16/04/2017 Sportscene


Ross County v Celtic, Rangers v Partick Thistle, St Johnstone v Aberdeen, Hearts v Kilmarnock, Motherwell v Inverness and Dundee v Hamilton. Jonathan Sutherland presents.

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Good evening and welcome to Sportscene. Tonight, the relegation


fight, six in the mix, the jaws of the Championship beckoning for


perhaps two Premiership sides. Although we can's top-flight action


coming up in the next hour or so. With us this is the Sunday, Steven


Thompson and Michael Stewart. We start with Ross County who began the


day level on points with Hamilton and Motherwell. The chances of


extending a vital lead over both these sides faced a stiff test on


Sunday with the visit of champions, Celtic.


COMMENTATOR: There is a first start for Tamil tea at right back.


Lustig and Boyata added in the squad and Patrick Roberts is on the bench.


Celtic are looking to maintain this wonderful unbeaten sequence. They


haven't got too many more games to negotiate either as Tierney hits it.


Just six games left in the Premiership, including this one, for


the newly crowned six in a row champions. Celtic were convincing


winners here back in the autumn time. Cut back by McGregor. That is


rock which, that is Forrest! -- that is Rogic. The Forrest effort was the


most dangerous of the lot. An overlap from McGregor. Rogic, and


Forrest. Look at the two Banksy for Ross County, there is nothing they


can do about that, though! Kieran Tierney with a stunning opening goal


for Celtic! Fabulous hit, this, by the Celtic left-back. His second of


the season, and Celtic lead, as they have done the most of the campaign.


Perhaps a shot to nothing for Jim McIntyre, this one. Important bottom


six games to follow this one. That is Chow. Turned out to Van van der


Weg. Chow may think you should have done better with that. County not


seen as an attacking force in this first half. Brown took his eye


offered momentarily. He gets it back, though. Scott Sinclair. Celtic


looking for a second before the break. Snuffed out by Fox. Really


good build-up play by the visitors. A worthy point for Ross County last


time out at Hamilton and they will feel they should have taken more


advantage of the fact they were playing with a man more for a large


spell of that. Gardyne! And headers do not come much better than that! A


wonderful headed goal by Michael Gardyne, and Ross County draw level.


In the Dingle sunshine, and county smiling a bit more now. Anything


they pick up today would be a real bonus for the Staggies. Armstrong.


And Roberts, the sub. County standing firm. This is Griffiths.


That left foot once again causing problems. Fox just about got a hold


of it. Desperate for a Celtic goal. Simunovic. Roberts. Gets it back


from Gamboa. Lovely skill by Roberts! 2-1! Just wonderful!


Absolutely wonderful! Not one but two net -- two nutmegs. Patrick


Roberts just showing why he is a ?12 million player. Here goes Sinclair.


Griffiths to his right. He was brought down, though, by Jason


Naismith. Former St Mirren defender, and Celtic have a free kick in a


very tasty position for Stuart Armstrong. Here he goes. Excellent


effort. Almost number three. Ross County perhaps weren't expecting to


collect anything out of this game. Gardyne has got that across. A


penalty to County! Celtic are incensed by this decision by Don


Robertson, the rest, and you can see why! 100% dive from Alex Schalk. It


is horrendous. Well, Leon Boyce will take the spot kick, and that might


just be an unlikely point for Ross County! And a massive point it would


be, but it is bathed in controversy, because there is no way that this


should have been given as a spot kick. Well, the headlines will be


made, they will be written, and they will feature Alec Schalke tomorrow,


as Boyce goes in on Brown. He gets booked for his troubles. Don


Robertson and his assistant Stuart Stevenson were convinced it was a


penalty, duped by the Dutch County striker. Roberts striding in, took


the full force of that. Brown slams into Boyce! Tempers spill over and


Scott Brown are sent off! When the blue touch paper was lit by the


Rogic dive, and Celtic have been unable to keep a lid on their


emotions and unless Celtic appeal against this red card, Scott Brown


will miss the semifinal with Rangers next week. It could be costly facade


it but this could be so valuable for County.


