Fourth Round: Derby County v Leicester City The FA Cup

Fourth Round: Derby County v Leicester City

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An East Midlands Derby. 23 miles, as the keeper flies from goal post to


goal post. Golden times for one side, saved in


the past. Just look at his face! Golden times for the ther right now.


Behind Vardy. He's done it. He has done it. He's done it. Leicester


City are the champions of England a shot tonight at glory. Derby County


verses Leicester City. You have got to be good to have played for both


of these teams. He wasn't a bad keeper, was he. More


from him later tonight. Two of his former clubs Derby County at and


Leicester City meet in the Emirates FA Cup for the first time in more


than century. With us here to enjoy Alan Shearer, a man who played for


both clubs in fact. It is nice when you pick up the Player of the Year


trophy. You see great names underneath it. This is an intense


drama in the East Midlands. It is. It has changed a bit now. When I


played for Leicester, it could go either way. If Derby beat Leicester,


it is a huge thing for Derby County. Is it possible? Leicester are just


above the relegation zone. Derby are kind of fighting for a play-off spot


in the championship. What would be the surprise? Derby will have a hell


of a chance tonight. They would have been rejuvenated un. Un. They will


fancy their chances tonight. Leicester need a moral boost in


victory of some sort to stop the rot. They do. They have not been


anywhere near what they were like last season. I know they are missing


one of their main players, but they have been poor for large parts of


this season. I think it will be a welcome distraction for them to get


away from league football and play in the FA Cup and away from the


pressure, which hopefully for them and their fans, they can put in a


better performance than what we have seen for large parts of the season.


A big opportunity in front of a big crowd here for Derby to play against


the Premier League side. They played Man United in the FA Cup last season


and didn't really perform. They got beaten 3-1. They never had a go at


Manchester United. We can see Steve McClaren. An unusual camera inside


the dressing room, which we have got in there this evening. This was


obviously a short while ago. Steve giving his team talk to his players


and pepping them up. We thought we'd take the opportunity to do it rather


than when they got changed. You never know - it is quite early in


the evening. Around 30,000 fans are here for tonight's match, including


5,000 Leicester fans, who have made their way the 20-odd miles up the


M1. It is a big night for the man we have just seen, former England


manager, Steve McClaren. Three months into his second spell here in


charge at Derby. He has spoken to Dan Walker.


Derby are unbeaten at home. Thanks for talking to us before the game.


Travelling on the train there are a few people suggesting that you are


favourites for this match. Do you dismiss that out of hand? I told you


not to ask me that! It is the Premier League champions. And it was


always going to be difficult, the second year after winning it. They


have proved in Cup competitions, especially in Europe, that they are


still strong. Put a strong side out, hard to beat. Showed us respect.


Obviously on that left-hand side against Tom Ince. We need patience


there. But, no, we are kind of looking at a lot of confidence and


belief, what we had against West Brom, what we have at home, to keep


that, because if we don't have that we'll lose the game. We need


confidence and belief tonight to win. You have spoken about the


importance of the home crowd. You, like Leicester, have picked a strong


side. It seems neither side wants a replay? We don't. We will go for


that in 95 minutes. It is what it is. We want a performance. We want


to start well. We want to be front-foot aggressive and make sure


we get a performance and gradually build strong and finish strong. We


want a performance like we got against West Brom away. Let's see


what happens. Thank you for talking to us. Cheers!


There is plenty of experience in the Derby team, starting with Scott


Carson in goal. The Northern Ireland defender Chris


Baird played in the Cup final in 2003 for Southampton. Richard Keogh


has not missed a Cup game in two years. In mid-field they have the


highly-rated Will Hughes and Bradley Johnson returned after a one-match


ban and we will talk about Tom Ince in a moment. Darren Bent is still a


real threat at 32. We will hear from him a little bit later. I want to


start with a bright young prospect, Will Hughes, played many times for


England under-21s. What do you make of him? Highly thought of here at


Derby. Made his Debbie at 16. 21 years of age. Played over 170 games.


He is experienced for being someone so young.


He was out for a lot of the last season, for eight months with a


ruptured ligament. I know about that a lot. It is chilly out there! I


know how difficult it is to come back from an injury like that. You


need half a season to get back, to feel you belong at that level.


