Kyles Athletic v Newtonmore Shinty: MacAulay Cup

Kyles Athletic v Newtonmore

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MacAulay Cup Final against Kyles Athletic and Newtonmore. Throughout


is on about 20 minutes time. Good afternoon and welcome from me from a


very sunny open. This trophy here is arguably the most stages an


important trophy in the shinty world. This afternoon, one of the


sides will go home with this, will it be


sides will go home with this, will Kyles Athletic Ord Newtonmore West


two heavyweights in the shinty world.


The MacAulay Cup 2013 is underway. Kyles is in all blue. There is


nobody at home. Danny McRae has made the breakthrough. Kyles have


scored. There is a red card for the Newtonmore captain! At the final


whistle, Kyles Athletic are of the MacAulay Cup winners! Victory for


Kyles a year ago, but Newtonmore would get their revenge in the


Camanachd Cup final. The rivalry in jurors between these two giants of


the game. Jamie Robinson, I'd have absolutely nothing! Glen Mackintosh


with their second goal! Danny McRae! It has been a good victory for


Newtonmore. This is the Camanachd Cup. We are looking forward to


another epic encounter. Two men that know all there is to know about


shinty in Scotland join me this afternoon. Jimmy Gow and Drew


MacNeil. Jimmy, we saw the great footage of


these two sides going head-to-head last season. It is not always these


two teams, is it! How big a rivalry is between these teams question mark


they are at the top two teams in shinty. The rivalry is huge. We were


here last year and it was a very feisty encounter, disallowed goals,


sending off, it is whetting the appetite, isn't it question mark I


would imagine it will be lots of controversy again. This picture


always produces goals. The last number of final let's have a look at


the journey of Kyles Athletic this year.


In round two, they met Glasgow Mid Argyll. Roddy McDonald got to that


time. In the semifinal, just the one goal from Ruddiman Donald, but still


at 3-0 victory away from home against Oban Camanachd. As short


time ago the Kyles Athletic team arrived in their natty yellow


minibus. Looking in fine fettle, it has to be said. This is their last


chance of winning major silverware this season.


Just a short time ago I spoke to the comanager. The camp is relaxed.


Separation is something I find quite important. If they are relaxed in


the bus on the way up, that is usually a good sign. Quietly


confident. We have been playing well recently. We are the underdogs as


usual. I think we have a chance today. Mossfield Park suits us well.


We are two teams that are getting to the national finals quite regularly.


That bill is a spirit into it, that you want to perform on the big


stage. You want to walk away as winners, not the losing team. We


will be very determined today. I have scored a few goals in this


competition this year. I am looking forward to yet. It suits me well. I


have a good record here and have had some good times here. I am looking


forward to it. They moved the ball well in the forward line. They will


play well on this park. We enjoy playing here, it suits our style of


shinty. Conditions are great. Should be a good game. I embarrassed Roddy


McDonald as the star man of Kyles Athletic, he was embarrassed, but he


is the star man, isn't he question mark yes, he is a huge part of it.


When he clicks, Kyles clicks. Most things go through him. He scored two


goals here last year. What are his major strengths question mark not


many weaknesses, that is the thing about him. I like to see him running


from deep. That is a great dispatched there. He


was just too quick for him there. He has really good balance of either


side. That for such such a tall man. He is very, very brave. Jimmy, do


you like to watch him question mark yes, without a doubt. When he is on


form, Kyles is on form. He is not just a foreword, you could have him


in the middle of the park or as a defender. It is such a


community-based thing, the world of shinty. Families tend to


generations. His dad, Kenny, still playing in goal. There he is,


forming up today. He had a cigarette in his mouth earlier today! Kenny is


a legend in the game. He is still going well at his age. It must be


fantastic for him playing alongside his son. In terms of this pitch in


open at Mossfield Park, will display into Kyles's can't question mark I


think it will. It is a fast park. It is a big surface. I hope that Kyles


will play their expansive game. It takes two teams to tango. Newtonmore


are one of the most successful sides in shinty. Let's look at have their


roots to the final. It started with a big victory over Kilmallie. In


round two, it was a resurgent king disease -- Kingussie side. Then,


Lovat, Newtonmore saw them off as well. Newtonmore arrived in a


gigantic coach. It is a massive day that these players. They come expect


and hopeful to redress the issues that they had last year at the hands


of Kyles. Danny McRae scored last year and had a goal disallowed. I


spoke to their management earlier. Last season was last season. We were


unfortunate, beaten on the day. This year it is a whole new game. That is


at work as a motivation tool in terms of the players question mark


every final you get to, you are not looking for motivation, they should


be motivated. We will be up for the fight today, I'm sure. This year is


a different final. We need to forget about last year and get on with it.


Hopefully we will get the Vic tree this year. One or two guys are


struggling today. We have had a terrible year with injuries, but we


have got what we have got. Whoever gets on the part today, they will


give 100%. We thought we had a good goal last year, but the referee saw


that in a different light and you just have to take that decision. It


is a big part, it sits Kyles, we heard that last year but our park is


a big park and we play on that every week. We will go the whole 90


minutes, but is for sure. Two goals last year, same again today from new


question mark I hope so, if not more! Let's hope we get another


classic final. I great atmosphere here at Park in Oban. People of all


generations getting involved and enjoying the summer sunshine, even


the West Highland terrier is. Let's hope we have an enjoyable final.


Last year was a classic. It was a great game to be at. Plenty of


controversy, disallowed goals. I think that still annoys Newtonmore,


doesn't that question mark they have forgotten about it, that is for


sure. This one here,, John the scores at the back post. It was


obstruction. Yes, it was. The referee there is the fourth official


today. What was your feeling about it question mark yes, I think you


did file him. -- he did file macro him.


I am pretty sure here that the referee thought he kicked the ball.


For me, I think there was nothing wrong with that one. It is


unfortunate. Does it give them extra incentive today question mark it has


to, doesn't it question mark well, I think they have used it already,


they turned round and beats them in the Scottish. I played at full


centre throughout my life. When the ball is in the egg you have to swing


at the ball. Only Jimmy will know he was gone for the ball or not. That


looks vicious from that point of view. You were saying there was


nothing in that. David Zavaroni had just scored there. David is playing


against Jamie. That is Jamie just trying to say to David, I am still


here. I thought it was OK. Was he having a swing at the referee as


well question mark I think the referee might have thought so! Halle


bigger player is Danny McRae question mark he always seems to be


amongst the goals. He never seems to be fully fit. He is big for


Newtonmore. Danny never seems to be fully fit. Danny McRae is a great


player. He plays roundabout the penalty area all the time. Give him


a chance at all and he will bury it is, without a doubt. He scored in


the Camanachd Cup Cup Final as well. What is your prediction for the


match today. There is so much at stake here, so many subplots. I


think I will go for Newtonmore. I think they are due to win this. On


form, you would say Kyles of the team on form. Very intriguing


contest. Newtonmore are out for revenge. It is due prediction


question mark I was convinced last year that Newtonmore were going to


win it and I was wrong. I think Kyles are more mobile, very mobile


across the middle. I think it will be one across the middle today.


Gentlemen, let's enjoy this afternoon. The match is just about


to get underway. Piper, a former world champion, is going to lead at


the sides this afternoon here at Mossfield Park.


world champion, is going to lead at the sides this afternoon here --


lead-out Drew MacNeil is the co-commentator


today, but your commentator is the voice of shinty himself, Hugh Dan


MacLennan. Hugh Dan MacLennan: a Paterson


setting here today. -- a magnificent setting here today. Both teams are


in blue and white, it has to be said. It is a great setting. The


golf club at the far end of the field. There are a few more


attractive settings in shinty. There is one of ours, the new president of


the Federation. Douglas Cooper, from the sponsors.


There is the captain of Newtonmore, Scott Chisholm. There are the match


officials. Here is the Kyles team. Thomas White is the captain today.


Some of a famous father. -- some of a famous father.


Let's have a look at the Kyles team. It has strength in depth. A


full strength team. Kenny McDonald is in goal, with his son upfront.


The captain at number ten. Newtonmore, they are just as strong.


All the questions about the rest are being put aside. -- about fitness.


Robinson, controversially red carded last year, is back in the centre.


