2011: Newtonmore v Kingussie Shinty: Camanachd Cup

2011: Newtonmore v Kingussie

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For the last four years, Fort William have owned the Camanachd


Cup, but no longer. For the first time since 2006, there will be a


different name on the trophy after their dominance came to a halt at


the hands of Newtonmore. This is our wrote. That 8-1 thrashing sent


shock waves through the shinty world. They are at to their record


of 28 titles. -- they add up. The Kingussie side feasted it


during the Badenoch famine. It was a 12-1 humiliation the last time


they met in 1997. It is the biggest Camanachd Cup win in the history of


the game. Newtonmore are the team on form.


They intend to put an end to 25 years of disappointment. There will


be no love lost here today at the stadium Mack -- the Bught Park at


the Final of the Camanachd Cup. Welcome to what is bound to be a


wonderful occasion. When it comes to rivalry, these two are the old


firm of shinty. It is Newtonmore against hour. I am joined by


Frederick -- Fraser Inglis. Give me a sense of the rivalry, how big is


it? It is as big as Rangers against Celtic. It is Canada against


America in the ice hockey Final. The pressure does not come any


bigger. Hopefully it will be a fitting Final. They have played


against each other three times this season. There have been two wins


for Newtonmore, including a 6-1 victory a few weeks ago. Can we


read much into that? Newtonmore are near the top of the League, tier


her father down. Newtonmore are that more -- are the far more


consistent team this season. Today is a one-off, anything can happen.


If Kingussie show the form they are capable of the could win. Anyone


who has watched shinty will know that tier are the dominant side. As


I was growing up it was all about Newtonmore. This Kingussie side


seemed like a transition side whereas Newtonmore on the up again.


Newtonmore are the older team, all in their late twenties and early


30s. Tier have some younger players. It is Newtonmore's chance. Their


fathers all have medals, this is the day where they can get some,


too. Some of these boys have played for 10 or 12 years and they do not


have one. Today is a big chance for them.


About half an hour ago the teams arrived here at Bught Park. I spoke


to the captain's, starting with Scott Campbell for Newtonmore. It


has been an impressive run to the Final, that 8-1 demolition of Fort


William must have helped. Yes, when we saw that draw coming out of the


hat we thought they looked good coming into the competition. It was


wounded 0 at half-time. We ran away with it, really. -- it was 1-0 at


half-time. You have played Thongchai Jaidee a couple of times,


you have had a couple of wins here - does that count coming here?


really. It is a cup Final. Hopefully it will be a good


spectacle of shinty. The form books go out the window, in my opinion.


We have had good form against them this season. That will make them


hungry to beat us. It is a one-off occasion today and anything can


happen. Briefly, I have to remind you of 1997, the 12-1 defeat. Does


that still part in Newtonmore? absolutely. It is one that we do


not dig up very often. On occasions like these it has to be brought up


and it hurts. We were very much rebuilding at that time and it has


taken us a long time to rebuild, but hopefully we have now done it


and we are here to compete. We will hopefully do our best to date. I do


not think 12-1 will be on the cards today, I tell you!


I imagine the 12-1 victory would be a happy memory for you! That a one-


off game, we were at the top of a form and to they were in that


period of transition. We will settle for a victory today.


You are a team going through transition at the moment. Yes, we


have a lot of young boys. We have introduced a few young boys last


year, with a lot of success, to be honest. We were relatively


competitive in the league and they won the MacTavish Cup. They are


gaining experience. This is your 15th Cup Final


appearance, do you still get as excited as us at the first one? --


as at the first one? You are worrying about different things and


different things go through your mind. You are trying to stay calm


but it is not easy. He is such a prolific goalscorer


for Kingussie. This is how Newtonmore got to the Final. A 8-1


win back in round two. Danny McCague got Fife of the balls -- 5


Four goals from Ronald Ross in the semi-final as well.


The teams are being led out by the Inverness Royal British Legion pipe


band. It is 25 years since Newtonmore won this Cup. These boys


have yet to get their first medals. The tier players to do not yet have


medals have plenty of time. Today, Inverness against their biggest


rivals, it is a fantastic opportunity for Newtonmore.


In the MacAulay Cup a few weeks ago they were 1-0 up against Kyles


Athletic and then they run out of puff. Kyles Athletic made them pay.


I think that defeat might stand Newtonmore in good stead today.


When you get to the front you have to be ruthless and kill the other


table. They did not do that in the MacAulay Cup and they paid for it.


I have to do it to you and ask you who you think will win this one?


Kingussie can get the right line up in the field and the click and a on


their very best form, you would say it is probably the case that their


experience will count. If they are anything off their best, Newtonmore


could win. It should be absolutely fantastic.


Let us get on with the action. We have thought William past and


present in the commentary box. Good afternoon and the welcome to


Bught Park in Inverness. It is a glorious setting will stop it is


the biggest crowd I have seen at the Camanachd Cup Final for many a


year. It does not come any bigger than this. I bet there is not much


happening in Badenoch. Kingussie are the modern dominant force in


shinty. Forget all of that, however. The history, the form book, they


will take care of themselves. The usual formalities. The Minister for


Sport and the Commonwealth Games, Shona Robertson MSP. The head of


sponsorship from the Scottish Hydro Electric is there. The chairman of


the ASBO, followed by Archie Robertson. -- of the Camanachd


Association. Jock Matheson, he refereed be under-14s. A whole


battery of yellow jackets here. Newtonmore in the famous blue and


white hoops. These players have many famous fathers. As in the


Kingussie, community and continuity a great thing on this occasion.


Gary Innes, you were out there last year, what is it like? De whole


week leading up to it is just incredible. It is very hard to get


the sleep and get your nerves under control. When that pipe band leads


you out, the last thing you want is this hanging about. They are ready


to go now. They do not want to be hanging about and speaking now. You


can see some of the boys jumping up and down and stretching, keeping


themselves warm. Here are today's teams. Newtonmore


first. Norman Campbell is a veritable rock at the back. Cameron


Binnie has been given a huge task in the centre. Stephen MacDonald


has been pushed forward from the MacAulay Cup team.


Time mac -- Kingussie. Thomas Borthwick and Barrie Dallas and


upfront. Look to John MacKenzie coming on


and making an impact for Newtonmore. The redoubtable Rory Fraser for


tier. He has 11 medals already. -- for Kingussie.


Kingussie have a clutch of two most shrewd managers in the


business. The referee is derrick Cameron, a famous man himself. He


scored the fastest ever goal in a Camanachd Cup Final, less than 10


seconds. A huge crowd here today. I have not seen that for a long time.


I understand Newtonmore have won the toss and will play towards the


town, for those of you who know Inverness. That is left to right as


we watch it. Newtonmore have the blue and white hoops. A referee is


ready to start the 104th Camanachd Danny MaCrae x Commission he has


almost, almost crack the Deek Cameron record! I'm making it 14


seconds or the about. Absolutely amazing! That came straight down


the ring. Danny MacRae actually missed it the first time. It was


flicked Peru. He knew exactly what he was doing to that. That is a


great, great start! It was a little bit later than I thought it was but


they will not care. At least one half of Badenoch. Danny MacRae with


the opener for Newtonmore. Newtonmore lead by one goal to nil.


That is exactly what Newtonmore needed. A goal certainly got then


the nerve centre very quickly. make it 13 seconds. 13. 13 seconds.


Extraordinary. I think you will find the referee will be coming off


and Haskayne that very question at half-time as well. -- asking that


very question. It came very close to matching the referee's ft 10


years ago all. It was not dissimilar from the way he scored


that goal. Here's looking at his watch! Anyway, it is done and


dusted, it is 1-0. Questions are posed of both teams now. People can


hardly take it in. From midfield, Newtonmore. A good ball delivered


to the heart of the defence. David Cheyne is going to be a key figure.


