Inveraray v Kyles Athletic Shinty: Camanachd Cup

Inveraray v Kyles Athletic

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Duncan Kelly. Left so MacAulay Cup. Inverurie were knocked out of the


semi-final stage for the last two seasons. Of those found us, the


only when came in 2004, when the final was in Albarn.. An omen,


perhaps. They also have form, having already lifted the AJG


Parcels Celtic Society Cup Final this season with a record 14-0


victory over Taynuilt. It's too close to call as youth takes on


experience for shinty's biggest prize. It's an all Argyll affair


here at Mossfield Park in Oban as, for the first time, Inveraray and


Kyles Athletic contest the Scottish Hydro Camanachd Cup Final. A very


warm welcome to a rather wet day but that should not dampen spirits


because this will be wonderful. It's all about this, first played


for it in 1896. Kyles Athletic and Inveraray going head-to-head. One


man joining me has picked this up five times as a player and coach.


Drew MacNeil. This is the biggest prize in shinty and the biggest day.


It will be fantastic? One look at that trophy inspires these men. It


depends who will handle this big day. The nerves to get serious at


this point? It gets pretty serious but these teams know each other and


does this add to the Spice? It will do, it is 2 - One at the moment.


This is the big one. This really count. Let's look at the head to


head. There isn't a lot between them. The quarter final of the


Celtic society Cup, and then in the MacAulay Cup, 2 - 1. In the league,


4 - 1 against Inveraray. Nip and tuck? But Inveraray have always


said they are the Cup team. Kyle's stopped chasing the League and in


very did not have to, they were chasing this trophy. The throat is


coming up pretty soon. Earlier, I talked to two of the main


protagonists. It's a very big day for you, I understand he will be


retiring at the end of the season. How big a deal as captain would be


to lift the Camanachd Cup? This might be my last game. And not sure


but it would made everything. To be the captain and my final game is


amazing. And your brother lifted this Cup previously. Great for the


family? It would be equal to him. That is a good thing as well.


is a particularly special when it is also out? That does not happen


very often. -- all South. Especially in old man. It puts more


pressure on the players because Inveraray Kyles by the close rivals.


There is more pressure on us. being the coach, this is the


ultimate? The Camanachd Cup? How do you feel? Quite relaxed. It was bad


during the week and they could not settle or sleep. But I will cut


today surprisingly all right. We have put in all the work, the hard


work is done and we are desperate to start playing. This is a big


open pitch and the ball will run. Well that's it? It will, we did


play quite fast flowing shinty. Today will be no different. The


boys will think more about what they're doing with the ball. They


were sometimes guilty of being erratic with it. It makes a special


because it is all Argyle? And then Mossfield. Inveraray are a very


good team and we're good and it shall be a great spectacle. Here is


confirmation of the teams and their weight to the final. Inveraray


against Strathglass and then killed Ali knocked out in round three.


Chris Crawford getting two goals and that one. Kinlochshiel in the


semi-final. 3 - 1. And Kyles Athletic. They have won this many


times. Glasgow Argyle in the second round and they had that replay. And


then knocked out the holders, Newtonmore, in the semi-final as


well. Kyle's against Inveraray in the final. And still with me beside


this trophy is Drew MacNeil. As we head -- here the you've band


playing. The nerves will be going. You know what it is like to lead


them out? And feeling that excitement and the potential of


picking up this trophy? Just because I have no vested interest,


when you are in charge of a team, you can think things are under


control but once the boys cross that line, it is up to them. All


that work through the week has to come to fruition once they get on


to the park. This is a big pitch, it is awash with some rain. They


will be able to hit the ball about. Will that affect both teams? With


the rain, they should have their studs on. We might see some of


those men falling over. It will make it slippy. And Inveraray, they


have older players that might be stopping at the end of the season.


It is important for them? I spoke to a few of those players last


season and they wanted to give this one more go. Especially Scott


Robertson, his father was here in 2004 when he lifted the trophy.


should be a fantastic final. And you can see this live on BBC Two in


the company of Gary Ellis and Hugh blues. Wanting to take their place


in the long history other Scottish Hydro Camanachd Cup. The 105th time


that it has been played. 15 Guineas worth of silver. That has taken us


to these dignitaries. Archie Robertson, president of the


Camanachd Association. Shona Robison, the Sports Minister, being


introduced to Kyles Athletic. Kenny MacDonald, the goalkeeper. With a


brand new jumper for the occasion. They are joined by Councillor


Isobel Strong. Steward Hogarth from Scottish Hydro. And Jock Turner, a


great man. President of the Camanachd Association. As they


tried desperately for 90 minutes. Ever the diplomat. I am joined by


none other than Gary Innes. The gold medal winner himself. Five


appearances as winner. This is where it starts to get very edgy?


Absurdly, the boys want to get on with the game. This hanging about


as the wind picks up, and just some rain, but you don't really want to


hang about very much. You want to get on with the game. These boys


will be raring to go. I think the wind, we know that Inveraray have


taken the wind and will play from left to right. But the flag bearers


on the pitch with the teams, we can see that it is rippling but it has


been stronger. Would you play with the wind or against? That is a hard


decision. Each team likes to go with the wind or against it.


Psychologically, for those lads, it will not really matter. But both


teams will be very confident of getting themselves to the front to


have any chance of lifting the trophy. We will have one minute's


silence in memory of Liz McPhail, the wife of Donald McPhail, who


played in the winning team of 1994. That will precede the start of the


deepest condolences to family and friends... Please stand in silence,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


brings us to the point at the end of that silence in memory of his


midfield. There is strength and depth and a great starting 12


players. Garry MacPherson up front. Bags of experience at the back of


Captain Scott Robertson, and he is retiring. But not shy. Kyles


Athletic. Experience mixed with the youth and panache. The legend that


is Kenny MacDonald in the goal. There is a dynamic centre line.


Fisher MacDonald, himself a winner with the rolling subs during the


match. The referee today, Graham Cameron. He rightly insists on


being from Poole and not Fortwilliam. Inveraray end blue and


white. Kyles Athletic in Ghana. -- yellow. The Camanachd Cup Final


gets underway. He will soon see just how important that breeze is


going to be. The conditions underfoot will be set year. It is a


firm surface but there is no excuse. No excuses. It feels just perfect,


the grass is short and has been cut well. The West see some of the boys


on their bottoms earlier on. credit to the work of the grounds


magnificent pitch. You'll hear Graham Cameron's voice in the


commentary explaining some of the decisions. Roberts and sends the


ball through. The difficulty will be just judging how far that Paul


will go. Everything about a final is about nerves and composure. The


next five or 10 minutes is crucial to a search for self-. This will be


a very interesting battle between two very influential players. If


you will see quite a lot of strong challenges here this afternoon. The


good chance for Kyles to make their mark. David McPherson, the Olympic


flame career, sets off on a run and he has stopped short. McPherson


coming very deep. Body McDonald breaking to the left. -- Roddy


McDonald. Another good ball from Zavaroni, gets it back to the


danger area. Just a thought he would take it on the volley.


think there was David Robertson who flicked the ball there, yet been


brought back deep against Zavaroni's initial Borley attempt.