Russell is an emerging talent. Captain Scott Chisholm at number


eight. The substitutes, well, maybe Kyles has the stronger bench.


Cameron is the referee. His second final in four years. Drew MacNeil


knows the man who scored the fastest goal ever in a Camanachd Cup final.


That was about all he did that day! He would say that himself. A huge


field here at Mossfield Park. Michael Russell is heading towards


the left-hand goal. Newtonmore will be defending the town end. Getting


towards the golf course. Kenny McDonald is in his customary


position to our right. Kyles are in blue and white, with the blue and


white hoops being Newtonmore. Derek Cameron is just confirming with his


other officials that he can set the 2004 team MacAulay Cup into action.


Action there will be. First shot on the Michael Ritchie.


We did earlier preferred a lot to the fact that Grant was coming back.


That was an impressive start from grants. He was a brilliant player


until he got his problems with his knee. It will take a bit of pressure


off Rodime at Donald. -- Roddy McDonald.


Kyles already, this fast, expansive game we were talking about. The


grass has been freshly cut, just yesterday. It is a sublime playing


surface. The weather just as beautiful. Michael Ritchie took that


one out of the air beautifully. Big tackled there. -- tackle there.


There is a broken spec already. It is a good tackle. Michael Ritchie


had a brilliant game last week against Lovat. Good tackle there in


front of the goal by Cameron Binnie. Good hit by McCarter. That is what


you want your hats to do. -- have you back --


This is the first chance for Danny McRae. Calum Miller has been six


weeks out. If there is a surprise, in the Kyles team, maybe that is it,


that he has come back after such a long absence. Kenny McDonald has the


sun in his eyes. If you were playing in midfield, QB trying to drop the


ball just in front of the goalkeeper. Yes, I would, just to


see if the sun would cause a problem. The redoubtable Kenny


McDonald. He didn't get too much on that one.


His half backs have got him out of jail.


This is another ball the Kenny McDonald will have to be very


careful with. Calum Miller has done the business.


This is Calum Stewart, a late change to the Newtonmore team. What do you


make of that question mark I think they have a problem with Fraser


MacIntosh. Calum Stewart has great pace. I like him as a player. It


will be interesting to see how he gets on. Two of Newtonmore's Young


guns, Calum Stewart... He is the only player in the field with a


helmet today. He has made his mark in the Sutherland Cup Final already.


He knows his way to goal. Perhaps an injury there. Rolling substitutes,


of course. There is a tactical value in that as well. Good ball across


the goal. Just an indication of the warmth.


The players will be taking on water as the game goes on. Russell. What


do you make of the rolling substitutes question mark do you


think the manager Jimmy making enough you so that question mark I


don't. I think it is a great idea. I wish they had them in my day. Bit


of a sandwich there. A couple of tasty swings, if I can put it that


way. Another broken spec. Roberto Zavaroni this time. No prisoners.


No, just as we expected. Kyles are drifting back. This is


their replying coming back to midfield. There is a breeze. Visit


significant question mark no, I just think that was badly hit. David


Zavaroni tried to go up the middle, instead of out wide. Their passing


has just gone of a little bit, but that will come back. That is one of


the iconic images of shinty, the flag on the Hill at Mossfield Park.


Always well populated. Kenny McDonald twice has misfired on his


hit out. It is not quite coming off Kyles in


the forward at the moment. No, it is not. Danny McRae comes well out of


his comfort zone here. Not quite nosebleed territory. Good ball


inside by Glen MacIntosh. Again, Kenny Donald deals with it. This


time off his feet. That plan being to try to make the goalkeeper played


the ball, hoping for a bounced towards the onrushing forwards. That


is a bad call. Kyles are drifting backwards at the


moment. They look as if they are playing very deep. Isn't that a


magnificent scene question mark I imagine there is not just food on


that hill! That is a good turn and a good


clearance. Kyles had men free. Ritchie got it


away. goal that he normally would be. Is


that a tactic? The referee has taken the view that


it was six of one and half a dozen of the other.


Nobody is stringing the passes together.


It is all about dominating the space.


The players are allowed one go at the hit in. Technically he could


have been booked for that. Just a feeling that it is more


left-to-right at the moment. 30 yards with nobody in the middle of


the park. A huge gap. Kyles are looking to get the forwards in. A


good ball in from MacIntosh. MacRae had Miller on his back.


Irvine, again it is caught. Newtonmore's midfield winning every


ball at the moment. Irvine was too clever, with a lovely little touch.


A deft touch through to MacRae! It's Danny MacRae with the first strike


for Newtonmore, and that has been coming. A good linkup, Calum Stewart


will be delighted. Well inside the D. Picked his spot.


will be delighted. Well inside the D. Picked Difficult for the


goalkeeper. A spin on the It just took a bounce


in the wrong place. 1-0, Newtonmore. An important early


strike after 16 minutes from Danny MacRae. Just a hint that Newtonmore


were beginning to win the match in midfield. Gradually easing up the


pressure. How important is the first goal in a final? It's difficult


because Kyles are 18 like a pop that boils over. If they get momentum,


they will boil over. -- a team that is like a pot that boils over.


Important for Newtonmore to get the first one, I think. It's about


keeping their nerve. They will certainly be aware of the


possibility. That was a pure hit. Irvine, well policed by the


Newtonmore defence at the moment. They are well aware of the potential


threat. Just a slight scuffing. A good turn, but Miller read it


beautifully. MacArthur. The heavier of the two


centrelines, Newtonmore, and that will count as the game goes on.


A wonderful atmosphere around the pitch. On the Hill. In good order.


That's better from Kyles, looking for Roddy MacDonald, who has been


peripheral at this stage. Lost his stick. Frustration. He's getting


wound up. I thought the ref could have let him play the ball. He blew


for Roddy's safety, but I don't think he was in danger there. A


tactical decision for Kyles to make, do they leave Roddy upfront?


Danny MacRae, driving into the heart of the Kyles defence. Stewart turns.


Kenny McDonald saves. It almost happened in slow motion. It looked


as if it would bounce over his stick. Just managed to stretch


across to it. Just didn't get hold of it. That's a good save. He just


made it, that was a tricky save. A lot is made of his age, but he got


up quickly. A good stretch from the keeper. Both keepers have played


their part. MacRae's backhand. Some of the Kyles hitting is not as crisp


as you would want to see. Grant Irving, at pace he can take them on.


He decided to send it in. Norman Campbell, meat and drink to him.


Danny MacRae unleashes another one. It's end to end. The pace of the


game, increasing. It shows us what they can do. Disappointed in


Kyles's midfield. They have to get into position. Paul delivers a good


ball, and that is a cracker of a shot from Danny MacRae. Kyles, on


the left. Most of the attack is coming up their left-hand side.


Zavaroni, looking for his brother. A mistake, to Roddy MacDonald. This


time Steven MacDonald gets the better of him. Again Kyles send it


in, but MacDonald steps in. Look at that strike, exactly what you want.


That is a never ball in shinty, the pass inside like that.


Binnie, good defence from him but he's lost it eventually. Roddy


MacDonald lets it go. Not quite fast enough to Irvine. Who else, Paul


MacArthur. Ball of a sudden, every ball is


landing at a food shirt. Danny MacRae, a nice move. -- hooped.


Glen MacIntosh unleashes another one. Purely on percentage, if you


have ten shots, some of them are going to go in and that's what is


happening now. Michael Ritchie has had three or four saves at the other


end. Newtonmore looked like they are going to get the next goal. Another


bad mis-hit from Kenny, that's four now.


Not quite sure why that should be happening. Jonathan Sutherland is


talking to the Newtonmore manager. You must be delighted with the early


goal from Danny MacRae. Yes, I am. They started quick and we have come


back into it, with four very good chances, Danny Cook is goal well, we


should have had another one, but yes, delighted. -- Danny took his


goal. Is this how used land the start? They have not pressed on and


we seem to be winning the midfield battle. Well, he does excitement


terribly well(!) But there can be nobody more committed in a blue and


white shirt. He has taken off down the touchline, I don't know what


Jonathan said to him. Something he doesn't like in the forward line. He


is having a word with Callum, I think. Kenny McDonald, I am not sure


why that should be. It's not like him, he is normally a very


consistent hitter. We need Kyles to pull something out. So frustrating,


Zavaroni passed the ball and Kerr was standing beside him, didn't give


it to him. They are winning the possession competition, so... The


full-back is going to take the hit out this time. You don't normally


see that. I remember in the old days it was the thing for a full-back to


take it. The full-back has enough to do without taking the hit outs.


