Fourth Round: Millwall v Watford The FA Cup

Fourth Round: Millwall v Watford

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We on the wall. This is our home. No one likes us. And we don't care. We


don't like islands and we don't like dogs. We don't like glass ceilings


and city slackers. And we don't like Sunday's. How do fans feel about


this derby being staged on a Sunday? Normally I would prefer Saturday. We


didn't like Arsenal nicking our gaffer. We didn't enjoy the


millennium. And we didn't like losing. Dennis Wise and his team are


out of Europe. At the Den you will hear the Lions roar. Today we don't


like Watford. We're not to get stung. We like Tony Cascarino, Kenny


a lot, Keith Stevens, Tim K Hill and Neil Harris. We are the Lions and


this is our then. And we like it here.


# Our Den. STUDIO: They are going to like it here for the foreseeable


future. Millwall are staying at the Denman, and we are here this


afternoon for the League 1's side against Premier League Watford --


staying at The Den. Millwall will fancy their chances having knocked


out Premier League Bournemouth in a previous round. And joining the


pitch side at The Den, a man who is working the crowd very well, former


England and Arsenal striker Ian Wright, and Watford's all time


leading goal-scorer who seems to have confused a trip to South London


with a trip to the Arctic. Your former side have a real test on


their hands? They have indeed. Always worrying when you see lots of


changes going into the FA Cup. I've been in the Watford team in the


third, fourth division, whatever, going to the big clubs and they've


not taken it seriously. So I'm a bit worried and apprehensive about this


one. You've had a great welcome here this morning, you love coming here,


and you love this crowd. Explain your connection? I've been going to


Millwall since I was nine, when I stayed with my aunt Sally down in


Deptford. I started going Millwall then. I love coming to Millwall.


When I was younger it's the only team I wanted to play for but it did


not work out that way. When I went to Burnley I was desperate to come


here and finish my career here but it didn't happen. We will show you a


game where Ian was in the crowd, 1978, FA Cup quarterfinals. Ipswich.


They won. I cried after this game. It was amazing, seeing Nick Mills,


Paul Mariner, John walking, all that, playing, amazing to see them


down in New Cross. This was one of the first times I experienced crying


after a football match, 1978, 15, gutted. We will see Paul Mariner's


hat-trick goal. This is it. Didn't want to go off celebrating too much


in front of the fans. If you scored, you would turn as quick as you can


and head back to where your team-mates were, didn't want to go


anywhere near the supporters. Going very well under Neil Harris, five


points off the play-offs. Consistency has been a huge debate,


and that has been their watchword. Only made one change in their last


eight games, injury enforced. It can only be a good thing, simply because


the boys are confident in what they are doing, playing well and not


changing it up. This is the perfect time for me to be playing a Watford


side that have changed so many players. Why? Great opportunity for


Millwall. Likes to go with two strikers and play 4-4- two. He's


grown up that way. You get a bit of a partnership, you work out how to


give the defender is a bit of a scare on the day. When you've only


got one up there, it gives the defenders a bit of a day off. They


can concentrate on getting forward and causing you problems. Watford


have reached the FA Cup final just once in 1984 in what was a golden


period for the club. Ooh, lovely skill, and what a


magnificent goal! John Barnes. Towards the near post, got a flick


and it's there. Looks of it, good goal, so well executed. Watford


cannot be stopped. All the more poignant watching that footage with


the recent passing of Graham Taylor, his funeral on Wednesday in Watford.


Since then have all Watford team's been judged against that generation


was blue I think they have, because that was the benchmark, team that


came from the fourth division and ended up finishing second in what is


now the Premier League and it was the most incredible time to be part


of that club. Yes, that's what every team must try to emulate.


Watford have been successful in getting back into the Premier


League. This season they seem a little unsettled? It has been a bit


unsettled but in terms of points we are not dissimilar to what we were


then. It's the fact we have not had that run of games where we went win,


win, win, to make such a difference. Not a great deal between them at the


moment. The team was more subtle bend. But we are not quite in the


same position. What have you made of Watford this season? A few players


have been very disappointing, and I don't think you will get any more


out of Troy Deeney. Some players are just not playing as well. Ighalo has


not come in with the goals and they are struggling to find goals from


other places. Troy Deeney on the bench, surprised? Not really, that


has been the case. It is a shame. The FA Cup is a big, big again for


everybody. To not have your best players out there every game is


disappointing. Last season, the run to the FA Cup semifinal, do you


think it gave Watford moment in the Premier League as well? It did. You


play well in the league, that day of you are playing in the cup, win


again, it sets you up for the next game, we have not really had that.


If you think the teams are being very patient in that tunnel, it's


because they are waiting for the referee to arrive. They have been


standing there for a while and the referee has yet to come out. No


point hiding it, it is not a full house today, and yet they will make


a lot of noise and the atmosphere will be intimidating. Always


intimidating down here, and they support their team ferociously down


here at Millwall. I would like to see them get through this round, get


another team down here, feel it out, because it is a number visible


stadium. You don't really want to be standing in the tunnel for a very


long period of time. That's the last thing you want to do, you've got


warmed up and mentally ready to go out and play. To be stood there for


two, three, four minutes longer than you need to be, that is not great


preparation. Just been told the referee was ready, he had to check


kit. I'm assuming the players kits. What would be a successful season


for Watford? To finish somewhere in the top ten if they can and to have


a run in the FA Cup. If you are not going to win the league you've got


to aim to get a cup final. Absolutely right. I think Watford


should be doing everything they can to get to the latter stage of this


competition. Teams are out, took a little while to get them there.


Thank you to Luther and Ian, dancing along here. Let's join the


commentary team up there in the gantry.


COMMENTATOR: Thanks very much. Good afternoon, everybody. Football folk


hero here, big Barry Kitchener, Teddy Sheringham, Neil Harris. Today


he sends out that class of 17 who believe they can become legends,


make no mistake. Sunday lunch feeding time in the lions Den and


Premier League egos are very much on the menu. Watford will have to be up


for this or they will be going out of the cup here today. Let's look at


the line-ups, the former Tottenham youngster Jordan Archer in goal.


Jake Cooper, on loan from Reading, replacing Shaun Hutchinson, who is


injured. Onyedinma, Thompson and O'Brien are all Millwall youth team


products. Watford with seven changes. Costel Pantilimon has been


their regular cup keeper. Mariappa makes his second appearance. Okaka


comes Poli stays in. I don't think the Watford manager


will have experienced anything quite like this. Won the cup in charge of


Natalie. The Den and Millwall is a world away from that.


There is the referee, had a late check on the kit. Martin Atkinson


and his two assistants. It's a ground with great community links.


And they have won the first Battle of the week, it seems. The right to


stay here and play football and have an Academy with the composter in


purchase order from the council finally being chucked out. Those


families will be delighted. A lot of them come from workers from the dock


area. They have a big dock as they hear in celebration -- docker's day


here in celebration. It is a proud community club. There is the


docker's stand on the far side. He will be dreaming, that little lad,


the Sunday shock here today. While everyone is talking about that, will


it be a shock for you today, here, Jermain? You've got a Millwall side


in great form playing the same weight week in, week out. And


Watford, their form has been very indifferent this season. Don't think


there's been too many standout performers. Good season for them.


There have been changes made to Watford. If they need any reminding


just how many upsets can be caused in this competition, all they needed


to do was watch the results come in yesterday. They need to be right up


for this game today. Their team very much with the trip to Arsenal in the


Premier League on Tuesday in mind. Never met Millwall in the FA Cup


before, Watford. Lost just once in their last ten meetings, winning


seven of those. Let's not forget that Millwall, in


their past, have just beaten Bournemouth in Premier League, in


the FA Cup. Also Arsenal, Chelsea, villa in their past. It will be


Watford in the yellow and black to kick us off and underway. Both these


teams have been to FA Cup finals in recent memory. Will they reached the


fifth round here today? Millwall in the blue and white stripes.


