Final: Stuart Bingham v Judd Trump - Part 2 Snooker: Welsh Open

Final: Stuart Bingham v Judd Trump - Part 2

Ian Hunt introduces live Welsh Open coverage as the final between Stuart Bingham and Judd Trump plays to a finish and the winner is crowned. A maximum of nine frames are played.

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Very nice. Yes. Very nice. Somebody could treasure that. I am deeply


honoured, actually, very privileged. Very delighted, and to see it on


such a lovely trophy of Waterford Crystal and what have you. And the


words on it are just enough. Love it.


Snooker legend Ray Reardon here tonight to present one of those


brave men with the Welsh open trophy. A warm welcome back to the


final. Drama earlier on, as Stuart Bingham made a dream start before


Judd Trump fought back. This is the story of the afternoon session. One


of the longest-running events on the smoker calendar, it's the 25th


anniversary of the Welsh open. And fittingly, there's a new trophy on


offer for the winner of this best of 17 final. With eight frames played


this afternoon, Judd Trump broke down on 44, missing an easy red,


which opened the door for Stuart Bingham, who took the first frame


with a break of 69. And it was deja vu in the second, as the fifth seed


once again wasted a glorious opportunity. A break of 64 not


enough, as the world number two responded with a break of 65,


finishing up on the black. And 2-0 soon became three. Frame four, and


once again Judd Trump had the opportunity, but this unlucky in-off


cost him dear. Now playing with freedom, Bingham went into a 4-0


lead at the interval for the third match in a row. But the break once


again seemed to unsettle the 40-year-old, and Trump got his first


frame on the board. Confidence renewed, two half-centuries in the


next saw him reduce the arrears further. But a fine break of 87 in


the next restored Stuart Bingham's three frame advantage. And he looked


set to make it four. But a nervy final frame which lasted more than


40 minutes saw Trump taking it, to escape just two frames behind from


the afternoon. So, everything to play for here at the Motorpoint


Arena. Will it be Trump or Bingham? It's time to get the show back under


way. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the six time ranking event


winner from Bristol, Judd Trump! And the 2015 champion of the world,


Stuart Bingham! So, let's join our commentary team


for the big finale to the 2017 Welsh Open - Willie Thorne and Terry


Griffiths. TERRY GRIFFITHS: Thank you, Ian.


Great expectations for tonight, we are thinking this is going to be a


very special one. What do you think, Willie?


WILLIE THORNE: I think it was so important for Judd Trump to win that


final friend this afternoon. That made a big difference.


He will be looking to win three out of the four to get all square at the


interval. An early misjudgement there, Stuart Bingham court that


much too thick. First shot of the night session! So, Trump has got a


chance, black is available. What do you think the score is going


to be, Willie? It is an odd one, but I think it will be 9-7 either way.


Stuart is favourite, but I think it's going to be close. The kiss has


left him on a red into the middle. He knows how important this first


frame is. As we all know, the two first frame this afternoon, he


should have won them both, and lost them both.


Well, he's not shy of winning in one visit! Often smashes them into the


pack, clears them up. Very popular player, please all the exhibition


shots, as we talked about this afternoon, especially when he's


safe. But when he's in this situation, he's very, very serious.


That last stat just showed you how close this match has been. Potted


122 balls, but the key step is the frames. -- the key stat.


That little cluster of reds, they all appear to be in the way of one


another. So he might have to go into them.


He would like to hit the joint of the two reds. You see, when you hit


one four Forks, nothing happens. This could be end of break. And once


again, he's only on 40. As we have discussed many times, Terry, this


week, I think he's been 40 in front seven times, and lost five of them.


You just hit that black too hard, didn't he?


I was with you, if he had gone into those two reds at half the pace, he


would have been OK. Just look at the positive side for Judd - he can keep


losing from 40-odd in front of! Stuart Bingham, of course, very good


early on, two good clearances. Normally once he gets in there, he


makes the most of them. You went through a spell when he was not so


good, shall we say, be kind to him! Yes, there was a spell where it


looked like Judd was going to win the three frames after the interval,


but Stuart managed to pinch one. There is almost a gap.


Well, if he swerves around that green and blue, it would be this


worth of the century, I should think! -- it would be the swerves of


the century! He has looked to be careful with that red.


Obviously, taking quite a bit of time to decide what to play. Well,


there is an absolute legend, six time champion of the world, Ray


Reardon. Unbelievable player, great ambassador for our game. He's


absolutely delighted to have had his name put on this trophy. You had a


few battles with Ray Reardon over the years, Terry? And lost most of


them, who didn't? He was my hero, used to be down our way, playing


exhibitions. I used to love going to watch him play. Great entertainer as


well, his trick shots were tremendous.


So, Stuart finally decided to go for that double, he could not see a


safety shot, you can't blame him for that.


He hasn't got involved, really, yet in this frame. Judd has made all the


running. Well-controlled. He doesn't seem to


hit the cue ball that low, but he gets a lot of backspin on it. Very,


very talented player from a very young age. Making century breaks


when he was about eight or nine probably I should think. Playing in


Bristol in those days - moved down to Romford now, where he practices


with his manager. Not a great mixer amongst the players on the circuit,


which I don't believe is a bad thing. Taking a tip from the legend


that was Stephen Hendry, who was never a big mixer at all. Just


another red needed. Steve Davis used to talk to everybody, when he was at


his best! Exactly, he was exactly the same, wasn't he?! Not quite


going right here for Judd. I don't know why he played for that cannon,


Terry, he only needs one more red, why would he play a cannon. The one


on the cushion would be the easier pot. But why is he playing that


cannon? Doesn't fancy the one behind the pink, obviously. Just one red


needed. And he rolled it in. Well, not quite. At that pace, chance of


it going in, very slim. And look how close he came to kissing the red and


pink. He could have left them not on again, so once again, he's


vulnerable when in front, for some reason. Normally a great clincher of


frames. This week he has had a bit of trouble. He can definitely see


two of the reds on the left of the pink.


I can't believe that, what is he doing? Well, Judd Trump fans must be


horrified at the shots he goes for once he's got the frame won. Oh!


He has to pot this, otherwise he needs a snooker.


Doesn't concede, Stuart Bingham. Players generally let the other


player decide if he wants to carry on. Bit shaky, needed a few chances,


and Bingham did not get started, really. Long way to go yet.


That red he took on, it was a typical Judd shot. I don't think it


was the right shot, I certainly don't think Ray Reardon thinks it


was the right shot! . That's what he plays and used to play in the early


part of his career in the qualifiers and things. But once he gets going,


he's frightening. How good is that?! Oh, that's a


shame. I would have loved to see him clearing up. He'll be very happy,


though. The first friend go to Judd Trump, and now he only trails by


one. So, for the final time this year,


welcome to our studio, once again with a resplendent Dominic Dale


alongside me! Dominic, it was not a flawless start to the session for


job trumps, but it was all about winning the frame? Yes. He'll be


happy, I can assure you. He won that frame quite easily in the end. But


why did he play the red down the top cushion at such great pace? Did he


not fancy just rolling it in? I'm sure someone of Judd Trump's


sporting ability would not have missed it. And then he went for a


ridiculous long red to try to close the frame out. Stuart might have had


a chance to steal the frame of he had not cannoned the red. We've got


a great final on our hands now. We have? So over Judd Trump's shot


selection earlier on. How would the players have been feeling during the


three-hour break? Judd Trump just doing enough to keep his hopes alive


in that session? I was quite impressed with him to come back a


little bit at Stuart. He will have known that he had thrown a couple of


those frames away. But he got within a couple of frames of him, and he'll


be very happy being just two frames down going into tonight. Both of


them would have been gearing up for a very big start tonight, especially


Stuart Bingham, because he might have felt that he had the final won


after going 4-0 ahead. But Judd came back at him. It was interesting.


Just before we came on a, it was actually Bingham who was up here


practising, not Judd - are you surprised? I did see him practising,


though, not long before they went out. I would not have been surprised


if he had been practising long pots, just to get that first chance. We


have certainly got a game on our hands now in this final.


WILLIE THORNE: Yes. I think that's the first time Stuart has looked a


bit edgy. Judd trying to get back into the matched, and he's done that


now. But we keep asking the question, can he keep getting away


with when he's 50 or 60 in front? TERRY GRIFFITHS: That was a good


pot, very clean. Thought he might have been


unfortunate there, but he's OK as it turns out.


Judd Trump plays very quickly, scores very quickly when he's on


form, and that can be unsettling when you're sitting in the chair,


wondering if you're ever going to win a ball again. He has been


through this many times, I'm sure. An experienced players, who world


amateur champion in 1996. One of the few players on the tour who has won


the world amateur and the world professional championship.


Just the one remaining loose red. Judd is very good at playing the


forcing stun into the pack. He decided to play for the loose one


this time, he didn't fancy going into them. I'm not sure he can get


topside of the blue easily from this...


There is a lot of power needed now, he may play two cushions.


Like I say, it was not a great pack to go into. The movement he got on


the cue ball then, tremendous. Great power, timing to get that topspin.


He deserved better than that for that effort.


He doesn't often turns these difficult shots down.


Yes, it's hard to work Judd out. Because potted it, we say, great


shot. It looks like he's decided to go all-out attack this evening.


Needs to bounce... It's not easy to get to the next red from here.


He was trying to pinch of it there. -- pinch a bit. Now, Stuart, you


need to get a foothold in this session.


Another 40-plus break from Judd Trump, and breaking down.


He will probably play the cello or brown rather than the black, because


you cannot guarantee you will get nicely on a red. The yellow would be


the better choice, but it is a harder shot than the brown. It is


whether he get the desired amount of screw back.


That might be fine, because he may be able to nudge a couple of


threads. A little bit higher than he wanted,


but these three reds are available. He is nice on the next colour. You


can see him clearing from here. And regaining the two frame lead.


Has he gone higher? I thought for a minute he had underhit it, but he is


OK. He does not want to take the pink.


That might have tied one of the reds up. He is not cueing like you got


this afternoon, he looks very edgy. Should he clear here, that will


certainly calm the nerves. This would change the match.


