Day Four - Part 1 Snooker: Welsh Open

Day Four - Part 1

Ian Hunt introduces live Welsh Open coverage from the Motorpoint Arena as the third round gets underway.

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The fear of the underdog out the Welsh Open, outside centre at the


moment in the Spotlight, one big name after another knocked out early


as we get down to the last 32. One of the bigger shocks of all, this


man leaving the building last night, the chance for a record fifth Welsh


title will have to wait. One of the most popular players in


the game against Mark Davis. The 97 break more than enough to take the


early frame. He does not miss much, does he, Ronnie? That will put paid


to any possibility of Mark Davis winning their second frame. Yes, I


just think he's feeling the pressure of playing Ronnie O'Sullivan. Ronnie


O'Sullivan now leads. He saw the form on the table. He has not taken


any chances. The early break of 65 has won Mark Davis his fourth frame


and he trails by 3-1. I thought for a minute he was going


to miss it, he will be absolutely delighted and he now closes to


within one at 3-2. A little bit out of sorts now. Just biding his time,


the deciding frame, it is 3-3. Three quarters of an hour ago, I never saw


this coming. Ronnie O'Sullivan comes out of his


chair to congratulate Mark Davis on an excellent win. He goes through


into round three. He played better than me, so he


deserves the win. Beating Ronnie is very special, I haven't beaten him


for a long time, I'm not alone in that, I'm sure! And to do it from


3-0 down is a bit more special. O'Sullivan is one of a long list of


leading players to make an early exit this year. Only six of the


world's top 16 remaining. Including the world number one Mark Selby and


the man we will see later today, Judd Trump. Lots of the big hitters


are no longer around. To make sense of it is Terry


Griffiths. So much to talk about. What for you has been the most


eye-catching and impressive results so far? I'm a bit biased, the Welsh


boys. Michael White. Two tremendous matches, last frame finishes, all


the excitement snooker gives you. It is very special for Lee Walker


because he was having a hammering after Neil Robertson, which a lot of


people have been through and he did a 130 break. And then I hear Mark


Williams said, that is the longest break I have ever seen in my life! I


was pleased. They are good friends. It is nice to see it, he has come


back into the professional game and Michael has been around for quite a


while, in his home event. And he looked as close to losing at one


time. Those are the things people like in snooker and that is why we


get a lot of viewers and people coming to watch. Tremendous for them


with Neil Robertson being knocked out by Lee Walker and Liang Wenbo by


Michael White, two top 16 players going. When does a surprise not


become as a prize? The shocks happen on a more regular basis now, is it a


sign there's strength and depth now? Yes, there's, a lot of good players


that you don't see a lot of television because they get knocked


out on the outside tables, but they are all good players. And when the


top player to win, especially in the first rounds, they are a bit edgy.


If an opponent can get in quickly and win friends, the pressure is on


the top-seeded because wheezing first round, there's no money and


points for the ranking so all these things count. -- losing first round.


There have been a few top players playing each other early on and it


is what Barry Hearn wants to do. First four makes a difference as


well. The players would prefer longer matches than that. Lose the


first frame and you start to defend. I wonder if we will have more shocks


ahead throughout the day. This is coming up for you this afternoon.


We start with a bit of Barry, semifinalist three years ago and the


man who beat Welshman Ryan Day to win the world Grand Prix.


Living the teenage dream, Welsh wild card Jackson Page ready for a


third-round tie the answers wildest expectations.


One of the bigger shocks in the tournament's history if he can Trump


this man, the world number four playing in wait.


Still big stars in the competition, none bigger than the reigning world


champion who is chasing a second Welsh Open when.


So we start with a man who won a ranking title just last weekend,


ending Ryan Day's hopes of winning one, expert analysis now on Barry


Hawkins. Some players you get in a jaw and


you think, I'm in for a tough afternoon and Barry Hawkins is


certainly one of those. Yes, and he has always been so. As I junior, he


was in the generation above me, a bit older and he was the one. His


scoring and his long potting, he was the complete package at 15. Had a


very, very good technique. And great things were expected of him and went


you play him these days it you are in for a really tough games. Did he


have a hiatus in his career, it you did not see him for a while? He was


the best junior and amateur and he turned professional and I remember


he vanished for a year or two and there was a rumour that he had a bit


of a problem with letting go. I would not goes so far as to say he


had". But there was definitely a problem. And for someone with such a


good technique, he got to the point where he would be down at the shot


with a perfect hinge, his elbows in the right place, great grip, and you


get the back and his paws turned into a halt and that developed into


a bit of a problem. And I think he had a bit of a time-out or certainly


time working on things. And came back, fixed it and gone on to great


things. He's beastly mentally tough to get over that is because those


things can ruin careers. He's a heavy scorer with somebody who is


more methodical sometimes goes unnoticed, is matchplay is excellent


and he has become very good in the big tournaments, reaching finals and


semifinals. He's very dangerous in the long frame format and if he gets


on a roll, he's very difficult to prevent. He picks up momentum in a


game and you can sense it, you sense he's hitting his stride. And he


becomes extremely hard to keep up with. And you don't need to be too


complacent, Judd Trump in the Masters had that unbelievable game


with Neil Robertson and he meets Barry Hawkins the next day,


different style of play, and suddenly he's going home because


Barry Hawkins is that all the time. He's always there and you have to


beat him. And I have never seen him play the wrong shot, he always plays


the right shot for the correct moment, if it is right to push the


attack but, he goes for it and he's more than capable of holding his own


with anybody. If it is a safety and tactical fire, he can stand there


all day and mix and match, he's very good in all areas. He has won and


event but to kick onto the next level, does he need to get his head


in front again? I think so, Barry needs more exposure at the finals


and the Majors. That is all he's lacking. I would be very surprised


if he finished his career without at least one major on his mantle piece.


Standing between Barry Hawkins and a place unless 16 is the man who


knocked out Ryan Day yesterday, the world number 36 from Thailand,


Thepchaiya Un-Nooh. We read it with -- we join with Hawkins leading,


Thepchaiya Un-Nooh to play and no score. Darren Morgan and Willie


Thorne your commentators. He will be very disappointed he did


not catch that thin. Never kiss the blue on your way back or you are


leaving your opponent with an easy pot. Another left-handed player who


plays with the rest right-handed. It is weird how many of the


professionals do that. And that is not too bad, even though it goes on


the cushion, he can get onto the cue. That is what he would like to


get onto first, but in the ideal world, he would look to have the gap


between the cue and the black to get to the cue on the left-hand side but


he would be fortunate to get to that which is why he's playing for the


one behind the black spot. Only just far enough. The main thing


is, he's nicely on this cue. Such a solid player, Barry Hawkins. It is


fantastic how he has transformed himself, always been a great player.


Whatever has changed, he now believes he can win. And win at all


levels and every event he plays in. He has still got a couple of loose


reds out. Two just below the pack. We will probably see him get rid of


these two before he starts going at back. Reds. I mean, the one just


above the one he's going to play now, he might just leave that this


neck shot, after putting red and black so instead of putting the red,


he can disturb that cluster of reds. Not always guaranteed to screw back


off the question, but he will play that off the reverse back to the


blue, so he has done very well and now that should and could be a


frame. Rather than play with the plane ball, the white wood finish


somewhere between the pink and blue, if he had played with a bit of


left-hand side to make it spin the table. Already had breaks of 34, 69,


51 and counting now. So he's in the groove.


Still struggling with the pace, I do not know if it is a planned but he


has obviously played for the bottom red and he has not come far enough


but there still should be a red that he can pot. That should take him


past the winning line. Pot these left-handed, he will not risk the


cannon into the Jamie Cope. -- into the red.


Has not done an awful lot wrong, Thepchaiya, he has played quite


steadily. The standard you have to play these days, you cannot miss


easy balls and he has missed a couple and the key problem, he has


not found the cushion often enough for the safety exchange. Safety


success is only at 78% so he's a bit low on the safety. Definitely got a


better putting game than he has a safety game so his safety play will


never be up in the 90s, I would not have thought. But a very good break,


a nod of the head from Thepchaiya. Barry Hawkins, a break of 79, enough


to take him into a 3-1 lead. Yes, a smooth start for Barry


Hawkins. Let's pick them up in frame five with Hawkins at the table on a


break of 34. Barry Hawkins. He has not made too


many mistakes, he has been very solid. I think for Thepchaiya


Un-Nooh, it is back to the drawing board. As Willie le Roux did,


working with Terry Griffiths. So I think they have to come up with a


new plan -- as Willie alluded to. The plan they had in place today,


unfortunately for Thepchaiya, has not worked. I do feel that young


Thepchaiya Un-Nooh has a fantastic future ahead of himself. He's a very


exciting player. This has not been his day-to-day, he's going to be


bitterly disappointed. And we can see heads down. You can't win them


all. This just has not been one of them days for him. He has got to put


it to the back of his mind. Get ready for the next one. Which is


going to be very soon, next week at the shoot out. Barry Hawkins


continues to march on. Just this one remaining red to put him safe. The


only thing that has been missing from this match is the centuries. He


has been scoring heavily among the balls. The crowd here at the


Motorpoint Arena applauding the match ball, now can he make a


century. Probably not now. Played the screw down the back of the red


in open play to get down to the red in the bottom right-hand corner. He


will still take some sort of pot one. Red has not run in and we'll


Thepchaiya Carry On? Having a little look at the scoreboard? And Barry


Hawkins will be a 4-1 winner. Yes, indeed, Hawkins had done enough to


get over the line, Thepchaiya Un-Nooh needing snookers, he could


not get them and Hawkins making sure he's not another big name to go home


early. Having been impressed at the weekend, and remaining on course for


success here in Cardiff. -- in Preston.


