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Hello and welcome to The Sport Relief Games Show


You may have enjoyed a brilliant night of Sport Relief entertainment


on Friday, but the fun doesn't stop there.


Today we're at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London,


People cannot get enough of Sport Relief.


90 years old today. We will bring you all the action as thousands of


view across the country join the Sport Relief Games, walking,


running, swimming and cycling yourselves proud. We will show you


how doing your bit for Sport Relief really does help to change lives.


Look at the spot we have chosen the path our party truck. I don't think


it is on double yellow lines, we will be fine for a couple of hours.


Even if we get a ticket, the view is worth it. Behind us, the Orbit


sculpture and the home to the 2012 Olympic Games. Today, and equally


momentous sporting occasion, Sport Relief Games, it is just as well we


have a legend on hand. John Inverdale is at the start line. Good


afternoon, a legend among sports commentators. Harry Davies will be


talking us along through the action. -- Barry Davies. Ore Oduba will


report from Sheffield, where football fans of all ages and


abilities are taking part in the FA People's Cup. Ore has been busy.


Ore spent Friday night in the Aquatics Centre overseeing the Clash


of the Titans, one of the highlights of an epic evening which saw a


record-breaking 55 million ?444,906 raised. That figure is still


growing. At the end of the show, we will reveal the latest total. If you


are feeling generous, please donate. Before that, we have got all of this


to look forward to. Barry, over to you.


Their Sport Relief challenges have seen them cover hundreds of miles


Jo Brand and Greg James will be here.


Anton du Beke and Kevin Clifton swap the ballroom for the Aquatics Centre


And get your skates on for the return of Frank Spencer.


I love it! It is not just frankly getting physical, today thousands of


you are taking part in the Sainsbury's Sport Relief Games, and


a special thanks to the customers and staff of Sainsbury's, who have


now raised an amazing ?100 million. 100 million! Since the start of the


partnership with Comic Relief 17 years ago.


Now today's events see the great British public putting


on their running shoes, swimming cosies and cycle helmets


at more than 600 locations across the UK.


And throughout the show we'll be paying visits to...


And we're not just all over the UK today -


For the last month Eddie Izzard has been running across South Africa


attempting to complete 27 marathons in 27 days to pay tribute


to Nelson Mandela and his 27 years of imprisonment.


He should change his name to Eddie is hard!


He started on February the 23rd, and he finishes by doing his final two


marathons actor back today. Hopefully we will see how he is


getting on later. -- back-to-back today. From a comedy icon to a


commentating icon. It is none other than the voice of sport, Mr Barry


Davies, great to have you win us. It is a lovely cupboard you have got


there. Like a mobile home! You commentating on the opening and


closing ceremonies of London 2012, you have commentated on a lot of


professional sports people, what is it like to comment on the great


British public? It is wonderful, they were crucial to the success of


the 2012 games. They turned out in their hundreds, thousands and


millions to give support to the big names and the hugely successful


Great Britain team. There is a bit of that feeling here today, I'm


sure. Definitely, you have all of the details we need on the events,


so over to you. The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in


all of its sporting splendour. In the distance, Lee Valley Velopark. A


bit closer, on the right, the Aquatics Centre. Cycling and


swimming events going on. We are watching the runners coming around,


having been set off by John Inverdale, going past you to in your


truck, and passed the stadium that saw so many highlights during the


games four years ago. Then down past there towards the Orbit. A chance to


get something warm and a medal to remember a special day. There would


seem to be a fresh wave getting ready to run, so I think it's back


to you, Matt and Alex. It's a lovely course. We ran it earlier and


everyone who takes part in the series today -- the Sport Relief


Games today will receive one of these medals. Engraved on both


sides. I did myself proud for Sport Relief! Of course we are very, very


proud recipients of our medals. We met lots of families on the way


around. Not all sitting on the sofa drinking lattes. It is now, mainly.


We took part first thing this morning. Here is a quick flavour of


how thousands of you have already been walking, running, swimming and


cycling in aid of Sport Relief. And we'd love to hear


from you today. You can get in touch with us on BBC


One's Facebook and Twitter If you're taking part in any


of the events across the country let us know your name, where you're


from and what you did and you could see your


name on screen, just Now, of course, the Sport Relief


weekend sprinted off the blocks on Friday night as the worlds


of sport and entertainment collided My highlight was Russell Kane in the


synchronised swimming. He was funny but he was so into it. I thought,


you know what, that guy has got physical prowess. My man of the


match was Greg James, lip sync thing. I know we are doing the


Gregathlon, which we will talk about later. If you missed any of the


action, here is a quick replay. Sport Relief 2016! Welcome to the


show. I will run 27 marathons in 27 days. I am doing this on behalf of


the portly middle-aged women in the country. Hello, Mr Wiggins!


On your marks, go! And Hugh Dennis is down! Disaster. A two-time


winner. What a gay days! Right, get out. This is it, this is their life.


What we can do is help them from this point onwards. You look


brilliant. Sport can create hope. It is a ten!


We love you, Eddie. Keep going! I don't know how the legs are still


going, but they are. The total so far tonight... Cheers, everyone.


Thank you, so much, everyone who has donated. I am happy, thank you very


much. The winners, Team Flintoff! Goodbye, Doris. Thank you! Thank


you! Is it all over? It is now. So many moments. When it comes from


giving you all with effort, it means so much more. You can't give any


more than do your best and try hard. A huge thank you to everyone who


gave their time on Friday night, and a huge thank you to all of you


watching, who had donated and raised funds for Sport Relief. Maybe you


can't run, but you can donate and help a wonderful range of Sport


Relief projects in the UK and overseas. They are changing people's


lives for the better, all through the power of sport.


Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to unite


people in a way that little else does. Sport can create hope where


once there was only despair. For the last 14 years, Sport Relief


and you, the British public, have been working together to change


lives through the power of sport. Half of your donations fund projects


in the UK. The other half go to the poorest countries in the world. In


Kenya, we are supporting a project using football to teach leadership


skills and teamwork. And inspires children to get an education. I feel


good. Football makes me strong. For young people with disabilities in


the UK, sport can unlock a whole new world of opportunity. I like the


different activities. I want to feel confident. Your money supports


street children across the world. Giving them a safe place to sleep.


And through sport, the chance to feel like children again. In


Bangladesh, drowning in floods is a major cause of death in children. So


Sport Relief taught children to swim, and saved countless lives.


Here at home, a lot of older people can face loneliness and depression.


Sport Relief supported this project, where sport makes them feel part of


a team once again. It doesn't stop there. Across the world, your


donations are inspiring people to get active and change their lives. I


want to be the best boxer in the world. Not a bad reason, is it? This


is your chance to be part of something amazing.


And that right there is the reason why thousands of you up and down


the country are taking part in the Sport Relief Games today.


You're helping to fund amazing projects that


It has all gone quiet here at the moment, there is an air of


anticipation. There is about to be a massive burst of energy behind us,


because we have a whole load of milers ready to go for the next Mile


in London. John is at the start line. He was the last person who


said good night to me at the rugby last night. We will hand over to him


now, John Inverdale, at the start. You promised not to tell anybody,


Matt! Some elite athletes here, Perri Shakes-Drayton, you will be in


Rio fingers crossed? That is what I am training towards, everything is


going well, so look out for me this summer. Aliona and Jay from


Strictly, are you going to do the paso doble? Slowly rumba. She told


me just to enjoy myself, but if we don't win, she is not talking to me


ever again! Roger Black with your sons. Is this the part the father


bragging rights? They will be going quickly and I will be puffing behind


them! Sharron Davies and Derek Redmond... I have the wrong venue!


