Fifth Round Replay: Manchester City v Huddersfield Town The FA Cup

Fifth Round Replay: Manchester City v Huddersfield Town

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Nine days ago we were in the dressing rooms of non-league Sutton.


Tonight we are at the Etihad as the superstars of Manchester City look


to book themselves a place in the quarter-finals. They face a tricky


replay against Huddersfield Town who are going for promotion from the


Championship and have a fan who professes to have some influence.


If you think that you dare not, you don't.


If you'd like to win, but you think you can't,


If you think you'll lose, you've lost.


For out in the world, you'll find success begins


If you think that you're outclassed, you are.


You've got to be sure of yourself before you can ever win a prize.


Life's battles don't always go to the stronger or faster man.


But sooner or later, the man who wins is the man


Sir Patrick Stewart has been a life-long Huddersfield Town support


and 8,000 of his fellow fans are here tonight and what a challenge


they face. Pep Guardiola's Manchester City are third in the


Premier League, still in the Champions League and taking the


Emirates FA Cup very seriously. There will be a winner tonight, even


if it takes extra time and penalties. Joining us Alan Shearer


and Kevin Kilbane. A huge test for Huddersfield. Yes, for city, they


will have looked at their biggest rivals on Sunday bagging the fist


trophy of the -- first trophy of the season. Tonight they have an


opportunity. They have a good draw that awaits them if they were to get


through. They know in the quarter-final another big hitter


will go out. I think this is their best opportunity of silverware.


Goalless in the first game, but different tonight? The players with


the creativity were not there, now you have Garcia and Sane, I think


there will be the ammunition for Aguero. Kevin you played for


Huddersfield. Another one, yes! It is handy. It is. Great draw. They're


not playing their strongest side. He is saving them for the Championship.


A lot of changes. That is a dangerous game here. I thought that


in the first game. I thought they had a chance in the first game, go


and beat them. But tonight played the same side. He has trust in his


players, but City looks a different proposition. They are one of only


six teams to have stopped Manchester City scoring this season. But


looking at the Manchester City team tonight, it will be a hard task. Pep


Guardiola has gone very strong and I think he fancies himself in this


composition. Let's find out how the teams do indeed line up with Dan


Walker. Yes, perfect conditions. The teams, the home side, five changes


from the last game. Huddersfield, nine changes in all.


Probably easier to compare them from the fist game with City rather than


the draw with Barnsley. Expect Quaner to put in a proper


shift up front. Virtually the same team that kept City at bay ten days


ago. We will see what happens tonight. Yes, City, the team, it is


a strong one. But generally in most of the games they do give you a


chance at the other end. For large parts of season, we have seen a


similar theme with Manchester City. Particularly defensively. A mix up


here from Sagna and the keeper. This is Bravo's first game. He comes for


the cross again. Another mistake. And it is a brilliant finish. They


will take encouragement from this, Stones made too many errors. A mix


up with the keeper. In a lot of games we are seeing big errors. I'm


sure that will happen tonight. Otamendi is pushed off the ball too


easy. Clichy doesn't cover. I think Huddersfield will get chances, it is


whether they can keep the big boys out at the other end and take their


chances when they get them. There is plenty to choose from going the


other way with a lot of forward thinking. Sane has found some form.


Yes it was an indifferent start when he joined City, but in the last


three months he has been exceptional. The first thing in his


mind is getting behind the line. Can you make that forward movement? Very


brave there. Again pace to burn. Silva on the ball is pointing where


he wants it. Stays alive for the second phase. And we see his work


rate, which Pep Guardiola demands of the players, great anticipation, can


you play that through ball. He has been key in everything Manchester


City do going forward. He was outstanding against Monaco. It is


not going to be a spring waltz for Wagner. Time to find out more about


Huddersfield's head coach. You have made more changes than


Manchester City for tonight, nine in all. Are you confident that you can


keep them at bay? Yeah, why not? I think we are the underdog, everyone


knows it. That will be, we will have to make a lot of very much details


right. I think everybody knows that as well. But I think we have shown


in the first game that we are able to be competitive and this is your


aim. We like to make it as hard as possible for Manchester City, even


if we know that we play today against one of best teams in the


world. You talk to the players about expectation about mentality, what is


the right mind set tonight? It is the cup, so it's only live or die.


So it is easy. We like to live. The good thing is this is a... The


different competition and we can play this game with freedom, we can


be brave, because whatever happens today, it has no influence on what


we have to do and where we are at the minute in the Championship. And


this is the great momentum. A great occasion, the oldest competition in


the world and we are still involved so, go out, do it with freedom and


be brave and try your best. . Thank you. There he is. Actually in the


Manchester City dugout earlier. Not sure if it was deliberate or not. He


has done quite a job. He has done great. It is 15 months since he took


over. I saw them play at Deepdale last season and you were thinking


the way they were playing, give him a pre-season and they will do well.


And I didn't expect them to do as well as they have, but they're on


the right footing. They're not playing many first teamer, who


should we look out for? We talk about Philip Billing. He hadn't


played too many games. He is only 20 now. He is a box to box midfielder.


Takes the ball in tight areas. Six foot six. Seven foot three with that


hair. He likes to receive passes and he will take a risk off the ball and


he likes to get into goal scoring positions. He has impressed me. This


is Pep Guardiola's first FA Cup campaign and bar the 0-0 in the


original tie with Huddersfield, they have been enjoying it.


What a goal that is. City could run away with it here. Sterling opens


the scoring. Manchester City into the fifth round of the FA Cup. You


have taken the team to Abu Dhabi, has it been a welcome break at the


time, you have played some good football in the competition. We were


three days, it was a little break and we have four training sessions


and we play in that period when you're in that position and teams in


the Championship are in the top of the league, they're almost like a


Premier League team. It will be tough, we know that. Hopefully we


can give a good game and go through. You have picked a strong side, is


that because you value the competition, but also they were one


of few sides that have stopped you from scoring in the first game?


Yeah, so the last game was one week ago, the players are fit and I


decide for the team. That is all. It is uncomfortable for the players who


doesn't play. But there are many games and everybody's going to be


involved and of course now we are going to break for three or four


games and games, games and games, today I decide that and we are going


to see what happens the next game with Sunderland. He is always a bit


disdainful of the questions. He has an attitude of, how dare you ask a


question like that. He will want a full on performance from his team?


He will, because as he said, they haven't played for a week. So he


will want them to start very quick, very sharp and take the game to


Huddersfield. He has named a strong team. They should have too much for


Huddersfield tonight. Particularly going forward with De Bruyne,


Sterling,ing a we are Ree. -- Agbonlahor Aguero. That is the way.


I don't understand why managers don't do it. We used to like to play


each game. The team he has put out should be too strong. Aguero has


been fantastic and his work rate, he has bought into the Pep Guardiola


way. He is the perfect player and I'm sure he will get chances. Kevin,


will they sit back, Huddersfield? No, Wagner lets the team express


themselves. It will be open tonight. I think we will get a good game. The


sides on the way out and over to our commentators. COMMENTATOR:


Huddersfield focus has to be on trying to win promotion to the


Premier League. But for Manchester City the FA Cup looks like their


best chance of landing some silverware in Pep Guardiola's first


season in charge. Chelsea's eleven point advantage in the title race


doesn't look like evaporating soon and there is a long way go in the


Champions League as well. Last week's encounter with Monaco


was a thriller, in the last 16 in the Champions


League. With the way city play, you have to


feel that Huddersfield are going to be confident of a chance or two


tonight. Let's take a look at the line-ups.


The home team. Seven of Manchester City's line-up started in the


Champions League last week. Claudio Bravo plays in goal, as he did in


the first. Tie Gael Clichy returns from a back injury to the defence.


19-year-old Garcia makes his first start for four months in midfield.


Sergio Aguero scored twice against Monaco in the Champions League.


What about the visiting team at the Etihad tonight? Huddersfield's FA


Cup side is consistently different to their Championship one but only


one change from the first game. Good experience in the back. Dean


Whitehead played. Against Manchester City in the cup final in 2011.


Billing comes in. Quaner leads the attack.


Pep Guardiola wandering along the touchline. It won't be David White


know he will be meeting when he gets to the technical areas, he is up in


the stands, serving the first of eight to match touchline ban --


David Wagner. Last month. The assistant head coach will be on


the touchline. A reminder, we will have a winner this evening with


extra time and penalties a possibility. Danny Murphy, you sense


that Manchester City are all business ahead of this tie and they


put out a strong team? The front players on show tonight are some of


the best in the Premier League. It shows Pep Guardiola's intentions. He


wants to get this done. They had a let off, getting away with the first


game. They won't make the same mistake tonight. Huddersfield, big


game on Saturday with Newcastle but a tremendous side they've got


tonight. Leroy Sane has been showing some


fine form recently. Injury hit start to life as a Manchester City player


following his big move from Schalke last summer. What a season it's been


four Huddersfield Town so far with a promise of potentially so much more


to come right in the thick of race for promotion to the Premier League.


Huddersfield Town in their change strip will get this game underway.


Paul Tierney is our referee tonight, his third FA Cup tie of the season.


Manchester City have been knocked out by lower league opposition in


two of the previous three years in this competition. WHISTLE


Can Huddersfield join Wigan in 2014 and Middlesbrough a year later in


progressing at City's expense? A reminder of what lies in store at


the quarterfinals for tonight's winner, a trip to the Riverside to


take on Middlesbrough. Plenty of changes for Huddersfield


as expected, nine from the team that started against Barnsley. In the 1-1


draw at the weekend. Despite that, this was the team we were expecting


him to play, this is David Wagoner's FA Cup line-up to all intents and


purposes. That is what I was saying earlier.


The situation he has is great in one way, they are doing so well in the


Championship, not many of us expected. Three games next week and


he needs to prioritise that with what's at stake. The difference


tonight is the team City have chosen. They saw their neighbours


pick up the League Cup at the weekend. I'm sure they desperately


want to get a trophy this season. John Stones momentarily put under a


bit of pressure. De Bruyne brings it away for City. There is some space


for Leroy Sane. Clichy. Missed the last three games with a back


problem. Comes into play. Bacary Sagna played against Monaco last


week in the Champions League. Otamendi.


