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No, not that lot. You lot! Where live from the Queen Elizabeth


Olympic Park. We will bring you the action from across the UK as all of


you enjoy the fun and games of Sport Relief. You are swimming and cycling


to do your bit as well. Banks to you, Sport Relief really can help


change people's life. Welcome to the Sport Relief Games Show.


Hello and welcome to the Sport Relief Games Show with Matt Baker.


And Alex Jones. And before we go any further, I think I can speak for all


of us when I say we are truly in awe of you and your moonlight buttress.


How on earth are you here? For anyone who hasn't seen Alex's


challenge for Sport Relief, it's unbelievable. She had raised over ?1


million. It is almost certainly going to go up. Everybody loves it.


You can watch it all in a documentary on just after us. Now


honestly, has this been the hardest week of your life? Without a shadow


of a doubt. But people have been so generous and that has more than made


up for it. Just relax and enjoy the afternoon. Now today, up and down


the country people are going on the run, taking the plunge or getting on


their bikes for Sport Relief and we are live from Queen Elizabeth


Olympic Park, where the Games are well and truly underway. Just look


at the view. You can see the Aquatic Centre on the left there, the


magnificent Orbit in the middle. And on the right, you can hardly miss


it, the former Olympic Stadium. And it's an exclusive look today as it's


the first time anyone's been let loose around the whole park since


London 2012. I can't believe it. This is a bit of an incline, it's


quite testing, but everybody is doing really well. Helping us keep


up to speed down here in London will be John Inverdale at the mile start-


line. And CBBC's Michelle Ackerley will be covering all things cycle


and swim related. We'll also be going live to Glasgow, where Hazel


Irvine will be reporting all the latest goings on, from the host city


of this Summer's Commonwealth Games. But that's not all. Here's what else


we've got lined up for you. It's Bishop v Coe in the Clash of the


Titans. Good as gold - Olympians Victoria Pendleton Lizzy Yarnold


will be joining us. Lovely jubbly! Del, Rodney and Dave get together


for a bit of mangetout! EastEnders settle a score in The Great British


Bounce Off. Of course, we shot off the starting blocks on Friday night,


raising an incredible ?52 million by the end of the show. But we are


still counting and we will be revealing the latest total at the


end of this programme. Right, time for a quick peek at how you've


already been going the distance today, including us and our


commentating legend Steve Cram, on the very first mile this morning.


We'd love to hear from you, so if you're joining in the games today or


you just want to spur on someone else, please do get in touch and


we'll do our best to share your news with the nation. Details of how to


contact us are on screen now. There's only minutes until our first


live wave in London gets going, so before we hand over to John at the


start line and our commentator Steve Cram, let's say a quick hello to


Hazel in Glasgow. Welcome to Glasgow, the home of this year's


Commonwealth Games. I'm joined here in Tollcross Park by hundreds of


runners for the Sport Relief mile, and not far from us - just behind


those trees, in fact - is the Tollcross International Swimming


Centre, where earlier today the Sport Relief swimming challenge


started. Meanwhile, in that direction is the Sir Chris Hoy


Velodrome, where lycra-clad members of the public are standing by for


the cycling event. And from there to the home of the


Olympics and Paralympics in 2012. It looks beatable. The Velodrome and


the Aquatics Centre are hosting the cycling and swimming action, but for


the runners, they get the chance to run around Olympic Park. Let have a


look at the track. John will be waiting for them at the start line


next to the aquatics centre. They will head around the Olympic Park


and then up that little incline past Matt and Alex sitting on their


sabres where volunteers will be bad to give them their well deserved


medals. Well, it is pretty cold and the way


to keep warm today is to run. That is what these people intend to do in


a few moments. Your whole season has been building up to this moment,


James, hasn't it? Yes, I had a big pre-season to make sure I could run


a mile without collapsing. Every ticket had ?1 go towards Sport


Relief. I think some of the games in the Rugby World Cup next year will


be played here in this stadium. The atmosphere is incredible, you can


pick up the buzz as you approach. So fingers crossed it goes well. And


you are doing a three legged race. How is your technique? We don't


really know what but to go on. There are 1000 people behind us there will


be overtaking us. And here is Luis Bence, how are you? I like to be


limber, so I just think it's important to stretch. Hello. What


are you doing? I'm doing my bit to Sport Relief. I've been reading


nutrition books and athletes need a lot of cards, so I'm just giving


cards out. Do you think you must read it? Carbs? Good luck carbs. I


can't run because there is something wrong with me. I'd been to the


doctors, we had weeks and weeks of test and now we know what it is.


It's a cold. And you are doing something else here. Yes, I have a


water station over there so if you are boasted, come by and I will give


you a feed. Also this Paralympic athlete is going to be here. Nathan


Stephens, who was in Strictly on Friday night. It was well worth it,


an amazing experience. Five, four, three, two, one! There they go on


their way. It's been a great morning already, we've had various waves


setting off. A pretty inspiring route and great to see so mini


people here with their chance to feel what it was like to be an


Olympian and a Paralympian. Those memories of 2012 still very fresh


but most people. This is their chance for their little bit of


glory. Great to see so many taking part. He would have made a great


games maker, wouldn't he? Now, all of you joining in the fun and games


are doing it in aid of Sport Relief, so thank you to everyone who's done


something for us this year. Please don't forget to send in your


sponsorship money, very important. Details of how to do that on a


website. You really are changing people's lives. David Tennant


recently went to Sierra Leone to see the difference your money makes.


Sometimes it feels like we never stop asking you for money. And it


might feel that no matter how much you give, nothing changes. Well, at


this Children's Hospital in Sierra Leone, things are changing. Right


here, children are being given a vaccine that will protect them


against five killer diseases. Your money helped set up this x-ray


machine and now it is paying for the man who operates it. And you paid


for training of these amazing nurses. You paid for this lab that


provides rapid testing for malaria and other killer diseases, so


children can now be diagnosed in a fraction of the time it used to


take. Little by little, things are getting better. That is because of


you and the money you donated. See? It does make a difference. Right


now, to children in this hospital. It really does, and it is not too


late to donate. One of the easiest ways to donate is by a text message.


Now, it is time to introduce some Olympic royalty. With three gold and


silver between them, Wellcome Elizabeth the Arnold and Victoria


Pendleton. Yes, hold it up high! Isn't it beautiful? Do you ever get


sick of all the adoration? No, not at all. I'm impressed by this lot


running a mile. Has it sunk in yet? No, I think it will take a while.


