Fifth Round: Fulham v Tottenham Hotspur The FA Cup

Fifth Round: Fulham v Tottenham Hotspur

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When you think of Fulham Football Club and Craven Cottage, what do you


think? The Cottage itself where John Craven grew up? Where the Queen and


Prince Philip had their first ever date. Royal love blossomed. Our team


contained George Best and Bobby Moore. Same team, same pitch at the


same time. Then of course there at the fact we used to have an


absolutely non-techie full colour statue of my good Jackson. Then


there was the night when Fulham beat Juventus 4-1. Even I don't believe


that was true and I was there! We are the plucky underdogs by the


river, the West London team that always manages to find a home for


classy, refined footballers. Johnny Haynes, March, cumin, Dempsey, Jamie


O'Hara, Jimmy Bullard. And so to the FA Cup and Fulham have an amazing FA


Cup record. We got to number 46 in 1975. Now we face Spurs and I can


reveal that the score to date will be 3-1 to Fulham. Is that true or is


that an alternative fact? Only one way to find out. Welcome to Craven


Cottage and it is not fake news that Fulham are potentially 90 minutes


away from a place in the Emirates FA Cup quarterfinals. Standing in their


way are the Motspur Park eight time winners of the competition. --


Tottenham Hotspur. This is one of the great venues of invisible, three


seasons since it hosted Premier League football but Fulham believe


they can return soon. Spurs are still in three competitions and have


gone with a strong starting line-up. It has already been a weekend of big


cup shocks with Lincoln City and Millwall's heroics yesterday so can


Fulham spring another surprise? Joining us are the former Spurs


midfielder Jermaine Jenas, former Fulham Joe Pugh Mark Schwarzer and a


man who played for both teams and whose skill lit up the Premier


League. What about that for control from Dimitar Berbatov? Berbatov with


a gentle touch. Simply superb. Absolutely magnificent! So cool.


There has always been a touch of magic about Dimitar Berbatov. You


are very welcome, great to see you and to be honest, what ever you lack


in skill you made up for in effort! Where does your heart stands today


but a lot more Spurs or Fulham? I like both teams. That is why I would


like it to be a draw so I can watch one more game. But I have great


moments in Spurs the team who give me the scene to show my quality in


England and I had a great year and a half with Fulham and scored good


goals so both teams are in my heart. It is great for me. And the way that


both teams played, it should be a good game. I hope so, I want to see


goals. And in the end to have something to look at the game, to be


good for the people who pay to watch this kind of team. That is how I


used to play as well, to try to entertain. You certainly did.


Jermaine, Spurs, a lot of thought about the FA Cup, some teams picking


weakened teams but they have gone strong. And it is good to see. After


the last couple of results, you get the feeling that their season is in


the balance. It could slip away. A top result midweek and he will be


looking to get his team act into form and the team he has put out


also it is a genuine competition they can go and win. Best back into


form. That is the one thing lacking for


Pochettino, a major trophy. And for the club as well, you can talk about


Pochettino being a great manager and this being a great team but they


need to take that next step which is to win something. And 220


appearances for Fulham for you, Mark, it is a great place to play,


one of the classic grounds? It is, one of the only grounds left that


has that atmosphere. Some great memories here and I've always


enjoyed playing. This team is making progress, they play lovely football


as well. They have had a tough couple of years after relegation


from the Premier League, they lost their way a bit. A lot of different


managers and probably bad decisions but they are now at a stage where


things are turning around. They are getting a team out which is playing


exciting football with a good mix of experience and young players coming


through. Fulham's most recognisable player is their club captain, Scott


Parker, who starts on the bench today also he is now 36 and has also


played for Spurs in his 20 year playing career and we send Mark to


meeting this week. You have been four years at Fulham,


which has been a bit of a roller-coaster, what has it been


like as a player in that time? To come out of the Premier League that


season, and since then it has been turbulent, changes had to be made


and the squad was decimated in terms of where we were. And that comes


with relegation. A lot of people losing jobs, it has been a rocky


road. Trying to adapt to the Championship, what is the best route


out, do you spend again like Newcastle have done this year? If


you don't, you are looking at three to five-year process. Fulham is


renowned for being a family club, welcoming, that it still have that


wonderful charm about it? It does, definitely. Anyone who doesn't know


Fulham and has not been around it, the biggest thing is the Stadium. Go


to the stadium and it will give you an understanding of what the club is


about. There is a real charm, something about it, something very


special. Sessegnon makes it three. Ryan Sessegnon, someone I have known


since he was ten years old, I have watched him for a long time. How


good can he be? Attitude will determine how far you go and the boy


is first class with his attitude. He wants to learn, listens to what


anyone says. And taking the technical side, he is obviously a


fantastic footballer and that will put him in good stead. He was born


in 2000, you are 1980, how does it make you feel?! Very old! I feel it


every day I went out there at times! I'm not getting any younger. As long


as I feel I can contribute in the team in any way and I'm having an


input, I'm happy to be around but the day I don't feel like that, I


will put my hand up and say, thanks a lot but I'm out. 1980 is a lot


better than 1960! You have both played with Scott Parker, a really


good professional. He is like Mr professional. If I lack in some


professionalism, he was making it! Always first training hard, after


training, staying and stretching and helping the boys in the team. I


don't think anybody can say a bad word about him and he gives


everything for the team. An important player today for Fulham


will be Thomas Kalas who is on loan from Chelsea. A lot of promise. He


certainly has and that is the one club, apart from Vitesse Arnhem,


where he has found a home and he's playing every week. I had a chance


to play with him at Chelsea, on his debut. There was a team meeting


before the game and when Mourinho put the team up and said, you are


playing, and he said, what better place in the world to make your


Premier League debut than at Anfield. He asked Lampard where he


played his debut and he said Coventry City. He said, this is the


best place to make your debut. He doesn't lack confidence. And tell


others about the young lad Scott Parker was talking about, Ryan


Sessegnon. Like I mentioned, I have seen him since he is ten years old


and watched him develop and he had always caught the eye and been very


athletic and strong. On the bench today. There is a guy at the club


who is the head of the goalkeeping Ekurhuleni was at Crystal Palace


he is the goalkeeping coach. He is very similar if not better than


Ashley Cole when he first came in. There are high hopes for him will


stop and he has shown that he can adapt to be first-team very quickly.


It is not often a high -- we highlight a player on the bench but


it is good to see young talent coming through and let's hope he


lives up to the expectations. Certainly also what Fulham have done


is produced some good in players and this is one of them. Jokanovic, you


know him well, what is he like? He was working in Bulgaria and


everybody was happy with the job he had done and you can see he is very


ambitious. From what I know and correct me if I'm wrong, but they


changed the pitches at the training ground so it can suit the way they


play, passing football, and I think the same as the pitch here. When you


train, you are like in the game, you are used to the grass and how to


pass the ball and stop the ball which shows he knows the small


details can help the team grow up. It makes sense. Spurs almost became


victims of a major shock in the last round. Wycombe Wanderers of League 2


took them all the way at White Hart Lane. It is a day full of hope,


expectation and pride. And it hits the bar. Pandemonium at White Hart


Lane. It is a penalty. It is 2-0! That is in! Spurs are back in it.


The bodycheck and a penalty. Spurs have turned this around. It is


headed in by Garry Thompson! Wycombe Wanderers are back in front. Dele


Alli! And Heung-Min Son has got the winner! Heartbreak for Wycombe


Wanderers and Spurs go marching on. It was a little bit of a scare in


the last round against Wycombe Wanderers and you have named a


strong team today. How much has that played a part in trying to ensure a


less stressful way to the next round? It is never sure to go to the


next round. Before you need to respect the opponent. And we have


chosen a starting XI that we believe is the best to go to the next round.