Had good control, not too much to do defensively but then the points were


taken from us by Sunbird decisions by the officials. I have seen some


bad decisions appear, I have to say but this is one of the worst. It is


poor because in his position he can see it clearly, and two the risk


they way that anorexia chancre makes an attempt to play the ball. And he


gives a penalty against it -- there is no way that Sviatchenko makes an


attempt to play the ball. We played very well in the game. It is not a


penalty. I have watched it back. You can clearly see Sviatchenko go to


tackle it man he has pulled out at the last-minute and Alex is


expecting contact and is on his way down. For that side of things I can


fully understand Celtic's anger, disappointment, call it what you


will, but we have had several of those go against us this season when


teams have had penalties and they have not been penalties and it is


hard to take, so I understand that. A stormy end to the match to say the


least, letters get right to it, in the history of horrendous dives, how


bad is Alec Schalke's? I think this rank set number one for me. He


should be very embarrassed. It is a complete embarrassment, an absolute


joke. He looks for the referee as if to say is it a penalty? There was no


contact and the most amazing thing is that the referee is in a decent


position, how they have managed to come up with the fact that this is a


penalty is just below the ring. Obviously the players culpable -- it


is bewildering. Has uprising that the officials got it wrong? You can


see there is clear difference. You can see it is not a penalty, Jim


McIntyre as well. Everyone recognised. Fair play to Leon Boyce


is dubbed up and put it away but you can't take away from the fact it is


an horrific decision from the referee. Alec Schalke is to be


completely disappointed with himself. Retrospective action? 100%.


Then think there is any doubt. The factory so much clear distance


between Eric Sviatchenko and Alex Schalke, you have to see it is not a


penalty. The referee and the linesmen are in pretty good


positions will stop it should never have been given. Another hugely


contentious decision. We understand that Celtic will appeal this. He has


a nibble. But we understand that because of the disciplinary


procedures and the Easter holiday, Scott Brown's disciplinary hearing


will be heard next week, which means he can play in the Scottish Cup


semifinal. No a resurrection on Easter Sunday. It is a definite red


card. A feud coming together is in the game. There was the Scott Brown


of old. He has been so good this season and he doesn't seem to be


losing the head or the plot like you used to. But on this occasion he led


his team-mates down. The fact there has been the penalty, which was an


horrific decision, there is an injustice there. Then he has been


tackled by Liam Boyce welly Bosz gets a yellow card. That in quick


succession, the red mist has descended. There is no doubt that is


a red card but to go back to the procedure thing, it is embarrassing.


They know there is a big semifinal coming up this weekend, why on earth


are they not able to get the thing done and dusted within the week? You


are telling me off there before that the team knew last week it was going


to be done. It should have been done this week so that they avoid this


controversy now. Absolutely, interesting way will be a talking


point for sure this week. In terms of Ross County though, a great point


for them. Despite all of the brouhaha at the end of the match,


were they worthy of this point? Not in the first half. They set up with


a 4-5-1 formation to contain Celtic and the large part they did. They


made it hard for so ticked to play through them. The amount of bodies


they got back to defend, they left basically only Boyce up the pitch


and he was very isolated in that first half. But you can see examples


of the amount of bodies Ross County are getting back, this one turns out


to be an outstanding block. Another block followed up by this shortly


after by Andrew Davies. Celtic were finding it difficult, yes they had


all the possession and the ball, and they were probing but I felt as


though at this stage Ross County were defending well and it would


take something special to break down this Ross County rearguard and it


was a special goal that came around from the left foot of Kieran


Tierney. So much possession. They had all of the possession. Goals


change games and sometimes when you're playing against Ross County,


who were camped inside, it need somebody with that ability to strike


it from long distance. My not have been the obvious culprit in Kieran


Tierney to score it but it was a massive goal that manages to change


the game for Celtic. County more offensive than the second half,


enough to show you they can survive in the top flight? I think so. They


were trying to get players up to support Boyce on every occasion.


