2016 Final: Inveraray v Kinlochshiel Shinty: MacAulay Cup

2016 Final: Inveraray v Kinlochshiel

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Welcome to McCauley cup final, one of the great days in Shinty.


Inveraray are up against Kinlochshiel.


Welcome to Mossfield Stadium for the McCauley cup final. This year it is


Inveraray and Kinlochshiel. There is no other way of saying it, it is one


of the grand slam events in the Shinty calendar. This trophy is what


it is all about. A huge prestige to whichever side takes it home this


afternoon, I'm joined by the former Scottish international Fraser


singles and Gary Read, first you Fraser, in terms of Inveraray,


defeated in the final last season, that'll have to disband on this


afternoon? Yes they are in transition at the moment. Older


players may be past their best and Sung-Yeung promising guys coming


through but Kinlochshiel have a great record and they be looking to


take advantage. A huge day for Kinlochshiel, they will have to do


it without a big play, Connor Cormack is missing today, how big of


a mislead the? He would be a big mess. Kinlochshiel have been there


or thereabouts in the top flight of Shinty in the last few years and


Connor Cormack has come in, he has played and has given a platform to


play halfback, a good defender but pushes the team forward and


disallowed the likes of Finlay MacRae to push up the pitch and


attack. This was Kinlochshiel and the route to the final, it has been


the first time they have reached the McCauley cup final, they started


with a thumping 7-1 victory against Fort William. Then much tighter in


round two. In the semifinal much more emphatic, 3-0. They marched all


the way to McCauley cup final and have marched the way to hear today.


Figuratively speaking they took the College of course they did that a


huge family affair for Kinlochshiel, this day mean so much. If you ever


wondered what a Shinty dressing room like, now is your chance. Their


manager has been speaking to our own Colin. Give us a sense of the


importance of this match, in terms of the history's it's massive. The


first senior cup final we have got to so it is a very big occasion for


us here today. You're having to do it without one of your key players,


will that I have any great impact on the way you line up and play the


game? It might make a bit of difference, he has been a great


player all season and he will miss out the season because of that so...


We will have to adapt. We have that in the last few games so we will try


to go through the waiters. You have a big score to settle with


Inveraray. Is this payback for you? We certainly hope so. They gave us a


lesson on scoring that day. We are about older and wiser this year and


we have had a good season behind us so we are hoping we can probably


upset the card here. In a word, is this your day? Yes I hope so. All


the best. He sounds confident. Their first-ever fire and curiously for


you do they go into this as favourites? I think they do because


of the form. The Premier League is the top league so Kinlochshiel have


a good form but they do have challenges in the malaria, it's


difficult for good facilities and retaining players. -- a rural area.


You don't have to be a MacRae to play for Kinlochshiel, Finlay MacRae


one of the star players? Definitely, he would walk into any team in. He


is the foundation for Kinlochshiel so great for him to get recognition


for playing in a major final. So many great place to get the chance


and he is one of them. He will be the platform and his brothers Keith


and John will hopefully score goals for him. Should be interesting


indeed. In terms of Inveraray havoc they make it? They were in the final


last year. It started with a 3-0 away victory right here. You'll see


a pattern emerging. Another away victory 3-2 again. Add in the


semifinal guess what? The same again. Alan MacDonald with a


hat-trick there. Man of the match as well. They have arrived here looking


for revenge after the defeat last year, they know what it's about and


have been in plenty of finals and a mixed record, how they get on this


year, their manager has been Clement. You are no stranger to this


final at all, how much of an advantage is that to you today? It


certainly helps us, we have experienced to the team and we have


been here before. We have won the Scottish as well, in terms of


experience, we should be OK and we understand Kinlochshiel have not


been here before but that may be a boost for them to cheer them up. At


the moment it will help us. How are you coping with the loss of Lewis


MacNicol? Lewis was the top goal-scorer in to this point, had a


bad hand injury so Lewis MacNicol who are supposed to start on the


wing, he will move forward and we will bring Douglas Dando on the


wing. You think this is your day? Certainly hope so, we will give it


110% and adding of the day the team that once it will get it. All the


best. Inveraray seem an experienced side, you think they are the


favourites, they are missing a play, not saying that Shinty is a


dangerous ball but another hand injury, Lewis McDonagh read. He is


the top scorer so they'll be disappointed to lose him because


they have a small squad so it's difficult to recover. They do have


players who have been here and done it before and I think by their own


admission these guys are about older and the problem for then Ismaily


that older players might be not have experience. They are still capable


of producing it on the day. We shall see about Garry MacPherson today? He


has been the playmaker for a number of years. I think he will start a


little bit further back than he is used to. He'll be the supplier and


it is important for him. Thank you very much for the moment. Fraser is


our co-commentator this afternoon which is just about to start so


let's get to the match. The whole show is about to begin, the teams


will be led out by the high school pipe ban and your.


COMMENTATOR: Always a pleasure to be here at Mossfield Stadium. The


traditional welcome for the assembled crowd and the teams. The


high school pipe band again celebrating some success, they were


third in the recent world pipe band Championships in Glasgow. They have


also won in the overall juvenile section in the cowl games and a


magnificent gathering. Always a great gathering the north versus the


south. A knockout cup final and both teams have made it here in slightly


different circumstances as we saw. The new kids on the block in terms


of history, Kinlochshiel formed in 1958 from the parish teams, a


relatively young club in Shinty terms. We cannot say that of


Inveraray. The longest serving team in terms of membership of the


Association, the game 's governing body and a very fine tradition they


have two. No stranger to this cup final, seven appearances in the year


since 2000 and they have won it three times. Maybe expected them to


win it more often given the long history but, it will be interesting


as we heard just to see how both teams will cope with it. The party


meeting the teams today, David Thomson is president of the McCauley


Association. Graham Mitchell is a partner as investment management in


the McCauley Association main sponsor. And we also have share of


the Oban lawn and Islands committee. The finalist Inveraray last year in


yellow and black with plenty of experience, maybe too much in terms


of it all. They make an adjustment today. Douglas Dando coming in and


Lewis MacNicol moving forward. Lewis Montgomery misses out as we know and


Alan MacDonald leads the line after having a red card and a hat-trick in


the semifinal. Kinlochshiel. Their first-ever senior cup, Mark


MacDonald comes in at centre back to replace Connor Cormack. Finlay


MacRae the captain is one of three MacRae brothers who will be the cogs


in the middle of the field, they have shuffled the pack and don't


expect it to stay like that but we expect Jordan Fraser to lead the


line from the very start. Substitutes bench. Rolling subs, any


three of these players could be used from either side and they can be


rotated as many times as the teams need to do so. The other players


will take no further part in the games once these three have been


use. Slightly stronger bench perhaps from Inveraray numerically. It'll be


interesting to see how Kinlochshiel cope with this and how much of


Inveraray's experience comes in. Kinlochshiel contested the semifinal


of the Scottish cup a few weeks ago and they were a bit disappointing to


be honest. They started well the first 15 minutes but what I will be


looking for from Kinlochshiel is an improvement of that individually and


tactically. They tended to play through the middle in the semifinal


and that's really suited more so Kinlochshiel getting a big


opportunity to make amends for that. Inveraray are playing without any


pressure and have excellent players in their team and if Kinlochshiel to


not show enough composure on the ball and rustle up to the occasion


them Inveraray are certainly capable of winning the match. Pre-match


formalities have been sorted. They know which way they are shooting as


we heard from our match referee and it looks as if we have Inveraray


having to attack the side -- talent. -- the town end. Kinlochshiel R.N.


Red and white and Inveraray the yellow and black scum at this is


that 2016 Macauley Cook final. It is a first attack from the boys


from Wester Ross. Plenty of yellow shirts in the defence. Not doing


well to get the ball hit at the first chance. Kinlochshiel, an edgy


start if anything from Inveraray. One or two mistakes early on,


swiping and missing. Kinlochshiel did manage to take advantage of


putting pressure on early. Good ball into the box and one of the two


South fullbacks, the number two there. The North forward line will


have one full forward and 3/2 forward so always a bit of a


tactical game to see who will make the big adjustment. Too close to the


goal if anything but has dropped nicely for Kinlochshiel. Very


patient, time to be creative. They just need to be a little bit more


direct because this is direct, into the box and goodness me, that has to


go down as a defensive slip of huge proportions and you would expect a


player of MacRae's class debate is on the target. Oliver MacRae


probably did a better job of taking their mind off, the two did not take


advantage but extremely worrying from the point of view of team


1-macro that he was able to sail through the defence so easily --


points of view of Inveraray. Finlay MacRae had MacRae on the back of his


helmet which is unhelpful for anybody who doesn't know the team.


We have three MacRae brothers and another MacRae if we can put it that


way. Oliver MacRae is not one of the MacRae brothers, they all look very


calm and collected though. From the point of view of Kinlochshiel they


have never been two major finals before so a new experience for them


and they don't have ex-players to call upon that have been here and


seen and done it so they will be doing the best they can and doing it


after instincts of a major achievement. Let's hope they enjoy


it. Great folly from midfield there as Inveraray managed to get up to


the other end. -- volley. The good weather coming from the South West


today. The midfield area going to be crucial and that is a good ball


because it could have slipped past Monroe.


