Fourth Round Highlights - Sunday The FA Cup

Fourth Round Highlights - Sunday

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COMMENTATOR: 1-1, game on. A fine start. Its two,


this is unbelievable. Cheekily. Dele Alli, 3-3. What a strike that is.


Yaya Toure, it had to be. Into the fifth round of the FA Cup. He's got


the winner for Tottenham. His let rip. It's to Pedro, 2-0. It's three!


Lincoln City was much efforts continue.


The fourth found of the Emirates FA Cup had upsets galore yesterday,


Joining me tonight, two men who've played in a fair few FA


Cup ties between them, Trevor Sinclair and Mark Lawrenson.


Loving the jacket, Trafford. Thank you.


First up, the lowest ranked side left in the competition -


Sutton United - who were hoping to join fellow National League side


Standing in their way, Championship high fliers


Leeds United at a rainswept Gander Green Lane.


Never since the FA Cup settled on its current format since 1925 have


two non-league sides reached the last 16 in the same season. Lincoln


City are there. Can Sutton United join them today? Sutton won and FA


Cup replay in front of 400, there are more than ten times here this


afternoon. Nicky Bailey, who wants to cost Middlesbrough the thick end


of ?1.5 million, has passed a fitness test, and anchors their


midfield, alongside him in the middle, Craig Eastmond, once the


play for Arsenal in the Champions League, experienced goal-scorer Matt


Tubbs is on the bench. There are two debuts for Leeds, Billy Whitehouse,


who has been on loan at Guiseley in a National League this season, and


Paul Mackay, both were 20, both were signs to Leeds Academy from


Doncaster Rovers. Only two of this 11th started their Championship


midwinter -- midweek win over Nottingham Forest. Very bad


conditions at Gander Green Lane. Difficult for players and everybody.


As Sutton United launch it forward. Sutton Lawrence Landau! Unbelievable


start, Roarie Deacon. Oh, the flag is. The celebrations go on, but the


flag is up and it won't count. Deacon knows it now. That is so


tight. It's a really good finish. It's been an uncomfortable start to


the game for Leeds. McKay crowded out of it. That's a good save. It's


a really good save. Deacon hit that really well. Sylvestre up to his


left hand side with a super stop here. Look how well hit that is from


Deacon. Might have been rising over the bar. Marco Silvestri wasn't sure


and wasn't about to take a chance. He'll be frustrated. Paul Doswell,


no doubt, because his team have been much the more dangerous. Quickly


dispossessed again. That's good play once more. Is that a foul? The card


is coming out here. It was... Not a huge surprise to see. Liam Cooper


knew he was in bother here. On the right there, Dave Roffey, goalkeeper


when Sutton United played Leeds United in 1970, and on the left of


him, his son, the goalkeeper in 1989 when they played Coventry City. It's


played them into bother again. Deacon inside, blocked, by Gomis.


Sylvestre with the save. Well, he saved it in the end, Marco


Silvestri. It was his poor clearance that started it. A slice of luck for


Leeds United a game. That's a good ball. Great first touch. Good save.


A lovely ball, it's a good save. That was nicely worked, he has


nicked it away, Lewie Coyle. It was only some sort of cross, the ball is


just about still in play for Dallas. Nicely worked, deflected. It wasn't


far wide at all. Well chased by Dallas, first to keep the cross in.


Bishop just deflected round the post off Simon Downer.


Given away poorly. Might be in here, Deacon. Good save the game. Marco


Silvestri, really good stop to deny Deacon. That's not too far wide on


the follow-up either. But Deacon's shot really well hit. Marco


Silvestri's goal still intact, but again, Sutton United asking all the


questions. This is by far Sutton United's best display in the fourth


round of the FA Cup. Two previous games against Leeds and Norwich


finished 6-0 and 8-0, not in Sutton's favour. Nicky Bailey now


for Sutton. The goalkeeper has come and he hasn't got there answer to


claim a penalty, and they claim a panel see again and they get it.