Before he did that, there was talk about him moving on to bigger and


better things. That set him back. He's back to normal ways. It took


you half a season to get back, did it? Six or seven months. A bad


injury. It is good to see he's back and fit. Another young man we seem


to have talked about him for a long time is Tom Ince, of course. What do


you think of his progress? He's been in goal-scoring form of late. I


think the 4-3-3 system suits him. He had a go for Crystal Palace. He


scored 25 goals in 30 games under Steve McClaren. He's confident for a


goal. He can take a kick. He's a very confident player. Double


figures again this season. You know, so he likes playing here at Derby in


a 4-3-3 system. They are quite an attacking cider bi, and Leicester,


most of their success last season was on the counterattack, so do you


think it could be a game that Derby have more possession and more


attacks? Well, listening to Steve there and in his interview with Dan,


when said said, do you think you are favourites? I don't see any harm in


him saying, why aren't we favourites? The way Leicester have


played this season, the way that Derby have been... If he loses it


doesn't look so bad. Why can't he be confident? His team are doing very


well since he came back here into the football club and I don't think


it would have done any harm to be full of confidence and say, we can


win this game. Let's turn to the champions, where last year's triumph


has been followed by a season of struggle.


Oh, what a screamer! Riyad Mahrez... Fantastic strike!


Leicester City are the Premier League champions. Anything is


possible... Leicester City have sold Cante to


Chelsea. Ladies and gentlemen, the coach of the year, Claudio


Ranieri... You cannot be saying, sack Ranieri!


I am not doing -- they are not doing the dirty works. They are not doing


the basics. The Player of the Year, Mahrez. Mahrez is dropped to the


bench. Jamie Vardy is nominated for the...


Red card and Leicester City are just imploding. It has been some form for


the champions. How far will they drop? Leicester City's search for an


away-day win continues. It was good, it is my fault... Southampton...


This moment it everything is wrong. It appears that everything is wrong


at the moment for Leicester. They are conceding more than two goals a


game away from home and the attack has dried up as well. Let's find out


what Claudio Ranieri will do this evening. He's with Dan.


Good evening. Diamonds are not forever, can you tell us what you


have gone for tonight from a Leicester perspective? The tactic is


to try and win the match. Of course we want to react after the defeat to


Chelsea and Southampton. It is a Derby against Derby County and we


knew it would be a tough match. But we are in the Premier League. They


are the underdog, of course. They want to beat us. But also we want to


make it good tonight. You have won a Cup in Italy and Spain, do you think


a Cup run here could help your faltering league form at the moment?


When you win, the players get more confidence and we need to get


confidence at this moment, because we are little, little sad.


And I have got to ask you as well; it seems strange to ask the question


to the man who has won the title last season, do you feel under


pressure at all at the moment as Leicester boss? I am under pressure


for myself. I want the maximum in every match. Of course we want to


make something better for our fans, for our chairman, of course and for


ourselves. You have won something this week. Congratulations on your


hoptry dock trait. Mr Lineker in our studio is also an honorary doctor


from the same university. I will leave you Gary to do the


doctor-doctor joke! Dr Who would be it especially after


your diamonds aren't forever line! Kasper Schmeichel. Wes Morgan


alongside Robert Huth, who played for Stoke in 2011.


Ben Chilwell is pushed into mid-field.


Riyad Mahrez is only on the bench after returning from the African Cup


of nations. Up front Shinji Okazaki is playing


behind Jamie Vardy. And there is Jamie Vardy.


What has gone wrong with Leicester City this season? As well as their


back four and their goalkeeper were last season and they were, but the


three main players last year were Kante, the star of the show for me,


but they cannot keep on using him as an excuse, Mahrez was brilliant last


season. He looks disinterested this season. Jamie Vardy to me looks as


if he's had his head turned by success. I see him on front covers


of magazines: He has signed a bumper new contract. He is no longer doing


what brought him success last season. I know it is difficult


getting to the top. I tell you what, it is more difficult staying there.


What does it take to stay there? Everyone knows what you are good at.


Everyone knows what your strengths and weaknesses are. But you have to


do the basics and Jamie Vardy and Leicester are not doing the basics.


Look at those stats there, they tell you. First or second in the vast


majority of things last year, they are ranked 14th and 15th this year.