Inveraray moving the ball. Perfect playing surface apart from the patch


in front of us here. The groundsman here has done his usual fantastic


job with one eye on the Connacht cup final but has had to do some


repairing on the picture. He has done exceptionally well, the


condition is good. Too violent games and here in the last week so for the


pitch to be in the condition its aim is great. -- to Highland. You can


see that patch Burgess the bottom of the screen that the players are well


away from that because this is Finlay MacRae.


Gary MacPherson very deep, should be in the middle of the field for


Inveraray. McDonald breaks forward again, into the box, and just not


getting the ball away, Inveraray. A huge number of players dropping back


to help the defence. Yes! Goal! Kinlochshiel, and it's Keith MacRae.


And that has been coming. To be perfectly honest, the sloppy nature


of the Inveraray's defence. Here's the tackle, young Oliver MacRae is


around this as well. It breaks to Keith inside the post. The shot,


slightly pulled the shot, and I think that was enough to take it


away from Ross Montgomery in the goal. They failed to get it clear.


The ball broke out and into the corner. Kinlochshiel will be


delighted with that. Already we have seen Kinlochshiel play at a higher


tempo than ever rarer, purely because they are a Premier League


team capable of playing at that intensity and Inveraray will have to


cope with that. First blood. First goal, less than five minutes on the


clock and I suspect that's the perfect start for them. The one


thing they wouldn't want in these circumstances is to go behind. Just


in case everybody starting to leap up and down and curtail, I recall


there was a final where a team came from 3-0 down not that long ago.


There is a lot more shinty before the cup goes anywhere. I think it


would be an interesting battle today, Paul MacRae at full-back


against McDonald of Inveraray. They are similar in stature. McDonald is


a fallback traditionally, so it will be interesting to see that dual


today. Is manager said that McDonald played with a bit of an edge. What


did you make of this collision? No quarter given, none asked. Inveraray


just need a bit of possession. Paul MacRae... Taking nothing for


granted. Taking no chances. The stand over on the far side is filled


with red shirts and red jackets, the Kinlochshiel supporters. And the


yellow and black jackets of the nearby in Ferrari team. -- Inveraray


team. They have had to make adjustments because of injuries and


the age of some of their players and where they are having to play them.


There is that aspect. They don't have a big squad and cannot replace


like for like. Sometimes they have to ask a player who is a winger or


centre to play a different position and see how they adjust. David


Robertson has been the centre for in Ferrari in the last ten or 12 years


and he's playing at half forward to today. That's one of the examples of


Inveraray shuffling the pack to be competitive. Interesting decision


there, the play was pulled back for a free hit, the short ball. It's a


good position, but sometimes these positions that are too close to the


goal, the players find it very difficult to create an opening.


Garrick MacPherson does his best to go onto it and it's actually Alan


McDonald who comes into hit it, doesn't hit particularly well. The


closer you get to the goal, the less space there is to manipulate and it


can be manipulated to find a team-mate. -- and it can be


difficult to find a team-mate. Play goes on, interesting battle in


midfield. Plenty of strength on offer here. Inveraray won that one.


Evan MacRae brings playback. Pushing him. The explanation from the


referee, Evan MacRae. Explaining just what was wrong here. Paul


MacRae, the referee felt Paul put too much pressure on Alan's back and


found him. Just over! Well, he's perfectly capable, that's where he


normally plays in that position just off the forward line. Mrs him first


time. I thought it took a deflection but perhaps not. Just over the bar.


Gary MacPherson carries that threat and you don't want him coming onto


the ball in those areas because he will punish you. A suggestion of the


Kinlochshiel player diving in front of him, that have been deemed to


have fouled him there, could have pulled it back. You're not allowed


to play the ball off your feet. At the other end, the other goalkeeper,


birthday boy Scott Maclachlan called into action. This wasn't aspect of


play that was worrying against Newtonmore, they didn't use the


width of the field. I think because Jordan Fraser is strong at full


forward and wins a lot of the ball, the temptation is to play the ball


into him a lot of the time. But against a strong full-back that will


not be successful. You have to move the ball wide in order to move the


defence around and create space for people to run into. Already


Kinlochshiel showing an improvement from the semifinal. Well taken down


and well blocked. Good stop by the goalkeeper, by far and away the


busier of the two keepers at this stage. Kinlochshiel a bit sharper up


front, getting shots away quicker. Already Jordan Fraser is proving to


be quite a handful for young Munro. A bit too close to the goal but it's


still in play. Another corner, pressure building up, I don't think


from just a quick look around the stadium and the arena, I don't think


the wind is playing any great part. Just a gentle breeze from


right-to-left. The weather is good considering the forecast, perfect


conditions, no wind and it's dry. Driving towards the box. Inveraray


have to be careful. The keeper comes off the line and did the right


thing. Spotted there was a gap. A red shirt lurking at the back.


Kinlochshiel are sharper in a tackle at this stage, a bit more


competitive. They certainly are. Kinlochshiel are strong in a chapel,


-- strong in the tackle. Good, high hit. MacPherson is playing far too


deep. David Robertson, who should be in the forward line, playing almost


half back. In the end, Kinlochshiel being patient. More direct than they


were against Newtonmore. Another chance here and a good stop. I don't


think Kennedy knew that much about it. It took a deflection, and


another corner. Good shot from Keith MacRae. Some people might think it


was a kick the way he controlled it, but he got the shot and Kennedy


blocked it. The shot comes off John and out for the corner. Inveraray


are living dangerously, failing to clear their lines. Added to that,


the Kinlochshiel forwards are getting off their shots. If that


continues, only a matter of time for Kinlochshiel score again. Inveraray


currently only have two players forward, their backs against the


wall, they have pulled everyone barred to back players back. -- bar


two players back. They will have to move at least 20 or 30 yards


forward, Robertson, if to contribute more successfully. That kind of


pressure is not sustainable for 90 minutes. A quick pass into the box.


Shoulder to shoulder. Kinlochshiel are queueing up for the shot. And


what a stop, what a save, what a fantastic save by Scott Maclachlan.


To make efforts at that and he eventually got it away. A really


good shot from Fraser here. Fantastic save, completes the


clearance as well. Some goalkeepers might have put their hand to that,


anything around hip height is good for your hands, but he placed the


stick confidently, the teenager. It goes again, and again, Inveraray


nicked it out. I suspect if you were dictating from the touchline or on


the field you would want something around the fact Inveraray have ten


players in their own half. A major problem is the Inveraray defence are


failing to clear their lines and that's because the Kinlochshiel


forwards are putting pressure on them. Another shot, and it feels


inevitable another goal will come. As a forward you must defend from


the front, you must close the defence down and try to stop them


clearing their lines. Kinlochshiel doodad really well. When the ball


breaks they are first to it. The whole Inveraray team is starting to


fall back to try to get the ball out of the danger area. And as you say,


the knock-on effect of that is you are far too deep. There was a shout


of two quiet from Inveraray. The team collectively are very quiet.


They need to get into the game because Kinlochshiel have it by the


scruff of the neck at the moment. That's exactly what they should be


doing. Good ball into the middle and a good, solid tackle. Again they


concede another corner. I think the Kinlochshiel management must be


delighted with the way they have started. A complete difference to


the way they approach the Newtonmore game with composure on the ball and


looking for the pass in the final third to open up the defence.


Lifting their heads and trying to play shinty. They will be delighted.


Looking to take advantage of the pressure they have got and get a


second goal. Hit straight into the ground! I can


remember doing that is not so long ago on the golf course. It's very


unusual, I don't think I've seen a player of that class do that before.


I think what possibly happen there, the previous corner taken, he


created a hole himself to get the ball up into the air, but he curated


that big a divot that when he struck it, the ball fell into the holed he


created. In golf he might have had a stroke penalty or two stroke


penalty. I know the feeling. Sticks away. A head injury to boot. Gary


MacPherson. With the helmet as well. We can have a look at how this


happened. A fair contest. Challenging in the air and what


happened is John McCrea swung through with a bit more power. Gary


was going to pull the ball down and with John's swing coming through, it


broke Gary's stick and Gary got it on the head. That's the benefit of


wearing helmets and face guards. It can stop a nasty injury. We will go


down to the touchline and have a word with Gary. What do you make of


the pattern of the play at the moment? I think you have summed it


up well in your commentary that Inveraray are just dropping deeper


and deeper and they just can't get out of defence. It reminds me very


much of last year's MacAulay Cup final, Inveraray were under the cosh


for a long period. I think Fraser mentioned the worrying thing of


Kinlochshiel getting shots off, so they are turning the pressure into


shots. If it continues this way then it will only be one way traffic. On


the injury, if they lose, as there seems to be a slight concern about


the cut, if they lose somebody like Gary MacPherson at this stage, what


kind of implications could that have? Gary would be a major blow. As


we said before the game, Gary is dropping deeper, so he's playing a


more central role, unusual to see him there but it's probably down to


the thickness of other players rather than the thickness of Gary.


