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Derry v Tyrone

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Welcome to week two of the Championship. Welcome to Celtic


Park. It's the holders against Derry. Will it be say tasty,


sunshine football? Derry reveal absolutely nothing as they leave the


bus. They are defending in their own ground a substantial reputation, up


against Mickey Harte's men, current holders Tyrone. John -- Sean


Cavanagh with one last hurrah and very much the fulcrum. The full


sweep of the foil behind, snaking along. I have two of Ulster


football's finest front men alongside me. Is it Groundhog Day or


do we have cause for optimism? Always cause for optimism. Derry are


up against it today. The good thing for them is that no one expects


anything from them. Tyrone are overwhelming favourites, looking


very relaxed and it's up to Derry to bring something different than we


have seen so far this year. Do Derry have something different to bring,


Paddy? The bookmakers have Tyrone by five points and they don't often get


it wrong. Derry will be looking for a more spirited performance than


last year. Derry will have to get into Tyrone's faces and physically


match up to them and make it difficult. We welcome your comments


and observations. This is how to contact us at the usual social media


outlets. Get in touch and we will put your questions and observations


to the boys. We remember last year. Oshima killed well


what will Derry have learned? There was a bit of optimism around Derry


last year but it was soon quietened. The game was effectively over after


ten or 15 minutes. Derry showed very little fight and Tyrone put their


foot off the accelerator towards the end. 11 points flattered Derry in


the end. It seemed easy enough last year, Tyrone were in second gear. I


think Derry paid them too much respect, the likes of Neil Sludden,


McCann, and O'Neill, they were left untouched last year. Is that


resource there in Derry? Can Damian Barton get it out of them? That's


the thing, do Derry have the players that can do it? Going back to 2006,


when Derry were playing Omagh, nobody gave them a chance then, but


if they get the match-ups right, they will put them under pressure to


see what they've got. Let's see if our resident bloodhound has sniffed


out any pre-match news. For the second consecutive week, neither


manager has made any personnel changes. Although I would expect


some switches within the Tyrone setup, missing likes of Conal


McCann. All the talk this year has been, how do Tyrone play? Mickey


Harte in the latter stages tried Donnelly alongside Sean Cavanagh.


Donnelly is a two-time all-star at midfield. Wearing number 15 today,


but you would expect he would play the role around the centre of the


pitch. Conor Meyler at full forward, will probably play in that sector as


well. A lot of switches for Tyrone, not only in defence but into attack.


For Derry, everything I hear is that they will go very defensive in this


account. They are without the likes of... It'll be up to the likes of


Danny Tallon, the exciting young forward, to make the difference.


Paddy, take is on a trip through the Derry starting 15. It's a big day


for Ben McKinless in goals. Yet to play a senior Championship game with


his club. They welcome back Ciaran McFaul in


central defence. They have four inside forwards within the six


forward. Who will be the two forwards? We don't know. McGuckin,


you have looked at him. Do you expect he will be roving today? He


has been fit for the club for the last few league games. One of


Derry's best performers, Danny Heavron. Become ghost between the


midfield and forward line and he can score. Expecting McGuckin and Danny


Heavron to come out. They will need big games for Tyrone today. Looking


at last it, that will be the blueprint. It is. A lot of changes


in Tyrone in that time. Looking at the defensive changes, they haven't


got a huge amount of experience. Hampsey is the most inexperienced


going in there. A lot revolves around the half forward line and how


they can break forward. In the middle of the field, McCann, Conor


Meyler and McGeary, they have brought their form into today. They


will be the biggest players. The biggest conundrum is how they line


up upfront. Bradley will stay inside, and I expect Sean Kavanagh


to stay inside with Sludden in a diamond formation. All the other


players are quite defensive minded and they will be expected to do a


bit of work behind the ball. The big thing that Tyrone -based most things


on is Tiernan McCann breaking forward. And Peter Harte, he is the


constant in the Tyrone team and the one you can rely on. He is normally


man marked by the opposition. The big thing about Peter Harte is that


last year he played in an Ulster final and kicked an unbelievable


score to get Tyrone over the line in that game. I think he has brought a


lot to his game since then. He realises now he's one of the older


members of the team and is a leader. Tyrone need to get scores from all


over the field. They don't have marquee forwards. O'Neill, McCurry


and Murkowski worthy/ steer. None of them are starting now. They don't


have a marksman. -- worthy starters last time out. Peter Harte can punch


holes in your defence. Looking at the Derry team, I would like to see


Ciaran McFaul. He is fit and has some fight in his game. There are


rumours Enda Lynn might pick him up. Caris Williams is also there. You


have Niall Sludden, so they have three or four guns, Tyrone. Is there


enough cutting edge with Derry upfront if McGuckin is withdrawn?


It's a big day for Danny Tallon and Niall Loughlin in particular. I


taught Niall Loughlin in school up until a couple of years ago. Two


young lads. He has shown piles of ability. It's a big day whether they


can get much change out of a very experienced Tyrone full-back line.


If you are looking for something different from Derry today, you


would expect them to have the intensity. It sounds old school, but


get into Tyrone's faces. You would expect that to be different this


year. The team is under Damian Barton, so I would expect them to


get in their faces, maybe even early on. Armagh did it Cavan a couple of


years ago. Maybe that's where Derry need to start today. We will hear


more from you part-time and full-time. We invited clubs from


across the province to get in touch last week to let us know what's


going on at grass roots level. Among those to follow up was the Saint


Paulclub from Belfast. Managed by the man who took Antrim to their


last all hurling final. A man who has dedicated his life to hurling. A


great day out for all. You can get more of that coverage on the BBC


sport Northern Ireland website. And keep in touch through the usual


social media outlets. It's the quarterfinal of the Ulster


championship, a first outing of the summer for the holders, Tyrone. Can


Derry stage an ambush? The match commentary team. We can join Thomas


Niblock. COMMENTATOR: The players led by Enda Lynn hoping for the best


today. Hoping for the victory, but out of the inner core of Derry in


footballers, expectation in the county has perhaps never been lower.


Nobody except one person I met coming into the ground expects Derry


to win today. A siege mentality built for those men on the inside


because Tyrone have shown their class, the defending champions. But


there is something in the air whenever Derry play Tyrone that


gives Derry a chance, something to suggest it won't be as


straightforward as we think it is. Martin McCue is with me and


commentary. It was said in the week that the rivalry no longer exists


between Derry and Tyrone because Derry have fallen so far behind. Any


truth in that? Looking at last year's match, the last five times


they have played, Tyrone have won easily every time they have played.


They have to use that stuff, put it up in the dressing room and get back


to the Derry fight that we knew way back. I remember when I was playing


football, Derry were the hardest team to beat and they always came up


with someone. I remember wanting to play Tyrone as all Ireland


champions. They put everyone behind the ball and won by six points. I


expect Derry to get in their faces today and put some pride back in the


jersey. The disappointing thing is, they are playing at home and they


barely got a cheer when they came out of the field. Tyrone look like


the home team. There doesn't seem to much faith in the Derry team. The


inner core, the red and white jerseys in a huddle before throw in.


If the belief is there, it doesn't matter what everybody thinks. The


finely tuned legs of the Tyrone players. Number 14, Sean Cavanagh,


what a player to still be going so strong but he insists it's his final


season. I saw somebody doing an interview with him and I found out


how many players he has played with. He has had some difference from the


tiny started. A great credit to Tyrone and himself and a great role


model. We will have a moment's reflection because there have been


two deaths in the Derry family in last couple of weeks. Dermot Devlin,


a former chairman, lived in Magherafelt most of his life. He


passed away and was buried on Friday. County chairman between 75


and 77. And Tommy Doherty, the man who played in the 1958 Derry team


against Dublin in the final. Tommy and Dermot will be remembered here


in a moment's silence. A round of applause around Celtic


Park. Hannah Ferguson singing for us. Ben McKinless, number one, he


played with the minors last year, his first year with senior football,


between the sticks. His 14th year as the championship referee, and he


refereed the all Ireland final replay between Dublin and Mayo in


2016. We will need his experience today because when Derry and Tyrone


typically clash, there is generally fireworks. And he knows all about


them. What you said is true. You need leaders on a field. Doesn't


matter what age you are, you have to become a leader, and we know Tyrone


have them in Sean Kavanagh and Peter Harte. Derry have to show leadership


qualities and this is the day to do it. They can already see everybody


moving about. All the different changes. McGuckin at full forward,


going straight to the middle of the field. So has Ciaran McFaul. It's


helter-skelter in terms of who lines up where. It doesn't really matter,


15 against 15, the ball thrown in and Kavanagh takes it. A free for


Derry taken quickly. A free, the referee says yes. We have seen a


tactic, the ball to Bradley. Using his experience to hold off his man


and draw the foul. Very strong upper body and very small on the ground!