This is an early warning. Four men getting into the box. This is too


easy for the cross to come in but what a head of this is for his first


goal in nearly a year. An outstanding header. The timing of


his run is excellent. Three men in the box, you are asking questions of


the Celtic players. Boyce could have made contact. At this point in the


game they have got themselves back into it. The dominant talking point


will be Scott Brown. Has dodged a bullet. Looks like he will be a


vegetable for the game. It could be pivotal as well because Scott is a


massive player for Celtic in what will be a crunch game on Sunday.


Next weekend, a shift of focus. It is semifinal 's time in the cup.


Celtic easing their way into the last four. Brilliant goal! Can he


get the hat-trick? You can! Next, to a hugely crucial match in


the relegation story. Second bottom Motherwell against bottom side


Inverness. The Caley Thistle fans arrive desperate but some kind of


hope. The team four points adrift at the foot of the Premiership. If we


lose today I think it is nearly done. I think Richard can turn it


around. He has belief. He needs more support I think. I think he has the


heart of a lion. I like the manager. A lot of the current situation is


down to the players, not the managers. We forget we are a small


club, until it is mathematically impossible I still believe we can


stay up. Just one win in ten, Stephen Robinson brings in three


players who missed the defeat at Firhill. A welcome return to top


scorer Louis Morte. Inverness Caledonian Thistle's last


Premiership victory came away here in October. Inverness have actually


won their last three games here. This is Campbell, the 18-year-old.


Tremarco shows him the inside and that spells danger because Chris


Cannon has picked out the far corner to give Motherwell the lead after


just seven minutes! It is the ideal start for Stephen Robertson's side.


Canon's first goal since August. What a quality finish it was.


Packet comes out the Louis Moult. Bowman in the middle. It goes all


the way through. Motherwell have a second! It is the start that dreams


are made up for the Motherwell supporters. Two goals in this


crucial basement battle inside the opening ten minutes! Moult and


Bowman both claiming the goal. It didn't look like Bowman got a touch


on it though, and that should be Mordt's all. Pearson back to


Campbell. Got up to make the second save. That was dipping from Moult.


Williams with a good stop to deny Bowman. Inverness shell-shocked by


the start. McNaughton in. Fisher! And a real's poacher's finish from


Alex Fisher. He certainly likes to score the important goals having


found the net against Celtic and Ross County he has now got Inverness


back into this game. Midway through the first half. Just stabbed a lake


at it, beat Sampson. Mackay forward. Draper to Fisher. He


is past the last man and bearing down on goal, Alex Fisher! And


Sampson got a touch to deny the striker as he looked for his second


goal of the game. Big moment, perhaps. More defending for


Motherwell to do. Towards the back post. Fisher again. Once more


Sampson is there to deny the Inverness front man, as this dual


between the two of them goes on. Just three home wins all season for


Motherwell. Tansey. Fisher is away again. What a cool finish that is!


And Inverness have come from 2-0 down! They are level now, and Alex


Fisher, what a quality finish that is. His second of the game. If his


first was all about instinct, that was all about finishing prowess.


Ainsworth the substitute, met by the first clearing header. His acres of


space to measure something for Motherwell. Drift past King,


McDonald! Kept out by Yvonne William. Wait a second, the referee


has signalled the goal has been given! It will stand for Scott


McDonald! What a huge moment this is! Eoin Doyle Williams adamant this


did not cross the line! On moments like these, games and perhaps


seasons can turn. A high degree of controversy at Fir Park. McDonald


gets the flick on. Still McDonald. Great ball, no doubt about this one.