Stuart Attwell says, yes! Bailey's ball over the top, Sylvestre, Diame


you got a foot in but the penalty is surely for the follow-up, as Lewie


Coyle catches Deacon. Jamie Collins, the captain of National League


Sutton, can he put them in front? A lead they would certainly deserve.


1-0, brilliantly dispatched by the skipper and the celebrations begin


at Gander Green Lane again. 1989, all over again! Then, it was


Coventry. Now, it's Leeds. Our Sutton United making history here,


by going further in this competition than they have ever been before? The


captain took responsibility and send the keeper the wrong way, with a


great penalty. There's a long way to go but Sutton are where they deserve


to be, and that is in front. Third in the Championship Leeds, playing


against Sutton United of the National League. And they've barely


laid a glove on them. White House has two to try to beat here. No


foul. -- Billy Whitehouse. Do you know what, Sutton look at that, the


foot flushed out and made contact. That's short, May, leads all over


the place. And May nearly taking advantage. Just as well Marco


Silvestri was alive, because not too many others wearing Leeds colours.


Tales of 1989 probably have been told many, many occasions to those


youngsters. They will pass on the story of 2017 to their own kids, no


doubt. Making the goalkeeper make a save,


he's not had much to do, Ross Worner, in the Sutton United goal.


It's on target, but in truth you can't say much more for it than


that. Spence with the throw. Eastmond tripped, and Liam Cooper is


in trouble here. Second yellow. And Leeds are a goal down and a man


down. One skipper scores, the other sent off. Leeds United are heading


out of the FA Cup here. Sutton's free kick. Bent in towards the goal.


It could have been a second. The flag goes up in the end. Gomis


couldn't put it in. Well, as this free kick comes in, look at the


opportunity Jamie Collins has to make it two. Marco Silvestri managed


to force it away. Surely the next whistle will signal FA Cup history.


Sutton fans impatient. They are ready to rock, just waiting for


Stuart Attwell. And there it is! They've done it again! Sutton United


are into the fifth round, the last 16, of the FA Cup. Further run they


have ever been, eclipsing even 1989. It's a thoroughly deserved victory


and for the first time in its modern form a, the FA Cup will have two


non-league sides in the last 16! How do you sum up your emotions


tonight? Actually calmer, calmer than the Wimbledon game when you saw


me sprint up the line two or three times and I got out of breath. I had


trusted the team today. I knew we were in with a chance because the


lads started the game well, which was important. They all had their


jobs to do. But it's a team you can trust. So pleased for my skipper as


well, Jamie Collins, to get that one in goal. As soon as we scored, I


think we knew we had won. They never really caused us problems. They had


one shot on target. We were disappointed we hadn't scored by


half-time but we won 1-0 and that's all that matters. I take


responsibility, I selected the team, I made changes, it didn't work out


for us, so maybe it was the wrong decision in that sense. It's my


responsibility, I take that fully, for the performance we have got.


You've got to be wanting a home draw. I don't want Man United away


or Liverpool away, but Chelsea, if we could get a home draw I think it


would be an amazing, another amazing day here. Everyone keeps telling me


we were due to play Lincoln on Saturday the 18th. That was called


off last night because Lincoln got through. We have got through today.


You can guarantee we're going to draw Lincoln on the 18th, as we


should have played them, and you'll get a long league team in a


quarterfinal. That will never happen again.