Maqueda going over the top of him. Carlus McWilliams, he played sweeper


all year for Derry but has moved forward, but expect him to move back


to play sweeper. Peter Harte, the last time he kicked a ball in the


Ulster championship, it was the winning score in the final against


Donegal last year. His first kick in the Championship of 2017 is one he


would perhaps like to forget. It's something Tyrone need, a natural


free taker. In the late 80s and early 90s Tyrone didn't have a


dedicated free taker to get them over the line. Tyrone like a


clinical free taker to snap them up. Tyrone. Peter Harte shooting off his


left boot, going to the right and wide. That is uncharacteristic for


somebody with his talent. It's not like him. The first chance was an


easy one to put over the bar. It will affect his confidence. Too bad


wides by a quality player. Brendan Rogers charging forward. Ciaran


McFaul to Enda Lynn, the captain and leader of the team driving at the


heart of the Tyrone defence. Brilliant tackling by Kieran


McGeary. He got his hand in. Tyrone straightaway up the field. Conal


McCann, the brother of Tiernan McCann, giving it to the man inside.


Mattie Donnelly, don't expect to see him in the full forward line. Rogers


driving at the Derry defence. Creating some space. He has been


bottled up. Tries the flick to get it into the path of Mattie Donnelly.


A side ball for Derry. Good defending by Derry. We saw great


defending by Kieran McGeary at the other side as well. Very defensive


from both teams, playing with a lot of men behind the ball. Derry on the


attack. Ball in the hands of Benny Heron. He decides to go backwards


giving it to the centre-half forward Niall Loughlin. The fellow club man


of Loughlin, Enda Lynn. 14 behind the ball. Ryan Bell trying to take


on three players but bottled up. Chocs the ball back out. Chrissy


McKaigue. Enda Lynn has found some space. He goes for the score with


the outside of the boot but it doesn't curl in enough. Goes wide.


Derry's first wide. With both teams behind the ball a lot you need to be


able to score from distance. It's important to do that in training.


The other thing you don't want to do is carry the ball into tackles.


Niall Sludden made his Championship debut last year in this same


fixture. A long ball coming in. Brendan Rogers adjudged to have


fouled Sean Cavanagh. A free in from the 30 metre line. Great experience


from Sean Cavanagh. The ball going over their heads. He did really well


to doubt his hand into Brendan Rogers. Needs to be cute. Derry


teams in the past taught a lot of players to have their hands out when


the referee is looking. Sean Cavanagh going to hit this one. A


change of free taker. Kicks from the 13. The umpire's flag goes up. A


point to Derry, Sean Cavanagh with the first score. Looks like Bradley


and Sean Cavanagh, a little and large inside. Looks like Sean


Kavanagh will knock down to Bradley. Well won by McGuckin. Takes the


mark. Derry on the attack. Straightaway comes Conor McAtamney.


Bottled up but gets a free in. Switches the play straightaway.


Ciaran McFaul driving down the right-hand side. Going for an


ambitious shot. It doesn't have the accuracy. Two wides for Derry. Still


a point between the teams. No doubt they have been practising their


long-range kick in. The referee blowing for a short range kickout.


Derry working on a long kick in, but the two shots so far have been


disappointing. Maurice Deegan brings the ball up, asking to players to


come in. Ryan Bell of Derry and, Kavanagh of Tyrone. Tyrone went up


straightaway. Barry Heron three straightaway. For the briefest of


seconds he was through on goal. Maurice Deegan said he travelled.


You can't carry it into the tackle like that. Interesting and Peter


Harte asked what he gave the free four, that his experience.


Conor Meyler weaving his way through the Derry defence. Had a magnificent


game against Derry last year. Man of the Match that day.


Tyrone had it a few minutes ago but now Derry have all 14 players behind


the ball. Colm Cavanagh gives undergoes but doesn't take the


return pass. Instead Bradley tries to slip it inside to Sludden. Shot


down from behind by Mako Tammy. The face tells his own story. He knows


that. You have to be disciplined in the tackle. Put the pressure on the


referee to blow for over tackling. You can't make a tackle like that.


Why make slightly more difficult this time. Further from goal and


outside the D, but in line with the red spot of the crossbar at Celtic


Park. Over it goes. Sean Cavanagh with his 235th appearance for the


Tyrone senior teams. That's some record. He's important. They have


brought a lot of young lads through and it's very important sideline


ball for Tyrone. Conor Meyler kicks it short to Tiernan McCann. Peter


Harte trying to move forward. Gets to Mark Bradley, who has seen a lot


of the ball in the opening stages of the game. Shot from Conal McCann.


You have called it right, Mark Bradley is causing problems. What


he's brilliant at is running off the ball and his ability to make space.


He can make five or six runs off the ball. That's what you need him for.


And he's very unselfish. He has made their last two scores. Danny Heavron


gets his mitts on the ball for the first time. Perhaps they will be


tempted to go for a score here. Instead they leave it to Ryan Bell,


ever a very capable player of scoring from this range. The


Ballinderry club man. A difficult first free. It does have the


distance but lacks a bit of accuracy. It goes right and its


Derry's third wide. All from long range as well. Two from play and one


from that free. The movement of fronts doesn't look good for Derry.


They seem to be taking potshots from distance. Niall Loughlin adjudged to


have taken a foul. Tyrone take it short. Mark Bradley again, tempted


to take on his man. He tries to scoop it in but the referee blows


his whistle. Derry are struggling with Mark Bradley. He dipped his


shoulder. Did enough to get in front of the Derry player. At the very


worst he was going to be found. Time to make a switch with Niall Keenan


coming across to pick him up. Bradley is very small. Sometimes we


say the modern-day game is for the big, physical man. But when a small


man can could put his body in like that, with the vision and pacey has,


this free should go over. Peter Harte knocks it over the bar. The


fourth time in ten minutes Derry have committed a foul inside their


own 45 metre line. Three of the four points Tyrone have have come


Ronan McNamee pops the ball outside. Sludden, a bit of argy-bargy off the


ball. Brennan finds Sludden, who missed much of the league because of


a hamstring injury. Good ball inside. Chopped down again but the


referee says no foul. A third man tackle. Noise from the fans, the


referee says play away. Tyrone win it back with Sludden again at the


heart of things. Peter Harte pops it outside. McGeary at tempted to go


for a score. It's caught by Ben McKinless. First Championship start


at the age of just 19. Niall Loughlin. Strangely very quiet at


Celtic Park. Ciaran McFaul pops it inside.


Chrissy McKaigue. Five passes and Derry haven't made a metre. Perhaps


they will now. Emmett McGuckin. As the dummy and sells it well. ,


McCague, could be tackled. The on running Sean Kavanagh doesn't tackle


him. Derry are patient in their build-up. McGuckin making runs in


the forward line but have sold well by Rory Brennan and Derry give the


ball away. It's good defence from Tyrone. A Derry man is down asking


for help, looks injured. The referee says play away. Colm Cavanagh gives


it back. Conor Meyler with the shot, knew he would be blocked. The ball


is played on. Mark Bradley, so quick on the turn. He gets space for


himself. It's a super score. Brilliant point for Mark Bradley. He


lit up the Tyrone Championship this year. Mickey Harte will be very


happy with that. Derry are struggling to mark him. You fear for


Derry already in this match. They have no system to their play up


front at all. Looking at the Tyrone team. Interestingly half forward


team. Kieran McGeary, Niall Sludden and Conor Meyler, they are causing


problems already. Both men went for the ball and Niall Sludden seems to


have accidentally clipped his ankle. Yellow card given to Kieran McGeary.


Ryan Bell looks in a severe state of pain. The yellow card is for the


late tackle he had early on. That's a black card. Ryan Bell looks in big


trouble. One of the finest underage football is coming through the Derry


system, and he is being lifted on his feet. -- footballers coming


through the Derry system. Derry just stopped him. If that is a third man


tackle... Enda Lynn kind of ran into him as well. The fact the referee


felt it was a third man tackle, but then figuring out he had given the


ball, so they go with a yellow card. The half forward line are causing


problems with their pace. Derry try to make sure they don't give away a


goal. Tyrone on the attack straightaway. Peter Harte operating


at full forward. Back out to Mark Bradley. And he is human!


Mattie Donnelly is such a ferocious tackler. Derry have yet to score.


Perhaps they will now. Mattie Donnelly gave it away. Danny Heavron


trying to weave his way through, chopped down, and it will be a free


Fred Perry. They need to give the crowd a lift. They need to give


everybody a lift. They have had the three shots, they are not happy with


the ball. He probably said, if it is a Derry


free, we will kick the ball out. Derry's top scorer is suspended. 50%


of his scores have come from frees. It has the direction. Hanging in the


air. A good point from Niall Loughlin. Just one point from play


so far. That is a great score. But Tyrone have been the better side.


Their pace is causing a lot of problems.


