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Hello. A very good evening to you and welcome to Wembley. We are


minutes away from kick-off in the 20 17th FA Cup final. The two London


clubs are going through their final preparations. Fans and royalty are


taking to their seats. Will this be a positive for Arsenal to end their


season on or will we see a double for Antonio Conte and Chelsea? Your


commentary team, Danny Murphy and Guy Mowbray.


Good afternoon. We are all set for the Cup Final. First played at the


Kennington Oval cricket ground. There were 2000 spectators paying


just over a shelling to see two teams of amateurs. It is all very


different now as the highly paid and finely tuned professionals of


Arsenal and Chelsea perform in front of 90,000 but fundamentally, it is


the same event and after this painful sorrowful week, perhaps


there is some small comfort to come from a whole nation gathering to


enjoy together the most traditional of sporting occasions. Antonio Conte


leads his Chelsea players down their line of opponents in the usual fair


play handshakes. And with that done, let's take a look at the line-ups


that will start the game today. For Arsenal, David Ospina plays instead


of Petr Cech. Per Mertesacker captains the Gunners in his first


start all season. Rob Holding could be the lucky charm. Arsenal have won


the last 11 games he played in. Danny Welbeck has been preferred to


Olivier Giroud in attack. The Chelsea side is one you could


probably recite. Thibaut Courtois in goal behind the usual back three.


Gary Cahill making up for missing Chelsea boss last Cup Final


appearance five years ago. Nemanja Matic gets the nod over Cesc


Fabregas. It is a forward three that scored 51 goals between them this


season. The standout name on the Chelsea bench, is it goodbye and


farewell forever for John Terry? If he could come up to shore up the


back line there isn't a single defender among the Arsenal


substitutes. Before the kick-off, it is time for us all to take a moment


to pay our respects and show our support for all those killed or


injured and the hundreds and thousands who have been selfless in


their actions of assistance since the atrocity in Manchester on Monday




A poignant mix of respect, remembrance, pride and defiance.


And Chelsea end the campaign as double winners and can Arsenal bring


a bit of light back to their supporters who feel that they have


had a bad season having finished outside the top four for the first


time in 20 years. Sanchez is always dangerous when he has got the ball.


Azpilicueta managed to get it off them but at the cost of a corner for


Arsenal. Here is where Per Mertesacker could be really useful.


Good play from Sanchez. A wonderful footballer. He is the one for


Arsenal who could make a difference in the big games, isn't he? It is a


nice easy first claim of the match from Thibaut Courtois. He was in a


hurry to find Kante. His team-mate got in the way.


Matic came across but could not prevent the ball inside for Ramsey.


Sanchez in quickly once more. And Sanchez is into score. The flag is


up though. It is a goal. He is not offside. Ramsay did not get involved


because he realised. Anthony Taylor is going to go and have a word with


the assistant referee. My assistant is the same as yours. Doesn't matter


if he gives it or not, it is a goal. Ramsay went to touch the ball and


realised he would be offside. It is 1-0 to Arsenal. Inside five minutes.


Alexis Sanchez amazing Wembley record goes on. Five goals in five


appearances here for Arsenal. He scored seven in six all told and he


has given the Gunners believed. The Chelsea players are arguing. There


is nothing to argue about. You will see here. Sanchez plays the first


ball, it comes off him again. Maybe they are calling for handball, I am


not sure, but it is certainly not offside. Ramsay must have got the


call from Sanchez in the nick of time. I think this is more the


contentious bit, the handball. There is the first bit of FA Cup final


drama. Sanchez gives the early advantage. The thing is with


Chelsea, I have watched them a few times this season where they have


not been overly impressive but they have moments in matches with


players. Here is a magic player, and Alexis Sanchez, and he has got the


ball through. What a chance for 2-0. It is cleared off the line by Cahill


to thwart Mesut Ozil. A bad touch. Took away the chance. What a huge


chance for Ozil and he did not connect with him properly.


It is all Arsenal in the FA Cup final. At the moment they do not


know what to do with Sanchez and Ozil. They are coming off the wings,


causing Chelsea all sorts of problems. Welbeck rises. It is off


the post. Somehow, it bounces off Ramsay and goes behind. Another


chance. They are wondering what happened at the other end of the


ground. David Koster got in. A good saved by


Ospina. Diego Costa had the better of Rob Holding.


Antonio Conte was getting excited about the chance, mamma Mia.


Welbeck on the left. Missed it. It have come to Welbeck. Courtois


stopped them. It needed the assistance of Cahill yet again on


the goal-line. Welbeck knife and patient. A good little ball from


Bellerin, that is. Ospina holds it. Just about. Better


play from Chelsea. He made it a nice height for the Colombian keeper.