It is always easy to play for the blue here, it makes hitting up to


the yellow simple, or even a walk colour. I do not blame him for that


at all. If this was not in a major final, you would see him clearing


here, --. I am not sure he has settled yet, but it should be


straightforward. Judd Trump started with a break of


48, broke down in the late 40s. He is getting in first nine out of


every ten frames. It would be a delighted Stuart


Bingham getting down to pop this. It looked for all money that he would


get level, Judd Trump, which Stuart Bingham cleared the table with 63 to


go to clear again. Stuart Bingham is now two thirds of


the way towards winning the Welsh Open here in Cardiff. He has


re-established a two frame lead. Dominic, we have talked a lot this


week about Judd Trump breaking down on his breaks when he gets into the


40s or the 60s, and it has happened again. Yes, 48 this time. Stuart has


cleared up. Judd has a good lead here.


He is playing it as a shock to nothing. I do not blame him, it is


the right shot, the black is waiting over the corner pocket, but the cue


ball has come off the baulk question, the red has wobbled in the


pocket and come to -- between the yellow and brown. A bit unfortunate.


Difficult for Judd Trump now. He might just start to think it is


getting away from him now. Stuart Bingham might start to see the


finish line. Far too early. He will not take anything for granted. If


you are Stuart Bingham, you might think, Judd has to win five out of


the next seven, but at the end of the day, Judd is only two friends


behind, there are two frames before the mid-session interview, he can


win both of them. A good break off. He will not be


happy at being two frames behind, as he had opportunities to win the last


frame, but it is not too bad. The first 29 wins the title this year --


the first to 9. This is the fourth of the new Coral sponsorships,


played in England and Manchester and Northern Ireland and Belfast and in


Glasgow in Scotland. What a great idea, to have the four legends,


Steve Davis, Stephen Hendry, Alex Higgins and Ray Reardon giving away


the Welsh Trophy. A massive round of applause that Ray got. Virtually the


whole crowd stood up and applauded. He carried the game for a number of


years. In the 70s. 60s and 70s. Almost unbeatable in the World


Championship. The likes of John Spencer, who is not with us any


more, and Alex Higgins, who is not with us, Eddie Charlton. Quite a lot


of good players. Not as many as today. It does not matter how many


there is, if you want to win, you have to beat them all. This is not


easy, as if he goes into the pack, he will leave a read on. He could do


with common behind into the bunch, but he cannot get there.


He could leave a read on, so this is a tricky situation.


I can only presume he is playing to hit the loose red, but this is very


dangerous. You are having a laugh! If he played that, congratulations.


Unfortunately, he has left a shot to nothing on. Judd has spotted and lot


of these so far. But not this time. A great escape from Stuart Bingham.


It is not seem interested about any safety battles. That is the reason


why, when you can part like that. Stuart Bingham was very short on


that last safety, you have to get near the ball ocean.


He has won red to the left of the black. He can stun it round three or


four questions. He hit quite hard, I say. With


accuracy. One of the few players that can


generate that much spin when you have to come around the baulk and


all the time. The case will come off the second red. He made sure of the


fall ball contact. Where the White has finished, you


can see he potted that very thick. If it was in the centre of the


pocket, it would have been top side of the blue. Already he has gone in


and out of red -- baulk on three occasions. He does not have the cue


ball on a string at the moment. But what a judgment of pace, very


good. The first time in four tries he has


got the right side of the blue. There is a red that pots. Once


again, he is in the nervous 40s. Can he make this one a frame when a?


Horrible kick. I hope he can't hear you. You are


putting him off! That was a bad one. The only good thing was he potted


it, because it was an enormous kick. I can not believe that a macro did


not change direction. Do you knock the blue in or play a good safety


shot? You never know with him. It would not be a bad idea, knocking


the black safe, but he cannot do that and get a good white.


He made a good fist of it, though, the black is safe. This time, a


perfect length of cue ball. Surely he cannot lose another frame after a


40 odd break. We keep saying it. Since the quarterfinal he has lost


eight while being between 40 and 50 up. It shows how dominant he has


been early on in the frames. But surely now he will win this one. It


is so hurtful when you lose from in front so many frames at important


times in a final of a ranking event. This is the 25th anniversary of the


Welsh Open this year. One of the longest standing events on the


circuit. Some great times. It was in Newport


for many years. Some great championships have been played


there. Back in the capital now. It has been


here now for quite a while. They need a big venue, with 128 players


trying to get through. Just two left.


The ripple of applause will tell Judd Trump that he is in the safety


position in this frame. He will be pleased he got that one,


Stuart Bingham sits in his chair. Judd Trump is out for a breath of


fresh air. The pressure is on. The world number four try to win the


Welsh Open for the first time. 6-5 now. Will this go all the way? It is


a massive frame now before the interval. If Judd Trump could go in


at 6-6, it would be all he could have asked for. It nearly got away


from him again, a massive kick on a red, put him out of position. He


wants to roll through a couple of reds. You can see them leave the bed


of the table. He can do a long blue or a very thin black, but he has


cleared his thoughts and used intelligence and played a good


safety shot. He has put the black on the side cushion, and Stuart Bingham


knows the black is out of commission. That can deflate you


slightly. He has just done enough to force an error from Stuart Bingham,


who left Judd Trump straight back in, so that is good from Joad. He


made his thoughts clear, Judd Trump, on the initial mistake. Game on once


again. Stuart Bingham knows he has to win


this frame to keep the two frame advantage. That is what his mindset


would have been, share the frames, do not lose a mini-session. Again,


very short of the baulk cushion. Luckily for him, he has not left a


shot to nothing. Has he spotted a three-ball plant? Those two reds are


set, but I do not think he can get to it. Can he play the red onto


those reds? If he catches it three quarters ball... Is this worth the


risk? It will be a great shot if it goes in, but I am not sure it is


worth the risk. He decided discretion was better.


That is not his best shot by any stretch of the imagination, a very


poor safety. A very delayed pause on that shot.


He try to get into the cue ball. He did not hit it with his normal


authority. This red pots. I wonder whether he will play an


aggressive shop here, pot the red and the into the pink and black. The


black will go behind the pink ball. I would risk going into the bunch at


pace here. He just played for the loose one, though. He has not played


it very well. If you play the black into the pack,


he could have freed the pink spot. The black will still pot. But not


from the angle he has got from the red. He will go up for blue or baulk


colour. A great pot, but the yellow is not


good. Look at that. The pace he put on that. Tremendous. How that


greenest aid in the pocket, I don't know. Unfortunate to catch the


brown, he was hoping to go straight into the pack. There is aggressive


and there is aggressive! If this is a 4-ball plant, he is fortunate.


No shot to nothing this time for Stuart.


Having a look to come off two cushions and clipped the side of the


tent macro. Well played. That could have gone


wrong. You don't see that very often, a


player just touching it like that. The referee, heated to them a


warning this afternoon that they were doing this type of thing, and


he said, I'll give you three more shots, and then it'll be a re-rack,


which he's entitled to do. And of course the players themselves can


ask for a re-rack. Somebody who is 20-odd points in


front will not be asking for a re-rack. I think the man is in


front, generally, if it comes to these awkward situations, tends to


leave the safety shot shot on for his opponent. 26 in front, it's not


a lot, really, by today's standards, with all this break building going


on. I don't think Stuart has got into


the game so far this evening. He looked brilliant this afternoon, and


tonight he looks like he's trying not to lose, rather than trying to


win it. He was free-flowing this afternoon, and looked very, very


dangerous every time he got in. I'm not sure he's got the same mindset


as if he could well get it back. Yes, it only takes a good pot, it's


surprising how you can pick up again. Had a bit of a rough ride


since 4-0. Stuart has got a long pot on here,


it's a kind of shot he would normally take on. He has got to be a


bit more positive, as Willie said. But it's easy when you're in the


commentary box, I suppose. He hit that one nice. Fabulous shot. And


the beauty of that, he finished low on the black, so in putting this


black, he'll move the pink away. That was a good shot, just at the


right bout of spin on it to get the right side of the blue and bring the


reds into play. He decided to wait for a better


opportunity. Those two reds which are tied up as no problem. He will


be disappointed with that, he underhit it by some 2ft. He had the


two reds in the middle pocket as well. You don't always catch the cue


ball as you'd like. Timing is very important. He'll be very


disappointed, because he knows that would have been a real body blow for


Judd again. Social on that last one. -- so short on that last blue.


I think Judd's going to play to get it back into baulk here.


Brilliant shot. You would never say that was the wrong shot, because


he's got the cue power to get to the baulk cushion. One of the benefits


of cue power is that you don't have to hit it so hard to get the spin


on. But I think that red would have been in that any speed. It was dead


centre. Stuart Bingham had a good chance


earlier on. Got the black and pink open, and lost position.


These reds on the side cushion are OK for a right-hander, but not for a


left-hander. Not guaranteed to hit these perfectly. Now, has he left


one on? If he had been stunning it into them, I would have guaranteed


him getting onto a red. But he has not got the desired kiss, so end of


break. He's looking at a plant now. Not far


out, only about six inches! And about three or four inches between


the two balls as well! He's having a go... Yes, he got close. But he had


the easiest safety shot in the world. Up in behind the yellow. Wide


as he keep giving people chances? He's great, love him to death, but


very reckless at times. He has left one down the cushion for


Stuart with the long rest, which is never the easiest shot. He had a


couple of safety options, which he turned down. That's his choice.


I'm sure he can pot this with some side and bring the reds into play.


He could have, but he caught it has nothing. Thing is not happening for


Stuart at the moment. -- he caught it too thin. Somehow or other, Trump


may have rattled him a bit. Still 6-5 in front, though. . Yes, he


looked very bemused in potting that green. Just got to be very careful


he doesn't make contact with the black on the way back here... That's


not a bad pace, either. One of his better safety shots


there. Or should I say better shot selection?


How did that stay out? Almost hanging over the edge of the slate


there into the pocket. Awkward bridging from the maul he'll take


pot on into the right corner. -- awkward bridging from there.


This frame has become a little bit of a battle now.


Putting colours safe - he's cracking up!


First 29, though. Bingham needs three, Trump needs four. -- first to


nine, of course. Got to worry about the object ball here. Where are the


reds going to finish, is the problem. Just a fraction too hard, I


thought he had got the snooker. But we know that Judd's going to be


tipped it. -- going to be tempted. I think he will just play off top


cushioned just rest on the red. He can't do an awful lot with the


cue ball. Must get the object ball safe, it doesn't matter so much this


time about getting the cue ball in the right place.