Derek, looking forward to it? I am, my dad is half way around, he will


help me finish the race! Greg, we will talk to you later. Danny, from


Eastenders, you went out to Sierra Leone to see what the work actually


does. Absolutely. It was brutal, it was real life. It affected me in a


way I never thought it would. That is why I am here and I want to do as


much as I can to help our fellow human beings. I'm sure you got


involved! A couple of triathlons? Nothing... You will be next year,


that is an exclusive! I did a triathlon around many bars in Paris


last night! Good luck, enjoy it. Towards the start. Double Olympic


champion James Cracknell is going to sound his klaxon. We will have a


starting clock on the big screen. Looking forward to it? Every running


race is too far, no matter how long, so it is better to start and then


chase my son. You saw him win his Chopper on Friday night, here he is


with the klaxon. Four, three, two, one...


Here we go, for the latest race around the Olympic Park. And away


they go, what a sight. The spirit is the same it was, I can't believe it


was four years ago, my last visit to the now Queen Elizabeth Olympic


Park. Look at the attitude of the competitors, the elite amongst the


favourites in this wonderful park which is 560 acres, would you


believe. There seem to be hundreds here wanting to run around it.


With all this physical exertion going on it only seems fair we prise


It does! This is the mile route. It bends around the sofa, there is


great grains. Can you see him? Hello! Greg! -- there is Greg James.


We have found a family, do you live here? We live in the athletes'


facts. Do you know who is flat? About the block we weigh in was the


great British team, but we don't know who. So as anybody knows, let


us know. Do you use the facilities on a daily basis? You can't not use


them. What is your name? Are you whispering? Is it you go? I thought


it might be. Is this the first little bit of the mile you have been


doing, or had you been here for a while? This is the first bit. We


have Bella and Jenny, why is it important to do this as a family? It


is important to raise money macro and awareness for everything going


on. My husband is in Belize on an army exercise, they are aware of the


Zika virus, malaria, there is a lot of awareness which needs to be


raised. Is you get on, we don't want to hold you up. You couldn't not do


this if this was happening on your front door! Crack on, Hugo!


It's not just London playing host to the Sport Relief Games today.


They're happening at locations all across the country.


So let's catch up with former Paralympic swimmer Rachel Latham in


Eat, sleep, run repeat for Sport Relief. Welcome to Norwich, the


University of East Anglia, where hundreds of people have sacrificed


their duvets and cooked breakfast to do the mile, or more, for Sport


Relief. We are hoping to gee up the crowds, maybe belt out some operatic


notes. I have not done much training, I only entered yesterday.


Just doing it to raise money and have fun.


We just want to get fit while raising money for it.


Not much spring in the air in Norwich today, but there was spring


in people's steps and Miles smiles. Good people doing things for a good


cause to change people's lives. Thanks, Rachel - and thanks


to everyone taking part You are doing brilliantly! The


enthusiasm miserably. It's time now to welcome our first


guests to the party truck. They are two of our country's most


decorated athletes - both of them Olympic


gold medallists. Hello to James Cracknell


and Sally Gunnell. Wellcome, both. James, you have just


started this? It is a fraud, I have mine Ban and I am just watching. --


have my number on. Number one son has stormed off somewhere. It is a


loop, he will come back! Just leave him on it, he can do six miles!


Now, on Friday night, you both took part in something


called the Great Sport Relief Bike Off.


For people who missed it, give some background. We were trying to break


a Guinness world record for how many people can write one kilometre in


the Velodrome in an hour. It was kicked off by James, we had to


literally... Like a relay, each person did four lap is, and luckily


we had 40 people on reserve, and it took 41 of us and I ended up having


two goes, it was brilliant. I am just going to bring the bike in, if


it is all right. It is extraordinary. The height of the


seat! Is looks like something out of the circus, what is going on? Is a


Chopper not meant to be the other way around? It was very twitchy. I


was doing the first one, so I carried on for an hour. Bradley


Wiggins did the hour, I was setting and our record on a chopper. I had


lots of encouragement from the rest of the relay guys. This is original?


1983. I should have cleaned it a bit! The wheels are not original,


they are not built for staying on the bank of the Velodrome. There was


a little bit of other patient, but it is not made for comfort -- there


was a little bit of adaptation. Hoople must be wondering what on


earth you looked like. Here is the answer. -- people must.


COMMENTATOR: Two Olympic champions the same time, James Cracknell and


Sally Gunnell. Two-time Olympic champion rower, but this will


probably feel like the hardest race of his life. Partway there, grim


determination written all over his face. The minutes are slowly ticking


away, he is having to dig deep. Hats off to James Cracknell for this


magnificent effort, and hour of pain for a great cause.


That looked very full on. It felt much faster than its looked. In my


mind, I was zipping around, I think I was doing about 25 seconds labs,


when prior to did his our record he was doing 16 seconds, that is how


quick. -- when Bradley did his record in an hour. I was thinking, I


had to get around without going to hide, you had to pick your moment.


Sally, as a world Champion hurdle, you can get over anything! We have a


friend with us. This is Mark McKinley, a newcomer. Here is your


certificate to prove that you have set this record. 40 cyclists in the


hour. As we say, you are all officially amazing.


APPLAUSE You have both broken records in your


separate fields, how does this compare?


It was a mad idea that has come to fruition. It is nice that you are a


world record-holder. I had one, it only lasted two years, so it is nice


to get one back. Are you still the world record-holder? How much was


yours broken by? Not too much, it was close, but then I had to go and


interview the girl who just broke my world record. Mine was broken by


eight seconds in London. You still have the British hurdle record.


Arguably the Chopper one is the one you want! Does it have to have Steve


had -- Steve Redgrave's signature on it. We are not saying this is


comedy, but we are moving on. And when I say comedy gold,


I am talking 24 carat. Is it possible... 26? I don't


whether you can get 26! Yes, one of the most iconic sitcom


characters of all time returns And just like thousands


of you across the country, he's going the extra


mile for Sport Relief. But - of course - he's doing


it in roller skates! It's time to welcome


back Frank Spencer. And here he is on his journey to see


little Jessica all grown up I'm going left! We are nearing the


end of this world record our attempt from Sir Bradley Wiggins, it is


truly unbelievable from him. He is absolutely flying. If he can keep


this up, the record is on. Just three laps away from the record, Sir


Bradley will break it yet again. There really is no stopping him.


What on earth is going on here? Oh, look, dad is here! What is he like?


Despite the unscheduled interruption, Sir Bradley is still


on for the record. He is almost there. Hello, Mr Wiggins! Get off,


it is Sir! Hello Mr Wiggins, Sir! How is he holding on? Have you seen


Jessica Spencer? Who? I have not. Otherwise have you seen Betty


Spencer? I haven't, get off! I think I am having a hot flush. I will give


you a bloody hot flush, get off! There they are! He has donated,


truly unbelievable! -- he has done it. New balls, please! Excuse me! I


am a married man! COMMENTATOR: What is happening here?


Getaway! Disaster for Bradley Wiggins. Coached Dave Brailsford has


to be fuming. Did I win? I have never seen anything like this


before, I am in shock. Oh, Jessica, I'm so sorry I missed


your race. It's OK, dad. It's just a shame you didn't hear everyone


shouting my name. I was so proud. Although I always think, if you


happened anything nice to say, you shouldn't say anything at all. I


bought you a present. I left it with Mr Wiggins. Vista Wiggins! Why are


we stopping here? I really need to get to the hospital. Sorry, there


has been another incident. Thank you, Mr Wiggins! Take him away!


Well, all things considered, I think it has been a really lovely day. Not


for Bradley Wiggins. I'm sorry I didn't win, dad, I just wanted you


to be proud of me. We are always proud of you. Even when I done able


see on the carpet? Did you? I don't remember that. Even when I did a


whoopsie. Made you, I'm going through the change. I keep


forgetting what I forgotten. Oh, Frank. Look, there is Doris!


