Fourth Round Highlights - Saturday The FA Cup

Fourth Round Highlights - Saturday

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COMMENTATOR: All eyes in the East Midlands on Pride Park tonight. Back


pedalled. In the end it's an awful own call. Darren Bent can't believe


it. Good touch from Bent. He's scored at both ends now! Bryson, to


give Derby the lead. Andre Gray, off the post. Okazaki. Terrific block.


There's the header. The equaliser fr Morgan. Leicester and Derby must do


it all again. Hello, last night saw the first tie


of the Emirates FA Cup fourth round, an entertaining draw


in the East Midlands derby Alongside me are two men who've both


played in the FA Cup Final, one came out on the winning side,


one didn't - Danny Murphy But in Trevor's defence,


he did score one of the best ever FA First up, a top of the table clash


as National League leaders Lincoln City host Brighton


and Hove Albion, who are first The Imps put out Ipswich Town


in the the third round, could they reach the last 16


for the first time since 1902? COMMENTATOR: Not since the late


Graham Taylor was in charge have Lincoln been this far in in the FA


Cup as they bid to reach the last 16. Lincoln's team is the same that


started against Ipswich 11 days ago in the third round replay. Haber ham


returns. Arnold was the hero last time with the late winner against


Ipswich. As expected, Brighton make plenty of changes, nine from the


side that started against Cardiff City on Tuesday. Among them, a rare


outing for Maenpaa in goal. Glenn Murray returns after serving a


suspension in midweek. Already Brighton on the attack. The Lincoln


are four points clear of the top of the National League with a game in


hand on their closest rivals. Brighton top of the Championship.


Between them they have won ten of the last 12 matches played. When you


go back over the last two or three months both of these teams have won


14 of the last 18 they played in all competitions. Bags of confidence in


both line-ups. This is a much changed Brighton team. Ball into the


area. Glenn Murray with the header. Brings the early save. Pushed away


there by Paul Farman. Up into the air off the head of Waterfall. Glenn


Murray bringing the save from Paul Farman. What a job Danny Cowley and


his assistant have done. A major impact in this first season. Murray


is on-loan from Bournemouth this season. A good signing that proved


to be. Excellent play Bywater fall. He has done brilliantly. The flag is


up. It won't count. The flag went up early. Theo Robinson saw the flag


raised, it curtailed the celebrations. There's the call, just


offside. My goodness me, took the chance well. Early warning sign for


Brighton. Early shot across the broughs. Gained a lot of ground


here. Oh, tremendous effort. So unlucky. Brilliant play by March.


That's the closest we've come to a goal in the opening 18 minutes of


the match. Only seven non-league teams have reached the fifth round


of the FA Cup since the Second World War. Brighton Hove Albion are


ahead. Richie Towell, first time, into the back of the net. It's


Lincoln City 0, Brighton Hove Albion 1. After smacking the


crossbar, Brighton now have found the back of the net. Richie Towell


celebrates his first Brighton goal, on the bench, twice in the league


all season. In the team in the FA Cup and potentially a headliner with


this strike. A test of Lincoln's metal now. Brighton ahead, midway


through the first half. Sidwell couldn't get to it. Rhead good.


Header, collected by Woodyard. Woodyard, forward. Waits for the


return. It will be a corner kick, won by Hawkridge. Such a slender


lead that Brighton have. The ball in. Headed away by Hunemeier. Pushed


behind by Niki Maenpaa. Good save by the Brighton keeper. Well, Arnold


was the hero against Ipswich and he very nearly found the corner of the


net there. His team are still in the game, Danny Cowley, at 1-0. This FA


Cup tie from their point of view very much alive. Arnold did well


here. He is fouled by Oliver Norwood. He got away from Norwood


before he gets nudged off the ball from Solly March. A good number of


Brighton fans in behind the goal. Goal defended by Niki Maenpaa, in


the second-half. Maenpaa keeps his eye on that one. The referee has


given a penalty kick, it's a yellow card for Glenn Murray. The


goalkeeper has fallen very awkwardly there. Clearly hurting his left arm.


Running through the D, into the box. Glenn Murray grabbing hold of


Robinson, who then tumbles into the goalkeeper, who falls awkwardly over


the top of him. You have to worry whether the goalkeeper has suffered


a broken arm. The replacement has played one match this season. With a


chance to draw non-league Lincoln City level with Brighton. The


Championship leaders here. 1-1. Game on. Superb penalty. Alan Power


brings Lincoln City back into this one. Suddenly, it's a very different


tie indeed. He had to wait a long, long time before he could take the


penalty kick because of the injury, but the first thing the keeper has


to do is pick the ball out of the net. Lincoln City 1, Brighton Hove


Albion 1. Danny Cowley's team, I would say, fancy their chances here.


Brighton struggling to put together any passes together in this


second-half. Arnold with the ball at his feet. He will love that. It's a


dangerous looking ball. It's an own-goal. Unbelievable. It's an


own-goal off the debutant, Fikayo Tomori. They can't believe it here,


neither can the Brighton players. In the space of a few minutes, Lincoln


City have turned this tie around. First from the penalty spot, now


through this, an own-goal. Fikayo Tomori, inadvertently drags it past


the goalkeeper. The Lincoln City supporters can hardly contain their


glee. Suddenly, it doesn't look quite so good for the Championship


leaders here in the Cup. Brighton looking for a bit of quality now.


Murphy. Support out wide from Sam Adekugbe. Three inside the penalty


area. Murray is one of them. Murray shoots. It's blocked and behind.


It's the first time Brighton have threatened for quite a while. Murray


quick on the turn, quick to fire. They haven't had many days watching


Lincoln City as exciting as this one. What a messy second-half, from


Brighton's point of view. Lost their goalkeeper to injury, and in the


same incident conceded a penalty. And an own-goal separating the two


teams. It might get worse for them here. It's Robinson. It's three.


It's all over for Brighton and Lincoln City, for the first time in


115 years are surely through now to the last 16 in the FA Cup. What a


special day it's turning into in Lincolnshire. Brighton, punished


again. Lincoln, it would seem, are going to win this FA Cup tie with


room to spare. We are inside the last two minutes of the 90. Sidwell


tries to turn. It's Murray. Sidwell feeds it forward. With the shot.


Great save from Paul Farman. Good stop from the goalkeeper there.


Brighton still pushing despite the fact their FA Cup hopes are ebbing


away. We've had seven-and-a-half added minutes now. Time is all but


up for Brighton Hove Albion. They've only gone and done it!