It is true that it was very stressed game against Wycombe and it was


difficult in the last few minutes but we are here now and we need to


try to give our best and win the game. We have a big opportunity to


go to the quarterfinals and it is true that first of all we need to


play well, better than Fulham, and to try to score goals and be better


than them. You start Harry Kane today, any risk given the injury he


picked up? Sometimes it is too difficult, who is playing, to rest


player, because we have a lot of games ahead. We came from a very


busy schedule but I think today the players that will be on the pitch,


because we believe they are fresh and can play and cope with the 90


minutes. In football always can happen everything but we decide to


put this starting XI because we believe there is no risk for


anybody. He started the year with seven wins, subsequently only two in


the last six, struggling for form and goals, two away wins in the last


14. They need to dig in. What is missing? He has been messing around


with the formation of a little bit. He went to three at the back and I


enjoyed it but I don't think he did it for defensive reasons, I think it


was for attacking reasons because you get that width and it allows


Erickson, Kane and Dele Alli to play a lot closer to each other. When


they are close beautiful things happen -- Eriksen. Kane is making


runs and Dele Alli is a huge threat. Danny Rose is not playing today but


Kyle Walker can give you this width as well and it is just natural. What


I have seen recently with Spurs, they play with a 4-2-3-1 and Harry


Kane can get isolated. Dele Alli is not in the areas where he can


influence it and drag the defenders away. When Abby Kane doesn't have


those bodies around him, it tends to be easier to mark him -- Harry Kane.


The last two games, especially Liverpool and Genk, they have got


too close to him and taken him out of the game. I would love to get


your opinion of Harry Kane, what do you make of him? I think he is now


Mr Spurs, he is the Talisman, the guy upfront and like Jermaine says,


with Dele Alli and Eriksen, he is completing the triangle. They are


training a lot in between each other how to play and the way they link


with each other is natural. They understand how to play football. Do


you see him as a top-class goal-scorer? He is becoming one. The


way he is wanting to score goals, this is what he wants to do. And for


me, if he wants to become one of the best, he's in the right place and I


think the coach is very good with him and he will develop to be one of


the best. Quick prediction for you? I'm going


to say a Fulham win. I'm going to go for a draw. How do you see it going?


Two attacking site. It will turn around for Spurs today, I'm


expecting 3-1 for Spurs. Commentary from Kevin Kilban and Guy Mowbray.


COMMENTATOR: It feels like spring is on the way. In six weeks' time the


Oxford and Cambridge boat crews will be racing past this famous ground on


the River Thames and it is good to have full -- Fulham back in the


spotlight after three seasons out of the Premier League. It's all about


continuing in the Cup. With League 1 and the championship already


represented in the sixth round draw. Harry Kane's Tottenham will be keen


to be in that draw too. They haven't reached the quarterfinals since


2012. Spurs with such a proud FA Cup history. Eight times winners but not


since 1991. Only Manchester United and Arsenal have lifted the most


famous trophy in football on more occasions. Kevin is alongside me.


Kevin, it has a real quirky feel, Craven Cottage, one of the stranger


walks out onto the field a professional can take. Yes, a great


ground, the atmosphere is generated here so it is very different.


Wonderful views of the Thames, Craven Cottage and west London. No


coats needed today. It is a surprise to some that Harry


Kane was passed fit to play today. He tweaked his knee on the Europa


League game on Thursday. Pochettino has gone really big with his Spurs


selection this afternoon and that is really good to see.


A peculiar feature of Craven Cottage that the players have to walk right


across the field before they take their places in front of the stand


for the pre-match ritual of the handshakes. Nobody seems to shake


hands properly any more, have you noticed that? Yes, I'm not sure


about it, you want a proper handshake, a manly handshake. Let's


take a look at the line-ups then. Fulham have Marcus getting in goal


as per the last two rounds. It is a particularly exciting front line of


power and pace, all out of Africa. Nigerian international, Sone Aluko,


28 today. Neeskens Kebano, named after the Dutch international


Neeskens. Harry Winks has just signed a new contract until 2022.


Son, Ali And Kane all in good scoring form.


These are the players waiting in the wings. Much attention on Fulham's


Ryan Sessegnon, born in 2000, doesn't that make you feel old!


Harry Kane wearing the armband for birds today. Tom Kearney his


opposite number on the other side -- Cairney. I think we will settle for


a five goal thriller, if the two site will oblige. It is going to be


Spurs in their change colours of all gold to get the action under way.


And all London clash of west versus north, it is championship against


Premier League, and after Lincoln City and Millwall yesterday, maybe


there is something in the air for Fulham as well. Slavisa Jokanovic


might have been taken aback by the strength of the team facing his. You


mentioned Harry Kane supposedly carrying a slight knock but it shows


how seriously Mauricio Pochettino is taking it. Of course Fulham


themselves very strong this season, going well in the championship, so


it will be a big test for Spurs here today. Scoring goals which Spurs


over the last few weeks have stopped doing.


Odoi kept it successfully away from Dele Alli. The full-back caused the


first rays in noise from the supporters today with that foray


forward. It will be interesting to see, the two full-backs from


Tottenham do like to get forward. Trippier has been in excellent form,


it will be interesting to see how Fulham can stop both Tottenham's


full-backs today. That was won by Trippier and out for Fulham throw.


Ayite. Another one for Scott Malone to throw back in. Ayite comes back


to collect and with the help of Trippier wins the ball back for


Spurs. Blocked by Trippier. Great reaction,


immediately on the front foot trying to get the ball back.


Harry Kane took too long making his mind up what to do next but Spurs


are into the tackle is just as quickly and cleanly as Fulham have


been so far. Denis Odoi gets the ball away. He knew he had the pace


to match the Tottenham winger. That will be a Fulham free kick. That's


what we were speaking about, how high they play as full-backs.


Trippier will be looking to get forward. Slavisa Jokanovic has been


in charge of Fulham since the end of 2015. A Chelsea player spent two


years at Stamford Bridge and was an unused substitute in the 2002 FA Cup


final. Here is Eriksen, found by Ali and that was goal bound book for


Bettinelli getting sharply down to save it. Looking for support from


Tim Ream as he goes for the ball. It was a good save from Bettinelli. I


think the reaction from Malone was too late. Tottenham Hotspur corner.


Eriksen is the taker. Eriksen in Trippier's Way, nearly


felled his own team-mate. Trippier is on it again now, Tim Ream up and


clear. A bit of composure from Trippier, he beat the first man with


a cross, which he should be doing. Dele Alli... And that cannot have


been far away. Just past the post. A little bit of nervousness creeping


in Fulham's back four at the moment, a little bit disorganised. No one


took the initiative to clear the ball properly which is why the


cautious strike from Dele Alli. Two good chances from Spurs in a couple


of minutes now. It seemed like a bit of a messy start, players chasing


the ball around, but it is entertaining for it. It is, they are


playing open and expansive, Fulham at the moment. It goes straight to


Bettinelli. That's the move we have seen often from Tottenham,


immediately the left winger coming in off the left-hand side and


looking for the diagonal ball to be played into him. Eriksen, it is


Malone who jumped with him and won the ball for Fulham.


It is a Tottenham throw despite Kebano's claims to the contrary.


Davies crosses to deep for Harry Kane, straight behind. It was only


really Harry Kane in the penalty area. Pochettino has remained


philosophical despite losing the last two games, after an 11 game


unbeaten run they were disappointing at Liverpool last Saturday. He never


seems to get too ruffled, doesn't get too excited with winning or too


disappointed with losing, the Argentinian. He came into the


Premier League first of all with Southampton and doing a great job


here at Tottenham. Thrown in by Odoi. Looking for


Cairney to take the initiative. He's a good player, and he's developed


into a leader here at Fulham. There was talk of a move in the January


transfer window to Aston Villa and Newcastle, John Chim -- championship


rivals. He had to go home to establish himself. When he went to


Blackpool he did so well, this move to London has been great for him.


Not sure about his dress sense but he's certainly a talented player.


Lifted by McDonald but straight to Vorm.


Alli just outside the box, Son at the back and Denis Odoi has go ahead


behind. Excellent football initially from Davies making the run forward


but it is too easy to play through the Fulham central midfield before


they got it out wide. Christian Eriksen to go to the other side to


take the next Spurs corner. It is in by the Dane and flicked


goalwards and it nearly came to Vertonghen. Kebano was the quicker.


Trippier had no option other than back to Michel Vorm. A couple of


difficult moment for Fulham to deal with. Callers have caused problems


for them and they have to sort them out. -- corners.


Son is on the move but too soon. It is brave from Fulham, Odoi knows


that Son has the run on him. Good organisation centrally, initially


from Kalas. Malone was looking for Kebano and he


has forced Alderweireld into a rare error. Sometimes as a lone striker


you just have to make the run and try to cause an error as he has


done. Good centre forward play but no communication between


Alderweireld and Vorm in goals. It is only his fifth start for Fulham,


he had left the bench ten times and scored one goal which was in injury


time to seal 3-2 win against Wigan last weekend. Disappointing corner


from Johansson but this is Malone to get past the challenge and shoot.


