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The Best Bits

Highlights from the Sport Relief 2012 event, which saw a host of sporting personalities come together to raise money for charity.

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Welcome to a look back at Sport Yeah! Wow! # Everyone is in the


house tonight... I have my stunt double with me! # Every day I'm


# Shuffling,! Shuffling! Stop! Pain is bad! We just want to say now you


with me! Push your hands up # Put your hands up. Get up, get down,


put your hands up to the sound! Yeah! Yeah! Oh! # Everyone have a


good time # Come on people! Oh! Yae! Yeah! Put your hands up #


# This high ball, it is out of control # Look at that body # Girl


look at that body # Girl, lack at that body! I work out! Girl look at


that body # Girl look at that body! I work out! When I walk in, this is


what I see, everyone is staring at me # I have got passion and I ain't


afraid to show it! I'm sexy and I know it! # Sexy and I know it!


- argh! # Wiggle, wickle, wiggle yeah! I'm going to wiggle man! I do


the wiggle man! I do the wiggle man! I'm sexy and I know it!


have the Strictly team as you have never seen them and Miranda has her


own sporting challenge. But first a What's your name? Kooren. Will this


take long? -- Karen. We should be on our way shortly. Are you a


Chelsea fan? No I hate football. I won this in a competition aye


wanted to be on television and it will look good on my CV. Is this an


important game? Yeah it is. And are you feeling confident? Yes. Right.


Why do you make that face? reason. She is fine and guess what?


She's got Frank Lampard. Great. is chatting away to him. She's


chatting to him? Yes. Maybe keep an eye on that, in case... She does...


That thing that she does. Excuse me! Excuse me, you're Christine,


Bleakley, Yes. I'm a fan. Can I have an autograph. Hi I'm Pete. I'm


also a fan. We always voted for you on Strictly. You and Ann Widdecombe,


because we look liked to see Anton used as floor mop. You're


supporting your other half. What Adrian Chiles. No we work together,


but we're not married. Christine is engaged to Frank Lampard, who is a


very lucky man. He is not that lucky, that goal against Germany


was well over the line. Dad called the referee a Nazi stooge. Do you


want to see him goose step something can I have one more.


I know is that last weekend I heard my dad shouting, that you had


missed a goal that my granny could have scored. We all miss the


occasional one. It must have been easy sh because my granny's got a


plastic hip. But we still won and I made both of the goals. That is


nothing to boast about. You just need a few bits of wood and a net.


Anyone can make a goal. That is just DIY. Karen try not to talk to


Mr Lampard too much. He is trying to focus on the game. This is my


mum. She fans Yips you. No I don't. -- fancys you. Excuse me. I'm sorry.


Karen. Really. There is a lot of big game pressure. I know. I play


netball for the school. Sorry. Football's much harder than net


wall ball. My daughter is Frank's Place cot today. She won't forget


that in a hurry. No, and neither will he. Can I have two more, one


to Mikey and one to Josh. You know what would make dance on ice ewe


are better. You're great in that. To have thin patches of ice that


they would have to avoid, so they're skating and then plummet


through ice, bang! Or giant angry walruses. Netball is hard e in thet


ball the net is small -- netball is harder, because the net is so small


and the in football the net is bigger than the ball. The goals are


huge and in netball, the net is really high up off the ground.


hasn't got a huge goalie guarding it. Amy Harrison is nearly six feet


tall. Or a polar bear. Call it six quid, it hunts the skaters across


the ice. It is what they call jeopardy. You have got to stop her.


A polar bear may cause problems. I Now could I have five to no one in


particular. Are you selling these? These are actually part of my


business start up project for economics. But you are selling them.


