2017 St Patrick's Day Schools' Finals


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Afternoon. It is March 17, 2017. Happy St Patrick's Day. Welcome to


Armagh. Welcome to the Danske Bank MacRory Cup final. The teams have


arrived. St Mary's Magherafelt first in the hand first off the bus. Will


it be a first for them this afternoon? They have the game faces


on. They know they are in the big one hand on the cusp of history. And


then St Colman's of Newry. A Crossmaglen man captaining them this


afternoon. Rian O'Neill. There he is. He is very much in the zone.


They have come out in their numbers on St Patrick's Day. Selfies


all-round. And they are all after the big one. To my immediate left,


the Masterchef and blaster footballer. It is a big day for all


concerned? It is a big day. It is a great day for the grassroots of the


association. St Patrick's Day has always been synonymous with clubs


and the grassroots. There will be a lot of young lads who will find


their feet today. We are looking forward to it. What are you


expecting today? I've saw them both in the semifinals. Really looking


forward to it. We had a one-sided match last year. Today will be


tighter. Great players on show. The teams are ready. First out it is St


Mary's of Magherafelt. Here comes the big -- great big crew. They


appeared first in the final in 1996, then back in 2003. Up goes the roar.


Led out by Declan Cassidy. What a day for them. Can they win it.


Thomas Niblock has been to the convent.


To understand the future, you have to learn from the past. For St


Mary's it has been two finals, two defeats, both to St Patrick's


Magherafelt. However, a recent wind change has brought St Mary's to


life. Part-time free taker. With the semifinal replay level, a


last-minute free and a last-minute free taker changed the footballing


landscape in South Derry for this year at least. I decided I would


kick it. I knew it was a pressure kick but I decided to put my mind


blank and take it like any other free. I knew it was a serious kick.


But I was glad to see it go over. True happiness. I couldn't believe


it. I couldn't believe it. Get the ball is moving through the


hands. The Devlin link is an important one.


Ronan is the first GAA coordinator to be employed by a school. His


brother died in 2015, a superbly talented footballer with a real


connection to this current squad. When Aaron was training to be a


physio. He volunteered his own time. The play-off game, quarterfinal,


against Armagh. I thought it was a real nice night. To me it was bigger


than the game. We spoke about Aaron before the game. I think even the


mention of his name gave our boys a little bit extra. He was a great


player himself. It was great to have someone like him with us. He will be


with us on Friday. And now St Colman's, the most


successful school in the history of the MacRory Cup. 27 final


appearance. They are going for a 20th title. Today marks a much


storeyed occasion for the McIlroy family. The closing of a circle


which was first opened way back in 1949.


Here is Thomas again. Today St Colman's College are going


for a record 20th MacRory Cup. Their first was back in 1949, followed by


another a year later. PJ McIlroy was in blue and white. This week he


presented the current manager with a gift. Two MacRory Cup medals which


we won in 1949 and 1950. I thought I would let you see them, let the boys


see them. It gives them a bit of incentive. If it gives them 5% more,


that is all you want. It wasn't just MacRory Cups PJ won back-to-back. He


was backed -- part of the Down team that won the all Ireland titles in


1960 and 1961. Today his grandson plays for St Colman's. He brought


his grandson back to the college. Which was the most special? The


first one. The second was a bonus, really. That is the second year.


1950. There was a wind blowing straight down the field. We scored


11 points to nil. They scored 14 points before we replied. In the


second half we scored 13 points. One point in our favour. It was scary


stuff. You came here just after the war,


didn't you? Yes, 1946. It was a fairly robust dean at the time. I


don't ever remember getting on the wrong side of him, but if you did,


God help you. There are some of them still around!


PJ McIlroy still looking fit as a flea. What would it mean to win it?


Let's here from the respective captains. Rian O'Neill and Declan


Cassidy. Declan Cassidy, St Mary's. Ever


since I joined this team in fifth year that is really all I have


thought about, lifting the MacRory Cup, every free period, every class


you're in. Whenever you are bored, you are thinking about football. Now


we are in the final, 90% of my thoughts is on this matter. 16


minutes away from possibly the biggest achievement of my life. My


name is Rian O'Neill. St Colman's college Newry. It would mean


everything to me. That is the main reason I came to the school. To get


your name on the college wall. That is all you want to do when you come


into the college. It would mean the world not just to me but all the


lads to win on the 17th. We are nothing if not balanced here.


We have brought you two old boys for the price of one. Thomas Niblock and


Eunan McConville, formerly of St Mary's and formerly of St Colman's.


Given euro chasing a 20th title today, have you been keeping the


peace? So far, so good. For the college, football runs through it. I


bumped into three former colleges stars, three guys that all have


MacRory Cup medals. That is just taking a dander down the sideline.


Thomas, you played MacRory Cup for Magherafelt against St Colman's


and...? St Colman's won. It is unbelievable how much of effect a


competition like this on you. I remember people asking me if it was


more important to get A-levels or MacRory Cup. I said MacRory Cup was


more important. There is nothing more important in their lives than


winning today. It may seem like a game of football, but it is a


massive -- it has a massive effect at 16, 17. Do a quick handshake.


Handshakes all round. There are the respective principles of the


schools. Cormac Murphy Neill St Colman's. And Deirdre Gillespie of


St Mary's Magherafelt. They know each other very well. Let's bring


the boys in. Roisin and Orion. It's almost showtime. How will it go? It


is fair to say that both of these schools are poles apart as far as


the tradition goes. St Colman's going for a 20th title, St Mary's


for their first. If you had seen these teams before Christmas, you


wouldn't have expected them to be in the final. They have improved in


every single game since then. Both semifinals were tight. I expected to


be tied. I think we are in for a treat. -- tight. St Colman's of the


tradition but St Mary's have the hunger, a little bit like the only


goal winning an all Ireland title? I don't know about that! I'm looking


forward to today. Conditions may have a bearing on it. The young lads


will just go out and play and enjoy the occasion. There is a great


crowd, great atmosphere. One late change for St Colman's, the


goalkeeper. A more established goalkeeper has gone in. Mike Nugent


picked up and injury earlier in the year. He hasn't struggling to get


back. He is back in there. The young lad who went in has done really well


but he wasn't an established keeper. St Colman's will be glad to have


Michael Nugent back today. How big a role well supporters play? For these


young men this is arguably the biggest day of their short careers.


When you run out on the pitch at first, I'm taken away by it. The


noise is unbelievable. When they run out on the pitch they will take it


all in. They will be taking it all in. When the ball is thrown in, they


will be ready to go. Thank you very much. It is most showtime. The 2017


Danske Bank MacRory Cup final, St Mary's of Magherafelt taking on St


Colman's of Newry. Your commentary team, John Rafferty alongside Thomas


Niblock. Thank you. We're ready for action in


the 2017 Danske Bank MacRory Cup. We cannot wait. Odhran Lynch for


Magherafelt between the sticks. Saved a penalty in the semifinal. At


the edge of the square is the important person, Tiernan McAteer.


He scored a last minute, 40 metre free kick in the semifinal. He is


their top scorer. He is one to watch for St Colman's. As for Newry


college, one late change. Goalkeeper Michael Nugent comes in for Mark


Magill. He is between the sticks. A strong defence and a strong


half-backs line. Particularly Branniff. The one to watch, Rian


O'Neill, the captain. He is a prolific scorer. His Crossmaglen


team-mate, Jean McConville, at the edge of the square. There is Rian


O'Neill. Special player, special talent. He has alerted the interest


of Australian rules clubs. A quick word from John Rafferty. You know


about these boys. You are a former St Colman's student and you played


against St Mary's. We just pause for the anthem.


Colman 's Nicola Holloway chilly Hoy, -- Nicolette Hoy, from County


Armagh. What a job Martin McNally has from County Monaghan. The


referee the 2016 McRory Cup final. Plays senior football for his glove.


Here is the bond brothers, the St Mary's team, last-minute


preparations, delivering the speech. Declan Cassidy, that flamboyant red


hair, pushing everybody, getting them sites to the teeth, ready for


battle. If a picture could tell a thousand words, that would be Declan


Cassidy absolutely pumped. Looks as if there are tears coming out of his


eyes. That is what it means, John Rafferty? A massive day for these


youngsters. People have to realise, they are youngsters. You are looking


back two, three generations, families who have succeeded in


McRory Cup. You have McEnroe, playing for Colman's. What we are


set for, is a cracking game of football. The ball is thrown in, we


are in the final of the 2017 McRory Cup. Nobody game near him, polls it


inside, Finn McIlroy. Intelligent ball so the half forward line. Here


is the number 12, McDonnell, still going for the shot. Not going to


curl in enough. What an opportunity for St Colman's. Great opportunity,


to be brutally honest. Young McIlroy had the young fellow on his


shoulder. You have to acknowledge the bravery of the defence. This has


been a hallmark of St Mary's, brave and talented. Superb blocking by


Conor McCluskey. Cassidy decides to go forward, opts to go backwards.


Just getting into the same Colman 's half. The ball has gone loose, but


Magherafelt win it. Matthew under severe pressure. A strong boy


at halfback, that has been a seam of same


-- a theme of St Colman's. We have the options. Matthew McCreesh.


Giving it away. Good tackle, that time by Verity. -- Doherty. It is


hell for leather with Saint Commons. Very measured, very controlled. This


Magherafelt team are very assured with the ball in their hands.


Devlin has been brought in as a coordinator in the school, for Gayla


games, the first time the college has gone down that route. A signal


of intent. And never wide for Newry. The Board of Governors and principal


in the continent, I hope you don't mind me still calling them a


convent. Most people do. They deserve real encouragement are


putting their money where their mouth is, when it comes to


increasing the possibilities for the youngsters. They have a passionate


man, passionate Londonderry man, passionate convent man. The first


run at it, in the McRory Cup final. Opportunity to get the scores up and


running, 30s poor. Most unlike him. Hitting that with the left boot.


Superb Gaelic footballer. Someone with a talent of that, you would


expect him to pop it over the bar. He is Jim's young fella, as soon as


he gets one, to get settled, the sooner the better. He will get on


with it. He comes from great start. St Mary's winning the breaking ball.


Straight into the welcoming hands of Mark Braniff. Switches the play,


tries to get it into the full forward. Wonderful defence by


McCluskey. He got that knock a few minutes ago. Trying to get the ball


up, he was soccer styling it down the sideline. Brilliant defence. I


will tell you one thing, Magherafelt have come forward twice, not getting


anything out of it. There is a resolute defence. Not fouling, not


cynical, honest and hard-working. That will be hard for Saint Commons


to breakdown. Kelly bursting his way through. Trying to play it inside.


Adam Conway does well to secure possession. Leans back, plenty of


height, just lacking direction. A bitter composure required. They are


only children, at 17, they think when they get the laces, the world


is their oyster. This will take 1050 -- 10-50 minutes for them to settle.


What an implements Kevin Brady has made since coming into the college,


around five years ago. It is a misdirected pass, sideline ball.


No score, six minutes gone, does that surprise you? I am a bit


surprised. Two cracking forwards. That is a wonderful point, absolute


superb. Long pass inside, first time we have seen the talented Kevin


small. Hands above his head, pluck it out the sky, controls, sweeping


onto right foot. A sign of a competitively classy player. He gave


his opponent a little touch afterwards to let him know it is in


the ascendancy. We have the mark from the kick outs, but fetching it


on the edge of the square is a real talent. Cassidy, and another man on


the left-hand side, Connelly on the left-hand side. Surely a foul. Just


as either 21. Well won in the end by Liam Quinn. Without a doubt, he


played centre half, forward in both semifinals. Very effective.


Extremely effective player. Runs off the astute. Clever kicking the ball


into him. Definitely was a free. Daniel Bradley, just 16 years of


age. Playing centre forward today, showing no pressure whatsoever. The


Magherafelt crew displaying their voice. They have a little run, this


is their chance. Settle the nerves, putting a bit of pressure onto St


Colman's. To get their first score on the board. Takes the one player,


goes down, gives possession a break in those bright orange boots of Adam


Connelly. Difficult to miss. Another man in coloured boots is the


captain. St Mary's trying to move forward in every opportunity. When


it is bottled up, no problem going backwards. Lovely toe tappers that


St Mary's bringing this game to Magherafelt. Fantastic defence, all


of a sudden the break on. Players coming through unmarked. Options


right or left. Foul. That is not the worst thing that could have happened


for Magherafelt. Two players down the right-hand side unmarked. Ten


and 13 running from deep. O'Neill is the most consistent kicker in the


competition. This will get same Colman is started. -- get St


Colman's started. They are traditionally known as a great ball


for kick passing. Great strike to get them started. Unbelievable


confidence. I was speaking to his mother and grandmother on the way to


the ground. Two very nervous women. Is not what you associate with that


man. His whole family are steeped in GAA, they have it running through


their veins. Also ice water when it comes to free kicks. St Mary's going


to try and win it, they do that. Cassidy tackled from behind, does


well to hold onto the ball. Tries to spit it out. Into the hands of a


white jersey. Great play, can they get the score. Quinn going for the


shot, hitting it over the bar. The score of the game. Young Quinn


proving to be a handful in there. He gets ball popped in front of him, he


would do damage. Michael Nugent with the kick out. Absolutely perfect. As


well to pick out a St Colman's player. Trying to take them on


again. Still maintaining possession. A chip off the block, that boy. Jim


was good at the twisting and turning. They do not get the free


this time, going for the shot, deflected, it will be a 45 for St


Colman's Newry. That man has plenty to think about. He is a great


player, St Colman's through and through. Canon Stevenson welcomed


him back into the front of the school, and said welcome home. I


could remember lifting him as a lad, two years behind me in school. Same


Colman 's ad Croke Park in a final. He is St Colman's through and


through. Despite all the bits and pieces said about him, he keeps


coming back year after year. Looking for his third title as a coach,


lifting him into the upper echelons of McRory Cup managers. Back-to-back


McRory cups. That is phenomenal. There are intercounty players who


would struggle to do that. Intercounty three players who would


struggle that. Kicking it up the hill into the breeze. A bad foul.


