France U20 v Wales U20 Scrum V

France U20 v Wales U20

Ross Harries presents live coverage of France U-20s v Wales U-20s in the Six Nations. Studio guests include Ian Gough and Sean Holley.

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It's the final round of the 6-nation championships and are under 20s are


on a roll. Last weekend they unleashed their attacking flair on


Ireland, scoring five tries. A beautiful pass. Putting Corrie


Tarrant over for Wales. Williams with an absolutely glorious break.


Down the middle comes Williams, heads for the post. Wales come with


their third victory. That was last week, can they back it


up in less familiar surroundings of France? 30 miles north of the rugby


stronghold, Toulouse. A lot will depend on this man, Keiran Williams,


man of the match but two rounds running. Scorer of five tries


already in this campaign. Tonight he has been given the captain's


armband. As we know, as with the maintenant, England have already


been crowned champions with a week to spare. They are on the verge of


beating Ireland in full-time survey have added a Grand Slam to their


championship and what that means is, if Wales wins tonight, they will


guarantee themselves second place. Good evening and welcome to Scrum V,


live. We must remember, wheels were Grand Slam defending champions


coming into this but at the start of the tournament, only seven of their


players had under 20s experience. Given that, it's not a bad return if


they end up coming second? I think it would be superb. You get a team


that has played really well and you decimate them and you have to start


from scratch but you also have two get the atmosphere and the


continuity of how they play together, it's a big job to do. He's


done a superb job and these guys gelled very quickly. Very tough game


against a really good England side and they give a good account of


themselves right up to the point where there were a few points with


they let it slide but they bounced back from that and they have been


putting some big performances in and it's great watching them develop and


watching these boys being thrown in at the deep end at the start but now


coming good. That's the point, we talk about development for this


tournament, that's the most important thing and the players


might not agree with that but it's about getting players ready for the


next step and by the end of tonight 's game, 31 players will have played


a part in instrument. That's got to bode well for the future as Mike


it's great and with a greater return as well. He's kept a core group of


players. People like Keiran Williams. It's nice to get a mix.


The venture don't always get enough time but it's good experience the


night going to places like France. We've been there with the age-group


teams and European teams. It's a difficult place to go at any level


and France don't lose many games at home so tough on the night. Ten in a


row they've won at home, France. Wales only lost one so far in


instrument. But one against England so just the one defeat so far. The


rest have been wins, here's a reminder of their campaign so far.


Good case there, he is a finisher, he can get it. Keiran Williams will


put this to bed under the sticks. He reaches and he makes it! First-time


Wales have lost here. In the end, England were too strong for them.


That's as good a try as you could wish to see from Wales. It's a try


for Wales and it is Rhun Williams. A fantastic win to put the under 20


campaign back on track. Williams with an absolutely glorious


break. Wales getaway with a thrilling


victory. One thing that definitely stands out


is the all out attack that Wales have shown in this campaign so far.


100 points in the last two games alone, 154 in total. 18 tries, it


shows a real statement of intent and pulling the strings has been in


return. Ben Jones has been really good. Keiran Williams has got a lot


of plaudits but he is quite mature and directs play. Wheels are going


one way with the flow and what I like is, he recognises that the


Ireland forwards are tighter on the rock and like any good outside-half


in the middle of the field, he switches play, takes it on himself


to go but that ball and put a slight pattern for the hooker to score. He


is confident, he is a good leader. Hearing is upfront. Just rocks in


the position for the next phase, this time wrestling behind the


forwards to take a pass behind and hit that gap. Then taking the ball


up to the defender and keeping it alive. They do use their


ball-carriers. Here is Keiron Assiratti from the Ireland game. He


has come off the line appear, but that Keiran Williams coming from the


centre. He carries on this occasion and a similar position. Here is the


proper began with Keiran Williams on his outside, this time through good


Williams and as they say, the rest is history. There is a nice balance


to their attacking play. They have been a joy to watch this campaign


and a man who has been orchestrating that attack, Jason strange, the head


coach of the under 20s and he is pitch side. Good evening. Here he


is, wheels can finish second in the final table if they win tonight. How


much of incentive is that? It's not something we have discussed to be


honest. Our focus is on our performance and hopefully we can


finish the night with a top-level performance and something the


players can be proud of. 9pm local time, that is quite late here. Does


that make a difference to you? Now, to be honest. It has been a lovely


day, 70 degrees. We had kept the boys busy but they are relaxed and


looking forward to a great atmosphere. Just words about the


atmosphere, that is French rugby, isn't it? Is all part of the players


learning and I am sure they will take a lot from this tonight. Have a


good one. Just moments before the game kicks


off and we have touched on the Keiran Williams already. Top try


scorer with five of the top of the charts, the man of the matches in a


row and he is already being compared by many to a certain Scott Gibbs. Is


this guy a future international star? He could be, I watched for the


Ospreys against London Irish. Very, very good. He has the give ability


to play up and he has taken this championship by the horns. A good


finisher. There was a good one last week against Ireland. He should good


turn and an excellent step. He does remind me of Scott Gibbs. Stocky and


powerful and quick off the mark. An opportunity here and here is


obviously a talisman because they had made him captain the night.


Briefly, we had him in the studio not so long ago and he is a


relatively small guy but when you got that kind of power come you


don't necessarily need to be huge? Now Scott Gibbs was a big player. As


you say, the power, he has great gas and the boys will be living up to


him. He has the captain 's armband, he is leading by example, scoring


and has to tries and looks to be one to watch for the future. Scott Gibbs


wasn't that big when he played. If you can continue that form,


hopefully he will be blazing a trail in the regional game. A more serious


issue, the front row union are incensed by what they have seen in


the last seven days. Have Rob Evans doing a miss pass and the next day,


your Maserati with the most audacious of dummies from a prop.


What the punishment can make expect? He won't be allowed to set up the


back of the bus. A fantastic dummy and good turn of pace. Just working


a little bit on his passing and he will be complete. Bit of a tongue in


his cheek as he does it, a bit of a swagger, he's on fire! What are your


thoughts as a coach on that kind of display from a prop? I think it's


great. If you're talking a 15 man game, is an Australian or Kiwi was


doing that, we would be applauding the skills. It shows the confidence


and shows what Jason and his coaches are trying to instil. I love it.


That is exactly what we applaud, the New Zealand front five doing it as


well, great to see one of our own doing something so skilful. Let's go


back to fill now because I understand from under 20s game, this


has a mammoth crowd this evening? It's a sell-out, 10,000 here. Then


the rustic atmosphere. You can see the flags waving and we've had the


brass band playing, the bigger the south of France. This is rugby area


in front. It is at the heart of French rugby and you can tell it


from the atmosphere tonight. As Jason was saying there, this is how


the Welsh boys will be able to cope with this type of that there is much


as how they will cope with what the French team can throw at them.


Conditions are rapidly perfect. It's got slightly cooler this evening but


earlier on today, were sitting out having lunch in Toulouse where our


base is, 70 degrees, absolutely perfect. The teams are just coming


out in front of me. Let's go to the commentary team.


Welcome to everyone on what has been a glorious day in south west France


and it is here the Welsh youngsters will try to round off the campaign


on a high note with a second place up for grabs. They should be in a


buoyant mood after their win last time against Ireland. Their


counterparts will also be keen to round up what has been a disjointed


campaign by their standards. With only two wins in the campaign so


far. The hash will descend on the stadium for the next few moments for


the anthems and first, it is the Welsh national anthem.


The anthem being sung with gusto here, with a proud record for the


under 20 five that are on a ten match unbeaten streak and the coach


with four changes from the team. The changes in the back.


names. With the Junior World Cup fast approaching, Jason has tinkered


with the starting 15. Steff Thomas comes in with James Botham stepping


up from the replacements. Keiran Williams, Star man in the Irish


victory, leads the side with Ioan Nicholas. The final act then in the


under 20 season with Wales hoping for a strong finish and the finish


in second place. Mike Adamson is the referee this evening from Scotland.


Wales hoping to kick on from where they left off last week. They scored


over 40 points. And five tries with free flowing rugby, the order of the


day. From the kick-off of them. This final weekend of Six Nations rugby.


Plenty at stake for both sides. Add it goes. Across the three quarters


line. Wales holding firm in their defensive line. The scrum-half


working at from nine, as most French sides do. It's on to the big man.


Bringing the big man on. A good positive start from France and it


will be tough in these early exchanges for Wales. Baptiste


Couilloud. Wales Bill up in French faces. The scrum-half again on this


short side but will smack standing firm in their defensive patterns.


