Fourth-Round Replay: Leicester City v Derby County The FA Cup

Fourth-Round Replay: Leicester City v Derby County

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It is all about the use Midlands derby. -- East Midlands derby. It is


an awful own goal and Darren Bent can't believe it. Bent has scored at


both ends now. Craig Bryson to give Derby the lead. Demarai Gray, off


the post and Okazaki. Simpson couldn't deal with it. There is the


header and the equaliser from Morgan. Leicester and Derby must do


it all again. STUDIO: Leicester City and Derby


County meet again here at the King Power after that 2-2 draw 11 days


ago. Claudio Ranieri has been given a vote of confidence but the replay


tonight comes amidst a relegation battle for the defending champions


and a crucial game against Swansea on Sunday. As for Derby County,


promotion back to top flight is their aim but they fancy out there


local rivals from the Emirates FA Cup. The victors will face Millwall


in next round and we must have a winner whether it is in extra time


or penalties. Good evening and welcome to Alan Shearer, Martin


O'Neill, former Leicester manager, and a man who played for both teams,


Robbie Savage. Leicester have made ten changes, Derby eight, almost


reserve team football come at the old lady is sobbing a bit! It tells


you that survival and promotion are the concerns for these particular


football clubs. I think this you be able to do both but don't get me


started on that. Leicester might also have one eye on European


football but they need a result, to start a bit of momentum and get


their confidence back into the club. Derby have 5000 fans here tonight,


what a chance to beat their local rivals and get into the next round.


How would you have balanced things if you were still Leicester manager?


I think the rider on all of this is the couple of games they have


against Sevilla in the Champions League, Champions League were


talking about. But I think this is an opportunity to try to win a cup.


At home I would go as strongly as good. As for Derby, they matched


Leicester in the first game and they come here also with a weakened team.


They are eighth in the Championship and are going for that play-off spot


but they have home games against little Sidley at the weekend --


against Bristol City. Why not plate your strongest team? We have seen


some great games in the competition and when it gets to the latter


stages people get more excited but it isn't good. It isn't, especially


with Millwall away in the next round, an opportunity for these


teams to go and win although they have done great. I don't get it.


What an opportunity to get confidence for both teams. It hasn't


worked for a lot of the big clubs when they have rested players. They


have gone on bad runs afterwards. Liverpool, Bournemouth. It is all


about momentum, I have said that before. And at the end of the season


if you don't get promoted or achieve your goals, you just feel kind of


gutted about it that you haven't gone and participated in this


competition. We also wonder why we're not producing strong kids with


strong mentality, because from the age of 12, watching on television


about managers keep telling everyone and them that players cannot play


three games a week. When they get to 18 and the manager says, but all


I've ever heard is I can't play three games a week. I sense we will


talk about this more later. 12 months ago at Leicester produced one


of the performances of the season in demolishing Manchester City at the


Etihad on the way to winning the title but it has not been quite so


simple this season. The first reigning champions to lose


their first game of the next season since 1989. It has just not been


Leicester's day, they have been second best.


Phillips had been put through by Drinkwater and he scores. Leicester


did not deal with that. Sorry defence of their Premier League


title and it continues to underwhelm. It's a long way back for


Leicester now. You go into this cup tie having received the public


backing of the owners here at Leicester City so how important is


that for you? Not for me, it is important for everybody in Leicester


because our chairman is full of positivity and it is very important


he comes to see us today. And now it is important to play well. You make


ten changes to the line-up, what is your reasoning? I wanted to protect


some players and change and give the opportunity to the other players to


show their strength. Is there a risk perhaps the turning down the chance


of picking up a morale boosting victory? Yes, could be difficult,


but I had to do this. I have also a big battle Sunday and that is more


important. And the last time you made wholesale changes in the


Champions League, it backfired somewhat against Porto. Are you wary


of that going into this? No, we worked a lot in these two months and


we are ready to fight against Derby. What a difference a few months can


make in management. A vote of confidence from the board, rumours


that dressing room unrest, not a pizza insight! You will always get


that, the simmering unrest. Funnily enough, players never take


responsible at you for anything! -- dressing room unrest. What is


quirky, when you are going well, that becomes quizzical when you're


not doing well. I remember at Nottingham Forest we had a


phenomenal manager called by Clough who used to run us through nettles


which we found quirky a week before the European Cup final and quizzical


when we had been beaten three Noh by QPR -- called Brian Clough. But if


you are winning, you can do anything. Leicester have brought in


some Sunnis, none of them have really worked. Musa, a lot of money,


he in tonight. Here's been playing a lot of time out wide rather than


down the middle and he has his chance tonight. Four goals, just


over ?16.5 million the cost. He got two goals in the last round against


Everton, the first was a little bit scrappy but he is in there and


prepared to take the chance and he gets a bit of luck. The second is


much different, a very good goal, good understanding with the give and


go and a finish. Like the rest of his team-mates, for all the talk


about resting, Claudio has every right to have dropped players


because of their form. Him and the rest of the players if they get a


victory and put in a good performance, they have every right


to knock on his door before the game on Sunday and say, I've done the


business tonight, give me a chance. Another player who has had a few


opportunities is Demarai Gray. A lot of ability and quality but it has


not quite happened for him. He hasn't had a run in the team but he


is direct and has got pace and then put across in and can finish but he


needs regular games. Yet been playing on and off. Somebody like


him, he knows that if he has one or two bad games news out of the side.


He needs four or five or six games. And going back to the squad and team


spirit, we talked about Ulloa, he has a championship medal and he


might be on, say, 25 grand a week. He sees new signings on more money


and he thinks, hang on, I won the Premier League. When players come in


and you think you are as good as them... You might think that,


talking about players, they get carried away! But you still have to


do it on the field and that has been a problem this season. The players


have not done it. It's been an exceptional 18 months for Leicester


City but this is a tough time for them also and what about Ranieri's


opposite number? Let's find out what Steve McClaren thinks of the match


tonight. What is the message to your players and of the cup tie tonight?


Honestly we have made quite a few changes, eight changes, and four or


five are coming back from injury, the first game in three or four


months. The message is to go out and do the job, keep it simple and fight


for 95 minutes. We're here to try to this game. And considering


Leicester's troubles this season, by making eight changes are you perhaps


turning down the chance of getting one over your local rivals and


reaching the last 16 of the cup? Believe you me, I didn't want to


make eight changes. If the game was last night, I think the team would


be totally different. But I've got injuries, I've got people carrying


injuries and I've got people who can't play three games in a week old


and in the Championship that's what we've got from now until the end of


the season. If you have been last night, -- if it had been last night,


it would've been a different team but we've can only got two days to


recover until Saturday and I've picked the team accordingly. But


it's a great opportunity for the injured players coming back, who


have not played getting minutes, I think it is good for the squad for


the rest of the season. We wish you well. Another manager, not liking


players playing three games a week. I used to hate weeks when there


wasn't a midweek game. If it was three Championship games in a week


and they were fighting for promotion, with a play that side? I


don't think so. So he can't say I'm going to play a weakened side. It's


nonsense. We've toured with the best sports scientists, training grounds,


pitches, so shouldn't that mean they should be able to play more?


Something is missing. Richard Keogh is a regular and plays most games


for Derby County. He is one of yours with the Republic of Ireland. What


does he give you? I suppose the old cliche, he's a stalwart, he gives


you everything he's got. He's a decent leader as well, a genuinely


good lad although that doesn't actually put him top of the pops at


the end of the day! There are a lot of good lads who are hopeless


footballers! But he is a genuinely good lad, I know it is with all the


changes that they have kept him in the team. And he will throw himself


around as well, last-ditch tackling and all that. If Derby ever got


promotion, I would be delighted for him. And with games like this and


the team sheets we have seen, it's not easy to predict a result. It's


very difficult. As I said earlier, Leicester, short on confidence. I


don't think it matters who plays for them tonight, they have got to go


out and get the ball rolling and get some momentum to carry on into the


weekend. They have Swansea at the weekend on Sunday and it's one hell


of a chance for these guys to say to the manager, you haven't played me


for a lot of the season, it hasn't gone right and now is my


opportunity. If they put in a good performance, they should be involved


the weekend. Here come the two teams so it is time to join our commentary


team of FA Cup winner Graeme Le Saux and Steve Barrow. -- Steve Bower.


COMMENTATOR: Change in the air in terms of personnel, Leicester will


see if there is a change in the mood around the club, no matter who is


out there. But no doubt that this football club at the moment, and


their manager, could do with a lift. Derby County, like Leicester,


arrived on the back of a defeat, a narrow one in the Championship at


Newcastle. Saudi Arabia are, understandably, as one eye on


Sunday's trip to Swansea in the Premier League -- Claudio Ranieri.


