Scottish Cup Semi-Final: Hibernian v Aberdeen Sportscene

Scottish Cup Semi-Final: Hibernian v Aberdeen

Rob Maclean introduces live coverage of the first Scottish Cup semi-final between Hibernian and Aberdeen from Hampden. Commentary by Liam McLeod and Steven Thompson.

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In here they are hoping that when you have waited 114 years for


Scottish Cup success, maybe they come back to back. They can take a


step in that direction today. In the other dressing room they are looking


to reach their second cup final of the season. It is semifinal time, it


is Hibs against Aberdeen. Who will have the will to win? If you like to


win but think you can, it is almost certain you want. Brilliant!


win but think you can, it is almost Absolutely brilliant. Success begins


with Othello's will. Brilliant goal! It is all in the state of mind.


Think Vic, and your deeds will grow. Think that you can, and you will.


David Gray, 114 years of pain over! It is all in the state of mind. The


man who wins is the man who thinks he can. Aberdeen were here for the


League Cup final. They want to be back here for the Scottish Cup


version as well. But Hibs shape up as dangerous opposition, having won


the championship last weekend, to seal promotion back to the


Premiership. It continues in a matter of minutes. Hello from


Hamilton. All set for the first of the Scottish Cup semifinals, it is


Hibs against Aberdeen, live on the BBC for the right to play Celtic or


Rangers in the final stop with me at the National Stadium is former Hibs


midfielder Michael Stewart and former Aberdeen captain, manager and


director of the poll, Willie Miller is here as well. A couple of


interesting team selections, Michael, for Hibs in terms of the


team that beat Queen of the South last week. Yes, an important area of


the park, especially the way that Aberdeen play, to make sure that you


have that defensive midfielder in there. Obviously against Riverside,


Barkley did not start the game, and it is telling that Neil Lennon has


brought brought him in. He brings a solidity and presence to the middle


of the park and allows the guys in the front to support Jason Cummings


who will be up there on his own against Boyle and McGinn. It gives


the rest of those players licensed to link in with Jason Cummings and


crime caused problems for the Aberdeen defence. Willie has a tear


and as I did as he spends most weekends in BBC rid of Scotland.


Mark Reynolds is back in defence. Yes, I can only imagine there a


stone injury doubt over Niall McGinn, such an important player for


Aberdeen. Creating opportunities and scoring goals, magnificent at set


pieces as well. He will be missed. If I'm sitting on the bench, he will


have part to play in the semifinal. As far as Mark Reynolds is


concerned, you cannot be so bright that he comes back. He has loads of


ace, pace to burn, and has great experience as well. He a commanding


figure. They have gone for that experience instead of or corner. I


can understand why. Mark while Prince has a lot of pace. It will be


interesting to see where he started to drift into the park, it will be


clear that Derek Mick Innis has not be trying to neutralise that pays.


We have the team selections as the players limber up for the first of


the semifinals. It is Reynolds back in defence for or corner. As far as


Aberdeen is concerned, partly replacing Shinnie. Do managers who


know all about winning cups, as players and as managers. Let's hear


from them both now, speaking to Chris MacLachlan, first, Derek


McInnis. One change today, Reynolds for a corner. What is your thinking?


It is no slight on Anthony, it is just that we feel that the threat of


comments in behind, the one more adept at dealing with pace and Adam


Bogdan behind, Reynolds has the experience as well, he bike training


for two weeks, he will be absolutely fine. That is the reason for the


change, just different types of centre halves. And sent certain


opponents suit certain players. The team that Hibs have handed in


visiting we anticipated, and although they have gone formation a


lot of the time, when the club might we anticipated this team. We have to


deal with Cummings, he is a big player for them, we have to keep him


quiet and we just feel that the pace of Reynolds will be a factor. Niall


McGinn is on the bench, yesterday just a bit early for him? There was


a concern if he can play 90 minutes. He is fit to play, and then the


decision once we know that this with a restart him. Another player was


passed fit yesterday morning, so we did not want to take risks with


that. Nile will be a big player for did not want to take risks with


us today, I'm sure. But we also felt that Ryan Christie played extremely


well last week. I have to be real and authentic and see if you're


playing for semifinal places, I thought he did that. He was bright


as a button, he scored, carried the threat, so while we like Nile in the


team, and he is a big player for us, we felt that was a risk we didn't


need to take. Anyone apart to play from the bench. The one change, what


is your thinking today? I had a decision to make us there is no


doubt Martin is going to play. Given that the rest last week. Andy hadn't


played for a few weeks am a, I want to get my footballers on the pitch


today. I needed Marvin in their just to bring a discipline to the team.


Is it a day for the bombers? I would like to think so. We're not having


them at a position we are used to having, because Aberdeen are as good


as any team in the country. I need a holding midfield player in there,


and we have likes of McGinn, Cummings and Boyle, they can hurt


teams. And the pitches conducive to play good football. But we still


have to win the physical battle as well. Where do you see the game


being won and lost? It is hard to say. You can restrict them and wider


areas of organ was a chance. But our players are quietly confident. Off


the back of the championship, they have had a good week. There is a


coolness about them, they have been here before, and the majority of the


pressure is off. It is a day they will, not enjoy, you only enjoy it


when you win, but it will do what they can. A lot of uncertainties,


but one thing we do know, there will be Shinnie in the final, will it be


but one thing we do know, there will Graham Ford Aberdeen or Andrew of


the Hibs who starts on the bench? Neil Lennon hinting he will feature


at some stage. One thing is for sure, there will be no brotherly


love onshore today. Andrew Shinnie driving up defence. It is Shinnie...


Brilliant goal! Body think his strengths are? Doing the dishes with


one of them I was with him at Inverness. He is always fit, always


available, he gives 100%. Very competitive, and very good on the


ball. He's a player that has with want to get on ball as much as you


can. I witnessed that at Inverness, as a ball player he was not to


create spaces and try to link up play, he is a sort of player. I


don't know if he would mother 50-50 with myself, he is not that kind of


player. But if you need to sure he will. We argued when we rearmed,


that competitive side, without was footballer computer games.


Footballers in the garden, everywhere, every week. We both hate


losing, but I think he has matured more in his character. It is tough


for the parents, what are they saying? They will be gutted that one


of us will miss out on the final but on the other hand delighted that we


have a son in the final. I think they will try to buy the most


neutral seat in Hamdan. The cup has been won by Inverness Cally Thistle!


I get reminded and clips come the telephone stop he said' final so it


is his turn. I went into the changing room, had a bit of


celebration with them and my brother. Let's say he is running


through on goal and you are just behind him, what do you do, do you


take about? In my mind, nothing will be swayed by him being my brother.


If it is a in it are going to or a phone line to make. He's just


another player. Do not come into my mind that it is Graham, and it would


not come into his mind either, I would be six was up in the air from


him. If it was last minute I would probably take him out. Who knew that


Andrew Shinnie was a dab hand at doing the dishes? Michael, the


benches today could play an important part. We are focusing on


the line up, but both have influential players in reserve. No


doubt about it. He had both managers talking about that. Andrew Shinnie


for Hibs is undoubtedly a player that can unlock defences, and the


longer the game goes on, this is a good option. And from Aberdeen's


perspective, you have Niall McGinn. Also someone like James Scott, who


is physical. If the game demands that. And they have pace as well.


There is a good number of options were both sides, and there is no


doubt from my mind that this will be a tight game that will go the


distance. Is there a a tight game that will go the


Aberdeen on the big occasion getting it right when it matters? They have


two. This gives the opportunity of Hamdan. They have not pay particular


well in the past in the League Cup semifinal, very disappointing


against Celtic. Now they get the opportunity in this final to go one


better and get to the big cup final at the end of the season, but they


have two handle the atmosphere and the occasion. That is a big? Over


Aberdeen. Can the handle the occasion they have not handled in


the past. You can save yourselves, the team is about to emerge at the


National Stadium, the first of the William Hill Scottish Cup


semifinals, Hibs against Aberdeen, it is live here on the BBC and your


commentators are Stephen Thompson and Liam McLeod. COMMENTATOR: Many


thanks. Expectation, pressure, anxiety. The Scottish Cup holders


against a club that wants to not only in what has been a dream year


for them, but end a long wait for the trophy themselves. 1990 was


Aberdeen's la success in the two met after a decade of getting used to


doing it. As had surely 11 months ago, it is doable, and they


themselves are determined to go back to back having ended that more than


a century wait to lift it. It is a Hibs team that we buy in large


expected. John McGinn is one booking away from


missing the final. Mark Reynolds replaces O'Connor, and Niall McGinn


estate but on the bench. Ryan Christie on loan from Celtic retains


his place. Graeme Shinnie was also in the Cally Thistle team so


successful here two years ago as the Dons look to reach their first


Scottish Cup final since 2000. The captain Ryan Jack is walking a


yellow card tight rope and would miss the final if cooked and


Aberdeen get there. Loads of options were both managers


on the bench should they require them. It could be a particularly


long afternoon. About 21,000 Hibs fans coming through today. Aberdeen


at the other end. David Gray 11 months ago and should he would go


down in Easter Road folklore. He will forever be remembered as a


Hebburn in legend, and rightly so with that header right at the end of


last year's final against Rangers. Can they reach another final? If


they do it will be the fifth major final in five years. They haven't


lost in the Scottish Cup in two final in five years. They haven't


years since Falkirk beat them in the 2015 semifinals. Mark Reynolds


returns to the Aberdeen side for the first time in a couple of months.