The holding of such a big occasion. I can say an Olympian. In a few


months, maybe I will realise I actually won the race. I bumped into


you earlier when you met for the first time and you are part of an


exclusive club. To have that kind of some of summer versus winter, it was


lovely. You are now very experienced at winning Olympic gold medals. What


do you make of what you have seen today? It is fantastic, it is so


nice to be back in the Olympic Park with so many people and so much


enthusiasm. Getting involved with sport for a great cause, I would


like to say thank you to everyone who has been part of this race and


Dave. Probably quite emotional but you? What was it like to be back in


the Velodrome? It was very strange. It felt almost like a dream. Did it


happen? The Olympics was such a crazy time. So to be back in there


on Friday was really good fun. Listen, it is time to get into the


zone because we are about to play an intense game. We all remember London


2012 fondly, but the recent success of the Winter Olympics has begged


the question, which is better? The Winter Olympics or the Summer


Olympics? With the help of Clare Balding's BBC shopping trolley,


let's play our game. You both have 24 carats and 24 seconds. And we


don't have to eat them. No, chuck them in the trolley and where you


will see how much you got in there at the end. You just got to try and


throw your character into your own trolley. Go!


Victoria went for about five carrots in one go. Ten seconds have gone.


This is good. Lizzy Yarnold, you will have to catch up. Throw in the


basket. That is it. This is a good game. Victoria. Well done.


Competitive to the end. I liked the way you grab them all. I am going to


win! Ladies, thank you very much. It was lovely to see you both. Good


luck getting the carrots out of your hair! We have two EastEnders going


head-to-head in the swimming pool. It is the Great British Bounce Off.


It is time to see how the Sainsbury's Sport Relief Games are


going in Glasgow. Over to Hazel. Thank you very much. Good afternoon.


It is sunny and warm in Glasgow. Why are we surprised? It is always like


that. This is the host city of the Commonwealth Games and anything


sport related is striking a chord with the Scottish people because


over 50,000 people volunteered to be working at the Commonwealth Games.


We have a lot of young men and women ready to do battle over one mile.


Gail Porter has done over three miles. It was really good. I will


not be as fast as you, you will beat me, but it was great fun and I am


pleased to be involved. You have supported Sport Relief of many


years. From what you have seen this week, the amazing thing is, what has


struck a chord? Everyone has worked so hard. I watched Alex Jones on the


mountain. No, I get upset watching Spiderman. Davina did amazingly. You


will do amazingly well. This is a better effort from Gail Porter


because it is her birthday today. Congratulations. We are in the


middle of the afternoon for Sport Relief. The events have been going


on since 7am in Glasgow. We can show you what has been occurring.


I got a bit of sun, which is unusual for Glasgow. It is a bit cold, but


nearly perfect. 100 out of 100. 13 lengths, I am


excited. Sport Relief! It has been a great day, for a great cause. It has


been the best day ever. And a special starter, only Judy Murray.


Welcome, great to see you. We saw Andy Murray the other night on Sport


Relief and he had to apologise again for forgetting you at Wimbledon. He


will never be allowed to forget that. There may be a coaching


opportunity, are you free over the next few months they have? Certainly


not, to busy here. You have been involved in Sport Relief before, why


are you so keen to be involved? I believe in everybody gets out and


gets active. It is great to see so many people here today, it does not


matter how old. We have two-year-olds, grandparents. What


kind of times might we see from these young men and women? They


looked like they can do the mile in four minutes. What is coming up over


the next couple of months you? We have a big project, we have a hotel


opening, which is taking up a lot of my time. And then it will be the


French open and around to Wimbledon. We are looking forward to see how


Andy Murray gets on. And we are ready to see you do your stuff. This


is Glasgow and when I ask if you are ready to go? I want to hear go. Are


you ready to go? OK, Judy, five, four, three, two, one, go!


It is great to see so many people taking part in what will be the


heart of the sporting summer, Glasgow hosting the Commonwealth


Games. These venues being used, the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome, and the


swimming Centre, we hope to see medals. Andy Murray took part in


Mock The Week, getting involved in Sport Relief. They have a lovely day


there. They have been taking part in all sorts of events. It is great to


see so many people enjoying Tollcross Park and Glasgow showing


itself off in a great light, as always.


Great. This lot are on the final straight. It is not just in Glasgow


and here in London that Sport Relief Games are happening, they are


happening at over 1000 venues. To see who is going the extra mile,


across the Irish Sea, Dame Mary Peters has all the fun from Belfast.


Here we are in Belfast. We have a great crowd taking part, all ages.


Men, women and children, walking, running, cycling, doing everything


to support Sport Relief. We went down three times, it was great.


Great to see so many kids doing it. It feels good. While you are doing


it. I feel great, I want to do all I can to help people in need. That was


sunny Belfast, sunny but very cold. We had a great turnout, even


somebody on a UV cycles. -- unicycle.


This year is the first time swimming has been part of the weekend and


wallowing in the footsteps of the -- Rebecca Adlington, Ellie Simmonds,


and Tom Daley, you have all done very well.


Welcome to the aquatic centre. Participants are getting ready to


swim for Sport Relief, raising money. These water babies will swim


1.5 kilometres, around 30 lengths, in aid of Sport Relief. Are you


ready? Yes! Three, two, one.


Hopefully, around the country we have 25,000 people swimming and they


will raise 2.5 million. Well done, all the swimmers. It must be


exciting for them to know they are swimming in the Olympics winning


ball where there were so many amazing swimmers a couple of years


ago, and raising money for a great course. So many turned out, all ages


and different mobility. That is all from the aquatic centre.


I am inspired to get active stock make sure you get involved and do


your bit. That is right, a great opportunity


to swim in the Olympic swimming pool. Well done to the swimmers. The


next event takes a lot of puff, and that is just to blow up the course.


We asked two East End to answer the question - what happens if you force


two EastEnders to compete against each other on in the inflatable


assault course? Prepared to be amazed as Jamie Borthwick and Sam


Strike go in at the deep end in the Great British Bounce Off.


Welcome to the aquatic centre. Swimming and diving Aso 2012. Now it


is about the inflatable course and we have two special East End boys.


Which of them will make the bigger splash? Ladies and gentlemen, please


welcome Sam Strike. And put your hands together for Jamie Borthwick.


Can you swim? I can swim, I am not sure how fast. What training did you


go through? I watched Titanic. I did the same, we watched it together. I


can swim. It looks funny, but I can swim. The Great British Bounce Off.


The competitors will make their way to the start. Here we go, the


competitors are ready, in red, Jamie Borthwick, in blue, Sam Strike. They


will start, docking, diving and weaving their through the assault


course, towards the Sport Relief balloons. They will push them down


the swimming pool and touch the end of the swimming pool and the first


to push the balloon out the swimming will be the winner. On your marks.