And you can see the full sketch in all its glory later


on in a Sport Relief highlights show tonight at 5.15pm on BBC One.


A huge thank you, of course, to Michael Crawford.


While I do, it's over to Ore Oduba, who's having a very busy


Come on, Sheffield, tell them what they are missing! Seven-year-old


Harrison, are you having a good time? Yes? Yes! Well done, all of


you. Give us another gear, Sheffield. Absolutely glorious, you


join us in the city of steal. -- another gear. We are awake and well


with the smell of sport. As well as the Sport Relief Games, Sheffield is


also playing host to the finals of the FA People's Cup 2016. The


competition alongside BBC Get Inspired, getting people of all ages


involved in the beautiful game. Here is Nick Bright to tell you more.


The FA People's Cup gives the people of England the chance to play


This year, a record 35,000 people entered.


There are 11 categories ranging from under-14 boys and girls


to veteran men and women, including disability


Whether you're a woman, whether you're older,


you can still play the game that you enjoy.


It's just wonderful to be able to play football once again.


From Plymouth to Preston, from Nottingham to Newcastle,


The stakes are high, with the winners of each category


being given a chance-of-a-lifetime trip to Wembley.


And, at half-time, you get to walk on the hallowed turf.


Along the way, we have met some amazing people


When you first start off on crutches, it's quite hard.


Seen some great football and seen some spectacular goals.


The finals in Sheffield, where we find out who will be


Let's get the ball rolling as we begin the battle


It has been an epic journey of football, fun and friendship all


around. The finals of the cup taking place right now. This is a taste of


what we have had so far today. We are all here for the FA People's


Cup. It's the final of the FA People's


Cup. Thank you very much to everybody who


has been involved so far. We have ourselves a pair of champions. Eve


and Rachel, the winners of the goals under 14 competition. And a man you


might know well, Kevin Kilbane. You haven't won anything! How was that,


winning the competition? It felt really good, such a tough


competition, we didn't know we would get this far. You won 3-1 against


Doncaster Belles. Never in doubt. It was intense but really fun. Tell us


about today, an incredible atmosphere, the sun has come out, it


has been awesome in Sheffield. A really nice day and a great


tournament. FA Cup final tickets? Looking forward to it? Really


excited. Kevin, what a day to be alive. It doesn't get much better,


the sun is shining. So much in the Premier League today, but this is


where it is happening. So much talent, Eve and Rachel. A lot of


talented youngsters, a lot of talented older generation, it has


been great to be part of this competition today. It launched in


2015 but it has got bigger and better. 35,000 taking part, male and


female, people with disabilities. A lot of scope to be involved in this


tournament, anyone can get involved and that is the beauty. Certainly a


positive thing again this year, such a success. Eve and Rachel, just a


couple of cases in point. Thousands of you have been getting sporty and


active today. BBC Sport want you to keep up the good work, staying


active and healthy, so go on, Get Inspired.


If you're looking for different ways to get up and get active,


Whether you want to find an alternative way to get to work,


or you're just looking for something new.


Maybe you want to get active with friends,


Visit to find activities near you and to start


That is as pretty much done from Sheffield. Pickles, the mascot has


joined us. Are you all right? I will take that as an affirmative. Thank


you very much to everyone in Sheffield. Come back because we will


be talking about the Sheffield Sport Relief Games as well. Back to the


Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Me and Pickles... He is a mascot, for


crying out loud! A very square head. Who, Ore! That


is a bit harsh! And a big thank you also


to the This Girl Can community. They've teamed up with Sport Relief


to prove that taking part and doing some exercise, no matter how


big or small, is better Women up and down the country have


taken on the challenge, getting all sweaty and red faced


to help raise money for Sport Coming up two Strictly stars -


nay, Strictly legends - Anton du Beke and Kevin Clifton swap


sequins for speedos as they take on a fiendishly tricky


Sport Relief Challenge. First let's head over to Glasgow


and curling queen... A great time today, enthusiastic


family and friends, doing it for a great cause. We will do a little bit


of walking and a little bit of running. Running or walking? A bit


of both. A brilliant cause, everybody should do it. I got off


lightly this year. I have done things in the past, I am still


waiting for the call for me to play golf for seven days in a row in the


Algarve. I am repaired to do that! -- prepared. Families and friends


turned up to help Sport Relief. They have run, they have walked and joked


and dressed up, a fantastic event. A really wonderful day in the Shun


shine. Well done, Glasgow. -- in the sunshine. Thank you to the wonderful


people of Glasgow and everybody for taking part. Keep your name is


coming in, we will put them on the telly. We have seen many people


tackling a mile in aid of Sport Relief today. So spare a thought for


Eddie Izzard, running more than 700... It is hard to get your head


around it. Just remarkable. Eddie set himself the challenge of running


27 marathons in 27 days. We had a taste of his journey earlier on, but


here is the full story so far, blister... Hang on, these are live


pictures. Let's bring you up to date live. This is his second marathon,


through the streets of Pretoria. Not sure how far into it he is at the


moment, but we will keep you up-to-date with how he is getting


on. He definitely wants to finish this today. We know he tried in


2012, goodness me. We need to get the total art, because Eddie's


challenge has been absolutely massive. -- total art. Astonishing


feats in South Africa. One of the easiest ways to donate is by text


message. If you haven't already, this is the cause to donate to.


We would like you to introduce you to the Ugradar family from South


London. Hegga, Haroon and their sons Ilyas, Jamal and Bilal. They are


first timers, they have run six miles, all of them, in the Queen


Elizabeth Olympic Park. This is how they got on. Hello, I am Jamal and


we are doing six miles for Sport Relief. This is Bilal. This is


Haroon. This is my family! It's nine o'clock, we are very, very


excited. Sport Relief run. What about you guys? Yes! Let's go! This


way for the mile. How are you? Thank you. There you


go, ready to go. Off you go. Not taking it too fast otherwise


I'll get exhausted. Nice and slow. Sorry, can't stop! We need to do


this! I am very pleased to say that we


have the Ugradar family with us. A brilliant achievement. Six miles,


all of you. A fantastic atmosphere here today, wasn't it, Hegga. You


must feel elated that as a family you have completed it. So many


people, even if it was cold, you felt warm. So much entertainment


around the course, brilliant. You will have to explain this, we were


on the starting line with you and you said you had never run a mile


before. What was it like, doing six? It was really fun. What was the


funniest bit? We were with you at the beginning and we jumped out, we


only did a mile and you carried on. In the end, you took a bit of a


tumble. Are you feeling OK, Bilal? A few scratches. A round of applause.


A massive high five, it is all about effort. To take a tumble in the


first few metres, to dust yourself off and then do six miles off the


back of that... There is a big reason that you, as a family,


decided to complete the Sport Relief six miles today. Not long ago, I was


diagnosed again terminally with cancer and I wasn't given very long


to live. When I was on my last seconds, I thought I'm going to sign


up for a marathon, so this was a piece of cake. I managed that last


October. I completed a marathon, even if I was told not to, and are


advised not to. I did it. This time I wanted to do something with the


family, so we thought, let's do six miles together. Wow.


Dad, how proud are you? Very, very proud. She is so inspirational. She


makes everything so easy for us. This was her idea. We wanted to do


something fun as a family, something to remember and raise money for a


great cause. You have done that. I tell you what, you need your medals,


because, gosh, do you deserve them? We have a double Olympic gold


medallist to give them out, James Cracknell.


APPLAUSE He is behind you!


There you go. I am hoping there is one is better for me, but I don't


think there is. Huge congratulations, like we said, for


you, get that around your neck. You have got the war wounds to prove it.