So many shocks this year, it must be a million to -- relief to go through


that cleanly? Yes, Un-Nooh is very unpredictable and phenomenal player.


It was nice to come through. Relatively easy in the end. How


difficult has it been to come here to focus so soon after one of the


all-time great highlights, a fantastic win at the world Grand


Prix? It was quite hard, the first round


Eiffel Tower ball, but I battled. The last two, a couple of good sleep


so I don't feel too bad, a little jaded but not too bad, try and keep


the run going if I can. You are one of only six top seed still in this


year's Welsh Open. Do you think I'm gone, the draw is opening up nicely,


or are you walking scared because if you think the likes of Robertson and


O'Sullivan can get knocked out, it can happen to me? Yes, it is a short


format and you can go home at any stage. A lot of great players left


and tournament winners as well, so I have won a tournament this year so


whatever happens from now is a massive bonus. If I can keep playing


all right, I have a good chance, I suppose. Keep the early nights


coming and we will see you in the next round, well done.


Yes, he looks in good shape, Barry Hawkins. Terry Griffiths, difficult


for you, you have coached both players, difficult to watch, how


would you assess that win for Barry? It was quite straightforward for me,


Barry Hawkins did not really give Thepchaiya a lot of chances. I spoke


to him as he came past the studio, Thepchaiya, and heeded not feel he


had many chances and this is what happens when top players are at


their best, they can keep you off the table. For me, it is a disaster,


I hate when two of my players play net is to each other because I


cannot have two in the next round. I'm guaranteed a winner but I'm


guaranteed a loser and I do not like that. What do you do in that


situation, give each of them exactly the same amount of coaching time?


Not really, it depends who dropped the most money on the floor and I


pick it up! No, I share my time with them and I do whatever I can. I pick


the balls up and I have a chat with them and I never talk about the


other player. It is looking good for Barry with all the top seeds falling


by the wayside, he must think he has a chance this year. Well, everybody


has got a chance. Don't underestimate the players still in,


top seeds have gone out and there are a lot of good players still in


the tournament, including Barry Hawkins who is looking for a


back-to-back win in ranking events for the first time and that would be


very special for him. Also still in the tournament, world number four


Judd Trump, back in action this afternoon against our local hero,


the 15-year-old Welsh wild card from Ebbw Vale, Jackson Page. What a


match for him, and this is the head-to-head, there are no


statistics for Jackson, he's playing in his first major senior tournament


at the age of 15 after making it this far. Trump, fourth in the


world, six ranking titles and he got to the semifinal in 2013. It is


going to be such a special afternoon for Jackson Page, playing one of his


Boyhood heroes, Judd Trump, let's find out more about the youngster


from Ebbw Vale. Who is Jackson Page? 15, from Ebbw


Vale. A small village, town, whatever you call it. Yes, I go to


score, I go to the snooker hall, home, food, sleep! Should you not be


in score? Yes. Yes, this week. I have taken time off. They have


changed the half term date and last year, it would have been fine


because it was half term but half term is next week so even better for


me! What is it like as a young snooker


player coming through the ranks? Yes, it is great. Especially doing


well. Hopefully, I can go further now. Do well and over the moon, it


feels great. Great experience as well to win, it is unreal, it is


great. People would second-guess your age.


Yes, well I had a tournament in Ireland two years ago and I had to


take my passport because they were not convinced I was in the under 14


team. They did not believe me. I probably had a moustache at about


11, 12, and a beard at 13, 14. Yes! Who do you base your game on?


Definitely Ronnie, I would say. The way I play is more towards runny.


Fast, fire, attacking. -- Ronnie. What are your dreams in


snooker, where'd you see yourself? Probably everybody's dream, do as


much in the game as possible, when World Championships in number of


times hopefully, world number one. Everything really. Away from the


table, what you like doing? Apart from score and snooker, there


are not much of the things I do really. I beat quite a what's, that


is one thing. What about the money, do you get to


keep that? -- I have a lot to beat. In snooker, you do, not things like


golf. Do you have a nickname?


Well, in Welsh, they call me teen wolf. I cannot have that for very


long when I my 20s. When I was in Belgium, they called me the rampage


or something, Jackson rampage. I did not get that one. They made up one


and they called me action Jackson Page and that is what everybody is


calling me so I suppose that is the one.


Cheers, Jackson. Thanks, Jackson. I do think we confused Terry in the


studio, that is called having a word with yourself! It almost sounds


patronising when you say this lad is still at score and he cannot drive


yet. But that is the reality. One minute, you revise for your GCSEs


and the next you face Judd Trump in a major ranking tournament are


extraordinary. It is wonderful the Association


allowed the amateurs to comment, the English and Scottish on Northern


Ireland event and they gave wild cards to the amateur association, it


gives people the chance to fulfil a dream. And boys like himself, in


here, he probably thinks, I will see what I can do, but he has won two


events, two matches and events on the senior circuit in Wales in the


amateur association where we all started. I watched him play a couple


of times, he's very entertaining, I have got to see that. You can see


that. He plays in Mark Williams's club, he goes for everything. There


will be out in a second, so can he possibly beat Judd Trump? What a


huge afternoon for him. He's not going to be favoured, that is for


sure, but I hope he will play OK and give him a fright. Who knows, Lee


Walker did it yesterday, Michael White, Dominick is still in, we


could have another! You cannot coach player to play in this situation,


under the lights, the TV. I think he enjoys it, he did a nice interview


and he looks comfortable playing, I watched his games and he knocks them


in like Cliff Wilson used to be. A great grip. Here he comes, this big


moment for him, a fairy tale for Jackson Page continues. Two scalps


already, can he get the biggest of them all? It would be one of the


biggest shocks in this tournament is's history if he did, it is


Jackson Page against Judd Trump. Let's join Darren Walker and Cliff


Thorburn. Good afternoon, everybody, what an


intriguing match in prospect. 15-year-old Jackson Page. Action


Jackson as we should be calling him now. About to shake hands with the


man he first watched playing Ronnie O'Sullivan in Newport in the Welsh


Open a couple of years ago. And here he's before his 16th birthday taking


his place in the last 32 of the Welsh Open against the world number


four. And six time ranking event winner. And he still looks as though


he hasn't got a care in the world! The names on the monitors still


reflecting their previous players, Barry Hawkins and Thepchaiya


Un-Nooh. Just a quick flick. A little change of the wire backstage,


and still, Jackson standing at the table very calm and very composed.


What a story, he has been everywhere. BBC Breakfast News, on


the websites, put his name into Google. He's a hot topic of


conversation this week. The young lad from Ebbw Vale.


Yes, I could not agree more with you! He will have enough time of


next week, an official half term, it has come a little early for Jackson


Page. This is going to be a big ask. This young man. But he has nothing


to lose, he has everything to gain, once he gets going he is a terrific


potter. And hopefully we will see some of that now in this match this


afternoon. Judd said he was looking forward to this match last night. He


was taken quite deep in the match against Alex Borg and in the first


press conference he said, I can remember what it was like to come


onto the circuit aged 15 or 16 with a big sense of expectation from


everyone who had been watching me since I scored a century at the age


of nine and ten. He said, I am really looking forward to it and it


will be novel to be almost double the age of my opponent! Jackson 15,


Judd Trump, 27. Here we go. His first appearance in the last 32 of a


ranking event at the age of just 15. Yes, you can just imagine there must


be butterflies flying around. I commentated on Judd last night and


when I say butterflies of course I mean Jackson Page, not Judd Trump!


Although he will have nerves about him early in this match. He's got


everything to lose, Judd Trump, Jackson has everything to gain. I


think Judd Trump will be the first to agree it was not his best


performance and Alex did ask certain questions. You can see with young


Jackson that he likes to attack. But he has given Judd a chance in the


corner. Doesn't need to do much with the cue ball. Just taking the pace


off the cue ball, drops it in, it is nicely on the black. Really


important for young Jackson not to give too many early chances to Judd


to get into his flow. A lot of people eagerly anticipating


this much because of how unusual the story is and Trump just as he did


last night against Alex Borg wasting no time in splitting the pack.


Plenty of live snooker going on this afternoon across this section of the


Motorpoint Arena, almost everyone crowded town this end of the arena.


Trying to get a glimpse of the man who could be the start of the


future. Hiding among that lot somewhere is to time Welsh champion


Mark Williams, who has done a bit of practice with Jackson. -- 2- time


Welsh champion. Apparently he wants to clarify that he has been


misquoted, many people claimed that Mark Williams said, Jackson is as


good as I was at that age. I spoke to him about an hour ago in the


president and he said, I did not say that, it is not my place to judge,


how can I, it was subjective. And I did say he is very good and he could


be the real deal. Would you agree with that assessment Darren?


Definitely, Jackson has been ruling the roost in the junior events in


Wales. He went to the World Championships and said in his


pre-match interview but he has 12 senior events this year so he has


all the tools and he is very likeable, he has a terrific family


and parents and I'm sure he's got a massive, bright future ahead. If


Mark says that he is the real deal, you can rest assured he is.


No room for sentiment from Judd Trump, added a sixth ranking title


to his collection earlier this season, winning the European


Masters, runner-up at the English open but by his high standards and


has not been a sparkling last couple of months for Trump and he will be


aware of just how many big names falling foul of the giant-killing


exploits of some of the lower ranked players here in Wales. So I am sure


he will be supportive of Jackson and will chat with him at the end of the


match should he win but he has his eye on this major prize and he wants


to turn six ranking titles into seven. Rest assured Judd will want


to give Jackson a real thumping this afternoon. He knows that Jackson


will be one of his competitors later in the next couple of years, he'll


want to send a message and he'll want to put it out there today and


give Jackson something to remember him for. I can remember Jackson


first started playing at our club, the red triangle in Cross Keys when


he was about nine and he played their for five or so years before he


moved up the market into a club in Tredegar. He's always been a talent


and the improvement he has made, giant strides, a lot of good


youngsters in Wales coming along which is good. Then tie the recent


played here as a wild card and another young lad named Dylan Emery.


