Fourth Round: Manchester United v Wigan Athletic The FA Cup

Fourth Round: Manchester United v Wigan Athletic

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It is said that from the smallest beginnings, the greatest legends.


What starts as an underground movement begins to grow. It can take


you further than you have ever dared to imagine. Out the shadows and into


the spotlight. 35 years ago, they were in the Northern Premier League!


Defying the odds, defeating the system. The FA Cup counts on it. The


weight of history can seem stacked against you, but spin the wheel,


take a chance, you never know, you could upset the house again. Much


has changed for Wigan Athletic in the four years since they sprung the


FA Cup. Reefer allegations, one promotion and six managers later,


they face another big cup occasion, this time against the red side of


Manchester. United will be formidable opposition, unbeaten in


the league for three months, already through to Wembley in the EFL and


boasting the club's new record goal-scorer. Welcome to Alan


Shearer, Philip Neville and Kevin Kilbane. Alan Shearer, first and


foremost, it is a big ask for Wigan said we have seen a number of shocks


in this round? We have, and you're right, it is a big ask for them,


particularly when you look at their record here, but they have got to


look at yesterday's results and feel they have got a chance, and today's


as well. And especially when you consider the form of Manchester


United. Progress now being made it seems under Jose Mourinho? Yes, I


think's will be really pleased with where Manchester United are. The


team selection today shows that he has got a squad capable of competing


in all four competitions. As for Wigan winners in 2013 against all


the odds. But since then, a of interesting things have happened?


That was still the most special day in the club's history. I was there


that day, it is an extraordinary story, there were only elected to


the Football League in 1978. I'm extremely proud to be part of that


club's history. Let's have a look at both of today's teams. For


Manchester United, Sergio Romero starts in goal in one of nine


changes. Luke Shaw plays for the first time since November, and he's


joined in defence by Timothy Fosu-Mensah. Austin Schweinsteiger


makes his first start of the season in midfield. , with 22 FA Cup goals,


Wayne Rooney is back in the side, with Juan Mata and Henrikh


Mkhitaryan. And Anthony Martial has been given an opportunity, and


according to Phil Neville, he's playing up front! We're going to


unchanged, after winning their last three games, with Yacob Haugaard in


goal. Former Liverpool FA Cup semifinalist Stephen Warnock is


joined in the back four by highly rated Callum Connolly, on loan from


Everton. David Perkins makes his first FA Cup appearance of the


season in defensive midfield. Max Power, linked with a move to


Brentford, starts out wide, alongside Egypt international Sam


Morsy. And Will Grigg is up front, after scoring against Nottingham


Forest in round three. A huge day for the Wigan manager, Warren. , who


spent eight years at Old Trafford as the reserve team manager. He helped


developed develop the likes of Marcus Rashford and Paul Pogba. He's


with Damien Johnson. I think most people know your connections with


Manchester United, developing the young players desperate what is it


like to be back here? It is different to be here and not walking


into the home team dressing room. You want the players to enjoy it


today. Knowing so many of their players, does it give you any kind


of advantage? Not really. Once the game starts, you can't do anything


about it. You cannot stop them doing what they can do on the pitch. So


not really. You are on a bit of a run - do you come here with a bit of


confidence? Yes, we have played well all the way through, really. Even


when we have lost mother performances have been good. It


normally gives you a good chance of winning the game. We have just


eradicated some basic mistakes that have cost us routes and picked up


the results that we deserve. This is a reminder of the old days, not so


long ago? Yes, it's a great day out for the fans. They have stuck with


us through some difficult results. It is a good day out for them and


obviously, a great day out for the players. You know him well from your


time at Manchester United? He's a brilliant coach. Probably the most


decorated youth football coaching there has ever been at this club. He


has produced so many different players, and I think he has has


under the right to be a manager. Just look at the list of the players


that he has produced for Manchester United. And that's just half of


them. All of them are still in contact with him because they think


so highly of him. You've got to respect him, doing from that


comfortable position that he would have been in, to take this job at


Wigan. It's the experience he brings with it as well. Keeble forget, he


was player manager up at Hull, that was his initial introduction into


management. He coached me, in the under 14 is at Preston. He coached


us and took our under 14 side. You have looked at one or two players at


Wigan for us, starting with Will Grigg, a player we know from that


song at the Euros! Everyone got in on the act in the end? Even Carl


Frampton this morning! He's a striker, he scored goals at the


lower levels, he has not quite hit form in the Championship. But his


form last year in League One got him into the Euros squad. United will


have to be aware of him, because he does have good movement. If he gets


half a yard in the penalty area, he's a very good finisher. I think


his last league goal was at the end of September, but he's a player who


will keep the United defenders on their toes, definitely. Hard job for


him today, up front on his own. As difficult as it will be, they will


have to try and get up and support him as much as they can. Warren. Has


spoken about him recently, Connolly, saying he is a credit to Everton,


where he has come through. I am looking forward to him making an


impression today. And this is Sam Morsy, who was on loan at Barnsley


this season and he got a goal and an assist last week who are just signed


a new contract as well. It is a big ask, we know that, but these are the


three players I will be looking for. We have seen a number of upsets, a a


lot of teams resting players etc Manchester United have brought in a


few variables, but... We are going to have a discussion about that at


half-time, about resting players, but they've got to look at what


Wolves did yesterday, going to Anfield. So there is hope. They are


on a decent run. But it's going to be very, very difficult. Well, the


only club to win at Old Trafford so far this season are Manchester City,


back in September. Jose Mourinho's side are overwhelming favourites


today, and he's been speaking to Damien. You have been on the end of


a cup upset when you work at Chelsea - how do you make sure it does not


happen here today? I don't know. I don't know. We have to try and play


better than our opponent, we have to try to have the same motivation as


they have, and we have to try to score more goals than them. A big


chance for Anthony Martial today - is it his last chance, perhaps? No,


not the last chance. A good chance, because the players, they also


compete between themselves to be in the team, and today was the day for


Jesse Lingard to stay out. Last week it was Martial to be out. And next


week it will be another want to be out or one of them, depending on how


they perform. Very jolly, wasn't he, very uplifting?! Must be the hair!


What do you make of his general treatment perhaps of Martial, and


Martial himself, in terms of the way he has done this season? Well,


Martial has to do better. I know that he does not set the transfer


fee, but for me, it looks like a heavy burden for him to carry


around. He has been here for a long time, though. He has not made the


improvement that many would have expected. I don't think he helps


itself at times with his body language, but the ability is there.


Mourinho has got to get that out of him. I think with him, you see


unbelievable ability. He likes to play on the left, even though today


he will be playing more central. He's got unbelievable speed. The


problem for me is briefing is - his consistency, sometimes he can be


fantastic, the next time, really poor. And I would like to see him


actually smile, he's playing at one of the biggest clubs in the world,


he does not look like he's enjoying his football. We were all looking to


see him play through the middle when he first came in, and it's a big


ask. Today is a big chance for him. He's up against offenders who he can


cause problems for with his pace. And he is only 21 years of age,


Gary. Perhaps we could do a half-time analysis on smiling!


Before kick-off today, Manchester United will make a special


presentation to Wayne Rooney, who last week's a past Sir Bobby


Charlton to become the club's record goal-scorer. He has been speaking to


Gabby Logan. Tell us a little bit about what it


feels like to score in the Premier League for Manchester United? It is


an amazing feeling. The initial feeling, it's like you're playing


for all underwater, and when you score the goal, you come up for air,


and you can hear the crowd, the atmosphere, for four or five


seconds. It is a mad feeling. Go on, then, favourite goal? My


favourite was the Man City goal. COMMENTATOR: That is absolutely


fantastic! We were both fighting for the title, it was a tight game,


obviously, a derby. The goal against Newcastle was probably better.


Technically, that was...? Yes. But I think the actual moment and the


feeling, probably that one. I love the game, I love playing, and that's


what I want to do. To score goal, it's the best feeling.


It's a sensational goal! Wayne Rooney, record-breaker! It was a


massive moment for myself, proud moment, to get the record. But it


was nice that Sir Bobby was there, as he always is. Congratulated me


after the game. That meant a lot. What did your kids say to you? Yes,


it is only one of them who actually understands that the moment. He was


in my cousins's house in Liverpool. He was re-enacting it. It is a big


thing for me to be able to share that with my children. When you look


at the figures who have created history at this hub, George Best,


Bobby Charlton, Ryan Giggs - did you know you would have to do something


really spectacular to it yourself among those names? Yes, of course.