Millwall will have an eye on the winners tonight, they will entertain


them in round five. Ten changes for Leicester.


Ron-Robert Zieler replaces Kasper Schmeichel in goal. Daniel Amartey


is back in a completely changed back four, playing at right back. Andy


King captained the team in midfield, the most experienced member of the


team. Musa leads the line-up, and a full Leicester debut for Bartos


Kapustka. Steve McClaren rings eight changes,


including in goal, Jonathan Mitchell plays just his third game for Derby


behind a back for that does, at least, still contain their captain,


Richard Keogh. A star to fall on loan Middlesbrough midfielder Julien


de Sart and a completely new three-man front line. -- a start for


the on loan Middlesbrough midfielder. Darren Bent is not even


in the squad this evening. Both managers have options from the


substitutes' bench. Riyad Mahrez amongst the options for Claudio


Ranieri. And Islam Slimani, who is a fit again, the club 's good signing.


A familiar name on the Derby bench, David Nugent, once of Leicester.


He has had the public backing, unwavering support from the club and


he says whichever players go out that our warriors and used to the


fight. This is the first fight in the FA Cup -- whichever players go


out of their our warriors. It is the East Midlands contest, chapter two.


The referee meets the two captains, Andy King and Richard Keogh. Michael


Jones is the referee. Fresh faces available to Claudio


Ranieri after the African Cup of Nations. Daniel Amartey got to the


last four playing as a centre-half with Ghana. They lost the


third-place play-off on Saturday evening to Burkina Faso, he flew


straight back and back in. In right back for Claudio Ranieri. It is a


night of opportunities. Nick Blackman has had to wait extremely


patiently for his, he gets his first ever minutes since Steve McClaren


return to Derby. He was an FA Cup semifinalist in 2015.


Plenty inside the KP Stadium. All change from both sides. Which one


will go through to face Millwall in round five?


Who will have the edge in the East Midlands?


So much has been said about Leicester's season, can they script


a few positive headlines and lift the mood around the KP stadium?


Derby would like nothing more than to inflict more misery on their East


Midlands rivals. The visitors, eighth in the Championship, get


things under way. Some of these players have not seen


a lot of football. Just as he was a Pride Park 11 days ago, Graeme Le


Saux alongside me. That was a very different match, very different set


of players, what do you make of the 18 changes? Incredible, especially


for Leicester where they need to find a little bit of form. I watch


them play against Manchester United at the weekend, 11 individuals, they


did not play like a team. They had a spell of about 30 minutes in the


first half when it looked like they understood each other, after that it


was a team of individuals. You have to hope from their perspective that


these players grab the chance and take the opportunity to impress the


manager. Similar the Derby, eight changes, a


4-3-3 system. Some good players, gives them much time. Not ideal. As


the guys said in the studio, they want to see teams hungry to succeed,


a great opportunity for them. We will see how it plays out.


Steve McClaren says he did not want to make the eight changes, his team


three points off the play-offs at the moment, they have three


consecutive home games in the Championship activists against


Bristol City on Saturday, Cardiff and then Boro. He would dearly love


and East Midlands derby victory in the FA Cup as well.


In opportunity for Wasilewski. He played in the League Cup this season


but was sent off. -- and opportunity.


Out of play. The other thing, Graeme, not many of these players


have played a lot of football together. Jamie Vardy not involved


at all tonight. He started the first game 11 days ago. Sometimes when you


make that many changes, as Leicester proved in the Champions League


against Porto, there is no understanding among the players. He


wants consistency, to look around and see the same player next to you


every week. I played as a left-back, when the back four was settled we


knew each other inside out, when the ball went back we stepped up


together, when we needed to drop off there with intuition. Any player


coming in house to understand that, it is much easier with one change


rather than three. It is a challenge and they will have to and quickly.


-- have to learn quickly. Musa got a touch to that, then


Amartey did. Great store by Leicester, particularly down the


left-hand side. Linking up well, Musa working well. He slips as he


crosses it. When you cut back, it allows the defenders to set


themselves and it is harder to get a clean header. A bright start by


Leicester. Jonathan Mitchell is just 22 years


of age, the Derby goalkeeper. One appearance this season, his first


under Steve McClaren. Scott Carson is the substitute.


Leicester R Tin in their last ten games at home against Derby. --


Leicester are unbeaten. The first yellow card of the evening


to Cyrus Christie from Mike Jones after only five minutes. He was


simply too quick, a wonderful turn, good awareness. Change of direction.


Christie is well and truly beaten. Deliberate foul Mark Roe and the


right decision by Mike Jones. -- a deliberate foul and the right


decision. Leicester are certainly getting the


backing from their supporters early on.


He is looking for some support, Anya. He did really well.


Wonderful close control by Anya, slightly unpredictable player.


Managed to keep it on the line. Looking at Amartey, he is still


limping quite heavily from that challenge.


Not the warmest evening, but they are out in force. You might need one


of those. He has a great jacket, very warm,


you might detect the jealousy and my voice. Benalouane, one of the


forgotten man of Leicester. -- forgotten men.


King is wearing the captain's armband, Wes Morgan ending a run of


49 consecutive starts in all competitions.


That was a teasing cross, but nobody was on the end of it. A wonderful


boring, excellent football -- a wonderful ball in, excellent


football by Leicester. The ?13 million signing from Nice,


the 24-year-old. Reunited with Claudio Ranieri, he worked with him


at Monaco. Max Lowe is the highly rated


19-year-old, another opportunity at left-back for him. Derby's corner.


Johnson is asking the referee whether it was handball.


They struggle to defend in the first game, can they make something of the


attack? Zieler made an early decision, two Strong hands on it.


Neutered appeals waved away by Mike Jones. -- muted appeals.


Shackell has been reunited with Keogh at the heart of the Derby


defence. There is certainly a nice tempo, they are passing the ball


well, they are sharp individuals trying to make something happen.


Johnson with the challenge against the Derby. Camara made a cameo


appearance at the original game, to good effect.


He made his debut in this competition when Claudio Ranieri


gave him the opportunity against Everton. Leicester the only team of


all the 92 league clubs without a goal so far. Interesting when


Leicester get the ball, there is a lot of space around De Sart, the


deep lying midfielder for Derby and Demarai Gray is coming in off the


left and Kapustka is running off him as well and Musa is coming quite


deep. We spoke about it in the first game, we were expecting at some


point Steve McClaren to shore up that 4-3-3 and it is another obvious


weakness in their system is less get good ball and can break. That was a


foul by Blackman. He just caught King. Nick Blackman


has had a knee injury. The first time he has ever played under Steve


McClaren, tonight. Tom Ince is among the Derby substitutes incidentally


and David Nugent is there as well as we mentioned. Musa as Albrighton do


is right. The early cross. Leicester Corner. Once again, as soon as the


ball breaks down, Leicester's energy is excellent and they are getting


forward quickly and looking forward early which will cause Derby


problems. The Derby defence rushing to retreat in that situation. This


was a favourable situation in the first tie. Can they make it so in


this one? The delivery from Albrighton but cleared by Blackman.


Back in from Albrighton. And headed behind by Christie.


Steve McClaren is obviously happy with his defensive setup on set


pieces but, like the first game, I'm not! He hasn't got anybody on that


six yard line and if Leicester player gets a run on a Derby player,


he had acres to run into right in the centre of the goal. They have


everybody except Camara back to defend. Albrighton again with the


delivery which was towards Wasilewski. De Sart picks out Anya.


Not a great deal of support Soper, the cavalry is trying to keep up and


it is still Anya. Red Cross. -- good cross. He might have just taken it


away from De Sart but back in by Christie. Butterfield could not get


his head to it and then a subtle nudge from Anya. What a wonderful


bit of skill from Anya, watched by Gillespie who is working hard to get


back. He left him for dead. And just the flight of the ball -- Wasilewski


is working back. Blackman couldn't quite get high enough to direct that


goalwards. As you alluded to earlier, some of these players like


Anya and Blackman, have had to be extremely patient for the


opportunity, in a match like this in the FA Cup and they will want to


make a point. Absolutely, there are asked a plenty of games left this


season and if they can make an aggression tonight, any player, if


you are playing in a match, you make it hard for your manager to drop you


by playing well. Alan Shearer said at the beginning, if you play well


tonight, you have every right to knock on the door and drop a hint


that you should be playing in the next game.


Caught from behind by Camara. ?7.5 million, Kapustka cost in the


summer. He has had to be extremely patient for his opportunity. Musa


cost considerably more. Cleared by Cleo. -- Richard Keogh. That has


broken to Max Lowe. Asking a lot of Anya but he will get there.