The Wales defence has been rock-solid is opening. They don't


need to rush anything. They are winning the physical battle and that


is a perfect exit from Wales. That is just what they need. They needed


to add that little bit of pressure and superb defensive work from


Wales. The coaching unit will be mightily impressed with that


patients. The discipline and they get their just rewards. It was Shane


Lewis-Hughes with the tackle. He has relieved a lot of pressure for Elias


El Ansari and they have turned bad. Have turned the defence into attack


and they set up a perfect attacking opportunity from the flying out. 18


tries so far in the campaign. They do want to play rugby, that is the


mantra from Jason and that was clearly evident last week. They


cannot afford to come here this evening and just rely on their


defence, they got to look to play, to show that little bit of


extravagance and have that arrogance and confidence about them. They keep


it tight. Keiran Williams, stocky but supercharged and so tough to


bring the ground. As is this man, Alex Dombrandt. France are very


quickly on the Corey Baldwin. There's not much room to work with


as Rhys Carre carries forward. Good reply from the Welsh 15. Straight


through, Ben Jones. It's still available. And lunging over his Aled


Ward, the Trai has been awarded. Ben Jones, the creator. They didn't


panic and that is a superb start for the Welsh under 20 side. They


couldn't have asked anything better. Superb work from Jones. He spotted a


mismatch in front of him. I think this is Aled Ward over the line but


superb vision by Ben Jones. He has backed himself, that is what I like


about it. He has had the willingness to try and play that ball and great


support from Aled Ward. Over the try line within the first couple of


minutes. The conversion to come as well me just what they would wanted.


Settling the nerves early on, and this is Ben Jones's run once more.


Look how wide and flat he is standing. You're always going to


change that challenge that with defender and he has done that. He


has taken the hole and fortunately for Wales, scored the try. France


just make the ten metres. No advantage so they will come back.


France would have targeted this game. They have had disappointments


in the campaign, going down heavily to England on the opening weekend.


From a Welsh perspective, you couldn't have asked for anything


better. This is probably one of the first time this bunch would have


played in front of a full house in France, quite an intimidating


atmosphere and you can kill the crowd straightaway by scoring a try


and that is what Wales have done and they have the ball back now which


will allow them to take control of" as you can hear in the distance, a


lot of noise reverberating around the stadium. The first one has gone


to ground, they will have two be formed. The boys mentioned on the


top of the programme, 31 players would have had experience, which is


important. This under 20s, different from senior level of course, because


they are working for that Junior World Cup in Georgia. It is a


cracking experience for the boys as well in general. These boys are only


going to get better as players with experience of playing in the south


of France. They are playing at the highest level. They are getting the


chance to show what they can do in this higher stage and some of these


boys haven't had the regional opportunities and that is what the


game is, to develop that competition rather than going all out for the


win. Fantastic start for Wales and here's hoping for more. Pressure


coming through from the French eight Bill. They get away with it.


Unfortunately, it has gone out. You could see the Tim Erlandsson is the


wide right winger. Plenty of space over the top. I wonder if that is a


ploy. You can see him on the wide right there and there's plenty of


space there. The French are asking a lot of work to get across there. But


kick, it was accurate, but plays all day long. As it is, France will have


a second chance. They try to rumble on. Good from Wales. You can just


see the French forwards getting back up off the floor. Here, France with


the cross kick but it is far too long. Exactly the same mistake, but


there will be an advantage called by Mike Adamson of Scotland. What Wales


do need to do is give any cheap penalties away. Their discipline


needs to be top-notch. We almost bumped into Alexandre Roumat's


father who played in the 90s. A chance for France to cut the


deficit. After Aled Ward's early try for the visitors. The referee has


called for the penalty for the whole of the back being offside. They need


to step that extra half major back. Just a half meter and they be in a


position. It's gone. A shade to the right of that bright and it is


relief for Wales. He knows he should have done better with that one. The


discipline will be key in this first 40 minutes for the visitors. They


just have to be sensible with it. They have the right to storm the 30


minutes and then that is where they're open and expand the game


will hopefully come into force. The Tim Erlandsson drives on. Baptiste


Couilloud out to the side. Williams spotted it and was there. That man,


he has some gas and he has scored three tries in his last two


appearances for France. He is definitely one of their most


threatening players. He looks to get his hands on the ball at full lot.


As the front it come in, Wales trying to stop them at source, but


it's still going. That's good from Wales. They've done well but here


they come again, keeping it tight. They have a second chance. Haotong


Li, who is orchestrating things for the home side. Ciaran Williams


leading by example. He has been slowed up prudently and Wales have


won it back. Great stuff on the floor. Good work there in defence


but they will have it all to do again. Maybe I should have gone out


back but that is a good defensive line for Elias El Ansari. It has


gone free and Wales turn it over again. Have they got a chance? Ryan


Conbeer showing his strength. Still going. The line was almost begging


for Keiran Williams. Good counter pressure from the Welsh 15. Twice in


that last play. Keiran Williams, initiating the turnover from under


his own post. Again, 40 metres up the field, he has managed to get his


hands on it. And if the wicket to the left and they just get it.


Keiran Williams, great support. Good strength to try and stay in field.


The first instinct is to see what's on. You just shift the point of


contact. As soon as there is any turnover, the defence is going to be


within that five or ten metres. A terrible through by Alexandre


Roumat. Somehow, they got it back. We couldn't have asked for a better.


Only the one win away from home since the under 20s brought in back


in 2013. Up goes James Botham at the tail. Again, they looked dangerous.


Their options out wide. Bringing Ryan Conbeer in again. Morgan


Williams in his second here. He will have another year after that. Corey


Baldwin gives chase. As a France settle things, they will


keep it tight. Eight charges down the middle, Wales have found it


across the field. They have to get a little bit of pressure on the


kickers, on the ninth and ten, and force them into a broad kick. They


won't want to give any silly penalties away here. Just keep them


pegged back on their 22. Baptiste Couilloud, you can see him trying to


get his blockers in place. Williams, a chance to run here and he can


shift, Rhun Williams. They have got to ground, just about. It is there


for Morgan Williams. Again, Ben Jones going to work. That could have


gone anywhere. As it is, it is back on the side. Wales will have a


chance here. Plenty of options for Wales, they will be happy how this


first 30 minutes or so have gone. Technically, the kicking structure


is going well. They are looking to put the ball behind this French


defence of life and they have the pressure on. It has given Wales the


advantage. Good work from Ben Jones and good tactics all around. A lot


of these will be going on to play in Georgia in the June. But finishing


second, that is a psychological boost. Inland, of course, winning


the Grand Slam after beating Ireland by 14-10. No mean feat finishing


second and England of course have impressed at senior level but they


have strength coming through in the under 20s as well. Jason touched on


it before the game, but they haven't looked at coming second but it is


something that they most definitely, England have been a class apart with


regards to the 20s this season. They have their key players but Wales


have got to win this game here this evening to go on and the players


need to push their own individual case leading into the World Cup and


getting into the squad and again, a lot of these players are in the


first of a two year cycle and they will back again next year so it is a


good, interesting dynamic. Only seven remain at this year from


the grand slam winning team squad of last season. You rebuild every


couple of years and it is quite a high turnover this year so it means


they would have had the extra experience this season, and that is


only going to push on and help them out next year. France did put a bit


of pressure on the last scrum. They have a man mountain on the loose


their inner Rhys Carre, he is only 19 years old. There are a couple of


big guys, especially props, in this Welsh squad. Thomas is making his


first start of the tournament so he is under a bit of pressure.


Again a bit of pressure on the Welsh tight five. It has been taken


against the head and that power is all too evident. They won that


penalty so there is a bit of work to be done in that Fassett. Steff


Thomas has for Ciaran Assiratti this week. As a Ratti started the


previous four games. There has been a bit of pressure the first couple


of scrums for Wales. They will need to address that. There are some


Giants in the French eight, as in the senior side. We walked past them


earlier and there were some man mountain is walking about, enormous.


Plenty of food for thought for the Welsh eight. An encouraging start to


the game as a whole. A good ball for France off the top. Trying to get


the big men over the gain line. It is Couilloud. That is Roumat,


Couilloud is switching direction. They had men on the far side. It is


that man, Fartass once more, going through a created havoc in the Welsh


ranks. A chance for France behind the Welsh gain line now. Floated out


to Cros. We lost his footing momentarily. The Glen Day bay with a


bit defensive work for Wales to do now to keep at bay. Great work. They


appeared to go with a Welsh line-out but good defence from Wales. Fartass


is one of the keyboard players and he looks to get his hands on the


ball almost every time and then he beats the first offender with his


footwork and strength, he is very deceptively strong. Posing problems


for the Welsh 15, as is his name is posing problems for many a


commentator, I am sure. Ngandebe brilliantly shattered into touch by


water, and Botham was in there as well. It was great work as well.