Vorm had it covered but you might ask questions about how Scott Malone


could get that close. Very easy to skip past Son. A poor challenge. But


he didn't really look confident and it was a bit under his feet to try


to get power into the strike. He has scored four goals from left-back


this season. That was deflected but easily for Bettinelli. They seem to


be getting some joy down the right-hand side and the movement of


Eriksen and Trippier is causing problems.


Bettinelli seeking out Odoi. Cairney against Wanyama, Aluko has been


caught and Aluko and Cairney, both former Hull City players and both on


the floor. It was Wanyama on Cairney initially.


Tom Cairney is the player about whom concern is greatest here. I just


wonder if maybe Wanyama's boot caught him on the way down. There


was certainly no clash of heads. Yes, it is a nasty one for Cairney.


Not much Victor Wanyama could have done about that.


Antonio Conte has made the short trip across to watch his west London


neighbours in action. You never know, he might face one of these


teams in the next round. And he is always at Craven Cottage. Richard


Osman. Fulham free kick to be taken by the


Belgian, Odoi, or maybe not. Johansson took over. Cairney is back


on the field and chasing down Ben Davies.


Johansson playing it through towards Kebano and Alderweireld had it


covered. He had the run on Kebano and he read the danger quickly.


Eriksen through to Harry Kane. Tim Ream across to try to stop him. It


wasn't played at quite the right time for Eriksen. I think they will


find themselves doing that a lot today, going back towards the own


goal, Fulham as they tried to squeeze a high line. The movement of


Son and Alli and Eriksen coming of the right, those three players can


take advantage of that. Nice touch from Dele Alli. It breaks for


Johansson. Ream has asked Malone to get on his


right but he couldn't find the pedals. Eriksen a cross to Harry


Kane! He stretches to score! Harry Kane, the Tottenham captain, scored


his 17th goal of the season. Never mind the knee injury, he has looked


sharp from the start. And it is the Spurs number ten who makes it Fulham


0- one Spurs. Great awareness from Kieran Trippier who knows that


Malone is advanced of Eriksen and it is a great ball across the six yard


box. It looks like a tap in but he is on the stretch and it is


difficult to control. It wrong-foot Bettinelli and it is a brilliant


goal from Spurs, superbly worked. The last time these teams met, in


the Premier League almost three years ago, Harry Kane scored the


second of three Spurs goals and two of them came after Eriksen at free


kicks and look at Dele Alli in here and he ought to have done better. He


brought it down but could not get his feet sorted for the finish. That


is that high line I spoke about that Fulham are playing. If they can time


those runs correctly... A brilliant ball from Alderweireld but he could


not quite get the strike away. Spurs are per ring now. -- purring.


All of the noise is coming from the end away to the right, the away end,


at Dele Alli is in again but he was offside this time and Fulham had to


sort this out otherwise they could be steam-rollered. They are playing


a high line and there is no pressure on the ball and you can't be that as


a back four. What a touch but he is so unlucky dummy did not get his


left foot on it to get a decent strike. Fulham a bit too passive and


allowing Alderweireld or Wanyama too much time on the ball.


And in the opening 17 and a half minutes we have seen white Slammies


Jokanovic's team score a lot of goals in the Championship but also


why they ship a few -- why Slavisa Jokanovic's team. The three-man


midfield they have got... Here is Wanyama. The ball wouldn't keep up


with him. Vorm is invited to come for that by Alderweireld. Even


Wanyama now has the confidence to step forward. McDonald, Johansen and


Cairney are not getting near to their opponents in midfield and


Wanyama is finding it easy to get on the boil and dictate play.


Kenny was closed down by Wanyama but got it away quickly. -- Cairney.


Spurs are convincing play and forcing the error. The overhit pass


was down to the pressure being put on the players. Vertonghen deals


with the pressure well, as does Wanyama.


Vorm and that was messy! He has redeemed himself, just about, but he


very nearly gifted Fulham the leveller. And you fancied Tom


Cairney on his left foot in that position. Bettinelli will cut that


out. Michel Vorm has to cut that out. It was sloppy. There is no need


to do it, no need to take that chance. Tom Cairney knew he had to


hit it first time, he was under pressure but it was a good reaction


from Vorm after the initial mistake. You could see it happening with that


short passing. Trippier wanted the ball but Vorm knows if he opened his


feet he will get caught out initially.


That was cleared by Kalas, looking for Kebano, and Alderweireld has to


put it out and there is a decent response from Fulham going forward.


Kebano has done well at couple of times, forcing errors but they are


trying to goad into him direct too early at times. -- go into him.


Malone's cross is stopped at source by Eriksen. It is a big plus for


Pochettino to get the Tango and -- Vertonghen back alongside


Alderweireld. When they are together, Spurs look much the better


side. Eriksen trying to scurry away from Ayite out. We have seen that a


few times from him and Kebano, they don't mind chasing back to win the


ball. The same with Sone Aluko on this nearside. Beautifully taken by


Harry Winks. Eriksen out to Trippier. Looking for Harry Winks


and it was just behind him. Bettinelli had a guard in the form


of Tomas Kalas. He is quick to get it away. Amelie times have we seen


that movement from Spurs, starting by Ben Davies into midfield and a


lovely touch by Harry Winks to take it away from Tom Koenig but Trippier


is always free on the right-hand side -- Tom Cairney.


The game still has a lovely, open feel about it midway through the


first half. Eriksen has found room again.


Dele Alli quickly out of Eriksen and now Trippier. He tried to pull it


back for Dele Alli, Scott Malone had come back for Fulham. Could Dele


Alli have made the run and try to get across the six yard box? It was


difficult for Trippier to pull it back through the bodies. Stefan


Johansen has slid right through Kieran Trippier and it is a Spurs


free kick. He is the key player, Trippier is getting forward and he


is finding acres of space. He had no real contact with Trippier


but he's been excellent, a great option for Pochettino. Over midway


through his second season at the club, and this is only his 30th game


for Tottenham. Plays in the clubs generally. This is a long way out


but it won't discourage Eriksen. The captain being very precise with


his wall building, just encouraged Kebano to close the gap. There is


Eriksen straight into the wall, the second time he gets bounced past it


but not the accuracy, not his best. Difficult to get pays from that sort


of distance as well. Very confidently done by Tim Ream. Given


away to Kane. He finds Eriksen, and Eriksen has blazed it. That needed a


bit of composure, something he's normally chock full of. Careless


giving the ball away, he's been sloppy at the start of this game,


Cairnie. He's not being his usual assured self on the ball. As soon as


he takes that touch, good awareness from Kane to see that Eriksen is


free. As soon as he's touched it, the angle is taken away from him.


Odoi pushed by Winks, Fulham free kick. Slavisa Jokanovic does not


hang about, he will make changes before half-time if he feel things


are going away from his side. He did it in the week, he took off the


Icelandic defender, Sigurdsson, he's not even on the team sheet today.


The essential things you need to do, whether it's a personal change or


whether he changes the system, but three in midfield, that triangle


behind Harry Kane of Dele Alli, Son causing so many problems. They are


having a field day. It was a 16-year-old Ryan Sessegnon who


scored in the last two rounds. Goodness me, he does look young. His


twin brother Stephen is actually in the Fulham under 18 side and they


beat Spurs 3-0 on Friday afternoon. Davies looking to find Son. He does


well, and he does find Son eventually.


This time Davies getting forward again, it's the awareness of


Alderweireld, he has the ability to hit that pass as well. Wanyama has


had three grabs at him, couldn't stop him, eventually blocks. He


thought about going for a free kick once or twice in that move, but


never quite had the advantage. I think he would have wanted that free


kick. Fulham open again. Dele Alli taking on Tim Ream. Winks' finish is


academic, the flag is up. It won't count for anything. Excellent for


Dele Alli out wide, waiting for the run of Kane, biding his time,


getting his head up. The decision from the assistant and a good save


as well from Bettinelli. A beautiful ball into Dele Alli who


has waited one for Kane. Not quite the Harry Kane glitzy finish we are


used to seeing though. It is far too easy. The space Dele Alli is finding


himself in, they are far too open, Fulham. The angle slightly against


him. London town looking splendid, as is Craven Cottage.


