Fifth Round Highlights - Sunday The FA Cup

Fifth Round Highlights - Sunday

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Hello, and welcome to highlights of the fifth round of


After yesterday's stunning cup wins the Lincoln City at Millwall, could


we be said for further shocks today has two Championship sides played


host to two Premier League heavyweights. COMMENTATOR: To the


fast ticket goes. Thought it was then in! He has put it in himself,


Cristhian Stuani just picked this. Pep Guardiola still in the FA Cup


but he hadn't Huddersfield have to do it all again. Millwall about to


take a hat-trick of Premier League scalps, and this time he had's the


champions! Hit's come to Diego Costa, and that has finished it and


sealed Chelsea's place in the last eight. Lincoln had made history,


this is one of the great shocks of the competition, and this wonderful


odyssey of an FA Cup continues. Joining me at a wet and windy Ewood


Park, Dion Dublin and Mark Lawrenson.


Blackburn were looking for a distraction from their


Championship relegation battle, their opposition today were Cup


Simon Brotherton is your commentator.


COMMENTATOR: Back in the 90s, they were title rivals but that must feel


like a distant memory, with Rovers in real danger of relegation to the


30. Their job is to try to turn the clock back in 90 minutes at least


against the cup holders who have the enough two Championship teams, as


they continue their pursuit of a record 13th FA Cup. Blackburn


without joint top scorer Sam Gallagher who needed 12 stitches in


a knee injury and the suspended duo of Elliott Bennett and hope Apple


can -- hope Akpan. Jose Mourinho has named a strong Manchester United 11.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic is rested on the bench and when money is still absent


through injury. Seven changes from Thursday's Europa League line-up,


among them the return of Henrik Mkhitaryan and Michael Carrick in


midfield while Marcus Rashford leads the attack. He scored twice in the


third round against wedding, a 4-0 win at Trafford. Almost 15 minutes


in and very little to report in terms of activity at either end of


the field. Neither goalkeeper significantly tested. Emnes now. He


spreads the play away to the far side to Feeney. Four backbone


players inside the penalty area, Feeney with a delivery cutout by


Rojo, and Jesse Lingard with a stooping header. Mulgrew, Jemez, he


will look to fire, good shot! Saved by the marrow. It was a real finger


stained -- Emnes will look to fire. First effort on target of the game.


And homeground greatly encouraged by that. Carragher's cushioned header.


Forward by Loeb, collected by Emnes, strong enough to hold off Marcos


Rojo. He has done well. Polish play, superpowers, it's a great chance and


it's a cracking goal, scored by Danny Graham! Lovely, lovely stuff


from Blackburn! CHEERING What a girl, and it all came from


the hard work of Marvin Emnes here, who holds off Marcos Rojo time and


time again. Great run by Danny Graham, he gets in behind the


defence, and then finds the far corner of the net. Really good goal


for the Championship side, and the cup holders are behind at Ewood


Park. Jose Mourinho knows he is in a game


now. As Danny Graham celebrates his 12th goal of the season. The big


shock of the weekend and many an FA Cup weekend was just down the 65, a


fume ours away at Turf Moor yesterday. -- a few miles away,


about 30 miles away. Can Blackburn upset the cup applecart here? A long


way to go of course. Mkhitaryan, this looks dangerous but Herrera,


this is Lingard into the six yard box. And Herrera brings a save from


Steele. WHISTLE The flag is up on the near side.