They are in the league. They are having a terrible time. And, as I


said, they are not working as hard, they are t no closing down, they are


not tackling as much. And this Leicester are in the red here


against Chelsea. They are not closing down. That is far, far too


easy for any team, let alone Chelsea with the ability. Not Going with


players, not sticking with their runners. It is happening time and


time again. You cannot give anyone this amount of time on the ball, let


alone some good players. Look at the lack of the closing down. It is far,


far too easy for teams out there they are playing against now. This


is Sunderland who are bottom of the Premier League. They have to do


better. Look at the lack of effort from Mahrez there. You have to go


and close them down. You have to stop the cross coming into the box.


When the football does eventually come back into the box, look at the


number of players they have got there trying to defend. No-one is


near the players at all. Goes there... Nothing. No closing down.


If you don't put pressure on the ball, that means you have to have


some mid-field protection. That is not happening neither. There's no


pressure on the ball. No protection. A long ball up again. And the


defender gets turned too easily. Look at the lack of effort to stop


the cross coming into the box. There is nothing. You cannot go into games


playing like. This no pressure again. There is no-one within five


yards of Defoe. It is a good finish. That is why they are struggling this


season. Does it not highlight in a way the


miracle... How well they have done. This what Leicester are. It is


amazing to see today the team he's picked. He's reverted to the team


that won him the league last year. Players who know about passion. The


new side haven't settled, so he's reverted to a team who won last


year. Hard working. I don't think the new... How do they get out of


the rut? By doing the basics. Once you do the basics, then the rest


follows. You have to look at the teams who have stayed at the top and


you have to say, you respect them and how well they have done. To


actually stay there, when everyone knows what you are about is very,


very difficult. OK, well let's hear from a man whose combined transfers


add up to ?50 million. Darren Bent enjoying a new lease of life under


Steve McClaren. He has been speaking to us.


That West Brom tie a couple of weeks ago you picked up with an un-Darren


Bent like goal. What was that, 20 yards?


It was a fantastic goal from me. I know that there were comments but


anyone watching the game said we held our own and we got the result.


It was not a typical, my type of goal but sometimes you take a chance


and these things happen and luckily, for me, it went into the top corner.


Now there is Leicester City in your patch, did you like everyone else


stand back in amazement to watch what they achieved? It was just a


fantastic story. It was brilliant for football worldwide. It showed it


is possible. I know that Derby County supporters


would take real satisfaction if they can beat Leicester just because of


that, they are the champions? It sets a marker, what a better way to


test yourself in your home patch to see where you are. To put down a


marker to see where we are. After the West Brom game, which would say


that we are ready to play them. So, that is the day job. Trainers, you


have a few, don't you? Yes, it's a collection. I started collecting


them and now I have thousands and thousands.


Thousands? Yeah, loads and loads. There was a time I was collecting


50, to 06 pairs a month. Like an obsession? I don't buy them


to be trainers, to be flashy but I bought them as I like collecting the


trainers. I like Michael Johnson, I have a lot of his trainers. It is a


hobby for me. I don't do golf or these things, I collect trainers,


that's just my hobby! You can get away with it, Darren, as you get


older, middle-aged men and flashy trainers don't always work, although


it may not happen to you! I don't know if it is a case of being


flashy. You are not a middle-aged man


issue... Well, it is a hobby. But I have family, that is more relevant.


It is a nice hobby to have but it doesn't happen as much as it used


to. So, there is a choice, your


favourite pair of trainers or an FA Cup medal, which one do you take?


The FA Cup medal all day long. To play in the Cup finals is


magnificent. So if you are offering me a FA Cup medal, I would take your


hand off. So would Alan Shearer.


We are inside the Derby County dressing room. The players are


getting ready. The final preparations before the game that


commences shortly. It is trillioning seeing Darren Bent there. I can't


spot him at the moment but I'm sure he is there somewhere. He scored 200


career goals. Nine in the last ten cup games. He has the firepower if


he gets the opportunities? He loves to run in behind. He's had a very


good career, as has been mentioned, the transfer fees he's gone to. He's


been to a lot of Football Clubs. He never really seems to have settled


at either but he scored the goals. It probably has not gone as well as


he thought it should have but if you give him chances he should score the


goals. And Steve McClaren, with Tom Ince


and Darren Bent, they thrive under Steve McClaren.


And collections? Hairsprays? You ought to see the jacket he has in


the dressing room! Now, now! Now, down to kick-off side, where Dan has


a proud dad. Yes, a very proud father and a nervy


father. Let's talk about this Paul, Derby


fancy this? Definitely. I think when you look at how Leicester are


playing. They are conceding goals away.