Hazard trying to leave Monreal behind. Per Mertesacker is having a


captain's game for Arsenal. It is a goal kick for Arsenal. He has been


absolutely outstanding. His positional play and his timing of


some of his tackles. Is it right he has not started a single game this


season? Unbelievable performance. This is the FA Cup final, these


things happen. I had an inkling we would have one of those stories


today. You thought he had struck? I cannot lie to you and try and look


all clever. I did suggest that Sanchez would have to be at his very


best, he certainly has been that, hasn't he? It has been a mix. This


is not the Chelsea performance we are used to seeing. A kick from


Nemanja Matic. Retrieved as is often the case by N'Golo Kante. Here is


Victor Moses! Mertesacker gets it further away. The two men we talked


about, Ospina and Mertesacker keep Chelsea out of the game. A good


save. Did not quite get full pace behind that, Moses. Could have been


a bit cuter. Welbeck does brilliantly. Rather crudely taken


out by Victor Moses. That will be a booking. He has done that well,


Welbeck. Nice and strong. Powerful. Takes the pressure off. Get to team


up the pitch. Ozil charging down the middle.


Oxlade-Chamberlain there as well. Coming in from a low rim. A superb


save from Thibaut Courtois. The pace and power was brilliant for Arsenal.


It is hotting up on the field and in the seats.


Moses, Moses down. Anthony Taylor had a really good look and wave


Arsenal's way and may well give a yellow card. He will and to Victor


Moses. That means his FA Cup final is over. What a big decision from


the referee. Chelsea down to ten. Some of the supporters were thinking


they were about to have a penalty. He has got it right, spot on. I


don't know what he's doing. Desperation. Cheating. This has now


given Arsenal a fantastic opportunity. Keep the ball, kill


game off. David Luiz. Quickly in, fairly in,


smartly in. Diego Costa takes it down. And Diego


Costa levels for Chelsea! The champions are giving it their


everything with the ten men. 1-1. It was a good move. Hazard, good


awareness. Good awareness, good path. Lets it back into William. A


clever little ball. Gets a bit tight there, road-macro. -- Holding. Diego


Costa, kiss on the badge for the player who is widely touted to be


leaving for the riches of the Chinese Super League in the next few


weeks. What a parting gift if that proves to be. Danny Welbeck has


given so much to the game. He has been magnificent. And Olivier Giroud


on. They need a goal from him now. They have got the extra man. They


should have the ball for the majority of the last 13 or 14


minutes. Game on again in the FA Cup final.


Various Giroud pulling it back. Arsenal in front once more. Aaron


Ramsey scores for the gunners. Chelsea's reprieve is so short left


-- short lived they have barely finished the celebrations. A great


ball from Sanchez. Watch this from Giroud. He takes a risk that someone


will be in there. Your man Kante switches offer a second. It is a


good goal. A good goal from Ramsey. Chelsea have to haul themselves back


to their feet again. He blocks at past David Luiz. It was


merely one of the great FA Cup final goals. Steered wide by the flying


Spanish fullback. He went into overdrive. He thought he had overrun


it. He was unlucky. Willian has been felled by Alexis


Sanchez. It will be a free kick for Chelsea and they got on with it very


quickly. Willian will realise that in a second and get up and go.


Willian has got up. N'Golo Kante has gone for the clip towards Hazard.


Diego Costa barges in. Straight against the chest of Ospina. That


saved might have kept the cup for Arsenal. It might have done.


Mertesacker makes a strange decision. It seemed sensible mode,


but he let him have it, scared of giving a penalty away. That was


given away. This is Mesut Ozil. He hits the post. That was the chance


to seal it once and for all for the Gunners. How composed was he? He has


done everything right. But the last bit, he hit the post. He waits


friend, beautiful shot, he gives him the eyes. If Arsenal do not win this


game, honestly. Ramsey Schrotter Mohamed Elneny.


What is he doing? Then he checks back. It is Arsenal's FA Cup anyway.


A small smile on the face of Arsene Wenger. A sporting handshake from


the manager of the champions, Antonio Conte. But Arsenal have


saved one of their best performances of the entire season until last


against all odds. After all the trials and tribulations we have seen


and heard about Arsenal football club all season long, when it really


mattered, at the very end, the Gunners had something left in their


armoury. No Chelsea doubled, just Arsenal belied. 2-1.


What did you make of the team performance? It was an outstanding


performance from the first minute onwards. You know, this team has


suffered. And United and responded. I said last week this team would win


the Championship with one or two macro goodbyes. We will keep them


together. We are in a good way. We showed strength, unity, and we


played spectacular football today. What does it mean to you,


individually, to be the only manager that has won these things? I am very


proud because you see what kind of fight you have when you want to win


one. You have to go through the rounds. If nobody has done it


before, I am proud for having done two macro things that have not been


done, to win the Championship without losing a game and winning


seven FA cups. It is not easy, believe me. Two more questions.