Slept in towards Bradley Johnson. And it is a goal kick -- swept. He


had more of a licence to get forward tonight, Johnson, with De Sart back


in the team. And it was Blackman who crunched in the challenge with


Wasilewski upfield and Johnson took it on himself to get into the box.


Good linkup between Anya and Lowe down this left and not a bad ball in


but an open game so far after 17 minutes.


Dispossessed by Blackman, he will try to feed Camara. Leicester


getting numbers back. Derby corner. Abdoul Camara, the Canadian


International, will deliver the corner. All the way through. --


-- the international from Guinea. Space for Camara. He went for the


far corner. Sustained attack from Derby, they


kept the ball going and they were first to those balls that were


flying around. Tamara on his favoured left foot cuts in. That is


a mis-hit shot that almost turned into an excellent cross as he tries


to whip it into the far corner and it is Richard Keogh who wanted to


kick something. Camara has had a difficult first year at Derby, he


was signed by Paul Clement and a week later he was sacked. He studied


in the recent win against Ipswich and impressed and came off the bench


against Newcastle at the weekend -- he started.


Christie has got his hands full tonight, Demarai Gray looks like he


has a lot of energy, wonderful work off the ball out a picture. He freed


himself up and Jill well went backwards and he got a mouthful from


Gray -- Chilwell. He is drifting inside and picking up the ball well


and he is on a yellow card as well, Christie. He is a player, when you


talk to Leicester supporters, they would have liked to have seen more


of him, Demarai Gray. He was a bright light in an otherwise dark


day for Leicester on Sunday against Manchester United.


Safely gathered by Mitchell. Ten changes tonight from Claudio


Ranieri. You know what it's like to be left out by him. I was rotated in


a League Cup game against Spurs! We got beaten 5-1. I had never played


in a Chelsea team that was beaten by Spurs and I've had to watch the game


at home and I was fuming. I broke the telly! And I was never one for


wanting to do rested, I felt the more I played, the better I got


under stronger I felt physically and as well. I think if the game does


not go well in the early stages for you when you have rotated so many


players, it can become an excuse. Neatly done by Butterfield. The


claimants from that lets keep was straight to De Sart. -- the


clearance from Wasilewski. Comfortable for Albrighton. It was a


brilliant ball in by Christie but unfortunately for Derby they did not


have enough numbers forward. Wasilewski, just his fourth


appearance all season. King trying to feed Musa and still Albrighton.


Cleared by Keogh. Good bit of defending by Keogh. But Leicester,


once again, one pass from back through to midfield to King which


cuts through the Derby midfield and opens up the pitch and another


opportunity for Leicester down this right-hand side with Albrighton.


That was given away dreadfully, straight to Camara and Derby have a


break on here. Anya again is the target. Three in the penalty area


for Derby, Cambuur has done really well. Cleared by Ben Chilwell. --


Anya has done well. Suddenly a positive source for Derby at the


moment Ikechi Anya. But the flag has gone up on the far side that time.


Credit to young Max Lowe, closing down Albrighton ever so quickly and


it was a bit unfortunate Anya was caught offside. Wonderful skill to


get him into a situation, a good cross and he was just a bit slow


coming out but good work by Max Lowe. A bit sloppy from Albrighton.


Fortunately for Leicester, the backline was disciplined. The key to


defending those step overs is to watch the ball and not look at the


players. There speaks a man of experience. The referee just wanting


to make sure the match ball is intact.


The FA chairman in attendance, Greg Clarke, who is a lifelong Leicester


fan, we should point out, alongside Martin Glenn there. Like the others


inside the KP, hoping for something to smile about tonight.


Best are unbeaten in seven FA Cup ties against lower league opposition


-- Leicester are unbeaten. And despite all the changes, they don't


want to lose this one. Benalouane certainly looks rusty. A couple of


times he has been caught on the ball and that pass was unnecessary. I was


going to say, Mendy is getting it is good position, linking up well and


always available. For a centre-back, he must be a pleasure to play with


but only if you use him and see him and in that situation Benalouane


completely ignored him and played a very difficult path that went out


for a goal kick. Keogh has been robbed, Musa trying to get on the


end of this and goes to ground. Goalkick. Well, Shackell's heart


just for a moment with in his mouth. He got there late, on the stretch.


There was some contact. Mike Jones adjudging that the contact wasn't


enough for the penalty and it was more momentum than intent in that.


On the replay I would say he was just about right.


He never tends to be outside that technical area for long, Steve


McClaren. On the touchline now, barking out those instructions. Has


a little aerial view, then wants to get more involved. Twice in FA Cup


semifinals as a manager with Middlesbrough.


This art was fouled by Gray, much to the annoyance of Ranieri. -- Julien


de Sart was fouled by. He sensed the chance to win that ball. If he had


got but I'm not fouled the opponents, it would have been a good


opportunity for Leicester to break -- if he had got that and not fouled


the opponent. It was perfectly timed by Camara.


The 29 new world, Benalouane, is in his second season at Leicester but


he is only playing his tenth marginal competitions. -- the


29-year-old. He has had a back injury for most of this season. He


was a ?5.5 million signing from Atalanta.


Cyrus Christie missed 11 games recently with a foot injury.


Shackell started the previous round victory at West Brom, it was his


first start for four months in the first team that day.


Christie having a chat with Camara, needs him to support him. Leicester


have a little triangle in the left-hand side channel.


The goalkeeper stayed on his line. Yohan Benalouane was on full


stretch. A bit deeper from the set piece.


Nothing going on between the two players.


Jonathan Mitchell made his debut in the EFL Cup against Liverpool this


season. On his second season from Newcastle.


He has not been tested yet, though. Comfortable from Mitchell. Good God


he is an U21 as well, another opportunity to show what he can do,


he could be consistent. With goalkeepers they get far less chance


to show what they can do, especially coming through the ranks. Played in


the FA Cup last season against his hometown, Hartlepool.


An example of a little bit of understanding between the players


once again. So many changes. Derby think highly of this young


one, Max Lowe, gave him a new four year contract in September when he


made his first-team debut. He is an academy product. He has played twice


in the cup and six times in the league so far. He was beaten by


Gray, though. But Musa could not get on the end of it. Inches away from


giving Leicester the lead. Free to Derby. -- free kick to


Derby. He looks the most likely? He is drifting in off the line, finding


space, causing Derby all sorts of problems. His speed and control of


the ball, that ball in was absolutely perfect. Fantastic, right


across the six yard line. Musa was one stride away from getting his


foot on that. The Nigerian international scored twice in the


previous round at Goodison Park. So close to the first goal in this


replay. Wasilewski assessing his options,


Kapustka coming in short the Leicester. -- for Leicester.


A moment of hesitation from Wasilewski. It is obviously a ploy


from Derby, the long ball to Blackman, he is a big, strong lad.


At the moment they keep trying to use him as an outlet, he does not


have to bother trying to win the ball. If Benalouane will get as


close to him, he can just let it go and maybe get a Derby Rona in


behind. -- Derby runner. Are confident play by the full-back,


he stepped in when he saw the opportunity. Albrighton is playing


pretty well so far. Christie is the other full-back for Derby.


He has now put in two fantastic balls, Christie. Anya has to take


the risk and try to get inside Amartey. If he takes the risk in


that situation he is in on goal. They have only gone further than


this stage in the FA Cup once in the last six seasons. The Leicester


owner is on a personal mission to offer his support to Claudio Ranieri


tonight. He has flown in to see his manager, giving him unwavering


support in his current situation. Your former boss, of course. It is


good to see. The only thing is that when you get the dreaded vote of


support, we often know what comes next.


You could see the idea of Musa 's on. -- run. Musa is working hard to


bear by himself, he does not stay in one position. He is very mobile, he


will work down the side of the two centre-backs and drop-off, certainly


keeping the two centre-backs very alert. He got 18 goals for CSKA


Moscow last season and cost Leicester ?60 million. Just four


goals, two in the previous round of this competition. He has found it


difficult but he has been in a struggling team. Look at Jamie Vardy


last year and now this year, it is a completely different team in the


sense of their confidence, the way they are playing. This is what they


had to try to do, forget everything that has gone past and focus on the


run-in. It is interesting who is being


rotated and rested today. The thought of resting his skipper was


not in his mind. On first reflection, this looked


like a penalty to me. That is a shove, some would say shoulder to


shoulder, I would say that is in his back. All Leicester get is a corner.


Albrighton left the throw for Amartey.


Five minutes of the first half remain.


Leicester are enjoying more possession in recent moments. Let's


have another look at this challenge on Chilwell. He got a row 90 oh,


that was a shove in the back. The more I see that, the more I think


that is a penalty. He certainly thought it was. He is not quite as


objective as I am, but he looks pretty calm about it.


