19/03/2017 Scrum V

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Sarra Elgan and Ross Harries are joined by Jonathan Davies, Shane Williams and rugby writer Stephen Jones to review the 2017 Six Nations.

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COMMENTATOR: France need a converted try to win. Antonio declared himself


fit, but is not. Do you think he needs a head assessment? Yes. Far be


it from me to say that was cheating. Who is going to be binned? Sam Son


Ly by the looks of it. Is he injured? This has been going on for


well over 50 minutes in real-time. Here we go again, 90 minutes on the


clock. As part of the subplot, 30 seconds and counting down to the


return of some Sunli. Duncan Davies has ridden the word shambles done.


France over the line -- return of Sampson Lee. France have won the


game. It has been one of the longest games on record -- Samson Lee.


Welcome to Scrum V, one of the longest, bizarre, surreal and easily


one of the most farcical we have ever seen. It was crazy, we have a


packed show and a phenomenal studio audience. APPLAUSE


And we have Sean Holley. And we have the Wales women and the under 20s in


the house. Let's cut to the chase because we have some great special


guests. Please welcome Shane Williams, CHEERING


Aled Jones, Peter Jackson. CHEERING Brendan Rogers evening. So much, so


much to get through the night, we are going to catch up with all the


guys in a minute but in all the confusion that happened between


minutes 80 and 100 we probably forgot what happened in the first


80, so let's remind ourselves, shall we?


COMMENTATOR: France in possession, Kevin Gourdon weights. Now let's


Serin takeover. The home in a thunderous on the charge. Lopez. It


is the try. V wide players around the fringes were not quick enough.


That point France were on the front foot. France claimed the turnover.


Through Remi Lamerat. Was there a knock-on? Flailing arm knocked the


ball on. REFEREE: A deliberate knock-on, it is a good position but


we're not that the trial is going to be scored so he goes to the bin and


no penalty try. No penalty try about ten minutes in the bin for Virimi


Vakatawa. It is good by Leigh Halfpenny. Warburton plays


scrum-half. Jake Davies. Penalty advantage to Wales, they have a free


play here. Rob Evans does well to ride the first tackle. Biggar. Scott


Williams along the floor. George North outside him. Took the ball


standing still. Dulin, standing tackle. Back to the penalty.


The Welsh scrummage under real pressure. A bit of pulling and


pushing. Long enough. Straight enough. Wales


take the lead. It comes to France on tidal. It


comes to France, but illegally. Halfpenny, does he like it? He does,


he does indeed. Wales creeping forward. High tackle.


Wales have a lot of redshirt around, here they come through Dan Biggar.


Can't get the pass away. France over the ball. WHISTLE


It is a high tackle. And again, the crowd expressed their displeasure.


Are you injured? You're OK, fine, let's go. He has just he was not


injured. Ten seconds left of normal time, but this is France's chance.


WHISTLE One second, one second. I think not


good. He declared himself fit but he is not. It is one of those.


Do this employ specialist prop? That is just an amazing coincidence. Do


you think he needs a head assessment? Yes. Yes, as a doctor


you have said he needs a head assessment. We are happy whatever. I


suppose it appends how cynical you are about this. You fear the worst


when it comes to your analysis here. The doctor actually said yes, he


needs an assessment. France so close to the line, and


still not over, but it is a penalty advantage for France. The ball will


be held up. France have the penalty. Aaron O'Connor yellow card, not the


final play. Samson Lee by the looks of it. You have to have a suitable


replacement: who has to be qualified in that position in the front row.


Leigh Halfpenny is coming. They go wide, they go wider. He can't get


through, the ball has gone loose but we go back for the penalty.


Halfpenny 15. So, George North has made a tackle


on the full-back. And then in the most bizarre circumstances, we are


all looking everybody for a bite. There is clearly a bite mark on his


arm. No conclusive footage, play on. Kroos Dulin tackled by George Low.


No conclusive footage of a bite. The penalties against Rhys Webb. For the


line, Dan Biggar is heading for the bin in the hundredth minute of the


game, if France don't score. France over the line, they claim the try.