After Fartass got through Wales regathered regrouped put some


pressure on the French breakdown. You could see a scrappy ball that


was where line speed has come on and Wales managed to fill the field and


a defensive set so well done to Wales. The French second row.


Capelli is just getting a bit of treatment. Reuben Morgan-Williams


has been in the water as well. He created such an impression last


year. He has played as much this season. Dane Blacker has played in


the last few. They have strength and depth that night Owen Leonard has


also been in the squad. We touched on there that they had Dane Blacker


and they have serious strength in depth which is good for Wales.


Helin scored Barack Obama Corrie Tarrant scored last time against


Wales. Morgan Williams is trying to relieve some pressure for his team.


You micromini to be careful not to go through too many phrases just ten


metres from the line. Getting his blockers in front. Ngandebe, and he


can shift as well. It is floated out to Cros, one of the changes in the


French ranks. He has done well over the gain line.


France are just trying to get back into this one after that superb


burst out of the blocks from the Welsh 15, and a chance to counter.


It might be on here. The space is just a wide on the far touchline.


Just slowed up a bit from the Welsh perspective. They have to get that


defensive line in place. There are quite narrow now, Wales, they have


to push out. Ngandebe goes down well but they managed to get the


off-loading to Cros. It is too long for France. He goes again. Just come


back in after injury, Ngandebe. Options on both sides here for


France. N'Tamack just shoving his dancing feet. There is not much


space to work with. Wales are not committing too many to the


breakdown, as you can see, they are standing off and backing themselves


regards to the line speed and the physicality of the first hit.


N'Tamack spreads it wide. Ngandebe has a bit of space to work with Andy


tries to get the flow going. It has gone forward. There will be an


advantage. France just getting back into this one. Wales now need to


keep their concentration and discipline. They will be mightily


relieved to see that penalty given by Michael Adamson. France are just


clawing their way back in terms of territory and possession. Yes, it


Boniface said he just couldn't help himself, his hands when the cookie


jar but it has given Wales this easy opportunity to clear their lines


that is just what any coach would have wanted. An easy penalty.


They would have expected to be under the cosh for certain periods during


this game, playing away from home against the French side, who have


got a proud record, as we said. Ten match unbeaten streak here in


France. Yes, from any age level, any French side. They very rarely lose.


F U players getting treatment. There are lots of famous players on the


pitch today. There was a famous name off the bench on Wales, Sid


Blackmore is the son of Wally Blackmore who played for Wales at


the first World Cup which was 30 years ago. 38 years ago today Wales


actually beat England 27-3 to win the quadruple Triple Crown. One of


the tries was scored by Elgin Rees. That is a historian on the side. He


just nicked it from Clive Griffiths I believe it is only cap. That game


was 27-3. That has gone loose and it is the danger man again, Ngandebe.


He was just taken on by Conbeer on the far scrapped line -- touchline,


they must get to scrappy. Wales are having success with that option.


They go that little bit further upfield and France are struggling to


deal with it but I think that is the third time that Ngandebe has been


pushed into touch and that is an absolute coach killer for me, if


you're being pushed into touch so easily you have to work a little bit


and harder from the French perspective. Taken by Sean Moore.


Morgan Williams surveys the options. Not too far that time. Conbeer gives


chase. It is a good chase. It is that man, Couilloud, nothing


much on for France here. They don't have to do anything drastic, Wales,


just keep them pegged back. What you say about over the touchline? It is


absolutely appalling play from France for me, they are just running


into touch. That is the fourth time they have just been pushed into


touch and given Wales the ball straight back. It is a great tackle


here from Conbeer on Fartass. It will be a great battle all evening


that. Conbeer is certainly one for the future, he showed his work-out


in Italy with that try where he had no right to go in the corner, but he


has got pace and power and all the attributes. He is still so young as


well, only 18. He has another year himself. It wouldn't surprise me if


we see him in the Scarlet 's setup next season. He did see Capelli


going off for France earlier, that is Fartass. He is receiving


treatment. They have got pace out wide in himself and Ngandebe.


Ngandebe incidentally will be hoping for a better outing than last year


when he was given two yellow cards. He needs to get his compass out and


stay away from the touchline. Morgan Williams. France have slowed things


up. Carre drives forwards into the heart of the Welsh field. Morgan


Williams has a little snipe on the fringes. The option was very Keiran


Williams set him off and he went off to the right hand side. Keiran


Williams tried to get the off-load. He doesn't look very big, but as the


boys were mentioning he is so powerful and so difficult to trap.


We saw his tries in Scotland when he scored five so far in the campaign.


Scotland, he got a brace up there, as he did last week. He has been


their standout player for an absolute country mile. He is they go


to man, whether country -- attack or offence, he gives them their out. He


was go forward and always beat the first offender, he leads the


defensive line and he is the defensive leader so here's their


man. He is their skipper this evening and he is playing


particularly well. This is Ben Jones. This would be a handy three


points for his team anti-knock sit over no problem at all. A handy


cushion developing for the Wales under 20s. Just what they needed


after France had come back into the game. Yellow macro Fartass had come


back into it most definitely in the last ten minutes but Wales have


shown some composure. I like their experience and they are holding onto


the ball and not playing too much rugby in their own half. They have


got the territory and they will always pick up your penalty and two


and that is just what they have done and picked up those three points.


N'Tamack is back on the money again but it is back to Tarrant.


Taken my Cros, but it is a bit scrappy by the fence once more and


Wales Pioline and try and put pressure on their opponents. No


cohesion at the moment in terms of the French play. That was almost


taken as an interception but it could work for France here. They


have managed to keep it alive but lost possession and the chance to


counter. There are men out there, and one of them is that man, Keiran


Williams. Again Williams saw that there was an option out wide. It is


attacking rugby that is the order of the day from the Welsh 15. That was


just a little bit too long from Keiran Williams so he gave the ball


back to France but they have the territory.


Couilloud to N'Tamack and they relieve a bit of pressure. Wide open


spaces behind Ngandebe and that was an effective kick from Jones. They


will be happy overall with that because, again, they have won the


territory battle. He is using that particular where the moment. The


cakes are maybe not quite on the button but because that chase and


that defensive line is so good for Wales at the moment they are coming


out there and on the finish positively every time. Burroughs is


on in that the place of Fartass. Incidentally he played last week. I


am disappointed to see Fartass go. He has been so lively.


Cretin has gone off and Capelli is back on. I think the game is


finished for Fartass. If Wales can make


another try here. They get points every time they had down here and


that is what I like about them. Dombrandt drives on and again there


is another penalty and if they pick these penalties off it is going to


be a tough day for France, and they look comfortable out there at the


moment. An interesting decision, do they go for postal order? He has


signalled to go for the corner but I like the Wales are doing. They are


trying to take the stage and the intimidation factor out of it and it


is working particular well at the moment. They are frustrating their


appointments. The crowd is quiet and it is all going to plan at the


moment. -- their opponents. Ben Jones sizes this one up. It is the


wrong side for him as a left footed kicker.


James tries to draw it round and it is on target. Fantastic kick once


again by Ben Jones of the Blues. Great stuff from Wales.


I am with the Wales under 20s defence coach, how impressive as the


defence being from your point of view? I am really happy with the


defensive contact, without four turnover so far and we're managing


to bides time and get some width but we are too narrow a round ruck


chain. We have got enough wits between our defenders at this time


but the scoreboard makes for good reading. If we can get the next


quarter they had to score three The Met is our main aim but so


far so. Went on we expected Wells way of play we had been used to this


tournament? The game is very stop start which is not what we won but


that will be a key focus for us. Richard Hodges there will be very


happy with the work done in his role as the defence coach. That is their


fourth kick off that they have tried to target Corrie Tarrant. Wales are


struggling to deal with that at the moment so maybe they need to just


move position and get some players around to help Corrie Tarrant out


there. The handling errors make for grim reading for France at the


moment. Five handling errors to one. They have hurt themselves they are


failing to deal with the pressure that Wales are putting them under.