Keogh is relieved. That was a foul by King on Johnson.


An awkward landing for Bradley Johnson.


Painful. No intention of anybody, as you said, an awkward landing.


Steve McClaren alongside Chris Powell and Kevin Phillips. His


trusty lieutenant who have strong connections with Leicester of


course. Both of them played and coached here. Kevin Phillips helped


Leicester into the Premier League. Winning B Championship in 2014. --


the Championship. We did have a few weeks with Claudio Ranieri before


moving to Derby. -- he did have. 5000 Derby supporters have made the


short journey tonight. How will they feel about their team


and the eight changes and how they have acquitted themselves? Probably


like us, a bit disappointed because of the opportunity, Millwall in the


next round as well also at the beginning probably disappointed with


the way both teams have played, I've been impressed. The game has been


played at a good temper, both teams going for it and some good quality


out there as well. -- good tempo. From my point of view I think it's


been a good first half. That has now gone Leicester's way.


Not much has gone their way recently. They might feel they need


that bit of luck with those decisions you were talking about.


That is a foul throw. It is the final ball into the box that has


just evaded Derby, and Leicester to a certain extent as well. A couple


of good position is that both teams have got themselves into. The


hardest bit is scoring a goal and that is where you need the best


quality. A reminder for Derby that Tom Ince and Nugent are on the


bench. Slimani and Mahrez for Leicester. Ranieri has made a


half-time substitution in three of his last four games.


Camara knew he was offside so he didn't touch the ball. It comes in


from Camara. Won by De Sart, two minutes of time to add-on at the end


of this goalless first half. Good improvisation from Mendy. And


indeed from Camara. Derby throw. Butterfield. Good strike! And it


needed a touch from Zieler, who was equal to it. Almost from nowhere


from Jacob Butterfield. The scrap is part of the game and Butterfield


almost produces something out of nothing and it is an excellent save.


Lovely strike with his left foot, the ball is just moving away from


the goalkeeper and it skids off the pitch and that is a good hand from


Zieler. Here comes the Derby corner and it came through to De Sart who


couldn't get over it. He never really believed as the ball


came out to him. He was leaning back, arms all over the place. And


that's the result. Plenty of changes but we are no


closer to knowing who Millwall will play in round five. Ikechi Anya


causing Leicester problems early on, Ahmed Musa a whisker away from


sliding in to give Leicester the lead. And the home team felt they


had good claims for a penalty but not given by the referee, Mike


Jones. Part two of Leicester against Derby is still all square at


half-time, Gary. It most certainly is, I've been on


the edge of my seat the whole of the first half and fell off it when I


fell asleep! Graeme kind of enjoyed it but not much at either end. How


do I put this without getting my knuckles rapped? It has been awful!


That is as polite as I can be! I'm not even sure that effort was on


target and that is what we had to wait for. There is a lack of


atmosphere in the stadium, we were worried about it before the game and


is exactly what has happened. There has not been a lot of entertainment


at all. On a positive note? Well, as you say, Graeme Le Saux seemed to be


enjoying it! I like Graeme but he wants to get out more! LAUGHTER


It has not been fantastic to tell you the truth. Alan mentioned at the


start of the game about players wanting to play, asking the manager


on a Friday morning, listen, I played brilliantly on Wednesday,


I've got a chance of playing. So far, I would have the say, almost


without exception, nobody has got into that position. On either side?


Derby are in it, the lower league side so they will be relatively


happy. You look at both benches, they both have options, Tom Ince,


Vydra, Nugent. If you want to win the game, make a couple of early


substitutions, 45 minutes to win it for either side hopefully. But we


are looking at the benches already to see who can make an impact.


Surely they can play 45 minutes! That is too much! Leicester have got


down the flanks on occasion but not many bodies in the box.


They haven't shown the energy to get enough people into the box. They


have a good situations, that is a good want to put the ball in. It is


a good ball I think into the six yard box, crying for somebody to get


on the end of it. And you look at Gray, if he breaks his neck to get


into the box he should get on the end of it but he is can be an


accurate content, instead of trying to make a difference. You don't have


to be in there every time, it's hard work but you have too sometimes.


Again he is jogging. If he tries hard and springs, he could get on


the end of it and he should do because he should be making those


runs into the box. On the one occasion they do get in, this is the


best chance of the game. Good skill and a good ball in and I don't think


he'd react quickly enough, Musa. It is an excellent chance.


As for Derby, if they have any joy, it has been down the left. They have


obviously looked at Leicester, Marty has not played there at all at right


back for Leicester and Wasilewski is a right-sided centre-half and I'm


quicker than him now! -- Amartey. They have numbers in the box, three


men in the box. Anya once again. Wasilewski is trying to get back. At


least Derby are trained to get numbers forward. A little trick on


Wasilewski here. But men in the box, four. They did have meant in the


box. I know who is trying to prove a point tonight, as close as anybody


who is staking a claim, and another ball in. Derby have had men around


the penalty area which is good for them. As Allen said, Leicester City


did not seem to get enough players in the box and tonight of all


nights, this is when you want to do it. That was a decent ball again.


Anya has actually done his job there by putting it in the box and it is


up to some want to get on the end of it. A couple penalty shouts for


Leicester which are obviously blatant penalties!


I was certain the first one wasn't. It was a bit of a discussion. I


don't think that's a penalty at all and I'm surprised we are even


discussing it. Look at that! Because we have nothing else to talk about!


Agreement? I would agree with that. The second looks like a real show of


-- shove. Keogh, definite penalty. From that angle, you would have to


consider it. This is the angle here, it is a clear push and it has to be


a penalty. I'm not 100% convinced, but more than the first one. What


does that mean, penalty or not? I wouldn't give it. I didn't think it


was on first looking at it. I know the reason you wouldn't give it


because you don't think the game deserves a penalty! And we had to


wait 46 minutes for a shot on target and it came from Butterfield but you


have decided it was perhaps not on target. A bit harsh, good save. I


think it was going wide. Not on target. I don't think so. We'll


never know. Steve McClaren giving his half-time team talk. We can't


hear it obviously, but what can they change? Have they got the quality in


the team to really change things? Funnily enough they will be pleased


their efforts in the first half despite all the things we have just


said. It is all right for us sitting here, wanting entertainment, they


are trying to win a football match. They will be reasonably pleased. I


think Leicester City have more talent on the bench than Derby at


the minute and they might make changes, maybe not immediately. But


for Derby, Steve, personally speaking I would not want cameras in


the dressing room. Not at all. I don't mind if you have won something


you let people in and let them enjoy it but not in the game. There was


times when I was waiting for Leicester that I didn't want you in


the dressing room because you would have a go at me! There had to be a


reason, generally speaking it was because you wasn't passing the ball


to our players! Why break the habit of a lifetime?! Let's move on! The


Premier League Show returns tomorrow night and if you have not caught it


this season, here's what you've missed. Welcome to the Premier


League Show. I'm a little bit younger than you. You're the one who


shouts at me all the time! Who watches the game of football and


things, I was blowing the whistle. We've got a new signing. You were


talking about. You told Dele Alli that I was better than him!


And the show tomorrow's features an in-depth interview with the Chelsea


manager, Antonio Conte, seemingly as his team run away with the league.


All of the usual weekend football coverage on the BBC starts with


Football Focus and it is another big weekend in the 6-nation as Wales


take on England on Saturday evening and on Sunday, Scotland travel to


Paris to take on France. Tonight is the culmination of the FA Cup fourth


round and the competition might have had its critics in the past month


but it has given us plenty of drama. And they have extended their lead,


this is fairy tale stuff! That is his hat-trick!


And he has scored! Into the penalty area and Theo Robinson scores! John


Stones! That has crossed the line. And Ali Al-Habsi has gifted United a


fourth goal. Giroud with the winner. It is Lucas who gets the goal.


Southend United have done it! Arnold to win it! Lincoln City are through!


It is two, this is unbelievable! Morrison! And Heung-Min Son has got


the winner for Tottenham with seconds left. As easy as you like


again for Arsenal. It is Robinson and it is three and it is all over


for Brighton. Collins for certain, 1-0 and the celebrations begin


again. -- for Sutton United. Painful. No intention of anybody, as


you said, an awkward landing. The fifth round of the FA Cup has


thrown up some terrific looking ties. Coverage kicks off on


Saturday. Certain Arbeloa Solanke 's --


certain are the lowest ranked team left in the competition.