Fiercely struck shot. From Ander Herrera. As Manchester United


threatening an equaliser. The ball only half cleared. Steele getting


both hands on it. He was keen to stress ahead of this on about how


serious it was about the cup and he respects the competition. His team


have got work to do here. Free kick Blackburn. Holding. Conceded by


Matteo Darmian. Jason Lowe and Danny Guthrie are the two players near the


ball from the overseer. Greer has popped up on the edge of the penalty


area, Mulgrew looking like he will head towards the far post. A


dangerous bounce potentially in the direction of Graham. Mkhitaryan,


twinkle to. What a lovely ball, fantastic pass, Rashford rounds


Steele, Manchester United goal, and Marcus Rashford has his third FA Cup


goal of the season, and United made it look so, so easy, as they cut


right down through the spine of the Blackburn team. Romero with the ball


out, make a terrier and avoided that first challenge and picked the pass


superbly -- Mkhitaryan. Rashford on to it like a flash. Cool head, calm


finish, 1-1. So Rashford with goal number seven of the season, and


Blackburn 's lead lasted for around ten minutes. Blackburn suddenly


leaning back on the ropes a bit. Forward towards Conway. He is in


ahead of Ashley Young here and makes the challenge. And you just wondered


for a moment whether that was headed for the roof of the net. Powerful


run from Conway. As the ball was sent flying just over the top of the


crossbar. Darmian, nice shot. Has humbly got a big first-half finish


in them before the whistle? Carrick looking for young. Proudly taken and


a good ball into the near post. Oh, and lingered with the heading of


chance. Can't find the back of the net -- Lingard. Blackburn 's defence


just disappeared for a moment and he could easily have paid for it.


Guthrie. Faced by Michael Carrick. The Feeney. A touch from Danny


Graham, and the shot brings the save from Romero. It was Craig Conway.


Quick to turn and shoot. Double change being made by Jose Mourinho.


Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic the two players coming on. United do


not want a replay, they want to get the job done today.


So the reinforcements are on, what difference can they make a? This is


Ashley Young, first touch for Pogba. Finding Ander Herrera now, however,


it was a chance, and Ibrahimovic almost on the end of it could easily


have scored there with his very first touch. He's only just come off


the bench, and he very nearly applied the finishing touch there to


that inviting looking ball in from Ander Herrera.


Feeney, good play. Feeney has ended up on the deck. Guthrie now finding


Graham. They are playing some good stuff, Blackburn. Mulgrew. Oh, it


wasn't quite the past that he was looking for. Not enough height on


the past to clear the defence. Away to Conway over on the far side. And


now it's with Liam Feeney, the crowd on the edge of their seats! As it


flashes past the far post. WHISTLE Out of play. How about this? Liam


Rosenior sends the ball in, took a little deflection, Jemez racing in


on the far post, just a yard or two behind the ball. Blackburn saying --


staying organised and committed in defence. Pogba looks for the opening


as a Braehmer veg trysts in behind Gordon Greer, Ibrahimovic! You can't


give him an opportunity like that and expect any good to come of it!


Bowl Ibrahimovic drifts in behind Gordon Greer. Ibrahimovic puts


Manchester United ahead. He reads the ball so well, he anticipates


well. Just watch him go here, Headstart, he's onside, played


onside and just look at the space he had. And he is absolutely lethal, as


we all know, in a situation like this. And, for the first time, with


15 minutes to go, the Championship side are behind. It's Blackburn


Rovers 1-2 Manchester United. Is that the goal that puts the


cup-holders into the quarterfinals? Time just starting to run a little


bit short of the Championship side. This is Anthony Stokes.


Mahoney, he is away from Darmian again, and from Carrick, how and


there was a chance, and M brings the save, and they are level, but


the flag has gone up, and it will not count, and Rovers have been


denied the equalising goal -- Emnes brings the save. What a close run


thing. Inside the last five minutes of the match. Let's have a look


again here, Mahoney once more, as slippery as an eel, and the ball


just spooned out by the goalkeeper, and there, the flag going up


straightaway. Stokes in an offside position as he suddenly became


active and lashed the ball home. And the celebrations soon cut short.


They can be proud of the effort put in by their team today but it looks


as if it is the Manchester United fans who will go home to happier.


Blackburn now, this final couple of minutes of added time, just not


getting a kick. Herrera. It has been a good effort from the Championship


team, the struggling Championship team, but in the end it wasn't quite


enough, but they gave the cup-holders a fright, acknowledged


by Jose Mourinho with a smashing opening goal from Danny Graham, but


in the end it was the class of Zlatan Ibrahimovic that turned the


tide permanently in United 's favour. Marcus Rashford having


equalised in the first half. Ibrahimovic and Pogba came off the


bench, and soon afterwards Manchester United were head and


ultimately through into the last eight of the FA Cup. A good cup tie,


this one. They gave us a hard game.


