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Highlights from the SPFL. Celtic v Motherwell, Aberdeen v Ross County, Hearts v Dundee, Inverness v Rangers, St Johnstone v Kilmarnock and Partick v Hamilton.

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Good evening. After the disappointment of the international


break, would Ladbroke's Premiership put a smile back on all of our


faces? With us tonight, Pat Nevin and Michael Stewart. We start at


Pittodrie. The thing about the international break is that it can


sometimes interrupt the form of a club side. Aberdeen in great form in


the lead up to the Scotland games, would they pick up where they left


off? Ross County, the visitors. COMMENTATOR: Aberdeen not


surprisingly starting with the team that beat Kilmarnock. Looking for a


fifth straight win. Ross County top scorer Liam Davis is out injured.


Craig Parnham returns. For changes in all, Andrew Davies is back and


there is a first start. James Maddison with a free kick. There is


Rooney, it is not going to count. The offside flag went up pretty


smartish here. A tight corner. But it looks like the right call. -- a


tight call. Now McGinn, Shay Logan. Cleared by Paul Quinn, who had a


spell at Aberdeen before returning to Ross County. Now Jonny Hayes sets


off and scores! CHEERING Blasting that passed the County


keeper, and in the 20th minute Aberdeen are a head.


Now the skipper, shiny. In those chow. Bad challenge. That is going


to be a red card for the former Wigan midfielder. County will have


to play three quarters of this game with ten men. You just can't get


away with that sort of stamping challenge.


Madison. Fantastic control of the ball, the youngster has. Hayes.


Aberdeen starting to toy with Ross County here. Madison again. The shot


from Shinnie saved but Shay Logan scores will stop 2-0 Aberdeen, and


this is a scoreline nuisance could become anything against that ten man


opponents. Dismantling Ross County. Now 2-0 in front. Luke and pouncing


after a save from Shinnie. The Davies free kick controlled by


Cullen. Now it is Michael Gardyne, a good save. Joe Lewis sticking up the


right-hand to claw away that effort. Tim McIntyre sensing how important a


goal back might be. McShane slipped. In those Gardyne again. So unlucky.


As the half-time whistle goes, and a fraction away from making it 2-1.


Maclean's header. Advantage played. Madison. Hayes. In those Madison


again. And Niall McGinn's effort produces great stuff. Hayes tries


again and hits it right. They are queueing up here to score Aberdeen's


third goal. That was some stop. Antonio Connor. A growing presence


in defence of Aberdeen. Shinnie's pass. In goes Shay Logan. Niall


McGinn! He makes it three. Frustrated early on, the Northern


Ireland international, but so much composure there to score Aberdeen's


third goal. Aberdeen with a thirst for more


girls. Jonny Hayes producing another save. There have been a string of


saves for Fox. Clumsy. Play goes on. That is Shinnie. Shot blocked.


Halos. It is 4-0. Stockley again. Off the bench and making an impact.


There was all about persistence. Eventually shot in off the inside of


the post. For the second successive match, it is 4-0 Aberdeen. Maclean's


pass and looked at the rumour for James Maddison. Out wired with


Hayes. Lovely little chip back off the post. Consett iron tax acquired.


-- Considine Tuck said Wright. They will have to settle for four. It is


a red card, we have watched it back. He has got to learn from it. Can't


go to ground, he has gone in with two feet when he could have gone in


with a side foot. It is something he has to learn. Certainly put us up


against it. Made it a difficult day for us. We have seen it playing


against teams with ten men, thought we did our job well. The fourth ball


from Jade and put a truer reflection. All in all, a good they.


A great display from Aberdeen. For long time we have raved about Jonny


Hayes, Niall McGinn and everyone, and now we need to put the focus on


James Morrison. Looks like huge talent. Yes, they have got


creativity and goals. You add Madison on to that, and what he has


is special. Delivery superb, from dead pools and open play, terrific.