And the try by Wayne Barnes is awarded. It goes through, and France


have won the game. It has been one of the longest games on record, but


the upshot is that France have beaten Wales here at the start to


France. There you have it, all 99 minutes


and 55 seconds of it but let's hear what the players and coaches had to


say post-match. Have Wales any complaints, and if so what are they?


In terms of the process, I believe so. I think that leading up to the


substitute, I think there is evidence that suggests the prop was


taken off, you know, with an injury which maybe he didn't have. No


issues about the result, just about the process. Are you injured? I am


good. You're OK, it's fine. He has just me he is not injured.


Do you think he needs a head assessment? Yes. The doctor of the


French team has told me his player needs a head assessment. I am sure


there are people saying me that we could have claimed Tom Francis was


injured and go for an uncontested scrum, which I'm not going to lie, I


have been inside is where those questions have been mentioned. But I


thought we responded with integrity and we were Tom Francis Kaman


because he was fit. That is what we do. Can we have the details of his


injury please? It is pretty obvious in terms of


what happened, there is a technical area and you are not allowed outside


that technical area. Ultimately someone has come outside and allowed


the doctor to go and add a break in play. That is outside the laws of


the game. Wayne Barnes, you can hear him ask him if he is OK. Are you


injured? He says I have got a sore back and then I am OK. Then in the


doctor comes on and he goes. Not for a sore back? Yellow Mavrias. There


was a suggestion by the Wales winger George North that he had been


bitten. The referee said there was clearly a bite mark when he went to


the fourth official. There is evidence that office Leigh


in terms of the TMO they have looked. I have spoken to the three


officials and they have said it is inconclusive, so we accept that


decision. We will talk about the bite, but it


Peter if I can throw the first question to you, in 30, 40 years you


have been covering the game. 50 years! I was being kind, have you


ever experienced anything like that? No, nothing like that, I had the


watch on the game and if you take out stoppage time it ran to a total


of 122 minutes eight seconds. The second half was 75 minutes 55


seconds, so no, I have never seen that. But having seen it now ad


infinitum, I am disappointed that as great a figure as Guy Novas should


react in such a cynical way by biting himself as the clearly


something happen there. I thought also that Wayne Barnes did his very


best in very trying circumstances. I thought he was kind to Wales. Giving


away now penalties in the two session, only one yellow card. Had


they gone down, France probably would have shocked them over. The


game would not have dragged on. They was so farcical one stage I was kind


of expecting Inspector clues to come on with his white Mac and magnifying


glass. If you didn't know much about rugby, you would say what on earth


is going on here? Barnes had no option but to keep refereeing it


until the technical fence came along and he ended the game. Had the


biting been proven, and that is fiendishly difficult if you don't


have video evidence, then of course the game would have been over there


and then. A statement just in from the Six Nations, saying they will


look into that, so if a complaint is brought it will be investigated and


if punishment is required it will be brought forth in the next 48 hours.


Adam, Rob Howley strong in condemning France, saying they


undermined the integrity of the game, did they cheat? Discover


probably. George North was not struggling -- who was not scrumming


particularly well, and they thought that was the best bet. As Pete said,


Wales gave for penalties away in the scrum. Any other referee, under less


pressure, would have given a penalty try against them. Barnes did a


pretty good job for my reckoning. He is a barrister or something, so he


knows the score. If a little French doctor comes on, he has to take him


for his word. It is paramount at the moment, injury, and especially


concussion, so he has to take the fellow at his word. I am sure it


will come out in the wash. It is difficult, Rob was honest after the


game, he did not make any excuses, he was not disputing the result but


the process. He has reason to feel aggrieved, doesn't it? Yes. We have


already spoken about the Atonio incident. He obviously did not know


what his injury was until the doctor came on, and therefore the doctor


kind of explained it. But the process of it all, I kind of agree.


I think Wales were very lucky not to have conceded a penalty try in that


period as well. The French were certainly putting the Welsh under


loads of pressure. Wales defended their hearts out but it was not


enough in the end unfortunately. You have to give credit to France as


well, the way they finish that game, apart from the controversy. They


kept the game well and eventually won the game. That's the way it goes


sometimes. If the scrum scenario was not surreal enough, there was a bite


allegation which made it even more surreal, and then the suggestion of


a self-inflicted. Is George North kind of guy who would bite himself?


