Final: Stuart Bingham v Judd Trump - Part 1 Snooker: Welsh Open

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Final: Stuart Bingham v Judd Trump - Part 1

Ian Hunt introduces the final of the 2017 Welsh Open between Stuart Bingham and Judd Trump from the Motorpoint Arena. The first eight frames are played.

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So many big names going home early, and yet two of the game 's biggest


stars are in the final, here is how they made the final. Had a real


fight in the end to get over the line against Stuart Carrington. A


whitewash over Robert Milkins last night. Judd Trump's victims included


Jackson Page, in a row quarterfinal win over Barry Hawkins, and his


class shone through in the end. Two players desperate to win another


ranking title. This venue has been kind to me over the years, the first


venue I ever qualified foresaw to be in the final is great. This is my


word final this season. Two other semifinals, probably one of the most


consistent of the season so far which is a little bit different for


me, normally I am a bit up and down but this year I have managed to stay


in good condition. I put it down to practice and consistency comes if


you keep practising. Whenever I lose, get back to the practice table


and eventually things pay off. The last thing, winning the World


Championships, it would be nice to get to the finals, but it's the


ultimate thing, to get your hands on another trophy. I have got every


chance tonight. He is a great player, he has improved over the


past five seasons, he has been the model champion and has nothing more


to prove. Did everything he wanted to do in snooker. He is under no


real pressure, go out and enjoy it and take it as it comes. Always


going to get results the style he plays, very attacking when he is on


song he can beat anyone. Can make anyone look stupid as well. How


attacking he plays, INAUDIBLE . It would be great to win this


trophy, it would bring prestige with it. It is still close to home that


it probably is as close to home as I'm going to get, 45 minutes from


home. To win this one would be extra special. You want to do good for the


people around you and your friends and family, to get your hands on the


trophy would be special? At some point this evening one of them get


their hands on the trophy and a cheque for ?70,000. Not bad for a


week 's work. We have only had three of the top 16 left, I was a bit


worried that it might not be a great final but we have two of the top


five. Tough one to call but it could be special. I think it well, Judd


Trump is breaking down a little bit too often at 40 and 50 and will have


to improve on that but I think it will be a close game. This crowded


deserve a good final. We have seen some top snooker from both players


this week. Who has impressed you most, this anyone have the edge?


Judd Trump is scoring better if that makes sense, but has had a


reasonably comfort free route to the final. I think both players deserve


to be really are. Four breaks over 142 already.


Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, after a brilliant week in Cardiff


it's time for the big one, welcome to the final of the Welsh Open, two


of the very best in the sport ready and waiting to go toe to toe, let's


get the boys on the baize. CHEERING APPLAUSE


Please welcome the most exciting player of his generation. Winner of


six ranking event titles, including the UK championship, and this


season's European Masters. With all of his friends and family making the


short journey here from Bristol, this is a massive day for the ace in


the pack, Judd Trump! APPLAUSE


And his opponent, appearing in his second Welsh Open final, his first


ranking title came in Australia 2011 and he hasn't looked back since.


Winner of the world title in spectacular fashion in 2015, he is


here to prove he still belongs at the top, he is the world number two,


he is Stuart Bingham. APPLAUSE


It is the 2017 Welsh Open final. Overdue commentators. -- over to


your commentators. Ready to get started for the first


frame of the Welsh Open 2017. If I had any hell my head I'm sure it


would have stood up. -- hair on my head. Very interesting so far, both


players, both Judd Trump and Stuart Bingham. I've seen Stuart Bingham in


three finals and three semifinals. Judd Trump, his third final of the


year, got into a couple of semifinals. Very interesting in the


head-to-head, five apiece. So I think this packed house in Cardiff


are in for a cracker. How do you see it going, Dominic? Good afternoon,


everybody. Yes, I'm looking forward to this match between these two


macro players. As you say, nothing to choose between them on the


head-to-heads. -- two players. This will be anything but a tight


encounter. I have to agree with Willie come his talk at the top of


the show with Ian Hunter, I can see it being 9-6, either way, really. --


with Willie, his talk. Both players on similar paths to the final.


Stuart Bingham against Robert Wilkins, he started things off with


a nice flick and a total clearance. Judd Trump is just on the same. --


fluke. Stuart Bingham has been put into a snooker early on.


Perfect weight. We started the week with 128 players. A lot of shocks in


the earlier rounds. A lot of top players leaving the event. It is


amazing how many times this happens. Down to the final. Top two in the


world. It is amazing they are top of the rankings. Stuart Bingham was


very clinical in the summer -- semifinal. He had a lot of long


pots. Every time he made them, his opponent was far from the table. He


has missed that one. There must be butterflies. It is impossible not to


have butterflies. To start this, after the way they were received


with the full house, and the music for the walk ons, I think it will


take a moment for the players to settle down and feel at home out


there. If I were to guess we would settle


down quickest, I would hedge my bets on Judd Trump. Nothing more than an


intuitive thought. But he does play with a confident air. He is such a


great potter. But he is a momentum player. When things start flying in


he is impossible to stop. And I don't think we've seen the best of


him here this week. Stuart Bingham in the semifinal yesterday,


definitely the best we have seen from him all week playing. He was


very, very good and clinical. Judd Trump had shown signs, but I don't


think he has put it all together. A couple of his matches, his long game


has been brilliant. His break-building hasn't been quite as


good. In other matches is long potting hasn't been great. He is


always very astute in the safety department. That is something he has


developed over the last three, four years. He has realised you couldn't


pot everything on the table. And you had to develop a second game if he


wanted to compete and win at this level. It is all about the


tournaments they can put on their CV. This is a very positive start


from Judd Trump. That one kept running and running.


The choice of red balls between the two pockets. Bit of a touch on the


pink, so I don't think he can get to them. Fortunately for Judd Trump,


the red went to the right centre which offers the perfect black ball


position. Just the sort of start judge would have been looking for --


Judd would have been looking for. Again, it has gone a little bit


astray for him. He still has this red ball to the right corner. It


will become poor cueing -- it will be ample cueing. The table has


played fast. You think the cue ball will stop at it travels on a couple


more inches -- and it travels. None of these shots are easy. Just


cue ball to either case the red a little bit with a bit more pace, or


just sort of stop two inches shorter. -- kiss the red. I think


you might cannon into the black. He might be able to miss the cannon.


Well, that was a nervous one, and that is all due to losing the cue


ball in that a relatively straightforward position on the


black. He just pulled it wide on the follow-through. I'm surprised he did


not try and play around a couple of cushions onto the blue in the


centre. A couple of easy reds in the black corner. But he might have this


one on pocket. I think he has been fortunate. But the red has covered


the black. I'm sure we will see Stuart Bingham take this round. --


take this one out. That was a crisp pot. That will be a


confidence booster and a settler down. They won't come much better


than that. Could have done with being a little bit straighter on the


red. But what a confident brown. Quite interesting, again, talking


about Judd Trump. He has had 44. He has broken down again. That is what


he has been doing all tournament, bar a couple, and he will have to


score heavier than that in this match. Yes, that's absolutely right,


Darren. He did get punished, breaking down in the 40s in a couple


of his matches. But you would expect somebody with Stuart's pedigree to


maybe punish him more severely and win frames.


Nice, straight position on the red, which should run through for the


black. The rest that has nestled against the pink, it should pot if


done properly. From Stuart's point of view, an obvious interest into a


frame clearance. -- the red that has nestled.


Yes, last night he was very, very clinical in positions like this. He


made very few mistakes. As Dominic said, if that read nearest the pink


is going into the right corner he has got to do nothing. Just keep


tight control of the cue ball. And if it doesn't go, he will play to


move it. As long as he gets up on the red it will go to that corner.


That is what he has played for. That is just about perfect. It looks --


looked like this first frame was going the way of Judd Trump due to


that mishap on the positional side of the shot. It looks like Stuart is


going to pinch this opening frame. A little bit of a kick. A note from


his head. -- nod. Never in doubt, though. Just needed to be a bit


thinner. On his way to win this first frame. He will be feeling a


lot better inside. Good effort. He went for the long pot, obviously,


and gave Judd his chance. He knows that all of these could have been


his. Well, he has missed the pink. I cannot imagine Judd Trump will come


to the table. He doesn't. He stays in his chair. He got a 44, broke


down, Stuart Bingham takes the first frame will -- first frame.