This is where they have had the upper hand and they have won a


penalty once again. If there is one area that Wales had been under


pressure in the first 40 it is the scrum. Came from a touchdown just in


front of us as Steff Thomas again has signalled to Mike Adamson at the


number three is down and there were some pretty decent kick into the


corner there. Thomas Laclayat under Boniface are putting pressure on


there. They have a huge front row, as we mentioned. There is now


defensive work for Wales. He was contemplating wisely then. Through


card goes to the back, to the tail, and just about gets his man. Wales


have given away a penalty. The outstretched arm of Mike Adamson


indicates an advantage. This is where they need to show some


character in the final ten minutes of the first half. France attack on


the fringes, through their big and burly forwards. Wales are committing


so little men to the breakdown. N'Tamack or doesn't want the ball is


hands because he is faced with ten men in front of him said this is the


fifth kick and goal on the trot now. Driven on this time by Frank Oz. The


openside. Changing direction is Couilloud, the flat pass to


Ngandebe. Ngandebe is put down. Moving ever closer to the French try


line in the distance. The crowd sensed it as well. Boniface drives


on the offload. It goes to Verhaeghe and another penalty is going to come


towards France. The pressure is beginning to tell, as they drive on


into that corner, still on for the forwards. I don't think the ball


will appear here as they drive on. Another shove could do it. Wales are


desperately trying to keep them out as Francoz is right on the try line.


Desperate defence from the men in red. Can they keep them out? They


are right there but they have to go back. There was a high tackle


earlier in that move but Wales only just keeping their opponents out.


Rhun Williams just that kept them out. Well, it was definitely high.


Mike Adamson wants a second look at this one. He has trotted over to the


other side of the field to get a bit closer to the big screen here. The


former Scottish referee is the TMO. Rhun Williams could be in hot water


here. The directives are now so strict on any foul play. He has


caught him quite forcefully there. Agreed, agreed. Will the man from


North Wales get his marching orders here? Mike Adamson has seen the


footage. Rhun Williams will be given yellow and it will be ten minutes in


the bin. Disappointment for the visitors. They will be under


pressure and down to 14 men. I don't we could have too many arguments


about that though, the first contact straightaway was across the chain,


and here's a little bit of a swinging arm. It is unfortunate for


Rhun Williams commie has been playing well but he has 40 minutes


to get himself back on the park and to make an impact. It was just


instinctive but, as we say, since the new directives you just can't


get away with it. Everybody knows now,


players, coaches, fans, and as soon as any contact is made them is just


something you have to accept and get on with it. A tough time for Wales.


They are under pressure and under 14 men. This is a crucial time in the


context of the game. If they can keep France out here it will be such


a psychological boost. You can see the Wales have just got Corey


Baldwin there. No surprises, France try to drive it on. That is Baptiste


Couilloud rounds to N'Tamack and then to Ngandebe on the scissors.


They have men out wide, as Couilloud spots an overlap. Almost true is


Millet. So many options and Couilloud once more. So many men on


the far side, and it is going to be so difficult for Wales to keep them


out. Couilloud, and through card rides on. -- for card. It has gone


to the left. They have to score surely here, driven on by Uberti,


and nobody was marking Ngandebe. Still they are short. But the


pressure is relentless. Wave after wave of attacking options here for


the French. Knock-on I think. Keiran Williams is definitely... We will


have to see. He is having a quick look here. Jim will be called once


again to see if there was a try score. Needs to have his running


shoes on. Yes or no for potential double movement? It is Boniface who


was on the ground. He wriggled his way over the line. Call that one.


Double movement for me., double movement. He stopped and they tried


to go again. Add a second bite of it, Keiran Williams protesting. They


will have an anxious wait. I am looking at the players that were


short of the line, he them propels himself forward again with a


secondary movement. The player short of the line propels himself forwards


so we have a nap double movement and no try. When I go I think that will


be Wales favour. He's going back to the scrum! No try that it is going


back to around advantage. This tough period goes on for Wales. No try for


Hugo Boniface as the time ebbs away. Five and a half minutes to go and


what are five and a half minutes it is for Wales, to keep their


opponents out. You can just pick up on the refs microphone there saying


that it is two or three scrums that have gone against you now, Wales,


and the position in the field is going to be so dangerous. They must


concede a penalty try. France know it, they sense that this is Wales 's


Achilles heel. Kalou hangs in there from


Morgan-Williams. Now then. We have already got a man in the bin and we


won't be surprised to see another one join Rhun Williams shortly if


this goes on. The scrum needs to set up now, no other options. I don't


think the ball is going to develop here from the France perspective,


they just have to go again. Morgan-Williams just gets on


Couilloud there. There is nothing worse than having a scrum-half snap


your wrists. It is great from Morgan-Williams, he is killing the


ball. Serious questions being asked of the Welsh shaped here. If they


can survive this remaining five minutes before half-time I think


everybody will get a gold star but it is a big, big, important five


minutes for Wales. It will give them a serious lift, as bigger left as


the try was for Aled Ward early on, but here they go once more. The


power and the weight comes through. It is out from Couilloud to N'Tamack


and his bedsit wide to Ngandebe. He was marked and Buros once more but


the try has come for Couilloud. Baptiste Couilloud comes through and


it had to happen in the end, the pressure told on the Welsh. They


were down to 14 men in France at the end get their just reward. It was


good from France, nearly botched it themselves but they got that man


over on the back line. Ngandebe just comes short on the 15 and Cros came


to narrow and yet to be in the far 15 but Couilloud is the decent


scrum-half Andy is a quick ball and he sniped Sandy has to be one of


those players there. Any tight five and Wales have been working so hard


in the previous scrums and they would struggle to get where they


would normally be around that breakdown. If we're honest, that has


been coming, and Wales did well to survive for so long. There should be


an extra two points for N'Tamack as well. It was coming for a while. He


cuts the deficit to six. Wales will want to go into half-time without


giving anything else away. Yes, they need to try and kill the clock can I


get into half-time with a score as it is, at 13-7. The French tails up


in the crowd is up and it is a very loud and intimidating place at the


moment and Wales need to kill the clock. That is exactly what they are


doing as Ben Jones is walking towards the ball and in no rush and


over 24 drops before he finds the perfect patch of grass to kick the


restart from. Jones goes long. A bit of space for


the winner. Over the ten metre line. He tried the off-load and it is


still there. It is all France now. The momentum has swung the home side


way. They have men out wide. As the stream through. There will be an


advantage. Baptiste Couilloud. It is a kick through and it will be a try


for France. Great opportunist try and it is showing his skills. A


little dab through. Very intelligent play from him. Obviously Williams is


in the sin-bin so Wales have nobody there. He just rolled edge through


and dived over the line. Perfect tactical play for France. His father


was a great footballer and he is showing the skills as well. A


shell-shocked Wales have to regroup. They have been blitzed with two


tries in the space of two minutes. Now with a chance to put his team


into the lead. If we could rewind the clock, we said they did not need


to concede before half time but it was a lovely brick of play. When you


got a guy trying to control the game like that guy there. They are going


to struggle to prevent it. He slotted over as we see the second


try once more and in a half where Wales looked comfortable at one


stage, has swung firmly back in the home side's labour.


It all started from this very kick-off. Going down the touchline.


And that is that. So, Wales looked promising early on. But they have


been hit by two tries by Baptiste Couilloud after the early try from


Aled Ward. It means that France under 20s are up by 14 points to 13


at the break. That school the pitch side. Would you say at half-time to


galvanise the boys Keko we just need to regroup. In the first 25 or 30


minutes, we should great composure. When we got the ball in hand, we


showed some great threats. At that of discipline around the set piece.


We will talk about the penalties at half-time. Just get that control


back into the game. Is it fixable? Definitely. Go for it. Begin changed


complexion in the last 56 minutes. A great start for will smack. Ben


Jones with the initial break. Aled Ward with the finish to put Wales


ahead with just five minutes on the clock. He had his kicking goods as


well did Ben Jones and it was a 13-0 and up until this point. Rhun


Williams shown a yellow card for a high tackle and off he goes and in


the period that followed, Franz pummelled about Welsh line.