A little short from Zabaleta. He is fortunate it comes back to him.


Pressure being put on by Harry Bunn. Claudio Bravo playing for only the


second time since he was dropped from the first team. He played in


the first match at Huddersfield, did pretty well. It has been Willy


Caballero's job in recent weeks. Now it is with Zabaleta, captaining


Manchester City tonight. Aguero. Looking for Raheem Sterling. Tall,


lanky Danish young midfielder. He collected for Huddersfield.


Pep Guardiola, twice a winner with Barcelona, once as a player in the


European Cup final in 1992 and then as their coach much more recently in


2011. If a breakthrough happens,


Manchester City will be 90 minutes away from a return to Wembley.


Inadvertently catching Sterling. Since that match last week,


Manchester City's players have been in a warm weather training camp in


Abu Dhabi. I remember the last time they did that, couple of years ago,


they came back the table for eight cup tie Middlesbrough. They came


back early ahead of this one -- they came back the day before a cup tie


with Middlesbrough. Hudson and Cranie at the back for


Huddersfield Town, they are both struggling to get games in the


Championship. Bags of experience, but any concerns about the pace of


Manchester City's players trying to get at them? Especially if they


don't play it, they will get exposed at times. More so as the game wears


on and you get tired legs shuffling across, squeezing up, dropping off.


You would think with Sterling and Sane's pace, they would have


problems but they've been around the block a few times and they showed in


the first game they have the kid abilities of keeping a clean sheet.


Fernandinho finding De Bruyne. -- they have the capabilities. Leroy


Sane sends that crashing against the post! Fernandinho clearly wasn't


expecting the ball to come straight back out towards him. Manchester


City very close to taking the lead with four minutes played. A


brilliant strike. Just what we were talking about, the danger down the


sides. We heard Trevor talking in the studio about Sane. The last few


months he has been exceptional. Starting to show the talent, the


ability that he's got. Super effort, outside of his left foot. Fortunate,


Huddersfield, the rebound came to the right side. Billing.


He's got some support from Holmes-Dennis into the box. Away by


Stones. Billing lets it run back to Hudson.


Craney, all the way back to his goalkeeper. Only the fifth time that


Joe Coleman has played for Huddersfield Town. They signed him


last summer from old -- from old. He's done pretty well. He will be a


happy man if that still stands by the end of 90 minutes.


De Bruyne with a lovely little time. Take that away from Lolley. Bags of


space for Clichy. Sane. Aguero. Through the heart of the defence.


Coleman hangs onto it. Manchester City threatening in the opening


exchanges of this match. It was too easy. Those past players far too


easy, watch a little nutmeg is. Could have sweated. Naloxone,


really. -- three, four little nutmeg is, he could have squared it for


Sterling. Sergio Aguero is the man at the moment, when Gabriel Jesus


stole his blunder for a few matches before getting injured. Dean


Whitehead for Huddersfield match. Huddersfield have the lead! Through


the legs of Claudio Bravo! CHEERING That's upset the apple cart. Harry


Bunn back in the team after injury makes his mark early.


Incredible, isn't it? Absolutely incredible. Couple of minutes ago,


City have been one up. Billing has started this game brilliantly. It's


his touch that sets up the goal. But he's been so impressive in the first


seven minutes. His little touch, here. Great awareness. Sneaks under


the body of Bravo. A good move, a good counter. Just this touch, great


awareness. Drilling it is nice and hard. Think got a little deflection


as it went off his left foot. From Zabaleta. It's taking a little


deflection. Maybe should have done better. What a start for the


Championship side. WHISTLE Didn't take long for the players to


get David Wagner the coach out of his seat. Harry Bunn celebrates his


second goal of the campaign. Scored in the first round as well. We have


a game on our hands. That's a great start for them. What a story for


Harry Bunn as well. Nine years old, played at Manchester City's Academy.


Amazing how things come back. Didn't quite make the first team but here


he is, scoring at the Etihad. Manchester City so close to taking


the lead a couple of minutes before the opening goal. Leroy Sane with


this effort which bounced away off the foot of the post. Technically,


that's a brilliant strike. It means that. Cuts across the outside, nice


and calm and controlled. Very unlucky.


Otamendi, for Manchester City. Five-time winners of the FA Cup.


Most recently in 2011 against Stoke. Lost a final against Wigan in 2013.


Given away. Collected by Cranie. FA Cup providing rare outings for


Cranie. Huddersfield is the ninth club of his career that are


struggling to get in the starting XI on anything like a regular basis.


Hasn't missed a minute in the FA Cup so far. He's got his hands full


keeping tabs on Sane at the moment. This is Aguero. WHISTLE


What will City's response be? Will that gold be like putting a big


stick into a wasps nest? Maybe. -- will that goal. They started well


from an attacking point of view. Getting the ball to the players that


can create and cause problems for Huddersfield, and we've seen them


down the left side having some joy. Aguero looks up for it. No need to


panic. Fernandinho bringing it forward. Sane.


Sterling in the centre. Towards the edge of the penalty area.


Holmes-Dennis was there, the full-back for Huddersfield Town.


Otamendi. Purposely taking the ball out of play on the far side. When


you go 1-0 down at home and you are in a game you are expected to win,


one bad pass, two bad passes and the crowd get edgy, the groans start and


players start feeling a bit more pressure than normal. Not that it's


at that point yet but ten, 20, 50 minutes more, City fans will be


expecting them to get back in it. WHISTLE


Launched up towards the big German striker, Quaner. He is a sizeable


unit, isn't he? He is. Changing the whole team from the Championship


side, wasn't so long ago that Championship sides wouldn't have the


squad to be able to do that. It shows you how the games move


forward. Making so many changes in the FA Cup. Huddersfield are make...


Without any promotion. Garcia makes himself available


inside the centre circle. A rare opportunity for the Spaniard in the


starting XI for City. Used only sparingly in the recent few months.


His last start was the derby against Manchester United in October.


Stankovic, the Slovenian defender getting an opportunity in the FA Cup


this season. We mentioned Billing earlier, comfortable. He waits.


Kevin Poole van was telling us earlier, the first time I've seen


him live and he is comfortable in possession. -- Kevin Kilbane. That's


had to happen, didn't it? Yeah. Billing is a promising young player,


capped by Denmark at under 19 level. He prefers the attacking side of his


game. David Wagner is helping him with the more defensive aspects of


his play. As he continues to develop. His youthful legs come in


handy alongside Whitehead at 35 in the heart of the midfield. Lovely


play by Aguero until he runs into Mark Hudson.


They're on the front foot, Huddersfield. They do come out and


try and put pressure on the ball. The only problem is they will get


through you. Garcia looking for De Bruyne. That is OK. I think Garcia's


got to be more positive and don't keep playing safe. You have got to


get the ball forward in a calm way, but occasionally you have to be the


one who can see the runner, get the ball in behind, split that defence.


I think he was playing more frequently earlier in the season.


What has not helped has been the resurgence of Yaya Toure since


November-time. Quaner has only been at the club


since the January window. Whitehead did a good job in the


first match of breaking up Manchester City play. Yes he is good


at that, I have taken a few hits from him over the years. He is


tenacious and a good talker. A terrific player to have in the


squad. He probably took a few hits from you as well? Possibly! He was


also a fierce competitor that is for sure.


Harry Bunn who was once on Manchester City's books giving


Huddersfield the lead here. Aguero getting held up there by


Hudson. I think that's a yellow card. Hudson's trying to say he had


his shirt as well. I doubt that, but we will see. A good touch from


Aguero. No doubt. Yellow's the right decision. Can't get that tight too


Aguero. Got to give yourself a yard or two. Hudson's going to have to


watch his step for quite a long time now this evening.


Definitely within range. De Bruyne's very capable from here.


The referee is happy and De Bruyne. And Coleman just about manages to


hang on to it. It wasn't the best strike in the world. Holmes-Dennis


was fouled by Sterling there. It will be a free kick to Huddersfield


on the halfway line. Holmes-Dennis signed from Charlton last summer. He


managed to get a couple of starts in the league since the start of year.


Here he is now taking on Zabaleta. It was crunching, but it was fair.


It was a good tackle. Holmes-Dennis looked across the ball and he was


blocked by Zabaleta. Zabaleta of those players that was with


Manchester the last time they won the FA Cup in 2011.


I think City have to start trying to get that back four split up a bit


more, use the width and get Sane and Sterling to stand really wide and


stretch that pitch. Get the older players in that Huddersfield back


four stretched and make gaps for Aguero to move into. Holmes-Dennis


with a poor ball and it could have opened things up for Manchester


City. Aguero into De Bruyne. They're almost walking it home. They're


claiming a handball and the referee says no. I don't know why he is


squaring it. Maybe there was a handball. But it was super skill


from De Bruyne to put his man on his backside.


Sterling trying to run behind the defence and there was a pull there


on De Bruyne. Let's look at that incident again. This is the skill.


Sits his man down and you think he will slot it in. Yeah. I mean the


old debate isn't it? For me, it is a penalty. He is about to put it into


an empty net and he is on the floor with his arm stretched out. His arm


a long way from his body. It is preventing a goal isn't it? The idea


there to bring Sterling in almost came off. He read it well,


Holmes-Dennis. A huge sigh of release for Huddersfield Town.


De Bruyne with the space Forster ling to skip into the box. The shot


from Fernandinho and it is behind for a corner. They're having some


luck, Huddersfield! They're making their own problems, giving the ball


away cheaply. They're asking for handball again. Look at that for a


clearance. As he goes down, they're saying there is another one. You see


that is not for me, it is a different scenario, his arm's closer


to his body. Good header. Good position, Crainie. Manchester City


feeling a little hard done by at the moment. They're asking some


questions. And asking plenty of referee, Paul Tierney.


They have got every reason to ask the question, but he has not given


it. But you have got to let the referee know. Maybe not for this


one. The decisions haven't gone Manchester City's way in the last


couple of minutes here. 20 minutes in and the header from


Otamendi. That is the delivery I was talking about, great whip on the


ball, great pace. Gets under it a bit. Half a chance.