Immediately looking for Steve Morison, and into Gregory! What a


start that would have been! It would have been quite sensational. You are


absolutely right, it would have been absolutely sensational. All it came


from was one long ball, caught out Watford. As the cross comes in,


Gregory does so well to get anything on it but he's got to stick that one


away. As early as this chance has came, it has a good look at it,


makes good contact. You can see that he was trying to guide it into the


far corner but just gets a little too much right on it. Warning signs


already for Watford. Nearly stinging the Hornets. Outcomes Pantilimon.


We thought Pantilimon was going to play in the final but sat on the


bench. I think you saw a sign there of what Luther Blissett was talking


about before the game, in terms of the two strikers playing together,


the way they link up. Nobody was interested in marking him


in that Watford back three. He knows about scoring a few goals. A record


goal-scorer, Neil Harris, two spells at the club. He kept his cards


pretty close to his chest in the week but they are delighted that the


CPO seems to have gone away, although they will wait until batter


is finally ratified by the local council. They want to see it in


writing. The whole future of Millwall has been shrouded in doubt


for the last three or four years because of that. They are


competitive in the midfield area certainly. There is Tony Craig.


Millwall's season holder as a boy. He was part of the club when they


went to the final. Kaboul, tucked inside by Dja Djedje


in their right wingback role. This is Mason who played against Burton


in the last round the whole game. Made his debut against Spurs on new


years day at home for the 4-1 drubbing.


Here is Dja Djedje. Signed for Marseille in the summer. He has been


restricted by a foot injury. Kicked away by Jake Cooper, six of him.


There is no place to hide here at the den for any opposition player.


Never has been. On the attack again. Morison working hard in the wide


positions. A very positive start from Millwall. They were always on


the front foot. Players running forward, winning second balls.


The first corner of the game. They have sent the two centre-backs


forward. There goes Byron Webster, six foot three, injured in the warm


up in the play-off final last spring. A corner from Williams.


Webster in there with Cooper. Only scored one goal this season,


Webster. The referee has blown for a foul on the keeper I think. I think


there was a nudge on Pantilimon as the ball comes in. It was the right


delivery from Williams. Gregory just gets his backing to Pantilimon,


trying to be clever and nudge him out of the way. The referee spotted


it. Watson, pressure on the teenager.


Britos on the Italian cup for Walter Mazzarri at Napoli. -- won the


Italian cup. There are a couple of players for


Watford who won the cup elsewhere. Younes Kaboul on it in France.


A tricky tie, this for Watford. Onyedinma comes from plants did in


London. He is a winger who can play through the middle. -- once did.


It is a daunting opening for this Premier League team. It is. Once


they get to the middle of the pitch, Millwall are all over them, pressing


them higher up the pitch. The continuity of the team, they have


made one change in eight games. Walter Mazzarri has yet to find the


essential formula that Neil Harris has produced. He has used 28 players


in the Premier League. Craig thinks about it. The shot is deflected high


and away. It is a corner kick. It is all about Millwall. It is. A couple


of times now Morison is making the runs into the channels, causing


Watford problems. That is what you need to do when you play against the


back three. It was Craig who could not quite get that one on target.


Here comes that corner again. It was headed down and wide by Cooper. He


was sent off last season you might remember, playing for Reading


against Crystal Palace in the quarterfinal. Watford Mark Zona Lee.


It is great off because you are very static as a player. That is why that


ball from Williams was difficult, it is a one for any defender to deal


with. The fourth round, the fifth time in seven seasons for Watford.


They have a decent pedigree. Mariappa in his second spell.


He came on in the final four Crystal Palace last year.


A brilliant header from Younes Kaboul because he was under a lot of


pressure. Dja Djedje was seven times capped by


the Ivory Coast but he fell out with the national team. He did not want


to play in the African Cup of Nations and couple of years back and


played for Marseille instead. Interesting the way Aiden O'Brien


gets in from the left hand side. Kaboul has pushed out wide.


What a story it would be for Tony Craig if he could be on the winning


side today. His third spell at the club. Nearly 300 games in that time.


Watford are struggling to get over the halfway line. Is where Millwall


seem to laugh on. They don't give them any space. It is all very slow


and ponderous. 33 years since Watford went to Wembley and played


in the Cup Final under Graham Taylor. It would be something


special in Graham's memory if they could get there again. The FA Cup is


full of stories like that. But he has a job to do as well. He has had


two cup finals in Italy. It is a potent and hard-working Fred


two. It is. Morison did not have to look. He knows Gregory's ball chase


and knocks over the back three of Watford. That is always nice to know


as a striker. The offside flag. Last season, Tony Craig had a knee


injury. He has a horrible scar after that operation. Harris went through


adversity health-wise. He suffered from testicular cancer and was


really strong in supporting and fundraising for that cause. A


down-to-earth forthright man is Neil Harris. A Millwall man.


Neil played for Millwall against Manchester United in the final.


Britos won that one. One of four players who stayed on after last


week's draw. He was in the semifinal last season.


There was a big gamble signing Sinclair in the summer for four


million. ?4 million was spent on the back of


120 minutes of first-team football. On Graham Taylor is the song on the


lips of the fans. They think very highly of Onyedinma


here. He came through from the youth team ranks. Holding that well, Steve


Morison, bringing others into play. He did so well initially, Onyedinma,


on the right-hand side. His partner made a great run on the outside. He


couldn't find him in the end. The referee Martin Atkinson. An


eminently sensible man. Some neat little plate by Doucoure,


who seems to be on his way out at the start of the season.


Okaka scored that great, Arsenal last season when they knocked out


the holders. Worldwide from Guedioura, not a


repeat of the Arsenal striker from last year -- well wide from. He's


not a player that turns down an invitation for a shot, I can tell


you that. Don't want to give him too many opportunities in and around the


edge of the box, because when he catches them, like you said, the one


in the quarterfinal, there was no stopping that. Scored here in the


last meeting April 2000 15. That was a 2-0 Watford win. They have just


settled now, Watford. They should be the better passing team, should have


the high levels of technique. Watson in towards Okaka.


Left it hanging in the air a fair while, Djedje. Blocked by Mariappa.


O'Brien, number of games for him since he came through the youth


ranks. Scored against Braintree earlier in the competition. Has


never gone this far before. 11 goals, though, this season, for


O'Brien, from the left side. 35 between O'Brien, Onyedinma and


Morison. Some potency, as we've been saying. William Scott a great goal


this season against Nottingham Forest, remember that? Way out from


near the halfway line, Beckham style.


In the 20th minute. Did start by Millwall but Watford have settled.


Plenty of competitors in there. Ben Thompson was watching on from the


stands when they reached the 2004 final, Millwall fan. Proudest


possession, an autographed by his manager, Neil Harris. I expect he


gets ribbed about that in addressing room. -- the dressing room. Morison


was pulled back, then. Gets the cross in. Oh wait, just, by Britos.


Here is Djedje, holding off O'Brien. Good pressure from O'Brien in that


corner. Doesn't allow any time on the ball for Djedje. Well played,


Morison, again. Cummings is underneath that. Scored against


Bournemouth in the last round. He looks very promising. Made his debut


aged 17 for the club, Onyedinma, for Neil Harris.


Miss hit the clearance. A little bit lucky.


Millwall are quite happy to let Watford have the ball, here. One of


the problems the midfielders for Watford have, it all looks nice when


they are in possession but they don't have any forward runners.


Okaka wants to come towards the ball, Doucoure wants to come towards


the ball. They need to start stretching the Millwall back four


and make them run towards the own goal, otherwise it is too easy for


them. Sitting in their formation, nobody is having to work hard when


Watford have the ball, it's just too slow, not trying to break the lines.


That's something different. Full of goals last season, Watford,


with Deeney and Carlo. They've only got seven between them this season


-- and Ighalo. Gomes has not been a regular in the


cup. There he is in the middle. Janmaat to the left of him,


Cleverley to the right. Good experience in there. Not going to


surprise me if I see a couple of them on in the early stages of the


second half. Because if it continues like this for Watford, they don't


look dangerous enough. It's not like they are not playing great, they are


passing it around in midfield area is fine, just don't look like they


are going to score. They have goals in them. In their new signings. Just


some plaintive cries from Watford fans down the other end that Okaka


might have been impeded by Webster. Don't think he was.