And Carol Matthews, a nine-year-old called Liam Davis looks like he


could have a massive future as well. It's looking good, Welsh snooker.


Although he hasn't had much of a role to play in this match yet


Jackson Page has advanced in this 32, user validation of the wild card


policy. There is the first mistake from Judd Possibly an opening here,


breaking down 61. The former UK champion and World Championship


runner-up. The Chinese use wild cards in some of their ranking


events to give an early outing to future stars and it seems to have


worked for Jackson. A bit unlucky, there to cover the black. But it


will be important if he can to get a few minutes on the table, just to


put a little break together and settle down. That red travelling


down the table has really limited his options. How about that, Darren?


Superb composure. In the biggest match of his life. Maybe it should


be catcher fearless Jackson, not Action Jackson -- maybe it should be


Fearless Jackson! He's going to take another great pot. He potted a


harder blue then, he came across the red and hit it dead straight. It it


dead straight. This frame is still not over yet for young Jackson. That


was not the best position shot that Trump has ever played. He is on this


blue. We might see him play this and go in between the green and the


corner pocket. He played that deep, is it going in off?


He was forced to work quite hard late last night to get over the line


against the spirited performance of the 47-year-old player from Malta,


Alex Borg. So Jackson, almost at a stage of requiring snookers and he


will be if this black goes in. A glimmer of hope in this frame. It


would be nice if he could replicate the accuracy that he showed with


that long blue. And so barring snookers this will be the end of the


first frame for young Jackson Page. Keeping his hopes alive in this


first frame. Three reds, three blacks, one snooker, 14 point


penalty and he could pinch this frame. A long way to go before he is


that this is dashed at that stage. - at that stage. Going for the double


against Judd Trump! Not afraid to have a crack. Some of Judd's long


pots last night was superb, as well. Kim Jong-un they were superb. First


blood to the favourite. -- they were superb.


But he does seem very composed, Jackson. We have seen quite a few


scenarios this week at the Welsh Open web players have gone back to


their seats shaking their heads and being quite negative in terms of


their body language come he isn't giving much away here, Jackson.


Hopefully he is enjoying the experience. He's coming back to get


a feel for the table. And that is it. His first frame in the last 32


is a losing one, Judd is up and running in style but not too many


signs of nerves from Jackson. STUDIO: He looks at ease, Jackson


Page come out in the arena, even trailing 0- one against Trump. We'll


talk about that in a moment, let's update you on what's been going on


on table two. One of the other big shocks of the tournament involved


Lee Walker from Newport, another Welsh player left in the tournament,


that stunning comeback win over Neil Robertson yesterday. He's playing


Graeme Dott in round three today. This is the end of frame three. We


will see in a few seconds Graeme Dott winning this one to take the


lead, 2-1, although Lee Walker still hopes to continue his journey in the


Welsh Open this year. Terry, with Jackson aged 15 Lee at the other end


of the spectrum, at 41, still life in him, still capable of winning


tournaments? I don't think Lee is a major tournament winner at the


moment. At that age it is not so easy to push forward. He is


improving his game, though, which is all you can do. What a contrast


between Lee's style and Jackson's style, Jackson is a typical young


lad, sees a ball, he will not get in. He doesn't really think, shall I


play safety. Let's show you another of the Welsh players was left in the


tournament, Dominic Dale, part of our commentary team on coverage of


the Welsh Open. His adventure is over, he has lost 4-1 just a short


while ago. Dominic is out of the tournament this year.


But Jackson Page looks so comfortable at the moment. Yes, he


is very confident. He is the second best seed left in, he will get


punished for his mistakes, more than you would in the first couple of


rounds but it's just a wonderful experience for him anyway. Back in,


with Trump leading, 1-0. COMMENTATOR: As Terry says, it is a


win- win situation for Jackson, which ever way you look at it. This


will be beyond his wildest dreams, coming here this week. This thread


will be close to the corner pocket. He could have done with that just


falling in. He's going to have to sit now and wait. I'm sure he'll get


a couple of opportunities within this match to show us how well he


can play, how exciting, as a young player.


Trump, one of the classiest players on the circuit. Completely different


opposition to the ones Jackson played in the first two grounds, not


to take anything away from him. Obviously the further you go into


the tournament, the classier the opposition becomes and the harder it


gets. A couple of century breaks for


Trump. His first round win was over Andrew Higginson, 102 and 140.


Beginning to open up, the best break we sought from Judd against Alex


Bork was... But he has looked good in the first two brands here.


Jackson has done it the hard way, 24-3 thrillers, in the first round


against Jason Weston he got through on a re-spotted black.


He was expected to beat Jason, he had a chance against John Astley, he


wasn't certain that he would beat his second-round opponent. Judd


laying on a bit of a demonstration for his young rival. He will


certainly remember what it is like to appear at a ranking event at such


a tender age when there is so much expectation and excitement, like


there was a bad Trump when he was Jackson's H.


This is clinical, so far, from Judd Trump.


He is looking much stronger this afternoon then he did last night. I


must be fair, Alex Borg potted some unbelievable balls against Judd.


Talking to Judd later he could not believe the reds that he put it in.


If Alex had scored the match could have been so different. He looks


right on his game now. Totally in the zone. Totally focused. 110%


concentration. Looking very good indeed.


So, barring snookers this second frame belongs to Judd Trump and in


some emphatic style. From the perspective of a neutral


you just hope that Jackson does get some table time and an opportunity


to show people why he deserves his place in the last 32. He will be


picking up and check if he loses the match, and check for three and a


half thousand pounds which is more than Judd Trump won in his entire


first season as a professional, if you look at the stats.


Judd won 3350. He has since amassed over ?2.5 million in prize money and


there should be more where that came from the 27-year-old.


It is not to be a century but it is a marker of what Jackson Page should


be aiming for in the future, Judd Trump doubles as advantage. --


doubles his advantage. At the moment, it's chocolate, I can't stop


eating chocolate! Two. Leonardo DiCaprio is a great actor and also


Ben Affleck alike. There was a time in a local league game where I beat


someone, he must have been about 14 and I was six or seven. He ended up


snapping his cue after I beat him, I never forget that. Quite patient, I


think and quite relaxed. Quite a bad loser. It does take me a


while to get over some losses, it takes me a day or two. Maybe David


Beckham possibly, all Floyd Mayweather Jr would be intimidated,


and the best driver in the world, I think! I haven't paid much attention


to the past, I would like to go forward 50 years and see what's


happening them. Probably by the beach in Los Angeles and then out


with friends that night. COMMENTATOR: Imagine causing a


14-year-old player to snap his cue in frustration after losing to a


six-year old. I don't think he would be doing the same if somehow Jackson


produced one of the most remarkable comebacks in snooker history.


Hopefully Jackson will get a chance to show us himself in action. The


winner of that will get a guaranteed to a card so it's not just about


what happens today. It is about - he is approaching some key moments in


his career, Jackson Page as he begins to think about life as a


professional. So far, he's altered the fairy tale


of the 15-year-old, and, Darren, presumably, even though Jackson


apparently is very good and very bright in school, is it the right


move for him to turn professional as early as possible, bearing in mind


how competitive the sport is now? Obviously as a parent myself I would


say probably not. If he was to win his professional ticket this year I


would say it would be a mistake to take it just yet. That's my personal


thing, as he has just slammed in a red then the question as if it was


over the pocket! But he's a young man, and at the end of the day his


family and friends will give him all the right advice that he needs. It


is just that it is a brutal game out there, it's different coming into


this tournament as a wild he has won a couple of matches, fantastic,


suddenly he will be up and down the motorway, on flights all the time,


away from home, it's a big thing for everyone never mind a 15-year-old. I


would probably say if I was in his corner, yes, the experience is


great, I don't think he's ready for the professional game yet. Not for


time anyway. -- not full time anyway.


He has called a foul on himself, which has disturbed that shot. That


was his first real opportunity in the match and he will be


disappointed. And what is worse, Judd has knocked that read in! Just


as his cue was going in he has caught the red. No one else probably


saw that foul. That tells you how much of a sportsman he is. Owning up


straight without hesitation, and probably the biggest day of his


life. -- on probably the biggest day of his life.


One thing is for certain, whatever Jackson Page goes on to achieve in


the future, and hopefully it will be great things, he will never, ever


forget this week in Cardiff. That is such a hard shot, such a


drop. Got to stay perfectly still, deliver that cue in a straight line.


This has been faultless snooker from Judd Trump. In total control at the


moment for everything he is doing. And obviously this will be a relief


to Jed because last night it went on late, commentated on that match and


he went on at something like 20 past nine because it is very late for any


kind of a professional snooker match and they finished round about 12


o'clock. He is back in our early this afternoon another round. --


he's back in here. So they have probably had a good night's sleep


but it was a very late finish. Doesn't seem to have affected his


play in any shape or form. I think we will all pretty tired


last night, not least of which Judd Trump. But once again, Jackson not


quite producing what he did in the first two rounds, but a bit of a


let-off. The crowd here would love to see Jackson Page just produce a


little break, maybe something towards the 61. That he so


impressively produced against John Astley. And he has given glimpses.


Quebec red, of how nicely he strikes the cue ball -- with that red. Out


of position here, but what an occasion! I wonder if his classmates


have been allowed an hour off to watch. You to fully played with the


black and he made it difficult for himself. This is more like it.


Reminiscent of the inspired form that Alex Borg produced against Judd


Trump in the early stages last night. What a shame! Looked like he


was just beginning to get going. Beautiful black, the middle left. He


could not keep it going with the pink.