I can cut you in. In the skate off. Football is harder than netball,


isn't it lads? Of course you would say that. Have you even played


netball. I have, I'm quite good. Karen stop it. Stop it.


netball... Most footballers have nick names don't they, do you have


have one? No. I am sure my dad called you something. When you


missed that goal. It'll come to me in a second. 17/30. Final off.


can't do that. 50/50. Does Frank get nervous. A bit. What if I give


some to charity. Does she throw up, that is what I do when I get


nervous. I'm feeling nervous now. Right. There is a friend of mine,


I'm going to go and catch up. and you choose the charity. This is


my wife, when frarning gets nervous, does he a huge vain start throbbing


behind his left ear? What this a arm band? It means I'm captain.


you're in charge. Does that mean if you lose the newspapers will all


blame you? I bet it does. Especially if you miss another easy


one. Come on lads. They will probably stick your face on a


picture of a vegetable. Frank the ref does haven't a Place cot.


does now! So you're the ref? Yeah. And are you feeling confident?


putting aside Frank Lampard's five missed penalties what about that


extraordinary refeeing performance? The man went to pieces. It was


incredible. He sent off seven play irs and the Chelsea mascot and


punches the fourth fish, swallows his own whistle and then his shorts


fall down. It was abysmal. Your support has helped us change lives


here in the UK and all over the world. But there is a lot more we


can do. Look at this film. It is why we're hear. So many kids here


all not well. It is the most appalling thing I have seen. Kids


shouldn't be doing this. Even now, they don't understand why he can't


come back. Our biggest hope is that a child is strong enough to run and


laugh. It is like looking at somebody that use to be him. She is


a beautiful girl and a has to facey day. Welcome to hell. -- facey day.


It is impossible for any parent to be here. It is unimaginable that


Today you could change someone's life forever. # I won't let you go!


Every pound you give will be spent in the UK or in the world's poorest


countries. Tonight you can change lives. Together, we can change


lives. Please call the number on screen. # If I lay here # If I just


lay here # Could you lie with me # And just forget the world? # Forget


what we're told # Before we get too old. # Just show me a garden that's


bursting into life. # All that I am. # And all that I erwas. # It here


in your perfect eyes, they're all I can see. # I don't know where #


Confused about how as well. # Just know that these things will never


change for us at all. # If I lay here # If I just lay here. # Would


you lie with me? And just forget Now it's time join the Strictly


team, who agreed to face their toughest challenge ever for Sport


Relief. They thought the battle for -- they


fought the battle for the Strictly crown. Now at the world famous pine


wood stoud yoz, Harry and Chelsee dance as you've never seen them


before. This is Strictly Come Dancing Underwater for Sport Relief.


Welcome to this very special edition of Strictly Come Dancing.


This is quite frankly one of the most bonkers things we have ever


attempted for Sport Relief. Strictly is going under water. We


have built our own ballroom and submerged it into that dank. In a


moment, our couples will dance on that very watery stage. They filmed


scenes from Pirates Of The Caribbean and James Bond in that


tank, talking of suave, sophisticated leading men, here's


four who won't be shaken or stirred, it's the Strictly judges! Please


welcome Craig Revel Horwood, Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli and Olympic


swimmer and fofrpler -- former contestant, Mark Foster (. Ahoy


there boys. Ahoy. You look so sweet, you look about seven. Len, if I can


call you captain Len. Yes please. What are you expecting and how


excited are you, this has to be very difficult. I am truly excited.


This is a unique experience for me, 50 years of judging ballroom


dancing and here I am four men in a punt, getting ready to watch this.


I can't wait. I don't know what to expect. I'm hoping it's going to be


gorgeous. I have a feeling it's going to be gorgeous. Me too. Bruno,


how challenging is it going to be. We're here for Sport Relief, but at


the moment Chelsee and Harry have to walk down those stairs and dance,


quite hard. It's incredibly hard. Imagine you have the resistance of


the water, so every shape you make and everything you do you have to


calculate the resistance of the water. Mark knows all about it, but


there is the weightlessness as well. If you're clever, you can use the


weightlessness that the water gives you to do fantastic, smooth shapes.


So there are pros and cons. I'm sure it's going to be amazing.


Craig, I know you're normally livid, but this is for Sport Relief, oh, a


smile! They are under water. Are you excited in any way and joyful?


Yes, I am excited. I'm looking forward to it all going horribly


wrong darlingment -- Darling. you know more than the judges. How


difficult would it be to move under that much water? It's a massive


tank. It's not like they're in a puddle. No, it's incredibly


different than doing it on land. You have the resistance against you.


