. It


made it 38-0. England with try number seven.


In a couple of weeks' time England hosting Italy at The Stoop just


across the road from Twickenham. Wales are up for a Friday night date


against Scotland then. Wales will be looking to get back on a more even


playing field as on comes Gemma Rowland.


Trying to add more stability in that Welsh centre.


Finds Millar-Mills in the lineout. Looks well rehearsed.


Wales getting defensive bodies in there. More one-way traffic to the


Welsh line. England come blindside. Brought down by Phillips and Thomas.


Someone diving off their feet to try to win the ball. Carys Phillips


penalised. England are after tries, big points. They're going to


relentlessly put pressure on this Welsh team. Thomas is one of those


who will take stick for this result. She works for Bath Rugby Club. A lot


of cross-border traffic for her. England powering towards the


half-century. Wales managed to get their hands on the ball there.


Trying to drive away from their own try-line. England have got them


pinned in at the moment. Making hard work of it. It's not the


place to be... Managed to repel the drive from England, but now under as


much pressure even though you have the ball. They're going to need big


carriers. This is where they need Harris. Bevan opts for the kick.


Doesn't get much on it. It is there for Waterman to run back. Into the


Wales 22. England got the bonus point inside 22 minutes, if you are


just joining us. England looking to get it wide


again. A possible hat trick for Lydia Thompson on the wide outside.


What a try scoring rate she's got in the England shirt.


22 now in her 29th appearance. Millar-Mills and Cokayne joining in


the fun. Waterman looks to... Over goes Daniel Waterman in the corner.


A well deserved try from the fullback, making it Wales 0, England


48. It is a mismatch, but the technic calmities of some of the


England -- technic calmities of some of the England's play. Fantastic


play. A front rower in there, as well. Passing the ball on. Both


Taylor and Millar-Mills and Cokayne. Waterman has an ap opportunity for


the ball. -- appetite. Time off before Scarratt can take the


conversion. An injury in midfield.


It's a Welsh player. Doesn't look good. You never like to


see that in any form of the game. It's been a pretty clean game. One


or two high tackles towards the end of the first half as Wales got tired


but the number of tackles they've been asked to make with this


relentless England women's team, they're going to be score tomorrow.


Give them credit, England, from one to 15, they don't want to leave


this. They'll be looking to Simon Middleton saying don't take me off,


I am enjoying myself. The smiles are out there. The co-ordination, the


jelling, they're a strong team. They're playing well. 13-0 down to


France at home last week but came back. Rachel Taylor is the woman


down. The former Wales captain. 33 years old. The oldest in the team.


Made a debut ten years ago. This is Emily Scarratt.


To try bring the half-century up for England. 49th minute.


They'll have to wait a little longer as it goes wide.


48-0, the last thing you want to see is one of your most experienced


players, Rachel Taylor, going off. But it's a chance.


Subs being called on the Wales side. Should be Cerys Hale and Lowri


Harries wearing 16. Wales rolling on the front row


replacements. That's Hale waiting for the call.


One of the more powerful presences in the Welsh squad. 15 stone.


That's in old money, Nick! I don't do kilos.


Snowsill with the restart then. Here at Cardiff Arms Park, England's


weekend so far, their under-20s victorious last night. It was an


England comeback from 13 points down early on. Well-drilled under-20s


men's side. A well-drilled senior women's side on show. Really in the


last half hour a question of how many tries England can score and


whether Wales can get on the scoreboard? If they keep giving


penalties away like that, no chance. Commentating on a fine second half


performance, in particular on England 20s, a supreme performance


here from the women. I won't be commentating on the other game and I


won't be neutral when I am watching that one!


So, England streams of possession once more. Natasha Hunt has it.


I have been impressed with the standard of today's game. The


standard of women's rugby is improving. Lots more players


playing. The handling skills, particularly of the England three


quarters, kicking skills of Emily Scarratt, fantastic to watch.


England on the attack. Scarratt floating a pass out to Amy


Wilson-Hardy. Giving Evans a run for her money. Good cover tackle by


Evans. Well picked up by Snowsill. Wilkins looking to come away with


it. Good all-round play there. Great awareness for Wilson-Hardy to keep


it alive. A little steal and through the legs of Snowsill to get the ball


back for her team. Snowsill looking to run... Magic feet. Good steps


from Snowsill. Glorious moment from the Wales fly-half. Up to halfway.