So much more than that. It is his intelligence. Always comfortable on


the ball. He takes four players away from the play. It makes loads of


play elsewhere. -- loads of space. Watch this bit. The ball is not play


to him yet, still looking round for where the next ball was going, long


before it is played and he knows what he has to do. It is what you


call vision, understanding, awareness, and also a chess like


mind of knowing what a skin to happen before it happens. Threw it


is those little bits that you recognising top players. A real


distance ahead of most players. He has got four, five, six players


around him, that is not a greedy dribbler, it is a man who has drawn


players towards so to encourage others encourage others to make


space elsewhere. Phenomenal intelligence, great confidence on


the ball. He can slow down when he is on it, and he will play the right


ball in with pace. He can be a top player, who can play in the very


highest level. The sort of player that fans love to watch. He is the


jewel in the crown of these new additions that have come into


Aberdeen this season. Can they reach a new level, Aberdeen, and what does


that look like? Up until a couple of weeks there had been a feeling that


there had been a slow start Aberdeen. Now they have a chance to


make it into the national cup final at the weekend. Yes, I think the


additions that have been made along with Joe Lewis and go. James


Maddison is that Pat has touched on, he is a good condiment of players.


They have shown a great consistency of a number of years now and with


these additions they can definitely contain where they have been and


perhaps push things a little bit further. A fantastic day for


Aberdeen, the complete opposite the Ross County. If you define the


league table by the number of goals teams score, the sad step is the


Ross County, they would be bottom of the table for the season so far.


Just seven goals scored this season, in fact they have not scored in 6.5


hours of football. That, Michael, is a worrying start. Of course it is. A


lot has been made of the fact Liam Davis has scored a lot of goals for


them. Missing at the moment. Even when he has been in the team of


late, they have not scored goals. They have two guys who know how to


score goals. They have got to try and sped it amongst the team and


find a way to the back of the net. Is it all about keeping the


confidence than the Ross County squad? Yes, confidence is one thing


but I think they are playing quite well. This is a league if you are


near the bottom, you will be OK, if not, you could well be struggling.


Celtic Park, the champion celebrating the start of the 50th


anniversary celebrations commemorating the European Cup win.


Yesterday they faced Motherwell, and COMMENTATOR: A first Celtic Park


start since March 20 14th will Ian Henderson in the hosts's midfield. A


debut the teenage left-back Jack McMillan for Motherwell. Also a


first top teams start the Ross Maclean in the midfield. The


steelmen have it conceded 12 in the last two visits. Brown's effort


blocked by his former team-mate, McManus. To Dembele. Decent effort.


Called Simpson into action. Moussa Dembele scored for France U21s last


week. Henderson's corner is very deep. Another save from Samsung.


Coming from the corner after Dembele's effort was pushed wide.


Gamboa are playing at Celtic Park for the first time. Big afternoon to


him. Ferres. Missed by Dembele but not by Sinclair -- Forest. Eight for


the season further Celtic winger. What a find he has been. The only


game he has not scored in domestic Lee was at Dundee fortnight ago.


Little doubt where this was going, as soon as it reached his left boot.


Motherwell have looked pretty organised at the back. They will be


disappointed to go back as Tate goes for gold. -- Tate goes for gold.


Fairly ambitious but a nice lay-off. It has been given away. Now with


Brown. Driving forward, he has Dembele to his left. Moussa Dembele!


Tierney. Really strong play by Kieran Tierney. Earning his second


cap in midweek. How good is this? Outstanding from Tierney! So


unlucky! Well, it was in goal of the season


territory if he finds the net. Every Celtic supporter is on their feet to


give Kieran Tierney a standing ovation for that shot. Scott Brown.


He had last week of, having quit international football. Tierney


Sinclair. Almost finding Dembele. Tierney ellipses Brown ellipses


brilliantly saved, and again! The brown effort was deflected, that


made the save even better from Craig Samson. Dembele couldn't get past


the big keeper either. Samson was rooted this time.


Sinclair looking for the far corner. Celtic have Borussia Monchengladbach


to face during the week. It is the kind of like the stadium vanishes.


Samsung deals with that one. -- night the stadium relishes.


