Day Four - Part 2 Snooker: Welsh Open

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Day Four - Part 2

Ian Hunt introduces live fourth-round coverage from the Welsh Open at the Motorpoint Arena.

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I think standard wise it's probably their best season I've had.


Consistently I've played well, only a couple of bad games all season.


It's taken some unbelievable performances to beat me so I can't


be too disheartened. I'm playing solid and hopefully a win will come.


It would be nice to win here, it's close to home in Bristol. I get good


support so it would be nice to get one here. The world number four


waiting in the wings. Judd Trump coming at life this evening. Welcome


back to the Welsh Open. Only 16 players remain and the big stars


appear keen to go home as soon as possible. All but three of the top


16 have gone and the world champion is the latest big-name casualty. Who


would have seen this coming? World number one Mark Selby knocked out


why a teenager who only turned pro two years ago. It was not a narrow


win for Yan Bingtao from China. He lost the first frame but then never


looked back. Four winning frames in a robe and a perfect way to spend


his 17th birthday. A huge shock for Shelby. Just not good enough.


Performed very poorly. I had chances in frames and didn't capitalise.


He's been talked about for over a year, he's had a good season in his


first season and showed what a great player he is today. He turned 17


live on TV and held himself together well. From 128 players, we are down


to the final 16 and this is the line-up. The only Welshman left in


the tournament now is Lee Walker. Will Trump go through or will he


become another one of the big stars to go home early? Let's find out


more about his opponent this evening. I'm the first Iranians are


fashionable. In front of my house when I was six years old, I saw


something open in front of my house. I asked my dad what it was. He took


my hand and we went to a snooker club and he showed me how to play.


After two months I couldn't stop playing snooker. I just continued


and continued. After a year I won my town tournament, then the county and


then a national tournament. Professional for me was so hard and


it is still hard. When you come from a different country, too much


pressure is on you. You're travelling a lot, you need a Visa. I


was 17 years old and I had to wait four years to come to the UK. If you


want to win, you have to play good and solid and score heavily.


Especially if you want to win a tournament, you have to score


really, really heavy. It doesn't matter who you're playing, you have


to see what you can do on the table. This is the most important thing.


You don't have to see who you're playing. They are all good players,


it doesn't matter who you play. You have to show what you can do. A big


moment for Vafaei, 81st in the world. Trump at number four with six


ranking titles. Trump a semifinalist here in 2013. Vafaei beat Ali Carter


to earn this last 16 tie. They've only met once before in the


international championship last year when Trump was the winner. It is


time to get the last 16 underway. What will happen next in this most


unpredictable of tournaments? Lets join the commentary team. Terry


Griffiths and Rob Walker. Thanks, Ian. Good evening,


everybody. In this topsy-turvy tournament, who would take any


result for granted? Certainly Judd Trump will be on full alert. One of


only three players in the top 30 in the world still in the tournament.


He is keen to get things underway quickly. It's been an incredible


week of shocks and upsets so far. Judd Trump, from his part, with wins


over Andrew Higginson and Alex Borg and the young Welsh schoolboy


Jackson page earlier today, has been on tiptop form. A couple of


centuries against Higginson. Almost got one against Jackson page, but he


closed the door on the young Welsh star of the future, who no doubt


we'll have some fabulous days still to come. It was a steep learning


curve for him against the world number four. As for Hossein, what a


fantastic win he enjoyed over Ali Carter. Bearing in mind he is only


produced seven centuries this season, but four of them have come


here. Two in the second round against Christopher Keegan at two


against Ali Carter. It finished off his 4-1 win with breaks of 126 and


123. Of course he is the outsider, in theory, this match, but if you


were watching Judd Trump perform last here in the Motorpoint Arena,


you'll certainly no that's a 47-year-old Alex Borg from malt


produced some fabulous snooker and made Trump work for the win. It all


sounds pretty straightforward. Six time wracking event winner. Against


the man from Iran who has wrestled Visa problems, amongst other things,


this season. Brave to go for that one, but there is the first mistake.