Absolutely, it was disappointing for Newtonmore to see him being


sent off in their semi-final match. He has a similar style to Danny


MacRae. He got underneath that ball and put it high and wide over the


bar. The left side is maybe not his best side. It was a good effort, a


good chance. That goal will rattle King uses. They will not want to


have lost a goal in under a minute in the way they have. They will


have to get their heads back in this game. Well, on this bench


earlier in these season Kingussie to the MacTavish Cup final. Before


that they had been in the McAulay Cup final where the field and the


last minute. Here we go again, Danny MacRae. Danny MacRae lifting


it back. Newtonmore under pressure. You could see Stevie Borthwick


starting to struggle a little bit there. The Baltic a bounce just in


front of him, that could have easily sneak past him there as well.


He did well to get rid of that. Kingussie on the break. Ronald


Campbell, three times the man of the match. This is a fantastic


occasion. There are some dark clouds gathering to the left but at


the moment it is bright sunshine. We had some rain earlier on. Ronald


Ross has won the man of the match three times. That is for Scotland.


Not in this competition. I don't want a fight here! As we see, Ryan


Borthwick's Head has just gone down there. He had a touch that has


taken the ball out of play. It has taken him a few seconds to lift his


head up. He does not seem to be his usual self. One to do you make of


it, there are three teenagers here. Will they be nervous? I think


certainly they will be nervous. I think this game is a big game, they


are playing their biggest rivals and they are 1-0 down. They will


just have to pick themselves up and get on with it. Danny MacRae again.


Here is a cross. Good chance for Newtonmore. Yes! It is the second


goal! It is Steven Macdonald with a second for Newtonmore or


exclamation mark unbelievable! a strike to make. It was like he


had left it too late but he got it past and squeezed it then. What an


amazing strike at goal. Questions undoubtedly to be asked of the


Kingussie defence. Why was he given so much time? Absolutely. Stevie


Borthwick really needs to speak to his players. It is not working at


all just now. Two goals to Newtonmore. They have taken this


game by the scruff of the net. That hardly does justice to what they


have done. Kingussie have been here and done it. They know what is


required. These young boys really, really need to dig deep now. In


midfield Newtonmore really seemed to be pushing the ball forward.


middle of the field is a key area. Here is Ross again, the captain.


Norman Campbell has gone all the way out. There will be no prisoners


taken. It takes a lot to put Campbell on his back. It certainly


does. I think he has got a cut on the side of his IRA. It is a good


block by Ross. -- at the side of his eye. They caught him in the


contact I think. He is not a man who goes down lightly, I think he


has taken a saw one. Ronald Ross is prepared to put in a shift for the


team and he is prepared to put in the big hits. He has taken more


knocks than probably any man in the field over the years. He will be


extremely disappointed to be two goals down as well. If there is one


more in it for Newtonmore I don't think there will be any way back


for Kingussie in this cup final. These are fantastic scenes in


Inverness this afternoon. Warm autumn sunshine. We had some


showers earlier on. You may have seen Ronald Ross in our lavishly


appointed gazebo. No expense was spared. Dougie Vipond has gone into


business with the ice-cream. The questions are being asked on the


Kingussie bench without a doubt. Stevie Borthwick, there is no more


shrewd man in shinty, if he can win through this he will do it. It is


nothing to Norman. His wife will be out there shouting on her man.


MacArthur, a did leap in midfield. The pace of the game is unrelenting.


Norman Campbell's head this time. Safety first but he did not quite


get it away. As spongy surface and the ball is not running through as


we might have wanted it. McDonald is putting in his shift all the way


from forward. There is frost. -- Bros. -- Ross. He has wandered out


to the corner in the danger area. Benny clears it. There is MaCrae


again. -- Binnie. The sun is in Kingussie's eyes at the moment.


Eight out of 10 to Binnie four that one. It was not exactly a swallow


dive. Cameron ran out of steam in the McAulay Cup final a few weeks


ago but he has started really well. They did not really utilise their


subs last time around I wonder if the will this time. The big


question of the Newtonmore centre line again this week. Derek Cameron


is keeping on top of it. Cameron and Ross have had a discussion. The


players have done their share. Here is a good ball from Kingussie again.


Newtonmore's forwards are coming back to the midfield to help out.


That man is looking a bit sluggish. He seems to be trying to create


some space. He is giving Lee Bain a bit of space. Lee Bain is a key


figure. There were question marks about his fitness. The very fact


they got him back shows how important he is for the team.


pretty much the heart and soul of the new Kingussie team. He has been


a huge player for them. There is frost. Again well policed by the


Newtonmore defence. Borthwick, I good effort by Borthwick. Not even


a half chance. Not really, that is the first time I have seen


Kingussie really have a stab at the goals. I good effort. Those yellow


boots are just a little bit flash perhaps? Good on him, it is good to


see someone with a little bit of pizzazz. A MaCrae lining it up.


Here he goes again. Breaks in the box and again it is Danny MacRae,


he is causing the problems. Absolutely, time and again. It was


a great ball in. Glen Mackintosh seems to have got a hold of it here.


Ali Macleod seemed to go up behind him to. Interestingly of course in


the original line-up we had Glenn Borthwick in defence. He has now


been pushed up to inside-left forward. All part of the plot eight.


Cameron is furious because Cameron Binnie did not lift his head.


just got under it a little bit too much. The end result was well over


the bar. Cameron Binnie again. Here is MacArthur. A great ball out to


the left. It is a little bit slower than that. A good chance again.


Glen Mackintosh. That is what Gary Innes was talking about earlier. He


is asking a lot of Mackintosh. That is a great ball. 50-50 ball.


Nothing wrong with that. Look at that, total commitment from both


players. MacArthur, playing a bit of a sweeper role. Here is MacRae


again. This time no way through. Paul Gow to Ross. This is turning


into one of the great challenges en a Camanachd Cup Final. That is a


great fun again by MacDonald. A good turn of pace. Again, that is


the first time we have seen the ball getting over the halfway line.


Norman did his job again against Ronald Ross and got rid of him.


They may look to bring someone on in the midfield.! Grave. Will we


will come back to the substitutes because that could be a feature of


the game. Newtonmore have their orders and, as soon as they have a


have a chance, they are letting it go and it is working to great


effect. The Bught Park is looking nice. I am always a little bit


concerned that the grass is a little too long for my liking.


Sometimes you get underneath the Ally MacLeod comes out,


unceremoniously dumped. Derrick Cameron is stepping in. -- Derek.


It might not be as bad as it looks. Do stick was a bit high there. --


this stick. A classic block - nothing wrong with that. It looks


like Glenn is trying to lift the stick to take a swing and it has


caught up in a cloud on the nose. Stevie Borthwick, that Kingussie


manager is remonstrating -- Stephen Borthwick, the Kingussie manager,


is remonstrating with the referee. I think he is calling a substitute.


I think derrick Cameron is going to take some action. -- Derek.


Our apologies if there has been any language that has been less than


discreet. Ali Macleod is leaving the field, hopefully temporarily. I


think it is his nose that appears to be the problem. Let's listen to


the referee. He is obliging by saying nothing at all. I am going


to stop play. We seem to have some technical


problems down on the touchline. We will return to the Newtonmore bench.


He is a substitute. It is Rory Fraser.


Norman McArthur is beside me. A great start for you. By great start.


We are defending well. -- and great start. The referee is the fastest


goal scorer in a Camanachd Cup Final. That one must have been


close. We are doing the job. guys have not won it for such a


long time and it would mean so much. You have no idea what is going


through my body just now! There are some things that do not


need to be said, but he said it. It means an awful lot to Norman


MacArthur and the village of Newtonmore. You can be sure that,


if the scoreline stays the same, there were maybe a lot -- there


will be a lot more running through the body tomorrow morning!


presence of Rory Fraser could steady the ship in the midfield


there. I do not think Kingussie will want to use Rory Fraser so


early on. He is probably the most experienced player on the field,


apart from maybe Norman Campbell. On the touchline on the far side,


Kingussie remonstrating with the referee on what they perceive to be


a late tackle on Rory Fraser. They're giving the match officials


are part time. There is Rory Fraser stepping in. This time Cameron


throws against him. This is a big day for the referee. It is his


first ever Camanachd Cup Final. To get this big day is obviously a big


thing for him. He will have to stamp his authority if there are


any incidents. He does have a tendency to let some things go. He


is one of the old-style referees who wants to let the game flow.


of his advantages is that he is still quicker than a lot of the


players. Back to the substitutes, the teams have to name five at the


start and they can use three. Tier have used one - Rory Fraser. They


might want to bring Ali Macleod back. He is on the touchline. He is


being patched up. A good chance here for Newtonmore. Here is done


in a crate. A great save, Borthwick! A little bit of to-ing


and fro-ing that we could do without in the box. Here we see


Danny Macrae taking the strike. Glen Mackintosh is the first


Newtonmore player running end. That is reminiscent of the challenge on


Ally MacLeod there. Kingussie player goes down. It is Gary Munro.