Alan Campbell, the 18-year-old, who has his first goal in senior


football, and what an important one it is too, and it is going to secure


Motherwell their first victory at Fir Park since mid-November. We


showed a lot of character, coming back from 2-0 up. I thought we were


in total control for the last 40 minutes of the game. We have to be


better at the back defensively. But today an official has made a huge


decision and he has got it wrong. It lies with me, most of it, it is a


long season. I can't take a lot of blame for the goals we have


succeeded -- conceded, the players have to stand up. Great win for


Motherwell. Let's get straight to that moment Richie Foran talked


about, the ghost goal. Did cross the line? No. First you look at the


officials when the ball doesn't go in or does go in, it is at the edge


of the box. It doesn't go in, there is the keeper's foot on the line,


his hands out in front, so the ball surely can't cross the line. I think


it is fairly obvious to see that. None of the Motherwell players react


either. And horrendous decision. Fon Williams, his foot is touching the


line, his hands are in front of it. If I was to take a guess, my guess


would be never mind the whole of the ball being over the line, there is a


chance that none of the ball was over the line. An horrific decision.


Without consulting anybody full stop you couldn't have seen it. Too many


bodies in the way. You see the Motherwell's players reaction. The


linesman was not on the goal-line. Just terrible, absolutely brutal


decision. What do you make of Richie Foran's post-match comments, there


has been a lot of scrutiny on the position as Inverness manager. Were


you surprised by that? Mixed signals, he said he would take the


blame and then he says his players work on crosses all the time. This


is too easy. The goalkeeper comes and takes everyone out, the


centre-half is commanding. But neither happened. Such a soft goal


to lose. This is a different type of cross. A cutback. Look at the space


Stephen Pearson is in full stop where is your tracking midfielders?


It happened time and time again, the ball gets recycled back into the


box. Nobody has picked up the run of Pearson. A fantastic save, has to be


said, but when you are fighting at the bottom you have to be tied to


defensively, especially when it comes to crossed balls. This is a


brilliant run from young Alan Campbell but where are the defence?


It was a brave header. It is ball watching. You have too many


defenders ball watching and not picking them up. Inverness looking


like they are under the cosh, Motherwell, great win for them. They


have been on the end of some poor decisions in terms of their own


goals that have been disallowed. They had a goal at Dundee that


wasn't given and Hamilton during the week but that is no consolation for


Inverness. That it seems in and around them so that all those


compounds are worse. Yes, Ferran after Motherwell but it doesn't


change the fact that was an horrific decision that the referee gave at


Fir Park yesterday. Next, Ibrox, Rangers hoping to build on that big


3-0 victory at Aberdeen last weekend. Glasgow neighbours Partick


Thistle arrived fresh from sealing their place in the top six.


COMMENTATOR: Following a confidence boosting 3-0 win at Pittodrie last


weekend, the only change sees Joe Garner on the bench. And historic


week for Partick Thistle both on and off the pitch will stop with a top


six place already secured. Him and takes it down to stop


wonderful first touch from the young left-back. -- Peerman. Just goes a


wide or so he -- a yard or so wide -- he has made a real impression


coming into the team, young Beerman. Hyndman back to Miles Beerman.


Cutting in on the right foot. Again deflected and over the top but he is


showing real confidence. The go forward and have pops at goal. Pedro


Caixinha remains unbeaten as Rangers manager. That is away by Elliott,


and hit by John Thereau. Knocked off the line by Stafford beer. -- by


Dumbuya. Alan Archibald's side guaranteed their highest finish the


36 years. Wilson! Great stop by Thomas Cheney to keep it and 0-0.


Mackay. Kenny Miller! He has done it again! Two goals on Sunday at


Pittodrie! It is number 12 for the season for the 37-year-old. A


brilliant header after a fine cross by James Tavern near. That is a


loose one. Azeez. Brian Edwards! On the angle, he was unable to beat Wes


for during -- Foderingham. That ball is still in play. Dodoo. It will


come to Miller, who slashes it wide in the end. Dumbuya thought the ball


had gone out of play, it hadn't. Dodoo played on and set up Miller. A


good chance in the end. Flicked on at the front post. Comes to Thereau.