Here it comes again. Plenty of space. Great stop, Kenny McDonald.


He makes it look so easy. That's just a case of flicking it away. I


was watching him in the warm-up and he was doing exactly the same, so


relaxed. It's the last second, he seems to punch the ball. Lets it


come onto him, which is different from some keepers. Acres of space


from Michael Russell. He can score goals from midfield. If you were


driving the Kyles tactics, what would you want them to do to get


more of the ball? Stop playing square, go back to a diamond and


give Roddy more space, because he is not getting the ball in the middle


of the park. The square we will explain shortly... Just explain the


difference between the formations, Newtonmore from the North and Kyles


from the south. Two half forwards, whereas the other team are playing


with wide forwards. It's a diamond as opposed to a square? Yes. Got


you! Well taken in the defence but it


only goes a third of the way. This is the forward hitting the ball to


where it should be, but it has worked, because they have a


midfielder at pace... Just overstepped the ball. No chances


taken by Steven MacDonald. Maybe a bit overly safe with that one. Kerr


could have driven on, it was too far out. Could have taken another ten


yards. All of the Kyles forwards are back, could have done a 1-2.


A rare Kyles attack, it has to be said. Newtonmore, in trouble. Across


the goal. The angle was against him. Kyles, you could put a blanket over


the whole lot of them in there at the moment, which is not a good way


to attack. Newtonmore will defend this space, the close space. They


will dominate the tackle but they won't dominate the Opel areas.


Michael Russell has done brilliantly. -- the open areas.


Cameron Binnie, a particularly strong player as well. There's


always, it has to be said, some questions over Binnie's fitness, but


his shadow has diminished. From last year has well. Looking in good


shape. -- as well. Calum Miller goes to ground.


Technically shouldn't play the ball when he is on the ground. Steven


MacDonald, very clever. Again, Roddy MacDonald gives away a foul. That's


just conceding possession again. Roddy's complaining, but it is a


foul. Frustrated. Steve Lee reads the game really


well. Glen MacIntosh drifted out to the left-hand side. A spare man for


Newtonmore. MacRae, a little flick. I thought


the referee was going to stop that there. He allowed play to go on. It


was a dramatic dive. Derek won't give that. Cameron is just pointing


out to the players that he has referees as gold judges and nobody


raised a flag. -- goal judges. Beautiful switch of play. Ian


McDonald puts the ball out of play, on the half-hour mark. If you were


in Newtonmore's shoes, would you take the one goal is a decent return


for the pressure? No, you would want another before half-time, push on.


Grant Irvine is the only one who will cause them problems. MacRae can


hit on either side, which is the duty of the shinty stick, and also


his skill. -- the beauty. Plenty of time for Kyles to send


another one away, but it is too far. Campbell came out. Irvine, having to


do a lot of work to no effect. Calum Miller, Irvine again.


Nothing going much Roberto Zavaroni's way. His head has gone


down. The body language is not good. No, just previous to that, Roberto


did not even come across to help Duncan out. He has to beat Norman to


the ball. Donald Irvine has moved away to the right-hand defensive


position for Kyles. Danger for Kyles again, but Miller backtracking gets


a stick in. That looked like a corner to me, actually. Surprised


they are not claiming it. Menzies, having a good game, keeping


possession and carrying it. Much better from Kenny McDonald against


the wind, well over the centre circle.


Straight to Irvine. Cameron Binnie with a lovely touch.


Zavaroni just fired it in. Binnie with a bit of pace, but Roddy


MacDonald is that bit quicker. Irvine lashes out at it. Well, it


would have been good if it worked. It would have been!


Worth a dig, from there. Better play from Zavaroni. That is what they


want to do, get it out, get it across quickly.


Just beaten by the pace there. There's the legend that is John


Henderson. Famous shinty referee who was, as I understand it, refereeing


the referees last week in the veterans tournament. He managed to


send someone off. Embarrassing that a referee could get sent off,


ridiculous, and it wasn't me! Yes, you did hear that correctly, Mr


Henderson said another referee off. There you have it. Well done, John!


It was a good day at Newtonmore. There is the coolest man in the


park. Probably one of the fittest men as well. One of the fastest.


Irvine is not exactly a slouch. A great block by Cameron Binnie.


Again, Kyles seed possession. -- cede possession. Kyles wasted that.


Binnie has got some tidying to do. Just a nudge with the shoulder to


make sure. Underrated part of the Newtonmore defensive system, Cameron


Binnie. When he is on his game, as he is today.


Roddy MacDonald turned, it came back to Irvine. Possibly got in each


other's way. Roddy had the first chance, a bit of an air shot. That


is a bad miss from Roddy. To be fair to Norman, he has taken two out, so


fair play to Norman. A frustrated person at the moment, Roddy.


Newtonmore, reverting to the defender taking the hit outs. Steven


MacDonald. What a beautiful swing. A great turn. MacIntosh hasn't got the


ball under control, but turned away and fired on in. That's all of 40


yards. It wasn't far-away. The Newtonmore forwards are comfortable


in possession, happy to carry on. He will do that all day, give him a


chance and he will take a shot. The vital thing is they are still only


one up. That's right. He is heaving a bit. The half-time


tea is not far-away. Used to be run and raisins that they had at


half-time, Newtonmore. Way back in the day. -- rum and raisins.


Again, just the frustration, just rushing things. You can see from his


bench, they are becoming frustrated. Irvine took a bit of a risk but got


away with it. Zavaroni works a bit of magic,


looking for Roddy MacDonald. Just inches away from catching Roddy


MacDonald around his ankle. He has got such a long reach, he nearly got


that. He wasn't far-away from it. Kyles, cranking up the pressure.


Roddy MacDonald had a second chance. Was looking for help. Four men


around him. Kerr fired it back in. There was a shout for a kick.


The referee has dismissed the claim for a penalty. It has to be a proper


kick, not something that hits your food. That really frustrates me. --


frog prefixoot. There is no pattern to Kyles' play. Steven MacDonald has


been playing full-back a lot, so he is quite comfortable. Roddy needs to


relax. He has people around who will help him. His team has got at least


another 45 minutes, sudden death and all the rest of it, which could


happen. Roddy MacDonald again had a chance to pass to a colleague but


never took it. That hit Norman Campbell on the head


by accident. He is clutching his eye at the moment. Norman Campbell is in


trouble. I think it just hit his ear, he is fine, he has got big


ears! This is a chance for Newtonmore! Great stop! Calum


Stewart must've seen his name in the headlines there! That is to really


good chances he has had that he would normally score. Maybe the ball


just got the hang Tim Blair. Snatched at it. We have five minutes


left. Are you sure? He has gone five minutes early! The fourth official,


Colin McDonald, is advising the referee. The referee has agreed. I


have never seen this happen. Never on penny Saturday, to be honest. --


on any Saturday to be honest. Maybe he thought it was a water brick! --


water break. Give him his due, he is laughing himself. He is confident


character, it would be bothering him at all. He will probably play an


extra five minutes at the end to make! He was dead on the 40 minutes


to give him his due. Just five minute short! I think Kyles would've


been glad to go off, be honest. They are hanging on a bit.


Here come Newtonmore again. What with Kyles give for a goal? What


would Newtonmore give for another one? I am very sure that the 2-goal


margin would be much better for them. And they are J as well. -- due


it as well. That just about sums up their afternoon for me. It is simply


not good enough. Newtonmore are still laughing about the referee, I


think. That is the area of concern for


Kyles, the midfield, for me. Calum Stewart coming off his man. A corner


to Newtonmore. This will probably be their last chance before the break.


Coming into the final minutes. I think there will be an almighty


cheer when the referee blows for half-time! An ironic cheer!


The referee not impressed by the call for a kick.