Lincoln City's FA Cup adventure continues. They are into the last 16


for the first time since 1902. They've beaten Brighton Hove


Albion, their second Championship scalp in a row, by 3-1. You always


go into games thinking you have a chance. We were playing, we were


organised. The boys were highly moat raid. You have always got a chance.


Realistically, no, listen, I'm surprised. I have to say, not often


football surprises me, today, the level we got to, particularly in the


second-half, was fantastic. Not a result I would have seen at


half-time. I thought we were in decent control. It's a very


difficult place to come. Alvery difficult pitch. Certainly what you


can't afford to do is give them a leg up. When you concede three goals


as poor as what we have, that can be any game. It will take a day or two


to fully sink in. The celebrations were unbelievable. Hopefully, in a


day or two, we will have our own celebrations ourselves. What


happened thissen is, can you put your finger on it? Togetherness. As


the squad we are doing well. We know what we have to do and want to


achieve something Danny you have great. Been around this club for a


few years. He is infectious. He's enthusiastic? It's nonstop. The to


enjoy this win, but it's rubbing off on us, the hard work, dedication.


It's paying off with wins like today. I can't believe the scenes


and the emotion and the support. No, it's beyond all of my wildest


dreams. They've been unbelievable. We watch them queue up hour after


hour, day after day, and we shouldered that responsibility. We


were aware of it. All of us as a management group and players we were


aware of how much the fans committed to being here. We wanted to make


sure our performance could replicate that. I'm obviously pleased that it


did. Huge congratulations to them they are the third team since the


start of the millennium, non-league side to make it through to the next


round. You have impressed with what is going on from a football point of


view? Couldn't be more impressed with what is happening at Ipswich. .


Danny Cowley is doing a superb job. What they are doing from the


training ground on to the pitch is outstanding. The patterns of play,


movement has been superb. Doesn't look like a gulf of 72 teams. For


most of the match they looked very equal? Absolutely. Competing very


well. We see from these clips. They deserve to win these games. Not only


are they going long when it is necessary when they get it down,


they get these triangles going. You see it here. Movement off the ball,


nice and sharp. Laid it off. There you would think it's four against


three, it's three against three. Way too much room. Brighton allowing


them to put balls into the box. Dangerous. Again, clever backheel.


Good movement again off the ball. All the players making good angles


for each other. You think it's dead here, at second phase movement,


going into that space. Unfortunately it didn't come to anything there.


It's the spirit of the team. Cheeky nutmegs there. Outstanding play from


the full-back there, who is excellent all day. Again, get into


these wide areas. It supersedes the league they are. They are winning so


clearly in the National League and flying high at the top of the


league. Overloading down one side. Movement off the ball. Far too easy


to put crosses in. Theo Robinson can't get his header on target.


Here, it's not really a press. There is pressure there from Nathan, poor


clearance. You say to Nathan - what do you want to do? Can you play it


so I can play it first time? Theo Robinson great disguise on his shot.


Fabulous finish. This is what they are all about, hard work,


commitment, desire to win. This is in the last few second of the game.


Woodyard played excellent on the day. They clear they lines. Never


looked in danger in the second-half. Weathered the storm in the first


half. Probably rode their luck a little bit. Second-half they were


far better team and deserved the win. You can see what it means to


the city. The crowd, full house again, as usual at Sincil Bank this


season. The club are going well. He has got the whole town, the whole


city behind them and done incredible things so far in the league. On they


march in the FA Cup. Brighton don't. A lot of people will wonder, why


would Chris Hughton, with a team two points clear in the Championship,


playing goodbye good football make nine changes what does it say for


his respect of the FA Cup and think where they are. Why would they not


go for it in the The Championship is different


because of the amount of games you play and irregularity. I understand


it and I look at the team that teachers today and thought, there is


still enough quality. I agree with him, the first half was decent. They


looked like a threat and could have gone 2-0 up. He will be


disappointed. It is embarrassing as a player to lose to a team from a


lower league. Especially as the four leagues. They will be disappointed.


Let's keep it in perspective, Brighton or on a great run. In a


small way, they will not feel it tonight, but next week, they might


feel it could be a blessing and they can focus on promotion. If Lincoln


Perlich someone massive in the next round at home, they might think,


that could be us. Liverpool have just one win


in seven this January. Could they double their total


against Championship side Wolves? It is Liverpool's worst start to


calendar since 1993, and back then, they were dumped out of the FA Cup


by Bolton Wanderers of the third tier. Jurgen Klopp has made


wholesale changes. Only Karius and Firmino survive from the defeat in


the League Cup against Southampton on Wednesday. 21-year-old Connor


Randall makes his first start of the campaign. Wolves without their


regular goalkeeper through suspension. Harry Burgoyne, who only


turned 20 last month, makes his third senior appearance. Weimann has


joined the club on loan from Derby. Richard Stearman and David Edwards


were in the team the last time Wolves ones here six years ago, one


of only two micro victories at Anfield since 1950. Liverpool last


won the cup in 2006. Just one piece of silverware since. After


Wednesday's massive disappointment, they need to embark on a lengthy run


in the FA Cup, to get some momentum back into their current campaign.


They are without a victory since New Year's Eve when they got the better


of Manchester City. Since then, it has gone a bit wrong. Wolves have


forced the first free kick of the afternoon. Paul Lambert's men


getting the best of Stoke in round three. I decent delivery. Bad


marketing. What a start for Wolves. Richard Stearman, the Wolves born


defender, not them in front. The 8000 travelling fans cannot believe


this. Liverpool's January has just got a lot worse. Called in by Costa.


Stearman given the freedom of Anfield to send it home. If the


Wolves supporters had dreams last night, they could not have dreamt of


something quite so dramatic that early. Now just keep it tight for 89


minutes. Liverpool think there was a question of offside. I think that


Stearman is onside. He could not believe the room he was given. Four


years ago in the cup, Liverpool went out to Oldham Athletic. They have


had a few embarrassments in the cup on home soil as well. In 2010, they


went out, Barnsley two years prior to that. In the 1990s, Bolton and


Bristol City ended FA Cup hopes. Firmino attacking the near post. It


is headed away powerfully. Wolves will lead to spring a counter


attack. Dicko holding the line up top. It is a fabulous run. Costa


denied after carrying the ball some 60 yards. Those Wolves fans already


in dreamland. This would have added gloss to the situation. The


challenge from Woodburn was just enough. The goalkeeper was not


required. Wolves Saint this youngster on loan from Benfica. Paul


Lambert is desperate to sign him on a permanent basis. So far, Wolves


have not been tested by Liverpool. The Wolves fans have been starved of


any success in the FA Cup. That victory at Stoke in the last round


was their first victory in the competition for six years. That was


calmly done by Doherty. Releasing Costa. Weimann is the past to the


left. He is onside. It is two. This is unbelievable. Andreas Weimann. He


only joined the club this month on loan from Derby County until the end


of the season. He sends the opposite end of the crowd into raptures.