When you're moving under water you get out of breath. They'll be


looking for breath as well. I know they have mouth pieces on, but it


will be far different from on land. Thank you so much. First up it's


Strictly champions Harry and Aliona. Before they put the motion in your


ocean, let's see how they got on in training.


Harry and Aliona! Winning Strictly was absolutely amazing. When we


were asked to do Strictly Underwater we jumped at opportunity.


When I arrived this morning at the stage, I kind of felt like I was


filming the new bond movie. I got in the water, got the scuba


equipment on. Went straight to the bottom. If you could play the James


Bond music when I'm under there, that would be really cool.


MUSIC: James Bond theme. Then we started dancing. Moving


through water is a lot harder. It's like moving through treacle. You


can't really communicate either. I think Aliona doesn't like it,


because her dancing power is taken away when you're under water.


Training for the series on Strictly, you do eight to ten hours a day.


Dancing under water, we managed about three today. It's a lot more


strenuous. Stop eating chocolate. We don't have much time. The


routine isn't set, so we have to work harder tomorrow. Panicking


yet? A little bit. Dancing for Sport Relief, Harry jud


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 100 seconds


CHEERING Oh! There you are -- there you are.


Absolutely amazing, gob smacking, you clever girl. Guys, do you want


robes? No thank you. Massive congratulations. You looked


brilliant. And beautiful. How did it feel? Amazing. Very different,


yeah. You took our breath away. How was it? Good fun. Loved it. Let's


go to the judges. Our lovely guest, Mark how did they cope? Fantastic.


That was absolutely brilliant. Is there anything you can't do, brodge


of you, -- both of you. The shapes you make, your feel for the water,


you were like happy feet down there. In a good way. Bruno what did you


think? Hello sailor! I don't know why, but I have this sudden urge, I


want to dive in, I really do. Slick and stream lined, truly a wonder


down under. The shapes were beautiful, both of you were like a


marvel of the abyss. Loved it. Thank you very much for your


comments. Craig what did you think, beautiful wasn't it? You both took


the plunge darling and it actually paid off - elegant, liquid, clean


lines, loved it. I felt waves of emotion, darling. Especially when


you went into that wonderful double attitude turn, that looked


incredible. You then followed that into the fish lift, which I thought


was completely and absolute a appropriate and the upper body


strength Aliona you demonstrated under water, a one-arm press,


brilliant. Delicious darling. judge, captain Len? The movement


and the lifts were beautiful. You know they say that 80% of all life


in the world is under water and you were full of life, well done.


Thank you so much. Are you very happy with those comments?


Extremely happy. They were beautiful. It must have been an


extraordinary experience, then to come out and have the Craig Revel


Horwood be nice. It's a shock really. No, amazing comments. Thank


you very much. Judges, I believe 35, happy with that? Happy. Good.


That's the end of part one. But that was merely a drop in the


ocean... Can't help myself! In part two, we'll see Chelsee and Pasha


brave the waters. But is Chelsee out of her depth. See you in part


two and remember, do this with me, I'm in one of the biggest slums in


Sierra Leone, a home to nearly 11,000 people. There's barely any


running water here, Nissan taigs. This is where most people go to the


toilet or -- no sanitation. This is where people go to the toilet and


wash their clothes. Thousands of the poorest of this country's


people are crammed into tiny shacks. Like Yenke and three generations of


her family. Hello. I'm John. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven,


so there's eight of you. Not to be disrespectful, but this is


basically the size of a small garden shed. You wouldn't want to


spend a night here let alone all your life. This hut is on the edge


of a sewage-filled river that regularly floods. So it's hard to


comprehend how the family have managed to survive these living


conditions. It turns out they haven't. She's lost five children


to preventable illnesses by living here.


TRANSLATION: Some of them died of pneumonia and the others malaria,


because we don't have the money, we could not afford the proper


medicines, so they died. How old? One year old, one year six months,


three months, four months, five months. With everything that has


happened to you, do you still have hope for your family?