Vertonghen has to quickly go through his gears to get their -- there


first. Yes, he looks so good. Now he looks for Son and if Son gets there,


that is one heck of a pass. Son looking to combine with Eriksen.


Winks, every time you see him he looks that little bit more assured


than the last time. Yes, he's getting better and better. Still a


limited amount of Premier League starts but getting better. These


sort of games as well will help him regain his confidence. 20 years old,


the captain of the England under 20 side, now a regular in the Spurs


squad and he will be for some time. He takes the ball in tight


situations, the ability to skip away from defenders. They have fitted in


love later this Tottenham side. I still think they missed a trick not


giving him squad number 40. Room a little ahead for Kane who


gets the deflection, wins Spurs corner and something has to change,


otherwise Spurs will run away with this FA Cup tie. It is McDonald is


alone sitting midfielder. We have to get your hands and alongside


McDonald's to try to cope with the threat of Dele Alli and Eriksen


because they are causing problems and McDonald cannot do the job of


both players. Wanyama, all the time in the world


to get it under control. It is just too easy. Vertonghen happy to spread


the play and take a different route round.


Cairney down, no foul, the referee didn't think there was anything


wrong with the challenge. Dele Alli looking for Son and it is well


behind him. Takes a lot to get the Fulham crowd booing like that. Yes,


they felt it was a foul on Cairney. Dele Alli gets behind Fulham's


defence. McDonald is down after a brush with


Harry Kane, and the referee will have to stop the play because


McDonald is holding his head. It was unintentional from Harry Kane.


Just caught him with the flat of the hand as he tried to get away.


McDonald is OK. Ryan Sessegnon, getting himself ready. He has


already played 17 first-team games for Fulham. They will restart with a


drop. Kebano has been invited by the referee to give the ball all the way


back to Michel Vorm. Kevin McDonald patched up and back on the field for


Fulham. It is better from Ream. As soon as they break that initial


line, there is no real press from Fulham. The flag up against Son. So


far, so comfortable for Mauricio Pochettino. It is too much for some.


Alan Pardew is a regular at Gander Green Lane. It's often forgotten


that he actually played for Spurs for a few games, the summer of 1995.


It is not exactly flowing from Fulham but not going away. It is a


game winner, pushing bodies forward. Tottenham inviting pressure, then


they can move so quickly with the pace they have got. Davies just had


his ankle tapped and that will be a Spurs free kick. That's where they


have been quite poor, Fulham, when they got into those areas in the


final third. The torches let them down, the final balls let them down.


Kallis safely back to Bettinelli. -- Kalas. Just over 8 first half


minutes to go. The manager will want to get them organised, change a few


things in the system, I'm sure. Don't forget you can catch up with


all of the weekend's FA Cup action with highlights tonight at 10:30pm


on BBC One, then the fifth round comes to a close with Sutton United


against Arsenal. The draw is at 630 PM tomorrow. At the moment it looks


highly likely that Spurs will be in that draw. Fired towards Kebano. He


is so isolated, Kebano. Quality is lacking but Alderweireld and


Vertonghen can deal with any straight ball to them easily. Malone


puts the ball out of play. Eriksen. He had got past Malone and


was upended. Spurs' free kick. Eriksen will no doubt take it


himself. Just makes that little shift away look so effortless. Great


feet, hasn't he. Malone has found it difficult, isolated one-on-one with


Trippier. He's not had too much help from Ayite in front of him.


Fulham have brought everybody back to defend this. Even Vertonghen is


on the edge of the box, it is only Ben Davies that is still back.


Eriksen to find the right ball. He hasn't done and the clearance from


Aluko. Johansen has set off. Are you take was dispossessed all too


easily. -- Ayite. Dele Alli tried to trick the ball


through for Eriksen but another Spurs corner. You feel the second


goal is to come for Spurs. If nobody is prepared to put themselves on the


line and go and make a challenge, it is easy for Wanyama to build that


attack again for Spurs. Something different from Christian


Eriksen and across from Trippier. Kalas flicked it clear.


Michel Vorm was having a bit of a wander. Better from Fulham, they got


themselves reorganised and were able to press at the right time. Kebano


has been isolated but he was able with the support behind him to go


and start that press. Not close enough to Harry Kane.


Hammered out of play. Kevin McDonald with the no-frills clearance.


Kebano was shoved off the ball by Vertonghen.


Enough on that for Ream to find Bettinelli. I'm looking for the


reaction from the Fulham players, it was too easy for Ben Davies to pick


it up and find Dele Alli in so much space. Bettinelli gives it straight


to Harry Kane and Johansen helps out his goalkeeper. He owes him a pint.


Sloppy from Bettinelli, it was far too risky. Out towards Ayite but the


flag is up. The assistant referee was standing right behind him. They


got away with it here, Bettinelli. It was a good reaction from


Johansen. He gets himself back old side. There doesn't seem to be any


real fire about Fulham. I was lucky enough to be at Millwall yesterday


and there could not be a greater contrast. Exactly. It is too easy in


midfield, no pressure on young Vertonghen. We have said it


throughout the first half, Fulham have been far too passive. That was


better from Denis Odoi and twice. Aluko did well under pressure from


Wanyama but now Odoi is too casual. The contrast, Spurs without the ball


and Fulham, Spurs are so good and effective at winning it back.


Son played that into a crowd. Easy cushion from Alderweireld to Son.


Eriksen takes on Malone and leaves him behind easily. He went for goal


that was blocked by McDonald's. A difficult chance, Son had made a


great run from the edge of the area and it Eriksen gets his head up it


is a freak strike on goal for Son but it was good skill out right -- a


free strike. You have a feeling at the moment


that Slammies Jokanovic will want half-time to come quickly so he can


fire a bit of a rocket up his players. Totally. Mis-hit by


Trippier. How many times that ball, played into Wanyama to easily so he


can turn. Eriksen come off the right-hand side, he then frees up


Trippier down the right and that move it excellent to see but Spurs


should be able to find a way to counteract that now. You get the


feeling right now that the only thing is going to beat Spurs it if


it becomes too easy for them. Nice footwork from Johansen.


Vertonghen was off balance. This is Kebano and Aluko. There is Johansen!


He hit it hard enough but it was always straying wide. The first


mistake Vertonghen has made. A little off-balance and he couldn't


deal with it but it is better from Fulham. Aluko looking to drive


Vertonghen into the area and it is a decent strike and better from


Fulham. They have to take advantage of those situations. Remit stays


ahead of Kane and there was a little push. -- Ream. Was that a natural


bump and barge between these two? He has slipped as well. A slight hand


on him but he was almost going over from the slip. A lucky break for the


native of St Louis. Tim Ream formerly of Bolton,


actually made his Bolton debut five years ago yesterday, curiously


enough, at Millwall in the FA Cup, one of the teams of the weekend.


There is Tim Ream. He just managed to get it away. Something for Fulham


before the break! That was Ayite. And now Aluko. His effort is on


target but straight at Vorm. Better from Fulham right on the whistle. A


brilliant ball in from Malone, excellent from Tom Cairney initially


and yet the awareness. He knows that Aluko and Dybala had gone off site


and what a ball that is and he should be doing better. The


follow-up from Aluko is comfortable but it was better from Fulham in the


closing stages. And just up until that flurry, comfortable is the word


but it is only Fulham 0-1 Tottenham Hotspur.