Another corner. Three corners in quick succession. If they are quick


they will get it taken. They are piling people forward. Kyles have


four people in the Newtonmore half. Kenny McDonald concedes another


corner. It goes on. We are now into overtime. McCarter with the last


acts of the first-half. Calum Miller took that on the chin. Another


corner! Kyles are just hanging on. Bayard


desperate to get into the changing room. -- they are desperate to get


into the changing room. There we have it. The referee


decides for the second time that the first is finished. Danny McRae, he


is the difference between the two teams. Newtonmore will not be happy


to have gone in with just a single goal. Kyles will know they have not


played well, but they will still have a big say in the outcome of


this MacAulay Cup Final. It is half-time, we think! I am


joined by a 27 manager. Will Newtonmore be unhappy that they are


only one goal up. They will be delighted to have got the goal, but


they would have wanted more. How impressed have you been with


Newtonmore? They have been very good. They are a better team by a


mile. Danny McRae has been very important for them.


Danny has not wasted a ball all day. He has been excellent. The wind will


make a bit of a difference. What effect will the conditions have? I


think they will help -- I think the wind will have Kyles in the second


half. Let's have a look at Danny McRae's strike. The boy Calum


Stewart did really well there. Danny turned beautifully. Was Kenny Mick


Donald culpable? Not at all. It was wide of him. He couldn't have got to


it. We profiled Kenny McDonald at the start of the match. 50-something


years old. In terms of the rest of the first-half, he put in some great


stops. Kenny has been excellent. Let's have a look at some of them.


He has been very effect. That is not easy. The ball is coming in quite


hard. I don't want to be unkind about his age. Undoubtedly, your


reactions will start to fade if you are playing in your 50s. I think the


problem when you get older is more underground than in the air. Those


stops by him are keeping Kyles in it so far. Roddy McDonald has been the


star man for Kyles, but how have you gauged his performance? Kyles


started well, but since then Robbie has not have a lot of the ball.


Kyles are just not getting the ball up the park. Newtonmore seem to be


able to handle him. Stephen will wind him up and Roddy is very easy


to wind up, to be honest. Will the management be talking about the


temperament aspect? Frustration will creep up. I think Newtonmore will be


wise to that. One player I have been impressed with is Cameron Binnie.


Last year he was carrying a few extra pounds. What have you thought


of him? I have known Cameron all his life. A great young player. He was


carrying a bit of weight for a while but he lost all of that. He seems to


be able to read the game. He was always great at that. The way things


are going at the moment, how did you see the second half? Will Kyles get


back into the match? Can they produce something from nothing? At


the minute you would think it would have to be a game for Newtonmore.


Kyles will give an attack at some point. I think Newtonmore needed to


go 2-0 in Debbie safe. Kingussie will be in the final of the


Camanachd Cup this year. Four sides in the semifinals, obviously. The


final will be on the 13th September. A goal! Ryan Simpson! He sneaked


away from his man. A great finish by a Simpson on the backhand.


Ronald Ross! Inevitably! From long range. I think the keeper might have


been undecided. No, he was beaten by Pierce. That is a great goal by


Daniel Stewart! Craig Dawson beaten all ends up. That was a bad bounce.


Shakers of space here. What will he do? Goal! That is exactly what


Kingussie needed. He lined it up and past the goalkeeper. To happen to


happen to you at the interval. Great stop by Craig Dawson!


Sudden-death, it is Craig Dawson! He has won the match for Kingussie.


Danny Morrison! He just made himself some space. One chance, one hit,


1-0. Great goal by Fraser Heath! That was coming.


It is in again. David Smart! The corner did not seem to be that


difficult to deal with, but driven home. The keeper could not see that.


Glenurquhart are pressing. They have the wind, the advantage. This is


another good chance. Good stop by the keeper. Glenurquhart are still


pressing. James McPherson! I think that is it for Skye. It could be all


over. That is a great finish. Glenurquhart are heading for the


final once again. For the first time since 1988. The Camanachd Cup final


is our next shinty action. It is Kingussie against Glenurquhart. What


we saw at the ends of the first-half, have you seen anything


like that before with the referee blowing up early? No, never! He


obviously didn't set his clock rates! I am glad they didn't score


any goals in that extra five minutes, that could've been


controversial. How will the second half go? Kyles have got to come into


this game. Newtonmore has been the better team by a mile. Let's get


back to the action! Back to Hugh Dan MacLennan.


The referee will dine out in style on this one. He sets it off and


running again. Newtonmore are leading 1-0. Fraser MacIntosh has


been introduced for Newtonmore. We think Norman Campbell might be


carrying an injury. He was limping. Drew MacNeil, your view on the


changes? The Fraser MacIntosh coming in? Hopefully... Calum will be


disappointed. Fraser is very experienced. We expect Norman


Campbell might be hobbling a bit. He was, badly. If you are Kyles, you


would want to get the ball down his side and expose him. I don't know


who they have on the bench that they could bring on. It'll be interesting


to see how the game develops. It has got a bit more dull, Calder.


A little bit more of a breeze. -- this is a chance for Kyles to create


something. It did not quite threatened the keeper or give the


attack any chance either. I think Norman was quite clever. He commits


a nice little foul here. That is a massive hit against the wind. In the


end, Ian McDonald gets hold of it. He has a lot of strapping on his


leg. Newbridge once somebody just keep dropping the ball in front of


him, him turning. Kyles keep believing this huge gap in midfield


which is a curious way to play a final. Maybe there is some method to


the map us. This is Rodime at Donald. Just behind Roberto


Zavaroni. You do not want to be giving away fouls in this territory.


This could be the chance for Roddy McDonald to get a goal. It is in a


good area. They may or may not have rehearsed something here. They


wasted it, that is for sure. That is a good call! In towards


Roddy McDonald. JB Robinson with another hefty challenge. This was


the chance. Clever little pass. He overran that. The tackle was


crucial. Good play by Roberto Zavaroni.


Roddy McDonald just not able to grab it on his stick. Another stick has


gone. Plenty of firewood in Kyles tonight!


Donald Irvine is still waiting for a new stick. Three great little


chances by a Kyles there. Donald Irvine changing his stick.


That is the end of that one! Bad corner. That is another ?40 down the


drain. Of the bar! The referee says he did not get a stick to that. I


think it just landed on top of the bar. Kyles is back in the game. This


is as close as you can get. The keeper was beaten.


These are the margins that the side cup finals. -- adapt


these are the areas that temp one were not using earlier in the game.


All of a sudden, there Newtonmore event is looking a bit jittery. The


clearances are not as good. There is a little bit of six now from Kyles.


Do you think they got a rocket at half-time? Maybe. Kyles want to play


on the front foot. They like to play on the front foot.


Clever. Roddy McDonald just could not switch. Goal! That all came from


the use of the corner. Good goal. Clever, clever play. He was caught


in two minds here. They got a deflection. Duncan


Kennedy made the most of it. All of a sudden, Kyles are back in it. The


MacAulay Cup Final has a long, long way to go yet. 1-1. Newtonmore now


have to hit back. They knew that. There is nothing more dangerous than


at Kyles team with momentum. Jamie Robinson has gone down. He


looked a bit sluggish going into that tackle.


That is the tackle. Maybe add dead leg. He went down heavily. He is in


some distress. Jamie is not the type of player back goes down. -- that


goes down. I don't think he is going to last


very long, to be honest. They need somebody in full fitness


in the engine room. That is Scott Chisholm. They will put someone back


in full centre. It is a free hit. I doubt very much we will see Robinson


again. It is not the kind of injury that lets you carry on in a Cup


Final. It is funny, this second half is


almost a mirror image of the first-half.


Robinson will not be back on again, I think. This game has a long way to


go. We have not yet reached 60 minutes. They have one goal apiece.


In the first, the Newtonmore players were dominating their opponents, but


that has completely turned round. Some of the Newtonmore hitting is


just not as good, as crisp as they used earlier. On this surface, there


should be crisp editing. -- crisp hitting.


That is a great save by Kenny McDonald! He just waits for the ball


to come to him. It is the last push that is critical.


That was a chance for Fraser MacIntosh and he knows it. He should


have assumed the ball would come through to him, really. But, he


didn't. The chance was weighted. This is a better response by


Newtonmore. Roberto Zavaroni could have done


better. Roberto Zavaroni seems to be pushing forward far more. I think he


is better there. You can score goals, as well. Two years ago, it


was a final, it was a great game and I think Roberto Zavaroni won it for


them. He has the ability to win games from the middle of the park.