It took a touch of Keown on its way through. Mauro


Hyndman will collect that. John Toral surely for the second and it


is John Toral with his first league goal for Rangers. The linkup between


the two loonies was quite superb. Do not underestimate the assist from


Hyndman to set up Jon Toral who had a simple finish in the end. He


really well worked goal. Toral can now drive forward, and Waghorn, in


space will stop he kept it low, but the goalkeeper got down low. Called


into action once again. Hyndman. Rangers flooding players forward, it


is Kenny Miller! It is another good stop I Tomas Cerny. It looks like


Partick Thistle's eight-game unbeaten run will come to an end


that Tomas Cerny is keeping the scoreline down here. Dumbuya. Now to


Erskine, in to Doolan, the two subs linking up nicely. Nesbitt. --


Nisbet. A decent opening for Partick Thistle. But Kevin Nisbet well wide


of target in the end. Doolan holds off Wilson well. And


now Erskine. It was straight at Foderingham. Partick Thistle will


have five more tough games to come. Alan Archibald will hope that their


season doesn't just Peter out. Joe Garner, it is deflected. Emerson


Hyndman will keep it alive. Dana! Double save from the goalkeeper.


Garner was offside so it wouldn't have counted. Tomas Cerny doing all


he can to keep the score line at 2-0.


Big week coming up for Pedro Caixinha. Impressed by what you have


seen so far? I have been impressed, he seems very focused on his team's


defending, four clean sheets out of five is great. When they changed the


formation, Jon Toral was very composed, when he arrived I thought


he was a bit off the pace but his new role in the team suits him, he


has an excellent range of passing. You see him getting back to give the


defence protection, breaking up the play with a decent sliding


challenge, and he was impressive through the match for me. He looked


to get forward on all occasions, dictated play in the middle of the


park. He was very impressive. This is an excellent pass, he drives...