That's what we expect from Welsh fly-halves. Can they build on it?


Wilkins takes first receiver. Away from Bevan.


Wilkins finds space putting the ball behind Thompson.


Away from both sides. England getting bodies on it eventually. On


their own 22. It is rare that the ball has been in


the England 22 during the course of this match. They finally found space


and a bit of turf, albeit astro turf, a great follow-up from


Wilkins. Now they're in that wide channel again. Up to halfway.


Looking for support. Was that a deliberate knock-on? It has fallen


for England. They'll probably want to keep playing. They've players on


this wide left. It was a brave tackle from Evans. She's paying the


price for it, she got hurt. On the halfway.


A chance for Taylor to have another touch. Rowe is down now midfield.


Looks in a lot of pain. I think the referee will stop the game. You are


going to have the scrum there. Please, take the mark. Time off. It


always seems to happen to the losing side, they take the more bangs and


bruises. Is it broken? X-ray eyes! Not sure the medical staff can


tell... It might just be, that's a horrendous incident. An accident but


fair play to her. Had a tough - she's either very tough or very


supple. That could have been horrible. A scrum for you. Rebecca


Rowe, the player injured there. Has rowed for Great Britain. Swum for


Wales. She is a surf life-saver, as well. She's an all-round you have


toy. All-round toughie. A lot of great skills on show today. We have


scrum-half for Wales, Bevan, she is a judo player. Wales have needed all


their tackling skills. 19 on the blindside.


Really impressed with Marlie Packer. She's proved her side. Sarah Hunter


has come into the game. Scarratt has landed four conversions, looking to


make her presence felt with ball in hand. McLean rubber kicks through


into the Wales 22. The women in red pinned back yet again. You have to


say England fans may look at that and think it is negative. Let's play


a little bit, we have a big score on the board. When you are one of the


forwards for the England women you are thinking thank you very much,


you are drilling it into the 22, it's turning Wales. They're putting


their hands on their heads, I have been impressed with how she's pulled


the strings. She has good players around her but has still been


fantastic for England. Along with Amber Reed. God balance to this


team. -- a good balance to this team.


I think we have got a head injury assessment by the sound of it. I


think it's Elen Evans after that crunching tackle. She made a brave


effort to stop another England attack. Hale knocks that on at the


tail of the lineout. England have a scrum advantage.


McLean and Hunt combining again. Waterman has Wilson-Hardy outside


her. Going for the corner. Using strength but just repulsed a couple


of metres out. The try for Daniel Waterman in the corner. England's


top 50 points. Amy Wilson-Hardy made hard work of it. Lovely slick


passing. If she goes for the corner she is in but she decides to go for


strength. Look who makes the last pass. It is Katy McLean. She has


been everywhere, has been experienced, mature. Cool, calm and


collected and is rubbing salt into the wound. Waterman has enjoyed


herself today, had a big involvement. It's been the story of


the game, it's been relentless and perfectly executed. A comfortable


day at the office for Simon Middleton and his entourage.


Waterman running in two tries in the space of ten minutes. Scarratt with


the angled conversion. Kicking boots seem to have been left


in the dressing room at half-time, much to Wales' relief. Indeed. Amy


Wilson-Hardy looked to take it more infield for Scarratt, nonetheless


it's over 50 points with over 20 minutes to go. The daffodils need a


bit of sun! Not sure if they're going to get any sun showing today


in a very cold and grey Welsh capital.


Emily Scarratt with four conversions, represent her final


contribution to the scoreline. It's a cold day for sure. The icicles are


dripping off your nose there! England rolling through the


replacements as well. Emily Scarratt and Hunt have been replaced. There


is enough still to torment Wales. Amy Wilson-Hardy held up by Gemma


Rowland. The chip down the blindside by Mason and the Welsh replacement


scrum-half Sian Moore down the touchline. A little sleight on the


blindside, chiselled it through, no first defender, again, this is not a


turnover for England, it is a turnover for Wales. Pulling the


strings for England now at fly half will be number 22, Emily Scott.


Tamara Taylor wins another line-out. Amy Wilson-Hardy in off the wing.


Good support. England still going. Mason. Getting it moving. The kick


through is from Amber Reed. Katy McLean is still on, looks to have


pushed out wide. But Wales have the penalty for once. Let us hope with


all of the changes and the game is clearly done, 20 minutes to go, but


Wales make a real go of this, express themselves in little bit. Do


not go into your shells and accept what is coming. Try to make an


impact on the game, make a name for yourself. Snowsill finding touch.