Judd coming back to the table. Trump is the favourite, but one or two


outsiders have been in inspired form here in Cardiff. The young


22-year-old Iranians will be hoping that will be the case for him over


the next couple of hours. A place in the quarterfinals at stake.


Terry, you've seen so much world-class snooker over the years,


have you been surprised at just how many shocks and big seeds have gone


out so far here? Yes, I think everybody is shocked. I don't mean


the players can't beat each other, but the big underdog beating the


seeds 4-0 and 4-1, it isn't as if they are tight matches. No obvious


reason why. As you mentioned earlier off the mike, is there going to be a


new champion this year? The top three are Trump and Stuart


Bingham... Trump and Barry Hawkins. Has one of them gone to the final?


Only Stuart Bingham, when he lost in the decider to Stephen Maguire. Judd


hasn't made the final. One semi, one quarter. Not been rich pickings, the


Welsh Open, so far in his young and very talented career, but he's


looked so far -- so good so far this week. I hope I haven't just cursed


him with that compliment. A little bit of an unexpected miss


from Trump. The break finished a lot quicker than he thought it would at


31. It won't be long before he's off again. Sometimes in a match he gets


a great amount of big breaks in very quick time. That's why he's so


popular with the public. Very good to watch playing.


That looked nasty. The only reds he can see are the ones below the pink


spot, nearest to the bottom cushion. He can see that read, but I can't


see a way out for him. He may find a gap off the one towards the left


with a very thin cut. Well played. Be glad to get out of that one.


That will worry him a little bit. He missed that by a long way. About a


foot to the pocket and he missed it by six inches. Very unusual. Of


course, these top seeds are under a little bit of pressure. They are


thinking, hold on a minute, the draw has opened up. We've heard that a


few times, the draw has opened up. None of these other guys can play.


Are you sure? A clear-cut chance here. He made a


few centuries in his last match. Two against Carter. To finish that match


4-1. Two centuries against Christopher Keegan as well. 103 and


108. Four of his seven this season have come this week so he's in good


form. Former world under 21 champion. His season got off to a


slow start, he lost his first round matches in India at the World Open,


the ball Hunter classic, the international championship and then


the draw opened up nicely for him in Northern Ireland and he made the


quarterfinals. Very handy ?10,000. It's an expensive business when


you're flying over from Iran. He had a few Visa problems at the start of


the season as well, which resulted in him having to withdraw from a


couple of tournaments because the documentation wasn't prepared in


time. But this has been a fabulous run. The last 16 and a chance to


take on a six time ranking event winner, Judd Trump.


This has been a good opportunity for Vafaei to get some time on the


table. Under the bright lights. And under the pressure of taking on Judd


Trump. He's also qualified for China. That will be just before the


Crucible World Championships. The 40th addition of the worlds at the


Crucible, that will be some celebration at the end of this


season. A lot of people really looking forward to that. Such is the


packed nature of the calibre, there's an awful lot of snooker to


be played between now and Sheffield. -- the calendar. He'll be a little


disappointed with that one. Wasn't a difficult pot. Perhaps he had his


eye on the black too much. Wow, that's quick! I thought he


wouldn't reach the blue when he hit that. Lightning fast, this cloth.


Another two or three inches and he would have been nothing. A good


chance now. Judd is 17 points in front. The reds


look like they are all available, more or less. This could be at T1 if


he gets this right. -- a tricky one. Good shot. He's got a tremendous


amount of power. No reason why he can't go in and out of ball. Three


or four cushions. Lots of top spin and running side. He could go to


far! Great shot. We all know he can do those shots, but you've got to


take into account having the judgment and pace perfect at that


speed and that's what he's done. 35 in front, still 43 available. Two


reds. Very surprised that Judd Trump


didn't clinch this first frame in that visit. Unusual for him. Could


be in a bit of trouble here. 35 points in front, but the colours are


well set. Should he make a mistake here. Clever shot. Not an easy


safety to get out of, that one. Half a chance there. Judd Trump can


get past the yellow, possibly, to get to the potting angle on the


Rhead. But he's not looking up there. What's he got on his mind


now? -- That was ridiculous! It could win


him the frame, though. It's great when you can pot that type of ball.