He's got to get into the game and start competing with Finlay, start


winning the ball. More importantly, he's probably got to get his wing


centres up the pitch and winning the ball. Thanks, Gary. Treating the


injured player. Joanne Robinson, her brother plays the Newtonmore, and


will be playing in the Camanachd cup final. The fiancee of David


Robertson, who is down there just now. I think we'll see David


MacPherson coming on. No surprise in terms of position, but it's a blow


if Gary MacPherson has to go off. Absolutely, Gary is a very gifted


player, still has a high level of fitness and is key to Inveraray in


area. David McPherson, used to playing on the wing, but Inveraray


could be forced into this change with Gary coming. I would be


surprised, it would have to be a serious injury for Gary to decide to


leave the field altogether. Gary is a tough character and will want to


play this match. We will see what develops. The ball comes up, the


swing from John MacRae. We think is knee caught him on the way through.


It's hard to see but it wasn't a direct hit.


A consequence of the two players swinging through, when one since


with force, you can get a deflection off the state and the stick


obviously broke there as well. Again, Gary is wearing a helmet, he


is wearing a face guard and though he has an injury, it is nowhere near


as serious as if he was not wearing a helmet or face guard. His day is


partially done because he's taking no further part in the game in the


foreseeable future. It certainly cannot be repaired on the field. I


don't think there is any urgency about this. David MacPherson has


come on, number 13. An unfortunate end to Garry MacPherson's day and


hopefully we may see him back again. The play has restarted in the


midfield with the throw up because as with any head injury, a very


quick stoppage which has added four minutes. That disruption will not


help the players of either side. Always a disruption when players go


off. Unfortunately for Inveraray, they have lost Gary but in terms of


the purpose, Kinlochshiel head-mounted so much pressure and we


will see if they can regain ascendancy here. In the middle.


Dealing with MacPherson at the moment. Try to see if they can do


anything to get him back on the field. Here is MacPherson, his first


contribution. He will give it everything. Kinlochshiel ruling the


roost in midfield at the moment and that is giving them a huge amount of


possession upfront. Paul's Ali Munro therefore going around the back of


Jordan Fraser who is contributing much more. Definitely, he is getting


first to the ball and if he loses it is then putting a challenging which


has put the Inveraray defence under a lot of pressure. Shorts. Again it


is the keeper busy busy boy. And he did well there. Good effort. A short


three hits there, a good save but it breaks off young Oliver MacRae who


tries to play to run the goalkeeper. Scott MacLachlan put enough pressure


so it can get under it but with that break, Kinlochshiel are straight in


the attack, the momentum has not been stopped. I suspect young Oliver


MacRae's father would have thrown some thing at the television at that


point because Oliver never put the ball in the net. They can sort that


out later on. Just important now that Inveraray playback into game.


Some discussion on the bed as to what will happen with MacPherson.


Whether he will be taken to hospital for medical attention or another


solution. They very high ball. Good blog. Munro is a key figure at the


moment, punching above its weight in the back and they are not the


biggest players on the feared that they tackle like nothing on earth


but it'll be difficult for them to keep going against this pressure.


The challenges that are going in, they are bound to get fatigued and


when you get fatigued and tidied our bounty make mistakes. They would


take advantage of these so they will have to find a way to relieve the


pressure. At the moment they are first to the ball, getting


challenges an. -- in. Inveraray very fortunate they have someone like


Joanne Robinson who works in the health service, she's a nurse so


Garry MacPherson currently getting the best attention. Inveraray just


can't get the ball. That is the problem, when they do get it they


cannot get the ball away far enough to trouble Kinlochshiel. Kennedy


steps in and that is the kind of blow they need at this stage. Again


it turned with interest but here it is the old Kinlochshiel way of


hitting the ball up the middle of the field. That has to stop or they


will suffocate themselves. They needed to open the up. There is that


physical challenge that we spoke about. There was an indication. He


has the potential to cause trouble. He should've played that alpha


recorder when he was under pressure initially and he didn't. It was


actually a chance. Inveraray have a corner. Good low fastball. Again


just the composure from Kinlochshiel has gone from the present but that


is a better ball. The passing is beginning to break down a bit as


Oliver MacRae swing sets way out why. Turns his man-size. -- his man


twice. One step too many. One turn to many. Close down by Gordon


MacDonald and a chance again. They are putting their bodies on the line


team 1-macro. Off they go again. -- Inveraray. A chance now for Oliver


MacRae. Didn't pull the trigger. Mike sent it off, anywhere would do


at the moment because it is just impossible to find one of their own


players. David MacPherson has moved to try to shore things up. In


reality playing full centre and ages trying to stem the constant flow of


pressure. The length of the stride which Donald Nixon has. He has


gobbled up the ground there. Has got himself into a position where he can


win the tackle. That is where the workrate is fantastic at the moment


from Kinlochshiel. They are playing at a high tempo and are struggling


to contain. They first to the second as well and that has put Inveraray


under a lot of pressure, what we have seen now after the pressure is


there making the wrong decision when it comes to passes but that is


purely because Kinlochshiel are on top of them all the time. As we pick


up the game again from Kinlochshiel. Blasted wide. It has been confirmed


from the Inveraray bench that Garry MacPherson he may see they're


getting attention from some of the local medics, he will not be


returning so his day is done. A big ask from people like John


Kennedy in the middle now and Montgomery. They have two step up to


the plate and the two diminutive fullbacks Munro and Nicholas


Crawford will have a very busy day. A second goal for Kinlochshiel.


Jordan Fraser was wide awake and fully alert and he has dispatched


the second strike for the team from Wester Ross after 27.5 minutes. They


lead the Macauley Cook final 2-0. A beautiful move. -- Macauley Cook up.


He started the move played it into John MacRae, he played a ball back


to him answer by the finish. That is the type of Inveraray they are


capable of and he must be delighted they are doing it on a big stage. A


big stage, completely exposed as far as Inveraray are concerned. Here


they come again. Testing the Inveraray keeper there.


A nudge from the elbow there. The hand on the shoulder didn't push


over. What would you do to Inveraray to help? What they need to do our


get stronger players further back. People say you put your stronger


players back and you give away the game, you are not, Inveraray have to


stem the tide. Alan MacDonald is a very strong defender. That this is


traditional position and even Lewis MacNicol as well so they have


options but at the moment they need to stem that time. They need to get


the ball up front in MacDonald. That is one of the things they need to


do. Here's David Robinson. The ball is, can they keep it up there? I


think Inveraray have to score next, that is the long and short of it.


Trying to manoeuvre return. Again Kinlochshiel not quite getting it


away but a bit of a lift. That's all we can say. What you're seeing here


Kinlochshiel being the fit and sharper team and Inveraray have to


come up with a way contending. To me the most straightforward way is the


use of the ball. They have to use the ball well when they get and try


to move Kinlochshiel around and create gaps, even at the moment when


Inveraray have the ball they are not using it well. Kinlochshiel are


moving its perfect. Perfect playing conditions, a glimpse of the sun


wouldn't go amiss. However overhead is good. The picture is absolutely


perfect. They will be in no hurry, especially the keeper. They just


need to steady the ship. When you talk about conditions, wind can play


a factor in the game and Kinlochshiel are dominating because


of the wind but that isn't a factor, it is purely because they are the


better team so Inveraray don't have the opportunity to say we will have


the wind in the second. Nicholas Dando goes to ground there. Coming


back to play in the middle to try to open up a bit of the strength that


Fraser Ingles mentioned. Just a little bit of frustration they try


to get himself moving. I haven't done the sample at the centre line


looks to be something like David MacPherson, Douglas Dando and Lewis


MacNicol. The average age has crept up rather significantly. The mileage


in the legs correspondingly. Here is one of them he can keep it going


through while anyway. Doesn't have the engine he used to. Needs a child


play himself in. Moving it down the wing. No messing there from Nicholas


Crawford. Always gets on about things. That is a slack ball and a


poor ball from Donald Nixon because this tends to happen, F1 team


dominates you get so much ball you don't know what to do with its you


have to kind of... Sometimes to be decisive the less time you have you


just choose one option where the more time you have you can get


caught in two minds. Jordan Fraser is really playing well for


Kinlochshiel. A good effort from the number seven John MacRae. No


shortage of firepower but there is a feeling that Kinlochshiel do not


score as many as they showed over the peace? Perhaps not, the wee


elements of composure could be the option. Composing and striking the


ball but you have to look in Kinlochshiel going forward, if they


win you can imagine the confidence going forward for the next few


seasons. 30 girls they have scored in the Premier League this year and


14 games so they're not scoring two goals a game, the weather hasn't


held them back because they have done exceptionally well. -- 30


goals. The second attempt. That's a goal. Out of absolutely nothing. It


is the captain Alan MacDonald fired it in, it came off the post and all


of a sudden Inveraray are back in. The interesting thing is he hits the


first shot on one side, quite vicious bounce in front of the


goalkeeper, I think you could put that down purely to Kinlochshiel


having complacent defence. Even the goalkeeper didn't seem to be fully


concentrating. Great for Inveraray. Let's see if that can give them a


boost. 34 minutes gone. All of a sudden the yellow and black 's are


in the ascendancy. Another great chance for them, oh


yes! All of a sudden we have game on. Oh my goodness, what a strike


from Fraser Watts. Left-hand side, roof of the net and no chance for


Kennedy in goal. Good play by McDonald again. Fraser Watts on the


run, fantastic. 2-2, and we have a game on our hands. It was the turn,


using the full-back off the ball and creating the space but he still had


to execute the finish. The intelligence of our McDonald to buy


a simple ball, make the defender defend, the defender can cope.