20 games since Celtic lost here. It was of course to Motherwell. Forrest


finds Dembele. Finds Sinclair. What a save again! That is the pick of


the bunch. From Craig Samson. He has kept Motherwell in it.


That is a poor challenge thereby Louis Moult, who is in trouble. It


is only yellow, though. Completely wiped out Liam Henderson.


Simunovic to Brown. There was a misunderstanding there, and Samson


has brought down Dembele. With three to play, Celtic have a spot kick.


McManus left it for Craig Samson, probably should have dealt with it,


the former Celtic skipper. Dembele with a chance for his 13th of the


season. Which he has! And it guarantees three more points for the


champions. It has been total domination, but at 1-0, you just


never know. Dembele erases all doubt about which way this game is going.


I thought it was an excellent performance on the back of the


players being away for a couple of weeks. We have come back and showed


really good attacking intent. Give Motherwell credit as well, because


they did well. But we created quite a number of chances. We restricted


them to no shots on target. And showed a really good professionalism


in the game. I was very pleased with the performance. The plan was to


allow the full-backs to have the ball. We decided to do that. Then,


to deal with it, we found it a bit more difficult and the size of the


picture is a problem. Keith Lasley found it difficult to cross quick


enough. In the second half, we dropped the two forward midfielder


is back in defensively, and that made it better, and allowed the


strikers to be in a more forward position. The tactically, done


everything we hoped it would do. It was a bit adventurous with the young


players in particular, but the likelihood you will get BT anyway.


You might as well get beach trying to get something out of the game.


STUDIO: A good win for Celtic. You can understand Motherwell arriving


at the match with trepidation, 12-0 in the last two aggregate matches


will stop how did Motherwell a project? I did not think there was


belief coming out of Motherwell, but that is understandable. It is


realism. Celtic are on a high, playing well. Oddly, they were


allowing the full-backs to get on the ball too much. Have a look. Go


and help your full-back, don't leave him. Away Forrest goes, and you have


trouble. One-on-one, that is not good defending either. But they were


creating chances, Celtic. Celtic are in great form. Talking about


full-backs, if you are worried about strikers and midfielders, and you


have Tierney coming and doing this. It is a nightmare. It would have


been a great goal at Celtic Park. I don't say that lightly. But he does


remind me of Danny McGrane, one of the greatest players I have ever


seen, certainly in Scottish bubble, but I mean world football. Kieran


Tierney is astonishing just now. All throughout the team, they are


confident and comfortable. They were very adaptable as well. So much


quality in the Celtic side, but the work rate, is that part of the


Brendan Rodgers master plan as well? Clearly. He did it against


Manchester City, and that is fantastic. It has such an effect on


the team. We know they can do it. Dembele at the top, why does he


think about chasing that? You never expect to get that. Awful mistake by


McManus, and he will know that. But to chase a completely lost ball, and


of course you expecting to score the penalty there. His scoring has been


fantastic. The effect of pressing has had, not just at Celtic Park,


but wider than that. Manchester City were shocked by it. A week after it,


Spurs win at Manchester City, because they did what Celtic did.


You have seen the effect it can have. Resume on to back would have


looked at it, too. It will be a pivotal week. To, Borussia


Monchengladbach in the Champions League on Wednesday, Celtic will


look at that match as a match where they can get three points. Prior to


the Champions League group fixtures, they would have looked against the


game. It is a big week. There are 4-5 changes to the team, quite a lot


for Brendan Rodgers at the weekend. Still, a good performance, a good


result. If they come away from this week with two wins, they are in a


great place, positioned well for European football after Christmas,


and into a cup final next month as well. Things are very positive that


toxic at the moment. The adaptability we were talking about,


we chatted before hand, an option that has not been used with Dembele


upfront, that is something else you can do. Griffiths. In games in


Europe, stick them up, and the confidence they have it could go


well. What can Motherwell take from the match this weekend? They didn't


get a hiding in the end. That is nothing to laugh about, though.


Celtic at the moment can do that any team in Scotland just now. The way


they are playing, everyone has to go to Celtic with real trepidation.