Wales hosting island-- Ireland here at the Arms Park in March and the


crowd need something to keep them coming back. Lowri Harries into the


Wales line-out. Harriet Millar-Mills that's in front of her opposite


jumper. She slides to the back of the maul -- gets in front. The


second row for England... She has got Amy Wilson-Hardy with a run in


for her second try as England just keep on scoring. We have hit that


hour mark and it is Wales 0- 58 England. It came from the turnover


at the line-out. And under throw. England easily picked it. When you


them this possession, Amber Reed really kicked into gear, Amy


Wilson-Hardy takes it on the outside. Comfortable at ten, 12,


Amber Reed, they have swapped. She has been impressive today, Amy


Wilson-Hardy. Only four caps. 25. Originally started her rugby at


prop, believe it or not, she was moved out to centre and out of the


wing. Played a bit of sevens. Now loving it on this left wing and this


fabulous England team and amber -- Amber Reed takes over from Emily


Scarratt with the kicking. That has not got enough legs on it. 58-0. All


four tries in this second-half scored by the back three. Two took


Waterman and the second piece to the wings, Thompson and Wilson-Hardy.


They have really finished their tries superbly well. But Bob centres


have looked good. Katy McLean. -- both centres.


Plenty of replacements on on both sides, looking to make some impact.


Vicky Fleetwood will not have a chance there because the replacement


hooker was on the end of the forward pass. This is the chance I was


talking about, express yourselves. Clear forward pass. The sub was over


Keane, looking to get into the game, make an impact.


Sian Moore, 28, 11th cap player. Wilkins. Isolated. The grubber kick


through. The chase was not quite fast enough. Katy McLean blasts it


clear. Charlotte Harries, looking to stretch her legs. Having to check


and putting it back inside -- Harries. Snowsill into midfield.


Harries again. Into 22, Alicia books -- Alisha Butchers. Now it is back


for Snowsill. She flicks it backed Clay. Wales stream together passes


inside the England 22 for the first time. England starting to fall off a


few tackles. They have not had to make that many. Wales looking


dangerous. Can they get their first try of the game? Amy Evans, the


prop, charging towards the post. Heartache for Wales. Great bit of


play for Wales. Right underneath the sticks, second-best to the contact,


they did not get the turnover. England penalty. Fantastic play from


some of the Welsh forwards. Credit for Alisha Butchers, she has really


stepped up this game. Wilkins under pressure there as she tracked back.


Dyddgu Hywel has gone off of course. Reshuffle in the Welsh black line.


-- backline. Which is looking to make her mark. Sian Moore arriving.


Forward by an English boot. They are showing a bit of something, Wales.


This is what the crowd has come to see. Pride in the jersey. The


English substitutes are trying to make an impression on the game. It


has sparked ball carrying from the second row is for Wales, Mel Clay


and Rebecca Rowe instrumental. Can they build on this. Ten tries on the


board for England. Wales shell-shocked for much of this


match. They are looking to put something together. Bevan is.


Rebecca Rowe is. A bit of a reshuffle because Sian Moore was


already operating in the scrum-half position.


Harries finds England jumping in front of her yet again. And England


looking to go through the phases. Vicky Fleetwood gets a good flow.