The first blood goes to Stuart Bingham. We said it would be a tough


one to call. Tight opening frame, a game of two halves. Similar to the


pattern all week. He lost from 40 in front a couple of times against


Hawkins. In the first frame here this afternoon, again. I don't know


if you get into a position where he thinks I'm definitely going to win


the frame and he relaxes a little bit. There was something in his mind


around the 50, 60 mark, which is missing. If he plays like that all


afternoon then Stuart Bingham is going to take it. That could


jeopardise his chances. He should have won more titles than he has.


But we love the way he plays. I'm not saying do not change the way you


play, but I'm saying be a bit more careful. When you're in the of


getting to the 40 mark, be a bit more careful in the middle of a


break, you only need to get 20, 30 more. He said that Stuart Bingham


has nothing to prove any more. He won recently. What do you reckon? He


doesn't want to go to his grave only having won one major tournament. The


other tournaments he has won we do not necessarily refer to as majors.


I'm sure Dominic and Darren will have their thoughts on that. Frame


two now with Stuart Bingham leading. The first 29 frames will lift the


beautiful trophy this evening. Early days, of course.


APPLAUSE -- the first to 9 frames. He


probably expects to get those. Kept very still on the shot, which is


very important. Particularly on the long ones. Now, yellow or brown.


First yellow. Just by the black, that red. I do know if it is


blocking the corner pocket. If it is, he should get onto the red as


soon as he can to free up the black ball. It will pot, that black.


Missing the other red ball to the right of the black is masking the


angle slightly. You called it. He has got onto the bed. Straightaway.


-- he has got onto that Red -- he has got onto that red


straightaway. It is a big day for the referee.


They spend all that time travelling around to try and get some major


finals under their belts. I have seen in the past, the referees can


get nervous, they can drop the ball, and the other ones go everywhere.


Not on this one, very steady hands. He sounds a bit like Darth Vader,


doesn't he? You can hear him breathing. He does not live that far


away. He is a Scouser. Living in Southport, Merseyside. Seem quite a


lot on the tour. Very experienced referee. -- he has seen quite a lot


on the tour. Nicely on this black. Two reds open


which you can play on. He will need to decide which shot he will play on


to develop that pack. You feel if he got on that black, in a way, later


on, he will probably play the blue and then this red just to the left


at the top of the pack. I don't think we will see him get into the


pack of reds yet. OK, we will. And I think he is just about OK. It wasn't


a good cluster to go into from the top. As long as he makes his next


pot, no damage done. This red could run into two. It has worked out OK,


because the pink and black are in open play. Judd Trump will be pretty


harsh on himself, I'm sure, if he does not go on to win this frame


from here and level things up. I'm pretty sure, from our comments and


his own observations, that he has broken down many times on 40 and not


gone on to win frames in one scoring visit. He will be wanting to make


amends for that here. Just wiped its feet as it went in.


But he has equalled his break in the first frame, 44, and he isn't


perfect in this position. Had a bit of a kick there. He ported the black


very thick into the pocket. -- potted. Good cueing. Easy pot this


time. Just needed to be on the right-hand side of the blue ball.


And that looks very straight. Slightest of angles. He has got to


be able to get off one or more cushions. He has connected the two


and he could not have played it much better than that. Very well played.


It is amazing how much of an angle you can create when it is almost


straight. You can play it with a trace of stun. No problem for Judd.


He goes to 57. Just a couple of reds and colours required to start this


final off in the perfect way for the spectators, at least. It keeps it


nice and close at one frame all. A little bit of pressure on that for


Judd. It is permissible. But just this red ball required to get his


side of the scoreboard rolling. Would you believe it? I wouldn't.


You just cannot believe it, can you? Game ball. We talked about his


scoring, not putting the frame away in one visit. It looks like he has


overcome all of that in this frame. What a lifeline he has given Stuart


Bingham now. This would be a massive body blow early in this match. It


doesn't matter what standard you are at, until you get that frame on the


board, the longer it goes, the harder it gets. Big miss, that one.


Definitely Judd Trump did not keep his mind on the job. He didn't keep


his mind on the present. Expecting this match to be level at 1-1. He


saw the winning line too quickly. He did not play the shot on its own


merit. Stuart Bingham, as all champions do, recognise these


weaknesses in opponents. And he will know that he can capitalise on that


mistake from Judd Trump. These remaining two reds, one


teapots this one of course, in very awkward positions. -- once teapots


this one of course. I think the red near that side


cushion, has not tried to move it. Does not want to be dead straight,


that looks perfect. This is going to be very tight to


get the rest incomparably. -- in comfortably. If he plays it from


here this really makes the shot more difficult. You can see the head of


the rest rocking on the cushion. He is having to put it so close to the


cue ball for the cue to get to the angle of the red that it is making


it awkward. This is a new one. This is a different way, I cannot imagine


he will play that either. Suddenly from being very straight forward


this has gotten very difficult. I am surprised he cannot stretch over the


side of the table and plate without the rest but I don't think it is as


difficult as it looks. Simple in the end. Lovely angle on the black to


play a semi-punch shot to create the angle. Oh dear, did I hear a mobile


phone? Could not possibly play that any


better and I can assure you Judd Trump will not think he's getting


back to this table in the second frame. And this will be a blow. If


there is every time you think a match could be a closer fair but


isn't, it's because of incidents like this. When a player ought to


win afraid, has no reason not to name from the point of view of Judd


Trump, throws it away by missing very simple red. Just makes it all


the more difficult to win your first frame when you know he should have


won one already. Needs both pink and black to win


frame by single point. Judd Trump caught in the early with a break of


64, looked like winning it comfortable that missed an easy red.


Gave Stuart Bingham this lifeline and he has taken it with both hands.


Wins frame by a single point to take a 2-0 lead.


STUDIO: An impressive clearance, Willie Thorne applauding here in the


studio, in another crisis from Judd Trump in the middle of a frame, not


the 40s this time but the 60s. Breaking off against him you cannot


afford to leave the sort of things, he's the best in the world at this


particular shot, he, that shot, right into the heart of the pocket,


look at the cue ball. We have talked about him breaking down on 40 and


50, this time breaking down on 64, tell me any amateur player in the


world that could miss this red. It's a lack of concentration when he has


got close to the winning post. It's so strange. That is probably the


eighth or ninth time he has missed when he has the frame won. Can he be


filling nervous? A player of his stature? The beauty is we know he


has to play well, if somebody could tell me Stuart Bingham was going to


kill the clay bowl from there I would have given him by gods, the


beauty of what he did was he played every shot pinpoint, he knows now he


has Judd Trump on the rack, that Judd Trump will be doubting himself


and that's the beauty. That the beauty when you are in a big final


like this, you are looking for evidence of flaws in your opponent


to give you extra belief. He saw Judd break down twice on 44 and 64,


both relatively easy shots, that miss will haunt him. Might have


trouble forgetting that for a couple of frames. Trump scratches his head


and wonders what I have to do to stop this happening. I am not sure


he realises himself he has done it so often this week. But people


around him, his management team, family and friends, when he goes


away from this tournament he is going to add to work on that, almost


as if it's the first ball, get past 40 and think you are starting again


rather than thinking I am about to win in the frame. It is unnerving


watching him play like this. COMMENTATOR: Some very good points


made. I am not saying I agree with all of them, but some of them. Put a


top amateur down, any kind of amateur, still a bit different


potting that ball in the club. But what I will say the red and he


missed was unforgivable. Potted a much better pink the shot before.


And the thing I also agree with is that he has done it all week, making


40s and 50s and breaking down. You can see with Stuart Bingham, he has


come in here and is firing on all cylinders. He will be very pleased


with himself. But Judd Trump knows he must cut the unforced errors.


Must cut them out. 2-0 down when he could be 2-0 up.


The part that all we are Judd keeps seemingly breaking down, can


actually work on that. It's more the mental side of the game during


matches. I don't think it would happen on the practice table. It's


the thought process in the mind, maybe thinking too far ahead,


thinking you have won the frame, or should do. Not keeping your mind in


the present. That is why I thought he missed that rather simple red.


