Fifth Round: Sutton United v Arsenal The FA Cup

Fifth Round: Sutton United v Arsenal

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The scene of one of those cup shocks you never tire of seeing.


Sutton United welcomed by a capacity 8000 crowd, a big day for the club.


It's gone in and Rains with the goal. Phillips has put Coventry City


level. Number 11, Matthew Hanlan. Sutton United of the Vauxhall


Conference, beating Coventry City. Not a lot has changed here in the 28


years since that memorable And tonight the Arsenal players


certainly won't be used And they'll need to be wary


of a team who are already writing their own chapter of FA


Cup folklore. Roarie Deacon, with virtually the


last kick of the match has put them into the second round of the FA Cup!


The winning goal, Sutton United. Brilliantly dispatched by the


skipper. 1989 all over again. Sutton United will play...


An astonishing 106 places separates these two teams,


it's the classic non-league minnows versus a giant of


It would be the greatest FA Cup shock in history.


Arsenal arrive in Sutton in the midst of a crisis,


thrashed by Bayern Munich 5-1 last week in a performance Arsene Wenger


After 20 years at the club, the manager says his future will be


decided in the next couple of months, but he will be managing


And what a banana skin they face tonight,


non-league Sutton United are four divisions below the Gunners,


in a relegation fight in the National league.


Anything less than a win for Arsenal will surely


Some 5,000 fans are packed into Gander Greeen Lane tonight -


and it's fair to say it hasn't changed a great deal since that win


Although it does now feature a 3G pitch, which could become a bit


Good evening, welcome to Gander Green Lane. Quite a special place.


Former Arsenal player Martin Keown and Alan Shearer in the studio.


Alan, this is a bit different, like a throwback. We've got Sutton,


Lincoln and Millwall to thank for breeding a bit of life back into the


FA Cup. For the last six weeks we've sat here, in the games, saying that


teams haven't taken it seriously enough, leading players out. This is


what it's about tonight, a great draw already in the quarterfinals


with Chelsea and Man United. Lincoln are there, could Sutton actually do


it? Incredible. If they do they are guaranteed a non-league side, in the


final, at Wembley. We work in the Premier League every week but


nothing beats this, this could be a major giant-killing. I feel nervous


sitting here as an Arsenal man. I wouldn't be nervous if I was


playing. It needs to be men who are playing. Have you ever played in


anything like this? Not at this level. You look at the pits, we


played at Luton and QPR, I think it is a huge home advantage. They've


improved since those days. Alan? I played non-league Stevenage at


Newcastle, we went 1-0 up after three minutes and we thought that's


it, we're here now and we can coast, but Stevenage came back and made it


very difficult. That us back to Saint James 's Park and we just got


through. It won't be easy for Arsenal, if they have the wrong


attitude. I lost with Leicester at Harlow, I was about 18, 19, it was


dreadful and you never get over it! Arsenal's players were criticised


after the humiliation in Munich. Let's see what they think of Sutton.


What has the preparation been like for the game? Everyone talking about


the plastic pitch. We've seen you coming to Gander Green Lane and fair


to say that the locals are excited. Hundreds of people, great


atmosphere. We had a session in the week on the indoor Astroturf, so we


have adapted to it. It is very different to the life you are used


to as Arsenal players. For me I was playing on a pitch like this in


preseason, so it's pretty similar to me. Last year you were playing in a


Bolton team who nearly slipped up against Eastleigh. You know what


football at this level can be like. Especially the FA Cup, we've seen


that over the weekend. We has to -- we must concentrate on our own game


and we'll be OK. Thank you for joining us. Let's have a look at the


Arsenal team for tonight, seven changes but Ospina, who made a


couple of good saves in Munich continues as their chosen cup


keeper. Injury to Koscielny means that Holding partners with Mustafi


and there are recalls for Gabriel and Monreal. The two deep


midfielders, Xhaka and the need -- Elneny. There is a rare start for


Lucas Perez. No Ozil or Giroud and Sanchez on the bench, Walcott is the


biggest attacking threat and his next goal will be number 100 for


Arsenal. They've left out a few but plenty of experienced footballers.


Once you would expect to be able to cope with this level. You'd think


so, there should be enough in the team, if they have the right


attitude. If they go about it from the start, they should be beating a


team like this. As we said, they're on a hiding to nothing, unless they


score four, five goals, then I'm sure they'll be criticised tomorrow.


They've got to go out and start the game with real intent. All about


attitude with these. Players come if they have an excuse, like a plastic


pitch, 3G, whatever you want to call it, they can take that excuse. You


need personality and character, you must stand up and be counted as an


Arsenal player. Lucas Perez coming in is interesting, he's got a


hat-trick the last time he started. Whether he'll play down the middle


or out wide, that pace on the break, when Sutton get the ball they will


be heading into channels, take no risks. I've played out on this


picture couple of weeks ago. You did? Doing some research, it's a


great pitch to play on, PA Master of the ball. What's difficult about it?


It is bouncy, take it out of the air. Don't let it bounce. Not


necessarily your game! It would make me look even worse! Have you played


on plastic pitches? Yes, early in my career, no excuses, they have won at


the training ground so I'm sure they'll have been on that. In terms


of Arsene Wenger, everyone is speculating about whether he will


still be the Arsenal manager next season, what is your gut feeling? I


feel that he wants to play every game as it comes, he's a fighter and


he was defiant in the press Conference. You saw intelligence. It


was like throwing a punch at anyone who doubted whether he would carry


on. Interesting dilemma, if he left Arsenal. What do you think? I think


100% he will be at the club, don't want to see him go to Barcelona.


Amazed at the reaction after the game last week because what's


changed? That happens to Arsenal at this time of year every year. Why


are so many former players and pundits saying they think that he


should go? They can still win the cup and still get in fourth


position, which has been more than good enough for the last 12 years.


Should it be? I think it is split with the Arsenal fans. It has been


over the years for them. Two years ago they had 250,000 on the streets


when they won the FA Cup. It is the man of the performers, the naivete


of the performers against Bayern Munich. Has that happened before? --


the naivete of the performance. Let's hear more about the sudden


players, Mark went to one of their training sessions where there was a


sense of excitement. -- Sutton players.


Number six, Sutton United will play... We are still pinching


ourselves, I think, one of those magic moments. So many of them on


this cup run. The last three weeks has proved that the cup is a bit


special. Collins, for Sutton, 1-0, brilliantly dispatched by the


skipper. How on earth were you feeling as you stepped up? I was


quite calm, I had a feeling I was going to school but when you see the


ball hitting the back of the net it is a relief and the rest if his --


the rest is history. The Match of the Day studio going up, did you


want to give them some advice? They've got the high visibility on,


it looks like they are knowing what they are doing. To be fair,


scaffolding is a tough job. If you want to do it, it's up to you! Did


you see the Arsenal game last night, guys? LAUGHTER


Oh, you are confident! When you went for the trial at Newcastle, little


bird tells me that you had a couple of nights out with Alan Shearer. I


didn't have any nights out with him, I got a feudal -- few claw marks on


my face. I was getting the better of him in training and he didn't like


this kid from London getting the better of him. We aren't going into


the game thinking there is no chance of us winning, everyone is


confident. Beating Leeds was unbelievable for the fans, everyone


ran onto the pitch and being able to celebrate the victory with the fans


on top of you, fantastic. The changing room, stadium, the pitch,


you never know. It is a little chance but still a chance, it is the


FA Cup so anything can happen. Sutton began the FA Cup run back in


October in the fourth qualifying round and it took a 90th minute


winner to beat Forest Green Rovers in front of 751 spectators. Since


then they have beaten Cheltenham, AFC Wimbledon and Championship team


Leeds and made an estimated ?1 million. Their manager Paul Doswell


has done well. The man himself, don't take this the


wrong way but it feels like a wedding where an extra few thousand


people have turned up. Does it feel like that for you? I haven't got a


cake for them! It is poetry 3500 uninvited guests for the normal


league games! What an atmosphere, the night game always adds to the


atmosphere and looking round it is an incredible experience and I'm


sure everyone will enjoy it. What do you say to your players? It's a


cliche but it must be difficult for them not to be carried away when


they see the Arsenal players they will be taking on. The first thing


they must do is get past the Arsenal bodyguards because each player had a


bodyguard, which we are used to. From our point of view we have had


an easy day, some set pieces, chilling out at the Hotel, which is


unusual for the players because they are normally working. The excitement


has started. We've said to them, it is 11 against 11, it is 0-0 when you


start. As long as you give everything you've got, every bit of


you, you have a chance and we will believe in that chance until we


can't. Your chances may be improved by the pitch. We have a ball here.


The pitch makes a difference, Wimbledon and Leeds struggled here,


Arsene Wenger told us that they've got to deal with the conditions.


What does it mean from your perspective to be playing on the


plastic pitch? The first thing is, Arsenal got a plastic pitch


themselves so they are used to playing on the surface. As far as


we're concerned, we're at home, that's our best chance to get a


result, because we are at our little ground, not surrounded by


bodyguards, we are surrounded by good people and players. That's what


I hope, that the players can look back on it's not just as a good


occasion but giving a great performance. The result, we'll see


but they've got to give everything. I hope you and the players enjoyed


it. Word of warning, Paul's nickname was Lauren Aker, which is apparently


how they say your name in the farming community -- Lineacre. Katie


is desperate, they want to come and see you, Gary, in the studio


afterwards. Don't leave early, Gary! Welcomer Katie is welcome! He can


stay where he is. We have Tim Vine with us, we searched everywhere for


a famous Sutton fan. Yes, sorry about that! Tell us about your team.


This is a small club and it's a charming... Have you looked at the


clubhouse? The dressing room is remarkable. It is like a 1970s


throwback. I don't want too much money to come to the club because it


may change it, I like the atmosphere but the atmosphere, you are the


experts but if they were to beat Arsenal, surely this would be the


biggest FA Cup... I said that, a Premier League team beaten on


Saturday, but this is Arsenal. It is David and Goliath. Thinking about


the David and Goliath story, something that David did, it's


interesting, he attacked first. While Goliath was still looking


around. Before kick-off, then! Tell us about some of the star players.