Fraser what was first onto it and make no mistake. Two goals in a


minute from Inveraray, turning this game on its head for the time being


anyway. Fraser Ingles mentioned the word complacency. I think there was


an element of that in at least one of the goals. But that was an


exquisite finish. Tremendous strike by the young fella. Famous name in


Inveraray's history, the Watt name, a whole string of brothers. Another


one, just 18. At the other end the pressure builds up because that will


surely have stunned Kinlochshiel. Down below us, the unfortunate Gary


MacPherson is being treated by the medics. At least he now has the


consolation of knowing that his team-mates are back in the game. I'm


sure it's the last thing on his mind in a way, but he must be aware of


what's going on round about him. Unfortunate scenes. A real shame for


Gary. One of the most outstanding players of his generation, Gary


McPherson. An outstanding player, a contemporary of mine, I always


admired him, and it would be sad if this was his last game, his last big


game, for it to end this way. Questions being asked of both teams.


Wood is flying everywhere at the moment. A gap opening here, and


there are no prisoners being taken now. There's not. Unfortunately for


Inveraray, Kinlochshiel players are able to run through far too easily.


Oliver MacRae, defenders running, nobody gets a tackle and in the end


Kennedy blocks him. It's vital in Ferreri don't concede and end up 3-2


behind at half-time. To get back in the game when they were so utterly


dominated, psychologically to lose a goal now would be a major blow. They


have every right to be in the position they are in because they


have played themselves back into it. Taken their chances. MacRae allows


that role and Robertson is furious. The Inveraray bench to a man, roars


in unison to berate the match official. I couldn't see what


happened! This is what happened. Inveraray feel that Robertson was


obstructed going for the ball. As Evan MacRae explained there,


MacKenzie had his back to Evan MacRae so he couldn't see what


happened but Inveraray still I rake they couldn't get it. -- I rate that


they couldn't get it. Kennedy launches one of the


right-hand side. Drifted in towards the middle of the field. Screams


from the touchline to get it out of the side. Keeper is in trouble here.


He dealt with the first one and the second one. He's having a great


game, Young Scott MacLachlan. Taking a knock-on the knee. John MacRae


turns on this, a good shot, bounces just in front of him and he copes


with it. Gets the clearance away but I think the stick came through and


caught him. Dangerous ball for the goalkeeper to deal with when it


bounced. When the challenge came in from Keith MacRae, I think he caught


him on the knee. Always a difficult situation with the keeper, people


thundering in on top of you like that. The suggestion you want the


keeper to remember that the next time the ball is around his feet.


Another corner for Kinlochshiel. Drops in the danger area, but it is


dealt with in a much better way by Inveraray. Young MacKenzie caught


between two players and had to ramp up the opponent, clever play by


McDonald's, the number eight below us for Inveraray, who knew that if


he held the ball he would have to be fouled to slow him down. Now they


have a chance to swing it up to Dando, one of the cleanest hitters


in the game, a beautiful swing. Drops it near McDonald, trying to


get him involved in the game again. Two Kinlochshiel players immediately


on top of him. Looking for help from the referee. You all know the game!


Kinlochshiel now aware of the danger McDonald represents. They are


getting men across the cover when he gets near the ball. Kinlochshiel


defending in twos. Interesting tactic. Kennedy managing to slowed


Keith MacRae down if nothing else. Kennedy getting through a power of


work in the middle of defence. Better ball out towards the wing.


Two number eights fight for it. Inveraray beginning to move the ball


a little bit. Always seems to be a redshirt spare.


Fantastic play from Crawford. Always seems to emerge with the ball. Good


luck, the stick bounced up in his hands amazingly for Watt.


Three Kinlochshiel players it took to get that away. A chance for


Oliver MacRae to move it on. Since it out Keith MacRae, but it's too


fast. A bit scrappy now, but that's kind of opening the game up. It's


really for somebody to grab it and slow it down and starts knocking it


about a bit. The last couple of minutes was quite interesting, much


more of an evenly balanced game. We have seen the ball so much in the


Inveraray defence having to deal with it. The last couple of minutes,


challenges in midfield and it's been quite even. Inveraray with their


goals, they might be more confident, feeling more composure. Beginning to


find their team-mates with a bit more regularity now. Cannot she'll


having to work harder to get the ball. You certainly feel that the


referee Evan MacRae is not giving them the rub of the green. Even if


he is wearing the Inveraray colours, which I find highly amusing. I spoke


to him earlier, the referees wearing yellow and black. Felt it was a foul


on the back of McNicoll. Dave the fowl. -- gave the


foul. Now Inveraray are back in the game, they can't allow decisions to


go against them, they just have to get on with it. Just a few minutes


to go to half-time. Undoubtedly some extra time, added injury time. Gary


MacPherson's unfortunate departure. There could be as much as five


minutes of that to come in addition to the two left. Oliver MacRae, a


bit more composure there looking for somebody running off the ball, they


have people running in all sorts of directions here. Keith MacRae takes


the direct option. His stick was flying. Important for Kinlochshiel


not to lose their composure in terms of being frustrated. Because


Inveraray will frustrate them all day. Kinlochshiel have done


fantastically well, two goals up, and all of a sudden it's 2-2. How


did this happen? You can start to get frustrated with team-mates and


the referee. I think there is a booking here for number five, John


Kennedy. Well, the Baftas weren't too clever. A


think that wasn't too clever. -- the afters. We think it's just John


Kennedy that has been booked. We will confirm that at half-time with


the fourth official. Certainly John Kennedy has been booked. We are into


the final minute of regular time. And we will have at least five


minutes of injury time to play. There is a stramash and a half. Just


had to leave that until they sorted it out. Eventually came to nothing.


I think I could Evan MacRae say they would be having four minutes of


injury time, it's up as five so we will see what happens. Settle for


six probably. If I remember rightly, that we are no strangers to


confusion in the MacAulay Cup final. Never relying on the one-stop watch


is a good idea. Unfortunately that happened in a previous MacAulay Cup


final. I think procedures have been put in place to make sure that


doesn't happen again. Was it five minutes out or something? It was a


long time ago. What a magnificent strike the young 18-year-old house,


clearing halfway every time with his hit outs, Scott MacLachlan.


Confirming it was one booking, John Kennedy, the only bookings so far.


Tense contest now. No quarter is being given. Oh! Again! Out of


absolutely nothing, a complete lash from Jordan Fraser. Where did you


find that one? He has been the big danger man, turning his man and what


a strike in off the post. Gets it under control, turns to his right


and it's gone. No chance. One of the beauties of the Moss Fields Park,


you can get the strike of the stanchion, the ring off the metal.


-- the Moss Fields Park. We are into injury time in this 2016 MacAulay


Cup final. Now the game has swung once, twice, and it could now be


swinging a third time. Psychologically you would always


want to pull a faith stunt like that, final whistle. Both teams


going at half-time at 2-2, in Ferrari will say they were dominated


but they are drawing. Now we probably have a fairer reflection of


the first half with Kinlochshiel in the lead. If they got another this


would be interesting. Keith MacRae doesn't quite catch it but makes


Scott MacLachlan clear it. Just going over slightly here at


Mossfield. There might be the hint of a shower coming. Another good


save from Scott MacLachlan. You have to say that for a boy of 18 he is


showing great composure today. For all the goals from Kinlochshiel,


he's had little chance at them. That was a finish and a half from Jordan


Fraser. The way he's playing, you wouldn't bet against him completing


a hat-trick by the end of the day. In the last minute of play, we


think, and the wind is stiffening behind the corner flag. And Evan


MacRae decides that's enough. Colin Fraser, the Kinlochshiel manager,


with a round of applause for his team. Because they have gone from


2-0 to 2-2, to come in at half-time leading 3-2 at Mossfield Park in


quite a pulsating first half. A very eventful first half which has


Kinlochshiel with that narrow lead as we go into the interval. Halfway


there to winning the first senior Shinty Trophy, a few twists and


turns to come in this match and that is for sure. I'm joined once again


by the former Scotland under 21 manager. Tales of the unexpected


there, we thought Kinlochshiel would want run away but that was not the


case. I thought the game was done and dusted and Kinlochshiel may be


thought that switched from moments. Alan MacDonald popped out and he is


definitely a danger there is Inveraray can get in the ball but


Kinlochshiel have been dominant. They have had nearly 20 shots on


goal and that is, Inveraray have two push out and get the ball up.


Kinlochshiel started in the way we expected and they took the lead and


it was impressive. It was. We are thrilled to bits of composure and


they missed the chance earlier from inside the deed but then they kept


on having the chances and actually in this chance, two of them could


have a go and they were competing to see you could hit it and Keith just


got there and the ball dipped and Scots could not get down. So many


MacRae's but then Jordan Fraser who have final say, he made 2-0. And


this has been one of the best parts of the game. Jordan started it, they


had a great ball from John MacRae has been excellent and Jordan


finished well. Absolutely add at this point Kinlochshiel look like


they were the favourites that would go on to win the McAuley cup final.