He gets a good balance in the side, they are sitting deep but they can


drive forward as well. He got the reward is well with his goal. The


exchange of passes were very good and composed finish. The thing that


Jon Toral and Jason Holt alongside him, they bring energy to the middle


of the park. They changed the formation to 4321. I have spoken at


length about why I think that is a better formation because the defence


has had its weaknesses. When you are playing with one defensive


midfielder it is a lot of work to get across. They are pressing high


up, winning the ball high up the park. Far too often for Rangers they


allow the opposition to get in shape and they can't get in behind them. I


think the big thing that Pedro has done with Rangers is he has lifted


the energy levels, the tempo is a lot higher. They are going after


players, winning the ball back and setting off on counterattacks a lot


quicker. That has helped the attacking side of the game. Pedro


Caixinha seems like a very confident guy, can they beat Celtic next


weekend? They can but they are underdogs. Back wins, a clean sheet


is very good. They will take a lot from drawing at Celtic Park. At


Hampden Park, the Rangers record is tremendous. Celtic have drawn three


of their last six games so inevitably at this stage, when they


have been so comfortable, there is a slight tapering off. Rangers with


Pedro Bay have -- Rangers, with Pedro, have lifted their energy


levels. Send jobs -- St Johnstone and Aberdeen exchanged 18 goals in


the matches between them in the last season. This season, only three so


far. Would it be feast or famine? One of the Hamilton two starts for


Saints and it is Richard Foster at right back. Danny Swanson finds a


place on the bench, schools and will support Maclean upfront. Ryan


Christie has been brought in as the Dons' only change. It wasn't the


fact that they lost to Rangers last week, it was the capitulation and


the manner of the 3-0 defeat. Jonny Hayes sends it in for Shinnie. He


will be spared his blushes by an offside flag. A big early chance for


Aberdeen. Another brilliant ball in by Jonny Hayes. Saints in a decent


run, four wins in the last five, the only defeat coming at Hamilton when


they were down to nine. Jonny Hayes' ball. Good defending. It is a bit


last ditch and that won't please the manager. Albeit the ball again is


superb. Ryan Christie gets the break with


the ball... 1-0! Really fine finish by Ryan Christie. That will make


Aberdeen feel better about things now. Alan Mannus got a hand to it


but it is Aberdeen leading against a team they have struggled against at


times. Aberdeen's first league goal for Ryan Christie against St


Johnstone since last season. Tam Scobbie, that is 2-0. Tam Scobbie


and Alan Mannus look bemused. It is Jonny Hayes carving St Johnstone


open again. It was all about the cross. Right now it is all about the


men in red. Saints' last couple of wins have also come with clean


sheets but they are really up against it here. Ryan Christie's


only goal for Celtic this season came here and he is looking for a


second. Scored in a 4-2 Celtic victory last August before scoring


his third Aberdeen goal here earlier in the first half. There is much to


ponder for Tommy Wright. They have not had the best home record this


season. Lewis does just about enough. A decent hit their by


Payton. Interesting to see where that was going. St Johnstone have


been better since Danny Swanson came on. A good effort there. Sam


Johnstone beginning the second half on the front foot. It has been


better from them already. -- St Johnstone. Craig's effort is easy


for Lewis. You do fancy Liam Craig from outside the box at times. Not a


bad ball in by Coulson. A big half-time team talk from Tommy


Wright, would have to have been. Steven MacLean goes down, the


referee says penalty. It is Anthony O'Connor, who is not complaining. A


chance for Swanson. And that is a little bit of redemption Danny


Swanson. It is his 13th of the season and Saints are back in this


game, big-time. Swanson gets it back, clever bit of


play between them. Swanson might have been able to take that a bit


closer to goal. Night little interchange with David Wotherspoon


and Swanson was released. -- nice little. He would want that again.


Aberdeen have won five of their last seven on the road, it has not just


been at Pittodrie where they have been on good form. Shinnie's effort.


He will be coming up against his big brother at Hampden Park next week.


That is where Aberdeen's tensions will turn soon.


In the first off we sat off them too much. We have to give them credit


for that. I thought we did that too much. Obviously they will finish


higher in the league. We are more than satisfied with wow -- how we


have competed this season. We wanted to make sure we got back to winning


ways after last week. If we can replicate some of the form and


results we have had over the course of the season we are confident we


will finish where we want to. McGinn missed out yesterday, Ryan


Christie took his place. How impressed were you by his


contribution? An impressive performance. Denis MacShane is


himself said he is unfortunate that he hasn't had more game time. Right


back position, working hard, getting in defensively, but this is the area


be a public -- of the park you associate with Ryan Christie, close


control, nipping around opposition players, and he was full of energy


yesterday at McDiarmid Park. He has been unfortunate, the victim of the


inconsistency of selection by Derek McInnes. It is a great goal, really


showing the hunger to get into areas of the park that will hurt the


opposition. It has been a disappointing loan spell for him, he


would have looked to have been in the team more often. I think it is


down to the consistency of the selection Derek McInnes has had.


When he has been in the team he has done well. Yesterday was another


performance like that. It has been an expensive and stressful period I


am sure the Danny Swanson in recent weeks but he was back and you were


impressed. -- I am sure for. He made an immediate impact, within minutes,


or right, it comes to nothing but it shows his intent and impact. In the


second half he was picking up the ball in really good areas, brilliant


first touch, driving at the Aberdeen defence, trying to make things


happen. Again it comes to nothing but he shows his desire to be


creative and I think that was missing from the first half


performance. Again, what can I do, can I go forward? I think he should


have carried this forward. The defender allowed him the space, his


shot is right. He puts his penalty like his 13th of the season. A bit


of redemption per Swanson, Aberdeen guarantee their place in Europe next


season. Kilmarnock on the fringes of the relegation zone. Hearts are on


the fringes of the race for Europe. The sides met on Friday night at


Rugby Park. No scope of the Kilmarnock but Kris


Boyd returns with Conor Sammon unable to play. Kristoffer Ajer is


back as well. This is the hearts team that beat Dundee last weekend.


Only their second win in ten games. They are looking to get closer to


fourth place in Johnstone. -- St Johnstone. Nice move, this. Shaun


Longstaff might have taken that on a bit further. There was room to run


into. Tries the shot and it is too high. Dean Hoyle sure looking to


make an impact off the bench. That is Boyd.