When I first joined the club, Gary Neville, Paul Scholes, and the


Premier League titles. Sitting there, it's crazy. Now, I've won


five. The likes of Rashford coming into the dressing room, they're


probably looking at the likes of me, having won five titles. That's what


you want to do. Training with the likes of Marcus Rashford, who Jose


Mourinho said potentially could be the one who takes your record, if he


was to stay at the club for that long - do you have a bit of envy


that he's starting out on that journey? What really. He will have


his time. I'm sure he will be a great player for this club, and


hopefully in ten or however many years' time, he'll be close to the


record. So you might be the one shaking his hand in the dressing


room? Of course. If it's someone you have played with, that would be even


better. Have the changes of regime here


helped to motivate you? I think that's part of football. Obviously,


Manchester United have had the stability of Sir Alex over 26 years


before, and I think over the last three or four years what they've


been doing is trying to find the right one, and I believe that they


found him. It seems everybody is buying into what he wants to do for


this club. Of course. He is a successful manager wherever he's


been. I have no doubt he will bring success. How he is setting the team


up, you know, the success around the corner. You said you'd like to


coach. Is it something you still feel is a career path you'd like to


down? Of course. When you get a bit older, you start to think more about


the game, and it's something I'd love to do. My whole life has been


ground football and, the minute I finish playing, I would like to try


and stay in the game and hopefully I'll get the opportunity to manage.


Players playing in this generation, who have enough money not to go into


management, so the ones who want to do it,...


Well, as Wayne Rooney said, sur Bobby Charlton is always at the


games, and once again he is here this afternoon to cheer on his


beloved Manchester United. Quite an achievement for Wayne Rooney, not


just to beat Sir Bobby to the England record but now his club


record. I think everybody knows my respect for Wayne Rooney. It's


difficult getting to the top but even harder staying there. He has


been at the top for a long time and everyone knows what he is about. No


one could stop him. He's caused all sorts of goals, whether you want


spectacular ones, volleys, headings, penalties, whatever. It is a hell of


an achievement. When he retires, I think people will probably respect


him more than now. Witch his best days are behind him. -- is best days


are behind him. But is it the fact that sometimes people remember you


for the game you play now then perhaps the ones you've played in


the past? He has to decide whether to stay at Manchester United, two


and a half years to go of his contract, and become a bit part


player, or does he go somewhere else and further his career? This record,


for me, will not be broken. With the scrutiny he'd been under throughout


his career, when he arrived at Everton, he was 17, 18, the stress


on him at such a young age, and then the big move. To do everything he


has achieved under that scrutiny is incredible. It's interesting, you


talking about the fact there is nothing like the feeling of scoring


a goal. There isn't, is there? No. You never get them back, I'm afraid!


When you retire. Does he have what it takes to be a manager? I think he


only knows football. I worry about forwards going into management of


the -- management. But I think he loves football. He isn't the


quintessential goal hanger. He probably needs to go into the


academy to learn his trade and get a good platform to build from. I worry


about full-backs going into coaching as well. I was in midfield. You were


everything! The game is coming up. We have seen so many shots and we


have just seen another one that has happened in the last few seconds. So


many shocks. Another non-league side is due to the fifth round of the FA


Cup this year. Sutton have beaten Leeds of the Championship, a side


going really well in the Championship, of course, and a


magnificent performance from Saturn. Two side in the fifth round from the


non-league. That is quite something. -- from Sutton. Great scenes, Alan.


Superb. Leeds, resting players. They are all doing it. Well done, Sutton


United. We will see the action from that game and, of course, the


winning goal when we come to you at half-time. But it is Wigan against


Manchester United. Wigan have nothing to lose, have they? It's


going to be difficult for them but they have won their last three


games. They'll have to be patient, sit tight, the compact, because


United will have a lot of possession. They will have one or


two chances, but can they take them? Manchester United will be very


confident. Yes, but they'll have to play better than they did at Hull. I


am worried for them, because there are no easy games. I think they can


take something from Wolves yesterday, and they proved yesterday


that you can do it. It is the holders, Manchester United, against


Wigan from the Championship. Your commentators, Martin Keown and Guy


Mowbray. Thank you, Gary forced many people


call this place the Theatre of Dreams, so we'll Wigan's be realised


today? A slim chance, you might think, but the world is


unpredictable at the moment. Take a bow, Wolves, Lincoln, Oxford, and an


honourable not to Wycombe Wanderers. Earlier today, to Millwall and


Sutton United. Wigan Athletic in 21st position in the Championship


before the start of play this weekend. Manchester United in the


top six of the Premier League. The game finished 1-1 at Hull on


Wednesday. Until then, they were 17 games undefeated. Just over 3000


Wigan supporters have made the short trip to Old Trafford, one that they


made quite regularly quite recently in their Premier League days. Today,


of course, we recognise Wayne Rooney's goal-scoring record for


Manchester United. Just under 12 and a half years of goals, 250 of them,


in 547 games. That is a couple of hundred fewer than it took Bobby


Charlton to score his 249. A name revered around the world. When he


describes his record take that as a true great, well, that is what he


is. From his debut against Fenerbahce to that wonderful free


kick at Stoke, Wayne Rooney is just united's record goal-scorer, and he


might well be for all time. -- Wayne Rooney is Manchester United's record


goal-scorer. Let's take a look at the Manchester United team that he


leads today. Sergio Romero place in goal for the sixth time this season.


It is Timothy Fosu-Mensah's that start under Jose Mourinho, while


Luke Shaw plays for the third time since November. Bastian


Schweinsteiger in the starting line-up for the first time in over a


year, and a formidable front four. A chance for Anthony Martial to show


he has got an Old Trafford future under Mourinho. Wigan are unchanged.


Jake Buxton and Stephen Warnock were at Derby. This time, exactly one


year ago, when United beat them at this stage. Midfield energy from Max


Power and Sam Morsy. One goal in the last 16 games for Will Grigg.


Jose Mourinho had warm words for Warren Joyce this week, saying he


worked with him at the club for just a few months but it was enough to


know a nice man and a passionate football man. On the substitute


list, we might see one or two Manchester United David Toms today,


if Axel Tuanzebe gets a game. In James, Kellett and Tunnicliffe,


Wigan have three players that were once an Manchester United's books.


Anthony Martial is only made eight Premier League starts all season. A


lot of pressure on him today, with the words of his manager, if he


plays magnificently, not just well, he will play against Hull in


midweek. It seems a long time ago when Will Grigg played in that MK


Dons team that beat Louis van Gaal's United 4-0 in the League Cup, as it


was then. Team-mates that they included Dele Alli. The referee


today is one of the most experienced around but, at 51, he might have a


couple of years left in him. He didn't start refereeing until he was


29. Martin Keown is a bit older than that, but he brings plenty of


experience to the party up here. This is a big ask for Wigan, isn't


it? Of course. I wonder if the tactics have started already. They


have won the toss and elected to change ends. I wonder if that will


disrupt Manchester United at all. It's going to be United to get the


action started. Last out in the fourth round five years ago, and


they have won 11 of their last dozen fourth-round ties. They haven't been


beaten by teams of the second-tier since 1982, when Watford beat them.


They haven't suffered many FA Cup upsets recently, but they have been


worked hard by the likes of Sheffield United, Yeovil and


Crawley. Shouldn't be any conscious complacency, especially not from a


manager whose Chelsea side were famously beaten at home by Bradford


two years ago. It looks like Martial is going to play as the striker,


Rooney playing off him. A lot to prove as a professional, and you


feel this pressure on Martial, and Luke Shaw, not getting on very well


with Mourinho. I think you have to trace that back to a league match


against Watford in September where he was not best pleased with both


players. Schweinsteiger last started a game


with United in the third round of this competition a year ago.


Remarkable, such a good player. Marcos Rojo. He and Chris Smalling


are the only players who have kept their places in the side after


starting at Hull on Thursday. A roar goes up from the Wigan


supporters at seeing their side have some possession in the United R. But


Green -- but Rooney won the contest. I think he was looking for a


contrarian -- for Mkhitaryan but too far afield. Not a great start. He


has already given possession away twice. He scuffs his cross somewhat.


But I think he is a good player, to be fair. When you have that weight


against you with the manager, it can be difficult. We will see what kind


of character he has today. Jakob Haugaard is a giant figure in the


Wigan goal. And Burn, in front of him at centre-half, six foot seven.