There are no prisoners being taken by either team.


Two goals down, tier. -- Kingussie. He does Ross, trying to get away


from Norman Campbell. Well, a flashing drive from Thomas


Borthwick. That was absolutely cracking. We had just seen Norman


Campbell going down. A beautiful first touch there by Thomas


Borthwick. He knows it was close. I think you're right, Campbell may


have taken a knock there. He put his body on the line in front of


Borthwick is a little more agitated than I have seen him. I think,


after 25 minutes, if you have said that he was going to be 2-0 down, I


am not surprised you're seeing him a little anxious. You can never


write off Kingussie. I am surprised that has been allowed to continue.


Martin Dallas, the first chance he has had. I think he has been a ward


at the core Mafia. That has been a great defensive challenge. That was


a good block. It was not in the circle, which we may have to come


back to. Who cares? The ball is at the other end. Fraser Mackintosh


covered for normal -- Norman Campbell and, this time, Campbell


teams of the 1970s and 1980s. Fraser is a tall, strong lad.


Paul Gow. That was a little bit fancy for the position Kingussie


Karim at the moment. -- Kingussie to get these lads to run and look


at changing things later on. A dreadful ball to have to deal


worth. This is how he dealt with it. Here we see the long hit. You can


see it is moving in their ear. He brings it down well. Danny mate


gives Kingussie a second chance. -- Danny Macrae.


The Kingussie effort is a bit panicky at the moment. Hearers Ross.


Roars of approval from the blue and white. Exhibition stuff from Norman


Campbell. I said earlier on that he has not won the man-of-the-match


award yet. If he keeps continuing with his performance he will


certainly be up there. He has a very fine pedigree himself.


There will be a few pulses racing in blue and white round this field


the field how many supporters are in bloom. That shows how big an


occasion it is for Newtonmore. With their current squad it is a huge


support for them today. Five busloads came up from Newtonmore on


the 9th today. Stevie Borthwick is maybe calling for help from


someone! That is my phone just going off! And would not put it


past you! Midfield is where all the hard work is being done at the


moment. For the Rose Theatre -- Rory Fraser is the substitute.


Martin Dallas has had little chance to prove his pedigree. If we


actually a look at the physical presence and size of Newtonmore


then pretty much every one of them is at least a stone or two stone


heavier than their opponents. A lot of this is 50-50 challenge has just


now. They are taking a chance to rumble the Kingussie defence again.


That was a very tight angle by Danny MacRae. The opportunity was


there for him. Great work with Glen Mackintosh. It was a brilliant


challenge. A very tight angle. Just hit it over the top. I suspect some


of that weight then you were talking about their, Rory MaCrae


just going in. He has a chance for Kingussie! It is a strike! That is


out of the top drawer! A magnificent strike for Kingussie to


get them back in the Camanachd Cup final. What a strike! Young Fraser


Munro gets the ball, beat Jaimie Robinson and just like it's an


absolute cracker goal. That is what you want in a Camanachd Cup final.


An outstanding strike. That brings them back into it. He outpaced


Roberts. He unleashed the most sensational shot. That takes this


dramatic Camanachd Cup final to its third goal. Two of which have gone


to Newtonmore. That is 2-1. It is far from the finish, let me tell


you. We have not even reached the halfway stage. Here is a chance for


Newtonmore. It is on target but not. We think Louis Munn role is getting


ready for Kingussie. -- Louis Munro. It is Steven MacDonald again but


straight into the heart of Garry Munro. Marton Dallas has gone off


for Louis Munro. That is an interesting change. We will come


back to that. Steven Macdonald fires it in, a little bit too hard.


A couple of Borthwick skill stop -- border Wickes. -- Borthwicks. They


have certainly upped the pace. joining me on the sideline is the


Kingussie coach. You are looking a little bit more relaxed than you


were 10 minutes ago. I am not relax at all. We are getting no calls


from the referee. They are rolling all over the top of us. Will we see


what changes with the substitutes? Hopefully so, yeah. It is always


going to be a physical battle, but you feel you are not getting the


support from the referee? Absolutely not but we accept that


and just have to get on with the game. I and get on with it the well


because Fraser Munro has gone on with it to get Kingussie back into


the game. Here is Ross, a little much from Norman Campbell. Is that


the sort of thing that Stevie Borthwick is talking about? I think


that was a perfectly legitimate tackle. I think there are a couple


of little things that the referee could be picking up on. Here is


Ross on the backhand. A good stop out Ritchie. First strike by Ronald


Ross. Very well dealt with. Here we see Ronald turns on a six pen. That


was a great save. That is the first time he has got a shot on goal. For


a mistake by Mackintosh. He had to deal with it very quickly. That it


comes again. This time Norman Campbell takes it out. A tacky


surface. The field is cutting up a bit. We had the under 14 final on


it earlier this morning. Do you think that will affect the pitch?


The it will affect it a little bit. Because of the reign of the last


couple of days they have not been able to cut the grass as short as


they would have liked. Here is Kingussie. I think if this works


for Kingussie Stevie Borthwick might be changing his mind about


the referee. No direct effect, he has to pass it to someone of his


own team. He failed to do that! Here is Lee Bain again. Campbell, a


dangerous area on the edge of the penalty box. Now it is Ross's Khan.


He has got a cut himself. -- Ross' turn. There seems to be quite a lot


of loose sex boring about today. Any more physical than the


Kingussie game? -- loose sticks going about today. It is quite


strange in a way. Ronald Ross has and neck on his nose. Norman


Campbell has been walking about with his face and strep covered in


blood for the last 10 minutes. is something that should be


addressed to the referee. You are not allowed to have blood coming


from any open wind. The blood seems to have stopped as he does not seem


to be trying to stop the blood flow. Here we have a Kingussie corner.


Again the ball, notice the ball is not inside the circle where it


should be. That could be contentious. The referee can play


advantage to see what happens. What's happened is that the ball is


now at the other end of the field. Here is Danny MacRae. Rory Fraser


is all over him like a rash. Down he goes. Steven Macdonald will feel


hard done by here. The I think so. He seemed to go down. I was not


sure if he had been caught or if he had tripped. It is hard to even see


on the deeply. It seemed to me his own momentum took him over. -- on


the replay. Here is Kingussie again. Borthwick into the middle. And


nudge the or on the edge of the box. A big shout from the Kingussie


forwards again. Derek Cameron has blown for a foul on the edge of the


box. This could be a very, very big moment. We see the ball going in


and that is a blatant challenge by Cameron Binnie. That is silly stuff.