I cannot believe you are all still smiling after six miles. Go around


again! Just kidding. And if you've been fundraising


at home, too, then please don't forget to send in your


sponsorship money. Can you imagine going to all that


effort and forgetting! Details of how to do


this are on the website, Now, of course, the lovely Ugradars


here are just one of thousands of families taking part


in the Sport Relief Games all over So it's to Northern Ireland we go


now where Belfast's favourite daughter and all-round athletics


legend Dame Mary Peters has Here we are in Belfast on a cold but


lovely fresh morning, dry, lots of people of all ages have turned up to


support Sport Relief and their mile. It has raised money for a lot of


worthwhile charities that needed, what better way to do it? A great


turn out already, I am looking forward to it.


Really good, enjoyed it. Good atmosphere. Really vital to get the


money to where it needs to help people. It is wonderful to see so


many people early in the morning running the streets of Belfast, from


tiny babies through to pensioners, dogs and a world champion boxer,


Carl from Tim, with his daughter. It has been a wonderful atmosphere.


Thank you, Dame Mary, and everyone taking part in Belfast.


And, as you can see, our roll call continues to grow.


As if by magic, there it is! All those people going the extra mile


for Sport Relief. All you have to do is send your name and what you have


done. We would love you to get in search.


Now the very land under our feet played host to some of the greatest


ever triumphs in British sport back in 2012.


Who can forget the achievements of Mo Farah, Jess Ennis


and Greg Rutherford on Super Saturday?


But not even their victories come close to the glories celebrated


Teamed with a few famous faces, Freddie Flintoff


and Sir Steve Redgrave made a glorious return


So forget Super Saturday as we bring you the events of...


Tonight we have two teams, one of them will be crowned the Clash of


the Titus champions 2016. -- class of the Titans. What is the secret?


You just had to paddle fast! We have a fall, Hugh Dennis is down. It is


the sprint for the line. Freddie Flintoff is a two-time winner. Next


up, synchronised swimming. 14 Redgrave, Will Young! I am the


Merman of the synchronised swimming world. Judge and the three? Eight! A


clean sweep of eights. Ladies and gentlemen, Russell Kane! I will


control the water. I would not be surprised if I grew fins all


webbing! It is ten!


It is looking good for Team Flintoff. Team Redgrave have ball.


-- four. This requires athleticism and sporting prowess. Good tumbling


skills. Look at the control. A really expressive performance. Loads


of expression, and a bit of skill as well. Great work. Wow, how ambitious


is that?! Look at the tears, that was emotional? I just hope that


translated to the judges. I put my heart, sole and everything into


that. Ten! We are about to see two prime cuts


of human man go head-to-head. The big man from Bolton in blue, and


masterful man McFly, he has that Strictly Come Dancing footwork. The


small man wins against the bigger man! I have a bad knee, tendinitis


in two elbows and the lung capacity Day 57-year-old. I did all right.


Team Flintoff with a 1-point lead going into the final event in the


team triathlon. This event is so short, you do not hold back. It is


pure speed. Five metres to go, it looks like


Freddie Flintoff will win the 2016 gains, what a fantastic race. So


close in the end. The Sport Relief 2016 Clash of the


Titans champion, Team Flintoff. It was so brilliant. The rhythmic


gymnastics. It is impressive with the ribbon, but Omid Djalili with


the hoop, oh! He is multitalented, though.


Now, of course, today is all about the fun


But we're not afraid to get a little political for a moment.


As we all know, it's been a somewhat turbulent time of late for the major


Footballing icon Pele has found just the man to sort it out.


My name is Edson Arantes do Nascimento, or as I am


known around the world, Pele.


With the Fifa election coming up, I am here to make an announcement.


I will not be running for the position of Fifa president.


Because there is a better man for the job.


A man who understands football like no-one else.


A man who lives and breathes the beautiful game.


Ladies and gentlemen, I give you my choice to be the next


Or as he's known around the world, Smithy.


Since 1888, association football has held its head up high


But now, in 2016, it seems to have lost its way.


The good name of football has been dragged through the mud.


The game I love, tarnished with allegations, and it


And what makes it worse - even the players are letting


Players taking dives, looking for cheap penalties.


But worst of all, players insisting on ripping their tops


I'm determined to change all of that.


So today, I, Smithy, announce my campaign to become


As I was saying, I want to bring football back to its former glory,


and I want to share with you my plan for how we get it all back on track.


Firstly, a lot's been said about grassroots football,


Grass is rubbish, innit, Geoff?


Everyone knows Astroturf is the superior surface.


I'm talking 3G, rubber crumb, sand field.


No more cancelled games because of waterlogged pitches,


guaranteed crazy, uncontrollable bounces -


who's not going to want to watch that, right,


Now, I would like to go on record and say that the rumours


of my being a stakeholder in Chinese Alan's Astroturf company


The Lawn Of The Dead are completely unfounded.


My shares have been sold to Vanessa Shanessa Jenkins,


a woman whom I am not in a relationship with.


The next motion I propose is a ban on teams bringing out


Right now, Man Utd have more costume changes than Beyonce,


Under my regime, all teams must stick with the same strip


Couldn't have said it better myself, boss.


Another part of my plan is to bring back teams recording FA Cup songs.


I'm talking Crystal Palace giving it Glad All Over,


the Anfield Rap, Man Utd's Move, Move, Move.


Yes, a terrible song, a disgrace to music,


but it connected us as fans with the players.


Under my regime, every football league club must record a song


and a video full of banter every single season.


You know me, Smithy, I'm the king of banter.


All I want to do is bring football back to where it belongs.


In the hearts and minds of true fans.


And it's these fans who are being priced out of the game.


I heard a story the other day where a ticket to watch


No-one should pay a penny to watch Tottenham, but that's how


This is football we're talking about.


But we, the fans, are the only constant.


Owners will change, managers will change,


We are ones who remain through thick and thin.


As Fifa president, I will make sure we are listened to.


But don't just take my word for it - listen to my friend,


my confidante, my campaign manager, Mr Jose Mourinho.


Three of the most inspirational leaders of our time.


But I don't think any of them could save football like Neil Smith.


Please vote Smithy for president, and make him


Look, I want to go back to a simpler time.


Bobby Moore swapping shirts with Pele.


Gazza and Vinnie messing about on the pitch.


Becks pinging in that free kick against Greece.


Sir Geoff Hurst winning us the World Cup in '66.


These are the times that I can take us back to.


To the left is the new home of West Ham United from next season, the


Olympic Park, and scene of the Paralympic games four years ago.


That leads us neatly to people carrying out the mile run around the


Olympic Park, these are all veterans of the Armed Forces and the Invictus


Games. What is your name? Hello, Derek. And Mike, look, Mickaela.


Then, Sam, Ray. The Invictus Games where a fantastic success, launched


by Prince Harry and a huge body of people. The next Invictus Games will


be where? Orlando, Florida. Or you could fit in Disney World at the


same time? If I get selected! I hope to be picked for cycling and growing


-- rowing. Track and powerlifting for me. What has the Invictus Games


done for the feeling of community? About it has been amazing, after


injury to see how you can go want to do more and more things, and the


teamwork from every single nation is phenomenal. Enjoy your mile run,


race, however you choose to do it. Dave was one of the founding


individuals who drove the Invictus Games. With klaxon in hand, he will


get the next wave of athletes and away. Five, four, three, two, one!


COMMENTATOR: Invictus is the Latin for unconquered. It says everything


about the competitors in this mile. Invitations have already gone out to


15 nations to take part in Orlando. The Paralympics style event is


definitely here to stay and those behind it deserve a great deal of


credit. It is absolutely right that they should be here to help in Sport


Relief, and I'm sure they are going to enjoy every minute of this


reasonably casual mile, which brings a smile to the face.