David Zavaroni has added a certain zip to the midfield.


game for his brother today. Irvine just being a bit ambitious in the


corner. James Perlich, the Kyles coach,


beginning to crank it up as we head... I don't think he shouted


once in the first half. Let's go to Jonathan Sutherland, who has Jimmy


Gow with him. Kyles, well and truly back into the match. The weather has


changed. The whole way of the game seems to have changed, why do you


think that has happened? As we said at half-time, it is a game of two


halves and there is a bit of wind. Why have Kyles changed their


attitude? Has the manager said something? The first half wasn't


good enough, Roddy MacDonald seems maybe a bit happier, not right now


but generally. Right is never very happy, but he is very alive. --


Roddy is never very happy, but he is very alive. That is one way of


looking at it. He also has his mother Morag standing on the


touchline, keeping a close eye on what is going on. He had better move


it. Just over the hour mark, Kyles 1-1 Newtonmore. Annie McRae on 16


minutes. Duncan Kerr responding for Kyles. Bash Mac Danny MacRae.


That is probably a decent reflection. Although Newtonmore had


bags of possession in the first half, but couldn't convert. Kenny


McDonald had to come off his line. The ball was hanging back, showing


the force of the wind. Kenny had to come a lot further than he wanted


to. He wanted to get it before it landed and cushion it down and


knocked it away. It looks easy when you do it like that, but it's not


easy. He is just so relaxed in there.


It can give the attacking player and advantage, depending on how good he


is at playing it in. It was April one. Zavaroni... That is an


interesting one, Norman Campbell is clutching his thigh. -- it was a


poor one. I don't think it was the tackle, I think it's the injury he


is carrying. One of the injuries. He stopped on his left knee, and that


is the one that is sore. It is scrapped anyway. He is definitely in


trouble, Norman Campbell. Norman Campbell does not do lying down. It


doesn't look good for him, you know. It would be easy for Norman to stay


behind Zavaroni but he keeps on getting there before him. Just


looking at PJ Macintosh's reaction, he is looking towards the bench


already, it looks as if Norman is coming off... What implications does


that have for the defence? Scott Campbell has played a lot this


season, he is an old head. I would imagine Scott Campbell would come


on, very much like-for-like. A great communicator, somebody who is


brilliant on the pitch. I withdraw every previous remark about Norman


Campbell's fallibility! An umbrella. And I do see some umbrellas, I see


spots of rain on the commentary box window. I am disappointed. But the


players might like it, it might cool things down a bit.


Zavaroni kills it, turns, a chance for Kyles but Binnie stepped in with


a beautiful challenge. It was just too high from Roddy MacDonald. A


good tackle by Steven MacDonald. That is the hardest ball in shinty,


Roddy pulled off at the back post and it was just too high. Roddy


MacDonald has gone down now. A bit of a knock as he went down, maybe


twisted something. They took the mouthguard out before


they did anything else, interesting. I can understand why. They won't


want to lose him for whatever reason. He's something of an icon.


Watching Roddy going off would be a huge lift for the opposition. I


don't see Roddy coming off. Doesn't look good but he might be able to


run it off. I think he would be fine, run in circles for a wee


while! Ever increasing circles. He's not going to go anywhere.


All sorts of stuff going on there just now, roly-poly 's.


Killed beautifully in midfield and dispatched. They are trying to


stretch Norman Campbell, I suspect, bringing him into play as much as


possible. The suspicion is he is just not going to last if they put


him under pressure. Still an awful lot of shinty to be


played in a match like this. We have seen these teams contest right down


to the very last seconds. Roberto is sticking to his task but I would be


inclined to change it and bring someone else on. Irvine, a good


stop. A big shout someone else on. Irvine, a good


might want to see that someone else on. Irvine, a good


how he got his foot to the ball. A big shout for a penalty. Neither


Cameron Norberg goal judge played attention to the claim. It was an


interesting stop. He stopped it with his instep. Never a penalty. What do


you think? It hit his instep, he was standing in the right place.


Difficult to see from that angle. At speed... It's what I said before, it


needs to be kicked. You need some movement of the fruit. When it's


planted in the ground, it's absolutely safe.


Danny MacRae. But a brilliant save, very fortunate it is still one -


one. This is a better angle. Quick feet, but good feet.


The pace in the legs of Irvine. He is sent flying by Cameron Binnie.


All of a sudden, the crowd are sensing that this is the kind of


turning point in the game, with 20 minutes to go, or thereabouts. A


shake of the head, Grant Irving, it's just not coming off for him.


This is a player who a year ago had a horrific injury to get over and he


has had to play himself back into the team. It's great to see him


back. Shaking his head there, but another defender had to come across


and stop him. A mistake by Binnie. Norman Campbell makes another


mistake. Steven MacDonald, as ever, tidies up. One of his great skills,


his reading of the game. Binnie was out muscled for once, Roddy


MacDonald had more time. Zavaroni was in. A good clearance by the


central defender, Ackie MacRae. He did really well.


That's the roly-poly I mentioned. For those of you of a vintage not


aware of what the roly-poly was... Binnie was closed down. Kyles'


forwards, working a bit harder. Thomas has not taken a step


backwards against Cameron. 20 minutes to go. Just a hint that


Newtonmore are feeling the pace. Kyles are stepping it up. An


instruction to the Newtonmore team to push forward, they are lying a


bit deep, as Kyles did in the first half. It's the same thing. Russell


has the whole of the middle to himself. A chance for Kyles, it took


a deflection. A good intervention from Steven MacDonald, because that


could have beaten Ritchie on the far post. A good effort. It was


Zavaroni. McLeod couldn't get it passed Norman


Campbell. They're working macro men spare, but


Ackie MacRae with another crucial intervention, taking it all the way.


-- there were Kyles men spare. That is a wasted ball. Just a


feeling that Kyles believe this is winnable. The two halfbacks, they


can come out on the ball all the time. They can always get back on


time. Kerr, pushing on upfront from midfield. He will keep doing that.


Robbie McLeod on the far side has a fantastic engine, the Kyles number


eight. Young Michael has done well against him. He is a really good


player. Russell has certainly acquitted himself well, one of


Newtonmore's emerging talents. That's not the first time I have


seen Binnie pushing someone over. He's going to have to listen to


Cameron... Not the first time, won't be the


last. When all is said and done! He had the final say.


Roddy MacDonald was fouled. Irvine is struggling. He has pulled


something. He has gone down. It looks like just cramp. This is a


player playing himself back in. He did the power worked in the first


half. What would a pitch like this take out of your legs? You know what


it's like to cover it. It's a good firm surface, better than most of


them. I think Grant did so much work in the first half. They don't want


him coming off, actually. Colin McDonald of Kyles is warming up


below us. He has a nose for a goal on the big occasion. Might be a


change they would want to make late on. They were all diving in. A


chance for Kyles. My goodness! Kerr will not want to see this one


again. Hangs at the back post. What a touch. Oh, my goodness. Drew, you


could have put that one in yourself. Oh, dear. You have to give him


credit, he gets in at the back post all the time. Great vision from


Roddy to see the gap. You referred to the reach earlier, he has an


enormous reach. They all dived in, they had to. He just saw his own


player... No question of offside. He didn't have much time to hit


that, he couldn't afford to let it go out of the box. He seemed to be


leaning back. The combination was all wrong.


Just under a quarter of an hour left of this gripping encounter. A lovely


touch from Irvine. Some great stick work on show today, although it has


been inconsistent. A high tackle from Binnie. Cameron let it go. He


saw the advantage to Kyles. The shot was just wide.


Cameron is insisting they both swung equally, so he has left it at that.


We have a Kyles substitution coming. They won't beat the hit out, that


would be taken first. That is a massive hit. The perfect place to


put it, but Danny MacRae was wondering. We will now get the


change. So we have Colin McDonald coming on, number 14. Roberto


Zavaroni, looking a wee bit perplexed that he is having to go


off. Quite odd. Sport is a bit about opinions, but they have put a


strongman against him and now a fast person. Staying away from his


physicality. I have seen Calum McConnell make some crucial


interventions on his day. He is a big strong lad. I will tell you in


20 minutes. A big shout for a penalty. Kenny McDonald, down at his


post. The coolest man in town stops this one. What do you think? Edge of


the box? Inside the box? Could have been a penalty. That's the second


time Kenny McDonald... The splits! He would be feeling that tomorrow


morning. Safely dispatched. The referee has a


referee as a goal judge, so he has a confident person to give the


decision. The challenge was clearly inside the box, well, inside the


circle. A good tackle. Kyles get the ball away. McLeod, all the way in


from left-wing centre to the opposite side of the field. The old


Fox, Norman. Roddy was away. A masterclass in defence from Norman


Campbell. He clearly isn't 100% fit, but still out thought the opposition


there. Newtonmore have a man down in


midfield, Scott Chisholm, the skipper. Binnie has now taken a


knock. It's at times like these that cup finals are won and lost. The


last few tackles, in my opinion Calum has given away three fouls.