LAUGHTER Unless he didn't have his pre-match


meal, I don't know. Why would George do that, if you gets found to bite


himself who would be a laughing stock. I think it was crazy. There


was only one camera angle, which didn't show anything. Why would


George do that? From the camera angle we had we could not see


anything. The game did go on for a bit, so maybe he was hungry.


LAUGHTER Maybe he was. Do you not find it


strange that French TV would only have one angle of the incident? I am


pretty sceptical of a lot of things, but I am not cynical enough to


believe that a host broadcaster would deliberately hold back damning


evidence. Unless I am neither that, I would have thought if they have


the other angle. Two players go into a tackle, it is quite conceivable


you can be bit without any evidence. I remember Sean Fitzpatrick, New


Zealand against Australia, when Johan Djourou had his ear so badly,


19 stitches, and the evidence was there, and they did not actually see


the teeth going into his ear. Sometimes it is difficult to prove,


when you go for a try, there are three or four camera angles, we have


just in one, which is a bit bizarre. I think it was Yoann Maestri who


suggested he may have bitten himself, and then the other farcical


thing for me when Atonio said the Barnes, yes, I'm fit, and Summer Rae


said he probably lost that in translation. I mean, he is a New


Zealander, English is his first language. You talk about Wayne


Barnes and the pressure he was under, when 20 minutes over or more


if you look at Peter's stopwatch, he is accused of bias on both sides.


Yoann Maestri said perhaps the bite was self-inflicted afterwards but


said they had been treated like a small nation, and the British stick


together. They don't think he quite understands the geopolitics of the


UK. He made one bad decision, before Vakatawa was cautioned. I can't


believe both touch judges did not see it. You should have been in the


bin for that. I commenced on the fence saying the Welsh player did it


and he gets a rivet, one of Wales tonne Ashun he gets away with it. A


Both sides accusing him of bias, which probably means he played down


the middle. I thought it was good. As Pete said about the tackle, the


knock-on, what you call it, you have two scrum well. I thought he did a


really good job, and the last 20 minutes you would not want to wish


on any referee, well, maybe you might. I guess a La Turbie would say


he has cost us this game but we could have lost that ten minute


earlier with the scrums. He has done a good job, for me, and he is a


pretty stand-up guy. Talking about the controversy, but to be fair, we


had 80 minutes where maybe we should have put that game to bed and we


didn't so what went wrong? Wales did well to get themselves in front but


some crucial errors cost them after a really poor start. Such a poor


start in fact that Wales lost the first line-out. Alun Wyn Jones under


a little bit of pressure, and overthrow and gave France early


ball. Early scrum, the first scrum, it gets France the ball again. You


have to put this Picamoles down, don't give him a second bite of the


cherry. Some smart play here, shoring up the Welsh defence.