The huge overlap on the left-hand side, if England can find it. Emily


Scott tackled halfway. Amber Reed finding Katy McLean. Now outside the


Amy Wilson-Hardy. Thompson looking for the hat-trick. Wales just


getting the tackle is back as Wilson-Hardy and Thompson combined,


it looks likely one of them would get a hat trick, they will have to


wait. A lovely delayed pass from Amber Reed. Intervention from Katy


McLean who has now gone to full-back and both wingers ended up on the


left-hand side. So dangerous, so quick. Enjoying themselves. You have


to say they are hungry for work and you can see why. Amber Reed has come


into the game in the second half, showing ball skills, Vicky Fleetwood


looks lively. The new hooker. 56th cap for her. She knows what


international rugby is about. So does Sarah Hunter. Brought down a


couple of metres out. England, can they get it wide yet again? Katy


McLean out to Lydia Thompson. That will be the Worcester winger's


hat-trick. 67 minutes gone. England remorseless in exploiting Wales on


the outside. So many overlaps created. The back three running


riot. It is Wales 0- 63 England. Interesting to see how many of the


tries have been scored in the 50 metre channels. That is where they


have exploited the Welsh women's defence. Katy McLean once again


supplies the finishing Hearts. Solid scrum. -- pass. All about keeping


technical skills, putting the pass in front of your fellow player. They


have done that with aplomb today the mother England women. -- today, the


England women. Amber Reed having taken over the kicking duties from


Emily Scarratt, with the touchline conversion. Her uncle, Andy, was


blocked for Scotland. Andy Reid, Lions tour, 93. Amber not able to


get on the scoresheet. Five unconverted tries in the second


half, they have prevented the scoreboard from moving as fast as it


might have otherwise. Wales for sure will be working on the width in


their defence. Not over committing to defensive rocks and pushing hard


on the inside to get inside support to allow more width in the wider


channels. -- rucks. Scotland and Ireland will be watching this and


they will be going there for sure. Yes, England looking good for the


World Cup of course. Being held in Ireland. Champions in 2014, beating


Canada in the final. England pushed... England play US, Italy and


Spain in that competition. Wales up against Canada, top seeds ahead of


New Zealand, and Hong Kong. The minnows of that group. Snowsill


pumps it to the corner. A chance. Not an easy group for Wales in the


World Cup. Still some long-term development in some of these


players. Rowland is new to the Welsh women's setup. Give him some time.


He will bring true players. Can they score? The crowd getting going.


Wales have it. Through which is at the tail. Did well to cling on.


Evans looking for the charge. Brought down by Sarah Bern. Pick and


go from Wales. Held underneath the post. Is there anything wide? They


may not go for it? Butchers held again. They have got plenty out


wide, if they move it. Wales forwards driving. Amy Evans, pick


and go again. England are strong on the fringes. There are players out


here to the right. Lillicrap with support from Harries but driven


back. Freed for Butchers again. Wales just desperately pounding away


on the looking to get on the scoreboard. Looking for a hint of


respectability at the end of this one-sided game. But to give credit


to the England defence. 60 points to the good yet resolute in keeping


Wales out. Wales looking to get it wide but it goes down before it can


get to Wilkins. Well picked up on the outside by Evans. England have


to defend for a while. Wales tried the set again but Wales knock-on and


England can come away with it and maybe attack from deep. It has gone


forward from both sides. The best attack of the game from Wales but


they just couldn't break them down. They got so close. They tried to go


the short route, the pick and go, trying to get two players together


in a mismatched to get over the line. There were numbers from the


Welsh women over on the right hand side. England just too strong, too


powerful, too determined. Wales's first attacking pressure, really,


has been in the final quarter of the game. They have not had any passes


really inside the England 22 until this last quarter. The second spell


of pressure but England came away for Thompson to get her hat-trick in


between. It is funny, happy with the attacking game, but I'm sure the


England players, as they get another free kick, they would be thinking,


wouldn't it be great to shut Wales out to no points? Harriet


Millar-Mills away from defence. Wales through offside. The referee


penalised in Wales again for getting offside. A few exchanges of


opinions. The second row Tamara Taylor, winning her 100th cap today,


I am sure many of the messages, the England camp, they will have been


spouting messages about not letting her down on her 100th periods. In


her 13th season. -- 100th appearance. A lot of effort, time


and dedication. To be rewarded with a performance like this from her


team, congratulations to her. Her debut back in 2005, unusual skills


from Scott to recover that! Feeding Marlie Packer. You will have to


think about your player of the match in a couple of minutes time. I will


put 80s out. It is going to be an England player. -- I will put 80s


out! There are a lot of players, give me a minute, I will consider.


The tries have comes from the back three. The half-backs have pulled


the strings, the forwards have done the donkey work. Wales have been


left chasing shadows. It looks like Cerys Hale has swapped


to the tight head now for Wales. The youngster, a shepherd from North


Wales, Gwenllian Pyrs, she is on as well. The way it comes. Sian Moore,


finding Lillicrap. Over halfway. Back for Snowsill. Finding Rowland.


Powerful wing from the Army centre. More going forward. Butchers. She


finds Cerys Hale. Sian Moore back to Snowsill. Flying up, Amber Reed,


with the tackle on Harries. Has it gone forward? No, says the referee.