We have discussed the FA Cup before, our people giving it the respect it


deserves, playing weakened teams. What can the FA do to make the trip


is special again? Pay the winner is an absolute fortune. I think there


is about ?100 million to stay up in the Premier League, if you win the


FA Cup it is about ?1.2 million. ?100 million is what it is all


about, the clubs have the desire to stay in the Premier League because


of the finance. In the previous run... Round, I said fans want to


win trophies and are not interested in finances, one way of doing it is


paying the winner of fortune. As much as we would love to see the


winner being given an extra Champions League place, it will not


happen. It has to come from Uefa, I doubt it will happen. It is down to


money, if you own a Premiership club, despite the fact that going to


Wembley would be fantastic, if you thought it was the difference


between you staying up and getting to Wembley and maybe getting turned


over, ?100 million for staying in the Premier League is going to beat


the money for winning the competition. That said, if you want


to win a competition, you want to win. It is more winnable than it has


ever been. Louis van Gaal won the FA Cup, failed to finish in the top


four and is not in a job. You ask the Wigan fans, lifting the FA Cup


was probably one of the best days for them. They were relegated the


same season. Memories. Manish is with the former Leicester store


water. Matt Elliott spent eight years here.


The last time Leicester were here in the Premier League under Martin


O'Neill and Robbie Savage as well. What do you make of that 45 minutes


from both sides? I thought it was disjointed but that had to be


expected with the team selections of both managers this evening. A bit


disappointing from the crowd's point of view. I think it has been


reflected in the play. Not too much goalmouth action, the one cross from


Demarai Gray, a couple of penalty claims, that is it. We were at the


King Power Stadium this time last year for the third-round replay


against Tottenham, how things have changed in the interim period for


Leicester City! They certainly have, there have been some ridiculous


highs at this club. What has gone wrong? Many things, the problems are


numerous and mounting. If you look back, Kante is a big miss, the


recruitment in the summer, questionable. The players that have


come in have not made an impact. Players have lost their Reg, there


was always going to be a drop from last season but the degree of that


fall has surprised a lot of people. They need to get the mentality back


to the determined, tenacious exuberance of last season. Perhaps


then they can turn things around. Can they?


Without a doubt. Thank you very much.


Back to you, Gary. A quick words, Mattie Elliott, a great player for


Leicester? One of my best ever signings! Although at ?400,000 you


were well worth it. Always as self-effacing all the time,


absolutely fantastic. He is very bright, I did not realise he was as


bright when he was playing but I have to say that he was sensational


prize. Time to rejoin the commentary team of trailer and Steve Bauer.


Graeme, if there are a few goals in this half, I don't know what you


will be like? He does not get out that much! I


would not mind getting in, I am freezing!


We shall see what the second half has in store. All square 11 days


ago, all square after 45 minutes. Leicester get the second half under


way, no changes from either side. Will we see a change in the


scoreline? I know the guys were laughing about the entertainment


value and saying it was not back good game, there have been 18


changes on the pitch, not many chances. One almost on target, as


Alan Shearer said. Given the amount of changes out there, there have


been some bright individual performances. There is a long way to


go, it is not a classic as yet but it is quite an open game. I


certainly think Leicester have plenty of opportunity to exploit the


extra man in midfield, it is all about quality in the final third.


Good runs, good movement, create opportunity to score goals.


Headed back, and headed in! By Andy King! Just over a minute into the


second half. That is all it has taken Leicester. It is their most


experienced man on the squad to give them the lead. The studio this be


enjoying the second half. -- must be. His second goal of the season,


the starting XI had only scored eight goals between them before


that. Demarai Gray was looking likely in the first top, a wonderful


ball in. Just gets a yard on his man and whipped the ball in, a fantastic


run by Albrighton, took the chance to come in from the far side and


Andy King, he had to check his stride. A simple finish in the end.


It is a goal, he has not seen too many of them in 2017, only in this


competition. A smile from Andy King. First blood to Leicester.


Now we have some noise around the KP stadium.


What is the Derby response? Camara goes down holding his face, the


referee's Assistant is unmoved. Two Leicester players, that was a


complete overreaction by Camara. Provides what a start for Leicester


to the second period, 59 seconds was all it took. Andy King gets his 60th


goal for Leicester. It has just lifted the mood. Still plenty of


football to go. It is absolutely vital that


Leicester do not sit back and invite Derby onto them, they have to keep


the momentum now they have the goal. Musa tried to return the favour. A


push in the end by Gray. The two almost linked to good effect.


Created the opportunity on the left wing, he was over on the right-hand


side, cutting in and combining with Musa. A lovely cut back, just a


little flick of Keele's leg, divert it from grey. -- Keo's like.


Shackell is being spoken to by Mike Jones.


Nice stretch, Claudio Ranieri applauding the fans as they sing his


name around the stadium -- nice touch.


Derby are going to make a change in the second half, imminently. Vydra


is going to be introduced by Steve McClaren.


Plucked out of the air by Mitchell. Leicester have a spring in their


step at the moment. Imposing themselves, they look sharp on the


ball. Good movement as well. Derby, of course, came from 1-0 down


in the first tie 11 days ago. They had to repeat it here, a different


set of players. Anya was offside. Anya made a good run, excellent made


a good run. Here comes the Czech Republic international, Vydra.


Bradley Johnson will depart. Another awkward fall in the first half. The


man who cost ?8 million from Watford in the summer, he has not had too


many opportunities and a Steve McClaren but he certainly has one


now. -- under Steve McClaren. Blackman was fouled, according to


Mike Jones. Blackman picks the ball up, very


direct, looked like a fair challenge to me. The ball gets caught and


Blackman's foot, there it is. Fair challenge.


I can understand his frustration. It offers Derby and opportunity from


the set play. The committee meeting going on.


Camara taking control of the situation. Left foot over the wall?


Nothing wrong with a free kick, but I thought Zieler was more than


comfortable just to catch that. This could prove problematic to Derby.


Chilwell got it back. Leicester throw.


Much more of a spring in their step in this second half after that goal


from Andy King. Mendy. That will be comfortable for


Mitchell. Derby trailing by that goal inside


the first minute of the second half and we understand that Steve


McClaren missed the goal, he wasn't out from the dressing room at the


beginning of the second half. He came out with his team trailing 1-0.


Now awaiting the response from his side. Beaten just three times in 17


games in all competitions. All three defeats have come away from home and


they are trailing in this one. Butterfield. Anya made the run.


Benalouane with the block but this is Camara. Trying to wriggle away


from Chilwell but that is a tame effort. That is frustrating, Derby


had numbers forward and a good overlap from Christie and Camara cut


inside. He needed to get his head up and make a pass. This was wonderful


work by Gray. He has been the catalyst for Leicester's improved


second half and it was just a simple touch inside and then a whipped in


cross. Albright and did really well to get on the end of it and keep the


ball in play and good support by King. All supporters on their feet,


weeks or the public statement from the owner this week, unwavering


support and it has been the same from the supporters tonight.


Claudio Ranieri said yesterday, a lot of sharks are in the water, I am


the windsurfer! He is riding the wave so far in this one but he has a


bigger one to challenge in south Wales in the Premier League on


Sunday. The goal has lifted his team here. Kapustka was trying to find


Chilwell. Mitchell's clearance went straight


to King. Derby have lost eight of their last ten meetings against


Leicester. That was too strong for Anya. But Derby throw in. We said


about Benalouane keeping things simple committee kept it very simple


then and just passed it out of play for a throw in.


Taking the message of remove the risk to the ultimate. Can Leicester


keep a clean sheet now? Anya trying to wriggle away from


Chilwell. He slipped at the all-important moment. That was a


high foot from Albright and according to the referee. -- from


Albrighton. That looked harsh as welcome as he is saying. The Derby


player put his head down. He is quite high in the replay. I retract


what I said. I think you still need to get out more!


Can Derby extend Zieler a little more from this free kick situation?


Camara certainly fancies another go. Touch to him by De Sart and it is


Camara and deflected! 1-1. A stroke of luck for Derby and they will take


it. A wicked deflection from Camara's free kick and the


Championship team are level. The first free kick he had five minutes


ago he hit first time. That one they wanted to change the angle and set


it up well. But the deflection is wicked.


Just opening the ball up for Camara to get the strike and the goalkeeper


is obviously diving to his left. His off Chilwell who was on the end of


the wall -- it is off Chilwell. That is what took it horribly away from


Zieler. Much delight on the Derby bench. Just as they did 11 days ago,


they have clawed it back from 1-0 to 1-1, and then of course they took it


to 2-1 and that is a foul on Vydra. Cindy has come on, Vydra committee


is playing further forwards than Johnson -- since he came on, Vydra


is playing further forwards. No complaint from Benalouane. All of


the noise is from the 5000 travelling Derby supporters. Can


they make it even louder? Away by it Benalouane, only as far as Camara.


In by De Sart. Vydra. Cleared only as far as Butterfield. And an


important block but now there could be a Leicester break. Musa is forced


wide. Now Derby can try to build.