And the problem for Jackson Page in this match, he has only had little


snippets. He has not got in tidy, in amongst the balls. His pot success


is 62%, it is a little bit low. But then a couple of shots he has had to


go for have been difficult and that counts against the pot statistics.


Judd Trump has played very, very well. So this red. No problem for


the red. That means Jackson now is going to need snookers to have any


chance in this frame. So it looks like Judd Trump is going to extend


his lead now to 3-0. Four left and that young man is going to have to


win them all. He only wants one snooker so it is worth carrying on.


A lot of frames over the last two players have required snookers.


There's always a chance. He has been pretty sharp, Judd


Trump. This has been a demonstration of excellence. The rest of the


professionals still in this field, but also for Jackson Page, every


time he has made a mistake, the world number four has punished him


for it. He wasn't expected to win this match, of course. But everyone


will be hoping that he gets an opportunity just to put a little bit


of a break together in what could be the last frame of the match. Because


this one is all but over. There's his brand of naughty


snooker. He's absolutely hammering the cue


ball here! Judd Trump's turned to enjoy himself here on the big stage.


Totally in control here, it does not matter about the blue. Judd Trump is


now one away from the victory. Yes, Judd Trump cruising and that is


why he's regarded as one of the most entertaining and flamboyant


characters in a game. But with that in a moment. Back to table two, just


for a couple of seconds, keeping a close eye on how the other Welshmen


in action Lee Walker is getting on. Yesterday, a good come back win over


Neil Robertson when he was 3-1 down at one point, beating Robertson. And


he's 2-1 down in this frame, but he's going to take the frame to make


it 2-2. Terry, doing well against Graeme Dott, the former world


champion. Great tournament. Yes, tough match, for both of them. They


both grind out hard, and union all the time. But doing doing well. No


points on the board so far for Dott, so 2-2 between Dott and Walker. We


will keep a close eye on that. Is there anything that Jackson Page can


do to get himself back into this game, to rescue this? A little bit


unlucky, he filed with the ball when he had a chance and he missed the


pink off the spot and he will be disappointed because he normally


gets ten out of ten. You can see the frustration as he steps away from


the table. Has it caught up with him? He's not having a lot of


chances and he's a bit quick. But it is experience for him. What advice


would you have as a coach for him as he goes into this next frame and


Trump could take the match? At his age, let him do what he's doing


until he asks for some help. Is that the tactic? You would not mess about


with him, he's very talented, very natural, better to give him advice


verbally, how to play the game. And his manners out there all these


things. Don't him going for pots. Hard to stop Trump in this form. It


is hard to stop Trump at any time, when he's on good form! Judd Trump


is leading here handsomely by 3-0. So let's go back into the arena and


rejoin Rob and Darren. Yes, I agree with Terry. He's a real


natural talent, Jackson Page. It is best just to leave him alone and let


him realise that potential. So it is pot breaking off. And the frame that


he needs, and that is not the best. No damage done.


A mature shot from Jackson. Well, Mark Williams, the double world


champion, it is watching somewhere. He has done a good job of hiding. He


answered the text message case sent him and he said, it is simple,


Jackson is getting outplayed which we would expect. He's bound to be a


nervous wreck, we have got to remember, he's only 15. So, Mark


Williams. Offering some common sense from the stands somewhere. Hiding.


He said he knows Jackson has a good temperament because he has been


ribbing him at the club. You get the feeling, Darren, there will be a lot


of support for the young man whichever decision he makes. Whether


he decides to go professional right away or in another couple of years,


there's a sense that his talent will be nurtured in Wales in the right


way to help him make the right progress, at the right time. Well,


yes, and no better to have in his corner than Mark Williams. Probably


he has been if not the best Welsh player we have ever had. The only


one to rival that is rewritten. And Mark has done it in the modern-day


game -- to rival that Israeli Riordan. He's at his club and he


will give him the right advice and he will help him wherever he can.


The rest, unfortunately, is down to young Jackson. Once you get out


there, no matter how much help you get, you are on your own.


The reds may be nicely spread down the table, but it is an awkward


position from which to show his skills here in what could be the


last frame. And that is the first time we have seen a little bit of


negative body language, just a little slump of the shoulders as he


headed back to his chair. Maybe just a little bit frustrated that he has


not shown is what he did against just -- Jason Weston in the first


round. And John Astley in the second.


Well, the cue ball is awkward. But is this your best chance, Jackson,


to show others what you have got before you turned 16, against one of


the world's best? You could hear the collective


sighing here in the Motorpoint Arena. Neutrals willing him to get a


frame on the board but Judd is back in again and the reds well spread.


If this next shot was to go right, which it has come can't help feeling


that maybe Jackson Page just played his last shot in this year's Welsh


Open. Has not been the fairy tale that he would have been hoping for


today, in his first TV match. He can take a lot of heart from it, he has


come here as a 15-year-old. Won two great matches. He has had a lot of


exposure, TV coverage and press coverage. I'm sure when he gets back


to him -- class, they will make a real force of him. Having said that,


Judd Trump has just overscrewed that cue ball. He has got a red to the


centre. So maybe there's another chance. In this frame. One into the


left-centre is real thin and I don't know if he can get the pot at that


angle. I think he's going to can in it, this is thin. It is that thin,


he did not even go for it. Still in with a shout, young Jackson.


Not meant to be his day-to-day, is it? Yes, I think the latter shot he


played was a little bit of inexperience, even if he made the


pot, he was not on a colour. A little bit of frustration. I just


think he has got to look at all the positives of this. And one thing is


for sure, he has got a fantastic future. Well, he has got another


chance and all of a sudden, Judd Trump has had a couple of


opportunities in this frame and he has not taken them. The first three


frames were like a masterclass. Jackson just needs to convert one of


these chances and try and get a frame on the board. And who knows?


We saw that last night with Mark Davis, it looked like he was dead


and out and Ronnie O'Sullivan was going to win 4-1, and it was 4-1 and


he ended up losing 4-3. It is never over until the final balls have been


potted. You have just got to keep positive. This is the first time he


has been in and amongst and around the blacks and the reds. As I said


that, he has just lost the cue ball again and instead of this being a


straightforward red, either the one below the pink or the right of the


black, both reds have become now very difficult. But no problem, he's


back in a good position. He made that looked very easy.


He just needs that blue to stop so he can get it to the corner pocket,


which has travelled and the brown is blocked by the red. Action Jackson


all of a sudden is starting to take off. It was a real good shot that


last red he potted. Just did not know whether cue ball would be


going. Back in the frame, though. A really


warm applause for the teenager, only 29. But a taster of what he's


capable of. That is a real clever shot. Judd


knew that as long as he got the cue ball close to the yellow and the red


close to the corner pocket, if you missed it there was a good chance he


would cover it and he would not be leaving any other shot for Jackson.


He has played it. A little swerve. That was much trickier than how he


made it look. He's starting to game a little more confidence, young


Jackson. What a shame. For the young man from


Ebbw Vale. He has done really well to put himself in a position in this


frame and for the first time, a little shake off the head from the


chair. He will be hoping that he's going to


get another opportunity. This is the most important shots now. As far as


Jackson is concerned, if Judd Trump gets on this yellow from the blue, I


think he has played for the medal pocket and landed on it for the


corner so good shot needed, but if it goes in, we know he's going to be


on the green. Into the middle of the pocket, perfectly on the green. This


could be it. REFEREE: Can we get that phone off,


please? A great occasion here and it was all


teed up for Jackson Page and it wasn't meant to be a winner. A real


exhibition shot from Judd Trump. Jackson Page has had his first taste


of life in the snooker spotlight and hopefully there will be many more to


come, it just was not quite destined to be today. The class of Judd Trump


showed, the world number four, a straightforward victory and he goes


through to the last Unforgettable week for Jackson Page


that he will never forget and he may go on to have a lot of success in


the game but a game too far for the teenager. We will speed the Judd


Trump shortly, he's on his way up, the winner. You always felt it would


be a difficult challenge for Jackson to continue this stream today. Yes,


it was a step too far and the draw did not go well for him -- continue


his dream. He said it was his favourite player, Trump, and that


would put more on him. He did not settle down out there. It is


expected like you said on the TV, he's 15 and he will be nervous


playing against Judd. A bit starstruck? I would not say


starstruck, it is the whole thing, not just playing Trump. It is at the


stage of the tournament and it is on the television, table one, he's


exposed. I guess they he was enjoying himself waiting to go out


and making an effort to beat the Judd Trump. But he did not make his


chances like he did in the last two matches that he had. In those, he


played quite well. Let's hear from Jackson Page with Rob Walker.


Jackson, I guess the most important question is, did you manage to enjoy


it all back? Yes, definitely enjoyed it. Playing somebody like Judd, you


don't get many chances and under the pressure and in the lights and the


TV, I just did not take my chance. But he's one of the best players in


the world so I'm not going to get many chances. Did you feel the step


up in pressure and expectation and the support and publicity you have


had from your first two wins in the first and second round? Yes,


definitely. When you win your first two, everybody expects you to do


more but most people don't realise who you are playing. Playing


somebody like Judd, at my age, you will not get very close very often


on the issue play really well. You need a lot of the touring and I need


to practise more to get to that standard. You say mature and, your


approach to that match was really good and we did not see headshaking


until the end and from your demeanour, you did not seem to be


overawed by the occasion and you looked to be calm and taking each


shot as it came. I was all right out there. I just did not turn up really


on the day. Did not take my chances. I don't think you should be too


disheartened, as this inspired you to want this again? Yes, definitely.