-- volley attempt. Good hit from the touchline. Again it drifting


deeper to pick up the ball. Here is Irvine. The tactical opening


exchange is crucial, he will change the position? I think that was


predictable Scott would make its mark. He is a solid player. He will


be showing very early on. Just back from Portugal on Wednesday, he had


been at a wedding. For good shot thereby Macleod, a good effort, not


quite on goal. Turned it on his right, takes a shot right across,


just wide. Always the danger of a deflection. The rain again coming


down, heavier now from a left, that they go sets off -- make Murdo. Got


a deflection. That will give it Inveraray a corner. Knows exactly


what he wants to do, sees a space, gets a deflection. He is one of two


sets of twins, highly unusual feature of today's game. We will


come back to that later. The twins for Inveraray. Another corner.


this time Robbie MacLeod at the opposite end. The Kyles players


wearing black armbands as a mark of respect. The minute's silence we


had at the start of the game. Not the biggest defenders in the world.


Very mobile. They punch above their weight, I was going to say, but


that not quite accurate. They Nicholas Crawford making his first


appearance, at No. 4, 4 in for the. John Smylie, took him three shots


to get past the semi-final as a coach. Disposed Kinlochshiel in


some way. Kyles seemed to be pushing as a unit. The bulk of the


players in the Kyles half. It had come by Ewan McGregor. -- McMurdo.


Not easy to sneak anything past Graham Cameron. Looking for a spot


at the moment. -- spark. A shot on goal, perhaps. All very cagey, both


sides looking for an opening. first five minutes was crucial to


settle down for so a chance for injury, it is in. -- Inveraray. It


is a goal for Inveraray. The goal has been given. It is a goal for


McKinley. That was very interesting. Profits printing yen. Ghostly the


ball, it misses it, gets a second opportunity -- he does have to hit


the ball. Left Kenny MacDonald with no chance. You have to ask why


Crawford was not stop it. He is trying to keep from going wide to


reduce the angle. It worked out well for him to get a second ball


across with the Kyles defender. Seven minutes, particularly, the


man who seems to drift in and out of the team but when he is there, a


lethal finisher. -- McKinley. Inveraray need to hold this. I said


the game was looking for a spark. A little bit of afters there. Fraser


MacDonald Ann Scott Robertson are going to have an interesting


afternoon. That is the goalscorer, the man who has made the difference


at the moment. We will see a many interesting battles all over the


field. Iain MacPherson again. Beware though thankfully has


improved, it is brighter. -- the weather. This was a sublime finish.


Somebody should have stepped out and Beth Crawford. Miceli's


allowed one up staying at it from the touchline. Difficult to throw


up the ball today in the windy situation. There was a question


about whether the ball had gone back in first, this was the


intensity we could see for the next 90 minutes or so. Nicholas Gruffydd


just in there trying to get the ball off them. -- Crawford. Roddy


McDonald is a way. Mick first and did enough to come off his line.


would have liked to pull the ball away bit further wide. He just


didn't quite manage to get it on target. Scott Roberts and it made


the crucial intervention. -- Robert area at first before the attacking


player goes in after it. There was a suggestion of we might want to


have a look at that again, whether McKinley was in the box before the


ball. We can come back to that, perhaps. The goal judge's flag was


up but the referee over ruled that. I suppose that is an indication,


but at the end of the day it is the referee's decision. That is what


will go in the danger area in front of the goal. Roddy Macdonald! He


has done it on the second time of asking. Absolutely brilliant, he


read it perfectly well. They put a high ball in. Comes forward, but


first and will be upset he missed that. What did that Donald doesn't


need any second asking -- Roddy McDonald. That is some celebration


from Tighnabruaich. We always thought he would be the main threat.


He finished off their in style. The goalkeeper did that. National


shinty player of the year last year, Kyles's top goalscorer. He will be


very happy. I am sure his father will be as well. Not to mention his


mother. Seen here giving some advice to both of them. The heart


of the defence looking shaky at the moment. Kyles keeps putting high


balls but as a forward you like low balls but it seems to be working


quite well. He is allowed to slap the ball out. The goalkeeper can


use his open hand to stop the ball and move it. As a goalkeeper, a


player, you did want to miss a ball like that. Especially when you see


what has happened with the result. He will be very upset. Chance


offered, chance taking, at both ends. We have even Stevens as we


head for quarter-of-an-hour. In Ferrari 1, Kyles one, Roger


McDonald with the reply -- no issue. I would like to look at


Rosol McKinley's feet, I think that was the issue. It is Dame on. -- it


puts in a very decent shift. Very much a heart, alongside David


MacPherson, on the Central line. This is a deliberate tactic. On to


the goalkeeper. Inveraray had better do something about that. I


think they have targeted MacPherson for some treatment. If they get the


ball on target, who knows what can happen? This seems to be directly


from either the management or the players, right down the throat.


Feed the bear on the saddest. the issue of the wind, Keeping Up


ball low into the wind. That hit 10 was hanging in the wind. -- hit-in.


Running off the ball. He is lining up. Oh, that was off the post. Off


the post again. That was inches away from putting Kyles ahead.


is very hard to see from here but it might have been the defender.


raised the shot. That is good defending. Did not quite make the


post. Macdonald, lurking about. question he is taking the


initiative. 100%. This will be a very interesting game. Douglas is


also very fit and strong. And fast. He will need to keep an eye on


Roddy MacDonald, or there could be more damaged than. At the other


rent, damaged... But fears and just getting through. -- Garry


MacPherson. Kenny MacDonald, the oldest man on the pitch. Through to


Fraser Macdonald, that was good running from the ball. David


Zavaroni. That was a great intervention. David Robertson.


Tidying up. At beautiful move. Three, four passes. Beautiful.


Betty was up there, it was three against two. Beautiful. Nicholas


Crockford. Easy enough to back out because he is the only one with a


helmet. His first appearance. Well taken, midfield. He turns the other


way. Stuart Robertson, getting on to his better side. Here is Garry


MacPherson running. He turns the other way. He will unleash


something. Oh, that was a good deflection again. Donald Irvine got


his stick to it. That was on target. Graham MacPherson steadies himself


and takes the shot. Donald, he would not have known that. Very


good defending. Kenny MacDonald would have said he had that covered.


And again, Donald Irvine. He has won gold medal already. This as


another attack from calves. Roddy MacDonald is away. And he is an!


And away! Roddy MacDonald, from Kyles Athletic, has turned the


tables. That was a magnificent finish and there was only one thing


on his mind as he got away from the defender. He has done it again.


That was a beautiful first touch. Had he got through. Classics


celebrations as well. He had a couple of goes at that. Has used up


the other rent, had he connected when he first wanted to, he might


not have managed to get to the goal. He has got the second of the game.


Kyles ahead 2 - 1. Only 90 minutes gone. Good as me. -- goodness me.


It goes on. The history and the baggage of this great competition


with these great sides. Back to that long reach, he has at least


five inches over the top of Douglas. And that was just enough to get by.


Enough to give him that extra yard. A back fears and! Goal! My


goodness! -- Garry MacPherson. Garry MacPherson with that sublime


finish again. For Inveraray. He gave Kenny MacDonald no chance.


Four goals and 20 minutes in the Camanachd Cup Final. What again. It


bounces back. He steps aside. And absolute denials that. Yes, I think


his vision might have been compromised because he did not move


until later on. It was that that will step over that made that. And


you can see the reaction behind the goal. They saw it coming. But Kenny


MacDonald could not do anything. Inveraray again. Enter the box.


