Down v Armagh The Championship

Down v Armagh

Mark Sidebottom presents coverage from Pairc Esler of the Ulster Championship quarter-final between Down and Armagh.

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# Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours... # Just a friendly wave


each morning... They are nearest of neighbours and


our keenest of those, down through the generations, a fixture which has


captivated all generations and they've all come out this afternoon


to Pairc Esler. The meeting of Down vs Armagh. No Kieran


McGeeney. The manager, Eamon Burns off the bus. In the midst of them,


Kevin McKernan. They will require big games from their big-name


players. Good afternoon and welcome to Pairc Esler nestled in the


foothills and Armagh and Down are ready to rumble. Welcome, gentlemen.


A reminder that we welcome your views and observations so do get in


touch. You know the form by now. For the record, it's on your screen. You


are both captivated by this match, a chance at the death for Armagh. Yes,


Kelly had a fantastic game for Armagh. We've all missed penalties


in big games and unfortunately he had a great game but was a fantastic


save. I think they deserved to win over the course of the 60 minutes.


It's a good start for Down today. Where people asking why you were not


playing today? Everyone knows I'm looking after my health. It's


difficult to walk past because it's been such a long time here, but the


boys out here are more than capable of getting the job done today. Do


you know what great about having you here, you get to steal his thunder


before we show you what it was capable of. Let's go to Thomas. We


are hearing there's been a few changes in both sides, what have you


got for us? Yes, Down make two such as. O'Hagan has had a knock and


won't be involved today. He is replaced by Ryan Johnston who had a


hamstring problem and he passed a late fitness test. Murphy drops out


of the starting 15 because of a knock and incomes Peter Turley. He


will play in a sweeper role. For Armagh, Kieran McGeeney is facing a


ban. He can be in communication with his team throughout the game. Denis


Hollywood will call the shots. He wasn't in the dressing room. He is


here and he will be in constant communication with the management


setup fourth in terms of team changes, Grimley drops out of the


starting 15 and incomes mackerel Roy. One other note in the Armagh


side, Rafferty has played as a forward and the midfielder during


his time at county level. He is an option for Kieran McGeeney. There


were lots of rumours around the ground he could be playing out of


the field and Armagh could make a late switch. But it is shoes who


lines up between the posts. That was pretty comprehensive. I have to


begin with a beautiful thing. Member the last time these two met, the


Ulster championship, 2011? Martin Clark top scored, landing this truly


memorable point. There you go, that is what Down are missing today but


we are delighted to have in the studio with us. One bullock at James


McCartney. He was stunned. Many players on his tail, it didn't


matter, over the top it went. Oisin, the reason we do not share any of


your great shots, was because there were too many and we did know which


one to go for. It is over. Thomas told us about the changes in the


Down team. I know you will take a quick look at Down. Varies the Down


team the changes. Harrison is in the forward line. Down is in defence.


I'm glad to see them in. I was very surprised by O'Hagan. They went with


training form over league form. They got a good result. I think it's


quite dangerous. To look too much into training form. He's awarded


guys who have trained well. But some guys have not played many minutes in


the league and are fundamental. It's a brave move. You've opted for


Darren O'Hagan? Here's the best defender in Down, and he has been


for a number of years. In club, training, you can't get away from


it, he so committed, great captain. He will be powering forward, getting


on the scoresheet today. It's been a difficult time to lead Down, but he


has done it well. He is an unsung hero, class act. Before we go to


Armagh, it was uprising to that O'Hagan was not included today. A


big surprise? A massive surprise. He wins the ball so cleanly. He was


playing as a lone forward almost and directly, really well. He has flaws


in his game. He tries to do so much. For him not to start today is a


massive call and a lot of fans are scratching their heads about that


one. I never thought I'd say this, but I'll would be delighted to hear


you talk us through Armagh, please. Looking to pick this Armagh income


it goes along the lines of what most people would have thought. Armagh


have not nailed down a system. They play something different in each


game. People are excited about the forward line. Grugan. The full line,


it's a forward line people get excited about. If they can get


another ball there, Armagh could pull out a big score. Surprise


surprise, you're one to watch is not Jamie Clark. No, it is number 15


swine being I've picked Andrew Murnin because he's different to


Campbell or Clarke. He will take it on, slip it outside, and get on the


attack. I like Murnin because he is different, with brilliant hands and


that's what you need. Whether he will get any room in there today, I


don't know, but he should excel in a game like that. The sun has come


out, the fans have come out. Optimism is come out. The opening


few games have been drudgery without disrespecting Ulster. Can we expect


Ulster will potentially catch fire? I'd just think they are two evenly


matched against. Armagh have come into this with optimism. These


supporters are really enthusiastic. The thing about Down, they have


managed to stay in division two, and it's all pessimism. I would not be


to test the mystic about their chances. I think they have a forward


line # I would not be too pessimistic about their chances. --.


Do you think that will have any sort of bearing on today's game, the fact


that they retain to that status at the end of the championship, and


ended up possible to pity -- and ended up positively? There's very


little between these two teams. Down had a fantastic job, they were


completely written off after two games. They were doomed, not going


to win a game all year and were written off, so the boys done a


fantastic job to stay in the division. They will be confident. An


entire generation of Down fans have missed this. It's been so long since


it happened. I think they will carry that into the game. Brilliant


atmosphere. The place is packed. It's the first time we have come to


an Ulster championship this year where we think we are not 100% sure


who's going to win the game. The previous three games you knew the


division one teams were always going to edge ahead. They were exceptional


teams. These two teams are below that. Because they are so very


evenly matched, I think that's why there is excitement around this


game. Kieran McGeeney, Thomas said he will be in contact with his side.


How is his absence likely to impact on Armagh's performance? I wasn't


sure whether he would be able to be in contact. The same rule applies.


Not having in the changing room beforehand, at half-time, but I'm


sure they are paid for that. Kieran McGeeney has always said he wanted


to be a player led thing. The players know what's going on.


Everybody has got a stats man. You know what's expected of you in the


second half. The I like about it is, he gets very involved in games.


He'll be able to see things today he may not have seen in the past.


Thanks, Oisin. We invited clubs to get in touch to let us know what's


going on at grassroots level. Of course, you have been doing that for


the last week it was Belfast sure road. This club boasts


state-of-the-art facilities including a revolutionary perimeter


walk for babies, and you can get much more of that online at the BBC


sport website. And the Facebook page so do get in touch. We would like to


hear from you. OK, guys, it is predictions time. Martin, can Down


edge it? I think Armagh have too much going for Down. They are


further down the line under Kieran McGeeney, and he knows exactly the


way they want to play. More consistency. It will be Armagh for


me, unfortunately. I still think Armagh will win by five or six


points. It live and uninterrupted so can the pick of Down unpick Down?


Your commentary team, Martin McHugh and Thomas Niblock.


COMMENTATOR: Thank you. The players are here. We have the picture and


the two teams are balanced looking in. One might think three weeks


later than envisaged, the championship may have arrived?


Exactly, it's a lovely pitch. It's perfect. We always said Down like


perfect weather, and we may have a shower later on but the crowd is on


top of the pitch, which creates a great atmosphere. Both teams broke


away from the parade. It's a long time since we had Kieran McGeeney in


the stands. Both teams have no form going into it. Maybe Down are


slightly better but I'm excited about those forward lines,


particularly Armagh. We are about to have a moment 's silence coming up


very shortly before the match takes place in memory of Dominic early,


who died in a car accident during the week.


APPLAUSE The cabin stats man who died earlier


this week in a car accident remembered here at Pairc Esler.


A massive game. APPLAUSE


We have Mr these championships and we're going to have a great one


today, fascinating clash between Armagh and Down and the winners will


play Cavan or Monaghan. There is a match referee from Cork


who refereed last year's all Ireland final between Kerry and Dublin and


Kieran McGeeney are in the cup final against UCD. What can we expect?


It's going to come down to having leaders on the pitch, and I'm


looking forward to seeing how Jamie Carr goes today. Of the other thing


is, Mooney, back from Australia, I expect a big performance from him.


The referee blesses himself. The ball is thrown into the middle of


the field. Donaghy at the heart of this Armagh defence. At hand to


tackle. He wins the ball. Support straightaway leading from defence.