Superbly orchestrated. The counterattack by the Championship


side. Wolverhampton Wanderers are 2-0 up. Costa thought he had lost it


to Moreno. He got a second bite and depict the past. -- picked the past.


Weimann kept his nerve. Liverpool found wanting defensively again. On


course to crash out of the FA Cup at the fourth round stage. Paul Lambert


on course for surely his greatest ever result as a manager in the FA


Cup. What an awful week this has been for Jurgen Klopp, losing ground


in the Premier League leaders Chelsea, losing in the EFL Cup


semifinal to Southampton. Note 2-0 down in the FA Cup fourth round.


Wijnaldum with a chance to reduce the arrears. He goes down under the


challenge and it drops to Firmino. Was this a good shout for a penalty?


It is clumsy from Weimann. He will be delighted to see the back of


January. Wolves down in 18 spot in the Championship. They are not


playing like a team in that kind of situation. Wijnaldum trying to


wriggle his way through, but Saville is therefore Wolves. He will release


Bodvarsson. Has he got the pace to get away from Gomez? He has won a


corner. He will settle for that. Paul Lambert asking for a bit more


from his team. Try telling that Lott that the FA Cup does not matter.


Wolves looking to attack. Gomez got his head to it first. It was back in


by Mason. Karius with the save, and the flag stayed down. Bodvarsson


denied. Surely that would have wrapped up the game.


That was off the chest of Matthew Dougherty. Behind for the coroner.


Wolves will have had stern test this season in the Championship. Coutinho


with the outswinger. It will drop for Daniel Sturridge. They have got


one back through Origi. Is there time for Liverpool? No great from


Jurgen Klopp. Sturridge kept it alive, and Divock Origi thumps it


home at the back post. This is Can. No Woodburn. Sturridge is waiting.


Desperate shouts of handball from behind the goal. Coutinho to deliver


again. It has gone all the way outclassed. -- all the way across.


What a save from Burgoyne. The young goalkeeper got across just in time.


Knows he will knows he is in a game, with the fans behind him being for


blood. Quit being by Woodburn. Too strong for Origi. Joe Mason can


clear. Bodvarsson. Kennedy had to watch the corner flag? He has kept


it in. He has kept going, what the run. Kept out by a combination of


liberties and Karius. Fabulous play by Jon Bodvarsson. Lucas got his


body in the way. There are biting fingernails, biting telephones. They


are doing the lot. Less than 30 seconds to go. Stearman in the way


again. Impeded by De Bock Ricci. Paul Lambert knows he is almost home


and dry. He knows that another competition has gone down the drain


for Liverpool. Lacklustre Liverpool, right from the beginning. Wolves did


more than enough to deserve this fantastic result. After such


difficult times since being relegated from the Premier League


five years ago, at last some genuine joy for those winning gold. It is


Wolves to march into round five of the FA Cup. For Liverpool, it is the


Premier League or boss this season. The final score, after a miserable


week for Liverpool supporters, 2-1 Wolves. I was standing there with a


few minutes to go and the lads were running empty. They were fantastic.


I've been here with a few teams and they have been beat. This one was


the best one. The game plan was brilliant. Harry has not had a save


other than the one in the second half. We could have been three


before Liverpool squad. They started 1-0 up. They had more confidence and


we had less, which makes the level equal. It is not about blaming


single players. I am responsible. We are all frustrated and angry about


this performance. All I can say is sorry. I have been dreaming about


coming here and winning. I am a massive Liverpool fan. I want them


to win all the time, apart from today. To do what we did was a great


feet. We were playing against top-class players. The fan base is


incredible. It is like that when we play at


home. The players have a bond with the supporters. It is a special club


with a special fan base. To go out of one cup in a week is


disappointing, two is careless. We will talk about Liverpool's January


in a moment. Massive credit to Wolves. The game plan was brilliant,


said the manager, and they executed it well. Yes, basically it was


defending numbers, be disciplined, but when you get the chance to get


the ball back, drive at the defence. He is unlikely that is not on


target. Forcing Liverpool into a mistake and winning the ball back.


Getting forward, can we break the lines? Great movement of the ball,


and great run by Weimann. He was unlucky. There is a good shape about


the team. They win the ball back and straightaway we three -- we see the


three players involved, Helder Costa, Origi -- Weimann, and Dicko.


It was a great ball. No transfer Karius. Again, defending. This was


the theme of the game. A good ball to the centre forward, great hold-up


play. Here we can see what Bodvarsson is all about. Good


movement and great determination. In this position, you think he has no


options. It was brilliant individual skill. To get that on target was


great. If wikis does not read that, it ends up in the back of the net.


-- if Lucas. They could have gone on to win? Yes, the early goal gave


them confidence. They took it to Liverpool and Liverpool did not have


any answers. It has been a terrible January. What went wrong today?


Where do you start? They were too narrow. Also, they picked the team


that had nobody who could see a pass and open up that defence. The


narrowness of the front three in the first half, it was too much. I am


all for players going in and trying to find spaces but you need someone.


You need someone in the middle who can see pass. Touch it out of your


feet. His touch is bad. Lucas tries and nothing ball out wide. They see


it coming. You could throw a coat over the front three again. It was


so predictable. This time the three are not bad. Moreno cannot find the


right pass. Not difficult, sliding Origi. He cannot do it. A lack of


quality, everyone coming to feat. Wijnaldum does not want to play a


risky ball. Lucas is not that type of player. He tries to threaded


through. Jurgen Klopp side. He brought on Coutinho. Look at the


difference. This is the quality that Liverpool possess. This is Woodburn,


a great run. It was a little overhead, but suddenly Liverpool


looked like a thread. A player on the pitch who can see the runs. The


players make the runs because they know they might get the ball.


Another good run but it did not get there. This time, everyone comes to


feet. He plays it and he waits. He sees the run. Moreno knows he will


get it. That was a real threat. If you do not put your best players on


the pitch from the start, you can be chasing the game. Daniel Sturridge


came on, another player with creativity. When those two came on


the pitch Bielik vector. The team selection was long. -- the team


selection was wrong. One victory in eight in January. This was the team


that was going to challenge Chelsea. Some are saying it is because he's


not used to the intensity of a full season, because he's used to a


winter break. Other people say it is because of the way they play, it has


exhausted the players. You see it differently? We will see that


argument further down the line. Sadio Mane is unavailable, and Joel


Matip. They let the cup of African nations. Coutinho is getting back


from his injury. I do not add here to the fitness side of things. I


just think that the strength in depth for Liverpool is not there.