Pep Guardiola not surprisingly has been having a chat shall we say with


Jon Moss on the touchline, the fourth official. No surprise in


that. City disgruntled here as we head to the midway point of first


half. What you can't do islet it have a negative effect on you or the


team. Or you start getting frustrated. The way City are


playing, they're going to get more chances. They have got to make sure


they don't get frustrated with each other or the fact they're not back


in the game. Stones put under pressure from Bunn. Working hard in


the engine room for Huddersfield tonight, Whitehead.


Not quite sure what he had in mind there! He has no confidence in the


final third Clichy. Each times he wants to go backwards or side ways


and not take any responsibility. You should have a strike. Or put in a


cross with a little bend. Do something, because that's poor.


Straight out off the boot of 21-year-old goalkeeper, Joel


Coleman. He has had a calf problem, but he has managed to shake it off.


Danny Ward on loan from Liverpool has been the first choice and he is


on the bench. Bravo seems a little unsure. To be


honest, he is supreme with the ball at his feet, but sometimes it causes


him problems, because he overdoes it. But he is told to by his


manager. His manager dictates that he does that.


Jack Payne coming back into the team for this tie. He was suspended for


the fourth round match with Rochdale, having been sent off at


Sheffield Wednesday in the middle of January. Both of these sides have


been on good unbeaten runs. The last time either of them lost was on the


same day, 15th January, 4-0 Manchester City losing at Everton,


and Huddersfield losing 2-0 at Sheffield Wednesday. A nine-match


unbeaten run for Huddersfield and City unbeaten in seven as well.


Stankovich is the Slovenian, signed from Borussia Dortmund last year.


Billing looks for Crainie and Clichy having to step in. He is a good


player this midfield lad. Sane just overran it there. He missed the


Aguero run and he decided not to and they defended well actually. They


narrowed up nicely. But he should have slipped Aguero in. It is not


always easy making that right decision. That is what you learn as


you get older. It was a tremendous run and promised so much. The


decision-making, his decision-making will get better. He had De Bruyne to


his right as well. A solid challenge from Zabaleta.


Billing collecting once more for Huddersfield. He read that so well.


He knew what Sterling was going to do and he just lulled him into doing


it. He is a good player, Philip Billing. I like what I have seen,


that is the first time I have seen him live, but he is very calm and


graceful. He can see a pass. Billing scored the goal that saw off Reading


in the Championship. A big win by a goal to nil and at the weekend they


have another massive game with the visit of the leader, Newcastle


United. Joe Lolley chasing on that far side.


The groans have started. The frustration is starting to kick in.


Slightly too heavy there. He tried to bring Holmes-Dennis into play.


But Huddersfield move the ball around well. He should have been on


the move the full-back. He played it in the right place.


That used to drive me mad as a midfielder. He doesn't quite make


the wrong early enough. You're the one that looks silly. But


Huddersfield have done well. David Wagner will be happy. He was saying


how frustrating it was to be sitting in the stands. He said it would make


him feel like a child who has made it to the sweet shop only divide its


closed and he has to look at everything through the window and he


can't get to the goodies -- only to find that it's closed. He got the


opportunity to sit on the bench before the match, about an hour


before the game. They had a bit of luck, of course, but you have to


have some luck when you play against a superior opposition.


No surprise they are giving Manchester City a decent game


because they more than deserve the replay after that first time. . On a


bit surprised, I thought that City would be very comfortable in this


game -- I am a bit surprised. But not yet. Raheem Sterling looking to


do something about it. Floating that in and a timely header from Mark


Hudson. APPLAUSE A runner from midfield caused the


problem and Fernandinho deciding he will have a go. Went forward in the


box. Sterling tries to pick him out. Inches away from being perfect and


good defending from Hudson. Harry Bunn's goal in the seventh


minute separating their sides. A long way to go in this one. Sane


with the corner. Into Fernandinho. Only half cleared. At the third time


of asking, finally. De Bruyne happy to take his time,


supported by Clichy. The outstretched boot of Mark Hudson


makes the interception. Better from Clichy. . Almost Zabaleta making a


charging run to the edge of the penalty area.


Could easily have been a handball. We will cut back to that in a moment


as telling Mike tries to tiptoe his way through and Leroy Sane's their


-- as Sterling tries to. They are level just before the half-hour mark


and a Sane scored in the fourth round and has another one in the


fifth. We are all square at 1-1. A good move.


I think Pep 's moaning about the handball being missed again. Watch


this. I think it touches it, if a handball, another penalty. Anyway,


good feet from Sterling. Good ball. I love seeing a wide player getting


himself in on the back post, not stood out wide watching. Good run.


He gets his rewards. Don't know what Holmes-Dennis was doing, risking a


penalty by waving around his arms, potentially batting the ball away


but in the end Manchester City got the goal they've been pushing for.


Aguero. Beautiful play. Looking for Sane once again. Stankovic got the


ball away and then Garcia wayward with his shot. APPLAUSE


Obviously on chances they've deserved it, haven't they?


This is the bit of that work. Manages to just get a yard. Whips it


in. That's what you want from the opposite wide man, get himself in


the box, get some goals. He is capable of that, this young man.


We've seen Sane starting for Schalke over the last couple of seasons


before coming to England but it took a while this season for him to find


his feet. He had one or two injury problems. But it seems as if he is


looking better and better with every passing week. I agree. He's a super


athlete. Good feet. He wants to score goals. Joe Lolley on the


attack. Quaner. Bunn waits for it. Whitehead. Billing for once wasn't


expecting that one. Collected from no man's land by Sterling. De Bruyne


to his right. Aguero to the left. Taking on Whitehead. Feeding


Fernandinho. Comfortable for Coleman. APPLAUSE


Didn't get it out of his feet. Stuck under his feet. Couldn't get the


power. I've been oppressed with Aguero's were great, making a lot of


runs -- I've been impressed. Coming to his feet, looks really sharp or


angry or both. -- I've been impressed with Aguero's workrate.


Zabaleta getting to that one ahead of Bunn. Flick from Sterling. De


Bruyne. Just a bit too much on that. There's


time for Coleman to retrieve it. Manchester City, having hit the


post, having had penalty appeals turned down, very strong appeals, it


should be said, finally have the ball in the back of the net.


Quaner. Big and strong. From Berlin for ?500,000. De Bruyne finds


Sterling. They are swarming forward. Aguero on the near side. Blocked by


Whitehead. Referee had a clear and view. Whipped away at the last


moment by Hudson. -- Clearview. Manchester City starting to turn the


screw on Huddersfield. They sense that they are there for the taking.


Their getting frustrated at the lack of decisions they're getting. --


they are getting frustrated. I'm not sure about that one. Sterling.


Zabaleta. Plenty of blue shirt in and around the penalty area. WHISTLE


CHEERING It's with Aguero. It's going to be a


penalty kick for the challenge on Nicolas Otamendi.


It's going to be a yellow card. Quebec -- yellow card for Stankovic.


A good ball from Zabaleta. Good ball from Aguero. Not much in that, for


me. Aguero makes a lot of it. The referee see the -- sees the defender


's arm on him. I'm not sure. Anyway, they deserve one. WHISTLE


Sergio Aguero, now, against Coleman. 2-1. CHEERING


Two goals against Monaco last week in the Champions League. On target


in the FA Cup. Manchester City turned the scoreline around. They


now lead Huddersfield Town by 2-1. APPLAUSE


Nice penalty from Sergio. He is a man in form. Two goals in five


minutes. It's Manchester City who are smiling now.


Ten minutes to go until half-time. The referee might have felt a bit


pressured for that one. I don't know how many more decisions could have


gone by without him blowing the whistle. It looked a bit soft, to


me. WHISTLE Losing out to De Bruyne. Suddenly,


it's Huddersfield forced to scramble back again. Whitehead tries to break


it up. It was a foul on Billing in the middle of the pitch. Sterling


got away with that one. Stones. De Bruyne.


Manchester City going with a very strong line-up for this FA Cup tie


the knot. They have an extra day to recover after this evening's game,


they don't face Sunderland in the Premier League until Sunday.


They are approaching this first half like a side who have no intention of


going to extra time. Indeed. De Bruyne tries to Peel away from


Stankovic once more. Hudson. Lolley. Cranie hassled into a


mistake. Aguero will try to make him pay! It's the same bit of the


woodwork that Sane hit early in the match. You would expect him to


school, I'm surprised he's missed. Stretching but great work from


Clichy, a pressing -- expect him to score. Cranie's sloppy.


What a chance for Sergio Aguero to score his second goal of the match.


You could argue what a chance to put the match to bed. Going two goals


down here would have been too much of a mountain to climb, I think.


Leroy Sane, now. Manchester City really putting the pressure on.


Hudson with the block. Holmes-Dennis getting it away.


City have got too much quality for them, now. Too much movement.


Going through the gears a bit in the latter stages of this first half.


Zabaleta tries to return it to Fernandinho. Aguero. Stinging shot


blocked by Coleman. It's turned in by Zabaleta! CHEERING


It's 3-1, Manchester City. Now, they are almost walking the


ball into the back of the net. It's just good quality football.


Great passing, good movement. Bit of a give and go. They get a bit


fortunate. But Aguero gets a strike off and picks out his countrymen.


It's not everyday that Zabaleta turns the role of goal poacher from


about three or four yards out. He got one against Watford in December,


that was the first goal he had scored 42 years. He's got another


one here and he will savour it. -- scored 42 years. They had a chance


to clear it on the edge of the box. You can't do well against players of


this quality. Got to go. -- that was the first goal he had scored for two


years. He is a happy man. Four goals in this first half. After


that promising start from Huddersfield Town, things have


turned around a rather a lot. They've got a steep slope to try and


climb if they are to get back in this FA Cup tie and it could get a


bit worse. Coleman wisely keeps his hands well away from the ball.


Holmes-Dennis plays it back into the centre. WHISTLE


We've got an injury over on the far side of the pitch inside the


Manchester City half. They clashed off the ball. Two players down.


Lolley. It was accidental, they ran into each other as the ball went.


Maybe a bit of a dead leg problem for Fernandinho. Here it is again.


It was after that. It wasn't a tackle.


It was just after that. When they were running back inside. I think...