Not surprisingly the confidence of Stuart Bingham will have grown from


that. Superb break to steel it by a point. Pretty straight on this blue.


Can play for red into the corner, black available but unfortunately


when it is re-spotted it will be tied up.


He was very straight on the last ball but he is not on that one.


Would love to move that red away from the black spot. If the red goes


to the pocket it's an easy positional shot, but if it does not


it is a bit more tricky. Goes to the left corner. All of a sudden this is


becoming a very good chance again. First thing to get himself and


running. -- for Stuart Binny to get himself up and running. -- for


Stuart Bingham to get himself up and running. Is already sensing he has


got a chance to build himself a lead. Has got his opponent slightly


on the ropes. He has to ponder the mistakes which have cost him the


previous two frames. The longer he's in the cheer the more he is thinking


it. -- the longer he is in the cheer the more he is thinking about it.


Perfectly judged cannon from Stuart. The pot success very good from both


players. 94% from Judd Trump. Breaks of 44 and 64 in the first two


frames. Ordinarily you think he might be 2-0 up. I'm sure Stuart


Bingham will be hoping he can make a frame-winning break from here


because there is no reason to suggest that he cannot. Still free


open reds, take those with blacks and the frame is virtually won. --


still free open Nice to know that the tips that


Stuart uses on his cues, they are an earlier version of another kind of


kept, and I actually sold him that box of tips. I should have been


charging commission. I know a lot of the top players have


gone away from traditional tips. It's getting harder to find a good


one. You go through the box and they have gone to talismans and Phoenix.


A whole bunch of different names products there now. It's because a


lot of the professional players started off in their youth, I found


in a box of 50 you would get eight or ten tips that were consistent.


But they have brought out new ones, which are very expensive but are


very consistent and it enables a lot of the players to stick with their


original brand. APPLAUSE Good red to the left centre. I


imagine Judd Trump will be fully aware, needs at the moment just one


snooker, that if he can get back to the table.


Clever shot, pushing the black onto the top cushion. This has been a


great start for Stuart, not so great for Judd. Still early on in this


match, a long way to go. First to 9. But in the event that Stuart does


win this frame he is a third of the way there.


That was clever as well, moving the red away from the pink. Would have


liked it a bit further away than it is.


Another good long pot. No trouble with Judd Trump's long potting, I


have remarked on it all week. That one hasn't gone in, pushes the cue


ball. It's not going to plan. Muhammad Ali. Golf, tennis,


football. Darts. Darts is pretty up there. Me winning the World


Championships. I remember losing a tennis final. I fulfilled that, last


year. Coventry. Conditions there are always played pretty good. I am into


gadgets and computers, so I think I would be something like that. Lose


yourself by Eminem. If you listen to the words it's from his film eight


mile. I get all goose pimply thinking about it. When, when,


chicken dinner comes to mind. I remember missing my flight when I


won the world amateur in 96. I got the dates wrong, I loved that the


arrival day instead of the take of a. I asked what the weight limit


was, I said I was at home and they said you should be on the flight.


COMMENTATOR: We have all had problems with flights nowadays


especially when so many tournaments are held abroad. But Stuart is very


much like me, loves to play in everything that he can play N. And I


am sure he is like me, loves travelling. It is tough for a lot of


the players these days, away from their families. For a significant


part of the year. Also loves modern technology so is able to keep in


touch with his family whilst abroad. Yes, little one arrived for him a


couple of months ago. He has played a lot of snooker over the last four


or five weeks which is not given him much home life. I think now in the


modern game when you get on a run you have to make the most of it.


It'll be interesting, in his last two matches Stuart Bingham has gone


into a 4-0 lead before the interval. This frame would make it three in a


row. But I am sure Judd Trump will have something to say about it. But


again, another great long pot. Absolutely. Does not seem to have


lost too much confidence. As a result of losing the first three


frames. Has been in first in at least two of them. Now this. Force


the brown into the centre pocket. That's a wonderful shot. It is, only


a couple of players in the game would attempt to play that and he's


one of them. Absolutely unbelievable pot.


You feel he needs to win a frame with a big break. Total clearance of


some sort. Just to settle himself down and reaffirm that he is still


scoring and he can score and win a frame in one visit.


Yes, needs top-quality cue control really so he does not have any issue


with positional play. The referee will just need to check the spot of


the pink. Those already it is occupied so will replace it on a


direct line between its own spot and the top cushion. Must not touch any


of the reds. Yet be as close as possible without touching.


He's asking for the long tackle. Mr red not too dissimilar to this on


the first frame. The black last summer.


Back on the blue. You just feel he's going to try to go into this pack of


reds, has that red, that is a great angle. Hold onto your hats, these


could go everywhere. Needs the red to slow down. What happens when


things are going wrong, really unlucky. Really unlucky.


I was looking for any potential plants in that pack of reds. But


that red that went into the left-hand corner, I don't think you


could have forecast that going in. It is the 9-ball pull element of


snooker, crash into the pack to develop them but you never quite


know where they are going to finish. Very important frame for Judd Trump


to win, this. Could never have forecast either playing taking a 4-0


interval lead. But you certainly can now.


Obviously a long way to go in this frame but if Stuart was to make it


4-0 I think Judd Trump will be gratefully interval has come. Will


have 15-20 minutes to gather his thoughts. It's amazing how many


times after the interval matches change, stops the momentum. The look


of That's exactly what Judd Trump


needs, a reprieve from Stuart Bingham. Has not missed much in


these first four frames. Did just overscrew position lately for it.


And Judd Trump has missed that one. Got down and played that very


quickly. Why he has gone up for the blue and played it at that pace, I


don't know. I was just about to say Stuart Bingham had a wry smile going


back to his chair as if he had missed a trick, certainly would not


have thought he was coming back to the table so soon.


Probably just checking to see if the pink spot is available here because


if it is not it will go on the black spot and he needs to make sure he


leaves the cue ball well clear of it so he does not snooker his next red.


I would say the pink spot is just occupied.


Just have to be a little bit careful, he will play to move the


reds, probably to the left of the cluster. Is that a plant? Looks like


it. You can see two of them not quite on, this one seems to be the


favourite out of the two. APPLAUSE This becomes a frame-winning chance.


For all intents and purposes it looks like Judd Trump had a chance


to get back into this frame and to cut the deficit down. But the way


Stuart Bingham has been playing, the form he showed us in the opening


three, cannot imagine he'll make any mistakes with this effort. Worrying


times for Judd Trump's fans who have come here to cheer him on.


Yes, although the black is out of commission, the reds and the pink


would mean that Stuart Bingham will be comfortable. He will not need the


tricky red ball on the right-hand cushion. Cannot avoid getting a


cannon onto the other reds before potting this. He won't want to knock


one of those rates onto the cushion, either. He actually looked at the


plant. -- those reds. He looks like he will have to play the red onto


the other red. Big risk, but the plant looks easy. I think he played


the right shot. He couldn't guarantee the position. That has


helped Judd Trump with the red coming across to the blue. But he


will have to get a good pot of this -- off this.


APPLAUSE He just isn't missing anything at


the moment. How straight to the pocket. Beautiful cueing.


He must be full of confidence, Stuart Bingham. He has missed


preciousness -- precious little in these first few frames. Judd Trump


should have won two of these first four friend this afternoon.


Purposely levered himself on the red because it will go past the blue. --


four frames. Would you believe it, 4-0 interval lead for Stuart


Bingham? Well, any colour will do. 35 ahead, 35 still remain. Let's run


you through some of the breaks we've already seen this afternoon. Breaks


of 65, 69 and 74 for Stuart Bingham. It has been a very, very high-class


opening four frames from a break point of view. Haven't seen much


safety. Turning the screw on him further. But Judd Trump is still in


this fourth frame. APPLAUSE


The difficulty, of course, for Judd Trump, he could tie. That would mean


he would need the black off this final red ball. And it isn't in a


great position. Although, Stuart Bingham has rather helped his cause.


Well, he tried to co-opt the red in. Steve


He has judged it perfectly. That is most certainly will be the fourth


frame -- that most certainly will be the fourth frame for Stuart Bingham.