Liverpool were pushing Chelsea for the title. We were saying they are


are the best chance of a team to catch Keeble Chelsea. Jurgen Klopp


was getting the players to play out of his skin. He deserves some credit


for that. There is a test for Liverpool on Tuesday night that will


in a way will be a good thing for me. When your back is against the


wall, nothing better than a big game at Anfield where you have to produce


a result. If Mane does get, depending on the flights, whatever


time he gets back, they need him, get him out there. Absolutely. They


have been free-scoring. The last seven games, only scored five goals.


They are struggling going forward. A big test one way or the other on


Tuesday night, won't it? All right. Spurs have just one defeat since


the start of December, they faced League Two Wycombe Wanderers,


who themselves are unbeaten in 16 games and famously made


the semi-finals 16 years ago. COMMENTATOR: French Under-21


international makes his second start for Tottenham since joining since


last August. Eric Dier and Wimmer the only starters today who began


last weekend's draw at Manchester City. Kashket is a Tottenham


supporter. He has 14 goals in his 18 appearances this season. Akinfenwa


has 10 with six in his last 10 appearances.


Plenty of noise and encouragement as you expect from the Wycombe fans. A


chance for Wycombe to break down that far side. In towards Akinfenwa,


he gets his head to it. And what a start, oh, brilliant save from Vorm.


For all the world that looked as though Wycombe were going to take


the lead inside the opening minute, but Michel Vorm keeps it at 0-0.


Jacobson. Not a lot of distance on the header. That could have been


dangerous. Blackman was there. It still could be dangerous, Son!


Wycombe in a mess of their own making. Fortunate that Tottenham and


Heung-Min Son didn't take advantage of it. Akinfenwa. And, again. Hayes.


First time shot. Vorm got a touch to it. More reasons to be cheerful for


the Wycombe fans. Hayes blasts in, you can see it curling in the air.


Just passed the midway point of the first half. Wycombe's first corner


of the match. Everybody back for Tottenham. Vorm, came for it,


couldn't get there. Drops for Hayes! Pandemonium and bed lum at one end


of White Hart Lane as League Two, Wycombe Wanderers go in front at


Tottenham Hotspur. His sixth goal of the season. The others will all pale


into incision compared to this. Look how much space he has? It drops


nicely. How about that for a finish? Tottenham Hotspur 0, Wycombe


Wanderers 1. Winks, Son. Dier. Nkoudou. His ball across. Wouldn't


drop for Sissoko. Sissoko, again, blocked on the line. Cleared away to


safety. It was Paul Hayes, the hero at one end, who was the man in the


right place to clear that one away and deny Sissoko an equaliser.


Absolutely desperate that his team do not go out of the competition.


Trippier. Up against Hayes. Sissoko, trying to get away from


Jacobson, he's done so. Son. Good save from Blackman, really strong


hand there to keep that shot out. Brilliant save. Picked up by Dier.


Little header forward. Akinfenwa. Through goes Wood. He's got Hayes in


the middle. Wood, down under the challenge of Carter-Vickers, and


it's a penalty! Cameron Carter-Vickers gives away a


spot-kick and Wycombe have the opportunity to double their lead.


Akinfenwa with the through ball. Wood on the chase. Carter-Vickers


claiming he got the ball. The referee says he didn't. Hayes. He


makes it two! What a moment to be a Wycombe Wanderers supporter. What a


moment to be Paul Hayes. He hasn't scored since the FA Cup second round


win at Chesterfield, back in early December. But he's made up for that


with two goals today at White Hart Lane. Winks.


Turned away. Onomah. Got a touch off a Wycombe player last of all.


Hayes, couldn't get there, Son. He drives it across and in. Got a


slight deflection, but Heung-Min Son will claim that and Tottenham are


back into this match, just before the hour mark. Son's ball in. There


was a little touch off Jacobson. It diverted the ball away from Blackman


and into the Wycombe goal. Gareth Ainsworth will have said to his


players, keep it tight, you know what's coming. It'll be an


onslaught. Janssen, on the chase. Pierre with a body check - penalty


kick. Not much doubt about it, really. Aaron Pierre here, clearly


blocking the run there of Vincent Janssen. It's a penalty all day


long. Janssen, up against Jamal Blackman who's saved four penalties


already this season. He couldn't quite get to that. Tottenham have


turned this match around. It's 2-2 at White Hart Lane, Blackman almost


getting to it. Janssen puts it into the corner. Everything to play for


now, here. Towards Weston. There for Trippier. Forget the push there, is


it the way he lands there on his leg and the other leg buckles up


underneath him. Tottenham will play the rest of the match with just 10


players because Kieran Trippier has gone off. Mauricio Pochettino's side


have just over a quarter of an hour to play, one man down. Wycombe


supporters no doubt looking at their watches every so often just to see


how long is left. Lovely touch though on that far side. Weston with


the ball in, and it's headed in by the substitute, Garry Thompson.


Wycombe are back in front, again! Thompson runs the length of the


pitch to celebrate in front of the visiting fans. Garry Thompson, the


36-year-old, he's only been on the pitch a few minutes - power and


direction. He puts it past Michel Vorm for a third Wycombe goal. Is it


the goal that takes them through to the fifth round of the FA Cup?


Gareth Ainsworth said in the build-up to this match that he saw


no reason why this Wycombe Wanderers team couldn't be celebrating in the


same manner as some of their legendary teams of the past. And


make no mistake about it, this will be a result to possibly top all


results in their history. A chance here though for Dele Alli.


Janssen inside. Dele Alli, 3-3. Tottenham have rescued it.


Blackman's clearance was a poor one. The header, back into the path of


Delfounesoey Alli, who still had plenty to do, but did it superbly.


As we head towards stoppage-time, it's 3-3 at White Hart Lane, but the


drama has not ended. No doubt about that -- Dele Alli. Forward by Dele


Alli. Sissoko. He's got Pierre for company. Sissoko, he goes past him.