That was a great tackle. He gets it away. Every time he gets the ball,


he is looking very confident. There watching him run rather than trying


to intervene. Which will prove costly. The player with the ball


has the upper hand. Undoubtedly. is quite uncharacteristic for Kyles


Athletic to be like this. Baby it is the big stage and they don't


want to make any mistakes. Amateur, but they were made to sharpen up in


the back. -- they will need to sharpen up. Down on the touchline,


it is insulation tape they're using to patch them up. Possibly from


winding and that fishing line after the goal! Been very again! -- been


very again. And a third goal for infirmary. This time, Chris


Crawford. -- Inveraray. We are exploding with goals. Inveraray


started at 53 goals this season and Kyles with 36 goals. Here we have


five goals and a Scottish Cup Final. And we're not even at half-time.


This is all too much. What a wonderful match. Five goals. And


every one of them had a terrific finish. Maybe one or two mistakes


along the way. Look at a celebration. Crawford strikes.


Let's remind ourselves of the score. It is taking some keeping up. 3 - 2.


This might only be the second ever all South final. You could not put


your money on either team. Terry Ellis says the North could not


produce any final like this! -- Gary Innes. Andrew McMurdo came in.


He must stay close. That that will push on the back after that.


almost feel as if the players need to step back and take a deep breath


and see whether can go from here. They cannot keep this place up, can


they? The adrenalin is running high between all 24 players on the field.


And along the side. R Beazley, Kyles Athletic trailing by one goal.


They will want to get level as quickly as possible. We will see


this place for a good bit longer. - - this place. -- pace. The crowd


started off in the stand. Presumably, Cas that letter, just


to witness. -- can pathetic. -- Kyles Athletic. 25 action-packed


minutes gone. We have had one goal every 20 -- 2.5 minutes. 10 - 92


end up? Euan McMurdo is the only forward for Inveraray not to get


any goal. He will be very excited, shall we say, at the prospect of


getting them on to the scoresheet once more. Certainly plenty of


excitement and the crowd have been gobsmacked. There are two men in


the box at a gobsmacked. They are up for it. Roddy MacDonald is up


for it. You can see one or two players are losing their footing.


David Zavaroni, flat-footed. He got there in the end. The referee has


allowed play to go on. They possibly heard a whistle? Maybe


someone sneezing. He has given his whistle and shake. -- and shake.


Roddy MacDonald, they will fix him at half-time. He isn't going to


come off just for that? You could cut off his finger right down and


he would not think anything of it. Inveraray dealing with the ball up


the middle. Do you think they have mastered that? The defence is


looking better, now? They are looking more solid, now. Just


tripping himself up, there. David MacPherson was right behind him to


mop up. Thomas and John, the twins. Sons of the legendary Tom White.


There would be quite a party in that house if Kyles Athletic win


today. He has given it to Roddy MacDonald. That was untidy front


has it that it. David MacPherson. He takes his time. The ball breaks


to the captain, Andrew King. Who was a bag of nerves this morning.


Unfortunately, we could not use his interview earlier because there


were some special words! Anyway, Andrew King. Leading the charge.


Robbie MacLeod is doing a lot of damage. McPherson. They have to be


very careful. The ball around his feet. Scott Robertson. This is


where you want the forward running. Donald Irvine, cool stuff. Garry


MacPherson, now. Beautifully taken. He finds David MacPherson. Another


goal! For Inveraray. It is that man, Russell MacKinlay, with the 4th


goal for Inveraray. And of a sudden, they are in charge. A firefighter


from Glasgow has given them that advantage. It came off Donald


Irvine. Great ball. He just rolls it towards the goal. One Touch and


MacDonald did not have a chance. Just so much experience. What a


finish. That little Fleck and the reach was enough to deflect the


ball past. We now have two players with a hat-trick. The referee will


reset the play. Both players should keep their feet on the ground, here.


As the referee throws the ball up. The first one was not quite tidy


enough. Macdonald again. How quickly will Kyles Athletic be able


to get back? That was poor. He will be disappointed at that. He has


actually been brought back, have they through the season, from being


up front to the centre position. He still manages a few goals. The


third top goalscorer. But Donald did not really have a chance, did


he? Absolutely. But Russell MacKinlay knew exactly what he was


doing. Nice and easy, slips it into the left-hand corner. He had a lot


to do to finish that. I can see James Perlich, the coach, looking


for a bit more. All ages, shapes and dimensions are here. From all


over. I can see people from the Isle of Skye, Lewis, everywhere.


Inveraray, with their tails up. Oh, Kenny MacDonald. Great save. That


was Russell MacKinlay on the hat- trick. Goodness me. The defence has


gone to sleep? It has. Russell MacKinlay, he did not even come to


meet that ball. That was a mistake by the defender. Kenny MacDonald


has dealt with that very well. Perhaps Russell MacKinlay had more


time than he pot. -- than he thought. Scott Robertson has to


follow. He has to get back. Roddy MacDonald... First to the ball. And


the referee might have played the ball. Kyles have a chance appear.


Good refereeing from Graham Cameron. The very clean and fast flowing


game. Keeping the play flowing, much to the players' credit.


Interesting to see if they play it low into the feet. They play a high


ball again. Back to do the defensive chores. There is Crawford


again. Diminutive in the heart of the defence. This is the high ball


again. It worked so effectively early on. For some impossibility


looking at Roddy Macdonald's stick. Just overcooked. It is a place for


brave men to be under this ball. Absolutely. Every chance of a


deflection as we saw earlier on in the match as well. They have got


two goals already. Just a brief glimpse of John Smylie. What a name


for a winning coach. Interesting, looking at the average age from


Inveraray, the starting age is 31 years old. Kyles, it is 27, bearing


in mind their goalkeeper is 50 years old, it did 10 years older


than his counterpart, Graham McPherson. -- a good 10 years older.


Possibly experience is starting to show. They are getting through to


Kenny MacDonald far too often. Kyles lads don't seem to be closing


down as quickly and as they could. Always been one of the great


hallmarks, the defenders are taking no nonsense, no prisoners in the


nicest possible way. Just standing off a little bit too much. They


don't actually have won a key Old Vic had to keep the young boys in


check. -- it one a key old figure. Possibly something with age and


experience. Calomel it was outstanding -- Calluna Mellor.


Callum Millar. He is not quite in the game enough for me. Nothing


worse as a player when you really want to be involved in a game, you


want to be influential. The what does happen is you go through


spells of not keeping the ball but it is very important for those lads


who are key and influential committee distribute very well.


too happy that was given against him. He is a brave man. Got to be


five metres away. He was, just about. Bit of a high risk strategy


put in your body on the line this early. Robertson fires it forward.


Nobody seems to be closing it down quick enough. All the balls are


falling to yellow jumpers at the moment. Inevitable the pressure


will come. There will be sustained. John Smylie by a long way the happy


of the two managers. Kyles are discussing the midfield, it seems


to be where the breakdown is. Their defence have to start closing down


far quicker as well, at the back. I did think they will make a change


before half-time at this late stage, something they must address if they


want a chance of winning this game. Managers have the options of having


players on or off, bringing them back. Kenny MacDonald has to deal


with it, knocked it out, again, into the danger area rather than a


safe area. Just a bit shaky. That last goal, the second goal, it has


knocked Kyles confidence and it seemed as happy or steady on the


ball. When it hit the deck it just kind of killed it. He had to


readjust. Roddy Macdonald, back to Robbie MacLeod. Scott Robert some


careful, falls to Whyte. captain there, once more making


short nobody is getting by him position. A great ball. The ball


reached the danger area round about blacks have it at the moment. 4-2.