Amazing vision and incredible skill. An unenviable position for Hossein


Vafaei. Ref foul, Judd Trump six. He already needed a snooker and now the


situation has got worse and Trump should wrap this up now.


What a touch of magic from the cue of the world number four. That long


read to the top left, absolutely superb. And the control on the cue


ball. When he's clear and over the line in a frame, he treats the crowd


to some exhibition snooker and that's what he's doing here. They


can't all go in! He's coming back. You would think just to get a little


bit of a feel for the table. That little break of 21, but the mistake


was costly in the end. Didn't hit it hard enough. Likes a


fancy shot, Trump. That red he potted that probably clinched the


frame for him, it was 110. Frame conceded. Judd Trump is off to


a good start in this match. (STUDIO) he played really well


earlier against Jackson page and he's started positively again this


evening. Just want to update you on what else is happening at the


Motorpoint Arena. This is the end of the first frame on table two. The


world number eight, Barry Hawkins, who won ranking title last weekend


at the world Grand Prix, is against Craig Steadman. Hawkins one of only


three of the world's top 16 left in the competition and he's going 1-0


up with a really impressive break of 101. Great start for him. The winner


of that match will play the winner of our game between Trump and


Vafaei. Our guest this evening is Darren Morgan. Good evening. A


strong and positive start from Trump, who's had a good day so far.


Completely different. I commentated on him last night and he was nowhere


near as sharp as he was this afternoon. It was a sharp start


again there. But he did throw out a couple of little half cherries for


Hossein and Hossein unfortunately didn't capitalise. Hossein Mr bad


red in the middle of the frame into the left corner and he'll be keeping


himself. A player of his standard, and the way he's playing, you would


have expected him to get that. I like that, half cherries! It's an


interesting back story with the struggle he had to get a Visa. He's


making up for lost time. He won the world amateur about four years ago,


beating Lee Walker in the final on the black. 9-8 on the black. When he


won, he thought that's it, I'll be a professional. He just couldn't get a


Visa and it's taken him four years of struggle to get hold of that Visa


to allow him to play. He'll be back to break off in the second frame,


trailing 1-0. Let's see how he report -- response. -- responds.


Hossein Vafaei, one of the biggest matches of his career so far. He


trails by a frame to Judd Trump. Only a break of 31 in that opening


frame from this season's European Masters champion. But couple that


with a few mistakes from the Iranians and that was enough for


Judd to get over the line. Can Vafaei settle down in this match?


Not with that kind of shot. Has done so well to get to the last 16 with a


fabulous win over Ali Carter earlier today. These players having to come


back to the table for a second time, such is the busy schedule of this


Welsh Open now that we have the flat 128 draw. Cracking crowd tonight.


One or two people coming in with a pint after that first frame, rushing


in from work. Hopefully they'll be treated to a display of world-class


snooker tonight. No yawning! I'm sure she'll wake up when the balls


start flying in. From Judd Trump. Really good crowd here tonight.


Still a big buzz around the story of the Jackson page making it to the


last 32. Didn't manage to get a frame from Judd Trump. It made more


than a few people sit up and take notice of his talent.


A bit of run in that. He didn't play for the pink. Not a perfect angle


for him. That's the trouble, when you're hitting at that pace and


trying to get the key macro ball all the way round the table and back


again. It makes potting a little more different. He missed quite a


few. -- trying to get the cue ball. This is very ropey for Judd's


standards. His opponent is looking a bit different from playing on the


other tables, when he beat Ali Carter. He was on the match table,


wasn't he? When he comes out here on the TV cable, it's a different ask.