Into the middle, Janssen - brilliant, absolutely brilliant from


Jamal Blackman the ball is chipped on to the air. Janssen must have


thought he was odds on to score here until Blackman's intervention. What


a save. Now Wycombe have to stand firm, stand tall, get this ball


away. Winks. Davies. Son. Winks. Son. Son gets the return ball and


diverted into his own net. Heung-Min Son has got the winner for Tottenham


with just seconds left at White Hart Lane. It's so, so cruel on Wycombe


Wanderers. Heartbreak for Wycombe. They can't quite believe that their


FA Cup dream has been ended in such fashion. Heung-Min Son's 11th goal


of the season, and it's the winning goal. Tottenham Hotspur have won it


in the most dramatic of fashions. It's really cruel on Wycombe


Wanderers. What an FA Cup tie. Gareth Ainsworth and Wycombe


Wanderers can be very, very proud of themselves. What a match. Less than


10 minutes since the final whistle can you begin to put your emotions


into words after that? Please don't ask me. Roller-coaster that is


football management. That last 10 minutes is... I mean, I don't know


where to start. It's after time. A penalty I thought was not a penalty.


I mean, the lads have done me so proud and the town so proud just


what we've done today I think puts a marker down of how far we've come.


I'm so proud of the boys we came here to give it a go I hope everyone


respects we gave it a go and a hell of a game for the neutral. Now after


four years here in England every time that we play anything can


happen. Unbelievable game. They played very, very well the first


half. I think we play better than them in the second-half. You know,


obviously football the chances we scored and we won the game. Full


credit to Wycombe. They played very well. Congratulations to them


because today they were heroes here at White Hart Lane. Nice to score in


the FA Cup. That's the magic of it. I've been lucky in my career to play


at stadiums like this and score another one ticked off. It's nice,


but it's not just about myself. All the lads have done extremely well.


Hold their heads up high and we will go again. Cracking FA Cup tie,


wasn't it? It had everything that you want. Sitting there as a neutral


and you can't help yourself but want the under dog to something. Did you


feel at the end of 90 plus 7 minutes Trevor that the result was the right


way? Did it feel Wycombe should have taken something from it What an


advert for FA Cup and low division teams. I thought they deserved the


draw. They did. Played well in the first half. Bright, fearless. They


went to White Hart Lane and played without fear. Here breaking for him.


Gareth, like leg said, very proud of them and Wycombe have done


themselves a world the good. They are I mraing against a Premier


League side in Tottenham who are absolutely flying. They have now


gone nine games and no defeats. Playing really, really well. Scoring


goals. What did they do, Danny, Wycombe Wanderers to unlock them?


They got lots of crosses into the box. Tottenham have arguably got the


best by four in the Premier League and they changed the whole back


four. That is always a problem. Poll his misses a header in the first


minute. That should be 1-0. They keep putting balls in the box. That


is Akinfenwa, are jumping his man. This is a good ball. This time it is


Aaron Pierre. If you watch the corner, Kevin Wimmer decides he


needs to go and help. He needs to help his mate help -- he needs to


help his friend deal with Akinfenwa. You think, why have you left him. He


still has lots of work to do. That was an incredible finish. In the


second half, they did not attack as much because Tottenham played


better. But they still had chances. That was a great ball from Myles


Weston. At that point, you think, this could be their day. I agree


with Trevor. I felt really sorry for them that they did not get the


replay, not just from a football perspective, but from a financial


perspective. They can hold their heads high. You would not blame


Pochettino for arresting a few of his big guns, playing a League Two


side at home, he would think he has enough in his armoury. He had to


bring on the big guns in the end to win. Dele Alli. We spoke about


Liverpool. Tottenham still have quality. Dele Alli, nine goals and


one assist in the last eight games, incredible form. He has this


presence about him. When he comes on, the other players, yes, Dembele


was a help, but sometimes one of the big players comes off the bench, and


you feel a lot better. You sense everybody gaining confidence. He is


a wonderful talent. Give Tottenham credit. To score two madrigals with


ten men showed great spirit. They had used up other substitutes at 61


minutes. We would have been questioning his man management. Yes,


you took a risk. But they are safe. They have the winning mentality. It


paid off. This time last year,


Oxford United had disposed of Premier League Swansea to reach


the fourth round. Today, they had Championship


high-flyers Newcastle On enters day, a moment for


reflection following the passing of the club's record goal-scorer. He


was the brother of Ron Atkinson, Oxford United. The question, could


the current team do him proud? The early signs were promising. Robert


Hall tried his luck, but Matz Sels did not buy it. Newcastle United


have not been beyond the fourth round in 11 years, but the manager


had rung the changes with one eye on promotion. The Oxford keeper, Simon


Eastwood was to play an even bigger role. He was in just the right place


to deny Mitrovic. Six times cup winners they may be, but Newcastle


were frustrated. Oxford grew in confidence. It is a goal. Kane


Hemmings following the script. Newcastle were stunned. Mitrovic


surged into the box. Rudely interrupted by Philip Edwards. It


was a time for the goalkeeper to stand tall against the Serbian. It


was a brilliant save by Simon Eastwood. Eastwood helping to make


Oxford's Bay. They sensed an opportunity. Robert Hall almost


seize the day. All seemed good for the League One side, just ugly for


Newcastle. The bollards on the back of net. Curtis Nelson. The story was


not quite finished. On loan from West Ham, Toni Martinez wanted the


final word. That is a goal on his debut for Martinez. The history


books show that Oxford reach the cup finals in 1964. This team are


writing a new chapter. I am not sure that we have got the unit to shut up


shop when we go 1-0 up. From our results in the league, we are not


really a 1-0 team. I am proud the lads have got the football club into


the last 16. When you play in the Championship, you cannot play two


games a week at this level, at this intensity, without taking risks. I


thought that we deserve to do well, and to win, maybe, in the first


half. We did not do it and we conceded. They made nine changes,


like their rivals at the top of the Championship, Brighton, who are also


out of the FA Cup. They took a risk. You said they did not underestimate


them. What was the difference between the sides? For Rafa Benitez,


it shows that his players on the fringes are not as good as you might


think. They were not good enough to be Oxford. The key moment was the


penalty. The referee's position was good. I think the referee makes the


right call. It is a great run. He is asking questions of the defence. The


defender cannot touch him, he is on the wrong side. It is a penalty.


What a save. Sometimes we see those saves and if it is a nice tight for


the keeper, you can say that he guessed and got there. But that was


really low. Fantastic. That saved from Simon Eastwood keeps it at 1-0.


To become 1-1 against the team at the top of the Championship, things


could have swung the other way. Momentum changes so quickly,


especially with the Newcastle support. I disagree. When you slow


it down, you see that Mitrovic is clever. He grabs the defender's


shirt. It is not likely to disagree. I only say it see it. OK.


So four matches down, but there's plenty of action still to come.


In the last round, Manchester City won 5-0 at West Ham.