Derby had a massive result her against Reading, so they are


fancying their chances. We have been talking about yourson,


Tom, we heard that he could work down the left-hand side. I wonder


how much of the quality and the goals that we are seeing recently,


is that down to Steve McClaren or is Tom knockling down to work harder? I


think it's a bit of both. Under the previous manager, it was not


conducive to the way that Tom played or the whole team. Steve McClaren


has come in, he has gone back to the 4-4-3 system, and they have been


successful. Getting promoted and he's playing with a smile on his


face. The players know what they are doing. They are comfortable with the


system. Hopefully that will be how it is tonight.


The teams are about to come out. You can see the flags waves. Leicester


know that they are in trouble in the league. It could be a big night for


Derby too? For sure, from a confidence point of view. They are


five points off relegation. There are talks about the chairman not


being happy. As I say, it will be a tough, tough game for them out here.


It is a massive crowd. A Premier League Stadium. Hopefully Derby can


get the right result. Gary, I should say that the governor


is not happy, he's getting the cashmere wet! I'm devastated. I


can't believe that Robbie Savage is sitting in the studio nice and warm.


They must have got the CV skills wrong! Punned incompetentry skills!


! So, the teams are lined up in the tunnel. The weather has turned a


little nasty. A little sleety. A little cold. How do you see it going


tonight? I think that Derby will struggle, I'm going for Leicester.


Robbie? I'm going for Derby. They know that Leicester are vulnerable.


I think if they go for it here, they can beat Leicester City.


Now time to head over to the commentary team.


Well, it's a real FA Cup atmosphere bubbling here inside Pride Park.


These two teams are separated by less than 25 miles. Both have gone


strong in terms of the teams. It's good to see in the public Derby on


the back of their victory at the weekend against Reading, with one


change for Derby. Well, Claudio Ranieri, of course,


has been to an FA Cup final as a manager but tonight it is all about


winning again. They hope that this can kick-start


the season and get them into the fifth round of the FA Cup. Derby are


quick to play down the favourite's tag.


Away tickets have been sold. It's a very short journey for the Leicester


supporters, who have only seen their team win once away from home all


season, that was in this competition in the previous round at Everton.


The Premier League champions being refereed by a Premier League


official, Mark Clattenburg is the man in the middle this evening.


Tom Ince really has come alive under Steve McClaren again.


Nine goals in his last 13 games. Derby have never lost when he has


scored. Jamie Vardy couldn't stop scoring


for Leicester last season. A hat-trick in the Premier League


against Manchester City but apart from that he's not scored in 20 of


the last 21 games. He will see this as a perfect


platform to end that record. So it is Derby, seventh in the


championship against the Premier League champions, currently 15th in


the table. All eyes in East Midlands on Pride


Park tonight. Derby hoping this will be a famous FA Cup night. Both have


important games to come in the week domestically. But for the next 90


minutes, it is all about the FA Cup, it is all about the East Midlands


Derby and it is the hosts that get us under way in the driving rain.


With 30,000, we have all of the ingredients for the FA Cup.


Delighted to say that beside me is Graham le Saux. How do you see it?


Well, Derby have to test if Leicester have the togetherness and


the confidence to put up a fight in this game.


Derby stretched down the right-hand side. Tom Ince and Hughes. Countered


by Claudio Ranieri bringing in Fuchs and Chilwell. Lest have to find


something to believe. Steve McClaren talked about a fast


start for Derby. To help them take the game to


Leicester. Here's the highly rated Will Hughes.


Olsson to Johnny Russell. Put under pressure by Shinji


Okazaki. Excellent work by the full back.


Full of confidence. Derby are a passing team. They like to take


their time. They are patient. They control the ball. Leicester, they


will be happy for Derby to have possession.


The counterattacking style suited them so much last season with the


success it brought them. This was Okazaki... . Nothing in


that, it's a fair challenge. Bradley Johnson put his arm across him a


little bit. Okazaki is never really in control of the ball there. He


just eased him off it. Five goals this season, Okazaki.


His energy was an important part of their success last season.


Okazaki's is an important role. He has to do defensive work.


In his mindset he is happy to work hard but he has to work hard to get


up to Vardy in that system, where there are two up front.