He was trying to get behind the black off two cushions.


Did not want to put the black safe there. He's 14 points behind. He


would have preferred the black to stay in place. So, Judd at this


moment in time is strong favourite to win this frame. Even stronger


now. He did play the double. What kind of kiss is he going to get on


the red and green? He just played the snooker. I'm surprised he did


not play the cannon, because it looked a straightforward cannon.


As we say many times, it's not about hitting it, it's getting it safe.


He's 20 points behind now, he does not want to be giving too many fouls


away at this stage. That's a good attempt. Very well done.


Really tough one. Huge round of applause, the crowd were aware of


it. You don't always get that for a safety shot.


One good safety shot here would get Stuart in trouble again. Once again,


played the double - and got it. 21 points in front now. If he had left


Stuart on peace, we would have been saying, why has he gone for the


double? But that's the way he plays. Is he putting it safe what is he


trying to pot it? Soon find out... That was an excellent shot. One of


his best so far. Of course, he will be needing


snookers if he misses this. And he does.


If it had been 27, Terry, I think it could have still been called a miss.


Yes. The problem is, he could possibly missed the brown and go


in-off. He's got it, though. And he hasn't gone in-off.


He's going to go into the interval at 6-6 come having been 5-2 behind.


I wonder whether Stuart will carry on, even if he misses this.


29 points in front, so still needs three snookers. Two, actually. But


still plenty to do. This is a good effort. What a good


effort that was. It has just been a series of 40


breaks once again tonight for Judd, but he's won three of the four


frames. He caught that one too thin. This


brown for 6-6. Clearly not happy with the position


of pink and black there. At this standard, when a person


needs two snookers, you would have to think you would have to lay about


seven or eight to get your opponent to miss two.


Well, this has been a remarkable effort. Precious little room behind


the back of the black to play it that way and almost get the snooker.


Very tough. Could do with the pink or black being further off the


cushion if he gets the chance to do that. And that I am pretty sure will


be the end of frame. He'll be very, very please, Judd Trump, and so will


his army of fans who have travelled down from Bristol. It hasn't been


vintage Trump, but that doesn't matter when you get yourself back


from 5-2 behind. So, Judd Trump did what he had to do, winning three of


the four frames in that session to level the match.


Well, this is a situation that few of us could have predicted earlier


on, when Stuart Bingham went 4-0 up. But by hook or by crook, Judd Trump


has got himself level here in Cardiff. And it is anyone's match


now, Dominic! Well, Judd doesn't give up, Besson an attacking player,


always at your heels, and he's putting Stuart under pressure now,


and it's beginning to tell. And we're going to show you a triple


double, three double shots from Judd Trump, which demonstrates his


growing confidence. Absolutely. This one was whiskey-ish, but it was a


great one to get big as it gave him position on the blue. Two of them


were quite difficult doubles, one of them he would have expected to get.


But yes, he's feeling confident now, and probably not feeling the


pressure that Stuart Bingham is beginning to feel. Probably Stuart


will be remembered fact that he was 4-0 up in this match. But this


interval has come at a good time for him. I guess we seen a little bit of


the flamboyance that you associate with Judd Trump? Yes, Judd plays in


the manner of Jimmy White or Alex Rins. But in that era, you could


probably make three or four mistakes in a frame and still win it. You


can't do that these days, so for somebody to be at the top of the


sport saying in that manner is amazing. And it's testament to how


good a player Judd is. I have criticised him in times gone by for


his cue ball control, and maybe that has sometimes let him down when he


has broken down on current. But when the balls split favourably for him,


he still makes 100 breaks. He's made 40 centuries this season, so he must


be playing well. You may have seen a fair number of


new faces around the arena this week. Not just players, but new


referees on the circuit. 19 ranking events now, and 12 countries staging


tournaments, more referees are required. What makes you want to do


the job, and how do they go about finding the ones?


They come to us on the European tour, so they are already qualified


from their national governing bodies. They already know what they


are doing from a basics point of view. We can identify them after


watching them for a few matches, we know the ones to look at, who have


the natural ability and can follow the game very well. We spent a bit


more time with them and try to bring them along. I started watching


snooker when I was 13. But we did not have any snooker tables in my


hometown. So a few years later, when I moved to Sophia, I took a course


and became a referee. I first started watching snooker 11 years


ago, it quarterfinal of the Welsh Open. I did not think I could become


a referee, cos we did not have any tournaments or players in Bulgaria,


so there was no need for referees. Started growing bigger in Bulgaria,


so I wanted to make the next step and become a referee. Some of the


bigger names to play on the back tables, they are not in the


limelight, and that is a good chance for the up-and-coming referees to


get the experience of refereeing those but not putting them in front


of a thousand people, which could put them under pressure. Discipline,


concentration. It is not just on the table, but of the table, you are on


time, you set your table up, discipline, that is what we drill


into them. When they are on the table, it is the same again, is up


and, concentration. It is a pressure job. The ultimate aim is each event


gets refereed the same way. No matter who the referee is. We want


every big to be consistent. I did the final here in 2002 when Paul


Hunter won it. Any big final is massive. The Crucible is the one,


but all of the finals come once you get a crowd involved, two good


players, and you get immersed in it. If you cannot concentrate there, you


will never concentrate. It is a huge honour to do any ranking event, this


is my fifth one, and the second Welsh. Might get a bit nervous to


start with, but once you get into the routine it is a joy. Totally


neutral, but I am hoping for a cracking final.


Plenty of new refereeing talent coming through, but what about


players? We got eclipse of the future this week with the two Welsh


wild cards who have been competing here, and Terry Griffiths has been


taking a look at the state of the game in this country.


Every youngster who picks up a cue to play this wonderful game dreams


of winning, of becoming a champion. We may be a small nation, but like


our rugby, we have a proud tradition of producing great players. Max


Boyce sank of a Welsh outside half factory, a production line of gifted


players built from south Wales coal. There was a time when we had a


snooker factory, manufacturing magicians of the baize, at that has


started to run dry. Will we ever produce another Ray Reardon or Mark


Williams? This week at the Welsh Open two young talented Welsh


amateur players were given wild cards to play with the big boys and


to experience the big stage. Tyler Rees from my hometown, Llanelli, and


Jackson page, from Mark Williams country, Ebbw Vale, came here and


created huge interest. Who is Jackson? 15, from Ebbw Vale. He is


living his dream, buzzing. Should you not be in school? Yes. I have


had a bit of time off this week. One of the best bits is going to the


players' lounge and practising amongst the pros see what they do


with their time, being around this place am feeling like a player, like


you should be here. It is the right decision to put them as wild cards.


There should not be any of the older people getting wild cards. Any


experience they can get has got to be good. Jackson enjoyed his time in


the limelight. Winning two matches before running into Judd Trump,


himself a child prodigy a decade ago. The wild cards are perfect.


They should only really go to younger players that are looking for


a chance. It is great experience for them, I would have loved to have had


that opportunity before I was 16 to see where I was at. Almost unseen


here, we got a glint of the future of the game. Within a few hours of


Jackson's televised match with Judd Trump, on the same table a young


Chinese 17-year-old beat Mark Selby. He has been talked about for over a


year, he has had a good season so far. He showed what a great player


he is, he held himself together well. The Chinese production line is


in full flow, with so many talented players coming through. All of the


wild cards over the past five or six years, playing at the start tables,


it is one of the main reasons they are as good as they are now. The


youngsters from China are unbelievable. We need to start


giving the youngsters a chance. There are some talented ones out


there. Give them a chance and hopefully they will enjoy it. I


returned's mantra is that sports entertainment will thrive when


competition is at its most fears, but is more than elite snooker to


brutal? It is brutal, you feel like you cannot win a match after a


losing streak. I barely lost as a teenager. A massive step up then,


and I got on the tour, and you cannot win to what three matches in


a row. When I was coming through, it was how it should be, you can build


momentum, against the lower ranked professionals, and get to the final


venue and play the top players. Nowadays it is a bit too hard for


the younger players. We need to give the next generation every chance to


flourish in this brave new world of fierce competition. Let's hope it is


not too long for our young Welsh players left the Ray Reardon Trophy,


to continue our proud legacy as one of snooker's superpowers.


We will talk about the future in a moment, but I am delighted to say we


have been joined by a big star of years gone by, the Welsh sporting


legend Ray Reardon. How are you? I am very well, nice to be here. You


live in Devon these days. That is right. I have not been back here for


three years. It is too long. Enjoying your stay? It is an up and


back job today. One night in Cardiff. It does not give me a


chance to see my relatives. You are here because the wonderful trophy


that we saw there is now named after you. How does that feel? Whoever


wins that, it is a tough match out there at the moment, but it is a


lovely trophy. It is one for the sideboard. Pride of place. A nice


bit of Waterford Crystal. I identified it immediately! The last


time I saw him, I spilt red wine down his shirt and tie at the 2006


World Championship. I am lucky I change my Thai! It is a different


one! What does it mean to you, for the trophy to be named after you? It


came as a big surprise. When it came by letter, I was over the moon. It


is nice. I was deeply honoured. Very excited. It is very kind of them.


All the people who made it possible, thank you very much indeed. I do not


know if people still have mantelpieces, but it should take


pride of place on one. They will have one in Wales! How are you


enjoying the final? It is nipped in to. It is anybody's game, it is


good. They are in and not working it out properly. The table is speedy.


You know the table is better than me, they are fast, which is ideal


for making breaks will stop wonderful. Ronnie Wood love it in


there. That is why he wins so many tournaments these days will stop it


is like being on a golf course with fast greens. Augusta. Magic. Give me


your thoughts on the state of the modern game and what you think of it


compared to your era. It is very good, I love it. They have changed


the format, there are more tournaments. The best-of-7 frames,


it is anybody's game. Anybody out of the top 16 would love it. Maybe the


ones above would not think so much of it. It is a give and take


business. It was introduced for the spectators. They see two games


rather than one, so they get better value for money, more people can see


a surprise result, and nobody seems to be domineering in the way they


did in the 80s and 90s. Not forgetting my bit in the 70s,


obviously! Just the six world titles! F8's they played the final


in Preston last week, Barry Hawkins and Ryan Day, they were down here on


the Monday, so they had to drive from Preston. I do not suppose they


got to bed until 2am, then they have to drive down here and play on the


Monday, they should have a day's grace. The organisation should sort


that out. You undecided. What about these two. Fantastic, great players.