Next, Partick Thistle began the weekend bottom of the table as they


welcomed Hamilton. COMMENTATOR: Partick Thistle are


trying to end a run of seven games without a win.


Hamilton have no wins in four, eight debut at left-back, a first start


for Gary Woods, and tonight he returns to captain the side.


Hamilton have started brightly. Headed only as far as being. Almost


a perfect start for Hamilton Academicals. Not missing by much.


Helped out. Sports Gillespie at the back post. Again, Hamilton coming


close in the early stages. A good run by Gillespie. The header just


off target. Doherty now, looping in the cross. A terrific save, and not


behind for the corner kick. Crawford's on a kick. Hamilton


deservedly in front. His first goal in the league for


Hamilton Academicals. Unchallenged there, you have to say.


Barton picking out do limp as Partick try to respond. The rebound


over the bar. They are searching for an equaliser.


Gordon caught by his old team-mate, Doherty. The free kick goes Partick


as a's way. Quickly taken. The cross comes in. Edwards pouncing on the


mistake stop Osman was alert to it. A defensive shambles, and Edwards


has his first goal of the season. Partick Thistle are level. Doherty


trying to find being Bingham. I think that came off:


. Partick Thistle desperately defend.


Barton gets something on it. Osman now up against Grant Gillespie. Nice


turn by Osman. The cross in, and there is Lindsay! Thistle are in


front! Liam Lindsay came up for the corner. Thistle in the driving seat.


Having gone behind, they are 2-1 up now. Accies might feel they should


be blocking the cross hit, but Liam Lindsay's fourth goal of the season


puts his side ahead. Thistle looking to edge further in front. Erskine


denied by Woods. It might have killed Accies off entirely. Erskine


picks up. This is as is, the substitute. Pushed away by Gary


Woods. Thistle looking bright at the start of the second half.


Clips it forward. That is a delightful finish from the


substitute. His first goal of the season for Hamilton Accies. What an


important one it is. It would be hard to argue Accies don't deserve


something from this match. That might have earned them a point.


Picked up by Barton. Here comes Partick Thistle. Players in the


middle. Into Elliott. Woods keeps it out. Hunt away. Thistle pushed for a


winner. Gillespie now, is there to be late drama? A good ball, into the


back post. Scully, not for the first time, keeps Accies at bay. It was a


wide open game. I just felt we started the second half brightly and


had some good chances. We took the wind out of Hamilton, but credit to


them, they kept going. Offensively, it was awful from us. Away from


home, we will take the point and move on. But again, for us, or we


missed too many opportunities. Maybe it is a fair result, but for large


spells of the game, we controlled the game. If we could take chances,


we can definitely win games. STUDIO: You might have expected a grim


bottom of the table scrap, but arguably the most entertaining game


at the weekend. Some great skill in the game. Bottom of the table, it


could have been a scrap, but it wasn't. Entertaining football, and a


lot of quality involved as well. This one is a fantastic game, double


from Osman. You don't expect this. Look at the cross. It is a great


cross. Thistle get a goal. We know they have wonderful composure. If


you are going to give him Johann Cruft, can I give him Pirlo. They


will be happy with the point. A lot of pluses to come out of the game.


Sometimes you have to sit back and have the critique of the games, but


it is entertainment that fans are looking for. They got it. They


absolutely did. Partick Thistle fans always want that.


The managers thinking what can we do, do different? We watch Martin


Cameron come on in almost the same week -- every week. It is no


criticism, his teams usually score first underwent. There are goals for


both of those teams, they both seem to be put a disco. Once again, in


terms of the Accies taking the lead, Partick Thistle striker 's, a good


point the Accies in the end? You heard to one down -- 2-1 down, they


would take it. Different though they have been disappointed not to sue


the game out. Lots of positives for both sides. A bit of disappointment


that they have not taken the three points but the end of the day they


will be happy with the draw both. Hearts signed off before this


national break with a 3-1 win at Motherwell. Would they keep the fun


going against a Dundee side struggling for results and goals?