How things can change in sports. An incredible comeback, almost out of


nothing. It was extremely out of nothing. They had no phase of play


at all. They suddenly get the ball to Alan MacDonald, he has a go on


one side cover free bounce to him on the other in the bottom corner and


he will take that. I would say that is a defenders goal. It's gave them


a lift. We spoke about it before, 58 seconds later it was all square.


Again Allen is key to that, gets the ball across, always danger and the


innocence all the youth of Fraser just hit the ball and it went


higher, a brilliant goal. One of those he knew was destined for the


back of the net. In the edit Kinlochshiel came back and just


before half-time, vital goal. Yes and Jordan Fraser's play, merited


getting the goal out of this. Again Inveraray are standing off at the


back, do become far too much room. He turns on his side and it's a


cracking goal, you cannot blame the goalie for that one. He is on his


18th birthday, nothing much you could do about that. He has been


very solid. A young goalkeeper with immense talents. When Inveraray


lost, Graham MacPherson you didn't think there would be a natural


replace about Scott stepped up, he has been very solid, he has done


simple things, nothing spectacular but they are keeping the ball out.


We will see some action shortly but the McCauley cup is massive, but in


two weeks' time we have a bigger cup which we will cover for the BBC.


Highlights of both semifinals now. Both teams plenty of chances. A


great shots. Glenn Mackintosh created that from nothing. Looks as


Scott Kennedy may have it. A splendid finish. The keeper


disappointed. Across it comes. Neil Stewart. 2-0. What a finish on the


young fellow. The corner came over, Kinlochshiel made a hash of it, good


goal. Set piece, running out of time, supermarket. MacRae has done


it. Keith MacRae has slipped a marker for a rare opportunity.


Skipped over the back. In it goes. They're the final whistle.


Scott McMillan with the corner from the right hand side. Good shots.


Good goal. That is the opening. Calum MacDonald might have had a


touch as it dropped. Took it on the backhand. A deflection. Sean


Nicholson. The backhand. Delaney has equalised. The big fellow strikes.


An innocent looking ball. Good goal. He's in the box and he's beaten him.


What skill. His second goal. Didn't seem to be too much trouble there


but again he was quick. Neil MacDonald into the box. A big


challenge. The flag is up. A bit rash and big Neil MacDonald coming


in. What skill from the big fella. Just clicked on. May go down a bit


too silly. Delaney has a big chance. Good save. What a save from the


keeper. That could be costly. He hit it well enough, both feet on the


ball. What Carla have done the best. Another one. Daniel Cameron and I


think he may very well have booked them a place in the final. When the


ball came over, it was too hot to handle and Daniel Cameron finished


it off. Either it comes, jocks nicely. He made a hash of that.


Without a shadow of a doubt they are just cruising. Cruising to another


place in the final and that is a bad mistake by the keeper. 4-1 down, no


much hope for them at this stage I think that in they come driving


towards the goal. It's in. It's gone in. I think Delaney got the final


touch. She was passed, comes off the post and Delaney was quickest man.


And there the final whistle. There we have it, the final will be


in two weeks' time live here. I have two SQ, the weather has


turned here in Oban, and how. The umbrellas are out in force. The


weather can change suddenly from beautiful to very wet indeed and as


you can see we are inside our gazebo here. In terms of that cup final,


how do you see that game going? If you said to me that Oban would be


second in the Premier League and in the final a few years ago I said no


chance. It looked like they were going down that there is a great


resurgence in Oban Syria finally seeing the top two teams in terms of


the Premier League. -- so we are finally. They have to go in as


favourites and can Oban make a surprise. Maybe. Back to today, we


can see the conditions out there. Lovely farce undercover but not so


for the players who are about to play in the second half. How do you


see the second of going with a change of conditions? Inveraray have


to push forward, luckily they will be used to the rain but, if


Kinlochshiel play the same they will win the trophy. Kinlochshiel in the


lead. Here are your commentators. COMMENTATOR: The game is underway.


The referee has launched the first throw in. The teams have changed


ends. Kinlochshiel hitting right to left in the red shirts. Inveraray


hitting left to right towards the golf club. They have had to make a


series of adjustment in the way they are playing because Garry MacPherson


being lost early in the game. We will update you on his condition.


The weather conditions for sure will play a big part because it become


slippy. No wind thankfully, no driving rain to fire the either


side. -- to favour. The torrential rain was forecast and said it would


run into the middle and that is a better clearance by John Kennedy.


Just an update on Garry MacPherson, we understand he has been taken to


hospital. Been given some attention to an injury blow his eye. There was


some bleeding there needed to be dealt with and he is away for the


attention of the local hospital which is meant David MacPherson came


on. He is helping shore up the midfield, a crucial area, Douglas


Dando has moved into close centre. The first half is a story of two


goals. Then we had the strike from Jordan Fraser. He gave way out of


his goal and Jordan Fraser sent it into the side netting, could he have


done better there? Perhaps. He only missed by a small amount but from


the point of view from Inveraray, Nicholas Crawford is struggling


against Jordan Fraser simply because Jordan Fraser is bigger and stronger


and he is playing well today. Inveraray will have to think maybe


John Kennedy is a better matchup against Fraser because Nicholas is a


good player but is too strong from. A good example of what he's talking


about. Crawford struggling to keep up with Fraser and he's lost them.


He's lost them again. If they give this man, he is on fire today, so


much better than he was in the last match. Definitely, already a major


contender for man of the match with the way he has played. Nicholas


Crawford, they are insisting playing him against Jordan Fraser. Didn't


catch this too well but already he has shown a lot of play he did in


the first half and they cannot let it continue. Kinlochshiel again


strongly midfield and the fairness I suspect would be better over the 90


minutes. Or whatever is added. Could conceivably go into extra time. 30


minutes and then the dreaded prospect of penalties. All are still


up in the air. 3-2 is the score. That has featured in every game they


have played. Kennedy. He has to dominate that area of the field if


they are to come out. The rain I venture to suggest is easing off, a


good deal lighter and you get the best from the camera but has been


duller than its may have looked but looking much better now. Here's a


good ball out to the left, the keeper is off his line. He got away


with it, nobody at home at the moment. Here is the tacky, Oliver


MacRae is the first of shots which is blocked. Their determination and


will to get, challenges in and putting Inveraray under a lot of


pressure. Taking a little bit too much time. That is just a bit


ambitious. Plenty to think about for Ruaraidh Graham there. He could


conceivably come on. Definitely he has a lot to come on, really good


user of the ball, distributes it well and he would be a good


addition. The major problem at the moment is Jordan Fraser, he is


winning far too much of the ball when it comes to the forward line


and if that continues Inveraray are in trouble.


They have actually taken him out of the wing. Most of his threat in the


first half was from full forward, the furthest forward position in the


formation, and then playing with 3/2 forward immediately behind that.


Tillich she'll have stuck to that formation, not changing to the two


and two of the Southern formation that Inveraray would prefer to


defend. That contest again, Munro coming out on top, he has tackled


well, moved the ball on. MacRae is beginning to dominate


midfield. Another 40 or 50 quid goes adrift,


another stick broken. Kennedy in trouble. He has been booked, and


played on. What's he going to do in terms of him swinging with a broken


stick? The goal judge has come out. that's what's left of it. Half of


it. Evan MacRae has decided to take no decision. Effectively he will


throw up the ball between two players. There was an issue there.


It could have been interesting because Kennedy had been booked by


them. I think the goal judge, Wotherspoon, felt there was a player


offside. Dealt with safely with his hand this time, Robertson. The


suggestion from the goal judge seems to be the offside first ruled out


the dangerous swing, if it was that with a broken swing. Inveraray


moving the ball up to the other end of the field. The rain is teaming


down again. Just in case anyone got the wrong impression from Gary


reader, there are days when it doesn't rain in Inveraray


Kinlochshiel. For the players, the problem it creates is the grip on


the sticks becomes slippery. They can lose grip on the stick and the


ball also gets heavier. With the ball made out of natural leather and


Cork, the ball soaks up a lot of moisture, so the referee should


change the ball on a regular basis to keep the ball moving quickly. The


scenes on the ball will split and the water could go in. I think that


was a walking stick that was used to send that back on. It was indeed,


thank you, Sir. Some fine skill with the crook. I suspect that must be


a... Inveraray have a chance. Good from Fraser Watt. Lacked a steady


head. The foolhardiness of youth almost took him there. Frustrated by


his lack of composure. Fraser is a traditional Inveraray forward,


skilful and quick. When he ran through here, it was just the final


pass, didn't quite get it. He would have been better to keep going.


Already scored one absolute peach today. It brought Inveraray back to


2-2. Both sides trying to engineer an


opening. That was high. It was the way he was running and the angle he


caught him. A bit of afters. Unnecessary from both players at


that stage. The first initial fall by Alan McDonald. Alan probably


stays on top for a bit too long. When they get up, Mark McDonald hits


Alan McDonald with his stick on the lake. The stick hits him on the


lake. Alan takes exception to that and pushes Mach back. Not a lot in


it that shows the tempers and how they can fray. Never ceases to amaze


me how players in all sports these days with cameras all over the place


can think they cannot be seen. However, it's been a good game. Well


contested, just one booking, John Kennedy of Inveraray. MacKenzie took


that one. The referee will speak to the goal judge, the line judge,


Allan MacVicar. And Lachey Wood, the fourth official.