TRANSLATION: I still have hope because I am still alive. I may be


one day, one of our kids will succeed and help us all.


children are battling to survive here. Your money has already paid


for some water taps to be installed, but there's a much bigger problem.


At this moment in time, there's 18 toilets that work here. There's


10,900 people living here. That's an incomprehensible dilemma that we


just don't face. But Yenke's 11- year-old granddaughter has to face


it every day. Can you explain where You can see why. Can you imagine


asking your 11-year-old daughter to go to the toilet into the river? I


calm here to learn something, but I've got to be honest with you, I


wasn't expecting anything like this. She's a beautiful 11-year-old girl,


someone's daughter and has to face this cesspit every day. What are


your worries for the future? What are the things that you worry


about? You lost your sister, and you worry


you will die too? No kid in the world should be worrying about


dying. Kids at home worry about whether they've got the right


trainers on. This is life and death. This little girl and her family's


got the hope. You can provide the help. Please call 03457 910 910.


Thank you. Back to Strictly now and let's see


how Chelsee and Pasha got on as they prepare for their


Welcome back to Pinewood Studios for part two of Strictly Come


Dancing Underwater. As it's Sport Relief we've taken Strictly to new


heights by taking it to new depths. We've submerged our ballroom and


1.2 million litres of water. Earlier champions Harry and Aliona


made a splash with their amazing routine here's a reminder of how


Hello sailor. Slick and streamlined. Truly a wonder down under. Elegant,


liquid, clean lines, loved it. I felt waves of emotion, darling.


was phenomenal, the shapes you make and everything else, your feel for


the water, you're like happy feet down there. You were full of life


Next it is Chelsee and Pasha. Here they are in training. I come second


in Strictly and it would be amazing to come home with a trophy. We're


taking our first steps in underwater dancing. I'm not going


in there. I don't lieb it. -- like it. I don't like going under water.


It goes in me eyes. I can't do it. Oh! I'm trying to work me breathing


out. I'm so used to breathing through me nose. I think we're


going through hardest stage. Because the main thing is to get


comfortable being under water. feels unnatural. I sometimes panic


when I have been down there. uncomfortable and scary to be under


water. It is a different vairplt. knew it would be hard and it is


hard for me. -- environment. I'm so proud of Chelsee. I can't do it.


APPLAUSE. Dancing under water, # Somewhere beyond the sea. #


Somewhere waiting for me # My lover stands on golden sand and watches


for ships that go sailing. # Somewhere beyond the sea. # She's


there watching for me. # If I could fly like birds on high, then


straight to her arms I'd go sailing! # It's fun beyond the


stars. # It's near, beyond the moon. # I know beyond a doubt, my heart


will lead me there soon. # We'll meet beyond the shores. We'll kiss


just as before # Happy we'll be, beyond the sea. # And never again


Are you all right darling? That was so good. How was it? Amazing. It is


scary being down there. But once you are down there, you feel your


breathing's going OK, it's amazing. I loved it. You did brilliantly.


Did youen joy it? Yes, everything went the way we planned and it is


such a feel of freedom. Yes and I can do the split down there.


our judge and Mark, how do you think they coped, they had tables


and chairs and everything. We were talking, I hadn't seen any rest


hearseals, but Chelsee had problems getting under the water, but you


war star fish, you were fantastic. You did more movement than Harry


and I think you were amazing. Well done. Bruno? Chelsee, you delicious


Mermaid! And in your underwater kingdom, there was a moment when


you swam under, reaching for the cam ra, it was pure Esther Williams,


it was great. You did fantasticically. Mr No longer


grumpy and just full of joy, Craig Revel Horwood. I thought the


transitions were slightly fishy. There were just a bit complex. It


looked a bit more like a shark attack and a feeding frenzy. But


you did a million and one steps, you kept in character the whole way


and I loved the use of props. Tables, chairs, champagne glasses,


absolutely heaven. Full of drama. I'd say water heaven, darling.