O'Neill straightaway over to the referee. This could be problems. Get


the yellow card. A heavy challenge. More awkward, no malice, a big man


in the middle of the field. He has to be very careful. McCann picking


up the yellow card. Murphy coming forward. Why is Cassidy. Goes one


way, then the next. Trying to find some help. Fiennes


-- he finds Doherty. Lovely touch into Daniel Bradley. Dropping short.


Same Colman 's come away with it. Comfortable are collected in the end


by McCarthy, the full-back. St Colman's trying to build from the


fence. Open enough game? You have to acknowledge, we have 13 men behind


the ball, when they get the ball, they want to go forward. None of


this site is side carry on. Awkward bounce, chance of a goal. Coming off


one of the same Colman 's players. Must've taken a deflection off Kevin


small. Harmless Paul Lim, causing havoc into the square. This could


have been a goal. Young Small, small by name, not small by nature, a big,


able fellow. He will cause a lot of bother, if he gets more support, or


better bulls. St Colman's on the attack. This is


bad news first St Mary's. Off the crossbar and over the bar. A superb


point from Jack McCartan. That was absolutely class. The link play was


once again Rian O'Neill. Three points apiece. You can see St


Colman's growing into the game. Quality passes. Jack McCartan gets


it. I remember his uncle, Jim, captaining St Colman's. That is what


they are all about there, quality kick passing and honesty in their


play. St Colman's on the attack yet again. All the players so


comfortable on the ball. Dangerous ball into the square. Brilliantly


won on the edge of the square from Matthew Loughran.


A two man full forward line to aim at. Kevin Small is at the edge of


the square. Tries to get enough bend in it. It drops into the hands of


Michael Nugent. A couple of balls he has had to pick up. The confidence


of Kevin Small is heartening for the convent. They are happy putting the


ball into him. He has young Quinn beside him. They are both capable of


kicking scores. Another ball dropped short into the hands of the


goalkeeper. That is three balls dropped short. St Mary's need to


make these opportunities count. This is the time when they have to keep


the scoreboard ticking. Here comes Young McConville. Jean McConville


did well. -- Jean McConville. Lovely spin and turn from Aaron


Gribben. Potted over the bar. Right foot, left foot, that is incredible.


That is the marginal difference between the teams at the minute.


Three into the keeper's hands. Three lively forwards. Gribbin kicked a


lovely score. The tradition is coming into these fellows. They know


how to play when it comes to MacRory Cup final day. Magherafelt on the


attack again. Brilliantly won by Liam Quinn. Trying to take on his


man. It doesn't have the direction. Another opportunity wasted. A


scratch of the head. The managers have things to think about. It is


hard work down there! It is easier up here than it is down there. At


the end of the day convent are doing everything right but they don't have


the scores on the board yet. Kevin Brady directing operations. St


Colman's starting to exert their dominance in this game now, perhaps.


They are only one point ahead. They are winning all of the breaking ball


in the middle of the field. Aaron Gribben did well to picket up.


Lovely dummy. Just dropped it. The referee has brought it back for the


initial foul. A free kick. You have to acknowledge Martin McNally, 17


minutes into the game and we haven't mentioned him. He is completely


anonymous. If the convent foul anywhere inside of the goal, you


would imagine that St Colman's will punish them. Good refereeing. Two


from two. Trying to make it three from three. Off the deck.


Old-fashioned. Punched away. Magherafelt win the ball. It is a


free kick. Cassidy... Moving his way through.


Trying to play it inside. Brilliantly won in the end by Peter


Fegan. St Colman's yet again on the break. Matthew McCreesh. Trying to


take on his man. He does. Gives it to Jack McCartan. Ride on the


sideline. Weaving his way through. -- right. Another free kick. That


speaks volumes for itself, that one move along. Fegan was doing great


defending in his own square. Son of Paul Fegan. He knocks the ball to


Matthew McRee show, whose father one a MacRory Cup. He knocked the ball


onto Jack McCartan. The McCartans are synonymous with MacRory Cup


success. This is the tradition oozing through the school at the


present time. The ball goes wide. An opportunity


goes begging. A single score between the sides. Ten minutes until the


break. The convent will be happy enough with where there are. If they


can just get a few more scores. They will be confident that they are


competitive and they have a half chance. A diagonal pass from


Cassidy. It has gone out of play. The linesman is not sure which way


it has gone. It has gone to St Mary's. The linesman a wee bit late


with the decision but I think he got it right. St Colman's, way with it.


It would be a free out. The win was a massive factor during the McLarnon


game. We will see highlights at half-time. We'll St Mary's be


disappointed where they are at now taking that into perspective due I


definitely think a few shots that dropped short... Those four shots


dropped short, they could come back to haunt St Mary's in the second


half. Liam Quinn goes to the sideline. St Mary's come away with


it. Long ball into the full-forward line.


McIlroy snatches it back. St Mary's on the charge yet again. Doherty.


The incoming challenge was strong but he did well. Declan Cassidy.


Trying to find some help. Cormac Murphy. Eamon Kelly weaving his way


through the defence. Good play. It has opened up. Just a little too


far. The goalkeeper comes away with it. The referee has given a free


out. It looks as if it was the St Colman's player who found the


goalkeeper. Now, now Thomas, you are supposed to be impartial! I would


say the referee made the right decision. Nugent secured the first


touch and add the feed knocked from under him. We are not going to fall


out! Not yet anyway! I was in both colleges during the week. I asked


the players to describe their managers in three words. A creative


genius, three inspirationals. And these are the words students used


for Kevin Brady. He has made a real big impact. He has the respect of


the players. Kevin was a very skilful player for Antrim. If he had


been playing with other counties he may have had more plaudits. He won a


Sigurdsson cop. He was well respected as being an excellent


footballer all through his county career. -- Sigurosson cup.


It wouldn't surprise me if he ends at the end of this move, McIlroy.


What a battle McCluskey and McConville are having today. A good


intelligent pass to Jack McCartan. Conor O'Neill. O'Neill buries the


shoulder. It was out. It has gone wide. Both coaches need to be


acknowledged for the discipline in the tackling. There is no cynical


pulling and dragging. They are moving their feet. They are tackling


the ball. Fair play to both coaches. St Mary's haven't scored for 15


minutes. It is a long time. They need to get a score just to get


saddle. -- settled. The two number fives. McErlain dips


the shoulder. Gives it to Conor Devlin. -- Conall Devlin. In comes


the kick. It is over. That is a great score. A county minor,


confident, kicks a great score. That settles the confidence. That breaks


the 15 minutes. The battle between McIlroy and Cassidy is terrific. So


clean. And tactically so important. I have no doubt we will be talking


about those players for many years to come across. Sean Kelly tackled


by Rian O'Neill. The referee doesn't blow. An opportunity for St


Colman's. It goes wide. That is most unlike them. Young Gribben was


outside him. He might have had the better shot. I have been


particularly impressed by Jack McCartan. In many teams wing have


forwards do not get any benefit. -- half. Jack McCartan has worked his


socks off. Three words to describe that man, Carl Murray. Ruthless,


loves the GAA. Don't drop it short. I spent last Thursday in the school.


I asked the players to put on their boots so we could get a nice shot of


them coming out. I thought he would take their head off my shoulders! I


could give you three words to describe him as well but we would


have to put it on after nine o'clock. Kevin Small pops it over


the bar. His second point today. A point that Magherafelt badly needed.


17 minutes without a score until the last two. Popped it over. Kevin


Small is having a very good game. If there is a wee bit of space in the


second half and the ball drops, Kevin Small will have a big


influence on the game. Brilliant catch by Ryan Garvey. Tasty return


pass. The referee blows for a foul. Some of the basic skills today are


absolutely excellent. Rian O'Neill tried to give it inside. That was


well done by MacDonald. He was under pressure. Outside of the boot. Look


at that. It will be a free out. That was some pass by Rian O'Neill.


Cassidy is still going, his third year laying McRory Cup double. Shot


from distance. Wonderful score. Superb point, three on the bounce.


Young Cassidy doing very well. Slipping away from Young Roma.


Could not get the pressure on him. -- young McIlroy. They tried to keep


it in play. Amazing you don't score in 15 minutes, and you can hit that


little purple patch. If you let your opponent play at this level, you


will be punished. High ball into the square, it will be free in. Kevin


small causing big problems. Does not matter which way it goes, the lad is


giving away a physicality to Young's more-macro. The sweeper is not


blocking the ball in front of him. He has to be marking in front, which


he cannot do. It is popped over the bar. Second point, he says it is an


honour to be trained by the great Jim McKeever. Second point today.


Three points between the side, as we approach our time. McIlroy


surrounded by three jerseys. Good tackling. The convent is making hay


while the sun shines. Sean O'Neill told me either side of our times


when you make the impact. It is Matthew McCreesh. Captain of his


club, said it is the biggest honour in his football career. That could


change over the next 45, 50 minutes. Real chance of a goal. Opportunity


to score, great save from the goalkeeper. The danger is still not


clear. The shot comes in, Gribbin knocking it over the bar. A poor


decision from McDonnell, he had him free at the far post. Great save,


keeping the convent in it. Great save from Lynch. Fantastic. He saved


a penalty against Saint Paul's. Straight down the field in the


attack. What a score, Liam Quinn has made a massive impact. So sharp. The


minute the ball left his boot, you could see his right hand in the air,


celebrating before it even crossed the crossbar. Loving the


decision-making processes. The ball was flicked on. Created the


opportunity at the top end of the field. McDonnell was my decision to


go for the ball when a man is inside him. Tiny decisions can make the


difference in a game like this. Fascinating battle. Both men giving


it absolutely everything here. Braneff looked in trouble. Good


refereeing again. Same Colman 's have closed the gap again, two


points. Colman were in the ascendancy. Back to one kick here,


we're in for a cracking second half. What a half of football we have had.


Same Colman is making their way through into the tunnel. A team talk


inspired by the two McRory Cup medals given to them. Half-time


score here... We will be off later in the day to the south of Belfast


for the colleges rugby. The schools cup final that between RBI and IBA.


Threaten to be a good game, exemplary game of football. It has


been tense, both teams very evenly matched. Both forward lanes


struggling. Lynch has been arguably Magherafelt's most important player,


with his kicking. The atmosphere has been absolutely brilliant. Let's go


right back to the start, very early opportunity, McIlroy on his way


through. Brilliant block. Brilliant block. Huge start. If same Colman 's


get a goal, that gives your teams that a list. -- St Colman's. If they


win the game, they may look back on that. Took seven minutes for the


first score. Kevin small. He has been a threat all day. Able to


turning to get over the bar. St Colman's getting to grips


with them. That he is a big man for college football credibility mark.


No shortage of quality it out there. Liam Quinn exemplifies that.


Capacity to get the ball and the score. Exceptional, kicking a point


of his right and left foot. Great to see people from the kick-off, second


point going at his man, turns back. Kicking off his left foot. The


second one is unbelievable. Taking his man on over the bar from 35


yards. A bit of a Breeze St Mary's where playing with, could make a


difference. Your nephew, I do want you to be impartial or partial, he


took no notice of it. His capacity from the free taking. It dragged


same Colman 's back into bed. I don't want to be lauding him too


much, I will have to listen to it. He has been as important player from


dead balls. Very accurate. I have another nephew playing in there,


McConville. From both sides, the way they have gone at the game, very


manly stuff. No laying down off-the-ball, no Mignolet stuff.


They have come here to get on with it. You know me and referees. He has


done a good job. Letting it flow, that is why it is such an


entertaining game. John Rafferty maxing lyrical, Jack McCartan very


prominent. Playing well, couple of great attacks. Crossbar, should've


kept it on deck. The teams are taking the ball, running into the


fence. They are going for putting everything behind it. That could end


up in the net. Having a great match. A lot of players are out there. No


nerves, going out and playing great football. St Mary's had a couple of


goal chances. That was same -- St Colman's third goal chance.


You have mentioned the main man, Lynch having in outstanding game. As


standing committee kicks the ball like intercounty senior goalkeeper.


Picking his man. Another facet to his game. Brilliant save with the


foot. Just before half-time. A goal for St Colman's would have been


massive. It is two points going to be enough of the league it is hard.


The breezes coming down. It is hard to know. Such a great game. St


Mary's have kicked a bootable. Saint Commons could start kicking Mork in


this half. -- St Colman's could start kicking the ball in this half.


All the big names in attendance. I think you have found a few of them.


Still two points in the game. Conditions are not great, but


free-flowing football. Two men you might know. Let's start with you,


you are former college man. I will not remind you about the McRory Cup


final 30 years ago. So far, very tight. St Colman's started well.


Magherafelt full value for their lead. Two points down, against a


very strong breeze. St Colman's playing well. O'Neill is the big


player. Looking for a better second half. Magherafelt very much


in the game. The twin threat of Quinn and Small, they look real


handful for the St Colman's the fence. I agree with Benny, a strong


breeze, blowing straight down the pitch. I would have to say, second


half will definitely favour St Colman's. This is a family day out.


Your son is on the panel, your son won man of the match. This is what


it is about. Already, speaking to people who have won McRory Cups and


loss, all about people going through. Fantastic day, a lot of


these lads when they come to school in the first year, it is their


sporting goal on Saint Patrick stay, to play any McRory Cup or the


McLaren cup. They don't know they will get to represent the county


later on. This is the pinnacle for many of them. Fantastic occasion. I


hope Benny's lad gets on. He plays outfield, and he is a mild-mannered


modest chap. Hopefully he will get a run out and a winners medal. Two


points in the game. I still have the school tie on. Act to mark. I have


to say both Peter and Benny in science year. I think we know why


Peter was in science year. McLaren cup the first match on, it was a


cracker of the game. History was made. Here is our reporter.


James Wilson found the net. Saint Ciaran's College reduced the lead.


From O'Donnell. Cassell Blaney hit back with two fine schools. Not


prepared to let their opponents pull away, two points through Connelly.


Saint Ciaran's took the lead for the first time in the game eight minutes


later. The men from Monaghan hitting back with their second goal of the


game. David Connolly with the finish. Courtney got a point. Both


sides exchanging points before the break. Wilson putting over a three


point. Saint -- Saint Ciaran's college. They


refuse to ease up on the pressure. Another score. Wilson leaven


at that. It will be a free out. That was some pass by Rian O'Neill.