Not very confident. Going for a 2-1 win for Dundee.


COMMENTATOR: The new design has been approved for the stand, the old


stand designed by Archibald Leach, a thing of beauty, soon Nemeth. Don


Carey in the Sam Nicholson has had a knee operation. Dundee make three


changes. James Vincent appears for the first time since mid-August.


Gets a Magellan back to Kevin Gomis, under


some pressure. Good goalkeeping from Scott Bain. Walker putting pressure


on the defender. Some very quick. Little ball in and over the top.


Tony Watt. Craig Breen Dundee close. Feeding Patterson. In


towards Williams, no takers. Credit Kevin Gomis are going out of the


way. Salmon couldn't finish. Sammon. Another good start from Scott Bain.


Good interchange from the macro hearts. An impressive stretch.


Patterson was in the clear. Scott Bain again. Scott Bain with a punch


that time to get it away. Sammon back in. Dundee try to clear.


Patterson's header had power. Another good stop. Patterson


Hateley swings it in. Gadzhalov off almost Marx 's first appearance of


the season with a goal. Then churned away by John Souttar. Gadzhalov, his


turn to hit the woodwork. That is forward again. Walker is available


wide. Walker, gets away from Gadzhalov and again Scott Bain does


his job. Scott Bain in fine form this afternoon. Good refereeing,


just to let play continue. Walker sailed the dummy. Scott Bain again


the man standing in the way of Hearts. Dundee, three points on


opening day, three points from seven in the league since then. And they


are not having any luck here this afternoon. The woodwork struck once


again. Again Dundee denied. Don Carey with the corner for Hearts. --


Don Cowie. Put it over the top. Again, Hearts with the assault on


the Dundee goal. Walker kept it down. A good knee from the captain


and a push on the keeper. Cali and Bhullar head over the ball. Cowie is


the dummy, a lovely delivery! 16 minutes played. Callum Paterson. He


got above Gomis, the goalkeeper with no chance. Paterson, back-to-back


goals, his good last time out against Motherwell. A brilliant


start from Scott Bain. That was yon son. He thought he had it.


Down the side into the middle, and that is a first goal for Johnson. He


has appeared in every game since his debut the Caley Thistle, and on the


scoresheet for the first time. The hand of Hamilton were strong.


Hearts clear. Good goalkeeping this time by Jack Hamilton. Tough game.


We created a lot of chances but did not take them which was frustrating.


Dundee were on top and dominant. It became end to end. We made a couple


of changes and change the game for us. I think it was a good


performance from the players today, I thought we were terrific. Should


have taken something from the game, the number of chances we took was


top set pieces were brilliant, just not clinical enough. A defeat the


Dundee, victory for cat macro hearts, but reasons the Dundee fans


to be helpful? Hopeful but not cheerful. Because bottom of the


league, you can't have that. They attacked well yesterday. Lots of


good chances. On another day from four goals at least. They hit the


post, the crossbar. They are playing well. I am a big fan of El Bakraoui.