Needs to settle down a bit. Roddy MacDonald made a nuisance of


himself. I think that was going wide. But Ritchie couldn't take any


chances. He has only conceded a corner, at the end of the day. Well


wide. Cameron is having a look at Binnie,


who has gone down in the middle of the field. He has taken a hefty one.


Might be the time for Scott Campbell to make an appearance now. They are


beginning to creep, aren't they? A few of them going down in the


Newtonmore defence. Ash max beginning to creak. With the rolling


subs, you are fortunate. Gives them the option. Scott Campbell is indeed


stripping off. Big strong player. Binnie has done so well. In the last


five minutes, he may be tired. You would want that at halfback. Could


help you out occasionally. And I for the ball. Absolutely! -- an eye for


the ball. I suspect Roddy MacDonald was taken


out by his own man. The chance was wasted again. I think Roddy


MacDonald took a sore one from his own forwards there. He is limping a


wee bit. He would be disappointed. I don't know who Newtonmore are going


to... He did take a sore one. You don't want to be taking them from


your own men. End to end now. Both teams, I am certain, will want to


avoid the prospect of extra time, never mind anything beyond that.


It's going to be for brave men to decide the outcome of this, in less


than ten minutes. If Cameron does what he did at the end of the first


half, it could be less than five minutes! If you were not with us,


our referee decided the game was finished at 40 minutes. Fraser


MacIntosh, it took a hefty deflection. One thing I would say


about the Newtonmore forward line, they have guys who can score for


fun. They are confident around each other as well. Laying the ball off


to each other. They will hold of opponents and let other people


shoot. Creating space for others. Out to the touchline. Newtonmore


have it again. A poor effort. You would want that


going into the penalty area. Oh, dear. Cameron Binnie, this time,


I suspect... He could be in trouble with the referee. What do you make


of this? I am only going to speak to you once. There is an issue there


for me that the number ten didn't make any effort to block it. Self


defence and intimidation... Thomas is not defending himself, Cameron is


trying to intimidate him. For me, that is not a foul. Had he put his


stick in... He didn't know where the ball is. Thomas did well to stand up


to that. Layers are always taught never to turn their back on the


ball. -- players. OK, we are down to five minutes of


regular time. The options are half an hour of extra time followed by


penalties followed by sudden death. Which we had in the Camanachd Cup


semifinal. Nobody wants that. A good round of applause for the injured


party. Irvine sends one in. How often have we seen Kyles snatch


something at the very end, in the last five minutes? This is when they


are there mostly -- their most lethal. The history of Kyles and cup


finals. Newtonmore need a couple of players


to step up to the plate to see them through this. To get the ball to one


of the MacIntoshes, perhaps. Danny MacRae has had a frustrating


second half. He has not had the ball at all. It needs to be more central


because he is not going to go down the channels for it. That is beyond


the circle again. Danny MacRae turned it inside to


Fraser MacIntosh. love Ob a n on a day like this. A


great setting. I always enjoy coming down here. You tend to get really


good games. The shot was wasted. I expected a high-scoring game. Early


on, we had an exhibition... Who would you make as man of the match


at the moment? Nobody has really shone, for me. I like the way Irvine


has played. His first half was excellent, second-half a bit quiet.


If he was to get a goal, do something more...


Kenny McDonald and Ritchie, I am sure, will be pushing for the man of


the match. Crucial interventions in the first half.


Kenny McDonald, philosophical as ever.


Glen MacIntosh with the touch and Kenny McDonald... Maybe that has


clinched it for him. A great save. That is his wife, Morag. Approving.


The good stop. Maybe just going past. No, I think it's on target. He


would normally deal with that himself, but that is just Kenny. I


thought that was just one for the cameras, but fair play, it might


have sneaked in. An important touch from Ian McDonald. Well, you would


want to be near to the goal with only a few minutes remaining. This


second-half has flown in. Much better than the first-half. Danny


MacRae with the chance for Newtonmore. MacDonald had to give


the foul away. It is a brave tackle. Is this too close to the goal to


create something? No, I don't think so. McIntosh has it. Big shout for


offside. 30 seconds left. It will not be


sorted, will it? I don't think so. We might have a bit of injury time.


We could get four minutes of extra time.


Ackie MacRae has had a great second half.


Thomas Whyte needs to come off. He is just at pedestrian at the moment.


So, 1-1 in the MacAulay Cup Final. At the very worst, he would want the


goalkeeper to need to make a save. We'll Kyles Ruth a fantastic chance


that they had? Here is Glen MacIntosh. The last chance for


Kyles, perhaps. The ball is with Newtonmore. This could be the last


action of regulation time. Then, 30 minutes of end-to-end stuff. Then,


five penalties each. I remember 17 penalties in extra time. Yes! It was


a lot. That was Oban Camanachd against Fort William. I scored the


winning penalty. It was our first national title. That was nowhere


near it. Again, just allowed the goalkeeper to make the mistake. They


will play this one as far as they can up the field. The referee still


letting play go on. Well into three minutes. Great tackle by Ian


McDonald. Great save great save by Kenny


McDonald. He is my man of match. I think the older you get, the slower


your feet get, that he has been fantastic today. Kyles needs to get


this away. Can Whyte beat the defender? He just took too long.


Ackie MacRae also took too long there.


Good defending. The foul. That has been a good matchup. He knew he was


away, though. Is Deke Cameron playing the next


called the winner? That is a foul. That is a silly foul to give away.


Cameron Binnie king sent back. He will head this as far as he can.


Didn't make a good contact on that. Great intervention by Ian McDonald.


Fraser MacIntosh was free behind him. Roddy McDonald is a bit off the


pace. Whyte should be picking that up but he is just not moving well.


Ian McDonald has made a couple of really big interventions in the last


couple of minutes. I was disappointed with him in the


first-half. He is a top quality player. He has everything. He has


been a Man of the Match in an international. I seem to remember


presenting him with a medal. Roddy McDonald, do you have what it


takes? Six minutes of extra time have been played.


Roddy McDonald is looking for a substitution.


Deke Cameron has decided that enough is enough. We have extra time at the


MacAulay Cup Final. I can see a flurry of changes here.


A number 19 for Kyles is coming on. Sandy Mackenzie, I think. Grant


Irvine has cramp. I think Thomas Whyte will come off. They have a


player called Leighton read, he is very good.


So, there is discord, 1-1. Let's join Jonathan.


This is a hugely intriguing match. The first-half was all about


Newtonmore, the second half was all about Kyles. The goal for Dunky Kerr


really brought them back into the match. And they deserved that goal.


In the second half, Kyles has been the better team, no doubt about it.


It was so quick. It was in the net almost before where'd you saw where


the ball was. He lost Cameron Binnie and it was just in the back of the


net. At that point, Kyles had awoken. The game looked like it was


going to completely and utterly change. You could see the passion


there from Kyles Athletic. Dunky Kerr had the chance to win this


match and he fluffed it. He had a glorious chance, probably easier


than the goal he got. A glorious chance. He would have put your house


on him scoring that. You could see the anguish. He knows that was the


chance to win the MacAulay Cup. He is brilliant. Brilliant at coming


onto balls like that. There is Kenny McDonald. That is how he usually is,


is he just trying to calm his nerves? Yes, just a cigarette to


calm him down. He is Hugh Dan MacLennan's Man of the Match. I


would agree with that. He is in his 50s. Some of these saves, he has had


to react so quickly. With his feet here. It happens in a flash. To


create the stops at the post. That is really difficult. At half-time,


we did not expect much from Kyles Athletic. What can we possibly


expect at extra time? I am not sure where we go. Newtonmore have had a


few injuries. Some incredible recoveries. Norman Campbell, it


looked like his match was over. He has played a hugely important part


in this match. When Norman went down at that injury I did not think he


would go off, he would play with a broken leg. In terms of how this


will finish, I am going to put you on the spot. I am going to stick


with my initial choice, Newtonmore. It is promising to be a hugely


interesting period of extra time. We have 30 minutes minimum of extra


time. Deke Cameron is referee. Newtonmore is in the hoops.