A push in the back is so dangerous. Well, that is the penalty box. That


was the initial foul. The position here is again, Kingussie have to


pass the ball before they can strike it. Then they can shoot. He


has to pass it to someone else first. Slips it through to


Borthwick. Lee Bain sends it back straight away. We are heading for


half-time. Three minutes left. Kingussie are coming a lot more


into this game. Here is Ross again. Have a chance! I nearly eight Myrie


words! -- eat my words. This is the challenge where the Newtonmore


player went down. I think he completely missed the ball and his


momentum took him over. Plea rages on. Ronald Ross has asked an awful


lot of Louis Munro. Munro again. The issue here is Newtonmore just


put shutters up for the next two minutes. To go where 2-1 up they


can be happy about but they cannot be happy about how they have let


Kingussie come back into this game. I think this heady park will take


its toll on Newtonmore's fitness in the second half. There have already


been questions posed this season about the fitness of Newtonmore,


particularly in midfield. He did not like his stick! A poor workmen


always blames his tools! It looks as if we are heading for five


minutes of extra time, would you believe? One minute of normal time


plus the five that Mr Cameron is adding. I have to say, the weight


of numbers around the park today, it seems to me there is more or


blue around in all sorts of shapes us see if the new stake makes a


difference to my car a's effort. seems to be acting up to the crowd


as well. That is the last thing you want to do as a player. He had to


take every Hett. Danny MacRae has had a quiet spell. Here he comes


again. Danny MacRae! He has fired Newtonmore further ahead. What a


finish! And what it time to do it. -- what a time. The way that he


took that as well. And it left the keeper with no chance.


You never say that someone has had a quiet spell because he is going


to do something like that. Danny MacRae has put Newtonmore two goals


ahead. 3-1. Tier have it all to do again. -- Kingussie. Here it comes


across again. It was too high. In the 50-50 balls, the tier players


are the ones who are going down. -- the time mac players -- Kingussie.


Borthwick, turning back and forth. Eventually squeezed out by Rory


Kennedy. It is a poor clearance. That was outstanding play by Rory


Kennedy. He very nearly used his head on that. That would have been


a file. -- a foul. That Danny Macrae strike will take the wind


out of their sales. They need to get their tactics right. They have


to get Ronald Ross off of Norman Campbell.


Their manager was a team-mate of Angus MacRae, who is Danny Macrae's


father. He will be watching anxiously to see if another medal


is coming the family's way. That is what you want to see -- a long ball


up to the Fords. -- to the four were -- for word. The match


programme is claiming he is 47 years of age, would you believe? He


is still a gazelle. Bain is strong as an ox. Lee has incredible speed


and pace. That is why most players struggle against him. Cameron


Binnie, up for a hit in again. -- a poor pet. It has been extraordinary


as Derek Cameron draws a close to the first half. Stephen MacDonald


has scored a third. At half-time, that has taken us to the position


And that is only the first half! Fraser Inglis is with me. My


goodness, that was amazing! Both teams are playing hard to, playing


fair. We have seen some fantastic goals and some fantastic saves.


will be a hard-fought battle. The two teams know each other well, but


have you been surprised about how in your face this first half has


been? Not really. There have been a few people caught up with the stick


in the face - that can happen. I do not think anybody has deserved a


booking so far. I would agree. 13 seconds into the match and Danny


Macrae was on the scoresheet. Nobody expected that. No. David


pretty well. Andrew will be disappointed with that. Andrew is


Newtonmore came out of the blocks very fast and Kingussie almost


Stephen MacDonald, all on his own at the back of the circle. That is


a great strike. There is the ball going right down the line and off


the post. That his composure. Andrew Borthwick has no chance of


saving that. He had time because he was left on his own. Danny MacRae's


ball across was of such good quality that it took other players


out of it. He then had the time to take the shot.


I was speaking to the coaches. Stevie Borthwick's face was a


picture. He was furious. But they got back in again. Andrew Borthwick


hit it straight through. There goes the shot, straight into the top


the shot, straight into the top corner. Watch Jaimie Robinson here.


He keeps chasing and putting him under pressure. Fraser has all the


time in the world now and he hits it beautifully, top corner. Fraser


Munro hit it beautifully. Yes, it was a beautiful strike. Jaimie


Robinson sold himself a little bit. Because he dived for him, Fraser


then had a run in on goal. Danny MacRae made it 3-1 after a


quiet period. You are looking for an answer from Newtonmore. David


hits the ball out wide here. Danny MacRae then makes no mistake. David


comes off the Kingussie defence. will talk more about this,


obviously. It is only 3-1 and I said at the start that Kingussie


would be to be at the very best and they have not been. We have talked


a little bit about Ronald and Norman. Ronald is dealing with


scraps, the ball is not coming through in quality. The difference


is that Newtonmore are finding their own men. They are passing


well. They are finding each other. Kingussie are not playing as a team.


It is now a matter of who can answer the next question. Kingussie


have to come up with something. Camanachd Cup is the most


prestigious of all the shinty trophies. Let us have a look at the


three cups from earlier in the season.


Kingussie made it clear they were always going for the three Cups


this year. Fraser Munro, after eight minutes, finishing off a good


move from midfield. He put them up. Martin Dallas came on as a


substitute and got on the end of this one, then celebrated in style.


At 28 minutes, 2-0 to Kingussie. A horrible deflection off the tier


defender and into the net. 2-1. Gary Innes finished off in style to


put them level at the interval. Then Kingussie got a grip of the


game. The cup was virtually on its way to Kingussie. Ronald Ross,


inevitably, the captain with the winning goal, the clincher. The


MacTavish Cup was on its way to Kingussie.


Kyles Athletic were always the favourites going into the glass


picks up -- the Glasgow Celtic Society Cup. They dominated the


game for most of it but it took them until the eighty-second minute


to get the second goal. Fraser produced a finish. Almost all of it,


then, but there was some consolation borrowing Cameron. --


almost all over. 2-1 Tip Kyles Athletic at Inveraray. -- to Kyles


Athletic at Inveraray. Kyles Athletic then had to Sept aside the


disappointment of going out of the Camanachd Cup. Newtonmore and drew


first blood. McKenzie last the ball home seven minutes before the


interval. It took Kyles Athletic a long time to get back in the game.


There were only three minutes left on the clock and it looked like a


lost cause. The captain had other ideas and Kyles Athletic were back


in the game. Roddy MacDonald out stripped Fraser Mackintosh and


lashed the ball home in the very last minute to give Kyles Athletic


the Cup. The MacAulay Cup went home It is 3-1 here at half-time. What


do they have to do? When they started playing around


ball they started to find holes in the defence. Newtonmore are playing


the better shinty and that is why they are in front.


Ronald Ross is obviously hugely important for tier, but defensively


who is winning the battle? Norman is winning the battle but that is


really because he is hoping to be released with the ball and that is


not happening at the moment. He is having to battle 50-50 with Norman.


Norman is experienced so Ronald is maybe needing a bit of help from


his team-mates to have more of a chance against him.


They are two guys who know each other really well and there is a


great deal of respect between them and no quarter given. Some full-


backs can play Docherty but Norman is not like that. He is a fair play


around a strong player. It is a strong battle. Ronald can always


take a chance. They will be looking to Ronald to nick one and get them


back into the game. We are ready for the second half.


The first half was absolutely brilliant. Enjoy this in the


company of our commentary team. This has been a pulsating Camanachd


Cup Final. Where does it go from here, Gary? It is hard to say,


really. If I am honest, I think it is going to Newtonmore. I cannot


see Kingussie coming back from that. I will hold due to that. It is


going to Newtonmore, says the great man.


Derek Cameron, a referee, is in the middle. He has got the second half


Newtonmore on their way to leading 3-1 at the interval. They are


setting their stall out straight away. They started the first half


the very strongly and you could see that was the plan again. That was


just a bit worried. -- worried. -- wide. No changes in the teams as


far as we are aware at half-time. Just a little bit of something


going on. We can have a look. I think Danny has still got the ball.


It is interesting to see Ali Macleod has not be the appeared


after his nose injury in the first half. It must have been more


serious than we first thought. is Fraser Mackintosh. Newtonmore


defending a goal to our right, the town end. The ice rink end for


those of you who know the area. The stand is very full. That man looks


puzzled and agitated. Looking at his bench as well he has not got a


lot of options. He is hoping what he has got on the field can do the


job. What he has got on the fence - - bench to is nothing to worry the


opposition. I think they have a very different field to the


McCollin Cup final. -- the McAulay Cup final. They are very different


teams. Two goals in the last three minutes for Kyles to the wind out


of Newtonmore's sales that the spectacularly. It looks like Martin


Dallas will come back on and play. No sympathy from the referee and


another clash in midfield. These are a key moments. This is a great


attack from Borthwick. They needed to get Ronald Ross away from


Campbell. They have done that. Ronald Ross has wandered away over


to the far side. He is being policed by Rory Kennedy beer. --


there. Are they not related? believe so. We are having a


substitution. Martin Dallas coming on for Greg MaCrae. Louis Munro is


being pulled back to midfield. Not a good clearance. And even poor the


effort to get the ball in. Here is MacArthur. That was a great ball.