We thought we'd distract a few more the milers to see if they fancied


Would you like to introduce yourselves? We are the Bevan family,


Tony, Laura and Georgina. And you are Sherry. Some involvement with


Games makers. I haven't been here since 2012, nice to see the venue


again. You come back and suddenly, it's got a different vibe


completely. A bit colder, for a start! Are we mid-run? You don't


know! We have done 40 yards so far, just starting to warm up! Is it


right that mum and dad are part of a running club? You are well versed.


But are you enjoying it? It is really good fun, I have done five


came in the past. You are doing a great job. -- I have done five K. It


has been lovely to see you. How much money have you raised? ?120. Keep


singing as you go, we will see you later. There are three Evans making


up today's Sport Relief Games, the Mile, Cycle and the Swimathon. Time


to go to the London Aquatics Centre were Watchdog's Michelle Ackerley


has the news. Welcome to the Aquatics Centre, where the Swimathon


participants will take the plunge. Many ways to get involved, and


swimming is just one of them. These guys behind me are about to swim 1.5


kilometres, 30 lengths of this massive pool. Guys, are you excited?


Yes! Duncan Goodhew himself. A great


atmosphere already. What's going on? It's brilliant, we started early


this morning. Over 23,000 swimmers taking part. 600 pools. A lot of


swimming going on! Raising well over ?2 million. At the moment, ?1.1


million has already come in, so well done, everybody, keep it coming. You


seem very calm and relaxed. I just took my time and try to enjoy it,


instead of racing. Not often you get to swim in an Olympic venue. Such a


treat. She has just finished swimming 1.5 kilometres dressed as a


monster. Congratulations! How was it? It was tough with the hat on,


slightly warmer than in practice. I am really pleased, and I was under


40 minutes. Let me present you with your own medal. You deserve it.


Thank you very much! That's it from the Aquatics Centre. I am inspired


to put on my swimming cossie and get involved. Some exciting news. We can


cross to South Africa live to speak to Nick who is running with Eddie


Izzard. Hopefully you can hear us. How is it going? The second


marathon, can you ask Eddie how he is feeling?


OK, Eddie, how is it all going? 27th marathon. Well... Not brilliantly.


77 kilometres, almost 50 miles, today. I have done a marathon this


morning. This is my second marathon. Trying to finish... Really


difficult. Eddie, we don't want to rush you in


any way, shape or form. Goodness me, take every single minute that you


can. The aim is to finish this today. We know that, for many years,


you have wanted to achieve this. Is there anyway, shape or form you can


put into words how it feels to be doing the last few miles?


Is there any way you can put into words, after four years of planning,


to be doing the last few miles? I can't... I've got... Seven


kilometres to go. I can't really think of anything else. We've had


some problems today. I'm having to run really fast...


What an effort... We are sending you as much love and support as we


possibly can, to see you through the rest of your trip. We will keep


everybody posted on how you are getting on. Come on, everybody, dig


deep. If you haven't donated yet, get behind Eddie and do what you


can. This is probably one of the most impressive physical things I


have ever seen. It has to be. Really emotional, watching him. You just


want to will him on. He looks exhausted, bless him. We will keep


you up-to-date with how he is getting on. Quite remarkable. We


will now go back to the pool. This sounds ridiculous in comparison to


what we have just seen, but after both reaching the final of Strictly


last year and failing to lift the glitter ball trophy again, we


thought we would give two long-suffering strictly


professional, not as long-suffering as Eddie, but one more shot at glory


Sport Relief style. We asked Anton du Beke and Kevin Clifton to ditch


the dance floor in favour of a giant floating obstacle course. Ladies and


gentlemen, boys and girls, it is time to hand over to Ore for


stricter come Splashing. It could either be dis-as-tah or a complete


fab-u-lous... -- it could either be fab-u-lous or a complete


dis-as-tah... Welcome your host, Ore Oduba. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome


to the London Aquatics Centre. Forget the Rio Olympics, 2016 is all


about the inflatable assault course. We have been joined by some Strictly


stars who have ditched the dance off for the splash off. Shall we meet


them? Give it up for Kevin Clifton and Anton du Beke.


They are overwhelmed. Do you have any idea what you have got


yourselves in full? I love sport. And a fake moustache pleases me no


end. This is possibly the greatest outfit you have ever worn. Forget


Strictly. This is spectacular, Kevin. Can you tell we didn't know


what we were doing when we signed up for this? They said, can you swim? I


said, a bit. This is what has happened. It is time for you to


ditch your hats, take to the stage. Could Anton du Beke and Kevin


Clifton please take to the pool. If they come off the course, they can


swim to the second. If they come off the second one, straight to the end.


Gentlemen, no bombing, no ducking, no heavy petting. Anton du Beke.


Anton and Kevin, are you ready? Three, two, one, go!


What a grapple to kick off this assault course splash off. Kevin


Clifton, a bit of a stumble. Through the chamber, looking pretty good.


Anton takes the lead. Down into the water. What a dismount. Ten out of


ten. Anton du Beke has the slight advantage as they approach the


second inflatable course. Clifton is strong, he is a powerful beast and


he is not going to let it lie easily. Off goes Anton du Beke! He


was looking so good! Can Kevin stay on? Anton is trying to clamber back


on! Kevin Clifton, very carefully, trying to get himself across the


assault course. Really trying. Giving it his best shot. The trophy


is within touching distance. Kevin, from Grimsby. Kevin Clifton, going


for the big jump. Anton du Beke is taking every single


minute of this. Enjoying it all the way to the finish. As Kevin uses


every sinew to get himself to the finish line. But it is Anton du Beke


who is the champion! My goodness me! That is just brilliant. A lovely


commando role for good measure. Anton, you have only gone and won. I


would concede to a man who actually finished the course. At least a


draw, what do you reckon? Let's make it a draw. Karen, you have got what


they all want. No glitter balls, we have got our Strictly splash off


Trophy, to our joint winners, Kevin Clifton and Anton du Beke.


Always the gentle man, isn't he? Congratulations to them both. Coming


up, John Bishop brings us an inspiring Sport Relief success


story. We have covered James Cracknell's Great Sport Relief Bike


Off and Eddie Izzard's marathon efforts, but they are just two other


people from the telly who have put themselves to the limits for Sport


Relief. And you are one of them. You were out on a with Ore. A whole host


of people doing a lot of various things to raise money for Sport


Relief. -- you were out on a boat. Thank you if you contributed. Did


you struggle more with the boat or the rock? The rock was a solid


object, but in the sea, you are against mother nature, so that was a


bit more scary. Let's have a look at some of the extraordinary feats that


have been accomplished this year for Sport Relief.


I'm doing this on behalf of all the portly middle-aged women


The water's splashing out over the deck, and it feels


Five triathlons in five cities in five days.


It's so not normal to do this. Aargh!


If I can get to the end of the day, I can rest.


57 hours of non-stop five-a-side football,


with five stars doing 12-hour stints each.


Two legends out there today put their bodies on the line


Top of my leg's hurting. Ow!


She's in pain, she's tired, but she knows she's got a very,


Just a little bit of sensitivity.


Here, out in the ocean, you realise just how


I don't know how the legs are still going, but they are.


The undercarriage is going i-i-in...!


I am tired, I did push it, but we got there.


This makes it all worth it, it's just beautiful.


The battle of the five-a-sides is over.


I'm stiff, I'm sore, and I've finished!


And we're lucky enough to be joined by two of them now -


APPLAUSE We were just talking about seeing


Eddie on the telly, what television that is just watching him run the


last seven K! I can't believe he has got to where


he got to. It is so difficult. Mentally, just awful. He looks


exhausted, it is quite uncomfortable watching it. I'm going to lock him


up in a room when he gets back and not let him run a marathon 447


years. Again. What does he do tomorrow? He will want to do another


one. And this is what you were talking about, last week we saw each


other in Downing Street for a Sport Relief reception and you said, Greg,


after finishing it had quite a big impact on you in terms of you didn't


know what to do with yourself, your body felt depleted of everything?