The referee says there is a foul, and it will be a free. Conal McCann


coming through, Benny Heron held his arm. He started reasonably


impressively today. Has he kicked a point from play as well? What he is


very good at is taking the ball off the shoulder at pace. That is what


you need, with teams getting blanket defence. It is Sean Cavanagh's third


score today. Derry need to get into this game, otherwise it will be over


at half-time. It does not look good for them. You need people who want


the ball, they do not want the ball, they are letting somebody else do


it. The next ten minutes will be important for them, to stay in the


match. That is a great score. That is what


you do, pull out wide, cos teams cover the D, that is a good score.


That is the first long-range point that they have. If there has been


any criticism of Tyrone, they lacked a cutting edge. They had 15 wides


against Mayo, there were five points up against Dublin, with ten or 15


minutes to go, and Dublin one that, or ended up winning a draw. There


has been an accusation, but they are doing well at the moment. They free,


Danny McKeever and protests. He will not change the referee's mind. Total


indiscipline. They will make sure they will not concede a goal, but


they have given away silly frees. They will kick them over the bar.


Brilliant play again by Mattie Donnelly, taking the ball at pace,


that is what is causing the problems. What you said against the


Mayo game, Tyrone always have possession, they have to convert


that into schools. Sean Cavanagh, right footed, he was never going to


miss that. He extends the lead to five. What would you say is Derry's


biggest problem so far? They do not seem to have a system. Individually


they are trying to do it and hoping that it will work out, and they need


people to take the game by the scruff of the neck. Their


indiscipline is terrible so far. Conal McCann doing well to break


down the ball. A free for Tyrone. Niall Sludden, schoolteacher, an


impressive season in 2016. The ball has height and direction.


Two goals between the teams. Brilliant again. Simple enough


football. Put your body on the line, Comcast and got it, laid it off to


his team-mate, Rory Brennan putting pressure on, kicks a good score.


Niall Loughlin and Ronan McNamee the only players in the Tyrone half of


the field. Congested in the Derry half, it has seen most of the


action, most of it in the hands of the Tyrone players. A sideline ball


for Tyrone. He slid in and got it off the deck.


Even though Peter Harte Mrs two easy chances, he has the confidence, he


seems to be able to shrug it off and continue with his normal game. That


is a good sign, mentally strong, which is very important. We do not


want any more of those today. It is all Tyrone so far. Derry have been


disappointing. Get into their faces and put pressure on, but they have


not done it at all. Peter Harte, left footed. It goes wide. You


almost feel bad for bringing it up, but it has come up in the last two


or three years, frees. They do not have a take that they can rely upon.


I would give the left footed ones to Mark Bradley. He is a brilliant free


kick for his club. Take the pressure off Peter Harte, and use him in a


different role, what he is good at. Perhaps they are taking the


responsibility of him. Derry are really struggling to get


the ball inside the Tyrone 45 metre line.


Such is the way of modern-day Gaelic football. Mickey Harte gave a


passionate plea this week of how good a Gaelic football is, and he


thinks people are criticising too much about it. That wide, Enda Lynn


kicked it, but who is trying to block the ball? Mark Bradley. That


is the way it is. The difference in the teams, Tyrone had play that


football, Derry do not know. They are playing at pace, but Derry are


laboured, Assen get back. I think he was fouled, that is a bad


decision. Emmett McGuckin has been relatively


quiet so far. It is a good score from Ciaran


McFaul. It is important to keep the four or five points. That is better


movement. Enda Lynn is the one player who can add the pace, so they


need to get him on the ball. The umpire says it is wide. The kick


out he can very quickly. If you are a frustrated Derry manager on the


sideline and you are trailing by five points and somebody in your


team has plenty of space, the kick out is hit to perfection, but he


picks the ball up off the ground to give away a free... He has given it


because he was not outside the 20 metre line when the ball was kicked.


That is the rule. Another wide. That is their fifth. The last couple of


attacks, Tyrone, they have been too confident. Rory Brennan and Mark


Bradley. That time, Sean Cavanagh. The buzz of anticipation when Enda


Lynn gets the ball. There was a foul, a free for Derry. A chance for


Benny Heron to get his name on the scoresheet. Enda Lynn going in one


direction and another. The tackle comes in, he is brought down, it is


a free. A chance to narrow the gap. Danny Heavron will take it.


A fantastic free. Brilliant, and let's give credit to Enda Lynn. He


has run at Tyrone and cause them to file, and they have kicked a good


score, two good schools. The kick by Ciaran McFaul, and that one, so two


important scores. He gets it. The halfpipe increases


the lead. I know Peter Harte is playing in the forward line, but


Tiernan McCann and Rory Brennan have points, you need scores from there.


That sums up the difference, Tyrone can hit the long-range points, Derry


are missing them. Danny Tallon not able to make it.


Let's go pitch side to Thomas. Tyrone preparing to make a change,


Frank Burns will replace Kieran McGeary. Chrissy McKaigue is picking


up Mattie Donnelly, tracking him, each means you are missing Chrissy


McKaigue in an attacking sense. The replacement is straight on the


field of play. A high tackle, the referee says it


is a free. Brendan Rodgers is very comfortable in possession.


Tyrone just look better. Two balls that Derry try to kick. Work the


hand pass. This is where they are dangerous, breaking at speed. That


one drops short. Mattie Donnelly is such a committed


defender, a fabulous player. The referee says it is a free the


Derry. Derry had to work hard to get it. I blame Tyrone, they have taken


three potshots. Taking the wrong option. They are getting a bit


overconfident. You have to put the team away, but Derry are getting


scores of it. Earlier on, they were taking the right options, giving the


ball to Mark Bradley, but they. Doing that. Sometimes the players


think, I will kick a point here. This is a critical time for Derry.


If they keep in touch, there will still be a game at half-time, but if


Tyrone bank one into the net, that could be curtains. We saw that last


week in Donegal, Antrim were going OK, but then in the final five


minutes the game was lost. This is difficult for Benny Heron. It goes


wide. Sometimes they are better kicked out of your hands, because


you can gain a couple of yards. He is good off the ground, that was


disappointing. Tyrone too well to regain


possession. Mark Bradley has been the go to man


during the first half an hour. The referee says it is a free. Niall


Keenan is a superb young footballer, and he is able to stick with him and


stay there, but despite their best efforts, Mark Bradley almost seems


on Mark Noble. Niall Keenan did really well the. He will be


disappointed. It is hard to see the Derry numbers. They have made the


switch we talked about, they have put Niall Keenan across, he is doing


well. Mark Bradley loves the solo dummy, he is the one player who


keeps doing it. It is hard to do it in the modern game.


Do not know how long it is since Tyrone scored, but they have gone


off the boil a bit. It is their sixth wide. They are well in control


of the game as it approaches half-time.


Derry having more success over the far side.


Tyrone making it so difficult for Derry to make any kind of space.


That is three times they have kicked stupid balls M. Derry try to force


it, which is bad news against Tyrone's event.


The referee says it is a camera grow. Ciaran McFaul and Carlos


McWilliams remonstrating with the referee. But the free has been


given. Two minutes of added time. He has the hand up, the high tackle.


You have to keep your hands down. You make a high tackle, you make it


easy for the referee. The yellow card. Tyrone are getting away with


short kick out. Derry should push up on them and get more belief, they


did not show belief earlier. When Tyrone break, they are dangerous. A


free for Tyrone. Over the bar. Five points for Sean


Cavanagh, Derry's eight foul inside their own 45 metre line, and they


have been punished. That sums it up. Derry, their discipline, five points


from Sean Cavanagh, and they could have had more from frees.


Tyrone Flood everybody back. Well taken by Conor McAtamney. The


goalkeeper misses it. Danny Tallon went in to get a hand on it. Enda


Lynn is chopped down it will be a free for Derry. The talk about


blanket defences, with players running at them, the tackle has


gone. Teams are struggling to tackle. If you get a one-on-one


situation, we have seen it today, there has been scoring from frees


given away. You tell the junk player, where you


will take it, and go through all four yards ahead. The half-time


whistle has been blown, it does not seem like a Championship game.


Pedestrian at times, but Tyrone have their noses in front. Derry lack


confidence and belief. Disappointing, they are not running


to the dressing room, they are taking up a jog. You should care to


the dressing room, get sorted out. Tyrone have been the better team.