Hutchison doing the tidying. He sends it up into the middle. It is


turn left to board we will stop -- to Borthwick. MacArthur takes a


good look, a second look in fact. He must be beginning to stake his


claim for a man of the match. Norman Campbell similarly has had


an outstanding game at the back for Newtonmore it. Danny Macrae. That


is an outstanding defending from Lee Bain. Absolutely, he never took


his eye off the ball. He will be disappointed with the second goal


today. Another brilliant Paul Ince for Danny Macrae. -- another


brilliant ball end. -- ball in. For me than mimicry is up there. Norman


Campbell and Lee Bain are also the three that I would consider. Here


is a chance for Newtonmore. Glen Mackintosh fighting hard for every


ball. There has not been a pass for a tackle not fiercely contested


today. Marred Dallas turns it back inside. Threads it through to


Borthwick who is away. Howls of derision from the Kingussie


supporters. Here is Glen Mackintosh raging from end to end. You just


cannot take your eye off it. Borthwick put his hand to that and


missed it completely. Penalty claim? It is outside the box


regardless. It is hard to tell. Rory Kennedy has done his job.


has got away with it. The referee and goal judge between them have


come up with an "he didn't touch it" decision. A-week trip to spec


sabres may be in the morning. -- a trip to spec Savers in the morning.


Norman Campbell the man of the moment. Here is Ross. A great save!


We will come back to that one. Ritchie has once again beaten


Ronald Ross. That was just in an instant. Ross was a way. This is


great play in the midfield. That is wonderful play from an row. Perhaps


he could be turning something in midfield here. Rory Fraser with all


the composure he will ever need. Why not the first times we have


seen Ronald Ross with a bit of space. You see him on the backhand,


he put it into the bottom left corner, it was a good save.


there a kick in the box? I think it would be very hard to lose a


penalty for that one. I think it would be worth looking at again if


it becomes contentious! That is a kick. I want to have a look at this


again because I think Richie might have pushed his book on this. What


do you think? The rule is that he has to have his foot firmly planted.


Looking at that it was not quite firmly planted but it was a good


save none the less. It counts as a save to the son of Tarzan, Michael


Ritchie, the son of David cars and Ritchie. Newtonmore are lining up a


sub. David Cheyne I believe has been in bed with the flu for the


last few days. He is extremely disappointed. He looks very tired


and pale, totally unlike himself. This is a big stage for this young


man to come up. Ackie Macrae. This is a different occasion and


different conditions, he lasted just a few minutes at the end of


the MacAulay Cup. Ackie Macrae has been brought on to inject a bit of


pace and life into the Newtonmore forward line. It is wonderful to


see so many people coming out to support the Camanachd Cup this year.


With it being life on the BBC now have a lot of players, in teams and


supporters like to stay at home and watch it. We know the British


forces television service is carrying the game as well. We have


a worldwide audience. The only platform we are concerned about is


this one. What park. The platform for shinty many would argue. What


park. Bught Park. It is great to see Louis Munro back in action. He


broke his collarbone and has been missing for a good couple of weeks.


In the MacTavish Cup final it was marked in Dallas who replaced him


on the day. He scored with almost his first touch of the day.


Physical play from Fraser Mackintosh. Here is Glen Mackintosh.


Great play. Garry Munro. It has never been anything other than


boiling. A pulsating match, a frenetic pace. It just does not


stop. It is 100 mph all the time. Lee Bain has just been warned the


IDF be that the sliding tackle is illegal in shinty. The score takes


a bit of explaining as well. It is 3-12 Newtonmore. You just have to


hang on. Ackie Macrae turns it back and lines that up, here he goes!


Two young, too early! I do not know. Thomas Borthwick at 16 years old


scored in the Camanachd Cup final. I do not think youth has anything


to do with it. That was a good defence. He did wait a little bit


too long to settle down. It was only his second touch of the ball.


You may be need a few minutes to settle in. Lee Bain sums it away.


Mackintosh. He is such a strong defensive player. You would expect


him to hit well on both sides. Ryan Borthwick into the heart of


the Newtonmore defence. That was a big dive. This is dangerous


territory. The referee is right on top of them. That was a good run by


Ryan Borthwick. Absolutely, right at the heart of the defence. He is


looking up all the time to see where he can put it. It is his last


touch that lets him down. One Celsius is in the box the


opportunity is gone. -- once he is in the box.


Biting the teddy bears is always a with Campbell all over him. Here is


another chance for Kingussie. As goal! It is Martin Dallas. He has


thrown Kingussie another lifeline. It is 3-2. What a strike for the


young man again. I have to say we have seen some superb finishing


there today. I thought the chance had gone. Either of them could have


hit it. Borthwick let it go. As we saw, the ball was bouncing as well.


Martin took his time and waited to steady the ball. It was interesting


that the defence stood back and waited. Derek Cameron, calling for


all the players to be five yards away when a free hit is taken. Here


he goes again, Dallas. This time he is closed down. What a lift that


has given to Kingussie. Absolutely. The youngster is running at the


defence and Newtonmore seem to be in disarray. That was bang on


target. It was just good defending that put it wide. Ryan Borthwick,


the defender's number three on his shirt. He has not done much wrong,


the keeper. He has conceded two goals. I think both keepers have


done very well today. I do not think they can be blamed for any of


the goals so far. I think Scott Chisholm is going to come on for


Newtonmore, but that remains to be seen. Here we go again. Macrae get


met one. That was a good turn and a good ball. -- he will get one.


Mackintosh has a free shot. Just over the top! Good advantage played


by the referee to allow him to take the shot. Gary Munro thought about


staying there in front of it and then thought better of it. You can


see Glenn catches the ground just underneath it. It is a good strike


and a good chance nonetheless. The Kingussie bench is calling for


more. Derek Cameron says no more. We have a substitution, a change in


midfield for Newtonmore. Scott Chisholm is coming on. Then we have


numbered eight, Paul MacArthur, going off. Robertson, sorry. It is


number six. Robinson has gone off. What great defending. The defence,


I have to say, on both sides, has been of the highest order. He is


injured. He seems to be limping. It seemed to be the challenge after


the shock that caught him. -- after the shot.


That is a good ball. It is into the dangerous area. It has been cleared.


The ball is in midfield. There is a buzz and the club are all around us.


-- a clamour. Kingussie are finding more of the ball and more of each


other now than they have throughout the match. There is space here.


Stevie MacDonald draws his club twice. A wicked bounce for


Borthwick to deal with. That was a foul. I think he was a little bit


late there. I think James Hutchison was swinging a little bit late.


have a free hit to Newtonmore. All the players must be five yards away.


Macrae is looking for a move. He wins a corner. I Somma Craig's


father calming his nerves at half- time. He is nowhere to be seen at


the moment. -- I saw Macrae's father. Since the BBC started


filming live games in 2003, we have seen a lot fewer people travelling


to games. As you can see, today it is just an outstanding crowd.


not finished by any manner of means. Newtonmore are leading. Wonderful


play from Louis Munro. Ronald Ross with a good shoulder charge this


time. He is taking Norman Campbell for a walk. Campbell is too good


for him. Munro over ran the ball. Sometimes the legs do get a little


heavy and tired. Here is a chance for Macrae.


A Kingussie player under Newtonmore player down in the box. This was a


brilliant ball through. The little man has not composed himself enough


to take the pass. Lee Bain went down with cramp off-camera. They


could be struggling a little bit on the heavy, soggy pitch. It has seen


a lot of rain in the last couple of days.