Great play so far. Going into the Down half of the field. He is


certainly feeling that. Diagonal ball. Andrew Maginn. The ball in the


hands of the quarterback, Paul Hughes. A lively start. Yes, it's


very hard to get down the middle. Here is Peter Turley. Trying to


place the ball into the hands of Jerome Kern is an. He tries to


continue his run but taken out of it. The referee does not see. Down


continue to play. WHISTLE


The referee says a throw in ball. Our early observations seems the


referee may let things go a little. It's the one big talking point we've


had this year. Referees are going to ground, looking to change their


studs at half-time. I think it's been a good start. Both teams are


going all out. Jamie Clark with his first touch for two years. It is one


he will want to forget. Down trying to get the free straightaway. It's


always important to win the first tackle. Jamie Clark says, I will


take it on. He's the best defender. Brilliant defending. Kevin McKernan


looks for the return pass and gets it. Donnelly gives it back. Blocked


line. Picked up by McKernan. He has got his free in. The Down forwards


trying to go for the ball, create some space. Route one, adventurous


pass, does not quite make it. Charlie Vernon. As light pass. He


has put Armagh under pressure. Brilliant play by Mooney. Pops it


over the bar. A super point from Down and a super point from Mooney


with a point to prove. He's got tremendous pace. He and Kevin


McKernan will be big for them. Great pace. That's a good start. Armagh


will have to take a look at him and stop them getting forward. Here's a


big man to play at wing half. A good start by him and Down. Is not a


great start from Hughes. Into that half of the football pitch. Nothing


on, from it in. That is a great pass. Paterson goes wide. Vernon


keeps on his feet. Great defending from Vernon. Trying to take on his


manner. He gets in second time of asking. Important and link that time


from Donaghy. They get the break of ball. 2-0, four minutes,. He lost


the ball going through and went to ground. He will have to look at his


studs there. What a tackle. Peter Turley made that tackle. Doherty,


playing a super, drops back. The turnovers are very important. That


was brilliant play by Down. The referee chatting to Grugan and


O'Hanlon. The referee is happy with a talking to. Well one in the end by


Sheridan. An awkward one right at his feet and it will be a free for


Armagh. Murnin tries the shot. Has it got another energy? It doesn't,


and drops into the hands of Cunningham. Down have all the time


in the world to build from the back. Millar brings it in midfield. He


gives it to Peter Turley. Switches the angle of attack. The left-hand


side. O'Hagan, it's not often you see quarterback trying to take on


his man in the opposition half of the football field. The referee said


he illegally slid in. Inside the 45, inside the scoring zone. They


started better upfront. They put far more pressure on the Armagh


offenders coming out than Armagh do at the other end. A very good Armagh


forward. It's not about individuals but how they play together as a team


and they have not started well. Jamie Clarke, he's actually not


playing in the right position. The goalkeeper, Michael Cunningham will


take this. For the first time ever in Gaelic football, his entire warm


up routine was just before throwing. He practised 45s. All three went


over the bar. This one is slightly inside the 45 metre line. He goes


for the flag. Three points. Perfect start from Down. Yes, practice makes


perfect and he was right to practice at the other end. He will be used to


training through the week. A great start. That puts pressure on the


Armagh offence not to give away long range threes. Clarke takes it past


the third. He's still going and the referee stopped it.


WHISTLE On early evidence, is going to let


it go. I've thought Clarke was filed there. The rules state you can't put


a hand on a player in Gaelic football. He has been fouled. That


is unfair. Three or four times, he was fouled. That's a bad refereeing


decision. Spinning around. Here is Millar. The referee says play on. It


will be a free for Down. 25 metres for goal. Let's look at this again.


Is there much difference in this? Seemingly, when you have two or


three, there is no different in attacking. He make that call to give


a free. I see no difference. Down are hungry, up for the match and the


crowd are getting behind them. The sun is baiting in Pairc Esler,


absolutely perfect conditions. Beautiful afternoon, two evenly


matched teams before throwing as we saw it. Judging by the opening nine


minutes, only one team is really in it and that is a black and red of


Down. An opportunity to extend their lead. Puts the ball on the turf. The


man taking it is Jerome Kern is to. -- Jerome Kern is in. -- Jerome Kern


Johnston. He could not have hit it any better. Nine minutes,. Armagh


but no pressure on the free kick at all. The same things for Michael


Cunningham. They need to put pressure on him to get 30 metres


away. Brilliant free kick. Ball in hand. Still going, came up against a


big midfielder. Jamie Clark. Set can he keep it in play? It will be a


sideline ball to Down. Early observations? It is all Down.


Donaghy caught the throw in in the air and they started well and have


carried on from that. Armagh are not got up for the match and have not


started playing yet. The referee is blowing the whistle. A file adjudged


to have been committed. A free to Down inside their own half, taken by


O'Hagan. Five County championships won in succession. Last autumn.


McKernan tries to give it to the full-back, McGovern, but here come


Down a game. Johnston coming. Looks for support, finds it. Mooney


switches the play. 40 yards behind him. He keeps possession of the


ball. O'Hanlon to Millar. Very patient from Down. They are not


panicking. The sweeper is big thing. Armagh need to push up on McKernan.


Plenty of the ball seen in the opening stages of this game. Strong


tackle. Illegal tackle according to the referee. O'Hanlon will have felt


that. Down are controlling the whole match, playing the ball to the left


side and then the right side. They have worked really well with a


sweeper system. They got the sidelines. That the best way to go.


Armagh, whatever system they are playing, it's not working. Down are


going up the sidelines with the ball. Here comes Michael Cunningham


again. A bit more difficult now. It certainly is. Much to ponder, those


Armagh supporters. They don't know what's going on. One of those points


was from the goalkeeper, Cunningham, who has already hit a free from just


outside the 45. This one is just inside. Cunningham goes for it. Does


it stay in? Brilliant catch and it is a free out. Armagh build a game


from the back. Charlie Vernon passes it to McKay. Forker trying to find


Jamie Clarke. He's out in front of his man. Over the sideline, the


referee says yes, and be a free. Armagh, right on the sideline. No


real question about this. It's a great battle. Jamie Clark was


pushing up the field. Down are happy to run the ball. Armagh seem to want


to kick the ball and they must change the system. When it's not on


they need to run the ball. When Armagh get the ball, they should get


the players back. O'Neill to take this on the sideline. A very


difficult first free. Hits it high. It's dropping short. Brilliant


catch. Clarke, a chance. What a finish! Shields finds the back of


the net. A fantastic finish into the top corner and all of a sudden,


despite that brilliant start from Down, they are only had by one. It's


a big score. The Armagh player got to it. Murnin in the air. That's a


brilliant catch. It ended up being all the better. Jamie Clarke did


really well. They thought it was going to turn it in. It is game on.


This should left Armagh. Down on the attack straight with


Mooney trying to drift it into Johnson. He gets there. James Morgan


is there for company. Armagh building from the back. The captain


of the side. Trying to drive his troops and his team-mates. Tried to


play inside. Brilliant hand in. The goal was on. Very unlucky, but good


defending. What a brilliant start. Darragh O'Hanlon slows it up and


finds Conor Maginn. Ryan Johnston still going, but


fouled just inside the 65. Thought he was going to thump it in, but


thinks twice. Peter Turley down the left side. Tries to play through and


does. Finds Nile Donnelly. Johnston tries to go through. The


referee says it's a free in. I challenge from Joe McIlroy. -- high


challenge. They are over the top on their tackling. Some of them seem


too fired up. I think the referee is happy enough not to give out a


cardia. Is it a black card? We don't know what different referees will


do. He's telling him, you're lucky, but next time you will be under


pressure. The Down supporters are not happy. Downward pressure, when


you poll a player down like that, a lot of referees would give a black


card. Off-camera he went to the linesman and had a brief


conversation to check what he saw. Decided against giving the black


card, but it's still a free in. Down expected to score, and they do. Two


points between the sides and 15 minutes gone. It's a different


tactic. Armagh kicking the ball, looking to get longer to be from


forward line while Down are running the ball and causing problems


running the ball. Another kickout goes wrong. Sunglasses, very much


the order of the day. The kickout isn't quite what he


wanted, and neither is the sideline kick. The referee over talking to


the Armagh support staff. Paddy getting some telling off. He must


have put some pressure on the down kicker, Conall McGovern. The


kickout, tries to find his man, and that's a brilliant kick. Rochina


O'Neill trying to get there in front of his man. Three men down on the


turf. The referee says it will be a sideline ball. To Armagh. Paul


Hughes. Will he go backwards? Trying to urge everybody up front. Throws


it in. A brilliant pass, chance of another goal for Armagh. The


goalkeeper came out, the umpires look at one another and it goes over


the bar. It's brilliant. We got a great view of it. Give Jamie Tarik a


lot of credit for that. What a ball from Paul Hughes, a brilliant ball


in. It was the wing halfback who got up the field and it could have been


another goal. We don't give enough credit to people running off the


ball. Brilliant play by Jamie. Clarke creating the space. A


brilliant pass inside. Could have been a second Armagh goal. But it


isn't. Two points between the teams. Down with it in the middle. Miller


on the left-hand side, floating the ball in. Chance to put it in, he


misses. The rebound still isn't clear. Eventually Morgan dives on it


and picks it up. Armagh breathe again from the back. What an


opportunity. Ball over the top catching them out again. I thought


what Harrison should have done, he should have gone past the goalkeeper


and tapped it into the empty net. A lot of goal chances. A brilliant


game so far they try to keep it in play and eventually the ball goes


wide. Don't know if it's brilliant play or awful play. Nonetheless,


it's fascinating to watch. Who cares! Bad mistakes by the


defenders, ball coming in, trying to isolate, and he's so strong in the


air. What great save from the goalkeeper. Brilliant save, credit


to the keeper. But who would be a manager in that situation, we see


Eamon Burns on the sideline. We are having goal chances now. And it's


great, exciting, a lot of mistakes, but it's exciting stuff White one


goal and one point from the Armagh backline. Hughes making his


championship debut today. He was down and receiving treatment. The


physiotherapist moving his hand from left to right, getting him to follow


it. One player you definitely don't want to have problems is the


goalkeeper. Ethan Rafferty is the substitute goalkeeper, who has


played all his football out in the field. I wonder how he feels now.


Straight into the full forward line. Brilliantly won. It has the


direction. Great score from Down. Two points between the teams.


Brilliant by Conall McGovern and a great foot pass in. Opportunity


presented itself. Still going, it doesn't curl in. Armagh's second


wide of the day. Enjoyable start. Halfbacks doing most of the scoring.