Gorgeous. Brilliant. Thank you. Finally head judge, Len. My little


water baby, I tell you whatever anyone gives to Sport Relief, you


have given more. I know you were petrified and you have come out and


do it. I think that was amazing. You did a fantastic job. It was


very well done. APPLAUSE. Well done. Before we get the scores, let's


welcome back Harry and Aliona. You of course scored 35. We will find


out what Chelsee you have scored. I would say if it is a tie, then the


king, otherwise known as Len, will decide who lifts the trophy. Good


luck. Will the judges please reveal It's a tie! Let's go to Len. This


is serious fpts somebody does win a beautiful Sport Relief underwater


trophy. Who would you like to see win? Well I tied both of you. I


gave you both an eight, because first I thought Harry's, that


actual dance was baufl and I loved the movement of it. -- beautiful.


However I must say that I felt that as a dance from a celebrity, under


water, Chelsee did a bit more dancing. You mainly partnered


Chelsea See mainly danced. My decision is for you Chelsee and


Pasha. We have a winner of Sport Relief Strictly Come Dancing


underwater. Raise it above your head. I feel stupid, but I'm made


up. Stupid and made up is good. Thank you. I was an incredible


experience for both couples. I think we are both winners today.


You were, are you happy for them? Delighted. It is an may mazing


thing to be part of and Chelsea See did incredibly well. And it is an


amazing thing. Thank you. We have a winner, please raise the roof for


our Sport Relief Strictly Come Dancing Underwater champion,


From north to south, east to west. You made a difference. You are the


best. Whether climbing, skaiteding or swimming a mile, you always


limbered up in true style. On ships, riegd bikes, or fitness -- riding


bikes or or fitness machines, you went out in teams. With family or


friends, or going a - alone, you did your best. You got out fr bed


and raised loads of money. We thank you dearly for every peny raised,


now get some raised, now get some rest. Thank you, we hope you had


fun, you are baufl and brilliant, - - beautiful every last one.


time for Miranda, who seems to have Oh yes that, man played an ace the


moment he took his track suits off. He can lob his eyes my way. He can


have a racquet together. Good one. I'd like a good service! Oh that's


just desperate! Where's Miranda. I do hope she behaves herself. I have


never risked exposing her in a box. # Land of hope and tkphrory... --


glory, why do we never know the words. The button is a Salah my --


Salah Mey stick. Oh the tennis. That is brilliant. Oh I'm sorry


Dame scary Bruce phase. It is a not the news now. Chill axe owe Brucey.


Not that I'm saying you look like Bruce Forsythe. You are actually


beautiful in the flesh. What are you wearing. I thought Albert Hall


Proms. You look like a rugby player, you look like an absolute... Moron!


Get your plaity stick out of my face. There is a joke there


somewhere. Quick! I will go home and change. No, you will miss


everything. I'm not bothered about the tennis. But there are men here


who are what I call tall. Tall rich men with bulging thighs. I might


stick around. It is Virginia Wade. Your royal tennisness. I'm needed


in the VIP room. So are we. There will be men. We're needed in the


VIP room, OMG, LOLer, because we are all more important people than


you. Such fun. She said such fun. VIP room. We're in. Act casual.


Look around for men. Smie sure. -- Sure. You're look very strange.


try tock casual. It is Robbie safr accuse savage. Hello I'm Penny.


This is my daughter Miranda. Hello. Hello nice the meet you. Oh Savage.


You can savage me any time! What am I doing? Chow, ring me. Oh it is Mo


para. Hello Mo. I will be fine. So Mo, Mo, fara, and ball. Mighty Mo.


And big Mo. A Mo hee toe! A Mo Mo a go go! Here's a gone, gone. Why do


you have to be my daughter. It is just the way it goes. You're weird.


I defy you to do better. Right. Fine. Joe Calzaghe. Hello Joe.


you doing? What say you and I engage in some sexual sparring,


Ding, Ding, round one, bash, bash, boom, bash bang! Boom! Oh I'm sorry,


Miss Balding. So sorry. What and I'm weird. You're suppose to be


casual with famous people and I put my bum in Clare Balding's face.