Expect him to do well at set pieces. Mkhitaryan just a little short.


Allowed David Perkins a chance to get a challenge in. We are going to


see plenty of that from Wigan today, closing down, trying to stop them


from progressing attacks. All of their midfielders like a


tackle or two. MacDonald will sit just in front of the back four to


protect them. Very experienced, played for Wales. He came from


Bournemouth. A couple of promotions under his belt, Premier League


experience. Heathrow in those Wigan's way. --


the throw in goes. 19-year-old Callum Connolly will take the throw


in. He made quite an impact on his debut at Burton two weeks ago. He


scored twice from right back. He is on loan from Everton. A proud day


for his family, I'm sure. Another Wigan Athletic throw in.


Stepped inside, just didn't make the pass. Will Grigg is on fire already,


according to that lot. There is one yolk who is shirtless.


Warren. Was on the coaching staff at Manchester United for 18 years.


Sam Torrance, next to the smiling former United boss Sir Alex


Ferguson. I'm still smiling after my summer


victory against you, Guy! Headed away by Dan Burn. He arrived


on a free transfer from Fulham last summer.


Mkhitaryan, trying to turn away from Stephen Warnock. 35 years old now,


the twice capped England full-back. Still making those great tackles,


though,, isn't he? Mkhitaryan's movement is excellent. He was pulled


back there by a frustrated Marouane Fellaini. Good play from Morsy.


That's the game plan, get tight to Fellaini, and then he just pulls him


back. Morsy has only just return to Wigan after a successful loan spell


at Barnsley, a little higher up the Championship.


Wigan have got to show that confidence in possession, get the


ball, look to play and pass. It's OK stopping Manchester United, but


you've got to be able to play as well when you get the ball. They are


actually the lowest scorers in the Championship. However only 17 is


have conceded fewer goals. -- only seven teams.


Martial, chased by Perkins. Lost it again. Very patient build-up, but


very slow build-up from Manchester United. A lot of changes in their


line-up. They're just taking too long in possession, for me. Smalling


did well there, but then played Schweinsteiger into trouble. We're


going to getting players around the ball very well. Schweinsteiger is


smothered, he thinks he's got time, but he hasn't. Buxton and the giant


Dan Burn will move forward for Wigan now.


Delivered towards Burn. That's fired at Romero. It was a really good


effort, from Callum Connolly. And he has clearly got a taste for scoring


goals. Certainly. There was a lot of steam in that shot. Great strike


from the young man. -- a lot of sting. The first meaningful effort


on target comes from the visitors from the Championship.


Nerves floating around here at Old Trafford, Smalling was not looking


particularly safe. He gets really good power on this one. Good tech


make. You would not want to give him too many chances, the mood he's in.


He's scored two recently. A little bit of a thankless task for


Will Grigg in this Wigan set up, isn't it? It is, but so, manager has


really set them out well. He has set his stall out very well. Manchester


United just not moving this ball quick enough. Fellaini and


Schweinsteiger in the midfield, Manchester United, not quite into


their rhythm yet. He broke into the team about the


same time as Marcus Rashford last season, and the Louis van Gaal. But


has had few opportunities under the new regime this season.


Rooney, immediately pounced upon by Perkins. Great play. That busyness


about Wigan in the midfield, the way they're getting the ball back.


Jacob was screaming for that one out wide.


Free kick given against Wayne Rooney.


Some applause from Wigan supporters, and actually from Manchester United


supporters as well. They just caught sight of Zlatan Ibrahimovic getting


to his feet. Just saying to Martial, you need to start playing, fella,


otherwise you will be coming off! Smacked away by Rojo. I think his


manager is quite pleased with that no-nonsense approach. He played


Jones alongside him for this good period they have been involved in,


and Rojo has been part of that. The Argentinian Ricky was not


exactly crisp. Morsy... It has just run away from him.


I think he was looking for that run from Martial, he was expecting him


to run into the channel. It is difficult for him, even with his


quality, having been out for so long, to just come back and pick it


up straightaway. I won't go through his roll of honour with Bayern


Munich we would be here until half-time! It's quite remarkable,


the number of trophies this fella has won.


That's what Luke Shaw should be doing at every opportunity. That's


why the sign him here, to get those crosses in.


Wigan are playing with the confidence of a team that's won


their last three games. And rightly so, they've started this game very


well. Just feel Manchester United are getting a bit wound up, trying


to get this ball back. It can only get better for Manchester United,


really. They just haven't started playing yet.


A lovely trip to ball through to Rooney by Mkhitaryan.


Slowing advances, Schweinsteiger gives him the ball.


Smalling puts it straight into the head of Dan Burn. Mata and


Mkhitaryan coming into central positions. They need the threat over


the top with Martial and Rooney. Not really coming to them. Quite


predictable with their build-up play.


Schweinsteiger hacks away at Perkins. Mkhitaryan comes out with


the ball. Sam Morsy has been most industrious in the Wigan midfield.


And Max Power, working well, too. Shaw turns it away. We have got a


cup tie on here. We certainly have. Credit to Wigan. Morsy running very


intelligently, linking up to the front, winning the ball well and


prepared to break as well. He is having to scream at him,


Rooney. That's what he should be doing. When you come to play at Old


Trafford, you expect the full-backs to fly forward. I don't know if it


is a lack of confidence from Luke Shaw but he needs to get down the


touchline. Rooney is having a word with him.


Rooney just went down and he barked at referee Niall swore brick.


A bit flat-footed as he tried to chase that. I think they are saying


to Manchester United, you are good enough to break us down. A


good-looking ball. He hit it hard and five. -- hard and


high. Finally seeing a bit of penetration, all in, knocked down


nicely. Mata can't get over it. Defender winning that ball. We've


grown used to seeing Mata putting that in the back of the net, and


he'll be disappointed he didn't hit the target. Scored three goals in


his last four games in this competition, including one in the


final against Crystal Palace at the end of last season. At the moment,


the holder not exactly flowing. Their first meaningful effort on


goal. Still 0-0. It come Wigan once more with Sam Morsy.


Rooney felt he was fouled. I think MacDonald definitely fouled him. A


decent drive from Power. Just didn't have the swerve to take it away from


Sergio Romero row. You can see the confidence now from Wigan. I think


he blocks him. Just shows you, though, the effort from distance.


Plenty of confidence coming into Wigan.


Connolly takes it off his toes. It's a United corner. A feeling that the


team in red are getting a bit of tempo back in their play.


Rooney feeds it wide to find Mata again. But he can't beat Perkins.


What a lovely ball from Max Power. On the move here is Jacobs. The time


to dwell, and Fosu-Mensah barges game in the back and conceded a free


kick. -- he'd find it well. No need for that. Great play from Wigan down


this right-hand side. Jacobs just too quick. Barging into the back of


Fosu-Mensah. -- Fosu-Mensah barging into the back of him.


Starting to see a bit of goalmouth incident at both ends now. Can Wigan


fashion anything from here? Power wanted to take it quickly. The


referee was still having words with the two protagonists, Power and


Jacobs. The target will be Burn, at the far post. He is right at the


back of the queue. Power to put the ball into what he


hopes will be the right place. Didn't look a bad delivery. Headed


out as far as Morsy. Morsy has lost the ball to Mkhitaryan. Challenged


by Dan Burn to stop him going any further, and Wigan have got the


throw-in. Excellent tackle from the big man.


We'll give him the benefit of the doubt, the central defender. I think


he gets that. Not many have legs that long to execute that challenge.


The player at the same time as the ball.


Fosu-Mensah has crept forward, wide right.


Drifting out of play for a Wigan Athletic throw. There have already


been some big results today in the FA Cup, and highlights of old


today's action on BBC One tonight, 10:30pm. For those who remain in the


last 16, the draw will take place during the One Show, tomorrow


evening at 7pm. As it stands, two teams from the National League in


the last 16. Remarkable, non-league teams doing so well, Oxford as well


yesterday. And then the big hitters, Manchester United looking to join


them. Power plated against the shins of


Schweinsteiger. Intelligent play. Hold onto the ball for your team.


Give the defence a bit of a breather.


Good ball across, but it is missed by Mkhitaryan. A huge chance for


Manchester United. That is by far their best passage of play. Martial


driving with the ball in a central position. He whips it crossed.