Get set. Go! And a very good start from Jamie, fractionally in the


lead. Jamie getting stuck. Sam will have to get back onto the assault


course. Jamie has the advantage but water in his eyes. We see his


swimming prowess as he goes towards the balloon. Sam is trying to make


ground. Jamie is ahead. Sam is catching him. Jamie is tarring, he


is finding it hard work -- he is getting tired. Sam, the least


experienced swimmer. He does hardly any sport. They are level with ten


metres. Jamie will need encouragement. He is touching the


side. Keep going, Sam Strike. Jamie has to touch the end. Jamie has. Now


he has to get the balloon out of the water. Sam has touched the end. It


is the first to get the balloon out of the water. They are tired from


the swimming and do not have the energy to do this. Jamie is the


winner. Congratulations. Jamie Borthwick. The champion. I am sure


you will agree it was the most extraordinary sporting event. Such a


good start from both of you and Sam, you fell and slipped and lost your


balance. Jamie, a great jump into the water. What happened, Sam? I


fell. You did. Jamie. It does not look very big from up there but when


you get in and look along, oh. We have a trophy. It is unique. Jamie,


it is yours. The inflatable Great British Bounce Off trophy. They were


great sports. Congratulations, Jamie Borthwick, our champion. Back to the


studio. I feel shattered watching that. That


was remarkable. We have a treat now. One of the highlights on Friday


night was the return of Only Fools And Horses. Del Boy and Rodney are


back with a new character, known as Dave from Peckham. It is David


Beckham, you plonker. Come on then, gather round, gather round. I'm not


contagious. I've got a very special offer for you. This is a never to be


repeated back in top of the range men's fashion. I have here authentic


David Beckham in underpants. Before you rush in and tell me limb from


limb, and to give you a better idea of what I'm talking about, I've got


my younger brother Rodney to model a pair for you. Look at that. Brings a


tear to your eye, doesn't it? These are 100% man-made cotton and they


are fully elasticated. They've got a very handy button in case you are


taken short. You know what I mean. Just to show you what makes these


very special, Rodney, turn around, if you please. Don't be shy. Come


on. Right. Here is the speciality. Yes! Each wannabes has been


personally signed by none other than golden balls himself. It just so


happens that he is a personal friend of mine. Isn't he? I'm going to kill


you. You see, he owed me a favour because I arranged a bouncy castle


for his son Brookside's 12 birthday party. This is absolutely true. Come


on, you won't see this again. They normally retail at ten quid but I'm


knocking them out for ?2 50. Come on, let's clear up and get out of


here. You'd better take those up, you looked like a right dipstick. --


take those off. That is the last time. That is the


last time I let you talk me into degrading myself for one of your


screens -- schemes. These are hard times. We all have to make little


sacrifices. Well, next time you can wear them. Don't be stupid, I've got


a reputation to uphold. Did you think about my reputation? Yes, I


did, that is why you are wearing them. You are just the same old Del


Boy ploughing through life without the slightest consideration for


anyone else's dealings. That hurts, that really hurts. You tell me one


time when I've ignored you or hurt your feelings and don't go on about


that painting competition. All the time I turned the knob up on the


sunbed and major face red. -- made your face red. What about the time


you asked me to play hide and Seek. I hid in the chest. That was a good


place to hide. Nobody look there. Yes, so you will went for the -- for


a drink at the pub. I was waiting there for four hours. You took the


game too seriously. Nobody thought to tell me that! Occurs we didn't


know where you were! There was a dodgy lock on that thing. You built


it. I thought I was going to supplicate. Then why didn't you bang


on the lead? Because then you would have known where I was hiding! Look,


I'm sorry, but we got important matters to focus on, like the fact


that we are currently lumbered with 200 pairs of men's pants that some


git has scribbled over. What a year looking at me for? You asked me to


sign them. If I asked you to go on to the high street wearing a sarong,


would you? Well... It's all right, David, he not blaming you. I don't


know what the world is coming to. Here I am, a former


multimillionaire. I've got you with two GCSEs and a footballing legend


and we cannot blog a pair of pants between us. Boxer briefs. What? They


are boxer briefs. That's what I said. What is he on about? I'm only


glad way backtrack we are not in Dragon 's Den. It was your idea to


have Rodney modelled. I didn't want wear them in the first place! Oh,


shut up, you tart. He's got a point. You could've been more


enthusiastic. That's always been your problem. In case you hadn't


noticed, I am not an underwear model. I am a middle-aged man who


drives in a three Will van and I do not look like that. -- three-wheel


van. Any excuse. I only suggested you do it because he wouldn't. I


cannot go walking around in my underwear. Last time I did that,


though the almost killed me. -- Fergie almost killed me. Why are you


wearing those glasses? I thought if I wore them, nobody would recognise


me. Good thinking. Have you really got two GCSEs? Yes, one in art. I


love art. Who is your favourite artist? Probably much ease. I don't


think anyone could get close to the way he used intensity to portray


colour. McKee stood to colour what Picasso did perform. What about you?


I love Tony Hart. Are you guys done? Can we get back to our problem? I


think we have to accept we are in a classic case here. Do you really


expect me to ask my son to stand on the market looking like a slab of


meat while people gawk at him? That kind of humiliation could scar him


for the rest of his life. You're already scored so one more wouldn't


hurt, you see. What about trigger? That's no good. I'm sorry, but you


are stuck with the pants. Most people think modelling is all about


standing there, looking great, but it isn't. Actually, it is, but


there's more to it than that. Listen, this is the horse's mouth


speaking. Just remember, a good model doesn't just walk, he glides.


A good model doesn't just turn, they oscillate. Glides. Oscillate.


Exactly. Wright, gather round everyone, get close. Look at this.


Look at the attention to detail here. You don't get that care and


loving with most pants. I am going to kill you. Are you David Beckham?


I am, but don't tell anyone. I don't want to draw any attention to


myself. OK. Good boy. What a plonker.


Classic. David Beckham was so good. It's quite strange. I actually got


John Inverdale to sign a pair of his underwear. Let me tell you, Invers


is very popular. They've been going like hot cakes at the finish line.


I've only got one pair left. Come on now, Matt, don't lower the tone of


the day. Let's go over to someone with a bit more class. Hazel, it's


over to you in Glasgow. Welcome back to Glasgow. We're


making a profit of John Inverdale's pants as well. We're nearly ready,


let's speak to some of the boys and girls. Daniel, are you ready to run?