Only one in the box, look, the Hearts players are zoning. They have


realised it is too far of a run to give the Dundee players so they get


up close to them Paul Dunne and good thinking by both coaches, however


don't let players then run free, which is what heart still on that


occasion, but they got away with it and got a little bit lucky on that


occasion. And they did on a couple of occasions. Dundee created


chances. They have players who will go forward, get the ball on target,


hit the post, very close to target, it is not a time to be fearful yet


but a time to be concerned. It is those fine margins, if one or two


and up in the back of the net, goals change games and they have been in


great positions. These next few games, how pivotal are they, Saint


Dunstan away, Partick Thistle at home, Hamilton Accies away and then


Motherwell at home. Dundee are bottom of the table. They will need


to get something from these. Yes, it is all well and good talking about


the performance was OK but not picking up any points. It gets to


the stage that we are now in October and if it carries much further you


start to become stranded at the bottom. Paul Dunne the need to do is


look across to Tannadice and recognise the exact same thing


happened to United last year, in terms of looking and saying we will


be all right, just get a win and get ourselves out of it. If that were


never comes it becomes more and more difficult. Huge credit to cat macro


hearts. Robbie Muirhead when he came on made a big difference. I am


looking at Callum Paterson and the desire is fantastic. Look at this,


exactly the same thing. I am happy for him because it was a difficult


night for Scotland. Once again, not for the first time, the striker gets


across Gomis. Gomis has to be a bit stronger here. That is all about


desire and wanting to be there. That is just those little moments. Gomis


had a good game but there were just moments of the game where he has


lost the marker. Has to be stronger. He might have played in a nicer


sweeter leak than this, but this is a tough, hard, league. They have hit


the post of the other end, it is those fine margins. If you get those


things right and they might actually get the results to go with the


performance. A tougher game and a tough time the Kilmarnock so far,


tensions behind the seeds and somethings on the pitch. How they


fare away to St Johnstone? COMMENTATOR: Following three away


games on the bounce, no need to make any changes after their 2-0 win in


Dingwall a fortnight ago. The different story of the Lee Clark


with his side having considered ten goals in the last ten outings. Miles


Addison makes a welcome return. Nathan Tyson coming into the side.


Foster, froward to Maclean. Swanson. Close down by Addison. He is now


being partnered by Bellew to come after Bertens's earlier Niddrie.


Craig's had. -- by Boyd. Swanson. Sidesteps Mckenzie. Positive signs


the St Johnstone early on. It is Austen. And again Jamie McDonald got


a touch -- it is Alstom. Helix in good form. Setting up Alston, and


finger stepped -- fingertip stuff from the keeper. Foster delivers


long. Bolt and Anderson came together. -- Boyd. The barge came in


from Scott bullied. Anderson attacking it, McDonald got the punch


and then the clearance completed up to halfway. Anderson, and Maclean


could be open Tapp be in. The flag is up on the far side. As the ball


came forward it was Anderson who cleverly flicked it but Maclean


looked to be just beyond Addison and Boyd. Good spot by the officials.


Foster into the feet of Maclean. Swanson to Alston. They beat


McDonald this time but it went wide of the post. Excellent build-up, one


touched from Alston, and they could not apply the finish. Taylor. Tyson.


And Smith. Mckenzie, struck with power. And there is the first real


warning sign the St Johnstone. Kilmarnock have been quiet in attack


until a fizzing effort from Rory Mackenzie. Just wide. Lee Clark's


men have not won in six games. Craig, knocked away only as far as


Kane. McDonald able to clutch onto the ball. He has been superb in goal


this afternoon, and the main reason why it remains 0-0. Helix to have


just taken a knock there. The referee Stephen Maclean just


allowing Jamie MacDonald time to recover.


Stephen Maclean suggesting that there is no free kick being given.


He was looking to play on, and the referee Stephen Maclean will have a


word with striker Stephen Maclean. And it remains 0-0.


Jordan Jones with the corner, and there is Scott Hoyt! Kilmarnock have


the breakthrough! 14 minutes from the end, Scott Boyd with his first


goal for the club, his first goal in fact since New Year's Day, 2014, in


the Highland derby. What an important one it could be for


Kilmarnock. Swanson, he finds a way through to


Cummins. It is blocked on the line. Now, Maclean, and Martin Smith


getting a secondary block in, too. Now Wotherspoon. Swanson closed


down, and it looks to be one of those days for St Johnstone. We have


dropped three points today. Saying that, the performance was good


enough to win the game. We fell short because some poor finishing,


some good goalkeeping, and I have seen a corner and it is a bit of a


shambles at the corner. We caused our own downfall. They are a good


team. Off the back of two heavy defeats, we have to work hard to get


something. We have won the game, but we have a first clean sheet of the


season, which is crucial. It has given everyone a big boost. STUDIO:


That was the shock result of the weekend. I don't think there is any


doubt. Talking about it earlier, they had their coupons busted by


that one. Lee Clark is talking about two heavy defeats. St Johnstone, the


model of consistency, you did not expect that. Absolutely. It was a


smash and grab to a certain extent. Jamie MacDonald was fantastic. You


would not have complained if there were five or six. St Johnstone have


been mugged on this occasion. They get one or two chances in the game,


and they take one of them, an easy tap in. Boyd does it for Kilmarnock.