His last appearance was in inexplicable defeat at Hamilton. The


lost 1-0, and Jason Cummings, Abbot of redemption having missed the


penalty after missing a penalty in the shoot out couple years ago.


The first of the season's Scottish Cup finalist will be named this


afternoon. Hibs against Aberdeen, two of Scottish people's


heavyweights going head-to-head, as two of Scottish people's


Adam Rooney from Zen and the opening minute, and that is an unbelievable


start for the Dons, Aberdeen get the lead with just 12 seconds on the


clock! Sensational start for the men in red. What a start! It comes from


the Hebburn Ian Centre, John" it in court on the ball, and Aberdeen


counter at Hayes. It is a fantastic through ball here, another mistake


by Marvin Barclay, the defence all over the place, and what a composed


finish so early in the match from Adam Rooney. Unbelievable.


Rebellion, they had barely take a message, the players were barely on


the pitch, and they are behind to Adam Rooney's 19th goal of the


season. He is so deadly from there, and that is the start that dreams


are made on. 12 seconds on the clock. And Rooney does what he does


so often for Aberdeen. He gives the men from the Granite city a perfect


opening to the semifinal. They have not been to the Scottish Cup final


in 17 years. It was quick, it wasn't quite as quick as the faster


Scottish Cup goal of all time, which was also scored by and Aberdeen


striker against Motherwell. But that is sensational stuff from Adam


Rooney. From a Hibs point of view, horrendous. Really bad. You talk


about like to start the game well, it was a mistake from Jim, another


mistake from Berkeley, Hibs looked nervous, and Adam Rooney pounced


upon it. He still had a lot to do from 18 yards out, but give the


keeper the eyes and made the finish. Dream start for Aberdeen. Hibs will


be punch-drunk after that. Ryan Jack involved there, out of contract at


the end of the season. McGregor has had another fine campaign. Seven of


that Hibs starting line-up started the cup final last year. Ambrose on


the ball just now. Another who has a Scottish Cup winners' medal. For


Neil Lennon's Celtic against Hibs. Important times for a Neil Lennon's


side. Certainly. All the talk before about settling into the game, not


showing nerves, getting a foothold in the game, getting the better of


your opponent early on, in the game, that has gone out the window for


Hibernian. Barely time to draw breath before Adam Rooney gave


Aberdeen the lead. The seventh in the Met in the semifinals. Hibs won


the last one, in 2012. Aberdeen's last appearance in the final between


it can virtue of a win over Hebburn Ian.


Logan for Christie, he has kept it in, Marciano holds on for dear life.


Excellent play for Christie. Mark Reynolds brought back in


his pace, up against Cummings. The one thing we could say about


Hibs this season and the last couple of years, they have turned up for


the big games, the big occasion. Neil Lennon leads his men to stand


firm, stand tall. Began his career at Aberdeen, indeed, their youngest


ever scorer. John Beaton, the at Aberdeen, indeed, their youngest


referee, 35 years of age. The League Cup final at Celtic won against


Aberdeen, and they have not taken long to try to exercise the ghosts


of that afternoon, because they did not really turn up.


Andrew Shinnie would have loved to have started this game against his


brother. Team-mate at Inverness, as have started this game against his


you saw beforehand. It will be interesting to see where Andy


Shinnie's next move is. The last few weeks began playing on the left-hand


side. He is a top player. I liked him before he went down south, since


he has come back to Hibs he has struggled, but in recent weeks have


shown more of the form expected, he is a talented player. Andrew


Considine, sport at Pittodrie. Scored a hat-trick a few weeks back


against Dundee. Turned 30 the following day. Not a bad birthday.


Surprising thing for me early in this match is how nervous Hibs


started the game. They're one of the best defensive records in the


country, only 22 goals conceded in the league this season. The defence


has been one of the reasons they have had so much success. To lose a


nervous goal like that was uncharacteristic. John McCain steals


it. That's why Reynolds was brought into the team, for his pace, to


sniff out the danger, and he did it on that occasion. There is danger


when John McCain gets on the ball. Taylor wants handball against the


Hibs striker. Hibs looking for a foothold. There is nothing better


than a high-pressure game, such an important fixture, than an early


goal. It just settles the nerves. Foul-mac. I thought he was a foul


before that, in the lead up. How to rally the troops, the


skipper. They are the holders, he just felt beginning to this game


very confidently having one believe, but it has been a shaky old start.


That was Neil Lennon's main goal of the start of the season, they went


all in, winning a championship title, which the duly did last week,


that has been delivered. Back in the title, which the duly did last week,


big league. We're Hibs should be. Another cup win would be a bonus. It


was not a priority, the leak was a priority. They have won that, I


thought they would be more relaxed coming into this game than Aberdeen


because they had that championship win, and they could relax in this


game, but they certainly do not look relaxed in the opening minutes.


Aberdeen are good frontrunners. When they get in front there pretty good


at managing the game. They can play the counterattack as well. Almost


invite Hibs on to them and did more. Couldn't quite remember how quickly


that other early goal was scored, 9.6 seconds. Rooney was a couple of


seconds slower than that. Aberdeen to the semifinal earlier


this season in the League Cup against Greenock Morton, and it was


a stodgy affair. They won the game 2-0. Kenny McLean goal. That sealed


their place in that final. But what semifinals are all about.


Performance is a bonus. It is about the result.


Ambrose, on loan from Celtic. Out of contract at the end of the season.


Neil Lennon would fancy for the top-flight campaign which is


up-and-coming. The referee happy with that. That is why Berkeley has


been brought into the side committee as a result strong. He protects that


back four well. Rooney just barging in there, that is a foul. Aberdeen


have fallen at this stage four times since they last won a Scottish Cup


semifinal. The most galling would be that defeat to Queen of the South in


2008. Hibs have been a fabulous cup team. Haven't those been a good


league side in the last year too. But in the cup they have found real


consistency. Graeme Shinnie limping a little, the


Aberdeen number three. Stevenson, Man of the Match here in


the League Cup final hammering of common. Not too many one clubmen


these days, but Considine, for Aberdeen, Stevenson for Hibs, to


modern-day examples of it. He has kept it in, but gave it


straight to Cummings. This is Martin Boyle, who we really mention, if at


all. Fyvie, up against his good friend Ryan Jack. Slightly better


from Hibs. They have struggled to string passes together, get any


effort on goal. It is quite tight out there, David


Grace struggling to find an option in green and white. Swung the ball


in, but too close to Joe Louis. It was always going to be the keeper's


poll. Set-mac three has been a fabulous


signing for Aberdeen this year. -- Lewis has been a fabulous signing.


Adam Rooney's injury early in the season did harm them. Great pressure


from Aberdeen. Ryan Christie pressurising the Hibs defence into


making errors. That has been three or four long balls, couple from the


goalkeeper, a couple from the defenders, up to the head of Jason


Cummings. That is not really wants the ball, Taylor will win that every


day. Another is ample of the pressure there from Jonny Hayes on


grey. Aberdeen in complete control in the opening minute. Hibs have had


no real possession of the ball. Aberdeen's game management in the


early stages has been exceptional. Nearly 15 in. An Adam Rooney goal in


12 seconds. You can see the possession there on the bottom left.


Aberdeen, 63% to Hibs '37%. Ambrose... He's been good recently,


Ambrose. You can hear the Aberdeen fans trying to wind him up. He was


prone to the odd error at Celtic. fans trying to wind him up. He was


Shiny knocked that off. Ambrose has been a terrific signing.


Again as Tannadice he bossed things at the back.


Yeah, he's a good defender. I'm impressed with the pressure that


Aberdeen are putting Hibs on. Every time Hibs get the ball,


Aberdeen are all over them like a rash, making it impossible for them


to get on their passes. In the last 17 years, the record


to get on their passes. here has been atrocious for them.


The solitary victory against Morton. They won the league Cup at Celtic


Park. The semi-was at Tynecastle.


in his homeland, Israel. in his homeland, Israel.


-- Marciano. He has to look for a different


option, Marciano, when he is kicking the ball out.


I suppose an issue for Hibs today, Steven, as we watch Derek McInnes on


the touchline is the options available to them week in, week out


in the championship won't be there against this Premiership side.


Aberdeen sitting at the moment in a comfortable second place.


That's right. And for the season, Hibs have been a 4-4-2 side.