Eventually the numbers and pressure told and it was the scrum-half,


Baptiste Couilloud, who went first of all. On the Stuart Malcolm


half-time, we saw this. Some of the former French international,


crossing not only to give brands their second try but to put them


into the lead as well. 14-13 after a period which will smack maybe hadn't


dominated but surely they have the upper hand. If we look at the


statistics, Franz ahead in terms of possession and territory but Wales


ahead of the numbers one. France were on top in the set piece. That


is quite a turnaround in the space of five minutes. But so often


happens when a yellow card is shown, it changes the compaction. We were


discussing but Wales had done so well to quell any idea of a good


start from the French. The crowd was silenced and Wales got that crucial


score followed up a penalty and France looked a little bit


flustered. A lot of errors in their game but the pressure told upfront


and the yellow card inevitably means that the pressure gets converted


into points and they took a well taken try but the sucker punch was


the one at the end. They are going in at half-time down and it is a


very different team talk. But yellow card did prove critical. We were


talking as it happened and I think our reaction was, it wasn't a yellow


card but you see repeated replays like that and we know how harsh the


laws are to be applied now. The referee didn't have much of a


choice? No, you're always going to steer that way. It was just a


reaction but the more you play it in slow motion, the worse it looks. You


couldn't argue with him going off. He ran straightaway and change the


complexion of the game. Wales took the sting out of France and that is


where they kick you. They did superbly well and the last ten


minutes, but pressure told. Will smack's pressure creeping. It could


be a long night with the possession statistics and territory stats. It


will be a tough defensive effort to come back from that but the way they


started that game, they are more than the bubble of getting back into


it, get up to 15 and give a good account of themselves. Wales did


start brilliantly. Have the silenced the crowd and it is a big crowd. The


way they came out of the blocks and the confidence that Ben Jones should


there in his run for the line, he maybe should have passed earlier but


Aled Ward was over for the try. Good follow up from Aled Ward but Ben


Jones highlighted a dispatch. They have built up the player and he


recognises that in front of him, it is the French tight head and he is


going to back himself all day to go for that. Aled Ward sticks with him.


He should have given it their two players but they got a lucky bounce


and it was a good finish. Follow that up with a conversion and


penalty but as I said, this guy is playing with confidence but they got


that start and it has given them a settled in the game. France haven't


run away with it, they have their tails up and what intelligent play


with Williams, to kick it behind when is no full-back? Following in


his fathers of the steps. We talked about the set piece and the fact it


was creaking. When Wales building that lead from it doesn't matter


because as long as you have some distance between yourself and the


opposition, you can handle scrums behind the head perhaps but now


France have that half-time lead, but will be a bigger worry for Wales. It


will change the concept of the game for will smack. Once you are 13


points ahead, all of a sudden, they are playing a different type of


game. Once they have seen and how the referee is refereeing, which is


keeping the ball in the scrum, but will put the pressure on and get


this card is kicked to touch and use the power game and that is what has


got them back into the game with the yellow card as well. But a great


deal to take home about the set piece at the moment. France exerting


their power in that department but a couple of flashes of positivity for


Wales that we have seen on the outside backs and as we said at the


start of the programme, it was the attack that was giving us so much


pleasure watching them in the last few weeks. Keiran Williams perhaps


hasn't had the amount of time to shine as he had in recent weeks but


there have been a few trademark busts up the middle and some siding


runs. He is looking to lead the team. He has been involved in


crucial tackles. This was really unlucky because he has, from his own


22 and he has just taken his eye off the ball a last-minute. Just


grabbing the game by the scruff of the neck and giving it a go and that


is what you want to see from your leaders. Your players are playing in


form and he has no shortage of courage, but the show. This was a


tried saving tackle, that Fisher. That scrum did come from that but he


is a key player for will smack the moment. We will need his leadership


because we talked about the coaches coming up with solutions at


half-time and to fix those creaking problems in the set piece but you


will need guys like him to step up and say, we have been here before


and on these games, what will we do to win it in the second half? It


shows the resolve and when people the cup to you, they have shown that


in games previously. A tough place to go with a big crowd. He did the


hard part, they silence that crowd and got themselves into the game


which is normally the hardest part of going to France but it is for


these big guys to stand up. They have shown a class and just to carry


on in the brakes went on the first half, another few bills, get the


confidence back up and get back up to 15 men as quick as possible


without conceding any more points. Then give a good account of


yourselves. We can't ignore the huge news this week that Evan Hansen is


returning to regional rugby, signing a new contract with the Dragons to


come back next season. Latterly at Bristol, that is a big signing for


the Dragons despite his advancing in years? Is, he is, he is getting on a


little bit but he is in good condition. He was has-been and keeps


himself in good nick. He played really well in the Premiership,


albeit rarely because of injury and that is the crucial thing. If the


Dragons can get on the field and keep him on, he will excellent at


ten or 12 and because he is so knowledgeable of the game, he puts


people in space. He is one of the best players I have ever coached in


terms of his abilities and maybe lacking a little bit of pace but he


creates space around the others who have pace. He will do a lot of the


field for the Dragons in training. Looking forward to seeing him back


at Wales rusher. Difficult to believe this is the final "It is


Nations. It has flown by. Before we wrap it up, there is of course a


bumper weekend to come. Wales's women will be hoping to end


a disappointing campaign on a high. Their final match against France


kicks off at eight and is live on the BBC website. Before that, at


2:45, Wales go in search of second place as they have a sixth win in a


row against France in their sights. The plan has to be spot on against


France because they almost pick a big pack anyway, that if there are


given when you go to France. So, France against Wales. Neither team


can win the tournament so that those Welsh players, it will be about


putting their hands up for Lions selection. Who in the Wales squad


has the most to prove? Everybody. They have all been written off at


times but they have come back and put a big performances in. It


performance last week but there's lots. There's boys that have big


games in this last game that can get them on the plane, that's for sure.


There's maybe five you would say with a massive performance and a


good result would take the spoils and get on that plane. We hope to


have more time to talk about this but here, it is about the under 20s


and we can return for the match and Ben Jones is about to kick off the


second half. The one change for Wales at


half-time, Keiron Assiratti coming on at tight head in place of Steff


Thomas. They have been under a bit of pressure in that area and Keiron


Assiratti has been sent on to try and stem the flow. I think it's


probable either right call. They've been under a little bit of pressure


in the first 40 minutes but the previous games, Keiron Assiratti,


Rhys Carre, they've done particularly well up front so it's a


good choice of they want to win this game. They've brought young Keiron


Assiratti onto the field. They lost the line-out and we always talk


about momentum being the key thing. It went from's way in the final ten


minutes first half, a big third quarter for the Wales under 20s.


Baptiste Couilloud, one of the try scorers, in that first half. He has


been the orchestrator, working as most French teams do for nine. He


has been playing he was on fire for them against Italy, but what will


smack me to get back to is what they have, France have an overlap here.


Corey Baldwin are trying to get back. A final forward pass and the


call came very late on. Some of the players still haven't heard the


whistle. I thought he was away. Very, going back to what we were


talking about, Wales were very successful, is this a forward pass?


Is a tight call. Wales have got away with it. They had a lot of success


with in that opening 20 minutes, they were very structured and had a


big kicking game and as the half wore on, where France had a little


bit of success is, they want stricter, quick ball and tempo. That


is what Wales unfortunately because they were sliding off the tackle but


it would giving members of the need to get back to what they did


successfully in that opening 20 minutes of this game. Bring that


little bit more urgency and tackle technique and the kicking game.


Keiron Assiratti joining Corrie Tarrant and Rhys Carre. Wales still


down to 14 men. He has just come back on so they are back to the Phil


Conran into. The French have taken advantage during that time. They


have a man over here. There was a man out. Ryan Conbeer, I'm not sure


they really needed to kick that one. They should have held onto that one


but a cracking start for Wales. There are under pressure here,


France. Rhun Williams certainly has got both Mac very fast. His first


season with the Blues since joining from our GC. That is what because


use, that the top end pace. You cannot replace it and if you think


France cannot afford to kick loosely to the three on the field here but a


cracking start from Wales. Just here there is two on one here and Ryan


Conbeer was waiting for the past that never came. You just got to


have that little of composure here and the thought process has to be


more clear. That will come of age. Will Spike are here in this final


third if they can just hold onto the ball. They are elementary mistakes


at the vital moment. That is what they were doing in the first 20


minutes of this game. That was a bit sloppy. A good kick. Rhun Williams


just as enough. They have one the territorial battle, France. France


have definitely come out trying to up the tempo and they are looking


for the quick throw ins, the quick tackle, they are looking to play


that little bit more. They know that is the strength of their game and


that is what France is looking to do at the moment. Wales competing well.


Baptiste Couilloud, another star of the first half. A crucial, crucial


period, this, as Baptiste Couilloud it out. He is grabbed by Rhys Carre.


Wales have found out so there is nothing on the frontier. Trying to


peg Wales back into their 22 and that is


effective play. We have seen his silky skills but he has a good


kicking game as well. Superb work from him. We can see from the


previous phases, his vision, he was always looking, where is the space?