In this FA Cup, particularly this weekend, we have seen some teams


from lower leagues playing well against Premier League teams but in


this you can see the Gulf between them. Spurs have been different


class altogether. It shows you why teams should play their stronger


teams in these games because it has almost been like a training


exercise. A bit of confidence, your striker gets an important goal. It


goes from what has been a terrible couple of days with the earlier


games, Liverpool and Ghent, and now Harry Kane scores, the team is


playing well, it has been a good first 45 minutes. Fulham have let


them go the way they are set up and with such a high line. They have


played some good football, Spurs. They do but I think Fulham makes it


difficult for themselves, trying to play from the back which is how


every body plays these days but they forget sometimes they are playing


Spurs. They are not playing a weak team. They think it will be easy for


them but it's not because the Tottenham player are smart and they


anticipate the game and that is how they score. Let's have a look at the


first goal. It was some good football. It


started with the throw in, Harry Kane does what he does best but have


a look at this, the left-back switches off. Eriksen makes the run


and he senses the space to run into. It is such quick thinking from


Trippier. He put it into the space, and a fantastic finish. And Kalas


switches off for a moment, he can see the throw in being taken in by


the time he react it is too late and Kane has an easy finish. I suppose


in many ways, the one thing in Fulham's favour is that they are not


out of it because they could easily come Spurs had lots of chances to


score. And I think if they have a chance to score, Fulham, but it will


be if Spurs make a mistake. Tottenham is the better team and


Fulham have a problem on the left side of the team which most of the


danger of comes from. Any time Dele Alli and Eriksen and Kane are in


close proximity, things are happening. I am so surprised at how


high this Fulham line is. It seemed to be bringing them to life. That


ball and that touch from Dele Alli, it was just a shame he could not get


the contact with his left. The amount of times we're seen the


centre halves playing that ball, numerous times. Bags of chances.


There have been and it has been disappointing for Fulham. We talked


about the high line, they do not have much pace at the back,


particularly not at centre-half, to deal with Kane and Alli getting in


behind and that has been obvious with those chances. It has been


balls over the top or in behind. We met their problem down the left


which has given a lot of freedom to Kieran Trippier who does deliver a


ball on most occasions. He is a striker's dream. Most of the touch


it is one ball and it is delivered, he rarely cuts back onto his left


unless he has too. You can see the space and he gets the ball in and


players can make their runs off that. Him and Eriksen seemed to have


a real understanding. There are a few balls and that left-hand side


has been exposed. This has been on and Eriksen can deliver and as long


as you have runners, that time Kane was not on. But you can see his


influence on the first half. Exact the what Dimitar was saying. And I


know you appreciated people on the wings when they delivered the ball


in early because you can time your run. You can see in the first goal,


it is all about the past. What else can you want from a player like


this? Harry Kane was in the position he plays but the pass was precisely


the way it should be. That is white Eriksen is the main player for the


first half. Trippier is doing well going all around but Eriksen is the


man who makes the difference. We have talked about Fulham trying to


play out which they can probably get away with in the Championship but


against a team that presses as well as Spurs, it has often not worked.


They started brilliantly and you watched them and thought, this team


can really pop it around. It is a mixture between what Dimitar and


Mark were saying, they are playing a bit too high and yes it looks great


when it comes off and they linked up well and they are able to have that


composure and create opportunities. But you have to remember they are


playing against Spurs and they will set traps and wait for them to make


a mistake and when they do, look how many Spurs players there are. They


get it to Eriksen eventually and he will not miss too many of those if


you keep giving them to him. Again, the goalkeeper overplaying it. It


was a poor touch. The only disappointing thing for


Spurs is that it is not three or four. Watching the keeper trying to


play out, it is an interesting aspect of the modern game that


keepers have to play out from the back but we saw an example at the


other end when Michel Vorm got himself into trouble. It is all


about finding that balance. I understand you want to play out as


much as you can and it important, particularly for the way a lot of


these teams are set up. Spurs do it all the time but you will have


mistakes and this was purely because he is forced. Rather than putting


his foot behind it. Do it next time, you don't have to do it every time.


It is different for goalkeepers now. As youngsters, they have to be able


to play with their feet whereas in my day certainly add not even that


long ago, keepers would, they were not very good footballers. That's


right and some would say that is why we let in goals! And you're daft,


obviously! But you would be surprised how many are still not as


good with their feet as they should be and the way the game has evolved,


it is going that route and people want the goalkeeper who is like an


outfield player. But ultimately he still has to save goals.


Tomorrow evening on BBC One we have arguably the most anticipated tie of


the FA Cup, Sutton United hold Arsenal at Gander Green Lane. Sutton


are synonymous with the FA Cup after producing one of the great upset in


1989, a day Matthew Hanlon will never forget. I was 22 at the time,


working as a bricklayer. A big fan of The Jam, I liked scooters and


that sort of stuff. I lived and breathed football, used to come in


from work straight down here and train on Monday night. It certainly


hasn't changed much. The players were from different backgrounds,


different businesses. Some were bankers, some were commodity


brokers. I remember joining the club and talking to Barry Williams about


what he achieved. I believe he was an English teacher, famous shots of


him in the dugout. The draw was bittersweet, we were hoping for


Arsenal or Manchester United, someone like that, and we drew


Coventry. I didn't realise till we thought about it, hold on, they are


third or fourth in the top-flight. The day itself we changed routine


slightly and changed on the rack out the back and I don't think anything


went right. COMMENTATOR: It is a big day for the club... It was pretty


packed, pretty rocking, and we scored the first goal. I remember


following Tony, he headed towards the cameras which was the shout


before the game. The left-back is the hero for Sutton for the time


being at least. David Phillips goes to him behind me actually. And


Phillips has put Coventry City level. We played as well as we did,


managed to scrape some half chances and eventually won a corner. I


started my ROM from back out here. The ball came through some people


and the rest is history, as they say. At that point there was


obviously a real chance that there was a shock coming and we were just


going to go on and win. The last 15 minutes we just held on the deal


life and how they didn't equalise or score a winner, I will never know.


And there it is Sutton United at the GM Vauxhall Conference have put out


Coventry City, winners of the FA Cup themselves less than two years ago.


I remember getting carried away with the fans on the pitch, heading over


towards my girlfriend, wife now, where she was standing with my


sister and her boyfriend. Even then I don't think we realised what had


just happened. We had probably all of the press at my mum and dad's on


the Sunday and Monday. The BBC had been on the phone and we were needed


on the Wogan show that night. It's obviously been an enormous part of


my life. I would like to think it's been an enormous part of Sutton's as


well. I wouldn't want to swap any of it for anything. Great story, cannot


wait. Fifth round, Sutton Arsenal, magical. We are back at Gander Green


Lane from 7:30pm tomorrow night and it promises to be a special FA Cup


evening. Before that 5 Live has commentary on Blackburn versus


Manchester United. You have got until midnight tonight


to sign up for the people's Cup, the National five-a-side competition.


Let's go pitch side now. We are with the Fulham fan who led the opening


to hour show today. Richard Osmond beside me, Fulham fan


for life. The beautiful setting but what is it you love about being a


Fulham fan? We are very quirky club. No one is accidentally Fulham


supporter, you don't support them for the glory but it is a lovely


team, amazing fans and it's the best ground in the country. It deserves


Premiership football. We can show them how we play, though we haven't


so far. Let's get to the game, a few nervy moments but you are just one


goal behind. People have talked about clubs disrespecting the FA Cup


and I'm annoyed Spurs haven't done it. They've come out with Harry Kane


and Dele Alli, what are you supposed to do? We are playing well but you


look at Vertonghen and Alderweireld, they are so fast, we cannot play our


possession football or play at speed but we are good team and I'm sure


Slavisa Jokanovic will talk to them at half-time and we will come out


all guns blazing. We know he can make changes quickly, what can


Fulham do to bring this back? Well Kebano is a terrific player but


doesn't have the speed to get past that centre pairing. What we really


want in the last ten minutes, bring Scott Parker on and then the whole


crowd can get on their feet and cheer him. We are used to seeing you


calm and composed in the television studio, what are you like as a


football fan? If we score, you will see me not calm and composed but it


is so nerve wracking but this game is a treat and it's great to have


this sort of football back at the Cottage. Enjoy the second half if


you can. Come on, you Whites. I love that line, how dare Tottenham not


this respect Fulham! We all had a giggle when he said it, and it is


actually nice to see they are not, they are putting out a strong team


and respecting the Cup. Jose Mourinho has been adamant about


that, not disrespecting the Cup, and it is nice Pochettino hasn't done


that. I'd like to take this opportunity to ask what you are up


to, you're not playing anywhere at the moment, are you? Is it finished


for you? Hopefully not, I'm still trying to find a team if you want to


say it like this because I still feel good, I train and keep fit.


Message to managers, coaches, chairman everywhere, he's available.


He can play a bit. You don't need pace, do you? It's all in the head!