Today they travelled back to the capital to face last season's


Sam Allardyce's only victory as Palace boss so far came in the


previous round. It was a replay victory against Bolton thanks to a


brace from Christian Benteke, who leads the line today. City have won


11 of their previous 12 meetings against Palace. Vincent Kompany


makes his first appearance since the 2-1 victory in November. There is a


thrill debut for Brazilian teenager Gabriel Jesus. Crystal Palace have a


bad record against Manchester City. They have lost their last four game


against them. Clichy. David Silva has made a run. That was


a great save by Wayne Hennessey. It was a good run by David Silva. Wayne


Hennessey make himself big to deny the Spaniard. It has not been a


happy start for that man, his eighth game in charge, just the one victory


so far. That was a bad touch by Clichy. He gives it to Lee. That was


a late challenge by Yaya Toure and that will be the first booking of


the game. It was really backheel and Yaya Toure went in late. He won four


domestic cups during his seven years in Spain and Germany. A good burst


of pace from Jordon Mutch. Toure brings him down. He has already been


built, Yaya Toure. The Palace players are asking the question. The


referee does not want to know. It was an excellent turn of pace from


Mutch. A little shove in the back. Perhaps slightly fortunate. Benteke


was held by Sagna. He is not pleased with giving away the free kick. It


will be Lee with the delivery. It is high, towards Benteke. Mutch. James


Tomkins. What a save by Caballero. It was cleared by Clichy. Benteke


lost out on the head. It was a scuffed shot by Mutch, and another


scuffed shot by Tomkins. Caballero had to be alive. That is an


excellent ball. Raheem Sterling is in. He opens the scoring for


Manchester City. One pass, it absolutely poor the Crystal Palace


defence apart. -- poor. Raheem Sterling kept his cool. 1-0


Manchester City. This is Sane. Will they doubled their lead before


half-time? Gabriel Jesus. What is saved by Wayne Hennessey and the


lucky Rikishi against Martin Kelly. Jesus blasted back at Wayne


Hennessey. Sam Allardyce is furious that Yaya Toure remained on the


pitch after a controversial offence which could have seen him pick up a


second booking in the first half. Ward tilted across the penalty area.


Half cleared by David Silva. It might fall for Mutch. Now Lloyd --


Loic Remy. He went for the spectacular and did nearly came off.


I think that was a shot from Mutch, and Loic Remy could not quite get


over with it -- get over it. Steve Parrish has admitted that signing


players has been more difficult than he thought, in this January transfer


window. Manchester City can break. David Silva has options. Three


against four. To wrap it up, Leroy Sane. An incisive break. Another


cool finish. That will surely wrap things up at Selhurst Park. It looks


like it is going to be a fifth loss in eight games for Sam Allardyce.


This is Fabian Bell. Jesus has time to turn. -- this is Delph. He runs


at the Crystal Palace defence. He's taken out by Flamini. Another


booking. Perhaps a final chance for Manchester City. This would rub salt


into the wind if Yaya Toure was to get Manchester City's third. There


it is. It had to be. Yaya Toure loves playing against Crystal


Palace. They must be sick of the sight of him. His seventh goal in


eight appearances against Palace during his Manchester City career.


Man City go through to the fifth round in style. It is the same


story. You cannot keep conceding goals. Certainly the first two goals


were presentable. It is important to have a clean sheet. It is quite


difficult when we concede a lot of goals to win the game. But on the


other hand, we created chances. Today, we were able to score goals.


When we see that Farrell, not giving the yellow card, Yaya Toure would


have to go for a double yellow card. I was baffled by the decision. Let's


clean it up. Were you equally as baffled was it straightforward? It


is not straightforward. I feel any contact, everyone wants a card. For


me, the first one against Joe Ledley was. It was a foul but I do not


think it warranted a yellow card, and definitely not the second in


that position, I'd wait, no danger. I think Sam Allardyce is grasping a


little bit, asking for a second yellow card. He is frustrated. The


rub of the green is not going for him. You agree with him so we can


move on. I am not saying he is the Messiah, but Jesus is going to be a


big player for Man City. Hewlett confident, full of ideas. A very


exciting prospect. We have a player on our hands, no doubt. He is


special. His touch was good early in the game. Nice and strong. Keeping


of the man. Look at that for a pass. He showed every attribute that you


need to be a top player today. He did not find the back of the net but


he got himself in fantastic positions. The goals will surely


come. This is his best chance, it was a great save. He does not want


to do the attractive bits. Look how strong he is. He was tenacious. He


has only been here five minutes. It was a good run. He is strong. You


liked how vocal he was as well. He has got character. You need


character. You need that kind of arrogance about you to play at this


level. Yes, he reminds me of Ian Wright, morning when prices were not


coming, really animated. He is a very exciting player. I am sure the


City fans are happy. An Ian Wright's old stomping ground as well. A


Brazilian playing in all sorts of biblical weather and he did not seem


to mind one bit. Worth mentioning, Vincent Kompany, 90 minutes, superb


for the club. Southampton reached the EFL


Cup Final by beating Liverpool this week,


would their good form continue in the FA Cup


against 12-time winners Arsenal. Commentary comes from


Guy Mowbray and Tony Dorigo. COMMENTATOR: Bellerin. Mustafi.


Bellerin still forward. In doubt Southampton will be aware


of the full-backs pushing on for Arsenal. That will be part of their


attacking plan as well when they do win it. Plays in Danny Welbeck. He


finishes in fine style. That's a sweet moment for the Arsenal and


England striker. Out with a knee injury since the end of last season,


he's begun his comeback in recent weeks. Now his first time back in an


Arsenal team from the start of the game, he finds himself on the


scoresheet again, via the crossbar. Really nicely taken. It is


Southampton 0, Arsenal 1. Oxlade-Chamberlain. Over towards


Welbeck. Welbeck, eyes on the ball. It's another one! Brilliantly taken,


too. Danny Welbeck has a double for Arsenal. He is showing The Gunners


fans the sort of finishing ability they've been missing from him during


his time on the injury list. He watched that a long way in the air,


but the control and finish were just sublime. Brilliant finish, it really


was. What a ball from Oxlade-Chamberlain, plucks it out of


the air. Take it is away from the defender and keeper. He has the


composure to slip it underneath. Brilliant ball, even better finish.


Sims, breezes past Bellerin. He came back well. Here's Shane Long. Ospina


is well out of his goal. That's fired over by Hojbjerg. Ospina will


have a shy of relief. Once he can't get it, he has to go back towards


his own-goal. He should be getting back. Fortunately for him, enough


defenders. Hojbjerg, all he could do is volley it high. Stephens. Now


Martina. Through for Shane Long. Long's gone for goal, he had to.