Paul Doswell, didn't he just, an incredible day for them and Sutton


United and a bit of history, the first time ever two non-league sides


have reached the fifth round of the FA Cup since the Football League was


founded. They deserved that. There's no argument at all. They were


outstanding. They could have won more comfortably. I like what Garry


Monk said, it was down to me as far as Leeds was concerned and they


didn't do three things. They didn't cope with their own changes, of


which there were ten. They certainly didn't cope with the football pitch


and didn't really cope with the opposition at all and in the end,


they'd have no idea how to play on that pitch, and how they got a 3G at


the training ground? At the training facilities. It didn't look like


they'd been on it. Of the Roarie Deacon, he has scored every round so


far. He tormented Leeds. He did, he was full of running, had no fear,


making runs in behind and the Leeds back four did not know how to deal


with him and he had lots of success. He could have scored more than the


penalty he got for study could have scored a few goals. We see him just


offside. It looked about level to me, when we see the replay. Finished


it really well, but looking to get in behind. I think he was full of


creativity. He was really eager to run behind. If you ask any defender,


that's what they don't want you to do, running behind. On his right


hand side, fierce shot, working the goalkeeper, good quality. I like


this clip, he'd checked his shoulder, first-time shot, really


vicious. He was like that all afternoon. Absolutely stunning


performance from Susan. People will go on about the pitch. It's not the


pitch, it's the quality and experience from the Sutton United


team. They were too much for Leeds United to handle. There's nothing


wrong with the pitch, they just knew how to play on it. They had a


minimum amount of passes. Talking of the penalty incident, because Roarie


Deacon played a part in that, how much of this was a combination of


the 3G pitch, and the inexperienced backline for Leeds? I blame the


goalkeeper, if I'm going to apportion blame. Because of


communication? I don't know about communication. When you see the ball


get played through, what's he doing when he sees an onrushing player?


What's he doing coming to the corner of his penalty area? The next thing,


Coyle is leaving because Marco Silvestri is taking our take it,


whatever, and they got away with it there and Coyle ended up tripping up


your man, so a well taken penalty. The goalkeeper has no reason to


come. The guy is running into the corner of the penalty area. You


might argue he's running away from the goal, so I'm sorry, but they


cause your own downfall. Jamie Collins has been asking if he can


have the day off work tomorrow because he's wanting to celebrate


and he's a bricklayer. I would want my wall being built by him tomorrow


anyway! For Leeds United it was a day to forget. Of course, they are


eyeing promotion to the Premier League, we have seen something


similar with Brighton and Newcastle. Ten changes, how much has that


contributed to this? Johansson This team will have never started


together. There were young players playing. I get this thing about


giving them experience but they are better coming into the team where


there is already experience. There are guys to help them through it.


Chuck in the fact of the pitch as well and it just didn't work. You


can see Leeds are guilty of trying to play too much football. Sutton


keep them at arms length away from the penalty area. They are not going


to hurt us. While Leeds will feel they had lots of possession, they


seriously didn't do anything with it. This is 25 yard at best. That


really was the story of their performance. Listen I hope they go


on and get a performance but it's the to forget. They took


responsibility instead of playing with the kids.


After leading the line for Millwall in the 2004 FA Cup final,


Neil Harris now had the chance to manage the League One side


Their opponents were Premier League Watford, who could do


Your commentators are Jonathan Pearce and Jermaine Jenas.


It's Sunday lunch, feeding time in the lion 's den. Premier League egos


are very much on the menu. Watford will have to be up for this or they


will be going out of the cup here tonight. Let's look at the line-ups.