Mkhitaryan really should be putting that in. -- he whips it across. A


fantastic opportunity. Surely he's got to put that in the back of the


net. A lot of pace on it. It was in that same six yard box


that he scored a goal against Sunderland over the Christmas


period. Lost his statement that time. -- lost his sting. Somewhat


better from Manchester United. Interesting, the position that


Martial is taken up. Is he a natural centre forward? You feel he is


better in that deeper position. He doesn't want to be on the shoulder


of the last defender. Schweinsteiger is tripped. A free


kick for United, indestructible distance. Just works the ball nicely


from one foot to the other. Warnock diving in. Rooney territory.


Goal number 250 came with a brilliantly struck free kick at


Stoke City. I am sure 251 will come at some point soon. I wonder if Mata


is saying he should have this one instead. Let's see.


There is a Stoke goalkeeper in the way, Jakob Haugaard. Delivered


towards Rojo. Headed in for a United corner. -- headed behind.


Mata the provider this time. Flicked across by Schweinsteiger. Didn't


quite reach Martial. Mkhitaryan just hanging back. Rooney, into the box


again, Smalling's league. Morsy miskicked it. In those Mkhitaryan.


Now Burn is out of position. Can he shift that all the full width


of the pitch? Jacobs is flying down the right. He found him, but


momentum lost. There are two corners in the game now, near post corner


is, Schweinsteiger managing to get a flicked those balls. Wigan needs to


improve because Manchester United are looking very day and at set


pieces. -- very dangerous at set pieces.


Certainly, united do miss the energy of Antonio Valencia, down the flank,


when he's not playing. He has just signed a contract extension. And


rightly so, not many better write backs in the Premier League. Someone


who forged his reputation with Wigan. Seen very much as a winger


then. He has had seven or eight seasons at Manchester United, and


you do not do that if you are an ordinary player.


Calmly away by Warnock. Power under pressure, and MacDonald is forced to


concede possession. Luke Shaw looks just short of confidence. It's the


pressure of playing for this great club or the manager not really in


his corner...? Dot to put all of that to one side and prove you


deserve to be here. A manager who once coveted him for Chelsea.


Your assessment, Martin, with 37 minutes played, of how Wigan have


applied themselves? MARTIN KEOWN: Exceptionally well.


Morsy particularly. Getting up to support Grigg. Power and MacDonald.


The defence has not really been tested.


I think it's difficult, we have seen with other Premier League teams this


weekend making lots of changes, and not performing well, of course.


United fans are unhappy about that, as is Marouane Fellaini, but it is a


decision for Wigan. Who committed the foul here? Morsy is tugging him,


isn't he? Fellaini a little bit unlucky on this occasion, maybe?


Perhaps fortunate to get the free kick. Dan Burn had his shirt tugged


a little bit there. Mata breaking for United. That's a


super header. It was good movement from Martial. He's doing


exceptionally well, the young 19-year-old, on loan from Everton.


I'm sure Ronald Koeman will be happy with his performance.


When this ball went into the United bop as a moment ago, Chris Smalling


just gets a hold of his shirt. It's not a lot. No, it's marginal. It's


the kind of thing you see all the time. They're not giving a penalty


for that. You want players to compete. He's a handful, that's for


sure, Burn. That's why he's being watched by Fellaini, as well as


Smalling behind. Morsy tries to turn Smalling...


Jacobs... Could not get hold of it! Free kick for United. It was Mata


who was back helping out the defence who were stripped. Well, that was a


glorious opportunity for Jacobs. It was really quite scruffy build-up,


it. In nicely and it just hits his standing foot, but it was a great


opportunity. Inexplicably hits his standing foot. He has not scored


since August, just the one goal this season, which came at Nottingham


Forest. Connolly and Power between them


solve a problem for Wigan. Back it goes to Sergio Romero.


Good challenge by Warnock. You just feel Manchester United should be


looking to get down these flanks more than they are. Work it into


wide positions. Pretty strong down the middle, Wigan.


Fosu-Mensah going on... Stopped by Warnock.


Martial nearly got through. Poked away by Burn. You feel with this


intricate play, will they be better off just going route one in the end


to Fellaini? Wigan will not be drawn out. Good


shape to their team, well drilled. Cross comes in from


Schweinsteiger... Fellaini! Manchester United find the route to


goal! A simple cross onto the head of Marouane Fellaini! It's take on


-- taken them almost the whole of the half. Right on cue, there's the


big men, as we suggested, route one. Ball out to Schweinsteiger. He knows


that he can pick a pass. Just sit there, and Fellaini does the rest


with his power. Pins the defender. It's almost as if they're saying,


forget all that passing, let's just put it in the box, and Fellaini will


put it in the back of the net. He's as good as anyone when the ball is


in the air, Fellaini. He just had too much strength, too much feel for


young Callum Connolly. -- too much will.


Sometimes you've just got to get the ball in the box. All this intricate


passing... Be fair, Fellaini has been a useful player and Mourinho


has stuck with him. The crowd were booing him at one stage this season,


and he was, no, I believe in the player. And he has got them off to


the kind of start you would expect from an just united at half-time. --


from Manchester United. Collected by Haugaard. Wigan need


the whistle. I certainly do. Rooney was involved there in an incident


with Morsy on the edge of the box. Jose gets a gentle jog on. He's seen


enough. And that brings the half to an end,


a half in which Wigan Athletic have competed really well, and asked one


or two questions in the Manchester United penalty area. It took


Manchester United a long time to find an answer of their own, and


when it came, was a simple route, crossed in and headed into the net


by big Marouane Fellaini. Yes, that moment when you rip up your script,


when there is goal just before half-time. It's all going swimmingly


well for Manchester United! For 44 minutes, Wigan were superb -


compact, not allowing Man United any space at all. And then it was one


long ball into the box and he pinned him at the far post, Fellaini, and


it was a very, very good header. Manchester United have been patient,


but they were struggling, not creating any real chances? No, I


would say the first 30 minutes they were really poor, Martial was


disappointing up front, really slow in midfield. It was only when they


put Martial on the left that they started penetrating. As for Wigan,


you've got to give them credit for that first half performance, there


was very little in it? Especially in midfield, they were closing down,


denying United any space, but it was quite comfortable for them. As a


team, you get yourself in shape, and 4-5-1 system was working. Goals,


though, change everything? Yes. It was a good ball in. Once he had got


Connolly where he wanted him, there was no way he was going to miss


that. Good ball in, as I said. Fellaini is stronger than the


full-back, and it was an excellent goal. Could the 'keeper have come


out for that one? I'm not sure. I feel sorry for Connolly, because


he's been fantastic in this game so far. That is where Fellaini is


really good, at the far post. The first time United have put across in


of any real quality. That makes a huge difference to the game overall.


The half-time team talks are different, everything. I can't see


Warren Joyce changing his approach to much. He will have to see through


the next 15 minutes and take it from there. That is just a killer for


him. He will have gone in with a totally different outlook. It was


just not to be. United, they did start slowly, though? They did, and


they have made it far easier for Wigan then it should have been.


Every time it happened, everybody was going towards the ball. No


penetration in behind. You've also got to look at midfielders as well,


to make those runs. Look, again, all going towards the ball. Wigan were


compact, not allowing any space. On the one occasion a midfielder did


come from behind and run in behind, they caused trouble is. All of a


sudden, they get a chance. They have to do that more in the second half,


get in behind the Wigan back four. Wigan have had a couple of chances.


Yes, and Sam Morsy has been the one doing it. Dan Burn is a threat, Phil


has already touched on Callum Connolly, who has been excellent.


The one big chance was Michael Jacobs, when he came through. We


spoke before the game, you are going to get one or two chances and you


have to take them. Brilliant from Morsy to hold it up. That is just


inertia. You don't get many chances like that here. Possibly the best


bit of play in the first half was, aside from that goal, United fans


would argue, was when Mkhitaryan missed a decent chance. It was an


open net, really. It's the first time we have seen Martial, he was


actually facing the player. I think this is when he is at his best,


running forward, breaking lines, and this was a fantastic ball into the


box from Fosu-Mensah, and that should be a goal. We were crying out


for Martial to do that. Through the middle, not effective. When he went


out to the left, he had more of an effect. But that is crying out to be


scarred. -- scored. At that point it didn't look to be going that well


for Jose Mourinho. When he tried to pick up the ball, it wasn't going


well either. The ball goes off. Oh, dropped it once, dropped it twice,


and he still can't pick it up! Leave it! Well, it amused me! Three other


fourth-round ties took place earlier. Here is the best of the


action, starting at Gander Green Lane.