Where do you think, Premiership or championship or other countries, I'd


guess it depends where you want to play. It is all about football, you


just want to play and enjoy it a bit more. I see players my age still


playing, Scott Parker is an example. What's he like to play with,


Jermaine? For me personally, he is a dream because I used to love running


forward and he used to give me this looks as if to say get on your bike,


I will find you. Some of my best memories and best goals were through


this man passing me the ball. Fulham are just coming out first, Tottenham


behind them. What can he change to get them back into this? Maybe the


solution is bringing on someone like Chris Martin, put him up front, try


to pin Vertonghen back, get the players out wide and in behind them


again. 1-0 down is not a disaster. Forget about the first half, move


forward, try to change things, maybe bring Martin on. And Tottenham more


of the same, I imagine? As I say, Fulham need to pay attention to the


left side of their team. They can play more secure and then have a


chance to score that way. Spurs will be disappointed they haven't been


more clinical and that's what they will be looking to improve on. The


second half now back with the commentators.


COMMENTATOR: No changes made by either manager during the half-time


break. Spurs in the lead but not in total control with only one goal in


the game so far. These sides actually met in the fifth round of


the FA Cup ten years ago yesterday here, the Spurs win 4-0. Two of


those goals scored by Dimitar Berbatov. No surprise to hear him


say he still wants to play football, fit as a flea. Yes, so elegant, an


excellent goal-scorer. McDonald 's off-balance as he got


the return pass from Sone Aluko. We are looking for that spark from


Fulham. They just need to try to put Tottenham under pressure, be better


with the ball, something they have been poor at in the first half.


Trippier with a little too much to do. He closes down Malone. Fulham's


throwing. He passes it straight out of play.


In towards Kebano. It will be a Spurs ball. Better from Fulham,


better start. Reaction on the ball, giving it away, I'm sure that


something Slavisa Jokanovic would have spoken about at half-time. Dele


Alli out of the game for a moment. Harry Kane, beaten by Kalas. Here is


Eriksen, all of the options are to his left, that wasn't one of them.


Ayite. Kebano called for it and was always


running behind the Spurs defenders. That's not a great run from Kebano.


Better from Fulham. Malone unable to find many chances in the first half


to get himself down the side in front of Malone.


Cain tries to get to the near post, there is Eriksen. A nice comfortable


save from letting. Trippier again, he's caused so many problems for


Ayite in the first half. Ayite trying to get that ball through to


Eriksen. It is up to Trippier to get forward on the right, they have been


excellent linking up, Trippier and Eriksen today.


Wanyama beaten by Odoi. Wanyama again. Given away to Kalas, the on


loan Chelsea defender. Won back by Wanyama.


Trippier is going again. Eriksen, a good ball in... Finished by Harry


Kane and it might have finished this FA Cup tie. Difficult now for Fulham


to get back into this one. The Fulham fingers are pointing at


the assistant referee but he kept his flag down and Harry Kane kept


his cool and gets his second goal of the game


Kieran Trippier got free down the right-hand side. I think he was


offside at it was -- as it was played in. A great ball from Eriksen


nonetheless. I think he was just off but it was


Trippier initially getting free again from Eileen -- ie take --


Ayite as he has done all game. The same combination as for the first


goal. It was a very tight call. And it has gone against Fulham.


Spurs do have a measure of control on the tie now.


Son takes on Kalas but lost control, he didn't know whether to keep going


or find Eriksen. He get it back from Kalas who gets back at him with a


good challenge. Johansen turned and found Cairney and Aluko looking for


Kebano but only find Vertonghen. It was that straight ball that we saw


in the first half and it is so easy for Vertonghen and Alderweireld to


read. Kebano is very isolated upfront again.


Tim Ream forcing him wider all the time and the touch was off Harry


Kane to the disbelief of the Spurs skipper. I think his foot was off


the pitch. This is the chance and he is just leaning offside. Sorry, his


foot is on, it is very tight. Perhaps the assistant has got that


right. It was the back leg of Tim Ream that was playing him onside.


Spurs looked as though, after going 2-0 up, if anything they are looking


to increase the pace little bit more.


Davies is tripped but just outside the box, just as he was threatening


to burst into it and have a chance to make it 3-0. A great run. Not the


greatest challenge from Odoi. He was never going to challenge to win the


ball but to barge Davies over. This is Christian Eriksen territory will


stop it is a disgruntled Harry Kane who has walked away from the free


kick position. He was bent down and whispering in his ear and begging


him to let him have the chance to take that ball home with him tonight


but Eriksen was having none of it. He has made two goals for him, it's


his turn now. The shot is straight at the wall and onto the back of


Harry Kane. He hasn't quite got those free kicks right today,


Christian Eriksen. I think his set pieces in general have not been the


best, free kicks and corners. Very unusual for him.


Tim Ream just got back away with Dele Alli closing.


Kalas is left down and out, Kane takes it again he didn't expect to.


Kalas was looking to Bobby Madley committee felt it was a foul by


Harry It almost gifted Harry Kane and


other goal. I think that was a foul but a was covering. -- Odoi was


covering. 16-year-old Ryan Sessegnon is about to take the field. Floyd


Ayite sees his number up. Little chance for the Togolese


International to get involved. Certainly not from an attacking


point of view, most of his work has been tracking Kieran Trippier and he


has not done a good enough job of doing that. When he scored against


Cardiff City in August he became the first player born in the 2000s to


score in the English leagues. He scored in the third round come also


against Cardiff, and in the fourth round against Hull City as well.


I think Jokanovic has recognised that is the threat, Kieran Trippier


getting forward down the right and he had to try to shore up this


Fulham left. Kebano is offside again.


He was looking right across the line. It is a close call again.


Probably onside, Vertonghen is playing him on but it was tight.


Fulham might have that feeling that nothing is quite going their way.


The Spurs fans are in good voice, singing about going to Wembley and


they are on Thursday for the second leg of their last 32 tie against


Gent, trying to do turnaround a 1-0 first leg deficit. -- trying to turn


around. Son tried to beat Tim Ream but


couldn't. Sessegnon on the ball again, Trippier came back to


challenge. All the noise around the Cottage is


Tottenham noise. Eriksen's lift and Dele Alli puts it


over the top. He was being challenged as he got in there but it


is the best chance Cena said today. Brilliantly worked from the


left-hand side. -- the best chance he has had. It looked like Dele Alli


add a simple tap in. Odoi still had the awareness and the ability to


make the challenge. But the big chance.


Set in Young goes past Trippier. Trippier with a decent recovery


challenge -- Sessegnon. Trippier did well against the pace of Sessegnon.


Stefan Johansen will take the corner. Can they fight their way


back into this FA Cup tie? It is over the head of Kane, Kalas had


ago. Cleared by Harry Kane. Malone has to go back to Bettinelli. It is


just so notable how much better Tottenham are without the ball,


putting the Fulham players under the pressure, they are able to win it


back and have bodies in advanced positions when they do. Malone


seeking out Johansen and he goes past Trippier.


It won't open up for the shot. It is a lot busier from Fulham.


McDonald this possesses Son. Fulham live here. Just a few challenges


going in, something we were expecting in the first half. It


seems to be the introduction of a 16-year-old that has given them a


spark. Eriksen has gone darting forward,


Malone went with him, side-by-side all the way. We spoke about the


positions that Alli and Eriksen take up, they are forming a little


triangle off Harry Kane, not staying wide but coming central and the


full-backs, Malone and Odoi, don't know whether to go with them. They


are trying to keep their shape but they are freeing up so much space


for Alli and Eriksen to pick up. Trippier, such a good attacking


option for Spurs. A good ball in but it was too close to Bettinelli. It


was comfortable. Sessegnon realised Alderweireld was


getting there first and he let him have it to get a corner. He is a


threat not to Trippier, getting him to go back towards his own goal


whereas by and large Trippier has been on the attack in advanced


positions. The Fulham fans trying to rouse their team. Harry Kane heads


it away. Kalas as it now but he has gone back


to McDonald. And he will go back to Bettinelli, that was from a Fulham


corner. It is the pressure from Tottenham, forcing Fulham back


towards their own goal. The Spurs visiting contingent are


enjoying their day by the river hugely at the moment.


Harry Winks has been very impressive again today.


The nonstop Spurs noise has brought a response from Fulham. Taken away


from Eriksen by Malone. There is going to be a Fulham


substitution. Sone Aluko is going off and there will be Cyriac coming


on, who is on loan from Belgium. Cyriac has scored seven goals for


them this season, plenty of pace about him. Trying to hold off


Alderweireld, managed to do that to find care -- Cairney.