Jordan Hart Chuck, former Tottenham. One change, Cooper. Hutchinson is


injured. In midfielder, all products of the Millwall youth team. 24


between those front to this season. Seven changes for Watford. Costel


Pantilimon has been their regular but Mariappa makes his first


appearance in his second spell at the club. Brandon Mason coming in at


wingback. Watson get his first start since August. Whether you're a


straight backing from the African cup of Nations. Jerome Sinclair


replaces Troy Deeney. Both teams have been to FA Cup finals in recent


memory. That may reach the fifth round here today? In the blue and


white stripes. Immediately looking for Steve


Morison. What a start that would have been! It would have been quite


sensational. Right, it would have been sensational, it came from one


long ball, caught Watford out. He's trying to guide it into the far


corner. Get a little too much hyped on it. Watson. Mason. Atkinson has


pulled it back for the Challenger Watson. Ball is up from the back for


this. Okaka picks up injuries because he tries too hard, the


manager says. Turned in towards him, slightest of touches on it. Just


edged away for a corner. It's all about delivery, this, lovely flight


on the ball from Guedioura, pace on it, it's the far post. Talking of


injuries, he's played less than 300 games as a first-team pro in 13


years. The youngster year, Sinclair. Nothing going, says the referee,


that is a more contentious one. Sinclair goes to kick it. Using that


incidents darts going to pull the laid-back. Sometimes players can


stop you from striking the ball. This situation... Right on the


money. No connection from Williams by the lookout at. Strikes the


floor, Sinclair. Hit the deck. A right pickle at the other end,


though. The goalkeeper and the defender. They just got away with


it. Goodness me. Always going to be an intense cup tie. You can't muck


around with it. Brilliant from Gregory, exactly what you want from


your centre forward. Getting stuck in with the goalkeeper. Fantastic


tackle. I think Millwall were complaining, saying it was a


backpass but Mariappa. Calling for a stretcher. Heurelho Gomes will come


on. Enter forward until he was 17. They needed a goalkeeper on a beach


tournament, he went in goal and stayed there ever since.


Morison. Gregory! Exactly what Heurelho Gomes can do. A fine shot


stopper. For a keeper who's just come off the bench, this is a


fantastic save. A good cross in. Out to Gregory.


That should have hit the target. He claims a corner kick. Millwall go to


the referee. The ball was bouncing awkwardly, couldn't keep it down.


Gregory gets his technique wrong, got to get his laces through, keep


it low. Trying to lift it. And disguise it over the box. He's


claiming there is a touch on the ball. Out from Watford. Here is


Jerome Sinclair. He's worked hard. Seen off by Cooper. Play on. Decent


cross in now. Bug being pulled back in. Did Webster have hold of it? --


Okaka being pulled in. Tough one for Martin Atkinson to give. I don't


know if it's clear enough, there is definite contact there, but there


always is in the box. For a challenge by Mason. Certainly caught


Wallace on the half term. Young man, FA Cup tie... Mistimed it. Martin


Atkinson is sensible as a referee. Coming in on his left foot. Lovely


ball in. The state has to be made from Morison. -- the save as to be


made. Watford simply switched off defensively.


Lovely cross. Morison! Millwall of League 1 lead Premier League Watford


with six minutes to go. Steve Morison, one of the old men of the


team. The Millwall hero gets the goal. The Lions are roaring now.


Here is Cummings. And Wallace. Another corner. Two wide men, fresh


pair of legs in the wide positions. A good call from Harris. He'll try


to suck this in. Ferguson with it. Morison at the near post with the


touch. Two! It's not, it's ruled out for handball. He thought he'd


settled it. The big centre half up from the back. It's not given. Will


it yet swing on that decision? In by Mac pro. Troy Deeney, should he have


started, that is the big question. He's done well. Watson back in the


mix. It'll come to Troy Deeney. Couldn't get the shot away because


of the intervention. Webster, who's worked so hard. He did just enough.


There it is! Don't tell anyone here in south London the FA Cup has lost


its lustre. That dreams don't happen any more. But the glamour is gone.