It is unbelievable, the experience is great. I can hopefully come back


next year. And finally, are you going to attempt to turn


professional as quickly as possible or will you take more time studying


or are you still shell-shocked after playing live on TV it gains the


world number four? I will try and stem professional as soon as


possible -- live on TV against. That and a couple of chances in Cyprus so


hopefully I can get onto one of those. It has been a great run


although you did not feel you produced your best, best of luck in


Cyprus and we will see a watch more of you in the future.


It could be a life changing few days for Jackson Page and this man might


have advice for him, Judd Trump, the winner this afternoon, you have


played the roll of pantomime villain and you have killed off our local


lad, but clinical stuff from you. Yes, I thought it would be exciting


for both of us, and good experience for me, the first person I have


played. I have grown up now and he's the first person coming through I


have had to play against so it is good to see someone from Great


Britain getting through. China has taken over at the moment. Hopefully


with some coaching and experienced people around him, he can come true


and push on. What was the psychology for you going into the game that


he's 15 and this should be straightforward? Was it that he has


beaten decent players and he must have something about him? Yes, to


get through two rounds, you are a decent player and there was nothing


to achieve out of this, the pressure was on me and if I lost, it was a


bit embarrassing for me and he had nothing to lose. I felt the first


couple of frames, they were very important to get in front and put


him under pressure and it would be a struggle. I remember from the first


time I played Ronnie on TV, when you go behind, it is very hard to come


back from that. Obviously, there are a couple of things he needs to work


on and to learn but the potential, you can see going for his balls and


not being afraid, he needs to stick with that. What advice would you


have for him having been there as a youngster trying to make your way in


the game? Just to keep enjoying it and doing what he does. When you get


older, you kind of learn to change your game a little bit. I think over


time, he might need to work on his backswing, I think it is a little


too long for that kind of table. And knuckle down on his safety shots, he


let me out of that, but everybody makes those mistakes and I made them


and you need to make them to learn. You can always have people telling


you what to do but until you experience it for yourself, you


cannot believe it. A future in the game for Jackson, Terry? You don't


want to put pressure on the lad, he's 15 and playing amateur snooker


and under age amateur snooker. There's a long way for him to go but


he looks to have the talent and good people with Mark behind him and


other people looking after him. He may come through into the


professional game. Judd, hoping to go far in the competition this year,


with the big names going out, the field is narrowing? Yes, I get


supporters here, close to home in Bristol, so I have friends and


family over who support me so it would be nice to get through and


play fancy shots and get through to the final this time. There were some


of those in the end. Well done to you, a whitewash to you 4-0. Judd


Trump going through to the last 16. A look now at how they are trying to


widen the game out to more people, different sections of society, and


our cameras went to the second is disability snooker Championship


recently. We are at the Southwest Snooker


Academy in Gloucester, it is the world disability Snooker


Championships and we have players battling it out to win in their


categories. That are up to eight categories with


disabilities ranging from learning to physical disabilities and within


that different events taking place over double black days. The first is


all about getting to know the tables and the venues to put people at ease


and his coaching on hand, qualified coaches. I was born with cerebral


palsy nine and a half weeks premature, it's affected me


throughout my life, I had reconstructive surgery to help me


walk, I was confined to a wheelchair, it's been a long journey


to get to where I am and I wanted to be part of this because I'm


passionate about snooker as a hobby and also I thought it was a great


opportunity to provide disabled men and women with an opportunity to


play the beautiful game. Nine coming to these types of tournaments I


think the coaches is fantastic because you are getting the


competitive side of the game as well and you see snickers accessible for


everyone, I've seen a lot of players gain confidence through playing


snooker so I am keen for more providers to start providing for


players with disabilities. With this event we feel we should be


supporting players with disabilities to help them improve. So we are here


to help them improve and most of all build confidence for that player.


Snook is difficult across the board, whether able-bodied and disabled. I


struggled with this stance and I struggled with my bridge hand


because of shots, there are lots of issues that when you roll them into


one create quite a problematic situation when playing snooker but


ultimately the game is tough enough as it is, so you work with what


abilities you've got and try to make the game as simple as possible. With


Jonathan, we talked about what is issues were and how he wanted to


build on those together with confidence to achieve the ultimate


aim which is to put more balls in more pockets, to win. Also to win


with an ease that brings confident and self-worth. That is what we are


trying to do with the game to support all players with


disabilities. We are looking to grow. We need many countries to make


it a Paralympic event. It would be a return to snooker because it used to


be in the Paralympics, it is a skilful game played all around the


world's think it has its place in the Paralympics. We are looking out


for many players to join us and one day we will be in the Paralympics.


It is not just a dream, we will make it a reality, there's real


commitment from Jason Ferguson and the organisations to make this


reality. Plenty of similar defence plans will keep an eye on those, the


big names keep coming today, we saw Barry Hawkins and Judd Trump just


minutes ago going through, coming up, world number one Mark Selby, he


also plays a teenager today. Let's get some expert thoughts on the


world number one's game. Think it's safe to say that if you become world


champion and world number when you know your way around the table and


Mark Selby certainly does. Eunice way around the table better than


anyone playing the game, I've played him more than anyone on to and I


have had my share of him, he puts a difficult positions. Used to have a


massive length of bridge between the and his hand and now he goes and


more compact, similar to you. A lot of us came on the tour is genius,


used to playing on tables that were not as fast and not as good and bad


technique suited us. But when you play on these superfast cloths


around the world you must have ultimate control of the cue ball and


being a little nearer to it gives that. It means there's less that can


go wrong, you're cue action becomes shorter and that means that less can


go wrong. But it takes getting used to. And he has a strange


characteristic, his head moves from side to side when he comes in for


the shot. Less movement than before but definitely movement there, and


the backwards or forwards or from side to side sometimes but at the


moment of strike he's always in the right position. I think among many


strong suits shot selection is definitely one. His strongest suit.


I perhaps go for the odd shot too many, whereas Mark never over


exposes himself. He is always playing shot thinking about what


happens if it goes wrong, if it doesn't quite work out, whereas


someone like me will go, what happens if it works! He tends to


lean towards what happens if it goes wrong and that allows him to play in


a slightly different way. Doesn't take on too much damage. That means


he's always thereabouts. Is that why his B game is so good and when he


wins a lot of matches? Yes, we can all win when we are playing at our


best, making great clearances and said Judy breaks, it's easy but when


you are struggling if you can have that extra string to your bow when


you have a B, C, D game sometimes, you know you can relax, you know you


don't have to keep clearing the table. And it makes incredibly


difficult to beat. Telling me! In a short while the reigning world


champion will play a Welsh Open debutant, the number 66 in the


world, yet to win a ranking title, Mark Selby has ten, he was the


winner here in 2008, although his opponent was world amateur champion


and today is his 17th birthday. I wonder if Mark Selby will ruin that


for him. Playing a teenager today, although the young man has some


pedigree about him. Yes, he won a tournament already, although spiders


there, I think they are having a good grooming, and those two


players, as people mentioned earlier, it was Judd Trump that said


that the Chinese gangsters are coming on better than the gangsters


in this country which is a bit of a turn. I agree with what he says,


these boys are away from home, it is not as easy for them but they are


doing exceptionally well. Interesting to listen to Shaun


Murphy and John Parrott analysing Mark Selby's game, he has been the


world number one for two years now, and according to what they say he


please quote a defensive game. Would you go along with that? I wouldn't


say he plays a defensive game. His defensive play is, I think, the best


in the world at the moment. The best I've seen, the way that he plays the


angles, the safety play, the judgment, right around the table and


behind something. He scores heavily. His technique is a little different


from others but at the moment he is struggling because only ?405,000


away from the second player in the world in the money list! Is


knock-about is huge. Huge! It is almost impossible for him not to be


number one -- in snooker that is huge. Oti comes into the arena to


take on Yan Bingtao. Will he make his way through as smoothly as Judd


Trump did? Over to Dominic Dale and Willie Thorne, your commentators.


COMMENTATOR: Thank you. Good afternoon, everyone. World number


one and world champion Mark Selby gets into the arena against Yan


Bingtao. To be honest we haven't seen too much of Yan Bingtao but


he's having some great results this season and they tell me he is one to


watch for the future. Interesting to see how he copes with world number


one Mark Selby. Yan Bingtao to break. Ronnie O'Sullivan speaks


highly of this young man. He is a great player, Yan Bingtao, I


believe he has just turned 17, he looks much older than that but 17


years. Played really well recently against Ronnie O'Sullivan in the


world Grand Prix. Had it not been for a massive fluke that Ronnie had


at two frames all he would definitely have been 3-2 down and


young Yan Bingtao could easily have beaten Ronnie. Played him a couple


of times. What really impresses me about Yan Bingtao is that he has a


bit of an old head on young shoulders, please and all-round


solid game. Clearly neither player has settled.


Mark Selby is always in the position these days when he is in a no- win


situation, everyone expects him to win and that causes its own


problems. Nice cue action. Yes, it does take a while to


understand the way the cloths and the balls are reacting. It will not


be long before the players find their range. I found in my much


earlier that it is not so easy, not the sort of cloths that you see in


your club that last one year. This type of the last few weeks.


Delicate, I suppose is the word, I would not say that they are light,


as such. Although they do get ironed and brushed after every session.


They do get a little old after time. A little careful he does not cut it


too thin and send it into the red, no problem there if he pushes the


red towards the corner, the Green could come to his rescue, doesn't it


so. The first real mistake has come from Yan.


Off and running. I don't think Mark will be too adventurous with his


next positional shot, it is quite the other side cushion, he knows


that the red near the corner will offer a good position for the black.


So he needs to make sure of colour, if he can.


Purposely making sure he did not leave this thread dead straight. You


can see how long he is cueing here, playing with a lot of drag. I can't


see him missing rat. The reason he plays that way is because he hopes


the cue ball doesn't roll off. I found that interesting. I used to do


that with the side spin so much in my much, I wasn't expecting movement


as much. A bit lucky, Mark, could have left a


much easier red for Yan Bingtao. Quite wisely playing a safety shot.