There are so many great players today, it is difficult to pick a


winner. In my day, there would be half a dozen who could win it, but


now there must be 50 or more. It is tough. I heard you talking about the


15-year-old from Wales. As a young lad in the audience now, Ivan


Davies, his father rang me up a couple of weeks ago, I got him to


meet me in the audience, 11 years of age, he has made a 108 break, that


is nice. It shows how the game is progressing. We will hope to see


Tyler Rees and Jackson page make their way. 6-6 in this final, what


do you see happening? I think it will be one all lost mentally,


whoever takes the chances the best and deals with adversity the best.


Judd Trump will try to pop his way to victory and Stuart Bingham will


try to score heavily but mediate his shot choices a bit more. Who for


you, Ray? I wish them both the best of luck. There is not much in it. It


is touch and go. You know me, it takes a long time to say something!


Ruble go back into the arena, it is time to get show back under way.


Here comes the climax. These welcome back your players, Stuart Bingham


and Judd Trump! E join our commentary team for the


final session here in Cardiff of the 2017 Welsh Open final, Darren Morgan


and Willie Thorne. What a pleasure it was to see Ray


Reardon in the studio there. Six time champion of the world, an


absolute legend. Judd Trump is level. I thought Stuart Bingham in


the first four frames this evening looked a bit cautious, Darren. Yes,


it has a different start from what he had earlier this afternoon. It is


game on again now. We were saying earlier at the end of the last


session Judd Trump needed to win the frame to come in tonight at least


5-3. He would have been coming out looking to win the first session 3-1


to level everything up. Again, which he has done. This is an important


frame. They are all important. But I think it is more imperative for


Stuart Bingham to get a frame back on the board and re-establish his


authority. The key stat is should Bingham's pot


success has dropped below 90%. You have to be above 90 to win any


tournament. But that is excellent. It has to be above 92 win at this


level. If he goes on to win this match, it will be above 90, I am


sure. I do not think the black or pink art in play, so he may go brown


or green into the pink. The brown has a perfect angle to do that.


There is a bit of mileage to playing into the pink and reds.


I can only presume he has played for the wreck above the black. He has


gone into it a bit too much. From that angle he would have been on


that perfect. It would have been tight where ever he had finished.


That is why I thought he would play into the pink. He had to be into the


inch, whereas if he had played into the pink and reds, a slight chance


he would have brought it all into play. He has a safety shop now,


unless he takes the long one on. No attempt at the pot there, just


try to play the good safety. He can play a run through with top


spin. He is just looking very edgy to me,


Stuart. He has been slotting these in all week, bread and butter shot.


A lot more pressure at the moment, coming right to the business end of


the event. This is Judd Trump's best chance of


going into the lead in this match for the first time. If he puts the


colour, red and colour, it will be the first time he has gone into the


lead. He has always been chasing. That looks absolutely perfect and


the red apathy that goes. This blue and he takes the lead for


the first time. Clearly not a frame-winning


opportunity at the minute, with that red very tight. He will do well to


score above 40. He has had a good look at this red. It is not look


like it pot. The red looks like it is on the way. We will know after


this if he thinks it pot. He does. If it does, he can hold it for the


pink. You have to play it now, you have looked at it twice, and nothing


has moved since. I was with you on that. I could


clearly see that that did not go. He thought he could pinch it off the


draw. That looked like it would not go by a mile.


No damage done, though. Still just left with a safety to be played.


He has not been finding the baulk cushion so far this evening. That is


why Judd Trump has been potting a lot of shots do nothing. That is


where he needs the cue ball to keep Judd Trump off the table. That will


be called Amis. I think Stuart is entitled to have it put back. Even


if he catches one of the reds, he could knock one on.


Stuart suggesting there is a chalk mark from his tip. Sometimes it does


not make any difference, I always used to say to the referee, if he is


still going to play the same shot, I am happy. I agree. Before this came


in, with the use of the TV monitor, it was down to the players and the


referee to decide anyway. With the shot he is playing, he is going to


play the same shot every time to get into the back of the pack. This one


he has gone wide. He is never going to do damage here, so he will make


another adjustment. It is a very big target, in fairness, six or seven


inches of pack he can hit of the questions.


I am sure he can see a ball full ball and he may get warned. Maybe he


cannot see it full ball, because he has not been warned.


Touching ball declared. He might try to put the white back in the same


place as it was. He will play in behind the yellow this way. Not


tight, but tight on the baulk cushion, around the yellow spot.


If the black had been out in the open, Stuart Bingham might have been


tempted to go for the red into the right corner. But the pink and black


are tied up, so I cannot see much value. He would have to played with


a lot of pace. A good safety is the order of the day.


Under normal circumstances even the pink and black are tied up, Judd


would be having a go at it. As it happens, he has a shot to nothing.


His long potting right throughout this tournament has been terrific.


The only thing that has been missing is a century break. It will be tough


to get on from here, where the balls are, but nice breaks. A bit of


movement in the crowd. Topside of the blue, then he can get good of


the red below the pink. That was a long way away.


That is unbelievable, after the red he knocked into get in. He will not


have expected to have missed that. He was hoping for the cue ball to


run another three or four inches. He will have to pot either a tricky


brown or green. He did not have to do a lot with the


cue ball. It was a solid shot. In the context of this match, this


is a very big frame, really important.


Stuart, having been in total control in this match, has seen Judd Trump


begging him back. Look at one stage that he was going to be having an


early bat and on his way home. Could have done with another 2ft of pace


in that cue ball. He would have liked to have been on the one next


to the pink. He will have to go up for the blue again now. He just has


to make sure he gets top of the blue. Amazing, isn't it? Two inches


shorter, it's absolutely perfect. But from that position, not sure


whether he can hold it for the pink. And he's nicely on the red - good


shot. Well, that was a miscalculation. He


has played to move the two reds. I can only think the pace of the cue


ball has just changed the angle in striking the red, so all he can do


is lay the snooker. He knows that's one that's Ottaway. Still in the


driving seat. -- that's what a way. He has got this tricky red across


the cush, but at this stage of the match, is he going to be tempted?


He's been very cagey tonight, Stuart Bingham. First four frames earlier


on, he would have been playing that red. He's played quite good safety.


Looking at this, he can just get past the blue to the potting angle


of this red nearest the pink spot. Always better when you're playing


that shot on the thin side. Trying to get in the back green and brown.


-- in behind green and brown. Stuart's safety has been poor this


evening, hasn't found the baulk cushion very often. You can see the


frustration in his face. He's very close to the baulk cushion


this time. Awkward cueing. He could be pushing a red towards


the right corner. He's head that a lot thicker than he would have


liked. But he's OK. He will have to be careful he does


not push a red over the corner this time. Another two inches of pace, it


would have been absolutely perfect. Good safety shot, that.


I don't think I've ever seen that before, where he's asked Stuart to


look rather than the referee to look. He feels he can get through to


this red, and Stuart would probably think he was taking advantage if he


plays it next time and can hit the red. I don't think I've ever seen


that before. It's always the referee, and the player should stay


away from the shot. That was very strange. But he feels he can hit it.


And he could. Well played. Unlucky. And both these players good friends


off the table. In fact, as this tournament finishes tonight, another


one starts tomorrow. Seven players playing in it, and who is up first


match? Judd Trump and Stuart Bingham. It's quite ironic. I don't


think Judd Trump has brought his car with him, and I think he might be


having a lift to the tournament tomorrow with Stuart! Not friends


out there at the moment, though. It's war!


Well, again, another great long pot from Judd Trump. There wasn't much


room there, either. . He has to be careful he doesn't cannon into the


pink or black, because he could find himself snookered. Amazingly, he


went right through the middle of both of them. He's not happy, who


does not appear to be on the middle of the three reds, which was the one


he played for. Just a fraction too hard. Is he going to risk the long


pink into the corner? I don't blame him for taking this on. He's behind


and he knows that if he pots this, he could take this friend. -- he


could take this frame. So there is an advantage in taking this on. It's


there. Bringing the black into play as well. He generates so much power,


with very little backswing. Is the black going to go on its own


spot comfortably? If it doesn't, he might have to take the black.


And if there is anybody interested, incidentally, to watch this


Champions League, in Essex, it starts tomorrow, and you can see


these leaf wonderful players battling it out yet again. I was so


surprised he played to pot the black, because he was tying up the


red and black. Unlucky not to have a straightforward shot on the pink or


black. He has given Stuart a big advantage


in this safety exchange now. He can at him in behind the yellow and


blue. -- he can put him in behind. Well, he wasn't far away from that


long red there. I gave some wrong information a couple of minutes ago.


So I'm going to correct myself because I don't want people coming


to find out where I live and taking it out on me. As you can see, the


match time is up to four powers. And I think there is still quite a way


to go before we get a conclusion to this. A little bit fortunate, but he


will take it. Back to my wrong information - the play tomorrow is


at the Ricoh Arena, and you can watch it live streaming. You won't


be allowed in. Where is that brown going? That's the worst possible


outcome for Stuart Bingham. A lot of distance between both balls.


He does play those shot is very, very well. Still a lot to do in this


frame. And he must be thinking, this is starting to slip away slightly.


In total control at the 4-0 up. Looked like going 6-2. So close.


Yes, a right-handed player would not have played that. He missed it by


just a fraction. Worse still, he doesn't have an easy safety shot.


You can't help feeling that the run is slightly helping Judd Trump now,


he's in the ascendancy. That was a very well played shot, no luck


involved there whatsoever. Now, Judd has played it firm to


leave distance between the cue ball and object ball. Well, what a result


that is for Stuart Bingham. A few seconds ago, you would have thought


he would have been out of the frame. Green to brown is not


straightforward here. The green going back onto its own spot would


help, so I wonder if he will play for the green off this red.


For me, that's definitely the right shot.