Camille Lopez again gets them on the front foot. Hard for Wales to fall


on the script for now. Liam Williams and Jonathan Davies left isolated


with many French doubles. Kevin Gourdon, we highlighted last week,


rips through the defence. The number of French players going around the


corner and that leaves a problem for Jonathan Davies. As Peter Jackson


rightly said, this on another day could have been a yellow card for


the outside centre. France showed their intent, they went to the


corner for the line-out from a penalty. I want to show you Rhys


Webb and Liam Williams, how the defensive structure is set for


Wales. France now this. Look at their position, it is a tactic that


would have preordained. Liam Williams sweeps and covers the space


on the left, the kick needs to go over the centres where it is hard


for a sweeper to get to, and Lopez does it with aplomb. Great try from


France. Wales have their moment too. Was this a penalty try? Dan Biggar,


if I show you the close-up in slow motion, you will see that the wing


clearly slaps the ball down. That is a penalty offence, a yellow card


offence, George North exasperated, doesn't get over. Wales had to deal


with crucial changes, Captain Alun Wyn Jones and then Ball. Leigh


Halfpenny was back to his imperious kicking best and kept Wales in


front. But they made crucial errors. This is an area Wales had been


targeting the Six Nations. The window gets too far in front, it


happened time and time again. They'll still had control, they had


a penalty to relieve pressure, the score is five points up the Wales of


the 75th minute but they missed the line-up crucially and give Wales the


ball -- France the ball back again. Another error was coming up. Great


work from Sam Warburton, showing her strength again, ripping the ball


from the French. The right decision to hack it down the field and Wales


are really unlucky that the ball bounces on and goes over the


dead-ball line, meaning another scrum to France. From that their


tails were out. You now see Wales tiring. Two of our backroom boys


slipping. They are now in the Wales's 22 with their tails up. You


don't need your present slipping off tackles. Picamoles going to hire


again. Now France are really threatening. They eventually got to


the line and look at the clock. This was the first penalty that Wayne


Barnes gave in this position. That was crucial to the series of scrums


that went on and we all know what happened in the next 20 minutes.


Don't need to go over that again. Lots to chew on. Scrummaging


superiority that France showed, did that alarm you or is it just that


France were very good at that aspect throughout the championship? Heaters


in the click your modern-day prop, assuming he is the best -- he


doesn't look like your modern-day prop. Back to yesteryear. We played


against early in the season, and he caused Joe Marler all sorts of


problems. We are a big pack as well, don't forget that. He is such a good


operator, I was not that surprised. So we finished fifth. No matter how


we trace it up, to store the worse finish we have had since 2007, so I


would take it you would say that is a failure. Absolutely. Wales expects


better than that. I am not sounding wise after the event, I said before


the tournament I struggle to see Wales winning two tries at the very


most. I thought they would be deadly and I thought they would within


France. I didn't see them beating Ireland, don't suppose many people


did. That is not only that, a tries, the fewer number that Wales have


scored in the Six Nations in six seasons. That is not good enough.


There is a danger that we allow the 20 minute stoppage time, and the


biting the change of the to mask the fact that this was, when you strip


it down, another substandard performance. Wales threaten a try,


apart from the move that Vakatawa stopped with his illegal


intervention. Yes, North probably would have scored a try. There was a


strong case for a penalty try, another player coming across so


Barnes estimate a split-second decision and maybe you can


understand him airing slightly on the side of caution. That apart,


didn't see any real sign thereafter of Wales scoring a try. What


concerns me about Wales is that the whole thing is built on defence.


Keep them out. And they are very good at that, I accept that,


terrific. And I admire the courage and the effort that went into it


yesterday. I admire Rob Evans's attitude, we don't care who comes


on, we will handle it. He was fantastic, he went 97 minutes, and


well done. But I come back to the point is that too little is being


created. Dan Biggar commune when he is struggling kazoo starts


remonstrating chucking his arms about and the rest of it. Here we


are now at the end of the international season, we still don't


know how good some Davies will be because he has not been given a


proper run. So I think it is a season of lost up a tune that is --


Sam Davies. He once scored 30 points with the boot. They all count.


Picking up on Peter Bowes Mac point, we have talked a lot in the last 12


months about the solution of our style, this search for a new


identity, a tries in five games does not suggest we have come very far.


Not really, especially when you look at the talent we have in the


backline. The two games I really enjoyed, the England game was


fantastic, adding Wales played with tempo and width and looked


dangerous. Ireland game, George North, 15 plus touches, get involved


in the game nice and early, plays with width. The teams we haven't


played well against we haven't been creative at all. I just think it is


a waste really, especially when the players you do have in your armoury.