He's had one or two decisions to make in this first off, Paul


Tierney, the referee. Yeah. A penalty decisions that didn't go


Manchester City's we earlier on in the game. They say it evens itself


out. Here's the that was given. He's got his shirt. Didn't see that in


the first replay, so... You have to say that is a penalty. If you are


pulling the shirt. Otamendi does like to go down rather easily but if


the referee sees a shot being pulled, he will give a penalty.


Otamendi conceded a penalty against Monaco last weekend, last week in


the Champions League. He won his team a penalty. Not adverse to...


Going over in the box. Stankovic is the player who conceded


it. Having had his name taken by Paul Tierney, the referee.


Lolley looks as if he's OK. Lolley and Fernandinho had that little


clash, didn't they? Last few minutes of this half.


Trying to find a way through Quaner. He hasn't had a chance so far in the


game. Very little activity inside Manchester City's penalty area in


this first half. Holmes-Dennis into Billing.


They will be keen to get in at half-time without incurring any


further damage, I imagine. Yeah. It's a high risk strategy, coming to


City and playing high up the pitch, trying to get men out of midfield,


press the deep midfielders and stuff like that because you leave wide


open spaces for clever footballers to pop in behind you. Whitehead and


Billing can't cope with that overload. Of course, it's not their


normal back four. It's not got the best place in it and they've been


exposed. It's not their normal team, period. It's not. If you are


wondering whether this is the Huddersfield side doing so well in


the Championship, the answer is, no, it's not. Nine changes to the


starting line-up to -- tonight. They have done well in the FA Cup so far.


Lolley beaten by Clichy. Good play and could be another chance. Bravo


makes the block and grabs it at the second attempt. Got to score. A


chance for Jack Payne. What a pass again from Billing. Oh, no, doesn't


get it far out enough. Too much on the instep, straight at Bravo. He


won't get a better chance than that tonight. We have another stoppage,


this time Aguero on the ground. Here is the save again. He is trying to


play it in the far corner. But he doesn't. Doesn't wrap his foot


around it enough. Good move. Clever pass. He scored a couple in the


third round, Jack Payne, a 4-0 home win over Port Vale. Certainly a


chance there. If they have got two better central midfielders than


Billing, I would like to see them play! Because he has been really


good in this first half. He has only played I think 16 games this season.


Just over a minute remaining in the opening 45.


That was a good ball from Garcia, he has got better and better as the


game has gone on. A good range in his passing. Not the biggest. A lot


playing in central midfield these days, the bigger the better usually.


Last few seconds of the opening 45 minutes. Expecting a couple of


minutes of added time. Just a little loose from Aguero this


time. Pep Guardiola will be feeling a lot happier than he was early in


the match. He will be pleased. Until he does his interviews after, then


he will be miserable again! For now, he will be mrezed. They have played


well. Sterling tries to tiptoe his way past the Huddersfield defence


and Manchester City have a corner here in added time at the end of the


first half. Finishing the first period on the front foot, looking


for a fourth goal. I think is this the final play that


Huddersfield will have to defend before the whistle. De Bruyne sends


it in and Stones was coming up. Didn't quite catch hold of it. As


Bunn can't bring it away. Good first half from Manchester


City, having fallen behind. That is the key, the reaction. The tempo


went up more. They got after them and forced the equaliser in the end.


Crainie across to the far side, but City will have the throw.


A look at the watch from Paul Tierney, the referee.


There goes the half-time whistle. An excellent first half from Manchester


City's point of view, but not before Harry Bunn, once on city's books as


a youngster. Before Manchester City turned the game around well before


the half-time whistle. Four goals in the first half. Manchester City lead


3-1. STUDIO: Entertaining stuff. Aguero


walks off and Huddersfield made it interesting for a while. It has been


a great 45 minutes. Huddersfield playing so open that they invite


City on to them, which they are going to take. But City have been


superb going forward, terrible at the back. Terrible in goal. But then


the opportunity they could score. What a goal this is. Defensively


poor. Bravo again, I don't know what he is doing. He should do better.


This is after six or seven minutes, the space in front of that back


three was so inviting that he had to go for it. It was a good run, a


beautiful touch from Billing and a good finish. But Bravo should do


better. It is poor, nine goals he has conceded from the last 14 shots


on target. There is a small deflection. He shouldn't be beaten.


He has got to save that. Straight at him. Underneath him. Harry Bunn will


be happy to come back and score against the team where he was a


scholar. You gave him a top billing and Philip Billing hasn't


disappointed. No, he does look a good player. He has been in and out,


Wagner is trying to introduce him slowly. He reads the play well. He


likes to get forward. That is where he feels his more natural game and


Wagner's tried to develop the defensive side of the game. He is so


accurate with his passing in advanced positions. He has looked


good and he has been outstanding for Huddersfield. He has been brilliant.


One thing playing at the level he plays at, to come on to this stage,


live on television and play the way he is against the players he is


playing. Very relaxed. Fearless. He will take nit tight areas and he is


not afraid to take it when he has somebody behind him. That is what


David Wagner has brought to his game. This was a chance to get them


back in the game and Bravo makes the save! He does, but he guesses. He


gets fortunate. It is a good chance. He guesses it is going on his


right-hand side and luckily it hits his feet. If not it is another goal.


Yeah, if! He did save it. A couple of handball decisions before


Manchester City actually got the goal. What do you think? Very


similar? There is disagreement, I don't think it is a personality. I


think it -- I don't think it is a personality. Penalty. It is ball to


hand. I don't think that is a penalty. I think it is great skill


by De Bruyne, his hand is flat as you fall, your palm flat on the


ground, as the ball comes into it, he lifts his hand and it is a big


right hand save. It is very difficult to slide in with your hand


down. I think it is like the Sanchez goal, I think the first one is a


penalty. That one is a bit, I don't think that is a personality. --


penalty. He twists his hand and he knows what he is doing. To be honest


the ambiguity of the law, it is so difficult. They say it is


deliberate. But how many are? Sanchez the other week he has not


meant to do it. I go back to the thing I have said, to make it clear


and fair, if it hits your hand, it is handball. Then everyone will aim


for your hands. Then get your hands out of the way. It is like hockey


when they use their feet. They came back into it and there was a doubt


about handball before the game. We have pictured Sane and the movement


he has to make. There for me, he has tried to handball that. Brilliant


skill by Sterling and it is a tap in. It looks easy, but the work he


has put in is exceptional. Sterling has had the most successful dribbles


in the top five leagues in Europe. He knows his role. Great stat. The


way he timed the run was sue pressure. -- Was superb. He doesn't


sense the danger. A brilliant ball and he makes it look easy. Crainie


has time to stop that. That is poor defending. There was use of hands in


the penalty. We agree on this. We all agree this is a penalty. Lovely


ball in. He is the wrong side of him and he is all over him and pulling


him and grabbing. Quite a rough challenge. Superb penalty as well.


Keeper's not stopping it. Stood up well the keeper, but you don't save


them. Zabaleta doesn't get many goals. A real poacher's effort.


Anding And Aguero, you don't associate him with assists. He


starts the attack and continues the run. He gets a bit fortunate with


the rebound back to Aguero. But he is in the right position. I thought


Aguero when it came back he was going to hit it first time and then


he thought, but it was a lovely touch and put it on a plate for


Zabaleta. That is typical for Aguero. Very good play. Good finish.


When you watch City play, you get entertaining fare. We have seen the


fact they have conceded one and scored three and they have hit the


woodwork twice. It helps when you have a team who are not prepared to


sit deep and soak up pressure. Huddersfield have thought they will


try and go forward and if they get beaten, they will get beaten by


having a go. But it is playing into City's hands. I mention the the


post. Let's look at them. Sane with the first one. My only criticism of


Sane would be at times he is too intricate and tries to play the


perfect pass and you think, just pass it across the box. But the


technique is incredible. Fantastic hit. He has meant that and cut


across the ball looking for the far post. It is outstanding technique.


But you fancy Aguero. And you have that much time to think about it,


you have the whole of the goal to aim at, he should score. He won't be


happy. Plenty more football to come on the BBC. England's women are in


action tonight in the She Believes cup against France on the red


button. And then we have a couple of cracking FA Cup quarter-finals for


you. And a match that needs little hype.


Oh go on then. Shoulder to shoulder again. Off the neck and neck. And


thats has sealed Chelsea's place in the last eight. United made it look


so easy. I won in every club, I won cups in every club. Defeat is


becoming humiliation for Manchester United. More views on this


particular match, Dan is pitchside. With a fellow who knows about


winning, Mike Summerbee. When you see the team sheets, you thought it


would be a comfortable night. But it was anything but for the first 20


minutes. Well, it is the FA Cup and you can never tell. I thought we


were misplacing passes the first ten minutes, but Huddersfield were


exceptional and played very well at Huddersfield as well. I thought you


know we are in for a game and nay got the goal and deserved the goal.


And after that, we came into the game and took it over. Pat, Michael


Billing was given the top billing by Kevin before the game. The guys talk


about how well he played, you loved his performance. Kevin know what is


mes talking about. I thought he was fantastic from the start. There is a


confidence getting close to arrogance about his play, but he


seems to know what is around him and see the right passes and play them


at the right time. His pass for goal was top class as well. He is a play


hear the can go a long way in the game. Now and again he is getting


caught on the ball and he has to learn when to release it. But at the


moment he looks a class act. But they're closing him down now and


breaking off him and it is looking difficult to see how they can get


back into it. How many penalties should have


Manchester City had? Two. Difficult for the referee but two chances. The


other one I would have possibly given, the one just before the goal


when the hand was up. Well done, referee, you didn't give it, you let


the play on and there was a goal. Well done, revelry. Do you think


that Guardiola needs to win a trophy this season? -- well done, referee.


He didn't want to talk too much in the interview before the match but


does he need to win the FA Cup this season? A trophy this season? Every


manager needs to win something. Guardian has won so many trophies in


his career so far, but it's not something you could say he's going


to win it. He's going to win this, he's going to win that. He's got a


job to do and he's doing a good job as well. If he can win the FA Cup it


would be fantastic. The Champions League would be that as well. And


the Premier division is not over yet. Wise words from Mr Selby. What


do you expect to see from Huddersfield in the second half?