More possession for England but Katy McLean's kick is charged down by


Snowsill. Back those Scott and hacks it towards the touchline. Wales are


battling, desperate for the score, to give them some credit. England


are just as determined to keep them out. The kick through behind


Wilson-Hardy. The knock-on from Millar-Mills. It gives Wales the


attacking scrum. So, as England lose some rare


defending, we will have Player Of The Match as soon as the ball goes


to the next. Wales with Harries bursting away. Almost through the


second tackle. Lillicrap on the charge. Wales on the attack. In the


final quarter. They will get a penalty. Millar-Mills has been quick


enough for most of the match. Wales opt for the scrum. Player of the


match? A difficult day for Wales. I have been impressed with the back


row's workrate in particular Alisha Butchers. For England, so many to


pick from. The backline have been supreme, the winners and full-backs


have scored tries, the lady on the screen, she played at ten, as a


coach, you need to bring it together, pull the strings, my


player of the match is Katy McLean. So, the 31-year-old Darlington


player. Second rows have been impressive. Sarah Hunter has come


into the game. Marlie Packer has been a wrecking ball. The backs have


dictated the game. Wales struggling up in these closing stages.


England's forwards win the penalty. They really are determined to shut


out Wales and leave the home side still on zero. It has been a sad day


for the Welsh women, but they have not given up. They have desperately


tried in the last 20 minutes to get the score. They do not want to see


the zero. Rowland Phillips, he will have a lot to work with. It is not a


disgrace, this is a fine England women's team, well-organised, fully


professional, well coached. They have implemented a fantastic game


plan today. Credit to them. I think we might be looking at the women's


Six Nations champions here. France beat them last year when many of


England's women were in the GB seven 's operation preparing for Rio. Now


they have got the full professional squad back. It is really up to the


other Five Nations to try to catch them up as best they can. They have


set the standard high. If they play like they have today in the rest of


the tournament, they will take some stopping. And in the World Cup. Up


against the New Zealanders, Canada, likely to be challenges, USA could


be powerful pull opponents for England. Butchers on the charge for


Wales. Would off-load to Davies. The back, Snowsill took Lake. Wales just


kept out as Wilkins is barged into touch and Wales not able to find


that outside in the way that England have so regularly. Just going


across, England are far more organised and the wider channels.


You can see them pushing hard from the inside, England. Nice little


play but they have run out of space. Six tries in the first half and four


convergence. Five unconverted in the second half. -- conversions. England


have looked just as resolute in defence as attack. Time nearly up.


Clay protects it. Lillicrap held up by Rachael Burford. All out for


Cerys Hale. Sian Moore back in fields. England, the trouble is,


they have little support they are not quite coordinated in there


attacking moves. The Welsh forwards still going. England through. While


they offside? Yes, they were. Last throw of the dice. Butchers has


really impressed me in the last 20 minutes especially. She has never


given up. Carried hard. Of course, now you have got the


penalty, you can take the option of the set piece.


Sian Moore to put it in for the last play of the match. Here at Cardiff


Arms Park. England completely remorseless in


this performance. Sian Moore, look at that effort from the England


pack, they turn over possession. It sums up the day. Totally dominant in


all facets of the game. They want more. We are in the red zone on the


clock. Evans up to make the tackle, prevents England from getting it


outside as she looks for the rich. -- rip. England have possession.


Tamara Taylor finishing her 100th international. They have not had


enough. You thought they would chip it off and be happy with 63-0. They


run the risk of the turnover. England with the penalty. This is


the mindset of them. Quickly taken. Wilson turned Amber Reed. Down by


Snowsill. Hitting the referee to end proceedings! England completely


dominant. Running in 11 tries. An absolutely comprehensive and


one-sided victory over Wales. Last word. Totally dominant, very


professed with the professionalism of the England team. -- very


impressed. Wales, no disgrace. England will go on and challenge for


the Championship now. Rowland Phillips and the team, they need to


look their wounds and picked themselves up. Worthy winners,


England. Final score, at Cardiff Arms Park, Wales 0- 63 England.