The wind in their favour. Six and a half minutes left of the first half.


The most dramatic first half we have had since the last Camanachd


Cup final. We have had a succession of great matches. The players have


presented us with a magnificent spectacle and today is no exception.


Here come Inveraray at pace again. Just McMurdo this time. Crawford is


looking for Russell MacKinlay. That is more like the Kyles tackle and


we know. -- tackling. Off the ball where, Crawford is taken down by


Whyte. Just as the pace picks up you will see one or two things


going on. That is a good example of a forward defending. Gary


MacPherson, the ball look like he was going to run out, and he read


the game had managed to deflect the ball out for a shy. Macdonald needs


to stab at it. -- two stabs. Lots of yellow shirts, they seem to be


throwing resources at their tackling. A great craft and effort.


Beautiful touch, kicks the ball. He is a great impact player, not in


the team all the time. He makes no bones about the fact he cannot


travel awaited games but if he is at home he is very much part of the


squad. Him and daring that first and have been a partnership like no


other. -- Gary MacPherson. First nobody should be this is a done


deal. The Kyles can fight back against any team in yellow and


black. Three goals in seven minutes in the 2009 final. By look we


manage to get the last one and pinch it. He has had ago. The trick


there is to make the decision, are you going to have a go on what?


preferred side, if he had hit it first, the ticket inches wide past


the post. -- he took it. This it is still dry at Mossfield Park, this


wonderful shinty setting. For a deep well round the pitch. -- four.


The stand is back. The hill behind us is probably well covered, I


haven't been out since the start of the Games. Kyles tried to get back.


All four Inveraray forwards are very much involved. Everything


seems to be coming through. There is a corner here for Inveraray,


that is the hill behind us. A wonderful sight, there is the stand


across from where we are sitting. Absolutely packed. Only one quarter


of the corner of the pitch that is well populated. The tribute to the


drawing power of these teams from all guile -- Argyll. Great save


from Kevin with a will. -- Kenny MacDonald. With he should never


have been left on his own. What reactions, Fraser MacDonald, an


exchange of opinion with Scott Robertson. Starting to get very


tough. No with a chance, -- Kyles it. Wonderful goalkeeping at both


ends. David MacPherson send it up the rent. Both goalkeepers, 90


years worth of shinty between them. Neither has Cataract yet. Scott


Robertson gets in. Intervention. It took two in very players this time


to deal with that. That is better. Much happy with his saved.


catches it it just perfect. Exactly the same as we had with Kenny


MacDonald. You can watch just how carefully he took it, what a first


half it has been with six fantastic goals. So much action. The play is


no -- the players know the clock is running down. They will finish bang


on at 45. Remarkably we have had no The first half comes to the close


and what a first half. Two goals for can synthetic and Karin


McPherson on the other end supplying the finish. Russell


MacKinlay put Inveraray ahead. And that has given them a lot to talk


about. That is what we are at half- time. 4 - 2. I'm joined by John


Smylie, you must be a very happy man? Happy after the first 45


minutes. The game has gone the way be thought. Both teams have good


forwards so it's whoever can score the most goals. You were 2-1 down


and then the floodgates opened. forwards are playing well. The wind


will play its part? What are you looking today for the second half?


I wanted to make a couple of changes. How will try to hold out


for the first 20 minutes. About let you get back to the boys in the


dressing room. Quite an extraordinary first half. Drew


MacNeil is with me. Disappointing?! Shinty is great when you take away


the defence. But that does a brilliant first half. I have no


idea what is going to happen. struggling to hear you because the


background noise is unbelievable. 4 - 2 at half-time. Let's look


through the goals. Russell MacKinlay opened the scoring after


seven minutes. Yes, that was a good one. Bad defending. Chris Crawford


drives it into the box. It just falls to Russell MacKinlay. He does


not think about it, he'd just knocks it in. Brilliant play from


Chris. He just knocks it straight into the net. Definitely not


offside. An extraordinary start for Inveraray. Quite amazing. But Kyles,


they are tenacious. They got straight back. Two mistakes. That


was a little embarrassing? They had earlier warning. Again,


unfortunately for the goalkeeper, he mess tents that. There were a


couple of occasions afterwards when they got away easily. That was a


bad mistake, really. Roddy MacDonald getting his second. Such


a fantastic player and a predator? This was the breakaway. Roddy


MacDonald should have been stopped. But he was not. Scott Robertson


should have stopped him as well. He will be disappointed with that.


They have broken away. It was the Inveraray corner. That was a nice


finish. He must be celebrating that for quite a while. His fishing trip.


You can hear the noise, Stuart McIntosh and David Hall, playing


the song they have written especially about shinty. There they


are, singing on the pitch. And very fine it is, too. 2 - 1. They looked


to be cruising and then defence went to sleep? The goalkeeper has


lost four goals. That was a good shot. Russell was quite cute. He


just obstructs it slightly. He has just protected him. You can see


Russell MacKinlay, just getting away on the defender. The goal has


no chance from that range. That was a super finish. How and Chris


Crawford made it 3 - 2. What a celebration. Another mistake. That


was a defensive error. He uses his low centre of gravity and he got


inside the box. You must feel sorry for Kenny. 50 years old this year.


This is a big final for him to playing in. Frustrating that he has


not been the same. Then 4 - 2. Russell MacKinlay gets the 4th goal


for Inveraray. Russell is cute. He just turns nicely. He uses his


reach. Kenny has got no chance. Three goals from inside the box.


That was a tough one for the goalkeeper. That is the Lemmy stand


at half-time. 4 - 2 in the Camanachd Cup Final. This is the


first shinty final this year that features two sides from the


Premiership. Sue Dann McClelland would take us through the other


finals. Starting with the MacTavish Cup. The first major Cup Final, the


MacTavish Cup, is an indication of whether trophies might go. No


surprise that you to Maud took this flyer against Lochaber from


Division One and they were well ahead at first -- in the first half.


Nicholson got one back after one hour. Then, John Mackenzie made it


4 - 1 with 20 minutes remaining. You to more were always in control.


Always more creative. -- Newtonmore. Almost inevitably, Daniel MacRae


scored to make it 5 - 1 just before full-time. John Mackenzie had the


chance to take the cup back to Newtonmore for a record 38 times.


Rained off at the first attempt, enter Mary were no strangers to the


Celtic society Cup Final against Taynuilt from Division One South. 4


- 0 at half-time and the floodgates opened in the second half with five


goals in eight minutes. Karin McPherson made it 5 - 0. The second


of three goals. Russell MacKinlay got his hat-trick after 54 minutes.


McMurdo weighed in with the first of his hat-trick at 61 minutes. He


got his hat-trick to make a 12 - 0 with 10 minutes remaining.


Virtually completing a very difficult day for Taynuilt. Russell


MacKinlay completed the scoring to make it 14 - 0. That is a record


score. It gave their captain, Scott Robertson, the chance to pick up


the oldest trophy in shinty. Oban Camanachd against Glenurquhart.


This certainly made their mark. They had a blistering open period.


Cameron getting this dramatic strike after six minutes. And the


goals would get even better. Neil Reid got the second after 24


minutes. With this fantastic finish. The third goal was to come from


Roddy Cameron, making it 3 - 0 at half-time. They looked increasingly


comfortable. And Oban Camanachd's getting the 5th goal. Seven minutes


remaining. The issue was put beyond any doubt. As Oban Camanachd stuck


with their task at hand. He was McClelland, finishing completely.