Sutton United launch it forward. Deacon might be in! And Sutton are


in front! Unbelievable start! Rory Deacon! Oh, the flag is up. That is


so tight. It's a really good finish. Nicky Bailey now for Sutton.


Goalkeeper has come, and he hasn't got there, and Sutton claim a


penalty, and they claim it again, and they get it. The second time,


the referee says yes. A foot in, but then surely the penalty is going to


follow up. Jamie Collins, the captain of National League Sutton.


Can he put them in front? It's a lead they would certainly deserve.


1-0, brilliantly dispatched by the skipper, and the celebrations begin


at Gander Green Lane again. 1989 all over again. The captain took


responsibility and sent the keeper the wrong way with a great penalty.


Oh, tripped. Liam Cooper is in trouble here. Second yellow. And


Leeds are a goal down and a man down. One skipper scores, the other


sent off. And there it is! They've done it again. Sutton United are


into the fifth round, the last 16 of the FA Cup, further than they have


ever been, eclipsing even 1989. Gander Green Lane goes mad. Sutton


United 1, Leeds United 0. Lovely cross! Ferguson! Millwall of


League 1 lead Premier League Watford with six minutes to go. Steve


Morison, one of the old men of the team, the Millwall hero, gets the


goal. And the Lions roaring now. There it is. Don't tell anyone here


in south London the FA Cup has lost its lustre. That dreams don't happen


any more, that the glamour has gone. Because Steve Morison's goal is


beaten a Premier League team. It's been one of those days so far.


Fulham put four passed a Hull team featuring seven changes in an


emphatic win at Craven Cottage. Abel Hernandez missed two penalties in


two minutes for Hull. Stefan Johansen despatching his seventh


goal of the season. Two non-league teams through to the


fifth round of the FA Cup for the first time since the Football League


was founded. Quite something. Let's go pitch side. Most of us are about


to feel old, because Damian Johnson is with English football's youngest


chairman. I know the feeling. David Shah, the Wigan chairman, is with


me. Only 25. What is it like? I loved every minute of it. It's


something that isn't normal for a 25-year-old but at the end of the


day I was given the job and I'm trying to do in power. You are


succeeding Dave Whelan. Is he in your ear all the time? He spent a


lot of time in Barbados, so he is there at the moment. I try and avoid


his phone calls but take his advice when I need it. He will be proud of


the Wigan performance so far. We don't like losing games of football.


We frustrated them for 43 minutes but then Fellaini is too powerful.


But we want to get back into the game. The timing of the goal, a real


killer. Yes, but I'm sure that warren will pick the boys up. You


never know in football. Thank you. It has been a fascinating weekend of


FA Cup football, third and fourth round. We have seen lots of upsets.


We have also seen lots of clubs playing weakened teams. What does


this say about the current state of the FA Cup trophy? It says that


clubs care about money whereas fans care about trophies, and that's


unfortunate. I don't get and never have done the resting of players.


Using the Google as an example yesterday, again, they aren't even


in Europe. -- using Liverpool. They have 16 league games left in this


season. That is basically four games a month. It is crazy. I don't


understand it. I am all for bringing young kids into the team but not


six, seven, eight of them. One or two, yes, so they can mix with the


experienced guys, but not seven or eight. As the FA Cup had its day? I


keep hearing that, but I was loving the upsets. But are they upset if


the teams are playing their reserves? Every team is making


changes. I think it makes the FA Cup better. A lot of Premier League


clubs are playing at home and making a lot of changes, but I think it's


been fantastic for the cup that we have seen so many upsets. I am all


for playing the kids. But it's a difficult experience. Take


Liverpool, you bring in a load of kids together, they lose a game...


But Jurgen Klopp wants to find out if they are good enough or if you


don't play them, you might as not have the academy. I think it puts


more pressure on the kids. If you lose as badly they did yesterday, it


stays with them. It can't have helped Randall, who was taken off


after 45 minutes yesterday. This is a real chance to win a trophy these


days. This thing is winnable now. You even see clubs like Newcastle


playing a weakened side. An opportunity for winning a trophy. I


think they are cheating their fans. Newcastle fans travelled 250 miles


to Oxford yesterday expecting their team to win and they put a weakened


team out. They have got one of the best teams in the Championship, six


points clear with a game in hand. You have to grab it to the


non-league side through to the fifth round. It is quite something. -- you


have to give credit. I imagine that Lincoln and Sutton are not feeling


that the cup has been diminished. For me, it's fantastic and the FA


Cup is alive and well, more than ever. It would be great for one of


these teams to get a home victory against the Giants. What the cup


means for those clubs, financially, is everything. The priority for


those clubs is to get back into the Football League. You can see what it


meant to Lincoln yesterday, beating Ipswich. Six games from third round


to final for the big boys. Not asking a lot, is it? Did you ever


get tired? No. I don't get it. I never got tired. But we are


geriatrics! Highlights of all the games at 10:30pm tonight.


On Tuesday, much of the day includes highlights of Liverpool against


Chelsea. Still time to sign up for the FA people's cup.


Mata got there to hit it. Here is Fosu-Mensah. Good for a cross.


Missed by Mkhitaryan. Fellaini exit! Manchester United find the route to


goal. Yes, it was a while coming but the goal eventually came which would


have totally changed Warren Joyce's half-time team talk. And a different


mood. But he still had much to cheer about his team's performance. He


will be more than happy with the performance. It will be interesting


to see Hill -- hearth fire -- how far they go before they throw a


couple of men forward. It's a question of when, not if. It's


picking and choosing when to go, but they have to carry more of a threat.


I want to see Manchester United stretching them all. It was too


slow, too ponderous, players not looking forward for that ball. If


they can do that, they should get more goals. A lot easier in the


second half, once you have the first goal. It creates more space. The two


central midfield players can sit in there, keep possession and look for


the second goal. United don't have to try and force it now. We saw the


Wigan players warming up for the second half. Would you be a fan of


that? I don't think it makes a difference. Someone's job to get out


of warm the players, so fair play to them. I don't know, the older you


get, the more you need it. It's one of those days. There is the


goal-scorer coming out for the second half, Marouane Fellaini. Is


headed goal the only one we have seen so far at Old Trafford. Let's


return to Martin Keown and Guy Mowbray.


Two goals this month for Marouane Fellaini, two big games. The other


one came in the EFL Cup semifinal first leg against Hull, sealing a


2-0 win. With them losing the second leg 2-1, it is effectively the goal


that has taken Manchester United to Wembley at least once this season.


It will be Wigan who restart the action. No signs of a change made by


Mr Mourinho or Mr Joyce just yet. Perkins leaving the throw for


Warnock. Smalling looks for Rooney. Interesting, looked as if Martial


has now gone out to the left-hand side. Mkhitaryan is sitting in that


central position. I think there may be worth some words at half-time


from Mourinho, putting the young man in the position he wants to play


him. What macro Wayne Rooney in his old role. That is what would expect.


He was never going to win that argument. He didn't play like a


player who wanted to play down the middle, not threatening down the


back line at all. Everything was in front of him. Nobody really looking


to run behind in that first half. That one running away from Rooney.


Talking of strikers, Martin, you had some luck on your place when Barry


and Alan were surprised at players getting tired. If you are going to


play at the top of the team and you are the accolade, you score the


goals. But, yeah, it was tiring at times. I suppose the energises you


when you score a goal, doesn't it? Fellaini, who has got the one today.


Martial, who could do with one. Great play again, isn't it? Just set


a trap for him. He is a great player, but Schweinsteiger still


fell for it. Rooney charges down the attempted


clearance. It will be a Wigan throw. Former Wigan boss in the crowd, now


of course the head coach of the Belgian national team, Roberto


Firmino 's. He is next to the chairman, 25-year-old David shark.


He has an affinity with the FA Cup. The club won the... And Grandad Dave


Whelan, who is away in Barbados, as his grandson has pointed out. He is


now 80. He had 20 years as chairman and famously broke his leg in the


1976 FA Cup final whilst playing for Blackburn. Maybe the sun is doing


him good out in Barbados. When grandad is the owner of the football


club, it helps, doesn't it, if you want to be a chairman. I would much


rather be in Manchester myself. Sure!


Plenty of heat from the lamp! Mourinho would have been saying to


his team at half-time to move the ball quicker, and to look for


movement in behind that Wigan defence. Most of it has been in


front of them. Fosu-Mensah! He went for goal. He


had the option of finding Martial or Rooney, but he sensed glory. It is a


mistake, really, in the end from the big man. He's just rushing it a


little bit, you're looking for that extra quality, open your body up,


get it onto your left foot. His manager's applauding, but he wants


to see slightly better technique at the end of it. Let off for Dan Burn.