And that kick from Marciano would have been flicked on by a big


striker. But come yings is up there on his own. Not the kind of service


he wants. -- Cummings. A lovely kick there from Kenny


McLean. A good turn there from John McGinn.


And then Kenny brings him down. It's been a quiet start to the game for


John. He made the mistake early on. I heard a rumour he won a trophy


once? He did, it might have been here! Still fresh in the memory!


McGinn adding to the league Cup here! Still fresh in the memory!


medal last year. This is a good run by Boyle.


A good turn and run from Boyle. The first time a Hibs player has opened


up and got in behind the Aberdeen back line. This Hibs team is showing


a character this season. They have lost six games in the campaign.


Three in the league. Ayr United, Dundee United, and St Mirren. They


were beat no-one the league Cup and the Challenge Cup. A lot of draws in


there to the annoyance of the Hibs supporters and Neil Lennon.


McGreggonor will be joined by one of his best friends next season, Danny


Swanson. He's had a great season, Darren. A


strong competitor. Really hard to play against. Even in training when


I played against him at St Mirren. He who would never let you get past


him. Such body strength. And we have seen him come through


horrendous injury problems as well. Aberdeen lead this first Scottish


Cup semi-. Celtic have Rangers are head-to-head tomorrow.


There is Graham shiny. There is Graham shiny.


-- Shinney. Rooney was gambling on a mistake


there. In behind Ambrose. Hibs roared on by their supporters.


But Fraser, having that nicked off him by Hayes.


Fouled by Christie. A strong play again from John


McGinn. It's a poor foul from Christie. John is so good with the


upper body strength and balance. Yeah, it's a foul.


A couple of flash points. We approach the end of the first


quarter. Christie giving that straight


to Berkley. Again, it's the pressure.


When Johnny Hayes is unable to get on to the ball, he has Graham Shinny


behind him. Aberdeen are pressurising Hibs at


each opportunity. Hibs can't deal with it now. They have offered


nothing in an attacking threat. Aberdeen are in complete control in


the middle of the park. It's Rooney's call to separate the


two. Really unchallenged there. He can't


find a team-mate. Logan.


And the first stay for McClain. It's clever.


He took him out there. Superb play from Kenny McLean. Ryan


Christie gets the return pass. That's a clear foul.


It was beyond Fyvie and he had to bring him down. Kenny McLean is in


the form of his life. It took him a while to get going at Pittodrie. But


he has been the man of the show at Aberdeen for the last two to three


months. Absolutely. He is the complete


mid-fielder. He really matured this season. Just would like to see him


mid-fielder. He really matured this add a few more goals this season.


Danger, danger for Hibs here. Christie is sizing it up. Christie


delivers! Oh, it snuck into the net! Ryan Christie scores from the free


kick to justify his inclusion! And Aberdeen are on the brink, the very


brink of their first Scottish Cup final in 17 years. It is all going


horrible wrong for the holders! It's another avoidable goal for Hibs. It


must go down as a goal keeping mistake. The goalkeeper gambles,


thinking it is going into the middle of the box. Brilliant from Christie.


He knew exactly what he was doing. Brilliant from Christie, really poor


from Marciano. Joy for McInnes.


And a serious shake of the head from Marciano and rightly so.


Christie. Who lifted the trophy for Inverness two years ago. He was


brought to the club to have a big impact. As his dad watches...


Charlie Christie... Of course, the irony being if Aberdeen end up going


through, and they are in a great position to do so today, if Celtic


beat Rangers tomorrow, Christie would not be able to play in the


final. A massive shame if they get through.


A huge shame. But he fully justified his


inclusion. A sensation Krunal goal from Ryan Christie.


I bet Marciano would want that again, wouldn't he? Troubled times


for Neil Lennon. He needs to again, wouldn't he? Troubled times


work out a way of getting back into this. I mentioned Aberdeen have been


holding tonne 1-0 leads. They have been good at that. Neil Lennon


started by bringing in Batley to replace Shinny.


That was to increase the mid-field. But that could be gone now. It could


get worse. It's Johnny Hayes.


get worse. Hibs are living a very charmed life


at the moment. One more goal and Aberdeen are through, you would have


to say. Hibs all over the place. Brilliant


from Hayes. Drags the shot past the near post.


There's the second goal again. The ball evaporated in front of


Marciano. You just can't leave that gap at the


near post as a goalkeeper. near post as a goalkeeper.


There is a real feeling among the Aberdeen players that they have


something to prove to the supporters, indeed in the


tournament. Just because of the way that they folded in the League Cup


final last year. And Neil Lennon, lots of success in


this competition, four times a winner, as a player, a couple of


times as a manager at Celtic... Here's Ryan Christie.


Brilliant play from Johnny Hayes down the left-hand side. We see it


time and time again. Christie couldn't quite get that


off. Tripped by Rooney.


Close to going over the 20 mark again for Aberdeen this season is


Rooney. He scored the first. Ambrose, tackled well by McLean.


Aberdeen about to carve Hibs once more. Logan.


Ambrose is on the deck there. The momentum has been taken out of


the Aberdeen attack. Hayes elects to knock the ball out.


Well, Kenny was at full stretch. It was the slightest touch on the ball


to make the challenge. There! I'm not sure what Ambrose has done in


the process. Yeah, it's a good tackle.


I can only think he has rolled his ankle.


Some of the Hibs players coming over to take on some water. He has to


solve a real puzzle. He's not had too many of them to solve this


season, since taking the reins. I don't think he will solve it with


this for makes. He will have to get support up to Jason Cummings who has


been largely invisible in the match so far.


He needs support up there. Hibs have had almost nothing in an


attacking sense. They've strolled back through to the semis. They


needed a replay to dislodge Hearts, the City rivals. A couple of rounds


back. Air United, sticking eight past in round four. Aberdeen coming


through against Stranraer and a tricky trip to Dingwall. Not happy


hunting for them in the last two seasons. And Partick Thistle beaten


at Pittodrie. Less than 15 to the break.


Hibs need to reshuffle the pack soon. Hayes tries to keep it in.


Not quite. He's landed awkwardly, the Aberdeen


winger. He just ran out of pitch. He is so


incredibly quick. He is giving a yard there.


Maybe a bit of whiplash as he hands on his back and neck. He is OK.


Thankfully. You are right, Neil Lennon will have


to make a change. I think you will see it at half-time. You have had


almost nothing of this first half in terms of possession. Custody for


Aberdeen. And Jason, we have not seen him.


Rarely seen Martin Boyle. The two front players for Hibs... And that's


Grant Halt. Here comes the reshuffle I was mentioning.


He has to do something. Hibs' grip on the Scottish Cup is


loosening by the second. They've done fabulous work over the


last year Hibernian with the Scottish Cup. Taken it out to the


communities. They have persevered with the campaign. They've had the


cup out at schools, social clubs, bars.


They have really milked it. And little wonder, they waited for 14


years for it to happen to them. Who is coming off? A big call from


Neil Lennon. Bringing on a subhalfway to the match. Admitting


you got the starting formation wrong. Tommy Wright did the same


thing last week. We hear a former Aberdeen player is


about to come off. One thing is certain, Hibernian need


the next goal. If there is to be another goal.


Grant Halt gives that target up front. Marciano was kick long.


They have played with two up front. It suits better for Cummings to have


someone alongside him to help take the pressure off.


You can see what this guy thinks of the change.


It's disappointing. A big match, a big occasion for him, for his


family. To be taken off after 30 minutes will be disappointing. He


will recognise it is a tactical decision, not his performance.


But he will be hurting. Well, he joined an elite list last


season. He's an FA Cup winner's medal from his time at Wigan.


Grant Halt has only scored four times this season. He is on to


salvage the situation that Hibs are in. A long throw from Ambrose.


McGinn. Thinking about the long range shot. He might as well.


It's gone over Reynolds. He obviously got the shout from Lewis.


Good communication from the goal keeper.


Goals in 1 seconds and 25 minutes from Rooney and Christie and


Aberdeen have one foot in the final. Cummings, well, Logan read that


Great defending from Logan. He read the danger and got in front.


He's been a really good signing for Aberdeen. He won the League Cup


He's been a really good signing for within his first couple of months.


On loan from Brentford. He played with Niall McGinn at


Brentford. A good run by Boyle. That's a great


ball by Grant Holt who makes an instant impact! Hibs are right back


into the semi-final. Brilliantly done by the men in green and white.


That will make a world of difference to the holders.


This is what Grant Holt is about. Shows his pace, works the ball into


a dangerous area. What an impact from Grant Holt.


Nine minutes before half-time. Grant Holt's fifth goal of the season.


Maybe his most important one! He has kept Hibs' heartbeating! What a


wonderful ball in by Martin Boyle. He needed to get the delivery 100%


and he did. All Grant Holt had to do was steer it on target. It's Hibs,


one, Aberdeen, two. Well, there is Jack and Berkley


getting up close and personal. It may prove a master close from


Neil Lennon. They have been playing 4-42 for a large part of the season.