It is threatening to get out of hand. Norman MacArthur, the new two


more manager, is incensed on the touchline. The referee let himself


down a little there. He is trying to let the game go on but he is


doing nothing but inciting a riot. It is fuelling the players.


Newtonmore are incensed about this. That is why. You can see the


swinging. At best, we have to say that is dangerous. There is another


Kingussie player down. It seems to be a head injury. This is just


threatening at the moment to cut loose. This is my point. You have


to keep you ride on everything that is going on because all of that


pent-up energy has to go somewhere. Unfortunately, it looks like Louis


Munro's head got that. Just off the ball, No. 6, Fraser Munro went down.


It is a head injury. If you look at the players behind the ones who are


playing the ball, you just see a little bit of nonsense there. There


is a linesman there. There is a fourth official. There are any


number of officials with yellow bibs on. None of them saw that. We


do not want the match spoiled by unsavoury incidents. It has been a


classic so far, in my book. That is a wonderful tackle by Norman


Campbell. He has been immense. Outstanding again by Norman


Campbell there. He did the right thing - you let the ball might come


through. It is like a magician's were warned in his hand. -- wand.


He seemed to spend a lot of time waiting for it. It just seems he


did not come up for it. They are holding their heads.


chances are coming. Kingussie are opening up the Newtonmore defence


more and more. It is never finished until it is over. Kyles Athletic


proved that in the MacAulay Cup Final. We only have one goal of a


There is another tackle that has gone Newtonmore's way. Too much on


that one. What would you do if you were Norman MacArthur at this


stage? I would declare time! He still has some options on the bench.


I was surprised that the substitutions. For Kingussie, on


the other hand, Ross was the right move. Again, he does not seem to be


doing his thing. You can guarantee that he will at some point, that's


he he is aware he is in terms of the game's history. He has stuck at


it. He has held the defence together. That is the scene. That


is the kind of view you have got in the Kingussie defence of the hit in.


An overhead from Bury. Munro. -- overhead from Binnie. Lee Bain. It


takes a good player to do that. There is evidence of tiredness here


now, I can see it. There are players. If this game is going into


extra time they will be even more tired. I think this will suit


Kingussie better. The Kingussie manager is taking on water.


Borthwick heading towards the goal. He has put them under pressure. He


has won a goal. They are in a hurry. That means panic from Norman


Campbell. One thing Kingussie might want to try is having 2-2 up front.


Borthwick trying to find a chink in the armour. What a clean and. What


a clearance right up to the other end with Danny Macrae. Lee Bain has


not missed a tackle. MacArthur has gone down a few times. I wonder if


he is using studs or what he has got on. It does not seem to be


working for them. Ronald Ross! Ronald Ross has done it again! It


was only a matter of time before he got at least one goal. This is one


of his biggest matches in a decade. This was made out of nothing! But


actually from the penalty spot with a flick of the best. With a flick


of off arrests he sent his manager into the air. We have a tidy! 3-3.


-- a tie! This is extraordinary. The game has gone one way and then


the other. Here we have another substitution. This time it is Craig


Dawson coming on. Stevie Borthwick thinks this man can get a goal


because that is what he is there to do. That is what he can do. We do


not know who is going. We think it is number 12, Martin Dallas. I am


surprised to see that. Martin Dallas has made a huge difference


since he came on. He has taken his shirt off behind the goals and


turned it inside out, meanwhile, the game goes on. I am not really


sure what he is thinking there. He is sitting watching and he could go


on at any moment again. It is not clear what is happening, we will


get back to that. I thought the rule was you had to go off and on


at the centre line. We have set the rules are Saeed! -- a Saeed! --


aside! I was making the point that young Borthwick might call off


because of his presence and size at the minute. We will see. The crowd


is getting ever closer to the action. That is the scene. That is


the battle hour camera operator has to cope with at the moment.


Newtonmore it might be making another change. They are. Down


below us on our left. It is Steven Macdonald. Chain is coming back on.


-- Cheyne. Off the ball to our right something has happened. This


was from the hit out. It is from the goal Hett, yes. Norman Campbell


has caught it in the side of the head or the year. There is a goal


judge at the back of the Gaul who much -- must have seen what


happened. This is what happened. There is the hit out from Michael


Ritchie. He hit his own player on the back of the head. That is a


dangerous thing to do. Absolutely! I am not 100% sure that was five


yards away from the goal hit. one thing to be tangling with the


opposition but when you're on goalkeeper gives you one! Indeed!


What a wag he has taken. He is going to be sought tomorrow one way


or the other. -- whack, -- sore. Norman Ross has seen all of it and


a lot more besides in the last 25 years. If that man takes the Cup


back to Badenoch tonight there will be no happier man in the land.


Norman Campbell is an absolute warrior. He does it week in, week


out. I am running out of words to describe Norman Campbell's


performance today. It has been epic. He has still got a bit to do. You


cannot write off this Kingussie team. It is they are still to be


won. This wonderful Trophy. The Camanachd Cup which has been up for


grabs since 1996. TUC won et and it was not ready on the day. --


before. There are those who think if he picked it up today he would


call it quits. We will see. There we go again. Ackie Macrae. The ball


fired up. He is on it again, Ronald Ross. Dawson is the beat. -- Dawson


is free. There are five minutes of normal time left. We will have


extra time. There is the added spectre of extra-time and penalties


which is where we could be heading right at this minute. There is


often a last-minute winner to take it as these big games have proven


in recent years. Even if it is not going to penalties, it might take


extra time. I could be wrong, I have been known to be wrong. The


car there, been, a good defence. Back into midfield, here is Munro.


Fraser Mackintosh. The good old- fashioned cooking just about robs


them but not enough. MacArthur robs them with another one. My heart is


in my mind is here. You just could not call it now. Kingussie are on


top, they are dominant in this game. Newtonmore are fighting for


possession. I am looking fitter than you are at this stage! I might


disagree with that! It is going to be a long, hard five minutes. We


have less than that of the real time. There have been a lot of


blood injuries throughout the second half, possibly another five


minutes? We could be 10 minutes, half-an-hour, even more a way from


a resolution. They are all down to the box! Claims for a penalty!


Nothing doing. No flags. Every time the ball goes in the box they are


looking for a dive. He went down. He went down certainly. He was


running through, gets the ball, it is hard to see if it was his own


feet that brought him down. I am sure the referee got that one right.


As a forward you would claim it. Especially at this stage of the


game you would be shouting your head off, wanting it. He is still


smiling. He has almost lost ate a couple of times but he has held his


line. I think he has offended both teams equally which is no bad thing.


We think there will be three minutes of extra-time. Additional


time, I should save. Is there something still to turn this match


on its head? It needs the three blasts of the whistle at the moment


to stop this game! Lee Bain is trying to get up to clear and the


whistle has gone at this point, I should at! On into the box and out.


MacArthur fires it in. They are just gritting -- cutting loose now,


Newtonmore. Bodies in the way. They are desperately trying to create


space. Kingussie are all over the place. It is launched in again. It


is blue and white all the time. Here they go. It is a tidal wave at


the moment. Absolutely, yes. Going back to the that last onslaught of


shots will stop Glen Mackintosh's shot. Bean is exhausted. He has


feet. I do not know what the ball hit, but it robbed the chance. We


are past normal time. The ball seemed to catch a divot on the


ground. Here we go, a we are counting down.


We're in the first minute of additional time. There were we have


an hour extra if we cannot sorted out in the next three minutes. --


half-an-hour. Ronald Ross. history that man has created and


made himself over the years, you would not put it past them to hit a


winner at now. Martin Dallas is coming on and Lee Bain is going off.


I think that is a good move. Stevie Borthwick has asked him to walk off.


Again Craig dos and is trying to put Michael Ritchie under pressure


with the hit out. Norman Campbell standing well to the side. A


mistake by Ritchie. That could have been very costly for Newtonmore.


Macrae wins the ball. Up it goes, up and under. Danny Macrae with a


deflection. A corner to Newtonmore. It is the last minute. Here we go


again. There was no way through for banning the crater hit the target


there. -- for Danny Macrae. These boys will not be looking for two


extra time, that's for sure. -- 4-2 extra-time -- forward to extra time.