Mark Bradley the best player in the first half. It is looking like an


easy enough victory for Tyrone. You improved as the half went on. It


took us a while to get going, but once we started to run at them, and


force them into the tackles, we created mayhem. The tackle at the


other end is a source of concern. With do not want to give away so


many frees. Mark Bradley cause you problems early on. Yes, Niall Keenan


is on there now, he has done a good job. We need more of that throughout


the field, engage with the tackle. How important is it to have pace in


attack? You were started to get the rewards, especially with Enda Lynn


and Ciaran McFaul. We went to lateral and we started to go across


the field and back, and that lets them get their shield up. We need


more of that, need to get Danny Tallon on the ball, give him the


platform. If that one of the big concerns? So much excitement from


him, but he has not isolated at times. It is because we are dropping


men back. He will get on the ball in the second-half when it opens up,


and will see some scoring from him. Will there be belief in the dressing


room that you can turn around the 5-point deficit? I think so, the


guys are positive. Damien will make sure they are. Plenty to discuss in


the studio. Putting a positive spin on it. Our


mystery player, some said it was too easy last week, but this week we


have gone back to black and white. It has be flummoxed, but let us


know, we will reveal all before the second half starts. Not a clue, I


thought it was John Deere! No bad jokes, I promise! A lot of you have


been getting in touch, we will go over the first half during


half-time. Let's begin with Tyrone, notwithstanding that Sean Cavanagh


took the frees, some fine scoring from play also, a lot of boys. We


talked about the ability of the middle eight, they have all been


effective. They have dominated in that area.


They do not just rely on the mid-late. In Mark Bradley they have


a good target man. He has been excellent. They just have that bit


more quality. They are playing as a team. Some great passages of play


through the middle. Well rehearsed. The fast hands to create shots for


the players at pace, and they are cutting through Derry at will. If


you of your comment, Derry to give Tyrone a scare, I am not sure! Pete


is on fashion watch, he says Tyrone rocking their new socks. Another


person says, I hope the referee does not steal the teams' thunder. How do


you feel he has performed? It has not been great. We normally prefix


this stuff when we talk about referees by saying that it is a


difficult game. He got this wrong? Mark Bradley has done well. He has


bought it. It is harmless. We normally say it is a difficult game


to referee, but this game has not been particularly. The thing that


bothers me about that incident, there are three things wrong, he


waves play on, he goes back to say it is a third man tackle, and gives


him a yellow card. The black cod is there, let's implemented. I do not


think there was a hell of a lot in it. For a game that has not come to


life yet, it is not the usual cut and thrust, imagine if the game was


close with five minutes to go, it is those little things. Tyrone have got


nine free kicks inside 45 metre line. It is a long time since they


have got that many in a match. For Derry to have any chance, they need


everything to go in their favour. I talked about how I wanted very to be


physical, but how can you be physical if the referee is going to


give the soft frees? We called the majority of them in real-time.


Derry's biggest problem is they need to come and attack Tyrone from the


middle of the field, rather than letting them into the 45. If they


are printing their line out a bit, no harm being defensive, but bring


the line out, if they create a free situation, it is not capable. They


will kick 40, 50% of them. We will go pitch side, is Emmett McGuckin


working midfield? Thomas, you have found somebody down there.


We taught him to think into sandwiches in the stands, a


different role now, having a nice time now. Happy with the decision? I


think the time had come, with injuries. I tried my best to get up


to that level again, but it was not to be. Watching the game today, not


to say that it isn't difficult, but I am happy with my decision, and in


the build up this morning you wish you were there, but I am happy now


that I am sitting back with my wee girl and discussing what is going


on. Are you still in a Tyrone WhatsApp


group? I quickly left. No time to get messages up when I'm in the gym.


In terms of the Tyrone first half performance, dominated possession


and chances, but only five points ahead on the scoreboard. The shot


selection per towards the end of the half, how much will it concern you


in the dressing room? They had a couple of nice easy frees to settle


themselves into the game. Tyrone were more efficient going forward.


Breaking through with numbers and quick hands and creating pockets for


the shots. In comparison to Derry coming forward, they were more


lethargic. They weren't coming with numbers and Tyrone defending made


their job easy. Tyrone have slacked off a bit towards the end of the


half. Five points, Tyrone could be disappointed, they will feel they


could be further ahead. Mark Bradley's nickname is sparky. He's


certainly providing that spark with his contribution on and off the


ball. He's been watched running off the ball. He's a bit like McGuigan.


Reading the space and invading it where he needs to be. Not so much


always getting the ball but creating pockets for the half forwards and


halfbacks and midfielders to run onto. He's never happy with the one


run, he makes continuous ones and it's a headache for the Derry


defence. You have played with the likes of Canada, Murray and O'Neill.


So much talk about Tyrone having a marquee forward who can grab for


five per game and grab goal. There are a lot of younger fellas coming


in and it's difficult to compare them. The likes of Stephen O'Neill,


McGuigan, these are the among the greatest players to play the game. I


think in time these boys will will get their opportunity. They are


building themselves up and it will come for them eventually. Best


player you played with and best you played against? Stephen O'Neill and


Peter Cameron for his movement off the ball. And Colin Cooper for his


vision of the ball for who I played against. Let's hope McGuigan hasn't


taken all the sandwiches. STUDIO: Comparisons across generations are a


little invidious, but we can say big Joe was a good one with two or


Irelands to his name. Is the withdrawn role working today? It


isn't. He has played full forward in the last three or four years and


that hasn't worked either so they decided to try some different. He is


not known for his mobility, he's a good ball player. Derry occasionally


flattered to deceive. We can look at a couple of the scores. Loughlin


particularly impressive. Enda Lynn has spotted... They have a load of


space down the left-hand side all the time. This time for a change


instead of shuffling the ball across, Loughlin takes it on himself


and has a go. This is another great point from Ciaran McFaul. He was


continuously getting forward into those positions but refused to


shadow three or four times. When you are in that opportunity and you are


25, 30 yards from goal, you have to have a pop. Danny Heavron Komula


said he would nail that long-distance. I picked him as my


one to watch before the game. He kicks scores regularly in club


football. Derry are relying on wonder points. They are far too


lateral. Derry had the ball for a minute throwing the ball sideways.


Tyrone injected pace down the field. That is happening far too often.


Some of you watching a none too impressed with what's on offer.


Ciaran Fleming says, this is utter garbage. Another view, this is


absolute poison. Are we peddling something of a Lineham? Has Gaelic


football become very defensive and just a little staid? This man


doesn't think so. Life has moved on. People don't drive Ford Anglia cars


any more. The game moves on as well. We have to take ourselves out of the


past and live in the present and accept this is the best at the


minute. In time it will change and people will move it to a different


place and the game will evolve in a different direction. We shouldn't


listen to those people who keep saying things, even though they say


it with conviction. Saying something with conviction doesn't make it


right. I rather suspected Ciaran Fleming and our other viewers saying


it was poison were saying it with conviction. Are you in the Mickey


Harte camp or the poison camp? I'm somewhere in the middle. Some of the


Gaelic football on offer nowadays is really good at some of it not so


good. If you are addicted ago example of modern-day football, have


a look at today's game. The first 45 minutes is an encapsulation of what


we see every week. One team who is willing to go forward, who have a


bit of cohesion about them, who are defensively sound and able to break


quickly. And the other team seem to be making it up as they go along. We


will broaden the discussion post match into the state of the modern


game, but in brief, how do you feel? They will play how they see fit. He


might think he doesn't have the resources of other teams, so they


have to set up in a certain way. Tyrone play that game quite well.


The problem is, Derry are trying to mirror that today and they can't do


it. There is almost a two tier system in Ulster now with the top


three teams, Thai room, Monaghan and Donegal. -- Tyrone, Monaghan and


Donegal. We didn't expect a huge amount from the two games last week.


They were competitive up until half-time and then that bit more


quality. The efficiency of those better teams when they go forward,


and the opportunities they take and the right options they take, and we


consistently see it with the teams plying their trade in divisions two


and three and four who get themselves into a


and three and four who get to win the game, and they are not


able to do it because they haven't been playing at the top level.


Tyrone under pressure every week when they play in the league. You


can see that. They can take the right options more times than not.


Let me develop that point. You have a player, the likes of Chrissy


McKaigue out there, who if you were handing out plaudits for Player of


the Year at club level, you would be in that conversation, he can


dominate right throughout, but how can he be peripheral in a match like


this? It's a totally different game. He dominates in club football when


he has a chance to push forward and kick scores. His club team have a


system, but Derry today don't have one. They haven't had much time to


work with what they are doing. But Chrissy has been a peripheral figure


today. I wanted to reveal our mystery player. Oisin McConville


seems to know who it is. There is the John Deere, and there is Down's


Brendan McArdle looking rather resplendent. Willie Quinn was the


first person to get it right. They credit to you. I think the teams are


coming out. You predicted ten points in the newspaper for Tyrone. Are you


sticking with that? It could even be more. Derry could bring something


different in this second half, and they need to. Let's go back to


Martin McCue and Thomas Niblock in commentary. COMMENTATOR: There is


Mickey Harte, his 15th year as the Championship, senior Championship


for Tyrone. Sean Cavanagh has worn the white and red shirt more than


any other player. What Dugarry have to do, in a nutshell? If there's one


thing that they could improve upon to make a difference, what is it? We


always said the third quarter is a winning quarter. It's an important


one for them. They need to win the throw and get the ball through.