Were you expecting such a tight game? We knew the players they had


were outstanding. A big day out for your school. How much does this


mean? It is the 50th year. The first time being in the McLarnon cup


final. You can hear the cheering. It is an unreal experience.


We are back at the MacRory Cup final. We have the principles here.


This is a big day for the skills? It is. A fabulous day. A dream come


trip. 1100 pupils, nearly 200 staff. It has been tremendous the last


couple of weeks. We are delighted to be here on St Patrick's Day. I'm


trying to remain impartial. This is a huge thing? It is a wonderful,


wonderful occasion. The spirit of the colleges here. We have got


wonderful support from our own pupils, past pupils. The whole


school community. We are enjoying the whole experience. It is what the


spirit of the St Colman's is all about, MacRory Cup final on the 17th


of March. A wonderful occasion. St Colman's going for 20 titles. St


Mary's trying to seek their maiden one.


Thank you to the respective principles. -- principals. Let me


take you to the McLarnon. Some outstanding performances. Could it


be an omen for the day, first time winners of the McLarnon? Is two


points enough of a lead? The only thing I would say about Magherafelt


playing against the wind in the second half, I don't think they will


be perturbed. They play a running game. They have a lot of runners


coming from the full-back line. They have a good outlet boulder Declan


Cassidy. I don't think they will be too perturbed. You would expect a


wee bit more from St Colman's. From what I've seen so far, Magherafelt


look very balanced. They have so much threat up front. The slightly


less talked about guys have stepped up. That is what you find on days


like this. To be fair to St Mary's, they have been very much on top


towards the middle sector of the game. You look at St Colman's, their


goal threat has probably been a little sharper. You would expect a


goal might be decisive in the second half? Yes. I think we will get a


goal. There have been enough chances. I think it will be a huge


score the weather gets it. A goal gives a team such a lift. -- whoever


gets it. Who gets it is the million-dollar question. Who is the


more pressure on? St Colman's aiming to become the first team to win it


20 times. Is there more pressure on St Mary's just to get over the line?


How difficult is it? It is really difficult. When you haven't been


there before, it's to push on and get over the line. There is pressure


on both teams. A lot of the talk has been about St Colman's. St Colman's


to collect the 20th title. St Mary's Magherafelt have been buoyed by


that. They have used the first 30 minutes to prove the point. Thanks


for the meantime. John Rafferty is alongside Thomas Niblock.


The 2017 MacRory Cup final. Perfect timing. The ball is thrown in.


Magherafelt with possession. Dragged down. A free in. What can we


expect in the second half? I fancy it could be young Cassidy's half.


Playing against the breeze suits him. I thought McIlroy had a good 20


minutes on him. He struggled a wee bit in the next ten. Fairly direct


ball into the lively full forward line for St Colman's could be the


key for them getting the scores to win the game. Three St Colman's


players surrounding McErlain. They protest their innocence but a free


kick has been given. The referee has brought it forward. That is the


first show of ill discipline from St Colman's. This is closer. It is most


unlike a St Colman's team to be in discipline. Cathal Murray is a


strict disciplinarian. He expects the highest standards. That is why I


commended him for the first half. Cormac Murphy on the attack. Still


going. St Mary's have the opening score of the second half. A great


score from Adam Connolly. He wants to be a civil engineer when he


leaves school. He was navigating his way through that defence. That was


an important score. St Colman's would have won the first score of


the second half. The convent building on the momentum of the last


five minutes of the first hour. St Colman's will want to get a score to


get steady. A great score from young Connolly. Great tackle from Liam


Quinn. Coming back to defend at every possible opportunity. St


Colman's have it though. Aaron Gribben finds Rian O'Neill. Will it


curl in it doesn't. It goes wide. A bit ambitious. He has kicked them


the whole way through the competition. He gave a display of


kicking against St Ronan's in the semifinal that was second to none.


The display he gave was second to none. A sideline ball for St


Colman's. Taken quickly. Great tackle from behind. It has opened


up. Kelly still going. Diagonal pass.


Kevin Small tried to grab it and he was grabbed from behind. Free in.


That is very clever football. The convent are building on their


momentum. They are taking their time. Kevin Small is creating a


handful of himself at the edge of the square for the convent. A free


into St Mary's. Daniel Bradley will be the man to take it. He has scored


five points in both semifinal games against St Paul's. He has scored


another today. That is his third this afternoon. So straightaway we


have a replacement for St Colman's. The man coming on is Owen Burrows.


-- Byrne. He has lightning pace. I would imagine the convent has done


its homework on him. Matthew McCreesh making way. The referee has


called them back. It will be a free kick to St Colman's. Again, Martin


McNally is having a very good game. It is one thing keeping up with the


play and getting in the road of it. Cathal Murray is not happy because


he is not giving a free kick. He is going to hop the ball. St Colman's


have it. Battling for every single snap of possession. Those last 20


seconds epitomised two teams putting everything on the line to win every


single ball. It is a snapshot of the whole game, the way the convent are


scrapping for everything. The convent always renowned for having


ability. Ronan Devlin has put a hunger into these boys. St Colman's


a wee bit out of it. They need to shake themselves. St Mary's have


scored seven times either side of half-time. St Colman's have scored


twice. The five minutes before and after half time very much in the


hands of the convent. That shot went wide. I would say that is the first


mistake that lad has made today. He is having a horse of a game for the


convent. They look more likely to get these course to win the game.


They are creeping ahead. St Colman's not on the pace. They will need to


get on it soon. St Mary's still have possession.


Cormac Murphy. He gives it to Liam Quinn. Trying to play it forward. He


was taken out of it. Play on. Kevin Small... He putted over the bar. A


great score. -- put it. That is a black card, no question. Nobody saw


it. McDonald gets away with it. -- McDonnell. All of a sudden there is


daylight between the teams. Confidence has grown in the


conference -- convent. They are in a great position. That was a shot from


Aaron Gribben. Let's look at it again. Here is Kevin Small. Both


feet, both hands, decision making on the ball. Not afraid to go for it.


That is commendable. Look at that angle. That is unbelievable. To get


the power and direction. The goalkeeper and narrowing the angle.


A forward hanging off the back of him as he was doing it. A lot of


young fellows would try to force it down the keeper's throat and into


the net. He knows a point is a good score. It puts them a wee bit


further ahead. The convent are in control and St Colman's are


struggling to get back into the game. Ross Carr has come on. And he


is indeed the son of the former Down player, Ross Carr. They have a


little bit of work to do. They trailed by five points. -- Trail.


Here comes McCluskey. The only college all-star on the field.


Cassidy took it at pace. Kevin Small tried to win it. St Colman's do just


about enough. You can see the threat there. St Mary's are growing in


confidence. The longer they stay in front, the more confident they will


be. Aaron Gribben trying to take on his man. Trying to create that


little bit of space. It is not a point. It goes wide. It would be a


goal kick to St Mary's. A shake of the head. Aaron Gribben. Cathal


Murray understands that St Colman's needs to put a little bit of urgency


into their game. They have a lot to do in very little time. They need a


score to get themselves saddle. McIlroy... Here is the cornerback


Chris Killen. That is a big point for St Colman's. That is an


inspirational score. That is what you are Class A by is a big score.


-- classify. Some of the smaller names are getting more into the game


for St Colman's but their big guns are not firing on all cylinders. The


convent are well worth their lead. Declan Cassidy... Two big players


going for it. Cassidy made it. He went himself and he knocked it over


the bar. Making perhaps the wise choice. He did have Kevin Small at


the back post. A point is a great score up that hill. When you are


called a Cassidy coming from Bellaghy, it is a queer start. If he


gets space, he will punish St Colman's. A good score.


Chance of a goal. It saved by the keeper. Shot of the right boot,


goalkeeper with a big hand, Lynch having a massive game. Young Lynch


with three outstanding saves for the convent. He has kept them well in


contention, to near enough the end of the third quarter of the game.


Four points between the sides. Nobody at home with the long ball.


Wasted opportunity. Another goal kick. Conversation between Garvey


and O'Neill. Disappointed he was not presented with the opportunity. The


fellow you want taking the shots. Goal kick did not go quite as


intended. St Colman's have it. Unable to get the score. Real


opportunity. Blocked. Out for the 45. The cutback, on their head. That


might have been his first touch. They went direct, he was going to


make them foul him, stepped back, Gaydon offenders a chance. Great


blog. You have to acknowledge the blocks and the saves that the


convent have made. Devlin with the block, he set up the free in the


semifinal. This one goes to the right, going wide. That will be the


opportunity, St Mary's smelling blood. This is starting to slip away


from St Colman's, they will have to pull together, or one of their


players with a flash of brilliance to get them back in the game. The


convent, if they get a sniff of the win, they will go for the throat.


McAteer, coming on, said winning the McRory Cup will be the proud is


moment of his life. McCann making way. The kick out is straight again.


He is like a rugby player hitting the conversion. Declan Cassidy with


two men in front of him, managing to get up and pull away from both of


them. Kevin small allowing it to go past him. Gives him time and space


to pick it up. Small, still going. The referee looking at it. Deciding


there is no foul. Liam Quinn, that is a fantastic ball to Kelly. He is


foul. What about that for a pass. Going one way, rare you see a pass


like that in Gaelic football. Great passage of play. That might be in


coaching videos later in the year. The ball knocked into space.


Possession retained until the man comes off the shoulder. McElroy had


no other option other than prevent the goal-scoring chance. Daniel


Bradley said during the week that Kevin Brady, the manager knows his


stuff when it comes to Gaelic football. He puts that man on the


frees. It is the wing half forward, the halfback, Kelly, going three. Is


that a yellow card? It is untidy, uncomfortable. A man that is grown


and grown in confidence. McAlinden. McAteer getting his first meaningful


touch since coming on as substitute. They are content to go backwards,


acres of space on the right hand side. Kelly running it is space.


Tackled, his opponent comes away with it. Trying to get out of their


own half, they have possession. Three St Mary's players running


after O'Neill. Goes for the shot himself. Great score. That is some


score, if you take it from the tackle but young Garvey made, all


the way up to the man on the end of the chance. Superb kick. He said the


main reason he decided to go to St Colman's Newry was to win the McRory


Cup. Four points between the sides. Connelly picking up possession.


Again they turned defence into attack. Brilliantly won by Liam


Quinn. In his last year at St Mary's. Daniel Bradley, trying to


find Kevin Small, overcooked, it goes wide. Lovely composure about


the way that Magherafelt are playing. Decisions on the ball, full


of running. Doing the basics well, in the ascendancy if they can keep


it going. McElroy, people will not realise he's English, born in


London. Very much a Newry player today. St Colman's scoring


sporadically. You expect Magherafelt to score every time. I was very


fortunate to be taught by both men there. The Kit Kat to be taken by


Lynch. His dad was a former dairy letter. --


Derry class, love, lazy style into the ball. A slight dummy shimmy.


What we're looking at is a man of the match performance. Kevin Small.


He has kicked amazing scores the range of scores he has given,


absolutely top drawer. Read says it is a free end. The referee has had a


superb game. They have been through this before,


Magherafelt, St Colman's will have recent experience. St Colman's have


had it easy so far, all of the games. Two man tackle. Referee


giving a free in. These St Colman's player, particularly Ryan Garvey


stressing it should have been a penalty. Initial tackle outside the


square. I have to say, it was 13.1 metres away from the goal. That was


close. Colman's starting to grow with confidence.


Another important school. -- score. St Mary's building from the back,


yet again they lead by three points. Given possession away. Here comes St


Colman's. Looking dangerous on every single opportunity. Wonderful blog.


O'Neill, under pressure, gives it to his colleague. That will goes wide.


Two or three chances, you would have expected them to tap over the bar.


The only thing is they are creating chances. There could still be a goal


there. Into the last ten minutes. Pressure on both teams. St Mary's


Magherafelt have only been here twice in finals. To date is St


Colman's 27 final. History to be made in 10-12 winners. Another


opportunity going left. -- minutes. If they had popped over those


opportunities, they would be a single point between the sides. He


knows it, he wants more urgency at that players. They are creating


chances, but they have to leave them on the scoreboard. Lynch, kicking


the ball high into the middle of the field. St Mary's winning that one,


that is important. Daniel Bradley, inside. Murphy, still going, will he


take the point? Driven down from behind. A free from the 13. The


battery going to his notebook. There could be trouble here. The referee


giving a black card. There can be no real complaints. Chris Killen. The


lad will be disappointed to get a black card. He has kicked a good


point to claw St Colman's back. If he had got past him, it would have


been a goal, and game over. Sometimes you have to put the team


first. That is an important score. Four points different from three


points. You now have two Clear kicks. One of them has to be a goal.


Saint Commons want to get themselves together here. -- St Colman's.


They are on the attack again. O'Neill barging his way through. The


shop does not go over. The umpires look at each other, it does. A real


Rolls-Royce. IFT -- I have to hand it to Saint


Commons are not going their way. St Colman's only attack. This will


go right to the very end. How they were able to pick up a player from


that angle, I will never understand. Two men going for it. The referee


giving the free from the 13. We don't have the benefit of a replay.


Martin McNally does not have the benefit. It looks very close. The


lad was pulled to the ground. O'Neill knocking it over. He has


scored one goal and 21 points in the last three games. His fifth point.


That is tight. The convent are living on their luck at the present


time. The initial was contact. The pull-down was in the square. If this


goes down to the wire, they will not be too happy with that. You are


absolutely right. That should have been a penalty. St Mary's on the


attack. The referee says play on. What a pointless -- what a point.


The convent are keeping ahead. They have been here before in the last


two games. They are used to it now. Still so much time to go. Just under


five minutes of normal time. Three points between the sides.


McAteer has made a difference since coming on. There were three


different players surrounding Rian O'Neill. He could still get a shot


off. St Colman's still have possession. Matthew Loughran wins


it. The man who got the block at the start of the game. Space at a


premium. St Mary's when the free kick. St Mary's out growing in


confidence. O'Neill did well to win that ball. It is slipping away from


St Colman's. It will take a big moment to turn this game in their


favour. Liam Quinn broke his ankle against Fermanagh macro. All of a


sudden St Mary's have possession. St Colman's have few defenders. It is


now saying comment on the attack. The ball into the square... Picked


off the ground at the second time of asking by Conall Devlin. He is


having a horse of a game. Look at that. People talk about transition


from defence into attack. Young Devlin is putting on a show of that


particular skill. Such pressure. It is hard to imagine these young men


are 16 and 17 years old. We're looking at a great game but they


are, they are only children. St Colman's are persistent and looking


further a goal chance when they have enough opportunities to keep the


scoreboard ticking with a point at a time. Cormac Murphy... The referee


has given a free end. McIlroy is incensed by that decision.