And I just said it looked like the run had changed in favour of Judd


Trump. Commentator's curse! I think Willie is right, red to green would


make things a little bit easier for him.


And now, the clearance should be OK. Any sort of angle on the green is


good, anything but straight. And that's OK.


This will hurt Judd Trump, because it looks like for the first time he


was going to take a one frame advantage in this match. Stuart may


have a bit of a bounce in his step again now, if he takes this frame.


Mind you, what's happened there? That pink was harder than it should


have been. For in it goes, and Stuart Bingham will take a big sigh


of relief. Stuart Bingham will be a lot happier


now. It's just so difficult. We thought earlier that it would go the


distance, and it looks like it could. The momentum is swinging one


way and then the other? Yes, it is. That was a chance for Judd Trump to


take the lead for the first time, at a crucial stage, and I was beginning


to think that the tide was turning in Judd's favour. But Stuart played


a really good shot out of a snooker, which Judd had been fortuitous to


leave. Judd was very unfortunate to go in-off. A lot of side spin on the


cue ball which helped it in. And the worst thing ever for Judd, the red


has gone into baulk, and it's a fairly simple clearance. Was a long


frame, 35 minutes. And they have been in action since one o'clock,


with that break in the middle. To what extent does tiredness start to


creep in, because that was a really scrappy frame? Hallam adrenaline


kicks in, and they will not be particularly mentally tired, really.


It is a very close affair now, very tense, every frame is vital. And you


were saying that you felt that Judd was starting to make sure folder


wobble under pressure perhaps? Yes. But I still think this final could


go all the way. This next frame is enormous now. Of Judd Trump can win


it, he's right back in there. If Stuart Bingham can win it, he's got


a bit of daylight. What drama we've got, then, in the final, in Cardiff.


So, here we go. Stuart Bingham breaking off, he'll be very relieved


that he's managed to keep his lead. We're going to see another trademark


Judd Trump special. He has been knocking these in all day. More


pressure now, though. Still, again, never in doubt, really. His long


game has been absolutely fantastic. Yes. Stuart's going to have to work


on his break-off. He has left that shot to nothing in at least half the


frames where he has broken off. I can't tell you how hard it is to


play them that strength, and there wasn't a very big gap between black


and red. If he gets a good angle on the next black, he'll finish on the


red behind the pack and open some more out. Two long frames, the last


two, 35 minutes and 36 minutes - I did not expect to see any frames go


that long in this match. It's like a forcing screw, that shot. Oh! I did


not see that coming, I've got to say, that was a twitch. A lot of


movement on that shot as he played it


. Not as bad as I thought it was at first glance, but it's definitely a


twitch. REFEREE: Foul, Stuart Bingham one,


Judd Trump, five. WILLIE THORNE: He's in trouble now


with the safety shot, because Judd will put him back into bar


theatrical visitor free ball? No, it's not. -- he will put him back


into bat here. Is it a free ball? Surely it's not.


He's having a look at something. I'm not sure what he thinks he has


found. There is certainly no plant there. I cannot imagine he's going


to attempt to play this shot. He has now asked if there IS a free ball.


It must be close, because if you took the four reds from just to the


right of the pink... It's not going to matter now. He has put Stuart


Bingham back in. Well, they don't come much better


than that. He's played that with a lot of bottom and side. Great pot.


I think what might have frustrated Judd all day today as well, he's


been the wrong side of the blue more than he's been the right side, so


he's have played these long pots. -- so he's had to play these long pots.


And again, he's going to have to play another good pot. Did not want


the cannon on the red there. The only thing I can think of is the


plant just to the left of the pink, and that's what he's played for.


It's just a safety. That's the only thing I feel with Judd Trump this


week, he just hasn't scored. His long potting has been good, his


safety has been good, he's just struggled to score. I'm sure he's


had more 40s and 50s than anybody else. And we know he has certainly


lost more frames than anybody else from 40-odd in front. I can think of


at least seven frames that he's lost from that position. Once again,


Stuart not finding the baulk cushion. So that makes this safety


shot quite straightforward. And the back red I think cuts in the corner,


so he will be playing the pot. This time, though, it did not go in. And


Stuart can play it quite confidently, knowing that he's got


the blue in play. He would like to be on the Hof Paul


Green, that would be perfect. That could be a frame-winner, because you


would expect him to get 30 or 40, nicely on the red, because black and


pink art available. This is a chance. A great chance to


go 8-6 in front. He can get through to this red. Even


though Judd Trump is a frame behind, he has scored more points. This


frame has taken the same pattern as quite a few of the others, Judd has


gone in with 30 or 40, all the are awkward, he has got himself a


thread, and he has thrown a lifeline to Stuart Bingham when the balls of


a lot clearer in the table is a lot less messy. He played for the pink.


Disappointed with the way it came off the cushion.


He has underscrewed it. He did not get into that at all. Quite a big


margin of error there, he could have screwed back another two feet. He


was more concerned with overscrewing it. He wanted the white back to


where his hand is. A lot wider than he wanted. Will he take this red on?


He can play this as a shock to nothing, screw it in and get onto


the blue. He will be disappointed he did not


score heavily there, that was a great chance.


If you can get through to this red to the right corner... That. The


best safety shot he has played. How confident is he? He has played the


follow-through. He could have done without a cannon on the pink. Still


a good strike. A lot thinner on the pink than he would like. He has


spotted quite a few of these greens today. One good shot away from


potentially putting himself in a winning position in this frame.


He played the more difficult shot. He is not very happy. A couple of


little hand gestures going on, that he has got away with that a little


bit. This was a real difficult shot, this blue. He was playing it with


loads of left-hand side. A miracle to get away with it. Any sort of


space of the question, these words would have been available. He has


not left anything on. Another very well played safety. He


has found the baulk cushion this time, Stuart Bingham. He has Judd


Trump in a bit of trouble here. Not a bad shot wide Judd Trump. He


has dangerously gone close to the corner pocket. It did not look like


he could play that shot. He took a bit risk, but he has given Stuart


Bingham a shock to nothing. The red below the pink. The cue ball will


come down towards the blue. Excellent execution of a shot you


think. It is going awkward for both players


at the moment. They cannot seem to get perfect position.


Can he get the position on this one red below the black? He could do


with finishing close to it to make it easier to get onto the black for


the next shot. I think he can screw back directly from the green and


come off one, maybe two cushions, get onto the red. He is blessed with


a lot of key power. He has played the direct screw, this looks OK. But


another two inches would have been perfect.


That was not easy. And at pace, trying to go down for the blue. They


have no chance when it hits the near jaw. Judd Trump has not played the


best shot ever there, it has gone in the right jaw. He stunned instead of


dragging back a couple of inches. It is awkward to play the shot he is


looking at. He would love to go in and out, between the yellow and


brown. He will have to go between brown and green, I think. That is


what he has played. How is his luck? Not very good. Still a great shot. A


brilliant effort. It really was a great effort.


Court that one little bit too thick. Again, he has left a pot on, either


the cut into the middle or the stunned into the corner.


Anywhere but there, unless the blue passes I cannot see him taking the


pot on here. He can see the pink, just, but cannot get close to the


red to make it easy. Just enough room on the pink to come off two


cushions, but he would finish two feet away from the red. Is it worth


taking the green? He is a good player with the rest.


Even if he gets on the red, it is not easy. I am dumbfounded he has


even tried to play that. Even if he gets perfect on the red, he is under


all kinds of pressure to drop it in to make the pot. He is in the


driving seat in this frame. A strange choice of shot.


It is not easy to get this safe either, because if he tries to push


it up and down the table, he will push it towards a pocket, but if he


plays it thin, he has to make sure he does not knock it into a portable


position, which he may have done. What a little nudge that is.


You see how much side he had on the cue ball firm. It pinged off the


cushion. He has played that very well. That


could have gone wrong, if he had kissed into the back of the brown.


Barring a catastrophe, it looks like Judd Trump will level this match up.


This brown... Stuart Bingham knows he has had a couple of chances to


extend his lead to two. This has got the final frame all over it.


You would have to say it is another frame that has been a little bit


scrappy, a lot of pressure out there. Judd Trump will probably be


feeling the better out of the two. A couple of exhibition shots.


The black does not go in, but Stuart Bingham is leaving the room to


gather his thoughts. He knows he had a chance to extend his lead, but


Judd Trump draws level. All square again. You would still be


brave to call this one. We still possibly have three frames left.


Regardless of what happens tonight, Judd Trump will move up to third.


John Higgins goes down to sixth. Mark Williams hanging onto his place


in the top 16. He went out in the first round, a really disappointing


week. He is hoping to hold onto his spot ahead of the World


Championships. We talked about this earlier, the fact that the top 16


qualify automatically, everybody else has to go through three


qualifying rounds. Yes, it happened last year, with Ding Junhui, the


great player from China, one of the greatest, he has won five ranking


events in one season, he finished number 17, he had to win three


matches to qualify, and it is tough. And a few days later, you have to


actually play at the Crucible, so you are already jaded by the time


you get there. A nervous couple of months for Mark Williams. Let's look


at a bit of analysis. It is still difficult to know who will be


picking up the trophy in an hour, two hours, who knows! A bit of


fortune for Judd Trump in this one. In the previous frame he was


unfortunate with an enough, he put the remaining red into baulk. Here,


he gets a bit fortunate. The bump on the middle pocket was butcher it is,


because it made the last red more missable. As it was, it goes on


behind the blue. Stuart escapes from the easy snooker, but he puts the


red in the yellow pocket, and Judd Trump clears up. It is a seesaw.


There has not been a 30 break in the last three frames, so if anybody can


get their potting boots on, they can take it by the scruff of the neck.


Get your potting boots on! Who has got them on?


Judd Trump has them on on the long shots, but when he gets in, he is


not winning the frame in one visit. And nor is Stuart now. No breaks of


any strength in the last three games. There has not been a 40 break


in the last three games, very bits and pieces.