It's too much! That was Roberto Mancini. What is going on over


there. Come here. Who are you lot. Have you got pass? Who are we, that


is rude, for we are athletes. Yeah. This is... Hill... My name is


Pavlova, I'm a Russian gymnast. this gymnast. And I am... She's


heavy weight. I thought I recognised you. Iesm a heavy weight


boxer, lifter, I lift heavy boxes. Watch me lift! And... Oh dear I


think you have been eating too many crisps. Who are you really.


Barker. No, I'm suer Barker. I don't think so. No, I am Sue Barker.


We have only got your word for that. I don't know who you are. She


shouldn't be in this VIP room, what does she know about tennis. This is


Sue, how are you? Fantastic question of sport the other day. I


loved it. I'm Sue Barker. No, I'm Oh, cricketers. Lads, catch!


sorry. Hello. Sorry about that. That was wholey inappropriate. Oh,


look, Goran Ivanisevic, now he is the perfect man. Bit out of your


league. Try and keep it a tiny bit real, girlfriend. What is this?


know, keeping it in the celebrity groove. No me and Goran. Out of


your league. OK jog on, ideally for 26.2 miles. Excuse me Jessica


Ennis! You're never Goce to believe who's here, my long-term crush


Michael Owen. Is that his real size or has someone put him on a hot


wash. Look who he's with, James Cracknell. He is perfect for you.


Oh, I wouldn't mind striking gold with a bit of James Cracknell. Calm.


He winked. He winked at me. Due see that? OK. All right. What do we do?


Smile. All right Mo? He waved at me. He called me Mo which clearly


stands for most definitely would. We are so in there. Oh, yeah!


aren't they coming over? Do you know what I think it is? I think


they're intimidated by the dress. Oh, you're so right. If I wasn't


wearing this dress, they'd be all over us. He winked again. OK, let's


get out of here, getting you out of that and plan. OK. What can I wear?


We need to dress you down. You look needy and desperate. I am needy and


desperate. Where can I change? I need a room to change in. I need a


sort of changing room, as it were. There's no-one here. OK. Look, a


thong! Do you think he'd like me in a thong. He looks like a thong sort


of a man. What am I going to do? Perfect, a tennis kit. It's a man's.


Exactly, it will fit. Oh, rude. I tell you what size you'll look in


that jute fit. Size sexy baby. Men like a sorty look. Get those legs


out. Excuse me, I have a thng to put on. -- thong to put on.


Ivanisevic, your match is starting, please come with me. Mr Ivanisevic?


Sorry, there's been a misunderstanding.


misunderstanding, you're on next. He looked straight at me and still


thought I was Goran Ivanisevic. It's one thing from the back!


as you can please. Why can't I get mistaken for Anna Kournikova.


Excuse me young chap, there's been a mistake. Miranda? Where is my


kit? Oh... Ouch. Arrrr. What are you doing? I thought you winked at


me. You did it again. No I've got dodgy new contact lenss. Oh, right.


Well you know, your loss, your loss, my little elfin friend. Tomorrow


you'll be playing with Wayne Rooney. I'll be playing with these bad boys


and a boff and a boff. The thing is I really think there's been a bit


of... Oh, God it's Tiger Tim. shape Goran. I really think you


should check in the dressing room. He's clearly still down there.


You're such a card. Where's Miranda. I thought she was with you.


COMMENTATOR: Welcome Tim Henman and Goran Ivanisevic. What on earth?


Quick, do something. How can we stop her? I'll serve. I might as


well. It's only henman. Oh, my, Love-15. This is mortgagifying. --


mortifying. Love-30. It's OK. It came back quite fast. I wasn't


expecting that. She'll never find a husband, if it gets out she's been


She won a point! Goran! Goran! CROWD CHANTS: Goran!


MUSIC: Theme to Rocky Advantage Ivanisevic. Goran, Goran!


Excuse me. What are you doing? Putting us all out of our misery.


You all right? Thank you. Oh, gosh... Hello Mr Ivanisevic,


Sir. Erm, sorry, I'm wearing your kit. It's just... You look hot.


am a bit sweaty. I started your match. We're in the lead. I mean


Size sexy! Mr Lend le your match with McEnrow in two -- McEnroe in


two minutes' time please. See you later. Sport Relief 2012 saw


extraordinary musical contributions from bands such as JLS, Snow Patrol


and my personal favourite and the favourite of everyone over 45 LMFAO.