Kieran McGeary being taken. He wasn't injured, he picked up a


yellow card in the first half. Mickey Harte has made that decision


to pull him because he was working on a hard-working midfield. Mark


Bradley walking to the Derry goalkeeper, knocking him to the


ground to put some pressure on. Certainly packed a punch in the


first half. One substitution in the Tyrone team with Ronan McNabb,


number 22, coming on. Conor Meyler has gone off. We're off and running


in the second half. The ball into the field of play and straightaway


Tyrone and Niall Sludden win the ball and the break. The referee says


Noel arm was dragging him down. Martin McCue, here's what happened.


What did you make of it? Not a lot to it, just getting to know each


other. Giving the big and a push and going to ground. We have seen a lot


worse than that. Definitely in the past in Ulster Championship matches.


Padraig Hampsey, a former Ulster championship boxer. Maybe he can


bring some fight. A moment of perfection. Derry coming away on the


counterattack. Niall Keenan attacking up the field. Still going.


Enda Lynn passes to Ciaran McFaul. Niall Keenan looking for help. A bit


of space. Brilliant play from the quarterback. He is an accomplished


footballer. The Kasold Dawson man is marking one. The field and also


doing well at the front. Brilliant play. He was given the job to mark


Mark Bradley. Nick Williams the sweeper dropped back on Mark Bradley


to cover him. It's lovely to see a cornerback doing so well. That's


what Derry need to do. Fantastic young footballer, Niall Keenan. Had


a chemical engineering exam this week. He's at Queens University. He


is a decent footballer. The past moving outside to Sean Cavanagh. He


can do a dummy very easily. Going backwards at the same time. McCann


has already scored one, will he go for another. He goes the other way


and passes it back. Niall Sludden goes one way, then the other.


McAtamney keeping a close eye on him. Kicked backwards to Colin


Kavanagh. -- Colm Cavanagh. And now Sean Cavanagh with loads of room.


It's over the bar. We talk about this long-range kick in. It's very


hard for Brendan Rogers to do anything with it. That's leadership.


What a score when they were just knocking the ball around. He kicks


his first point from play today. His first point from play but his sixth


in toto. Sean Cavanagh hitting more than 50% of Tyrone's scores. Not bad


for a man who will retire at the end of the season. Barry Heron charging


forward. Barry Heron trying to give it inside to Enda Lynn who finds


some space. He goes for the point instead of the goal. In any other


circumstance you would say it's the right choice, but when you are


losing to the level Derry are at the minutes, should he have to goal? It


should have passed to Niall Loughlin to his left. Maybe taken the ball


back. Niall Loughlin coming into the picture there. If you get that goal


chance, and Enda Lynn has been Derry's best player.


Ronan McNamee kicks back inside to Bradley. Bradley doesn't need all


that space to be affected, but he hits wide. His right isn't as good


as his left. It will be a goal kick, taken quickly, and Derry come out of


their own 45 metre line. Brendan Rogers, his attacking capabilities


have been restricted. Trying to march on Cavanagh. Heavron is


chopped down from behind. Did well to win a free. I just think they


should, Danny Heavron, whoever takes it, should kick with the left foot


and take it out of his hands. The shoulder from Conor McAtamney. The


run forward from Niall Keenan has definitely lifted Derry. Kick this


ball over the bar and it's back to a 3-point game. A free for Derry taken


off the ground with Benny Heron. 26 years of age. He missed one in the


first. This is easier, close to goal, kicked left footed and a good


score. Derry 8-11 Tyrone. They have outscored Tyrone 3-1 since


half-time. See the way they have pushed up on the kickouts. We talked


about it. They haven't given Tyrone Short kickouts, they make them go


long, and that's a good tactical move. The referee has stopped play


and is taking a note of someone. If in doubt, book them both, that's


what normally happens. Cavanagh and McGuckin, a yellow card each.


Cavanagh was trying to split the midfielders. McGuckin saying he


wasn't allowing it. The ball kicked away out to that side. Conal McCann


on his Championship debut, having a massive impact on the game. If Conal


McCann isn't having a game we expecting to have, they need him in


midfield. The on road in Padraig Hampsey. Peter Harte going


backwards. Finding Sean Cavanagh. The umpire says it's gone wide.


Definitely a better Derry team in this second half. Tyrone will now


push upon the kickouts as well. Do you give Short kickouts or make the


call to push up. McAtamney wins it. Takes the mark. Tyrone, within


seconds, everybody straight back, making it difficult for Derry to


find any kind of space. McAtamney. Will he go for the score? It's high


and the keeper goes for it, Morgan punches it away. Taking no chances,


getting it out of danger. This man causes Derry all sorts of danger,


Peter Harte, playing get to Ronan McNabb, and there is Niall Sludden.


Finds Bradley with Keane and on his back. Brilliant defending from the


Kasold Dawson man. Interceptions like that can give the crowd a real


lift. Enda Lynn glides his way into the Tyrone half of the field. He


could do with a score. The referee says no file. Morgan wins it outside


his box. Delivers the pass. Terrible options for Derry going forward.


Hampsey chopped down from behind. Gives it to Peter Harte. Delicate


pass to the path of Donnelly. Thought about giving it to McNabb.


Chrissy McKaigue. Maybe Donnelly has thrown a punch and Chrissy McKaigue,


I don't know what the land is mine has seen below us. -- don't know


what the linesman has seen below us. The match referee, you can see in


the stadium, he is making some connection with this linesman. He's


talking to someone. He has prevented the Derry goalkeeper from hitting


the play. Did Mattie Donnelly smack Chrissy McKaigue? Let's look at it.


I saw down below me the two of them pushing and banging into each other.


He caught Chrissy McKaigue. Can't really see it. He has punched Mattie


Donnelly. Mattie Donnelly punched on the left-hand side of your screen.


Hard to believe the linesman on this side didn't see it. Lucky for Mattie


Donnelly. The referee knew there was something up. Neither umpire saw it.


If they don't see it, they can't give it.


Padraig Hampsey, the quarterback, going for the


. Enda Lynn moving forward at pace. Benny Heron with the outside of the


left foot goes for it. Unable to keep it in play. They could be level


at this stage. Three terrible options. Corner from McAtamney. Here


is the chance again. Mattie Donnelly punches and swipes back. It happened


right down below us. It's not like Mattie Donnelly, he's not that type


of player. It's a great battle out on a field between the two of them.


Brendan Rogers does well. Running out of options. He goes by Burns.


Still going. He's the full-back. Dispossessed, but the referee blows


the whistle. He was lucky to get the free. Derry are really on top now,


but they need to take the right option. They said in the studio at


half-time, pick the right option and get the right people on the ball.


They took the right options by kicking the ball when they should


have laid it off. The free kick is taken 30 yards backwards, such is


the methods of modern-day football. McAtamney gives it to Ryan Bell. The


players look at one another and it goes wide. That is the fourth in a


row. Just taking the wrong option. Tyrone could go up the field and


score a point. Derry hitting eight wides but Tyrone have picked one


more, on nine. McNabb sliding his way forward. The referee says getup.


Passes outside. Frank Burns wins it. Sludden finds him. Chance on the


Tyrone goal. Rebound, great save from Keenan. The referee says it's


free. A lot of people thought he touched it on the ground. A little


bit of pushing and shoving. Ben McKinless was in the middle of it.


Has he given a free out for a freak in from the 30 metre line? I think


it's from the 45. Remember the goal he scored against Dublin? Brilliant


save on the line. Did really well. Niall Keenan has been brilliant


today as well. If he doesn't fancy himself as a cornerback, he would


make a great goalkeeper. Brilliant save. Blocked well by McKinless, but


you would have thought he definitely scores from the rebound but


straightaway Keenan gets his hand to it. It was bundled over the line,


it's a point for Tyrone, but it could have been three. Niall Keenan


gets a point at one end. The three in the full-back Lane, that's the


way it is. We've had a far better second half, more exciting so far.


Free for Tyrone from the 45. Peter Harte looking at the ball. Mark


Lynch comes on as substitute. He replaces Ryan Bell. For those


thinking why Mark Lynch isn't playing, he picked up an injury and


was struggling to be fit. Damian Barton has made the decision that he


is 20 minutes in and a big boost for Derry. A big boost to have him. We


know how good he is at taking the ball at pace and running at people.


Get the ball to Enda Lynn and run at people and Ciaran McFaul. Getting a


wee bit overconfident, the wrong players were taking responsibility.


Peter Harte going for the score and it's over the crossbar. You have to


admire his bottle. He's probably guilty of missing two frees a month.


But he still has the mental capability to take that and hit 45.