I don't see Judd Trump coming back to the table in this fourth frame.


It has been a great performance so far this afternoon from Stuart


Bingham. Judd Trump will certainly go into the interval thinking he


should be at least 2-2. It has been down to him. Stuart's going to be


4-0 ahead. 4-0 it will be. Both of the players will leave the arena to


take their mid-session cup of tea. A great afternoon so far for Stuart


Bingham. He leads Judd Trump 4-0 in the Coral Welsh Open 2017. A very


happy Stuart Bingham making his way out for the interval. Judd Trump


with a lot of thinking to do. 4-0 down in the final of the Welsh Open.


What hope is there for him? Nightmare scenario. We never saw it


coming. He should have been 2-0 in front. He has to realise that Stuart


Bingham cannot win in this session. He has got to make it respectable.


6-2 is almost, you know, back in the game, but he needs to tighten up a


little bit. He is potting beautifully. His long game is better


than Stuart 's. He had a 6-0 win in his previous match. The key thing is


he is starting the match so well. His last four matches, he has been


4-0 ahead at the interval. Incredible momentum, 11 frames. And


you are playing against the best players in the world arena. Against


Judd Trump, taking the opening four he will be buzzing. What will be


going through Trump 's mind? He won't be doubting himself. Saying


that, I am sure he will come back and have a knock for ten minutes.


Dominated the first two frames and lost them both. That is what hurts.


If a player knocks a long red you don't worry about it, but when you


lose the games he has lost there you start to worry and think, I should


have won that and this. Just put it better than Stuart and he is 4-0


behind. -- potted. He is putting them in. Under pressure, the tricky


ones he is getting them in. Absolutely. Stuart must be floating


on air. He has got one foot into winning this championship. He was a


finalist in a few years ago. Stuart Bingham looking to get his hands on


the trophy and he is looking in good shape as it is. Talking about Trump


and the flaws in his game. Interesting to hear what he has to


say about where his game is at the moment. Before this final he sat


down for a chat with Rob Walker. What a great week this has turned


out to be. You have had a spring in your step around the Motorpoint


Arena over the last six days. It's always been an enjoyable tournament.


It's nice to be back on home ground. It is close to my friends and


family. I always enjoy coming here. Don't always play my best snooker.


But I feel comfortable here. I feel at home. I like being around


Cardiff. There is a lot to do here, we are close to everything, it is


just a tournament I've always enjoyed. How important is it, when


you get to the top of your game as you are now, that you are enjoying


the local environment where a tournament is taking place? Does it


make a difference? Over the past one or two seasons, I've stopped going


to tournaments that I don't really enjoy so much. I used to play every


event. Even if I did not enjoy myself when I was there. Whereas


now, I've skipped a few tournaments. There are lots of snooker fans here.


Apart from Sheffield, there is probably more, I am being recognised


and people enjoy their snigger. From day one the crowds have been


exceptional here. It is just an exceptional place to play snooker.


-- enjoy their snooker. Does it still matter to you that you want to


put on a show? Yes. It is important for me to help snooker along the


way. Snooker has gone three transitional period, I think. --


gone through. You see some games that track. Some players just want


to win so badly. They forget that you need some entertainment for it


to drive and move forward. -- some games that drag. The character I


want to be is the player that plays a bit of both, kind of gets on with


it because that is how I enjoy it, and, I think, for me, if I was


having to play slower then I would probably give up. Because it and


enjoy it. I enjoy clearing frames up in five, six minutes, and smashing


the ball is at the end of the frames will stop you have developed as a


player. -- at the end of the frames. You have immaturity to your game.


You have developed a mental strength. Maybe when you started it


possibly wasn't there. A lot of aspects to my game are better than


they used to be. I feel I've improved over the last couple of


seasons. I've given it my best shot. Especially this season, practice


wise, I have knuckled down and given it my all. In snooker labels stick


throughout your career. Maybe that will stick with me, being a long


potter, hitting the ball too hard, those things stick around. But for


anybody who knows the game I think they can see the improvement I have


put in. When you look at the list of all-time greats. The fact you are a


six time ranking event winner. There are not many ahead of you. Is it


important to you that you are working your way up the list of


all-time greats, the more of these events you can win? All of the


records are important. I look at the ranking events. The sentry breaks.


And even 147s. Stuff like that means a lot because if you want to be


remembered as a great you need to be up there as competing in those


things. -- the centrury breaks. Centrury Breaks, I am getting up


there with Ronnie O'Sullivan. I'm not that far away if I can keep


plugging on and doing what I am doing. It will soon come around. At


27, do you feel as though you are approaching the best years of your


career? I definitely think so. When I turned professional. You look at


Stephen Hendrie, you think your primers around 26, 27, but that


isn't the case these days. -- of your prime is. We've seen people


like Mark Selby peak around 34. It gives you hope to see players doing


well in their 40s. It has gone from being a 15 year career to a sort of


25 year career for me. I have a lot of time on my hands to keep


improving. From now, being 27 to maybe 33, 34, over the next six,


seven years, this is when I think I should be winning a tournament every


season, and try to get to more ranking events by the time I turned


34. Interesting interview with Judd


Trump. And as you predicted, he is having a practice in the interval. I


like that interview. Three things that stood out. He isn't playing in


every tournament. He is getting himself ready for the big events.


Second, he is making it entertaining. Making sure he has


high up on the maximums and the centrury breaks. He said if he only


wins two a year for the next ten years he would be up there with


about 20, 30. He wants to be one of the all-time greats. I think he will


be. The starts can happen when you are outplayed in the first opening


three frames. Do you agree with what he says, from your experience, that


at the age of 27 you have not reached your peak in the modern


game? I don't think he has reached its peak yet. Once he gets his mind


right, not to lose silly frames, maybe go for the extra one, he has


an unbelievable player to watch. I looked at him and Jimmy White in the


same aspect. Jimmy White has won 30 tournaments, whatever it is, and I'm


sure he will get there. People you have never heard of making high


breaks. The conditions are so much better than they were in the olden


days. The platform now, the amount of tournaments. If you are playing


well you will win. But there are so many people who can beat you. The


tournament now is tough. Best of sevens. You will get strange


results. Had this been a best-of-7, best of nine event, Judd Trump would


not have had a chance. He just needs to win the next session. Get a


couple of drawers. He will be back in the game. To be considered one of


the all-time greats you have to win a World Championship, what does he


need to do to do that? Given the breakdowns this week. I think he


needs to sort out the difference between an exhibition player and a


match player. At his best he is wonderful. When you are not playing


at your best you need to get something. I'm not sure he has that.


He can certainly beat most players with his league game. He is an


amazing break-builder, and a crowd pleaser, and I like the fact he


wants to get the public to get the enjoyment out of the game. --


certainly beat most players with his B game. Stuart Bingham has also been


chatting to Rob. Your career has been fascinating and


inspirational. Unlike some players were success fell on them at the age


of 19, 21, you have really had to work for this and it has taken a


long time, but I guess that is what has made it more satisfying getting


towards the top. Definitely. When you turn pro, in 1995, you thought


you were the business. You went and you saw the likes of Matthew Stevens


and Paul Hunter and a load of others, then you realise that you


are not that good. You are not that special. It took a while. I won a


lot of programmes. I won the world amateur, English amateur, world


amateur, things like that, and then obviously a couple of Masters


qualifiers, back to back. I suppose I should have pushed on there. It


took me a few more years. I suppose I've always had that game. I've


always had that believe I could do something eventually. And, yeah,


obviously it has been a bit of a roller-coaster since late 2011. Or


is there a stage when you thought the titles and the great moments


would actually dilute you forever, and you wouldn't quite make the step


up? -- elude. You see it at the top of the game. You see the likes of


Steve Davies, Hendry, Williams, all winning tournaments and you think


you've got to beat maybe a few of them to have any chance of winning.


It was really difficult. Obviously a few of them retired. They're


obviously more tournaments. I have definitely benefited from that. --


bear bar. It is not about building too much


pressure on one tournament. Because it seemed like every six weeks there


was a tournament. Now, if you get beat in one tournament you need to


get back to it because there was one next week. It has suited me and a


lot of people on tour. Did it simply click into place. You realised you


were a winner after you got across the line in Australia in 2011. I


think a lot of players, including myself, you always think you are


good enough until the door opens, until you have that winning ball to


lift that trophy, you have always got that, maybe, self-doubt, as


well. Until the door opens. It took me a year after that to accept that


I was a ranking event winner. And learn of the stuff that goes on.