The final goal, just three minutes from time. That was a comfortable


Happy days, winning the Macaulay Cup. Drew MacNeil was the coach for


that side and that was just a few weeks back. It looked warmer than


today. Good memories? I am still warm from that day! Two weeks ago,


you would not recognise this place. It was a lot warmer. That will keep


us warm for a very long time. talk about this Camanachd Cup Final.


An incredible first half. 4 - 2. Kyles will have the wind with them


in the second half, is that to the benefit? They were playing the long


ball down the middle. They will not have that option because Inveraray


can settle in. It will suit them. They have a lot of legs up front.


Another man and a Bencher can run all day. Six goals in the first


half. What will happen? Gary Ns and Uganda Cleland... -- sued Dan


half of this pulsating Camanachd Cup Final. Six goals in an amazing


first half. Just before the game, everybody said that it was too


close to call. It might be tight. There will be a few goals. But, my


goodness! Absolutely. We both could not call this at the start. We


thought it might be the day for Kyles. Here we are, 4 - 2. 45


minutes left to play and an incredible day so far. No changes


after half-time. We have the rolling substitutes. Kyles in blue


and white, going from left to right. Roddy MacDonald. He has scored two


goals already. Still on the losing end of it, at the moment. Just a


little bit bigger, there. He will be looking for some protection from


the referee. He does not seem very happy. He has caught him on the


back. He does not seem very happy with that. The pitch is greasy on


top. It does not look too bad at this stage. The light is good, the


picture is hard. Russell MacKinlay, he turns it back in. Well... Not a


bad effort. He did not even look. Perhaps just a little hand on the


back but the referee gave them the benefit of the doubt. He did not


trouble the keeper. You can see the hand going up. Just that flash


across the goal. He is a key figure, Kenny MacDonald. Kenny MacDonald


sends it, rocket fuelled, two- thirds of the length of this


enormous pitch. The wind in their favour. That is perhaps an example


of how it will take them a few minutes to get the pace of the ball


and the strength of the wind. Absolutely. David Zavaroni, just


getting excited. He saw the goal but from that distance, he should


be using his forwards, bringing them into play down the wing. But


who knows what could happen? Especially after what we have seen


so far. They are very well wrapped up on the touchline. Two or three


layers of jackets. It is chilly for those people standing about. But


the crowd have been well warmed. One half of the crowd, particularly.


Inveraray, obviously. They look far more settled. They just want to go


out and have no worries. Kyles Athletic seemed to be chasing the


ball for this first couple of minutes. The danger for both sides


is that they will allow the pace to drop. We know that Inveraray have


been dining out on steaks and pasta in terms of their training. That is


looking good at this stage. Whether they have to pay for it or not,


that is something we shall investigate. Dunky Kerr! The flag


is up. The goal judge has got his flag up. This is very interesting.


Very interesting. Duncan Kelly, the judge, has asked for an audience


but the referee... Let us listen... This is what happened. The ball was


in. First aid has been called for. Is that a penalty? I think it is.


That was very painful. He has caught him on the leg. The referee


cannot go to ground... He is speaking to the captain. He has


stopped the ball himself. He has given a penalty. He has. For the


tackle on Dunky Kerr. Immediately, Kyles have a penalty. For that


tackle by the keeper and the penalty is being taken by Robbie


MacLeod, No. 8. This is very straightforward. It is straight.


From Robin a cloud against Graham MacPherson. -- Robbie MacLeod. This


is a great chance to hit back. Goal! Robbie MacLeod. Striking back


for Kyles Athletic. He has got them back into this game early in the


second half. He actually does not catch that very well at all. The


bounce has helped. He gets the ball past McPherson. There are different


ways of taking a penalty and there at the very difficult or easy for


the goalkeeper. But the bouncing ball in front of the keeper is


extremely difficult to deal with Ann McPherson could not cope with


that. Her one of the hardest. And the ball actually moves. When it


hits the ground, it comes away to the left. Macpherson at first but


he had this. And once it hit the ground, he has taken that day


version. 4 - 3. First blood to Kyles Athletic in the second half.


Seven extraordinary goals in an incident-packed Camanachd Cup Final.


Macpherson will be upset at the penalty being given. It does look


like he has stopped the ball. was off his feet. Another great


save from MacPherson. Fantastic goalkeeping. Thomas Whyte, 10 goals


this season. He catches the ball perfectly. Could not have got that


any better. Diving. Here it comes again. Oh, and the tackle again. I


think this could be a yellow card? Stuart Robinson, in some bother


with the referee. He has gone in strong. McLeod has sold that


perfectly. Final warning. And a wasted chance. Good refereeing from


Graham Cameron. He catches that brilliantly. It is all about timing


under his belt. A desperate place to be, a lonely life before he


shinty goalkeeper. It is a goal! MacPherson, what a strike!


Unbelievable. It just shows you from one great save at one end he


would have another go at the other red for Inveraray. A brilliant


strike. Her face a great folly for Crawford. -- that was a great


volley. I will just check the records to see what the record is,


at the number of goals in a Camanachd Cup final, because we are


getting there. I think it will be 13. 12-1. Idea that one half of


this match will be pleased with you record. We need five more.


wouldn't discredited at this point, they are coming from everywhere.


deliberate the way he landed up. McPherson is Inveraray's top


goalscorer, he will be very happy with his contribution so far this


afternoon. Just to correct the historical records, Newtonmore 11,


Furness three, 1909. Were a do at that game? I wasn't. Fact we have


an injury, I think. We have a flag at the goal judge on our right and


player, Fraser MacDonald Ann Scott be one of the hottest part of the


upset with himself. -- Russell. apologies for the technical issues


with the clock. They cannot keep up with the scoring, there are too


many. The Inveraray have five goals, three for Kyles Athletic. It is


anybody's guess what will happen here. Graham Cameron beginning to


take a firmer line forthwith some of the tackling, for understandable


reasons. I possibly think that was the wrong decision, King just died


did. Graham Cameron has decided it try to defend a 2--- their two-goal


Anything at Gary met first in 10 do at the Overend, Fraser MacDonald


can do. -- MacPherson. Not even the camera can catch it. Just beautiful,


into the top of the goal. minutes gone, nine goals, five of


them have gone to Inveraray, four have gone to Fraser MacDonald in


the Camanachd Cup winning team for Kyles Athletic in 1994, but within


better and better. Just when we think we have seen it all, another


goal. For nine goals, the two-goal lead has vanished. One goal and


Kyles are equal. They have got a bit of momentum. At the hour mark,


or thereabouts. He looks a bit edgy. The Kyles coach. I am not surprised.


The big hit for McPherson. She the pretty tetchy. The wind from left


to right. There is the flight, that shows you how strong the wind is.


That is one hour gone, half-an-hour to go. Nine goals, five for


Inveraray, four for Kyles Athletic. Anybody's game. Certainly in the


of the royal blues at the them up. Fraser MacDonald comes out again.