Martin Atkinson has pulled it back for the challenge on Watson.


Round the corner. Trying not to allow the 1-2 to go around you.


Nudged Watson to the floor. Kaboul is up from the back, Okaka is


in there. Blamed in towards them. Got the


slightest of touches on it. # Ending. Just edged away for a


corner. Bowl was coming in. All about the delivery. Lovely flight on


the delivery from Guedioura. I think it comes off Cummings, the right


back. Hits the far post. Tough one for Cummings, he knows he needs to


get something on it. Guedioura will swing it away. Good firm had to


clear his lines by Morison. Been important for Millwall at both ends


so far, Steve Morison. Now 33. Went to the league play-off final of


2010, which they won. Runner-up in the final last year. Played at


Wembley on four occasions including a couple of trophy finals for


Stevenage. Few grey hairs in there, now, Steve.


Putting in a real shift already. You can see why the grey hairs are


there. Workhorse for his team. In his earlier days he worked in a


paper shredding mill. So he knows what sort of life football has given


him. Appreciate it. Good vision, can he get there? No. Right idea from


Guedioura, but there is no convincing run. He is asking


players, saying, get in behind, you need to start making those runs.


Troy Deeney has a good record against Millwall. Scored his first


Walsall goal against them. Got a couple here for Watford.


Out by Okaka. Watson. Better now from Watford, they've really settled


into a decent rhythm. They are not hurting Millwall any, as Jermain was


saying. They played in a round five replay for Tottenham against


Stevenage, furthest he is gone in this competition.


Have it, son. Big clearance. Need to take, there, by Gregory.


Four Millwall players pressing. Okaka stayed down.


He's complaining he was fouled, I didn't see anything wrong. I think


it was a good challenge in midfield from Thompson. Gets back. You see


the direction the ball goes. It is a mixture between the three of them.


He probably does take a knock. Good tackle from Thompson. Cummings.


Started at Chelsea all those years ago. Came back in November into the


side, he was out for knee surgery for nine months.


Watson. When you play a free, you've got to get your wingbacks hi,


otherwise they are totally ineffective against the whole


system. They are getting a little more joy in the game. With them


keeping the ball, it has taken that early pressure Millwall were putting


on them out of the game. Millwall seem to be dropping a little too


Deepcut the minute, need to somehow get more energy into their game, get


higher up the pitch. Do what they were doing in the early stages. Good


pro, Ben Watson, in over 400 games for his various clubs. Very popular


in south London when he was a Crystal Palace player. Don't think


Millwall fans will forgive him for that. Mind you, they were quick to


forgive Ian Wright's connections. Great to see his infectious joy


here. Got the fans going, didn't he? Awkward game, this, for Martin


Atkinson. He's done well, kept it under control.


The referee might have pulled it back for a foul.


I think he will be reasonably happy with his team's first half an hour


display. They got off to a great start. He will be feeling they need


to put a little bit more pressure on Watford and get a little bit higher


up the pitch. The more that ball goes into Okaka, the more Watford.


To get a bit of joy out of that. 530 games, Neil Harris.


For although detractors and critics, a proud team. They play a huge role


in this community and they have done for years.


A free kick to Millwall but Watford for the last 15 minutes also been


comfortable. He has some real quality Williams in midfield. He


appeared to get his foot on the ball, controlled the game. He had a


cup win in Ireland. The fans want something against Britos, he wants a


free kick the other way. Morison is another one who likes to put himself


about, so he has to expect when the ball comes into the box, the


defenders will make sure they will make it as difficult as they


possibly can for him to get his head on the ball. There was a strong team


against Burton in the last round for Matt -- Walter Mazzarri. It is


Watford controlling the tempo at the moment. This is Watford on the


attack now. Nothing doing says the referee this time and that is a more


contentious one. Morison there tangling with Britos. I think Walter


Mazzarri is trying to get Britos to calm down. It is obviously from the


earlier incident when the ball came into the box. It was those two who


collided there. This is the penalty incident. Sinclair get on it. As he


goes to pull the trigger... It is a close one. You can see why Sinclair


thinks that is a penalty. If there was contact there. We need to see


another replay. It should have been a penalty. They are right people at


the other end. The goalkeeper and the defender and they just got away


with it. Goodness me! Mariappa and Pantilimon. And Gregory nearly


profited. It is going to be an intense cup tie


and a cup tie of intensity. You can't muck around with it. Brilliant


from Gregory. That is exactly what you want from your centre forward.


Getting stuck into the goalkeeper. That was a fantastic tackle. I think


they are complaining saying that was a backpass from Mariappa. He saved


them. The goalkeeper came out, didn't like the challenge. It was


poor from Mariappa. Gregory was already on the floor, he had to be


more committed and win that tackle. He went in their heart hearted and


now he has hurt himself because of it. They are calling for the


stretcher. Couldn't pick it up because it was a


backpass. I don't think that was a deliberate ball to the goalkeeper.


It wasn't. I do know what Britos was thinking. It was a terrible backpass


from him. Left is goalkeeper in a terrible situation, but once he was


there, Pantilimon, he has got to clear everything. It looks as though


he will have to come off. Heurelho Gomes will come on. The jarring,


real jolt of the challenge. Nothing wrong with the tackle. No, a


fantastic tackle from Gregory. He has gone to the ball and won the


ball. He is the more committed player. Pantilimon, when he has gone


to kick it, he has sort of dangled his ankle which has caused the


problem. Let's have a look at the penalty incident at the other end,


Jermaine. You can see as Sinclair goes to kick it, he kicks the floor.


Usually as a player when you go to pull your leg back, sometimes


players can stop you striking the ball but in this situation, Martin


Atkinson calls it right on the money. No connection there from


Williams, by the look of it. He hits the deck. A very good decision by


Martin Atkinson. What would have happened as he pulled his leg, he


would have felt a tiny bit of contact from Williams in midfield.


He was coming to win the ball. Sometimes that can put you off. It


was not enough really for Martin Atkinson to give the penalty. He


certainly stubbed his own to in the ground. There is a lengthy delay


while Walter Mazzarri makes the inevitable substitution. The sort of


injury that could have damaged ankle ligaments. Gomes has so much


experience. A semifinalist for Spurs seven years


ago now when they were beaten by Portsmouth.


Not change you would have to make. The way the game is going, there is


not one of the substitutes he would have wanted at all, Walter Mazzarri.


Some creativity on that bench in Troy Deeney, Tom Cleverley, Etienne


Capoue, all players who come to mind when you need someone to come on and


make something happen, so one of those is going to have to sit on the


bench for the rest of the game. They are concerned for their big


goalkeeper, very popular in the dressing room is Pantilimon.


Strapping on the legs to keep the leg Immobile. That is not a good


sign. He is being applauded off from all


four corners of the ground. On comes a man once dubbed in Dutch


football the octopus because of his long hands, a cup winner in the


Netherlands with PSV Eindhoven. He was a centre forward until he was


17. He played in a beach tournament, they needed a goalkeeper, he went in


goal and has stayed there ever since! That says all you need to


know about him as a centre forward! I have played with him, it was a


shock when you told me he used to be a centre forward. He is a character,


is the? He was a good guide to have around the changing rooms, to be


honest with you. Always wanted a laugh, but on his day, he was a


goalkeeper who was very good at penalties. He saved one of mine,


unfortunately. Last season I remember he saved four. He saved on


in this as well, Gomes. How much has that injury and settled


Watford? Stoppage was over six minutes.


It can unsettle Watford, it can unsettle the game. It takes the


momentum out of it, players standing around for long periods. We might


have to be here till tea-time. We might have to record Singh Something


Simple. Is that still an? No, apparently hit has not been on for


33 years. I remember that well. Jermaine? Anybody else? Just me?