Absolutely raging with the referee. He needs to keep quiet. Don't give


away ground! There was the tackle. At this stage, puts the arm in,


doesn't put the -- bring the arm out. The referee has prodded forward


to the 21 metre line in front of the goals. Again it is back to four


points. This is the insurance one if this lad can landed. They say


pressure is for tyres. There hasn't been a problem for St Mary's when it


comes to free taking. And just as I say it... A point would be a good


score. The shot eventually comes and eventually goes over the bar. The


convent both on the field and in the stands and up in the commentary box,


they sensed the victory. A middle-aged man, sorry, a young man


getting excited! Margaret, Ring out the Dhif erasure! -- bring out the


defibrillator! Margaret is the producer, a county Down woman.


St Mary's come away with it. The convent from Magherafelt. On the


cliff edge of history. 17 points to 13. Four points between the teams.


There are going to be four minutes of additional time. Four points


between the sides. St Mary's on the go again. Young Quinn, look up. He


gets nothing from it! An opportunity like that can really sink things.


The only thing with Magherafelt, every substitution is 30 seconds or


a minute. Four minutes could end up five. That would give St Colman's


the opportunity to get something. Another substitution. Jamie McCowan


is coming on. -- Jamie McCowan. Adam Connolly makes his way off. Connolly


said it would be the proudest achievement of his life if he were


to win the MacRory Cup today. He takes the handshakes from his


colleagues. There is still plenty to do in this game. St Mary's come away


with it. It is Matthew Rogers, the substitute. Kevin Small, another


Creggan man. There is the point. That is it. The MacRory Cup seems


destined to be going to south Derry. It is not the first time you've said


that, Thomas. The only differences it is going somewhere else in South


Derry. There is a real genuine, tangible need for it. And it is game


over. Magherafelt finishing this game extremely strongly. You can see


the players. The substitutes. Dying to get on the field of play. Dying


to start the celebrations. There is still time remaining. The kick out


was all the way out. A free kick to St Colman's. I am delighted for


Kevin Brady and the coaching staff. Union Conway is in there, the


bursar. It is always good to get the bursar on your site! They are making


history here. It is a free kick. There are two balls. Sean Kelly


wasn't going to make that easy for a quick 45 to be taken. They have no


option but to drop it into the square. Unbelievably, there is six


points between the teams. This is going to be a Hail Mary job but they


will not get six scores. Rian O'Neill drags down. The referee says


no. He is surrounded by players. It looks almost like a scrum. The


referee blows the whistle. History is made. St Mary's Magherafelt have


won the 2017 MacRory Cup! They have been the best team on the day.


Straightaway onto the field of play. Wonderful scenes on the pitch.


Absolutely superb. The players are going absolutely bananas. I think


the principle is out there to get the players back in so they don't


tramp the grass! She is wearing high-heeled shoes! She won't mind.


There is the principal, Deirdre Gillespie. There is a man who had a


massive impact. Conall Devlin. I asked him to tell me something I


didn't know about him. He said, I am Batman. Look what it means. Success


for the first time on the biggest stage in college football. St Mary's


Magherafelt have done it. Congratulations. Congratulations.


I'm St Patrick's Day teenagers get a lot of bad press for their conduct.


But there are boys and girls on the field at the present time and they


are a credit to their school. Rian O'Neill, such disappointment. You


can see the pain etched on every single player for St Colman's. It


was such a close game right to the very end. They had a penalty showed


that no doubt Karl Murray will look at at the end of this game. What it


is St Mary's who have won the MacRory Cup. There is Conor


McCluskey. An all-star. There is a very disappointed St Colman's


player. Superb scenes. People might not understand when it comes back


home, this is the biggest thing in their lives at this stage. You have


to acknowledge something you said. Look at young Cassidy hogging the


keeper. Three brilliant saves. If ever a man's phase could tell a


story of what it means to win a MacRory Cup, there it is. Absolutely


brilliant. Look at that emotion. Raw energy coming from every pore.


Absolutely amazing scenes at the Athletic Grounds. -- the Atleti


grounds. We have the man of the match. Let's go pitch side. Conor


Cassidy... You have just went and won a MacRory Cup. How does it feel?


Indescribable. The best feeling of my life. Yes! This is the first time


for your school. What does it mean for this group of players? This is


everything. The first MacRory Cup ever. Nothing will ever compare to


this. Nothing will ever compare. Your school has gone close twice. It


has lost twice. View our winners today. I couldn't be happier. This


is the least we deserve, the effort and work we put in this year. With


regards to the match today, St Colman's came in with a huge


pedigree. Obviously you had to overcome that. And you really went


for it? Well... CHEERING.


Declan Cassidy, a proud captain. A history making captain. Man of the


match chosen by Martin McConnell. Oisin and Ryan Micky Yule alongside


me. He was outstanding. You could have made a good case for Kevin


Small as well. Let's take a closer look at Cassidy. A day of history?


An unbelievable day for St Mary's Magherafelt. We should say at this


stage they really deserved it. He was pivotal to everything that


happened. It was a brilliant outlet. A strong runner with the ball. He is


able to get a score when they needed. He was a captain, he was a


leader. One of the best players on the


field. Kevin Small, you could also argue that he could have got man of


the match. Richly deserved for Declan Cassidy.


We are looking at the men who have made history. And alongside me here


in the stands is the man who has guided them to history, as you look


at those boys. Your boys, Kevin. What does this day, this hour, this


moment mean? We didn't want to think about it too much beforehand. Your


mind can skip to what the celebrations would be like. I tried


not to let that happen. Now that it has, we are delighted, over the


moon. In 1970 Seven St Patrick's made the breakthrough and went on to


do brilliant things. We saw what it means to your team. However you done


it? I don't know. We have been in two finals before, I suppose. This


year I saw something different. They had great skill levels, great


potential. As time went on, we saw that this team was onto something.


We worked with them, Ron and Devlin and John, the whole backroom team.


We have done a great job. It is such an emotional day. Ronan's brother no


longer with us. But these guys imbued by his spirit? Definitely. He


was with the team a few years ago. He did physio. Just having him


there, we had a match earlier in the competition and it was very


poignant. I am delighted for him and everyone. Let me take you back to


2017, March 17, two points ahead at half-time. Did you think it would be


enough? We weren't sure. We'll knew they would put big Rian O'Neill into


full-forward and he caused us a lot of bother. Perhaps they were a bit


unlucky. St Colman's are a great team, it was a great match. I'm sure


it was very exciting for the neutral. I would like to pay tribute


to St Colman's and to Karl Murray. Let's here from the top woman, the


principal. The very proud principle. She said four years ago when she got


the job she was going to win the MacRory Cup.


MacRory Cup winners 2017. Deirdre Gillespie, we can see what this


means. -- means. Fantastic. It is a dream come true. We have wanted this


for a long time. Third time lucky. Complete credit to these boys and


the coaching team. The whole staff, the whole community.


A dream come true. It was a very tight game. You kept


your noses in front. You played fantastically? I asked them this


morning before they left to play with pride and passion and they


didn't let me down. We are delighted. We will be celebrating


for a week. The presentation is about to happen.


Go on ahead. There you have heard it from the


players, from the principal. There is a man getting man of the match.


It is well worthy. A worthy recipient. We are going to be


talking about him in years to come. He is a talent to go on and Playford


Derry. Big happy smiling faces. The man of the match award will not mean


as much do that young man as the next little piece of silverware. A


wonderful achievement. They have won three McLarnon cups. They have never


won MacRory Cup. They have lost two finals. They never scored in the


second half the last time there were in a MacRory Cup final.


Here is Jimmy Smith. I would like to thank our sponsors


for the wonderful sponsorship of the competition throughout the year. But


today is about the McRory Cup. There can only be one winner going on the


McCrory Cup, and for the footballers of St Mary's Magherafelt, a


wonderful history in the day of their school. There can be any one


team to win it for the first time, that honour goes to these men on my


left. Our behalf of Ulster Schools, I would like to congratulate them on


their historic victory. I would like to thank all the teachers in our


schools, who have looked after our teams throughout the 70 competitions


this year. All 134 schools whose teachers gave up their time to look


after our young players, and to produce the men we have seen here


today. I would like to congratulate the teachers in charge of the St


Mary's team can Kevin Brady and his men. I would now like to presents


the McRory Cup to the captain from St Mary's Magherafelt. Declan


Cassidy of St Mary's Magherafelt. I am delighted to except in the


recap on the heart of my school. I would like to thank everybody


helping us on the journey to this historic victory. Ulster Schools GAA


for organising the McRory Cup competition. The standard of Gaelic


football has never been higher. I would like to thank St Colman's for


such a sporting game. I would like to acknowledge the match officials,


who turned out. I would like to thank the match officials, who turn


out in rain, hail or snow, they would be no matches without it. I


would like to thank our sponsors, for putting your name behind us, all


the great gear. Closer to home, I would like to thank our McRory Cup


management team for all the advice and guidance. Mr Brady, and the


team. It has been their day. It has been the day of days for young Mr


Cassidy, and is history making cohort. They are McRory Cup


champions of the year 2017. Shane and Ryan still alongside me. You


cannot help but marvel at the sites. First-time winners, something unique


and special. Something unique and special, not only first-time


winners, but with an atmosphere such as D-Day, the game played in great


spirits. St Mary's Magherafelt get away with huge credit. They played


the game in the way it should be played. In Declan Cassidy they have


a leader, somebody able to step up to the mark. A lot of other players


throughout the field who can do that. From this occasion, St Mary's


Magherafelt deserving victory. Much to admire, much to mull over and


debate. We will get to the nitty-gritty in a moment. First,


Kevin Small, must have been a contender for man of the match. He


had a huge match. He would be pushing for a man of the match.


Winning his own ball. People watching the game, you have to be


fit to bring your own ball. Kicking off the right or left peg. Great to


watch. Huge match, big scores at vital times. As a young man, a


teenager, this is the day you dream. But it's all coming together. You


asking about pressure, he would stand up and perform, he was one of


the players the field who stood up and perform. Even the little flick


point he got towards the end of the game, that was magnificent. Arguably


this is the best goal, his best scoring game. Absolutely brilliant.


It is just natural. He does not think of anything else. In


modern-day football, not too many of these boys hanging around this if


Derry can get him fit and raring to go to prices in the future. St


Colman's came back into it, Chris Killen igniting them, taking a point


well. Also black Cardiff. Should the black card have been given? I don't


know. Great score, the cornerback coming off the pitch. Does not even


think about it. On the black card, I don't think it should have been


given. Does not mean to pull him down. Hard to interpret the black


card. Does not really dragged into ground. At this stage, the game


turned, St Colman's took off the sweeper, putting on a forward. They


were pushing out on Lynch's kick outs, having success. Opportunities


to get back in the game. That Magherafelt always got the extra


point, Poore points in front. Keeping the three, four point gap.


Stating the obvious, in their keeper, outstanding, a man in the


form of his life today. He did a phenomenal match. Could have been in


contention for man of the match. Huge moment in the game. His kicking


was outstanding today. Magherafelt controlled the game until the last


ten - 15 minutes. This saves speak for themselves. Out of this world.


12 is right, wonders left. Phenomenal game of RAM. Pulling off


a save or two like this, you grow, and feel like you are unbeatable.


Very commanding under the high ball. At the end of the game, when it was


raining forward. He was causing them a lot of bull. Looked as if he had


the composer today. Out on the field, relying on your goalkeeper to


have the composure, exuding around the rest of the team. Second half,


two penalty queries. Take a look at both of them. Should there have been


penalties? I think he starts the foul outside the box, good decision


by the referee. Just getting him there. Good decision. I don't know


whether you agree. Think that was probably the right decision. This


one here. I know he has his hands on him in the air. The actual foul


committed literally five yards from the girls. Should have been about


it. -- from the goals. On decisions like that, games are decided. No


disrespect to St Colman's, regardless, even if they had stuck


that one in the net, St Mary's looked like they have the capacity


to get forward, and score. Something more balanced about them. You need


the luck in trouble. Little decisions going with Magherafelt,


you always need a bit of luck. A lesson to be learned, never praise


the referee at half-time. He did well enough. The penalties where


-- where titles. It has been enjoyable. It has been a day of


firsts. Could we have a day of firsts at Croke Park? A first for


Derry, Tyrone. A bumper day, have you enjoyed it? Enjoyed it. This is


what college football is all about. Two brilliant games. Very high


standard. Very competitive, football played the way should be played.


Brian, for these young man, first win, Jimmy Smith handing over the


cup, in 67, 50 years ago, they went on to win at Hogan. Looking at what


it still means, do these guys have it within them to push on, making an


impact at all island level? Definitely, a great side. -- all


Ireland level. They have a great keeper. It is a great competition,


one of the best competitions in the GAA. Thoroughly enjoy coming here,


last year as well. Great atmosphere, everything about it great to see.


Fede for fathers and sons. We have found a family down there. -- a day


for fathers. Kevin, we have to start with you. What does it feel like? It


is unreal, never happened before in the school. How did the match gave


for you? It was tough the first hour. We had the wind, we knew the


game plan was running off-the-ball. We are fit team. We wanted to stick


that in the second half. We pulled away, winning the second half by


more than move won the first. Kevin, what does it feel like, as a parent,


to watch your son winning that? Very proud to see St Mary's winning for


the first time. They put a lot of work into that. Well done to Cormack


and all the boys. They played brilliant. Well done to all the


boys. Plenty of celebrations, no doubt to come in Macca felt.


My thanks to the entire BBC Sporting. That includes you two. The


clock is counting down. Very shortly after the Belfast in the company of


my colleague Gavin Andrews. We will leave you with the enduring images


of the day. Congratulations to St Mary's on


their MacRory Cup success. But now the focus switches to rugby and the


141st schools cup final. RBAI against Methodist College.