I'm a bit of a Johnny come lately to the side. Roarie Deacon. In the last


game, did he score in the last game? I can't remember. Collins scored,


didn't he. The spot kick. Against Wimbledon. He has some belting shots


from outside of the area and he was unlucky not to score. I think him


and Eastmond are two players, they were at Arsenal. Both of them work


Eastmond played ten matches for Arsenal.


Massive incentive, there is Roarie Deacon, brilliant. He looks calm to


me. What chance have someone like that... Real slow mover, I like slow


motion. It is amazing situation. We won't ask you to do any analysis. We


will get Alan to do that. I am doing some online punditry. He usually


breaks deeper midfield, as is and does. Bailey sits deep in the


midfield but look at this for a goal. Fantastic turn. Full of


confidence at the moment, a lot of clubs looking at him. He might be


one that you are going to lose, but listen he is enjoying the run. He


said he has fallen in love again with football. That is what the FA


Cup has done to him. Left foot, right foot. He said when he was let


go by Arsenal was the lover 's point of his life, so the incentive to


show the world what he can do. Only non-league football throws up


stories like this, Wayne Shaw, also looks after the flood in many ways.


It is fair to say he is a big lad, but he used to play alongside Alan


Shearer. At Southampton. True? Absolutely, when we were 14 or 15,


there he is giving me the wave. I followed my dreams to the Premier


League, he followed his to the burger van, I think! LAUGHTER


I thought it was your turn out there. Lovely lad, he loved a laugh


and a joke. I took penalties against him and a mate of mine last summer


and I got six out of ten. Are you going to win this game? Won 2-1 to


Sutton. Until the final whistle is blowed, I will just train. Let's go


for it. What am I doing in the dressing room? Your twin brother is


in there. Great scenes, Simon Downer will be in there, you scratched his


face apparently years ago. I can't believe it, a centre-half from


non-league is learning about a scratch on his face? That is what


Martin Keown did in the Premier League! It is hard to find someone


whose face has not been scratched by Alan. What a non-believable


opportunity for these guys this evening. You could be speaking about


these guys in years and years to come. Kleen this could be the


YouTube clip, the go to clip. Look at this incredible victory. It could


happen to that. It is a dream for them. They don't want it to end.


Probably just wanted to start at the moment. Despite winning the cup


twice in the last three years, pressure is mounting on the Arsenal


anergy, Arsene Wenger, has 21st season in charge is falling apart


after a truly dreadful couple of months. I am here for 20 years. Mike


Kerr about this club. COMMENTATOR: Back-to-back defeats for Arsenal in


a week. Giroud with a header, there were 3-0 down and turned it round.


Arsene Wenger says Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil will not be allowed


to leave Arsenal before their contracts expire. There is no


concern. Arsene Wenger will miss the next four games after accepting an


ethic Cup misconduct charge. It is that mental strength. Fabregas, that


completes Arsenal 's misery! I get the impression that is it. 5-1 to


Bayern Munich! Arsenal are being totally embarrassed, they are the


laughing stock. What is important is that the club makes the right


decision. Arson, there has been a bit of soul-searching over the last


few days. Does this game against Sutton United in the FA Cup to view


the best opportunity to get Bayern Munich out of the completion -- out


of the mind? We want to focus on this competition and turned up


straightaway from the start. It is very unusual circumstances and the


need for focus, because it will certainly be a very committed game.


With that in my new have picked a strong side, is that because you are


wary of the threat that Sutton can bring? Of course was the eye have


played here in England for a long time and I know that every FA Cup is


difficult, every tie is difficult. So we are prepared for that. We will


not be surprised. You have come through the crowd outside the fight,


I'm sure you know this is a huge night for their fans. There will be


5000 people here tonight. A lot of talk has been about the plastic


pitch, is that a concern? No, top-level sport is to adapt to the


problem you face, you know. At least the pitch is flat. We are not used


to it but I believe the players have enough quality, in the warm up, to


overcome the problems they will face and adapt to it is part of the magic


that we are doing an interview in a room like this. This is where the


reserve team goalkeeper sleeps through that a week, apparently. I


have a lot of respect for that. I come from a club that are smaller


even from that, and I have been educated in this kind of clubs, and


usually these clubs depend on two or three people who really dedicate


their whole life for it. I have a lot of respect for that. Good to


hear, enjoy the game tonight. Well said, Arsene Wenger. It is stories


like that better part of the magic of the FA Cup. Yes, they are, I said


it is my first bit, it is a great occasion for everyone connected with


this football club. I hope they can go out and enjoy it and do


themselves justice. You were saying, Martin, despite the fact that


Arsenal had a 3G pitch, Arsene Wenger doesn't like to practice on


it. No, he doesn't think it is good for the body. That is why Welbeck is


not here, he would not want to put his knees at risk on this type of


occasion. They would have hardly been on it at all, but they will be


prepared. The pitches they play on the Premier League are all very


solid and hard. Most people are here for an upset. We saw Alan Pardew, a


friend of the chairman, so he will no doubt be cheering Sutton on this


evening. Just before they go out. Yes, Arsenal will win this. The


mutual would love anything that Arsenal but I can't see anything


other than Arsenal winning this. -- the neutral. Paul Doswell is


enjoying the scene, his players will be other very shortly. Can't Sutton


United become the first non-league team to reach the FA Cup


quarterfinal since Saturday? Before that it was 1914.


COMMENTATOR: Good evening, everyone. Look at Paul Doswell, the Sutton


manager, and the beaming smile on his face. Some nervous faces in


there. A nightmare few days for Arsenal. Tonight a full house of a


little over 5000 who are lucky enough to get a ticket to prepare a


welcome to remember. And for Sutton United it is welcome to their


wildest, wildest dreams. CHEERING If football still has a place for


dreamers amongst the private jets, private chefs, supercars and


superstars, then Gander Green Lane in the fifth round of the FA Cup is


that place. Sutton United, represented by players who once had


dreams themselves of being something special, and proudly supported by


fans who probably prefer ground topping the glory hunting, people


for whom Costa is a coffee and Kane is a stick. But somehow Sutton


United are playing Arsenal, and there is the chairman who has been a


fan for over 50 years, Bruce Elliott. What a proud night for him,


and congratulations to everybody, all the volunteers who have played


their part in getting this game on here. Forget all the talk of 3G,


this is virtual reality. So the Sutton team appropriately


enough has an Arsenal fan and gold. Across the back, Captain Jamie


Collins, scorer of that penalty against Leeds, in a defence


including Dean Beckwith who has recovered from a hamstring. Craig


Eastmond played ten games Arsenal 's first team including one in the


Champions League. Roarie Deacon and other who did not quite make it at


Arsenal, four goals in 16 games for their reserves though. They are


semiprofessional but definitely not a bunch of butchers, bakers and


candlestick makers. They have all played in the Football League, or in


the case of striker Maxim Biamou, the French equivalent. And five of


this Arsenal team have FA Cup winners medals in their collections.


Rob Holding at the back was part of the Bolton team that almost came


unstuck against Eastleigh in the cup last season. Mustafi, Monreal and


Gabriel with plenty of experience around them. Xhaka will not pull out


of anything, that is for sure. Jeff Reine-Adelaide describe something


special by Arsene Wenger. Theo Walcott now Arsenal 's longest


serving player on 99 goals for the club. He got three in the last round


at Southampton. Arsene Wenger has come out fighting


since Munich. Not ready to retire. May go on longer than Sir Alex


Ferguson, he says, but not necessarily with Arsenal, and no


manager has won the FA Cup more times than his six. That is a joint


record. Arsenal do, should they require him, have the instruments


policy of Alexis Sanchez -- insurance policy of Alexis Sanchez


among their substitutes. What a night. Set up perfectly for a cuppa


evening. The guys in the studio talking about the mentality of


Arsenal, and the opening ten or 15 minutes, it will be interesting to


see how Arsenal adapt to the conditions both on and off the


pitch. They got here late. The dressing rooms are tiny, so


everything set up to them to be unsettled. You would hope that they


realised their professional pride is at stake and they put in a


performance that makes people watching, at home or here at the


stadium, realise why they are top-level professional footballers.


For Sutton, it is a case of them playing their game, getting through


the first 20 minutes and dealing with the game in blocks will stop if


they stick to their game plan, they will always give themselves a


chance, and if they can pick competitive in the first, as we saw


with Lincoln, you just don't know what will happen at the end of the


game. A little embarrassing moment for Theo Walcott who has nothing to


give Jamie Collins in return for the Sutton United banner. Arsenal don't


miss much, by the way, they dead after Mr Fleck that. There is Gander


Green Lane, and the 3G pitch in all its glory -- don't often miss stuff


like that. Suter very much used to it, Arsenal not. This is not the


same surface that Arsenal have at their training ground -- Sutton very


much used this and stop have a dry indoor pitch to stop this is a wet


outdoor pitch. In the last three games, they have


been behind inside the first six minutes. They surely can't let that


happen today and get away with it. It is Arsenal who will kick off from


left to right in the first 45 minutes, in the red and white


shirts, in the FA Cup fifth round, with Lincoln City awaiting the


winners. Sutton United all in yellow, Arsenal in red and white.


Here is Gabriel. I would imagine all the Arsenal


players would appreciate an early touch. As they become accustomed to


their surroundings. Mustafi, the first World Cup winner


to play at the stadium since Jackie Charlton, back in 1970 for Leeds


United. The won here 6-0 in the cup tie.


And Sutton will get their first touch of the ball in a minute. Solid


possession for Arsenal at that point but Sutton doing the right thing,


trying to keep compact. The defence was quite high, a couple of Arsenal


runners trying to get in behind. That was a Mancho's throw, aimed


towards Biamou. -- that was a Theo Walcott trying to get a behind


Jamie Collins with the clearing header for Sutton United. Flag is up


on the near side. It is imperative Arsenal keep making


those runs in behind the Sutton backline. Decent clearance. They


have got to keep their discipline, Sutton, they have to come out as a


group. The two central defender is very experienced, that backline,


coming out together making sure that Walcott was outside. But I imagine


if they continue to use that tactic there will be a couple of tough


calls for the assistant on the near side.


Roarie Deacon. Can't keep the ball in play. Had a wonderful game


against Leeds here. Monreal with the Arsenal throw in.


They like that. Good tackle, Eastmond. He'll have


enjoyed that. Bit of force in there, perfectly reasonable challenge.