But, yeah, since then, I won three, four tournaments, and it has been a


great life since then. We must all about your crowning moment so far,


winning the worlds, are you hungrier than you might have been to win a


big one having done the worlds two years ago? Of course. I suppose I am


as hungry as anybody else. It is really weird, because, say, last


week, at the Grand Prix, I felt really sorry for myself. I gave


myself a stiff talking to. I talked to my wife, my manager, we all sat


down and had a chat. Something clicked inside me to put the hours


in and... I have had a chat with Alan Taylor, as well, he said a


couple of things. It just, sort of, to say something has clicked, I've


come here, I didn't know what could have happened in my first match


against Matthew, obviously. But I settle down straightaway. I made 100


in that first frame of that first match. And I've gone from strength


to strength. A really modest, down to earth guy.


Where do you think he is compared to where he was when he won the World


Championship in 2011? He played very poorly in the Grand Prix. The


celebrated every shot. Bereft of confidence. -- he decelerated. He


wants to pick his tournaments, the ones who likes to go-to, Judd Trump.


Stuart Bingham says it helps him to know there is another tournament


next week. When he first turned pro, once you had a bad loss you now have


six weeks to get ready for the next one. You lose interest for a little


bit. But Stuart likes to practice and loves to play. He hasn't done


the work on the practice table. And after he had a bad result in the


Grand Prix he went back to the practice table, spoke to Alan Taylor


and his manager, who is a lovely fella, and he realised he had to put


more work in. Juggling the demands of snooker with the demands of being


a new dad, as well. Absolutely. I think he is getting some rest on the


circuit. Five frames away from getting his hands on the Welsh Open,


how do you see it, 4-0, what a lead? If he could win all four, I don't


think it would happen, but I think it is essential to win one of the


remaining four to go into the lead into tonight's session. He would


like to win it 3-1 but that won't necessarily happen. Judd Trump has


to come out and do something. He needs to win at least three to have


a chance. It needs to be a big, solid start for Judd Trump, but it


is a very healthy lead for Stuart Bingham in the 2017 Welsh Open final


here on BBC Two Wales. It is time to take you back to the arena for the


second session and we join Rob Walker -- rejoin.


Please welcome your players back into the arena, Judd Trump and


Stuart Bingham. Terry Griffiths now alongside Darren


Morgan in the commentary box for this second session...


COMMENTATOR: Judd Trump breaking off in this fifth frame. He isn't


desperate at the moment. But another few frames, if he loses them, he


will be. He has played OK, but he has just missed the odd few shots.


This is the best I've seen Stuart Bingham play for quite a while. Very


high standard. Very, very important now for Judd


Trump to get onto the board early in the second mini-session. I said


earlier in the first couple of frames, it does not matter how good


you are, until you get a frame on the board you are never quite


settled. The longer it takes the harder it gets. Stuart Bingham would


have been quite saddened that the interval came along when it did


because he played beautiful snooker before that. What a terrific red


that was. Full of confidence now. Yes, he is stroking it at the


moment. Obviously quite confident. It only just went in in the middle


of the pocket. Normally very strong on that, Judd


Trump. He has not missed a lot right the way through this tournament. All


he would need right now would be for his long game to leave him. It


wasn't easy. The pocket on these match tables are very tight. That is


the pot success. Not too shabby. The long pot success is very good for


Stuart Bingham on 83%. And it is not bad for Judd Trump, either. But I


would have thought Judd Trump's statistic would have been higher


than that. Obviously the way the statistics are compiled, it has


showed up like that. I think it goes on the number of wrong pots. It


gives a good clue of what is happening out there.


APPLAUSE Got better. -- that is better. As


usual, when you get a good snooker like that, the red is set. And it


looks like he could come off two cushions. Go slowly. You've got to


judge the angle right and the pace. He might be looking for a plant


here. I think he is. It looks as if the first red he is playing might


not get past the second red. To get to the angle to pot the second one


is a big ask. Yes, looking very close. Bit of desperation there. No


need to. He will just have to bide his time, try and make an easier


opening for himself. Easier said than done at the moment.


Obviously played ten times throughout their careers. Five


apiece. Stuart Bingham won their last encounter, 2016, the world


Grand Prix. The last time Judd Trump beat Stuart was 2015 at the Shanghai


Masters. And at the moment it is all Stuart Bingham.


He has been getting on the blue perfectly earlier on in the first


four frames. Bit short of pace. He's got the green by putting too much


spin on the cue ball and he's left himself a tough long one. If he does


not he will probably leave Judd Trump and in. So just that bit more


of difficulty on the shot. Not technically, but mentally.


Certainly could have left something easier than that for Judd Trump. Has


not potted a ball for 20 minutes, Judd. I thought I would never say


that. One good positional shot on the


yellow back to the reds and he's back into it.


Still not straight forward. Awkward cueing. Making sure he doesn't touch


the green. Again he is the wrong side of the blue.


Might just see a little role through. Again he's going to be, I'm


not good to say hampered, but the green on the side cushion, well,


he's a long way away from it, so he's OK this time. Just about OK.


Always imperative to get the right side of the blue, makes life a lot


easier. Has just enough angle to work with.


You know we just get the feeling if he had been able to play that shot


it would have dropped in. The game comes up and batters you. Had to put


a lot on site. Dunn to do try to change the angle and it was so


close. -- had to put a lot on the side of it to try and change the


angle. I don't think he played for this aside, he played for the other


side. First time he's been a little bit unsettled. Mr good chance the


previous visit. Cannot play perfect snooker all the time however.


If you would have cannoned the other red on the way up would probably


still have something in the middle. Giving this a bit of thought.


The way the players minds work is the obviously, the use, a lot of


players use imagery to see the shot. As they go down to the shot it's a


natural thing they do. Also they see imagery of where the fight will go


for the next ball, the positional play. -- where the white will go.


That's Joy on the spin know that if they don't get prime position they


have to reset the mind and see a different shot and that in itself


makes admissible. You cannot help feeling Judd Trump


really needs to make the most of this.


Went through a little period which was very uncomfortable. Don't we


all? Just crept into the lead in this


fifth frame. Still a lot to do to win the frame. That's the thing with


Judd Trump, looks like he is out of sorts, all he needs is a spark of


brilliance. Then everything come straight back to him. Very much a


momentum player. Looked as if he was getting up


there. That there, he played the ball and


then got up. He hit that nicely. We are seeing more balls missed by both


players in this frame than the first four.


Judd Trump making mistakes in the first frame and no Stuart is missing


a few as well. Happened against Stuart Carrington as well. When you


are out there and 4-0 in front, sometimes, especially if you have


lost from well in front before which I am sure these players have, you


start to think about it. Is he going to come back at me? Instead of just


letting it flow like Stuart Bingham did in the first four frames. Maybe


going behind the green here. Keep the Browning play.


I think at the moment that is summing up the day of Judd Trump. A


great hit to get out of that snooker. If the red had missed the


blue you feel you would have got away with this. But as it is Stuart


Bingham now has a chance to get right back in this fifth frame.


Going to be a lot of work, green to brown and then brown to blue. A lot


of table to be covered. He has quit on the yellow, come straight across


it. Positive signs for Judd Trump. Stuart Bingham has missed more balls


in this frame than he has the previous four. The only thing I can


think of is that he is trying to pinch an angle into the pocket. So a


lot of play left in this fifth frame.


Looks like the yellow has gone just a bit too far past the centre


pocket. Can see why he played it but about unfortunate for it to come


back on. 18 points behind. From where he is he's going to have


to hit this with a lot of pace. That was the problem, not easy. Think


he's been a bit fortunate. That's what happens when you are playing


well. It's been a funny sort of games so far. Good to see.


It does bounce about more than normal. Did not go in the pocket.


Hit that a little bit too hard but had to try to get the green onto the


cushion rather than where it is now. Good chance for Stuart.