When you train for something for a long time and only have that in your


head, then you don't plan what you do on Saturday when it finishes, so


I got there and the circus had left and there was just a clone quarrying


and quivering. -- a cloud. Were you into triathlons beforehand? Did they


approach you or did you say you wanted to get fit? I wanted to do a


challenge and they put it to me. I said, I have literally asked for it.


I wanted to go to all the Sport Relief Games cities, they are not


very close, geographically. And travelling overnight. Not easy. We


had some footage of you swimming, your legs were just not working when


you got out. What event in the day was that? The winds were open water,


this was Glasgow on day three. -- the swims were. We had had two


triathlons before that, we travelled overnight from Cardiff, had no


sleep, had not really eaten enough, straight in the water at 8am. You


should not be in that sort of water for that long, it is cold, 4


degrees, you start getting hypothermia, I was in there for


about 30 minutes or so and it is not a great idea. But it is supposed to


be hard and, rest assured, it was hard X formation when you do these


challenges, there are highs and lows. Jo we spoke to you on a


Wednesday about this, let's go back to the difficult times. That was


when you were blown over because of the hurricane. Who would have


thought I would get blown over! LAUGHTER


When you were on the One Show, we cut to a lorry to show how windy it


was. For you... That lorry didn't get


blown over, I pushed it over! But for you it was about encouraging


people to do something, so to see all the milers that have come around


and be sending in all the money they are raising from putting the effort


in, that says an enormous amount? I just wanted to be the fat old unfit


end of the market. There is a big group watching telly eating cakes,


lucky them! I just want that lot to get out and do something. You will


definitely have inspired them. Walking, particularly with a group


of mates, is great. And the money keeps rolling in because you go on


things and talk about them. We have got up to date totals. Greg, you


have raised 1,000,040. ?5 from the ex-Commissioner Jo, 1,000,150.


Fantastic effort. You can sit down for a while now.


Well, no matter who you are or what you've done for this year's


Sport Relief - whether you've learnt to sail or held a bake sale,


or even run 27 marathons in 27 days - we want to say a huge thank


You really are changing people's lives both here in the UK


and in some of the world's poorest communities.


John Bishop has travelled to Kenya to tell us the difference your money


had made to a little girl called Margaret.


Last time I came to Kanyai went to this dump site in Nairobi. -- to


Kenya. Ten-year-old Margaret had never lived anywhere else. Along


with her grandmother she spent every day searching through the rubbish to


try to scrape together and existence. What is the best thing


you have ever found? Rice, as food. Rice? The best thing you have ever


found? Year. Back then, it seemed that


there was no way out. But thanks to your generosity, their lives have


changed beyond compare. I went back to Kenya to see the change from


myself. Young Margaret is now going to


school, where she is finally getting a good education and making friends.


What is the best thing about going to school? English, mathematics. It


is brilliant. Your grandmother has a new house. Shall be governed see


grandma? -- shall we go and see grandma?


Look at you! You look brilliant. Thank you very much. Grandma


Margaret has started her own business. What do you sell? Credit


for the phone? 20 shillings. The difference between where they were


then and where they are now is incredible.


It is a very, very, very important photograph. It has all changed. No


more. No more days like this. Life is better. Let's look to the future.


Thank you. I'm happy. Thank you very much.


I'm just so glad that we are able to help.


You have changed sadness into joy and sorrow and loss into hope. That


is what your donations do. That is how you change lives.


Your donations mean that we can help more families like this. Please give


what you can. Go online


it is great to see the difference, but it has made to those people's


lives. Thank you to all of you for taking


part in the Sport Relief Games, wherever you are. You are really


helping to transform lives. And we have even more milers now


helping to raise funds. It's time to hand back to Ore to see


how the good people of Sheffield have been going the distance


for Sport Relief. CHEERING


Hello! Welcome to Sheffield. I am just


tuning in to do. We have atmosphere, as you can probably see. We have had


an incredible day. If you saw as earlier you would have seen the


finals of the FA People's Cup, that is going on all day. It is not the


only sporting event in Sheffield, we have had the Sheffield Sport Relief


Mile in the city centre, here is how it went down. Well played, everyone!


We are here for the Sheffield mile. I am going to jog. A very discreet


warm up. Looking forward to running six


miles? No! It is me getting out of my comfort


zone to raise awareness and money for people not as lucky as us. It


was good starting, then all downhill for the first bit. Great fun, such a


beautiful day. Best bit, finishing! World and the people of Sheffield,


all superstars. We have been joined by a couple more. Harry Grayson and


Paul Hudson from Look North. -- Harry Gration. Superstars of the


area. Fantastic. This is what Sport Relief is all about. We have gone


through it, Ore, over the last nine days or so, battled our way through


about 130 miles, three legged, you have survived, my knee is completely


shot. I have heard it was technically a difficult challenge.


Tell us about the how and why on earth. You seem like rational


gentleman, why did you decide to do the challenge? I was going to walk


130 miles, strapped to him! Ten hours a day. In the middle of


nowhere. It was the most extraordinary thing I have ever been


emboldened. Can I just say, we have had no corporate sponsorship


whatsoever, and the good people of Yorkshire, the viewers and


listeners, have raised ?225,000. ?225,000, incredible! Harry, I know


he is there, but what was hardest about the challenge? He is a


weatherman, he was talking in meteorological terms. I can tell you


everything you need to know about anticyclonic inversions. While


ex-formation which is why I came to Sheffield today! Congratulations, an


amazing total, congratulations, Harry and Paul.


Let's have a book at what is going down. The football continues, an


outstanding atmosphere. The FA People's Cup action continues, some


really incredible stuff and a great atmosphere. Talking about great


people, the Sports Personality Of The Year Helen Rollason Award is


awarded to outstanding achievement in the face of adversity. Last year


's winner absolutely still the show. Nine-year-old Bailey Matthews who


had cerebral palsy company did his first unaided triathlon, he joins us


now, along with his dad, absolute legend. The Matthews!


Bailey, you have done your Sport Relief Mile, how was it? Well, it


was kind of easy because... You are a legend! I have run quite further


than that. It didn't seem very long. That is coming from a champion. He


wanted more, dad? We joins Harry and Paul last week for part of their


walk. We wanted more. Just more. And you got more, you have your own


track coming shortly, and you have had celebrity endorsement? From who?


I can tell you, if you have forgotten. He goes by the name of


Simon Cowell, yeah, is that right? Just making sure! Congratulations,


we will make sure we get you another miles somewhere along the line.


Thank you both. Two heroes in Sheffield. From Sheffield, we will


go back to London for a man who, if he is not hanging around with rugby


players, he is back where he belongs, John Inverdale.


We have been running all day at the Olympic Park, since 10:15am, wave


upon wave, thousands and thousands. This is the last wave of the day,


this is the Blue Peter mile. Lindsay and Radzi, the current protagonists


at the helm of the good ship Lou Peter, they are here to lead the


team. You did a fantastic challenge? I did, I did a very epic challenge.


I called myself The Wave Runner, I attempted to cross the Irish Sea in


a zorb ball. Dangerous? Dangerous, tiring, the muscles are healing but


I am ready. What did you do, Radzi? I took part in a Velodrome


challenge. It is all about giving something ago, that is me and my


friend Barney attempting to beat Sir Chris Hoy. The guys behind us,


because of the Blue Peter sport badge, they have got involved, that


is what it is all about. Make some noise, guys!