Is exactly what he did in the previous two kicks and you can only


see well done and tap him on the back. He is in the Toulouse Academy.


His father of course won the first-ever Heineken Cup back in 96


against Cardiff. That is one of those penalties you were alluding to


in the first half of the coaching team will be IT and leave the dizzy.


Wales will be hoping to get more structure into their game try to


slow the game down, take the energy out of what is in the stadium at the


moment. That is definitely his other son. He


might be one for the future as well. Things we weren't seeing in the


first half, sloppy from Elias El Ansari. It might cost them dear.


marginally higher again but play goes on. He brings in the Mac onto


the ball. Again there will be a penalty. They will have to come


back. It hasn't gone forward. Still playing advantage is Mike Adamson.


We've after wave, phase after phase of blue shirt now. They've got to


start dominating in collisions. They've got to get off that line a


bit harder, they cannot afford from damage or two every time. That is


the Welsh try line and so difficult to stop. At its goes, straight


through the middle. Gabriel Ngandebe. It has gone forward. There


was an advantage for offside. There is a bit of an savouries of the


ball. I think Ntamack got offended off the ball. That is why there is a


melee of players just spoiling over a bit. The big decision here and


Wales will happily see France going for the six year. A double advantage


as Mike Adamson goes for most of all offside but the second one, he was


doing breakdown, Mike Adamson. He will go back to that for corner. A


tough time for Keiran Williams's team here. There is a discussion.


Or, a sense they got advantage in that area. Wales scrum has been


creaking. We listen to the French National Anthem developing around


the stadium. This is where these car and Keiron Assiratti, nearly every


set piece scrum so hopefully with the addition of Keiron Assiratti to


the starting position, he can sure this up a little. Jason changing


things. Reuben Morgan-Williams is off, Dane Blacker in his place. Dane


Blacker scored last week against Ireland. He has a good looking game


so that doesn't surprise me why he has been brought on at this time to


try and get that little bit of experience, get that knowledge and


kicking game back in and relieve some pressure for Wales. First of


all they have to front up here. This is a big test of Keiran Williams's


team. A crucial moment. Ten minutes into the second half. The huge eight


of France trying to put the squeeze on Wales. Plenty of options as well


for France if they don't keep it tight. They have a four to split.


That means Dane Blacker will have to stay where he is but it is the shove


that come through the power game, it is still there for a Quentin Walcker


who ploughs over from short range. The referee will have a look to see.


I think he is checking if it was not done. It was a Alexandre Roumat who


got over but I think he wants to check just to see if it was the


grounding that was valid. He definitely got over the line. That


is Quentin Walcker. There he goes. There was no way he was going to be


stopped. There is no date that that is the third try. In the last 15


minutes of this game, we have seen three tries I don't know what they


are looking at here. Just chill this one again to confirm. It's a try.


Alexandre Roumat who has put out his third try and it is another son of a


French legend who gets France's third. You can see with the upper


hand France had enough scrum. James Botham is down and they have to


scrummage with all eight and he is just too slow, too late coming off


the back of that scrum to give Ben Jones a hand in tackling. It is all


going France's Way now. It will be very, very difficult for Wales in


this final 30 minutes. No way will spike going to stop that. Five


metres out. Yes, it had gone to the right-hand side of the scrum. It


takes both of them out of the equation, effectively. Well, they


have just been blitzed either side of the heart by those tries. They


just need to regroup somehow to get a fertility back in the game. France


have really gone through the gears for me. They have gone through two


or three years and they are trying to keep the tempo high, trying to


keep the ball on the field on the cake and therefore think Wales to


try and play out. That Aled Ward try seems a long time ago but they are


still in this one, Rhun Williams could provide the spark they


desperately need. Dane Blacker get this out to his forwards. On those


Rhys Carre into the French wall. France are very quickly on the


defensive line. They are behind the gain line once more and they are


getting shoved back. There are the mistakes just beginning to creep


into the Wales game. Another man mountain of a player. Ntamack just


guiding his team down to the 22, and that is all they need to do now,


keep pressure on their opponents. Wales, they are their own worst


enemy at the moment. They cannot hold onto the ball, they ended up


going through six bases there. They are losing collisions and they


didn't have the physicality to get them of the gain line. At some


point, people are owing to say, but try and get back instead of short


sheep and try and get us back into that ascendancy. Ben Jones tried to


play that little too much and they turned the ball straight over to


France and they are now 15 metres from their own try line. Runs


challenge once more and here they come. Baptiste Couilloud, they have


men, they have to score out wide. And for the try has come. So, so


easy in the end. They had so many men out wide and France now are


dominating and it could be a tough, tough last quarter for the visitors.


You can see the numbers that France had got out on a wide shot. Wales


are simply too now. They defended ten metres from their line. They've


got to keep that little bit of width. At the moment now, that got


to do something, maybe that is a change or to or just to stop the


momentum that brands are running with.


Uberti goes over. He was a late change as well. It looks as if there


will be some changes on the Welsh bench imminently. They most


definitely need someone to break the game up, they need someone who will


get their hands on the ball for that little bit of magic. They have a few


impact players on the bench like Arwel Robson and Sid Blackmore so it


will be very interesting to see who we see rolled onto the pitch now.


More points, and they are really on top now. Great recognition from


N'Tamack. The carriers effectively stopped and pulled out of the back


to N'Tamack and it allowed him to play to the right channel and score


the try. A few changes for Wales. Jason Strange trying to do


something. I haven't got my binoculars so I can't quite see.


Piazon in place of Corrie Tarrant, Jack Pope as well, he is on. He has


come on for Sean Moore. The final replacement is Sid Blackmore instead


of try scorer Aled Ward. So Jason Strange rolling the dice that he has


to. You have two. For me I would even bring Robson and Lane on now


they are chasing the game. They have got to do something and have some


impact on game. Roll the dice, as long as the defensive line is set


and you're walking together, you aren't going to concede too many


trials but from an attacking perspective yacht to the summit


different. They have given away a free kick from an early engagement


are just those things that were not happening are affecting the Welsh


game. We mentioned earlier that France were doing things like giving


these easy outs and now Wales are doing it. They have the early


engagement in the scrum. A few missed tackles creeping into the


Welsh game as well, far more than their opponents, as many as 12


during this game. Williams. Black and out it goes to midfield. They


need a reply quickly. It has gone to ground. That could have gone


anywhere. It is just the execution that is letting us down at the


moment. The idea of there and the spaces in the way channel. Dane


Blacker probably realises they need an injection into this game, an


injection of pace. Dombrandt well marshalled by the


French defence. Outer goes. Nicholas was slightly isolated on


his slow ball. They have gone from one end of the field to another


after six phases. Now what do you do? You want decision-makers to


decide what to play next. It wasn't a great pass by Blacker. Back to


Shane Lewis-Hughes. Just a bit laboured. It was coming and Wales


have given a penalty away. There was just no zip to the Welsh attack, as


we saw in those early parts. That is a recognition thing. Wales have lost


Blacker and he went to the breakdown. The ball was free and


available to be played but no one stepped up. He took it upon himself


to be the ballplayer and that scrum-half effectively and in France


have got in and turned it over and given themselves another crack at an


attacking line-out. A few changes for France as well. Simon-Pierre


Chauvac comes on in place of Etienne Fourcade. Another change on the


front row with Pierre Bourgarit coming on for Ugo Boniface. Their


work is done. Many of these players for France have had exposure as well


in the Top 14. That is plain to see. You get that exposure, blame the top


end with the best players and you train with the best players day in


and day out and you will only improve. You will make mistakes at


this age but in 18 months or two years' time it will make an awful


lot of difference. N'Tamack runs out wide and straight through the


middle. Geoffrey Cros, with no one laying a hand on the full-back and


the French joy and bounded, but it is more misery for Wales. It is a


fifth for the French. Superb play from France here. We said the two


shortfall forward runners and it is a beautiful line from Geoffrey Cros.