Steve McClaren taking his seat as he always doeses in the first half of


the games in the stand. Although at the weekend against


Reading he left it after 10 minutes, Derby were that poor.


Olsson to keep it alive for Derby. This is Craig Bryson.


There could be a break on here for Leicester. Slipped at the last


moment there, Okazaki. He did everything right. He took his time.


He didn't rush the pass, even though Vardy made an excellent pass in


front of him. He just slips here, subsequently Keogh gets a slightly


unfortunate foul. He does like the artillery view.


-- aerial view. It's been a fantastic success and


confidence that you can see in Derby's performances lately. They


have built momentum, and that's what Claudio Ranieri is desperate for.


He's tried different systems and personnel but he's still des rately


looking for the amount of games he can get to build confidence in the


team. He just needs a bit of a run. Hoping that tonight is the start of


it. You had that experience when you


were with Blackburn with Mr Alan Shearer? Absolutely. If you don't


start a season well, it is very easy to find yourself stuck in a rut.


Fortunately for us had at Blackburn, it didn't take too long, seven, ten


games maybe. Where did you finish? Probably


seventh, sixth? I'm not the statistics man, that's you.


Numerous players losing their footing. Forward from Morgan...


Header falls to Albrighton. Simpson with the throw.


Much more familiar looking Leicester team and shape tonight.


Drinkwater... A challenge from Johnson.


There's King, knows all about this fixture, that was important in


Ranieri's fixture tonight. The good thing about Leicester in the opening


minutes is they are pressing high. They are winning the ball back quite


quickly from Derby in advanced positions.


A crossing opportunity now of Olsson. Once again good work,


Albrighton carries the team in terms of his energy. A good catalyst for


the effort Leicester put in. Linked up well there with Vardy.


Marc Albrighton Al, who will always have a piece of history having


scored the Champions League goal for Leicester.


Here is Albrighton's corner. Carson backpedalled. In the end, it


is an awful own goal. Darren Bent cannot believe it! Eight minutes in.


And in the most bizarre circumstances, with Darren Bent's


own goal, Leicester are in front. . Didn't get the chance to talk


about set pieces yet. Derby in their last few games have been appalling


at set pieces. The first ball in, Leicester players have a good run at


the ball. And that is just appalling! By an experienced player.


He's got time. He sees the ball. He shouldn't be distracted! How he


fails to get a decent contact on this! Baffling!


A man who has such a fantastic goal-scoring record at the right


end, at the more recognisable end, in this competition, has a moment to


try and forget that. What is the Derby response? Appealed for


handball. Mark Clattenburg took the view and


straightaway dismissed it. No sooner have they scored they get an


opportunity, Derby, down the right-hand side. The ball comes off


Bent. I have to say, on that replay, Morgan, his arms in front of his


body, not a penalty. Okazaki... We mentioned Leicester's


run, we mentioned that only once away from home all season, that was


in the FA Cup. Claudio Ranieri woke up this morning he would ask for


fortune and luck. He may feel it has not gone his way, but he has it


here. That is the most bizarre goal. I don't think I have seen anything


like that. He had time, clear sight of the goal and almost managed to


kick it backwards into the net. Russell... What is Derby's response


now? Huth, who has played in an FA Cup


final, he lost with Stoke, back in 2011.


Olsson on the overlap. Comfortably cleared by Morgan.


No foul on Hughes. Drinkwater to Vardy. That combination that was so


lethal and productive... That stays in. Hughes there feeling he had been


fouled by Drinkwater in retrieving the ball. But how quickly did


Drinkwater turn defence into attack? The Bent action.


The ball hits him on the arm, but absolutely no penalty there. A good


decision by Mark Clattenburg. Darren Bent, 24 games in the FA Cup


in his career, scored 16 goals. His goal at the wrong end, that is the


difference here at Pride Park. He cannot believe it. No Derby


supporter or Darren Bent will be able to believe this. The first ball


in, a lot of space for Leicester to operate in. Huth gets the first


ball. He just slices it off that left foot. He's got everything wrong


with that, hasn't he? Technically. Nowhere to hide! Derby behind... He


looks as baffled as I sound! Wanted a fast, positive start, now


he's got to see what his team are made of. You cannot account for


that, can you? Derby have done all right. They have this 4-3-3 system


that suits them. Where they are vulnerable, Steve, is the fact that


Bradley Johnson is z the only deep-line mid-field player, so they


will be exposed. That means that Keogh and Pearce sometimes have to


step out of their position, which could give Vardy the chance to get


between them, get in behind them. Very important that those two


centre-backs talk and have a real understanding of each other's


position. The noise of the Leicester City


supporters, nearly 5,500 of them, that you can hear at the moment. The


Derby supporters are a little shell-shocked at the opening events


in the opening eight minutes. Earlier in January, 150th appearance


for Leicester. Keogh's header.