None of the officials saw what happened. That's what they are


saying, they didn't see it. They are not watching what's going on over


there. If they are there and the ball is here... I'm surprised Evan


MacRae has not consulted with the linesman. I think he did. Alec


opened his arms and said he didn't see anything. In that area the


players running for the ball tends to carry their sticks high.


If we could have another look at that I think what happened there was


that one player tried to release, held by another, and in the process


of doing that the stick recoiled. Quite unnecessary for the Inveraray


goalkeeper to come up and involve himself in something 60 yards away.


Absolutely. Here it comes. David Robertson pulling his stick away. I


think MacKenzie was possibly grabbing him or had his hand on


David's back. To be honest, David's reaction was too much. MacKenzie has


then been injured. It is the situation with Gary MacPherson where


the game is fast tempo, and when the stick goes in, it might not be the


intention but it can result in a serious injury. Unfortunately for


MacKenzie, he looks like he will be able to continue, but we hope the


game doesn't boil over because of that. Inveraray think it was an


accident. Tillich she'll not happy that action hasn't been taken


against David Robinson. The manager has come on, Ruaraidh Graham, the


player manager has come on for Inveraray. Good save. He got away


with that. I think it came off his heel. Didn't quite send it to where


he intended. It's gone for a corner, good stop. It comes off the heel of


Scott MacLachlan. That can easily end up in the back of the net but


went past the post by inches. We have Ruaraidh Graham on the field


now for Inveraray. Number 17 joining the fray. That's going to run wide.


Interesting there that Jordan Fraser is taking the corners. He's been the


biggest danger today for Kinlochshiel. Certainly, that's what


they always do, him taking the corners. But I would have him in


there with his strength trying to win the ball when it comes across


from the corner. Good ball, dropping in midfield. It's getting tough out


there. Frustration on all sides. It's all kicking off in the stand.


We understand there is a west Coast hen party that has joined the


afternoon's proceedings, if I can put it that way. It might be quite a


night that entails if the score stays how it is. Or in Oban, who


knows? Might hang around for some of that. Off it goes again. Tillich


she'll trying to find the gap. They have the pace to stretch the


Inveraray defence. Slack ball. It all looked quite promising. One


thinking like she'll have to be wary of, we are in the final and


everybody wants to score, but the team must come first. Kinlochshiel


are starting to shoot from distance now. They have to be on the selfish,


try to create opportunities for others, not get drawn into putting


your own name on the scoresheet instead of a team-mate. Is that


impulse or instruction? Have they been told to do that? Perhaps. But


the way they kept pressure on the defence in the first half was far


more effective. Sending the ball through and again, it was certainly


a solid challenge. Not good in terms of Evan MacRae's decision, which was


that it was illegal. That gives Kinlochshiel the chance to create


something again. It's in a potentially dangerous area. Far


enough out to create something. Looking at the gap that's opened up


in front of Oliver MacRae, he has turned his back on the gold to hide


it from the goalkeeper. It might or might not be rehearsed, might be


total chaos. The ball has to go at least five metres or thereabouts.


It's partially rehearsed but badly executed, that's the best I can say


about it. Definitely rehearsed. We saw Fraser stood out to the side,


not even in the picture. Ball goes into Keith MacRae but he doesn't


catch it cleanly. If he had, it might have been different. The


player manager under it, MacKenzie. Jordan Fraser takes off up the


middle. Didn't use him. Again, just a failure to get the ball away


that's making Inveraray having to play all the time. Just forced out


Nicholas Crawford, forced over the line. Brightening up again, good


news, the umbrellas are coming down. The gay is looking better. Certainly


looking good on the West Coast. Tillich she'll leading 3-2, but


Inveraray by no means out of it. It goes for another corner. Good shy by


Gordon McDonald, into the danger area. It's a good skill to be able


to place your in there. All Inveraray can do is knock it out for


corner. I don't know if they spend as much time doing it now, but


playing a good shy use to be a standard thing, send it on top of


the goalkeeper. The Inveraray defence standing firm. MacPherson


doesn't quite get it away. David Robertson goes for a wander.


One-handed. Couldn't quite hold onto it. Well taken out of the air by


MacRae. Still got it. Jordan Fraser again. He has been a regular pain


today. He's first to the ball all the time. With his physical strength


he can hold off the defence. As a defender you must get to the ball


first or try to cut the supply after him. Nicholas Crawford his doing his


absolute best but he's at a real disadvantage because he's not as


strong as Jordan. Still plenty to play for here. 90 minutes to see out


in total. Before any other decisions are taken, if need be. You get the


feeling, however, that the next goal will be very important. I think that


could be another stick away. A nasty twine as David MacPherson connected


with it. He's still got it. Can he still use it? Good play. In the


middle of the field by Gordon McDonald. Kinlochshiel, quick flip


over the top. Did well to stop that but still a challenge here. Jordan


Fraser lines it up and another great stop. It's still there and still in


play, and has now been dispatched for a corner.


Nice move her, hits a good shot. Right in on top of and somehow did


not go in. We saw how it didn't go in but there wasn't much in it. You


get the feeling it is the incessant pressure that is going to be the


deciding factor. Keith MacRae with the corner. Slightly scuffed that I


think. He sneaked in. Unaware to the Mac lets see what the former fastest


man in Shinty has left. Used to be known as the fastest man in Shinty


because he won a sprint of some kind and again a big appeal for a corner.


A lot of Shinty remember in six aside competitions corners would


count in you could win a match by one more corner but for 12 side it


doesn't come in. Territory rise, Kinlochshiel the better team but


Inveraray are in the game so they will be looking to get the fourth


goal to kill the game off. Some movement from the Kinlochshiel


bench, we will keep an eye on that. Great start. Great stop via


MacLachlan. Overhead he gets it away. Dando steps in and launches it


in. Kinlochshiel winning all of the bulls in midfield now. And in the


middle of the field it is a redshirt nearly every time emerging with the


ball. That is a sign of a very difficult 20 minutes left. They are


queueing up here again. If that had run out far to the lefty could've


been a outcome but you just get the feeling. Absolutely the ball ran


through and there is the shock and a fantastic save from Scott MacLachlan


with his stick. He is the difference between Kinlochshiel running away ad


Inveraray still being in with a chance. Still not on the order of


the great performance that we saw from the Connors cup when the


goalkeeper single-handedly single-handedly provided everything


but it is getting near it's because Scott MacLachlan is producing an


outstanding performance in the Inveraray goal keeping it at 3-2.


Let's see what he has to offer. He may not contribute much but when he


gets there, it's important and influential. Movement on the


Kinlochshiel bench. Ali Nixon number 14 is stripping off. He may be next


to join the fray. You can see Connor Cormack behind him. -- Connor


Cormack. If I write here is the first shots from Inveraray in the


second half. Normal service has now been resumed and Kinlochshiel will


be looking to adopt a slightly more expansive group now attacking the


danger area taking the ball in. Plenty of men here. They have


allowed it to be lifted out but this is the difference. Kinlochshiel


always seem to have a spare man and it is Finlay MacRae looking for


Jordan Fraser. I think Colin Fraser, the Kindle issue manager is just


holding on -- Kinlochshiel. Some activity on the Inveraray bench, big


debate about who is coming on, who is coming off. Jordan Fraser saying


he's injured. David Robinson sent to ground and if


you are familiar with it, it's really is taking it out of your legs


this pitch. Why don't Kinlochshiel with him forward when he is such an


asset but instead they put Keith MacRae in there. A great ball in


from Dando and there is a chance. That's a penalty. Now we have a


situation. The referee has gone to pick the ball up. I think this is a


clear penalty. Looks like it. Paul is down and no doubt about it, a


penalty. The young man who has stepped up to the plate is Fraser


Watts. He will take on Scott Kennedy. All of the other players


have to be behind the D. Outside the main circle. Goal. 3-3. Second goal


for Fraser Watts. Could you ask for a cooler finished and that's?


Beautifully taken penalty. Here it goes, watch it in. There he goes


head down. Follows the swing through and Inigo 's. Let's see what happens


here. 15 is Cala Maclean, he is going up


into the forward line. -- Callum Maclean. That is two Kinlochshiel


subs and less than 20 minutes to play we have a mighty challenge at


3-3. So further questions being asked. The composure of Fraser was


outstanding there. Tooth ring Jordan Fraser is one of the Kinlochshiel


players who was withdrawn, we can see him just below us. When they get


the girl as before Inveraray have had a quick step, a bit of a smooth


swing. Clean hitting. Faster challenging. Fraser Watt flicks it


to MacDonald. Colin MacRae put the stick between his legs, that was a


shots worthy of a golf club. Back to his defending days when he is trying


to clear lines but again when the ball gets up into the final third.