That's a brilliant point at this stage. Tyrone needed somebody to


step up and that was a brilliant kick. That score pressing the pause


button on Derry. Four points is again the margin. McAtamney. They


wind is in their sales. The best position in the game just after


half-time. Emmett McGuckin goes between three Tyrone players. The


referee says no free. Tyrone come away with it. There are no Tyrone


players inside the Derry 45. But there is one now with Frank Burns


trying to make it. Good tackle, but the referee says the second one was


illegal. Free for Tyrone. We can see the ankle of Ryan Bell, looking in a


fair degree of discomfort. Loughlin is the man giving away the free.


Let's look at it again. Is that a free? Going to ground, was holding


him down on the ground, holding Frank Burns down on the ground. We


have a lot of forwards. We talk about getting your hands in. On the


ground, keep your body over them, and keep your hands in to make the


tackle. Sean Kavanagh kicked a point from play from further out. Sean


Cavanagh going for another score. Then is it in to perfection. When


you're in trouble you call on Peter Harte and Sean Kavanagh, and that's


exactly what has happened. Five points between the teams. Another


Tyrone substitute coming on. McCurry. The kick out is straight


into the crowd. Just those couple of minutes, the gold chance. The Sean


Kavanagh points just those few minutes of dominance and Tyrone


effectively killed off the competition. Players are taking the


wrong option. You have to work the 1-2. Doesn't matter who gets the


score. Don Poli taken off and on. Darren McCurry with the score. His


first touch results in a point. Six points is the margin. Looks like


it's all over. We are at a stage where discipline is important in the


match. Vines McKaigue. People saying he was inside the 21 so it should be


free, but that's not the rule any more.


Danny Tallon, he has been relatively quiet on his Championship debut.


Does well to pick out Ciaran McFaul. Four Tyrone players surrounding him,


a blizzard of white jerseys. Mattie Donnelly picks up the pieces and


Tyrone built from the back again. Sludden is tackled. Looking for


somebody ahead of him. There is nobody. Frank Burns finds Sean


Cavanagh, and Cavanagh thought about the dummy. Breezes past Enda Lynn.


Tackled by three Derry players. The referee says the getup. Derry are


perhaps fortunate. Danny Tallon, 21 years of age. Great excitement


within a county of his talents and perhaps where he can go in the red


and white jersey. Mark Lynch trying to take on his man. Lynch goes for


the shot and snaps. Bounces in front of the goalkeeper. Tyrone possession


yet again. Another Tyrone player, another


substitute, Ronan McNabb. Darren McCurry, another substitute. Tyrone


really showing the armoury they have. Fantastic substitutes bench.


Most players perhaps starting for other counties. Frank Burns gives it


away. Does well to win it back. Good tackling from Niall Keenan again.


Keenan is down. He's one of a number of U21 players. Derry made the


Ulster U21 final this year. Ben McKinless, Conor McGrogan, a lot of


young talent coming through at Derry. Frank Burns, the substitute


has been black carded. Tyrone reshuffling. We will see who comes


on. Frank Burns goes down for it. Tackle from McKaigue. We saw it last


week. And we have seen it again today, just a bit of temptation


proving too difficult to say no. Automatic reaction to do that,


Thomas, but the thing with the black card, it's OK for these teams to


pick up black cards, but for the small teams, it's more of a problem.


The referee says no, he dived. He's blown the whistle. Niall Loughlin is


saying, surely that's a free in. The referee signalling it's a dive.


Let's look again. Loughlin going for it. I think Ronan McNabb going for


the ball, but he seemed to grab the foot of Niall Loughlin.


We will follow the play. Damian Barton will be extremely frustrated


with that. It has happened too often today. Five or six players around


the player. It is like the old Tyrone. David Mulgrew comes on for


Tyrone. One of the Tyrone players down. Let's look at it again.


Tackled from behind, Ronan McNamee. McNamee goes down holding his face.


There is the tackle from Mark Lynch. You can just see his last tackle did


connect with the head of Ronan McNamee. It is a free to Derry.


Derry need this score. They haven't scored in 15 minutes. The players


have taken the wrong option. Derry needed to work on their tackling.


Shane McGuigan comes on wearing number 18. He replaces Danny talent.


Free taken quickly. Derry in possession. Hereford takes a cold


tap. -- Heavron. It is so difficult for Derry to make any kind of space.


Perhaps fortunate to get that free. They were. The referees are on about


diving. That is a decision that has been made in Croke Park that players


are diving. He put up his hands for diving. This was an area incident.


Teams need to be ready for that. They have made that decision this


year that they would be very strict on that. Making a call if the player


dives. A chance to narrow the gap. Left footed. He snatches at it. And


it goes wide. And people talk about Gaelic football, how much it has


moved on. How fit and skilled the players are. You wouldn't have seen


that in the 90s, the free taking from both teams. The difference


today is they don't have much practice. You had a free taker back


in the 90s to practised every day of the week. Tyrone running at the


Derry duck defence. -- Derry. David Mulgrew.


Danny Heavron moving inside. Tackled from behind. No free. Again a Derry


player is stripped of the ball. Tyrone to their credit have made it


remarkably difficult for Derry. The minute a player -- the first player


doesn't get the pond, the second one does. When Derry showed some danger,


they improved their performance. David Mulgrew kicked the last point.


There is another sob. That is what you need. -- substitute.


Chrissy McKaigue. Enda Lynn trying to take on his man. It's the post.


It goes wide. -- it hit the post. Whatever atmosphere there was at the


beginning of the second half has been pretty much extinguished. It is


an 8-point game. The game is pretty much over. They had that chance.


When you get the chance, you have to take it. Free taking is becoming


massive. We look at Dublin and Kerry. Dean Rock came in and made


the difference. They play him all the time because his free kicks are


so important. Derry's full-forward line has scored between them one


point. And that came from a free kick. That tells its own story. The


referee says that was a foul. He has played in every league game. We have


another Tyrone substitution. Declan McKenna on. His arrival is imminent.


In the meantime there is going to be a Derry free kick. Mickey Harte's


50th championship year. At the start of every season he does believe that


Tyrone can go and win the all Ireland. This is his 26 year


managing Tyrone teams. A quarter of a century. It is unbelievable to


have that energy, hunger, which is the big word. With most managers,


the hunger grows. Look at him. What Tyrone football means to him. What


he has given to Tyrone football. Sometimes you don't realise how good


a man is until he is gone away. And then you realise it. The mistakes he


made. The ball and over the bar. Eight different Tyrone scorers. That


is what you need. Tyrone on the break. Six handpass is in 15


seconds. Over the bar it goes. People I've talked about Tiernan


McCann and everything he does. But his brother, he didn't play much of


the league. People were surprised he was starting. People didn't think he


would start. But he has certainly made an impact. A dream debut.


Brilliant debut. He has shown his ability to play at this level. He


has got the temperament. Mark Lynch went for the shot. Dropped short.


Nine points to 17. Tyrone on the attack.


Colm Kavanagh switched play. Mattie Donnelly... The fist pump suggests


it is good. It is good. Declan McClure gets his score. Double


substitution for Derry. Yeah. Just giving fellows games now at this


stage. Ehmer deadlock and going off. -- Emmett McGuckin. Couple of


changes for Derry. Michael McEvoy came on. Sean Cavanagh, as you may


have noticed, has been taken off. The chants of another score. The


goalkeeper did very well. He made contact with the ball on the


crossbar. Derry, away with it. Very quiet in Celtic Park. Gavin O'Neill


skipping down the left-hand side. Derry picks up the pieces.


McWilliams is filed. It will be a free kick to Derry. Other than the


week period we had at the beginning of the second half, it has been a


disappointing match. And it has been a disappointing start to the Ulster


championship. Three games and the margins of victory in double digits.


There is a gap in Ulster at the minute. Hopefully we will see


something next Sunday in Armagh. Next Sunday may be the start of the


Ulster championship for real. Tyrone have never beaten Derry three times


in a rowing championship football. You get the feeling with players


like that to come off the bench, they would do today. Darryl Macari


with his third point. I think it is the orange boots making the


difference. Three great scores. In the Monaghan and Fermanagh macro


game Owen Duffy kicked three points off the bench. It is important to


have a squad. Tyrone so good at gobbling up the


Derry jerseys. Tyrone just too good. Look at that for a pass. Peter


Harte. Nobody saw him coming. The angle is acute. That was to acute.


Niall Keenan for Derry. He has been the Derry player that has kept


going. Most counties in Ireland would like to have him. It is


disappointed for a proud county with brilliant club football. It will be


a free kick. Four minutes of normal time remaining. Ten points between


the teams. Tyrone lost their final three games in the league. They will


not realistically lose this one today. Tyrone haven't won a game


away from home this year. Damian Barton has seen and done it. Played


in the 1993 team that won the all Ireland. You would have played him


many times. Defeats like this will hurt. They have two. When he was


playing against Tyrone he was really up for that match. Just the way


things have changed, footballers have changed. It is different now.