They all have their blue Peter badges. What is your name? What did


you do? You are such 80s! What did you do? OK, we can't prolong this


any longer, you can tell us. I did a sponsored silence. How hard was it?


It made my jaw is heard. Is it harder than talking? Definitely. I


raised just over ?400. And think how much we get paid for talking!


Congratulations for your Blue Peter badges, I am in a childhood happen


over the last 72 hours, at Cheltenham on Friday I met John


Craven for the first time. Here we are, the one and only, the doyen of


all blue Peter presenters, Peter Purves. Great to be here. What a


marvellous event. Is this the best Sport Relief ever? Ten seconds


before you will blow the klaxon. Five, four, three, two, one!


COMMENTATOR: Away to people with blue Peter badges. I am honoured, I


owned one. Get down, Sh ep! Remember him, John Noakes? All those years


ago. A few stats. In the last two years, Sport Relief have raised


money which has helped 189,000 children to attend school and get an


education, 16,500 get support to improve their mental health, and


over 734,000 have been given life-saving vaccines. Funding to for


ID3 projects supporting people living with dementia. They are great


set-up, Blue Peter, and it is an honour to have them here on Sport


Relief, who have done so well worldwide for children.


And event as big as this can only run smoothly with the help of


hard-working volunteers. I have two fresh from the night shift at CBBC's


Furchester Hotel. Elmo and Phoebe! Thank you so much, you are working


very hard. Doing such a great job today. How has the atmosphere being,


Elmo? Wonderful, Elmo loves helping other people, it's very important.


Phoebe, what message would you give to all of the children who have been


very brave and have run today? I would just say, keep going, you are


doing an amazing job! Keep going! We love you! Amazing! I am starstruck


being here with you, we have three little boys who would love to say


hello. We have Ilyas, Jamal and Bilal. These boys have run six


miles. Six miles? Congratulations! Do you have questions for Elmo and


Phoebe? Maybe you should ask them if they are going to run a mile? I


would love to. You have been doing lots of things to help at school,


too, right? Bake-athons and things like that. What else have you been


doing? We have done a cake sale. 48 hours. We made posters and spread


the word. Elmo and Phoebe, these boys are an inspiration. We are very


proud of you. Now, this year, more children


than ever have been doing themselves And I'm not just talking


about the Mile, Swimathon or Cycle - they've been doing just


about anything they can think Well, however you children out


there have been fundraising, here's a special thank


you courtesy of Harry Kane. If there is one thing you can rely


on in life, every single year during Sport Relief some of the most


hard-working and dedicated fundraisers are the thousands of


schoolchildren across the country. That is why we are here today at St


Andrews School with a very special guest, England and Tottenham


striker, none other than Harry Kane. Are you ready? Let's do it. A warm


welcome to Harry Kane! , Everyone. A big well done for all of the money


you have raised for Sport Relief. What team do you prefer playing for,


Tottenham or England? A tough question, both of them are just as


good. In schools all over the UK, all of you hard-working young people


have raised an incredible amount of money for Sport Relief, going above


and beyond. You all deserve a huge thank you. To all the amazing


schools, pupils, teachers, grandparents, parents, everyone who


has spent time raising money for Sport Relief... Only one thing left


to say. Thank you! A big thank you to Harry. Thank you to the children,


teachers and parents. We couldn't do it without your help. I have to say,


Alex, I'm gutted that you got to meet Elmo. You looked really good


together! Don't talk yourself out of a job, Matt! It was my wish


fulfilled. That is why I got into broadcasting, to meet Elmo. Don't


rub it in! Here is a little treat for you, courtesy of Jack Whitehall.


As a big football fan, I guarantee you are going to love his co-star in


this sketch. Gareth Bale, isn't it? He is great, I think he is the best


person to come out of Wales in years. Charming! A bit hurtful!


Perhaps not as hurtful as the first part of this sketch for any England


fans watching. In the end, the German


bench get up and protest Gascoigne has had his second yellow


card of the competition, and here is a moment that almost


brings tears to his eyes. Question marks have been raised


over his temperament The referee has gone to his pocket.


It's red! It was in the goal.


It surely crossed the line. It's on by Cavani,


there is no flag here. So there you go, and Luis Suarez


put the final nail in England's World Cup coffin in Brazil


in 2014, but will they fare any In the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic


Games, I came away with a silver medal, and I came


home a national hero. Yeah, you're right, Kriss.


It is the taking part that counts. Fancy a drink?


Mine's a Tia Maria. Yo, barman, can we get




Coming right up, bru. Well, I got sacked from my


last job, and it ain't They don't want me back.


Why are you so down, what's up? Ugh, it's the football.


Why can't England win something? No, I mean something that people


actually care about. You want the England


footie team to be as successful as the England cricket


team - you've got to use foreigners. We use players from


literally anywhere. Geraint Jones, born


in Papua New Guinea. Shut up!


You're as English as fish and chips. As soon as I touched


down on English soil, it disappeared, just


like that, gone. Come to think of it,


Simon Jones, from That's how we're going


to win Euro 2016, we will IN SOUTH AFRICAN ACCENT: KP,


you are a genius, player. Sort Kriss Akabusi out


with a massive Tia Maria. Economy, obviously,


as this is Sport Relief. G-Bale, G-Bizzle,


Baleo, the Old Bailey. To do that, I'm going to enlist


the help of the best player So, can you introduce me


to Cristiano Ronaldo? I'm sorry, but I've


got to go training. What I'm trying to tell


you is you can't waste all that talent playing for Wales


like Ryan Giggs did. You're playing with part-timers,


footballers who are working down Cobblers and milkmen.


You are Gareth Bale. Think how many more


goals you would score if you were being set up


by Sterling and the Roon-dog. Those puppies aren't


going to look so bad, are they? If you come and play


for England, you are It's the trademark of a 12-year-old


girl at a One Direction concert. You are also going to have


to sort out that hair. Look mate, all I'm talking


about is a little switcheroo Why don't you get one


of Scotland's players, JACK SCOFFS.


Don't be ridiculous. You are worried about this


being illegal in some way, a tabloid finding out you don't


have any English blood. Fear not, G-spot,


I've got it covered. Meet your long, long,


long lost English Nan, Not according to these


forged documents. Yes, she's an actress,


but nobody needs to know that other than you, me,


and Nanna Doris here. How many times have


I got to tell you - I will never,


ever play football for England. When you left Spurs,


you became a hero of mine. Look, there's a very easy way


to get me to play for your team. I've never heard anything more


preposterous in my life. Three lions on a shirt,


mate, that's me! MUSIC: Holding Out For


A Hero by Bonnie Tyler. # Isn't there a white


knight upon a fiery steed? # I'm holding out for a hero til


the end of the night # And he's got to be


fresh from the fight Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndr


obwllllantysiliogogogoch. Please, Jack!


No. We have accepted Jack into the fold.