Another long pop. There has not been a break over 30 in the last three


frames, that is how scrappy it has been. A little unlucky not to have


some sort of shot on the blue or pink. Again, the safety is not


straightforward, with the red being in baulk. He has to cover it with


the yellow. You do not want to put the thing out


of commission, you would like to leave it in play. I thought it had


hit the yellow then for a minute. Yes, I think he did as well. As it


is, it is not bad. He has forced Stuart Bingham into an attempt at


the left corner. He will definitely play it if you can find the gap. He


might feel it is too much of a risk at this stage of the match. He is


faced with a very tricky safety as well. He could play the red that is


nearest to the right corner and drop it in, or just played off the two


cushions, leave the white there. He went for it wholeheartedly. The


trouble is, even if he had made it, I do not think the pink or black


went. Again, Judd Trump has lost the cue


ball. It has become a little bit of a scrappy affair.


He is one of those players that likes all of the big balls in play.


He might like to bring pink and black into play. I was surprised he


did not play to nudge the pink or black of the first red, rather than


go up for the blue. Pink and black are now available. But he might have


liked a bigger gap than that. He would have got away with that.


But I think this red is onto the right centre. Not an easy starter.


No problems, though, and he is nicely on the blue. We are going to


have a player when a frame in one visit. It has not happened all


evening. But these balls are spread far and wide. A great chance here


for Stuart to score a frame-winning break. A lot of players may have


rolled it into the middle, but Stuart punched it in and finished


perfect on the blue. He would like to take the pink out


of the way, could's because it is stopping the black potting into the


corner. Judd Trump realises he could in a few minutes' time be one down


with two to play. He looks to have the angle on the


black to play for the red into the same pocket. He has got a nice


angle. That is what he has played for. He


could do with being fairly straight, and he is not. Work to do. If he


screws it in, I did not know if he can avoid the kiss on the red that


is loose. If he runs through, he will force reds all over the place,


so he will not guarantee where the White will finish. Not ideal. Just


has too avoid the kiss on the red above the white. Which he has not


done. This is a lot more tricky than it should be.


That is one of the better shots he has played for a couple of frames.


Was not easy, begin down, playing with bottom right-hand side.


He has got to get the pink out of the way. Still has a couple of loose


reds. He played the deep screw to disturb


the reds, he was not happy with that. You could see his reaction. He


did not need to do that. Just did not quite get into the cue ball


enough. Excellent recovery. The cue ball has


travelled a fraction too far, but this is one of those where if you


are confident, you put the black and flick off the outside of the pack. I


think he will roll this in and avoid the inn off. Well played.


He felt he was hitting it thin rather than thick.


The magnificent arena, the crowds have been excellent all week. A


little disappointed in terms of brick building in this match, but it


has lots of tension, both players are feeling it out there.


He would have been better off getting a red safe. But once again,


the white nowhere near the baulk cushion. When you are playing Judd


Trump, you need to get near the cushion possible, because the reds


disappear more often than not. If you are chewing Indian hoping to


watch Dragons Den, that will follow our coverage of the final. Dragons


Den is delayed. Still waiting to see who will be given the cheque for


?70,000 here in Cardiff. Stuart will be distraught at the


last safety shot he played. He looked bemused, the way he played


it. He was not expecting to make contact with the pack, and he was


expecting the cue ball to finish near the baulk cushion. Both things


went wrong. Maybe it is Stuart Bingham's turn to lose a frame from


40 points in front. This was the shot from Stuart.


Obviously, he's trying to get a good cue ball. The bad thing is, the


white is nowhere near the cushion. He's thinking, I might as well of


her other shot at the red into the other pocket. If it had gone in,


probably would have sprung the frame. But has made sure this time


he's the right side of the blue. If this goes right... He could be


pinching this frame. And it hasn't. The cue ball as stock. He just hit


the one red a little bit full in the face. He could have done with it


half-ball and been able to come away from the cluster.


Both players are feeling it's no. -- both players are feeling it now.


He has pulled some gestures in the last couple of frames, Stuart. A


little bit of frustration starting to show. It's not what Judd played.


He IS on this black. I think he's one of the few players


who would have the guts to play that shot at this stage of the match.


Both players are struggling to play the screw back shot. Left himself


hampered during. Cued it nicely. And he has become


favourite to be one up with two to play. A few moments ago, we were


saying exactly the same thing when Stuart Bingham was at the table.


This, the key shot - how close can he get to this red to make it easy?


Tried to get really close, and he may have over-screwed it a little


bit. This is not as easy as it looks on the TV. He would have been a


strong favourite to pot it. Still should pot it, but not


straightforward. And there you see why. It's amazing what you can miss


under pressure. But that was not about shot, it was the shot before,


where he over-screwed the black. And obviously, this is not easy. The


red to the right centre. He will be over the moon that he has got this


opportunity at this red. Judd Trump has just not been able to get in


front of Stuart Hunter liked. Every time he draws level, something


happens, he goes one behind. And in goes the red. He's not quite on this


brown in the way he's like. He might be able to run through with


left-hand side. The only problem is, the green could


go safe. Where will the greens and up? Well, he's played it quite


nicely, but unfortunately for him, not nicely on the yellow. I think


he'll be playing the snooker. He wanted to keep the yellow in


play. You would have preferred that yellow to be in between the pink and


black area. Looking at it, it is hard to hit. Green in the way one


way, blue in the way the other way. I think he will have to play this


two cushions. The only trouble is, then, Darren, leave the advantage to


Stuart, to play the snooker in behind the black. It's very tricky.


Yes, I think Judd Trump would be quite happy with that, if he hits


the yellow leaves that shot on. This is very, very tricky. He doesn't


want to be giving too many points away at this stage in the frame, but


this is really tricky. We could see him giving away quite a few points.


Yes, he's having to play off two cushions. Very well played.


Excellent. And he has not left the chance to end up behind the black.


Yes. He could have missed that four or five times. As it happens, that's


about as good as he could have hoped for.


It's amazing how Stuart lost the advantage with that excellent safety


shot he played on the yellow. You would have to suggest, whoever pots


the yellow is going to win this frame and go one up with two to


play. Who will it be? Nearly got in behind the pink. I


think we'll see Judd Trump definitely playing this yellow in


the left corner. He could play it with loads of bottom and right-hand


side, slow drag, or he can play it with pace.


He needs to slide past the pink... And his body language is saying he


has snookered himself. Either that or he can't get to the porting angle


of the green. It's amazing what can happen in the game of snooker, isn't


it? Plays your shot, tries to hold it. The table is so fast, it's hard


to hold the ball at distance. In the olden days, on a thicker cloth, you


could play it and finish somewhere near the blue spot. These days, it's


very easy to lose the white, which he has done there. Where is this


going to end up? Good shot. To be honest, it has not been the


final I expected. He has left this on. Saying that, Judd is thinking it


might have gone a bit past the porting angle there. From our


position, it looks cuttable. Yes, it is a thin one, isn't it? No


control over the cue ball, that's for sure. One of those, you have to


hit it hard, because then you avoid the in-off. Well played. And


absolutely perfect on the brown. Amazing. But he will need all his


cue power here to get nicely on the blue.


It's amazing, another inch of pace, it would have been a straightforward


blue. Still needs the pink, though. It's there.


Stuart Bingham started this frame with a break of 41. You can see what


that meant to Judd Trump. He has gone into the lead for the very


first time in the match. He's now one away from victory.


Quite astonishing, isn't it? Considering that Stuart Bingham led


4-0 early in this match. But we can see what that meant to Trump, taking


the lead for the first time, what a relief that must be? Yes. These last


four frames have thrown up all kinds of eccentricities, if you will.


Interestingly, there's been two breaks over 30 in the last five


frames, both of 41. So it shows, there's a lot of tactics, a lot of


missed pots, but finally, after hours of trying, Judd Trump take the


lead in the final furlong. Can he finish it off now what? I don't


know, I wish I could tell you! How hard was it to play this? I can


assure you, Judd did not intend to play this quite so thin. He would


not have known he could have finished so nicely on the brown,


that was more hope than judgment, I feel. He played a pretty good brown,


I have to say. Fortunately the Judd, that cue ball just ran those extra


few inches to leave the green on. Now, you would have to be backing


Judd Trump? Would UCAS can you tell me! That was a really big setback


for Stuart Bingham? Yes, it was. But maybe the pressure will now transfer


to Judd. He has not won on home soil for about six years. There is a lot


of pressure on both of them. Will it come down to the run of the ball,


who knows? Judd is in the driving seat, but there is now pressure on


him, and maybe Stuart Bingham can relax a bit. Keeping Stuart Bingham


waiting just a bit longer. Drug instead will follow our coverage of


the snooker here in Cardiff. -- Dragons' Den will follow. Stuart


Bingham will be disappointed. He has lost those last few frames lately.


Bring -- Stuart Bingham to break, then. Is there another twist in this


magnificent 2017 final? What a green that was. He could try


that 50 times again and not finish on that brown is good. And he slots


in another long red. I've said it all week - his long potting has been


unbelievable. And all of a sudden, he has struggled to score all week -


could this be the frame that he finds his scoring? The one that he


needs to win this year's Welsh Open? And as I've said that, he's a good


foot short with the cue ball. You could see him talking the end of his


cue tip very aggressively. And looking at this, he will do well to


miss the case on the black - that's why he's playing with bottom, trying


to make something happen. And it hasn't. The only problem for him is,


he has put both black and pink out of commission. This is a similar


shot to what begins played years ago, where he screwed it in and came


back into the middle of the table, but it's very risky playing it over


the pack of reds. He's playing it, though. That blue is not in. Neither


player has played great this evening, it's been a little bit of a


struggle out there. Even if that blue had gone in, Judd


had left himself horrible on this red.


He's just going to roll the red, there is no value for me in this.


He's going to play safe. But that could have gone wrong. At least he


can bring a peak colour back into play. I think on reflection, we


probably deserve an 8-8, don't we? That would be nice - not for the


players. He can play an aggressive shot here,


to bring the black into play and get the cue ball as tight in behind the


green and blue as possible. How is the cue ball...? Not quite.


He's caught that a little bit thicker than he would have liked. No


damage done, though. I say no damage done, what a clever


shot he's played there. That was very well thought out. Absolutely.


He's looking at the potting angle, to see whether he can pinch a little


bit of the pocket. I thought the brown would have been a better


choice there. Safety shortcomings. -- safety shot coming. You have to


say, he deserves more than six Riise that fantastic red Henoch in. --


more than six off that fantastic red he knocked in. Neither of these two


have played anywhere near their best. Just past five hours of play.