Everybody wants to know, will you be at this club next season? I have


always been clear on that. We have a board meeting on Tuesday, and I


think on Wednesday, Wednesday or Thursday, it will be clear. Do you


want to be your next season? I have always been clear on that. Thank


you. Let me enjoy the night. Thank you, congratulations. His


Royal Highness, the Duke of Cambridge, will pass the cup to


Laurent Koscielny, the regular captain, and Per Mertesacker. The


oldest cup in the world, no team has won it more than Arsenal. For a


record 13th time, Arsenal, FA Cup winners.


Going into the game only played 37 minutes in 13 months. What did the


manager say to? Nothing special. I think this team trust me. This is


more important than anything else. With the support of the team,


anything is possible, even for myself. I have aged a lot in the


last couple of years but I am still able to do the performance for my


team. The first goal was very strange. If you see the image, you


can judge. There is the player that touched the ball with two macro


hands. It is very clear, the situation. First, I want to


congratulate Arsenal. They played a good game from the start. I think


the first goal would never be allowed. It is handballed, secondly,


the referee says our side. He moves to the ball. If he is not standing


there, I collect the ball. That means he's interfering in play. A


word on your manager. He has been under pressure and has had


criticism. He has won this competition more than any other


manager in history, ?7? Not bad, is it? Is that all you have to say?


Yes, not bad, is it? That is everything I have to say. Lott has


been said about the manager. The team gave the right answer today. Is


it unfair? I do not care, I do not listen. I was injured for one year,


I need to prepare for the final. Jermaine Jenas and Matthew Upson


enjoyed that as well. A great game for the neutral. Chelsea fans will


not like it, but Arsenal were well deserved winners. They were


brilliant on the day, and unlike Chelsea, they did not turn up. It


was not begin we expected. We expected it to be slower, more


tactical, but Arsenal came out of the traps lying in Chelsea could not


handle it. A wonderful performance by Arsenal today? It was the


opposite of what everyone expected from each team at the start. To show


that performance today, there is lots of elation for Arsenal, but


questions, why have we not seen more of that, cause it was outstanding? A


controversial decision to allow the first goal, Alexis Sanchez? What is


your view, handball, or cider with? Yes, it was handballed, but the


stronger discussion is the site situation. My initial thoughts ideas


of side. The minute Aaron Ramsey turned and makes a movement towards


the ball, he is active. The Chelsea players react to that, they relax.


Courtois relaxes. The defence relaxes. Maybe they should not. I


know the rulings are quite vague in the way it is worded, but for me, as


an ex-footballer, being in that situation, my initial thought was,


he is active and offside. Aaron Ramsey does not touch the ball? Yes,


but he addresses the ball. That is the grey area. The linesman looked


at that and thought, he is in an offside position and he has


addressed the ball. That is influenced the goalkeeper. The


referee has interpreted it in a different way. It is a grey area.


Think of the amount of times you've seen players in similar situations


to Aaron Ramsey. They put their hands in the air and work out, I not


involved. They do that for that reason. They are not affecting play


and the game can continue. For me, use active. The goal was given. But


Arsenal were the better side and deserved to win the game. Thibaut


Courtois defined budget not have stood? I can understand that. When I


saw Aaron Ramsey address the ball, I was thinking, step away. It is what


I thought, step away and Sanchez can get on the end of it. I would have


to agree with his argument. I think Ramsey address the ball when it


technically was offside. Anthony Taylor had a perfect view of Victor


Moses. He gave him an opportunity to stay on his feet, and effectively he


dived. Is this a watershed moment for footballers, to finally get the


message, football is sick and tired of people diving? The message has


been clear. About that particular moment, Anthony Taylor took his


time. He was concentrating, he must've been ten yards away, he was


almost crouching down to get the details of the tackle. He clearly


saw the Moses dived. It was brilliant decision. Far too many


times throughout the season, players have dived and there has been no


action in terms of yellow cards. Next season we will have


retrospective action with players receiving bands. It was a big moment


with it happening in the FA Cup. We spend a season criticising referees,


but Jermaine is right, you can see Anthony Taylor crouching down, the


perfect position. In many ways, spot on. Just you P Diddy from Moses. It


is not easy for the referee to get the red area so


credit to him for being in a position to make a good call. On a


yellow card, to make that decision, I understand you're desperate for a


goal and you're pushing, but it is a bad choice from Victor Moses. It was


at the vital moment. They had brought on Fabregas. They looked


like they were in the ascendancy, Chelsea, starting to get Arsenal on


the back foot and that changed the game. I love the fact that he has


been punished. It is a really bad part of the game at the moment.