A great chance, the whole thing opened up in front of him. Head for


the goal and even fist the ball over the bar. It will be a goal kick


straightaway, out into the middle of the field. Brilliantly won by Armagh


in the middle of the field. Joe McIlroy driving forward, try to give


it to Mark Shields. The referee said it was over carrying. That's the


third time he has called for that same offence. They have definitely


had a decision made. They have referees' meetings every now and


again. The ball in a hands-on Aidan Forker yet again, giving it to Oisin


O'Neill. Clarke takes on two men, tries to give it inside, a brilliant


pass. Opportunity again for Armagh. Brilliant save. Rebound, into the


back of the net and it's a goal for Armagh. Despite Down's dominance,


it's Armagh with their noses in front. I don't understand looking at


it. A brilliant ball forward. Great save by Cunningham, but that man is


causing problems, Andrew Murnin. Again Jamie Clarke running and fist


the ball inside. Kieran McGeeney would have liked that. He's in the


clubhouse behind the goal that Down are defending. He will have had a


great view of that Armagh on the attack again. For the last five


minutes Aidan Forker has been brilliant. He hit a wide, set up a


goal and scored a point. It's all about his work rate. They were


kicking long balls in and it wasn't working, but now they are running


with the ball. It's important to vary it. A shaky start, but they


have settled in well. Ten scores in this game of football and ten


different scorers, coming from everywhere. It will be a free in.


Ticking backwards. Suddenly we have time to have a bit of rest. Perhaps


not. McKern and down the left. Turley just throws it in. Johnston


in front of two men. Down to the ground. Johnston has it again. Ryan


Johnston tries to take the game to the Armagh defence. James Morgan is


there to win it. Free in yet again on the 45 metre line. Conceded by


Aidan Forker. A lot of mistakes being made. Armagh showing a lot of


indiscipline in their tackles. That's the one thing Kieran McGeeney


will be disappointed in. Stop with your body, and get them stopped.


Stefan Forker, the scorer of a point, helping to set up the goal.


It's been a good few minutes, but he has been caught twice around 45


metre line, conceding a free. The first one he conceded wasn't


punished, but perhaps this one will. Tyrone Johnston will take the free.


His brother Ryan is in the shot. Johnston, left footed. Doesn't have


the direction. It stays in play. Miller stoops down to pick it up.


Caolan Mooney finds Turley who tries to play a precise ball through. So


difficult to do that. He has been caught again. Stefan Campbell, the


top scorer for Armagh. His operating around the halfback line.


Brilliant tackle from Darren O'Hagan. Down attack from the back.


Ryan Johnston again. The referee says to go back. It's a free income


taken quickly. O Hanlon. Tries to give it inside to Conor Harrison.


Brendan Donaghy tackling. Harrison gets away. Outside of the right


boot. Chance of a goal, it's fisted and Armagh win it yet again, out


from the back. Brilliant game of football. Very enjoyable game. A lot


of mistakes, but very enjoyable. Charlie Vernon, he's the full-back,


attacking well, taking on a second man, and the referee says no free.


Oisin O'Neill picks up the pieces and Clarke, he can turn on a


sixpence. Shot from distance, Paul Hughes, the cornerback, hitting his


shot like a corner forward. Brilliant score for Armagh. Jamie


Clarke playing well. He's drawing out players, getting the ball, and


very unselfish. He laid off a great ball to Paul Hughes. The cornerback


on his left foot, very confident. That's what you need for anybody to


kick points. Great start from Paul Hughes. Attacking well and doing his


bit in defence. Great catch from Turley. Ryan Johnston goes himself,


he has Miller outside him. Superb score from the half wingback.


Superb score. Working the ball really well. Two great scores.


Anything Paul Hughes can do, O Hanlon can do the same at the other.


Down win it in their own defence. Armagh were attacking down the


middle of the field, but Shane Miller has been everywhere during


the first 28 minutes. Harrison with an attempted shot. Great point from


Down. Armagh leading by a single score. Good response considering


Armagh got the two goals. Miller has been everywhere on the field. Great


to have forwards who are confident to kick scores. Good game, exciting


game, end to end stuff. And well refereed, letting it go. Armagh are


the team that scored more points than anyone else on the


island of Ireland. He's moving around the midfield area now. Good


target for free kickouts. Forker hits with the outside of the boot


but it goes wide. A great player to have, but his workrate is


unbelievable at wing half forward. Armagh leading by a single score.


Defence have been on top so far. Kieran McGeeney, he won't be happy


with the Armagh defence. They are indiscipline. Both attacks have been


on top, and we haven't said that in a long time in Gaelic football. Down


in possession inside their own half. Brilliant tackle. Fabulous, and the


full forward step in, Campbell. Forker does well to maintain


possession. Brendan Donaghy from the Clonmore


club in North Armagh. Charlie Vernon driving at the Down defence, finding


Clarke. He's not tempted by the score. Instead he goes for Vernon,


who goes for the fisted point, but it's fisted wide. Good chance for a


score. Maybe that's why he wears number three, but he works really


hard. Jamie Clarke causing the problems again. He's taking on the


extra man. Charlie Vernon has moved to the midfield area. They have made


that switch and he's improved things. All eyes on Jamie Clarke


ahead of this game. People expect him to have a brilliant game, but


it's a brilliant game in a different way to perhaps Down envisaged. Visit


is important in football nowadays, more than anything else. He's


creating the problems. The crowd getting behind both teams. Oisin


O'Neill is by the tackle as if it didn't happen. The captain of his


side leading by example. Goes for the score left footed. It goes wide.


8-2.3. A penny for Eamon Burns' thoughts. It's all about turnovers.


Maybe for Eamon Burns and Kieran McGeeney it's not so good. The other


forwards are panicking and taking the wrong option. Especially when


running through. They seem happier when they kick the ball from out the


field, the Armagh forwards. Charlie Vernon in a midfield giving it to


Jamie Clarke, who looks to off-load. Tackle from behind, unbelievably


still winning it. O'Hagan again finds Kevin McKernan. Driving at the


Armagh defence. O Hanlon is the man outside, he finds in. Shane Miller


with the chance of a skull. Shooting outside the D. It goes over and Down


have the skull. The Ulster Championship, having an average of


12 points on average between the teams, now it's approaching


half-time with the sides level. We see Eamon Burns again happy on the


outside. Brilliant play by O'Hagan, the captain, the cornerback.


Brilliant play to dispossess Jamie Clarke. That's what they do, pushing


up the field. Kevin McKernan needs to do more of that. Campbell looking


for the offer on, doesn't have one so goes himself. He goes for the


skull from way out on the right. It stays in play. Andrew Murnin jumps


and catches. Brilliant sleep. Driving at the heart of the Down


defence, but gives it to the Down captain. O'Hagan leading again.


Looking for the return pass. Ryan Johnston hazard. He has seen a lot


of the ball during the opening half. Two minutes to go until the first


half injury time. O Hanlon, every opportunity he has attacked from


wingback. Conor Harrison took an awkward bounce ahead of him. It


gives an opportunity for Armagh to get back and it's a free out. I


can't understand why Down persisting kicking the ball in that situation.


When they run the ball they cause all kinds of problems. Down made a


brilliant recovery in the latter stages of the league season, saving


their skin in Division 2. Despite conceding two goals, they have come


right back and the sides level. Perhaps there is more character in


the Down team than people observe. Joe McIlroy try to give it to Jamie


Clarke, under severe pressure. Jamie Clarke doesn't go for the shot, a


brilliant dummy. The pass was just in front of Andrew Murnin. Off the


post, and Down clear. Just when you thought the half couldn't get any


better, what an opportunity for Armagh. Two attempts after the


initial shot. They wanted the goal. They just didn't get it. Caught


brilliantly by Jamie Clarke. That's what you pay money to see. If the


pass was better the ball was in the back of the net again. He's creating


a lot of problems. Very unselfish. Andrew Murnin just wants to score


goals. He doesn't like scoring points. He goes for the goal but


hits the post. Fantastic effort. It's exciting stuff, and the crowd


really it. A picture tells its own story. We have to give the referee


credit, he has contributed by letting it go. Give him credit and


the two teams as well. It's all out, everybody going for it, and it's a


great game. That's the point I'm making, why are


they kicking the ball in? Run with it and cause problems.


The cornerback, Paul Hughes, perhaps looking for another point. They shot


comes in from a long way out from Sheridan. Absolutely fantastic. The


Down fans in front of us were jeering as the shot went over


because they initially thought it was going Myles White. It just crept


in and Armagh are just in front as we approach half-time. Stephen


Sheridan not known for his ability to kick points, but he's a really


hard worker. Great kick, and he is also picking up McKern and when he


comes forward. Paul Hughes is having a storm at cornerback coming


forward. The referee blows the whistle. The ball into the middle of


the field. The sun remains. What half of football. Despite its Armagh


leading by a point at the break. A very interesting quick story that


happened, I went out for dinner with Eamon Coleman just a couple of weeks


before he died, and two coaches. Eamon Burns was with Monaghan, he


went to the wrong dressing room at half-time and was told where to go.


Sweat pouring down the face of Shane Miller. He has been everywhere


during the first half at the end of moves. Despite that, the half-time


score, Down with nine points, Armagh on two goals and four. It's


half-time. STUDIO: Thomas is pitch side. From a Down perspective, what


are the positives for you? We started well, moving very quick,


transitions from back to front were excellent, but then disappointed to


give away a sloppy goal. They were on the front foot. We got unlucky.


We came back level, a tremendous goal from them at the end. Our


tackling has been excellent. We kept the chances limited. If we can keep


moving the ball quickly, that's our strength. Is pace key? You get


rewards when you run at the Armagh defence at pace. They are a big a


physical side and we don't want to arm wrestle. If we move the ball


quickly, that's our strength. We have to do that and the scores are


there for the taking. Armagh had another couple of opportunities to


score. How do you get it higher up the pitch in the second of? We have


to make sure the sweepers get up the pitch. The long balls have caught


them out. We need to get them back quicker. We need to make sure they


don't get any space inside. And a lack of communication on the first


goal also cost us. A bit of a breeze in the first half in Armagh's


favour. What a game for the neutrals. STUDIO: There you have it.