There is danger and they just need to concentrate getting the ball up


as often as they can. This magnificent setting of autumnal


weather at Mossfield Stadium, a contest on folding because it has


gone, the yellow vans in the standard raised the roof to get


nowhere. Two lightweight colleagues behind him have done him proud


today. That defence has soaked up an amazing amount of pressure. They


have to be careful. Dangerous territory to be launching yourself.


It is take a deep breath time is insert? It is, 16 minutes to go and


you could say the game is anybody's to take. I'm amazed I'm saying that.


But all credit to Inveraray, they have stuck in there and at three


each they will think we can go on to win this. It is there to be won and


lost. Down it goes. Here is one of the Kinlochshiel substitutes. Again


it is Munro and oppression. -- under pressure. Basically lined up on the


far side and it looks like number 15 is coming on for Inveraray. And we


think Dando may be the player to be replaced but we will keep an eye on


that. Kinlochshiel are on the move and look at that. Fraser Watt in


defence, they are in trouble here Inveraray because they have every


man in defence almost. Desperation, backs to the wall. Giving its welly


up the other end. And then we have Ruaraidh Graham. What a ball out to


the left-hand side. A chance here for Inveraray, cut it inside


MacDonald. Here is danger, get it away. Makes him play it. That is


arguably one of the best moves of the game. Indeed, the only criticism


was that Lewis MacNicol should have shot, he was an enough space and the


angle was acute. You see here now Lewis has the ball and has a bit of


time, have a shot from there but instead he cut it back, it is off


but the big opportunity was for Lewis to shoot when he had the


space. There is Dando coming off. Confirmation in there. Grand Griffin


as command. -- grant. I think you're right saying he has been injured.


Has a bit of pace in front of the goal. He scored the winner in the


Macauley Cook final before so he does have pedigree. -- McCauley cup.


MacDonald has more than pedigree, he has menace and presence and


everything. He will lead by example. David Robinson...


The Kinlochshiel screaming to come out of defence. The great stopping


the play there. This could be a yellow card. -- MacRae. He is having


a think which means he won't book him. It is good experience by


MacPherson because the defence exposed a quick free hit and they


are reorganised now. Just show to stick against the ball and fair play


to Evan MacRae for not taking any action, it would have been slightly


harsh at this stage in the game. The sun is out there are shadows on the


field and everybody is happy it is a game situation. We have no idea


where it will end up. Which is a good thing. Lots of stretching. Lots


of stretching going on on the Inveraray bench. A point for the


substitutes, rolling substitutes with only three can be used. After


that, they can use three as as they want but not the others on the


bench. If you have five sausages you can only use three of them. Then you


have 15 players at your disposal. -- substitutes. You can revolve around


them. Once the first three are used that is it. None of the other


designated substitutes can go on the field. Inveraray have done that so


they may bring Dando back which could be a clever strategy. He has


played well today for Inveraray. Here is a chance, keeper comes off


as lime and that was another good move. For a young guy, he has been


utterly decisive. The comparison with Stuart MacDonald is very apt


because again Scott MacLachlan is that composed under pressure, he


does not panic, he has skill when he comes out, he is good with the ball


around his feet and again he came out and saved Inveraray. All credit


to the players of both team, they have been playing at a fantastic


pace. Sometimes in very trying conditions. A chance here. A goal.


And the tears Oliver MacRae. -- and it is. Kinlochshiel have made the


breakthrough again and this time it is Oliver MacRae who struck to put


them back in the lead. They first-time goal here. Unfortunately


for Scots, he had no chance, to close, the ball breaks, there is the


shots going into just inside the post. Oliver MacRae has worked very


unselfishly today for Kinlochshiel. Good for him.


Mr MacRae will be quite delighted, that was sublime. Just at the edge


off the ball, it deceived the goalkeeper. 4-3, less than ten


minutes to play at Mossfield. Looks like Dando might be coming back on.


One player struggling in the middle, they might want to bring him off and


put Dando on. Tillich she'll need another goal to see this off. Good


save, and another. What a good double save. Whatever the outcome,


Fraser, this young fella has made a name for himself today, Scott


MacLachlan. Absolutely. It comes in on the volley but Scott has it


covered. That's been a feature of the Kinlochshiel plays today.


They've been on top of Scott MacLachlan quickly, and credit to


him, he has dealt with that pressure well. Douglas Dando comes on into


midfield. It's not Robertson going off... It's one of the forward


players... Ross Montgomery? Number four going off, and it is Ross


Montgomery. Taking his helmet off, and he has acquitted himself well.


Another Inveraray teenager. They are playing with a bunch of


thirtysomethings. Jansa Kinlochshiel again. It's getting tough. -- chance


for Kinlochshiel again. Kennedy needs to be careful. He's had a


yellow card from the first half, John Kennedy.


Kinlochshiel bench going to make a change. They will not want to do it


when they are up in range of the goal. It's asking far too much of


the forwards to get onto that. Look at the wide-open spaces midfield


here. The hen party gives that won a big hand. Flicked into the middle.


Ambitious, good play by Kinlochshiel. That could be game


over. Because Kinlochshiel have done it again. They have extended their


lead. That again, I think it was Oliver MacRae. Oliver MacRae poked


it through to him. Keith MacRae, unfortunately for Scott MacLachlan,


straight through his legs. Hits on target, Keith, and the Scott


MacLachlan have saved that it would have been fantastic. But couldn't do


anything about it. Good, determined move by Kinlochshiel. Determination


to get onto the ball when it comes into that area. My apologies to all


the MacRae family, but it was Keith MacRae who scored. They won't mind


me getting one wrong occasionally. The goal-scorer has left the field


below us. The Kinlochshiel defence has had an easier ride for the


greater part of the second half. And they might just be watching history


unfolding. As the forwards begin to lead a tiring Inveraray defence a


merry dance at the moment. It's getting a bit tough. They have


pulled Dando back into centre half-backs. Ruaraidh Graham, David


Robertson. Confirmation from the referee, seven minutes left to play.


To be fair to Inveraray, they are in transition. Very stretched


resources, and they have done remarkably well to make a fantastic


game of it today. Tillich she'll have played well but despite that,


Inveraray have made a game of it. Remember Kinlochshiel had a team in


the top three of the Premier League. And they are playing a team in the


league below them, the National League. As Fraser Ingle said, very


much in transition. Hello to the young fellas and young girls at the


far side. No harm done, apart from a banner ruined. Still the tackles go


in. Ruaraidh Graham, the manager, and he's brought down there. At some


stages in the game, that might have been a booking, when he was at full


flow. Perhaps, because it was a trip, not a cynical foul that will


injure anyone. Not a cynical foal, probably why Evan MacRae decided it


wasn't a booking. Inveraray, give them their due, they


have got it back in the danger area and have won a corner. It would be


very interesting if this led to a goal. It would be. The way the game


has gone, the fact they haven't shaken Inveraray off, they will be


thinking, is this our day. With a few minutes to go it would be 5-4.


Could be a fantastic finish to the match. Drifted wide, it's gone out


for another corner. On the left-hand side. The clock running relentlessly


now on Inveraray's effort. And what an effort it's been, what a game


they have given us. Robertson fires in. Cleverly brought down, turning,


big shout for one of the Kinlochshiel defenders to step in.


It's all a bit bunched up. Acres of space for Kinlochshiel to move the


ball in. If they had any sense they would start shipping it out of the


corners. Out of the way. Inveraray doing their level best to try to


slow the game down. It's all they can do, really. That's been a


feature of the game. Inveraray definitely feel Evan MacRae have


given the majority of decisions to Kinlochshiel. Bit of frustration


over that, but if you are the team pressing than you are likely to win


more fouls. The referee says there will our four minutes and 52 seconds


left. Some of that has gone. But you can't get much more precise than


that. Down to about four minutes or thereabouts. Dimeck she'll still


with a good step in their legs. They have a bit more to give. They can


see out the time more successfully, I think. A tee goal cushion,


difficult to see them losing that. Poor hit, bit better is the second


time, should have happened the first time. Keeping pressure on Inveraray.


They are left with no option but to remove the ball. Dispatch it. We


reckon there are two minutes left on our clock, the one that counts is


the one held by Evan MacRae, the referee. There will be no hurry


here. We might have a bit of injury time thanks to that injury to


MacKenzie. Maybe a couple of minutes added on for that. Another good


block by Monroe. You have to hand it to the two full-backs, Munro and


Crawford in particular, Kennedy has been outstanding as well. But


Crawford and Monroe have been outstanding, and the goalkeeper. The


physical match-ups, they are not as strong as their opponents but they


have stuck manfully to the task and haven't resorted to anything that


you would call less than fair. Credit to them for that.