I think the key to this match is Yan Bingtao staying with Mark in the


break department, it would be unlikely for him to compete in the


safety department. I would expect Yan Bingtao to play the more


aggressive safety shot. Selby probably the number one in that


department, as he is in most. A really well struck safety shot


from Yan Bingtao. He deserved to cover the red in the left corner


with the band. It has put Mark Selby in a spot of bother because he can't


play safety shot down the left because the pink is hiding that


every of the pack of reds. It does have a couple of portable balls to


the right but far too risky. Struggling to see how he could get


back and even if he does so that red in the corner could be waiting for


Yan Bingtao. In a little bit of trouble, Mark Selby.


How is that for perfect cueing? Dead straight port. Potted it right into


the pocket. In a strange way that could give Selby confidence, he has


hit it so purely, so perfectly, you probably go back to his seat


thinking, I'm cueing well, even if he has left this read on.


It would have been unlucky not to be perfect but the kiss has made it


straightforward, this looks difficult, although he would love to


get the gap on the red to the right of the black, if he could get that


gap by screwing back, that is with the tip of his cue was looking but


it is too risky to played out. If he can keep can get the black into


play. He's played that very well indeed. Well done. He might have to


screw into the black. He's found another read. That will make things


a bit easier. To see if he can get the gap a


second time, it might well be too risky to play it.


He's played that perfectly, Yan Bingtao. A lovely angle on the red.


Just to set up the black in the opposite corner. The thing I like


about Yan Bingtao because I know him quite well, I've played a couple of


times, we have beaten each other once, he knows how good he is. He


has a lot of belief in what he can do, in his ability. He's not averse


to hitting the table in annoyance when things go wrong because he


expects things of himself and that is good.


Got to be careful with this, they tend to sometimes fly off the back


cushion when you are playing a slow roll through. He may find himself


hampered for the next black. He needs to pot this dead weight.


Ideally he would like to kiss the red nearest the cue ball. That would


make it straightforward. He has to play to the side to get that, that's


where he played the pink rather than the black. Now he's in no man's


land. That is very good. Will he move the


red away from the black or screw back, when he gets rid of the red


that is to the left of the black it makes things a lot easier.


Just one shot from making this a frame-winning break, he's just a


little awkward when he comes to the table at the moment. The choice of


two reds neither of which are in a perfect position. Just run through


an inch too far. The pink still available but wanted to be


straighter. Excellent pot on the pink but once


it is spotted the red next to the cue ball will be blocking the path


to the corner, as you can see so no easy next red now, for Yan Bingtao.


He doesn't want to take something on and miss it.


Exactly Dominic 's point. If Mark can get through to this red that 43


point lead could evaporate quickly, and he can get through to it. A


little unlucky, Yan, to be fair, in that break of 42 he kept trying to


get the black in open play in both corners and every time he was an


inch away from being in the perfect position. That isn't great but he


can slow down the white by playing a cannon on the red just below the


pink, try to hold it dead. It ran on and on. So, cannon needed.


Very well played by Mark, made that look much easier than it was. A good


first red he knocked in as well, it was not easy to hold the cue ball


over distance. He's got two potentially difficult reads, one


near the right side cushion and one on this top cushion behind the black


spot. He should be able to get right back in the frame here.


Although he is 34 points behind, he has just become the favourite to win


this frame, Mark Selby. You can't afford to take anything risky.


Dominic mentioned earlier in the commentary how difficult it was when


you are playing that kind of shot to hold the white. There was another


example here. The White has gone six or seven inches further than he


wanted, he should still be able to hold.


We didn't see that one coming, did we? I don't think Mark has played on


this table this week. But pocket has been causing a few of the players


problems this week. -- that pocket. What a horrible kick, goodness me.


We will get a chance to see this again. Look at the way dispensers,


it is just not fair. -- look at the way that this bounces. Not only


bouncing, squaring up. Good note for referees, when you see a kick that


bad there's was a chalk mark on the ball. -- there is always a chalk


mark on the ball. And that is very fortunate. The mark that Dominic is


talking about, you can see the mark on the left there. Mark Selby has


been very fortunate to get on the black in the opposite corner. He is


not there at all at the minute, is he, Mark? I think it is the way that


the gloves are playing at the moment. It's caught out a lot of the


top players and not all of them have gone through -- the cloths. You have


to accustom yourself to the way that conditions are playing. Sometimes


you just don't acclimatise. Fabulous recovery. Write to the heart of the


pocket. Not the greatest of angles on this black, you have to try to


screw behind to leave it to the middle pocket. The reason I


suggested screwing behind it was that he had the choice of two


pockets. Now he's faced with a tough part, should he want to take it on.


-- a tough The People The Poet. As you would expect from Mark Selby,


nothing risky. 20 points behind. Yan Bingtao will be delighted to be back


on the table so soon. He felt there was a chance for Selby to pinch the


frame. Almost got in behind the yellow. .


Play that in a nice controlled manner, Yan Bingtao. Even if he had


potted the rent... -Zilla and another excellent pot.


But the desired angle on the blue, it's all a case of getting straight


on the red. An inch to half an inch of the question. You want to get


onto the black. If he is tight, he might plate. If you play these dead


weight, these are quite easy. It's amazing how difficult they are, if


they are a fraction off percussion. Yes, I would definitely play dead


weight. You have to worry if the key ball deviates before it hits red.


Selby doesn't want to risk anything. He's snookered him. Playing


everything very tight. He's hit the red. Has he been


fortunate? Yes, he has. Well played, Yan he deserved that.


Looney a straightforward safety shot. Mark would like to play the


right-hand side of the red. You have to be careful the red doesn't spring


off the brown and go towards the middle pocket. It's not


straightforward, this safety. He's thinking about playing of the


left-hand side of the red and how. Around the yellow. But I think


that's too risky. He could knock it safe.


That's not bad. Right over the middle pocket. Could have made the


other side cushion. He hasn't left the rent on.


This is the worrying thing for Yan. If he tries to compete with Selby in


the safety department he will finish second best. Not too bad, well done.


Certainly looks like a snooker. Even if it isn't, it's so close to


snooker it makes no difference. What about this last red? There is no


insurance policy for Yan Bingtao if he were to leave Mark Selby in. He


could see enough of the red to do something with it.


There is a pot on here for Mark Selby.


He decided it was probably too risky to play the pot. Same scenario


further Yan. -- the same scenario for a Yan. It will be tough to


guarantee the object ball getting safe. It looks like he is taking it


on. Always very, very difficult. But he will be pretty pleased with how


it is finished. This red is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. I


would not be surprised if Mark refuses it. It came off the


side-cushion macro with a weird spin on it. Negotiated towards the baulk


macrocosm. -- the baulk cushion. Excellent pot. Now, by no means


easy. Yan Bingtao has controlled this opening frame. He could


possibly lose it at this visit. It is coming up to 30 minutes of


playing time. Probably the longest frame of the match. Yan likes to get


on with it. Selby is not the slowest unless his opponent is playing slow.


That is another one of Mark's attributes. Whatever the patter of


play, Mark seems to have the concentration whether it is a quick


frame or slow frame. Other players get frustrated. Mark Selby doesn't.


Once again the speed of the table has nearly fooled him. But that is


no problem. The only thing that could go wrong here is if he hits it


a fraction too hard and finishes tied on the cushion. -- tight. The


clearance should not be a problem. Just blue and pink needed. This will


hurt Yan. He has been in control of this frame throughout. What looked


like a good safety shot lost him the game. The red looked to be safe. An


excellent pot on the last red from Mark Selby. Mark Selby as won that


frame with a high break of 26. That is what he does. He wins in all


types of frames. 31 minutes, that opening frame.


Let's bring you a few other selected results from around the arena. Jimmy


Robertson, the world number 38, a 4-0 whitewash to lower ranked Scott


Donaldson. Ross Mueller knocked out Marco Fu yesterday. He is out now.


-- Ross Mueller. Anthony Hamilton beaten by Craig Steadman. Stuart


Carrington through. And Mark Davis, Ronnie O'Sullivan's nemesis last


night, a 4-2 winner over Fergal O'Brien. It is time we caught up


with the Lee Walker match. He is in action on table two. Walker leading


3-2. He needs all three balls to get the match.


The pink and the black. We are seeing this live, Terry. Can Lee


Walker get over the line against the former world champion? A big chance


for a leave. We saw Dominic Dale go out earlier on. Jackson Page, the


teenage wild card, has gone. So Walker and White Hurley only


Welshman left in the tournament. -- are the only Welsh men. We will


stick with this for a few seconds more. Selby is about to break off in


the second frame of the match we are watching. We will see if Walker can


pot this black. I should think he will pot it. I think he should,


shouldn't he?!! He played really well against Neil Robertson


yesterday. Lee Walker makes his way into the last 16 of the 2017 Welsh


Open. It's been a good tournament for him. We will see who he gets in


the next round. Meantime, let's head back into the arena with Mark Selby


leading 1-0. Mark Selby breaks off for the second


frame. He must feel a little fortunate to have won that first


frame. Yan suffered that horrendous kick when he looked set fair to win


the first frame. Once again, Mark Selby has a great ability to play


safety shots. Tactical knowledge. A good opening red from Yan Bingtao.


Not a bad kiss on the yellow. If the Brownies straight enough, he can get


back down for the reds. -- if the brownies straight enough...


There is a rarity. A loose safety shot from Mark Selby. A shake of the


head as he sat in his chair. Trying to finish low on the next red


so he can open the reds up. If he finishes high, what a great pack to


go into. He has finished low. The pink is out of commission. He can


play a screw with the reverse side to go blue or green, or check it for


the black. He has played neither. He was hoping to finish nicely on the


black. He has just lost the cue ball a little bit.