Back from Pearce... Leicester definitely getting control


of this game more. Drinkwater getting quite a lot of the ball.


Olsson... Russell... Wes Morgan, trying to backpedal. Was looking for


Bent. Hughes couldn't get there. That is brilliant play by Russell


down that left-hand side. Morgan, sucked into an area that he doesn't


want to be in. He has no pace to deal with those one-on-one


situations. Russell uses his pace. And the ball gets a slight touch by


Bent, which diverts it from Hughes. Fortunate for the mid-field player.


He would have hit the target with that left foot.


Olsson... Craig Bryson, the offender. Okazaki


stepped across the ball here to protect it.


And Bryson there is going for the ball.


But Okazaki gets in the way first. Started the last five games, the


Scottish international. They do have Jacob Butterfield among


the substitutes tonight. Mahrez is for Leicester.


Back from the African Cup of Nations.


Much happier, Drinkwater, doesn't he, in this system? Every time the


ball is cleared, it seems to land at his feet. A much better connection


between the players in this game. It is a good run from Albrighton.


In control at the moment, Leicester. When they had possession there, they


look like they offer a threat. Okazaki is one of those important


players, that he forms a link with Vardy. They look dangerous going


forward. Derby are showing signs themselves that they will cause


Leicester problems defensively. It is an open game.


Well, Derby will remember what happened in the last corner. Steve


McClaren has not lasted long upstairs today, along side his


assistant. Fuchs with a corner, over Morgan.


There's a Derby free kick. Andy King there just letting the


referee know that the assistant referee kept his flag by his side


when he made that challenge and he was only a few yards from it. I


think Mark Clattenburg saw it from a better position.


Olsson to Baird. In the cup final of 2003, to Southampton. Given away


there. Only his second ever career start that day, when they lost to


Arsenal. Good press by Leicester here.


Alan Shearer saying that I have to do the basics well. If they carry on


like this, they'll be happy if it gets to half-time, because they are


doing all the basics well at the moment.


Olsson, stepping inside Drinkwater. Hughes was quickly closed down.


Baird has time to steady himself. No chances taken by Albrighton.


Derby's first corner of the game. The energy of Albrighton helping his


team-mate out. A decent ball in, deep.


Albrighton having the back of Simpson there, covering him.


Bryson with the corner. A Derby corner.


Ince with it. Schmeichel's punch but own as far as


Hughes. A little touch from Bent! He scored a goal! And he's got Derby


back on course! Darren Bent, after his horror moment at one end, does


what he does best, once again at the other end! 1-1.


I think that's what you call redeeming yourself! Darren Bent


getting to the ball first. A glancing header but the accuracy and


the direction of it. An excellent ball in by Tom Ince. A lot of whip.


He does well in the first instance. It's not a lot out but it's the


direction. It's an excellent header. Schmeichel, no chance! Well, Darren


Bent has scored in all five FA Cup appearances for Derby.


He scored in 10 of his last 11 FA Cup ties. That's the response... Of


the Derby management team watching! The more you see that, what an


excellent finish that was, by the experienced Bent. And after what had


happened, that was a big goal for Darren Bent.


That's the advantage of being a striker, you have less if you are a


defender. Not that I could have headed the


ball like that, though! This team have had such a proud defensive


record. Until the weekend game against Read, they had kept eight


clean sheets at home. Probably why he was frustrated at the own goal.


The free kick has gone short. Albrighton... Carson watched it all


the way. Steve McClaren's last game in charge


of England, Scott Carson was there, against Croatia.


Offside. Thumbs up for the idea.


Good Jung between Hughes and Bent there, he just went a little early


with the run. It's difficult to pick up Hughes on those situations,


playing on the right but cutting on his left.


Here's Olsson. The Swedish international has time to attack


Simpson. Derby corner. Just about did enough there,


Simpson. He was off balance but managed to keep in line with the


ball and make a block. The game is getting open now, isn't it? Bryson's


corner. A catch for Schmeichel.