We are a good team, some great players that can score tries if


given opportunities but I just don't think we used this close enough. If


you are saying we have got the players, James, does that point a


finger at the coaching of the players? Maybe. Scott Williams, a


quality player, he has all the skills, footwork, great passer of


the ball but we are probably asking him to do Jamie Roberts's job,


really. I think at the moment it is just not working. We have got the


players but maybe it is just our game plan, we have played it so


long, bash it up, get round the corner. You talk about change, but I


think we have got the players, it is just not happening at the moment. I


don't know whether can play like that against Ireland and we can't do


it at France. Wales have been successful on the road in the past,


especially in France, and France are a team that Wales has good tries


against. Apart from the George North incident, the Vakatawa knock-on, we


didn't look like scoring tries. That is the maddening thing, the


inconsistencies. We get an epic win and people think things are back in


sure and then this happens. Wales Kanpur two together in this


championship and people accuse me of being negative that my criticism is


based on the fact that the real world stood up against Ireland. Why


didn't we see more of being negative that my criticism is based on the


fact that the real well stood up against Ireland. Why didn't we see


moreover yesterday against let's face it a French team that is less


than fearsome. I mean, they are better than they used to be, but


still fairly dire. To come away from that 20-18, I thought probably again


you would say two tries to nil. There is only so much the half funny


can do. I thought it was terrific yesterday and answered all the


doubts, and I am not quite sure he will make the Lions trip but it was


nice to see come back. He never looked like missing. There is too


much reliance on him and too little reliance on creating tries. Let's


talk positives. Defence. Shaun Edwards took a bit of a hammering


after the autumn campaign. But far the Scotland game and a few bits in


England, it it has been good but defence is there when you


Championships any more. Not the first time with him. He is a proud


man, a rugby league legend, massive part of his game. He would have felt


it hurt, the autumn, and you could see the way the boys responded. I do


know how he would have been, he was quite angry, he got in your face. He


would have made it known what he wanted. Can I just say a word about


the attack, at the moment we look a little bit as if we are a team of


backs and forwards, no attachment between the two. There are no


forwards running off the backs, so no backs to play the forwards into


the line. You have Justin Tipuric at seven, and he is seen as the perfect


linked player, so why isn't it happening? Played one game plan for


so long, since 2008. I think it takes time. For one game they are


playing one way, another game another. It does take time. To be


fair, Tips is roaming the wider channel so that is not really the


link man. He would be more infield. They are playing 242, sort of


football formation, the front five in the middle of the field. As Mr


Prescott 's work in the autumn, New Zealand and have a strategy, they


play 242 and it is very specific. They don't know if we are trying to


go down that route and not getting the hang of it.


It just looks disjointed to me at the moment. Are just expecting


things to happen too quickly, as a nation? Not really. I think with


professional rugby, we have good players. The likes of Tikrit, he


can't keep in every position. The amount of work he does of the ball,


you would not believe. And when he does get in good positions, it is


like having an extra back. Sometimes we just cannot get in there. There


is no transition, we have players in the team that are good enough to


play, we have done it, why can't we keep doing it? We have exciting


talent. George North, superb and involved a lot. Almost redundant


against France in the second half. The other teams have brought


something innovative to the competition. Scotland with a cheeky


line-out play against Ireland. England's terrific against Scotland.


The way they punished Jonathan Davies's mistake and again, probably


they did not deserve to win but they did. With the best will in the


world, I have seen nothing innovative from Wales this season


alone flashes I have seen from Sam Davies. And when you're under


pressure, you revert back to time. Against Ireland, they were under so


much pressure. When the wee break free of these shackles then? No


continuity in terms of the attack culture, we will have a new player


again after this, arts players confused with mixed messages? I


don't know what was happening with Alex King and Rob Howley but the


likes of Justin to trick, Scott Williams, I know that when you're


under pressure, you go back to your original game plan and ultimately


you have to listen to the couch. Who do we bring in? New look at the


Scarlets, Steffan Evans, another missed opportunity. Stephen Jones


will get his chance in the South Sea Islands at the end of the season. It


is difficult. I mean, to be fair to the coaches, I think they have


limited choice, not as limited as they have made it out to be, and I


do think there is a serious lack of basic skills. I mean, Jonathan


Davies would be the first to admit that passing isn't as strong as it


could be in for an outside centre that is pretty essential. And I


think there a missed opportunity, the autumn series would have been


the perfect opportunity to bring in players who haven't played much, Sam


Davies should have played for more than he did in the autumn series. We


had an opportunity. These are the opportunities to test players in


different positions before a big tournament like the Six Nations. The


problem is, the study Six Nations, a tough start against Italy, bring Sam


Davies on it had a great game. But then under pressure, a big match the


following week, and the haven't really gambled on selection since.