He has not had a great deal to do, Jordan Archer. He has not had a shot


to save. I don't think there has been a shot on target. There was the


incident which hit the post but that was from one of their rent players.


It has been a quiet first half for young Jordan Archer.


Britos whose backpass led to the incident which caused the injury.


80 goals for Steve Morison in his two spells. He makes the fifth round


of the cup with Birmingham and had a spell at Norwich.


The assistant will put the stoppage time board up in a moment, I would


imagine, and it will be six minutes. Can Watford get a goal here?


Cooper was trying to win the ball but it was too high there.


On the edge of the box, Doucoure is there. Okaka, Jerome Sinclair. He


has been the busiest of their forwards.


To much weight on the ball. O'Brien had quite not got there in time.


Here is Craig and now the oppressive Williams. Doucoure edged it away but


no one to hold it up for Watford. They need Deeney out there, I think.


That is exactly what Gomes can do, find shot stopper. Given he's just


come off the bench, fantastic save. Lining this one up for a good few


seconds. We know the problems Morison can cause. Technique from


Gregory, over the shoulder, on the volley, keeps it on target,


absolutely brilliant. Fourth corner of the half for Millwall, Watford


have had one. Gregory has come close to adding to his 11 goals this


season. In it comes, near post. Great block. Guedioura says Watford.


He has done so well, if this is not in, somebody is following in. Lovely


delivery into the box from Williams. Millwall in stoppage time, pouring


it on again. Ending the half as they started it. Williams, who's had such


a good first period, dangerous ball into the near post, again a flick


on. Webster couldn't keep it in. It's been a handful for them.


Himself and Britos have had a couple of good battles, both boxes. He is


the one winning the majority of them. You said in training what he


could do at Spurs, how about this for a save? Brilliant save,


technique as well from Gregory to get the shot on target. That is


where Gomes is at his best, shot stopping, reaction saves. Williams.


Cummings, good to see him back from the wall. -- back for Millwall.


Guedioura. Look at the pressure on Watford. Millwall have stopped them


playing when they have had the ball and thought of bringing it away.


Seem very, very little of Doucoure. -- we've seen very little of. Four


minutes of stoppage time, coupled to go. Asking too much, there, of


Jerome Sinclair. It's all off the cuff with Watford, it's not planned,


it doesn't seem prepared, doesn't look like they have a way of


playing. I think that's where a lot of the problems lie for Watford


fans. Last year they had a way of playing. Even if it was the goals


they were scoring in the linkup play between Deeney and Ighalo, that was


their thing. This year it is not enjoyable to watch for Watford fans


and that is where the problems have come from. You can be the best


manager in the world but football in England is rather unique visits


various layers and ultra-competitiveness throughout the


top-flight, for example. Coming to a cup tie like this, top-flight team


can be understood much pressure. Jurgen Klopp having his difficulties


at the moment, Pep Guardiola as well. And they are right up there


amongst the best in the world, if not the best. Away by Britos. There


is a foul in there. Every time Millwall knock the ball forward, not


the first one but the second one, there is always a Millwall player


connecting. Always on the front foot, making sure that they are


winning that ball. Such an important one to win for them. Into the last


ten seconds of the six minutes of stoppage time. Williams will take


it, last attack of the half. Cummings has gone out wide. In short


towards Craig. Got enough time. Back towards Webster. It comes to


nothing. Gomes has to make the save, and he's not happy about the


challenge. Thinks he was impeded by the big centre half. And it ends the


first period here uncomfortably. With angry words and gestures. And


it has not been a comfortable first half for Watford who have had to


send an Gomes to replace the injured Pantilimon. Made one terrific save


from Gregory who also hit the woodwork in the opening seconds.


He's been dangerous. Millwall have troubled Watford at times. At


half-time it is still 0-0. STUDIO: You would say, I know we are


standing right by the home fans, but they are definitely a lot happier


than Watford fans? Absolutely. The way Millwall started is exactly how


you want to start, putting Watford on the back foot. Saying that,


Watford kind of ease themselves back into it. But they are not a threat,


not getting past anyone, not getting into channels, not holding the ball


up particularly well, very easy for Millwall. How do you view the first


half? They started well. Watford caused their problems. From the


kick-off, the space left by the left back, the centre half, he should


have come across and blocked it. He's come inside, left the space,


they've broke and hit the post at the other end. The disorganisation


between the defence being in the wrong position has caused Watford


all sorts of problems. You've got the wing backs out of position,


midfield players out of position, and unable to get anything going


forward. Millwall positive in the first 15 minutes and then in the


last 15 minutes but they started off, as we can see, on fire. They


had this chance. Exactly what you want to do. You see the three centre


halves quite close together. Morison does brilliant, running into the


channel. Great cross and Gregory is really unlucky, the ball comes up


and he has to wait for it a bit. It bounces up and he's trying to get


over it but he can't quite keep it down, it's an lucky. Great, great


chance for them. Theme of the chances they have had, they are


getting forward. They are. They know they've got to get forward.


Especially against this Watford team. It happens in the Premier


League as well, when the opposition get forward, Watford have not


defended particularly well, players caught in between rather than


marking people. This is good from Millwall and they've got to keep


Watford under pressure. They have not got going. At some stage you


will see Troy Deeney because they are not holding the ball up. Good


pressure. This is poor from Watford. Mariappa, your job, unless you are


shouting to the goalkeeper, you deal with that. He has let it go and


realised he'd put his team in trouble. Forwards causing all sorts


of problems. Good header. They've got good movement, haven't they? One


goes in, they get support. They get a runner as well. Morison is a very


clever player, isn't he? He wins the headers but he also drops, because


they are a very settled side, other players seem to know where they need


to be depending on where Morison is on the pitch. What he is good at, he


is good at keeping it, what Watford are not doing. People know, with the


second ball for Millwall, they are winning it well and they will have


to take advantage sooner or later because Watford are going to liven


up. Watford headed the first ball going in but Millwall are picking up


the second ball. The fact they are getting legs up and wanting to win


that ball, that's causing all sorts of problems. I think you two have a


difference of opinion, don't you, on whether this should have been a


penalty? Penalty all day. No way a penalty. That's very simple. Let's


take a look. Why don't you think? We know there is some reason why he has


miskicked it. I just don't feel the contact, for me... How many times


have we seen it? We've watched it about 20 times. Shaun Williams has


come in, I don't think he has tried to tackle, he tried to get outside


him. His technique cannot be that poor. He must have had some contact.


You say that, anything happening in the box, even the slightest touch,


your balance is important and he obviously lost the balance. I can't


give it. I give it all-day. Maybe shows how difficult Martin


Atkinson's job is at times. Watford have probably come closest when they


hit the post? They hit the post from the free kick on the other side, and


we were just talking, if Britos, if it had been a striker, he would have


scored rather than hit the post. There is no way you'd not put


somebody who's got the instincts to continue his run to make sure that


ball goes in the back of the net in that space. Britos stopped and


waited, and reacted late. I know Watford have made changes to their


starting line-up, and they have been playing 3-5-2 most of the season.


But as you alluded to, some of the players don't necessarily know where


they are supposed to be in this system, they do not have momentum


going forward. They don't. It's the thing about discipline, isn't it?


Your starting position is very important if you are going to have


an impact. Starting positions are very poor at the moment. Not


bringing the wing backs into play enough. The centre backs too close


together. It has just been a mess. Not getting the ball into the


forwards. Opportunities to hold it. With Deeney playing people might be


able to join in. At the moment it is very comfortable. Any sympathy for


Okaka in this system? He must be seeing Morison and Gregory and the


support they have and give each other and thinking I wouldn't mind


Deeney up here alongside me to help? To give him credit where credit is


due, he has been up there, they've changed, put him in the middle, now


working off his centre backs to get in behind. They are still playing in


the wrong areas for him. But he is a willing, strong runner. If you get


the ball to him he can break something up for you. Not enough


people threatening. Know, need more bodies coming in. That's what you


want, for one of them to get forward? They are sat too deep.