He's not often had a game without a clean sheet.


A nice exchange between Messers McLaren and Ranieri.


Olsson. Certainly a goal that was needed at that stage. Yes, Leicester


had settled into the match. It's the best I've seen them play for some


time. I have seen a lot of them, obviously


that terrific performance against Manchester City a few weeks back but


the way that they're playing, the togetherness and the shape of the


team, they look a lot more comfortable.


Not sure Huth was expecting that pass. Okazaki, bursting to his


right. Okazaki going alone! Drawing the save from Scott Carson.


It's that wonderful link between Vardy and Okazaki. Keogh doing


everything he can to get control of the situation as a defender. Okazaki


is on to his right foot. That's an excellent save by Carson.


Vardy has everybody back for the corner.


Darren Bent is in a similar position.


In the air by Keogh. Drinkwater beat them to it.


Just a word in his ear from Mark Clattenburg.


Russell got their first. A little late. But a good decision by Mark


Clattenburg. No need to get carried over with the cards. It's just a


simple missed time tackle. Not a huge amount in it.


Just going back to the Derby corners, defensively, there is a


huge gap in the vulnerable area of the ghoul mouth, that six-yard area.


The first corner altered in the goal, nobody attacked the first


ball, so it was allowed to travel across the six-yard line. Same again


there. That's a lot of vulnerable space for Steve McClaren's team.


At West Brom, round three, their first win against a high division


team in 31 years. They're trying to repeat it again tonight.


Put out of play by Alex Pearce. Simpson looking for some movement


from the throw. Looking for Drinkwater.


, the 21-year-old is still going. A free kick to Derby.


Wonderful close control by Hughes. Good awareness and the power and


speed to get away from the defenders there.


Quickly taken to Ince. Ince's 150th start against Reading


at the weekend. For a 20-year-old...


Bradley Johnson trying to find Ince and succeeding.


Once again good work by letters. Forcing Derby back. They're getting


into the game. Especially, Hughes. Tom Ince is a little quiet.


Struggling to get a lot of possession. They are going to be


key, as we said, before the game. It's vital when Derby do get the


ball, as Bradley Johnson did, to get the ball to Tom Ince, to try to


isolate him against him and Fuchs. So, 1-1 after half an hour, let's


see what Paul Ince thinking. Paul, you are concerned about, even


though it is 1-1, about the large spaces in the Derby mid-field? Yeah,


to be fair, I think Derby showed Leicester too much respect.


Obviously, Bent giving the goal away but wince they got the equaliser


they seemed to start believing. But when they are attacking, when


Leicester gain possession, they go on to the back four and create


chances. They push up on Vardy, and Okazaki,


they should be pushed up more and then they can go forward. Thank you,


Dan. Another set piece for Derby. Back


into a similar position again. From Albrighton to King.


An important touch that took it away from Wes Morgan.


Too strong for Morgan. Trying to improvise, Okazaki. He did


really well. Bradley Johnson bringing it clear.


Once again, Derby looking vulnerable at the set piece. Nobody is


attacking the ball. Most teams now have a couple of zonal markers,


coverings between the goals on the six-yard line and then man to man.


It seems that Derby are going man-to-man, so if a Leicester player


gets a run on a Derby player, they are going to get to the ball first


and it all seems a little last-ditch in those situations.


Nugent, incidentally, out through injury.


Ince has a wonderful ability with the ball. Okazaki tracking back but


stopping him in his tracks. Bradley Johnson looking for Hughes.


Chilwell in the way. Steve McClaren was in charge of


Derby in the last meeting between these two clubs. They lost 4-1. The


Leicester goal-scorers that day was David Nugent.


This is Christian Fuchs territory. Everybody back for Derby inside


their own penalty area. Huth is forward for Leicester.


Beaten to it by Keogh... A good player, Keogh on the long


throw. Challenged by Huth. Chilwell there getting a little


overexcited in trying to get the ball off Tom Ince.


Not too many empty seats inside Pride Park this evening.


And the main aim of course is to ensure that they're playing in the


Premier League next season, and Leicester's aim is to ensure that


they are as well! This is a tie neither want to lose.


You look at both sides, very even. Steve McClaren wanted to use tonight


as a test of potential Premier League credentials, wanted to see


how his team would fare against the reigning champions.