Grant Holt gives the physicality. He does his best work in and around the


six-yard box. If you put it in there, he's a danger.


Now Aberdeen will ask the question. Hibs will have the ascendency now.


There is Grant Holt to Cummings. That's why professionals say a 2-0


shed a dodgy lead. You are never safe at 2-0.


Absolutely not. I think that Derek McInnes will be frustrated at his


team. He is gutted. You can understand why.


You can understand why Neil Lennon made the change. Look at the


scoreline now it is a lot healthier for Hibernian. A whole lot better.


The Hibs fans are singing now. Hayes in the middle and Rooney


arriving there too. Aberdeen didn't look comfortable


last week when St Johnstone pulled one back.


This is really exciting. 50-odd minutes left.


High-stakes shooting at the National Stadium.


Strong running from Kenny McLean. But he ran out of options. Snuffed


out by the two Hibernian players. Boyle again on the right.


Aberdeen are rattled. It's another Boyle cross. Again,


it's a good delivery. That's why he's in the team.


Just having Holt in the box, gives them something they didn't have.


A challenge by McGregor. We've got a game on again here.


That's a foul by John McGinn. He wants to be careful.


Two strikes and he misses the next game which is the final. He's on a


A sloppy one from John. A sloppy one from John.


. It's the sort of foul, if you do two or three, the booking generally


comes. A different class.


He read the danger. The composure to play in defence.


I wonder how many feel that some of these should be in the Scotland


squad? Kenny McLean. He has a sweet left


foot. He drags it past the near post.


Edging ever closer to the interval. Rooney, scam perking after that.


Better from Hibs. Boyle was fouled but play on.


That came off the toe of Christie. John McGinn, he finds Cummings in


space. Reynolds deals with it.


He needs a bit of help, though. It arrives. And the pressure is still


on Aberdeen here. These big games, they've been


accused of filling in over the last few seasons.


They'll have to stand up now. Hibs certainly have. Since Neil Lennon


made that change... Boyle, and there certainly have. Since Neil Lennon


is time and space here. Lots of it. It came off McGinn's head.


Much better from Hibs. Putting pressure on Aberdeen. Getting the


balls in the box. John just couldn't get an honest header there to direct


it goalwards. It's been a quiet first half. John


than he normally is. than he normally is.


-- John would have been expected to be on the ball more than he has


been. One minute added on.


Two minutes left in the first half. Hearing word that Andrew Considine


is struggling a bit. He will soldier on until half-time.


That came off the Aberdeen man last, Logan prevents the corner. Hibs are


keeping on the pressure at the end of the first half.


Boil again giving Aberdeen problems down the inside of that defence. We


said that Hibs needed the next goal, and they got it. Yes, and Neil


Lennon had to do something. It was a positive substitution and had


immediate impact. Since then Hibs have come much more into the game,


started getting balls into the box. Grant Holt has given them that


started getting balls into the box. threat and physicality, and threaten


the box that they needed and missed in the opening 30 minutes. Ambrose


nicking that office Celtic team-mate, Christie. Headstones have


time to finish this attack, it is half-time at Hampden. As things


stand Aberdeen are going through to the Scottish Cup final, but their


lead is not as comfortable as they would have liked to have been at the


double. Adam Rooney scoring and 12 seconds, Ryan Christie's free kick


and 25 made it 2-0, but Grant Holt had only been on the pitch a moment


or two as a substitute for Fraser Fyvie, and headed Hibs right back


into the equation. Half-time in Glasgow. STUDIO: It is game on, it


did not look that way for the first 25 minutes. Did not look that way


for the first 12 seconds as Adam Rooney netted as Hibs got it


horribly wrong, and again with Christie scoring to make it 2-0, and


game Grant Holt, and that is what you call instant impact from the


substitute, and it has Hibs right back in this Scottish Cup semifinal.


2-1 Aberdeen lead. Hibs got it right eventually, but they could have been


completely out of it by now. Could have been. Fair play to Neil Lennon


for recognising what I think everyone else in the same


recognised, but a change needed to be made. It was an instant impact.


The start of the game could not have been any worse, right from the


kick-off giving away a terrible goal from their perspective. But a lot of


credit Aberdeen, they were right on top, John McGinn, hunting down, they


were like that for the first 35 merits of the game and Aberdeen


deserved to be 2-0 up at that stage. Cruising for the first 25 minutes,


but they have a game now. Absolutely. It was handed to the


model that at the start. John McGinn, double what he was thinking


about. And sure they do not work on that on the training field. But Adam


Rooney, so calm and cool. He has been quiet recently, but when he


gets an opportunity like that it is not often miss. And then Ryan


Christie steps in and gets the second and a living is going


Aberdeen's way. Managers are there to make big decisions, Neil Lennon


made that decision. Turn the game right on its head. And then Hibs


started dominating towards the end of that first half. What a semifinal


we have got. What a great second half in store. The funny thing here,


the team that is going into- one at half-time is probably be happier. It


is strange to see the Dean getting beat us happier, but the momentum


shift is the point in trying to make a move that has been massive in the


last ten minutes of the first half. Hibs will go in at half-time buoyed


up by that change, and thinking they are right in the game. How badly did


this go wrong? Not from the training ground, this. First John McGinn and


then Darren McGregor, a catalogue of ground, this. First John McGinn and


errors, and Aberdeen were in front within 12 seconds. It is incredible.


It is a semifinal, you want to make sure you're in the game. Do


everything wrong. It starts with John McGinn, I don't know what he is


thinking about here, but full credit Aberdeen. It was like that for a lot


of the first half, barred from Berkeley doing what he is in to do,


but just there,. It is linked incredibly bad person Darren


McGregor. It is good play from Adam Rooney, to continue to be on the


front foot might you see that from Aberdeen to never switch off. As is


Berkeley won the ball, Aberdeen were still on the front foot and able to


capitalise. And it is the finish as well. You look at Adam Rooney. Quiet


recently, but he gets the opportunity there, he doesn't make a


mistake, knows exactly what he is going to do with it. And slips it


into the back of the net. A great start for the Dons, undoubtedly. The


first part of that game... Graeme Shinnie was going right up,


supporting Adam Rooney, Kenny McLean was a lot deeper in the midfield.


Graeme Shinnie's energy in that final thought was probably the


trigger for a lot of the times that Aberdeen were closing headstone.


Hence have got promotion, the main mission for the season, they have a


chance to load the pressure and Aberdeen, and they took it off


immediately. They have done the job they need to do in the league, no


doubt, but this is the semifinal of the Scottish Cup. They are the


holders. It is OK singer getting a free shot at it, but you have to


start the game in the proper manner, and they did not do that. They were


too relaxed. They handed the game initially to Aberdeen. And you


cannot do that in a semifinal, not against a team like Aberdeen. We


know they other second-best team in the country. They are out there to


prove it, and basically Hibs did not turn up in the early stages. In this


occasion Aberdeen did. The early goal obviously did massive damage to


Hibs, but the midfield mix was not working. It wasn't. There were


occasions where Aberdeen were closing headstone well, but Hibs,


just look at the space here in behind Shay Logan. They are not


exploiting it. They're not getting the ball in behind and penetrating,


and it allows Aberdeen to continue to press and beyond the front foot.


Eventually there is a long aimless ball up the park. And when they do


break, Aluko John McGinn a simple sideways pass, the game gets broken


down, Aberdeen get behind, if he sends John McGinn in earlier, they


can break. But look at the game stop, Aberdeen defenders back in


play. That has to be recognition from Hibs players of whether can


hurt the opposition. That's what happened with the substitute,


getting more bodies in the final third. Could made earlier? It good.


We're sitting behind the Hibs bench was that they recognised ten minutes


before the change needed to be made. I was surprised they did not make it


before the change needed to be made. earlier, because they recognised it


themselves. After half an hour, it is still early for assault. Goal


number two was a nightmare for Hibs as well. Do you blame the wall, do


you blame Marciano? A bit of both? It was certainly quick thinking by


Ryan Christie. You have to say was a It was certainly quick thinking by


fabulous free kick. And then you have to point the finger. The


bollards shall do high goes past the wall, it was in between. The split.