And then it becomes difficult to bring new and young players in. We


will talk about this later. The men played this weekend and the women


and under-25s on. Let's see how they got on.


COMMENTATOR: Wales and the other side and it is at try for showing up


all hues. An advantage coming to France. Can they turn it into a


five? They're over the line. The referee says it is a try. It could


go all the way into the corner here. With Wales again, can they get a


second try? They can! It is Amy Evans. They have run out here. She


goes wide. Is it going to be the score? Yes. France finding someone


with. It's a try. COMMENTATOR: Tries to get the ball


flowed and is still available. And lunging over is Alan Ward. Spreading


it wide. But the try has come. There will be an advantage. France have


their tails up. But it is the shelf that comes through for him. They


have to score out wide. And the fourth try has come. Runners out


wide. And straight through the middle goes Geoffrey Cross. And it


is out. It looks ominous for Wales. Another try, an easy stroll. It must


come for Wales and it has in the end, far too late.


STUDIO: Not be on the under 20 team would have wanted. Their bid to


finish second was scuppered by France. England had already wrapped


up the championship the week before but added the Grand Slam on Friday.


Congratulations to them. And the same goes for the women. 5-5 for


England. Wales finished a disappointing fifth following their


final round defeat to France. Shaun Holley is over there. Yes. We are


joined by members of the 20s and the women's squad. A disappointing end


to the Six Nations but overall a pleasing effort? Yes, obviously


disappointed to lose but I think it was a positive campaign, obviously


disappointing to lose out but overall we can look back and has


been great for us and create to be part of this. Absolutely. And the


captain of the women's team, a difficult campaign for your team and


under difficult circumstances, but what have you learned? Obviously it


has been difficult, but the result and losing one of our own players,


Elli, which was obviously heartbreaking for us. But the girls


put in hard work. They should be really proud of what date it and how


well the got on. Absolutely. And now, you and your boys are looking


forward to a junior World Cup in June. And then back to training?


Yeah, after a positive campaign, the boys are looking for the two full


weeks of rest and recovery. Tough condition to appear in the summer.


The training will be high-intensity. Good luck. And finally, a World Cup


for you? You must be looking forward to? Yes. I think are set pieces are


phenomenal and our backs we just need to work on our clinical edge.


We have a few months of hard work for the World Cup and are looking


forward to it. We all wish you the very best for that. Thanks, guys.


Let's catch up with the rest of the Six Nations action. All matches were


played yesterday and it all kicked off at BT Murrayfield, where


Scotland faced Italy. COMMENTATOR: Dunbar in the centre


and it is Russell for a try! And Scotland eventually breached the


Italian defence is! Advantage Scotland. Italy are one man down in


defence. Fuser is receiving treatment. And Scotland are showing


no mercy of the moment. Ali Price goes for the kick. Berkeley feeds it


onto Russell. How will it bounce? This bearing down on it. And there.


A try for Tommy Seymour! Four for Scotland.


Again, Ireland with the drive. They're very close.


Rory Best teaming up and Maro Itoje is transgressed here.


REFEREE: Offside. COMMENTATOR: It's a long way out but


that is a monstrous kick. Just feverish defence. Still, England


deep inside their half but a knock-on from Mike Brown heralds the


end. WHISTLE And now Ireland bring


England crashing to earth, just as they did six years ago and Ireland


have the victory. So, Dylan Hartley steps forward to


receive the RBS Six Nations trophy. The Championship is theirs. But


bittersweet emotions. A first defeat as England captain today and a first


defeat under Eddie Jones and that record equalling run props to a


shuddering halt by a passionate green machine in Dublin.


STUDIO: So, there it is, the 2017 Six Nations is over. England won the


championship but missed out on the Grand Slam, Ireland spoiling the


party in spectacular fashion. France back to third place, their best


finish for quite some time. First top three finish since 2011 and


Wales, conversely, their worst finish since 2007. So, Adam, no


Grand Slam for England? That's good, isn't it?