Unbelievable relief. Stuart Bingham 4-0 up. He's looked quite edgy in


this frame. It's amazing the part played by that 15 minute interval


for both players. Very well struck green by Judd, nicely on the brown.


This to get his first frame on the board.


The crowd are recognising he is 23 points in front, just 18 left and


the blue is on and they don't want a one-sided final I am sure, the crowd


here today. Concession from the Stuart Bingham


and Judd Trump gets his first frame. Let's see what happens now.


I did some maths of my own, 73 minutes into the final and Judd


Trump finally has something to feel happy about because he has a frame


on the board, he is under way. Amazing how the interval can alter a


match, if there had been no interval you could have seen Stuart Bingham


winning the session 8-0. But Judd Trump as realised he had to change


his game to get back into the match. Stuart Bingham will be thinking just


win two of the next four. Different mindset, 15 minutes of thinking,


that first frame after the interval was so scrappy. Judd Trump went for


a couple and missed them. Stuart Bingham missed the worst shot in the


match. He will just be wanting to take a lead into the final session.


The first time we have seen Stuart Bingham wobble, you used the word


reckless at one point for one shot. When you are a 4-0 behind you cannot


afford to take Gorecka -- to take a reckless pot. I think


they're the Judd Trump has got a foothold in the match we could see a


different player, he could win this session 3-1 to be only 5-3 behind


going into the evening session. COMMENTATOR: I think that would be


the perfect scenario for Judd Trump. Obviously he would like to win all


three and go into the night session all square but it's a long way to


go. But he does have one frame on the board. He will be feeling a lot


better. Looked like that frame was getting away from him as well.


He would have liked to have made that, keep his momentum going. Such


a good long potter. Four out of seven so far in this match which


isn't bad. But it seems every time he misses one he gives Stuart


Bingham the chance. That was a chance. Stuart has lost his way


somehow, I don't know why. Both of these players can run away with


frames with big breaks in short spaces of time. But it's hard to


believe what playing right now. When you look at how he played in the


first four. Rack yes, very similar traits to his quarterfinal as we


have already talked about. Against Stuart Carrington. It is up to Judd


Trump no really. Needs to make these chances count and keep Stuart


Bingham in his seat for as long as possible. Try to get as many


negative thoughts whilst Stuart is sitting in his seat, you can


guarantee he will be thinking about the last frame and a bit. Looks deep


in thought there. There is no doubt he has dropped and


his form, Stuart Bingham, and that is helping Judd Trump. Has a feeling


that Stuart will not knock in a big break every time he goes up, that


gives you more comfort and you start knocking in more balls and bigger


breaks. He is a momentum player, Judd Trump.


Once he starts potting long balls and getting in and splitting the


pack, he's very hard to stop. Played for the red to the right of


the black. There are a couple of loose reds, but the angle on the


black, he might go into the cluster of reds. Play this with a lot of


force. Played a clever shot. Played the stun run-through. The reds have


gone very nice. This is probably the best chance he has had in a frame.


In quite a while. Certainly since the first or second frame. Had a


couple of breaks in the first, 44 and then 64 in the second but lost


both frames. But hasn't seen much since then.


Very impressive when he is in full flow, does not take long, plays the


aggressive shots. Goes back to his seat, looks exactly


the same as if he has just done a 100 break. Which is very good, like


to see those things. Is he going to win the frame with


this effort? Keys around about the place he has been breaking down all


week. Again, the wrong side of the blue, will leave himself a lot


further away than he will have liked. He is on 55, the blue will be


60. This is the kind of territory he has been all week and faltered. Do


feel that if this red goes in, it could be the end of this frame. I


think he has forgotten he is left-handed and has left himself


awkward cueing. APPLAUSE


That went in through the back door. But nicely on black.


Having a nice look to see if it slides past the little cluster.


Touching ball, sometimes it looks like it will go and it just pushes


it one way. This red would make certain in this frame. The other red


does not gore, closest to the cue ball. Might be value in having a go


at this red into the right corner. He is going to play safe, taking no


chances. You cannot blame him. APPLAUSE


Yes, if that red next to the one that was touching was back a little


bit I think it would have gone but it was the opposite way.


Have to see the wheels are coming off a little bit for Stuart Bingham.


I am sure a lot of people here today might not be able to understand why


he was so good in the early part of this match and is now missing so


much. But the interval as usual can turn things around and it certainly


has here. Again, very well struck. It was all


plain sailing 30 minutes ago. Leading 4-0. 30 minutes later for -


two, game back on. -- 4-2. Two frames left in the session. I think


Judd Trump will be pleased if he takes both but so long as he takes


one of them he is still in contention for the night session.


Looked for all intents and purposes that it was going to be totally


one-sided, this match. If it had continued in the sea whereas the


previous. Exhibition time. That's what the


crowd loves to see. When he wins a frame, he plays a lot of exhibition


shots on the colours, I am sure will see one on the brown. He has let me


down there. He has let me down big style. Had the perfect opportunity


to give us an exhibition shots. He is getting boring, folks.


OK... OK... So he's not getting boring! Now we will see an excellent


shot at the black committee still has a wry smile, a different class.


Come on, find the pocket somewhere. No pockets. But he's not going to be


too worried. 58 and 68. He takes another frame. That's his deficit.


He now trails 4-2. Well, we didn't want it to be boring, and it is


anything but that, this final in Cardiff. Let's have a look at the


provisional world rankings. This is how it will stand after this


tournament's concluded. Whatever happens here in the final, Judd


Trump is going to move up one place to fourth, Stuart Bingham will stay


second, sorry, Trump up to second from fourth, Bingham will stay


second. The leading Welshman hanging onto his place in the world top 16


ahead of the World Championships of course in April. He is only ?16,000


ahead in terms of prize money. He has a bit to do to hang onto his


place. The interesting thing is that the top 16 qualify for the world,


the rest have to go through three qualifying rounds commit huge


difference. Massive difference, up until last year they just had to


play the one game, which was great. But now people outside the top 16


have to play six matches. But people like the Maguires of this world,


that is huge, it you know, it is such a bonus being the top 16. It


used to be a bonus to be 17 and 32 because UN had the one match, a


massive difference now. Absolutely. Trump back on it having won the two


frames. Last year we saw a big comeback from one years old and he


was 5-2 down and won seven frames -- from Ronnie O'Sullivan. And am now,


why is he playing so well, and after 15 minutes... I go back to the point


I made at our last time in the studio. Bingham had 15 minutes to


make sure that you take a lead into the final. He leads great, but I


would expect it to be at least 6-2, now it is for- two. You will be


thinking, don't let this 4-0 lead disappear. You have so many negative


thoughts, the hardest thing is to get a positive thought when things


are going bad. Things are going bad at the minute, but you have to


remain positive. He looks thoughtful, Stuart Bingham, not too


perturbed. Trump looking happier than he was, no surprise, he has


just won in a row. Bingham is for- two up, very intriguing -- he has


just won two in a row. The excitement. Everything was


required. We aren't long way from that yet. -- we are a long way. It


did look earlier on like it would be an early finish to light. --


tonight. Well done to him. He has missed a few red floral by Tara, --


if you reads that are a lot easier than that.


Well, he's left himself a bit to do on this red, but the good part of it


is that it splits the reds out. Look, he's running through. Really


nicely. If it looks very easy now, but I tell you, when you're out


there, it can get thicker or thinner, and he looked a bit of a


mug down the side cushion, on back division. -- you look. It is a part


of the game I think a lot of the audience enjoyed watch, the movement


of the cue ball, how they get it there, peas they get it there with.


-- fees. Well, this crowd, I'm sure they are


enjoying this. Especially now Judd Trump has started making a bit of a


comeback. Nobody wants to see it one-sided. He has got right back


into this match. Still, Bingham has got a couple of options here. He can


play for the most red down towards the blue, and play it back into


them. Played for the loose red, the blue. Might even be a red just below


the pink that goes into the corner. If it does, that will open things up


a little bit. And that's very tight birth. He'd have to be on the other


side playing that red to get to the potting angle. He just lost addition


a little bit. This pot is not quite as straightforward as it should be.


That is very nicely played. It is the type of shock that can go wrong,


as you get the prime position. -- the type of shot.