One good game and we forget all the pain. You both hinted it would be


close and it's been a cracker. Fantastic game. Down started


brilliantly and every fan will be delighted to see them throwing their


bodies at it with more intensity, fantastic quality of play, moving


the ball forward Greg. Four points on the board and they stormed


Armagh. It was looking good for Down, but Armagh came back into it.


You are expecting it to air band flow in the second half? I would


expect Armagh to get on top at some point. We talked the game up


beforehand and it hasn't disappointed. Credit to the referee


in some respect. And to both sets of players that have gone at it. Any


time anyone from Down or Armagh has injected pace into the game it's a


really good spectacle. You just complemented a referee. I'm going to


fall off the chair. He's having a good game. Great to see him out


there looking so fit. It's tough coming out from a professional


sport. It's taken a year or two to settle into life peer. He got


himself sorted off the field. He's the reason Down are in Division 2


next season, he's fantastic. He beat three Armagh players on the outside,


and the decision-making has let him down in the past come but that was a


good option to take the fisted point. Great tackling in the Down


forward line. Great to get a turnover there. Under that pressure,


Johnston squeezed the ball onto the right foot and it was a dream start.


It can't be underestimated the pressure he's under to even get boot


to ball and get power over the bar. It's a fantastic start. No room to


work with, just a snapshot. Credit to Eamon Burns who has been going


well in training. It took Armagh a while to get going, but when the


Orchard got going the apples fell from the tree. I think Armagh had


five Gold chances in the first half. Probably unlucky not to take another


couple of them. Oisin O'Neill going for a score. What's Andrew Murnin


claiming? Unlucky not to take it. Jamie Clarke had the presence of


mind with bodies around. Mark Shields, not a lot of room to work


with, he was able to get in between. Poor attempt at a tackle from


Anthony Doherty. There are four Down defenders around him. He shouldn't


have been given the space, let's be realistic, with Down with all those


players back, he shouldn't be afforded the room. Another brilliant


ball in and Aaron McKay, he won't find himself in those situations too


often. He didn't have a nosebleed, he still was able to get a kick.


Cunningham closed him down well and it was a good score. He obviously


wanted a goal at that stage. But Armagh were big-time on top at that


point and they created four or five very good gold chances. Michael


Cunningham was quick to come off his line but then the down keeper was


beaten again. Armagh with a sniff of goal, and Jamie Clarke has been


outstanding in the distribution role. The first couple of balls of


Jamie Clarke, trying to take on O'Hagan. O'Hagan got the better of


him. Then he tries to slip it in, takes the step from Campbell. Good


save from Cunningham, but Andrew Murnin puts the rebound in well. The


Armagh forward line we spoke about before the game looks dangerous.


Jamie Clarke might finish this game with no scores, but what he has to


learn, and it still a learning process, when all the attention is


on him, it gives him the opportunity to slip the ball to somebody else


and for the likes of Campbell and Andrew Murnin, they should be


finishing this game with five or six apiece.


Bravo from Belfast, thanks for getting in touch to say Jamie


Clarke, the conductor which sums it up. For all of his material


brilliance, we could have thrown up four or five brilliant scores. Talk


us through this one. Harrison is coming from the start. He's done


everything right. It was a great save by Hughes. It's been a much


talked about position for Armagh. That was a very powerful shot. If


that had hit the net, Eamon Burns had his hands in his head because


Armagh had not scored at that stage. That was a big say. He's come in and


made it his own. His kick outs are good, he's confident and insured --


assured. Without disrespect to Rafferty, you may have thought there


is not an immediate replacement on the bench. We know how it went last


year. We wouldn't want to see more of that. In the last ten years,


we've had probably 11 or 12 goalkeepers within the Armagh set


up. This young lad has cemented his place. The defences confident in his


ability. His kick outs very, very good. Goalkeepers will make


mistakes. Stick with him because he's the future. The game seesawed


and each time you thought one team could be stealing it, back the


others came. Super 8 got scores. O'Hanlon, typical of the way they


have been playing. Freedom. That's a great term. Super 8, massive return


in the first half, nine. He will have a go all day at those in


training. It's great to see him nail a few here today. Great strength.


That was needed at that stage. Down really just glad that stage. We have


been waxing lyrical about Jamie Clarke. Almost into injury time,


Makro and Anthony Donaghy can take credit for this. Jamie Clarke, that


of magic. Going solo. Most players would be happy to get a point that


that stage. I think Doherty got a hand to it here, didn't he? Yes,


came through a number of bodies but it's great defending. That was off a


backward step on his backward foot. Such a difficult effort, one of the


best goals this season for sure. Just the way he dummied Michael


Cunningham. Great defending by Doherty. Every time Armagh go


forward, they looked like they have the possibility of golden


opportunities. Armagh, another two goals, could finish this game. You


picked out O'Hagan and he was having a good one. There's a couple of good


ones at which one with Thomas. Thank you. We talked about the conditions


in the game. A breeze developing. From a Armagh perspective, what will


you take from the first half? That we are still in it, thank God,


terrible first ten minutes. If we can get any sort of ball, with the


breeze on our back in the second half, the winning of the game as


there. Conversely, the battle with Charlie Vernon, and thankfully we


close down Harrison. He's given as a whole lot of trouble. In many ways


you have benefited from the fact Down have been at slow. Yes, they


have brought the ball out a place. When they are coming out slow. They


are not creating scoring chances. Armagh are picking their passes a


little bit about. May be the breeze is a bit of a factor. Creating


chances. For me, now we are settled into the game, I think it's


difficult for Down in the second half. Danny Hughes, from starring on


the field, you are now Stuart. What a start. A super start from Down,


the first 15, they were on top. Armagh were not in the game am not


getting the ball forward, but you could see when Jamie Clarke was


getting a term here and there, it was smart the way he was making runs


and creating space. Darren is playing well. You can see, when he


gets away, he's very dangerous. Armagh are looking to score a goal


every time they go forward. It's an entertaining game of football if


nothing else. So many matches now, the battle around the middle of the


pitch dictate the game in terms of breaking ball and clean catches.


It's a pretty open game of football. Armagh are pushing a man up. At the


minute, I'd just think Armagh, every time they go forward, they looked


like scoring a goal. I think Down need to go a bit more direct. Go


more up the field. It's a bit of a worry, you know. Thank you very


much. It all to play for in the second half. Tank you, Thomas and


Danny. He was expressing concern and feels Down is vulnerable at the


back. There's no doubt about that. We were talking about it. It


shouldn't happen from a sideline kick. The defence should be set up


and away to cut it out. It travelled 60 metres. When it gets too


defensive you grumble and then beget an open game and you still grumble.


This is as happy as we could be right now. I'd take your point


entirely. We are going to take you on a mystery player journey now. Can


you identify the mystery player? I haven't got a clue. Both of them


had it before the second shot. That so clued in they are. He's a


midfielder and he likes to cycle. We will reveal all post match. The


second half is about to get underway. Do get in touch. Jamie


Clarke is running the show at there. In terms of management, is there


much either will do in the second half? You think O'Hagan will be


disappointed not to start but you expect to see him come off the


bench? I expect to see him. He can get goals and points. I would be


interested in the psychology, he's bound to be very disappointed, how


he dealt with not starting because he would've expected to start. Willy


Wonka to contribute or will you be annoyed? -- will he want to


contribute. I've not seen much of Armagh this year. If anything you


think Kieran McGeeney could weave into this to make an impact? The one


player who is unlucky who didn't start in the middle of the field,


he's a player who can come in and make a difference. O'Hanlon has


scores in him. The problem Armagh have is possibly at the other end of


the field. Harrison, then Armagh can win the game. Charlie is better off


the field at this stage. Armagh, it's so traditional. Man-to-man


marking. If you are pitted against a marker, fair enough, you can get one


more switch and then get taken. It's been very manly stuff in the first


half. Stuff we have not seen. We talks about it being a derby. You


could wind the clock back to the 90s. They would not be much


difference. It's been a really enjoyable game. I still think Armagh


can click on with the game. It's been OK Corral as a shot taking at


us and we can take a shot at you. Is there the potential for extra time?


Could it be that tight in 35mm time? There is definitely potential. The


way the game unfolded towards the back end of the first Armagh half,


back on the pitch already, the goal chances are a big worry for Down and


if they concede another goal it could been curtains but given their


good start, we could see extra time. However, I think we'll stick with


our original predictions that Armagh will stick it. You will be very


popular when you go home. I'll give you a tip, don't go into your local


tonight! Armagh Are out and Down are just about to come out. I'm sticking


Armagh with Armagh because they are scores in the forward line. Without


losing glimpses of what the game can do so far. Keep it fairly tight,


defensively and then definitely Armagh. The second half commentary


is coming up from Martin and Thomas. COMMENTATOR: Welcome everybody back


to Pairc Esler. Fantastic game of football. I'm thoroughly enjoying


watching it but I've imagine if you are the referee, match manager, you


might be tearing your hair out at times. Exactly, different people


over the country are saying it's a very enjoyable match and other


people are getting tactics right and thinking it's not what we want to


see but from a crowd point of view, people watching on TV, we are


enjoying it. It's been brilliant so far. Very enjoyable. It's a game we


needed badly. The bench will be very important. This is a quarter which


warrants a lot of matches. No changes to Armagh Down or. We wonder


what was said. Tackle foiled by Forker. A free in for Down. Managers


like to settle your team down, get the defence settle down. McKernan


stays far back and then has that momentum and both of them, give them


credit, he will say he is lucky it's not a Donegal match. It is a nice


easy good match and you got to give credit to the players as well. You


are wondering what was the delay. The goalkeeper Cunningham, he looked


at the ball and then O'Hanlon said, no, I will take it. It goes wide.