They haven't got anything to lose and they haven't since the start of


the game. Go out, have another go the way you did in the first 15


minutes, even half hour of the first half. Enjoy it. If they enjoy it,


they might get a couple of chances. That chance just before half-time,


it was a long way back but enjoy this atmosphere, enjoy the FA Cup.


Everybody's watching, show how good you are and they are quite good.


There's a young lad called Gary Lineker in the studio this is


evening who remembers the 1969 cup final. He was crying on his way home


as a fan, how do you remember it? I remember it, was carried two or


three years old? I will ask him in a moment. -- I was, but was Gary.


Francis Lee said he made it because he took the quick throw in. OK!


Still arguing about it now? No, no. But whatever I do, he's always done


better than me anyway! One of those, is he? Thank you. Enjoy the second


half. Gary can clear up how old he was when you won that cup final in


69. STUDIO: I was 41! It seems like yesterday but I was eight. I


remember it well. Just getting over it. If you've just come in, here's a


reminder of what happened in the first half.


COMMENTATOR: Third in the Premier League meets third in the


Championship. Lovely little touch. Harry Dunne with a touch at


Huddersfield have the lead! Sterling tries to tiptoe his way


through and Leroy Sane's there. Aguero. 2-1!


It's turned in by Zabaleta. It's 3-1, Manchester City.


We've had lots of goals, lots of entertainment, lots of good, open


football, just what you expect with Manchester City? It will be exactly


the same in the second half. I don't think Huddersfield will change and


City will look to go forward and score as many goals as possible.


It's how many, isn't it? It could be quite a few. By the way they are


going forward. Defensively, they got to sharpen up. Wagner in the


dressing room, will he try to say I don't want to get too embarrassed or


do you sense they will just try the high press? You said before the


game, will they try to but they don't have it in the. The they play


wide open. He could bring on Kachunga, he is good for them. And


then perhaps Nahki Wells. Goal-scorers. Change it up. But he


won't change the style of play. They can take encouragement from the goal


and the chance that they had just before half-time. They will get one


or two chances again in this half. Flip side, Manchester City defence


should rise up and stay concentrated. Continue to letting in


chance like that they will happen again. Huddersfield players on the


pitch quite early. Maybe they Manchester City plays late one way


or the other. They are enjoying this. -- players are late. This is


what they want to chase for next season. They are in a great


position. Newcastle this weekend. That is the game that Wagner is


targeting. He wants promotion. There is a real chance with Newcastle


beating Brighton last night, a chance for automatic. This is where


they want to play. Dean Whitehead has been at that stage before but a


lot of the other players haven't and they want to play against the best


players. The question was put to somebody at half-time, does PEP have


to win something this season? This is their best opportunity. -- does


Pep Does he have to? They won't bring in somebody else at the end of


the season if he doesn't? Man United has won their first trophy on


Sunday. It looks as if Chelsea will win the Premier League. This is


their best opportunity in this competition to do that. You can


imagine what it will be like at the end of the season, United winning


something, Chelsea winning something, the pressure will be


ramped up a lot next season if he doesn't win anything. He's not going


to win it to save his job, surely? No, that the competition is so much


bigger than it was. Six or seven years ago.


I think it is the FA Cup. The Champions League last week, if they


play like they did last week, they will not be the best sides in


Europe. It is a big chance. Favourable draw. They will fancy the


next round. Why not target this? Somebody his the nail on the head.


The Premier League race isn't over. Manchester City need to go to


Stamford Bridge. Realistically it could be eight points. Down to five


and then squeaky bum time. Let's see what happens in the second


half. Gold guaranteed. Back to our commentators Danny Murphy and Simon


bulletin. -- goal guaranteed. COMMENTATOR: David Wagner is back in


his seat upstairs. What would his message had been in the half-time


interval, Danny? He would just give them that hope


that they can climb the mountain by telling them that they've had a


great little movement just before half-time. WHISTLE


Could have got back in at 3-2 and should have. Some of these lads are


playing for their places, they've got to show him they are committed


to the cause and want to break into his first. Team most don't play


normally on a weekend. -- first team they. Playing for pride and club and


they got to keep going. They have not conceded goals through


lack of effort and commitment, just some sloppy play and quality from


Manchester City. Much to enjoy an Manchester City's first half


performance. Not least the goals but no changes made by either manager at


half-time. As you were. Otamendi with the header forward. Collected


by De Bruyne. Turning away from Dean Whitehead. Sterling tussles with


Holmes-Dennis. WHISTLE I was interested to listen to them


in the studio saying they didn't think that was a penalty. If he was


about to put that in from six yards and somebody had handball it, I am


sure he would not have had a go at the referee! LAUGHTER


Absolutely. Manchester City, their next match in the Premier League on


Sunday is against Sunderland. Sunderland's manager, David Moyes,


is among those in the stadium watching the match tonight.


Zabaleta sticks his foot in not once, but twice. APPLAUSE


There he is, deep in conversation. A man with plenty on his plate. Not


half! Should be worried more about what


his team are going to do than what City are going to do.


They've been struggling, conceding so many goals. WHISTLE


Flag up on the near side. Free kick to City.


David Wagner has done such a good job since he moved to Huddersfield.


When he arrived in 2015, many people thought he would go to Anfield and


join up with Jurgen Klopp. He knew them from that knew him from their


days together at Dortmund. Completely change the culture as


well as the on field performances for Huddersfield. I listened to an


interview he did, I was in the studio when he did it, he was


talking about he has to change everything. It was a risk. Doing


massive changes at any club. Making massive changes at any club,


overnight, can have a negative effect but it had the opposite


effect. They've gone from strength to strength they've got a great


chance. What a great chance. Near the foot of the Championship when he


took over just 15 months later they are very much in contention to join


the big boys in the Premier League next season. Not out of the running


for an automatic promotion place either. De Bruyne.


Sane went for the pass out to the near side. Aguero. Clichy.


Garcia. Sterling once it and gets it. -- wants it. Manchester City


scored five goals here last week against Monaco in the Champions


League. What are the odds on that in five more tonight? Particularly


since they managed three in the first half. Bunn. Quaner. Stones


going across. WHISTLE


Quaner gets the free kick. Can roll the big man, nice and strong. Pick


the ball up, pick the play up, sorry. A little nudge from Stones.


Scored seven goals in 14 matches in the second division in Germany this


season, before making the move. Got one for his new team since arriving


as well, against Rochdale in the cup.


He is competing with hunger strikers in Wells and Kachunga, good options.


Both of them on the bench tonight. WHISTLE


Header from Stones. Away by Otamendi. Collected by Aguero. A


balletic leap away from a diving challenge. Feeding it through to


Sane and just shows too much of it to the goalkeeper. Coleman's push


out fines Whitehead. Bad touch. He was in. Great break from City. --


finds Whitehead. A let off for Huddersfield.


INAUDIBLE Fernandinho.


Billing. Lolley turning into trouble in the Belgian De Bruyne. Garcia.


Spanish teenager. Warming up for Huddersfield at the


moment, van La Parra. It looks as if we might see him shortly. The length


slides in. -- billing smack slides in and Cranie takes it away.


45 years since Huddersfield were last in the quarterfinals of the FA


Cup. At the moment, it looks as if they might wait a bit longer to get


into the last eight. But if they can get a goal before too long in the


second half, you never know. A bit before I was born. Like yourself.


Absolutely. We comes De Bruyne. Sterling. -- incomes. Twisting and


turning. Looking for Fernandinho. I was young enough not to remember it,


anyway. LAUGHTER Billing calmly back to Coleman. I


was actually -- it was a poor boil from De Bruyne's standards. Checking


his run. -- poor ball. Jack Payne. Lolley. Payne once


again. Quaner Wants it in towards his feet. Watched closely by


Otamendi. De Bruyne can now bring it away. Zabaleta away on the far side.


Zabaleta, again, those chugging away down the right touchline. -- goes


chugging. De Bruyne seen a lot of the ball in the early stages of the


second half. Sane. De Bruyne's got great technique when


he passes the ball that delivers the ball. -- and delivers. But he's lost


it. Quaner with a chance to run away. Payne alongside him. Quaner


trying to go all the way and a deflection behind for a corner. Just


as I was praising him, he gives it away. A nice, solid run from the big


man. Quaner's power and persistence there


winning Huddersfield their first corner of the match and a change


being made and Harry Bunn who scored the early goal, a flick from Billing


and straight through the keeper. The goal comes against his former club.


He will remember that one. He certainly enjoyed that. The


replacement is van La Parra, the Dutchman, who played in the first


game. Oh put it in! Oh, it was a chance,


it was a good chance and Lolley's put it over. Great chance. Good ball


in, wasn't? . That is why I was saying don't play it short. That was


a brilliant cross. Borderline offside, but should score. That is a


really good chance to get themselves back into the game. Joe Lolley was


an FA Cup hero a few years ago when Kidderminster beat Peterborough in


2014. That was a good chance. That is two since it has been 3-1.


That is the problem City have, they do give you a chance.


Just offside against Sterling. I think he is right. First impression


he was just ahead of it. Yeah. Good decision. A lovely little touch.


Pep Guardiola has never been knocked out of a cup competition by a lower


league opposition. Nor should he have. His team looking good so far.


Managing Barcelona and Bayern Munich! They would be asking


questions if he did. I do prefer De Bruyne in central


areas, I think he affects the game more. You can go out right


occasionally, but from the centre of the pitch you can dictate play and


get forward and run behind people. He is much for effective in that


role for me. Payne was arguing for a free kick


when play was still going on there. Fernandinho sliding it through in


front of Sterling. A good move. Nice and patient. Passing the ball


around. Moving the Huddersfield team side to side. Waiting for the gaps


to open. Good run from Sterling. Only a metre ahead of him.


Crainie with a long hopeful ball and Quaner goes powering off. Has Stones


caught Quaner? No, says the referee. Stones takes his time before getting


the ball away to Fernandinho. I have to say his reaction wasn't, Quaner's


reaction wasn't too bad, so maybe he did slip. Certainly no comments from


the Huddersfield players to the referee following the decision.