I feel particularly sorry for St Johnstone, because St Johnstone win


that and they go to the group at the top, and it is two groups in the


league, from 17 what a difference that makes to the season. What a


difference that was old makes for Kilmarnock, in terms of position. A


bizarre moment involving the referee and player, Steven MacLean. What


happened? I don't think anybody knows the answer, good question! May


be one of them could tell you. It is not a foul. The game is stopped,


Jamie caught the ball, he is in possession of it. It is on the deck,


the referee has not blown his whistle. Steven MacLean, the player,


he is chancing his arm, but understandably. The whistle has not


been blown. Put it in the back of the net, and see if you can get away


with it. Technically, maybe the St Johnstone player is right and it


should have been a goal. I had to applaud one of them, the referee and


the end, referees get yellow cards out for that, don't be silly. If you


make the ball away on a bounce, that was one way around it. Remember the


corner kicks way you pretend it hasn't been taken. Is that clever


forward play? You might get away with it sometimes. You don't know


unless you try. Realistically, he was never go to get away with it. If


you have a referee in the right mood, and he is not paying


attention. If he knows he has not blown his whistle, I am not even


sure if he has two blown his whistle, he can shout. If he makes


it clear it is a free kick, it can be a direct or indirect free kick.


Richie Foran had Manager of the Month, and welcomed Rangers. Brian


Baird lost his life in a coach crash earlier this month, so the teams


held a moment of silence. Commentary comes from Paul Mitchell.


COMMENTATOR: Inverness Caledonian Thistle have made one change, out


goes Josh Meakin 's. Full. Philippe Senderos is on the bench.


Greg Townsend will deliver. A great ball in. It should have been a goal,


a wonderful ball in, well over the top. Fon Williams long. Kiernan one


that well. Onto Waghorn. He has a good left foot on him. He let fly in


confident fashion. Eight goals in nine games already, Waghorn. Fon


Williams again. Kiernan wins the header. Nice play. Good run from


Wallace. He has space, away from Raven. Kenny Miller weights. What a


strike from Kenny Miller and Rangers are ahead.


Stunning football from Rangers. Great build-up play, Kenny Miller


was calling for it all the way. The cross, delicious. The finish,


delightful. He scores his 100th goal as a Rangers player, Kenny Miller.


Fon Williams simply beaten by power. Well worth a smile. Kranjcar sends


it in. It might break for Waghorn. Waghorn thinks it's in.


The ball in a game, simple header away. Halliday, it will go against


Rangers. Fon Williams denied Martyn Waghorn. It was knocked across by


Hill, and what a save that is, clawing it back. The whole ball has


to cross the line, it didn't. David Raven in quickly, too.


Miller, the goal-scorer. Mackay goes in. That is a yellow card at least.


In from the side. The foot looked up. Kenny Miller, the foot coming


across, taking the legs away from him. Rangers with three wins.


Inverness with two. The referee allows play to continue. Here is


Waghorn, taking on Tremarco. All back to Kenny Miller. A clever


little shot from Kenny Miller. Well watched by the Wales goalkeeper,


Owain Fon Williams not impeded by his post there.


Wallace to Miller. Plenty of possession for Rangers. Just a one


goal advantage. Kranjcar. Jason Jason Holt should have scored. There


have been some chances missed in this game. A great ball in, and Holt


did not have the composure needed. Frustration on the face of Richie


Foran. Vigurs clips it in. Draper lines up the shot. It may have come


off and elbow. Back onto Draper. Certainly not deliberate. A check of


the watch as Rangers come forward. Into Kenny Miller. He is at it


again. He nearly did it again, two, Kenny Miller. Now Inverness can


motor forwards. Men left and right. Kiernan is back. He clears in style.