If he will be happy to drag Scott Macdonald! That is the 10th goal of


an unbelievable Camanachd Cup final. I was just going to say we haven't


really seen Fraser MacDonald, in this last 10 minutes he has stepped


up, a great goal. Court that sweet as you like into the roof of the


net, no chance. We are only four goals of the record. Who knows? You


certainly wouldn't discredited now. -- discredit it now. I cannot cope,


That is the summary. We are just past the hour mark. The half-an-


hour left, if we can take it. Penalties for the first time ever


at the Camanachd Cup final. There will be a big party somewhere


tonight. Far too early to say where. Tough tackle over the top. I think


Nicholas Crawford caused it. Whyte Kicked the ball, possibly. Kyles


are pushing forward. Dunky Kerr out to the right. It was wasted by


tiles. -- Kyles. Neither side has wasted any chances. Most games we


get to see, if aimlessly out but that has not happened much in this


game. He fancies another one, does pick Fraser MacDonald. Becoming a


personal contexts -- comes -- contest, Fraser MacDonald against


the captain. Kyles seemed to have the edge at the moment. Just the


momentum is enough, all of a sudden it has gone. it is just like a


machine gun. When a to call heads out there somewhere. -- One are too


injection of pace and running power. And he has had quite a serious


groin strain, hence the reason he hasn't started. Hasn't trained for


two or three weeks, was telling me before the game he hasn't given its


any good workout yet. Interesting to see how he fares. Stewart


Robertson will go off. We have got the other McMurdo is also limbering.


Just trying to catch his coach's attention. He fancies a bit of the


action. Graham is pacing. Roddy Macdonald has done his bit. Graham


finished with him very last year, he had retired, stepped back, and


got drafted in during the season through injury, and has since


become a crucial part and has scored quite a few goals as well.


He played all his days in the centre line but has scored a few


has come on a 14. And we have lost Stuart Robertson, No. 8. And also


David McPherson, No. 8. David MacPherson and the Olympic torch,


the Olympic Committee sent 10 to Inveraray, rather than Inveraray to


carry the touch. -- the torch. apologise for the absence of the


clock. Spring has sprung, obviously. We shall try to get that fixed.


Meanwhile, we shall keep you up-to- date. 5 - 5. 66 minutes on the


clock. Allegedly. This is absolutely pulsating. You cannot


take your eyes off this. Ruaridh Graham, he has actually pulled his


muscle. Already, you can see him holding that already. That is very


disappointing. He was delighted to be part of the squad and was


devastated after his injury. don't think he will last. He will


have to come off, he is struggling midfield. He has only been on and


he is indicating that he is coming off. Yes. Here he is. Coming off.


He is appealing to be taken off. will be very disappointed. And so


were the management, because he was such an influential player on his


day. They are not ready with the substitute. This is extraordinary,


they are one man down. He is on the field but he cannot contribute.


Inveraray, here they go. Nobody seems to be taking out any


substitute card. They will bring David MacPherson back on. I think.


Here we go. They have to keep the ball away from Ruaridh Graham at


the moment. Because he cannot do anything. McMurdo, looking for his


brother. Donald. He sends a flying. 68 the Met. Great ball through to


Fraser Macdonald. And in they go. McPherson! Roddy MacDonald was


inches away. What has saved. That would have been a hard one. He goes


down low, as he always does. Three men have actually gone through. He


manages to regain his balance. Just that split second to go. Well,


Ruaridh Graham, and that is very unfortunate. He knows himself. He


just could not last. The first time he tried to get the ball, his


muscle went. He knows find well that this is his last Scottish


final and he will be disappointed that he could not contribute more.


Well, David MacPherson has come back on. He is allowed to,


obviously. So, we have all the paperwork done and everybody is


back on the field, when they should be. And the clock is working!


Fraser MacDonald, he gets it across. That is the danger area. Pictures


and sweeps it across. One of the most difficult balls to deal with.


Going for the corner. Deflection. Kyles are pushing Inveraray, now.


They're starting to open up the defence. Quite a difference to what


we have seen. That one change, it is swings and roundabouts. Back in


the danger area. McPherson. He had to be quick again. Garry MacPherson


has turned the tide. He has his finger on the pulse. He has to stop


everything that Kyles are throwing at them. Kyles know that with this


pressure, they need to make the most of it. Try to get that goal.


At this time, Inveraray welcome back into this. And there was no


stress. He actually looks were he is going to put the ball. Well...


Well, that was painful. The ball landed with Nick murder. He did not


have the block. The referee has got it correct. -- McMurdo. He did hit


that ball intentionally. He was just quicker. McMurdo takes the


swing and catches him. No damage done. We have a subject coming up.


Number 16. Euan Campbell. Here he comes. He moved down to play for


Cowes this year and has done extremely well. No. 14 is coming


off. Euan Campbell, No. 16. Mostly the colour blue on the hill at the


moment. That might change. This young man is very fast and well


done. We can see him making an impact as well. Fraser MacDonald.


Kenny MacDonald has wandered out of his goals. He wants to join in. He


has had virtually nothing to do in the second half. He is at the


centre of every decision at the minute. The right hand goes in.


Graham MacPherson has a fantastic second half. He has lost a bunch of


goals but he has kept Inveraray in this. Here he comes again. Assisted


by the wind. In any shot at the goal, does the wind increased the


pace of the ball? It can increase but it also moves the ball in the


air. Which, for a goalkeeper, is very hard to deal with. It is a


very clever tactic. But it seems that keeping the ball lower will


work more effectively for them, especially in this half. You could


almost say that there is a bit of allow all because we have not had


any gold in 10 minutes. -- any goal. This is boring! You are delighted


with two or three goals in any Camanachd Cup Final but this is


incredible. He had that covered. It was worth the swing. Like murder


was not expecting that. -- McMurdo. He did the right thing. Down below,


the benches are sitting and waiting and wondering, what is going to


happen? What is the outcome going to be? Scott Robertson has had a


better the cake, there. Another free hit. -- has had a bit of my


cake, there. -- a kick. The Kyles Defence has had virtually nothing


to do in the second half and that is a great ball. It has been


incredible how much they have come into the second half. Here we go.


Across from Campbell, across the face of the goal. That was not far


enough away from being a good chance. Thomas Whyte, still there.


Clever ball from Euan Campbell. He pulls it off the stick perfectly,


slips past and runs on. Great vision but just a little bit too


hard, there. I saw him come on in a Premier League match and he had an


immediate impact. Dunky Kerr. had a facial injury. It was Andrew,


the stick was over the top. That has come down and has caught him on


the chin. No need for any cosmetics at this stage. Less than 15 minutes.


The tide is with Kyles Athletic. The danger area. Some singing. The


singing is on the hill. I am not sure what this election is. They


have had a few beers. Wonderful scenes, Gary? Incredible,


absolutely brilliant. Such a great reception from the fans today.


whatever it is going to be, it will always be known as the Argyll final.


Here comes Campbell. Fraser MacDonald. They're putting their


bodies on a line. Inveraray players, every one of them... And not for


the first time, Fraser Macdonald and Scott Robertson. Those two boys


have been at it all day long. This means everything to both of them


and they know this is their last final. Oh, there is yellow-card.


Number three. Alan McDonald. Well, anyway, that is remarkable. 76


minutes before the first one. credit to the players. They have


been fantastic and it has been played in the greatest sport and


spirit. There is a corner to Kyles. He has been a difference. I thought


he would when he came on. He is one of those players who gets stuck in,


for young man. As I say, we have the Kyles corner, here. Good ball


into the middle. MacDonald goes up. There is a huge number of bodies.


David Zavaroni. 10 or 15 players. All around the goalmouth, and that


makes it difficult for the keeper because he has no chance whatsoever.