He is looking at any McLean and thinking might be cut back. I am not


absolving Marciano of responsibility, he has to do better,


but of a wall standstill, that hates them and it is not a goal. It is


terrible from the wall. As he looks over shoulder, Dylan McGeouch, he is


trying to anticipate it. That is not his job. His job is to be in the


wall. It is to stand firm in nature that front post is covered. The


minute the wall splits, the goalkeeper is exposed. And


unfortunately for Marciano, he takes a step out and is bidding the cross,


then it is with the difficult for them to get back in and cover the


near post. Play Ryan Christie instead of Niall McGinn, the team


selection of Derek McInnes. He given last week and did well, scored a


goal, so he is high on confidence. That is great technique. Even though


the wall is blood, Celtic 's ability to bend it to the near post and not


allow Marciano the chance to get to it. So it is a big call from Derek


McInnes, and it has paid off today. And so on Kim Grant Holt, and must


immediately he was getting on the end of a cross and suddenly the game


changed completely. It was crying out for some physicality. Let's face


it. The Aberdeen centre-backs, they have nothing to do. They were


totally on top, didn't have to think about the game, and then the


substitution is made and they have to think about it. Unfortunately


here, Taylor does not think about it, because he has got to pick up


Grant Holt on that occasion. He it, because he has got to pick up


doesn't do it, Grant Holt plays on the shoulder, drifts off, and he is


not going to miss from a distance. Do not think it is just a wonderful


cross? Sometimes you have to take off your heart and say, what could


you do? You would expect a better? It is a wonderful cross, I'm not


disputing that. It is a really difficult one to defend. But when


you have when you're out there and you have a striker who is six pit


four inches drifting off you, behind you, that is wrong, you have to make


sure you are marking him. I think Taylor will look at that and think,


I could have done better. The change also gives dues and coming so that


more freedom. Suddenly the centre-backs have the rise on hold.


In the last ten minutes of the first half he saw occasions when Jason was


drifting off to the space on the left, putting crosses into the box,


and you have Grant Holt in the middle, it just makes the whole


dynamics at the back, for Aberdeen, they have to do something. The first


half an hour they were cruising. They did not have to think about


anything. Long balls coming up, headed away. No Grant Holt is there


it allows more space to move and it has caused Aberdeen problems.


Sometimes it is difficult for a central defender to adapt when


you're smoking a cigar one moment and then you have to work for your


money. The question is, can be handled at physicality of Grant


Holt. They have not handled them since he came on the pitch. Ashton


Taylor town dressed, but not only that, anything played high towards


the two central defenders, and Grant Holt has won it. Whereas before that


both centre-backs were definitely on top of Jason Cummings. I'm sure


Derek McInnes is talking to us to centre-backs at the moment, make


sure you get close, make sure that you win the physical battle. Make


sure that when any high also coming up, that Ashton Taylor, who is more


than capable of being physical, make sure you win the first all. It is an


intriguing situation halfway through this first Scottish Cup semifinal,


it is Aberdeen 2-1 up against Hibs. Lots of the bodily players, will be


interesting to see of him, it on the second half the women finished the


first half. But let's think about the second semifinal tomorrow,


highlights tomorrow night on BBC. It is Celtic against Rangers, live


coverage as ever on Sunday sports owned. You will see the best of it


tomorrow night along with the best of this one as well. This was last


meeting of Celtic and Rangers, only meeting this season but has used


anything for Rangers. They came back to equalise late on another one of


the players of the season, Stuart Armstrong, but Celtic in front, and


you felt at that stage we would make it four out of four against Rangers.


You would have thought so, but full credit to Rangers, it was a very


much deserved draw. A great strike and read anticipation to get the


equaliser. But the game tomorrow definitely has a different shape to


it. If it had been three months ago you would think Celtic would win


without question, Celtic are still the massive favourites, but Pedro


Caixinha has brought energy to Rangers, Celtic have tapered off


slightly because they have won the league. So that gap is not as big.


Celtic are still without doubt favourites, but there is a bit more


of a chink of light for Rangers. You would think some teams would switch


off at this stage, and you're thinking about the treble, but not


Brendan Rodgers' team. No. They have targets and Brendan Rodgers has


spoken about his target. There is no doubt that the treble is a huge


target. You will be keen to get the Scottish Cup in the boardroom as


well. It will be a difficult game, no doubt Celtic will start as


favourites, they are the better team, but watching Rangers at


Pittodrie, they have an organisation about them. They have strengthened


at the back, they understand what their jobs are. Taking three goals


of Aberdeen Pittodrie is a fine thing. I think it will be a real


tough game, it is an Old Firm game, and anything can happen at all firm


games. The players are getting back on the pitch, how will this resume?


Can Hibs kick off? No reason why not. The question is Aberdeen, how


will they react? Challenge that expose them at the end of the half.


I said before the game, Niall McGinn has a big part to play. Aberdeen


have got to get up the park, they have Jonny Hayes that can get them


up, Niall McGinn can do that as well. But the questions about


Aberdeen. They have not right. It is a big heart for them, but one that


their take capable of taking forward a getting a result. It is advantage


Aberdeen, halfway through in this first Scottish Cup semifinal. 12


seconds was all it took for Adam Rooney to rifle in the opening goal,


Ryan Christie's free kick slipping under Marciano for number two. On


came Grant Holt to change the whole complexion of the game. Off the


bench, in the back of the net, 2-1, and Hibs looking to hit back after


Rooney scored the opening goal, Christy backing up his selection


with goal number two, and substitute Grant Holt striking for 2-1. Becomes


the second half live. COMMENTATOR: Getting odds of 18-1 with the town


and sponsors for Hibs to win this game in 90 minutes. They have the


ascendancy at half-time. Grant Holt, 36 years of age, veteran striker. On


to rescue it. No further changes. Andrew Considine is fit to start the


second half. Or, going through a bit of a warm up below is as the players


come back out for the second half. That isn't a monitor, the Aberdeen


left-back. The Dons in the red and white shooting towards Mount


left-back. The Dons in the red and Florida, the West End of the


stadium, where most of their supporters are housed. Heads going


other way with about 20,000 Hibs fans. What a 45 minutes we could


have here. Neil Lennon has shown how astute he is at spotting problems.


He withdrew Fraser Fyvie, but on Grant Holt, and it is back in the


melting pot. The plane misses out a Darren McGregor, former St Mirren


team-mate. It is an Aberdeen corner in the opening moments. A bright


start again from Aberdeen. Good run from Kenny McLean, past the first


offender and then out for a first corner. First corner of the match.


Is it? Jonathan Hayes over it, he delivers... Ambroise beats tailored


to it. Through the legs again, here is Maclean, captained by Grant Holt.


It is Aberdeen free kick in a promising area. That is a rash


challenge from Grant Holt. Cynical. Fold with the arm and a leg. He


caught an arm in the face, but it was more the connection with a leg


that brought him down. Extra time and penalties if


required. The days of semifinal replay is long gone.


Hibs lost one of the last ones, a penalty. Christie takes. The worst


ball of the day from an Aberdeen point of view. Really powerful study


would expect a better delivery, you can see what he was time to do, I


bit into that area, but gets it all wrong. On his own at the moment, but


capable of causing all kinds of problems.


Headlining up, they have 24. Miscommunication between McGinn and


Stevenson. Looking for a bit of movement that didn't come. The last


and Aberdeen won a Scottish Cup semifinal it was a 2-1 success over


Hibs. The same scoreline in the last time the net at this stage, in Hibs'


favour. They have met in this competition since then, it was the


season after, carry on in the Truman, Hibs won that as well, 1-0.


Gary Deegan, scored an absolute cracker to Hibs through. Scott


Vernon missed a penalty. Rather it was saved by Ben Williams.


How do Aberdeen approach this, now that it is 2-1 and not 2-0. It is


change the mix, they were on cruise control, but it has become a


different game. You still in control because of the score, and they don't


have to chase it. Generally when they are in the lead, they can see


games out. This game will stretch between now


and full-time, there will be chances at either end.


Foul the Hibs midfielder. Get there just before Rooney, full stretch, a


striker's challenge. Marvin Bartley just before Rooney, full stretch, a


looks as though he is struggling, a heavy limp. Limping very heavily. An


important player for it. Meantime, free kick. Taylor does his job this


time. One of Ambroise's long throw ins. Is


the concern that Grant Holt is winning everything in the air? I


think it is a concern, absolutely. Think how comfortable the Aberdeen


centre hearts were period of the game. He is a target man, it does


change that the annex for Aberdeen. I wonder whether they would look at


bringing on another defender, to deal with his presence.


Heads on such a high having sealed the championship title last week


over Queen of the South. That is the third time in a row that Aberdeen


have been sloppy with the ball. Yes, they don't have the same fluidity


with their passing as they did in the first half. Complete control of


the first half, their ball retention was good. They have been sloppy at


the start of the second. Yours Boyle, who set up the Hibs goal.


McGeouch, one of the smallest players in the park, wins that


header. Hibs are unbeaten in their last 11


Scottish Cup ties. Finally back in the top flight.


Missed out on the play-offs to Rangers in Falkirk respectively in


the last couple of seasons. No need to worry about that this time


around. Former team-mates at St Mirren.