Damien is bobbing in a big effort. People will tell you how good a club


manager he was. When players are not available, it is not easy on the


manager. Colm Kavanagh skips is way away to the full-back line. Tyrone


are flying. He has the ambition to go from


distance. It goes wide. Another substitute for Derry. It is Conor


Neven, the Ballon Derry man. Derry's starting team today, every single


player is from South Derry. Not one from North Derry. From that point of


view it is disappointing. One thing about Derry from when I played


against them, the pride is on them to wear the jersey. When I took over


Cavan in 1997, sorry, 1995, the first thing I did was ring Miki


Maurin and bring him for a challenge game. -- Nicky Morgan. I think it


was this Day 24 years ago we had a brilliant game year. The best game


of football I have ever watched. It was between Down and Derry. Down won


a brilliant game of football. It is disappointing to see where Derry are


at. Damian Barton would have been playing that day. Pete McGrath


against the late Eamon Coleman. That was my first day working with the


BBC. What a game of football. People say about the change of football,


but I don't think we will ever see a game like that. The talent on both


sides. If we went back to that time, I would say both teams would have


ended up meeting in the all Ireland final. To Rome will go through to


the Ulster championship semifinal where they have the small matter of


meeting Dhoni golf. What a game that should be. Derry go into the


qualifiers. -- Donegal. Nine points the deficit. Six points from play


Derry scored. It is disappointed. -- disappointing. Work the ball up, get


it into the full-forward. It will be a free kick to Tyrone. A chance once


again to put double digits between the teams. And you can see many


supporters leaving the ground. They have seen enough. Presumably most of


them Derry supporters. Alresford Tyrone, maybe their adventure is


only starting. -- as for Tyrone. For people who don't know who he is, he


has scored three goals and 14 points for his club against Strabane this


year. If he was furred Derry, he


definitely wouldn't be on the bench! -- for Derry. Gavin O'Neill... That


was an ambitious shot. Mark Lynch throws it back. Frustration. It just


wasn't into the hands of McFall. To roam pic up the pieces. Mattie


Donnelly... Rory Brennan. He goes one way, then another. Almost


teasing. Tiernan McCann... Ronan McNamee.


Send us your thoughts and opinions. What have you made of Derry? What


have you made of Tyrone? Do send in your comments. Let us know what you


think. Derry on the attack. Enda Lynn skipping his way through. It


just wasn't what he tried to do. From a Derry point of view, players


not available, say they won't give the commitment. It is everyday. It


is full-time. Other teams are prepared to do it. Another score.


Brennan is a man people are talking about in Tyrone. He scored 3-14 in


one match for his club. Many thought he would start today. That sums it


up. He kicked the other point with his left foot. You need the two


feed. It makes a difference when you are under pressure. That was white.


It is great for Mickey Harte to have the luxury of taking those players


off. The big plus today is: McCann in the middle of the field. -- Colm


Kavanagh. That is a big plus for Tyrone. 22 points they have scored.


Derry very disappointed. Niall Keenan is a big player for the


future. Handshakes from the managers. Mickey Harte's season only


just beginning. Derry within a kick of the ball of making the


quarterfinals last year. As for Mickey Harte, defending the Ulster


championship. He is over the first hurdle. Tyrone into the semifinal.


They will play Donegal. Alresford Derry, it is the qualifiers.


Martin McCue, just briefly. What have you made of it all are Derry


took the wrong options at the start of the second half. To Rome knew


they were under pressure. They hoped the anti-. -- Tyrone. Great


performance all round. Disappointing from Derry. There is no point in


blaming anybody. The players are doing their best. It is to everybody


in Derry to take a look at it. Derry teams never lie down. Looking good


for Tyrone going forward. Martin, thank you. Tyrone in the semifinal.


Derry go to the qualifiers. Thank you very much. Liam Skelly has


been in touch. He says, a walkover. Tyrone and then the goal still in


first gear. Let's go pitch side. Colum McCann, congratulations. Oh


please where you with your performance? I was relatively


pleased. Maybe didn't do a few things 100% right. But I'm pretty


impressed with how I played. I'm just happy for the team. It is a


selfless game and I'm happy for that. Double scores. How would you


assess the performance overall? There are plenty of things to work


on. Maybe shot selection. I think we had 16 chances in the first-half and


scored ten. A few things to on. Scoring 20 points is a decent


turnout. We are happy to get into the next round. Tyrone were cruising


in the first-half and Derry seemed to get better. How important was it


to keep your composure? Every team has their purple patch, I suppose.


We came out of the box of flying. Derry came back into it. At


half-time we just said, keep getting the points and we will stay ahead of


them. They're coming back into it in the first half. It is important to


nip that in the bud. What did Mickey Harte say to you? It is hard to know


what he said, to be honest. I can't remember. I have been on the panel


for three years. I probably did not play as much as I wanted to. I have


kept on. He showed his faith in me by picking me. Hopefully he will the


next day as well. Thank you. I know there were honourable


mentions for Niall Sludden and Colm Kavanagh. Ultimately you have opted


for Conall McCann. He has been threatening to break into the


Toronto for a number of years. On the back of what he has done at club


level, he has been able to take that momentum into the league and into


the championship. Essentially this is what he will be judged on. How he


does in championship football. Today he was excellent in every facet of


the game. He kicked their point of his right and his left. He wasn't


afraid to demand the ball. He was a great link between defence and


attack. He kicked two nice points on the day as well. Mickey Harte throws


him in and he performs. You see the strength of the panel. They kicked


seven points off the bench today. That is something Derry didn't have.


Paddy was lamenting the first-half. Derry did come out and have a go.


They did. We thought it was game on. I suppose they thought, they got to


a point where they thought, let's lifted a little bit. Cornerback with


a dummy solo, tapping the ball over the bar. Niall Keenan. We don't see


that too often. I discourage all cornerbacks from attempting this


ever again but you have to give him credit.


You would probably say he was their best player on the day. In the


second happy was exceptional. That was the Enda Lynn chance. I goal


even at that stage, if they were going to get themselves back into


the game, that is what they needed. They had another chance after that.


That would have made things interesting. We had a pretty


forensic look at the referee at half-time. But the Mattie Donnelly


incident with Chrissy McKaigue. It struck me that Martin McNally was


perfectly positioned. Should it have been a red card?


Martin McNally looked as if he was looking straight at the incident. It


is clear that Mattie Donnelly strikes Justin MacCaig. If that is


the case... The linesman's eyes are on it and he says nothing. The


referee has to rely on him as his witness, no? Sometimes the big teams


get the benefit of the call. I think there is some bad blood between the


two from last year. Chrissy McKaigue was sent off last year. Doesn't


matter whether you're frightened to make the calls. Rules are rules.


Against bigger players, sometimes they get the benefit of the doubt.


That is something the committee may have a look at. It wasn't dealt with


on the day. Us looking at the pictures, can you conclusively say


it was a point in the mouth? It is a difficult one. -- punch. If Tyrone


defender that, they would be able to get off. From what we saw it was a


clear enough strike. At that stage Derry were in the game. We're good


to hear from Mickey Harte. Congratulations. Into the


semifinals. What were the most pleasing aspect? I suppose the fact


we hit our targets in terms of the schools we wanted to get in each


half. We managed that. We had to weather the storm at the start of


the second half and hung in there until we got control of the game


again. The fact you get 21 points is pleasing. Did you expect Derry at


half-time to increase things in the second-half? Yeah, every team gets


their purple patch. That was their time to grab back some of this game.


At half-time we had a 5-point lead. As long as the half went on and we


kept that gap, they were getting less time to rectify the situation.


I suppose they would -- they were going to give it their best shot at


that stage. We were in a position to tag off a few points ourselves. How


important was composure? Obviously, we have experienced players on the


field. A lot of them have been around. They have a lot of


championship experience. They can deal with days like this. That is


always good. And of course you still have Sean Cavanagh up front. He has


lots of experience. You are probably better qualified than anybody to


speak about the Ulster championship. We had an interview with you in the


build-up to the game and you offered a very passionate defence of Ulster


Gaelic football and the modern game. Is there a gap emerging in Ulster? I


don't know. People tend to say that. Nothing ever stays the same. Some


teams come a little bit and maybe regress a little bit. I suppose


teams get to the top in Ulster. People are talking about Tyrone,


Monaghan, Donegal. That is the fact of the matter. I do know that on any


other day you have to be on your toes or you could be beaten by teams


outside of those three. Yes, it is still very competitive. I know some


of the early games have not been as competitive. But there are more


challenges within our province than any other. The bench is becoming


important. Owen Duffy winning man of the match from Monaghan. The quality


Donegal brought on last week. And the impact your substitutes made


today. Yeah, we always talk about this now. It is not a 15 man game


any more. You need energy to play at this level. There are very few


people who can give you a can of energy for 70 to 75 minutes. You


need people coming off the bench. Not because they're not as good as


the players who have started. They come in with a lot of energy and


maybe the opposition have been a little bit spent after 50, 55


minutes. They have a great opportunity to give it their best.