Opening moments of the second half and the crowd at Pairc Esler, the


Ulster championship needed this today. Definitely. We watched


Cunningham kicking from there before the game started. Let him have a go


at it. Forker trying to play it through to Clarke. He brings it back


inside. Pops it out. Grugan. Campbell tries to pick it up, but


the ball has gone loose into the hands of Turley. Brilliant play from


the midfielder. Johnston, good tackle, and the referee says it's


going to be a Armagh goal. Of the 15 scores, 13 from play. You have got


to give Down credit, they are working hard. They are really


putting in tackles. Campbell should get there before it goes out of play


and he does. Right on the corner line. Campbell still going. Trying


to go on his manner game. Jamie Clark. Charlie Vernon just dips


ahead and goes. Moving side words. He finds Shields, the scorer of the


first goal in the first half. Shields still going. Great tackle


from Mooney. Eventually it's picked up by Turley. A brilliant tackle by


Mooney. That is what coaches do, get their hands across the player. Great


tackle. Armagh superb tackling. Ryan Johnson. Weaving his way through the


Armagh offence. Trying to give it to his brother. I can tell you that the


Johnston brothers have plenty of history with these games through the


years. It's a fascinating battle to watch. Falling for Down. This time


they will go for the goalkeeper Michael Cunningham. The big


Crossmaglen man will take this just behind the 45. He places a gently on


the turf. The ground is in pristine condition at Pairc Esler, a superb


surface. Great weather, great crowd, superb atmosphere. A chance for


Down. They could strike level. Michael Cunningham kicks it. It


doesn't go over the bar. He didn't catch it right at all on the ground


when he kicked it. Here's a very good kicker. Down will be


disappointed. The goalkeeper has ball in hand. He is a way out from


goal and could lose it. Hughes could be in bother here. The Down players


know he's out of his goal. Straightaway stopping the danger


with Shields. Down are putting pressure on. The goalkeeper has ball


in hand. I was thinking, the ball needs to be got rid of quickly. It's


good to use or goalkeeper and teams do use them, but from the point of


view, you have to be certain. Get rid of it, lay it off quickly. A


chance to draw level, O'Hanlon scored two points today, needed


three. Level, with five minutes gone in the first half. Armagh, they


didn't have goalkeeper is coming up. We've seen the exact same thing in


Dublin. They haven't got a very good reserve goalkeeper. Peter Turley


tries to keep it in play brilliantly. In fact, it was


Doherty. He polished off that a few moments ago. Down are in front. The


players are pushing and shoving one another. Donaghy, it's all kicking


off at Pairc Esler and the sides are level. It came down from the


goalkeeper. Brilliant play by Donnelly. You can see it, O'Hanlon


was confident to kick it. That is a good score. Down started the second


half the way they started the first half. He's letting Hughes now here's


the scorer of four points today. A very experienced man. One of only


three Armagh players still in the squad with an Ulster championship


medal. O'Hanlon goes into the referee's notepad, a yellow card.


The first yellow card today. 42 minutes gone, 11-2. Kick out. High


out in the middle of the field. Armagh are going to bring on a


substitute. Turley wins the breaking ball. O'Hanlon changes the ball


direction to Mooney. Jarreau and Johnson is outmuscled. -- Jarreau


met Johnson. -- sometimes you make the run and don't


get it. The momentum is with the defender. Charlie Vernon being taken


off now. The first move, Grimley has come in. It means Donaghy is the


only player on the field with an Ulster championship medal. It


Ball inside their own half. Grimley has come on.


He uses his strength well. Hughes, the pass was not perfect but he made


the most of it. He scored a point in the first half. He gives it a


Shields, who scored a goal in the first half. Looking for options, and


eventually finds O'Neill. Lovely, lazy style, the way he had said but


it drops short into the hands of the goalkeeper. Millar comes away with


it for Down on the break, crosses the fortified metre line. James


Morgan with a clenched fist. The referee says it is Down's ball.


Brilliantly picked up by Ryan Johnston. It's not good enough. The


ball does not go over the bar. It goes wide. A brilliant turnaround at


the other end. I think the breeze is stronger than you realise. Great


block. It's important to get down. Again, good movement. I've thought


Johnston should've carried on with the ball. Armagh on the attack yet


again. They win it inside their own half. Joe Mac arrived. -- Mac Roy.


Sierras Mooney, who spent a lot of time in Australia playing


professional sport with the AFL. It is ambitious. Great score from him.


The second of today, Mooney, the first after five minutes, and now he


has got the last. 45 minutes,. A brilliant score. Great tackle.


Brilliant play by Maginn to make that tackle. Mooney, we always say


give him the ball. A good score. Sheridan foiled. Murnin has done


well. He tries to take a hand to it, trying to find someone. Now you can


see pushing and shoving. Here it comes again. There is the full-back


for Down. McGovern in a headlock. He gets up. Quite wisely, the captain


goes, calm down. The match umpire is now talking to the referee. Will see


a valid thing comes out of that. I thought he was fouled. He created a


problem for himself. He ended up picking up a yellow card. He was


definitely fouled when the ball went in. Particularly at the right side.


They are not getting anything out of it. It's going to be a free inside


their own 30 metre line. The ball is in the hands of Michael Cunningham.


His challenge up debut in 2014, a qualifying win. McGovern goes again.


He tries to find Mooney. McAleenan able to hit. A good tackler on the


ball and so was this man. Over the bar it goes! A great score from him.


Maginn. That the brilliant score. The difference is, going back to


what I've said in the first half, Armagh kicking the ball forward.


Down are running the ball and that's working. The sweeper getting


forward. He needs to get on the ball. It's been very solid so far


for Down. He's holding it together, doing the simple things right,


keeping a cool head. Down scored the first scores today. The referee has


paused play because one of the players is injured. How important is


experienced now? A third of Armagh's team to date has not played in the


championship before. There is a strong breeze but leaders are very


important and this third quarter, Down have been the better side.


Armagh needed a girl but did not score. It's the same situation in


the second half. Down have been the better side, you have to save. They


deserve their lead. O'Hagan looks like he could be coming on. Ryan


Johnston is back on his feet. Grimley has it. Here come Armagh yet


again. A tackle from Maginn was weak. Moving forward, Murnin are


running out. He leans back, does not have the accuracy. It goes wide. I


think that's when they are creating problems. They are trying to get the


likes of Jamie Clarke on the ball. He has been handed the ball. The


second half, he's the orchestrator of the whole thing but they have not


got the ball to him. Even though he has been marked, and the ball to him


and he will do the rest. 16,168, the official attendance here today.


Everyone of them treated to a brilliant game football, plenty of


mistakes but at least it is close. Campbell trying to take on his man


from behind. He allows the advantage to go. Armagh score. Down down 13


point. The man who got that one was Anthony Duffy. Is first one since he


came on as a substitute. He came on for O'Neill. They ran the ball. It's


not working for them. He picked up an injury there, Donaghy. He seems


to be in discomfort. A big strong player, fantastic game so far.


Influential in midfield along with Peter Turley. We will see if he's


able to continue. Let's look at the incident. The goes for the ball,


lays back, and it was the left foot of Grimley, no question it was


accidental but he came down hard on his calf muscle, I think it is. He


has been there, done it all before. His wife Patricia is beside him.


Eamon Burns has done it to. Two all Ireland medals to his name. Donaghy


is in agony. Doesn't look like he's going to be able to continue. His


leg went under him. His foot caught him as he went down to the ground.


We look at the scoreboard and talk about points. You will get goals and


points are important. That's the difference. It shows you that Down


have been the better team. It's important to those battles. The ball


comes to the middle of the field, both players go up for it, and it is


the ankle of Donaghy. It's the lower part of his leg. Painful. The


structure has come on. It's great to see him on his feet. Since he was


introduced, he has been playing well. Barry O'Hagan is coming on. So


too is another man, and that is David McKernan. As we say, O'Hagan


is coming on and so to is David McKernan. His game ending sooner


than he thought. There is a pause in the game. Everybody is looking


around. How can this impact at game of football because of the crucial


stage? It could affect Down more than Armagh. The memento MORI with


Down. Armagh felt they wanted to keep the game going.


APPLAUSE Here's a loss to them. You feel that


Armagh at some stage will take over at some stage in the game so the


next five minutes are big for Armagh.


Barry O'Hagan, welcome to Championship football. It has been


the top scorer throughout the league. A brilliant person to be


able to bring on as substitute. Mark Shields.


Down have 13 players back behind the ball. Long ball to the front forward


line. Campbell has curled it a bit too much. Ball still in play.


Brilliantly won by O Hanlon, popping up everywhere. Fiennes Ryan


Johnston. That's a brilliant pass. Superb ball


to McGovern. Not another person in the ground saw that. Brendan


Dovegate in front of his man, snatching possession back for


Armagh, building again from the back with Morgan.


Fork away out on the left-hand side. Highball into the danger zone.


Andrew Murnin drops it. Down, away at pace. Caolan Mooney. The referee


says no. That's a black card, has to be. Interesting to see what the


referee does. He got the call from the linesman. Armagh weren't happy


he touched the ball on the ground. The hand when the ball breaks away


here. Jamie Clarke breaks for the ball and he picked up the hand


there. The incident happened just after the replay. The referee taking


the name of Anthony Doherty. On his Championship debut, he has a black


card. Turnover. You are not allowed to hand trip. We have seen that so


often in the Ulster Championship. Cahill Murray Dummett the great


coach. -- Cahill Murray, the great coach. Higgins. Following the play.


Armagh with the ball in, try to give it inside. Ryan Johnston has it.


McKern and does well to pick out a red shirt. Mooney can go at pace. He


certainly does. He almost looks faster with the ball than without.