How much have you been practising? A lot. I'm very, very, very fast. He


is going to be a star. Good luck. There is a real sense of


anticipation in Glasgow, not just about today's run, but also about


the commonwealth games. We had a 40,000 mile torch relay for the


Sochi Olympic Park And just as the torch relay serves as a warm-up to


the Olympics, the Commonwealth Games has a baton which, since October,


has been making its way across 70 nations and territories. It will end


up in Glasgow in June, but it's currently in sunny Antigua, and so


is Mark Beaumont - lucky man - who reports now on the progress of the


Queen's Baton Relay. This is the 49th destination for the


Queen 's patent. So far, it has been through Asia, the Pacific, Africa


and now across to the Caribbean. The reception so far has been fantastic.


The Sport Relief projects are in 15 of the territories, places like any,


Uganda, Sri Lanka. I'm here with one of the national cyclists going to


Glasgow. What is it like to be part of the Baton Relay. Everyone has


been excited and full of energy. We then passing through the villages


and I must say the reception is great. -- we've been passing


through. We are looking forward to it. The atmosphere has been


fantastic, not just here but around the Commonwealth. A real sense of


coming together through sport. It is fantastic to see everyone getting


behind the Sport Relief part, and looking forward to a spectacular


summer of sport in Glasgow. Now, back to you guys in Glasgow.


I tell you who else has been on her bike, Laura from Call The Midwife. I


really enjoyed it. It was tough but then you think about why you were


doing it. It's been a great day. What do you think you have raised


the Sport Relief today? I haven't checked. Maybe 300. We'll see.


Marvellous, thank you for taking part. And we got these lovely ladies


and gentlemen, boys and girls ready to run. And who better to set them


off then a group of curlers? Fresh from their medal success in Sochi,


it's the Team GB Men's and Women's curling team. Tell us about the


reaction since you got home. Just absolutely great, hopefully it has


raised the profile of our sport and more and more people will come and


try it. Clearly, all of you were involved in the Aquatics Centre down


in London on the night of Sport Relief itself. It was simply


incredible. 5000 or 6000 people. It gave you an idea of what it might


have been like to win in London 2012. We've got two skips who called


the shots. We got a flag and a klaxon. Who is going to do what?


OK, let's get into position. And just a quick word about the


Commonwealth games. Everyone in Glasgow is looking forward to the


games. I think it is going to be great, great to encourage people to


try as many new sport and to witness all these successful athletes in


Scotland. I'm really looking forward to going out and watching as much as


I can. Let's get these athletes on the way. Five, four, three, two,


one! STEVE CRAM: great times in Sochi and


great times in Glasgow today. Dave Murdoch said the best part was


meeting Daley Thompson at the Velodrome. Tollcross Park is proving


to be a great venue. They have a secret garden, associate crit,


nobody knows where it is. I would like to know how many people


have been running in Britain over the past week. Thousands. Thanks to


everybody taking part in the Sport Relief Games. And please do not


forget to pay in your sponsorship money. It sounds obvious. That


includes you. Do you have the details from the website? I will


look after the show. And coming up, we have children in a special 31


ladies race. The next jaunt across the UK takes us to Jason Mohammad in


beautiful Cardiff. That was great. I love that song.


What are you doing? I am getting into the spirit. You climb a rock, I


dress up as a banana. It is comfortable. During London 2012, the


Velodrome was home to dramatic moments. I cannot take you


seriously. Victoria Pendleton, Sir Chris Hoy, but those pale into


comparison compare to what Gabby Logan has for us. The Velodrome ,


this has a lot to do with teamwork. Blue Peter have followed an unusual


event and this is the climax. On your marks, it is the final of the


31 legged race. You look ridiculous. Hello, welcome to the Velodrome, we


are about to witness an astonishing event, the 31 legged race. This is


an actual competition with rules. The guys from Blue Peter have


trained three schools for this and if you thought the three legged race


was tough, look at this. The teams are supported by blue Peter


presenters. Each team has three attempts to record the fastest time.


Your team are good. Are we going to win? Slow and steady. They are out


of time. We have one down. We are having a nightmare. The boys teams


achieved the quickest times in the heats and secured the chance to


compete at the home of the London Olympics. We can go to our


commentator, Simon Brotherton. Thanks, Gabby, I had trouble with


the three legged race, but never mind a 31 legged it race. Are you


ready? Three, two, one. And they are under way. It is about


coordination, teamwork and staying upright, of course. They have


managed it so far. It will be about the time. 18 seconds. Four


Dwellings, and from the start it was a trouble-free run. Perfect unison


and coordination from start to finish.


A fine performance from Four Dwellings. Radzi, he is looking


after Montgomery Academy, the next school. 18 seconds will be tough to


beat. It is tough, but we can deliver when it counts. 31 children


ready to go. Simon Brotherton, take it away.


They are lined up and raring to go. Are you ready? Three, two, one. They


know what they have to do but it will not be easy. It is a steady


start. 18 seconds is the time to beat. They reached the halfway mark


and still roughly 25 metres to go. A little bit out of line. When one


person goes down, they have to go back to the spot where that person


fell. Now they can continue. Montgomery primary Academy will be


outside the time. And another fall, for the second time. It is tough in


the 31 legged it race. When one person goes, it is almost


impossible. It would be easy for all of them to end up on the floor, like


dominoes. And they go over the line. Montgomery Academy. And confirmation


of the results. What a thrilling sporting contest we


have witnessed. The first ever 31 legged it to Sport Relief


championship trophy. I am going to present it. The winners of the race.


I am delighted to say, 18 seconds and a personal best. Four


Dwellings. That was a great effort. Well done


to the children who took part and thanks to Blue Peter. Now, glitter


balls and dancing shoes, joining us now two men who competed in a Sport


Relief special of Strictly Come Dancing. One of them is known for


the javelin, one of them is more comfortable jiving. Nathan Stephens


and Ian Waite. Nathan, how was the atmosphere? Really happy. It is a


fantastic occasion. In the Olympic Park, what an amazing experience.


You are here to talk about dancing. We can see you both in action.


It is easy to start swaying. That brought back memories. We can talk


about the complications you had. On my right socket, on my right side,


that is standard. But on my left side, the movement is limited. I


cannot use my knee, my ankle, my hip, and I was trying to balance.


Even for my wedding dance, we thought we would not be able to do


it. But we had it padded out. The week of training was difficult. We


did it for the cause, for Sport Relief. Its spurs you on. The


wedding video has gone viral. We have to say congratulations. Ian


Waite, you were dancing with Martina. What were the challenges?


Firmly, it is so different to work with someone in a wheelchair and


there is a proper technique because we do have wheelchair dancing


competitions. I did not appreciate that. You have two hold your posture


and your Armstrong, to get the wheels turning. There is a


tremendous amount of technique and to learn that in a short space of


time, for her, was amazing. Hannah Cockroft, she was victorious, we say


congratulations to her. It is time to go to the starting line to see


who is about to put their best foot forward.