# I hope that the world stops raining


# Stops turning its back on the young


# See nobody here is blameless # I hope that we can fix all that


we've done # I really hope Martin can't see


this # I hope that we still have a dream


# I'm hoping that change isn't hopeless


# I'm hoping to start it with me # I just hope I'm not the only one


# Yes, I just hope I'm not the only # I hope we start seeing forever


# Instead of what we can gain in a # I hope we start seeing each other


# Because don't we all bleed the same?


# I really hope someone can hear me # That a child doesn't bear the


weight of a gun # I find the voice within me


# To scream at the top of my lungs # I just hope I'm not the only one


# Yes, I just hope I'm not the only # Louder, I cannot hear you


# How can things be better left unsaid?


# Call me, call me a dreamer # But it seems the dreams are all


that we've got left # Ooohhh


# I hope that we still have a heartbeat


# I hope we don't turn to stone # At night when you turn the lights


# I hope you don't cry alone # I hope we stop taking for granted


# All of the land all of the sea # I'm taking a chance on loving


# I hope that you take it with me # I just hope I'm not the only one


# Yes, I just hope I'm not the only # Yes, I just hope I'm not the only


You can still donate now by phone or via the website. Please give


what you can and make a difference to people's lives.


When I need support I turn to my family. Sometimes when things are


tough I turn to my wife. When I've had a bad day I find strength in my


dad. But there are thousands of people right here in the UK, who


feel they have no-one to turn to. Sport Relief is working hard to


find people in trouble and give them a helping hand just when they


need it. Any of the girls would say, "Why can't he give me just one more


kiss? Why can't he say goodbye to me? "I was diagnosed with


schizophrenia. Depression. Bipolar. A lot of people find it difficult


to talk about it. They feel a bit ashamed. Life sometimes is just so


hard. Over the years, Sport Relief money has helped all sorts of


people from all over the country. Get them back on their feet, help


them stand tall with pride. never give up. Children who bear


the huge responsibility and challenge of looking after their


own parent. My mum's got multiple sclerosis which makes her really


tired. I mainly help my mum with the cooking and I help with the


injections. And getting things ready for her. I remember certain


smells and I started really hearing high echo. Your head starts banging.


I started seeing things, not flash backs, I mean literally seeing


things. It's like looking at a ghost of somebody that used to be


there. I just sat beside him and he's rocking and crying. He didn't


know who I was. He didn't know where he was. He was scared. Sorry,


But they do have someone who cares - they have you. Because 50% of


Sport Relief money gets spent here in the UK. In England, Northern


Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Your funny -- money funds projects


nationwide. I have witnessed how important these organisations are.


It is your money that makes all of this possible. It is a great idea


bring able bodied and disabled young people together to break down


barriers. And what better way to do than through through sport?


helps me be more independent and come here. The project, it is


fantastic. I can't wish for a better support network. Tonight you


can be the rock that support the lifeline in sun's life. Someone who


needs your help right now. Call the number on screen now. And make a


difference to someone's life. Or donate online. A big, big, thank


you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Next, it


is Britain's Got Talent. Where a new boy band think they have got


what it sakes to impress Simon. They haven't! Britain's Got Talent


comes to London. And among the hopefuls waiting in the queue,


stand a new boy band. They have travelled from Benidorm in Spain.


I'm Liam. I'm Kenny. I'm with Asparagus Rising. I'm Michael and


together we are are - Los Chorizos. Who have we got here? Los Chorizos.


How did you meet? On holiday in Benidorm. I put four young lads


together with a lot of raw talent. Nick put us together and made a


supergroup for the 21st Century. Wow! I think they have got what it


takes to win. They have the dance moves of Divrsty. They have got the


appeal of Joe McElderry. And The Got the voices of JLM. JLS!


name is Los Chorizos, which means I can't find me sausages. Iefrplt


what you talking about? It means hot fiery meat. I knew that. I'm


not a complete idiot. Really, which part is missing. How are the nerves.