Normally if you have been fouled and not got it you're more irate. Tries


to chop Stones. He does touch him. But no penalty. Although we have


seen them given. Quaner seems to be coming into the


game more. But Manchester Conservatives enjoying so much


possession here -- but Manchester City enjoying so much possession


here. De Bruyne wandering away to that far


side. They have got nice rotation City, Sterling will end up in the


middle, De Bruyne on the right and then he will pop back in the middle.


They have got so many options. That is without Silva in the team and the


young lad they have just signed, who looks a world-beater, Jesus. I saw


him play at West Ham and he was jouft standing. -- he was


outstanding. I saw him at Palace and he was amazing, tenacious and


skilful and scores goals. What more do you want? I think we know it is


not scoring goals that is City's problem. They're as good as anybody


going forward. City's captain unable to take the


ball in play. We are going to have a change. Tommy Smith coming on for


Huddersfield. Joe Lolley going off. Here comes Tommy Smith who,


supported City as a boy. He joined them at the age of eleven and left


in 2012 without playing for the first time. He went to the final in


2011 when they played Stoke, as a fan. A big match for him. No better


feeling than the first time you play at a ground where you used to go and


watch your team. Second change of the night made by Huddersfield Town.


La Parra and Smith both on. Manchester City with a free kick ten


yards outside the box. Another chance for De Bruyne.


If you dive in, you're going to get penalised. Aguero goes past people


so easily. Just a remind hear the both central defenders are on yellow


cards from the first half so they will need too tread carefully. De


Bruyne and Sane either side of the ball here.


De Bruyne for Manchester City and the save made by Joel Coleman. He


was trying to get a dip on the ball that we have seen. Well, he did get


the dip on the ball. But it is a hard technique. It was high and


drops quickly. It is a nightmare for goalkeepers.


Stones played in a semi-final in the FA Cup at Wembley for Everton. A 2-1


defeat. A very late goal. Smith quickly surrounded and tidied


up by Garcia. He had no options. He was looking up thinking what have I


got and there was no options. Some tired legs for Huddersfield. Partly


because they're playing a quality team and also because a lot of these


lads are not playing week in, week out. It is hard then to have a game


such as this and be able to expect 90 minutes from those players.


Clichy gets the free kick. The start of the second half has been an


element of the passing exhibition from City. When you're chasing the


ball so much, you do more running. And these lads haven't got the same


sharpness as some of the City players in terms of playing week in,


week out. Rarely can you do that. You need consistency with games and


minutes to be at your best. De Bruyne again. Otamendi heading


towards the far post and it is beyond him and Stones. A tempting


ball that was. As it stands, Pep Guardiola will be taking Manchester


City to the Riverside to face Middlesbrough in the quarter-finals


of the FA Cup. Of course the winners heading for Wembley in the


semi-final. Could be some unbelievable


semi-finals. Tottenham will be favourite, Arsenal and City and one


of United and Chelsea. Huddersfield are getting ready to make a third


and final change shortly. Stones got on the score sheet last


week against Monaco. Even at 5-3 going down it is still interesting,


as Sterling goes down and the referee says no foul. A great ball


from De Bruyne again. Lucky to get away with that. If it was at a more


crucial stage in the game, I think Sterling might have been a bit


more... Upset? Here comes the change. And the impressive Philip


Billing displayer being replaced here. -- is the player being


replaced here. He made his mark. He had a fantastic first half. We all


saw that. He has not been able to get on the ball in the sec half,


they are struggling with City's movement and quality and maybe he is


thinking about the weekend, who knows? Jonathan Hogg comes on. He


missed the first match with a hamstring injury. Just 22 years of


age, Hogg. Maybe David Wagner saving Billing's legs for the big one with


Newcastle. Or maybe he is a just a young lad who is feeling it a bit


playing against a team of such quality. A free kick conceded by


Garce that. La Parra trying to force his way through. Stones will go all


the way back to Bravo who, hasn't had very much to do in the game. I'm


sure he will be pleased about that! Stankovich has done well the


Slovenian, gets a free kick. Billing getting his ref, after his


night's work. -- getting his breath back.


We will look back at Leicester City's performance against Liverpool


on Monday night, among other things. And the relegation battle as well.


WHISTLE Stankovic beaten to it on the edge


of the box by Fernandinho. WHISTLE A head injury. I think that's why


the referee has stopped the game. Hopefully he's OK. Stankovic is the


player staying down. I think Fernandinho does nothing


wrong. He's looking at good leverage off the foot, just catches his right


ear with his left elbow. Certainly accidental the big man will be fine.


Stankovic is fine. Those who have come to the Etihad


tonight have enjoyed what they've seen. A decent game of football. The


first half was fantastically entertaining. City has to raise the


level and tempo to get back into it. Even at 3-1, they've had two great


chances. And they are still in good voice, the travelling Huddersfield


faithful. They've had a fantastic season, they are having a fantastic


season, a good run in the cup. The fans must be ecstatic.


Stankovic is fine. He's up on his feet, rubbing his ear.


Coleman going short. And thinking better of it with Aguero nearby. By


the way, Coleman, the young goalkeeper for Huddersfield


described as brilliant in the first half in the opening tie by Pep


Guardiola. Outstanding performance. Cranie with the throne. Header away


by Gael Clichy. Onto Mark Hudson's head. Cranie looking for Quaner.


Otamendi in the way. Stankovic to Quaner. The flag is up. WHISTLE


If I was Pep Guardiola, I would think of games coming up and...


Aguero... David Silva among the substitutes. Aguero, De Bruyne.


Bakary Sako now. Via Nacho on the bench, he hasn't featured much


lately. -- Iheanacho. He was down the pecking order of predicting when


Gabriel Jesus arrived on the scene. It's been a -- a while since we've


seen him. Iheanacho. -- particularly when Gabriel Jesus


arrived. Sterling's quick. Not that quick. De


Bruyne has still been great, though. I love watching him play. Stankovic.


Rolled forward through midfield by Hogg. Van La Parra doing really


well. It's just too far for Smith to get to. He did well. Powerful run


down the left-hand side. Looks dangerous. The substitute. Van


Bopara. Good player. Former world is man. -- Van Bopara.


Cranie went diving in. I think he hurt his shoulder in that collision.


He will have to carry on because they've used three substitutes


already. Yeah. Otamendi. Stones. No change in the scoreline since before


the break. If you've joined our coverage late,


Huddersfield had an early lead. City turning the game around before


half-time. Fernandinho. First-time touch from Garcia finding the space.


Zabaleta. He found Fernandinho. Collected by


Zabaleta. Sterling! Put into the back of the net by


Aguero, for his second goal of the game. Game, set, match, Manchester


City 4-1 Huddersfield Town. City heading for the quarterfinals. It


was a good move from City. Good touch from Fernandinho. When


sterling gets in on the right-hand side, I think, can you pick someone


out? Good ball in. Low. Good strikers run at the near post. What


a finish. Four goals in his last two games, Aguero. Superb. Got his


shooting boots again. Only scored one in seven in the league since


coming back from suspension. Back among the goals, now.


It's a good run, such a good run. Aguero on 22 goals for the season.


As Manchester City make a change. APPLAUSE


Kevin De Bruyne, the player, he is leaving the field. Sensible, that,


really sensible. For me, the most creative and talented player in


terms of all-round game. Here comes Fabian Delph, he played in the first


match, scored in both the quarterfinal and semifinal of the


cup for Villa two years ago. Captain in the final at Wembley, beaten 4-0


by Arsenal. Manchester City heading for the


comprehensive home victory. And they might not be done, yet.


Here they come, once again, with Leroy Sane. Iheanacho is on the


touchline, waiting to come on. Aguero on a hat-trick remains to be


seen whether he has the opportunity to go for it. Or whether Pep


Guardiola decides to take him off. And give him a bit of a breather


ahead of the weekend and the game with Sunderland. Not that he will


want it, I'm sure. I would take him off. But I could understand


completely if the wearer wasn't happy with being taken off. You've


got to protect your best players with so many games coming up and


this one is one -- if Aguero wasn't happy. Garcia into Aguero. Hudson


gets it off. Aguero attacking the ball in the


penalty area. Perhaps his last chance of the evening. His manager's


applauding. Iheanacho on the sidelines, probably thinking the


last run of the evening. It's different in the Premier League,


bringing your best striker off when he wants to win golden boot and


scoring. It's totally different. In the cup, you're playing against a


team from a division below, you are 4-1 up, got a couple of goals, get


him off. Keep him right. Clichy into Fernandinho. Sterling waiting


patiently on the far side. Zabaleta goes racing forward again.


Clichy's delivery. A bit behind Aguero. Thumped away by Stankovic.


A rare touch in the second half for Bravo.


Delph just off the bench. A lot of problems with injury, Fabian Delph,


with his groin operation a while ago. He's had injury problems for


years. Played with them throughout his career, that's why he's never


been able to quite fulfil his potential. Although he's got a super


contract at Manchester City. Fernandinho forward and look at the


pace with Sterling. Absolutely sensational. APPLAUSE


Searing pace. Like watching myself back in the


day, that. LAUGHTER Not even out of breath after that,


either! I wish! I don't think I could go that fast on a notepad.


It's like watching the Road Runner. Electric pace. Stones.


Iheanacho still standing on the sidelines and he's been there for a


few minutes. Now we will have the change. WHISTLE


Sergio Aguero will not be given the opportunity to go for his hat-trick.


APPLAUSE He's done a good job for his team.


Two goals. The first was the penalty for 2-1. And a lovely flick for the


fourth. And the assist. And his work ethic has been as good as I've seen,


tonight. He has been nonstop. His name echoes around the stadium. I'm


not sure I've seen him... I've rarely seen him work as hard off the


ball as he did tonight. APPLAUSE Iheanacho on for City. Hasn't played


since the middle of January for the first team. Only used sparingly in


recent times by Pep Guardiola and hasn't even been in the match day


squad for the last four league matches. A rare opportunity for


Iheanacho. Jesus Navas is going to come on


shortly as well. We will just keep an eye on the game


for a moment. First touch for Iheanacho. Looking for Sterling.