Because the Steve Morison's goal has beaten a Premier League team. First


and foremost I am beaten now, great one for us. -- unbeaten. We've got


confidence, which is key at this stage. Lincoln, Oxford, anybody


outside top division, just below that, top of the championship, to


get to the fifth round is a great achievement. Very frustrated I'm


sure, Walter, did the performance matched the game plan you set out


with today? TRANSLATION: It was a game where it was enough not to


concede a goal, we wanted to win the game. And I'm very disappointed,


very sorry for the fans. But I will tell them that we will get back on


and do the best in the next game. I thought everything that the FA Cup


stands for we epitomised that, with out the ball of discipline and shape


was good. You start to think the goal isn't going to come then when


you need it to have a talismanic Steve Morison to be able to put the


end product on a quality ball. We'll look at that in. Momentous days for


Millwall. They are staying in Bermondsey and the FA Cup. A rare


unchanged line-up. They did, Watford didn't. It doesn't half make a


difference when you play regular with somebody. Football's all about


partnerships. When you know the strengths and weaknesses, what they


do in certain situations, each time I see Watford they are all over the


place because they keep making changes. Today it was quite close


but I think Millwall deserved the victory. They started the game


really well from the first minute, Lee Gregory got into a position


where he could get a goal. Sniffed it out, sensed danger, but right on


the end of a cross. Brilliant play, got the ball out wide. As we see


from the clip, he can sense the ball coming into the box and like any


good striker gets between the central defenders. So unlucky not to


get that on target. Again he can sniff out a little opportunity here.


Pantilimon comes out. Goes through. Strong challenge. He was unlucky it


didn't bounce down to him. He kept getting himself in positions where


he was going to score. As you can see, slight hand from the Watford


defender. Again, on the move, on his front foot, what a strike. Brilliant


save from Pantilimon. Great knock-down, good linkup between the


strikers. They've got confidence, eight games unbeaten, playing with


real confidence. And no fear. That is a Premier League side they are


playing against. They are so competitive and sometimes you look


at Premier League teams and they are looking at other teams thinking, you


can't tackle us. You can see what they are tackled, going it's a foul.


You have to know when you go down the leagues it's really tough. What


a manager says if you can match them physically you have a chance, but


they didn't match them for me. Watford had a couple of penalty


shouts. It might get heated in the studio, you have different views on


the first of the two. I don't think the first one is a penalty,


Sinclair. He feels a waft of something. I honestly believe there


is no contact. Almost no contact on the ball. It's not just because he's


my namesake, as you pull your foot back as a defender you're not


allowed to touch, definitely contact, it changes the way he's


striking the ball and he stubbed his toe. This is a penalty all day long.


Absolutely is. He's just got everything, pulled him back, pulled


him down, everything you could possibly think of. Lukaku doesn't


look like a player will go down easily, he's a big lump, pulls him


down. Should have been a penalty. That was Watford's day. Paroled


Walter, probably checking the plane times for Italy. I mean, I bet he


absolutely totally lost it in the dressing room. What more can I do?


If we could translate that I'm sure we couldn't broadcast it anyway. You


might be right, might be through the translator. The winner from Millwall


came from Steve Morison, a real talisman. His 81st goal for the club


over two spells. How good was the ball from Shane Phillips gritter


marquee picks the ball up in his own half, the overlap on the outside,


puts a bit of disguise on. What a cross, Steve Morison get yourself a


winner. He does, with brilliant style. Keeps his eye on the ball,


really concentrates, mixture he hits the target. Fortunately goes between


the legs of the goalkeeper and that was the winner. Great ball in.


Nobody near him, absolutely nobody near him, look how much time and


space from the build-up to the finish. A day to remember for


Millwall. Now if you've been inspired


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people will fill this famous stadium for the FA Cup final and you could


be one of them. Sign up your five aside time for the FA People's cup,


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I was after the over 50s version. Walking football.


After ending Manchester United's impressive unbeaten run


on Thursday in the League Cup, Hull City were aiming


to continue their mini resurgence away to Championship side Fulham.


Commentary comes from BBC London's Murray Burnell and Martin Ling.


Here's Tim Reid, finds McDonald. 1-2, Martin goes down. It's a free


kick to Fulham, about 35 yards out. In towards the Hull penalty area.


Sone Aluko, against his former club, made no doubt about it, well taken!


This is brilliant play by Aluko. He continues in towards the middle.


This is amazing! That was brilliant play. Wide of the post in the end.


This is an opportunity now to move forward for Fulham. Sessegnon again.


He gets the ball, he's offside. It comes out to Robertson again, puts


the ball in towards the post, a late goal. Brilliantly taken, that's a


great ball towards Sessegnon. Towards Martin, and Martin scores.