Congratulations to them because their approach was brave, it was


strong. Martin had the game in his hands, easily. They had good


attitude. If we didn't have this professional attitude with


everybody, playing with focus and responsibility, we would be in real


trouble. Do you take pride in the fact that Jose Mourinho felt he had


to send on two players with the class of Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba


to get a game done? I had a chat with him just before the game.


Because of the quality he has, he obviously watched a number of our


games. Was very complimentary. I was there the other night when Jesse


Lingard and Marcus Rashford against Saint Etienne. We knew we would have


to be focused. But it is very proud for the players that they had to


introduce those players to win the game. It is not easy, because those


teams are playing with everything against us. We take this competition


very seriously because we are the winners right now. We want to be at


Wembley. Are you ready for an important week? Yes, as I was saying


one week ago, Southampton is sleeping, eating and resting to be


ready for the final. We had to play Saint Etienne, we have had this big


fight here, now we go to Saint Etienne again, so much more


difficult for us. But good because we are in the cup competition.


Manchester United through to the quarterfinals of the FA Cup, they


had to call in their big guns in the end? It was like an insurance


policy. The bench was seamlessly loaded and not a lot of Blackburn


could do about it because of people missing through injury and


suspicion. Paul Pogba raised the pace of the game completely. It is


the difference I think between a championship team and a Premiership


team. When the Premiership team plays at that level, it is


difficult for the championship team to be competitive. There was a lot


of energy from Pogba. He wanted the ball, Ibrahimovic's movement was too


much for their defence. The other thing about it, when you are the


other nine on the pitch and they come on, you think then, we are


going for it. Then everybody starts to hurry a bit and that is the


difference. You get two players like that coming on and then their body


language goes the other way. You take a step back, it is a big pitch


and then the place just opened up for United. You have to give credit


to Blackburn, second from bottom and two wins from 13 games in the


championship. The highest they have been in the league is 20th. They are


missing all sorts of players. When you look at the players who played


and the ones who are missing that would be regular, you wonder why


they are in the bottom three anyway. I thought the application, they


tried to play some good football, they took the game to United on


their home patch and did very well. How good was that goal from Danny


Graham, arguably their best player so far this season? On the edge of


the box, turned and twist. Swinging left foot, put it in the top corner.


Movement was good. When Feeney was on, they were really good. They


posed all sorts of problems for United. It looked inevitable for


United to get back on level terms. The goalkeeper gets the ball and he


threw it to Mkhitaryan. Mkhitaryan looked at the Blackburn player and


thought, I am going to get clattered. He just got it past him.


Then he put his head up, and there won't be a better ball played in the


FA Cup. As for the winner, from Ibrahimovic, goal number 24,


composed finish? He took his time and Pogba picked out the right pass.


When Paul Pogba gets the ball, he always looks to see where


Ibrahimovic is. And he knows that. He let it bounce, the keeper didn't


come out. Normally the goalkeeper would have had a shout, but he


didn't have a chance. United are battling on four fronts, plenty of


courage meant for Blackburn as they go into their relegation battle.


There was another cup tied, as fallen, took on Tottenham in what


was a highly contested affair. Commentary comes from Kevin Kilbane


and Guy Mobley. COMMENTATOR: Surely there are fewer


better places to be done here. It is a surprise to some that Harry Kane


was passed fit to play. He tweaked his knee in the Roper league defeat


on Thursday. The manager has gone really big with his selection this


afternoon. Fulham have Marcus Bettinelli in


goal. It is a front line of power and pace. Sone Aluko, 28 today. Here


is the strong Spurs side. It is pretty much the first choice


front four, led by Harry Kane. Christian Eriksen has been making


them but not scoring them, he has gone ten games without a goal.


Kane, took too long making his mind up what to do next. Spurs are into


the tackles. That was excellent from Dennis


Oberoi. The flag is up against Christian Eriksson and that will be


a Fulham free kick. The manager is a former Chelsea player, spent two


years at Chelsea Bridge and was an unused substitute in the 2002 cup


final. That was goal bound, but for Marcus Bettinelli getting down


sharpish. Tim Ream, initially goes for that ball. Morrissey departure


Chino has remained philosophical. Son, was trying to hold of Tom


Cairney. Dele Alli! Not far away. Just past the post. Little bit of


nervousness creeping in. Two good chances for Spurs in a couple of


minutes now. You have to do the run, try and


force the error as he did there, in the Skins Cubano. Disappointing


corner. The goalkeeper had it covered but he might as questions


have Malone was allowed to get back close. Antonio Kante has made the


short trip across to see his west London neighbours in action today.