Well, there were six tries in the first for England and fat in the


second, including two for Danielle Waterman, the full-back -- five in


the second. There was a hat-trick for Lydia Thompson as well. 11 tries


in all for England, 63 unanswered points. What does that do to the


table? The bonus point win for England puts them first. Ireland are


still second, but they will face Italy. Scotland versus France, we


will see what happens. Wales are third in the table. Just the one win


last week against Italy. Disappointment for Wales. But


England victorious. I have to say, what a fantastic performance for


them. I am sure they will be very happy. Looking good for being


champions this year. Let us talk about that game. Starting with you,


Kat, we mentioned a player of the match, Katy McLean. She was your


star player long before they picked her. Yes. She was key in everything,


getting the ball wide, we saw in the clips, in every try, she was


involved, putting in the pass. It is so difficult to stop her. Not just


that, her tactical kicking, she put pressure on Wales. Great all-round


game. We will hopefully have a look at what she did in a few seconds. We


can do that now actually and look at why she was such a great performer


today on the pitch. Why was she so good on the field? Holding her


depth, but she can play so flat to the line and still get a pass away.


She takes the hit but she makes it easy for those outside her and again


she is involved here, nice looping around to get it out. Fantastic try


from Danielle Waterman. I am just looking, another lovely pass. Once


again, so good. We can hear from the woman herself, the star player this


afternoon, we will wait a few seconds, we can hear hopefully from


Katy McLean, the star player of this afternoon.


Player of the match, congratulations. Thank you. You


wanted more at the end? It was a really tough game and I am not sure


the score reflects it. Wales put up one hell of a fight. We knew it


would be tough here. We wanted to be clinical and we were. You were


pulling the strings, maybe the tries went to the back three, but you were


in charge. The forwards had a great shift, to be fair. So easy being


paid ten. When the girls carry as well as they did today, it makes me


life a lot easier. Looking forward to Italy? Nice to have a weekend off


and rebuilt on what we did today and hopefully take it to Italy in two


weeks' time. Congratulations. Go and enjoy your time. Carys Phillips,


commiserations, it was tough from the first minute. Disappointed with


our performance today obviously. We brought a really good crowd and we


wanted to put on a big performance for them but it did not go our way.


They are professional scummy can tell. They did their job and they


worked hard from last week -- they are professionals, you can tell. Is


that the difference, they are professionals, they are together for


longer, earlier, they are training day in, day out. It has an impact,


but they have only been professionals this year so it should


not be too much of a difference. And for the rest of the Six Nations


campaign? We will work hard and take our performance is a step up against


Scotland. Thank you very much. Clearly disappointed captain, Carys


Phillips, obviously very unhappy with that performance. She was


talking about how professional the England set up is. You cannot


disagree with that. We also heard from Katy McLean and hopefully we


can see some pictures of why she was the difference possibly between the


two sides this afternoon. Here she's pinning them back. That's


what I am talking about the carrying, she always gets tackled


after she past the ball. That means she's committed that defender and


they're not able to drift. Gets a cheeky try, as well. Even moves to


full bank, just to show off, I think. Yeah, did really well. She


was obviously happy there. It makes you wonder how far England can go in


this competition. Also a World Cup year, as well. They're looking good


for both competitions. Yeah, it's great to see them, they've built


from the game last week with France and hopefully will for Italy. We


will see how far they can go in trying to retain the World Cup.


Let's hear from England's coach, Simon Middleton.


A big smile on your face, congratulations. Thank you very


much. Yeah, terrific game. Nowhere near as easy as the score might make


it look. Rowland and the girls put in a fantastic effort, got us on a


good day today. What do you put that win down to, all the tries? It was


just our execution. We talked a lot about how we want to play the game


and saw a couple of areas we wanted to get the ball into today and did


it well. I think more than anything it was probably frame of mind. We


came in wanting to be accurate and clinical and we knew that's what it


would take and that's what we did. On to Italy, thank you very much.


Yeah, a big smile on his face there. As you can imagine. I am wonderi


Rowland Phillips got anything to smile about. England were


sensational. These are the games they train for to play. It doesn't


get any bigger. The girls kept their heads up. They had good phases of


play. Butchers put her hand up today, here she's running, strong


with the ball. She's carrying well, placing the ball back to the Welsh


team there. Again here strong tackle. She gets a turnover there.


Again she's played seven, is great in open spaces. Runs hard with the


ball. She's been pivotal today and makes a break here, as well. ? She's


had a great game. And she was the only change in the Wales game from


that Italy win last week. So a bit of pressure coming in, as well. Yes,


but she coped with it really well. I think she's one of Wales' star


players. Look out for her in the future. Yeah, look out indeed.