LAUGHTER CHEERING AND APPLAUSE I cannot wait to go into training


tomorrow at Harlequins. I spoke to some of them and they


were disappointed but they feel it is a weight off their shoulders all


but the winning streak has gone and they can crack on. It would have


been harder if they had won it to go back to training. The atmosphere in


Ireland was incredible yesterday. Ireland looked like a different team


to the one at principality Stadium, how much better wording is we can?


They were outstanding. That's the one they wanted to win and obviously


for so many reasons. And, for the record, not having the Grand Slam,


but they delivered, in fairness, they were missing so many players,


so many distractions that could have affected them but did not and I


think they pulled it out of the bag. Why? That is what has been terrific


casting about this Six Nations is that any team the ability to beat


any other on any given day. The sad thing is we have to wait another


year for it to come round. Sometimes, the gods intervene. Jamie


Heaslip, who was anonymous, tweaks a hamstring before kick-off. Peter


O'Mahony comes in and played a blinder. Absolute blinder, and you


think, he has to go on the Lions tour. But not just that, I thought


Henderson is a colossal player in the making. He had been dropped from


the game and he has that priceless quality to be able to play blindside


is, a terrific player who made all the difference yesterday. It is just


the tournament's never-ending capacity to surprise us. Just as I


did not think Wales would get back from the Scottish surrender, I


didn't really think Ireland would get back from what they had suffered


here. Which is pretty demoralising. I feel like I want to cry now. The


competition is over. The Six Nations done and dusted for another year but


there is a small matter of a Lions tour to look forward to. Who has


played their way in and out selection? Wales have some fabulous


individual player who are a shoo-in for the Lions but we have some as


well. For me, Alun Wyn Jones, is one of those shoo-in is. In everything


that he does. The physicality, the brute strength, presence, really


makes players around him respond. He tackles and earns respect from all


players. Sam Morgan, criticised before, but physicality is one thing


but he is also a ball carrier, he has been rejuvenated and has proven


he is a test animal. We know what he is like so a likely test starter.


That's Sam Warburton. Now, George North, who has been criticised, but


he is the physical animal that we know Warren Gatland likes. His


performance against Ireland was truly sublime as it was packed his


try scoring best. On top form, likely to start in the first Test


match. One of Wales's best players have been Rhys Webb. A guy who has


really matured under constant threat around the fringes against every


team he has played. He has matured and shown leadership, tactically


very astute but it is the determination and attitude that Rhys


Webb has shown that really catches the eye. He has superseded Conor


Murray as the favourite for test spot. And here's the man you just


cannot ignore. Justin Tipuric is literally all over the place, his


physicality, he has answered all his critics in this championship. In


tandem with Sam Warburton, probably the best partnership on the flank.


Justin Tipuric should be on the plane to New Zealand. Ian Williams


has done little wrong and has proven he can play full-back. Taulupe


Faletau is one of the's favourites. Ken Owens has been supremely


consistent. He could help the Lions squad and this is not to everybody's


liking but Dan Biggar has surely earned some credibility and a chance


to go to New Zealand. Lots of positives for Wales! Thank you. Pubs


have been doing a her mother but it is going to get more serious now.


Shame, you have picked yours, talk us it. I think McGrath has been


superb for Ireland. They have certainly kept the scrum together.


Superb this Six Nations. Alun Wyn Jones, has played well, Warburton,


again, he has had that captaincy taken off him but I think he has


been superb. He seems reborn in the way he is playing. Justin Tipuric,


he is one of my favourites. We haven't seen much of Billy Vunipola


but I think he is a classic and a player on the front foot. Webb has


been great at nine and Sexton superb against England yesterday, really


running the show defensively. North has drifted in and out of games but


he was superb against Ireland. Owen Farrell, probably one of the players


of the tournament. Second distributor there which might work


in New Zealand. Joseph hasn't had much game time but almost a winner


in the centre. Same with Watson, a good player that we haven't seen


much of and Hawk, probably the most dangerous back the Lions could have.