Nothing really else on for him. It forces the save from Ospina. He hit


that nicely. Fantastic effort, wasn't it. Martina push it down the


side of Holding, the pace gets him in behind. Took everything to claw


that one out. You don't see that happen very often. Absolutely


drilled by Stephens into Hojbjerg. Trying to find Wallace. It's in for


3-0. Southampton being taken apart by Arsenal. With Arsenal scoring a


third, Southampton might be out of the Cup. They gave the ball away,


Danny Welbeck, brilliant pullback. McQueen should get there quicker.


Lee Wallace wants it more. He stabs his right boot in the way.


Southampton are looking at themselves, they really have


committed too many mistakes. This one cost them another goal.


Ospina wasn't really ready for that. Gave the crowd a little bit of


excitment. That's not a great touch from Stevens. Straight to


Oxlade-Chamberlain he has passed Gardos. Sanchez to Wallace. 4-0 to


Arsenal. They carved Southampton open once again, "Theo, Theo" booms


down from the away seat. Two for Welbeck, two for Wallace. What a


perfect evening it's been for Arsenal. Certainly has. Sanchez,


certainly onside. He stops it dpr going out. Composure, head up, finds


the right pass, doesn't he, as well. Wallace steers it it into the bottom


corner. That's exactly what he does. That makes it four. Redmond. Sims is


in a good position, if he can be found. He can't. Away to Perez. He


is setting Sanchez, away. Sanchez has two for company. Seemingly, all


the time in the world to tee up Wallace for his hat-trick. As easy


as you like, once again, from Arsenal. Lee Wallace, with a


hat-trick, against a team with whom it all began for him. Really is


brilliant play from Arsenal. Southampton are caught high up the


pitch. Direct play. Perez plays the ball to Sanchez. Does brilliantly.


Waits, bide his time. Plays the perfect pass as well. Keeper will be


disappointed. Not at fault for the first four. For this one, number


five, should have done better. Goes over his foot. Theo comes back home


and scores three. We were not enough withed good balance between young


players and experienced players. It's important for us to play. It's


a good lesson. It was pleasant to watch from upstairs because we were


explosive, always dangerous, made good runs in behind. Overall, we


looked as if we had a consistent performance through 90 minutes, good


solidarity and, above all, everybody played well. When you look at the


players individually from the goalkeeper to the striker, everybody


had a good performance. Both sides made massive changes, ten and nine


changes. If you are a Southampton player who made it through to a Cup


Final in a few weeks time off that win from Liverpool do you not want


to feel the home appreciation? I do. Southampton are safe in the Premier


League. When up won at Anfield to get to Wembley. Go on, same again.


I'm really surprised. They paid the price. One side who has the I


ability and strength in deep to rotate that way. Fantastic win for


Arsenal. Welcome back to Welbeck. You want to look at him? To hit the


ground like he did, usually you need time, three or four games, because


you have been out for so long. Hit the ground running, sharp and


bright. Bright brilliant finish. Scoops it over the keeper. Fantastic


finish. Great ability. We know what he has, full of running, as quick as


they come. I think all Arsenal fans will be delighted he is back in the


team, scoring goals, he looks fit and strong. Again, fantastic


movement off the ball. We know he has this. Good touch away from the


keeper. Little nutmegs and almost injures the centre-half, a bonus. He


has worked very hard and has confidence from this. Big part of


Arsenal's win today. That kind of playing a weakened side like that


would have helped in a way, wouldn't it, it was easier than the tests he


might get in the Premier League? He looks ready. I think he gets in


Arsenal's best XI every I think isle time. He adds goals, power and pace.


Super player. Pleased for Arsenal he's back, and for him.


There's plenty more fourth round action tomorrow as well.


Starting at 11.50am on BBC One as league one,


Then you can listen to coverage of non-league Sutton United v


That's followed by Manchester United v Wigan Athletic back over


If you miss any of those, there's highlights at


Following us tonight is The NFL Show.


COMMENTATOR: Touch down! My goodness. Super Bowl 51, a party


worth staying up for Patriots versus Falcons. Sunday, 5th February, live


on BBC One. Two years ago, Chelsea lost out


to League One Bradford City Today's opponents also started


with 'Br' and ended in 'Ford', but could Brentford give


the Premier League leaders COMMENTATOR: Only six miles apart,


but only their 14th meeting. Brentford's last win in this fixture


and only success on this ground came in 1939. Plenty of changes from


Conte con. There is a start for Ake who last played for Chelsea in May


2015 he has been recalled from an outstanding loan spell at


Bournemouth. Costa is kept in reserve in case.


Josh McEachran returns in Brentford strikes. Hogan is on the bench, he


is nt with aed by West Ham. Willian to Pedro. He didn't seem aware of


it, he was coming his way. He is saying that's a harsh decision. I


have a certain amount of sympathy with that, on first viewing. He has


probably lent in with his elbow, the Brentford striker. Willian and


Fabregas will be hoping to break the lens of that camera in the top right


hand corner of the Brentford net. It's Willian, it's in. Great


free-kick from Willian. Bentley wasn't sure which way that was


coming. Willian curls in the free-kick to give Chelsea the lead.


Seventh goal of the season. Beautiful free-kick. Willian, good


ball. Loftus-Cheek wants it. Pedro to the right hand side. Through to


Pedro, and it's 2-0. Glorious ball. Razor-sharp, Chelsea. And Pedro


spokes pokes in the second, with barely 20 minutes played. This is a


great ball. Loftus-Cheek, left it, whether he meant to leave it or not,


I'm not sure, but it was a very good decision to do so because Pedro was


in behind, and strokes Chelsea two goals in front. Fabregas looking for


Loftus-Cheek, what a ball that was. Ruben Loftus-Cheek for Chelsea. The


shot is deflected wide. What a pass from Cesc Fabregas. Absolutely


fantastic ball from Fabregas. Egan stuck to his task. John Terry with


the header. It was blocked by Zouma. Has it crept in? Batshuayi thinks it


has. The referee says it hasn't. Blocked by Bentley and didn't quite


get over the line. Fabregas. Loftus-Cheek. Oh, really


good save. Bentley will be happy with that. It's a really good stop


because Loftus-Cheek caught this already. -- all right. Good


reactions from the keeper. In front of John Terry. Begovic did well.


This was Woods into Vibe. John Terry went to ground. Vibe couldn't get


his feet sorted out and couldn't find a way to get around Asmir


Begovic. Tony Pulis, the manager of West Bromwich Albion. West Brom


amongst the clubs said to be interest in... What a super run this


is. Finding Loftus-Cheek. Oh, he hits the bar. Deserved better. A


brilliant, brilliant run by Willian. Almost a lovely finish from Ruben


Loftus-Cheek. Wonderful control and pace and precision in the pass into


Loftus-Cheek, it came off the bar. Zouma.