The ball comes through towards the path of Sessegnon, and Sessegnon


makes it three for Fulham. Blazer towards Martin, Kenny could be


through. He checks back, he's still on the ball. He plays it towards


Johansen. 4-1 Fulham, they are going into the fifth round of the FA Cup.


Brilliant from McDonald's. He got past about five players there. Comes


out towards Floyd Ayite, who can sweep it in towards Tom Cairney.


Shoots towards goal, what an effort that was, tipped around the post.


Brilliant from Tom Cairney. Really silly to give away that penalty.


Here is Hernandez, scored four goals this season has the Uruguayan. From


12 yards in front of the Hull City fans, he might give Hull City a


chance. A terrible penalty. There might be another penalty. There is


another penalty. Hernandez. Unbelievable! Amazing, amazing


occasion. To play against Premier League, -- to play against Premier


League team, we try to find chances. I'm not disappointed, of course I'm


not happy with the score, with our performance today, but it's a lot of


problems to solve. We will have the same ambition and stay longer


possibly in this competition than right now. A convincing victory as


far as Fulham were concerned. Was that reflected in the performance


itself? I watched them at Loftus Road a couple of weeks ago. A very


strong side. You look at the players in the middle of the pack, Johansen,


Tom Cairney, they run the middle of the pack and they did that this


afternoon. Very good performance but the two most important players in


the side were Sone Aluko and the young boy, Sessegnon. Outstanding


displays. If we see the footage, you will see what I'm talking about.


Nice and early, involved, getting himself in the danger areas, great


strike, opened the scoring here. Great strengths, no fear at all, no


respect for the Premier League side. Good trickery, unfortunate not to


get his shot on target. We pick him out here, on the opposite side, this


is 16-year-old Ryan Sessegnon. Fulham back -- Fulham running, loads


of ideas, strength, usually use the young man wasting the ball and


giving it away in this position, he keeps position, great. He looks to


get involved, this is his setup play, this is so, so good for a


young man. You would think he would try to take the limelight and go for


himself. Third man run, thinks he's going to get it, no, keep on going


and most can't finish it before him, he does it with aplomb. That's a


superb talent. I'm really excited for the future. They played with a


lot of freedom and they like to express themselves. He's 16. He


plays more like a number ten. He's a left-sided player, he has pace, he's


obviously still growing, developing and maturing. Everybody knows he's


going to be a top player. It's how long they can manage to keep him at


Fulham big for one of the big boys. The they are already sniffing around


him and that's why. I Babin Hull are prioritising staying in the Premier


League, but was that a missed chance to enhance the feel-good factor?


They were a bit deflated even though they have won, seven changes, they


have to stay in the league. It's bigger for them than staying in the


FA Cup. The final Cup tie played today


saw the current holders Manchester United up


against the 2013 winners, The Reds having won 17 of the 18


meetings between the two. Guy Mowbray and Martin Keown


were at Old Trafford. Anthony Martial, scored in the third


round against Reading, scored six goals this season. A lot of pressure


on him today, were the words of his manager. If he plays magnificently,


he'll play against Hull in midweek. It seems a long time ago when Will


Grigg Blade Runner MK Dons team that may -- beat Louis van Gaal's team


4-0 in the League Cup as it was then. Team-mates included Dele Alli


and Fenwick Afobe, now scoring goals for Bournemouth in the Premier


League. Today, we recognise Wayne Rooney's goal-scoring record for


Manchester United, just under 12 and a half years of goals, 250 of them


in 547 games. It's a couple of hundred fewer than it took Bobby


Charlton to score his 249. Smalling did well there are


initially but then played Schweinsteiger into trouble. A foul


committed on Michael Jacobs that gives with In free kick. -- it gives


Wigan a free kick. Towards Burn, fired out, Romero. A really good


effort from Connolly. A dribbler for the United goalkeeper but Connolly


has clearly got a taste for having a go at scoring goals. Certainly has,


there's a lot of sting in that shot, a great strike from the young man.