He has just gone on the outside of the Welsh defender. Ioan Nicholas


Corey Baldwin were just a bit too narrow. That is the effect if you


run a five or six line-up and you just have the forward running


running short and no one wants to be cut down the middle. You have that


bit of time and the knock-on effect it has if you are always narrow in


the wider channels and that is where Wales have conceded but fair play to


France, a lovely little try. Great line from Cros. What do Wales do


now? Five tries they have conceded. N'Tamack just pushes that one wide,


but it won't matter to match because they have a 20 point advantage. This


is what we were talking about. N'Tamack just played that ball at


the back. He was behind those two forward runners but it is a complete


contrast to the opening 20 minutes of this game when Wales were


completely in control. They had all the territory and all the possession


and they were pulling the strings, and now since probably half an hour


gone it has all been France. You were calling for Arwel Robson,


commented police -- he is on in place of Ben Jones. Lets hope he can


get forward a little bit more. He could become instrumental in this


Wales line-up. Owen Lane is on as well, for Ioan Nicholas. That is


them all out on the field. There are still 20 minutes left. It could get


nasty. Wales have got to show character and because spirit and


grit in this final 20. It comes down to team pride and personal pride. No


player was to come off the field conceding 50 or 60 points. That is a


personal pride thing of the professional Rugby player. No one


wants to do that so everyone must work together and they have a good


team spirit and he was hoping they can stay together.


They switch it down on the left-hand side. Couilloud has has a prominent


game for France. Couldn't get through that time. Baptiste


Couilloud has a little snipe himself. He is always challenging


that second or third defender and it is so hard to defend your five and


you are tied in Europe and scrummaging and lifting in the scrum


and you don't want NDP scrum-half coming at you. Berry as again,


taking control and influencing proceedings. There was another


penalty given away. This time against James Botham. He did have


two calls only stayed locked in. He gave away a penalty. They just


haven't been able to get a foothold. It has been an avalanche of points.


When you have got those two guys, Couilloud and N'Tamack, they are


pulling all the strings and effectively the puppeteers of this


French squad. They have both been superb. If you get that in a side


then they will never go too far wrong. Plenty of time to add to


their 33 points. That time though the execution wasn't spot-on.


Tom Mably was the final replacement, coming on for Rhys Carre. He has


impressed, Rhys Carre. He is prominent. For me he has been one of


the four players, he has played in every game of this Six Nations. He


can scrummage, but defensively and attacking, you have seen him


standing every now and again, he plays a tight little ball out the


back so he is more than covering its own workload and he has a great


future in front of him. Dylan Cretin is on for Geraci on the back row.


France put on the squeeze, but a legally so that side. Round the


corner and they wield it illegally. A bit of respite for Wales. Let us


talk to Geraint Lewis. It has unravelled a bit since the


excellent start. Why? We had a good start but we have me unable to


control the ball, too many basic errors. Our set pieces have been


very mixed and when you haven't got the ball out here and you are


conceding terribly it becomes very difficult team to contain. Other


leaders out there who could get Wales back into in the last 15? We


have some experienced boys now, the bench of come on and I know some of


them are desperate to prove their worth so hopefully we can grab some


initiative back in the game and get some ball in play and trying get it


back into our game. Thank you very much for your time. You very much.


The thoughts of Iran to Lewis, a difficult task that they have to


keep going, as Robson threads it through. They have the confidence


now to go from their 22. It is that man, Cros, once more. He has been so


effective this season. We have men the far side, we see football skills


from Alexandre Roumat. It is a long stretch for Wales back right into


that far corner. Great interlinking, and Geoffrey Cros has proved his


worth this evening. Tier there was not an awful lot we can say, but we


have to give this French team credit, they are playing some


lovely, lovely rugby so far this evening. They are taking every


opportunity that they have got an air getting their hands on the board


and their dangerous runners are looking to get involved with the


game. Editing is coming for them. Roumat ran a beautiful little left


footed kick through but it is all France at the moment. It has gone


forward, so a rare mistake from the French team.


It has been an impressive effort from the French 15. Many individuals


creating an impression. None more so than the scrum-half who has gone off


now, Couilloud. After Retiere is on in place of Baptiste Couilloud and


he was the orchestrator, he was the glue that held it together. Retiere


started the first two games for France in the Six Nations and he is


as equally talented player, and as we saw, he picked up the loose ball


on the turn and he was the one in the shape of the tea previous line


break. What Wales have to do now is they need a leader or two to step


forward and make a stamp on this game. The 15 boys cannot go into


their shells, they France hoping to add to their five


tries, and 13 minutes to do so. Plenty of shoving in the line-up but


again they have given away a penalty. They just want to gain a


bit of respectability in this final 13 minutes. If they could make a few


tries. Right definitely now, and Arwel Robson, Dane Blacker, Ellis


Shipp, this is where the basics need to be done first. They need to be


done well with a decent cake from Robson and Millichip to get this


line-up done. Black at Robson who brings the ball into play. It has


just slowed up. It goes down the blindside through Dombrandt. Two men


straight there in French colours. There is an advantage for offside in


a free play for Wales. Keiran Williams had no way through that


time. This is where they will try and up the anti-. Dombrandt wasn't


held, good off-load. It is still there for Wales, and though it is


gone forward once again and that just sums up the second half. It was


the right idea for Wales, they have taught the tempo and try things in


the remaining 12 minutes but it is just the off-load. We talked about


it and it was one of the first plays the second half. They had to kick


the ball through and it was probably a off-load that wasn't bearing that


is where they can afford to go through an extra three or four


phases to get their backs back on their feet and concentrate on what


is happening in front of them. The crowd have enjoyed maximum, the full


capacity at the Stade Sapiac in Montauban. Letters had quickly to


fill steel with a round-up of the weekends rugby. Plenty of club rugby


on this weekend. Pontypridd have beaten Ebbw Vale in Tier one of


their Premiership and then tomorrow it is these games. Saint Davids have


won a game all season and they have conceded, their points aggregate is


-1000 and hopefully they can get their season on track. There is


international rugby as well. Ngando are against Sweden. I wonder if they


will have their Barman with them! I thought there was going to be a gag


in there somewhere. We knew that was coming! It looks as if it is last


orders on the Wales under 20 side unfortunately.


They have been well and truly second-best in the second half. You


have to be impressed with the French 15. Particularly the second half. If


they would've played like this against England they would have


given them a good old game but there was probably a continuity thing and


it has always been the French game. They do it for 40 minutes but he was


hoping they don't do it all tomorrow. Victim Care Unit they have


a shrewd coach. A chance ever Wales. A heavy tackle on black. Scrum-half


on scrum-half. Driven on by Ellis Shipp of the Dragons. The space


appears for Jack Pope. They just need something, some divine


inspiration. It is not going to come. It has just been mistake after


mistake. I think it was Owen Lane that time. France from the Powell --


that prowl for more. It has been hard work. They have had


to toil in the second half. They have just been hit with wave after


wave and blitzed. They are losing the physical battle for meat, with


the contact there, whether it be a tackle in the contact area, and that


is a prime example there. You can't fault the French commitment. They


are a bunch of big guys. Potential foul play here. By number 18, the


French number 18, Colombe. It started on the chest for me that


one. It was a big hit on Sid Blackmore. He just creeps up. That


is the best angle, Mike. It started in the chest, did flip up to the


head? No foul play there. Correct. There was no foul play. A big hit in


the chest. It was always on the chest, no foul play. I think


tomorrow is going to be a different kettle of fish. Wales were superb


last weekend against Ireland and we got the victory, but I think it is


going to be a tough, tough old game tomorrow. There won't be an awful


lot in it. It will come down to very similar to today, you win the


physical battle anew with the game. France are a big old bunch of units


tomorrow, especially the front Tate. They have a huge pack but Wales have


a great record, they have lost against France since the infamous


semifinal at Eden Park in the World Cup of 2011. There will be no fears


of going to Stade de France tomorrow. Wales could end up as


fourth in the rankings, of course, if they win, and if England beat


Ireland. Plenty to play for on the final day of the Six Nations season.


A harsh lesson here though for the under 20s before they had to Georgia


in the June. As long as they learn from it, they will go back and


probably knowing a lot of the boys they will look at the game this


evening and in the morning and there will be individual as well as team


reviews and as long as they are learning are looking to get better


and they go back to their regions and help their regions whose and the


regions help them improve then I think everyone is on tour winner.


The fear is, where do they play after they come out of this age


group? That has been a question for the last five or six or seven years.


You play under 20s and you have been under relatively successful for the


last few years but how many of them will step up to the professional


game get regular rugby and what is the answer? I don't think anybody


knows at the moment. I thought you are putting yourself forward


therefore the job! Driven on by France, and they look menacing


driving on. Strip and tackle, he has got it back. They had men and it


looks ominous for Wales and it is another try. That was easy for Theo


Millet. Wales looked dejected. They go back into the posts and it is six


tries for France and a real hard lesson for Wales in the second half.