There is a massive hole in between the strikers and where the midfield


is. That's why Millwall pick-up every ball and come in and cause


problems. I totally agree. I've said it three times now, I think that


Troy Deeney will be introduced at some stage. Somebody who can hold


the ball and get Watford to sustain an attack. For the moment, thank


you. Teddy Sheringham was the all-time leading goal-scorer for


Millwall until Neil Harris, the current manager, went past him in


2009. Eddie is absolutely adored in these parts. He's got a pretty


decent FA Cup pedigree, too. Coming through the ranks at


Millwall, do or die. Millwall fans are very ferocious. And not just to


the opposition. You had to win the Millwall fans over, you either died


from the criticism or stood up and thought, I've got a bit about me,


I'm going to go on and be a player, you just watch. My FA Cup memories


are not fantastic at Millwall. Didn't really get going and have a


real FA Cup run. Had a couple of close runs with the bigger clubs


later on in life. Tottenham got to a couple of semifinals. Sheringham,


what a goal! When you get knocked out, you thing, and my ever going to


get there? Will I ever play in an FA Cup final? 1999 was a fantastic year


for Manchester United, we'd won the league in the last game of the


season against Tottenham. I started in that match. If I started that


game I might even be starting the FA Cup final. The manager called me and


told me I wouldn't be playing, very upset. I was 33, I probably had 17


or 18 years as a professional football and thought it had passed


me by that I would get a chance to play at Wembley in an FA Cup final.


Roy Keane has a problem, key is limping badly. I'm thinking to


myself, I'm not going on for Roy Keane. Helix over his shoulder and


says, Teddy, get warmed up. Sheringham comes on. Within a minute


I'd scored the first goal, and it was a lovely goal, 1-2 with Paul


Scholes. Played really well, enjoyed it. Worked out to be a great day


from the. Sheringham, set up for Paul Scholes! Manchester United go


2-0 up. Getting the winner 's medal, such a fantastic day in the sunshine


at Wembley for Manchester United. One of those things that you dream


of as a kid. Sheringham went a long time in football without a major


honour, now he has a championship medal and an FA Cup winners medal in


the space of a feud days. When you are growing up as a young


footballer, you want to win things. You don't dream about having lots of


money, you dream about the glory. We wanted to win the lot and that's


exactly what we did, just fantastic memories and I love talking about


it. And of course, after that Teddy


Sheringham went on to win the Champions League medal. You can join


Gary and the team this afternoon from 3:35pm on BBC One. If you fancy


walking out at Wembley this evening, there is still time to sign up for


the FA people's up -- this season. 90,000 people will fill this stadium


for the FA Cup final and you could be one of them. Sign up your five a


side team for the FA people's up and you could be walking out on the


hallowed turf at half-time. Go to the website and sign up now.


I'm delighted that we have been joined by Millwall's chief executive


Steve Kavanagh, because it has been a very worrying time for Millwall


Football Club. There was a chance they could be kicked out of this


ground because a compulsory purchase order was happening and that could


mean relocating to North Kent out of the community but things have got


better this week? Yes, we have heard they are


suspending the CPO and going back to the drawing board which we are


pleased about but there are a lot of stages in the process. Can you


explain how worried you and the fans have been in recent weeks and months


with this hanging over your club? It has been extremely worrying for


years. Local businesses have been worried, the fans have been


concerned what is going on, it has been extremely worrying in terms of


money and taking management time away from the real business. What do


you think it would have meant if you had to Rhoda Kate? I don't even want


to think about it. But is why we fought so hard to make sure it is


not the case. What you need to do to make its final, to properly go away?


It is now up to the council to make sure it does go away and to restore


trust and credibility in the whole process and for the club and fans.


How important you the coverage has been in the area locally and also


the Guardian has taken this up. Do you think that put pressure on the


council? Without a shadow of a doubt. Barney is an absolute legend.


And the fans and the wider national press have been fantastic. Without


that, I don't think we would have got to where we are. What to think


it says to the wider community of football clubs here there is a


tendency to build new stadiums out of town 's, out of cities in big


retail parks, but there is something magical coming to a football club in


the heart of the community in towns and cities. To think they will be


concerned about what has happened to you in recent years? I think they


have got to be concerned. I think local councils tend to understand


the positive power that football brings to its community and everyone


around. If they harness that power in a positive way, football and the


community can do wonderful things. When it goes negative, it is


horrible. People can go on about the magic of the FA Cup and romance in


the FA Cup and debate it until the cows come home, but what you


actually get when you come to FA Cup ties and go to Sutton on Lincoln or


Millwall all wherever, proper footballing community 's? That is


what I have said. Coming to Millwall since I was nine, with the old Den


and the New Den here, I could not believe it when people said Millwall


might have to leave. It was a devastating thing for me. It is not


to much in the area, but being a Millwall fan it was devastating. I


think one of the beautiful things about a football club in the town,


in the middle of the town, that community spirit is massive, it is


huge. It is what makes the club, the spirit of the community. We have


said it many times and that is what it is. For Watford and Graham Taylor


when he came, that is what he instilled in Vicarage Road and the


legacy is there today. Just have a word about your manager Neil Harris


and the work he has done? He is a great up-and-coming manager. He is


learning the job but he is doing a great job and the performance of the


guys, he is showing that. Let's see what the second half rings. How


important is it on board level to have someone who knows the club


through and through? The chairman's support of Neil is unwavering. He


loves Neil and having someone there who knows what this club means to


the supporters are what they are, goes back to the same thing. It


gives a heart and if the heart is there we have half a chance. I


appreciate your time. The whole footballing community will say


congratulations. The teams are back on their way out, lets Rhine to how


the half went. Both these teams have been two cup


finals in recent memory and one will reach the fifth round today. The


slightest of touches. Nothing doing, says the referee. Morison, Gregory!


That is exactly what Heurelho Gomes can do. A fine shot stopper.


Let's rejoin Jermaine Jenas and Jonathan Pearce.


Thank you very much. A little bit about Millwall's immediate future


with the CPO going away this week. Such a tradition here. They have


worked so well in this particular part of south London, the hard-nosed


docker community of yesteryear, overcoming the hooliganism problems,


and yes, it has had sometimes a bleak past. But it has a better


future now, it would seem, with this week's decision. What will the


future holds in the next 45 minutes? Millwall in the stripes kick from


left to right in this second half. Gregory second to it.


He should at least have hit the target. He claims a corner kick.


Millwall go to the referee. The ball was bouncing up awkwardly. It is


knows a prize that it is Morison causing the problems again. Morison


causing a lot of problems. I think he gets his technique all wrong


here, Gregory. He is claiming it as a touch on the ball. I know there


were players sliding in. It was that close to the goal that Gomes would


not have had a chance to react. Cummings got forward a lot in the


first half, he scored against Bournemouth in the last round. Let's


have another look at this free kick. I think Onyedinma is the type of


player who likes to be one-on-one, so I think Cummings' role in that is


to be a supporting role rather than to overlap him. It would block a


corridor for him if he got too high. He is the type of player you want to


allow to do what he needs to do. Onyedinma has pace, power and he is


causing Britos and Maicon problems. -- Mason.


That was decent from Watford and nearly sneaked in. Offside flag


anyway. It just squeezed off Cooper. The first real work that Jordan


Archer has had to do. The flag was raised but the referee has said you


can go on. What a delivery that was into the box. He still didn't look


like he would be first to the ball, Okaka. He is not having a great day,


Stefano Okaka. Suspicion of a handball. The Millwall fans were


appealing for handball. Cummings couldn't keep that in play.


He is having a very decent game, young Ben Thompson.


Williams has been impressive in the heart of the midfield for Millwall.


A change in tactics from Neil Harris, not allowing Watford to play


on the back. Doesn't want them to have that easy possession that they


were having in the first half. Watford have this throw.