It is not over yet because Ronald Ross got a Kingussie back into the


game to make it 3-3. Was it ever going to be another man who was


going to bring them back in, though? It had to be the captain,


Ronald Ross. There were 79 minutes on the clock when he managed to


squeeze the ball home. This is new territory for a lot of these


players. What can you say to them? There is nothing you can save. They


know what is at stake here today. They know what they have fought for


50 minutes each way of extra time. We thought the first half was


exciting, but what about the second have? It has had everything -


strong tackles, fantastic shooting. Perhaps a little bit of overly


physical stuff. 3-1 at half-time to Newtonmore, but two great goals 4


Newtonmore, but two great goals 4 Kingussie. It was a fantastic goal


taken by Martin Dallas. Fraser Munro picked it up and put it back


in. Martin Dallas was on it, a bank, he gave Ritchie no chance. -- bang.


Ronald Ross, he pops up with the important goals when he has to.


can see the small swing that he takes here. He hit that maybe 20


metres. The keeper did not see it coming. He has an amazing ability


to generate speeds no matter how His power comes from his wrists.


Michael Ritchie has had a great game but he had no chance with that


goal. He did not see it coming. It was disappointing for Macrae,


He is on to it so now he has to decide and he puts it the wrong way.


He should have put it to the far post.


You mentioned some of the tasty sides to the game. It was always


going to be physical but was it too much? It has been to physical with


off-the-ball incidents. There was not an awful lot in this but it


just shows the competitor that -- the competitiveness. To take the


stick or the back of someone's head is not on. Considering the


intensity of the match, it has not been too bad. We have seen other


games where the behaviour has been much worse. There have been one or


two incidents where people have overstepped the mark, but it has


not developed into anything more than that.


controlling things. We have half an hour of extra time to try to get an


answer to this conundrum. Kingussie are hitting to the left. Newtonmore


are defending this ice rink end and attacking the town end. There is a


lot about the place now. -- a lull. The players have given it all, and


the substitutes as well. It can be quite daunting to face extra time


after 90 minutes. Derek Cameron has gone over.


Something was happening off the ball. He has taken umbrage at the


pressure he perceives he is being put under by the Kingussie bench.


Here is Kingussie again. They have put Ronald Ross closer to Craig


boss him. That was a clumsy challenge. It was indeed. It was a


little bit late by Scott Campbell. Fraser is down. I think he has a


little injury. I think he also needs attention for cramp in the


legs. At this point, the effect of any injury is multiplied.


Absolutely. The lactic acid is building in the legs. I will leave


the mysteries of lactic acid for another time! It is going to take


something like a snap shot or a mistake. It is as much in their


head now as anything else. thought of extra time for these


players will be a big thing. They will be upset to lose.


A career is looking for space. That was a great save from Andrew


Borthwick. -- Macrae is looking for space. Danny turned, or Rory got


the snap shot away. That was a good cup Final saved from the corner. --


save. That was a wonderful ball up the side. He was asking a bit much.


Iain Borthwick, sadly, did not make it for Kingussie. He has been


prowling on the touchline. Danny Macrae is all for one that again.


He fires it into the middle. -- is off for a walk. That man Campbell,


for me, has been man-of-the-match. MacArthur is tiding a little bit.


It is about every single pass now. -- is tiring. There is nothing they


can be. That is a wild swing from a grave. -- from Macrae. The hitting


is starting to deteriorate a little as well. Anything can happen.


we saw earlier when David Cheyne went to take a shot, for the


goalkeeper coming towards him it might be daunting.


The game is there to be won. It is more than happened in the MacAulay


Cup Final. It has been a physical and mental drain. That has been


given against Kingussie. Borthwick does not like it. Macrae keeps it


going. You may have heard the referee saying it was embarrassing,


that it was like little girls fighting. Gwen McIntosh, turns it


back in. A good tackle, to Paul Gow. He has a spring in his step and


enough power to get it to the other end of the field. This is dangerous.


There is a good example. He could see it coming but it started to


slowed-down and it nearly gave Ronald Ross the opportunity and the


- are on the attack again. He turns to Dawson. A great challenge from


Dawson. Under great challenge by Campell. He splinters Goss and's


stick. -- Dawson's stick. Hutchison is like a terrier. The ball is on


the line. He was taken by surprise. He followed it out. His feet were


too close to the ball when he realised it was not going to roll


out and he could not get a proper has got a smile on his face.


Borthwick gets it away. Here is a man who has stuck to the task.


Newtonmore get it across. Again eight intervention the air by a


number for a, Garry Munro. -- No. Four. That took a deflection.


looks like it came off James Hutchison. The referee and the goal


judge do not seem to agree with us here. The ball comes out and brakes,


it clearly goes off Hutchison and goes wide. I would not have thought


you needed a replay for that one, but do you go. Dallas is getting


stronger as the game goes on. Four goals in the Junior Cup final. He


has had one already to be here. There is frustration. Let me tell


you, nobody has left the building. If anything, I would see more


people have come down after seeing it has gone to extra time.


would be queuing up for shinty if it was like this every week. This


has been truly exceptional. No matter the outcome, they will be


talking about this for years. There is young Borthwick. He is just


retiring as he took his eye off it. He slid into the tackle. He seems


to have got into it again. team-mates are winding him up. We


know he is tired, he looks tired. Danny Macrae. I find that hard,


that is a hard one for me. It would be good to see the deeply of this


one, exactly what had happened. I do not see much wrong with that.


anything, I think Danny Macrae gave him a shove. I think he had one


hand on his stick and he gave him a shove on the back. Everybody has to


be five yards away. He cannot shoot. He did not shoot. He fires it in.


It is up in the air. Again it goes Newtonmore's way. Let me tell you.


The bench is absolutely raging. There is a former Newtonmore


captain. He knows what this is all about. Turn inside, fired across


the goal. A chance for MaCrae. For me that is a yellow card. Quite


clearly Akie MaCrae was on the point of shooting, the air. --


there. There was nothing else he could do, the referee had to blow


and give a foul. Across the base of the goal! Paul Gower gets it on.


That man again Akie MaCrae. Danny Macrae. Eating you see players pile


in. Virtually everybody now in the Kingussie half. Let us have a look


at this one. Rory Fraser catches them on the way through. The ball


is away. There is nothing wrong with that. No problem with that one.


All the penalty calls have been good decisions so far. Too much on


the ball from Paul Gower. He is still there though. Here is a Ryan


Borthwick, he has got time and he has got the energy. We are in the


final minute of extra time, of the first half of extra-time. Dawson.


And if memory serves me, wasn't it in extra time that Newtonmore


qualified? They have been here already and it took it out of them.


2-2 at full time against Inveraray and the one asset 5-2 in D end. --


They won et 5-2 in the end. corner. It is quite clear. It looks


like a mess. We are hearing that the referee is rising to the shouts


of the players rather than just letting it go on. It is half-time


in extra time in the Camanachd Cup final. We are looking for a quick


turnaround here. The referee will not let them go off. He needs them


to turn around quickly. Newtonmore three, Kingussie 3. After that 15


minutes, who do you think is looking the strongest? Kingussie


had some good brakes. They all were played the ball and Newtonmore


recovered. Newtonmore have looked stronger and more direct latterly.


At this stage, Newtonmore are probably slightly stronger purely


because they are playing much more direct. What this is probably going


to come down to his who has got the composer? What happened in the


actual match where when chances dropped to people and they were


composed they took them. Here the tensions are building. It is down


to the men with the composure to take the opportunity when things


come along. By guess when you are physically tired you start getting


mentally tired and it is difficult to hit the ball cleanly? They have


to push for the last 15 minutes to try to get this winner. There are


two changes for the final 15 minutes. John Mackenzie has come on


for Newtonmore in place of David Cheyne. For Kingussie Lee Bain has


come back on. He is on for a Craig Dawson. John Mackenzie has gone off.