The sun is out and 30 yards from the start, each wave of runners, you


need what Angelos has got, at what is perhaps the most premature water


station. I am filling water bottles with iso- tonic water. It comes from


my iso- tonic carols which is plugged into the system. It is iso-


tonic around here because of the Olympics. They built it for the


athletes. Much take-up? Nothing as yet. I think it is only 20 yards and


they do not really need it. Tell us what else you have here. I have a


running pack. In each one, we have a whistle in case you get lost,


sandwiches in case you get hungry and in inspirational portrait of


him. If they get bored, there is some light reading. That is running


chips. I imagine there are riding tips in there. I would not know, I


have not read it. Sebastian Coe, eight double Olympic medallist in


his own right. Walking at some pace, I do not know why they bothered with


the rowing venue in 2012, they could have done it down there. Helen


Glover, and Heather standing. -- Heather. Is running part of your


regime? Not really, we look like clumsy runners. We will give it a


go. We might be walking more. I might have a last 50 metres sprint.


Not the whole mile, but may be ducking for the line. People


remember the first London Marathon when the two winners went across the


line together. We could recreate it today. We are now heading into the


competitive season. We had a good winter and heading into the summer


with races. Will you be back in the same boat? We do not know, I have to


get fit again, after returning to training in December. You took time


out after London to go back and resume your army career. How do you


find being back in the unreal world, almost, of an athlete? It is


brilliant. It is great to see Helen every day and get back into


training. I feel privileged to be an athlete and do my copy every day as


a job. This mile will be an integral part of your training. Michael


Watson, the great boxer. How you? I am very well. You did the marathon.


What time can you do today? Hopefully, three minutes! 60 years


after Roger Bannister, you will set a new standard. I am a man of great


inspiration and excitement. You inspire everyone. Lizzy Yarnold is


here, to inspire people. Greg and Lucy. And Victoria Pendleton is


here. Among her many skills is the ability to count from five, down to


one. All yours. Five, four, three, two, one.


Fantastic to see some of our sporting celebrities down there. Of


course, not just one mile. John and I did one mile this morning and that


was great. Angelos told me he was asked to be the base of the London


2012 Olympics. -- face. Some are doing one mile, some three and some


six. Victoria has already been on the bike and she will be running


later on. Others have been swimming and cycling. Angelos is thankfully


doing a great trade there. Helen and Heather are his only customers. We


weren't as quick as three minutes. We took a bit longer than that.


Thanks again to everyone taking part in the Sainsbury's Sport Relief


Games today. I can't believe it but we're at the midway point of the


show already, so it's over to Gary Lineker for a bit of half-time


analysis. Plenty of team work and commitment. I particularly liked the


Angelos and John Inverdale partnership upfront. And heaps of


support at the Queen Elizabeth Park. I can't wait the second half. All


this is still to come. Who's the fastest, the Eagle or the


Chef? We'll find out! The Garys get together for a World


Cup anthem. And an extra special Kylie


performance, Especially for You. We'll also have James Cracknell and


Radio One's Nick Grimshaw joining us on the sofa to tell us what they've


been up to for Sport Relief. But to share all the weird and wonderful


ways you lot have been getting involved this year, let's take a


look at how Sport Relief has been embraced in this country and across


the globe. This year, you've taken up the


challenge to get involved in the most imaginative ways. Running,


pulling, dressing up... The Prime Minister also got involved as he


opened up the gardens of Number Ten for some challenges. And it wasn't


just in the UK. Sport Relief events have been taking place in Ghana,


Paris and Kuwait to help raise money. So thank you to you all.


The garden at Number Ten, very nice! Now, back in 2012 John Bishop became


a Sport Relief hero after completing his gruelling week of hell. But 2012


was also a pretty good year for the ultimate Olympian, Lord Coe, who


helped to bring the Olympics and Paralympics to this very spot. But


that wasn't enough for this pair. Bishop's back and Coe has been


coaxed into making a glorious return to sport, as on Friday night, with


the help of their teams, the duo went head to head. So who managed to


get their hands on this? Ladies and gentlemen, it's the Clash of The


Titans. Team Bishop! Team Coe. Clash Of The


Titans has started. He has won the race! Extraordinary. The next event


is synchronised swimming. # Whatever it takes is what I'm


going to do. I think the tenacious Helen Skelton


is going to take this one. Will Jamie Williamson slide into first


place? It is the fastest time by a mile! An interesting start from


Patrick Kielty. He hands over to Amy Williams. Whoever touches the wall


first is going to be the Clash Of The Titans champion but 2014. Team


Coe! Brilliant. Congratulations to Team


Coe. Later on, Olympic legend Eddie the Eagle Edwards and Celebrity Chef


Jean Christophe Novelli will be going head to head in a Velodrome


bike-off. But we'd love to hear how you're joining in the games today,


or how someone you know has done us proud. So please do get in touch and


we'll try put your message on the telly. Details of how to contact us


are on screen now. Let's do some now. "We completed our mile today


and raised ?120" . "my friend and I are doing a three legged race for


three miles at the Eden Project" . That is a long three legged race.


One of my son's best friends, she only learned to ride a bike


recently. She was only seven last week. She did ten miles on her bike.


Brilliant. Very good. And we must thank BBC for their around the world


challenge. Nick Grimshaw cycled the 12 miles. Altogether, the challenge


raised 450,000, which of course helped Friday night to their record


total. Let's have a look at all the other superhuman efforts people have


been going to this year. We've been cycling but 12 hours.


We're now on to the last bit. Boarded by thousands seats at


Wembley. It is a daunting task. My guys are burning. -- 45,000 seats.


My thighs are burning. Now, Alex is going to hate is the


doing this, but please welcome our very own hero, Alex Jones. Come on,


you deserve it. Just have three minutes of enjoying it. Sit yourself


down. It's so weird. You're far away. Please relax. Alex has raised


almost ?1.3 million. It is going to go up because everybody watching


this is incredibly generous. You said you wanted some plasters at the


top of the rock. So we've got it in the most beautiful way. Come on,


lads. Especially be used. -- for you. That is brilliant. This is so


good. Honestly, you can see by the state of my nails. Look at that.


Standards have slipped. Let's rewind the clock to when Sports Relief came


to you and said we want you to do this. What went through your mind?