I said right at the start of the programme, Jermaine, Watford needed


to be up for this or they would be out of this. Are all of those


players are up for this? Sometimes, from a player's perspective, you are


up for it but the direction seems to be off. Maybe the way they have to


play isn't working but they are sticking with what the manager has


asked them to do. I do feel there could be more effort and more energy


put into their game. They were good out there. That should be a free


kick. Maybe it was on the blindside of Martin Atkinson but he had an


assistant right there. The assistant was ten yards away, he could clearly


see that Onyedinma was getting pulled back.


A great delivery information. -- in from Mason.


He will be pleased with what his team have done so far. His first try


Red Sea this week is to get them in the promotion play-offs. But was


their target this season. He is not a manager who bleats about the


budget here. He said he had is in the top six and he is happy with


that. You can tell he is creating a very positive environment. The fans


seem happy. The players seem to buy into everything he wants.


Mariappa at times has looked a little rusty, no surprise, first


game back at the club. Mason, in space. Good delivery in. Ooh, it was


a good delivery. He can cross the ball. 19-year-old Brandon Mason. It


was a weird cross as well. Almost like a strike on goal. He has just


absolutely drilled it from this wide position. Towards Okaka, who


couldn't get across the defender, and did very well to almost martial


him and make sure he could not get a clear head onto the ball. Like a


well hit three iron that went on and on and on, they're. It really was.


What did Okaka really do enough to fight for that delivery into the


box? Better now from Watford. Here is Jerome Sinclair. He's worked


hard. Seen off thereby Cooper. Play on. Decent cross in, was Okaka being


pulled back in there? Did Webster have hold of him? Here come


Millwall, getting lively now. Aiden O'Brien.


Watford have still got a man down at the other end. Djedje has stayed


down. Looks fairly calm but inside will he be ceasing? Was this a


penalty? Two or three unbelievable deliveries that have come into the


box. Got across him. Whether that was enough to drag him down or if he


has thrown himself to the floor, difficult to see from that angle.


Again, I think it's a tough one for Martin Atkinson to give. Definite


contact but there always is in the box is. It is whether or not he has


absolutely pulled his arm down. It looked as though, well, their arms


were on each other, fighting each other for position. The referee has


to be absolutely sure. He seems to be dragged down from the replay. It


seems that way but you've got to understand that Okaka has his arm


across him, he'll be trying to pull the defender down as well to get


himself into a better position. Six of one, half a dozen of the other.


Tough one for Martin Atkinson to give.


This is the crumbling blow that saw Djedje go down holding his head.


This is another worrying one for Watford. Not a nice one from


O'Brien. Leading with his arm, catches him in the back of the head.


I told our guests felt it was a penalty. -- I'm told.


I can understand why, but in the heat of the moment, as quick as the


game is going on in that particular moment, it is a tough one. All on


the blindside. Tough one for Martin Atkinson to get. These are


disturbing scenes. Well, you can understand the


concern. Sitting up, that's much better.


If at any time he was out he'd have to go off. They are already


preparing Janmaat to come on. Got a right cuff, there. All the way


through, O'Brien hasn't gone far away. He was the Millwall player


involved. Didn't think there was any malicious intent. He has gone to win


the ball. Yes he has gone with a lot of aggression, as you should do. But


he has not gone in there to try and hurt Djedje. Just been on the


receiving end. Well, he's going to stay on. Janmaat has been sat down.


Seems to become plainly more about his neck than anything else, think


it was the impact. He keeps holding his neck as if that's the issue


rather than the elbow to the head. Janmaat and experienced Dutch


international. But only played half an hour since Boxing Day because of


a groin problem. Djedje, just one substitute


appearance for the club so far. Coming back on. Morison looking to


pressurise Britos. Britos under pressure from Morison. The shot was


blocked from Williams. Getting intense now. Watson with


time and space, didn't use it well. Djedje seems OK now. Webster. Here


is Doucoure. Djedje, the boos for him are unfair. Kabul has come from


a long way out to join the attack. He sent ball in, parried by the


goalkeeper, helped out by Ben Thompson's clearance. Watford are


getting stronger, it seems. And there are more deliveries coming


into this box. Crying out for another striker to come on with


Okaka, because the delivery is very good. On your own as a striker


making those runs you aren't easily picked up. Sinclair played for that


and got it. Rather daft challenge by Craig, really. Miss timed it. Never


beaten Watford, Tony Craig, in seven attempts.


Kaboul up there. Scored the one goal for the club on New Year's Day


against his old team, Tottenham. Guedioura, we saw a lovely cross


from him moments ago. Okaka is in their being watched by Webster.


Kaboul is being watched by Cooper. Oh dear, oh dear. Goodness me. No


wonder he's shaking his head. Exasperation on the face of an


expressive manager. Life as a manager can be very frustrating. In


such a good position, no need to try and create another angle. Sometimes


you need to move the ball to create another angle, but that just needed


whipping in. Okaka trying to get away from his man as the cross comes


in. Not a good ball. Pressure on Guedioura straightaway. Thompson and


Williams have worked so hard. Watford have stepped it up a bit,


more impetus to get the ball into the box from wide areas a lot


quicker. Sinclair wider to the right in this half. Caused one or two


problems. Over there again but they couldn't get the throwing taken.


Plenty of time in their for the central midfielders.


The referee saying play on. There was a foul in there. Guedioura


trying to find some holes. Sinclair. Doucoure. Watford are winding it up.


Ooh, hit the referee. Lucky bounce the Millwall. Gregory to the left.


Onyedinma, can he find Gregory? Kaboul with an absolutely crucial


intervention. Used his experience, there, Kaboul. The tenacity of


Onyedinma wins that throw. No goals, but spirited cup tie.


Cummings with it. The referee has come out of the penalty area.


Cummings with a low ball. Position to do just that. Foul here on Okaka.


Frustrates the life out of Centre forwards. Onyedinma hyperspace, got


the yard he needed. Wanted to beat Mason two or three times, ended up


being a poor delivery -- had the space. Okaka making the run to the


middle, not seen by Guedioura. Missed the first several months of


the season with a hamstring. Linked up with Sinclair.


Watson misplaced his pass, Onyedinma will run all day, and he's been


brought down there, and that will be a yellow card for Britos.


Got a real strength about him, Onyedinma, when he gets going. There


are times when you think, don't know where you are going, here. But he


has that strength and the extra burst of pace to get himself out of


trouble. Got his head down the whole time. Because he is so quick and so


strong, it's causing them a lot of problems. And that was a late


challenge from Britos. Had no option but to bring him down. Williams with


it. Gomes under pressure comes and gets good contact. It was good


contact from Gomes. He gets a thank you off his centre halves. What you


want to see from your goalkeeper when balls are delivered high and


flighted like that. 66 minutes gone in this fourth-round


tie. Flat delivery. Powerful driven effort from Ben Thompson. Can they


set up a possible counter? Williams got back again. Covered so much


ground. Here is Morrison. In that Millwall midfielder Shaun


Williams has run his socks off. Thompson is another one. Sticks his


foot in. Williams is the one with the real quality left foot but


Thompson has worked just as hard. Showed promise, Williams. He was the


league of Ireland young Player of the Year seven years ago. Caught the


eye at sporting Fingal in that run to the Irish cup final.


Be earlier than intended substitution now going to happen.


Djedje goes off. On comes Janmaat. He is not the fans' favourite as far


as Millwall are concerned. I think he was badly hurt. He looked a


little bit nervy at times. On comes Janmaat. He is very experienced.


He has given Gomes work to do. A pass like that on an afternoon like


this. He didn't panic. But I do think he was entirely happy with a


backpass from his team-mate Kaboul. Here comes a double Millwall


substitution. That was blocked by Kaboul. Right


place, right time to block the cross from Fred Onyedinma. I think Britos


has been poor today. I don't know if he is carrying an injury or I don't


know what it is, but he is getting caught out every time. Jed Wallace


has come back from a second loan spell.


Okaka is looking stronger and stronger. Here is Morison.


Gomes saw that danger. Shane Ferguson is going to come on for


Millwall as well. He is in Northern Ireland player. This is the first of


the substitutions. On comes Ferguson. Off goes oh Brian.


Northern Ireland international and Republic of Ireland U21.