He has moved forward for it Newtonmore away to our left. There


will be penalties if we cannot resolve this in 15 minutes. There


will be five apiece and so on until we get an answer. Let us hope we


get an answer before the penalties. A no one wants to see a Camanachd


Cup final go to penalties. A chance of the ball going through!


Desperation! They that was good strong solid play from John


Mackenzie. It is a great ball in. For whatever reason Andrew


Borthwick seems to miss it. ease are at the margins on which


championships are won and lost. At this stage, neither. He is a big


strong player and we know he has got a ferocious shot. Here we gawp.


-- You report. It is just getting ever so tetchy. -- here we go.


Still no yellow cards or a red cards which in itself is


extraordinary given the way this match has been played. Beautiful


play. Just into space. Looking for a gap. The car third, here he comes


again. Outstanding play from Louis Munro in midfield. Ross through to


Lee Bain. This is a foul to Kingussie. There could be an


advantage here. That was interesting. Quite often the


referee has let the game run. There seems to be a chance here.


situation is that Kingussie have at three Hett. Ronald Ross cannot


score from this but he can pass it. Get in! -- a free hit. That was the


most pugnacious attempt at goal. That was just inches over the top


of the crossbar. I don't think there is much Ritchie could have


done about that unless he got his stick to it. Norman Campbell


cleverly going to ground there, he knew Lee Bain would be all over him.


Both hands must be on his stick. has given away field position.


Again that his tiredness. Here is Mackenzie to the McVey, Ackie


Macrae. It took the Newtonmore players to close them down. He does


not even looked as if he has broken sweat yet. He is still striding


away there. He has been the heart and soul of the Kingussie midfield.


Here he is again. He last played in a Cup final in the MacTavish Cup


final. A foul in midfield. That is just piling the pressure on.


Kingussie have just piled everyone on from midfield. There are options.


That ball is flicked out to Ross. Defensive play from young Rory


Kennedy. We have not seen much of Kennedy, but he has done the


business. As we seek he is going to ground again. The referee has


picked up on that before. Lee Bain first. Just the keeper to beat. And


that is good goalkeeping. Norman Campbell ended up in the net for


his trouble. Ross tries to get it on the volley. Ronald Ross - he is


still there or thereabouts. We are less than ten minutes away from the


dreaded penalties. It is so bad in the commentary position that we are


standing up because we can barely cope. Lee Bain was a wave. Derek


Cameron could have let that goal, I think. -- let that go. He stuck his


stick out to try to nab him but he got the three Hett. -- free hit.


Cameron Binnie launches it. Muckraker turns it back. -- Macrae.


Legs and bodies now flying everywhere. This is punishing stuff.


Munro fires it up. It is anybody's game, anybody's ball. Lee Bain is


going to struggle to get there. Outstanding. The ball goes out.


Norman Campbell, still there. you can see the blood on his shirt. If


he does not get the Albert Smith Memorial Medal today, regardless of


what happens and the rest of the game, I will eat my tie. John


MacKenzie gets it in. John MacKenzie has a shot. That was


almost reminiscent of what happened in the MacAulay Cup Final. He has


won a corner. The ball came in again. He did not catch it as well


as he would like. A good spot by the match officials who saw the


deflection there. The old ones are the best. He is still there, giving


it the beans. You can feel that even the crowd is getting quite yet.


There are a lot of nerves. -- even the crowd is getting quite -- quiet.


Goal! It is Danny Macrae! He knew his hat-trick was coming. That


certainly looks like it might take the cup home to Newtonmore. The


crowd are going absolutely mental. It is and Danny Macrae hat-trick.


That may well have clinched the medal. He has managed to get it


past Andrew Borthwick for the third time today. Oh my goodness! Here is


another change. I MacLeod is coming back on. -- Ali Macleod. It is the


last throw of the dice. The last throw for Kingussie. Could this


will be the last throw-up of an extraordinary afternoon? Here we go


again. This is where they need the ball, Gary. Absolutely. The


substitute has instantly made an impact in his game. The fresh legs


bring a new lease of life. There are fewer than five minutes


left on the clock. Is the 25-year drought over? Kingussie, I think,


are making another change. Fraser Munro is coming back on. He has


just gone off and he is coming back on again. Martin Dallas is going


off. Here is Munro in the middle. Lee Bain goes for run. -- for a run.


He needed to keep that one in play. Going back to the man-of-the-match


thing, five minutes ago you were ready to start eating your tie if


it went two down in a crate. I will get some sauce ready for you!


absolutely mind-bending, this stuff. The referee is trying to calm


things down a little, trying to run the clock down.


This match is coming to a dramatic finale. There could be no more


dramatic finish, could there? We are two minutes away, two minutes


and counting. The tension is almost unbearable. Derek Cameron calls a


halt. They are eating into the clock. Danny shame comes back on.


This is all -- Cheyne. There are some very big smiles and


the blue jerseys. David Cheyne is back on. Here is a chance. Or the


bar. It was too high from Fraser Munro. He knows that could have


been the last chance. He does all he can do. He just does not manage


to keep it down. He will more that is probably his last opportunity to


bring Kingussie back into this match. The Newtonmore benches


amazing, amazing Final. understand that Norman Campbell is


man-of-the-match. It is not finished yet. You cannot argue with


that decision. Not at all. Norman Campbell has been outstanding for


the whole match. He has the full set of man-of-the-match medals. He


was three times man-of-the-match in the international bus-stop if he


gets there were no's Meadow I suppose that is the icing. Derek


Cameron is just about ready to blow the whistle. I think he has had


enough. Everybody thought that was it. There is the man-of-the-match.


The Albert Smith Memorial medal goes to Norman Campbell. There it


is! It is all one! -- all over! And the party can begin in one half of


Badenoch. These are the scenes at the Bught Park, where Newtonmore


have won the Camanachd Cup. The Final score is 43. -- 4-3.


Newtonmore have been a dominant force for so long. Give us a sense


of how important this is. Look at these guys - they are so happy.


You can see, from the emotion that is being shown, there is no doubt


about it, Newtonmore were pushed to the limit, but they came up with


the answer and they fully deserved the win. There was a suggestion in


the past that Newtonmore had run out of puff. Norman MacArthur said


Tim May today, you will never understand what it means if we win.


Danny Macrae will tell you what it means to him.


You are looking very happy but full Unbelievable. I cannot put it into


words. It was a hard-fought Final. The fact that it has been 25 years


for you guys, just as core three goals and to score the winner, give


me a sense of what it means to you. It was unbelievable. My heart was


going. It was unbelievable to look -- unbelievable to get the winning


goal. For the team and for the goal. For the team and for the


village it means so much. Here is your first goal. 13 seconds end.


hit it sweet, but it was good. is your second one. Again, well


taken. I took a deflection off of Rory and I caught it nice again.


Unbelievable. And right at the very end, of course, the end of extra-


time. I just saw it and hit it. When I saw it hitting the back of


the net I thought it was unbelievable.


We will let your head off to the presentation. Quite sensational.


There is Norman Campbell, the man- of-the-match. The performance


secret in was sensational. He had he had to contend with was a really


bad injury when he got hit by the ball. It did not put him off, he


kept going. He is a Newtonmore stole what. Stalwart.


The scenes of jubilation here are just incredible. This will mean


absolutely everything to the village of Newtonmore. Scott


Campbell there, just about to go up and pick up the cup. Absolutely


brilliant. They have done so well. It was a great team effort.


Absolutely. The Newtonmore manager is running with tears in his eyes


and a big smile on his face. As a manager, he has taken those young


boys through from start to finish. It is a big day for them. Fraser,


you also know what it is like to go up there and pick up the winner's


Meadow. It is so sweet for them today.


You have to remember that this is Kingussie and Newtonmore. There


will be millions glued to their TV sets tomorrow to watch Rangers and


Celtic. This is the same thing for the village.


There is Norman Lochaber. The captain of Newtonmore in 2011,


Scott Campbell, picking up the trophy. Look at the big smile, look


at the time coming out. He shakes are going to party tonight. But


they are going to have to get some energy back. Norman MacArthur has


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