Talking now about England, I wonder how far they can go. They've a break


now before the next match. Where will they be looking to improve, any


areas? Today their defence wasn't tested that much, no disrespect to


Wales, but I think they'll be looking to potentially work at that


in training to make sure they're still switched on. They'll still


work on the things they were good at because obviously if it has worked


why would you not work on it, so I think getting the ball wide, having


difference between being deep and flat and that will be key for them.


Will the Wales women be glad of this little bit of a break now before


they face Scotland or will they want to be out there again proving a


point because they won't be happy, will they? No, but it's great, the


whole bench came on so they've all had the experience of playing


against the world champions which is going to be important for them


building on in this campaign. They've Scotland in two weeks.


They'll have a good recovery, they'll analyse the game today and


they'll be eager to beat Scotland next. I am sure they will. Many of


the fans and the supporters in here today at the Cardiff Arms Park I am


sure going next door to the Principality Stadium, that's where


the second act of today's rugby will be held this afternoon. During the


week I caught up with a few of the Welsh players.


You thought you had enough of this now, probably thought they would


leave me alone. In the captain I didn't have... Do you miss it? I


miss chatting to you guys. Yeah, you especially! How are the stitches? I


saw the picture, it looked very painful. It's healed well. A tidy


job. Yeah, it's been very good. They didn't seem too convincing last


weekend. Yeah, probably trying to keep their best for this weekend


knowing our luck. They will look back at that game and know what


they've got to work on, no doubt they'll be up for this game. These


are the games you want to play as players, all those sacrifices you


make as a kid and as a professional, make it worthwhile if you can get in


the team for Wales and England. Yeah, enjoyed chatting to them this


week. Don't know if they enjoyed chatting to me! You can catch that


game live on S4C and then 4. 15 on BBC One Wales.


Kick-off at 4. 50pm. Join us for the build-up.


Let's get the final thoughts here on today's game. Just to remind you if


you are just joining us, it was a whitewash by England, 6 # unanswered


points. It's a World Cup -- 63. Have we seen the difference, we alluded


to it, but have we seen the difference between a professional


side and maybe a side that can't compete because they haven't the


time or facilities that they need? Yeah, definitely that will come into


it and hopefully, they've only been professionals six weeks and we have


seen the impact, so for England I think having eight months of that


before the World Cup hopefully we will see a big difference, as well.


It's a shame for Wales because we thought that Rowland Phillips was on


a bit of a run, had a good start, a few friendlies and that win, the


first in four years against Italy, how much will that dent momentum and


confidence for the next knew months I don't think, not too much. They


did have good phases of play in today's game. They were playing


against the world champions, we can't forget that. They will take on


board lots of work-ones now from the game today, building up to the World


Cup in August. A few of the girls took a few knocks, a few important


girls, player of the match last week, Dyddgu Hywel and Rachel


Taylor. I am sure they'll be hoping they'll be back for that trip to


Scotland. Yes, let's hope so, that the injuries weren't too severe.


What about England, will there be any changes as they look to the next


few matches because there weren't changes for this one but they have


the depth if they need to introduce new blood. I would go same team, why


change things if it is working. The subs can make the impact like they


did today because it was still five tries in the second half, I wouldn't


change something that was working so well. If you have that depth and


strength it's a good impact bench to have. A word quickly about the


wingers. There was one hat trick, both could have had a hat trick.


They offer options up. They both have pure pace. Lydia is one of the


quickest in the game, I think. Wilson-Hardy is a hard line runner,


she has a good step off her left foot and that's key. Definitely. A


quick last word about Wales. I am thinking we had the under-20s losing


last night and the women losing today. Somebody is thinking is this


an omen for this afternoon? Let's hope not. I am backing the boys to


get a good win, they've a good history against England here in


Wales. Looking forward to that game. There's been talk all week, Eddie


Jones saying about the psychological barrier of coming to Wales, did you


feel like that as a player? It's all difficult playing away, sometimes


especially Wales and France, I found. I think you get over this as


soon as you step on the pitch and you are there to do a job. Girls,


thank you very much. Thank you for your company this morning and this


afternoon. Hopefully we can enjoy more rugby during the next few


hours. It's been a disappointing weekend for Wales so far. The


under-20s lost last night in Colwyn Bay. Today the Welsh women lost, as


well. We have a saying in Welsh, now it's up to the boys. Thank you very


much for your company this afternoon. Goodbye.


Catrin Heledd presents live coverage of Wales Women v England Women from the Cardiff Arms Park. Studio guests include former Wales international Caryl James and England World Cup winner Kat Merchant.