Ferguson on loan originally from Newcastle and signed permanently.


This is a bit of a surprise. Onyedinma going off. One man who


will be delighted about that is Britos. I saw him a moment ago, he


was stretching his hamstring and looking tired. He will be delighted


to see Onyedinma go off. Wallace will plan the right-hand


side. An uncomfortable afternoon for


Britos. 18 minutes to go. This is the moment the Premier


League team make their mark. Millwall will have to work hard to


stop getting those crosses in. The good thing about Mason is when he


picks up a ball, you know his intentions straightaway. The only


thing he wants to do is get that ball into the box with quality.


A strong challenge by Cooper. That was a robust but fair tackle.


A strong tackle, JP, but it was timed to perfection. If he doesn't


time it to perfection Sinclair is either in goal or it is a penalty.


Very few teams have ever come to the old den or the New Den and had a


comfortable afternoon. He has worked hard, woody aura. -- give Dora.


This man is the constant factor for Watford. He has just passed another


goal milestone. That was another dangerous ball in from the young


left-back, Mason. He can definitely pass the ball into good areas. His


placement of the cross is very good. Watford case themselves better than


Millwall. That was a decent pass to Mason, probably asked too much of


him. Here comes the Talisman, Troy


Deeney. It will be the young Sinclair who departs. I have to say,


I agree with that. In fairness to Okaka, he has probably not have the


best of games, but he will be better with someone like Troy Deeney up


there with him and he will pose a lot more of a threat playing


together. Deeney has scored here on a couple of occasions. Three goals


against Millwall in the past. He has played against them more times than


any other opposition in his career. He looks for this immediately and


pressurises Webster. Straightaway, you can see his intentions, his


movement. He is a lot better. He knows what he wants.


Ben Thompson is only 21. He played for the youth team ranks here.


Another team who were relegated when Neil Harris was in charge.


On this evidence and that we saw against Bournemouth, they will


certainly be knocking on the play-off door again. Neither will


want a replay. Webster has played for 11 clubs in


his long career. That is little old centre forward


reminded to a centre-half there. Webster and Cooper are as physical


as they come. They have been getting stuck in all day. Troy Deeney is a


physical striker, likes to put himself about. What was nice to see


was after the tackle, a pat on the back, Webster gets up, no


complaining, game goes on. The fans thought Britos was climbing up on


Morison there. Morison is quieter in this second half. He put in a good


day at the office in the first half. That was a poor challenge by Mason.


Certainly caught Wallace there on the half term. That has inflamed the


situation. A young man though. He missed timed it. Martin Atkinson is


sensible as a referee. It is a yellow card. I would be surprised if


it was anything more. It was a missed timed tackle. Quite forceful.


Obviously upset Thompson but nothing more than a yellow card. Just as


timed. It was an Wallace but Thompson got upset about it. That


was a lovely ball in. The save has to be made from Morison. Watford


simply switched off there defensively. Yes, they did switch


off and ended up getting very deep. That was clever from Ferguson to


take the quick free kick. The delivery was spot-on as well.


Heurelho Gomes with another good save. He has made two since coming


on. I think at Spurs when he fell foul


of the managers and dropped out of the first-team reckoning, I think it


was his decision-making more than anything else that raised doubts. As


we said in the first half, a good shot stopper.


Can the team 40 places below the Premier League side force a victory


here? Williams has not stopped running all day long. The Irishman


created the pressure and forced the error that gives them the corner. He


is right in there. Morison in there as well. Gregory. Craig is up from


the back. Here come the centre-backs.


Morison in the six yard area for Millwall, looking to pressurise


Gomes. Out its wings. Good, decisive header again by Okaka. The ball


stayed in there. Williams is in there.


Back clearance went straight back into the mix. Thompson out wide.


Checks back. It came off Mason, no penalty. Pleading for a free kick.


Not given. Martin Atkinson was right there,


looking directly at it. It would be interesting to see it again. Gregory


under pressure from Mariappa. Six and a half minutes to go, roughly. A


little bit of stoppage time. Lovely cross, Morrisey! -- Morison!


Millwall of League 1 lead Premier League Watford with six minutes to


go, Steve Morison, one of the old men of the team, a Millwall hero,


gets the goal. And the Lions are boring, now. Talk about making an


impact, exactly what you want when you're two substitutes come on, make


a difference. The composure in the first place. The delivery from


Ferguson to the back post is absolutely spot on. Real quality.


And Morison, who has been unbelievable for Millwall today, in


terms of the workrate he has put in, absolutely deserved that. Kept his


eye on the ball, volleys it through the legs of Gomes. Nothing more than


they deserve, it's been brilliant. The man who once worked in a paper


shredding firm to eke out a living as a footballer. Here is Kaboul. Up


towards Deeney. Watford have had more of the ball in the second half


but throughout the game Millwall have created the more danger. Britos


looking for Okaka, Deeney was in behind. Lifted away by Cummings. And


free kick goes Millwall's way. They need to keep their composure.


Watford are going to throw everything at them. They need to


stay resilient at the back, as they have done for the majority of the


game, and try to see this out. Watford knew it was going to be


tough. The Lions could reach the fifth


round for the third time in six seasons. They love the FA Cup, this


south London team. Gregory. Strong. Here is Cummings.


And Wallace. Another corner. Fresh pair of legs in the wide positions.


It was a big call from Neil Harris. I thought Aiden O'Brien was doing


well, Onyedinma was doing well down the right, causing Britos a lot of


problems. They've come on not only with fresh legs but real quality in


their play as well. It was a good call from Harris. The fans will try


to suck this in. Ferguson with it, Morison at the near post with a


touch, it's two! It's ruled out a handball. Ooh, he thought he'd


settled it, there. The big centre-half up from the back,


Webster. But it's not given. Will it yet swing on that decision? That's a


poor ball away from Watford. And this is a terrific run by Wallace.


And he's had a go at goal. Tell you what, there's no sign of


getting the ball in the corner and wasting time at the minute, is


there? Will that come back to haunt them? I'm sure we will soon find


out. Mason up towards Deeney. He won't complain, not Troy Deeney.


Guedioura. When people talk about the Watford changes, and they will,


there have been seven of them, don't forget Guedioura is an


international. Late free kick. Guedioura high, up


and under the keeper came, didn't get there. Jordan Archer to make the


save. Well, was this handball? Yes it was. Well spotted. I think the


referee has got all the big calls right. He has. The only one Watford


players might argue is the penalty incident with Okaka. I stand by what


he said, too tough to call. He's had a great game, Martin Atkinson. 20


seconds to go, and I gather there will be a lengthy period of stoppage


time. As soon as the board goes up, we will confirm it.


They'll take their time. Free kick against Morison. What a strong game


he has had. Would he be amongst those for your Man of the Match? Key


have to be, the way he has played, the goal he scored -- he'd have to


be. Deeney, should he have started, that was the big question. He's done


well, there. Out by Webster. It will come to Deeney, here. Couldn't get


the shot away because of the intervention of Webster who has


worked so hard, and he did just enough. Just wouldn't fall the


Deeney into the right spot. Almost gets too much underneath the ball,


ends up having to use his instep. What he really wanted to do was run


on and follow that with his left foot. Can Watford break hearts? In


towards Kaboul, towards Britos. Goes wide, it's a goal kick.


I bet he's seen a few things. The old'uns have had the old heroes


here. A fair few of them will remember Harry Crips. Barry


Kitchener. Maybe he remembers Teddy Sheringham, Cascarino. The younger


ones will have their new heroes now. Millwall want to make another


substitution. He'd have known hostility when things turned against


him when he was Natalie manager. Goodness me, that's a fearsome


place. Mason. Deeney to Guedioura. Now


Janmaat. Needs to get it in there. Watson first to the loose ball.


Halfway through stoppage time. Morison, Man of the Match, closes,


there. Didn't do enough to stop the ball arriving on the edge of the


box. That's comfortable enough. He'll drop on it and he'll keep it.