Still going, inside the 45, chopped down by Mark Shields. It's a free in


from the 40. Brilliant play from a halfback. They had time for a pint


at the other end. A lot of the Armagh forwards have lost their


confidence. Caolan Mooney ran away from two Armagh players try to


follow him up the field. A free in, a big kick. They are not having


Michael Cunningham taking it, Darragh O'Hanlon will take it. Down


on 13 points, Armagh on two goals and five. A chance to extend the


lead for Down. O Hanlon just inside the 45. He has been able to steal a


few yards. Right footed from O Hanlon. That's a bad miss. I was


thinking before he kicked how well the two wing out backs of Down were


playing. It gives Armagh the lift they probably needed at this stage.


Gavin McParland, it seems he will be introduced as substitute. Armagh on


the attack with Stefan Campbell. Campbell didn't work it out the way


he wanted. , when they run with the ball it


causes problems, but they are still on system kicking it. -- they still


on clicking -- kicking it. Ryan Johnston was just about


everywhere in the first half. He has been more quiet after the break.


Downstairs mac could have done with him in the last few minutes. There


has been a substitution for Down. Ryan Johnston making his way off the


field of play very slowly. This will be taken by Kevin McKernan. Conor


Maginn pretended to go one way but goes the other. Jamie Clarke, so


quick and still going. Taking on his man. Conor Maginn tackling and


leaving it. Anthony Duffy is the man who had it, gave it to Clarke.


Ambitious effort from way out on the left-hand side. Andrew Murnin tries


to keep it in play but it goes wide. Looking at Armagh in the second


half, they were 2-4 at half-time, they have one point in the second


half, we are 24 minutes in, and they only have one score. Armagh have


averaged four goals every two games. Downstairs mac have one goal every


two games. We shouldn't be surprised at Armagh have hit the net twice.


It's too hard to get the ball that far downfield to make the decision.


Take on the players and work it up the field. Kieran McGeeney is on the


phone, making some contribution towards his management staff. He has


never won a game in the Ulster Championship. I would guess he's


speaking to Denis Hollywood. Maybe we will see more changes. Armagh


behind the 45 metre line. So many players in there. The referee says


it's a free out. That's a big one for Down, the sort


of thing that can lift the whole team. Looks like a choke tackle.


Wouldn't let him go to ground, kept him upright. Great play. He has only


been introduced as a substitute by that got the referee giving a free


out. He's very sharp on over carrying. Two more men to go past,


but the referee has called it all day. He's not giving a free in that


situation. Campbell moving forward at will. The ball at the sideline in


the hands of an Armagh player. Shields eventually finds Joe


McIlroy, driving inside. McIlroy still going. The referee says play


away. Kevin McKernan spot the running


Darragh O'Hanlon, who has the time and space. Caolan Mooney is out


wide. The referee says that wasn't an illegal tackle. We will have


another look at that. Stefan Campbell inside the Down half of the


field. Niall Grimley wearing night, but was introduced as a substitute.


Armagh could do with a score. It goes to the wrong post, wide. I


thought Mooney was fouled going through. The goal chance was on. The


two wing halfbacks charging forward together. It looked to me like that


was a foul. Brendan Donaghy took him down. They were just trying to


concede a point, not the goal, and the ball broke away from them. Not


giving frees today. Allowing players to put their hands in and Mooney is


disappointed with himself because there was a clear insight. Down have


put Armagh away. Still only two points in it. They have been on top


in the last five or ten minutes and haven't finished the game off.


Brilliant support play from Mooney. O'Hagan goes one way and many other.


On the right boot, going for the shot from distance. The umpires


looking at one another. He has only been on a field five minutes and has


scored a brilliant point for to extend their lead. Martin Clarke in


the studio told us this man should be on. Brilliant play. Space is


being created because Armagh have to push score. The Down record at home


this year has been pretty poor. One win and three defeats. In comparison


to Armagh, they haven't lost an away game this year. Armagh on the attack


yet again. Stephen Sheridan does well to find another orange shirt,


Stefan Campbell. He's trying to mosey his way through. He's tackled


and the crowd shouts for a throw ball. In the hands of Jamie Clarke,


who can't be stopped. Tries to find Mark Shields, but the smothering


blanket that is red and black does the trick. Shane Millard, so often


today he has been that outlet. He's had a great game. A very hard


worker. Mile McParland finds Miller. Joe McIlroy is coming more into the


game. Inside the 45 metre line, Paul Hughes taking on his man. Brilliant


play to get across the defender. James Morgan tries to find his man,


brilliantly caught by Niall Grimley, who tries to cross soccer style.


Armagh moving their way through. Will they go for the score? Faulkner


with the shot, just the wrong side of the post. What an opportunity.


Maybe had more time than he thought to turn onto his right side. Running


at them causes problems. The ball inside by Donnelly. Unfortunately,


if you could have put it across. They are turning over the ball and


creating goal chances. Armagh badly need a score. Another Armagh


substitute. Nile Roland coming on. The man going off is Aidan Forker.


Armagh have it two goals and they need a third. Another look at that


attempt. Shot coming in, side netting. Unfortunate. Big


opportunity. O'Hagan is moving dangerously on goal. Tackle by Aaron


McKie, making his Championship debut today. He wins the free out. Superb


tackle to dispossess O'Hagan. Great tackle again. Aaron McKay is the one


Armagh player doing well since coming in to the full-back line. A


high tackle to give away a free. He felt it was the best thing to do. He


picks up a yellow card. We have gone 31 minutes in the second half and


Armagh only have one point. Very disappointing in the second half.


Armagh winning the five past Championship meetings between the


counties, the last one in 2011. They are hoping here for six in a row.


They have a bit of work if that's going to happen. They have


possession, however, inside their own half. The first touch from Niall


Rowland. Stefan Campbell driving at the Down defence. Kevin McKernan


hits him with an almighty thump and the referee says play away. Jamie


Clarke looking for the return pass but doesn't get it. Down smothering


the Armagh forwards. It's still not clear. A point perhaps might do for


Jamie Clarke. It is kept in play brilliantly by Andrew Murnin. Shot


from Niall Grimley, who has hit it wide. Three different opportunities


to get a score and they take none. In the second half they seem to have


completely lost their confidence in the forward line. We hear a lot


about the brilliant Armagh forward line, they are great on paper. You


have to play as a team together and they haven't done that. They have


lost all confidence and they are all afraid to take a shot, can't get the


right players on the ball. Armagh has hit one point in the second


half. That tells its own story. To the middle of the field with the


players contesting it. O'Hagan, people raised eyebrows and asked why


he was dropped. Perhaps it was a masterstroke to be able to play like


that on as substitute. Miller gives it to Conor Maginn. Played out the


right-hand side. Joe Murphy tries to play it in. The referee says no


free. Joe McIlroy has possession. There are two minutes left of normal


time. Armagh need to conjure up something. Realistically, they need


a goal. It will be a sideline ball. Some pushing and shoving going on.


One of the Down players is down. Darragh O'Hanlon, back on his feet.


Paul Hughes moving forward again. Tackled by Mike Kernan. Darragh


O'Hanlon is there as well. Paul Hughes hoping for the free. We can


see Darragh O'Hanlon right now. Just shouldered. I think he was


shouldered into someone else who hit him in the face accidentally. One of


the stewards. A yellow card for Niall Grimley.


Armagh on the attack. 25 of the 30 players now inside the 45 metre line


that belongs to Down. Armagh have come here many times before but they


can't seem to get the ball to the full forward line. They could do


with a score. Jamie Clarke goes himself. Takes the bouncing contact.


He has three players surrounding him and does well to find an Armagh


jersey. Paul Hughes passing out to Jamie Clarke. Good tackle from Kevin


McKernan. Stood up strong, but eventually the free is won. It's


taken shot for Brendan Donaghy, opportunity for an Armagh goal. It


bounces in front of the goalkeeper and Michael Cunningham clears his


lines. Shane Miller is again the outlet. The Kernan takes a mighty


shoulder. Five minutes of extra time to play. A massive hit. Looks like


he's injured his shoulder. We can look at the save and then the


challenge. I thought they should have put the ball over the bar.


Plenty of time to get it back to two points. Great ball out by Michael


Cunningham. Kevin McKernan has had a great match. The tackle he made a


free moments ago, putting his body on the line. He showed leadership.


We talked about it before the game. He has been a great leader. It could


be the ACE joint, which is a difficult injury in Gaelic football,


the shoulder. A massive hit on Kevin McKernan. When he was hit he did a


full 180 degrees, like Gary Coleman in the 1992 final. He a leader of


team. If there is one motivator in the Down team, it's Kevin McKernan.


We talk about O'Hagan as well, Mooney. The Neil Young Lad Shane


Miller has come in and done really well. -- the young lad Shane Miller.


He looks like he took a bang on the A/C joint. If you were Eamon Burns


you would like to keep on the field and he's staying on the pitch. On


his feet, great news for Down. They could do with him for the additional


few minutes. Five of additional minutes, the fourth official has


said. Looking at the shoulder again. Kevin McKernan in the middle of the


screen, takes the full hit. He will feel that in the morning, but


perhaps not now. It's more the way he hit the ground. Niall Rowland


just had to get his body in there. He's been playing that role as a


sweeper and getting forward when it counts today, Kevin McKernan.


Another substitution. Conor Maginn making way. The three is hit


straightaway. Poland is the man coming on as substitute. James


Morgan picking up the pieces. Armagh need a goal, it's as simple as that.


They trail in this game. They need to get something and hit the back of


the net. They have had several opportunities in the match, they


have hit two goals already. They need a third, otherwise their Ulster


Championship aspirations will end here today. Niall Rowland is taking


on, still going, and he's fouled. A free in on the 13 metre line. Two


minutes of additional time remaining, but during those five


minutes that were indicated at the very beginning, there was a long


stoppage for Kevin McKernan. We might have another four minutes


perhaps of time to be played. What does Martin McCue do here? We went


back to Oisin O'Neill's kicking in the first half, they got a goal out


of it. Duffy asking how long is left. Kevin McKernan still getting


treatment. He doesn't seem to be right on the field. Down have used


all their substitutes. He's definitely holding his arm. The


adrenaline will carry him through, but Down Will Hope it men's quickly.