Elneny isn't happy about it but it was a clean tackle. Just a little


bit of a follow-through with the challenge. Bailey with the header.


Well pressed by May. On loan from Portsmouth, May, a teenager who is


on the way up. Amankwaah's clearance, back to Gabriel.


Did well, Amankwaah. Shielded the ball nicely. Vital that when Sutton


get the ball, they'll have to try and keep it for a couple of passes,


whether that's a couple of short ones before going long, or playing


into one of the forwards. They will need to relieve the pressure. The


quality of Arsenal, if they allow them to dictate possession for long


periods it is going to tire out the southern players. What's Worner, the


Sutton United goalkeeper with the clearance.


Sutton is getting the throw in, in Arsenal territory. Bailey in


midfield keeping the ball alive, not panicking. Important, the wind is


blowing towards the Arsenal goal and it's important that they don't try


and force the ball too much in the air. With this kind of pitch it


could run out quickly. The throw in, flicked on by Collins and Help To


Buy Walcott -- helped by Walcott. Winning the youth cup with Arsenal,


making his debut in the cup, Eastmond. Scored an own goal against


Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions League. Would have been delighted


with that last bit! He's still feeling that. Colliding with his own


player, landing awkwardly on one of his team-mates. A bit shaken up.


He's been on a bit of a tightrope for a while, Eastmond, because he


was sent off in an FA Trophy match against Boreham Wood, a three match


ban as a result. Had there not been a replay, he would have been


suspended tonight. He sat watching the end of the game and praying that


no one would win it. Important player for them as well. Walcott,


that's a good turn. Down a cross to make the block. -- Downer. Sutton


free kick. Well, it was dangerous. Not a huge amount in that. The


referee being a bit generous. They will have to compete physically,


Arsenal, that would have been made clear to them by Arsene Wenger. A


case in point. Chance for Eastmond to cross. A decent one as well,


Gomis was in the middle. Gabriel with him.


Bailey getting a good foot in. Was Biamou caught out? -- caught? Not in


the opinion of the referee. Down with the clearing header, May


trying to help it on. Amankwaah on the left-hand side.


Eight Sutton free kick and they have done what they didn't do in the FA


Trophy replay against Boreham Wood and previous National League games,


keeping a clean sheet after six minutes. Comfortable, allowing


Arsenal possession in players that aren't dangerous, forcing them


inside, tracking Arsenal runners and looking to keep control of


possession when they've had it. Worner forward. Collins was beaten


in the air. Beckwith happy to let that go. They will group up inside


the Arsenal penalty area in front of the Arsenal fans behind goal. Five,


six yellow shirts inside the area. That's Jamie Collins. Lucas can


bring it away for Arsenal. The yellow shirts must retreat. Lucas


looking square. These and all. Xhaka, good foot in.


This is where Arsenal will be very dangerous, when Sutton have an


attack, throwing people forward and Arsenal are so quick at creating.


Quality from Monreal. Getting bodies back quickly and working hard to get


into position. So much with on either flank from Arsenal. -- width


on either flank. no great threat from Arsenal yet.


This is arguably the toughest game there has ever been for Arsenal fans


to get a ticket. Talking to a few Arsenal fans who said they'd been to


Champions League finals, FA Cup finals, everything and couldn't get


here. Only around 500 of them. The ball went off the field of play. An


uninvited guest has won onto the field of play so we will have a


pause while it's dealt with. 12 minutes have gone by and Paul


Doswell is going to be content with what he's seen. Delighted, his team


obviously listened to the game plan, working hard at it and so far.


What's impressed the is that they have that composure. They've all


played at a higher level and you can see there is quality in the team.


Not consistency because of their league position but they've got


quality and there's no better occasion for them to show the


quality and that at some point in their career they've played at a


higher level. Talking to Paul Doswell and some of the coaching


staff and the players when they were arriving that they were extremely


relaxed. A vital part of their preparation, being calm. They


wouldn't need the motivation. The Arsenal players would have needed


motivation in a different way, to come here and play their game. Paul


was saying before the match that it was about keeping them calm before


they go on to the pitch. Ospina for Arsenal who have lost three of their


last four matches. Gabriel didn't get the touch. Collins, that was a


bit short but he got there ahead of Lucas.


Stepped up to take the penalty kick against Leeds United, Jamie Collins,


and what a big moment it was and how confidently he put it away. He has


subsequently missed from the spot, though.


Free kick. Roarie Deacon was felled. He's a busy player. Sharp, quick


feet as well and you can see he's up for the game, as he was against


Leeds. Playing just behind the main striker. Finally got into league


football at Stevenage, Roarie Deacon, having just failed to make


the grade at Arsenal and Sunderland. The keeper, Worner, from almost the


halfway line. Collins is the target. May is in support. It's going to be


a goal kick for Arsenal, Biamou didn't get there.


So, Mustafi to Gabriel. This picture is similar to the one on which


England played a couple of years ago against Lithuania in a European


Championship qualifier. England winning the game 3-0, memorable for


one Arsenal player in particular, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. He is on


the bench today. He's scored in that game, his fifth England goal and


still his most recent. Walcott, the deflection off Collins. Good scrap.


Lost it now but Amankwaah was at before the battle. -- up for the


battle. One player too many. Amankwaah is playing left-back for


Sutton. His team-mate Eastmond spotted the danger and broke the


Arsenal break. Got the crowd going, but the crowd don't need that.


Nicely back to Reine-Adelaide, that was quality. Iwobi dropping back.


Wild. Elneny was right underneath it. Nice build-up, though. Certainly


was. First occasional that an Arsenal player has been free down


the side, good 1-2. Look at the bodies that Sutton got in the way.


Wild strike from Elneny. 105 league places between them, Sutton United


are 16 places below Lincoln City. Arsenal are eight above Burnley. So


it's a much wider gap even than the Burnley Lincoln upset.


Well won back by Downer, Monreal with his hands full. Michael Oliver


is shaking his head. Eastmond was looking over his shoulder, he's


going to take up with Michael Oliver now. Inconsistency by Saddam.


Eastmond was never really in control of the ball, getting lucky with the


ball going through the legs of Monreal. Not a penalty. Iwobi


forward terrain Adelaide. -- to Reine-Adelaide. Cleared by Beckwith.


Good block by Nicky Bailey. Trying to get some real momentum going


here, Arsenal. Yet to really do that in the game. Perhaps understandable


as they get used to the surface. Can't find Walcott. Amankwaah is


there, and that is a good ball well covered by Mustafi for Arsenal.


Starting to get a bit of a patent Arsenal's play. That left hand side


is an opportunity for them to get in. Should Sutton win this, which


obviously is unlikely, but cannot be written off at the stage for sure,


then we would be guaranteed a non-league side in the semifinals of


the FA Cup. Holding has given it away to Deacon.


Looking to take on Monreal. Holding is relieved because he gave it away,


and gave it away cheaply. Collins. Bailey does a good job,


number 16 for Sutton, just sitting in front of that back four. That is


a free kick. Middlesbrough once paid the thick end of 1.5 million for


Nicky Bailey, so he knows is way around a football pitch. Excellent,


confident football by Sutton. He was under pressure but in that occasion


there was enough confidence to think he could turn get away from his


marker or draw the free kick and he won a free kick. Another opportunity


for the Sutton goalkeeper Worner to get it into the Arsenal penalty


area. I really like Adam May, he played with Portsmouth before


embarking on this memorable loan spell. Deacon has done well, it will


be trying to track him. Deacon's Ross has gone behind. Simon Long did


not have his -- had his flag up. Not lacking confidence. Backs himself.


Takes opportunities, every game he plays will stop that are starting to


develop that side of the pitch, for Sutton. Sutton on a couple of


occasions got down the right-hand side. Balls into the box but


unfortunately for them nobody in the box beat them. Mustafi for Arsenal.


Reine-Adelaide, good footwork but dispossessed by is on.


Xhaka. The 1-2 is on, deflection on the cross and well taken. Ross


Worner. A familiar face there, Alan Pardew,


who is a frequent visitor these days in his little sabbatical to Gander


Green Lane. Bruce Elliott alongside, the chairman, whose grandson,


Archie, was one of the mascots today.


Well, you were talking about chunks of the game, Graham. 15 minute, 20


minute chunks, whatever, 21 played, the first chunk achieved.


Absolutely, and they look comfortable, Sutton. Always going to


struggle with the speed that Arsenal move the ball, the quality of touch


and the interchange. But at the moment Arsenal have been limited to


sort of playing the majority of football in front of Sutton's whole


team really, as you can see in this situation. They are dropping off but


they are keeping tight and as long as they keep that they will be hard


to break down. Monreal takes him on and give the ball in play. Lucas.


That is coming to yellow shirts. May to Deacon. May continuing his run,


DNA already forward. Deacon taking on Gabriel. -- Diame already


forward. Disappointed with himself. Wonderful individual play by Deacon.


He's positive. The quality of the ball in is poor. Needed to wrap his


foot around it a bit more. I can't tell you what a wonderful day he had


against Leeds United, Roarie Deacon. If you didn't see it, he was the


outstanding attacking player on the pitch.


A little bit of Arsenal history tonight actually, this is the


smallest crowd their first team will ever have played in front of since


accurate records began. 5013 tickets sold. Bailey for Sutton. Eastmond.


Free kick. WHISTLE Their confidence is growing all the


time. Yellow card comes out. Granit Xhaka, who is now stranger to a


card, is the first recipient of one here. He missed times the challenge,


in terms of gets the wrong side of the ball and it is a cynical


pull-back. He would expect to get a booking for that. He has only just


come back from a four game domestic ban for his second red card of the


season, Granit Xhaka. Sent off both against Swansea and Burnley. It is a


relatively early yellow for him. He is a combative individual. Long


towards Collins again. Well won in the air, that, by Mustafi. Gomis for


Sutton. Amankwaah now. Deacon back into Amankwaah. Gomis. Holding off


Lucas. He did well. Roarie Deacon, Amankwaah I Headifen, just couldn't


keep the ball in play. But they are not only getting more confidence,


they really are looking like they are enjoying themselves out there,


Sutton. That thread, taking a funeral risks, but they have to be


cautious as well, they have to remember their game plan, not get


carried away that they are growing into this game and then lose


themselves wide open. -- taking a few more risks.