That is the nature of the game. And to have people who come in and make


an impact, that is what makes a good squad. Is there an argument to say


it is almost more important the team finishes the game? People speak like


that nowadays, of course. That is true. But you don't hold people back


from starting on a team just because you want to have them to the end.


You want to have enough players who can go in and you know that they


will be as effective as those who have started. They have energy.


Energy surplus. They can be an added value. Donegal against Tyrone will


be fascinating for the neutral. How much do you relish it? I'm relishing


the fact we are in the semifinal. We are going to have to meet a good


team in the semifinal. We have had a lot of good battles in recent years.


Until last year they had the upper hand. I they will want to get the


upper hand back. We have to do our best. Thank you.


STUDIO: We will broaden the discussion around the state of the


game in a moment and talk about the Tyrone bench. Oisin McConville, you


had a great view of the potential you thought might have been a


penalty claim, Niall Keenan doing brilliantly, and the keeper


McKinless. I'm still convinced it was a penalty. I believe he handled


the ball at that stage. It was a chance that Aidan McCrory again, the


cornerback. How many times do you see McCrory in that position? He has


scored important goals for Tyrone in the last couple of years stubbly I


don't get a penalty, I think it's great defending. Keenan, give him


the benefit of doubt, don't give up. Thomas hinted at the strength of


depth Tyrone have an Derry don't have it. Tyrone had 11 different


scorers today. We talk about the lack of a marquee forward. Tyrone


are still lacking in that department but they make up for it in many


other ways. The attack was so decisive and the transition from the


halfback line and the full-back line to the full forward line, so many


different players getting on the end of moves. The bench was phenomenal.


They had seven points off the bench. Before we look at the impact on the


Tyrone bench, the black card for the Frank Burns trip. You both think the


referee got it right. By the letter of the law it's right, but it's


still pretty soft. If the black card is there and we are implement in it


then by the rules it's a black card. The enough decision. It might be


revisited. Both of you waxing lyrical about Tyrone's strength in


depth on the bench. That was the black card for Frank Burns who had


been brought into the game halfway through the first half. The Tyrone


bench, you both felt... You could have highlighted half a dozen but


these two exemplify what is on the bench. We saw the consistency and


brilliance of McCrory today. And Brown scored 3-12 not so long ago.


That's the luxury they have. McCrory's first goal, it was a


header out of the top drawer. It has to be perfect, and on that occasion


it was brilliant. Without disrespecting Antrim or Derry, do


you sense both Donegal and Tyrone have been hiding a little, not


revealing too much. And they will improve for the semifinal,


notwithstanding they both saw off their initial opponents quite come


principally stubbly in truth I think Tyrone won that game playing within


themselves. -- quite comfortably. In truth I think Tyrone win that game


playing within themselves. You could really only say they had one proper


goal opportunity today. That's the only difference between this year


and lasted. Last year they got three goals. This year, there's nothing


wrong with taking 22 points, but against a more organised events like


Donegal, if you get behind you have to take goal chances. The one thing


they have missing from the game. Donegal have a weight of expectation


because both me and you have tipped them for the Ulster championship


this year. If they can carry that burden then we are in for a


fantastic game and semifinal. I would like to qualify for the record


that I know nothing. Dermot has been in touch. Tyrone are streets ahead.


Sean McGrillin 's has been in touch, he says, what has happened to my


great game of Gaelic football? Let's get the natter and chatter from the


terraces. Terrific display from Tyrone. Especially Sean Cavanagh.


Tyrone just had better players. They look very organised in defence.


Tyrone, the best team in Ulster. Division 3, clear as day stubbly I


think we have a lot more to do when we meet Donegal and I think Tyrone


were to fit and to good all over the field. To come into the second half,


Derry didn't have much to offer. Up Tyrone, the whole way right through


Northern Ireland. Come on Tyrone! You have to admire the verve and


optimism and wasn't she looking just brilliant in that blush pink top.


Another man who probably isn't blushing, but exhausted for 70


minutes, the ever youthful and vibrant Sean Cavanagh. Up and


running again. Up and running again I suppose. Six or seven weeks since


he played down in the last game of the league. Wasn't expecting it to


be as easy as it turned out to be. Nice playing conditions. Not a


typical Ulster Championship we were anticipating, but it's job done for


us. I suspect a night Derry will be disappointed with what they brought


to the table. But we have to remember they improved as the season


went on last year and will probably take away from doing what Tipperary


did. I think they will improve, but we know it will not be like this in


a few weeks. What did the Gueye in the first half? I suppose he came


here expecting a war. -- what did the game lack in the first half. We


probably came here expecting a level of physicality and with is getting


the early scores, it took the fizzle out of the game. As the game may be


heated up, ten or 15 minutes into the start of the second half, we


sprung three or four lads who I wouldn't like to be running after,


Mulgrew, Brennan, McCurry, they were able to tackle Mac onto the scores.


From our point of view, we wanted to add the scores. We knew... We can't


get carried away with this game because the game will not resemble


anything like today. We have to move on. A new look Tyrone side, some


positional changes with Donnelly in the corner. How impressed are you


with McCann wearing your old number nine jersey? People have been


accustomed to Tiernan in the last couple of years, who has been


playing that drastic stuff with the County champions. There are a number


of guys who had been waiting their chance. Probably more on the bench.


We have serious competition in the squad at the moment. Sitting there


at the end looking around me, at the likes of McShane and Ronan O'Neill,


who were on the pitch a year ago making the difference, and today it


was Brennan, McCrory. I suppose we are blessed with the players we have


at the moment. It's not always talked about, but we can't control.


We were disappointed with how the league turned out for us, but we are


quietly confident with the talent we have in the squad. It's going to be


good and it will be live on the BBC. As are all the remaining games in


the Championship. I promised I would broaden it out. I will remind you


what Sean McWilliams said to us. What has happened to the great game


of Gaelic football. Are we looking back through the prism of romance


and saying it was all great back then, or is the game in a state of


turgid torpor? We do look back with roasted glasses sometimes. I played


in a lot of very forgetful, I watched a lot of games that were


very forgetful. But it has evolved and changed that much that people


find it very difficult to accept. Defensive football which is played


poorly is the worst thing you can watch for 70 minutes at this level.


I think the good teams who play defensive football but can


transition quicker than the weaker teams, I think it's quite pleasant


to watch, but when you get two evenly matched teams. The best game


I've seen in the last few years was with Westmeath at Croke Park. It was


a shoot out. Both started out evenly and ran away with it. They were


neither of them going to win the all Ireland. We have been looking


forward to games in the Ulster challenger. I'm looking forward to


next week because both teams are evenly matched. I'm not seeing


either of those teams will win the Ulster Championship, but it will be


watchable because it's competitive. When it is not competitive like


today, it makes it a tough watch. You look at Kerry and Dublin in the


league final and you say there is another way. That was a pretty open


and riveting game. That was at Croke Park and there is more space there.


Kerry play their share of defensive football. Teams like Fermanagh are


not up to the level of Tyrone. Today was about fine tuning. They are


looking further down the line. It may be hard going to the likes of


Dublin, Mayo and Kerry, but defensively they can be vulnerable


if they go man against man against those teams. He's trying to find a


system and it is his prerogative to do that. The other thing is, Jim


McGuinness was positive about what he did with Donegal. He impressed


that and they improved. They were a defensive team who were down all


going forward. They evolve quickly. It takes one more coach to come in


and take a chance. What would be wrong with Derry coming here today


and putting pressure on like they did at the start of the second half,


putting pressure on the Tyrone kickouts? That's just one thing. The


worst thing you see in Gaelic football is when teams give the


opposition kickouts. I detest that. I don't understand the reason. I


don't mind players and teams dropping back to the defensive


system, but to give up the kickout when you can challenge for it and


force them to kick to the middle of the field and back your players to


win primary possession, then you have a foothold in the game to go


forward to express yourself. To give up kickouts like Derry did on many


occasions today, when they pushed up they looked a better team. That


something Derry have worked on in the league. I think Derry have


failed to address their defensive issues of the last few years. Last


year they conceded an average of 20 points during a game. Today it was


22. They are back covering space but not being effective. To give you a


brief update, a worry for Donegal with Michael Murphy apparently


limping off in a game today for his club. Let's hope Michael is


available for that semifinal. It's live on BBC sport in Northern


Ireland. Next like you are looking forward to Armagh and County Down.


I'm not saying either of them will win the Championship, but they are


evenly matched teams. That's all from Celtic Park. We will be back


next week with the game, Down against Armagh. Sunday from 1:50pm.


On BBC Two. Tyrone off to bathe in the abundance of their collective


brilliance Derry off to bathe their wounds. Speaking of Tyrone's


collective brilliance, my thanks to Paddy and Oisin for their collective


brilliance. It's goodbye from Celtic Park.


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