Completely different tempo to the cup tie now.


Christie with some space on the right hand side. And he was caught


by Chilwell. Christie stepping inside Chilwell and again, the


Leicester full-back can't really have any complaints.


It is finely poised. 20 minutes into the second half. Butterfield to


deliver the free kick for Derby. Vydra tried to get a touch, it came


quickly for Shackell and cleared eventually by Musa.


Lowe stepped in. Camara. No free kick.


I think Jason Shackell was on the last warning anyway from Mike Jones.


He is going to be given a little leniency. Another stay of execution.


He played the ball but went through the player to get it. No more room


for error, that's for sure, for the Derby central defender.


Kapustka was trying to find Albrighton, Lowe was equal to it,


Leicester corner. Lowe did welcome and he got into a bit of an awkward


position and lost Albrighton but his pace got him out of it. -- Lowe did


well. Benalouane and Wasilewski are both forward. Wasilewski couldn't


get the touch. Kapustka is dispossessed and this is Anya for


Derby. Mitchell's clearance is straight to


King. Albrighton. That is a Leicester free kick.


Camara just getting to the ball late and again Albrighton was positive


and direct. An opportunity now with that right foot of Albrighton to put


in a dangerous ball. We saw Butterfield put in some dangerous


crosses at the other end. Derby have everybody back to defend


this. In from Albrighton. Taken comfortably by Jonathan Mitchell.


Camara and Anya have switched sides in the last five minutes. Here is


the aforementioned Anya. Butterfield demanding it and receiving it.


Christie. Vydra. He caught Benalouane. His own attempt at the


scorpion. Christie is getting some wonderful space and it was a decent


ball in again and that's... That's painful.


That's why you don't get many good-looking centre halves!


He has come off pretty lightly, to be honest.


This is why Derby are level. Hard to see whether that was going to hit


the target. It looks like it was from that angle.


Nothing Zieler could do. Leicester probably feel, in their current


predicament, but moments like that are going against them.


The grass is always half empty when you are losing games. In that case,


the club. -- in the case, the cup. I am not allowed to mention the E


word, neither manager in their situation with their fixture list


wants another half-hour. Looking at the opening 15 minutes of


the second half, Demarai Gray was the catalyst for Leicester. They


need him back on the ball, running at players. The one thing the two


managers agree on is that they want a result, either way, in 90 minutes.


Bristol City at home for Derby on Saturday and that huge Premier


League fixture away at Swansea for Leicester on Sunday afternoon.


Somalia and his international team-mate Mahrez are options for


Claudio Ranieri. -- Slimani and his international team-mate. If these


managers want to get this done in 90 minutes, the benches could play an


important part. Maybe bring our Kazakh yarn as well. -- maybe bring


on Okazaki. Good work from Musa.


There was not a single Leicester player in the penalty area, there,


had to go back to Albrighton instead.


The speed at which Leicester broke meant that only one player managed


to get into the box, Musa, who managed to keep up with play.


Derby are planning a second change. Johnny Russell, who started the


first game, he is replacing Camara, who will claim the equaliser.


Johnny Russell scored the winner in Steve McClaren's first game back in


charge. He has not scored since, but he is on for the last 16 minutes,


maybe more, of this fourth round replay.


We're inside the last quarter of an hour of the 90.


Slimani begins to warm up for Leicester.


Recovered from the growing injury he had at the return of the African Cup


of Nations. -- the groin problem he had.


You would not like to call it at this stage? There is a bit of a lull


in the game at the moment, couple of substitutions. Just pausing before


the final assault of the 90 minutes. I'm impressed with the deliveries


from Christie on the right-hand side, he does not overcomplicated


but he sees the space to hit with the right foot.


He did really well to win that back from Chilwell. Good recovery.


That was a lovely touch by Anya. Russell censors introduction. He is


linking up better with his midfield, with Blackman... Blackman looked


isolated in the first half. Now that Russell is on, here's the clever


player with good quality. -- he is a clever player.


He tried to make that Benson front of Zieler. -- bounce in front of


Zieler. While held by Zieler. -- well held. Frustration from


McClaren, he knows Russell can pick a spot from that situation.


Seconds away from the last ten minutes, Claudio Ranieri is


introducing Riyad Mahrez. The full debut of Kapustka has lasted 80


minutes. Mahrez, who has gone ten games without scoring, the man who


scored 17 goals last season only has two from open play this season. He


has the opportunity to help Leicester win this replay in the 90


minutes. His introduction will raise the


quality of what is on the pitch, it is just whether he can deliver.


Here's another Leicester player who is a shadow of what was last season.


Keogh just about had his feet in the right position.


Scored one with his head, he was trying to repeat it. So far, in


front of a near post, he does well to get it into that area. Once


again, the reaction of the Leicester players, just not quite able to get


into a position to keep the ball in play.


Derby are making a change, Nick Blackman is being removed. A very


familiar face is returning to the KP Stadium. His first game under


McClaren. Applauded by the Derby supporters. David Nugent is coming


on. Injured his knee ligaments at Leeds three weeks ago, this his


first game since signing from Middlesbrough. Four years Leicester


player, 59 goals in that time. Promoted in 2014. We'll David Nugent


play a part in the FA Cup headlines this evening? -- we'll David Nugent?


Shackell stood his ground, goal kick. But was excellent defending by


Shackell, Gray was in full flow, Shackell had to turn and get up to


speed within two or three strides. Used his body well, got his arm


across him, excellent tackle. Bonus that he played it off the Leicester


player and got his team the goal kick.


He went to ground and looked hopefully towards Mike Jones, the


referee. A wry smile from the man in the middle.


The goalkeeper hesitated and then improvised. Leicester feel he


handled outside the area. The referee does not. He will book Musa


for his protests. It is beneath us, Steve. We are seeing the replay.


Good movement by Musa, gets away from Keogh. Handball, red card. No


doubt about it. The assistant referee on the side of the pitch is


managing the other half, so he is not in line with it. You would think


the assistant referee should be communicating that, one of them


should have seen that. Musa Schone yellow card. Mark Scholes is the


referee on the near side, Mark Perry on the far.


Jonathan Mitchell is a relieved man. He got caught in no man's land and


then it was just instinct to stick your arm out in that situation but


it was so blatant. Both these teams at this stage will


be hoping there is a late winner. A big call from Mike Jones.


Amartey with the challenge and that is a goal kick. Have a look at this


at the other end before that. He did well, Vydra. Against Amartey and


then Mendy but he was never really in control of the ball at this stage


committee was already losing his balance. -- he was already losing.


It is a Leicester throw in. Leicester have only gone past round


for twice in the last 11 seasons. -- round four.


Forward by King. Miscued by Russell and won back by Mendy. This is king.


That is a Derby free kick. Quickly taken by Derby. They have a


game on Saturday against Bristol City at Pride Park. That was


Wasilewski and it is gathered by Zieler. That could have gone


anywhere, it came off his heel in the end, much to his relief that it


did not drop to a Derby player. A lovely ball by De Sart.


Albrighton might have a crossing opportunity. Musa and Mahrez


weighting and the header from Musa. Straight into the arms of Mitchell.


No pace on the ball, it is lofted. Musa did well to get it on target


but couldn't get the pace on the header. Russell court Chilwell,


Leicester free kick. -- caught. Here is Ding and a chance for Mahrez


to run at Derby. -- king. Shackell with the all-important challenge. It


was so well timed, the tackle on Mahrez. As was that from Andy King


on Johnny Russell. The last minute of the 90, Musa is onside, and that


is off the post! Max Lowe was trying to jest it back to his own


goalkeeper and he very nearly scored an own goal. I can't believe he is


doing trick shots! How lucky is he? He gets that horribly wrong and talk


about good fortune. Or bad if you are a Leicester supporter. They got


that deflection for the equaliser. Into the last minute of the 90.


He wanted it settle in the 90 minutes as well.


I think Steve McClaren was rushing to give it to a Leicester player as


well! Unless there is a goal in those three minutes of stoppage


time, they will have another half an hour, whether they like it or not.


Millwall still waiting to see who their opponents will be in round


five. Butterfield has carried on. He


couldn't slide it through to Nugent and picked up by Mahrez.


Here is Gray. Demarai Gray, good block by Keogh. Albrighton and well


defended by Jason Shackell. Leicester Corner. A bridging


partnership between Shackell and Keogh. Keogh made a good challenge,


Shackell covered his partner and got into a good position and made an


excellent clearance. In from Gray. Chilwell couldn't get


the touch and it comes back to Demarai Gray. Into that penalty


area, Lowe got his head to it, a host of bodies going for the second


ball and Wasilewski has a swing and appeals from Leicester. The referee


not interested. We have had two of the three added minutes. I wish


Leicester had shown this sort of urgency earlier in the match.