Talansky about Victor Moses. He has got form. Is that why Anthony Taylor


is in that perfect position, crouching down, knowing that Victor


Moses has done this before? I do not think it is personal. What he has


done very well, Anthony Taylor, he has realised it was a big moment


coming up. We can see it as players, he one against one, running at


Oxlade-Chamberlain, not a natural left wingback. The chances of him


catching him out are quite high. He knows there is a big moment coming


up, whether it is to give a penalty for that to happen. He was ready


either way. The German World Cup winners showed their class today. I


will talk about Per Mertesacker in a moment but how good was Mesut Ozil?


Sensational. At the start of the show, there were questions about


where has this been? When Mesut Ozil is on his game and he is playing


like he did today, he is unplayable. He was brilliant from the first


minute. They did not know how to handle him. The pockets he was


picking up behind Matic and Kante, the amount of times he was finding


Sanchez, the runs he made. It was a complete team performance, but there


was a real -- there were real gems in there, and he was wonderful. The


only criticism I can make of him is that he should score. For me, any


goal is a good goal. He likes to work the ball in, or get in a good


position. At times, just a one touch finish. He has the quality to hit


the ball first time. I would like to see simplified and add more goals.


Per Mertesacker, possibly the coolest man the pitch? The biggest


achievement in terms of personal performance. We know how tough it is


coming back from long periods out. To have played 37 minutes or


something ridiculous like that, to play in the FA Cup final and not put


a foot wrong, it is a massive achievement. His positioning and


reading of the game was sensational. There is an old saying, experience


is everything. It is. I think that experience helped him. The fact he


had two standout performer is next to him in Nacho Monreal and Rob


Holding, what about him as well? A young player coming into a big


moment for Arsenal, a big display today. Having that around him, being


able to organise that, and having the players in front of him doing


the job they did, it was brilliant from Per Mertesacker. Do not get me


wrong, it was brilliant to do that, but the fact it was a complete


Arsenal performance as well help them. He used every one of those 100


plus Germany caps. He showed that experience today, the experience he


has built up. He put that to good use. To organise people. He had a


young centre-half next to him, he was outstanding, Holding. He did not


clear the ball, he picked people out. He will progress. For every


Arsenal player that was sensational today, we could probably get the


Chelsea players and think, what happened. Where was N'Golo Kante


today? It was not his day. It was not for many other Chelsea players.


What is weird about that situation, you do not expect N'Golo Kante to go


out there and be creative. You want him to be constantly going, shutting


down attacks. He kept doing that. His attitude was fine. I was more


concerned with people like Hazard, Pedro, Matic, who is usually a


little more able to go forward and create more. Even in the wingback


areas, we did not speak of Alonso are Victor Moses. Too many


underperforming on the day for Chelsea to do what they usually do.


Did need brave call by Conte? Should he thought about bringing on Cesc


Fabregas at half-time for on the ball stability? Maybe. You're right


that Nemanja Matic was having a bad game. Even though Kante with the


ball was not at his best, he offers you something out of possession that


is outstanding, no matter what is personal performance is like.


Fabregas could have been introduced earlier but we never saw the effect


of that. When he came on, Victor Moses got his red card. Apparently


we are going to know on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday whether Arsene


Wenger listing or not. It feels like we have been talking about it for


four years. What happens next? I listened to a couple of his


interviews today when he spoke about, even if it is the end of his


time at Arsenal Football Club, it is not the end of his time in football.


He is thinking that he will continue and I have not heard him speak like


that as yet. It would be a great way to go out in terms of lifting the


cup but I still think he will stay. I think there are too many details


he is waiting to see if they will deliver on their promises. Map is on


the inside track, he knows. I am right on it! I have no idea. Your


hunch? My hunch, the recent comments especially yesterday and today about


how upset about the way he has been treated and the fact that he has


just won this cup, if he is going to go, he can leave the job on such a


high note with his head held high. Not that he couldn't anyway, but he


could really go out with a bang and if he is going to make that step, it


would not massively surprised me as much as it would have done a week


ago. OK, boys, thank you. Plenty of great sport to come here on the BBC


over the next few days or so. The Great Manchester Run will be a big


event. You can catch it tomorrow. The top four go head-to-head on the


Women's Football Show. And you can catch up on the BBC sport website.


So no 44 Antonio Conte and Chelsea. The FA Cup 2017 goes to Arsene


Wenger and Arsenal. But will the boss state? From all of us here,


good night. They have made history! It is a


cracking goal! Would you believe it? They have done it again! An absolute


beauty! Brilliant goal! Sanchez has scored!


And Sanchez is into score. The flag is up though. It is 1-0 to Arsenal.


Arsenal against all odds.


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