People like us, we've been out in different countries, we've seen


where the money goes. When they come to you and think that you can raise


a significant amount of money, it is hard to say no. So of course I went


for it. I thought, a bit of climbing, it will be fine. What a


shock on my Thursday. It felt like I had bitten off more than I could


chew. You've seen more than I have. We've got a little moment that


illustrates that beautifully. The truth is that all I genuinely


want to do now is get off this. Everything is tangled. What was it


like when the enormity of it hits you? That was a horrible moment. I


think you can tell now, I thought, this rock is so big and I feel so


small and unprepared to take on this challenge. But you get over it and


you think, keep going. I'm so glad I did now. But there were times when I


thought it was impossible. You went through lots of different techniques


as well. This was quite a blank section of rock so you were


traversing with bullet holes that Andy had put in for you. -- foot


holes. You are just using all your strength and after about three


moves, you are shattered. It was a big challenge, bigger than I


expected. But as I told you, I saw it as I raised the rock. Every extra


pound raised me up an inch. Your voice was the best thing I heard on


the Wednesday. And we missed your birthday of course. So we've got you


a cake. You are going to be amazed by this cake. Have a look at this.


That's cake! That is too beautiful to eat. There I am. Amazing. What


you have done is just amazing. All put together in a wonderful


documentary as soon as this programme is over. Come back over on


this side now. I'll bring the blanket. There is of course a very


good reason why people do push themselves, and that is to raise


money. John Bishop tells us the difference your money has been


making to a little girl called Kadiatu.


We all know Sierra Leone is a poor country. I went to one of the


poorest areas. I saw many things there that shocked me, surprised me


and stayed with me for a very long time. I met an 11-year-old girl. Her


story particularly moved me. Some of the challenges that she faced in her


life no child should have to face. Can you explain where we are?


I can see why. What are your worries for the future? What other things


that you worry about? You lost your sister and you worry


you will die to? Since then, because of your


donations, I've been told things have changed dramatically in


Kadiatu's life. Sport Relief funded projects have helped her family find


a new home. They now have access to clean water.


They have communal toilets. And Kadiatu is now going to school.


You are making the difference. These are the things that really, really


matter. The good stories, the things that show you that you are changing


lives right now. Please keep your donations coming in. Remember, there


is a smile somewhere waiting to happen. Thank you.


If you have not donated, it is still not too late. You can give fire a


text message. You can give ?5, ?10. You must be 16 or over and please


ask for the bill payers permission. And now it is time to sit back and


treat yourself to a slice of cake. The Great Sport Relief Bake Off was


back with new celebrities doing whatever they could to prove to Paul


and Mary they did not have a soggy bottom. On your marks, get set,


bake. A couple of more minutes. They are short on the top. We would like


to apologise to the people of Eccles for what we did to your cakes. What


is it, a pig? It is an elephant. You looks likely to glamorous.


SINGS OPERA. I slightly burned it. Perfidy baked. I do not like that, I


love it. I am really proud, they put their minds to it and enjoyed every


minute. They did extremely well. I am proud of all of them.


Oh, my goodness me. That tipped us over the edge. The birthday cake is


amazing. That is one of the most challenging sections. This is not


bad at all. It is lovely. It is time now to go to the velopark.


I am on the starting line outside the Lee Valley velopark. These guys


are about to cycle for 25 miles to raise money for Sport Relief. How


long will it take? It depends, if they are competitive, it will be


like a race. I do not know. I will enjoy it today. I was going to ask


if you will enjoy it all, whether you will be competitive. Just


enjoying it. Three, two, one. Go! This is a serious piece of


equipment. Are you cycling with this Penny Farthing? I will give it a go.


I am a member of the Penny Farthing club and have five minutes of


experience, being a new member. I am going to do 50 miles. Did you do a


lot of training? I have been spinning three times a week.


Remember, you do not have two cycle 50 miles, 25 miles, three miles will


do. Thanks to everyone taking part. Could you give me a push?


Did they let go? They look brilliant, do you fancy a go on a


Penny Farthing? Great to see you are cycling for Sport Relief, it is a


good cause, gearing up to raise the money. Hoping to give us a brake!


The next event, we thought what would be better than getting the


worlds of sport and entertainment to collide? Fighting for glory, to see


who can get the fastest lap, or at least not to fall off, that would be


embarrassing. Gabby Logan watched it at the Velodrome.


Welcome. Two celebrities... The atmosphere is electric. Sir Chris


Hoy and Victoria Pendleton, they are following in their footsteps. Seeing


who can complete the fastest lap. The only thing at stake is their


pride. Shall we meet them? Swapping his apron for Lycra, John Christoph


Novelli. And everyone's favourite Olympic underdog. Eddie B Eagle


Edwards. -- Eddie B Eagle. What a reception. It adds to the


tension. Have you been cooking up something special in draining? As


always. You are used in this arena, how does it compare? This is


nerve-racking. I have not been on a bicycle for 20 years, I got on last


night for five minutes and I am saddle sore already. I am nervous.


Good luck. We will find out more about the competitors.


John Christoph Beverly is on the track. We can go to the commentary


team. John Christoph Novelli's job is to


get up to a good speed. Technique is everything. We need to get up to the


track to get the momentum. He hits the white line. The stock clock


starts. They are unfamiliar surroundings and it is out of the


frying pan into the fire, but he is cooking on gas in the last lap. And


he is doing it in trainers, as well. John Christoph Novelli, roared on by


the Velodrome crowd. 20.7 seconds for the flying chef. The line into


the lap was very good and he got good height. He unfortunately


drifted out. Extra distance going to the blue line in the centre. John


Christoph Novelli is a keen cyclist and he has set the time to beat. Are


you happy? There is a young man, my boy, I love you, thank you.


Eddie is powering along the track. The crowd are taunting his name,


largely because it is the easiest of the two to chance. He said it was


the first time he had been on a bicycle in 20 years. The final 250


metres to beat the time of John Christoph Novelli. He is riding like


a man possessed. Fantastic around the bottom of the track. That could


make the difference. Back on the big stage, like in the Winter Olympics


of 1988. I think he has done it. Eddie Edwards. It was a real grudge


match. But I think it was the superior line on the track that made


the difference. That is a winning middle age to man in Lycra. And


confirmation of the results. Wow, 20.2 seconds. Brilliant. Just half a


second. He is a legend and deserved to win. We could not let you go


empty-handed. You have the golden tyre. The winner of the fastest lap,


Eddie the Eagle Edwards. Victorious by half a second. Back to the


studio. That was incredibly tight. And that


is just their shorts. Later we will find out if Mark Foster can sink and


swim in the aquatic centre. Now, for the final time, we can see who is


warming up on the starting line, with John.


This final wave, we start on your barks. Because we have the winners


of the top dog competition. Gail Emms, you were the top dog. That is


putting it nicely. These helped my dog. Rafa. Named after Rafael Nadal.