Interesting to see, Steve, that every 50-50 challenge, a Sutton


player Winsor stopped there was more commitment. Arsenal players are


going in to protect themselves, Sutton players are going in to win


the ball. There has been a few teams of repute in the FA Cup this season


who have assumed that their quality would finally tell, and often it


hasn't. Amankwaah forward, Deacon. Biamou to Dauda, to Bailey. -- to


Downer. Beckwith, commerce climbing, Gabriel climbing with him. No foul.


-- Gomis climbing custom Reine-Adelaide, back into Granit


Xhaka. Theo Walcott is in the middle. Walcott hurdle, it has gone


all the way in! Lucas takes the congratulations, Walcott ran across


it, probably the goalkeeper but Walcott didn't get a touch, and


Lucas puts in front. Misfortune for Worner. Lucas scores, Sutton United


0- one Arsenal. That is how quickly Arsenal break. You can see it is the


first time Sutton have thrown Burdisso Dan Lobb back quickly


enough. That is a cross into a space. Excellent run by Theo Walcott


as well and he has the presence of mind to let the ball go. Tries to


get a little touch, actually. He misses it. And Paul -- Paul Worner,


he can do nothing about that. -- Ross Worner. A little puff of the


cheeks, no doubt that the last angle showed Walcott did not touch that,


and I would imagine if you are on 99 goals if you do touch it you will


let everyone know. It is a goal for Lucas Perez and Arsenal.


Here's Reine-Adelaide for Arsenal, suddenly feeling a lot happier.


Lucas, danger here, Iwobi. Monreal committee becomes, good block. The


ball has not gone out of play. Iwobi laid it back and Reine-Adelaide Mr


completely and Roarie Deacon has at for Sutton. Michael Oliver Luck that


the spot and deemed it had not gone out. Gomis forward to Biamou, who I


think was in an offside position anyway.


This might have been a second. That's right, Monreal, poor first


touch, the ball most funds away from him, he makes up with it with speed.


Don't know what Worner was doing, it was not a pass back, he could have


dived on that. Fortunately for Sutton the ball falls to his feet. A


better touch from Monreal and it is 2-0. He has only ever scored twice


Arsenal but here they come again, finding gaps now, Theo Walcott


getting their head of Collins. He has Gabriel outside of him, Walcott.


Certainly worth a go. It is one of the features of these sorts of


pictures as well, the ball just sits up, you see it just bouncing when he


strikes the ball. It is not a case of trying to put power on it, it is


just a case of getting a clean strike. He nearly makes that count.


But once again, Sutton have suddenly lost their shape and as they were


getting more confident, they have lost their discipline and Arsenal


already benefiting from this base opening up in areas where they can


create problems. He scored in the cup final two years ago, the


thrashing really, in the end, of Aston Villa. Now, can Sutton


steadied the ship with a little over 15 minutes of the first have to go?


Absolutely nothing wrong with the first 25 minutes. They must and that


that goal affect them too much. A slice of fortune about it.


His record of six FA Cup wins is equalled with Aston Villa's George


Munsey, who was Villa's manager 42 years, can you believe, from 1887 to


1920. In those terms, Wenger is just starting out. I was going to say,


don't tell Arsene Wenger that. He is just about getting into his stride


at Arsenal, by that measure. Gomis facing his own goal but


finding his goalkeeper who did not quite find the connection he was


looking for. Amankwaah's header hit the goal-scorer, Lucas Perez.


Holding. A little bit nervous. And he comes away with the ball. When it


might have fallen to Biamou, but he showed good composure. Big risk, he


got away with it slightly, as the ball sat up. That wasn't a bad ball,


that, by Lucas to Reine-Adelaide that he was caught slightly on his


heels. Elneny has a problem here. Playing on these pictures, Graham,


is it a different experience for the ankles and knees? It is, I used to


hate it. They have got better, the pitches, they are much more Spungin


outcome of these artificial pitches, but it is not just the toughness,


the hardness of the pitch, but it is also when you put your studs in at


high speed, your boots catch. So you are putting a lot more load through


your joints. I had an horrific ankle injury when I was playing and it


made it really difficult to even train on these. And there was a


conversation about Welbeck maybe not starting or playing I should say


because of his knees. That would not surprise me. Let's here from Dan


Walker, who was over by the dugouts. Down here with Ian Baird, the head


coach at Sutton United, took us through the first half an hour. You


must have been really happy with the first 25 minutes or so. Really


happy. We had a game plan and we seem to be sticking to it but


unfortunately we missed the tackle in their final third, they break on


us and they scored what we would say probably a poor goal for us to


concede. But there is a long way to go. From our point of view we have


to get the half-time at 1-0. If we do concede again, it will be a


massive uphill struggle. But credit where it is due, the lads are going


really well and apart from the goal we have done all right! Both you and


Paul Doswell standing alongside you, shouting tight in your own heart.


You can't afford to give those Arsenal players any room. In our


half, her game plan, as soon as we put into it, we need to be all over


them like a rash. Pulitzer -- for bits and pieces we weren't.


Elneny has recovered, by the way. Giving it a fair lick up and down


the touchline. Xhaka forward. Collins, strong. No prisoners there!


Yes, that's a proper tackle, that, isn't it? Wouldn't get away with


that in the Premier League in this day and age. It's the follow-through


with his foot. He caught him all right, feet off the ground. Iwobi


has done well to ride that. He was the captain of havoc and


Waterlooville, Collins, when they were twice ahead at Anfield in the


FA Cup in 2008 -- Havant. Liverpool recovered and won 3-2. Bailey


getting a foot in. Eastmond, Holding needs to be


careful and he was. Michael Oliver has said there was a foul on Roarie


Deacon and it's a free kick for Sutton, they will take that. Good


advantage by Michael Oliver. Challenged by Mustafi, Deacon being


positive, looking for the opportunity to pass forward. Mustafi


catching him there. More remarkable that Oliver didn't give the free


kick for the challenged by Collins on the Iwobi. Deacon to take this.


Everyone in the Arsenal half apart from the Sutton keeper. Around the


back post, Collins couldn't reach it. Didn't quite get his range


correct tonight. Difficult with the wind blowing behind him. When it's


up in the air, it carries through. The area he's trying to hit is


perfect. The trajectory was a bit high. Just takes one of those to


come off, though. Yeah. Not afraid to get bodies forward from the set


pieces, as you'd expect. If it's still 1-0 with ten minutes to go,


then those situations become very nervous indeed for Arsenal. Nothing


disastrous about the scoreline at the moment by any stretch, for


Sutton. Walcott has gone through the


challenge of May. Eastmond did well to close down Lucas. Coming away


with it. Good appetite to win it back for Arsenal. He did well.


Waving Gabriel forward. Trying to find Walcott. They can, hasn't


really got anywhere to go. -- Deacon. That isn't just a heave Ho,


that was a pass to Biamou, which is dealt with. Sutton, going back to


the game plan, almost inviting Arsenal to try and read those balls


between the lines. Intercepting. Deacon getting his head up early and


looking forward. Yes, they've settled again, Sutton. 17th in the


National League. Only six points above the Weligton zone, actually.


-- relegation zone. One of the smallest stands you'll ever see,


holding 90! I know that because I went and counted them. Did you have


dejected tickets? I counted the empty seats! -- did you have two


check the tickets. Xhaka driving forward, chased by Bailey. Towards


Lucas but well read. Worner is typical of many of these


Sutton United players, starting his career at Woking and got a break


into league football, playing for Charlton Athletic. A lot of these


players have bounced around, journeyman professionals, as you'd


call them. Xhaka, forward to Monreal. Downer


getting across. Iwobi, that came off the Sutton man and it will be an


Arsenal corner, their first with only six minutes to go. He is


breathing a little bit, Downer, on that side. He hasn't got much


protection and Arsenal breaking forward so quickly. Excellent


movement, quality, moving the ball quickly, good runs. Wasn't a player


available with a red shirt. I'm pretty sure if you'd offered Sutton


1-0 now, they would take it. Holding trying to get it forward, Collins


with the clearance. Biamou with the header. Under pressure from Deacon,


was that a foul? Free kick, Sutton and it's a yellow card for rain


Adelaide, the second Arsenal player in the book. -- rain Adelaide --


Reine-Adelaide. A little clip of the ankles to make sure that Deacon


doesn't get away from him. Excellent opportunity, with 40 minutes played,


Ford Deacon to put a flatter ball in that space, between the six yard box


and the penalty spot. Deacon's radar has been slightly off so far but if


he gets this right, this could be the chance they've been waiting for.


Clipped towards the back post. Downer into the danger area, good


idea but there wasn't a yellow shirt there. Important challenge made by


Eastmond. They might still break. Walcott, not many quicker than him,


certainly not in the Sutton team. Good block. A whisker wired. --


wide. Took a deflection, laughed off Ajmal Ollett off, for Sutton.


Arsenal breaking with purpose. Just the slightest deflection,


Beckwith, going through the legs, taking it off target, to the relief


of Worner. Important moments, these, for


Sutton. That's a good header from Downer, commanding staff when they


needed it. Gomis did no more than lump it downfield in hope. Good


header from that corner from number 27, Downer. But the alarm bells are


many for Sutton, the half-time whistle can't come soon enough.


Lucas is in the penalty area. May has come out to close down


Elneny. On the Runs foot -- wrong foot. The


first touch wasn't good enough. Perfect run, just a terrible touch.


Given away to Amankwaah by Elneny. Collins was there. An side, Biamou.


-- onside. The last three occasions Arsenal


have played non-league sides in the FA Cup they have gone on to win the


competition. If they win this game they have another non-league side in


the quarterfinal. Walcott, Faldo by Amankwaah. -- fouled by. Getting


between the ball and the opponent. If they go on and win the FA Cup, as


Amankwaah's header finds Beckwith, they would look back and say that


they had a stroke of luck. It may not be comfortable but drawing


non-league teams in rounds five and six isn't exactly an lucky. --


unlucky. The last minute of the first half and given away, what was


Ospina doing? May, wide, with three, four yellow shirts in the area. What


was Ospina doing? Getting a bit of stick for that clearance. Awful,


sloppy play. In that position, May on his weaker left foot. He has to


hit the target. Force the keeper into a save. Sometimes its


decision-making that turns good players integrate players and May, B


didn't make the right call. Force is been to make a save -- Ospina to


make a save. He didn't even hit the target. Six times an FA Cup winner,


Wenger, winning nine trophies with Arsenal. Two added minutes. Nine


trophies won, Harzand bang and Arsenal have been runners-up in 11


more under his stewardship of over 20 years.