We are here because there was an absolutely fantastic chance missed


for Kyles. Yes, unfortunately, Dunky Kerr just smashed it wide.


Calum Stewart is on for a Newtonmore. Thomas Whyte has gone


off. It looks like Robinson is back on, as well. Sandy McKenzie is the


substitute for Kyles. Evan Menzies has gone off for


Newtonmore. I'm surprised Paul MacArthur has gone off. I didn't


think he was slowing down. I would have put money on Paul MacArthur


myself. I think he would want to take a penalty as well, if it goes


to that stage. I am surprised that Evan Menzies went off, as well. You


need the players on the field at the last minute to be able to take the


penalties. So, 15 minutes each time in extra time, then the dreaded


penalties. You would know that if you were watching the Camanachd Cup


semifinals. A little bit of actors dine on the right-hand side here.


Some players sharing pleasantries. It has been a good-natured game


against two of the great clubs in shinty. They have great respect for


each other. They take no prisoners. Tiredness is now a fact for both


sides. Normally the first thing that goes is the decision-making when you


get tired. Zachary has had a good game. Has not done much wrong.


Roddy McDonald could still have a big say in this game. Calum


MacDonald. That was asking a lot at this


stage. You wouldn't want to be stretching your legs down into the


corner. Good play again thereby Vinnie.


No challenge on that role from Kyles. The midfield has been very


underused in this match. You could have grown potatoes therefrom much


of the game. Lovely touch, good play. An appalling final ball.


Calum Miller has had a good game. He has been out of the game for six


weeks, but he has read the game well, tackled well.


That is tiredness, I expect. I don't know if he is praying, but he


certainly has enough to think about. He is running out of options.


I expect he is hoping that he will be able to get a ball to Danny McRae


in a bit of space. This space will become bigger as legs get more


tired. He would leave Danny McRae on the


field, even if he was on crutches, wouldn't you? Absolutely.


Robinson with a good strong challenge. Dunky Kerr, I don't know


where he gets his energy from, but he has raised the pace. Ackie


MacRae, as we said earlier, has grown in stature.


Nothing in that. Referee is letting the play go on.


The hitting is getting shorter as the players get more tired. Well,


they might be tired, but they are not giving up. It is bad to see


Macintosh getting annoyed for Kyles, he tends to play better when he gets


annoyed. He took a great decision they're not


to swing. Fair play to him, he did not follow through.


Michael Russell is just getting more tired. The wing centres for Kyles


are just getting a bit more freedom. Down to Jonathan. PJ, what is the


key to bit three? It is he wants it most. Both teams are getting tired.


It will come down to desire and heart. Thanks, PJ. Dying to heart,


the legs, the lungs, everything. We knew Robinson can score the winning


goal because he has done it in a fit -- in a Camanachd Cup Cup Final.


advantage is with Dunky Kerr. That is a deflection. I am not sure if it


was the keeper. Classic Dunky Kerr. Hitting the ball on the run. That is


a great save by Michael Ritchie. That has Newtonmore in the, simple


as that. I think the next goal will be the winner.


Robinson has tidied up the middle of the field since he came back on.


Dunky Kerr tends to hit the ball very quickly, instinctively. When he


had that last chance, he had to do that because he had nobody else


inside him. Still able to raise a smile. Well, sometimes able to raise


a smile! He does get a bit tense at times. Someone go and pick up our


cameraman, please. Cameron Binnie is not giving an inch. Not even


blowing, actually. He has come to this remarkably well. All the


players have had a great attitude today.


That has just Edinburgh Glen MacIntosh.


Dunky Kerr is in the middle, there is an extra man. Kyles have an extra


man. Who else but Cameron Binnie steps in this?


Cameron Binnie has lost this one, though. A couple of minutes left. PJ


is perplexed. The referee is clear it is Kyles's ball.


Kyles are edging forward. Cameron Binnie may regret that foul. It is


in a dangerous area for Kyles to create something. Not even close.


That is a tired effort. Clever play by Newtonmore.


That is a tired effort. Clever play by Danny McRae. Chance for


Newtonmore. Glen MacIntosh of all people you would expect to put that


on the target. He has scored four goals so far in this competition. He


has had two chances in this game, both over the bar. Not like him. I


think it was slightly off-balance there. He had room, time and the


target at his mercy. Robinson has been immense in extra


time. This time referee is absolutely spot


on. That is the 15 minutes of the first period of extra time gone. I


think they will be turning around very, very quick leave. I think that


is what the referee once, anyway. -- wants.


I am joined by Jimmy Gow. A good couple of chances in extra time


there. Glenn is normally a lovely striker of the ball but it was a bad


shot, I'm afraid. A great effort by Dunky Kerr. Well stopped by Michael


Ritchie. It was a great effort. I don't think Michael really knew


where it was going. Very fortunate. Any the wiser as to how this match


will finish? No! Tiredness will creep in. Can you see one player in


particular stepping up to the plate? You have to say, in this


extra time period, maybe Roddy McDonald could do something, he


hasn't done very much. The second period of extra time


beckons. The referee, Deke Cameron, gets it going again. Kyles are


attacking the golf course and, to our right. Newtonmore are attacking


the town end. It is 1-1 after 90 minutes of regulation time and the


first 15 minutes of extra time. mistake. It could be anything. We


have had goals aplenty in these finals over the years. Few and far


between today, partly because of good goalkeeping. The goal hasn't


been threatened that much. Took one on the back of the legs,


which irritated him into sending the ball the length of the field. As the


sun comes out, the shadows lengthen. A glorious day. Not a


clever ball but Kyles got away with it. Space for Roddy MacDonald and


Kyles had an extra man. He was taken out. That is where you want Roddy,


getting the ball and gliding on. REFEREE: Verbal warning. A shake of


the hands. But it was a sore one. He is up and running. Again, a tired


effort. James Perlich is enquiring of his players if they are all


right. So now we have to start thinking about who is going to be on


the pitch at the end of the game. Because that would be penalties.


My understanding is the penalties would be on our left hand side, at


the town end, if we need to take them.


I am sure everybody, everybody, hopes the game will finish before


then with a result. Roddy MacDonald found Zavaroni at


pace. He took the option of going back in but he overran Roddy


MacDonald. Lovely skill from Donald Ervin. -- Irvine. That was


disappointing. Having done all the hard work, he won't be too happy


with that. A good attacking that form wasted. -- platform wasted. The


sun is in the eyes at the moment. I am not sure it would be a factor,


but it could be. If there was a long shot. Ritchie has a cap on in the


Newtonmore goal. At the other end, Kenny McDonald has his back to the


sun at the moment. Well, worth a dig. His third chance


of the game. This is all about instinct, isn't it? The ball came to


him and he just turned. He is not even seeing that, is he? Just came


across in front of the defender. Another massive rocket from Kenny


McDonald, almost two thirds of the length of this huge pitch. Norman


Campbell, just coming up against two players. This is the prize. The


trophy donated by Flora McCauley in 1947. The first winners were


Newtonmore. They have not exactly covered themselves in glory in this


competition. It has been a bit of a bogey for them. They haven't won it


since 1986. 28 years, that's a long wait. I don't believe that. I don't


think they can believe it themselves. Today would be a good


day to lay that bogey to rest. The players with their hands up to


their faces, looking back up towards the town end. The players are


struggling, there is no way the goalie is not struggling.


Oh, well taken, oh it's in! , Ritchie came again. That's a


match-winning, possibly a match-winning save. You do not want


to be under this kind of pressure, a ball dropping like this. Very


difficult, didn't read it. It seemed to take forever to come down. Roddy


MacDonald just couldn't get enough on it to steer it into the net.