We have four players up front for Inveraray and in the middle of the


field. It is like a desert at the far end. Kenny MacDonald is having


a chat with the crowd. He is just passing the time. Here we come, the


other end. Another one! The sticks are flying. That was a mistake from


McMurdo. Dunky Kerr, fires it back in. Kyles have a spare man. Oh!


Goal! And that was a goal for Kyles! Roddy MacDonald with his 4th


goal! This is just unbelievable! That is him just saving his hat-


trick. What a day! This was an outstanding goal for Roddy


MacDonald. McPherson on the near post, he will be disappointed. He


did not possibly see that until it was too late. Kyles, in the lead.


And the scenes of celebration on the hill is incredible. That is the


score. Roddy MacDonald has got four of them. We well done. There could


be a gold medal in this. We will think about that later. Meanwhile,


at the other end, goodness me... How many Cup finals can you see


that? If Kyles when this, Roddy MacDonald will get a Hansson dinner


when he comes home. And it isn't done yet. What a remarkable Cup


Final. They're just taking a breath. 10 minutes to go. Karin McPherson


shaking his head. All that steak and all that pasta. They will be


thinking they're starting to throw this game away. With that two-goal


advantage. 10 minutes left. Kyles need another goal. They will know


that. Scott Robertson is in trouble. Fraser MacDonald, bowls them over.


And this is all about the next 9.5 minutes. What is it like? What is


happening is the legs are burning, they don't know what is going on in


their heads. Inveraray, disappointment. Anger and


frustration. Kyles, it is about keeping the momentum going and


getting another goal. Put that together and we will see a lot of


they have to lift the cup. You were betting we would get a result in


the 90 minutes. I couldn't possibly bet. He would have said at this


stage of the game we would have 11 goals? It is incredible. Dunky Kerr.


up with a goal. That is what it means to Kyles. James Perlich.


he is there in the crowd, make yourself known, in very are


possibly looking for you. -- Inveraray. There is an awful lot of


blue up there, a smattering of red, I did see any yellow. It seems to


be at the far end at my left. The quiet end of the field in the


second half, I have to say, there is a blast of yellow up behind the


Inveraray goalkeeper, the shirts harassment there. A clever play.


Clever play by both players. Ally MacDonald knew was coming in and


was going to foul him. Possibly the inexperience. I am struggling to


see what is wrong with this, so far. His stick his round his waist.


him busy though. The young man had a stick around his waist. Seven


minutes left, the clock ticks. Inevitably heading towards 90


minutes. That is the figure we need to look at. Lookout for. The other


two figures are the goal tallies, the Six and the five, because that


comes to 11. It is one in favour of the royal blues. Tighnabruaich. The


empty village of Tighnabruaich I suspect, save for one or two. He


could not make it for one reason or another. Zavaroni. A little over


hit there. Not quite at the stage where they will not care where they


are hitting. Not at all. I am surprised Inveraray haven't managed


to come back into this game in the last 10 minutes. With every sport,


football or shinty, rugby, each team has their time. Inveraray have


not managed to capitalise, make now gone to 5-6. That has seen the


lead changed hands. We have gone from six goals to 11. We could be


The opportunity was there for him also. Look how quickly Inveraray


want to take this ball. They have got their own supporters. Off the


post. Goodness me! It doesn't get any more dramatic than this.


heart was in my mouth. It takes a deflection. When things like that


happened you think maybe it isn't Inveraray's day. Four-and-a-half


minutes left. That is a bad foul to give away in the middle of the


field. In the commentary position they are off their seats. It is too


much to be sitting down watching this lot. Sombre faces. It is not


over yet. Four minutes plus injury time. There will not be a lot of


that. The game really hasn't stopped a lot. Graham Cameron has


done very well to keep the game going, an excellent game.


area's Roddy Macdonald, our four- goal hero. He has given the Fowler


way, Kyles will be happy with that. If you are picking the Albert Smith


gold-medal winner for the game's outstanding player as it is


inscribed in the middle, where would you go? I think the


commentary box. You couldn't possibly not give it to Roddy


Macdonald, scored four goals in a Camanachd Cup final and if it stays


the way he is he as also scored the winner. I think it would be very


hard not to give it to him. comments about Roddy Macdonald are


our own views, not the official man-of-the-match decision by any


means. Last year there was a hat- trick in the Camanachd Cup final.


Danny McCraken as he never won a medal. A -- MacRae. There are


usually three people on the panel. Previous winners of the Camanachd


Cup at the Albert Smith winner. Roddy Macdonald has just gone down


with cramp below us here. referee is saying play on, doesn't


want anything to do with it. A bit rash from you in the meadow. -- UN


McMurdo. -- Euan. They are throwing him water bottles, they want to run


the clock down. 2:left -- two minutes left of this unbelievable


Cup final. I have exhausted my vocabulary in terms of expressing


the action. This has got to be up there with the best of the Cup


finals I have seen since 1964. Kenny MacDonald played in the first


match I ever did a radio commentary on in 1983 and he is in better


shape than I am and he will be a lot happier, the happiest man in


Tighnabruaich. It is getting tough, Garry. Both these players know that


they are running the clock down, that is a waste for Inveraray.


Fraser MacDonald. Zavaroni gets it in. No sign of cramp for Roddy


Macdonald. MacPherson has got to packets -- pass it, keep it in play.


An act of defiance. Kyles have it. Going through, a great tackle from


No. 4. Nicholas Kerr Crawford in his first Camanachd Cup final,


looks like it might be disappointment from him. Difficult


to think there could be another goal. You have been there. This


could be the last roll of the dice for Inveraray. MacKinlay, he is not


fast enough this time. In it comes to the doctor, Irvine leaves it to


Zavaroni you fires it away. It doesn't really matter where it does


now. It is in the last 10 seconds down below us the presentation


party of gearing up, behind us and around us, the blue-and-white party


is given up. There are three minutes. The Roddy Macdonald is


breathing heavily. Three minutes of injury time to be played. What a


tackle, Game On! He has got it, he won the foul. He has wasted it. He


has wasted the chance. He is definitely pulling them back. He


did it too quickly, and it bounced chance. In Ferrari need to get the


Roddy Macdonald takes off, one of the three minutes has gone. They


need to eat the clock, Inveraray need the ball at the other end of


the field. Zavaroni has mystic. Robertson get it away. Garry


MacPherson to the left aside, no murder gets a stake in. -- McMurdo


gets a stake in it. Tom White, one of the firefighters on the field.


Of whom there are a few. John Smylie is down. I think he is not


quite given it up. I suspect it is beyond them now. Fraser MacDonald


fires in on the goal. He just needs the ball up there. Graham Cameron


has told him it is just about done, one minute left. The cameras are


massing here to get the pictures of war will be incredible scenes. --


and what will be. Roddy Macdonald is man of the match. Very well


deserved. Four goals, no wonder. You could not give it to him after


that. Here we go again, it is McMurdo, on the back can. It has


got to beat, it has to go out of play. Not yet. Inveraray still have


it. 22nd on hour clock. Graham Cameron is looking at all these


watches. 10 seconds. It is the referee's watch and his whistle, it


is a foul. It is a free hit in Ferrari. He is looking at his watch


as well. They need the ball up there. They cannot score directly


from this, they have to get it into play. They have to get it into play.