-- been Hawkshaw. Callum Robinson getting into a dangerous position


and peoples his shot wide. 20 today, looking to celebrate with a goal.


Hearts second-best at the start of this second-half. Jones with the,


click -- corner kick. Boyd has knocked up plenty of those in his


time. Looking to get some reward for his team's superiority at the


moment. Jamie Walker gets turned, gets the shot away, but that is not


going to beat the keeper. Tame effort. Off the bench, Martin.


He finds Martin again. And barely caught the shot, having worked his


way into a really good position, the Frenchman.


The substitute on loan from Stoke. A burst of pace. He squares it. Ian


Wilson it was flinging himself in front of this goal bound effort.


Great defending. Turning on the style, or trying to.


Hearts with a series of black -- backheels. Smith tries to get onto


it and he does. That was right in front of goal. The attacker and the


defenders looked bemused. That was Martin. The free kick goes


Kilmarnock's way, and this could be a late chance to win it for the home


team. It goes Ajer's way. Jordan Jones steps back but it is Kris Boyd


who goes mighty close to turning one point into three.


Jones for a Kilmarnock team trying to edge their way to Premiership


safety. A great ball of the buried and he couldn't quite get his body


around this to hit the ball back across goal.


Very disappointed with the performance first half but I think


the way we finished the game was definitely a well-deserved point.


Maybe a bit unlucky not to make a bit more but it is a point, we are


moving forward, so got to be happy with it. Coming from a run where


there isn't tremendous confidence levels, but we are working to build


all that back together, so the fact that we have had 0-0 away from home


we can't consider a disaster, albeit we are disappointed.


Is it still a work in progress for you at Hearts? Unfortunately it is a


work in re Grace at the moment. -- going backwards. Too many bodies in


the middle of the park, far too tight. There are huge areas with no


hearts players in them. Tries to play straight ball. There is no


structure to the side, no balance. Terry kitchen throw his arms up, he


has no options. Look at that area, not a single hearts player. I have


three players at the top end, static against the back four. What happens


when you play the ball back? That is a trigger for the opposition to go


and press you. It ends up back at the goalkeeper. Conversely, you see


Kilmarnock getting the ball into the wide areas, penetrating the


opposition. Wonderful offending from Smith to block the cross, great play


from Jones, driving it into areas that will hurt the opposition. This


is a wonderful cross from Jones and Kris Boyd is close to getting that


on target. You see the problem is caused when you stretch the


opponents in a wide area. Hearts are not getting that. They have no


structure in the final third, they are not hurting their opponents, not


creating chances, so of course they won't score enough goals. It is not


great at the moment, they need to get back to basics, simplify the


game. The Hearts coaching staff are getting the backing of the board


last season. They are right to back them. Firmino are positives, the new


stand, the support base, the training ground, the new pitch, but


for me there will be negatives if you are not attaining on the pitch.


-- for me there are positives. I think it has not been good enough on


the park, there will always be scrutiny and until they return to


getting results there will be negative attitudes and scrutiny of


the performances on the part. Are they out of the woods? They offer


me. Still only five points. Dundee are in freefall, six defeats in a


row, Hamilton Accies without a win away from home all season.


Paul Hartley makes two changes as he looks for a change in form. El


Bakhtaoui and Chris White and come in. Hamilton make one enforced


change, in midfield, with McKinnon replacing the injured player. Dundee


after a run of six defeats in a row, looking for a change in form. Marcus


Haber getting away from Devlin. Turned away by Matthews. It was a


good shot. The full-back is still going.


Excellent save to deny the Accies striker, Bingham. Good build-up play


by the visitors. Fine stop. You were expecting Dougie Imrie to


do better there from the rebound. Not a bad strike, though, from Greg


Docherty, which the keeper couldn't hold. Paul Hartley was Manager of


the Month back in fabric. Things have all changed since then. Tom


Hateley, enter the challenge with Dougie Imrie, and he has clipped the


Accies winger and the referee says that is a penalty. Trying to clear,


caught the ankle of the Accies player. Now it is Alex D'Acol with


the opportunity from the spot. And the visitors are in front midway


through the first half. And Alex Tapp call claims his ninth goal of


the season. -- Alex D'Acol. His second from the penalty spot. Tom


Hateley's corner, Craig Wighton, crowded out. Cleared off the line by


Doherty. Couldn't get proper contact the first time but persistent play.