Roddy MacDonald turned inside. He just walked into that one. This


could be another dental job. Caught him on the side of the air that


time, not so bad. Just the tail end of the swing. The well-known shinty


Sinn T diagnosis: He's all right! I think he is. Shake of the head, gum


shield in and off we go. The Newtonmore bench were furious,


they want their attackers to do some defending here. I am convinced that


one goal would do. Irvine is not going to catch that. We have been


stuck down this end a wee while now. The flags are going, so I suspect


the breeze has had more of an effect than we would guess. It's a wide


open space. A good tackle by Fraser MacIntosh


but he didn't get enough on it. A big part of the game, just getting


the ball up to the other end. That's all you want to do, hoping


for a mistake. That's a great stop. Oh! Goal!


Fraser MacIntosh. Well, Fraser MacIntosh may well have won the cup


for Newtonmore. A tremendous finish. It's that dangerous ball


over the top. Although Coley did well, the rest of them fell down.


Just moved him out of the way and let Fraser take the shot. Good play.


There was nothing Kenny McDonald could do about it. Nothing he could


do about it. We have our third goal. Kyles 1-2 Newtonmore.


Keep your eye on the clock. The crucial count now is 30 minutes.


Just about five and a bit, perhaps... If there's injury time.


Newtonmore are going to make another change. Mullander. He has played a


lot for the first team this year. He has done OK. A fresh pair of legs.


The important thing now is Newtonmore are ahead. One goal will


do, that's always the case. The best place to have the ball is out this


end, Newtonmore can just keep it up here. Just pop it in the corner, to


be honest. Mullander, getting the wind up on the touchline, being told


what to do. This is when it gets edgy. We are verging on a decision.


I have to say, I am relieved we might not be getting penalties,


because it's just such a difficult way to settle a match. There might


be some injury time. A couple of guys going down. Kyles


players. Fair play to Jamie, he has done a great shift. He has turned


the second period of extra time around.


The corner was driven low and hard this time.


Fraser MacIntosh can call on an extensive lineage. A little bit of


afters there. A hefty challenge. Michael Russell, just frustration. I


think we are going to have the first booking of the game. Yes, stupid by


David Zavaroni. He has conceded a foul. David Zavaroni is going into


the referee's book. It's been played in great spirits, it's unfortunate


that at the end of the day we have had to have a booking. Just


frustration. They are as well losing another goal as not getting on at


the other end. The clock is running and Newtonmore will know how to run


it down. It needs to get up the other end if you have anything to do


with Kyles. A despairing lunge on that one.


Just the right place for it, pop it in the corner. It all helps to eat


up the clock. They can regroup, get their shape back. Mullander, coming


on. The goal-scorer Fraser MacIntosh is coming off. That could be the


winner. Could be the man who has laid a 28 year bogey. I suspect his


father might have been in the team that won it. Probably. Ken


MacIntosh. We will have everyone scurrying for the record books.


Could be wrong. My apologies to Ken if I am ageing him.


We are in the final minute, perchance, of extra time.


Kyles are throwing everything at it. The kitchen sink. Norman MacDonald


has asked everyone to go up. They have left two men in their own half,


and Kenny McDonald. They might as well lose 3-1. This is the danger.


Irvine has to put it on the goal. Deflection, corner. 30 seconds left.


They have done it before. It wouldn't surprise you if they pull


something out of the bag. Something lucky.


It's nowhere at the moment, it's going to go rocketing back into the


Newtonmore defence. Well closed down by Mullander. He did a good job


keeping it in play. Roddy MacDonald was onto it. Chips


it in, and it is past the post. Deke Cameron knows, I suspect, it's all


over. It could be one hit out and that will be it. It has been a good


game. The winner is the team that scores most goals. More goals, I


suppose. Time for Newtonmore to launch one


more attack. Kenny McDonald, out he comes. They have to get this to the


other end of the pitch. Binnie against Roddy MacDonald.


Danny MacRae sends it into the corner. Mullander fires it across.


Still a minute and a half over. Deke Cameron looks at his watch. Danny


MacRae fires it wide. Deke Cameron is still not blowing.


Newtonmore will make another quick change. To kill some time.


Just an effort to make sure the clock is going down. Another Kyles


player down injured. It looks like Ian McDonald, yes, it


is. He is done for, I think. Deke Cameron... Fraser MacIntosh has


done the business. It looks as if he has made a little bit of history for


himself and for the club. Laying the bogey.


This could be the last effort. FULL-TIME WHISTLE


It is all over! Newtonmore have laid a 28 year bogey


to rest at long last, earning the 2014 MacAulay Cup. Deservedly so. I


think it was. The first half, they had a lot of chances. Kyles came


back, just didn't have enough. They managed to manufacture the last


goal. Dunky Kerr will not want to be minded, but there were chances at


both ends. The biggest chance, the single most important element of the


game was that missed chance when Kyles could have changed the course


of the game. Time inside the box, he smashed it wide. Ritchie had a few


stops as well. From Roddy, two chances he had in the whole game.


Both goalkeepers were good today, which is nice. Tremendous scenes


here. Let's see if Jonathan is surviving in the middle of all this


celebration. Thank you very much, I am joined by Fraser MacIntosh, the


man of the moment. You have won this match for Newtonmore,


man of the moment. You have won this match the first time they have on


the MacAulay Cup in 28 years, how does that feel? It feels great, I


wasn't born the last time we won it. Great to score the winning goal, but


you never think it is going to happen. Luckily it went informally.


Let's have a look, talk us through it.


happen. Luckily it went informally. Let's have a -- it went in. As soon


as it went in, I was just relieved. If you hit it in the air, he will


just pluck it out. It just scrambled in the bottom corner, they all


count. Kenny McDonald had pulled off several saves, did you think it was


heading for penalties? I did. Both teams had kind of settled for


penalties, but thankfully no, because we had a penalty shoot out


earlier this year and it didn't go well. Many congratulations, the


trophy celebration awaits you. Cheers. It was a fantastic goal to


win the match, Jimmy. It looked like penalties would be the thing, but


what a strike. It was great for Fraser to get back with that, his


first game and a fairy tale ending. Did you think it was going to be


penalties? It was looking like penalties. It is massive for


Newtonmore. 1986 the last time they won the MacAulay Cup. 28 years on,


finally they do it again, what does it mean? It will mean the world to


them, I am happy for Newtonmore. 28 years is a long wait. They are a


good team, they have been very good over the years. We thought they


might tire in extra time, because guys were getting sprayed on the


pitch, it looked like the match was over and yet they came back time and


again. They were heroes at the back, some fantastic tackles. The


trophy celebration is just about to happen, back to Hugh Dan MacLennan


for the presentation. An elegant tribute to Newtonmore. And he is


perfectly right. It has been a huge gap in Newtonmore's history that


they have not been able to exist trophy up, but now they have done


it. They can put it to do that now and forget about it. It was a very


close game. It was a scrappy game at times. It had its moments. Very


great goalkeeping from both ends of the pitch. A fantastic scene always


to see the presentation here, the way it is conducted. It is Fraser


Ingalls, as President of the MacAulay Association who is normally


in charge for the BBC. Taking a day off. I think PJ deserves a bit of


credit. He put in an awful lot of tackles. The captain, Scott


Chisholm, get the winner's black silver winner's stick. Cameron


Finney, who was outstanding, I thought. McRae. Stephen McDonnell.


MacArthur. Jamie Robertson. I think he showed a lot of heart. He touched


on the fact that the team that wanted it the most would win it. I


think they wanted it more. It was a small margin but maybe that 28 year


gap is the reason they won. This is the man who will take it home


tonight. This is the winning captain. Scott Chisholm of


Newtonmore. He accepts the MacAulay Cup for 2014. From Douglas Cooper,


and the celebrations can begin because it is a hugely


and the celebrations can begin because it is a important night,


this, for Newtonmore. A great game. It was a great afternoon here and I


leave you in the very capable hands of Jason Sutherland.


STUDIO: It has been an historic afternoon for Newtonmore. They


finally get their hands again on the MacAulay Cup. You'd celebrations


tonight. Another cup final soon. But today it is all about Newtonmore.


They finally have their revenge. It has been a great afternoon of


Shinji. Thank you for joining us. Until next time, goodbye. --


afternoon of shinty. Now, later than scheduled because of


that exciting final of the MacAulay Cup, it is Sportscene.


Because of that extra time in the shinty, it is less of us. It means


we can start with a classified round-up.


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