Time for Holmes-Dennis. He had that chance shortly before


half-time. He put it away and then it would have been back to 3-2,


before the break. Lovely ball in. Payne again getting himself into a


good position inside the box. He's tried hard, Payne. That chance


will probably be on his mind when he puts his head on the pillow tonight


eventually. Crucial part of the game. He didn't put in the corner,


didn't give him the eyes, either. Nothing shot, nothing finish. You


don't get too many of them when you play Manchester City away from home.


We are in the last ten minutes of the game.


Manchester City ten minutes away from the quarterfinals of the FA


Cup. Leroy Sane with the ball forward. Great running by Gael


Clichy. I thought he was going to settle for a corner. WHISTLE


But the deflection coming off the Manchester City player. A goal kick.


We will have a change. Leroy Sane is the player being replaced. Another


good performance from him. APPLAUSE Helped with this goal. He's done


well. Especially in the first half. We've not seen so much of him in the


second half. So powerful and electric. WHISTLE


That front three tonight for City... Jesus Navas on to replace him.


Briefly off the bench against Monaco, last week. He will get a few


minutes this evening as well. That's the exciting thing about


Sane, Danny, already, you can see what a good player he is. But you


just sensed that he could get a whole lot better again. I think it


could be a real superstar stopped definitely more to come from him. I


agree. Otamendi. He battles for it against van La Parra, put himself


about well on the far side since coming off the bench. Yeah.


Backtracking rapidly here. Iheanacho bursting through the centre. He runs


into Craney and done well to find the ball still at his feet,


actually. Sterling. -- runs into Cranie. Iheanacho. Plenty of


Huddersfield players to get the ball away. Jack Payne. Quaner the only


man ahead of him and van La Parra on the far side.


Smith. Nobody there. Whitehead would thank him for having to chase after


that at this late stage of proceedings. -- won't thank him.


Coleman hurried with that clearance. Garcia.


Stones. Navas. First touch for him. In it comes.


Iheanacho couldn't quite get there in the centre.


Navas looking to add the FA Cup to his collection this season. He has


won the Copa del Rey a couple of times with Sevilla earlier in his


career. Huddersfield now just struggling to hang on to the ball.


They have tired legs, it is the worse thing when you know you have


lost and there is ten minutes to go and you just want the referee to


blow the whistle. But you just have to keep going.


Garcia has kept it simple, but used the ball well. Yes he is a tidy


footballer and he is a good passer. A vital challenge by Garcia there as


well. Van La Parra has some space in front of him. He doesn't look the


most powerful lad. The shot, flag up far side any way. The shot from


Sterling. When you're playing in central midfield, if you're not...


Really quick and powerful, especially in that holding position,


you have to be a good footballer and see all the pitch all the time.


Cramp starting to kick in. Yes I think maybe a bit in the hamstring.


Let's hope it is just a bit of cramp, because they have made their


three substitutes. It is Martin Crainie. Sorry I was looking at


Garcia as well, he is coming over for some treatment. I think Crainie


will have to try and hobble on. But he hasn't played much this season.


He has only made four starts in the Championship. And he has been


marking him all evening, Sane. Job done for those two, eh? Three of the


four goals coming from them. Sane will be familiar with one player,


Stankovich, the defender, the pair played agains each other in Under-19


matches between Schalke and Borussia Dortmund in Germany. Stankovich also


in his first season in England. Crainie seems to be all right. With


cramp, you don't know when it is going to get hold of you again. Yes


it is not a nice thing. That is what I was talking about the match


durability, being able to play a real high tempo for 90 minutes, you


need games. They have always been a tad


quizzical of people changing the team, but can I understand it with


Huddersfield. Can they give their travelling fans something to cheer


about in the last stages? Bravo with plenty of time to get


both gloves on the ball. Quaner not close enough to make a challenge on


the City goalkeeper. Collected by Garcia. Just wondering


as we head into the closing stages of the match, who has stood out for


you, who would be your Man of the Match do you think? Aguero's the


game-changer. Normally he would be my choice. With what I saw from the


young midfielder, Philip Billing in the first half, for that performance


alone. Quaner still battling. He has support from Jack Payne, but his


shot is blocked. I think it is going to be a throw rather than a corner.


I will give it to him. To come here as a young player, against such


quality opposition, and contribute so much in the game and look as


composed, I thought it was a wonderful first half display and I'm


going to give him Man of the Match. Sorry Sergio. Philip Billing Danny's


choice of Man of the Match, the 20-year-old central midfield player,


the Danish player. I'm sure Sergio has plenty of


bottles of champagne in the house. Quaner. Oh, it was a good chance and


it was rising all the time over the bar. It was his moment. He has done


well actually Quaner. He has worked hard. Tries his best to get his foot


over it. On his weaker foot. He will be disappointed. If they had put


that away they would be feeling much better. Listen, I think they can be


proud of their cup run. They have got bigger fish.


A bit of a wait for the ball to come back. The Huddersfield fans


determined to continue enjoy their evening out. And they're keeping the


ball for as long as Manchester City's players have at times during


the second half. Predictably it comes back as soon as we have a


replacement. You would do well getting out with it, wouldn't you? I


think De Bruyne deserves a mention. He was dictating play and his


passing was great. Free kick for the challenge on Holmes-Dennis. With


just a few seconds remaining, I don't think we will have too much


added time. And it won't make much difference. This game done and


dusted some while ago. But not before Huddersfield had poked a big


stick into Manchester City's spokes in the first minute. Yes and they


deserve credit for that. The first half an hour. City deserve credit


for the way they have conducted themselves throughout the game. They


have been on the front foot, high intensity and made lots of good


chances. Just the one minute of added time. Whitehead still piling


in. Perhaps time for one last chance


here. Zabaleta to Navas and itself is in. Iheanacho with the touch.


Puts the cherry on the top of Manchester City's fifth round


performance. And for the second match in a row the second home game


in a row, Manchester City put five past the opposition. It is


Manchester City 5, Huddersfield 1 with almost the last kick of the


game. That was offside. He is offside, but it is irrelevant


thankfully. He always gets in there Iheanacho in the right place. Gets


those little chances. Surprised we have not seen more of him in a City


shirt this season. The two substitutes combining, Navas with


the ball in, Iheanacho with the finish. A nice confidence-booster


for him and it was the last kick of the match. Manchester City finishing


in style. Given a fright in the first ten minutes with that early


goal from Bunn, the former City player. But Manchester City with a


superb response, coming back and finishing the job with plenty of


room to spare. Aguero scoring two of the goals, the first a penalty, Sane


having equalised. Zabaleta made it 3-1 before half-time. Aguero's


second came in the second half and Iheanacho just finishing it off with


the last kick of the game. A great cup run for Huddersfield, much for


them to look forward to as they try to make it into the Premier League.


They performed well and deserved this replay. But Manchester City


worthy winners on the night. STUDIO: Huddersfield took the lead,


but it seems a long time ago. Back came Manchester City and finished it


with a couple of goals. Huddersfield did well, considering they didn't


have the first team out. And Manchester City will travel to face


Middlesbrough. An impressive performance from Manchester City?


Yes particularly going forward. They got the goals they deserved. They


could have scored more. For Huddersfield, as you said, with them


changing the team around, they did well. I thought their first half


performance, the first 25 minutes, was exceptional. And I think one or


two players will have caught scouts' eyes. Particularly Billing in the


first half. There is Pep Guardiola and in many ways the fact that


Huddersfield scored early and made ate game probably better for him. It


was a bit more competitive. And you look at the reaction from the


players, they reacted well and created chances at will and deserved


the win. Particularly impressed with the forwards. Very bright and


direct, real pace about them and very good to see. Not Huddersfield


first choice starting line up, Kevin, but it gives them a bit of an


idea of what it entails being in the Premier League. Yes watching them,


you are watching City, they're entertaining, regardless of what we


say about the defence, but Huddersfield know if they do get up


and they were to get up, they have got a hell of a job to compete at


this level. I been here a few times with Champions League games as well


as matches here, and he likes to outscore the opposition. Doesn't


seem to worry if there are mistakes at the back. Shouldn't we relish


that? I think so. I think at the Monaco game and just the way they


played and the excitement in the stadium and the reaction from the


players was superb and he leaves spaces, so you will get a chance.


But defensively they have to be more concentrated. The further you go,


the better the opposition and when you keep giving chances, even


Huddersfield had two good chances, one from the corner and another one.


They had one before half-time. If you give those against top


opposition, they punish you. If they can outscore. That has always been


his philosophy. It is like Kevin Keegan at Newcastle, we will four,


you can score three and we will have a good day. They are great to watch.


But even like watching them at the level they were playing against


Monaco, we know the better side will punish them. They scored three but


City scored five. Against better sides they would struggle. That is


why almost club in Europe wanted Pep Guardiola, because they want the


exciting football. It is not just winning football, it is entertaining


football. I guaranteed you goals in the second half. A good run and a


better ball from Sterling who has improved a lot this season with his


final ball. Pep is obviously working with him. That for a winger, the


criticism I have had of him he has tended to pick players out, rather


than just get it into a dangerous area and say to the centre forward,


you get on the end of it. I think he has done that certainly more this


season without a doubt. His service and his finishing. Rather than pick


people out. He has to keep doing that. It is up to the forward and


you can moan at the forward f you're putting it sblo the into the area. I


think we can hear from him with Dan Walker.


Yes, let's talk about the game, impressive victory, you're into the


quarter-finals, did Huddersfield give you a scare early on? Yes


definitely. They went 1-0 up and we were disappointed to concede so


early, but they played well and they were at us and they have got the


goal. But we did well to dig in. Happy to get the win. Two goals from


this man, Sergio what is your assessment of the game? Well,


content with the result. TRANSLATION: I'm happy for the


result, very happy for the two goals, but especially for getting


through to the next round. How important is this competition for


you? Massive, we want to compete in every competition and winning as


many trophies as we can and the FA Cup is something we want to go all


the way and try to win and it was a massive step today and it will be a


good tie. The guys in the studio talked about the work you were


putting in, the passing and running off the ball. Your attitude to the


game and the manager seemed to be applauding that as well?