Trying to dig it out. Good defending by Darren McGregor. Standing tall,


forcing Kenny into making the mistake. He is a very hard man to


get by, his upper body strength. Jack gets there just in time. The


effort from Shay Logan... Scored the winner against Ross County in


Dingwall couple of rounds back. He is right to take it on. It opened up


for him. But he just drags it past the goalkeeper's post. It is a much


more even contest now. Which is what we expected. Certainly was. Both


Hibs goals were self-inflicted, although Aberdeen were putting them


under pressure. They have not reached that temple in the second


half in terms of harrying them and dominating the midfield. Connor


looks as though he is being readied for action. Left out of the starting


XI today in favour of Mark Reynolds. Hayes get mad, does he have the


delivery? Boyle was looking for Maclean. He does the hard part, and


then he has to pick somebody out but picks the wrong option. Considine,


Opera Ball. Aberdeen are not finding it as easy


as they were. Any were last in the League Cup


final the breach the cup final as well.


Derek McInnes winning percentage set around 58 present. That was Alex


Ferguson's percentage, beaten only by bulimic Neill. McGuinness has


managed Aberdeen 95 fewer times than Ferguson did. The change for


Aberdeen 's coming. Connor is coming on, and coming on for Ryan Christie.


Not what we were inspecting. I wonder if Derek will change as


formation to a back three, what he's going to do. Taking off in attacking


player for a defender, certainly. Thinking that Derek will try to see


out the game. Good tactic with 32 minutes to play? It is. It is early


to do it, it certainly is. Having Christie has had a decent match.


Considine There was the Aberdeen second goal, scored by Ryan


Christie. A really clever free kick. That at the moment is putting


Aberdeen in the William Hill Scottish Cup final. At the moment.


More than half an hour to go. And Anthony O'Conner, the Irish man from


Cork goes on to replace him. It hasn't always worked for Aberdeen


when they've changed from the usual back four.


It does add solidity to the defence. Yeah, it does. An extra man to deal


with the threat of Cummings and Holt.


It might be seen by Hibs as and does this make it 2-2! They do not want


to let go of this! 2-0 down, Hibs, two, Aberdeen, two.


pot. pot.


. It was within seconds of Anthony O'Conner coming tonne the pitch and


Aberdeen switching to the back three. A brilliant combination on


the edge of the box. A wonderful finish. A lovely goal, Grant Holt


again is puffed online. And a decent finish and this edeserve to be back


in this match. Question marks over Aberdeen's


mentality as Dylan Dylan McGhee finishes.


Look at what it means to Neil Lennon.


I think he enjoyed that one. A big test of Aberdeen character,


that is for sure. Andrew Shinnie is getting ready for


Hibs. Who perhaps feel that they have the ascendency to win this now.


That would be incredible. If you watched the half hour of the game,


and not the rest of it, you would be astonished.


Hibs have battled right back into this.


Here's Hayes. He goes for the volley but it's comfortable for Marciano.


An effort on goal for Aberdeen in the second half. What do you make of


the game now? This is how I expected it to be from the start. It's hard


to call. Hibs are in the ascendency. Aberdeen on the attack.


An extra defender's been brought on. But it's not worked for Aberdeen.


Cummings is through here. But he is offside.


He's offside. Derek McInnes made the change to


shore things up but that plan has been ripped up.


It's very tight. Very tight. If anything, he is just off.


Bringing in the extra defender for a more creative player... Well, they


need him. Exactly. It is designed to help see


the game out. Aberdeen probably looking at another change. A


positive change. And Dylan McGeoch is coming off fob


Andrew Shinnie. A quiet first half but more and more


into the game in the second. A lovely goal to get his team back in


the match. A great moment for McGeoch.


And Andrew Shinnie comes on to face McGeoch.


up to his brother, Graeme. It looked like it would be Graeme


Shinnie going to the Scottish Cup final. But a toss of the coin.


I don't think it will be long before we see an Aberdeen change either.


They need to find a way to get back into the match, Aberdeen.


The situation that Aberdeen find themselves in is only damaging if


they go out of the tournament today. themselves in is only damaging if


A big game mentality is under fire over the last few years. It's being


questioned once again. The last time in the Scottish Cup


semis, they led. They went out to St Johnstone.


Hammered in the League Cup final by Celtic.


Hammered in the League Cup final by A big sell-out at Pittodrie where


they haven't always stepped up in league games. McLean takes it. A


fine header away by Ambrose. A contrast from the fist half.


Aberdeen were Harrying and pressing but it's a complete role reverse


Krunal. Is that simply down to Grant Holt's


goal. That changed the complex of the game? I think as a team they


have squeezed hard. They have more men forward into the Aberdeen final


third and Aberdeen have been sitting back.


Logan out on the right. That is good challenging from Andrew Shinnie.


Cummings is after this one. The right idea from John McGinn. But


a wee too much on the pass. The Dons are looking pretty


pedestrian as the moment. Really pedestrian.


Another foul by McGregor. Number 10 will be on shortly.


Meantime, it's Logan's ball. It's McLean's header. Graeme Shinnie


scored the winner in the quarter-final against Partick


Thistle. Here he is again. He fancies another


go at it. He takes the deflection. Marciano holds on.


I think Shinnie is right to take it on. It's awkward for him though, and


good clean hands from the goalkeeper.


There will be real question marks over Derek McInnes if Aberdeen go


out of this. Given he made the change at the back.


I think there will be question marks of the team if they were to lose the


game. It was levelled at them before the game that they freeze in big


matches. This would be one of those occasions.


Considine had his eyes on the ball. Talk me through that? If anything,


it must be the other way. Considine has his eyes on the ball and there


the player goes right through him. Niall McGuinness is ready. He is


leaving at the end of this season by the looks of things.


So they go back to a back four. It is about the Aberdeen team that


many thought would start today. Derek McInnes making the change.


Disorganised at the back as a result of it.


And in the final quarter. There will be penalties if necessary. The 33rd


Scottish Cup match between these two.


Crossed by Boyle. That will didisappoint Johnny Hayes.


Evading Graeme Shinnie. The last time Aberdeen won this


competition, Seal was top of the charts. Pretty Woman was the


top-growing movie in the cinemas. A great film! May, 1990.


top-growing movie in the cinemas. Brian Irving with the penalty


shoot-out. A decisive kick.


And Alec McLeish lifted the trophy and he and everyone connected with


the club and I'm sure that they didn't expect it to be that length


of time until 27 years and counting that it would take to win the


Scottish Cup again. And another couple of finals in the


90's, losing to Rangers. And in 2000, the last appearance


there. Hibs know what it takes to get the job done. The League Club,


they know what it takes to come to Hampden and get the job done. If


they are to do it the hard way today, 19 left it is two each.


Rooney and Christie had Aberdeen 2-up.


Then Grant Holt and McGeoch. That is where we stand.


It's certainly looking like Considine was halting Holt there.


Hibs still have the ball. You just can't predict this anymore.


Very difficult to predictin any case.


Cummings is away. Clever from Niall McGinn.


Here is Jack and Graeme Shinnie. Beaten to it. It's going to be some


amount of tension in this Stadium over the next 20 minutes, possibly


plus. Neither team are creating too much


in the last ten minutes or so. It's cagey, isn't it? Very. Very.


It's Niall McGinn with a pretty good record against Hibs.


Brilliant were Dan McGregor. Apart from the mistake earlier on, he's


had a fine match. He reads the situation. Gets his body in front of


McGinn. The Rangers Player of the Season.


Rewarded with the Axe. Couldn't believe that they let him


go. Not the world's greatest footballer but he has everything in


pace, aggression. He's a winner. He dropped back into the junior


game. He came back fighting. It shows the


attitude he has. Here's Stevenson.


Cummings, oh, it's a foul by Considine. This is a very tasty


situation for Hibs. Considine allowed Cummings to get


goalside of him. Cummings gets a good touch across


the body. And there a clear foul by Considine. Clumsy. You can't give


those fouls away 20 yards from the goals.


He may be about to pay a very heavy price here, Andrew Considine. Jason


the prospect of this. the prospect of this.


. He's had a quiet match from his standard. He has a chance to make


herself a hero. A big moment in a big game here. 15


mens left. Hibs were 2-0 down... It's Cummings and Andrew Shinawtra


standing over there. Currently come with the left, or Shinnie with the


right. It's Cummings... And an anticlimax for the Hibs' fans. But


they celebrate a corner kick here. Hibs' last corner kick at this


stadium won them the Scottish Cup. This is their first of the game.


Henderson took that corner. David Gray headed home the corner and Hibs


lifted the trophy. It put them 3-2 up. Too late in the day for Rangers


to do anything about it in the final.


In it comes... Aberdeen scrape it away.


Ambrose has done very well to keep that alive.


This is Boyle. He's been mobbed there.


Bullied off by McLean and Logan. Too many clear-cut chances for Hibs


but you get the sense that Aberdeen are hanging on a little bit? Yeah,


you do. Hibs have the territorial advantage. They were in Aberdeen's


half now, they were not in the first half. Aberdeen are the team sitting


deeper, defending more. Hibs are asking more questions of Aberdeen


now. Hibs have played 11 games before


today against top-flight teams before they were relegated. They


lost one of them. Last season's League Cup final here against Ross


County. It's a brilliant record.