Fosu-Mensah made his Manchester United debut less than a year ago in


the Premier League game against Arsenal, the game which saw the


birth of Marcus Rashford, with his two goals in the game.


Marcus Rashford, amongst the substitutes today. Wayne Rooney, 250


goals, it has been said that he could be the only player who could


ever threaten that, but a lot of things would have to align for that


to happen. In actual fact, he's ahead of where Rooney was at the


same stage. Well, Mourinho is not exactly renowned for playing young


players when he needs his manager to back him first of all.


In the two most recent seasons, they have Mr Champions Day qualification.


Schweinsteiger goes on...! Blocked by Buxton.


It's Schweinsteiger who picks this one up. Switches it to his left


foot, and in the end, it's good defending. He's appealing for


handball, is he? Wigan are having to work incredibly


hard, sticking to this game plan. Manchester United just want to run


the legs off them in the second half, be really patient in their


build-up. Perkins tripped by Mata. Perkins


feels that's worthy of a yellow card, I think. Just a cynical little


trip, isn't it? MacDonald, Grigg... Up against


Marcos Rojo. Who has done enough. That's a poor clearance from Romero,


straight to Perkins. Wigan are going to have to think


about getting forward a little bit more. If they want to go through in


this tournament, they need to get forward as much as they can. Here's


and opportunity... Perkins! Now, here's Warnock.


Sergio Romero there very nearly put his team in trouble.


It is a problem of their own making, from the goalkeeper.


United can break now, with Martial. He was blocked as he tried to carry


on with his run, and the first yellow card of the game goes to Dan


Burn. Well, the big man will argue he could not get out of the way. But


it's quite cynical challenge. Martial, carrying the ball - no


complaints. It is interesting now, Fellaini has


gone very high, he fancies another one of those crosses.


Fosu-Mensah might be in here... It just got away from him. That was a


lovely ball from Mkhitaryan. Stephen Warnock has clattered into


Bastian Schweinsteiger. All smiles between the pair. It's a standard


challenge, isn't it, for Warnock. I think he's just told Schweinsteiger


that's what he's about. Mounting Manchester United pressure.


Smalling! 2-0, United! Two headers. And their passage through to the


last 16 is just about assured. Mourinho has got the look of a man


to say, I told you so, you should be playing on the wing. Martial cuts in


onto his right foot. He is so dangerous in these sorts of


positions. Time stands still for him, he looks up, picks out


Smalling, and there's only one winner there. Wigan just can't deal


with it. Good finish. And as with the first headed goal,


the Manchester United man had the run and the jump on the Wigan


defender, who could barely get off the floor. Wigan will have to have a


go now, to have any hope of a replay. They have got to do


something they have never done before, and that is to score two


goals at Old Trafford. They have only scored one in eight Premier


League visits. Corner now, get the big man up for this one. There's


going to be Wigan change before the corner. David Perkins is going to


makeweight, having scrapped and addled his way through the game so


far. He hasn't done badly, has he? He's done excellent, he's maybe just


run out of steam. He was a real little rat, winning balls in


midfield. To be replaced by Yanic Wildschut, the subject of reported


bids from Norwich and Derby, which have been turned down for now.


Yanic Wildschut has gone on to the left wing and is just hugging the


touchline. It just feels as if Manchester


United are now just toying with their opponent, just keeping the


ball. Wigan have come here with a game plan, sat back. You wonder


really, should they perhaps have gone after them a little bit more,


tried to press higher up the pitch? Your mind does go back to that first


big chance that they had at 0-0, when Jacobs missed his kick. In that


sort of situation, Guy, I think the top players, they're lethal, time


stands still for them, and it finds its way into the back of the net.


You don't take your chances against the good teams, you go out. And


before Fellaini made it 2-0, they had that effort from David Perkins,


when Romero was in a bit of trouble. I think when Wigan have been through


what they've been through this season, you can see why their coach


is working on their compactness, and being difficult to beat, but I think


the next stage will before them to be more creative. They're not really


expressing themselves. Maybe that will change now that they're 2-0


down. And with Wildschut on the field, they've got a player who


certainly does try to express himself.


You feel for Will Grigg, he needs a friend. Very lonely up there, isn't


it? I wonder if he's tired? Timothy Fosu-Mensah is down, and needs a bit


of treatment. Sergio Romero is playing physio at


the moment. This is where damage was done to Fosu-Mensah. It's an awkward


landing. He got his foot caught. He hasn't played for a while. I think


it's just cramp. Did Sergio Romero get away with one here? This was at


1-0, just before Smalling made it two. Well, yeah, he put that into a


good area but it's a long out for Perkins. He gets a good contact on


it, but difficult to score from Blair, of course. And there it all


broke down foreword. Moments later, it seems to have gotten away from


them. -- it all broke down for Wigan.


I think they are going to give Axel Tuanzebe his Manchester United debut


in Fosu-Mensah's place. You can show no weakness when you play for


Mourinho. Don't give him a chance to take you off.


Wigan free kick, and Connolly takes it quickly. Prevented from reaching


Morsy by Marcos Rojo. Chased eagerly by MacDonald.


He managed to evade the challenge of... I think he will be saying that


the ball was there to be won. You show it to me, I'm going to put my


foot in. Just got away from Grigg. Given away to Fellaini. Wanted a bit


of a quicker reaction from Morsy to come towards the ball. Everything


that Fellaini does now gets a round of applause here at Old Trafford.


He's becoming a hero after the goals he's scored recently. Roundabout


Christmas, he came on as a substitute and was roundly booed.


Not long ago at all. Fair play to him and the manager for sticking


with him. Maybe Mourinho was using him as an example to say, stick with


one player and get off his back. A simple slice from Schweinsteiger


and Mkhitaryan has put it out. Messy from Manchester United, who are


going to make a change. Timothy Fosu-Mensah is going to be replaced


by 19-year-old Axel Tuanzebe. He was a substitute twice last season, last


time just over a year ago. Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, he


grew up in Rochdale. A highly rated young defender. What a great


opportunity for him. Schweinsteiger demands the ball and


gets it. Blocked by MacDonald. Look how keen he is to get it back


quickly. It was Warnock who came flying


through the air to head it away. Nice and easy for Haugaard. Lots of


talk about resting players and using the full breadth of your squad.


Coming off for Manchester United this weekend. This is useful


workouts for Schweinsteiger in particular, Luke Shaw, who hasn't


played much football at all this season. Marouane Fellaini is now


going to make way Ander Herrera, who has played a lot of football this


season, is going to add his energy to the field for the rest of the


game. This is the impact made by Marouane Fellaini. Key goal at a key


time. Yeah, just give it to the big man. All that fuss, all the


intricate play, put it in the box for me and I'll get us on our way.


For Wigan Athletic, the luckless Will Grigg, who has chased as best


he can upfront on own, no chance whatever for him to score. He hasn't


scored for a while. Not getting too much support to them. It is a team


geared to staying, I suppose, in the Championship. It will be interesting


to see what they do for the rest of the season. This one looks pretty


well over today. ... Ryan Tunnicliffe is the man who has come


on. A couple of League Cup appearances for the Red Devils. He


has just rejoined Wigan and a second spell on loan at Fulham. When he


made his debut for United, he won his dad ?10,000. He put a bet on him


as a youngster that he would make the first team at some time, and he


did. I hope he invested it. Mkhitaryan wanted too much time. He


didn't take a block either. He was appealing for a deflection, but it's


straight behind for a goal kick. Rooney lets it run across his body.


Just difficult for him. He can't get the power into it. It's sort of


going back, pulling away from it, rather than going onto it. Screws it


wide. It has the feel of a game with more goals in it, because Wigan have


to take chances, and why wouldn't that lead to many more for United?


Hasn't looked entirely delighted with life all day long, has he? Know


but, you know, doing well in the League Cup, in the final now. If


they could win the FA Cup, hold onto this, they are current holders...