Getting so many bodies forward now. Given away by Mendy. Nugent.


Mahrez in the final few seconds of stoppage time and it will need


something special now. Still Riyad Mahrez. Again Shackell


was in the way. And that is it. We had 90 minutes at Pride Park and


they couldn't be separated and another 90 minutes at the KP and


they still can't be separated. Andy King's header cancelled out by


Camara's deflected free kick and we must have another half an hour to


see who goes on to play Millwall in round five. At the end of the 90


minutes, 1-1. STUDIO: Honours even at a much


better second half, so good in fact that we thought we would bring you


another half an hour extra and it is probably the last thing that either


manager wanted. Some of these players might be needed again in


three or four weeks! Overall it is probably about right, wasn't it? I


think so, definitely more energy about both teams actually. For the


first time in the game, we highlighted at half-time about


Leicester not getting bodies into the box but straightway after half


they got four bodies in there. It was a superb cross in there and we


set about the lack of energy and desire to get into the Derby box in


the first half. I don't know if Ranieri had said something but


straightway after one minute they have for bodies in there and it is a


brilliant ball in. Albrighton does well to keep it alive and Andy King


is there to gamble and get the tap in and that is what happens when you


get people in the box. Andy King has been a great servant to the club. He


can nick a goal. They start of the second half very well. Derby


equalised, an element of good fortune to it. I think the referee


was right to award the free kick, Albrighton's foot was high. But


this, I think Chilwell, he has turned his body. There, if he stays


straight, it gets blocked and the ball pits him. He should block it


but he is on the half term and the ball goes into the corner. I totally


agree. And the handball? The referee and assistant referee cannot see it.


Obviously it is blatant and Derby County get away with it but I can't


blame the referee. It looks like the goalkeeper has chested it from that


angle. And this was in the last minute, how cool was that? 1-2 off


the post! And Lowe is a very lucky man. Leicester looked a bit livelier


towards the end, Mahrez came on and we understand Slimani might be


coming on. The big centre forward, he might do the job. I thought


possession wise for most of the half, Derby had the better of it but


Leicester came into it in the last five, ten minutes and were pushing


forward. They honestly brought on Mahrez who will look to have an


influence, as will this guy. A good substitution? I would think so, you


still want to win the game. We have talked all night about the and


importance of this competition seemingly from the clubs but you


have got this far, you want to go and win it. As for Derby, have they


got what it takes? They had a good spell in that second half when they


got the equaliser, they were on top. Nugent has come on, they have got


Vydra, it is an opportunity for Derby to go and win the game. At


least they've got a couple of goals. Goals and talking points. The second


half was a lot better. Much more entertaining. I'm not sure who


Slimani has come on for. It says Musa there, and also Ndidi has come


on, a new signing in the window. He and Slimani have come on so that is


all three Leicester substitutes and the perfect time to hand back to


Steve and Graeme. COMMENTATOR: Thank you, Gary, so can


the fresh legs of the Algerian and Nigerian internationals do the


business for Claudio Ranieri? It is Slimani's first appearance from the


Africa Cup of Nations. He had been hampered with a groin injury. He is


on for the extra half hour. Ndidi cost ?15 million in January from


Genk and he is on for Mendy. 180 minutes in the FA Cup between these


East Midlands rivals and they still can't be separated. Another 30 on


the way as Riyad Mahrez gets it underway. And a positive double


change from Claudio Ranieri. It certainly was and Leicester did


finish the second half with much more urgency about the way they were


playing. It is whether or not now their quality will show through. We


have seen Mahrez, Slimani, Demarai Gray has played well. I think for


Derby, it is a case of them having to deal with Leicester on one-on-one


situations and take a few risks themselves. They will have to see if


they can get some service to Nugent. Obviously we know historically he is


a quality finisher and he needs the chance to see if he can prove he has


still got it. Gathered safely by Mitchell.


As we get to this stage now, extra time, tired legs but tired minds. A


lapse of concentration can be the difference between keeping somebody


from scoring. The quicker they can move the ball you must presume that


they will be used to moving the ball quicker, with that better quality.


They really have to keep testing Derby, both physically and mentally.


Gray had a one chat with Ranieri before the resumption. -- a


one-to-one chat. Anya got some help from Lowe.


Butterfield slipped as he delivered. In DD! -- Ndidi! What an entrance to


the game, what a time to score your first Leicester goal. It is a


stunner from Wilfred Ndidi, Leicester are back in front.


Leicester were sitting deep initially, allowing Derby to come


onto them. The break and the finish, my goodness, what a strike that was


by Ndidi. Finding Mahrez very open. Derby just backed off, backed up.


Still had a huge amount to do. He takes the chance with a left foot.


Hates it, has a little bit of bent on it. -- hits it, has a little bit


of a bend on it. This latest of touches by Mitchell, not enough.


That is what you call a good substitution. The ?15 million man.


He has only been on the pitch for for and half minutes. He has the


Premier League champions back in front.


A bad start to the second half of normal time, and equally frustrating


one for the first half of extra time.


A moment to remember for the 20-year-old. But only if it sees


them go on to the fifth round of the FA Cup.


Can Derby come back again? That would be for the third time over the


two ties. Got caught a little bit across the


ball. Once again, Albright in is getting himself into good positions


but those balls into the penalty area have not been quite of his


standard this evening. Giving the goalkeeper bit crossing practice. --


a bit more crossing practice. Was Slimani court? You think so, the


referee does not. Mike Jones does not think so at all. Was Slimani


caught? Once again, he takes his leg. He is about to put it down on


the floor, it should be a penalty. Looking at Max Lowe, the young Derby


left-back. When Albrighton went past him, he stayed down. He looked like


he was suffering from cramp, he has not played much football. The Derby


players' likes will feel very happy at this moment, going a goal down in


extra time. The time seems to go very quickly.


Eight first-team appearances, the 19-year-old left-back, he has only


lost one game in the EFL Cup to Liverpool. Derby trailing in extra


time. That went against Slimani. He did not look at the ball, you just


charged into Shackell. -- he just charged. Shackell almost kicked his


head off. Gray went alone. Slimani! He is


wondering how on earth he did not make contact with that.


He got his feet completely mixed up. Gray showed Keogh one way and then


the other. How did he miss that? It went through his legs in the end.


Can't sort his feet out. Any tell John batter 's 3-1. Demarai Gray's


face said it all. -- any touch on that and it is 3-1.


Well read by Chilwell. Just over three minutes up the first


half of extra time remain. -- three minutes of.


Russell's header. It came at him quickly. Could not find the target,


Johnny Russell. Another excellent ball in from Christie, a glancing


header from Russell. From this angle, it looked closer


than that. Good signs, good play by Derby. They are obviously trying to


get themselves back into this game. It is difficult, Leicester are deep,


they have a big bank of players across the back. Derby are trying to


go down the side, which is the right approach.


As it stands, Ndidi is the hero. Made an immediate impact on the tie.


And a much needed one for Leicester. One minute of added time at the end


of the first half of extra time. One goal separating these East Midlands




A lack of communication, there. Then landed the right thing. If he


has not heard anything from his goalkeeper, he has to keep his focus


and do his job. -- Johann Malawana did the right thing.


Ndidi, the goal-scorer, with a header clear.


WHISTLE BLOWS Half-time in extra time, it is


advantage, Leicester. Because of this the stunning strike


from Wilfred Ndidi. Lester two, Derby one.


still got it. Gathered safely by Mitchell.


And just to inform you that the ten o'clock news will follow extra time


in this game, or penalties if it goes to it. Claudio Ranieri has the


edge. Much better from Leicester, they got a very good goal from


Ndidi, they should have had a penalty and missed an absolute


sitter from Slimani but this was a superb strike. The keeper had no


chance, in off the post. Left foot, very good. A beautiful strike,


Martin? Fantastic effort. It has put a spark into Leicester, I think the


substitutions have made a big difference, despite the fact that


Slimani has missed from half a yard. Overall, it is fine, Leicester in a


decent position now and they will want to see it through without


conceding. The young lad Demarai Gray has had an excellent time of


it. Slimani managed to not make that nutmeg himself. 30 million quid! He


can't but the ball in an empty net! OK, they are about to start the


second half of extra time so let's rejoin Steve. COMMENTATOR: Thank


you, Gary. Derby with 15 minutes to cancel out his goal. And maintain


hopes of facing Millwall in the fifth round of the FA Cup.


Jonathan Mitchell was beaten by that stunning strike from the Nigerian.


Have Derby got anything left in the tank? It is now or never for them.


And it will be Derby to get the second half of extra time underway.