And we still don't know who is going to win.


He can just see the edge of this red. Can get back to the baulk area?


Just played what he thought was a short to nothing. He may be able to


get through the gap to cut that red in. If it is printable, he'll take


it on. There's someone at the moment having a bit of a coughing fit in


the arena. She has stood up and composed herself. And that red has


done everything but go in the pocket. And I don't think the blue


is going to come to his rescue. Well, everybody's coughing now. They


have started a trend out there. Pink and black out of commission, so Judd


Trump will not expect Stuart to school too heavily. That's pretty


good. Ideally he would like to get onto the middle of the three reds


surrounding the black. He needs that black back in play if he's to have


aspirations levelling at this visit. Another two inches of pace, he could


have played the middle red of those three. You can just see, just a


fraction away from being on it. Well, he feels he can still play it.


What an effort that was. I've not to be honest, a little unlucky. Look at


the side he has played that with to make pot.


Another inch, there would have been no problem, he could have just


screwed into the pack and played for the loose red. He could lose the


white here... That was the problem, always going to lose the white


playing it that way. He has actually left himself a with


a tricky safety. The black back on its spot, you feel


if he had been lucky there and got on something, that could have been


the end of this frame. Got to be careful here.


He's looking to get the cue ball down in the baulk area. Needs the


white to be good... And it is. Stuart is having a look to see if


the red near the pink spot goes into the corner. I think it's very, very


tight, it would be a big ask. Can play it as a shot to nothing,


though. Just got to miss the jaw of the middle pocket. That was close.


Stuart has got to make sure he finds the baulk cushion here. This could


be end of frame and match. This is the tempter that Judd's been waiting


for. He just pots so many long balls -


can he score heavily for the first time this evening and get past the


winning line? Now, normally you would suggest the next five reds and


colours are pretty straightforward, but not in this situation, the way


they're both playing. There is her girlfriend, looking on.


She knows this is a chance for him to win frame and match.


The black will take him in front. He needs all the remaining reds. Three


of them are not in favourable positions. This is the first break


above 30 since frame 11. Can you believe that, with these players?


That is for Judd Trump, I mean. Anything but straight here, Stuart


Bingham knows he will possibly get back onto the table.


He will play for the red in baulk next. That red is no problem. Can


you believe it? You just do something would happen, the way


things have gone. They are not easy across the


cushion. Gave it every chance, played at the right pace. I am sure


Stuart Bingham was thinking the championship was all over. All of a


sudden, he has got another chance. Albeit not a great one. Still a lot


of work to be done. Played that really well, and he has


a nice angle on the blue to bring the red into play.


Not enough cheque side. Will he attempt the pot? I think he will and


run through to the black. This is to stay in the match or possibly lose


it. Did not play the pot. Why did he not


play the pot? He has lost the cue ball, but what a


horrific long pot. -- terrific. He has left himself... A very positive


player. He has a brown into the centre, which is horrible, but if it


was to go in, it would guarantee him the tournament. But surely he would


play safe. He would just roll onto the green, wouldn't he?


If he plays the brown, I would be amazed.


Stuart would hit the yellow, you would think, but surely he has to


roll up to the green. I don't believe this. I thought he was!


Played a very good safety shot, as it happens. Nothing wrong with that


at all. Why he risked it, I don't know, because surely rolling onto


the green would have been easier. A quirky one now. Does he put him


back in? If he gets the right angle coming out of the snooker, he could


stick the white behind the brown. He has elected to put him back in.


Trying to come off the baulk cushion, catch it half ball, in


behind the brown. Just making sure the balls are put on the right


place. You could see where the tip of the


cue was on that last shot. He will still play one cushion. He needs to


hit it thin, get plenty of distance between cue ball and object ball.


That is as good as anything. That is a bit of good fortune.


That looks to be a yellow ball game. Judd Trump to win it, Stuart Bingham


to stay in it. That is pretty good. The only thing that could go wrong


the yellow make contact with the black. I am not sure if he has


played it hard enough. A poor safety shot. Has he got the cover? He


certainly has. That is fortunate, as he did not play that at all well.


Similar scenario, you can stun it round... He did not want to kiss the


black. Without the kiss on the black, he would have been snookered.


Stuart Bingham at the minute is in control of this little mini safety


battle. But there is a lot of tension out there. Everything must


be looking hard to both players. He is having a little book. The


black is close to the corner pocket. He is a bit far away... That is what


he played. But it is a great shot. If someone would have told me the


highest break in this session would have been 63, I would not have


believed them, but it shows how much winning the Welsh Open means to both


of them. They are both cueing all right, just cannot seem to score.


That is an excellent safety shot. If the yellow makes contact with the


brown on the way back, he could stick the yellow over the middle.


Played this nicely. Very good. Played it well.


He has pushed the brown close to the cushion.


Did not fancy playing it the aggressive way. I thought he may


have played it more confidently. He is worried about where the yellow


will end up. He has to be worried that the yellow


does not career into the green. You cannot impart any back spin. He


is just playing the yellow up and down.


That is as good as he could have done, I think.


That is a real error. I do not think Stuart will have these put back,


because the awkward pink is now off the side cushion. It is a ball that


both players will now need. He could hit the ball -- the yellow from


behind and send it up towards pink and green.


A little unlucky, he played it nicely. Will he knock the yellow in


and play the cannon onto the brown? If he takes the pot on, that is what


people think. It is not an easy safety shot, he may have to play the


pot. The double is dangerous, but if he


gets it, he would be nicely on the green.


Very straightforward to play white behind the green as well. He


overheated. Both players are really struggling at the moment.


A great bout of safety play. Neither player giving an inch.


It is nice to see breaks made and fantastic pots, but it is nice to


see the tactical side sometimes. It shows how much this game means to


both players. He has played a very good shot there, he has used the


green assay buffer. The only downside is the green has gone onto


the side cushion. I think the brown has just come to


block it getting through to the yellow. We might see him do a


swerve. That was the problem. Judd Trump was very fortunate then. He


will do well to win this game and match with this effort. Is it a free


ball or can he hit both sides of the yellow? I know it is risky, but he


could take the free Paul black and bring the green into play. But no


free ball. He tried to lock the cue ball and


get close to the green. Now this is really tough. He will have to play


the part, there is no easy safety shot.


He could not get a good cue ball. Still plenty of snooker left in this


frame at this moment in time. He tried to be clever and getting


behind the brown. The green has just gone far enough.


He has played it well. Some great safety played in this frame.


Not great overall, that stuck, but in this frame the percentage would


have been around 90% each. But overall it is quite low.


He has not made the green safe. Virtually impossible to get onto the


brown. I don't see the value in taking the green on. The middle


pocket is too thin. In the corner, it is not an easy part.


I don't blame him for refusing the pot. It a clever shot.


It will squeeze in off the black, but it is far too dangerous. He


cannot hit it thin enough to miss the kiss of the blue, so he may hit


a power stun and force it in off the black. If he plays it slow, he will


not get it, but the harder he plays it, the more chance he has. He


decided he cannot pot it. It is not easy to get safe. If he plays the


green up and down, he has to get it tight to the baulk cushion. He might


have to play the pot. He cannot avoid the kiss on the


blue. If he plays it up and down, the greenhouse to finish the baulk


cushion. What a clever shot. Well played.


Very, very good. Has not quite caught that right. I


think you can go for this green and just missed the pink. He just have


to make sure he does not get too much of the cue ball. It will be a


stun with left-hand side. It will be tight to cannon into the pink.


That was the only trouble with that shot. He wants brown and blue. Will


he think it is worth a risk on the double, leave a long blue? Or a good


safety? You can tell he is itching to play


the double, but it does not look to be the right shot.


I never thought we would be here at 11pm with this match still going on.


These two attacking players have really struggled in the


break-building department, every frame has taken over 20 minutes this


evening. The last -- this is 37 and counting. Did not expect that from


these two great players. It shows how much this tournament means to


them. They are playing for the trophy, not for money. Very


dangerous to play it towards the corner pocket, but he has played it


well. It was a great hit, but he has left


the brown. It is not easy. Mid distance.


He could play the run-through of the baulk cushion, or with power of two


cushions. I don't think he will be able to


move the pink, but he will be able to put the blue and leave himself a


nice angle is a double for the pink into right centre. It is all about


the blue. He has got the right side, so he can play the pink as a shock


to nothing. There is the pink. The black is over


the whole. You have not got to get to work to


early tomorrow, I hope! People are saying on social media they want to


get to bed, but they are gripped. If this one of the great Welsh Open


finals? My fiance has got to drive to work after this! It is a


fantastic match. It shows you do not have to see centuries, frame-winning


breaks. There has hardly been any 40 breaks, it just shows, even though


these frames are averaging 30 minutes, it is gripping stuff. I am


a professional player, I have played for 25 years, I am enthralled. This


was a wonderful clearance from Stuart Bingham at the end.


The brown was a good one. If he had pleaded with any more pace, it would


have been less comfortable. He knows that if he can part the blue, and


get a double on the pink, the black is waiting. If the blue wobbles...


That was a great pressure pot. He knows if the double does not go in,


it could cost him the championship. You will see the fist pump, he knows


the pink is approaching the pocket. The black is waiting for him, and it


is 8-8. He clears up with the black. It was a wonderful clearance,


bearing in mind that Judd Trump was potentially close to seeing this


match out and lifting the trophy. The colours the way they were, for


quite a while the brown was awkwardly positioned, and then the


pink became dislodged, the brown seemed to be the frame and match


ball. Both had a couple of chances in the final frame. But now, 8-8,


who is your money on? That is a difficult question to answer.


Dragons Den will follow our coverage of an absolutely absorbing 2017


Welsh Open. A final handshake, we are into the final frame. What will


happen? Anyone's guess. I cannot agree anymore. He has left


a shock to nothing on, so he has not broken off early. Is this the time


for Stuart Bingham to knock in a long one? Plenty of room around the


back of the black stop the only problem is the red to the right of


the pink, he does not want to cannon into that.