He might face one of these two teams in the next round. He is always at


Craven Cottage. Richard Osman. Kane! Stretches to score. Harry


Kane, the Tottenham captain scores his 17th goal of the season. It is


Tottenham's Number Ten. Great awareness from Kieran Trippier. He


sees the space in behind. It looks a tap in by Harry Kane, but he is


stretching. He wrong foots Marcus Bettinelli. The last time the sides


met in the Premier League almost three years ago, Harry Kane scored


the second of three Spurs goals and they came about after Christian


Eriksen free kicks. What a touch that is from Dele Alli. Just


couldn't get his left foot on it to get a decent strike. Fulham, a


little bit too passive. You see them score a lot of goals in the


championship. That was messy. He has redeemed


himself, just about. But he very nearly gifted Fulham leveller. No


need to take that chance. Tom Cairney, if he takes his touch, he


is being closed down. The good reaction from Michel Vorm.


He hit it hard enough, Stefan Johansen. The first mistake is made


by Jan the Tongan. Better from Fulham. -- Jan Vertonghen. Tim Ream,


just managed to get it away. Something for Fulham before the


break? Sone Aluko's effort on goal, but straight at the goalkeeper. What


a ball that is. Should be doing better. Just up until that Fulham


flurry, comfortable is the word. Kane, tries to get to the near post.


Nice, comfortable save for Marcus Bettinelli. Kieran Trippier caused


all kinds of problems in the first half.


Good ball in... Finished by Harry Kane! It might have finished this FA


Cup tie. Well, difficult now for Fulham to get back into this one.


Fulham fingers are pointing at the assistant referee, but he kept his


flag down, Harry Kane kept his cool and gets his second goal of the


game. Very tight. Great ball from Christian Eriksen, nonetheless. All


the noise around the stadium is Tottenham noise.


Dele Alli, put it over the top. He was being challenged as he got in


there. It is the best chance he has had today.


Dele Alli, wouldn't quite come down to his boots, he was caught, though.


Holding his right leg, and Spurs have a free kick. It is the hybrid


from Janssen. Excellent touch again from Dele Alli as the ball was


played into him. Avenue towards Kane. Bettinelli


stays at home and it is poked over the top. Wouldn't come down quick


enough. That second touch off his knee that allow the ball to get away


from him. Couldn't get the hat-trick goal that time, another chance I'm


sure will come. Fulham are giving this a go to try and stay alive.


Malone gets the deflection, Fulham get the corner. Certainly been much


brighter from Fulham. One Fulham goal could really change the feel of


things. Johannson, that might have been the chance but just over the


top. Chance. Kevin McDonald gets in front of Wanyama.


Bettinelli down the middle. Could not get close enough to the Tongan.


It has fallen for Eriksen. Dele Alli, Harry Kane onside, Ian on goal


to score his hat-trick -- to Vertonghen. Harry Kane sales at once


and for all for Spurs. It is his fifth treble for the team, his


second of 2017, having scored three in a 4-0 win over West Bromwich


Albion just over a month ago. A brilliantly weighted pass from Dele


Alli, a little luck to the linesman, seeing he is onside and on the


composure and the ability to slotted past Bettinelli in goal. Brilliant


from Harry Kane. At 23 years old he has become a talisman for the team.


He is their main man. A pretty good afternoon to you and


to the team. Very good. We have had a feud great results recently so we


wanted to come and get the win and we did that. We played very well,


comfortable, probably should have had a few more goals, but it was a


great game of round and we are happy to go home with the win. You have a


great partnership with hurry up front. Yes, of course, we have


played alongside each other for a while and we know how to make runs


and where the ball should be. Of course we could have scored a few


more, could have passed a few more times as well, but overall, Le Carre


said, happy to win. Today with different names we showed we could


compete. Then with Liverpool with struggled a little bit to compete


with different names and different players. I am happy because good


reaction today, a very difficult team. Always difficult to compete.