McKinnon losing out to McGowan. El Bakhtaoui! And turned away by Remy


Matthews. Faisal El Bakhtaoui has been posing the biggest threat to


the Hamilton rearguard so far in this encounter.


Albert Tally turning it in. Grounded in that challenge with Massimo


Donati, who isn't happy with the way that Kerr went to ground. I think


the defender did catch the ball cleanly. Tom Hateley's corner. Holt,


off the line by Alex D'Acol. Now a chance for Accies on the counter,


but they lose out through Bingham. Here is Tom Hateley. The home side


are desperate for the equaliser. Paul McGowan. El Bakhtaoui. Remy


Matthews doing well to thought the player trying to get the follow-up.


-- to thought. Imrie's corner, the nutty really should have scored from


that distance. -- Massimo Donati. Imrie is in the middle. Alex


Blackwell takes it on himself. He should have done better than hit the


side netting there, he had time and space for the shot but he failed to


threaten Scott Bain. Redmond with the corner. Michael


Devlin! And that will surely now secured a victory for Accies. Six


minutes from the end. Michael Devlin's 's second goal of the


season and Accies are on course for their first away win of the


campaign, but the Dundee fans have seen enough.


I thought we started OK, we were lively, we were threat, but we won't


cynical enough when we had opportunities, and that probably


sums up the season and the last half a dozen games. It is so important


that we take three points. At this stage of the season we know how


important they are. I thought we gave a bit of quality as well,


played well at certain points. We probably should have scored more,


particularly in the second half, if we had made better decisions we


would have won more comfortably, but at this stage of the season the most


important thing is that we got three points. I am really impressed with


the work rate. Apparently my keeper Evelyn's mother


rep -- apparently Devlin's mother prefers Michael. It is horrendous


for Dundee. You heard him say they are not converting chances at the


other end. The most concerted thing is that they can't keep them out.


You look at the defending, sloppy penalty to give away. You can see


Doody Imrie coming across him and he swings at him aimlessly. -- he can


seed Dudley Imrie. Look at the space out here, he has to maintain his


position. Don't get dragged out because it opens up the space of


Alex Tapp call to get a strike on goal. Watch as the defender gets


dragged in allowing Hamilton to penetrate. Look at the goal, that is


horrendous defending. A lack of real strength, a weak defensive display


from Dundee, and when you have put yourself in a position like Dundee


have and you are conceding poured goals like that when you can't score


at the top end, you are in trouble. Greg Stewart is their top


goal-scorer, he hasn't played a league game. How under pressure is


Paul Hartley? He has to be under massive pressure. I don't think they


will sack him just now but they are going into these fixtures with no


momentum or confidence, the only thing they have which is positive is


that they are going to Motherwell next week, and they got 5-1 against


Motherwell last time. The one thing that worries me is that they look


like the Hibs team when they went out. They looked like they would get


one result and they didn't. Dundee have no momentum or confidence. You


were writing off Hamilton Accies or weeks, sticking with that? I might


change my mind, I don't know! Congratulations to Hibs for winning


the Championship title. They will be in the Premiership next season.


The five remaining fixtures will be hugely exciting for the season. We


are back next weekend with the Scottish Cup semifinals. From all of


us, goodbye.


Introduced by Jonathan Sutherland.

Highlights of the weekend's Scottish Premiership action. The last weekend before the split sees champions Celtic away at Ross County. Rangers welcome city neighbours Partick Thistle to Ibrox, while Aberdeen are away to St Johnstone and Hearts face Kilmarnock. In the race to avoid the drop, Motherwell take on Inverness CT and Hamilton Accies travel to Dundee.

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