Schoolboys have dreamt of being here on the 17th of March. As a rugby


players you don't get too many chances to realise that dream. It


comes around once or twice in a lifetime, if you are lucky. And


after a year's hard work... On and off the pitch. It is all about


taking it in. Living in the moment. Scoring a try. It is all about the


winning. And creating memories that last a lifetime. It is the biggest


day in schoolboy rugby in Ulster. Methody and RBAI have made the short


trip to the Kingsbarns Stadium. Despite the weather, it will be


rocking for the next two and a half hours. -- Kingspan Stadium. The fans


are making a fair bit of noise. The selfies are on show. Flags and


scarves at the ready. That afternoon. It is that time


again. St Patrick's Day wouldn't be the same without the schools cup


final. Alongside me, two men from different eras with plenty of


experience. Ian Humphreys and an Ulster and Ireland great, Willie


Anderson. The weather has been OK. It is holding out so far. Fantastic.


It has just tried a up for us. Hopefully we will have a great game


of rugby. Willie, one of those great days in the sporting calendar? It is


fantastic. In 1967I saw my first final. It really is exciting. I


think it is a fabulous exhibition for the end of the year of schoolboy


rugby. A different vintage beside you. Ian, memories of 1989?


Obviously mixed emotions. Two finals but two losses. As you look back on


a career, those are two of the highlights, playing with the makes


you came through school with. Shame about the results. How much does it


come down to coping with the occasion? Massively so. It is a big


pitch. Bigger than schoolboys are used to. It can be quite heavy. And


it is on TV. A huge occasion. I hope the nerves do not get the better of


them. As per usual, it is RBAI and Methody again? Absolutely, they


always seem to come through. Methody are the dark horses. They have done


it the hard way. Winning in Armagh. Getting through. Everybody felt it


was going to be Ballymena in the final. That's the way it goes.


Methody will be strong. Let's meet the teams. Let's here from Methody,


back in the final for the first time since 2014. Instead aiming for three


wins in a row. Both teams happy to take on their closest rivals.


It's massive. If you are going to ask any Methody people who'd they'd


want to finish their schoolboy career against in the final, it


would be RBAI. It is always a big game. It doesn't get much bigger


than playing Methody in a final. RBAI have in the form team this


season. I'm sure they won't enjoy playing us in the final. Massive


rivalry. Different atmosphere when they face each other. But ultimately


a lot of respect between the schools. It is a big rivalry but it


is one everybody enjoys. The boys play hard on the pitch. They know


each other so well off the pitch. There is a healthy respect between


the schools. You put that behind you when you get


on the pitch. We have played them through junior school. It is always


a great match. If you're lucky enough to get one


final, but I have been very lucky because this is my third. To lead at


the boys on St Patrick's Day day will be a massive honour. Watching


young men out there putting their best skills against the other top


team in the province. It is great. You get the atmosphere of all the


pupils and past peoples coming back. They have a real affiliation to


their school. Such a great celebration of schoolboy rugby. It


is a real privilege to be part of it. I haven't seen a group from


Christmas time on who moved on as well as these guys have. I want them


to do the best on the day and get what deserve. Obviously it would be


sweeter from their end if they beat Methody to win three in a row. It


will be sweeter if we beat RBI to when the final. -- RBAI. But


ultimately it is about who goes up there to lift that trophy.


Save to say they are up for it. It is an intense rivalry but there is


respect? There is tremendous respect. To fabulous coaches with


great experience. Not just of the schools rugby but also club rugby as


well. They will take that experience in. They know every little single


ward there is. They will be trying to exploit it today. So much


history? These are the teams who have played most in the final. The


big thing for me is the RBAI defence. They have only conceded 11


points. Dan Soper has brought almost like a professionalism this year. --


a professionalism. It will be a big game and I will be interested to see


how they go. Let's hope we see some running rugby. Let's sample some of


the atmosphere. Thank you. The tension is building


-- the tension is building. Both sets of players just gone back into


the dressing room having finished their warm ups. I am joined by Paul


Marshall. You have experienced playing in a final with Methody.


What was that like? It is a fantastic location for everybody.


The noise is building ready. It will be the highlight of their careers in


school and they will hope to kick on in the Ulster and Ireland collars. A


lot of people talking about the experience of RBAI. Will that be a


factor? I think for some it will give them confidence. Methody are


definitely the underdogs. If you are playing in a final, there is less


pressure if you are underdogs. The conditions are pretty tough. It will


be who controls the game best. You are familiar with a lot of the


Methody players. Nick Wells is a former coach of yours. Who should we


be looking out for? Methody are strong at scrum-half. Jonny Jordan.


It'll be interesting. In terms of Methody, their back row, their


forwards will be well drilled generally. Their back row will be


strong. The centre pairing is strong as well. It will be interesting to


see how they go. That is it from us on the touchline. Back to you.


Paul Marshall still looks like a schoolboy, doesn't he? He does!


Great to see him here. What do you make of the standard? You are


involved with the Ulster Academy. Is the standard on the up? It is. We


have seen a lot of great players from schools level and on the 19s. A


couple of them are playing today. In fact, four of them. Exceptional


talent. That is what we have to build on. To bring these players


through for Ulster. It is really ramping up. We will talk


specifically about some of the talent on show. Ian, you have picked


specifically Michael Lowry. This is his third final. He has a lot of


experience of playing schools rugby. The other great game in the


semifinal. He is a small guy. He is targeted by the opposition but he


hits a lot harder than his size. His ball carrying, his distribution... A


bit of pace, a bit of awareness. Showing a lovely dummy and going the


length. He has a bit of Paddy Jackson about him. Is similar


stature. It shows the experience and the leadership that he has got.


Willie, you have had a look at Paul curve Methody. He had an exceptional


game against B Ore. He scored a couple of tries. He is a robust and


strong player. -- Belfast Royal Academy. He will have a stronger


defence against him today. But he is one that RBAI have to keep an eye


on. As we look at some of the highlights, Paul Kerr, I suppose for


the players, how do they cope with this pressure and this occasion?


This is where it will be building. They are in the changing room. They


are thinking about being on TV, in front of their schools. You have to


have a positive mindset. That is where the experience of the coaches


will, going to play. They have to be excited. The RBAI guys will be full


of confidence after a good win in the semifinal. Methody have had some


great wins and they will be keen to do a good show today. This is a key


time when the coach gets to say the final words? You would like to think


of this state is the captain will have the final word. That is their


job from now on when they get across the whitewash. Ireland boss Joe


Schmidt took this time to send a message to the finalists.


Lads, I know it is coming up to the final of the Ulster Schools' Cup and


it will be a super occasion. I know both teams will be well motivated.


All the best two RBAI and Methody. I'm sure it will be a fantastic


match. May the best team win. If you are


watching, enjoy the game. Good luck tomorrow. He may not be watching


today, he might be busy. Final predictions? I have a sneaking


feeling that RBAI have too much experience and too many top-quality


players in their ranks. But we can't write off Methody. They have been


here, they are underdogs. They will give it a fight. It comes down to


who performs on the day. RBAI will be favourites. They have been slow


starters. I fancy RBAI coming through today. More from the man at


half-time. The teams are almost ready. We will get across to our


commentary team, Tony McWhirter and on the microphone for his 40th


Ulster Schools' Cup final, Jim Neilly.


Alas, Saint Patrick hasn't quite turned up the warm side of the


stone. The final of the second oldest rugby club addition in the


world -- second oldest rugby club competition in the world... This is


the 141st final. Methody in their 63rd final. RBAI in their 67.


Methody and won 35, RBAI 31. RBAI hope the gap will be closing after


today. I'm certain the chaps from Malone Road will have a big say. It


promises to be a cracker. The final has been played here since 1924.


Calum Green will be contesting his third final. -- Callum read.


Matty Loane is joined in an impressive back row by Kelly and


Gallagher. Experience in the centre. On the wing is Ethan McIlroy, whose


brother was a winner in 2009. Oisin Quinn is the referee. He has the


looking forward to this one. It is gone to be Methodist College to kick


this game off. Perhaps a little bit of breeze in their favour. That is a


decent kick. That is not a bad kick. Methody have to be very careful.


Larmour has decided to run this. Methody setting out their stall.


Well won back by the Methody pack. Good tackling, J Finnegan coming in.


O'Donnell opting for the narrow side. Armstrong goes down to ground.


Hat-trick scorer in the semifinal. Outrageous little dummy from


O'Donnell, did not quite get away with it.


Callum Reid, powerful prop forward. They get the penalty, good start.


All about ball retention. Good afternoon gym, everybody. The


initial kick, long, putting pressure. Good ball retention. The


initial penalty given away at the breakdown. Should be good kicking


for both sides. James Hume will have a shot at goal. His third year in


the first 15, second successive final. About six feet two. Just


under 16 stone. A lot of international centre three quarters


is not as big as this fellow. All three points for RBAI in last year's


final. Included a converted try. Three minutes gone, still no score.


Trying to keep it flat, as the wind. Just past the left-hand upright.


Straight through, Michael Lowry. Lovely little backhanded flick to


his hooker. Cleverly done. A list of skills shown by the men in black and


yellow. Lowry back in position. Good, aggressive stuff by the


holders. That might be turned over, good, aggressive play. Good defence


by MCB. Really putting the rush on. Anybody watching this afternoon,


Young McClory, wearing the scrum cap, he has the full package, in


terms of playing rugby football. Good pace, good tackle. Did not find


touch. MCB up very quickly. The ball was spilled forward by Dermot


Wallace, the second row. Cameron Kelly on this occasion, real Vokes


rush. O'Donnell looking to hit the first receiver, flying up into the


tackles, they know first contact is important. Considerably heavier than


Methodist College. The average wait a few years ago was 15 and a half


stones. Well taken by Cameron Kelly. Here comes Finnegan. Started on the


wing a few years ago, full-back last year. Well kicked by O'Donnell. Well


taken by Doherty. Lyttle making a tackle first. Jordan in quickly. The


skipper was back there, the scrum-half. Not committing too many


men to the breakdown, interesting. Gibbons speak tallest man in the MCB


team. That will be all the way back. Good


pressure. Solid midfield. Really going around the fringes. The


challenge was well wrapped up. Unfortunate mistake, very sweet


contact. A shot of the senior coach, Nicky Wells, who took over from his


dad. Winning his first ever Schools Cup final in 74, the first of three


in a row. Well stolen by MCB. Well read, picked off nicely. Jordan,


inside 22, line-out. A great steel, and a crucial steel.


Simply picked off in front of David McCann.


Cheeky dummy by the scrum-half. He needs a bit of help. Gets it from


the open side. That will be a penalty. All the pressure coming


from the holders. Not able to finish things off. MCB coughing up the


ball. If they manage to get the turnover, important experiences such


a large part of the afternoon, they just need to play their game.


Davidson was on the bench last year, starting the counterattack. Omar


just putting a toe in touch. Came off the bench last year. 13 of last


year's matched a 22 back in action for RBAI. 11 of the squad starting


today. Daniel Saber keeps turning out the scenes. Very strong right


throughout the school. A lot of other six boys. They may have to


start to rebuild again. Good catch and drive by MCB. Still driving


forward. A good drive by Methodist College. Jordan waiting. They have


earned a penalty. Good work, Thomas Gallagher giving his forwards a


round of applause. Something they used very well in the semifinal


against Belfast Royal Academy. Rolling very efficiently. RBAI will


have to be aware of that, a large part of their armoury. Paul care


scored 40 points in the cup. Three of them in the semifinal. Josh


Trainer. Gibbons at the front for MCB. Some hard graft. It is paying


off. Dominating these exchanges. Getting their hands on the ball,


staying on their feet. Preventing MCB from getting the ball on the


ground, winning the scrum for their sizes they had a great game in the


semifinal, against the much vaunted defence. Paddy Finnegan on the near


side of the scrum. A flat ball by Hume. If he held that he was


through. Referee playing advantage to MCB. Trying to counter ruck. Not


putting too many players in there. That is a mistake, gotten loose.


David Lyttle could not snap it up. Must regain possession on the MCB


ten yard line. A bit of ground made. Taken on by Gallagher. James played


for MCB, his brother played for another team. The pass was a bit too


flat. Nothing that they can do on the left wing. Just taking their eye


off-the-ball once or twice. Slightly overcooked pass. Nice refereeing


bike -- by Quinn. Just letting your team


play, making sure the game is nice and fast.


His dad is a writer, director, nominated for an Academy award,


about 16 or 17 years ago. Hard to believe that in the hundred and 31st


final, only the 15th between these two sides. Two the dominant sides in


the cup, amazing they have only met on 15 occasions. Given competition


has grown unchanged, in recent years, moving away from the open


draw to seeded teams, quite surprising they have met only on


that number of occasions. That was not altogether straight. Omar, not


the biggest number rate in the world, but very quick. The running


game is not really clicked yet. A step by Hume, well tackle. That was


not forward. They get on fine tuning is not there at the moment. The


outside backs are a little bit overeager. Playing the runaround


play. Coming short. Well Marshall. -- well marshalled. You can see what


the game is. Cal Reeva is the main ball-carrier. Smashing over the gain


line. Johnny Jordan playing it under 18


and U19 level. Abstraction I think. Well spotted by Quinn. I think


Michael Lowry will go for the corner, good decision by the


captain. Found a very good touch. Solid kick. Going back to the scrum,


you will see a lot of this, you will see a team putting the ball into the


rain scrum, cracking around, coming back to the right-hand side. We will


see a lot of looking for the screen pass. Taking the pressure off the


number nine. Making it easier to clear their lines defensively. Can


they execute the drive? Well tucked in. Little glance. Rambling forward.


MCB managing to hold that down. The referee has the hand-out for a


penalty. The drive forward. Held up very close. Half a metre away. Still


playing advantage. Saunders sitting back. O'Donnell to the near side.


Omar, for the line, squeezed into touch. Still in play. There is the


drive and the try. It is, Omar. Might it Billy McKay be Keith


O'Donnell. Just a dummy pass, around the corner. Impressive. Great


line-out play. In control of the back. 15, 20 metres churning,


keeping their patients. You see the dummy. You see the dummy. Good


score, nothing more than they deserve.