-- TV table. Especially against such a powerful opponent as Trump, who


can be intimidating. Do you think sometimes, of course


Judd is a hugely talented player, but his beguiling array of shots and


the power with which he strikes the cue ball, do we sometimes get too


impressed with certain breaks that you think might last a bit longer?


Because he produces shots that other players don't produce, or don't have


in their armoury, do we sometimes read too much into his former


because he can change your mind about how a frame is going just by


producing one magic moment? And he often does. Everybody thinks


that Trump is probably the most exciting player on the circuit with


his shot selection. The way he entertains, as you say. The public


love the exhibition shop, and why not. -- exhibition shots. I'm still


disappointed he has won the World Championships stock he carries


himself well. He's a very popular player. He's got a lot going for him


and certainly has the capability to win it. But they said that about


Jimmy White has well. Hossein just sat with his head bent


forward momentarily there, once he realised what Judd Trump had left


him with. He looked like he had had the stuffing knocked out of him in


the chair. Still struggling to work out his


best way forward here. Hand on hip, shaking his head. Lovely story about


how he fell in love with snooker. He's obviously had to do it the hard


way. A very human reaction there! Those


are the kinds of moments that crowds really respond to. Here he goes. Or


maybe not! Well, he is hitting the white fat bottom cushion and down to


the two reds to clear them off the pocket. -- hitting the white down to


the bottom cushion. Not quite sure if you come play-off two cushions,


go past the green and avoid the blue. This hardly any space there at


all. -- there is hardly any space. He's just hitting this way with a


bit of side and hoping for the best. He lay! He could do it. Oh! He


didn't pot the red. But well done full is. I enjoy that. -- but well


done. I enjoyed that. Si waited a minute and a half to take that shot,


and it was worth it. Great response from the crowd as well. -- well, he


waited a minute and a half. Such a knowledgeable audience in Cardiff,


as they were when we were in Newport for this Welsh group. -- for this


Welsh Open. What is he looking at here? It's


normally a pot. Maybe a planned. Plant it is. The cue ball needs to


slow down. It's OK. As usual, Trump gets down here to the black spot as


quickly as possible. Pink is of the spot stop when he struck the red, it


bounced up in the air. At least it went in. He lay! A dandy shot now.


It's not fair. Did you ever try that in a match? I didn't go for pots a


lot. Not a particularly quick match in


these early stages. The 32nd minute here. It could be a long one. Judd


and Alex were tired last night. They didn't get on to the table until


nine o'clock. Almost approaching half past nine by the time they


started their match. A much earlier finish for them tonight. There's


another world-class much still to come on this table. -- world-class


match. So could be a late finish for one or two here at the end of a day


where everybody still in the tournament will have played two


matches. Now Judd Trump is just beginning to find symbolism in this


frame. -- to find some rhythm. Mind you, didn't clear up in the


first frame when he had a few chances to clinch the frame. Looks


like this one is quite straightforward from here. 50 point


in front. 63 now with the blue. And just on frame four. -- frame


ball. There's the little chink of an opening here for passing. -- there's


the little chink of an opening here for her same


a long, long way to come for this match. I've read, 63 behind.


-- five red. He's OK and the black. Obviously, they would like it a


little bit thicker. A good last position. Back to that read that


Trump just missed. I looked at the replay. It didn't really bounce. I


don't know if it had a kick. What he did do was deliberately kill very


fast. I think the last few shots previous to that, he wasn't getting


the normal spin. He was getting to the cue ball for some reason.


If Judd Trump can't get spin on, nobody can! He's got to be careful.


When he missed that round, he was very lucky that it was an easy read,


although she potted it. But, no, they're all available. -- even


though she potted it. That was a poor effort, I'm afraid. You just


try to put the red safe. Left it on. Oh, not a good wobble. Didn't want


to catch of that pocket. But couldn't really get the spin and to


avoid it. -- get the spin on. He's got to get this. Very well done.