Odoi macro gets it back, the touch of fortune about that, and run into


Davies but Davies stopped it with his arm I think. Cairney is having


more influence on the game, there is more life about Fulham. Your hands


on with the chance to find a white shirt in or just outside the penalty


area. -- Johansen with the chance. This will be curled inwards by


Johansen, the former Celtic player. It is floated. It is Kalas, Ryan


Sessegnon, they all pounced upon him. It is a Fulham fro, they will


try to keep the attack going. Tottenham's turn this time. I wonder


if he's going to go down the line to Cain.


A seeker over the top but it only finds Alderweireld. McDonald,


dispossessed by Eriksen. Dele Alli is up with him, Eriksen has easily


got past the first man. Well gathered by Bettinelli, who bravely


held on. He did, a couple of nutmegs. Getting caught in


possession again though. McDonald did well to get back. Good


goalkeeping go. So many chances for Tottenham have come about from


Fulham being sloppy in possession today.


Cyriac wins a corner for Fulham. He's been lively since coming on,


Cyriac. Johansen in. It was met firmly by


Trippier, headed out. Johansen's throw.


It is Wanyama who collects and tries to storm forward, he has done that


easily. Dele Alli... Wouldn't quite come to his boots. He was caught,


holding his leg, Dele Alli, and Spurs have the free kick. Yes, it is


the high boot from Johansen. Nasty challenge there from Johansen.


Eriksen, Wanyama. Up towards Cain. Bettinelli stays at home... It is


poked over the top. Excellent awareness from Dele Alli again. It


is that second touch off his knee that allowed the ball to get away


from him. Scored one at full stretch, couldn't get a victory goal


that time. Another chance will come, I'm sure. Fulham trying to keep this


alive. He stopped the threat down Tottenham's right. Fulham have


plugged the gaps continuously opening down the left-hand side. One


Fulham goal could really change the feel of things. Johansen. Just over


the top. Chance. Kevin McDonald gets in front of Wanyama, Wanyama isn't


great at marking and allows McDonald to get in front of him. He should do


better really. Well over the ball, perhaps it is the little nudge from


Wanyama that puts McDonald off. Clever movement from Sessegnon, it


freed up Malone to get down the left-hand side.


Bettinelli down the middle wanting Cyriac to challenge for it. Harry


Kane, onside... Scores his hat-trick. Harry Kane seals it once


and for all for Spurs. It is his fifth trouble for the team, his


second of 2017 after having scored against West Bromwich Albion just


over a month ago. It was a lovely ball from Dele Alli, he had a look


to the linesman there, he got the awareness. But a belief in himself


that when he does get free, he will score. A beautifully weighted pass


from Dele Alli. He sees that his onside, then the composure and


ability to slot it beyond Bettinelli in the goal. Brilliant from Harry


Kane. At 23 years old, he has, as remarked by Dimitar Berbatov


pre-match, he knows a thing or two about scoring goals for Tottenham,


he has become their talisman. 0- three, and Harry Kane has got the


lot. Just playing on the shoulder of defenders, isn't he. There was a


full -- Fulham change, and it is Scott Parker who has come on, taking


the place of Kevin McDonald. And Harry Kane is going to go off to a


standing ovation too. They were about to make that substitution


before Harry Kane scored that goal. He is onside, I think it is just the


back foot of Ream playing him on. It caps off a brilliant performance for


Harry Kane with his hat-trick goal. A very successful day at the office


for Kane. Sissoko, the man who has come on for


Harry Kane and his first action is to give the ball away to Johansen.


Just a little cameo for Sissoko to play in 15 minutes. It has not


really come off for him since making the move from Newcastle. No, it


hasn't. More consistency from him. When he gets the chance in these


games he has to do more, I feel, Sissoko.


Son on the move in the middle. Eriksen, now Trippier. Spurs look in


the mood for more here. Eriksen. Tries the curler and Bettinelli had


his angles right, he knew where that was going. Yes, just opened up for


Eriksen, trying to bend it beyond Malone, use the full-back to try to


block the goalkeeper. Bettinelli out in Odoi's direction.


Wanyama. Vertonghen has had a nice


comfortable return to first-team action, one slip aside. Sissoko beat


Malone. Cleared only as far as Winks.


Cairney caught by Wanyama. That's the pressure again, all three


putting Cairney under pressure. Slavisa Jokanovic will know that it


is not his team's day to shine now, they can resume their push for a


play-off place in the championship. A little off the pace at the moment


but moving in the right direction. Slavisa Jokanovic certainly having


an impact on the club, they actually have 17 points more this season than


they did at the same stage one year ago. Eriksen is offside. Ironic


cheers from the Fulham supporters. You just feel they haven't had the


lion's share of decisions today. I don't think that's the reason they


have been losing the time though. I think he's got the two big calls


right as well, the decisions in these games are decided on fine


margins but he's done well, the assistant referee. There is someone


else who has done well, Harry Winks, replaced by a former Fulham


favourite, Moussa Dembele. Dele Alli, didn't quite come off for


him. Johansen. Having to go backwards. Bettinelli down the


middle towards Cyriac, and he wins it too. He's quick, he's made a


difference, hasn't he? Looking to stretch Alderweireld, and better


quality played into him as well. Tottenham have just been too good,


they have been so good in every department. Defensively excellent


again. Midfield brilliant, of course, moving the ball around so


freely but up front is where they have been clinical.


Eriksen was just caught on his heels, I don't think he believed


Davies would get there. Kebano post in the back, the foul


committed by Dele Alli and a free kick for Fulham. A little bit hasty


to make the challenge, Alli was desperate to win the ball back.


Johansen to try to work something and find some sort of consolation


for Fulham which is surely all it would be now. And what a good save


but the flag is up anyway. Well held by Michel Vorm. Good goalkeeping. He


couldn't really come out. A good decision from the assistant. I can't


recall ever seeing a Scott Parker headed goal. There might have been


one or two. And I can't recall seeing Eriksen do that too often


either, and aimless ball forward. Eriksen is back to his best in the


last month or two. After that performance at Liverpool last week


and losing in Europe come how much did Spurs need this today question


of massively. A bit of pressure on after those defeats.


That is why Pochettino picked such a strong team, he was looking for a


response and he certainly got it. I did like that line from Richard


Osman, disappointed that Tottenham did not disrespect the magic of the


They certainly haven't done that -- the magic of the cup.


Ben Davies getting a run in the side of the moment because Danny Rose is


still out with a knee injury but I understand it will not be too long


before he returns. Sissoko tried to hold away from


Sessegnon. Sissoko could not beat Malone.


Parker was caught by Dembele but it breaks for Sessegnon.


It has been so comfortable in these positions and not just in the last


five minutes but throughout the game. Spurs have been totally


dominant but no pressure on the ball at all, Fulham just haven't laid a


glove on them. Miscued by Malone and a chance for


another Spurs change and Dele Alli is going to miss the last five


minutes or so. Just to lower the average age a bit


more, 20-year-old Alli is replaced by 19-year-old Josh Onomah. A


frustrated looking Dele Alli. Perhaps just disappointed he has not


got on the scoresheet today. He has been very good again, creative,


certainly his workrate has been unquestionable.


Eriksen is offside and he knows it. Tim Ream played it out. Is there to


be a fourth goal for Spurs? It is the way it goes when these teams


meet in the cup, they last met in 2011 and Fulham won 4-0. Before that


in the fifth round in 2007 and Spurs won 4-0.


It breaks for Eriksen. The shot was smothered and it is a Spurs corner.


Spurs keeping the ball in tight situations but it is that injection


of pace at that time from Dembele. Eriksen's body language and the pace


at which he goes about everything in the game never changes, regardless


of how the game is going. Eriksen will have another corner to take.


Spurs will be in this evening's quarterfinal draw. 6:30pm on the BBC


News Channel, Radio 5 Live and the BBC sport website. One step closer


to Wembley, which is their second home at the moment anyway.


A relaxed Harry Kane, having more than done his job yet again. 19


goals for the season now. It is great for Pochettino that he can get


him off. We didn't think he would start today with the injury concerns


they had over him. But what a difference he has made. Bettinelli


clause that clear and it is behind for a Spurs corner and they really


are hunting down this fourth goal. So many openings, I think it was


going wide. Not sure if it was a shot or a cross from Sissoko.