And not made worse by him continuing to play here. As it stands they will


be through to the semifinal. McParland takes a point. Whatever he


has been told he thinks there's enough time. Armani to brush up on


them, every man picking up a player and getting the ball. -- Armagh need


to brush up on them. The breaking ball is won. Straightaway driven to


the full forward line. Johnson tries to get there. Brilliant tackle from


James Morgan. It's fantastic to get a hand in. Unable to keep it in play


and it will be a Down sideline ball, just as good as a free. I don't know


why Down checked the ball in long. They like to go along with the kick,


but they should keep the ball. Don't bother going for a school, just keep


possession. We can already see some Armagh supporters making their way


out of the ground. They have given up hope. Down throw inside. A chance


of a score that could really kill it. Over the bar, great point and


superb score from David McKibben. The deficit increases again to


three. Armagh need a goal. Brendan Donaghy, to the wrong player, it


goes over the bar. We have played five minutes of additional time. Now


it's very simple. It's up to the referee how much he adds on. Armagh


need a goal and the referee says to put it back. He's not allowing that


kickouts to be taken just yet. Substitution for Armagh. Two going


off, 14 and 15. Stefan Campbell and Andrew Murnin. Both going off. The


last role of the dice for Armagh. They have to win the kickout and get


it up the field. They have to score a goal. The whistle is in the mouth


of the referee. One last attempt. High ball from Brendan Donaghy.


Jamie Clarke was up for it. Dragged down surely by Kevin McKernan.


Definite black card. Something tells me he will not be too distressed by


that. Straightaway incomes... I wouldn't like to be hit by Ciaran


O'Hanlon in there. O'Hanlon and Mooney in there. This is not doing


Armagh any favours. It will be a free in on the 13 metre line.


They'll have everybody back behind the ball. Brendan Donaghy trying to


cool things down. Morehead locks. This is very disappointing. It's


like WWE. Very dangerous, wrestling at the perimeter where the


supporters are. Some of the crowd could do anything to those players.


Very dangerous at this stage. Trying to get players from both sides moved


away, the referee. We talk about the black card, the reason that was


taken in was because of the famous tackle on Conor McManus by Sean


Cavanagh. Kevin McKernan is going to get a black card, but he made the


decision to pull the player down. He has taken the black card for his


team. If down didn't have enough substitutes to take up Kevin


McKernan, he has been able to go off with a black card. The reason it was


introduced, the last man tackle, but still on the opportunity presents


itself, the man will still take him down. The black card is no good for


the situation. It's all right for the stronger teams like Dublin and


Kerry, they can get away with it. But with weaker club teams, it's a


disappointment. They better to give a red card or yellow card when a


player is under pressure. That's what Kevin McKernan did. He stopped


the gold going in and he has won the match for his team. The other


players will say, why isn't a red card more in question? Kevin


McKernan goes over to the Down back row staff. He it looks like the


joint on his right shoulder, the way he holds his hand across it. The way


it must have popped up. The referee says to hold on a second. Caolan


Mooney was try to speak to him. Interesting to see if he allows the


free to be taken by Armagh. Nile McParland in there, so is Barry


O'Hagan. Stephen Sheridan. It doesn't really make any difference


to the game now because one would expect the referee will blow it up


after this play. After the referee goes around this, if Armagh still


have the free, they have to go for goal. It will be yellow cards all


round, it looks like. Most people will say handbags, but it's


disappointing. We had a very enjoyable first off and the second


half has been disappointing. We don't want to see something like


that in a match. Joe McIlroy goes into the referee's notepad. Stephen


Sheridan will as well. They are the two Armagh players. Yellow card, red


card for Joe McIlroy. Sent off. And yellow cards to all three. Four


yellow cards, but Joe McIlroy am I can't remember him being booked.


He's chasing up with the referee. He is perhaps saying it wasn't him. The


referee asking for help. Late drama here. As far as we are concerned,


Joe McIlroy wasn't booked. He picked up a yellow card, the referee has


made a mistake by sending him off. The easy thing to do is to recognise


it wasn't a yellow card. The referee chatting to his fourth official to


check whether this man was booked. He wasn't booked, regardless, the


referee making a mistake. Will he be given the opportunity to rectify it.


He's speaking to the linesman, down with the umpires. We have played 81


minutes. Terrible finish to the match. He has left him on, made the


decision. Fair play. That came very simply from Joe McIlroy questioning


the decision. That's why he's allowed to stay on the field. If


Ulloa Roy gets his hand to the ball and knocks it now! -- if Joe McIlroy


gets his hand to the ball now. Complaining that somebody is


standing too close infant of him. We have only seen somebody banging it


in from the 13 metre line wants, a couple of years ago. It's too high,


over the bar. That might just be that. I think the person happiest is


the referee, that the ball went high over the bar and didn't go into


these the small rectangular net. We'll see if the referee adds any


additional time. 82 minutes played, the game has had just about


everything. In the second half, Armagh didn't play to their


capabilities. Down have just played better. The referee allows play to


continue. Morgan passes it. Jamie Clarke is looking for the high ball


in. Clarke trying to get the breaking ball. It is grabbed by a


Down player and surely that's that. The players rejoice. They know it


was a big breaking ball to win. The referee says play on. Into the


semifinal of the Ulster Champion go Super 8. A brilliant game of


football littered with mistakes but fabulous entertainment. Yes, a great


game of football. The second half wasn't as good. Some games you


expect that to happen. He's a happy man, Eamon Burns. The team played


with heart for him. McGovern showed what it was made of. A cool customer


and the pressure. From their point of view, a big match. It's important


McKernan is available for the semifinal and gets his shoulder


looked at. Mooney was good. That man worked his socks off. The Johnstons


were very good. Down will be very happy. Disappointing for Armagh. A


lot expected of them. Very disappointing, especially the second


half. Seven points is not going to win a championship match. Only one


point scored in the second half. Kieran McGeeney will be very


disappointed because they are definitely putting in the work. They


didn't show up today in the second-half particularly. Some of


these players were not even born the last time they beat Armagh the


championship. For them, they got to go to the qualifiers, so the summer


has not ended just yet. Down will play Monaghan or Cavan. Let's go


pick side. It was a battle at there. How pleased to come out on top are


you? Yes, massive game. Trying to get the right men on the pitch,


thankfully we have 29 of the most committed men in Down. 25 years of


hurt. I think we can dedicate it to those nine players. It's looking


more positive. Commitment was typified in your second-half


performance. The manager said half-time? You seem to make it very


difficult for Armagh to get any opportunities in the scoring zone.


The game took on a life of its own. We were in control on the second


half and in the second half, we reassessed. We heard them the way we


know we can. The possession at the end, fantastic stuff. Was that the


tackle you had to make? Yes, it was about to get in contact on him. So


much has been said in the past 18 months about this squad of players.


Do you think you proved a point today? Yes, when you put on the


jersey, it's a massive honour. Eamon Burns spoke about that today. If you


put on the jersey, it's not the end of the world, but today we put pride


back in the jersey. I hope the supporters are happy. A few bumps


and bruises inside the dressing room. You can see the commitment,


men putting their bodies on the line. The contact tackles, its


massive. A collection of effort from both teams. Thank you. Thank you


very much to Thomas and Kevin. Congratulations to Down, they


deserved. They did, and if you forensically look at the game, strip


away the goals that Armagh got, which were half chances, when you


strip that back and consider Armagh scored in a forward line, had plenty


of scores in them, if you were to tell me that Down would get no


goals, I would have guaranteed they would have won the game. From the


Armagh point of view, it's difficult. I'm looking at the Armagh


the boys trudging off the field now. How they picked themselves up from


the game they were expected to win, will be a difficult job for Kieran


McGeeney and the staff. They will have to pick themselves up. Down on


the other hand, twice they've had their backs against the wall this


year. They have picked themselves up and won the game. That's a good


team. Today, when their backs were against the wall, everybody had


written them off, considering they are a division two team, Armagh RA


division three team, when you consider all that and strip away


everything, from the Down Pintado, it was a very manly performance. I'm


reminded of the fact that nobody wanted this job and Eamon Burns put


his hand up and today must be great. It is the rarest of treats, home win


in the championship for Down, in the past 20 is, it hasn't happened. We


have been beaten badly in a lot of championship games but that was


disciplined, determined and Down were the better team today. Armagh


didn't have a clue going forward. A lot of the guys playing were on the


counterattack, and well done to Eamon Burns and the Down players


because everybody had written them off. I had my doubts but they were


the better team and hopefully they can think about not just enjoying


this victory but going on in challenging against Monaghan and


Cavan. You are both agreed on the man of the match, who was with


Thomas. Yes, we have Vernon Fox to present Darren O'Hanlon with a man


of the match award. Hand it across to the recipient. What was the key


to today's victory? Desire, workrate. This team is not good


enough and we were not making any effort. Some of the games we were


losing, we just fell apart in the second half. In the league, we


played well, new boys came in and then we got beaten two in a row and


had to go down to Cork with our backs against the wall. We got a


draw to stay up. This is the biggest game Down have had since 2010. We


knew if we put in the workrate we would get a victory today. We are


buzzing for this match today and I'm glad we came out on top. How


important was the third quarter of the game because in many ways,


that's what championship matches are won and lost on. You seem to win


every break-up ball. Yes, there was a big shift in midfield. A lot of


cookouts, as well. We went into the dressing room and point down and had


a good talking to. In the first half, there was a serious breeze.