All good success for the football club. Jose Mourinho, a cup winner in


Portugal, Italy, Spain and the FA Cup in 2007 for Chelsea, against


United. Maybe something for Wigan here. It's


a decent ball in, and an effort on goal. It was Connolly again, but


straight at Sergio Romero. He's got bad habit of getting on the end of


things. Just a bit of movement from him. -- he's got that habit. I think


he sees it late. Wigan have another go. Blocked by


Shaw. Wildschut tapped it across. Cleared by Ander Herrera. Cushioned


by Schweinsteiger to Rooney. Martial on the left-hand side. Mkhitaryan


finds him and powers into the centre himself. Martial, Mkhitaryan! It's


Manchester United 3, Wigan Athletic numerics zero. -- 0. They have raced


down the field to finally take the tie away from Wigan once and for


all. That was clinically done. Running with the ball, top quality.


I mean, Martial, why he wants to play down the middle, I don't know.


This is him, the man running, Mkhitaryan played it to him, just


about stays onside. Now he is trying to pick the pass, and the weight on


the ball is beautiful. Great run. Makes it look so easily -- easy. He


waits, left foot, delivery is there he can't miss. Great play. In full


flow there, Manchester United. That's when they are at their best.


No way back for Wigan now. Henriksen -- Henrikh Mkhitaryan has now scored


four Manchester United goals in the last nine games. It has taken him so


long to become a Manchester United player of real recognition.


Following his move from Borussia Dortmund, the first time he had


Manchester United fans per ring was in pre-season at Wigan, a 2-0 win.


Wigan are going to make their third and final available substitution.


And it's going to be Shaun MacDonald who goes off, and it's Marcus Browne


who comes on, only 19. It's going to be his debut. He is on loan from


West Ham. He has only played once for the Hammers, and that was in the


Europa League qualifier in August. Only 19 in December. Just a word on


MacDonald, every time I looked, he was sprinting from one end of the


pitch to the other. Simply could not have done more for his team today. A


gallant effort from him in midfield. Deflected wide. It was Marcus


Browne's first touch of the ball that has got Wigan a corner. What a


mess at the back for Manchester United. Tuanzebe, straight against


Smalling. He should be doing better, and I think Smalling comes to the


rescue. It was off his heel. Could have gone anywhere.


Tuanzebe a little more solid with that one.


Rooney goes into win the ball from Tunnicliffe. Martial is away again.


Rooney getting into the mix for him. Martial can't beat the first man in


his way, Michael Jacobs. In his efforts to get the ball back, he


fouls the Wigan winger. Nit-picking, Martial can do that a bit quicker.


Been out of the team for a bit. He's certainly got the pace, if he wants


to use it. Back towards Wildschut. There's pockets of separate


Manchester United chants going around Old Trafford at the moment.


They will be taking their place in the draw for the next round.


Tonight, of course, you can see highlights of all of today's action.


No shocks here, but there have been elsewhere.


Schweinsteiger is going to go the full 90 minutes, it seems. He's


found Martial. Martial! Got up above Warnock.


Turned past his own goal by Dan Burn. Again, it's good play from


Martial. Look at the spring he's got. Just does not get the direction


on the header. Here's an interesting change for Manchester United,


another debutant, 20-year-old Pereira, coming on for Sergio Romero


for the final ten minutes. Into the goal by Bastian


Schweinsteiger. A beaming smile on the face of the German. Who scores


his first match for Manchester United at Old Trafford in what might


well be one of his last games for Manchester United. Opportunities for


him few and far between all season long under Jose Mourinho. He looked


long gone at one stage. Schweinsteiger improvises really


well. That's a great area for scoring goals. Beautiful - can't


miss from there. You could hear by the cheers that greeted the


announcement of the goal-scorer that he is a huge leap uphiller figure


here. That was not always the case that Bayern Munich, that's for sure.


-- he is a hugely popular figure. Manchester United running away with


it. And I think a few players out there are looking very tight. A few


suffering with cramp at the moment. Pereira is at least going to get a


kick of the ball. Could not have been easy for him. He was almost in


the wilderness, in the background, Manchester United. Such a wonderful


player. Serial winner of trophies, by the way. For much of the first


half of the season, he was training with the kids. Yes. But I'm sure he


will be enjoying this. The shape of both sides is all over the place


now. It certainly is. Schweinsteiger coming in gives the manager the


chance to rest the likes of Carrick, who has been instrumental in their


run recently. Free kick, United. There's a smile


under there somewhere from the man who turned 54 on Thursday.


So easy for Manchester United now. The amount of options Mourinho has


got available to him now, now he's actually using everybody...


Mkhitaryan is the player that I like most of all in that midfield - a


wonderful talent. It just looks so easy for him.


It could be five or six by the end of this. Mkhitaryan muscled off it


by Morsy. Smalling times his challenge well.


Good defending, jockeying his player. Good for his confidence.


Been out of favour a little bit, had to watch Jones and Rojo doing very


well. And the first save as Manchester United senior goalkeeper


made by Pereira. There has been a few goalkeepers at


Manchester United who might have struggled with that kind of thing


early in their careers. Two brilliant bits of work from Mata


and Martial. Turning it on now, Manchester


United. The confidence is flowing. Marcos Rojo is on the move. Did not


get a touch on it. Martial! But the whistle has gone! That won't count.


And the look on Anthony Martial chillies face tells the story - he


could really do with goal today. Well, it's a great finish from him,


and again, it's a near post corner. Dispatches it, as you would expect


him to do, from there. I think it's the high foot, isn't it? From


Schweinsteiger. Well done, the referee.


Tuanzebe is joining in the attack. Manchester United are in the mood


for more goals here. Advantage played by the referee.


Martin, you can tell us who your choice for Man of the Match is?


Well, for me, the most pleasing player on the eye is Mkhitaryan in


that midfield for Manchester United. I just think he's a wonderful


player. He makes things happen, he handles the ball beautifully. The


scorer of the third goal for United. He has been successful at his


previous clubs in the cups, with three Ukrainian cups in his cabinet.


So controlled in everything he does. He's intelligent, he can pick a


pass, he has pace. And he gets an awful lot of goals as well.


Ander Herrera puts the squeeze on Wildschut. Schweinsteiger seems to


be really enjoying his day now, helped by goal. I think you have to


say, Wigan played this game in the right spirit for the FA Cup, but the


dream is over for them. Their manager coming back here, it was


almost a cup final in itself, having given so much of his career as a


coach to the development of the young players at Manchester United.


But Manchester United, just too much quality on the pitch. Wigan will go


back to their attempt to stay in the Championship. The next two games,


tricky ones at home - Sheffield Wednesday and Norwich.


Tuanzebe has lost it. He gets back at Browne, however. Good battle


there between the two substitutes. In the end, it's not exactly been as


closer shave for the United boss as it was at the barbers this week. No


time to be added on. A reasonably satisfied walk down the tunnel for


Jose Mourinho. He's Manchester United men have got it done today.


They were made to work for so long in the first half before Marouane


Fellaini broke the deadlock. The second half became much more of a


stroll into the last 16. GARY LINEKER: Yes, Jose Mourinho


will be satisfied as he signs the autographs of some young supporters


at Old Trafford. Mkhitaryan amongst the goals for Manchester United, in


what in the end was a convincing victory, Alan? Yes, very, very


professional performance from Manchester United. Certainly second


half, Wigan had one or two chances, but United dominated. And they


scored some very good goals. Philip, overall, it is the result we would


have expected, but having seen some of the results over this weekend, it


was a professional job? It was. The goal just before half-time I think


won United the game. Second half, they passed the ball really well.


Mata and Mkhitaryan got more space, and it was a good performance. For


Wigan, time to concentrate on survival in the Championship? Yes.


That is the priority, of course. A couple of home games to come for


them, the but they did have a couple of openings, so they can take some


heart, but United were just too good. At times, you were wondering


whether United would breakthrough, and that goal just before half-time


was crucial? Yes. Wigan have worked so hard and were very organised.


Fellaini, once he got up ahead of the defender, there was only one


outcome. Very good in the air. The ball in was excellent, with pace on


it. And that made it very, very difficult for Wigan to come back.