It goes without saying, if he takes the black on it is very missable. He


will have to play it at pace to get onto one of the reds in the middle.


This is tough, especially having lost the first frame. Played it with


just enough pace. That is an excellent pot. We have seen a lot of


those stay above ground before this week.


He's getting himself in trouble, really. He has not played a very


good shot there. It is difficult when you are playing a slow roll.


You can play it harder and go for the brown or green rather than the


blue. That's what he has done. He didn't want to risk rolling it in


slowly. He is very capable in the break-building department. He needs


more close control with the cue ball. I was a bit perplexed to see


why you would want to move the red off the cushion. It shouldn't


matter. He has got a nice position on the red to the left centre. I


don't know if any of those four reds are possible. A couple of them seem


to be in the centre pocket. He has left a lovely angle on the black to


go into those reds if he needs to. He could jam against them and land


on nothing. There is Dominic's point. You need to hit that half


ball. Hence, it was almost like a stopper. The only thing I would say


that was slightly adrift there, he should have played slower. This is a


similar scenario to the last frame when he had complete control. This


could cost him if he misses. Now then, are we going to see the same


pattern as the previous frame? Selby had no chance of winning it. And he


eventually won it after half an hour. He didn't really need to take


that one on. It had to go in. Just a little short of pace. He


would have loved to have been on the black. It's essential to finish top


side of the blue this time. He just about got there. Just an inch higher


on the blue and he may have been able to develop this red on the


cushion. It has worked out okay. He could remove one of the trickier


reds here. He is opting for the simpler one. If the pink had been on


its spot, he would have parted that red. -- potted. After this next


black, next red and colour, the work really starts. And if he plays this


playing ball, he can almost cannon into the pink, which would be a


great help. Maybe needs a fraction of left-hand side. He may play that.


He is bound to be on the brown or baulk colour.


He is nicely on this red. Can he just force an angle around the


pocket jaws and land loan off on the black to run into that remaining red


on the cushion? That is what he would like to do. He will have to


punch this in to create a better angle than he has got.


He just didn't get enough spin on the ball. If you were to roll this


black and missed the cannon on the red...


He won't be taking the pot on here. Has he got the snooker? He doesn't


miss a trick, does he? There is a gap between the green and


blue to swerve and make the cannon on the red. He doesn't want that red


to go up the table. He will be happy with this. Or will he?


Unfortunately, he has left the red on. And in such a way that Mark can


play into the pink as well. A little unlucky not to get behind the black.


If Mark pots this with left-hand side, it could bring the pink


interplay. He has gone very low on the cue ball. I was a little


surprised he didn't play the cannon there. Yan only needs this remaining


red to make the frame safe. He is 30 points ahead. You would like to stun


this in. -- he would like to stun this in. He just needs to get enough


stun on it is to miss the black. Well played, Yan Bingtao. He


deserves to be 1-1. It was a thunderous kick that cost him the


first frame. He has coped with that very well. He must have been very


disappointed to have lost that first frame. It would have been a good


start and it would have put Mark Selby under immediate pressure. You


can see a spot of chalk as the red roles towards the pocket.


Can Yan Bingtao finally put the second to bed? An opportunity with a


pot on the yellow. That was too thin. I'm trying to think of another


player I would least rather play in this position. Mark Selby would be


right up there with somebody like John Higgins. Yan Bingtao has far


from won this second frame. That's a good snooker because it


comes off the side cushion. The middle pocket is in exactly the type


of area Yan Bingtao would like to escape from. He has to try and


straighten the angle up here. This is tricky. That'll do. Suppose he


deserves a bit of luck. Certainly very lucky. Can end the yellow. Very


unfortunate. I suggested after the first frame


after 30 minutes it would be the longest frame of the match. There is


life in this frame yet. After 18 minutes of play.


Playing a season campaign at snooker, someone who has been around


a long while, streetwise, you would expect four snookers to get the one


you desire. You would expect them to get three of four. He hit it 100


miles an hour. For what reason, I don't know. Mark Selby may only need


one snooker to force Yan into missing it. This looks a bit tidy.


There is a gap. Always a gap. He's found one affair, Yan Bingtao,


super shot. The yellow backed by the right-centre pocket. If Mark Selby


were to make contact with yellow, there would be a danger of going in


off. He has missed the yellow. We'll Mark


Selby take a look at Yan Bingtao and decided to concede? No. That's good


from Mark Selby. It's at a good of the sport not to concede when it is


the shot of your opponent. Wait for him to finish at the table, until it


is your own shot, before you concede. Not all players do that,


unfortunately, these days. It'll be a very interesting match,


this, between these two. No doubt in my mind Yan Bingtao will be a great


play in future, if he's not already won.


Yan Bingtao clears up the colours. He levelled the scores at 1-1. We


might have a match on our hands. Let's bring a couple of others


around the arena. The world number 32 has beaten Josh, a 4-0 whitewash.


Josh was the man who dumped out Shaun Murphy yesterday. Another top


16 player out of the tournament. Ali Carter, 12 in the world, beaten by


the only uranium professional in the history of the game. A 4-1 win for


the man who will now play Judd Trump this evening in the last 16. Talk to


me about that comeback from Yan Bingtao. It served to win the frame,


the first frame he had a bad kick. He would have won that first frame.


Selby's highest is 32 at the moment, he's not flying. The other boys made


42 and 57. In some ways he's been a little bit better than Selby but we


seen it all before. He sort of waits for you to get in front of him, then


he clears up all the time. He's just a tremendous match player, Selby.


The psychology of it all, thinking I can't miss this short or Selby will


be back to clear up. When somebody is 150, 60, playing against Selby,


it comes into the mine. You put out into the shot, miss it. When you're


safe but you only need one, Selby is the best in the world at the moment


at getting that snooker within a frame. He might not have the


flamboyance of O'Sullivan and Trump, but he knows how to see them out. I


thought you were going to say the flamboyance of me there. Bit


disappointing. 1-1 in this game. Not a big break up shot. Selby


having trouble as far as getting back in the book is concerned. White


at this end of the table. A very good cubicle from Yan


Bingtao. Red to the left. A good safety shot from Mark Selby. Green


will probably cover the red near that baulk line. Yan Bingtao needs


to make sure it's past the baulk line. Sometimes it can alter your


short choice, you prefer to take pressure on yourself.


He'll take a little while to decide what to play. He's played it pretty


well. Fabulous from Mark Selby, just held


the cue ball. He's mentally so good, Mark Selby. He alluded earlier to


being under all kinds of pressure. Sometimes Mark's ball can be


indifferent sometimes but he gets on with a job in the next frame. The


mind and the present is not to dwell on what has gone before. Important


in top-level sport. Mark is one of the best players in the world going


into the pack. He plays into the pack as good as anybody. Spread far


and wide. So hard to make the pack move when they are like that. You


always end up having a slight chance of one in the middles.


Goodness me, that was close. That was so close, wasn't it? Dreaded


number 30. -- number 13. That's why he missed it.


The problem here for Yan Bingtao is back red light over the corner


pocket, I can't see a red he can knock on to it to make the pot. He's


probably going to have to try and hide it. Pretty good, he deserved


much more than that. The one to the right of the pink is


available to play. Play Buchanan. Ford with danger. The alternative is


to roll up on the red nearest the cue ball. Can't really get an


advantage of the next shot... The one one up from the pink, I suggest


he rolls up to the red. If Scott Mitchell he doesn't leave the red in


the middle left-hand side... He's in a little bit of trouble here. Yes,


he is, the red nearest the cue ball, the one at the back of the group of


four, he can't run it past the red in front, it would clip it out of


the way. It would suggest he's in a lot of trouble here. The red just to


the left of blue is blocking a chance of running a red onto one


pocket. There is space there. He may end up having to play that.


Looking at all options that's probably the only shot he's got. As


you rightly say, we've discussed in commentary, to roll up to the red


nearest black now you might flick of the other red and leave the pot in


the middle of macro leave the opportunity... The one just above


the pink onto the one that in the yellow pocket.


It's so hard. He has hit the red in. That is a great shot. Well played.


Yes, fantastic shot from that young man, Yan Bingtao. If he potted that


red, he would have knocked the other one in automatically. He was


probably playing the pot they're. And the rest would take care of


itself. I think he is okay. I thought I had John Virgo in the box


then! I didn't have the pantomime voice though, did I?


This is the key shot. Now he knows he should score heavily. This is the


first time he has been in a great position in this little mini break.


He is doing all the scoring at the moment.


A huge kick. The red was dead straight, so he didn't miss the pot.


He played it at a slight pace. He holds a lead now of some 21 points,


Yan Bingtao. He would be disappointed if he didn't make


enough points here to go on and win the frame.


I have had the pleasure of watching this young man play very much. With


all the hype that has been going around the snooker world about how


good a talent he is, he certainly is. Your local Welshman has done


remarkably well. But this guy is only 17. He has a little bit more


know-how. He would be a handful for most players.


Yes. People ask me sometimes, they suggest to me how difficult the tour


is, there are some great players, which is true. But there is a great


crop of emerging new talent on the tour -- there isn't a great crop of


emerging new talent on the tour that impresses me very much, not when you


compare them to Mark Williams, Ronnie O'Sullivan and the likes of


those coming through. This kid is right up there with them, in my


opinion. We don't seem to have an emerging talent coming from the


English part of the world. Obviously we have the young man from Wales


doing very well. An abundance of players coming from the Far East.