He was onside. Brilliant pass through, it beat the goalkeeper but


didn't have the pace. The ball across, Hill up -- upended


by Draper. It looked a sore one. Clint Hill didn't see that coming.


He is lucky, Draper. Lovely footwork. Inverness stunned


Celtic with an equaliser a couple of weeks ago. Well dealt with. Raven


back onto Doran. He was the man that scored against Celtic, and a


glorious chance for Inverness Caledonian Thistle. He wanted the


glancing header. Got it full on, and Alex Fisher had a chance to be the


hero, but he is the villain. I am disappointed for the players. We


gave it our all. We created some great chances. We should have went


one up, we deserved a draw, but Rangers dominated possession, which


we knew they would. They have some very talented players, but I am


disappointed. We got into some great positions, but lacks quality in


front of goal. That is all it was tonight. STUDIO: A great moment for


Kenny Miller, a fantastic strike from the veteran striker. His 100th


Rangers goal. Congratulations to him for that. You were there, how


impressed were you by Rangers overall? In particular in the first


half, they took the game attacking wise to a different level. The tempo


was a marked difference from a lot of games. The forward passes, this


is the first one, Kenny Miller comes off. The second one, Kranjcar with


the third pass, and they are into the opposition attacking third. At


times, Rangers have been too slow. Three men get into the box, Waghorn


has an option. They were quick and incisive. This is the goal. Watch


the movement from the left-back position. Three passes into the


final third, hitting penetration in the team. Inverness back four,


facing their own goal, looking up and seeing Kenny Miller, a


tremendous finish. When Rangers attack opposition, there are too


many passes and touches. The first half against Inverness, they had a


different tempo and pace about their game. They have not had that in a


lot of games. That is Rangers going forward, so time for our weekly


discussion about the Rangers defence. Inverness had chances in


the match. You are left wondering where the responsibility lies in


terms of sorting out the Rangers defence. It is a mixture, in that


the players have to have responsibility, but also the


management. The set play department is specially. That is a massive hole


in the defence. This was in the second-half late on. They clear the


ball. Half the defence get the other half are slow to get out. Fisher has


got to do better. Looking from this angle, here. Kiernan is the last


defender. He is telling tavern near to pick up. He has to concentrate on


his own game. That is where the danger is -- Tavernier. Kiernan has


got to be picking him up. I take your point completely, he should be


picking him up, 100%. But looking along the line, the only person I


could see that was trying to drag people back, because they were four


against three. He is time to get something organised. Everyone has


abandoned their post. For me, Pat, Kiernan is try to martial things.


But you have to concentrate on your own job. If Fisher puts it in the


back of the net, he is culpable. If he is trying to mark someone else,


it is not his problem. He is disappointed his team have lost the


goal, but do your own job first. Unfortunately for Rangers, there are


not enough defenders that sniffs out the danger. That is a problem for


them. Rangers are an attack minded side. They want to do that as well.


A huge match for Rangers next weekend. The Old Firm derby, but


what about Inverness? If they take their chance, it could be a


different game. So similar to the game of Celtic at Inverness. In the


last few minutes, they had a chance. Inverness against Celtic and Rangers


to a degree, you think it is a tough game for them. But in the end,


Rangers have got their game right just now. They look better than they


have done before. Pat and Michael, thank you very much indeed. Before


we go, a look at the Premiership table, Celtic continue to lead the


way on 22 points, four point ahead of Aberdeen in second place. Hearts


are third with Rangers up to fourth. Dundee are bottom of the table on


the same number of points as Partick Thistle. There we must leave it.


Hopefully, we have lifted the international gloom. We are back


next weekend, until then, all of us, good night.


MUSIC: Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros


Introduced by Jonathan Sutherland.

Celtic look to maintain their unbeaten start to the season when they entertain Motherwell, second-placed Aberdeen host Ross County, while Hearts welcome Dundee to Tynecastle. Elsewhere, Rangers are in the Highlands to play Inverness, struggling Kilmarnock are away to St Johnstone and Hamilton visit rock-bottom Partick.

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