I was on the receiving end of one of those victories. Six times per


merely runners-up, FA Cup runners-up -- Premier League. Champions League


runners-up. Arsenal have done fantastically well under Arsene


Wenger but it could have been a good deal more spectacular.


Lucas looking for Walcott. Amankwaah isn't going to get their ahead of


Gabriel. Clipped meekly by Xhaka to Elneny --


neatly. Beckwith, nice. Clipped towards


Biamou, couldn't take it in his stride.


Eastmond's crossfield ball was well cut out actually by Gabriel.


WHISTLE Well, they're still dreaming. It


hasn't gone exactly to plan for Sutton United. A hint of fortune,


maybe, about the goal scored by Lucas Perez, but Sutton have held


their own here. They are only one goal down here at half-time, and


that is not a bad return from the first 45 minutes of this game.


Sutton United 0- one Arsenal. STUDIO: The players trooped off at


half-time and Sutton making a fist of it, a little opportunity before


half-time. You have to remember the salaries of the combined players of


Sutton works out at about 400,000, that of Arsenal is 192 million. The


manager said their game plan was going out brilliantly. The 26 or 27


minutes they were winning most of the 50-50 challenges and giving


Arsenal at bay that I think they got a bit more excited than anything.


They committed men forward and got punished on the break, a very good


finish. But still in this game and they will get another chance in the


second half so they have done well. Whilst it is 1-0 they are in it, but


Arsenal, as you would expect, had the better chances. We have only had


two shots on target, though. It was a little bit timid, a bit sloppy at


times in the final third, but Lucas Perez's finish was excellent. We


said before the game he has played in the Champions League, his only


real start, he scored three goals that day. It comes on to that effort


and a wonderful finish him but you would expect that from Arsenal. Just


that cutting edge. Maybe not ruthless enough in the final third.


Interesting with Lucas, his last eight stores and scored six but has


only started last two Premier League games. Once here's is out there


one-on-one, coming inside on the left foot, he did what you should


do, actually fears that ball across the goal, aim for the far post and


anything gets a touch on it, fine. But if you get it just inside the


post you have half a chance of going in. He would sit in with pace.


Walcott tries to nip it in. The fact that Walcott moved made it difficult


for the goalkeeper. But the former knows that, Perez. Very good finish,


the keeper hasn't got a chance with Walcott running across the front of


him. I don't think they have done it enough, Arsenal. When Sutton commit


men forward, the once or twice they have looked dangerous, particularly


down the left. They have been indecent sessions, the final ball


has been pork but if they keep doing that they will create more chances


for sub they had their chance, Adam May, could have made a name for


himself. Ospina put it on a play to him, Iheanacho what is in his head,


he is just far too casual, and Adam May has to hit the target, just


concentrate on hitting the target. Two good touch first. May be felt


the wrong player. I have been oppressed in actually in the game.


But he will be disappointed when he sees that back. He should hit the


target, left foot. Don't know what the goalkeeper was doing. These are


the pictures in the dressing room, they look a little bit disgruntled,


no need to become a long way to go, they are still in it of course.


Still fighting. Only a goal down. I suppose largely in a way because of


the fact they have had a real go, and the fact maybe that Arsenal have


not been at their silky best on perhaps a surface that doesn't


necessarily suit that kind of football. I think they have been


sloppy, at times come a two-minute touches on the ball. They have


looked more dangerous when they have taken one and two touches, past and


moved and got runners behind, hitting Sutton on the break. But too


many touches and Sutton won most of the 50-50 challenges. When you see


some of the challenges going in, you can see one or two of the Arsenal


players just shying away here with the 50-50 balls. They have looked


pretty dangerous down the left-hand side that won they have got to the


byline, the final ball has been poor. Sutton have had a bit of a go


at times. Which would expect was the this one from Eastmond on Elneny,


bang. Just a little taster. You are the foreign player who has come over


here to take my place and I will let you know. Collins comes out, makes


the tackle. He has done excellently, the captain. It is one of those now,


they will be in that second half, looking around the dressing room.


They have got to just get a little bit more, maybe a moment of


inspiration is enough of them. Roarie Deacon as well, look at the


left-back as well, the amount of tackles he has put in, really got


the crowd going. But they have to keep going, keep believing in


themselves and who knows what can happen? I totally agree with that.


Some tackles have been hard, but I think the vast majority of them have


been fair. You've got to realise what is at stake for these guys.


That is an absolute cruncher. Martin reckons that as a foul. I saw Gary


would sing at that time, Kerry -- Gary thought it was a car accident.


I would have been nowhere near that, you'll is! If it is going to come


from anywhere for Sutton, I suspect Roarie Deacon. He has looked


dangerous. He has. When he gets time and space to run at that Arsenal


defence. My only criticism of him would be sad at times his final ball


has been lacking. Very much like Arsenal, actually, when they have


got into some dangerous positions down the left-hand side, or down the


right-hand side, then their final ball has been poor. This was


probably the second or third time. He shouldn't have to worry about who


or where the players are in the box, just get it into a dangerous area.


Four on this occasion by the bullets them down. He has great spirit, he


keeps popping up everywhere, no doubt. Just the quality again, can


he whip that round. You kind of calculate where you want to put it.


That is just overenthusiastic, but once it settles down he could do


something dangerous, second half. Still going. I think he will be


replaced with his players, they have given of thing. They stuck to the


game plan for a while. As he anticipated, Arsenal would have had


a lot of the ball. Not done too much with it, I don't think. But he will


be quietly confident that they will at least I think it one more decent


chance in that second half, but can make it a tight enough of the back?


We will now play a little bit of analysis of Arsenal 's chances, the


fact that there are not that many. It speaks volumes for Sutton's


efforts. Sutton are not being in narrative. It is a little bit of


sloppiness. Arsenal should kill this tie off once they go 1-0 up. These


are chances they may rue if it stays like this. He will be in there with


the Churchillian speech at half-time, these players are


achieving great things and they wanted to continue. If you are a


lower league player, you hardly get any chances to get this far.


Inspiration in the second half is what they are looking for. Arsenal


should in theory with their ability, with their fitness, should take


control of the game in the second half. That, as I said, I am a


believer that I think Sutton will get one more chance at least, and


can they take it? This is where they should be more ruthless. These are


chances, could he had them that with the outside of his right foot a bit,


a bit of improvisation? I might have taken that on the inside of my right


foot. Martin, stop it! Certainly in training, anyway! We will have the


second half shortly but first the views of some of the sell-out crowd


here at Sutton. Dan Walker is on the pitch. Look at this trio, Tim Vine,


who is in the studio pre-match, Alan Pardew and Bruce Elliott, about to


get soaked here, Bruce. The Sutton chairman, Bruce, I know Alan is your


lucky charm, you brought him down the two of the previous rounds in


this competition and the team have gone through, what have you made of


the first half? We have done exceptionally well. After half an


hour I started to think how long, we are in with a chance here and


obviously they scored. But I am delighted with how we have done in


the first half, to 1-0, we are pleased with that. Alan, from a


Premier League manager's point of view, it is a horrible game, a


nightmare for Wenger and his team. The surface makes it difficult of


course but it is just the pace of the Premier League team now and


again, he just and hinges Sutton. But Sutton have done terrific, some


great defending, and had a couple of moments. They have got to hope a set


play or a mistake from the goalie gives them a chance, because the


place will erupt if they can get a goal. Tim, you said before the game


in this 90 minutes they could be the moment replayed on YouTuber for


years to come. My prediction before was 2-1 to Sutton, so I will stick


to that, it is going to plan. There you go, he confidently predicts a


2-1 victory. What to last all need to make sure doesn't happen from the


Premier League's team perspective? Not to give set plays away. That


will be a key factor to keep their clean sheet that they want the


night, but this game, the more it goes, the more confident Sutton


become. There are one or two who are a bit nervous that they will grow


into the game, so hopefully a little bit more from Sutton in the first


half. Are you going for a 2-1? Yes, the first time I have agreed with


Tim about anything. Probably the last time as well. If it goes wrong,


don't invite Alan Pardew again, he your lucky charm. He is all right,


you leave him alone. Enjoy the second half. When we talk about


Saturn come everyone talks about 1989 and win over Coventry, and the


goal-scorers that they, you know the names, Tony Rains and Matt Hanlan.


They are here with us. Tony, not only a hero from years gone by that


also a dorm and the night for Arsene Wenger. You on the door as the


Arsenal team arrived. They wanted to back the coach right in and we had


to clear the corridor to their security. We will show the goals


from 1989. Does it feel a little bit like that afternoon to night for


Sutton? We said earlier, the feel of it, the atmosphere, the way it is


built up. And the way they have played, they have had a good chance.


What have you made of the first half, Tony, and what do Sutton need


to do to make sure they are still in this with five to ten minutes to go?


They have done terrific, we are losing sight of the fact of the gap


between the two sides at equality Arsenal have got. They have done


terrific. We need to stay in the game as long as possible, you are


right, Arsenal will get edgy and start playing the ball around. For


me, it is the wide areas, Sutton have gone down and got some decent


crosses in. They began with a few more players. But stay in the game


at 1-0. It is a nightly dreams, who knows? The fact we are talking about


it is proof enough, definitely have a chance. There will be a chance to


come their way and if they take it, who knows? Great to speak to you


again, guys, enjoy the second half. STUDIO: Great stuff. Lots more great


sport come in the next few days. Welcome to the Premier League show.


High, characters to I'm a little bit younger than you. The football ball


Mike Tyson! You are the one who shouts of meal that I have. Who


watches a game of football and thinks I wish I was the one blowing


the whistle. We have a new signing. You haven't brought me here for the


expert analysis. You told me I was better than him. LAUGHTER


And Juan Mata is on the show this week. This is the final tie of the


fifth round, and the quarterfinal draw was made last night. It has


thrown up some decent fixtures, and I suppose the obvious one that


stands out as the one at the top, Chelsea against Manchester United,


Jose Mourinho back to Stamford Bridge Accenture. A very good rule,


positive draw, something to look forward to. All the big teams still


in it effectively and of course the non-league teams, which is quite


remarkable. I suppose you could have Chelsea,


Manchester City, Arsenal, Anton, though the people who support the


other teams would massively disagree, but it is all set up for


an exciting end of the season. Particularly when we were sat at the


end of January, and the FA Cup ties, we said that teams had left players


out and not respected the cup. Now we have non-league teams in the


quarterfinals, we have big draws, so I feel the excitement is back.