This is the best of the young players, for me. A glance at the


scoreboard will tell him he is 42 point in front. Just a two more reds


needed. He will play for the black and the one in the baulk area rather


than risk the cannon. He will do rail -- well to get onto a red from


here. Forced the cannon but couldn't


generate the pace required to bring the red into play. I don't blame him


taking this red on. Whatever you do, don't play it too firm. Get the


white somewhere near the cushion. Just in case you miss. He has played


for a colour there. There is no need to play for a colour. Just pop the


red, leave the white on the cushion. Okay, he is a strong, strong


favourite to win the frame, but it is still live. A bit fortunate,


really. The red could have easily come back down the table towards the


black. He has put the green in an awkward position. Mark Selby trying


to make position on the black much easier.


He has to be careful the red doesn't go in the left-hand corner. Which he


did do. Not a particularly great white.


I think it's good in that it is forcing Yan to remove this remaining


loose red. He has to be really careful what he does here. That's


not bad. The green... A little bit in the balance, this frame. Mark is


very clever at manipulating the balls into positions that favour


him. He has to be carefully doesn't bring


the green away from this pocket. That was a shot to nothing. If you


move the Greenaway, all of a sudden the frame is alive again. Very


difficult for Mark to get three reds and three blacks, with where the


green is. He may play this off the left-hand


side of the red he is closest to. Try to get the white almost behind


the yellow spot. Make sure you cover the red in baulk.


He could have done with it a fraction thinner.


I think Yan tried to get the cue ball in behind the black. The shot I


would have played was to try to cannon the black to the side-cushion


nine that Mark Selby needs it. I wonder if Mark will play this thin


safety shot off the red? It is causing a bit of a stalemate,


the green. Obviously with the score being as it


is, and these three reds and three blacks,... Don't move the green.


That is okay. I like that shot that Yan has


played. He is snooker, I think, on all reds.


Given that Yan Bingtao is dominating this match so far, he should have


been 3-0 in front, things have been a little pedestrian. Mark Selby


knows how to slow things down. We know that he will play well


sometimes during this match. But he has to compete against him in all


departments. Yes, because Mark can't really roll


up to those raids because the chances are he will leave one into


the centre. -- reds. Mark is in trouble here, that is for sure.


Mark a little unlucky. He got the white where he wanted. It seemed to


gather pace. This red is not easy to cut.


Don't worry about the wind, just make sure the red here... -- about


the white stop well played. I said don't worry about the white... Must


be careful. He wants to make sure of potting the yellow, should he go for


it. That might make Mark Selby stay in


his chair. Very well played. These two friends


have been a little pedestrian. Yan Bingtao has certainly been the


better of the two players without doubt. He could have been 3-0 in


front. Mark Selby has no doubt got a match on his hands here.


Temp to with the highest of the match so far. 62 in this frame.


Slowed the cue ball down, the bounce it had. Not too worried about that,


the way things have gone in this frame.


A very good performance from Yan Bingtao. Another seed seems to be in


trouble. Yan Bingtao takes it to lead 2-1. STUDIO: Another big name


in trouble here in Cardiff. With Selby 2-1 down in this game. We'll


be back shortly on that table but let's take you to what happened


earlier on table three. Michael White, quarterfinalist here last


year, knocked out his opponent Yan Wang bow yesterday. His journey he


is about to end against Robbie Williams. Losing 4-2 earlier, White.


Down to just one white man, Lee Walker, left in the competition. Out


goes Michael White with that 4-2 to Robbie Williams of England. It's a


real shame because we saw yesterday how much it meant to Michael White,


that punch at the end. He was determined to get at least a quarter


is again this year. He's up against a tough opponent in Robbie Williams,


he's one of the ones who slows you down. Robbie keeps it a bit tight,


good safety player. He's beating a lot of the top seeds, hasn't got


into the late stages at all. He'll be delighted with that. Michael


Stich Phil took a step forwards, how do you see his career progressing?


At the moment it's not going forward. He won a racket tournament,


got into the top 16. I thought he would push on from them. I've seen


him since he was a young boy in my club tournament. He is a winner. At


the moment he's lost his way a little bit. I'm not sure what he's


doing at the moment but he's not playing the same. Walker is the only


Welshman left in the competition. Another shock on I wouldn't say a


certain shock, but maybe. He's a great potter. He looks calm, his


temperament is good, he's not a huge break-builder but he looks


confident. There is a little bit of arrogance in him walking around the


table. It's what you need. What's going through his head at the


moment, Mark Selby? You never know with Mark. He's always thinking


about something, he loves competing, number one in the world. He would


have been in this position. A little sip of water for Mark Selby. He just


has to keep doing what he's been doing, I guess. There's only one


thing guaranteed in this, he's not going to give up, he never gives up,


Selby. That's why he's such a good player. Everything he has got is


very, very strong. Yan Bingtao could possibly see the finishing line


creeping into sight. Got to hold onto things, keep yourself calm and


steady. No evidence of winning games from behind. The young Chinese


player hasn't been through much yet. He might be more confident because


of his age. And his birthday. 17 today. Determined to celebrate in


style with maybe a big win over Mark Selby. In the background we've got


Hossain practising ahead of his match with Judd Trump. He's the only


Iranians on tour. He's very well. He couldn't get a visa coming into the


professional game but since he's coming he's had some very good wins.


He is based at Sheffield, practising there. He's had some good results


here. Trump is looking like Selby and Hawkins. Yan Bingtao kept Selby


waiting ages but finally back in. Selby to break. Trailing 2-1.


Yes, trailing 2-1. This frame is an important one. Mark Selby, point of


no return if he doesn't win this frame. I think Yan Bingtao deserves


to be 2-1 ahead the way he has played, making bigger breaks. 42,


57, 63. Another great pot from Yan Bingtao. Certainly a confident


player, no doubt about that. He played it as a shock for


something. Anything but straight's OK. If it's


straight he can't take this read on. It's just off straight.


Superb clean pot from Yan Bingtao. He's just missed the blue. I think


Mark Selby will be playing it. Close enough that it can be made. That


will help Mark Selby free the black spot. A good way to start when you


haven't potter Dave Ball for 25 minutes. Looks as though the black


is tied up. It's not all bad. The blue is dead straight.


Could only really leave himself a speculative read into this corner.


On the side cushion for the blue. Great recovery pot and now he's in a


great position. That was the shot of the match so far for Mark Selby. The


red Dominic has been talking about, the one against the black. You might


not be able to get on it this time unless he screws it's straight up


the line of the yellow. It could finish right on top of the red. I'm


talking about this on here, finished right on top of it. Amazing, isn't


it? Definitely. He has missed this. He'll be disappointed, Mark Selby.


He's left it on for his opponent. If Yan Bingtao can get a nice angle on


the blue to get on that read by the blacks, there is a great chance to


make a break. -- get on that red. Dense pack of reds are in a straight


line. You just have a look. Is there another plant was he thinking about


playing the pink off this thread? -- off this red? He did play for the


pink and overhit it slightly. He can still put the pink. I'm not sure


what's covered. Could be OK compared to the outside red. If he's not


covered he may snigger himself. Terry's going to have to in Taute


this pink, it'll have to go right in the middle of this pack of reds.


This will be interesting. If it has to go directly behind the red -,


lairy will be having kittens. This is awkward for Terry Camilleri.


It's about time these referees were put under pressure, instead of us


players all the time! Yes, he has done well here, hasn't he? Yan


Bingtao will hopefully be nicely on this red in the left-hand corner.


But once again, the pact is not great to go into. I hope he doesn't


slip! He deserves a round of applause for what he has done there,


the referee. Well played. Does he play for the blue? It is an easier


pack to go into than it is from the black. He decided to play for the


black. What was he trying to do their? If it had a kick, it would


have finished higher on the black. To be honest, he couldn't have


played that shot any better than he did. A great effort. He needed to go


into that pack with more pace than needed. From where he was, that was


all he could do. Yes, he was one shot away from


making that a possible frame-winner. Mark Selby can either bring the pink


interplay or just play a safety shot. -- interplay.


There is a statistic you don't see very often. Mark Selby losing the


safety battle so far. You don't see many players with a 93% safety


statistic. That's very rare. Mark Selby has a choice of reds. I'm


not too sure he is cueing well enough at the moment. If he plays


the one on the left-hand side, he will have to play a lot of left-hand


side to get back to the baulk area. That was unlucky. He will be forced


into taking the blue navy can see it. The blue is virtually straight.


You can see. A great pressure pot from Mark


Selby. He will be looking on and -- for an angle on the blue to go into


those six reds. He has missed the red. He will be disappointed. That


was a chance to get back into this frame and win it. He is not happy


with himself. The only red sticking out for Mark,


he has to be a bit careful. The reds that he is going to hit back, he


will push one over the left-hand pocket. Or towards the left-hand


pocket, not necessarily over the pocket. He could do with this as


thin as possible. He's just looking at what is go to happen to the


middle red of the three below leaping. It will come somewhere


within a foot of the left-hand pocket. -- below the pink. He has to


make sure of a good white. Just playing a containing safety.


These first three frames have been fairly lengthy. The initial frame


lasted more than 30 minutes. This frame is a little quicker at 21. --


the second frame a little quicker at 21. The third frame is more than 26


minutes. A little fortunate to have left it


hampered but it was still a very good safety shot.


I'm quite surprised he is looking at potting this red. He knows it is the


only red he could leave if he misses it. It is probably wise considering


it. Even though he would like to bring


those four reds interplay -- into play, you wouldn't want to be


hitting the fourth red. That is very unlike Mark Selby. You could count


on one hand the times he has played a safety shot like that.


Yan Bingtao has an excellent chance of taking a 3-1 lead. A possible


three to play. And that is where we will have to


leave it, I'm afraid. We have reached the end of our coverage. We


are back at seven for the start of the last 16. Who will be first to


book their place in the quarter-finals? We will see you


later. Goodbye for now. Every night, about 40 people find


themselves sleeping rough