The second half, it was hard-hitting. And glad we came out


on top in the end. Were there many tactical changes at half-time? The


sweeper system didn't seem to be working. Armagh had lots of goal


opportunities. The first half, they had an extra manner. I thought our


defence coped well. He was outstanding today, Donaghy. He saved


one off the line in the first half. It was a team effort for some I'm


glad we are on top. Congratulations, you are the man of the match. Next


up for you, the Ulster semifinal. STUDIO: To the victors at the


spoils. So much of what he did today was so good. Here is one example we


can take a look at. He was fantastic. It was not a clear man of


the match choice. A great turning point here on his right foot. His


point in the second half was a better kick at a crucial stage


again. As well as his good defence, kept charging forward. Plenty of


good performances from Down but it was a real team effort. East about


with his points and his good running up and down the wing, but it was an


even effort which will please Eamon Burns and the management team.


Honourable mentions for O'Hagan. You were agonising over Mooney and


O'Hanlon. The first scorer in the second half. Talk us through his


contribution today. He seems to be back. There was a lot expected of


him, 21 years of age, he's not played a lot of Gaelic football


particular senior level. Mouths he's had a lot of two full seasons. He's


had a great start. His athleticism is fantastic. He punched the air


after this cake. It means everything to him. In the first two years, a


lot of stresses as his career in Australia folded. He's a young man,


23. Look at this, fantastic. He gave it a fist pump. I had a feeling Down


was not going to be caught. I'm really pleased for him and the boys.


They slugged it out. You could hear them also, they've been hurt and


it's great to see they have done something about it. Brilliant.


You've already complemented the manager Eamon Burns. He's alongside


Thomas. I'm very happy, Eamon Burns, and they expect there's drama and


you try to influence the match, but how pleased were you with the way


the players dealt with the game and dictation? I thought the game plan


we set out was performed very well. Couple of setbacks in the first


half. Apart from that, especially in the second half, we were very


disciplined, organised, strong in the tackle, and turned the ball over


quickly, so we asked the boys to battle hard at half-time, exactly as


they did in the first half and they kept us ticking someone's got the


lead, we we were in a strong position. The two men in the middle


of the field put in a fantastic shift. Yes, Donaghy put on a


fantastic game. Peter Turley pulled his hamstring and we worked hard to


get him ready. He gave a 55 minutes and we thought 35. What more can


they say, a great display. He picked up an injury late in the game. He


gave me a thumbs up by think is OK, the boys that have an I think he's


OK. In terms of the overall performance, questions were asked in


the first half, how did you shore things up in the second half? We


worked the system well. The boys were organised. The people playing


in the half checked runners back and got the ball delayed for Southwark


gave us a chance to get tight on the inside line. Many players cause us


problems. Our boys did not panic. We got the ball and use it well. What


would you like to say about the players like O'Hagan who did a


fantastic job on Clarke and also Millar? A lot of lads did well


today. It's hard to pick out guys. I thought, as a collective, everybody


did what was asked. Congratulations once again, thank you. It couldn't


happen to a nicer guy. He is deserving of that. If you look to


that first half, Armagh created opportunities and that will be a


concern but also on the flip side, something to work on. I don't think


Eamon Burns will have many concerns. He will be pleased what his team is


done. He has got a lot of flak. I have given him some slack, but his


team look well organised, of the game. These goals were sloppy. He


won't be happy with their pact defends there. There's five Down


defenders. Shields still able to get a goal. That is something obviously


which will concern him and he will have to look at it. Honestly, I


think today is about the pressure being taken off him. The next one is


all about Jamie Clarke. He created that bit of space. Campbell on the


end of it. Down were slack for 15 minutes and Armagh created five very


good goal chances and probably should have taken at least another


one. But Down were able to respond to this. They were able to go back


up the field. At a crucial stage of the game, we were debating heavily


who would get man of the match and the recently gave it to O'Hanlon was


it came at crucial times, his scores. That's the mark of a player,


how you judge a player when his team is under pressure, what he actually


does, so from that point of view, Eamon Burns will be worried but it


will be Tuesday before he gets ready concerned about that. A lot of


talking points. The black card pretty much at the top of the tree.


Two given. They could have been a third. The first one, Joe Mac Roy.


This wasn't was in the first half. Jerome Johnston, an explosive


player. It was missed time to. Black card 's most of the summer, that's


the disappointing thing. It should have been given and it wasn't.


Oisin? It is Andy Donaghy commonly loses possession of the ball. He


realises that if Armagh break at that stage, they won't have a


defensive structure and he takes a black card for it. Armagh ended up


not getting the score of it. When you look back at the black cards,


the two, they will be happy enough with them. Eamon Burns could be


frustrated with them. The next one, McKernan, there's no question about


that one. He did the right thing. What is the point? What good has it


done in that situation? To the end of the incident, by the time the


referee came, seven minutes it took for him, from the black card, from


the referee to come back, deal with it, dish out four meaningless yellow


cards, and by that stage, we are in the 83rd minute of the game. I just


think what is the point? The referee goes back, throws the ball in or


gives a free kick. If the boys want to fight, let them fight away in the


game goes on. I know that is simplified. Especially towards the


end of a game, if somebody takes a black card, it takes a minute or two


to sorted out. I think it would be great for club referees to have that


and let. If there is a lot of punches in a club match, the


referee" in the two opponents and the game is on. You're not going to


let your team down and be involved punching. It is played in the AFL,


the ball is on, live, and the last thing you want to do is fight. You


want to play for your team. There was an instant by the stand full


topic needs to be sorted out, avoided. It's OK when there's lots


of professionals and they can calm it down but at club level, it could


help. Retrospectively, after the yellow card, he withdrew one. I want


to dig down a little bit into Armagh's performance and you felt


there was a lot of indiscipline in the tackle. Yes, couple of times


Armagh were able to bring the players back. This is Kieron Mooney.


A simple kick. He has no need to do that. There's lots of Armagh players


there. This is not given, Donaghy. Another free kick. How Cunningham


does not see it a free kick? At a crucial time of the game. Armagh


have two players back. All they have to do, is stand them up. Shields is


trying to get his hand over it. He won't be able to do that without


giving away a free kick, no logic to it. In a situation like that, you've


got to be disciplined in the tackle. Armagh did it once or twice in the


first half with a lot of players. That discipline, Armagh lost the


game by a point in the end. Let's rewind 60 minutes. Barry O'Hagan


came on and got his point. I was surprised about him not starting.


Also Donnelly and Doherty and all did brilliantly. Well done, Eamon


Burns. No one let down. O'Hagan, a class act. Phenomenal. He is so


sharp, right on the turn. That's testament to his psychology, to be


dropped for this game, and not to start, he would have been so


disappointed but he had a great contribution. He will be pushing for


the next game. I know Armagh was thing against the breeze, but how


indecisive where they but as soon as Barry O'Hagan got the ball, he had a


go. He had a lot of opportunities later on. In the frantic closing ten


minutes, you could forget Forker had a chance. He didn't realise just how


much time he had. How he gets the space in there, I know it easy


saying it, but if he dummies back onto his right foot, all he has to


do is slide it. It means he's got a very narrow half chance. Armagh went


for goals far too early in my opinion. I know the wind was strong.


That was not an opportunity. Take your point, reset, go again. They


panicked and made some poor decisions in the final third. Here


is the view from the stands, what the fans thought.


I don't know what they are saying. I think Armagh is poor. I think the


referee should be in a Down jersey. The best team won. A lot of people


will talk about the manager but you can do as much training and talking


as you want, in the changing room, but when you cross the line, it's up


to you. The players today just did not stand up. Difficult, nail-biting


to the finish but they came out on top, brilliant. Absolutely


unbelievable. Great to beat Armagh. I am married to a Armagh woman so it


makes it all the sweeter. I thought they were outstanding. Brilliant. I


think was a great game for Down full survey played wonderful in the first


half. A good game, evenly matched. They deserved it. I thought one team


was as good as the other. Maybe she could do my job for me. I suspect


you may be wondering who our mystery guest was. Here is the reveal.


# Remember me, I'm the one who had your baby 's eyes...


He of course was the mystery guest. Well done to you if he got it. Let's


talk about that late incident. You felt there was a potentially could


have spilled over onto the terraces because it rumbled for five or six


minutes. It is passion, the players are passionate, a lot at stake. The


last couple of minutes of an Ulster championship both teams are


desperate to win. You understand boys throwing themselves in. You


have to stand up for yourself and your team-mates. It was the length


of time it was allowed to continue. It looks ugly and unsightly. It's


not something we want to see. We want to see Passion. We encourage a


certain amount of this. When it develops into this, it just gets


silly. This is the second half now. Rightly so, Armagh players were


incensed Kevin McKernan dragged down Jamie Clarke but that's the rules.


It's just the length of time it takes. He gave a red card, the


referee, so you got to give credit for that. He did make a mistake. It


took in five minutes to rectify it. By that stage, all the momentum is


out of the game. It's typical what happens towards the end of the game.


The black card, taken in to do away with this has added to the problem.


To compound his mistake, Clarke had a 14 yard free kick after that.


Likely from the Down perspective, it was a mistake and they were not back


the required distance. Thank you very much. That was good fun, chaps


for the next Sunday we would all again and let's hope the meeting of


the neighbours next week is as good as it was today. Cavan against


Monaghan, 1:45pm on the BBC. That's just about it from Pairc Esler. We


trundle home. We hope to see you in a week. From us all, bye-bye.


Mark Sidebottom presents coverage of the Ulster Championship quarter-final between Down and Armagh. The neighbours go head to head at Pairc Esler in Newry for a place in the last four of the provincial championship.

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