Do you feel they have anything in the tank, Graeme? Well, it will be


tough for them, obviously the legs are getting tired. You need an


individual bit of brilliance, as we sort with Leicester and the strike


from Ndidi. It is whether there is somebody from Derby who can produce


that moment of quality. Comfortable for Wasilewski. Gray was


on his way. It has fallen to Albrighton.


Christie looking for an option. So many Leicester bodies back there


now. That was almost through to Anya. That is the problem Derby have


got, the banks of four that Leicester have. You can see they are


deep and well-organised. It is an excellent run by Anya but the pace


of the ball was a bit too much for him.


Another one digging deep, he has not played a lot of football recently.


He has worked hard. The goal for Leicester was so


important in the sense that it allows them their game plan of just


being disciplined and maintaining their position. If you get the ball,


either take advantage on the counterattack or just keep pulling


Derby players around. They had a spell in that first half of extra


time where Leicester just passed the ball around and moved those Derby


players, draining their legs even further. Now with Derby possession,


you can see their discipline with two banks of four. The team just one


point above the drop zone in the Premier League with their noses in


front as Lowe lifted it in and that is cleared by Albrighton.


This is all Leicester need to do now, keep possession. Yes, there is


always a spare man whether it is in midfield or defence. Derby are


having to close the ball down and press but they are pressing as


individuals. Leicester have time to get their heads up and find another


player. Andy King. He might fancy a shot here. Beaten away by Mitchell.


Good to see Leicester still being positive, King getting the chance to


go forward and it is a decent strike but a comfortable save for Mitchell.


The caller has gone short to Mahrez. But on the move and ears picked him


out. Another Leicester caller -- Albrighton on the move and he has


picked him out. A reminder, in case you were tuning in, the news will


follow this programme. After this extra time and still possibly


penalties but Leicester are looking for the goal to seal it and that was


towards Ndidi again. He thought it was a corner but it is a goal kick.


What a ball in from Mahrez this is. I presume the Derby players thought


it would be another short corner with Mahrez keeping it but the pace


with which he whipped it in, excellent.


Keogh trying to drive his team to find an equaliser for the second


time on the night. In from Christie. Away by Marty.


Picked up by De Sart. -- Amartey. Christie against Albrighton and


round Albrighton. And then lost his footing at the all-important moment.


What a pity for him. He did well, getting down the outside of


Albrighton, Albrighton tried to show him inside and he skips past him and


then slips. You can see that left calf is cramped up as well, you can


see the definition in the muscle. It's a long way back to your right


back spot. They enjoyed their win away at one


Premier League team, West Brom. If they are to enjoy one here, they


will need some late magic from his team to keep those hopes alive.


Three points off the play-offs in the Championship, that is


understandably their main aim. Gray, still trying to weave his way


through! What a goal from Demarai Gray! Leicester's man of the night


with a stunning solo effort to make sure, surely, of their place in the


fifth round of the FA Cup, and finally write some positive


headlines for Leicester City. What a wonderful piece of individual


brilliance. As on Sunday against Manchester United when he was a


bright spark in a disappointing performance, he has been the star


man tonight. Absolutely wonderful skill and ability. Skipping away


from two Derby players and then the composure and awareness to get his


head up and pick his spot. Fabulous finish.


It is just his second goal of the season but he will remember this


one. He has seen his team score seven


times in the FA Cup this year. They just have to get a few in the league


now. That's the thing that it is nearly 120 minutes of football he


has played and he still has that sharpness and power and the upper


body strength to keep himself away from the challenges. Still only 20,


remember, the former Birmingham player. Russell with the Derby


corner. They were level after 90 minutes but


what about the two goals that have given Leicester the advantage in


extra time? Credit to them because they have remained positive


throughout, they have kept the ball well since they went ahead but still


looked to create. And a piece of magic to finish it off.


Butterfield's corner, the punch from Zieler. In the context of their


season, a much-needed win. I was just about to ask you what it does


for the football club now. You have got to use it as a base to go on and


perform consistently. For all the changes he has made, it is good for


the players playing and for those resting, it should give them a bit


of hunger and desire and bring the team and the squad together. Away


from the changes, for Claudio Ranieri and for Leicester a day of


no negativity, some positivity. Absolutely right. Select in by


Christie to, Nugent to the header -- swept in. Leicester have done it all


without Jamie Vardy. It is just wonderful to watch. Two feet, left,


right, the arm across Vydra and a lovely strike to finish it off. His


other goal this season was also a stunning effort, at Old Trafford,


but that was just a consolation in a 4-1 defeat. What a way to make sure


of your place in the fifth round of the FA Cup. Against Millwall, who,


remember, have put out two Premier League teams already.


Graeme, who is your Man of the Match? You will have to believe me


when I say he was my Man of the Match before that won the bid to


advocate that wonderful individual goal. He has been fantastic. When


you have a player on the pitch you as high energy and is positive,


intensity, it should feed throughout the team. Every time he got the


ball, he has tried to create something tried to make something


happen. His assist obviously with the wonderful ball at the beginning


of the second half, the gun that created the chance for Slimani and


obviously that finish -- the run. An excellent performance from Demarai


Gray. He is the man who put them back in front in extra time in the


first half, Ndidi with his first Leicester goal. As we saw, it has


brought a smile to the face of the owner. There has not been too much


to smile about since the turn of the year for Leicester supporters.


It will give the club a lift before that huge Premier League trip to


Swansea, then a trip to Spain, to face Sevilla in the Champions


League. The thing about the performance from Demarai Gray, we


said that if these players play well they have every right to play at the


weekend. I was just about to ask if you would start him at Swansea.


Absolutely. A corner of the Derby in the last minute. The last minute of


extra time. Derby have given it a great goal over the two gates, they


will now concentrate on those three home games in a row in the


Championship. -- Derby have given it a great try over the two games.


Slimani chased. Can he add his name to the scoresheet?


One minute of added time at the end of extra time.


Forward from an year. -- from Ikechi Anya.


WHISTLE BLOWS Much-needed positivity for Leicester


City. Ten changes the Claudio Ranieri, a change of fortune and an


East Midlands derby win as well to send them into the fifth round of


the FA Cup, to face Millwall. Ndidi's goal was important and


spectacular, just into extra time, to give them the edge. Settled by a


brilliant individual goal from Demarai Gray, the man of the night


for Leicester. It ended Derby's strong challenge. It will be


Leicester who progress in the FA Cup. Steve McClaren left for the


play-off push with Derby, but it is Leicester's night, and it is they


who played Millwall next. It has finished Leicester three, Derby one.


STUDIO: Leicester are through to the fifth round of the FA Cup, a


fabulous goal from Demarai Gray in the last few minutes. An individual


effort that sealed it emphatically for Leicester. It was a tough


battle. There was nothing there in the 90 minutes, Leicester were by


far the better team in extra time. Two very, very good goals. He was


the star of the show, I thought. We said before the game about players


making a statement to get into the starting team, he has definitely


done that. A very talented young player. Really talented, came from


Birmingham City about a year and a half ago. A little bit surprising


that he has not really stamped his authority completely on Leicester's


season. That may be difficult, he might not be starting many games and


things might not be happening, but he has fantastic talent. This is a


really great goal, he takes it around Keogh and Vydra as if they


were not there. Fantastic goal. Not only will it give him confidence, I


think it will give Leicester City confidence going into the weekend's


match. There is the winning goal, 3-1 in the end. He was the Man of


the Match. He is down with Manish and Andy King.


Andy and Demarai are here, is that exactly what Leicester needed?


Definitely, it was important to kick-start some form to take into


the leak. It has been a tough few weeks, we have taken some criticism


but tonight shows the fight within the squad and the win will hopefully


kick-start us in the league. Demarai , your second goal after the


performance against man Utd. You only score good goals? I was happy


to get on the scoresheet and take pressure off, it was extra time, it


gets tough. I am looking to score as much as possible and impact on


plate. Millwall away in the last 16, what can this do to Leicester's


season? Hopefully it can kick started, we have 14 massive league


games and we have gone through a couple of rounds in the cup, why


can't we make another journey this season?


Congratulations, both. Well done. The last time Leicester got to the


final they met Millwall on the way and they beat them at the Old Dan,


and I was there, I was only eight. Congratulations, Leicester. You


successfully have an away tie with Millwall that you did not want. They


deserved it in the 30 minutes of extra time. Fans would disagree. The


manager would not, he said it was a game too much. I think it is a


really big win the Leicester City, I am delighted, there has been a lot


of doom and gloom. Derby, concentrate on the league? And


Sevilla three days after the game against Millwall, will they play a


strong team? I doubt. Leicester are through,


thanks to the nifty shades of Gray. Goodbye.


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