Whatever happens, we have a non-league team in the quarterfinal.


Brilliant. Remarkable. For Arsenal, if they do get through, to play


against non-league teams in both the fifth round at the sixth round of


the cup. It says it all, the condition is alive and kicking and


this year has proved it. The second half now, the next goal is


absolutely massive. It could get nervy farcical out there. As the


game goes on, they have done nothing wrong at all, Sutton, they just do


what they do and it could change. Arsenal will want to kill the game


off. They want to try. They are 1-0 up in an entertaining first half. If


football still has a place among the superstars, Gander Green Lane is the


place was top Monreal with his hands full. Michael Oliver is shaking his


head, it has gone all the way. Lucas put Arsenal in front. Iwobi, and a


whisker wide. What was Ospina doing? May wide.


The two teams coming out for the second half. Oxlade-Chamberlain has


come on for Elneny. Obvious change for Arsenal. Don any was injured in


the first half. Let's go back to Graeme Le Saux and Steve Wilson for


confirmation of that. -- Elneny was injured. COMMENTATOR: At the moment,


Lincoln City are going to Arsenal, if that is the quarterfinal tie that


Arsenal will be looking for revenge for the defeat back in March, March,


1915, the last time they played! Oxlade-Chamberlain is coming on and


Elneny, off. Sutton United aren't out of this and if they can somehow


get through and face Lincoln in the quarterfinal then a non-league team


would be in the semifinals for the first time since 1912 when Swindon


were beaten in a replay in the semifinal at Barnsley, in 11 days


before the Titanic sank. Sutton United will get the second half


under way, from left to right, in yellow with Arsenal leading thanks


to that Lucas Perez goal, in the red and white. Oxlade-Chamberlain is the


change, Xhaka and Reine-Adelaide are on yellow cards. Collins launching


one towards Biamou who won the header. Another header from Downer,


well won. Downer for the third time. Biamou is offside.


Good movement from Biamou there. Nearly got away with it in terms of


the timing of his run, Arsenal's line just about holding up. I think


you'll see more of that in the second half. Sutton are chasing the


game, playing against the wind, so the ball is going to hold up a bit.


Against Beech they didn't hold back in terms of getting the ball behind


their defence and I expect the same now -- against Leeds. They deserved


victory against Leeds. Eastmond forward, Biamou isn't offside.


Holding back to Ospina. Holding did well, under pressure from Biamou,


who is no slouch. There was a moment when you could see Ospina looking a


bit nervous as he was chasing that as it was a high ball back from


Holding. Interesting seeing the old footage of the game against Coventry


in 1989, how muddy the pitch was. It was a third round tie, January.


Would you rather play on the plastic pitch or a muddy pitch? Good


question. Behind by Beckwith, Arsenal corner. He's missed their


last six games, Dean Beckwith, with a hamstring injury.


Iwobi's corner, towards Mustafi, headed out by Collins and then


Downer. Xhaka, nicely to Lucas.


Reine-Adelaide, who hasn't been a big influence on the game, the


youngster. Oxlade-Chamberlain, nicely disguised


ball but he didn't fool Collins, who made the clearance. Nice touch. Good


linkup play. Oxlade-Chamberlain, coming on for Elneny, playing in the


central midfield. Walcott giving Oxlade-Chamberlain the little thumbs


up. Movement from Walcott, crossing the goal. The goal that Perez scored


in the first half, the movement made him difficult to track. You must


make sure you communicate. What do you make of Oxlade-Chamberlain in


that more defensive midfield role that he's played a sometimes lately


for Arsenal? Didn't go well in Munich, at fault for the fifth goal


but I think it's position that Arsene Wenger sees as being the


future for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. I think with the pacey has and his


ability in wide areas I'd rather see him being used further up the field.


Rain delayed, taking it away from Eastmond. -- Reine-Adelaide.


Very strong challenge from Collins again. I think we've seen already in


the opening four minutes of the second half that Oxlade-Chamberlain


gives a bit more crispness and accuracy and imagination to their


passing from midfield. Creative player, isn't he? Couple of passes


we've seen already, direct, hitting them firmly. I don't doubt his


technical ability, I just think when you have a creative player who is so


good one against one, you've got to get the most out of them.


There he is, Alexis Sanchez. Wide-eyed and ready, from the look


of it. I get the impression that he's always ready. That's a death


stare, isn't it? A combined back four of 134, I don't think they'd


enjoyed Sanchez coming on later although maybe they would enjoy it


because later they could say in their dotage that they played


against Alexis Sanchez. Rocking chair moments, as Joe Royle


calls them. Awkward bobbling one. Strong


challenge from Downer. Oxlade-Chamberlain again. Saw the


pass but he didn't completed. Great opportunity there. The ball fell


nicely to him. You can see Walcott here just on the D and if that pass


got through it would be one-on-one against the keeper. If you don't see


it, you won't deliver it and Oxlade-Chamberlain certainly does


the edge. The question is, did you see it? No, that's why I'm standing


up here! Monreal, well won. Great turn, Gomis. Couldn't quite get the


shot away. Well covered by Oxlade-Chamberlain but great stuff


from Gomis. Good challenge from Bailey. Sutton have kicked into


gear. Gomis can't quite reach it, such a shame. Great stuff. Gomis,


good footwork. Sprang to life, didn't he, here. He's got more


urgency to win the ball back, turning onto his right that, nearly


getting away but the Arsenal players crowding him out. He used to play in


Spain with Almeria, Gomis, and briefly for Southend United.


Collins, probably got a shout to leave that.


Arsenal's last game in front of 70,000 at the Allianz Arena.


Paul Doswell will be at Wembley next weekend following his beloveds


Southampton in the EFL Cup final against Manchester United.


Well cut out, well read by Beckwith. Giving away by Eastmond, who hasn't


done much wrong. Iwobi stepping away from May, Collins snapping at his


heels. Bailey giving it away to Gabriel. Arsenal are beginning to


knock ever harder on Sutton's door. Lucas, well worked. Good chance,


great chance and 100 is up for Theo Walcott in Arsenal red and white.


That's his century for the club and that is surely Arsenal through to


the quarterfinals of the FA Cup. Because it is Sutton United, zero,


Arsenal, two and that was quality. Very well worked goal by Arsenal.


Playing narrow through the lies of the pitch and Monreal, excellent run


-- through the line. Excellent delivery, Walcott not racing towards


the goal, keeping in a decent area. Simple finish for him in the end.


Theo Walcott in his 370th game for the club scoring his 100th goal. The


longest serving current player. If you can be hypercritical of Sutton


knew could say that their full-back could have stayed with him. Lovely


ball, Beckwith did well. Lucas was in otherwise but for that touch to


the keeper. Did that go out of play? I thought


it had. Gabriel making a manful effort to


reach it but never looked likely. They're going to have to really dig


in now, Sutton, and throw everything at this, be more direct, try and get


bodies forward to try and support the armoured and upfront, who's a


bit isolated. -- support Biamou. Hasn't been lucky in his career with


injuries, Walcott, so it is quite a milestone. 100 goals, considering he


doesn't play down the middle anything as like as he would like to


-- anything as often as you'd like to. May is in here! Into the gloves


of Ospina. May was very unselfish. If the home fans needed a lift, that


might have been it. The offside flag is up against Oxlade-Chamberlain.


Great opportunity for Sutton to get one back. You wonder if May could


have been more selfish. Good work again by Gomis. On his right foot,


maybe closed down too quickly by the Arsenal player, I think it's


Mustafi. I wonder if the chance he snatched at in the first half was in


his mind, when perhaps others were better placed and he didn't want to


make the same mistake again. That's a bad ball, cut out by


Walcott. Bailey doing well. Coming to Lucas. The goalkeeper, Worner,


doing very well. Arsenal throw in. Good to see that


Sutton are throwing a couple of bodies forward, May and Eastmond are


trying to join up with the Armero. There he is, Alexis Sanchez --


Biamou. He has scored 20 goals this season and the centre of much


activation about his future and his mood after the debacle in Munich.


Well read by Oxlade-Chamberlain. Here's Deacon, Biamou in the middle.


May getting forward. Gomis getting forward. Two, three step overs, and


a good cross, just too high for Biamou. Behind by Monreal. Brilliant


stuff from Roarie Deacon, that is what he can do. A moment of quality


with the ball in the box, and you have to say that is excellent


offending by Monreal, good disciplined work. Great stuff from


Roarie Deacon who is chatting to the crowd here for more nice as he


prepares to take this corner kick, Sutton's first of the game. They


often have a late run out of the back post at corners for stop and it


goes from Deacon. Up goes Collins! Well, there are the two big chances


in the space of a minute. And he has it. What an opportunity this is,


Ospina is all over the place of his ball comes into the box. Good


strength by Collins, keeps his eye on the ball and just can't directed


downwards. Ospina. You could argue that Bailey could have been found in


Ospina but I don't think it would have been given, if it had gone in.


I mean the foul, not the goal, I think the goal would have been


given. There is a man with a medal or two,


Arsenal's record ever appearance maker, David O'Leary, who finished


his Arsenal career with an FA Cup winner's medal in 1993. Remember


Andy Linighan, wasn't it, in the 120th minute against Sheffield


Wednesday. May for Sutton. Shut out by Gabriel. Walcott. They have been


excellent, the two centre-backs for Sutton, Beckwith and Collins. They


have a good stand between them. -- good understanding. Biamou with a


flick on, Gomis off after it, Gabriel just juggling a little bit.


Bailey, you could see the idea, it was to find down. Cut out by Iwobi.


-- it was to find Simon Downer. Reine-Adelaide.