Here goes Pedro. Five in this Chelsea break. 3-0. Ivanovic has


scored big goals for Chelsea over the years. That may be his last in


blue. ,. . If so, it's a fine way to bid farewell. At 3-0 there is no way


back into this Cup tie for the Championship side. His 33rd goal for


Chelsea, possibly the last. Penalty. He was brought down. Played


into the feet of Ivanovic. The challenge hammered into his left


leg. Michy Batshuayi. He has finally got his reward. Stroking in the


penalty. 4-0. We are pleased for performance. It is not easy to


change big-name players. We did not lose our identity. That is very


important. It shows we are working very well. All the players, with our


squad. I was really pleased. I said we had to ask questions. I felt we


played to deepen the first half and did not ask enough questions. It was


pleasing the way we started the second half. For 20 minutes, until


the third goal, we were well on it. In answer to the earlier question,


no. Brentford struggled against a team of running away with the


Premier League, scoring for fun, and to they made lots of changes


and give a go and have not been getting in the first team, and they


picked up were the others left off. Yes, that is what Antonio Conte has


brought to Chelsea. One of the highlights for me was Ruben


Loftus-Cheek. He played in a forward roll on the team and he looked


comfortable and effective. You see him running of the ball. Taking


responsibility on the ball, it was a good take. He was unlucky. This was


happening time and time again. It is a good touch. You think, is this a


player who has not played many games for Chelsea? Confident, graceful, he


moves well. He gets his shot away, on target, testing the keeper. This


is where he has improved, runs off the ball. He does


everything right, so unlucky. This was happening time and time again.


Fantastic feat for a big man. He lifts up his head and cannot get it


on target. If that is what we can expect from Loftus-Cheek, he has a


big future. How are these young players going to break into the


starting 11? Should they go on loan? It is a conundrum. You can be


waiting forever if you go away. He is not young any more. It would be


good if he could go to another club and get the experience. Downing, the


centre of the pitch, thinks about the shot. He has found the top


corner. Stewart Downing. Accrington Stanley dug in to try and unearth an


equaliser. If anyone could unlock the Boro defence, surely Billy Kee


could? But it was not Stanley's day. The Premier League side did enough,


just. Adama Traore had the chance to make it more emphatic. Christhian


Stuani should have buried the rebound. They found the ball in row


Z. Boro find themselves in Renfe. With Burnley's impressive form a


curved mirror, even the most optimistic of Bristol City fans


would have been hard-pressed to imagine an upset. Lee Johnson on the


receiving end of the vote of confidence this week, his team on a


bad run of form. Their Bosnian striker, Milan Djuric, has yet to


open his account since his arrival earlier this month. Had he taken


this chance, it might have been a different story. Burnley took the


lead soon after. Sam Vokes finished first time, just before half-time,


his 50th goal for the club. City never looked like getting back into


the game and almost conceded when this overhead back pass had to be


saved by the on loan goalkeeper, Fabian Giefer. Eventually they did,


to a moment of brilliance from Belgian midfielder Stephen Defour.


His effort guaranteed Burnley a place in the fifth round for the


first time in six years. A Lancashire derby to set the pulses


racing in years gone by. Here, it sent the fans from both sides


marching, the fan serving as a centrepiece around supporter unrest


about the ownership of their clubs. The FA Cup was an irresistible


attraction. Those inside P-word Park -- those inside Ewood Park, if not


quite on the edge of their seats, were key areas. Sam Gallagher sent


them on their way. Winners Andy Murray when you need him? The


message from the referee, no balls, please. It was at Vantage Blackburn


midway through the second half. What a strike. Glik to Blackpool were


finding it heavy going. Their cause was all but lost with Kelvin Mellor


is' dismissal. It might have been a different story for the ten men had


Will Aimson named Laura. Blackburn have their sights set on recapturing


former glories. But Rochdale must have fancied their chances having


reached the last 32 for the third time in four seasons. They had the


first opportunity to take the lead after dominating the initial


exchanges. Peter Vincenti over the bar, let off for the Championship


side. Rochdale had their moments, up until this kick from Conrad Logan


led to a goal. On his debut, he has scored. Piazon side. Rochdale are


screaming it was offside. Huddersfield have taken the lead. It


has been ten months and toddlers fields were last awarded a penalty.


Mark Hudson adjudged to have been brought down. Isaiah Brown, on loan


from Chelsea, slotted home to extend Huddersfield's lead. Two second-half


substitutes combined for Huddersfield's third. Over to the


left. Hefele head it in at the back post. A terrible goalkeeping


mistake. With six minutes left, Hefele was in on the act again, the


central defender turned makeshift striker with his second, and


Huddersfield's fought in what turned out to be a comfortable cup victory.


-- fourth goal. Some great goals give air, but when that we felt we


could not leave the programme without seeing again, credit to


Stephen Defour. Take it away, Trevor. It is a hopeful free kick, a


decent strike. He picks the ball up on the edge of the box and drives at


the heart of the defence. It is a nice little slept, and it is the


sense of urgency. He thinks, I have got the chance. This is an exquisite


finish, unbelievable. The technique that was into scoring that kind of


goal is incredible. Fair play to him. Not many players have got that


technique. I said have not. Does it make it all the sweeter that he was


involved that the other end of the pitch as well? Of course. We have


been blessed today. I still think the


volley from post-2-mac was fantastic. It has been a great day.


Bristol City on a terrible run in the league. Burnley's home form


continues to astound. He has done a wonderful job and does not get the


credit he deserves. They play a good style and they all know their jobs.


I thought that was a Neil Garnham victory for them today. They did not


disappoint. Great to work with you both.


Just time to take a quick look at tomorrow's headlines.


"It's a Knockout", says the Sunday Times,


as they reflect on giant killers, Lincoln City.


The Sun on Sunday picks out four FA Cup sensations to focus


The Daily Mirror are reporting that Wayne Rooney could be heading to


China imminently. The Mail On Sunday focuses on an expected battle


between Arsenal and Manchester United for Antoine Griezmann this


summer. Romance in the FA Cup is alive and well at Sincil Bank.


And our very own impish Trevor has fallen a little bit


I think we've all got a soft spot, haven't we?


1-1. Game on. This is Andreas Weimann. It is two. What a strike.


It is in. Wycombe are back in front again. Son has got the winner of


Tottenham. Willian. It is in. Robinson.


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