I nearly put Williams in that 15 because he has played exceptionally


well on the wing but for me, Liam Williams as a full-back but Hogg


just does it. OK, what about your selection? Six Welsh men, Adam? The


pack, I would go along with, maybe not the captain. A bit like Robshaw


with England. I would like Liam Williams. I think if he was there,


15, a little bit safer than Hogg. Defensively. Are you would probably


like that but that is probably not a bad show. As APPLAUSE I'm just glad


he is happy with my front row. We were talking about elevation and


he has slipped under the radar. Furlong, number one at the moment?


Yes, Vunipola, there are so many, I don't know if Sampson still has


problems with his Achilles. He doesn't seem a destructor. Again, I


am biased. I've seen him with the Quins and he has that edge. It's not


big to be a scrum best out there. I think Sinckler has a decent chance.


Peter, no Irish back row? CJ has had a fantastic tournament. Would you go


along with Shane's back row options? Phobia for me to take Shane's team


apart because he has 64 tests which is 60 for more than I will ever get.


But... Shane, I would have Maro Itoje in second round, he has a


phenomenal player. I would have him in. A stinker yesterday, though?


Yes, as did Farrell, arguably the player of the tournament. At six,


Henderson or raw money. I noticed fresh in the mind from yesterday but


I think he made such a difference. It's tough on Justin Tipuric but


scrum-half I would have Conor Murray. He edges it for me over Rhys


Webb. Outside centre, Elliot Daly in preference to Jonathan Joseph


because he has a better kicking game. I think he is a really smart


rugby player. Do you need two kicking centres, the? Always handy,


left and right. Adam knows all about kicking. It is interesting Warren


Gatland has the late election until 2019, so means he takes any


Champions Cup, quarterfinals, and semi-finals and you have some coming


back, George Kruis, the Saracens lock, Scottish tight head, with a


bit of luck, who is to say they will not get in? His neck has been pretty


bad for a while. He would have been on the plane, I think. James? Liam


Williams, I think Vunipola, so many quality players. Toby Faletau for


me. He's got time. With Sexton, and Owen Farrell, they need the two I


would choose but Gatlin with the game plan, will he go for them? A


battering ram? But I would def on the go with Sexton and Farrell.


Those that do not make the Lions will hopefully be going on tour,


some of the more senior players, but even rating in one of the papers


today saying Davies has to start regardless of the Lions. I think now


is the time. It is the perfect opportunity for youngsters coming


through. Sam Davies has proved his worth for the Ospreys for some time


when he has played for Wales, he played exceptionally well. It's


difficult not to give him that opportunity. He has almost deserved


that as have other players who have played well for their regions and


clubs. There is the perfect opportunity, these tours, to get


game time and bring confidence back the league and who knows? Who knows?


Who knows whether Sam Davies would be starting in the next Six Nations?


We don't know. We will have to wait and see. Adam, really desperate to


see any Welsh jersey? I think I would like to see Dylan Lewis. I


thought he would come through a couple of years back. Great athlete,


good ballplayer. I'd like to see him come through, instead of some of the


guys ahead of him already. I won't name names.


LAUGHTER Another one for me, Beck, I think he offers a kicking game, a


passing game. They think that's something we need


to. I'd like to see him back in there. I don't know whether he has


had injury issues. He is fit at the moment. It could be the answer to


what we were talking about earlier, James, the lack of creativity in the


Welsh field? Yes. If it's not going quite red, bring the player on and


like Shane used to do, in fairness, and... We have 30 seconds, name some


players you want to see on tour. Shane should have had his


opportunity... I agree with Beck, Olly Cracknell, Thomas Young, Owen


Williams, give him a go, I'm not saying he's going to be good enough


but try him. There is a lot more to be learned from a Welsh perspective


in the South Sea Islands this summer and there will be from the capital


Lions in New Zealand. Really interesting. Another great show.


Shane Williams, everyone! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Adam Jones!


Peter Jackson! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE And thank you


to you for watching at home. That is all from Scrum V. There is a


Facebook live straight afterwards. It was not to be for Wales this year


but plenty of thrills and spills along the way... Good night.


MUSIC: Oh No! by Marina and The Diamonds


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You made sure an innocent man is charged!


What gives you the right to say that he's innocent?


If police wrongdoing is part of this, I want to know.


Huntley's definitely hiding something.