Gabriel charging in behind that never going to Richard. Any ball


like that as we saw in the first half will always run out. You have


to credit Arsenal, though, before the game were talking about how


difficult this tie could be, especially mentally. They have


handled the game with great professionalism, they have looked


sharp, they have moved the ball quickly. They have come up against a


tough opponent. Collins to Bailey. Won by


Oxlade-Chamberlain. Lucas Perez has taken on and left Beckwith.


Oxlade-Chamberlain and Walcott are in the middle. Lucas. Good ball.


Amankwaah managed to get himself in front of Theo Walcott, and did


really well to do so. Monreal, Oxlade-Chamberlain. And


again. Lucas, good fit. -- good hit. A firm


hit, not a particularly well directed one. Once again, good work


by Arsenal, moving the ball, changing positions. Lucas has a wild


strike in the end, the power, no accuracy. This is an excellent


clearance by Amankwaah, learn from the earlier error where he did not


track Walcott. Was not going to let him have any space, on that


occasion. Arsenal don't play again for another 12 days. They were due


to play Southampton next weekend, but they are at Wembley in that


aforementioned EFL Cup final. So plenty of recovery time for Arsenal,


before they go to Anfield in their next Premier League encounter.


Here's Deacon! He has smashed the bar, nearly broke the bar! Not only


did he hit it from 25 yards, he had it so well in rebound 25 yards!


Iwobi charging through the middle. Granit Xhaka.


Lucas Perez stepping away from Bailey, turning it square. Well out


by Collins, because Walcott might have had a tap in.


Here's Biamou. If Sutton do get a goal, you cannot say that they would


be flattered by it, because they have had three or four chances, now.


What a hit. The strike was one thing but the build-up play was


exceptional to get into that position. And he hit that ball so


clearly. It is a perfect strike. It comes back off the meat of the


crossbar. Ospina is just there watching. Like the spectators behind


the goal. He was not going to get anywhere near it. A wonderful


strike, Roarie Deacon is very unlucky. The former Arsenal reserve


team player. Strikes me as not a bad tally, but not good enough to keep


him at the club. Covered by May, but at the expense


of an Arsenal throw in. Getting ready is Bradley Hudson-Odoi. And


U21 international for Ghana. The winger who is fit again after a calf


injury. Had a loan spell at Maidstone. It goes the way of


Saturn, the decision. -- the way of Sutton.


A no-win situation really for Arsene Wenger. But at least they may not be


too much to gain but at least he is avoiding the massive amount there


was to lose. I think it says a lot about the mentality of the players


from the start of the match, the Arsenal players have looked focused.


Sutton have been a tough opponent. They have caused Arsenal are a few


problems. Collins again. Nicky Bailey. Oxlade-Chamberlain to


Reine-Adelaide, blocked by Bailey. A good run, this, by


Oxlade-Chamberlain. Collins. Oxlade-Chamberlain in behind, they


are queueing up in the middle but he couldn't find Theo Walcott. Iwobi,


Lucas Perez, Theo Walcott all there. Everything about that was great from


Oxlade-Chamberlain, until the final ball. It is the speed that gets


under way from tiring Sutton team. The ball is actually disappointing.


Complete lack of quality with that ball in. It was a simple ball across


the box. It would have been another tap in for Walcott. Dean Beckwith


coming off, not a massive surprise. Beckwith is off.


And Spence comes on. And he will play at right back. Simon Downer


will move from their back to centre-half, which she will be very


comfortable with. So Dan Spence on. Dan Spence, one of


those players interesting history, he spent 18 months at Glen Hoddle's


Academy in Spain, for those players who have fallen through the net. He


was originally at Reading. He is. Spence with the ball into the box.


May arriving. Ospina came. It is a foul on Oxlade-Chamberlain. Almost


the perfect introduction for the right back, Spence. What a ball in


that was. In amongst the smoke bomb, Ospina had the bomb out to reach


this. It was an excellent ball. Going away from Ospina forced to


does well as the ball travelling away. They has got his eyes on the


goal. This is it. Ospina gets a decent punch on it. Adam May, who


had those two sites of Arsenal 's goal, comes off, and Bradley


Hudson-Odoi comes on in his place. With 20 minutes to play,


Hudson-Odoi. He gets 20 minutes. And he will play wide out on the


left-hand side. Good challenge by Bailey. Hudson boy


tried to be a little bit too adventurous full stop --


Hudson-Odoi. Dan Spence. So Alexis sent shares is going to


come on. Maitland-Niles, also. Reine-Adelaide is the first man


coming off for Arsenal. Just below us, Simon Downer, who is now


centre-back, just doing a few extra stretchers. Yeah, they are beginning


to feel it, I would imagine. Alex Iwobi is also going to come. So


Ainsley Maitland-Niles comes on, a youngster, 19-year-old from Ilford.


Had a good loan spell at Ipswich. This will be his tenth appearance in


Arsenal 's first team. That is his introduction. The second Arsenal


change will need no introduction. Here comes Alexis Sanchez. Iwobi has


made way. WHISTLE Talk about Downer stretching because


he knew that Sanchez was coming on. Collins with the flick on.


Oxlade-Chamberlain is under it. Maitland-Niles, straight into action


for Arsenal. Can play centre midfield or right back actually.


Centre midfield today. Gomis, showing that lovely footwork


earlier. Decent ball into the box. Good delivery twice from Spence.


Michael Oliver is happy for Arsenal to continue.


Xhaka, almost dispossessed by Eastmond.


Nicely to Oxlade-Chamberlain. Sanchez wanting the return, it came


off Downer to Lucas. Give it to Sanchez, the Arsenal fans


are calling. Biamou with the little flick, it was


a good one. Deacon, running at Monreal.


The backheel didn't come off from Monreal. Done well, Spence. Couple


of decent balls into the box. I have to say that you think these guys are


training twice a week and that's it, their fitness levels, they've done


ever so well to keep going. 15 minutes to go, they'll be feeling it


now, for sure. Nevertheless they won't want to come off because this


is probably a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Sanchez, looking well


offside but not given. Downer made the challenge and Amankwaah, the


second one. Gomis, nice little move, but the pass was overhit from Gomis


which was a shame. Gomis has won it from


Oxlade-Chamberlain. Trying to find Biamou. Away by Holding for the


throw. Oxlade-Chamberlain holding his hands in the air in apology.


Gomis doing well to nick the ball off him, it was a good ball through


as well. Holding wasn't sure what the keeper was doing, deciding to


take things into his own hands and doing the safe option. I think


Oxlade-Chamberlain has played exceptionally well in the


second-half but that was big error. Collins didn't quite make the header


needed to Gomis. Maitland-Niles, to safety. Downer watching it carefully


and dealing with it. Arsenal's record FA Cup win, by the


way, 11th-1 against Darwin. I don't think there was ever much chance of


them frightening that, especially now -- threatening that. That was


1932. Collins, giving it away to Walcott.


Walcott skipping away from Eastmond, but not from Collins. Nice flick,


Eastmond over the top. Joining the attack. Stretching to try and win it


from Gabriel. Maitland-Niles tidying up for Arsenal, who have dealt with


that little flutter of nervousness. Sanchez chasing his own pass that


had evaded Lucas and its an Arsenal corner. Sutton considering a third


change for a while, the substitute Dan Fitchett, a striker, has sat


back down. Not coming on when there's a corner to defend. Xhaka's


Corner, that's a good header from a Bailey.


The Sutton United Assistant Manager can be heard barking destruction is


out, Ian Baird, the former Southampton and Leeds man, this


system here. Trying to get them up the pitch, Steve, keep them going.


-- the assistant year. That's a good ball, Lucas won't


reach it. Walcott wanting the return.


Dangerous. Worner getting down well to his left.


Lovely feet, Alexis Sanchez, going for the chip. Lovely idea. Couldn't


convert. This is audacious, this attempt. Excellent take bite Sanchez


as the ball is played to him. Trying to stand it up to the far post.


Oxlade-Chamberlain's effort. Worner does well because that goes through


a couple of bodies. Dan Fitchett, coming on for the last nine minutes,


plus added time. He's a striker, Fitchett. Formerly of Wycombe and


Aldershot. Last season became the first Sutton United player to score


more than 20 goals in a league season, in 15 years. Coming on for


Biamou. It was a promotion season for Sutton, this time last year they


played in the National League South. That is Wayne Shaw, the goalkeeping


coach, and substitute goalkeeper. If Worner is injured, Wayne Shaw will


come on. I think Sutton have made their changes and Wayne Shaw has


decided that now is the time... To get stuck into a pie, save in the


knowledge that whatever happens, he won't be coming on. -- safe in the


knowledge. What would Arsene Wenger say? Banned from the pre-match, let


alone during the match! I don't know what Wenger would say, eating one of


those ever, let alone on the pitch. At least he's keeping his hydration


levels up. A great guy, a Southampton youth team player, he


was a forward in those days. A great picture of that Southampton youth


team with Wayne Shaw standing next to Alan Shearer.


That was Jamie Collins pushing Alexis Sanchez over. Michael Oliver,


under Premier League rules might well book Jamie Collins for that but


under these circumstances he's going to let the southern captain off. A


bit silly. He gave him a pass, the referee was very generous. -- Sutton


captain off. Nice to see a centre-half wedding to


go forward but he lost the ball. -- willing to go forward. Fitchett


having his shirt pulled by Maitland-Niles. Across the face of


goal. Fitted watched it, couldn't reach it but it is a corner. -- Dan


Fitchett watched it. He could have got on the end of it. It was a poor


pass, Holding from midfield into defence. If Dan Fitchett had taken


the chance, he could have got a goal back. If they were to get one now,


five minutes plus added time to go, suddenly Arsenal are back out of


their comfort zone. But it's a big if. Deacon with the corner kick,


Collins at the back post again and that's where it goes. Collins has


done the Leeds gone down, it could be his knee or crab. -- Collins has


gone down. Xhaka forward, that was a poor ball,


Eastmond in the way for Sutton. Collins is consumed by cramp. Dan


Fitchett mistimed his job and handled it inadvertently. You'd


never know that Sutton's manager Paul Doswell was a Southampton fan,


would you? Two of the greats, Laurie McMenemy, the last manager to win a


major trophy for Southampton, in 1976, beating Manchester United, and


Bobby Stokes scoring, 1-0. And David Coleman. They will play Manchester


United next weekend in the EFL Cup final. And Matt Le Tissier. One of


your lot. That's right. Downer is down with a lot of cramp. He went up


for the set piece and when he landed, you could see his left calf


cramping up. He can come off but they'd be down to ten men. They will


work it out. That's painful. The horrible thing about cramp, it


normally comes back at about 3am. He's back on the pitch. Not sure


that Downer will be making many more forward runs.