The last one up was Yasser Omar. As he went for the line he was held


short. He did well to keep the ball infield. A little dummy by Rhys


O'Donnell. Talking to his dad, Keith, who lost in the 1980 final to


Methodist College. Methodist College didn't really do much wrong with


their defence. It was just the strength and the poise of Donald


from a couple of yards out. -- Donnal.


Dan Soper and Richard Hedley. What a Beltor! That is a very good kick by


James Hume. He has landed that one. A very good start for the holders.


16 minutes gone. That is a cracking kick. The conditions very blustery.


That is outstanding. I'm not sure that went ten metres.


If it's not ten metres they have the choice of the line-out where the


ball went into touch. Given Inst's Tipperary are weighed and perhaps


superior scrummaging, they have gone for the scrum option. Straightaway


we will see the Inst back line splitting. Michael Lowry will stand


left with David Lyttle and James Hume. We have the electric pace of


David Finnigan. A big right hand side of the pitch to explore. If the


pack can set the platform. Nick Wells will not be panicking. Rhys


O'Donnell has got away... He needs somebody with him. Good support. Yet


huge amount of confidence -- Detroit has given Inst a huge amount of


confidence. -- the try. Methody have got themselves out of


the way. Name-macro have given away the penalty. Great defending my


Methody. -- Inst. The Methody defence has been to verb so far. --


superb. Name-macro look so dangerous. Rhys O'Donnell pulling


the strings. -- Inst. Setting Michael Lowry free. He has been


possibly the most consistent performer this season so far for


Inst. Just over halfway through the first hour. There is 35 minutes in


schools rugby. That has gone long. Good tackle from Thomas Jordan.


Ferocious handoff by big -- big David McCann.


A lot of inside switching by Inst. Hume sweeps are dried -- wide to


Davidson. He get some help from Joe Finnegan. Methody's tackling is


terrific. Play on us, says the referee. He has given the penalty to


Inst. It might have been Thomas Gallagher coming in from an illegal


angle. Rhys O'Donnell found himself in all sorts of trouble. He should


have been able to get back on his feet. The referee deemed it was a


penalty. It was Paul Kerr coming through. He has to try to get back


on his feet quickly. Methody will feel a little harshly treated.


Name-macro have advanced to within six or seven metres of the Methody


line. -- Inst. Good tackle by Bingham. Callum Reid... Pulled down


by the ankle. Soldiers. Infield. -- Saulters. Just over egging the


pudding once again. You can quite clearly see what they are trying to


do. Go around the corner. Rhys O'Donnell has played several inside


passes. It is doing enough to keep the Methody back row honest.


Whenever they can create the quick ball, the ball goes wide. Slightly


in -- ill timed pass on this occasion. Hume is posing ulcers of


questions to Methody. He is drifting wide, he is inside... -- all sorts


of questions. The regular loosehead, Alex Cairns, got knocked out in the


semifinal. There is a 23 day rule in schools rugby that he is not allowed


to play. He missed the final by a matter of days. Methody do well to


get it away. And once again Jonny Jordan has kicked splendidly. Yes,


he did. Trying to get a finger or a hand on it just to slow the ball


down. Great play by the scrum-half. Name-macro have a wee bit of


momentum here. -- Inst. This -- this is very Methodist College style


rugby. Close to the line. Here they go again. It is over! It is a try!


The second try. It is David McCann. That was executed to perfection. You


really couldn't have asked for a better one than that. Like Ireland


last weekend in Cardiff, no overambitious centre came back in to


make a mess of it. -- on like Ireland. David McCann has been


outstanding. We have seen him carry ball, good feed going forward. As a


looked down, puts his head down. Splinters off. He is a big guy with


lots of power. It was made for him by the other forwards. Great


control. Technically superb. He has played for Ulster at under 16, 17


and 18 level. I am sure he will finish playing in the back row, I


would suspect. He is not the tallest fellow.


That was a bit of an old-fashioned toe poke. They didn't get near the


post. He can kick difficult ones and then misses what look like easy


ones. Slightly ominous looking for Methody. It is important to get some


field position. Spend some time in the Inst half and get their own


scoreboard ticking over. Matty Loane got a thump in the back, fairly


legally. I hope he is OK. Well passed by Methodist College.


Ethan McIlroy, the first time he has got ball in hand. This is better by


Methody. More impressive. One. By Armstrong. He has got away. He was


missed by the Inst back row. It has gone forward. That is a fine example


of outside-half play by the youngest member of the Methody team, Thomas


Armstrong. Reminiscent of Paddy Jackson when he played in his first


final as a fifth former. Very much so. Armstrong is taking a flat to


the line. Just unable to finish that of. That is more like it from the


team in white. They need to come back and perhaps get a point for


three, before the interval. Well tackled by Gallagher. What a strong


fellow he is. Methody trying to affect the turnover. Lowry saves the


day for Inst. Methody overanxious. Unfortunate for them. Going over the


top and conceding a penalty when all they had to do was stay on their


feet. It is so difficult. Lowry goes down. It is Armstrong. Not giving


Lowry time to get back on his feet. If he bought himself half a second


he could have picked him up and carried him over the goal line. But


given the circumstances, the adrenaline was flowing. Your natural


instinct is to play the man on the ground. You want that ball. Michael


Lowry was a medallion chain winner in 2014. Hoping to make it the first


three in a row Schools' Cup wins for Earth Inst macro for several years.


Again, Methody not giving the outstanding prop much room. That was


a fine clearing kick. That is a pretty good exit strategy. Yeah, it


was brilliant. Callum Reid is technically good with his feet. He


gets the ball back. The support is there quickly. Rhys O'Donnell buys


him that extra second. You saw the line-out before. Keeping the Methody


back row honest. Allowing them time to clear their lines. Josh Trainor.


Good line-out from Methody. They will try the drive. It is ambitious


to think they can go over from here. That is good protection of the


football by Matty Loane. He has wriggled away from a hand. Thompson,


who made that searing break. Another flat pass. Ken Doherty got himself


flattened there. The Methody full-back. Good tackling by Charlie


Cloke, who nearly didn't make the final. He has been bothered by an


ankle injury. Here come Methody again. Matty Loane, the


inspirational skipper. Taken on by Big Ben Crangle. Weighing in at


about 17 stone. Only a fifth former. The wind playing havoc with just


about everything, including my notes, which have disappeared! Very


noticeable from James Hume, the perspective defensively. He is


making a beeline, trying to shut down the 13, 15 Channel 4 Methody.


If they can just look up, Methody, they can get outside Hume, there is


lots of space. A reverse pass from Rhys O'Donnell. Des O'Donnell would


have been proud of that one. Inspirational in mini rugby.


Derry He goes Calum Reeva. -- Reid. O'Donnell. Well away by Wallace. Not


altogether sure the kick was the right thing to do. Inst has a man


down, it is James Hume. Looks like a rib problem. One hopes is not too


serious, for his sake. I would agree with you, that last passage of play,


if he had looked and given the ball early, he thought he did not have


the pace to outrun his opposite defender. As you say, he has pace to


burn outside. Nice to see him getting a chance to stretch as


lakes, go one-on-one with his opposition. Over five minutes to go.


James Hume seems to be all right again. This is the Methody hooker,


Josh Trainer. Well pulled in by the prop. Finnegan could not gather,


might have done the second attempt. Did he knock it forward? A chance


for Methody. A lot of pace out there.


McIlroy steps back inside. His brother Blaine was a cup winner for


Methody Way back in 2009. Gibbons makes ground for Methody. They could


do her points or two before the interval. They might just get it.


Bursting through the tackle, from Omar. Recycled by Methody.


Bingham. They ran too wide. Thought somebody was going to come in. A


high tackle by Inst. That is the best piece of play we have seen from


Methodist College. The box kick initially, linking. Good to see the


backs and forwards intermingling. The handling skills are magnificent.


You could see what Kerr was trying to do. Just not read by the outside


backs. A big Cole created on the inside. The referee having a word


with James Hume about the tackle. There is Damian McKenzie one of the


Inst try scorers. Seems to be having a problem with the contact lens.


They started playing at this ground in 1924. Before that, mostly at


Balmoral, the Royal Agriculture Society frowns. -- grounds.


Inst living history might repeat itself, 60 years on. Josh Trainer.


Can Methody do what Inst did to them after just 21 minutes. The ball is


in from the back. Here come Methodist College. Pretty close.


Jordan acting as a flank forward. Inst trying to counter right. All


the pressure coming from Malone. Inst managing to hold them out. It


is that close. Tantalising. Here they go again. Third or fourth time


of asking. Still Methody press. Terrific defence by Inst. There are


men over and this must be tried for Methody. It is a try. In the corner.


Methody saving up half another of Inst pressure, conceding to tries.


Bouncing back with a splendid effort of the rain. Great try. Good


composure. Trying to go round the corner. The big Inst forwards


keeping them out. Transferring the ball superbly. Difficult moving the


ball, given the conditions. Keeping your spacing and width. Not an easy


conversion. It is game on again. His first try in the cup, was assigned


do it. Methody now, with a converted try, and a conversion to come. As we


approach our time. Paul Kerr, the top points scorer. 40 points today,


including four tries, three in the semifinal. He has struck that not


badly. Did not quite judge it the way he wanted. It looked as if it


might come back in. I don't think Mickey Wells will be too


disappointed. He will be very pleased about the last six or seven


minutes from his team, mix well. We saw the stats at the start of the


game, the weight advantage that Inst have. That extra stone man really


tells. How well the Methody backline move the ball. Simple passing game


creating the space, beautifully finished. Good restart kick. Inst


giving away the penalty. Has the Methody try unlearn them? --


unnerved them. The Methody guys looked shell-shocked, it was all


Inst. Defending for their lives. A spring in your step, back to one


score, you can smell the finishing line again. A few seconds ago. Well


taken at the front of the Methody line-out. Cameron Clear Lee. Also


representing Leinster at under 17 at and under 18 level. Methody decide


not to put the width in this. They decide not to. Popping it into


touch. Our time here in the 20 17th Ulster Schools Cup final. Tries from


Rhys O'Donnell and David McCann for Inst. Right at the end they tried


the end for Methodist College. A pulsating match, the holders Inst


12-5 Methody. We certainly have our money 's worth so far. Some dramatic


stuff. Inst taking initiative early on, powering their way over. Methody


snaking their way back into it at the end of the first hour. Ian


Humphreys and Willie Anderson, we have a fair bit of value, despite


conditions? It is very blowy, hard to see it on TV. They've team is


very physical, it has been nice they have had the confidence to throw the


off-loads. Inst disappointed they have not got more of a lead. Fair


play to Methody coming back into it. I've impressed with the rugby,


giving it is blowing a gale? Outstanding. Inst really using their


pack to fantastic effect, scoring a couple of tries. Methody using their


backs. As Matt Williams used to say, what champions are made of,


fantastic time to score. That first score from Inst, right up your


street? Yes, Rhys O'Donnell, such a tremendous terry ever player. Great


small. Snapping up the spoils. Like any good scrum-half, presence of


mind. Brilliant. They were battling on the line. Ray conversion by James


Hume, for the seven points. Everybody talks about the Inst


backline, the forwards showing what they can do this week. You would


sacrifice that for kickers today. Very hard out there. Even that last


conversion looking like it would come round. They are doing well.


McCann with the second try, all about the power. He had a couple of


breaks before this. Winning the ball. Fantastic low driving maul by


Inst. Well controlled. Great to see a pack like this, doing exactly


that. Fede for some grand upfront. Took his try fantastically well. How


much of a weapon is a strong set piece at schoolboy level? It is


massive, while the Inst forwards are doing so well, the Methody pack of


getting sucked in. Inst need to use the width. The Methody defence are


using two players for each ruck. Give them more space to attack with


their threats. The back free have so much pace. I think they will come


through second half. Plenty of threat behind from Methody, lovely


move for the try. Did very well, starting from them all. This quality


of handling not seem very often at professional level. No fancy plays.


Simple, good hands. A lot of yards up the middle. The defence gets


sucked into Megiddo, accurate passing. The wind was even a factor


in this try. Very much so. The Methody players standing square,


running straight. Moving the ball very well through the hands.


Fantastic. The Dudley Boyz. Let's see what a former Methody people


made things. Paul has joined me again for the half-time analysis. A


shaky start from Methody. Inst holding onto possession in the


opening quarter? Inst with the lion's share possession. Played


well. Methody will go in 12-5 down, not too disappointed. With the


strong wind behind their backs, they will get more field position. How


important was the score before half-time? Massive. Thomas Armstrong


playing really well. He has the backline moving well. Scoring in the


corner, good try. Looking to get into the right area, put pressure on


them. Armstrong shows they have a strong running game. Something they


will have to use in the second half, with conditions? Definitely. Inst


started well. Rhys O'Donnell, the scrum-half, playing very well,


controlling the forwards, moving the ball well. Inst trying to get the


ball into James Hume's hand. Strong centre. Not surprise if he gets more


ball in this far. The players are back on the pitch, we will get right


back down to Gavin. Schoolboy rugby, they are standing in waiting. More


from you at full-time. We will hand you back to Tony and the gym.


COMMENTATOR: The strength of the wind has increased. Causing problems


for kickers and passes. They can cope with rain, but the wind makes


it a complete loss. Particularly one as important as this one. Getting


the second half under way. Inst have not been in three successive finals


since the 1960s. 60, 61, 62. A schoolboy error, but a fairly petty


error. Giving possession and advantage straight back to Methodist


College, the last thing Inst want to do. The last thing you from Michael


Lowry. Nerves? That score before half-time has rattled Inst. No doubt


about that. One would have expected him to put down an attempt. One


thing James Hume is very good, fast and good in the air. Lowry


completely overcooking that. Jordan looking where his backside. Most


deployed to the left-hand side. Thomas Gallagher bringing it to the


nearside. Not a great attempt at the tackle by James Hume. Hopefully not


carrying every problem. Armstrong. -- carrying a rib problem.


That was good control of the ball under difficult circumstances by


Methody. Thomas Gallagher has been very busy. Inst of tackling well.


Only the second try they have conceded in the cup this year.


Advantage to Inst. Rhys O'Donnell in a bit of trouble. The referee has


played advantage. Paddy Finnegan, twin brother of full-back Joe. Here


is Michael Lowry. My word, he is quick. He has got it away to


Davidson. He is not slow either. Inst recovered well. Lowry recovered


well as well. He gets the ball, show and go outside. Commits a defender.