But he won't yet think of Monday's draw. The back four do well in those


situations, don't they? Touch tight with their men, they move up and


back in a line. Not easy for strikers to find spaces when the


back four are working so well. There's my Man of the Match, what a


game he's had today. For the first 45 minutes he was absolutely


everywhere. Causing the back four problem after problem. When the big


moment came he was there to stick the ball in the back of the net. Off


goes Lee Gregory who might have scored in the first attack of the


game. Brought another good save out of the goalkeeper. Off he comes to


be replaced by an old stage, here. On comes Abdou, they call him Jimmy,


here. From the southern area of France.


He's been here forever and a day. Morison. 334 games for the club,


Abdou. Nice that he gets on. Watson was tagged. The referee says play


on. Precious little time left now for Watford. About to enter that


last minute of stoppage time. Into the last minute of stoppage


time now. Yellow card for Jed Wallace, the


substitute. Difficult afternoon for the referee. Stood up to all the


decisions he's had to make. Have to be careful, and he was in the end.


Doucoure, last chance for Watford, now. Blocked by Cummings. Poor ball


away. Pressure comes back on Millwall. Britos, great leap by


Cooper. Anywhere will do now, Millwall. He won't be rushed,


Thompson. He was caught in possession. Doucoure, Janmaat goes


to the right. We've had the six minutes. Blocked again in there by


Williams. What a game he's had, that should be it. The referee checks.


Morison... And Neil Harris have moments more to wait. There it is.


Don't tell anyone here in south London the FA Cup has lost its


lustre. That dreams don't happen any more. That the glamour has gone.


Because Steve Morison's goal has beaten the Premier League team. A


man who started his career 16 years ago at Northampton and through


Bishop Stortford and Stevenage, has created another FA Cup giant-killing


story. Watford of the Premier League are out. They've gone. The team 40


places below them have beaten them with Thompson's winner.


STUDIO: That's a remarkable performance by Millwall, their


second Premier League scalp. Olmert in the third round, and now Watford


in the fourth round. And the goal-scorer and the manager of


Millwall are speaking to us. Great chances to the game, you can see


what it means to everybody? I thought we was excellent. Watford


are a top side. They paid as respect and named a really strong side. I


thought first half we was outstanding, could have been three


or four up at half-time, and you start to wonder whether it will


come. Then you just need that it does magic in the box and


fortunately experience shines. You had to be patient up there, you


were. What does it say about your team that are able to put out


another Premier League side? I don't know really. We work hard on the


pitch. Sometimes it don't go for us but we put 100% -- 110% in. Today,


we were brilliant from start to finish. It was a good goal at the


end. Well deserved. You just looked like a team who really wanted this?


I think as a club and a team, this is what the FA Cup is all about.


Like Steve said, we are an honest bunch, we have a great work ethic,


we are organised but you have to add quality to that and today we


certainly had that. What does it mean for you as players, an FA Cup


run and to keep it going as long as possible? Want to go as far as we


can but to keep our feet on the ground but most importantly is


Wednesday night. If we don't turn up then it is a waste of time for us.


We want to get promoted. Good luck, guys.


Now we will go to Ian Wright and Luther Blissett. One is looking


happier than the other! I am laughing. That is a very hard thing


for him to do. On the balance of play, was it deserved? I think it


was well-deserved. Take the penalties out of it, but they


deserved it by the way they played. They played it as it should be, an


FA Cup tie. You put the effort in and the work in and you put all that


in and do get your reward. He is still laughing and he is still


milking the crowd at the moment, is Ian! You would echo what Luther


said? Yes, they started on the front foot for Watford. I can't understand


the rest of the players. I don't know what else Watford are playing


for. They have to play to get to the latter stages of the FA Cup. They


gave Millwall a great opportunity with the team be picked. I think


Millwall from the oft deserved to win it. I was not paying any


attention to that answer because also the macro all the crowd were


chanting Luther was a scorer. That was a real quality goal. If he puts


it in the right place you could see the goal coming. I thought, if he


gets this right, it is a goal. You have to question the marking of


Watford. They really paid for it this time. They had no awareness he


was there whatsoever. I think Morison was immense for them today.


He held it up very well. He and his strike partner were very good today.


And keeping the ball in, not letting Watford get out. It is not a new


discussion but do you think Premier League defences in general are so


I'm used to playing against two up front, that when they are faced with


that, they struggle? I think anybody would struggle. When the ball comes


into you and it is consistently coming in, and stake will be made.


It happens more lower down because teams tried to do that. And you


would give credit for Neil Harris for his substitutions. He took both


his wide men. The crowd did not necessarily agree but it paid off?


Ferguson came on and you could see his delivery. His delivery for the


goal was fantastic. He had a good overlap coming round the side. It


was at the right time for Morison who deserved his goal. We debated at


half-time whether there was a penalty on Sinclair and you differed


in opinion. In the second half there was a poll on a cargo which were you


were in agreement with? -- Okaka. He was getting his arm across. He


pulled his arm across. It was a very difficult one for the referee and


assistant referee to see. He got away with that. You get that kind of


luck. When we saw it magnified there it was on the blindside of the


assistant referee. He has got the man marking and he has somebody else


there as well. It is very difficult for the referee and linesman. He


should have been stronger. When Troy Deeney came on, Watford seemed to


have a little more energy then. He offered greater support to Okaka. He


probably had the best chance at the end of the game but when you show


this it highlights Millwall putting their bodies on the line? The ball


goes out and comes back in. He reacts well. I think you just waited


just that little bit too long for it to settle so he could hit it and he


has gone side footed. You have to get it on the target as quick as you


can. I cannot believe people like Troy Deeney weren't starting and


Janmaat and Capoue. You have to start your strongest team for the FA


Cup. I would completely agree with you. You have to have everybody and


more if you can to try and win the FA Cup. They desperately want to


beat you. They beat Bournemouth on the way here. Of course they will


have a go. I know you will have sympathy for Watford fans who were


watching this, you have to have sympathy for those who did find the


away end. They played good money to watch them. They have and you come


to watch your best players play at all times. For me, you start with


those best players and you take them off and put other players off if


things are going well. You do not do it the other way round. As we saw,


the game was lost by then. What I know about Watford and Graham


Taylor's team, God rest his soul, they get the ball in early and they


play from there. All of the sudden icy Watford playing the ball across


and it is not going anywhere. It is not the mantra of Watford. It is not


the FA Cup. You look at Millwall, every opportunity, they played off


the front. The defenders have to turn and be in their right position,


they have to defend properly. They have to demand the opposition do


their job. If they are defender, they defend. We did not defend very


well at all. And Millwall are five points off the play-offs. Those


players in the dressing room will not feel as if they have tied


bodies. We talked earlier about momentum. That is what you use the


FA Cup four. I am not saying Watford are in real danger of going down but


they do need to get a nice run going because it is not as if they are


pulling up trees in the Premier League. The fact is, Millwall with


this game, and they are doing so well in the league, it can be


another game where they take the Premier League scalp and kick on and


get more the meant. Jermaine Jenas gave Morison Man of the Match, would


you like to have played up front with him? Played instead of him!


Then I would have got Man of the Match! You would have fed off him.


He is a big old number nine, very honest. They held it up well. He


deserved his goal. They did not like playing against him at all today,


the Watford back three. Is Millwall get a home draw tomorrow evening, it


is a cliche, but nobody will want to come here? Especially when they see


what they are coming up against, Millwall. I think if you come here


now, and it has got to be a lesson for everybody, you have got to come


here with the intention of taking them on because the better team will


win the game. Let me point you in the direction of what is coming away


as regards the FA Cup. Manchester United against Wigan later on.


Highlights of all of today's games at 10:30pm and the draw for the


fifth round on the One Show tomorrow. Thank you very much to Ian


and Luther. Millwall are through to the next round in the FA Cup,


proving that here at the Den, there is no place like home. Bye-bye.


A lovely cross, Morison! Millwall, one, Watford, nil.


Tom Jones, obviously. Winston Churchill.


Invented the bicycle. The internet. Telephone.


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