We are feeling good, we're going to win. That is fighting talk. No, I'm


a lover, not a fighter. Benidorm has got talent and we're bringing


to it a stage near you, Los Chorizos! Los Chorizos. I still


think it sounds like can't find me sausages. APPLAUSE. Hello, hi Simon.


Who are you? We're a boy band from Benidorm and we're called Los


Chorizos! It means hot sausages. Great.Ly, Are you all right. Have


you seen me husband. He is their manager. He wanted to watch it from


the front. Do you think you can win. I can we can absolutely win. Can I


have your names. I'm Liam and I'm 18. All right and you? Michael and


I'm 13. You. Math owe. How old are you? 25. The rest. Where do you see


yourselfs in five years time. Las Vegas. In Hollywood. Hollywood.


That is near Las Vegas. What would you call your first album?


Sausages! What did he say? Sausages. OK. You ready. Shall we start.


Thank you. Good luck. Come on Los Chorizos this what is has all been


about. # Let's get ready, let's get ready to rumble. I know this one.


Come on. Let's get ready # Let's get ready I come on Liam man!


get ready to rumble. He's forgot the hovers -- moves. Wash United


get the mic, psyche! Et let's get ready to rumble. Everyone rumle.


Let's get ready to rumble # Get ready, get steady, and rumble.


That is my son. Get ready to rumble! Who buzzed them? Simon.


Simon Cowell? Yes. Get redy, get steady, let's rumble. Everybody


rumble. Let's get ready to rumble. Rumble ladies. Rumble. Rumble.


hot. Thank you. What did you think? I think you guys are great. You're


very sexy, clearly. You are a fantastic dancer. What is there not


to like. David what kid -- did you think? The song was bad enough


first time around. Carmen Electra. Let's get ready to rumble, yes clam


This was arguably one of worst groups I have ever seen. And the


idea... Sorry the idea you called yourself a boy band was ridiculous.


We're a boy band. CROWD BOOS. not having it. Right, that's it.


Listen, Cowell, you don't know nothing about talent. This lad here,


he is my grandson. And if you say anything to him, I'll kick you so


hard where it hurts, you will be singing soprano to Ding, dong,


merrily on high! This is my mother and I'm sorry, but she gets a


bitter tabl when she's not had a -- gets a bitter tabl when she has not


had a cigarette. Let's vote on it. I have to say, yes. Alesha? It is a


yes for me, guys. Two yes, one more and they're through. I'm going to


say absolutely no. So your fate lies with David. Hmm... I think


there is potential. Fing you worked for the next say 70 or the 80 years,


he hearseing you might have something. So I'm going to say yes!


You're through. Bye! If you're taking part in the Sport Relief run,


good luck and don't forget to watch the Sport Relief mile show on BBC1


# You told me I should live my life to the limit. # What a shame that


my heart don't lie # I'm determined when you trust in me. It's all I


need. # Now I'm hoping if you hear this, you believe that all I do is


to make you proud. # Make you stronger, so I make my mind up, all


I do is to make you proud. # Proud, proud. Make you proud. # Make you


proud proud. # All that I do is to make you proud. # I never gave up


then pause you keep hope alive # And the champion gives one last


ride. # Yeah! # You said I deserve the best in life, I should be


winning. # You have got to spread your wings and prepare to fly. # Oh


the shape of my heart don't lie. # I'm determined with your faith in


me. To make you see. # Now I'm hoping if you hear this. # You


believe that all I do is to make you proud. # Make me stronger. # So


I make my mind up # All that I do is to make you proud. # Proud proud


proud! Make you proud proud proud! # All I do is to make you proud! #


No body can tell me they were there for me. # Before you came around. #


There was pain in every heartbeat. # But eventually you built my


reserve to be strong. # Now I'm hoping if you hear this, you


believe that all I do is to make you proud! # I'm hoping # If you


hear this # You believe that all I do is to make you proud! # Make me


stronger, so I rise up. Hash make my minds up, all I do is to make