A great tackle from Methody to cover. Inst are going to create


problems all day long. He reminds me of Matthew Morgan, who plays for


Ospreys. Blistering pace. Good work again by Methody. That was a very


good kick. Kept infield. It was not put down. That is interesting. I'm


not sure why Inst did that. They would have had a 22 drop out if they


had put that down. This could be very interesting. A Methody score


could stand the odds makers on their heads, and this final. Very much so.


He knows there is a defender coming. His first option is to kick it macro


it away. -- kick. Methody get in nice and low. Technically superb.


Keep their shape well. Inst have to be on their mettle. Well taken. An


offence by Methodist College at the line-out. Somebody coming in in


front of the ball. There was a knock site. Joining the line-out before it


moved off its platform. You must keep back ten metres from the


line-up until the referee jobs 's hands saying the line-out is over.


-- drops his hands. That has gone into touch. Pressure off Inst. What


has been nice today, all the chat is of Ruan Pienaar leaving Ulster. But


there are two good scrum-halves here today. The future looks good. Lowry


has burst through. This is good support play. Rhys O'Donnell yet


again. They have knocked it forward. They have given away a penalty. Not


releasing in the tackle when the try line was within sight. A quick


release there and it might have been game over. Yes, here is Lowry once


again. Ball in one hand, surveying the options. Keep an eye macro on


number 13 for Methody. He got over the ball so quickly, preventing Inst


from getting the ball away and winning his team a penalty,


potentially stopping a try scoring opportunity. Look at the strength of


the assistant referee's Flag. Very much favouring Methodist College.


Good take by Bingham. Trainor has the ball under his arm. Methody into


the Inst have. Paddy Finnegan has to get out of the way. Trainor still


going forward. Good work. Armstrong is a clever playmaker. Well gathered


by McIlroy. The ball was passed forward.


It's great to see both teams having a go. You have done this a lot


longer than I have. But in terms of backline play, I haven't seen the


ball used as expensively. Both sets of wingers have seen lots of ball. A


fantastic spectacle. A scrum to Inst. They have not really dominated


the scrum. Omar picks it up. Nicely done. That was a high tackle. That


may be a yellow card. That was a bit naughty. Chris Larmour had come in


off his wing. Oisin Quinn will have to have a think about that. He has


gone to his touch judge to get some advice. There is nobody to refer to,


no TMO. Paul Kerr hung out that arm. Very instinctive. I think he will be


lucky if he doesn't go to the bin. No malice, I'm sure. He is Methody's


top points scorer for this season, Paul Kerr. The hand is going to the


pocket. So alas, it is ten minutes in the bin. Seven minutes in the


bin. This is schools rugby. Because they only played 35 minutes each


have, it is seven minutes in the bin. He just got beaten by the step.


It is easy to throw an arm out. It is an instinctive gesture. Yes it is


wrong and yes, the referee has done the right thing. Inst with the


numerical advantage. Paul Kerr has been very important in trying to


shut down the Inst midfield. Perhaps some breathing space for them now.


You can see how strong the wind is. Michael Lowry didn't make much in


the way of ground. Just about midway between the Methody 22 at the ten


metre line. They are a man short and the Bataclan, Methody. Again the


wind causing problems. Surely the option is to throw it to number two


or three in the line-out with a strong wind. That was always


destined to drift because of the wind. It has given Methody the


scrum. My thoughts precisely. Absolutely. It gives them a chance


to soak in the opposition, to create more space wide. A very difficult to


execute. The first time Inst have got a squeeze on. Gallagher did well


for Methody. Methody will try to make ground on the narrow side. Good


burst by Josh Trainor. Gallagher was well tackled.


Good driving forward by Methody. Jordan with the wind behind him.


That was well taken by Inst. Calum Reid has not had a chance to


show his speed and strength. That went forward. It is of sight. The


ball was knocked on. The man who was in front of the ball touched the


ball. Inst making a lot of mistakes. Nicky Wells, I'm sure, is now may be


thinking of Methody can survive the next five minutes with a man short


and maybe do something, this game could be stored on its head.


Absolutely. You can see what Methody are trying to do. Send the extra few


men into the ruck. Inst want to see the ball going wide with their


advantage. It is about the ball going wide, not picking the right


line. Methody getting the ascendancy. Matty Loane has been


pretty inspirational. He has made some sensible calls. The shortened


line-out was one of the most sensible so far. Inst didn't matter


to do that. -- manage. There goes Gallagher. He is very strong. Slips


inside from the first tackle. Methody have got a lot of men out


wide. That was high. David Lyttle could find himself in the Ben. It's


starting to get a little bit attritional. -- in the bin. It may


be James Hume. He is gone. The number is a good up. The two main


centres off the pitch. He had no option but to send him to the


sin-bin. Methody's mein goal kicker is off the field. What a decision by


Matty Loane. It looks like the right decision. Instead of going for the


three points, they are going for the trite and the conversion. That is a


good kick to touch. The kick at goal would almost have been easier. Josh


Trainor has had a good afternoon. The Methody set pieces one of their


strengths. That is very good by Methodist College. What a good


counter drive by the holders. They have got to get themselves out of


here. If Methody score, well, you know the script. Jordan has got


Matty Loane standing outside him. Matty Loane goes to ground. Lays it


back. Here come Methody again. Josh Trainor. Tackled by McCann. An


overlap... It is going to be a try! The touch judge has his flag up.


Chris Larmour came within a whisker of getting a second and perhaps


conclusive try. But the flag was up and it is an Inst line-out. How


close was that? Michael Lowry just saved the day. If he had been


carrying the ball on his outside arm, he would have been in. It was


close from that angle. You can run into the corner flag and that is not


touch. It used to be if you hit the corner flag it was touch. But the


flag went up and the referee has to go with the touch judge. RNA eye


under fierce pressure. -- RBAI. Well done to Methody for coming back.


Methody did that well. The driven line-out. Trying to pull in Lowry.


There is more room out there. One slightly misplaced pass from Methody


that caused the full-back to bobble and take it on his chest. A slightly


slicker transfer and he would have been in. Michael Lowry has saved the


day for Inst. Another Inst player down. Lowry has got the scrum capped


off. Nicky Wells won't be too worried at this stage. They are


playing all the cards as we speak. He certainly won't be too worried if


Michael Lowry can't continue. This would be a huge blow for Inst. It


looks like his left knee is getting some attention. This is the main


playmaker for Inst. The other main playmaker, James Hume, is off. It


won't be too long before Methody's Naughty Boy, Paul Kerr, comes back


on again. Yes, the Nub to main centres. Lowry does well. He


sacrifices himself. Must immediately you can see him wince with pain.


There is a wee spot of blood on the knee. I don't think that is the


problem. I think he has jarred that need or twisted that knee. He


doesn't look happy. I am just wondering if Michael Lowry's third


of Cup final in a row is over. Charlie Cloke has a word. I'm


wondering if he will take over as skipper? It may well be Charlie


Cloke. You have to take your hat off to Thomas Gallagher and Matty Loane


and the Methodist College back row. They have grabbed this game by the


scruff of the neck. Leading from the front in terms of their ball


carrying. Their line network, their experience. Setting an example for


the other forwards. Looks like Pierce McLernon will come on for


Inst. Dermot Wallace is the man going off. McLernon started last


year's final. Was left out today. Lowry will have to make a decision.


It may even be lower down. Some were just above the ankle for Michael


Lowry. He is in an awful lot of pain. He can get up. He is hobbling


rather badly. I'm sure he won't want to go off completely. He may go off


the field to get some treatment. He will try to continue, Michael Lowry.


It will have to be 100%. The way Methody are going, if they see him


limping, he will be a defensive weakness for Inst. Surely he can't


continue looking like that? I think he knows that as well. He is


heartbroken. Inst will bring on another big man to counter the


Methody advantage at the line-out. Dermot Wallace. The Inst number


four. He is going off. We will have to wait and see. They have to make


up their minds. The referee has given him a chance


to get right, and get on with the game. That is a serious blow to


Inst's ambitions of a third successive Schools Cup win. Hanging


in the balance. Delusional captain, playmaker and inspiration, that is


Inst's biggest problem for the remaining 20 minutes of the game. --


inspirational captain. Sam Friars coming on. Paul Care coming back on


any second. Will he play outside half? Good catch and drive from the


side. A fair bit of pressure. McDonnell needs to find touch. He


has not. Methody growing in confidence. That is not done. How


unfortunate for Lowry. Great tackle by Friars


just coming off the bench. Interesting to see he will start at


the outside half position. I think it will be Lyttle. Sam Fryers in the


centre. Wallace has left the field, with McLaren coming on. He goes


O'Donnell. Taken on by Fryers, straight into action. Penalty


against Methody, they cannot afford to get careless, let Inst back in


the game. It is a 23 man game. Sam Fryers of the bench, first bits of


play fears has had to do, absolutely textbook, in defence, carrying the


ball. Joe Finnegan kick into touch. Good kick to touch, it was. James


Hume, well over six feet, around six two, 15 stone. Inst back in the


Methody half, as we come to the halfway stage of the second half.


Paul Care returning to the field after the sin bin. Not sure who that


was meant to go to. The Inst line-out has been all over the


place. A bit fractured. A couple of strong decisions, just to slow


things down. Trying to run some time off the clock so they can get Hume


back. Good refereeing. Bringing them together. Shake hands, behave


yourselves. The referee looking around to see


whether James Hume is due to come back on. Maybe a minute, maybe two.


Paul Care back on, Methody back to their full contingent. Both are full


a minute of each other. Hardly any time to gain a great advantage. Reid


acquired by his standards. Taken by Kelly, over halfway. Look at the


width Methody have. And extra men. Good tackle by Fryers.


Nothing much in the open side of the field. Here comes Jordan again. They


need somebody to go into scrum-half. Keeping it tight, little pods of


four, five forwards. Accidental offside. The man with the ball


running into a player of his own side in front of him. Therefore


deeming to gain an advantage. Tell-tale signs, two or three guys


stretching out limbs. It is a big pitch. Also slightly heavy, given


conditions previously. There is the great tackle by Sam Fryers. Care is


trying to beat him on the outside. James Hume just warming up of a


tracksuit top on. Well presented, to O'Donnell.


McLaren. He comes for David Wallace. Good switch. Where will that go?


Well collected by Methodist College. Again, tackling letting them down.


The hard running Thomas Gallagher, like the rest of the family, can do


boxing. Not called to use that skill today. Well taken by Finnegan.


Reid nearly getting away. That was not the smartest kid in the world,


that one, yes it was. Just running out of ideas. Here is James Hume


coming back on making up the numbers. O'Donnell guilty of kicking


one or two way. Doherty has played well, full of pace. Nice option,


well executed. He would prefer the points, to stay and play. Just back


in the ascendancy, a territorial manner. Coming up to the midway


point of the second half. Again they go along. This time it worked. Omar,


Callum Reid, brought down by the ankle tap. Dad has gone straight


into touch. Inst giving away possession. This will give Methody


lots of confidence. If Michael Lowry got the ball, the first instinct


would be to look up. That pass that he and Hume used effectively. The


little steps by the ten, Shayne King that one. A bit of cramp, for


McIlroy, nothing too serious. Josh Trainer injuring himself, played


very well. Mickey Wells will be reasonably


happy. He would like your site to finish it off, if they can. This is


a shot behind him of Alex Cairns, got knocked out in the semifinal,


unavailable for this one. A bit like the match last year, for Inst,


Belfast College, defending manfully for the second half. So far Methody


have-nots, but cannot find the key. Inst making another replacement.


Josh Trainer, fantastic line-out throwing all afternoon. Sensible


catch at the front. Methody have that Thaksin. Thomas Gallagher


joining them. Up to the 22, over the 22. Trying to catch Inst offside.


Methody building up a considerable head of steam. Still going, making


contact with the man in front. Nothing illegal by that. Great work


by the Methody forwards. They have Inst stretched. They could


be in again. Well taken by Nathan McCullum


Here comes Gallagher, fellow back row forward. They have been


terrific. Gibbons, the big second row. Still there for Methody. Can


they get over the posts? Only a converted try between them.


Remember, they have long since stopped having extra time replays,


if it finishes level, then the cup is shared. Inst will certainly not


one that, they have not had a three in a row sequence for over 70 years.


Still therefore Methody. Inst give away the penalty. Jordan did that


well, buying the extra half second. Just giving away the penalty. Look


at the quality of the transfer of the pass. Off the left-hand.


Methody, to a man, playing at the epitome of a team. Maybe not the big


names, like Inst side, but playing for each other, giving everything.


Paul Kerr back on again. This will make it a whole different ball game.


No mistake from close range from Paul Kerr, all of a sudden looking a


lot rosier for Methodist College. After 22 minutes, they found


themselves 12-0 behind. More than clawing their way back. Inst looking


shell-shocked. Walking back to the kick-off. Losing their captain


Michael Lowry and they need someone else to step up and compete,


grabbing this by the scruff of the neck. As things stand, it is Methody


on the front foot. A bit too long. There goes McIlroy. Billy Gribben


coming on from the bench. Gathered by Inst.


And again, the rambling of the Lucent prop, Callum Reid well held.


A good gathered by Inst. David McCann, one of the first try


scorers. Inst need something here. Better stuff from Inst. Here is


Hume. Looks like a high tackle. Referee is happy enough.


Inst need to get a point of some kind.


Good tackle by Josh Trainer. Trying to prevent that coming back. Set up


by Paddy Finnegan. Inst getting closer. Callum Black becoming more


prominent. Inst's turn to get it wide. No advantage, Inst get the


putting on the scrum. Going back to type, the ball coming wide. Paul


Kerr, probably having the advantage on Hume, marshalling him brilliantly


midfield. Such a large part of the Inst offence, but Methody of


shutting down. Forcing him into unforced errors. Unusual for him.


Difficult part of this match. Quite a few guys going down, cramping.