Sure, that's a good ball, a good-looking ball. Mata got their


and he hit it hard and high. Finally we see a bit of penetration. It's


knocked down nicely there. Mata can't get over it. It's their first


meaningful effort on goal. Still Manchester United nil, Wigan


Athletic nil. He thought he was fouled. I think MacDonald has


definitely fouled Rooney. It's a decent try from Power, had plenty of


that, didn't have the swerve to take it away from Sergio Romero. I think


he blocks him. It shows an early effort from distance, plenty of


confidence coming in, Wigan. Qatari Anthony Martial, loads of


room for Fosu-Mensah. Martial backs himself. He is Fosu-Mensah, a good


ball across but it's missed by Mkhitaryan. A huge chance for


Manchester United. He rips it across, Mkhitaryan should be putting


that in. Wigan will not be drawn out. Good shape to their team, well


drilled. Incomes Jacobs. Schweinsteiger now to cross.


Haugaard goes back, Fellaini has it. Manchester United find the route to


goal. A simple cross onto the head of Marouane Fellaini. It's taken


them almost the whole of the half. Jose Mourinho's men have the lead.


Manchester United one, Wigan Athletic nil. Call-out to


Schweinsteiger. He knows he can pick a pass just puts it therefore


Fellaini, who does the rest was his power. Pins the defender. It's


almost to say forget the passing, let's just put it in the box, and


Fellaini will put it in the back of the net. Wigan have to think more


about getting forward. If they want to go through in this tournament


they want to get forward as much as they can. Here's an opportunity. The


ball is swung in and Romero has put it straight out. To Perkins. Here's


Warnock, Power. And the next cross from Jacobs is blocked by Rojo but


Sergio Romero they're very nearly palmed his team into deep trouble.


It's a problem of their own making, the goalkeeper, they have to test in


the box. It's a long way out for Perkins.


Mkhitaryan lets it go for Schweinsteiger. Warnock has


clattered into Bastian Schweinsteiger there. It's a corner,


not a free kick. It's all smiles between the pair.


Wayne Rooney to take the corner. Smalling has gone near. It's over


him. Mounting Manchester United pressure.


Martial looks for Smalling. 2-0 United, two headers into the Wigan


net. They are passing through to the last 16 and it's just about assured.


Marty al-Quds in here onto his right foot. He is so dangerous in these


sorts of positions -- Martial cuts inhere onto his right foot. He picks


out Smalling. There's only one winner here, again another cross


into the box. Wigan just can't deal with it. Good finish. Wigan have to


really pick themselves up from the floor, to have any hope of even


taking them back to another part of Lancashire for another replay, they


have to do something they've never done before and that's scored two


goals at Old Trafford. Martial to the left-hand side of Mkhitaryan.


Mkhitaryan finds him and powers into the centre himself. It's Martial,


Mkhitaryan, it's Manchester United three, Wigan Athletic nil. They have


raced down the field to finally take the tie away from Wigan once and for


all. Top quality. Martial, why he wants to play down the middle, I


don't know. Third man running, Mkhitaryan plays it to him and he


just about stays onside. Now he's trying to pick the past. The weight


on this ball is beautiful. A great run. He waits, the left foot, the


delivery is there. He can't miss. No way back for Wigan now. United


three, Wigan nil. Sure is looking for Martial. Martial above Warnock.


Turned only just past his own goal by Dan Burn. It's good plate,


Martial, look at the spring he has got there. Doesn't get the direction


on the header. Rulli's corner, into the goal by Bastian Schweinsteiger.


A beaming smile on the face of the German, who scored his first goal


for Manchester United at Old Trafford in what might well be one


of his last games for Manchester United. He can thank Herrera Mahut


manages to get it down to him, improvises really well there,


Schweinsteiger. Almost an overhead kick. Beautiful. It even raised a


smile, didn't it, from Mourinho, on the bench. We deserved to win. The


first half was not very, very good, but we managed to beat 1-0 in front


and at half-time we spoke about changing a few things and the


dynamic of the team. The boys accepted it obviously well and the


second half was Dutch better. We deserved to win. The job was done.