The ball from Sanchez which Lucas can't get on the end of. Well, it's


been a wonderful, fantastic mind-boggling run from Sutton


United, all the way from Forest Green Rovers back in October,


through Dartford, Cheltenham, Wimbledon in a replay, Leeds United


and now Arsenal. But they will be passing the non-league back on --


the non-league baton to Lincoln City who will be going to the Emirates in


the last eight of the cup, barring, I suppose you have to say, something


extraordinary. At this stage, that's an understatement. You can't help


hoping that Sutton can get one. The place would absolutely love it.


That's nice, Walcott flowing over the pitch into the figure of Jamie


Collins, who is played well again at the back.


Here they come. Oxlade-Chamberlain, it was won by Lucas, playing it


through to Alexis Sanchez. Couldn't quite take it in his stride. Scooped


up towards Lucas, and put behind by Amankwaah, as Lucas, I think, was


just teeing up a spectacular volley. He had that in his sights, you could


see him just getting his body ready to smash that into the net, but


Amankwaah doing wet. I think that Sutton backline, they have coped


with Arsenal as best they can, they have been tremendous. Hit by


Gabriel, it hit Walcott, and then wide from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.


And I think they are going to have learned, this team, they will have


learned so much this evening. Well, they have threatened to score the


goal, no one more so than Roarie Deacon with that spectacular shot,


which smashed back off the crossbar. He is your Man of the Match. He is.


The romance of the cup. He is on the losing team but his workrate, his


ability, he has been positive in possession. As you rightly say, that


tremendous effort that came flying back off the crossbar. Definitely


feel that he is worthy of Man of the Match. Alexis Sanchez.


Let's give Arsenal credit come too. They have done everything right,


from using the dressing rooms, which some said they wouldn't, to taking


the game seriously, to bringing a strong team, getting Alexis Sanchez


on the pitch, and most importantly for Arsene Wenger, winning the title


stop that's right, the manner in which they have performed shows


their professionalism, good mentality, good attitude. They


haven't taken anything for granted in this game. There have always


looked to create chances. They have had to be patient as well. And


Sutton have provided them with plenty of problems during the course


of 90 minutes. They had to do with them as well, both in and out of


possession. Bailey away to Amankwaah. Amankwaah in to Fitchett.


Deacon. Wouldn't sit down for him. Now surrounded by three. It has come


off Monreal, it is a corner, and 5013 people, minus the Arsenal fans,


maybe even some of the Arsenal fans are thinking, go on. In it comes.


Headed out. Ack in by Simon Downer, and that is through to Ospina. He


has done well to stay on the pitch, Simon Downer, given the cramped he


had. Flag up on the far side against Lucas.


Apart from the fact there is not a blade of grass here at Gander Green


Lane, they have done grass-roots football proud. But one advantage of


having a 3G pitch is it doesn't matter if the whole crowd run on at


the end of the game, and I imagine a fair few well, because whatever the


result, it is an occasion to celebrate, a cup run to remember.


And a team and a manager to savour. On the term, Lucas Perez. Great


block by the ever ready Jamie Collins. Alexis Sanchez.


Every one of those Sutton players could be proud of the performance


tonight. Paul Boswell said before the night he did not want any of his


players to have any regrets -- Paul Doswell. They have been magnificent


for their team this evening. Still smiling, and that is very good to


see. Pride. Yep. Huge pride, and rightly so.


He paid for this page, Paul Doswell. I have heard of people taking the


ball home, he can take the pitch home. WHISTLE


But there it is. Arsene Wenger's Arsenal are through to the last


eight. The bat on his past from the non-league and the National League


to Lincoln City, who will go to the Emirates in the last eight of the FA


Cup. Sutton's adventure, which has taken them through the looking glass


out from platform nine and three quarters and through the back of the


wardrobe, has come to an end. The dreams are over, but what memories.


Sutton United 0- one Great praise must go to Sutton.


Terrific performance, valiant effort, 1 million miles from any


kind of humiliation whatsoever at this stage of the competition. We


can hear from the manager of Sutton with Dan Walker. Brendan Rogers


quite a few fans on the pitch, Paul, celebrating not what has been the


dream of the -- thanks. It was a dream to watch my team play against


Arsenal. The quality they put out as well showed exactly what was at


stake, and very proud. That is the overriding emotion. Roarie Deacon


hit the bar, Jamie had a chance from six yards out and Adam had a chance


from six yards out. We had three very presentable chances, and


disappointed we could not get a goal for the supporters here. They saw


the side that has given everything we could have given and the


overriding emotion is so proud. Let's bring in Roarie Deacon. You


came so close, what a shock, what an effort. We had a good bit of play in


the midfield. A lovely set. I hit it and unfortunately it hit the bar.


What was it like from a player 's perspective, there was a wonderful


moment when Alexis Sanchez came on for Arsenal, your manager pointed at


Sanchez, looked round at the crowd and laugh, you are begins to a


Premier League side who in their last game took on Bayern Munich.


Obviously they have world-class players and thankfully a few of them


were out and playing against us. That is the spirit for us. To play


against a team like Arsenal is fantastic. It was our cup final


today. Exactly. These players have done it so proud, they will go down


in history and this little lad here, I will publicly say it can he needs


to be playing at a better level of football. I don't understand how


someone has not come in from League 1 and taken him, because on his day


he is more than good enough today and even more. A word about not only


Roarie but the rest of your players, and these thousands of fans, who


have turned up against Wimbledon, against Leeds, and followed you


around the country in this amazing run in the FA Cup. The support we


have had throughout has been amazing, had started 800 against


Forest Green and ended up three lots of 5000 sell-outs. It is all about


the players will stop they have been magnificent. So have the volunteers


will stop they have given up their Sundays to sell the tickets.


Everyone is a volunteer, remember that. We are not a League 2 club in


the National League, we are a traditional non-league club. But I


tell you what, Lincoln and Sutton have done our competition very


proud. I hope every best wishes to Danny Amendola it. Go and have your


data in the sun as we have had today. It is one of the best


experiences you ever will have, and good luck to them as welcome why


not? Very gracious of you. -- good luck to Danny and Nick. Paul Doswell


and Roarie Deacon. Well done to both of them. There are


some people on the pitch, you think it all over, and it is for those


players. These Sutton players, but they have given us a number of


thrills throughout the season, and performed to reflect leave the


season. Let's put things into perspective, they are 17th in the


National League. When you look where Arsenal are. The manager is


absolutely right when he says how proud he is at his players, how


proud he is of the area, all the support is coming along to that. It


has been one hell of a run that started off in October, so it has


been brilliant. Some very good individual performances. You wonder,


looking at Deacon, as the game failed him almost, because he should


be playing at a higher level. I wasn't sure at the beginning few was


left footed or right footed. Great quality with both feet. He was


really unlucky with that shot that hit the bar. One or two close


efforts, particularly in the second half of it was not quite to be. It


would have been lovely fall the supporters to cheer a goal. Even I


was hoping he would score just to lift things a little bit. That was


his left foot. He whips it across the box. Great quality on it, the


defending from Arsenal in the end. This is the header from Collins. He


won't believe this. When his is it later. He was excellent as well. He


was. Macau he rises, just can't edit on target. Some very positive


performances out there. The manager said he was proud of them all and


absolutely right. What a strike, the keeper doesn't even see it. Such a


shame to stop it would have been right up there with contenders for


goal of the season. A great track, and everyone deserves that tonight,


we were hoping they would just get one goal, -- a great strike. Some


positive performances, Gomis, May. Job done for Arsenal, it is kind of


a no-win game even if you do win in a way, but they got the job done and


it was Theo Walcott with his hundredth goal for Arsenal that


Gildart. Good movement down the left, Monreal getting to the byline


that killed it. It was kind of like relentless from them. Attack versus


defence almost. It was a matter of time before Arsenal scored that


second goal. It is just that they move that ball a little bit too


quick for them. That is when Sutton could not cope with them. We can see


Arsene Wenger celebrating. Let's hear from him.


We spoke to before the game, is that a case of job done, you came to a


great ground. I know you enjoyed coming in here and you will enjoy


living as well. It is different to get in here, it is so crowded down


there. We did the job. It is very different, I must say, on this kind


of pitch. It was not an easy game, at all. We have to give them credit.


Every mistake we made technically they took advantage of it, and on


this pitch, every little technical movement that is not 100%, you lose


the ball. They played very well. Where they better than you expected


them to be, not in a patronising way? Honestly, yes. Which is a great


credit to them, Arsene. Yes, of course, because it is basically


division five. When I arrived here maybe 20 years ago in division five


they are not as fit as they are today, they did not crop at all. You


would expect them to drop much more physically. They've remained


absolutely focused, organised, they had a huge desire in their game. I


would say if we were not mentally prepared, we would not have gone


through today. After all the questions and speculations after the


Bayern Munich game, are you able to enjoy a game like this because it


reminds you of what football is about. No, I don't enjoy tonight,


because we had absolutely just to do the job, and you know, it is tricky.


So I thought it was important for the confidence of the players, as


well, and as well, let's not forget at Bayern Munich we were 1-1 at


half-time and in the second half it all went wrong. So even today at


half-time, we were 1-0 up and was not finished. Thank you for talking


to us, enjoy another non-league side of the next round, Lincoln.


Arsenal go through. Lots of great memories. And. A couple of moments


to pick out. The players have said they wanted


the best players on the pitch from Arsenal, so I'm sure they would be


delighted to see the come on and they did not disappoint with the


tackles. Something for them to remember. And that is magical. I


told you he liked his pies or his burgers, didn't I? Our substitute


had just come on at that point, by the way. That is it from ask a


disaster that will go through but it is Sutton who will keep the


memories. Good night. COMMENTATOR: If football still has a place,


Gander Green Lane is that place. Arsene Wenger 's Arsenal are through


to the last eight. You want to make


some sort of a deal? No-one in this city


has only one master. reaching over, jabbing the screen,


"Mel C, Mel C,"


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