You are shy, a beautiful border collie. What was it like to perform


on television, how did the dogs react? It is amazing because we do


not know the task until the day, and they were brilliant. Gayle was a


brilliant captain. When we saw we had an Olympian, we knew we would


not have problems. Is your dog normally this well-behaved? Very


obedient. I am the professional, by the way. Ready, steady and... Also


we have Perri shakes Drayton are you proud of everything two years ago?


Of course, it brings back memories. Today, the taxi came at 1230, I am


just up the road. I am going to walk today. I will take it easy. I shall


walk with her. David Haye. Thanks to everyone. And the superstar dogs.


Angelos is still here. Listen, it did not work out with the water


station. You are a little bit too near the starting line. What I was


wondering, can I borrow this? If everyone on the starting line can


move back by 4000 paces, it would really help me out with my water


fountain. Go on. Nothing. That is going as well as the water station


idea. The mistake you made was not having water bowls for the dogs. I


agree, it has been a shambles. I will leave you with ?10. That is for


me -- from me, for Sport Relief. I would get it checked because it is


from my mate, and he is imprisoned. It has been a pleasure. James


Cracknell is going to start. I will give you the ?10. We are out here,


it has been a great atmosphere. Over 50,000 people in the Olympic Park.


It felt like a fraction of what happened a couple of years ago. It


has. I have not been back for a while and the swimming pool with the


size taken off, and the venue looks different, and the roads are open.


It is now a functional community venue. Maybe West Ham will still be


in the premiership when they come here. We have the pipes and drums.


James, you have the honour of starting the last wave. We have had


over 30,000 people running today. This is your final responsibility on


the podium. Five, four, three, two, one. Great to see some of our top


athletes there. Katrina Thompson may well be hoping to come back in 2017.


The pipes and drummers are making a great noise. That stadium of course


will host in 2017. Thousands here at the Olympic Park today and so many


have been taking part in events right around the country. Well done


to every single one of you, whether you bin running, cycling, swimming.


Thank you so much. It's been a great weekend, great to see so many people


coming together in the name of Sport Relief. We look forward to seeing


them very shortly. Still to come, Garys Lineker and Barlow team up for


a World class World Cup Video. But first, CBBC's Michelle Ackerley has


been out and about in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to see what


else is going on at the Sport Relief Games in London.


Today, people aren't just swimming, cycling and running, they are


getting stuck into a whole load of activities.


Where having eggs great time. Loads of fun things to do, so get yourself


down here. You know when sometimes a song comes


along that you just can't get out of your head. Yes I know what you mean.


It just keeps spinning around and you're all like 'wow'. Yeah, 'come


into my world'. 'I should be so lucky'. Yes, it's annoying when that


happens, isn't it? Anyway, next up, it's 'the voice' of an angel. It's


David Walliams and Kylie's duet - Especially For You.


right around the country. Well # Especially for you. I wanna let


you know what I was going though. All the time we were apart. I


thought of you # You were in my heart. My love never changed. I


still feel the same. Especially for you I wanna tell you I was feeling


that way too. And if dreams were wings, you know. I would have flown


to you. To be where you are. No matter how far. And now that I'm


next to you. No more dreaming about tomorrow. Forget the loneliness and


the sorrow. I've got to say. It's all because of you # And now we're


back together, together. I wanna show you my heart is oh so true. And


all the love I have is. Especially for you.


I've got to say it is all about you. Now, we are back together. Together.


I wanna show you my heart is oh so true.


And all the love I have is. Especially for you # You were in my


heart. Together, I want to show you, my


heart is true. And all the love I have is.


Especially for you. So weird how David can look like


Kylie and Jason at the same time. Very strange. Right. This year, more


children than ever have been stretching their Sport Relief


muscles to raise money. There's been dance-a-thons, bake-a-thons and


classes wearing all in ones. So, we owe you a massive thank you. Kids,


this is the use. Each and every year some of our most


dedicated fundraisers are schoolchildren. In schools all over


the UK, thousands get active and help to raise an incredible amount


of money. This time, they have gone above and beyond, raising cash like


never before. They all deserve a huge thank you. Today, we are at the


training ground at Everton to get a group of fundraisers in little


surprise. Hello, everybody. Look at that, Sport Relief headbands on.


Right, you think you are at the training ground for a bit of a tour.


But who would like to leak -- to meet three guys who wear blue for a


living? The children do not know they are about to meet Roberto


Martinez and to footballers. Well come. We're here to thank you


because you've been magnificent raising money with your school.


We're going to organise a game. Leighton Baines is going to play


with the red side. So enjoy it. You want to go up front. We got our


striker. We're underway. So, the Sport Relief goes to the


Reds, 5-2! A very big thank you to all the schools who have been


involved this year. With thousands of people across Britain running,


cycling and swimming for Sport Relief, BBC Sport wants the nation


to keep up the good work and stay fit, healthy and active. Go on, Get


Inspired. Keep on running, swimming and


cycling. BBC sport wants you to get active and stay active. Go to our


website to find a sport for you. With information on how, why and


where. Don't just watch it, do it. Get active. Get inspired.


Does that mean I have to carry on climbing? Yes. No. Now it's a sad


moment, as it's time for the last of our special sporting events. Oh, but


it's a good un. We challenged Olympic swimmer Mark Foster to


compete against two local teenagers, assuring him we would give the sport


of swimming the respect it deserves in the hallowed Aquatic Centre. Yes,


we promised him that it would be taken absolutely seriously and would


be a completely fair race. But we lied.


Welcome back to the Aquatics Centre. The crowd are buzzing because there


is a real treat for you. Waiting in the wings we have two yokel -- local


youngsters who in this pool will be taken on by sixth six inches Olympic


legends. -- by six foot six of Olympic legend. It is our swimming


superstar Mark Foster! A huge welcome to all three of you. Agnes,


what does sport mean to you? It means so much to me. It helps me to


make friends and to concentrate. I really like swimming and martial


arts. Was it your birthday yesterday? Yes, it was. I turned 17.


Happy birthday. And what about you, Joe? Why do you enjoy swimming? I


love swimming, football, karate. I've made loads of new friends


swimming and I love the fitness side of it. You have a real challenge.


This man Mark Foster has six world championship titles. 50 metres is


his specialist at -- distance. We are doing 50 metres today. I can't


swim any further. Agnes is going to start, Joe is going to tread water


at the 25 metre point and will tag you and off you go. Do you think you


can win? I think we will win. We have a way of slowing down Mr Mark


Foster. When Mark was in his swimming days, he wore very tight


trunks. What you are going to be wearing today is this. This is the


latest new swimsuit out on the market. The big reveal... Make your


way to the start. So, to schoolkids from Stratford


taking on the six time world champion Mark Foster, ex-world


record holder on this event. A very good 25 metres but Foster looks like


he might be in trouble. I've never seen him swim in such a Willie


onesie as this. Look at this. -- such a woolly onesie. It looks like


Joseph will win! Oh, my goodness. Ladies and gentlemen, show your


appreciation for Agnes and Joe! Oh, dear, a little handclap for Mark


Foster. I take my hat off to both of them because to come out here and do


that in front of the these people is fantastic. To read the effort. We


don't want you to go away with nothing to show for it. -- terrific


effort. We have a certificate for both of you and you get a Sport


Relief challenge badge. One for each of you and one also be you, Mark.