They have wasted it. Robertson knows he ever could tick. The Kyles


bench is leaping. Kenny MacDonald picks up the ground, he knows


himself this is probably the last hit of the ball in this Camanachd


Cup final. The last Cup final he describe what has happened on a


hill. It has exploded, blue and white. And no wonder. Four goals


from Roddy Macdonald have won a famous victory. Grant Irvine he was


injured, Graham MacPherson bitterly disappointed. The brewery keeper. -


- the Inveraray keeper. They are absolutely dancing. These are


wonderful scenes. What is it like to be in this position where you


have held on, you look beaten, you got back and you have won it?


is a was that the part that it's really hard to to taking,


especially when your family and friends and everybody is hugging


and kissing the. He will not really sink in till later tonight or even


tomorrow. Unfortunately for Inverurie the reality kicks in they


have just lost a Scottish Cup final. Utter disappointment. I really feel


for the lad, having been there at both ends, winning and losing, the


best feeling in the world winning, but is it in a Camanachd Cup final


takes a long time to get over. Especially having a two-goal


advantage. Let's go down onto the tonight. -- the Cup will pass


Drew MacNeil, that was just sensational? A couple of people


went, what was the score?! 4 - 2 at half-time. Inveraray were ahead and


then it has got the bit between their teeth and got that early goal.


They had the ascendancy. turning-point was Macleod checking


that penalty. I thought MacDonald would have taken it. He must have


bottled it. The Man of the Match., speak to us. Four goals. My


goodness! Brilliant. I am just speechless. Tremendous. It is what


I have always wanted. 4 - 2 at half-time and he showed such spread


against a very good side to stay in the game. We're good at that. We


always knew we could score goals. We have done it again. Well done,


Inveraray. It must have been fantastic to watch. It was. And I


think it was a second goal of the afternoon. You got the fishing rod


out. Just a little joke between me and my friends. A big party


tonight? Until next week! Congratulations. Man of the Match.


You can pick up the cup. Gary Innes has joined us. Reflecting on a


sensational final. Have you seen anything like that? The not even


close. Absolutely incredible. Even to the end, it looked like


Inveraray might even get a goal. One came off the post and you


thought that was their last opportunity. Absolutely amazing.


opportunity. Absolutely amazing. back. Again, that was a good break


away. That was a penalty, no doubt about that. Fair point. Carries it


into the box. That is a penalty, unfortunately. Fair play to Robbie


MacLeod to step up and take that penalty. Roddy MacDonald did miss


one. At first looked like a penalty and on second glance, you thought


he was quite fortunate. Definitely a penalty. It wasn't even a


fantastic penalty. It went to one side, unfortunately. The Mel Lucas


some of the rest of the goals later but let us get to the presentation.


Sue Dann McClelland will take us through... -- Hugh. Kenny MacDonald,


and not sure he is the coolest man on the pitch. The losing captain,


Scott Robertson. And the representatives of Scottish Hydro.


Stuart Hogarth. They are a very brave team. They performed possibly


not quite at their best in some respects today. They will be better


disappointed. Their routine probably reaching the end of its


natural cycle, if truth be told. They give absolutely everything,


leaving everything on the pitch. They certainly did that. Young


Macdonald with the red hair. Possibly the next goalkeeper. And


these are fantastic scenes. Everything is blue and white. If


you think your television is broken, do not worry, it is just blue and


white. The match officials. Colin MacDonald, Duncan Kelly. Billy


Wotherspoon. They did not have a lot to do, which is a good sign.


Just one yellow card. Which was admirably refereed by Graham


Cameron. And the very fact that we did not have to mention Graham


Cameron that often speaks volumes, I think, for the efforts of the


players. The Albert Smith gold medal. Awarded annually to the


outstanding player in the final. It'll be handed over to Roddy


MacDonald. Four goals. And I don't think there was never much doubt


about that. He certainly delivered today. And there is his father. The


players, one by one... Coming forward to it except their medals.


Every one of them a hero. And warm applause from the Inveraray players.


Because it was a wonderfully sporting occasion. The goalscorers


get the biggest applause of all. And best man... Wait for the


reception that he gets. There is always somebody who will kiss the


Minister. Fraser MacDonald. A little stumble from Roddy MacDonald,


there. Norman MacDonald, the manager. The coach. James Perlich.


They certainly held their nerves today. They made the changes when


they had to. These are the medals. They will be stashed. The Cup is


there. The Camanachd Association Challenge Trophy. The latest in a


long line of captains to have left to distribute. Because this is the


panic will of any shinty playing career. -- pedicle. -- pinnacle. He


is the happiest man in a pool of about 15 at the moment. A prized


possession of the winning captain. The lead has disappeared. But it is


the part that takes the eight bottles of whisky that counts.


Great celebrations. Kyles Athletic pick up the Camanachd Cup for the


first time in a very long time. Just great scenes and you have


Kenny MacDonald in goal. Not even Man of the Match. Look at those


pictures. You both know what it feels like to pick up the Camanachd


Cup. Just give us a sense? Hands in the air, the cup in hand. There is


no other feeling like it as a shinty player. It is the pinnacle


of any career. Just look, it is amazing. You just want to join in


yourself. Brilliant, absolutely awesome. And they are a good bunch


of guys. The very fact that 27 is the average age. And the fact that


Kenny is 50, it is a very young team. They are a team that can show


absolute resilience. They will not be beaten. They will always get


back into the game. In 2009, we nearly lost the Camanachd Cup. We


came back from 3 - 0. Here we have them winning the Camanachd Cup in


2012. Inveraray did put up an amazing five. John Smylie, tough to


watch this? That was a great performance. The first half, we


played very well but we never got into the second half. Kyles came


back. 4 - 2 up at half-time. Just fantastic. They knew they would


come back into this. Fair play. was a great final. Thank you very


much. Good man. As you can see, it is getting rather wild, here. If we


could have any confusion as to how important this is to the people who


win, look behind me. They are going absolutely mental. There will not


be much work done and Kyles for the next week. Let's look at the other


goals. Everyone is jumping in. Second half analysis. This was good


play. He knocks it across to Garry MacPherson. This is what he does.


Give him some room, he had two chances today. He stuck that away


very well. Inveraray never got into the game and the second half.


will be very disappointed, especially after having that lead


at half-time. James Perlich, the coach, you said that you were calm,


cool and collected. I bet you were not during the match? As soon as


this game started, I knew when Inveraray scored first, I knew it


was going to be one of those games. But Kyles have got this ability to


really start working when they need to. When they know they have to


raise their game. And they did that again. They came back from being a


couple of goals down. They just showed their character and belief


and the desire to win the Scottish Cup. That is what it is all about.


You must be immensely proud. The way they did come back, 5 - 3 down


at one point. In every training session, I tried to go to all of


them, and we have to work very hard. Every Monday and Wednesday. It has


taken a while for this to pay off. Today, we have done it. Well done,


you will have a great party tonight. Let's have a quick look at the


winning goal. The one that took Kyles to being winners. Fair play


to Roddy MacDonald. That was a good chance. It just hits off his


shoulder. The keeper has no chance. The near post. No chance there.


Four goals in a Cup Final is brilliant. What does this say about


shinty in the south? I don't know if it means we dominate, but be


perhaps you have teams from the south in every final! It is a


credit to the south and the way the game was played, we only had one


booking. The referee did not have much to do. It was fantastic. The


ball was always played wide. It was a great spectacle. And the old


cliche, Shanti was the winner at the end of the day. It's certainly


was. That is almost us. We will be back for the Shen Te Hurling


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