You'd have to fancy them for at least the top six in the Premiership


now that the club are back. That will be the expectation of the


supporters. They're a big club. I'm glad they're back in the top league.


They've got fantastic support, a brilliant infrastructure. It is the


aim for them to be in the top six. A couple of draws with Hearts. Beat


them in replays. Beat Dundee United. Caley Thistle in the replay.


Aberdeen, St Johnstone and Ross County have been defeated. A yellow


card is to be shown here to Grant Holt. It's not one of those that


would miss the final if Hibs are to get there. Andrew Shinnie is one.


He is unlucky Holt, he didn't touch there.


He gave Hibs the foothold that they needed today.


Niall McGinn wins a free kick for Aberdeen this time. A decent set


piece opportunity here. It's similar position to the Jason


Cummings free kick. Clumsy here. Ambrose read the situation. A


needless free kick. Are you feeling the nerves yet? If


you're not, you will be soon. Going into the final ten minutes, almost.


The prospect of extra time grows larger by the minute.


McGinn leave it is for McLean. larger by the minute.


Decide... A poor attempt from Kenny McLean. He will be disappointed.


Your can see what he was trying to do.


He couldn't get anywhere near the net.


Derek McInnes is rightly frustrated with his team. He wants more from


them. They've hardly been creative in the second half.


Hayes is quiet, Rooney is quiet. Just one Martin Boyle cross, one


Grant Holt header. It turned the game.


McLabour forced it towards Rooney. As with most things in the second


half it's not worked for Aberdeen. The final ten minutes. At a level


semi-final how do you approach the ten minutes. Sit and wonder and hope


that extra time is not such a bad thing? Given the stakes? I think


that both would be happy to get into extra time.


They both love a winning goal. There's's Hayes.


There's Holt tripped by Graeme Shinnie. He's going to be booked for


that. It's the right decision from the


referee. Shinnie knows he is out of the game.


He cinically brings down Holt. Ryan Jack the only player in danger


of missing the final if the Dons were to get there.


One of the most booked players in Scotland, Graeme Shinnie. He plays


on the edge. If there is an extra half an hour,


he will create an area for Hibs to conduct.


John McGinn, what a good ball that is.


Considine gets it ahead of Boyle. Everyone thought we were going to


extra time in the final last year, 2-2.


Eight minutes to play of the 90. If they score now you start to think


you're going to the final. It's McGinn.


Here's John Beaton. Well, still memories fresh in the


mind of the Aberdeen players of the recent capitulation to Rangers at


Pittodrie when they conceded three goals in four minutes. A few weeks


back. They were under the cosh, the Perth


club. Saints couldn't find the equaliser.


They have been a model of consistency, Aberdeen. The Rangers


performance in the last ten minutes was uncharacteristic, really.


They've not been making mistakes as a team.


Another foul by Graeme Shinnie. Aberdeen can't afford for him to be


sent off. It was ambitious but it's deflected


into the net! How's your luck?! Johnny Hayes gives Aberdeen the lead


with six to play. And are they heading for the Scottish Cup final?!


NARP ale, it's brilliant play from Hayes. Working the room for a shot.


But how cruel on the Hibs players who have worked so hard to get back


into the game. To have a wicked deflection taking it past the


goalkeeper. He does well to get the shot. But that's as cruel as it


gets. In or Darren McGregor. Heartbreak


for Hibernian. It's going down as an own goal.


Look at that there. Certainly the McGregor touch has proven decisive.


That is going down as an own goal against Darren McGregor. One way or


the other, it has put Aberdeen back in the box seat with just five


minutes to play. It's a real taste of Hibs earnian's own medicine,


having scored so late in the final last year. They've had to suffer it


themselves here. There is still time for Hibs.


There is still time for them. I think they're going to make a


change. The last throw of the dice for Neil Lennon.


change. The last throw of the dice It's Brian Graeme.


Aberdeen's long compile from a competition that they have won seven


an end. an end.


-- exile. Brian Grahame will come on for Hibs.


They've salvaged it once this afternoon, the men from the capital.


Big moments. That was one there, Johnny Hayes


with the shot. It was really not threatening, until Danny McGregor's


unfortunate intervention. I feel for Dan.


Hayes does well to make the room for the shot. He doesn't have a


connection. It is not going to go in. Then it hits Dan and spuns into


the corner. Certainly the Scottish Football


Association are giving the goal to Johnny Hayes.


In goes Taylor. He did just enough. Just enough. Fantastic defending


from Taylor it must be said to put Boyle off.


He has such pace. But he gets a wee nick. It bounces off the shin


through to the goalkeeper. Well done Taylor.


Is the task now too big for Hibs? I always feel you get a chance in the


last couple of minutes of the match. It's great for Ambrose. They have to


sacrifice the defender. They have to go for it. They will be direct now.


Up to Holt and Cummings to get back that the match. They only have three


or four minutes to do it. Aberdeen are standing on the brink


of returning here on Saturday the 27th of May to face Celtic or


Rangers in the Scottish Cup final. Cummings chases, and Lewis clears.


Hibs will feel they will get another chance here. They just need to get


men in front of their back foul. First-rate polyp that to go through


their back four and put Cummings in his criminal in the last couple of


minutes of the match. A heavy touch there from Niall McGinn. Wins a free


kick. I don't think there was a lot of contact. It is clever, to get the


free kick, it buys his team time. Stephenson not happy at how soft it


was. Derek McInnes, four-year is to the date of his first Aberdeen game,


was. Derek McInnes, four-year is to as dons manager, it was against


Hebburn name, it was at Easter Road, and it was forgettable, and goalless


draw. Four years into his tenure, and he could be about to lead


Aberdeen to a third cup final. A first in the Scottish Cup. Well into


the final minute of the 90. Free kick for Hibs. This will get


launched into the heart of the box. All eyes will be on the fourth


official shortly who will tell us how much stoppage time will be added


on. John McGinn takes the free kick. Hibs win the first ball and another,


Aberdeen clear and Hayes goes after it. No free kick, says John beaten.


Again Hibs when the header, Logan Bailly is clear.


Free kick Aberdeen, that will take off a lot of pressure. It was very


late into this challenge. Three minutes of injury time has been


added on. Already almost one minute down.


Grant Holt has been booked, and think that could almost have


warranted another yellow card. Hibs, the dream almost over, Scottish Cup


winners 11 months ago. First time in 114 years. They have about one


minute and a half to try and keep hold of the trophy and force extra


time. Anywhere will do from an Aberdeen point of view. It is clever


play from Rooney. 16 Scottish Cup finals have been played since


play from Rooney. 16 Scottish Cup Aberdeen last contested one.


Semifinal heartache after heartache in recent times. No free kick for


Graeme Shinnie, this could be controversial. MacGregor still up


there, Cummings cannot get onto it. The challenge from Ryan Jack, it is


a Hibs ball. A last minute. The flick from Grant Holt. Is that a


corner? It is. This is the very last chance of the match coming up. The


goalkeeper is coming up for it. He has to. Hibs are heading out of the


cup unless they can score from this corner. Cummings sends it in,


Marciano wins it, but Lewis holds on, and that might just be it. It is


a very decent ball in and a decent header from the goalkeeper. It is


largely a fine save from Joe Lewis, he will take as much time as he


wants. We have played injury time, it is all over as far as that is


concerned. It is all over at Hampden! And the waiting is over for


Aberdeen. They have dethroned Hebburn Ian. And they are through to


their first Scottish Cup final in 17 years. It is a third final and Derek


McInnes. They were made to sweat for it today. They led 2-0 through


Rooney in 12 seconds Christie at 25 minutes. Heroic Hibs roared back


thanks to goals from Grant Holt and McGeouch. By Jonny Hayes' deflected


effort right at the end of the game has put Aberdeen into the William


Hill Scottish Cup final. Competition they have toiled and so often over


the years. It really has been a task, tough test of them today. That


is without question. Hebburn Ian have had a wonderful 11 months as


Scottish Cup holders and will forever remember last May's triumph


against Rangers. And those supporters will never forget it


either. It has ended in tears this afternoon, and Aberdeen, who have


not won this competition since 1990 will take on Celtic or Rangers in


next month's final. It's finished here at the National Stadium in any


into- three Aberdeen. STUDIO: It looked like it was going to take


extra time and penalties to sort this out, they were so closely


matched, but in the end that deflected goal from Jonny Hayes get


the business done and get Aberdeen into their second cup final of the


season. And the Battle of the Shinnies is won by Graham in the


end, and Derek McInnes hopes it can go one better in the second


semifinal of the season, having lost to Celtic in the League Cup final,


but we will find out tomorrow whether to Celtic or Rangers. We do


know it is Aberdeen. Let's get the thoughts of Willie


Miller and Michael Stewart. A fabulous cup final, that's for sure.