He needed to keep this going, because you feel now that if he


misses, it gives Judd Trump a chance, and he may well take it,


which she wasn't doing earlier on. Well, for a minute I thought the red


was going to cover the pocket on the left there, but he's OK. See, he


didn't play that with too much pace, mainly because he knew it would


split at that pace. Also he didn't want to lock the pink and black,


although the pink has gone safe, the black is still available. As usual


with these top pros, that is where they like to play and make their


breaks. He looked as if he thought he had a


big bounce there. Caught the cushion. The red is still relatively


easy. Having the cue ball cleaned as well because he wants to drop the


red in. Didn't look like it had come of the


big bounce. It was looking a little bit down the right-hand side and


there. Obviously took the tube all on a closer line to this thread. --


this red. No trouble at all. Mostly on the


black. He is just a couple of shots away


now from making sure of this seventh frame. And re-establishing himself


in this match. Obviously they've had anxious moments the last couple of


frames, he's had chances and failed to convert them. This was all from a


superb long red right at the start. And he's found his form again, it is


not as easy as it seems with Judd Trump in his chair staring you out.


And knowing that you have his better form, should I say, if you give him


a chance now ban earlier. He has played these well. A bit of


class in this. And with the first red, the long red into the left


corner, it is the corner here that he was playing. It wasn't that he


popped it on the black, it was the way he struck the ball, it was


perfect. That in itself can lift you, just one shot, believe it or


not. He is playing for the gap there,


that Tourette's. -- the two reds. He is certainly back in scoring


mode. You see, this is the problem with the cushions when they bounce.


You can see what happened earlier on, I thought it did, off the black,


you don't want to hit it too hard in case it bounces, it could go past


the booming. Of course, it didn't have a bounce off the same cushion.


So will pass the blue. Look at that cue ball coming down.


So fast. Judd Trump's better pace is very important on these fast cloths.


Oh, well! A little bit disappointed, but not really. He needed that. He


is back now. Three frames in front at 5-2.


Yes, he will be feeling a lot happier. He missed a couple of


frames. A couple of balls in the last couple of frames. Right at the


start of this frame, Judd Trump was making his comeback, left Stuart


Bingham a long red. I've got to be fair, at one stage I didn't think he


was going to play this red. He just hasn't made a great pot, the way


that he struck the cue ball. It is absolutely as good as he could have


hit it, to get so close to the black, it was just played to


absolute perfection. And we all know he has come through there with a win


on the frame. Stuart Bingham sat down for a while, had a think about


it, and decided he would have a break after all. I guess when your


nerves are starting to jangle and you've lost two frames to your


opponent in the final, that is exactly what you need to come out


and do. He alluded to how big a pot that was. Stuart's frame of mind


started to change from 4-0 to 4-2. He couldn't have struck the first


one better than he did, perfect, deserved to win the frame from


there. Stuart will settle again. He won't have settled if he lost that


one, but now he can go all out and try and take a 6-2 lead. How do you


look at this game generally? Would talk about the contrasting styles


between these two players, how do you think this final is panning out


competitor recent years Kwizera it's all about fractions. Judd Trump


should have won. He got back into the match with winning the first two


frames. Top class snooker is about fractions, the mindset of both


players, Bingham's mindset was great, Judd Trump's wasn't very good


in the first half. It changed a little bit, now Bingham has made


that break and he is feeling more confident. It is all about


fractions. Whoever takes it is going to be a lead going into the not so


much class session. Last frame of the last session. -- it is a lead


going into the last session. Let's rejoin it with being back-up table,


feeling better I would imagine at 5-2 up.


COMMENTATOR: So, here we go. You feel it is a bigger frame for


Judd Trump than it is. But being, whatever happens. Stuart is going to


have a minimum of a two frame lead going into tonight's final session.


I do feel for. Judd Trump -- I do feel that for Judd Trump to have any


chance in this match, this is a must win frame. Again, just walloped.


Trademark all-important. He has lost the cue ball. What a red that was.


Buying! You could have played a dead weight


up to the arrows. That is a more difficult shot probably. What I


contrasting two shots. Normally, Stuart Bingham would be


looking here to off a few cushions and come to the side of the pack. As


it turns out, the way the reds are set, there is quite a number of reds


you could leave on. That is why he is taking a bit more time than


normal. He is not touching the arrow, so he can get to the side


cushion. You see the one he has placed his


Huw on, if he comes in the other side, he is leaving a red in the


centre, if not the two by the black. Judd Trump may turn out to give him


another good chance. Well, that was a new one. Not too


bad. He has left this red into the left centre, the cue ball is very


close to the red. He tried to play that perfectly, this red.


Well, how great a part Judd Trump is, knowing it had to be smack on.


In all kinds of trouble. You'd think Stuart Bingham would be


quite relieved that it only cost him three points, his miscalculation.


Judd Trump just lost the cue ball with his positional shot.


Well, he didn't play this. He played a very thin cut to go back up the


table. I'm sure if you can pot one of those


reds right at the pack, it doesn't look to go.


Both these players like to open the reds up that the safety play, they


like the open game and the building, you know, one fighting against the


other to open the balls and getting amongst them. The game has changed


since the 70s and 80s. Mainly when Stephen Hendry came along, it


changed the way the game was played. He was winning so much, going for


many shots, playing safety shots. It changed other people's way of


playing as well. People watching him on television, he was so successful.


What a chance this is now. Some would have played the safety, he


tried to rate and the reds, he undercut the cue ball.


The distance red, and the balls now are really open. The difficult thing


is that the black is tied up, and the pink looks like it is going to


be tied up. Checking to see where he is going to put it. It doesn't have


its own spot. On a couple of other occasions this afternoon, he has had


to put it has close to the original spot, a couple of reds. So you


wouldn't say at the moment this is a great scoring opportunity. Pink and


black or a little bit tied up, so he's going to have to concentrate on


the blue. Until he develops. The main thing is, he is at the


table. Nice, that, isn't it, the referee


says thank you for waiting, you know. Well, I like to see things


like that out there, you know. You don't see it in many sports, do you?


The referee thanks the player. Colin Humphreys, the referee, one of


the very good experienced coaches on the circuit. And of course, it's


nice to see these referees getting finals of ranking events. You see


different referees these days in most finals.


I'm not quite sure what he is doing here. He may be dribbling the pink


out, I'm not sure. You never know with Trump. He didn't get past that


red. He needs to slow down. Well, it's portable, the yellow. --


it is pocketable. He would have liked to have a slightly thicker pot


with more spin on. Of course, he can put all of his focus into the


positional side of the shot. He should get it, "Get. -- open pocket.


It's getting harder and harder for Judd Trump to keep hold of this cue


ball. I said it wasn't a great scoring opportunity, he has to


concentrate on the blue. And obviously he has had to go down to


the covers a couple of times when pink and black has been tied up. So


he has been putting a lot of balls. And not making many points.


My apologies to Colin, I said he was a good coach. You know, I work with


so many coaches, I say, he's a good coach, but he is a referee. Perhaps


he is a good coach! And this blue obviously didn't go into the right


corner. Judd Trump would have been on it by now.


Wow, it may get through. But he is not taking the chance. I've seen him


close up then. Just the safety shot. You never know with Judd Trump, in


40 years, perhaps. Judd Trump, 17.


APPLAUSE Why he played that is the red on the


right corner pocket, he wanted to cover that, because the one on the


left, he seems to have been looking at, if he is taking the pot on, is


going to come in direct. Maybe just playing the safety.


That's pretty good. He'll be pleased with that one.


Well, this is turning into tip and tap frame, some good safety being


played. An old frame, the pink and black, has been tied up. A really


important frame in the context of this match. And this full crowd.


Here in Cardiff. I'm sure they are thoroughly enjoying it. Judd Trump,


he'll be feeling better, even though he's still 5-2 in frames. Add 4-0


down, he will have been feeling the real worst.