It has been one of those games. Some fabulous long pots, but neither of


them could get onto a colour. This has got a black ball game written


all over it. That was a nervy one. He wants to


play the stun shot. His long game, we keep saying it,


unbelievable. How many long pots he has knocked in, but not managed to


win frames from them. This is a chance to get A40 point lid, and


normally you would say that is not enough, but the way they're playing


this evening, it could be. -- to get a 40-point lead. When their playing


days screw shots, the white seems to be skidding, it's not biting.


One more good pot, and he could have the chance to score heavily. But the


pressure is on now, anything is missable.


Well, that was well controlled. Now, can he get through the gap to that


red left of the black. Just coming to see if it is possible.


The way he's walking round, it tells me that's perfect. Under normal


circumstances, we would be saying this is a chance of frame and match.


But I'm reluctant to say that, because neither player has scored a


frame-winning break or even in. -- all evening.


I think what you would say is, all match, if anybody WAS going to score


a tidy break, it would be Stuart. Two reds out in the open. The pink


is in the way, really, for him to get on the blue to go into the


cluster of reds. So he will have to do it off the black, or even maybe


the pink. I would imagine in his career, Judd Trump has not played


eight frames of snooker with a highest break of 48. And he has won


five of the eight frames. Just having a chuckle with his friend


there, who drove him down here from Devon.


Did he play for the black or the pink, I'm not sure? I can only


presume he has played to leave a half-ball black, but slightly


overhit it. He was going to the pack this time, he'll play for the loose


red. Oh, he's missed that I am I'll. Well, both players are bemused now!


And as we've always said, under pressure, you can miss anything.


Well, this one has been back and forth all night. And that was a


little bit of a twitchy one as well. I think he was frightened of


overhitting it. Off the cushion, left-hand side, and


trying to disturb the five reds below the pink... That's what he's


done. He has caught the reds, but way too thin. That was a great


opportunity. It's amazing, that neither player


can kill a frame off in one visit. I mentioned earlier, it was going to


be a black ball game - nothing has persuaded me otherwise at a moment!


In 2013, Stuart Bingham was in the final against Stephen Maguire, and


that went full distance, with Stuart Bingham losing it, 9-8. Is he going


to win this one? Could have played safe off the pack then, but he would


have been opening the reds. He just fade containing safety shot, wasn't


gaining great advantage with that shot, but he didn't want to open the


reds. He's trying to leave Judd to do that. So, he's forced Judd into


opening the balls. That was the problem, that's why Stuart didn't


want to play that shot. He has played plenty of pressure


shots in the last couple of years, being the world number two. This


will be up there with one of those. Very well played indeed! What an


excellent pot that was. They don't come more high pressure than that.


Now, then, once again we talk about normally, these


five reds and colours would be a certainty. But not this evening.


He's trying to get top side of the blue. Anywhere near that, there's no


problem with the next shot. I suppose the only thing which could


go wrong would be that he could over-stun it and go into the middle.


Well, Stuart, you've worked very hard in this match, you've struggled


this evening, but this is now a great chance to win frame and match.


He's only a couple of shots away. And this is still not


straightforward. He's going to need that red nearest the cushion in this


effort if he wants to win the frame and match. A confident Stuart


Bingham would be rolling this red in and finishing on the black. It


should be an easy pot, but the way the game has gone this evening, he


might just try and play with the pink.


It was a lot more awkward to play for the pink than the black, but the


black might have been a twitchy one at this stage of the match. 16 point


lid, the think will be 22. So, as Darren said, he will be needing that


red which is on the side. I was wondering whether he could flick the


red into play, but that's too risky. He needs a nice angle on the next


colour to have a chance at the last red, which in turn could win him the


frame and match. Well, he HAS played to move it, he has taken a risk. And


he's played it very nicely indeed. The blue puts him 28 in front, the


red will mean snookers required for Judd Trump. One more good positional


shot, and Stuart Bingham could be the Welsh Open champion.


He played it off two cautions and nearly missed the blue! This, for


the Welsh Open Championship. Well, he lost the last final he


played in, 9-8, to Stephen Maguire. It looks now, though, that he has


won this one, against Judd Trump. The standard hasn't been great - the


tension has been tremendous. Some unbelievable pots played by these


two players triple but no big break. I could never, ever think that these


two players would not make a break above 60. Judd Trump will be very,


very disappointed. Fought so hard from 4-0 down to get back into the


match, he trailed by 5-3 and lead for the first time at 7-6. But


Stuart Bingham has just proved the stronger. He'll be absolutely


delighted. It wasn't the greatest final, but we saw everything - two


great young players battling very, very hard, and in the end, it is


Stuart Bingham who comes through the victor. He wins by 9-8!


Well, ladies and gentlemen, what an absolutely thrilling, absorbing


final. There can only be one winner, but a word with the magnificent


runner-up. Judd, from 4-0 down, you showed great spirit to take this all


the way? Yes, it was tough, I missed a few chances early on, I kind of


throat away in the first four frames, really. On the whole, I did


well to get back into it. But it was just the odd shot here and there


which cost me. You have entertained this week, as you always do, but as


you demonstrated tonight, you've got mental strength and your game is


continuing to go in the right direction? Yes. It's good to get to


the final. I didn't really play how I would like, but I think Stuart has


done exceptionally well. Being World Champion, he had a bit of pressure,


but now it looks like he's back to his best, and present a


well-deserved winner. Lovely words. It has been a good run, and you had


massive support here, not just from the locals, but from over the, which


in Bristol, and you have put a great show one for your home fans? Yes,


I've had excellent support and I want to thank everyone for


supporting me. And finally, you have said you wanted to win reefed this


season. You have got the European Masters, and there is a big one


coming up at the end of April? Yes. Hopefully it can be my year. I think


I'm ready now more than ever. Hopefully it's my time. A gallant


runner-up, ladies and gentlemen, Judd Trump! Stuart, is there a tear


in the eye? Mate, the Welsh Open is where it all started, the very first


ranking event you qualified for in 1999. And here you are, it took you


two goes, but this time it's yours? Yes, unbelievable. I honestly felt


that Judd outclassed me from the word go, really. It was only from


his mistake that I cleared up and won. For yes, every time I broke


off, other than one, I think he knocked the ball in, so I didn't


know what to do. I tried to put him safe, I just didn't know what to do.


Got a bit of run of the balls at the right time, and I can't believe it.


The crowd has been brilliant all week, great support. And obviously,


just unbelievable. Seven or eight years ago, Stuart, you might not


have had the composure to come through goal like this - your game


has come on in leaps and bounds in the last few years? Yes. Obviously,


I think from winning that first ranking event down in Australia, it


just gives you that self-belief. And obviously, to win the ultimate IS


the ultimate. You don't care what you do then, you know you're good


enough to withstand any sort of pressure. Did not feel it then,


but...! Yes. I thought it was not going to be my day. But yes, come


through the decider and keep myself together, obviously... What does it


mean to you to finish on top again, because it has been awhile since The


Crucible, and he really wanted to prove to people that you can do it


again and you still belong at the top? Yes. I've been knocking on the


door since about October time. I've been playing pretty well. And I


thought it weren't going to happen there. But hats off to Judd,


unbelievable, from 4-0 down, a a lot of people might have crumbled, but


he took the game to meet. And I think he outclassed me in all


departments. To get my hands on another trophy, it means everything.


And you had a new addition to the family this year, so you have won a


title for your daughter? Yes. And she is here as well somewhere.


Upstairs! Obviously, my wife, shipped surprised me, she said she


would not be able to come up, but she has come up with some friends.


It was a great surprise. And obviously, I thought it was going to


be, a bit like four years ago, when my son came up. Obviously, now with


this new Dave Reed and trophy, I can't wait to get my hands on it.


And what a moment, to be handed that trophy by the six time World


Champion. And I noticed when I was doing the introductions, you


applauded Ray as you were waiting to come down? To write, he's a living


legend. -- too right. We haven't got that many six time world champions


in our game, and he's probably one reason why a lot of players are


playing today, and Welsh supporters well. I am honoured to be getting a


trophy off him. Well, Stuart, you have worked so, so hard for this,


you've waited such a long time to win the Welsh Open. Many


congratulations, enjoy the celebrations tonight. Your champion,


ladies and gentlemen. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your


presentation party, the head of PR at Coral, and the six time World


Champion, Ray Reardon! The runner-up, receiving the silver


medal and a cheque for ?30,000, what a week, ladies and gentlemen, for


Judd Trump! And after two decades of trying to


win this one, your victor, receiving the cheque for ?70,000, the Ray


Reardon Trophy, it's Stuart Bingham! Ladies and gentlemen, your champion,


Stuart Bingham! Well, what a very, very special


moment for Stuart Egan Spassky receives the trophy from the legend


of the Welsh game and the six time world charm and Ray Reardon. And how


pleased does he look to get his hands on that new Welsh Open trophy?


His first writing title since that World Championships win in 2015, the


first time that he's won here at the Welsh Open. Dominic Dale, special


night for Stuart Bingham? Yes, absolutely. What a magnificent final


between these two guys. When Judd Trump pulled it back to all square


at the interval, I could not pick a winner and I don't think anybody


could. Have had so many great finals here at the Welsh Open, and that was


another one. Graduations to Stuart, wonderful achievement, he's still


one of the most consistent players on the tour. Quick word on Judd


Trump? Great player, very exciting player, and I'm sure this will give


him confidence for the rest of the season, and he will be a threat for


the World Championships. Stuart's wife will be delighted as well, with


the new addition to the family as well? Yes. If he has any more


additions to the family, he will have to keep winning ranking events


to pay for them or! They are a lovely family, I see them on the


tour from time to time. Been a good year for you, 2017? Well, I got to


the last 32 here, won a couple of matches, which I have not done for a


couple of years. It looks like I might get back in the world's top


32, and hopefully I can do. Dominic, thank you very much indeed, and


thank you for your company here. What drama we have had, right to the


very last frame, it's been fantastic. Stuart Bingham, the new


Welsh Open champion. From all of us here, good night.


Good job, guys. We totally nailed it.


This year, fundraising kits are going to be sent through the post.


Ian Hunt presents coverage from Cardiff's Motorpoint Arena as the final between Stuart Bingham and Judd Trump reaches its conclusion. A maximum of nine frames decides who will be crowned 2017 Welsh Open champion and take home the winner's cheque for £70,000.