Eriksen's corner, Bettinelli punches off the head of Onomah.


And we are into injury time and there will be another three minutes.


Ben Davies beats Kebano, he cannot find Son.


A good leap from Cyriac, not just quick but he has a spring in him.


But just so isolated, nobody to flick it onto. The Fulham players


were unable to get up in the support of the striker. Obvious


disappointment for three Jokanovic tonight. Totally. -- slopey so


Jokanovic. . Spurs have shown their quality


right from the start. Take nothing away from them, they have been


excellent, a tremendous performance. Wanyama goes past the challenge and


shoots and spilled by Bettinelli. Who wants the next go? A free header


for Son and he will think he should have done better and hit the target.


He totally will, it is a glaring opportunity and he should be doing


better. A good ball again from Trippier. He has played so well


today, Kieran Trippier. He has put that on a plate for him and it is a


big chance. All on his own, the South Korean. He has been in good


scoring form of late. He is the player who took Spurs into this


round of the cup by rescuing them against Wycombe Wanderers in the


last round. They were quite fortunate to get through that tie


but this has been anything but am far too easy for them and they have


been excellent with the right attitude from the start of the game.


It is strange how cup runs are created. Spurs were 2-0 down and 3-2


down at home to the League 2 side in round four and 3-2 down going into


the 89th minute but a 4-3 win brought them here. And I Harry Kane


hat-trick as fired them into the FA Cup quarterfinals. It has been


pretty comfortable almost from the get go for Mauricio Pochettino's


Premier League big guns. Fulham did not really show us what they can do.


Daniel Levy will be a very content Spurs chairman and Tottenham will


not be a team that many would like to be drawn against in the


quarterfinals. It is Harry Kane's day, Tottenham's day, no upset at


the Cottage as Spurs march on. Pretty plain sailing for the North


London club at Harry Kane clutches the match ball and he deserved it,


three goals for him. He has got his scoring boots back on and in time


for the second leg of the Europa League coming up. All in all, Spurs


were very comfortable. Completely dominated the game can exactly what


they needed after two Berry poor performances. All over the park some


good displays. Best very -- very poor. There is no better way


to get back in Bonn -- back in form than scoring a hat-trick. Pochettino


applauding the supporters and perhaps we should applaud him for


playing a strong team, a lot of benefits come from that. You are


right and today, an important win and they needed it. Now they can go


to the next game with confidence because they need to win again. They


need to win something this season and this is a chance to do so. And


for Harry Kane as well, he scores the goals and finish all the effort


of the team and today he was outstanding. As for Fulham, not


their day at all? No, you could see the gulf in class. No disrespect to


Fulham because it is a great little club but we are putting about one of


the best teams in the country. If they play their game, the lowly club


have no chance. That's right and Pochettino showed his intent by


playing his strongest team and it was always going to be an uphill


battle for Fulham to compete. All in all they dominated all over


the pitch. I would say Fulham were quite naive. They can pass the ball


around but when you come against a team that does it better than you


have got to find a different way. We can hear from Harry Kane and Dele


Alli, I believe. No, Eriksen, I've just heard.


Harry, clutching the match ball, very good match for you personally


and the team. Very good, we've had a few good results recently so we


wanted to come here and get the win. We have done that, played well and


comfortable. Robert should have had a few more goals but it was a great


game all round and we are happy to be going home with the win.


Pochettino was about to bring on Sissoko before you scored the third,


did you know that? I thought it was going to take me off soon, when it


went over the bar I thought that was the last chance I had but luckily I


was able to sneak it in before I went off. A few people will be


surprised to see you started today given the injury, how do you feel?


It was just about icing it, compressing it, making sure it is


ready for the weekend. You mentioned Eriksen set up the first two goals,


you have a great partnership with Harry upfront. Of course, we played


alongside each other for a long while, we know how we should make


our runs and where the ball should be. We could have scored more and


passed more times but overall we are happy with the win. It was your


first bit of FA Cup action today, it shows what a strong team selection


can do. It was more comfortable than the Wycombe game and I'm sure you


are desperate to be out there starting today. Yes, of course I


wanted to play today, you want to play as many games as possible. By


Carrie said, we have a few tough games, we came back luckily and I


think we should have been up 3-0 in the first half but we take the win.


It has been cheeky the last few games, how important could that be


for confidence ahead of the rest of the season? 100%, obviously winning


games gives you confidence. We go into Thursday now coming off this


result, we will be buzzing at Wembley. It is never easy to open


the FA Cup. We made sure we did here and we have done our job.


Congratulations. Well done indeed. I hat-trick for Harry Kane, let's


start with the first one. In fact the first two goals were very


similar, weren't they? Yes, quick thinking from Trippier. That's where


you want Harry Kane, in between the sticks. That's not an easy finish,


he's reaching for it. It was a top finish. He nicely


guided it in even though he was at full stretch. He didn't need to do


anything, just put his foot wear and make the ball go into the net. It is


all about the pass in this situation. And Eriksen has certainly


been passing. This pretty much killed the game, didn't it? Similar


goal. Yes, with Harry today, what he did really well was he was a typical


striker, he got in the right positions and have the delivery. He


needs that service and once you get that, sometimes it looks easy. Tight


for offside, let's have a look. It was tight, you can see the position


Eriksen is in. His foot is onside, kept himself onside. Questionable


defending from Fulham, but what a ball from Eriksen. Dimitar, I want


to ask you about the third goal. Some you think are certain to score


and some are likely to miss and Harry Kane is one you think is


likely to score. Yes, he is brilliant. The moment he sees he is


one on one, he is very good at this, and it is his job to score goals


like this but it makes it easier, you know, better than me, when you


are striker if you have people behind you and you know when you


make the run they will give you the ball. We all need that. Sometimes


the striker needs to be a bit selfish like we saw in the first


half couple of situations, but he scores the goals and they deserved


to win. Are there certain strikers when one on one you think I'm in


trouble here. Definitely, Harry Kane is one of those people that over the


last couple of seasons he has scored continually goals, you know he is


confident and it will be a difficult job to prevent him from scoring but


you do a lot of homework as well. You are trying to tap into early


signs to deal with it, but more times than not it is difficult to


make the save. How good is Harry Kane, what do you see in him? What's


missing from his game, what do you like about his game?


It is put -- good that he has players behind him who know how he


plays. Harry has these people behind him who know how he plays, he knows


how they play so they complement each other so everyone makes the


other one better. Eriksen is passing to him. The only communication they


do is great for everyone and the team so if he continues like this


he's in a great place to develop and be even better. Do you think he can


be world-class? I don't know, what do you think? I sincerely wish for


him because I used to play for Tottenham and I watch the team so if


he gets even better, you know... I will take that as a maybe. Eriksen


was hugely influential in the game, wasn't he? He was, throughout the


whole game he was linking up so well with Dele Alli and Harry Kane. I


suppose the only thing missing was a goal at the end of it. Little passes


like that, he makes it look so easy. He just always sees the right pass


as well, always in space is finding the right passes and he is one of


those players that when he receives the ball, everyone else starts


moving thinking they have a chance to get on the end of something


because they know he can find them. Lovely passes to Son. Look at that,


Dele Alli should do much better there. That was one of the


opportunities winning the ball back for his side. And listen, he wants


to score. He knew, I want to score, but in the end he was Man of the


Match. That is a man who has been highly influential, dominating the


game in the midfield areas, making sure his team are getting chances. I


think for Spurs to have a successful season, to finish at least in the


top four, Eriksen has to be the one that performs well week in, week


out. We are just about out of time. Dimitar Berbatov, thank you for


joining us and Jermaine is well of course. A quick reminder we will be


back at Sutton, a magical tyke. That's it from us. Spurs are


through, with Harry Kane showing he is capable of taking them all the


way. Goodbye. COMMENTATOR: And all London


clash of Wester versus north. Eriksen across to Harry Kane, who


stretches to score. That was Johansen. Wide. A great ball in,


finished by Harry Kane. One Fulham goal could really change the feel of


things. Harry Kane, onside, into the goal to score his hat-trick. It


I've got enemies in South Cerney, I've got enemies in North Cerney,


I've got enemies in Bourton-on-the-Water.


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