They know the emotional side of it. A lot of build-up to this. The pitch


is heavy. It has been a high-quality game. The ball has been played for


an awful long time. Referee has had a tremendous game, letting the game


go. Traditional schoolboy rugby at its best. He has contributed in a


major way to this game. Refereeing it in the spirit of the game, with


sympathy. And the initial nog foreword by


RBAI, the holders. Just about 11 minutes and a bit to go. -- the


initial knock forward. More replacements coming on.


Gallagher tries to get away on the narrow side. He said the ball up


nicely for Methody to clear. They do clear but only by a matter of a few


metres. Gallagher has been the fulcrum of this Methody side.


Perhaps not the right option, going against the grain. Inst closing down


well. Good pressure from his opposite number. Yasser Omar. Just


to put Jordan under pressure with his box-kick. Inst still ahead 54


pints. -- four points. Anger Adair has come on for Inst. -- Angus. Son


of Andy. Former Ulster hooker. They have got the ball well protected out


of the back. O'Donnell with an -- Ridgers dummy. Well tackled by


Methody. Inst get the penalty. What do you do hear? You are less than a


try ahead. You have the chance of three points to go more than a try


had. Decision time. Given the conditions a kick at goal is not


straightforward. Yes it would put them back in the ascendancy. But


perhaps the scrum and running sometime off the clock if the right


call. -- some time. Given the increased superiority of Inst in the


scrum, it took them a while to exert that extra weight difference. There


is Charlie Cloke. He was very doubtful for this. He did


wonderfully well to get through an hour of this final. Straightaway we


see Inst sacrifice they left wing. He is standing just behind his


outside-half. Already they have a numerical advantage in terms of


what's available in the open play. Inst have got everybody behind the


scrum. That leads me to think they might be trying something clever.


That didn't look straight. Hume, the scorer of the conclusive try against


Campbell College a year ago. Taken on by McCann. Methody told to leave


the ball. The referee is playing advantage to Inst. Omar. Calum


Green... He had a go himself. -- Kalann read.


Methody hands in that legally. O'Donnell sets it up. Here come Inst


again. Hume trying to use his strength. Not really working. Again


Inst battling the Methody line. And again Methody hanging in there.


They're so close. Yasser Omar... Kalann read is standing by. Is this


his day? David Lyttle got it wide. Hume... A


battering ram. Silly pressure coming from the holders. Joe Finnegan...


Good covering tackle by the Methody skipper, Saulters. Now it is Callum


Reid. There were men outside. Yasser Omar... He managed to just keep his


composure and keep possession of the ball. Inst have said it up. They are


using the replacements. O'Donnell looking for a runner in the


openside. Calum Reid goes to ground. Good work on the ground by Josh


Trainor for Methody. Hume needed to give the ball. Just checked a little


bit. The Methody defence were up to him. Here they go again. McCann


manages to set it up. We have had six or seven minutes of solid Inst


pressure. They have gone through phase after phase after phase.


Methody have kept them out. Calum Green has knocked it forward. Five


minutes remaining of normal playing time. -- Callum Burton read.


Methodist College have put in an amazing shift. Yes, they have. Joe


Finnegan down. Rab is not a lot of advantage coming for Inst. I know


the referee had given the penalty underneath the posts. -- perhaps not


a lot of advantage. They would perhaps have wished to have gone


back and had the shot at three. New can't question this Methody defence.


It has been absolutely brilliant. The backroads superb. Young Jordan


at scrum-half. -- the back row superb. As Finnegan recovered from


his boat of cramp? There is no sign of Inst bringing anybody else on at


the moment. The rain has come in with a vengeance. We have got rain


and wind. Add a even noticing it? I don't think so. They are in the


zone. There is a long way for Methody to go. They are camped


inside their own five metre line. They haven't opened up this Inst


back line at any stage. They scored their try from phase play yes, but


off the set piece they haven't had a courting effect. -- courting. It


would be a Methody scrum. Adair, wearing number 21, on the far side


for Methody. In the front row, Gribben, reserve hooker a year ago.


Now reserve prop and on the side. Good pick up by Gallagher. Good run.


Taken down by David Lyttle. Methody need to get out of here. That was


the loosehead prop, Darren Morelli. He was the captain, Matty Loane. He


has played so well. Gallagher again. Possibly Methody's best player.


Taken on by Cameron Kelly. The Methody back row as a unit have been


pretty effective. Ben Crangle, only a youngster. 17 stone, the heaviest


man on the park. We'll Methody be tempted to kick? Maybe not. Dragged


over the line. That will be a five metre scrum. That was a very good


piece of tackling by McCann. Pierce McLernon, maybe Jim, the


replacement. Didn't he do well? He closed him down so well. You're


absolutely right. He is a very big unit. He kept his disappointment


under wraps at having played last year and not starting this year. He


was overlooked for Dermot Wallace, a replacement the previous year.


Pierce McLernon has come on and made presence felt. This is Inst's chance


to put this game to bed. One would expect maybe Omar and O'Donnell...


Their link play between eight and nine has been a joy to watch.


Perhaps a strike move involving Hume. Omar knocked it forward. Can


you believe that? He tried to be too clever. He tried to pick it up


one-handed. In this weather and in these conditions, you have got two


hands, young man. Stick it up your jumper, go Route one. Paddy Finnegan


was ready to pick it up. The set piece had been called. It was just


execution, Jim. Another man down with some cramp. It is Zach


Davidson, the Methody right wing three quarters. Always nice to see


an Inst man sorting out a Methody man! A bit of cross pollination from


the physio team. I can put my hand on my heart and say some of my best


friends are collegian 's! -- collegians! Inst making a


replacement. Ethan Field has come on and one of the try scorers as left


the field, David McCann. McCann has had a fine game. He played very well


in the semifinal. He followed it this afternoon. He can be well happy


with his afternoon's work. Lewis Lowry on for Methody. Wearing number


22. Lys Gomis ollie same place. This


time it is a Methody scrum. -- the scrum is in the same place. Lewis


Miller, in fact, has come on for a Methodist College, I beg your


pardon. Good tackling thereby Inst. And by Ethan Field. Methody Stoke,


as they have been for the last six or seven minutes, inside their own


22. They don't want to kick the ball because possession will be given


away. How do they get themselves out of your? I don't think a kick would


be a bad option. Given how unpredictable the conditions are.


Perhaps just rely on the bounce of the ball. They try to run it. Josh


Trainor has had a horrific game in the middle of the Methody front row.


Cramp affecting a lot of young men here this afternoon. Tough


conditions. Methody still struggling. Inst try to get the ball


away. Lovely flat pass by Armstrong. Callum Reid just about hangs onto


the Methody ball-carrier. Jordan was in there quickly. Trainor again, a


bolt of energy. Methody still inside their 22. That was John Bingham who


made some ground. Forward by Methody. Inst will get the putting


to the scrum. Six and a half minutes remaining. It will be difficult,


given the fact that Inst have got the ball now. It is a litany of


cramp on the pitch. Perhaps that decision from Inst that we talked


about in the Methody half, do they go for the post or kick the corner,


they chose to go for the latter and they have been ensconced down here


for the last 67 minutes. Methody unable to break them down from set


piece or phase play. Looks like Yasser Omar who is down injured.


Adam Fryers gives him a pat. The James Hume is having a word with his


number eight. He is a huge man. He is saying to him, get the ball at


the back of the scrum, pick it up and don't let go. Thomas Gallagher


has the cramp for a Methody. Another man still down with cramp. It has


been a very odd last ten minutes. At least half a dozen players going


down with cramp. It has been a seesaw location, the whole game. It


has ebbed and flowed brilliantly. Inst in the ascendancy for long


periods. This is what we see from the Methody back line, their ability


to move the ball under pressure. Inst came back really well after


looting their captain with ten or 15 minutes remaining. They have just


played the territory game. The game has lost some shape with the


injuries we have had. Perhaps that has played into Inst's hands.


Methody with just over a minute remaining. They have it all to do.


They have two turn it over and go 80 metres. Methody have won three cup


finals in a row back on the late 80s. I think it was 1989, 1990 and


19 91. Rhys O'Donnell is down injured. Conditions are pretty


horrible out there. The rain is coming streaming down.


Inst minutes away from their 32nd. One minute and a half to go, I can't


get the sums right. Before they think they can get their hands on


the cup at right for the 32nd time. They contested the very first final,


way back in 1876. With a loss to Armagh Royal. Rhys O'Donnell leaving


the field. On comes Robben They have made it three in a row for


the first time since the 1940s. Niall Armstrong. Inst still taking


it on. Final minute of this game. 70 minutes, silly me, thinking it was


80. Here come the boys of RBAI. 20 seconds to go. All


Inst have to do is hang on to the football. Armstrong. Armstrong is


slotted into scrum-half, where he played for Ulster schools quite


easily. They need someone to run. It is up, into touch. Inst, for the


first time in 70 years have won three successive Ulster Schools Cup


finals. The weather had a lot to say in this game. They gave the holders


and three-time winner is such a tough game, Methody. The strength of


the Inst pack, and the determination not to release this cup came through


in the end. Full marks to Methody and likewise RBAI, a final affected


by pretty dreadful conditions. In terms of commitment, strength and


skills, a pretty decent cup final. Let's hope they'll come through this


safely, MEC them playing again in the not too distant future at


whatever level. There you go, there it is. The 2017 Schools Cup final,


and for the third year in a row it will go to RBAI.


Willie Anderson and Ian Humphreys with me in the studio watching that.


Great second half, spectacular effort from both sides. Only a few


points scored. In such terrible conditions. Both sides wanted to


keep playing. Not many chances, but huge physicality. Many boys going


down with cramp. How much effort they put in. It was a good


old-fashioned dogfight out there. It really caught the imagination, the


whole way through the second half. Could have gone either way. Methody


with a few chances. Inst got back in the groove again. The last ten


minutes, probably the better side. Inst trying to celebrate, but they


are too tired. All out on their feet. The likes of James Hume, it is


the third one for many of them, but the last game they will play with


their mates. A lot of them enjoying the moment, savouring, and having a


good night tonight. Let's hear from the winning captain, Michael Lowry.


The winning captain, three times in a row, congratulations. Thank you.


What was it like to watch the last 20 minutes from the subs bench?


Really difficult, you want to be on the pitch. The boys really stuck at


it, I'm so proud of them. They showed real effort and grit. People


coming off the bench. Half of the bench could have been starting


today. Really putting in a last shift. We are overwhelmed. Mixed


emotions sitting on the bench. Shivering away. Incredible. It is a


pleasure and a privilege to lead such a great bunch of boys. Three in


a row, the first time Inst have done it since the 1930s. Incredible


feeling permit before the game we did not think about it. We had a


final game against Methody, our rivals from across the road. You


think about a third win, look back on it a couple years from now. Great


achievement. How is your knee? Hopefully get some ice on it, and


rest up. Once I got hit, my whole leg seized up, getting cramp


everywhere. Disappointing not to finish the 20 minutes. One of the


players on the bench, getting out there for the last 20 minutes, then


me popping along on one leg. I will let you collect the cup,


congratulations. Looks like he's fit enough to go and live that are


rather heavy trophy. Ian Humphreys, he has it all, young Michael Lowry.


Very good again today. You saw how Inst lost their shape when he went.


He made lots of clean break. Taking out of hand and distribution was


excellent. As we see some of the brilliant play, you know the guy


very well from your U19 work with Ulster. He's just a warrior, really


good. Save a try in the first half. Made a crucial tackle in the second


half, injuring himself. Such a fantastic player to coach. One of


those days, strange for a schoolboy to have so much experience. He


showed that today. You can see compare to the last couple of years,


looks so comfortable. He knew what was going on from bringing players


around him into the game. Comfortable on the pitch, let's see


how the years lifting the trophy. They are on their way up the steps.


COMMENTATOR: Mrs Dorothy Kingston, the wife of giving Kingston, of the


sponsors RBAI Bank has been handing out the medals to the losers. Now


the moment that every schoolboy rugby player really dreams about.


Michael Lowry, coming up two years in a row, getting the medals,


talking us through his team. Such an inspirational player for Inst, the


young outside half, doing it three years in a row. The trophy will be


presented by Mrs Maura McGivern. We will get everybody's names, getting


the medals. Cramp was the order of the day, some boys limping. Just


about coming through in the final. Neil Salters did not play two years


ago. David Wallace on the bench a couple of years ago. All the squad


coming up and getting medals. 23 medals presented. The oldest rugby


competition in Irish rugby. It will be presented to the winning captain


of RBAI, Michael Lowry. Used to be called the London United Hospitals


Cup. This appointment on the faces of the Methodist College boys. Had


not been in the final for three years. Spike this Inst victory, they


are still the most successful side in the history of this competition.


63rd final. On Inst's 57 final, they have won its 32 times. Absolutely


brilliant from both sides. Really good day. Also, even though we are


rivals, great deal of respect from both sides. We will go down to our


man on the right-hand side of the war memorial site. Waiting for the


wonderful treaty to be lifted, handed over to Michael Lowry. Seems


to be enjoying himself up there with the microphone. Since he did not


play a full game entitled to have a few words. In microphone is handed


back. The trophy is presented. Moira McKibben hands over the Ulster


Schools Cup to the captain of RBAI, Michael Lowry. For the third year in


a row, Inst are the Ulster Schools Cup champions. Not a bad day. Great


when that she'll goes up. Special experience, unfortunately I was on


the pitch with Methodist college twice. Those boys deserved. Second


half, Methodist College came back into it. Made a competition of it.


Inst deserve it. You know these boys at this level, how much credit to


both sets of players take? Fantastic. Really fantastic that it


was a tremendous game. They need to score just before half-time, that


was crucial, gave them relief in the second half. In fairness to them,


they came out and use the wind, the advantage with the weather very


well. Inst overall, particularly with Lowry, and standing. Thank you


Willie Anderson, and Ian Humphreys. The state of youth rugby is very


healthy. Congratulations to RBAI, it is their date, they have written


their piece of history in this great competition, the Ulster Schools Cup.


From all of us here, it is goodbye. In a breathtaking new series,


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Ireland's wild Atlantic Way. I've always wanted to travel the


length of Ireland's Atlantic coast, seeking out its secret places


and wild creatures. This must be the greatest gathering


of mammals in Ireland. They could be anywhere in the whole


ocean but they choose to be here. I love the sounds


of their breathing. Makes you see the country in


a whole new light.


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