Very pleased and very happy with the performance. We arrived in the game


with different intentions. At the end it is very clear what exists the


difference between us. It is never easy in the FA Cup, as you see


yesterday with some of the results. We had to make sure we came here and


their job and did that. In the end a Conference victory as far as birds


concern. They have got that spark and desire back that Pochettino said


was missing. It's the bid a difficult few days the Tottenham.


Surprise, surprise, Premier League team in the top six picked a really


strong team and won away in the FA Cup. Absolutely. That's the thing.


And then when you get to a stage where you are 3-0 up, you can take


your top players. Some of the teams that have gone out of the


competition this year, Liverpool for one, you look at that and think, why


on earth did you not approach the FA Cup in exactly the same way?


Liverpool aren't even in Europe and Tottenham. It is madness. Exactly


the kind of performance Rocio Pochettino wanted from his side.


Only scored one goal in the last four in all competitions. They


hat-trick from Carrick came. Considered a -- from Harry Kane.


Considered a gamble to play him. You're I would rather gamble and


play him than not play him and lose. Harry Kane looked very sharp. All


kinds of finishes. That is what the manager wants to see. Getting back


in a purple patch, and he can take it into the leak as well. And the


way they squeezed up tight against Fulham. They had nowhere to go. That


is how Spurs play and how they have got to play. I think Philip helped


them a little bit. -- Fulham helped them. Totally laudable, because they


tried to play football but it definitely helped Tottenham today.


Caused their own downfall in many respects, but they continued in the


same vein in the second half. Full tried to play the right way. It did


not work for them today. Was it naivete? Under those circumstances


you have defined it another way. Maybe it was naivete, maybe gain


management by the players. One major plus that Pochettino can take from


that? They are in the next round. Now they have the thing is they


buried the result in Belgium in the week. Everyone has forgotten about


it and they have won 3-0. Happy cigar time, isn't it? They are


through to the last eight and the draw for the quarterfinals made


earlier today and this is how they came out of the hat. Chelsea at home


to Manchester United. That Alsbury will play the winner between


Huddersfield and Manchester City. A London affair at White Hart Lane


between Tottenham and Millwall, and the winner between Sutton and


Arsenal will take on Lincoln City. So it could possibly, if we have a


miracle result, have a non-league quarterfinal. Yeah. Dream on a


little bit. Mind you, it has been that way, so we have an humbly


bubbly massive heavyweight competition in terms of Chelsea and


Manchester United full stop the other thing is well above the next


round, it is sudden death. There are no replays. Which will be a welcome


relief to the managers. But the other thing is, and on this


particular day going forward, the cup is alive, you have Chelsea,


Manchester United, all London derby, Tottenham and Millwall. It is a very


enticing draw. Dion, the likes of Tottenham and Manchester City, they


will be licking their lips in this competition, won't they? You'd hope


so. Spurs and Millwall, that is going to be an exciting one, but the


big one, Chelsea- United. That will be some game. Mauro doesn't think it


will be a TV game, I think you will. Yes, all five of them! Wycombe


should have beaten Spurs. That is the other thing. OK, thanks very


much indeed. And if you've been inspired


by the action today, you can still enter the People's


Cup. On Saturday 27th of May, 90,000


people will fill this famous stadium for the FA Cup final, and you could


be one of them. Sign up your five a side team for the FA People's Cup,


when your category and not only could you be here for the game but


you will also be walking out onto the hallowed turf at half-time to


create -- collect your own trophy. Go to the website and register now.


Entries for that close at midnight tonight.


Tomorrow night, the fifth round action continues,


as non-league Sutton United host Premier League Arsenal, with


And if you've missed any of the goals from the FA Cup,


the FA Cup Catch-Up is available on the BBC Sport website and iPlayer


That is your love from Ewood Park, thank you for your Company, shall we


go in and get right? Tottenham and United are through to the last eight


of the FA Cup. The question is can Sutton do the unthinkable and join


them? For now from all of us goodbye.


Harry Kane in on goal to score his hat-trick!


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