Good singing! It was fun birthday when he came into the studio. We are


sticking with a football theme. And thankfully for this next event


nationality isn't important. And neither is skill,


talent nor ability for that matter. It's time to hand over to Dan Walker


now as Freddie Flintoff and Sir Steve Redgrave


play Dizzy Penalties! Welcome to the Velodrome, Lee Valley


VeloPark. This is about the Sport Relief Dizzy Penalty challenge. All


you have to do is score in the Sport Relief goal after some serious


spinning. Are you ready to meet the competitors? Please go wild for the


Titans tonight. From the surf to the turf, he is a five-time Olympic


world medallist, he is an awe-inspiring rowing legend, Sir


Steve Redgrave. Swapping the bowl for the goal, former England cricket


captain, the one and only Freddie Flintoff! Steve, Freddie, why have


you let yourself into this? It was about a month ago and they said,


would you to do it? I said OK, then I saw the goal and the turf I


thought, what is that doing here? And I thought, oh, I said I would do


it! I don't know why. Freddie, you are a natural sportsman, what is the


footballing talent like? I played for Preston as a kid, but anyone


could have when I was young! I have seen people do this before, it is


just spinning and kicking! That easy? We will find out. As you are


the younger man, we will let Freddie Flintoff go first. Don't walk off, I


will explain the rules. Pay attention. You have to get the ball


in the goal. It sounds simple. You have to run and spin around that


football 13 times. Once you have dinner at 13 times you can kick the


second football. If you don't complete 13 revolutions and fall


over, you had to get back and finish it off. Once you add in fitting,


kick the ball, if it goes in or near, great, one of you will be


walking away with the Sport Relief Dizzy Penalty trophy. Look how


excited they both look. Freddie, if you are ready, hand on the ball at


all times, ready for the whistle. It doesn't mean a thing if you ain't


got that spin! Three, two, one! # You spin my head right round,


right round # When you go down...


I take back all I said about you being naturally gifted. What went


wrong? I take back what I said, it is quite hard. My legs were going


all over the place, my head was spinning. Ladies and gentlemen,


Freddie Flintoff! Get in position, Redgrave. Three, two, one!


# I'm spinning around, move out of my way...


Whenever you are ready! Yes! Flintoff has gone. Congratulations,


Steve. Unbelievable scenes. You nearly walked off. Don't go. Surely


you want to celebrate a magical moment for everyone? He did well,


but some of the reviews I was getting coming he had to keep


pulling his pants up. That was not good. Can you give over this no


expense spared Trophy. Steve Redgrave, the Dizzy Penalties Sport


Relief champion. Compulsive viewing! We should run


around the sofa 13 times and then carry on.


Forget the Ashes or five consecutive Olympic golds -


that trophy is surely the greatest prize they've ever contested.


From one Sport Relief contest to another now.


Earlier this year there were tears, tantrums and tiramisus


as a new batch of celebrities turned their hands to baking in aid


So it's time to put your feet up, rest your bottoms -


soggy or otherwise - and enjoy the very best bits of this


Welcome to the Great Sport Relief Bake Off. They are all giving it a


go, it is something they have never done before. Major disaster. O


wonder it is Sport Relief, I am knackered. Eight bananas. Who has


the best kitchen? Downing Street. That is a fantastic sponge, one of


the best ones I have had this year. That's all right. The Sport Relief


star baker today, Jerry. Samantha Cameron. Kimberly.


It makes you feel terribly hungry. That is why it works so well, you do


your running and then you eat afterwards. Navy we should go 40 and


cake after this. -- maybe we should go for tea and cake.


Time now for our last trip across Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park


as we head back to Michelle Ackerley, who has all the details


I am at the Lee Valley VeloPark, home to the Sport Relief Cycle.


These brave souls are about to embark on a 25 mile course, raising


money for the fantastic causes supported by Sport Relief.


With me is actress Laura Mayne, what has inspired you? I think it is


great to be part of something collective. When the whole nation


comes together, whether it is watching the TV and donating or


getting involved in one of these events, you can run, you can walk


one-mile and just be active and do something for Sport Relief, helping


vulnerable people in this country and in some of the world 's poorest


communities. I like to raise money by doing


something. It's nice going to dinners and things, but to get out


and do something, running, cycling, skiing, anything, if it is to do


with sport, I love it. How did you prepare? I did some cycling last


year! We have got Theo and Ripley, about


to start with mum and dad. Why are you getting involved? The kids love


it, we love going to the Olympic centre and the kids did the Sport


Relief Mile during the week, so they are all in the Sport Relief way.


Fantastic. That is it from us at the Lee Valley


VeloPark, thanks to everyone who has taken part today. Time for me to get


on my bike and do my bit. See you! She was swimming earlier, very busy


lady! And of course, thank


you to all of you who've got on your bikes for


Sport Relief today. And if you've been part


of the Cycle today - or any other event -


please don't forget to pay in all that hard earned


sponsorship money. They are still going, I can't


believe it! We will have a total very soon. It


has gone up considerably today. But there's time for one last


jaunt across the UK. So it's off to sunny,


sunny Cardiff now, where local lad and former Olympian Christian


Malcolm has been enjoying the fun. Welcome to Cardiff, the weather is


great, not too hot, not too cold, there are athletes of all ages ready


to do a mile, three miles or maybe even six. Let the show commence. It


is fun, it is easy to turn up and enjoy yourself, everyone has come


here to raise money, it is about having fun and participating. We are


Cardiff University ladies Cricket club, year to run one mile in full


cricket gear. I normally walk the dog about a


similar distance, so I thought, I am sure I can do this. Little man has


fallen asleep on your shoulder. I think he is overcome with


excitement. Another fantastic event in Cardiff. People of all ages,


families out and about. It is good to see people getting fit and it has


encouraged me to try next time. You never know! It is just kicking


off all over the UK, it has been great. The energy and the effort,


culminating this afternoon. We have John and Barry. Did you enjoy your


time in the cupboard? You should try it sometime, I recommended. It is a


bit like God and the Gopher? No, John, you have been at the start


line, people doing everything they can -- Gordon the Gopher. Just the


number of people, the youngest I saw was three and the oldest 83,


fantastic. I mentioned a family, a young girl who is a huge fan of


Danny Dyer, they drove down from Morecambe this morning at five M to


meet him, did photos, had a chat, they are driving back now -- at


five. They raised a lot of money for Sport Relief, she has met her hero


and is very happy. Danny Dyer film was very powerful. It really got


you. They said they were so touched by seeing it on Friday that they


made the decision to leave the Lancashire coast to come down, that


is a long way. There was a wonderful lady who was just here, she has MS,


she was going around with a stool, she was going as far as she could,


taking as much time she needed to replenish her energy carry on. Just


put the effort in, that is it. You have not got your trainers on,


Barry. I was not given an opportunity. We have parked your


taxi mile away! You will have to do it!


We have been watching these remarkable efforts from Eddie


Izzard, we think he is coming down the final straight. Here he is in


Pretoria. He has done 27 marathons. Just to remind you, he has done two


today. Let's get behind Eddie. This is your final chance to donate.


Texts will cost your donation plus your standard


All of your donation will go to Sport Relief.


You must be 16 or over, and please ask the bill payer's permission.


For full terms and conditions or to donate online go


to And here you'll also be able to find


Surely there will be a big finishing line or something somewhere? He


seems to be just winding his way around a park. We think there are


two flights of stairs and then this is the end, that is what we think.


We will try to stay on these pictures. This has just been


incredible. Barry, how do these scenes compared? Where is he? He is


winding his way around. I think he is behind the tree. I have no idea.


It has been a fantastic year for the Sainsbury's Sport Relief Games.


Whether you had taken part in the mile, Swimathon or cycle or donated


from home, you have made a difference. The very latest total


raced across the weekend for Sport Relief 2016 can be revealed. --


total raised. You have raised a phenomenal


56,000,830. And here is Eddie! Look at him! He is still running!


Remarkable! He must be getting a burst of energy. One set of steps


left. Here he comes! Go on, Eddie! Fantastic that we have these


pictures. After doing two marathons today, and 27, to finish with two


flights of stairs seems too painful, but this is it! He has done it!


Amazing! Eddie Izzard has just completed 27 marathons in 27 days.


REPORTER: Eddie, how are you feeling? Water. Water, water. You


are live on BBC One. Well done. How on earth did you make it? We have to


let Eddie recover. What an achievement. Absolutely brilliant.


Thank you to all at home for watching and supporting Sport Relief


this evening. It has been a fantastic effort. Thank you, John


and Barry, but thanks to everybody for all of your efforts. Thank you


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