Obviously if Stuart Bingham goes on to win this frame, at night's


session, 6-2, first of nine frames, he will be a very hard man to claw


back. 5-3. Still a match on. First frame of the night. 5-4. Big


difference. I wonder how long this is going to


go on for before Colin says, hang ... There you are he is giving them


three shots each and every nothing changes it will be a re-rack. Judd


Trump instantly looking to play some kind of shot. To stop that from


happening. This won't be for certain. There is


nothing wrong with the eyes of Stuart Bingham, just moving the


object ball for five inches to the left right, as but a couple of them


in this frame. Just goes past the other red. That


kiss he had on the second red I think it was will not help his


position. So maybe just one point. If he had missed that good chance of


him being closer to the brown. The black is, but more into the open.


What they don't want of course is all the reds going to the right-hand


side and no pots available and safety is only. Pretty good from


there. Another one of those very thin ones.


That he plays so well. Trump uses a lot of side on his


safety shots, manages to swing it around cushions as he has done then.


Now then. Half a chance. APPLAUSE Could have been worse. On the blue.


Going for 22 minutes, the longest frame has been 23 and a bit to go in


this one. I think he thought he was going to


can in the red on the pink which is why he played it a bit harder than


normal. He has missed the cannons so is a bit further away from the black


than he would have liked. I think he thought he would have just got the


edge of that red. Which would have widened the angle. Played that very


well. Could have totally gone wrong. Once again a bit short I think this


time. Hasn't got an angle of the black to go into the reds.


Enough angle to go around the houses? He hasn't.


Two hours playing time, not bad for frames. Seven and quite a long one


in this frame. Would expect a quick match from these two.


Very well played. Cut the line of the shot from the red. Going to have


to come off the side cushion I think.


No damage done other than he has given six points away. Did not waste


much time in seeing the ball is back please.


This is the advantage they have naughty years ago, put them back as


best as you good and torpid was right, but now they have this as a


massive help. The balls going back into the right place, not quite 100%


with it but still very close. Looks very good on the screen.


Sometimes it's very important to get it perfect for obvious reasons,


cannot get past something or whatever. Trump wasn't far out then


from hitting the reds, whether it would be the two behind the pink or


the three behind black. But does not want to hit them with pace.


Obviously not playing the two behind the pink. He is. I think that was


the wrong shot myself, coming off the two cushions, a much wider


target, the cue ball coming off the right-hand cushion first saw it


coming into the reds rather than just being able to catch the edge of


them. What is in Trump's favour is that if he keeps playing this shot


you want to leave anything on, he's just giving four points away. Key


has been warned, is going to have to play a different shot this time. Or


he will lose this frame. Has to think of a completely different


shot. Looking to see if he can go off this read them and get the ball


on the banks of the cue ball will come back. Big risk if he plays


that. Might be a bit fortunate. I am not


sure if, when he played at the second time, that he would be worn


for a miss. It's easily done, you're concentrating on the shot you want


to play. He looked a bit surprised. You'll like you have done a lot more


commentary than I have come at the acute angles into the middle


pockets, just knocking them in as if they are over the pockets these


days, that used to be the most difficult shot on the table, into


the medals middle because they were so tight. I can assure you, the


pockets are so tight. How they push the ball and force them in from


ridiculous angles is beyond me. But you have seen a lot of it, and you


are coaching players, would you say it is something that they are


putting in extra practice for? To be fair the standard of the players


these days has improved on those of years gone by. They're quite tight


in the middle. They are just more accurate, they practice more, have a


lot more competition. Running over half an hour now, this


frame. Longest of the match so far. Might be finishing not before long.


But that yellow up there is not going to help. If somehow Judd Trump


can win this frame and go into the night session only two behind at 5-3


I think he will be the happier of the two even though he is behind.


Especially when you consider that before the interval he had lost the


first four. Stuart Bingham playing unbelievable snooker. This is a


massive frame in the context of this match as I have already said. The


shot is going to be yellow to green. . Key is always looking to get the


ball is open, he is looking up there, if the brown was not up there


I think he would certainly play it. The way he cued up, played to land


on the brown to try to move the yellow. I don't think you could have


picked that cue ball up and put it down much better. If this brown goes


in he will get the cannon on the yellow. Just caught the yellow. To


full in the face. Wanted a much thinner connection.


That is well played. Maybe he will play cushion first year but he's


going to knock the yellow towards the right-hand corner he plays that.


As the blue come to rescue him? I think so. A lot of distance between


the balls, this is a big shot for Judd Trump. 15 in front at the


moment. APPLAUSE Great pot. OK. Never in doubt with


how he has been knocking in the long ones all week. Very well played.


Has he covered it with the brown? Looking to the skies. He must be


snookered. The way he is looking, you fancy Stuart to pot the green,


it's just about slowing the cue ball down to stay on the brown. He's got


the pot, knew he was going to lose the cue ball. If he'd missed the


black he could have had some kind of shot on the brown. Still a bit of


play left in this game. The problem for Stuart Bingham,


going around the brown to try to get the green is if you go to slow it


would not take and would have missed the pot so had to play it that way.


I cannot believe that, had so much room to go past the middle pocket.


Trying to play the snooker, putting too much into that and not enough


into putting the object ball safe. This is going to cost him. Nicely


played. Looks perfect, you can see Judd the


there, thinking about what he has just done. Played for the pink in


the middle, wisely. Got to be right behind the black. We have seen a few


of those missed of late. Michael White missed one peer a lot easier


than this. Shots they would not in all be at home -- shots they would


knock in all day at home. Not quite sure if you can use back


spin here. Going down low. That's why he's missed the shot. The


problem in my opinion is that the shot would normally be played off


the side cushion but a bit worried about the bounce of the cushion and


has taken on a shot which is a little more difficult. Still expect


him to get it. Perhaps that bad safety will not cost Judd Trump this


final frame of the first session. The longest frame but in some ways


the most interesting. Very well played safety. I am


surprised Judd Trump did not go for the slow drop on the pink into the


right centre. Might not get another opportunity like that. We'll also be


thinking he should probably be out of this frame.


You would fancy if Stuart Bingham was playing the shot he would fancy


the thinnest of ages. Winners Judd Trump likes to send the ball all


around the table. As gone for the double, it's a pot to nothing and he


will be quite happy with the result. APPLAUSE


Did not hit that well did he? Big decision, if you went for the


double. How close was that? How close was


that?, to 6-2. He is on the black. Judd Trump in the longest frame of


the match, just over 40 minutes, pinching it. Now just trailing


Stuart Bingham 5-3. STUDIO: After an eight frame lasting


40 minutes the outcome of this 2017 final not entirely certain, still


just enough to keep us guessing ahead of the evening session. The


lead now for Stuart Bingham 5-3 over Trump as they head out for their


break. How tense was that? It was long and very tense. Probably the


most exciting frame of the game. Stuart Bingham will have do think


would he have taken 5-3 at the interval before the match started?


Absolutely. But will he take it from 4-0? He will be disappointed. Raced


into a 4-0 lead and thinking he could see the finish line. If you


look at it on the whole eight frames, he know he should have lost


the first two frames but pinched them, if he can get it out of his


mind and think he is still 5-3 up and the favourite then he will be


fine. But Judd Trump as we have talked about, if he can come out the


second session winning 3-1 he would be delighted and that's exactly what


he's done. What does Trump try to do now in terms of his psychology? Just


wipe it clean and start again? He will be delighted. The best he could


have hoped for was a 5-3 scoreline, he could have won 4-0 but that's


highly unlikely. We would not have expected a whitewash. Very rarely


these days, the standard we play now when you have two top eight players


in a final, very rare that a player runs away from it. In the old days


when Stephen Hendry was at his best you had 9-3, 9-2, things like that


but the standard is so much closer. The top 16 are getting closer and


closer. So whenever you have top players in a final you expect 9-6,


9-7 on most occasions. What will the players do now? Stuart Bingham will


be disappointed, great shot on that last pink, an inch away from 6-2.


Three hours to enjoy the rest of your Sunday but you hope you will be


back with us at 7pm. Who will win the trophy? We will see you later


for the second session, from all of us goodbye for now.


I've searched the world to find these extraordinary people.


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The human body is unique within nature.


And the most extraordinary people on the planet


Ian Hunt introduces Welsh Open coverage from the Motorpoint Arena as the final between Stuart Bingham and Judd Trump gets underway. This afternoon, the first eight frames are played in the best-of-17 frames final.