TRANSLATION: They only do my job, what's the manager asks of me. -- I


only do. I only have to work and I'm very happy. Basically, try to help


the team. Make Guardiola happy with my performances. Raheem, do you have


three chances of silverware this season, still? Yes, it is early on


that we are competing in every competition. With the intention of


trying to win it. We just need to keep going game by game, take it


from there. We want to challenge for every single thing this season. How


hard have you been working on your delivery? The guys in the studio


talking about your provision for other players in the team tonight.


It is something I watch to do, add goals and assists in my game. I am


happy to provide another two today. Congratulations, enjoy the


quarterfinals. Raheem, Sergio and Carlos, nice to meet you. Stewart


give us a shot of Carlos! We couldn't see him. We talked about


Raheem Sterling, his general improvement. Especially when you


consider where he was at the end of the summer, the tournament with


England. He was almost targeted by many fans. Unfairly so. Great


character, bouncing back. He is mentally a bit special. I talk about


Pep but the differences in his performance is outstanding. I spoke


about the statistic of the most successful dribbler in the


opposition's box. The end product is there. He knows the team. That might


have been the trouble in the summer. Brendan Rodgers said when he is and


Liverpool he is a hard worker, great work ethic and that is why he is


seeing this kind of reward. He doesn't even look up. He just puts


it into an area which he knows will be dangerous and someone will get on


the end of it. That is good wide play. You don't have to pick people


out. Part of your job is to get it into the danger area and leave it up


to the forwards to do the rest and he is doing that well. What I like


this season, Trevor spoke about with Sane before the game, the movement


of the ball. It's incredible pace. We know he's got that but he's


setting off early, not coming to the ball, not being negative with his


movement before receiving the past. That's the one thing that stood out


this season. One of the reasons they are getting so much space, we had a


reverse movement, run away. They are doing triple, double. They are doing


more than one or two movements before receiving the ball so they


can get on the half-time, front up the defendant take him on and that's


great. Huddersfield, another guy... Let's mention the fact that City


made a fifth goal very late in the game. I had almost forgotten.


Iheanacho on the end of things as he tends to do. This lad Bosman


record's phenomenal. His goal-scoring record, he gets himself


in -- this Brad's record. He is off the bench. Defenders are tired, but


he is producing when he's getting himself on the pitch. He is probably


offside, yes. But you guys know about this. Good run. That's his


first run. Doesn't get the first one, doesn't lose interest and comes


back into the six yard box for the second one. Between the sticks.


Every time. That is what you get from him. You see players switch off


all the time of this is staying alert to the second, third phase.


It's a bit of a shout. His record is seven goals in nine starts in the


Premier League. That is phenomenal for a young man. Decent players


around him. No doubt he can finish. Huddersfield, which I was talking


about, I got a bit premature on that particular one. They didn't do


themselves any harm some good stuff particularly in the first half. They


had that chance going in the second half and could have got it back to


3-2. We certainly wanted more of a game in the second half but this was


a big chance. Lolley mistimes his jumper. Under a bit of pressure from


Otamendi but he should score. No real excuse. 60 yards out -- miss


times his jump. Should hit the target, bare minimum and a poor


header. Harry Bunn will go home quite satisfied with his moment. And


so he should. Got off to a very good start. City were so open in the


first seven or eight minutes. So much space to run into.


But they drive towards the 18-yard box. Lovely didn't touch from


Billing. He hits the target. When you do that with this goalkeeper,


you've got half a chance of it going in. The keeper should do better. He


should be rightly proud of scoring. They couldn't maintain the pace that


they started with. They were knackered late on and didn't have


the legs and that was the problem. It is hard when you are chasing the


ball the entire game. City with the possession they had and movement,


that is tiring. Even if it's your first team, let alone your reserves.


It is about levels and the Premier League side are a lot fitter, can


get about the pitch a lot more. These lads are not playing every


week, nine changes from the Championship game. A lot of Gorkss


conceded that a team said, you know what, we will not try to get 11 men


behind the ball, we will try to enjoy it, make a game of it and they


did that in the first half. They will go back now and their priority


is to try and get back into the Premier League, get into the Premier


League. They are on the periphery. They are, they are third. Simmering


along in that position while everyone is looking at what


Newcastle are doing, Brighton. It was quite evident that David Wagner


was not on the side because he is very animated and he can sometimes


be the difference. He was missed. A tough game on Saturday. Really,?


That against? LAUGHTER Let's have a pause. Time to mark


your diaries with the next FA Cup football on BBC One.


Table topping Chelsea plays host to a manager all too familiar with


Stamford Bridge, Jose Mourinho yell and his Manchester United team. --


and his. A game certain to be of interest to


a former England striker, toss against Millwall. -- Tottenham


against. Coming through the ranks at Millwall, it was do or die, Millwall


fans ferocious. And not just to the opposition, you had to win over the


Millwall fans. You die from the criticism or stand up and think I've


got a bit about me, go on and be a player, that's what I'll do, you


just watch. It would have to be Sheringham. My FA Cup memories are


not fantastic at Millwall, we didn't get going and have a real FA Cup run


to gloat about as such. I've had a couple of close runs with bigger


clubs later on in life, Tottenham got to a couple of semifinals.


Sheringham! What a goal! When you get knocked out in the semifinals,


you think, am I ever going to get there? Will I ever play in an FA Cup


final? 1999 was a fantastic year for Manchester United, we won the league


on the last game of the season, beating Tottenham 2-1 at home. I


started in that match. If I started in that match, I might start the FA


Cup final. When my manager told me I would be playing, -- wouldn't be


playing, I was very upset. I was 33. Probably had 17 or 18 years as a


professional footballer and thought it had passed me by that I would get


a chance to play at Wembley in an FA Cup final. Roy Keane's got a problem


straightaway, he's limping badly. This is a shaker for Manchester


United in the opening five minutes. I am sitting behind Sir Alex


Ferguson thinking I'm not going on for Roy Keane, he's our midfield


player. He said over his shoulder, Teddy, get warmed up, you are on. In


a minute, I scored the first goal. A lovely gold, 1-2 with Scholes. --


lovely goal. He's only been on the pitch a minute! Played well, enjoyed


it and it worked out a great day for me. Sheringham setting up for Paul


Scholes. Manchester United go to zero up. To get the winner's medal


it was a fantastic day in the sunshine at Wembley for Manchester


United. It's one of those things that you dream of as a kid.


Sheringham, who went a long time in football without a major honour, now


has a championship medal and FA Cup winners medal in the space of a few


days. When you're growing up as a young footballer, you want to win


things. You don't dream about having lots of money, you dream about the


glory. We wanted to win the lot. That's exactly what we did. Just


fantastic memories and I love talking about it.


STUDIO: Terrific player. Interesting that he came on in that cup final to


score the goal. If only Newcastle had brought you one! Good point.


LAUGHTER Clever I can't remember, I don't


know what happened. Whoever said it is great getting to an FA Cup


final... It's not a good place to be when you haven't won. Teddy


Sheringham played for England so many times. A clever and intelligent


footballer, we had a great relationship, brilliant to play


alongside. Let's have a look at the


quarterfinal draw as it now stands. All of the teams are through.


Non-league side in the quarterfinals of the FA Cup, Lincoln City. A tough


one but what a day out they will have.


The cracker on Monday. One for your diary.


Let's hear from the man that let Manchester City to that


quarterfinal, Pep Guardiola. He is with Dan Walker. Thank you for


talking us, congratulations. The opposition scored an early goal but


you must have been happy with the reaction from your players tonight?


They played good. Sometimes that happened. Even in that moment, we


were playing quite good. We made good things against a good team. We


knew that, but we were happy we are in the quarterfinals. You were


impressed with Huddersfield in the first game between the two side, how


impressed we you particularly in that first half? And in the second


half as well. When they were able to arrive behind our midfield line,


they have good quality players, they create chances. But the only problem


we had today, we missed a lot of the last pass. We arrived in that


position, attacking the full-back from Huddersfield and the last pass


was a few centimetres off. That was our problem little bit. But, OK. We


knew how tough it would be. And we played with a good


performance. I spoke to Sergio Aguero who scored two goals for you


tonight. He says he is happy to do what ever you ask of him and he


seemed to be working really hard tonight and you were applauding him


from the sidelines, is that what you want to see from him? That's the


best you've seen him? Yes, from here, today, the performance was


amazing. Not just running, but running at the right moment, the


right tempo. When that happens, he's involved in the game. So precise


with the ball. He helps us. His dribbling, his performance was top.


The same with Claudia Rivas. His performance with the build-up --


with Claudio. He did. All the players were in a good mood and a


good performance. You are into the last eight. STUDIO: We had to cut it


short. He is very satisfied with Aguero.


There have been some rumblings that may Aguero isn't happy that


Guardiola isn't happy with his centre forward. I like him. He is a


very good centre forward. He scores this season again. His goal return


has been outstanding. You are right, there have been some rumblings about


him not working, whatever. When he gets pulled into the box like he did


tonight, he is a huge threat. -- when he gets balls into. His


philosophy, talking about why they were dangerous. The only thing I was


disappointed with was our final ball he said. That says a lot about the


way he thinks about the game. He is a perfectionist. He was to have


perfect performances. At times, you know, players make mistakes -- he


wants to. They get the weight of the ball wrong, things like that. He


will be training hard. He gets a snapshot of what the players do in


training each week. Interesting, the final ball. They scored all those


goals tonight and he wants to see rather than look at defensively,


when they give two or three chances away, give a goal away, another


mistake but he never mentions that. Our scoring, that is the way he


plays the game. And a mention for Bravo as well. He is good with his


feet. Which is important for him. You've got to be good with your


hands as well. He let so many in. What we would all think, perceived


to be, easy shots. The one he led into night was just under his body.


Just having a bad spell? Confidence? -- let in tonight. Perhaps but he is


better with Caballero with his feet. His feet are unbelievable, some of


those passes to Aguero, drilled balls, chips over. Risky. Lots more


to enjoy. Thanks very much. Manchester City


have made it through to the quarterfinals of the FA Cup and Pep


Guardiola is buzzing, in his own way. Good night.


Success begins with a fellow's will, it's all in your mind.


but sooner or later, the man who wins is the man who thinks he can.


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