A little bit of work to do left in this frame. This would be an


incredible steel if he can finish it off. -- an incredible steal. You can


see the problem that he's been having, that he's been playing on


the outside tables all the way through the tournament. Then you


come on this TV table. It's a lot faster, playing these touch shots.


Just slightly out of position, and it's enough. I think he had a kick


there. He missed that by a long way. He hasn't left anything on. Just


seen that threw off its natural line. Contact between the cue ball


and the red was not clean. I don't think Judd Trump can believe


he did that. A lapse in concentration, Terry? I


don't think he is himself at the moment. You know, the first frame


wasn't great. He had a clear-cut chance here to win the match. Sorry,


the second frame, and go 2-0 up in the match. He's up there with the


very best of clinching at the end of a frame will stop when there, he's


very good out there. -- clinching at the end of a frame. When there's


opportunities there, he's very good. Kanieska of Poland, trying to


replace the cue ball. Exactly where it needs to be. She's got to use the


monitor, which is why they were looking down behind the table.


She is saying to Judd but she believes it's in the right position,


the cue ball. -- that she believes. So that's where it was. With our


benefits of technology. Judd still feels it's not quite


perfectly positioned. So this is what... That was the freeze-frame of


the shot just before Trump shot the cue ball. That's where we are now.


Millimetres in it, but millimetres can be important in this sport. Why


don't you just roll off the side cushion to the road. -- to the red.


He plays a gentle. That's all he's doing anyway.


The referee will replace the cue ball game. It's a bit more


straightforward this time. -- replace the cue ball again. He


doesn't think it's been replaced in the right place. I mean, it is a


good help for the referee. But on the other hand, they've got this


monitor to look at. They don't really need it. They do it for the


right reasons, the players. Got it this time. How many times have we


seen players helping the revelry and being at a disadvantage by telling


them to move it over that way, then they want a different shot? --


helping the referee. Snooker needed for the 22-year-old


Iranians. Relatively quick first frame. This


second one is taking a while. Three quarters of an hour now. By this


time against Jackson Page, the match was all but over. And here we are -


win next to complete the second frame. -- we are yet to complete the


second frame. End hasn't come about through the slow playing. It's just


that neither player is taking their chances. It happens sometimes.


A little awkward. Could have gone wrong. Can he get behind this black?


, You bet! A more difficult shot here. He's


safe, of course. 38 points in front. A 21 four point penalty needed. Oh,


he's left the red. Pupils are well set. -- the balls are really well


set. He's been given another chance. So he can do this. But will his


nerves hold? A little wobble there on its way


down. I can't believe that. He left the


white around the blue line across the table. Even further down. Played


another good snooker. He can only tie at the moment. But Trump is in


more trouble here. Breaking down on frame ball. Break a


56, could potentially prove quite costly for the world number four.


Before that shot, Hossein could only tie in force a respot. And now if he


can clear the colours, he can win the frame.


81st in the world rankings, but he's giving his opponent plenty to think


about here in the early stages of this match. Remember, he made the


quarterfinals in Northern Ireland late last year. So he has got the


experience of getting on a decent run in the big tournaments. He had a


big area to cover. Two brown and green down the line -- blue, brown


and green all down the line. He's potted it. It's not perfectly on the


green. Always miss the ball. He's 25 points in front, though. Six colours


to tie for Hossein. If this goes behind the black, it's


going to be tough. He's got it there! He's played a few good shots


to get snooker here in this room, he's hanging on, but he's still


there. Good hit. Just a matter now of whether he can avoid the pink.


Pot this Green in the centre. You may have noticed the fight was


on a 43 therefore knocking in the green. There was a discrepancy when


the referee called the foul on the pink.


STUDIO: Well, we are going to have to leave it there. Our time is up


here on BBC Wales. We will show you what happens on our highlights


programme later, plus Stuart Bingham's game against Robbie


Williams. We will see if one remaining Welshman, Lee Walker, can


the qualifying. Do join us at 11:15. Goodbye for now.


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