We are in the last 16. The first 60 minutes I thought we gave as good as


we got. We have the best opportunities that were carved


through good football. And clever play. But conceded two goals, which


you get every week in the Championship. We knew they are hard


team to beat and that's what we faced in a far south and in the


second half it opened. This weekend there's a lot of top teams that have


gone out, so it's good we are still in the Cup. No absurd in the end at


Old Trafford. Considering that Wigan asked trying to stave off relegation


in the Championship, they acquitted themselves well for the first 45


minutes or an hour? Definitely an hour, the 1-0 was a blow but Warren


Joyce's men were playing for him, really, Tim Farron made Manchester


United huff and puff for the first hour. I have to say, David Perkins


covered every blade of grass, he got -- he was excellent for Wigan. It


was bread and butter crosses into the goals. In general there is a lot


of positives for Wigan. The third goal from United particularly stood


out. By then you are playing with freedom


and abandonment. It was class. Look at the number of first-time passes


where possible, the running of the ball, running directly at Wigan.


This delivery is absolutely brilliant. Alongside with the run


from Cooper. You don't score better breakaway goals. It wasn't


obviously, they are at Old Trafford, it was outstanding. Five of the top


six in a Premier League are through, the only exception Liverpool. As it


highlighted if anything that the squad depth of the Jurgen Klopp


side, isn't as strong as it should be compared to Manchester United.


But as well as it should become a just isn't strong. -- not as well as


it should be. What was Liverpool, 480? It tells its own story. The top


five have got bigger squads. Wolverhampton deserved to win.


Whoever played, Wolverhampton Wanderers deserved to win, they were


outstanding. Staggering individual performances, let's remind you of


the 17 teams in the hat for the fifth round. One replay staggeringly


after all of those. Derby against Leicester City of course, still yet


to decide the winner. Lincoln city, look out for them in the draw on


Monday, number seven. I just hope all the lower league teams get into


the draw. Get the draw they want. By the time we get this far they


thoroughly deserved it. Lincoln city in the hat after a terrific


performance against Brighton, a comeback win. They played last


Monday night and got taken to the cleaners 3-0 at Barrow. Thought they


may have run out of legs. 1-0 down against Brighton and fully deserved


the victory. With all of this talk about wholesale changes, it


shouldn't detract from the achievement. From Lincoln city, and


made the fifth round for the first time in their 115 year history. You


realise it's an amazing atmosphere there, something special happening.


Danny and Nicky Cowley, the brothers at the helm, have created an amazing


culture. They are superseding what they should in this competition.


Strong words from Alan Shearer earlier. He says some clubs have


been cheated, cheating the fans. I agree with him, some of the top


teams most definitely. When we get to this stage when the likes of


Leeds and Newcastle are making wholesale changes, what are they


saying to everybody? This isn't our priority. That basically is the


problem. When you get the lower league clubs, you get the


excitement. Is the romance still there? It has to be, it enhances the


chances of the lower league side getting through. It does enhance it.


In Now, in case you've missed any


of this weekend's action, don't forget to head to the BBC


iPlayer or the BBC Sport website for the FA Cup catch-up service,


which is available from 6am And you can see the draw


for the FA Cup fifth round later on Monday evening,


during the One Show On Tuesday night, 5Live have


coverage of Liverpool v Chelsea, And there's highlights


of all the Premier League games that night on Match of the Day on BBC One


at 10.45pm, or at the slightly later time of 11.10 in Wales


and Northern Ireland, And if you like football


of the American variety... My goodness. Super Bowl LI, a party


worth staying up for. Patriots against Falcons. Live on BBC One.


Trevor, Lawro, thanks for your company.


Well it's been an historic fourth round of the FA Cup.


For all those connected with Sutton, Fulham and Millwall,


Collins for Sutton. And the celebrations begin again.


Johansson! Schweinsteiger. A beaming smile on the face of the German.


Morison! Another FA Cup giant-killing story.


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