They have come to the biggest stage of all and competed in front of all


of you. We hope they've inspired you to take up swimming, to live your


dream, to try to compete. Well done. Mark Foster there with the Oscar


smile. He didn't quite when. -- win. Thank you so much for sending in


your messages and letting us know how you've been joining in with the


Sport Relief Games. Lots of games -- messages. "I've done a sponsored


baked the Sport Relief as I'm on crutches" . " My career rolled


completed the Sport Relief mile and today has done a four mile bike


ride" . Three rolled? ! And Vicky says her six-year-old has done the


mile run. One more message from Angela Ross - can someone help me


fold my table, please? Preparations are underway to make sure England


have everything they need to achieve success this summer. I hear the


penalty shoot out practice schedule has been drawn up. This year,


England are a -- after a decent World Cup song. Another exciting


Saturday in the Premier League and the title race is hotting up, the


perfect appetiser to the main course this year, England at the World Cup.


Good night. We are off there. Here we go again, every four years it is


the same, England this and England that. England have not won anything


yet. It will be tough. But at least we qualified, unlike Scotland and


the Republic of Ireland. The only thing coming back with England


players this year is an allover tan. It will be different this time. I


have had an idea. We can put together a World Cup song. A song to


inspire the nation and one that the fans can sing on the terraces and


ensure that England win the World Cup. What a joke that is. Make it to


the quarterfinals, then. I've been with legendary foot taller is,


musicians and Ente -- entertainers. We can do it for Sport Relief. And


if it is rubbish, we can play the charity card. You know nothing about


making records. But I know Gary Barlow, and he does. You know Gary


Barlow? Of course, all the show business Garys know each other.


Prove it right now. Hello. It is Gary. Hello, Gary.


Hello Gary, what have you been up to? I have been laying down some


tracks. It sounds Dench. I am eating a song together, can you help me? I


would do anything for Sport Relief, as long as you can do something in


return. World Cup tickets? No, can you get me Alan Hansen's autograph.


I suppose so. Brilliant, I am in. This could be Sport Relief's


greatest day. # Today this could be.


The greatest day of our lives. Before it all ends.


Before we run out of time. Stay close to me.


Watch the world come alive tonight. Stay close to me.


Tonight this could be the greatest night of our lives.


Let's make a new start. The future is ours to find.


Can you see it, can you see it in my eyes?


Can you feel it now? Can you hold it in your arms


tonight? Hold on. Hold on.


Tonight. Hold on. Hold on. Oh, stay close to me.


Hold on. Stay close to me. Watch the world


come alive tonight. Stay close to me.


Hold your head high. Hold on.


Arms open wide. Yeah, the world starts to come alive


when you stay close to me. Today this could be the greatest day


of our lives. Today this could be the greatest day


of our lives. Oh.


And the world comes alive. And the world comes alive.


Oh oh oh. Stay close to me.


And the world comes alive. Stay close to me And the world comes


alive. Watch the world come alive tonight.


Stay close to me. Hold on.


Today this could be the greatest day of our lives.


Is it all over? It is now. That was beautiful, wasn't it?


Almost as good as David Walliams. You can get that and download it


from iTunes. You will be supporting Sport Relief. Our thanks goes out to


them. And now, Olympic rower James Cracknell.


You might have to shout, the pipers are coming through. They will air at


the start. I got a lift here. I left my wife and children to come here.


My eldest left my wife and two girls somewhere out there, so they will


come past in a minute. Today is about running, cycling and swimming


and we have seen brilliant young athletes coming past. What advice


would you give to any aspiring athlete? Advising young athletes,


this is the perfect place. As an athlete, people specialise so young.


Running in a place like this, that is where they cycle, that is where


they swim, that is where the boxing was, the basketball. Realising there


are so many opportunities, not just heading down one road. Something


else you might be better rat, or enjoyed more. -- better at. Of all


the three, which would you prefer? In my house, swimming, I am not the


fastest swimmer. My wife is a good swimmer and her brother went to


Athens and my mother-in-law is a swimming coach. I am competitive, so


I avoid swimming. Running is time efficient, for everyone with job,


family and friends, you put on trainers and you are out. It is


lovely to see the families getting involved and doing it together. You


have done amazing challenges the Sport Relief. They are back again,


the pipers. You have done massive challenges. The road the channel.


Which is the hardest? Roaming across the Atlantic, when you are a small


dot in a massive landscape, it is very strange. These menus are big,


but sporting venues, the swimming pool is the same size. In the ocean,


there is so many variables that can happen. When you are against other


problems, that is a big thing. Nothing in comparison to trying to


talk over the pipers. Thanks again to everybody taking part in the


Sport Relief events. You will help to make a difference. We are now


going back to Glasgow for a final visit to Hazel.


Thanks, Alex. I have my friends with me who have been having a wonderful


time, including Rose, it's getting a bit too much verve. She is only two.


It is all happening in Glasgow. With the Commonwealth Games, only 121


days until the opening ceremony, and you will be hearing a lot more from


this city of. In the meantime, goodbye, on a beautiful day, without


number a la insight. -- and number a la -- umbrella.


Congratulations to everybody who has joined in this weekend. Anyone


thinking about doing it next time, we hope we have reminded you how


inspirational sport can be. The pictures we have seen this week are


people going out and doing something and getting involved, it is quite


something. We have a lot of messages. Megan, aged 11, she went


swimming 2.5 kilometres in 43 minutes and raised ?300. Well done,


Megan. Allison said her ten-year-old daughter has run one mile and cycle


three miles and is swimming one mile this afternoon. She has raised ?55


and is trying to make ?100. Beverley is on her way home from doing six


miles with her son Nathan. We can now reveal the total you have raised


across the weekend. So far you have raised... Over ?53 million. An


absolutely sincere thank you. And thanks also to Zoo Fever London


Cheerleaders. Half the money raised goes to help projects here. And next


on BBC One, Alex, climbing the rock. Please stay to see the story of the


challenge she faced. I have not seen it myself. Today, the efforts of


everybody, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Olympic is the way to describe it.


We will leave you with our own closing ceremony montage.


# This is going to be the best day of my life.


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