Especially just before half-time. At that point, it is just a question


of whether they can hang on for a while and just get something out of


the game, but the second goal ended any chance of that. Martial drifted


out to the side, he was better in the second half. As it comes out to


him from a corner, it's one-on-one in the box and picks out Smalling in


the box. A carbon copy of the first goal. The full-back on the opposite


side gets pinned and Smalling, a fantastic header, two really good


crosses. Is a full-back, that's the worst thing. You know you are done,


you can't do anything about it. You have to try and put the man. Best


goal, Mkhitaryan, counterattacking, free-flowing football. Pace, power,


quick pass, one touch, the desire to get in behind Martial. Mkhitaryan


follows his pass in and gets his reward. A brilliant ball in. What a


brilliant goal. Mkhitaryan got better and better as the game went


on. He was having such an influence. Killer passes. That time, to get


beyond as well, in the six yard box, so often you will see midfield


players drifting out, looking for a full-back, but he gets in way he


knows he could get hurt. Martial had a key part to play in both goals in


the second half. Do you think he has reacted the way that Jose Mourinho


would have liked? In the first 30 minutes, you have said no, his body


language was poor, but in the second half, he was fantastic. The way the


goals fell into the space... I think he's better running onto the ball


then receiving it with his back to play, and he likes those areas, on


the left-hand side, cutting in, and he is a nightmare to defend against.


He is 21, still learning the position and the role to play as a


centre forward. He definitely seemed a lot happier when he came out wide.


He had a lot more space in front of him, more room to go into. But it


isn't saying that he can't play centre forward, but he looked a lot


happier being out there with more space to run into, more freedom.


Phil Neville, I'm not sure he ever looked at happy. No! But he's got


the potential, the ingredients to be a top player. We just need to see it


more often. Kevin, do you like him? He is young. I got a bit of


information that he was very deflated after the Euros when he got


brought off at half-time in the one game he played in. It had a


devastating affect on perhaps his confidence. And it would do. When


you play at major tournaments, you want to be part of it, and being


dragged off the way he did at his home tournament, that will be a blow


to him. But you look at him, when he goes to the left, we spoke about


freedom, but his movement off the ball is better. He wants to get into


wide areas. When he commits defenders, he looks good. Learning


from Ibrahimovic, who has been a top player, so he will be working with


him every day. We can hear from two of the goal-scorers, Chris Smalling


and Henrikh Mkhitaryan. Henrikh congratulations, you off-load around


five, how does it feel? It feels good. -- you are through. In the


second half, we did very good. I think, in the second half -- first


half, we can find the free spaces behind the line but in the second


half we had more possibility for that. It is important that we won


4-0 and we go through. What macro tell me about your goal, a sweeping


counterattack. It was a nice counterattack. I played it to


Bastian, he played it to wane, and then it happened quickly. I'm happy


we could finalise with a goal. Chris, you are on the scoresheet.


Was it harder than you expected? Since Joyce has got in there, we


knew they were a hard team to beat. That is what we faced in the first


half. In the second half, it open. There are a lot of top teams that


have been out so it is good that we are still in. A lot of people


pressing for a starting place. Did anybody catch your eye Trustmark a


lot of competition and not many injuries. I think everybody is


hoping they can catch the manager's I. You were out of the team for a


long period. Did it frustrate you? Are you getting the benefit of not


playing early on? It doesn't matter if I am playing or not. I am trying


to do everything and I am working very hard to get my place. It


doesn't matter if I get the chance for five minutes, for one game, or


for a fume and it is. I am trying to do my best for the team and to be


good shape. Congratulations. Interesting, Henrikh Mkhitaryan. He


came here with a lot of pedigree but it's taken a lot of time for him to


get a look in. What is the inside story? I don't think Jose trusted


him at the start. He played in the Manchester derby at the start and


got substituted. Joe is a has to trust you. Now I think he trusts him


and I think he is a sensational footballer. Every time he plays, he


does something that you think, this is a good player. He bursts on that


counterattack. He is disciplined enough, even on the right of the


left, he is disciplined to track back, which we all know... You've


got to admire his attitude. It must have been so difficult for him


coming into this squad and the manager not trusting him. Talking


about Mourinho, a lot of people were critical of how he was handling a


couple of players, like Martial, Mkhitaryan, one or two others, being


critical of them in public, but he seems to be bringing out the best in


them now. Maybe you should look at them and say, as he managed it well?


And they are still improving. I still think they've got a long way


to go to get anywhere near they have been in previous years, so it's


working. Bastian Schweinsteiger scored the fourth goal. He was in


the wilderness 80 weeks ago. I think Bastian Schweinsteiger was getting


changed with the U21s. His career was over. Through hard work and


professionalism, he now finds himself back in the starting XI. He


could be vital for the games coming up with his experience. He is a good


pro. You have to act like a professional. That is why he gets


his rewards. The same as Mkhitaryan, when he wasn't playing. How many


times have we seen players sulking. These guys have shown the right


attitude and are getting their reward. I spotted a bit of a tennis


celebration, maybe Roger Federer after his victory today. Manchester


United now, looking good, battling on four France, but the league looks


big odds against. -- on four fronts. They have got 14 games in the next


45 days. But they have got the squad full internationals have come in.


They have a great chance to win two or three competitions. Let's bring


you the action from the big FA Cup story of the day. It came at


Canterbury lane, the home of Sutton United. -- Gander Green Lane.


Sutton United launch it forward. Deacon might be in. And Sutton are


in front! Unbelievable start. Rory Deacon. Oh, the flag is up. The


referee's flag was up. That is so tight. It's a really good finish.


Nicky Bailey now for Sutton. Goalkeeper has come, and he hasn't


got there. Sutton claiming a penalty, and they claim it again,


and they get it. The second time, the referee says yes. The penalty


surely is for the follow-up. Coyle catching Deacon. Jamie Collins, the


captain of National League Sutton. Can he put them in front, a lead


they would certainly deserve? 1-0, brilliantly dispatched by the


skipper, and the celebrations begin at Gander Green Lane again. 1989 all


over again. The captain took responsibility. And sent the keeper


the wrong way with a great penalty. Oh, tripped, and Liam Cooper is in


trouble here. Second yellow, and Leeds are a goal down and a man


down. One skipper scores, the other sent off. And there it is! They've


done it again! Sutton United are into the fifth round, the last 16 of


the FA Cup, further than they have ever been, eclipsing even 1989.


Gander green line goes mad. Sutton United 1, Leeds United 0.


A good day, two, Fulham and Millwall both beating Premier League


opposition. It's been an interesting weekend. Superb. I hope that Sutton


get one hell of a draw, one of the big boys at home. What a story!


Jose Mourinho is ready to talk to us. Congratulations, through to


round five. What is your analysis of the game? We deserved to win. The


first half wasn't very good but we managed to be 1-0 in front and, at


half-time, we spoke about changing a few things. The boys accepted it


obviously well, and the second half was much better. We deserved to win.


The job was done. And we are in the last 16. Did Wigan frustrate you for


a while in the first half? They organised the team defensively very


well with aggression and lots of momentum. But we knew that, to break


the ball, we needed to play better than we did in the first half. But


we were lucky to be 1-0 up and then, in the second half, with more space


we did it. Did one or two of the players who haven't been playing


regularly give you some food for thought today? Well, I think the


performance of the team was good enough. The performance of the


players individually were good enough, too. Obviously, some better


than others, but that's football. I am happy with what I did. You held


Mkhitaryan back for quite a while this season. Are you getting the


benefits from just using him into English football? Know, since he


came to the team, we all thought, and Mickey himself, that he was


ready, so he has had a good impact immediately. And then we had the


break with the injury against Tottenham and he came back also


playing quite well, so we are happy with him. And Q.


-- thank you. That is Old Trafford, Jose Mourinho clearly content, not


necessarily showing it quite as much as he used to! But nevertheless a


good display from his side. Totally agreed with him. Not so good in the


first half, but certainly stepped up in the second half and thoroughly


deserved to win it. Wigan, tough times. They got up but they are


fighting for their lives in that league. Have you seen enough from


them to suggest they will stay in the Championship? Warren has started


to get results. It would take a bit of time for him to start getting the


results to flow. They are starting to come. You see the quality they


have got. Today they just couldn't get bodies beyond Will Grigg


upfront. They would just worry about the lack of goals in the team. Yeah.


How many trophies this season for Manchester United? Is not going to


be four but it could be two or three. Smiles back at Manchester


United. Thank you very much. It's been a fourth-round FA Cup shocks


but not at Sebastian Vettel is Old Trafford.


Goodbye. -- not at the Bastian that is Old Trafford. Mata got there to


hit it. Here is Fosu-Mensah. Good ball across, but it's missed by


Mkhitaryan. Delaney had it! Manchester United find the route to


goal. Ball swung in, and Romero has put it straight out to Perkins.


Martial looks for Smalling. It's Martial, it's Mkhitaryan. Knocked


towards goal. Into the goal by Bastian Schweinsteiger. Manchester




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