It has had everything in it. A great physical game. Played in a very


sporting manner. Even the goalkeeper, towards the end there,


with a magnificent header. If that had ended up in the back of the net


it would have been very special. Aberdeen get a little bit of good


fortune towards the end of the game, no doubt about that. I thought the


goals were excellent. I thought probably the Hibs goal was slightly


better than the Aberdeen goal. But the decisive one, Jonny Hayes


creates space for himself, pulls the trigger, gets a bit of good fortune


and spins into the back of the net to take Aberdeen into the final.


Marciano, that had almost got Hibs off the ropes. It had everything,


goals, entertainment, changes of formation, tactical battles. A big


bit of luck in the Emnes to get Aberdeen to the final. Aberdeen have


built up in mentality under Derek McInnes where the win games, they


get things done. And that is the story of it here. They have managed


to get themselves into the final by hook or by crook. But here from Adam


Rooney, who scored after 12 minutes. Congratulations, you are through to


the Scottish Cup final. It was exhausting to watch, I wasn't to


play? As it looked. I see we had a great start, 2-0 up, we knew that


Hibs would come back. We knew it was good to be a difficult game. Always


believed we could score goals, and thankfully Johnny got the winner.


Did you feel it was going to extra time? It looked that way late on,


but we are fit side and we'll is keep going. Delighted to get


finished in 90 minutes. The will to win in the squad seems unbelievable


at times. I was a disappointment from the last cup final and we


wanted to take that forward. We want to be here at the end of the season


fighting for another trophy. We're themselves in a position.


Congratulations. Let's tell the story of an amazing Scottish Cup


semifinal. Adam Rooney got things rolling after 12 seconds. Straight


from kick-off, it was Hibs' kick-off, catalogue of errors, and


creditor Rooney, he did what he does. Yes, compared, nice touch


setting themselves up. Under a little bit of pressure but finishes


extremely well. Problems for Hibs defensively. The wall breaks out


that Marciano cannot keep it out. Creditor Ryan Christie for even


trying. Yes, but the story there is Creditor Ryan Christie for even


the wall breaking. And then the change of formation. Picking the


body, look at that driving, penetration in the area, wonderful


cross. Willie says Taylor should do better, perhaps, but for me the


credit goes to the cross, it was a fantastic ball from Boyle. It shows


that getting in behind defences is where you punish teams. Hibs did not


have enough of that until they made where you punish teams. Hibs did not


the substitutions. Grant Holt was terrific for Hibs. Change the game.


Not only getting the goal, but makes the second goal as well. That was a


fabulous set up past four McGeouch, who finished well. It did change the


game. After Grant Holt came on break problem and questions for Derek


McInnes to answer, which he did, throwing and three centre-backs.


This was the equalising goal, it can immediately after Aberdeen made a


change they hope would give them solvency of the back. The change


three at the back, it lost the mad midfield. You see here when McGeouch


picks it up. The space between the lines. When he gets into this area,


you think, go wide. Stevenson made a great run. A wonderful 1-2 with


Grant Holt and a good finish. You see the space that there is to drive


forward. Grant Holt makes a good run and I am thinking of playing the


ball wide but he goes infield. Catches Aberdeen unawares and gets


the 1-2. A wonderful composed finish. Joe Lewis is too far to his


front post from me. And look at the back three. There is an deal,? If


this gets flagged offside, very tight. The central freestanding 23


yards in front of the back three. And look at this, Anthony O'Connor


is too deep, Taylor is too high up, and there is space. If the ball goes


in yard less on the weight, Jason Cummings is running through on goal.


The change that back three, lost the goal, and to other opportunities


where they were all over the place at the back. As Willie said, the two


centre halves in the first offered nothing do, ended up with three and


there was panic stations. They were working so hard. Credited, they made


a real game of it. It is harsh for Hibs to lose it, and a cruel way to


lose it when there is such a big deflection on the shot from Jonny


Hayes. And Marciano has no chance. No chance whatsoever. Jonny Hayes


gets credit for creating a little bit of space. Maybe he has to be


closed down a little bit earlier, but it is a huge blow for them. He


pulls the trigger, it takes a wicked deflection. It looks as though it


was going by the posted one point and it spins. McGinn for me has to


drop a yard deeper. If he does that Jonny Hayes cannot get in between


them. It is late in the game, it happens, you are tired. You hold a


them. It is late in the game, it position instead of dropping a yard,


but that is so cruel for Hibs, even the deflection, if it goes straight


it is going wide, it is the spin that brings it wide. I think that


shot is potentially going wide at the other side. It is the spin that


takes us, agonising for Hibs. Let's hear from the other two goal heroes


of the day for the Dons. Chaps, congratulations. Talk me through


your emotions, Ryan. Policy delighted. Before the game and said


we have to make the final. That is the biggest game of the year, so you


want to be in a good place. Coming up against a very good side and


hips, and overall Rob Lee did not play our best, but through to the


final as we wanted. When you stepped up with a free gig where you always


going for the near post? I wasn't until Adam Rooney came and had a


word in my year and told me to have we look at the maybe try a shot. He


will take the assist for that one. Happy it went in, and basic


delighted for Johnny scoring the winner. Johnny are you claiming the


winner? Jedinak. Anywhere close, we'll take it. So late in the game.


Has had all the momentum at that stage. The goal came at a good time


for us. They had you on the ropes at times. Did you think it was going to


extra time? Honestly did. We had to weather the storm a little bit in


the second half. One of the best teams in the country. Some top


players, and we knew it was going to be difficult. Never underestimate of


them. We had 2-0 cushion that we let slip. Got a lucky winner. It is the


Scottish Cup final for Aberdeen for the first time in 17 years. It


Celtic or Rangers. You will fancy your chances? You've got to going


confident, whoever wins it will be a tough game, both topsides. Looking


forward to it, biggest game in Scottish calendar and we're


delighted to part of it. Ryan, it is a strange one for you if Celtic get


through because you will not be able to play. Yes, people are in my year


but that before the game, but coming into the game was just concentrating


on helping get Aberdeen into the final and will see what happens from


there. We will see we face tomorrow. But Mike said, delighted us managed


help Aberdeen. Chaps, congratulations. 3-2 to Aberdeen it


finished. They will take their place in the Scottish Cup final. What a


finished. They will take their place great advertisement for Scottish the


ball that was. Hamdan looked great, it was a good crowd, great


ball that was. Hamdan looked great, atmosphere, and a game that could


have gone either way. Yes, in the early stages you can see a way back


have gone either way. Yes, in the for Hibs, it was all Aberdeen, until


Grant Holt Commander Park. But you handed to Neil Lennon, he made the


crucial decision at a vital time, turned the game in their favour.


Should create character coming back from a 2-0 deficit, to related


Aberdeen all the way. Aberdeen can count themselves fortunate to go


through into the final. The same time, they have done it, the most


important thing is to win the game and Aberdeen have done that. Hibs at


this stage fire difficult to get a comfort because they lost and were


so close to get into the final, but last weekend got promotion, that was


the main mission for the season. last weekend got promotion, that was


This weekend they have roots they will very much be part of the


Premiership next season. 100%. I have spoken that I see Hibs in the


current state as a top six side. They have proven that over the three


seasons they have been in the championship in terms of the games


they have played against top-flight opposition. They have done very


well. Today was just another example of that. The lads will be


challenging for the top six straightaway. They have enough


quality in that side to go unchallenged. And look at the


support they have got here today. That is a top six club, no doubt.


And at the reaction. They have lost the semifinal but they were all on


their feet cheering the team because they recognise what a good shift the


putting today and it would Aberdeen under real pressure. With Aberdeen,


they get the job done. Adam Rooney spoke about it, they have the


mentality of scoring late goals, and that he's off massively. When you're


under the cosh, Hibs on top and you still believe you can go and get the


winner. It is a bit of luck, but it is that mentality. If you don't


believe you can do it you never will. And this Aberdeen side have


confidence and belief. Some of the Aberdeen fans would have been


thinking, here we go again. Another occasion when we play second best,


but this will do them a lot of good. Absolutely not because they have not


performed very well at Hamdan. I still didn't think they performed at


their best this afternoon, but they showed grit and character and


certainly got the job done. Thanks, Willie and Michael. Tomorrow it is


all about Celtic and Rangers in the second semifinal.


But Old Firm second semifinal tomorrow, let's hope it is half as


good as this one. It has been positing stuff at Hamdan. Aberdeen


are through to the final. It is goodbye from us for now.


feel the way both players have played they would deserve to go into


the final session 8-8. That is a mistake from Mark Allen. He would


expect John


Rob Maclean introduces live coverage of the first Scottish Cup semi-final between Hibernian and Aberdeen from Hampden. After a gap of 114 years, Hibs eventually got their hands on the Cup last season and are one game away from another final. Aberdeen, however, have had an excellent campaign and will provide stiff opposition. Commentary is by Liam McLeod and Steven Thompson, with analysis from Michael Stewart and the Northern Ireland manager Michael O'Neill.

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