It is just a turnover for Wales that are killing them. 50% of tries these


days are scored from either kick and receipt or when you get a turnover


in that transition period. It just hasn't worked for Wales tonight,


they haven't been able to go through a few phases and hold onto the ball


and have a little bit of composure. They have lost the physical battle,


as we touched on earlier, they have most definitely come in second-best.


Their body language says a lot as they trudge under the posts. It has


been a long old second half. N'Tamack tries to add to his 13


points. He stretches France to 40. It had to


come once more. Again it is just the mission action midfielder and the


quick ball and the replacement scrum-half, Retiere, just had his


the ball relatively quickly and he shifted it just that one shape out


and he spotted the mismatch and it was a right foot sept and he was


over the try line. It will be a tough one for the under


20 boys to take. They would have come into this with high hopes and


expectations after their win over Ireland. How easy will this be,


tough looking at the tapes? It will be. You have got to be, you'll have


to pick up what you can do better next time what you have done today.


They have got to learn and in losses sometimes come great things. Here is


hoping that the improvements will be made and it is a cracking experience


of the boys to be playing out here in this atmosphere in the south of


France and he was hoping they do it a lot more. Seguret is on for a


Uberti in the centre, and the French fans are in strong song at


Montauban. Retiere out to N'Tamack. They bring the replacement Seguret


onto the ball, that is his first touch. They just want to hear that


final whistle now, do the Welsh boys. Futurist Theatre they just


needed to get their hands on the ball and get a turnover. Somebody


needs to step up and make that turnover. At the moment they are


just chasing shadows and when shadows around this quickly you will


never catch up. They enjoyed some dominance in the first quarter and


since then it has all been France. It was a big momentum change when


Rhun Williams went off. France had them for two tries. Both losing


possession and unfortunately we have seen too much of that happening in


the second 40. In the second half they are handling turnovers by Wales


and that's up to eight and that is pretty high. The boys have to take a


little bit of accountability as they carry the ball into contact. You try


to do too much sometimes would you be better off going through the


extra phase and setting someone up for the next phase.


No doubt we will see a few of these French boys stepping up to the


senior side in the next few years. A lot of them are already getting a


lot of gametime in the Top 14 and that is something we don't have in


Wales. A lot of these boys will still be playing semipro games are


getting the odd game in the British and are a cup or the LV end is that


what we need to do? They need to be played together regulate and form


partnerships again those experiences?


Yes, to N'Tamack, he might be one of those players in the future. Retiere


is a big man coming onto the ball, France have got options all the


time. Not that time though. This might be the final flourish for


Wales, to get something out of a very disappointing second half. They


need to try and end on a high. That was a great kick for Robson, 40


metres. That gives them a line-out six metres from the French try line.


They must take their time and have a bitter composure just five or six


metres from the French line and hopefully come away with five


pointer. A chance to get the last word then.


Shane Lewis-Hughes, Black has a little luck. A good hit from


Dombrandt. He is driving for the line. A chance here. It must come


for Wales, it has in the end. It's far too late, but over goes Robson.


Unfortunately it will be too little too late. That was what Wales


needed, it was that guy again. I mentioned him a few minutes ago, the


two began with God over the gain line five minutes ago. It is the


urgency he gives you. He said N'Tamack flying and he committed


five players to have to tackle him and that shortens your defensive


line and when you are playing the flat to the line, Robson gets over


the line but well done to Alex Dombrandt.


The clock nears VAT and Robson has a chance to convert. That is right on


the money as well from Arwel Robson. Something for those Welsh travelling


fans to cheer. It has been a relatively decent


campaign for will smack during this campaign but it has not gone to plan


the night. Here's hoping that their luck will get better. A second try


them for Wales. At the end of the match. France might have one final


chance to add to their tally. It will be a try. A little dab through.


He was on the same wavelength. They will have a look to see that it went


over. If I was a betting man, I would say this was knocked on. Let


us have a look. A deft kick by Arthur Retiere. That is no try for


me. There is no reason for him not to score. But he may have lost


control. Let's have another look. He has lost control of the ball. The


try is not awarded but that is the end of the match. A disappointing


second half. Wales did well in the first quarter but then came wave


after wave of French tries. Six in all, four in the second half. There


was only one team in it in that second 40. Unfortunately, it was the


team wearing blue as France ran out victors by 40-20.


Those 40 points were unanswered from Wales. They had the last words but


it started ominously in the second half and it was Quentin Walcker who


went over for the first try. Not long after, dirty went over for his


and probably the pick of the bunch, this is Geoffrey Cross. The Welsh


defence at sixes and sevens there. Not sure what is going on there. In


this,. The last French effort was ultimately disallowed but it means


Wales, who were hopeful of finishing in second place, but was beyond them


because France are in second place, still a long way behind Grand Slam


champions England who have a massive 27 points at the top. Wales finished


third and the game between Scotland and Italy are still going on. 31-5


to Scotland as this big. That was a game of two halves and extremist.


France just came out in that second half and blue Wales away. Yes, the


yellow card was the catalyst. They grew in confidence from that. The


early errors eradicated from the game, got the momentum and got the


fried -- crowd involved. They laid the platform and Wales had no answer


in the end. Too little, too late unfortunately. We can speak to one


of the Welsh players, it is the captain Keiran Williams. Bad luck, a


tough night of the bus, but was the difference between the other


performances in the Six Nations and the night? I think we just went off


script a little bit. Now discredited to France, either they were


brilliant but I don't think we were at the races at all. We had a first


20 minutes that was good but after that we felt of tackles. From there,


we didn't perform good enough. What did you learn from the defeat


because you can learn in defeat? Of course. You always learn every


single game. They think the last few games, we were brilliant. It is the


poisoning -- disappointing the end on such a disappointment but we will


regroup and get back to training for the World Cup. If one a lot of


friends on the campaign, not least by the brand of rugby you been


playing, how proud you of that? Absolutely. I am disappointed we


didn't implement that the night but I think we will go by, churning


field and work on that and see where we went wrong and that is right for


the World Cup. Well done on your own performance. Very magnanimous in


defeat but we talked about it at half-time, the set piece that laid


the platform but that French revival in the second half and the signs


were there from the first try. They turned the screw on Wales is, it


today at the office for the forwards. They were a powerful pack.


We can do that I going forward and this is the position where Rhys


Carre got into position and a lot of bit of football and egos over. They


really put that pressure three most of the game and it just start will


smack of so much ball that they were just defending. You get a lot of


penalties away through frustration because they didn't see the ball.


The forwards did their job and the well backs too. Lots of options and


enter my caddie real cruising the second half. He looked to be


enjoying it. The Wales line has been shortened. What you need to do is


assess and read and slipped off these three forwards. They're just


too short and Williams is left with three. The next try was first phase


and you have to say, there's a lot of dummy runners. Not exactly in the


right place. But how many people, too upfront, a lot of bodies for


Wales John Charles Guy get distracted with but the one person


who gets distracted is Ryan Conbeer. Rhun Williams has the last man but


when you are a static in a game like that, you got no chance and that guy


had a good game along with Ntamack in the second half. Only one team in


the second half, let's hope it's not uncommon for tomorrow in Paris. We


have little time left, who is going to win? Wales. Yes, why not? Lions


places at stake. To Wales in the studio. That's all we have time for


on Scrum V tonight. Wales have not lost to France since that World Cup


final in 2011 so the omens are good. The former book is good, so, too is


history. Wales Mac women are also playing tomorrow, good luck to them


and our senior side as well. Full coverage on the BBC and Scrum V on


Sunday is at 6pm. We will see you then, have a good again.


What a score! On the outside. Another score.


They will never believe it. Again, he could go on the way. It is a


victory. He is galloping over. He has support


aside. On his own. Shane Williams is going to get it.


Will he scored? He does. George A thrilling Six Nations


concludes across the BBC... My back is absolutely killing me.


There is a secret for your back. Rhod Gilbert's enrolled


in building school. That's really good


for the first attempt. Not going to cry, are you?


Oh...I'm welling up. But will he survive on


a real building site? Do you kick people off


pretty quickly if they're not up to scratch?


Er, yes, we do, yeah. Pressure's on.


Right, get the bucket. My back is absolutely killing me.


There is a secret for your back. Yeah? Yeah.


Just man up and get on with it. This is my life, my career!


I did not frame him.


Ross Harries presents coverage of Wales U-20s' final game of the Six Nations tournament against France.

Studio guests include former Wales international Ian Gough and former Ospreys head coach Sean Holley.