Unfortunately it it's a case of Kinlochshiel being the stronger,


better team. That's a fact of the matter. Inveraray contesting the


final well and can take great credit for that. Some brave camerawork from


the man in the corner. Getting very close to all the action. Short of


actually swinging at that ball, don't think he could have got much


closer. All Kinlochshiel need to do now is keep the ball up to our left


as we watch it. Goalkeeper pressed into action again. Trying to get the


ball up the other end. David Robertson almost got a block in. We


are in the final seconds of play. Now it's going to be an historic


occasion for the Kinlochshiel club. A day of great disappointment for


Inveraray. But they will be back with a team, half their team are


teenagers, remember. Olie Ganassi for in sport is for the team to play


to their potential. To put in a good performance on the day despite not


being the better team, we have seen already with Scott MacLachlan in


goal, Fraser upfront, Lewis McGovern to come back, so the future is


looking bright for inter-area. They just need a few more to come through


like that. They lost Gary MacPherson, the influential player


earlier this game. That was a huge blow to them. They came back from


2-0 down, then came back from another goal down, and now they have


the insurmountable obstacle of a two goal deficit. A chance for the


finishing touches. Not quite making it. The hen party is winding up on


the far side and the celebrations are beginning. 47 seconds left says


the man in the middle. We will have this possibly last play. Before they


start dancing in. There is a chance here. Yet again, Scott MacLachlan,


he has led them all sorts of ways and directions from the back. A


brave attempt at keeping the play. It's been an exhibition of great


goalkeeping. It has. And there is a man of the match award today. Scott


MacLachlan is a major contender. I would say Jordan Fraser as well. I


think perhaps the way the game has gone, wouldn't be surprised if Scott


MacLachlan won his man of the match for a fantastic display. WHISTLE


The final whistle goals in the 2016 MacAulay Cup final. Kinlochshiel


winning their first-ever senior Sinn trophy by 5-3 against Inveraray. --


shinty trophy. At the end of the day they couldn't match the strength and


power of the finishing guile of the West Coast team who have finally,


finally crossed the line after 58 years of trying to take a senior


trophy. Confirmation of the full-time score at Mossfield,


Inveraray 3-5 Kinlochshiel. STUDIO: Fantastic moment to Kinlochshiel.


They will drink in these moments for a long, long time. It means so much


for the club to finally win their first senior Sinn T trophy. And with


former Scotland under 21 coach Gary Read with me, fantastic moments for


the club. Completely, to win this first major trophy title will mean


everything to Kinlochshiel. They will celebrate for at least a week.


What does that mean? Wanted to win a major trophy for so long. It's a big


relief. There have been a few different finals and stuff, but


delighted to win. Your goal was crucial towards the end. It killed


them. It a nerve in the in the last ten or 15 minutes. Just needed to


get that cushion, that extra goal. What was the final experience like.


It's a brand-new thing for Kinlochshiel. Pretty nerve wracking.


It's a level up in nerves from your day in, day out games. Definitely


feeling the nerves myself today, but a big relief to get the win. Worthy


nerve is part of why we saw such a back and forth game. At one point it


looked like he could run away with it but suddenly Inveraray were back.


I think it was a lapse in our defence. Inveraray are a dangerous


team and when they get a sniff of goal they will take it. When they


got the first goal we knew they would start coming at us, but it was


crucial to get a goal back. Luckily we got a few in the second have to


kill them off in the end. It could have been a tight finish. No more


nerves now, what will tonight be like? A bit of celebrating. We will


head back to the pub and enjoyed it, I'm sure. Keith, you've deserved it.


Fraser Ingles joining us. It has been such a tumultuous final in so


many ways, but it has the fairy tale ending for Kinlochshiel.


Well deserved. Kinlochshiel proved they can do it in a big game and


Kinlochshiel will build new facilities, got a new pitch coming


so hopefully they can kick on. Always interesting to see what


happens with the team after they win a major trophy. What happens this


season or the one after. Can they win more? That's a good point, this


is a starting point for Kinlochshiel, how much is in the


tank? They have a good young team. A strong team and this experience will


make them better. You can see the nerves, Keith saying he is still a


bit nervous and you could see in the game, it's 23-3 and you thought our


Inveraray and other favourites. They can kick on and be a good team. Was


it a case of an experience a little bit? May be leaving Kinlochshiel did


not kill off Inveraray? Perhaps inexperienced but they were


dominating so much and playing so well is probably never crossed their


minds that Inveraray could come back, it was so one-sided and Gary


mentioned all the corners and it was complacency at the back from


Kinlochshiel but they believed they could come back so for me that makes


it a better win. They got pinned back and then pushed on and got the


goals and took the McCauley cup back. It looked like they might have


been blown away at the start but they showed great character. Yes.


Two young boys in particular, Scott MacLachlan... Quite a way to spend


your 18th birthday. Indeed and young Fraser Watt. Great confidence taking


the penalty. Putting it in the back of the net so Inveraray will be


disappointed. They kind of ran out of legs Bert Kinlochshiel play


Premier League week in week out which was the slight difference.


Fitness seem to play huge part today. There is a huge surface at


Mossfield Stadium and that was the strength will Kinlochshiel. The


Premier League is a higher tempo. You have to be fitter and as Gary


mentioned, Kinlochshiel experience that week in week out. The other


thing is it is a generation game. You are seeing the end of the


Inveraray's big ending. The initial part of that ceremony have begun and


the trophies are being handed over. The losing captain has gone to Alan


MacDonald of course he was calling out his team. No failures in their


Inveraray team. They can leave Mossfield Stadium with their heads


held high. I don't think I see Garry MacPherson who sustained an eye


injury. We hope he's OK. He will be as disappointed as next man. There


has to be only one winner and to paraphrase some famous words, when


the whistle blows and the battle is done, these Shinty boys shine like


the sun, we don't play for fame or for cash, we play for glory and the


Clash of the ash. That song written about Kinlochshiel and it has never


been more appropriate than today's gala occasion when they have taken


the first-ever senior Trophy. I will tell you one thing, that hen party


has just cracked up a notch or two. The man of the match has been


confirmed as the Inveraray goalkeeper Scott MacLachlan and that


the speed one of the easiest decisions that the judges have at


making many years because it was an outstanding display of goalkeeping.


Here now the victorious Kinlochshiel team, the captain is leading the


team up. The captain number four David Faulkner and he has received


the traditional silver mounted trophy -- David Falconer. The


Kinlochshiel players or gathering at the end of the podium where they


will be greeted by the rest of the team before they lift the trophy.


The trophy is being handed over by Graham Mitchell. They are coming up


onto the podium to the tall figure at the end of Connor Cormack who was


one of the two injured players who missed the final. One from each side


and you can see his left hand is covered. He has had some pins


inserted. He would have been a key figure in the game but he qualifies


for his medal. Colin Fraser the manager there, very pleased. Duncan


MacLeod has assistant. Years of investment personally into the club.


The trophy, the magnificent McCauley Cup is on its way to Wester Ross to


Kinlochshiel. It has taken them well-nigh 60 years to take a senior


Trophy home and they have had all sorts of silverware but I guarantee


you tonight, the place to be is somewhere between Dorney and can


tail. For Kinlochshiel, fantastic scenes.


A terrible waste of champagne but I'm sure they will get plenty more


as the day progresses and David Falconer they're very proud. The


latter part of that match Gary, a huge goal from the MacRae's, Oliver


MacRae getting them back into the lead. Yes at 3-3 it could have gone


either way and you're thinking how has this happened but Oliver MacRae,


the ball popped out, he took a swing and in the net. He worked


tirelessly. Good to see him get the girl and you can see a kind of


relief coming through the team. Must've been a huge moment and then


the icing on the cake as they made it safe. Another good move from


Kinlochshiel to win the ball and Oliver reaches its head and it


breaks to Keith MacRae and fantastic in a major final. A really great


position to being in the last five minutes of a major final knowing you


have won it, two goals up, you can enjoy and as we are speaking there,


you can see the relief to win a major trophy. It is the day for


Kinlochshiel, undoubtedly fantastic, man of the match Scott MacLachlan


and as I was saying, what a way to spend your 18th birthday. He did a


great job. He was outstanding in the Celtic Society final. He reminded me


of the performance is Jim MacDonald last year. How fantastic he was and


really he was the difference between Kinlochshiel winning very comparably


and it's being a well contested final. For Inveraray it is great of


a goalkeeper of such stature because they had Graham MacPherson before


and they found a replacement. An inspirational performance from is


young man who looked so composed throughout. Certainly in the


defensive line, as Fraser said, he kept them in the game time after


time and to the point where he gave Inveraray no chance and hopefully he


will take that performance and he'll hopefully take it to the under 21


level. There is the champagne, they will need plenty of bottles before


this day is out. It seems strange, 58 years old and this is the first


silverware. Kinlochshiel have had a lot of challenges, it is a remote


area, trying to get good facilities and retrain the -- retain players, a


lot of people out there working hard there to get days like this and it


is fantastic that they have a reward and can look back and say we have


won a national trophy. That set last year they seem to make a decision


that they would just go Fritz and now they are seeing the rewards.


Definitely it is a benefit of having a 15 strong squad player squad. We


can all achieve something here if we try to put it all together. I still


think they are capable of going on and being more consistent and


challenging more cup final. But the question, can be rickroll a


powerhouse? -- can they become. I don't know if the squad is big


enough, they can certainly be contesting for major trophies along


with other teams. We saw the Scottish cup last year and the


winning team disappearing. Thank you very much we will be back with the


cup final in two weeks' time, do join us for bats. -- that. Live from


Fort William and it is sure to be a great day. It has been a great day


here, a great day for Kinlochshiel, they are the McCauley Cup winners


and from all of us here until next time, goodbye.


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