Bent hasn't given this up, neither has Ince.


A strong header from Bradley Johnson.


Now Vardy. Been very quiet so far. Got Leicester a corner there.


Der Derby spent the last five minutes pressing high up up the


pitch, trying to retrieve the ball. In doing that they leave themselves


a little open. Vardy finding plenty of space, deciding as Derby players


stood off him, he would take the shot. Pearce it is. It is Pearce who


makes the contact. Another Leicester corner.


The referee's whistle had already gone. Out of play. Keogh, with a


header anyway. Claudio Ranieri, who saw his team


come here on the back of two 3-0 defeats.


Aware that a victory would lift fragile confidence levels.


11 away games in the Premier League so far this season.


Super fast touch. He's still going! Craig Bryson, to give Derby the


lead. His first goal of the season.


And what an environment to get it! Derby having been one down, lead


2-1. What an excellent finish. As soon as he got control of the goal


he was direct, power and pace to get himself away.


Just a wonderful individual goal. He picks the ball up here. There are


plenty of Leicester players around him. They don't have the pace.


Morgan is exposed down that right-hand channel. And the desire


Bryson shows, excellent couple of touches to get it under control and


then a confident finish with his left foot. Those touches there get


him away from mid-field. His pace gets him past Morgan. He gets the


slightest touch from Huth. An excellent finish!


Showing terrific character to turn this around in the first half. Just


look what it means to Steve McClaren. Just listen to the noise!


Craig Bryson was touch and go tonight because of a hip problem.


He made it and he's made his mark with that goal.


The fans are behind them and Derby suddenly look like they're going to


finish the game on a bit of a high. Tom Ince, just a minute ago, getting


into a situation with Fuchs, but it was well defended by the Leicester


full-back. An important tackle. Drinkwater, closed down by the goal


scorer, Bryson. No foul by Hughes. Here come Derby


again. Bent... A super ball. They've got options


here, Derby. Russell just turned into traffic.


It is a Leicester throw. Definitely a change of tactic in this last ten


minutes with Derby pressing the energy they are using. That is how


they got the goal. He was on his front foot. Was the first to get to


the ball and then just kept going. Lovely finish into that far corner


as well. Quite literally got Pride Park off


their seats! It didn't start well this first half


for his team. Certainly ended well. That is Steve McClaren signalling


impressed. Wants them to finish with this energy. The flag stayed down,


it is Bent. He's got Ince to his right.


Here he is... Only Vardy to aim for and he's found


him. Vardy is annoyed with himself that


was behind Okazaki. Albrighton might be able to make


something of it here. Two in the penalty area.


Too strong for Vardy. Heart in the mouth stuff for Derby.


A couple of silly mistakes, really. Allowed Leicester almost to create


some opportunities for themselves. You can see two Leicester players in


the box. Good run to the near post by


Chilwell. Just the weight of the pass, a little bit too heavy for


Vardy. Only once in the last six sessions


with the lead. Missed that one. Just the one minute of time to add


on at the end of the first half, which has certainly been eventful.


It has been a fantastic half. Leicester starting well. They were


pressing Derby, and having success with that. Derby spun it on their


head and doing the same to Leicester. It is Leicester who look


uncomfortable. You would expect the level at which Leicester play at


they would be more used to this type of pressing and have the quality to


be able to deal with it. But they have looked vulnerable.


He's repairing his words for half-time. It is only seconds away.


Fuchs throws that in, headed away by Bradley Johnson.


Well, at the break it is advantage Derby. Claudio Ranieri has some


talking to do. Darren Bent has been involved. An own-goal in a bizarre


fashion to give Leicester the lead inside eight minutes. His header got


Derby level before Craig Bryson with his first goal of this season put


the championship team in front for the first time on the night.


At the break, and a very noisy Pride Park, it is Derby County, two.


Leicester City, one. No shortage of excitement, a


terrific atmosphere. We are thrilled. Two great pundits! Derby


have been superb after gifting Leicester a goal in comical fashion.


The way they came back and felt their way into the game after 15-20


minutes. I think they thoroughly deserved their lead at half-time. It


was bizarre circumstances. They looked dangerous from set pieces.


This goal, it is comical. The funny thing is Darren Bent initially does


everything right. He's in that near post space. When the ball goes over


his head he has to try and get back on that post, he does that. It has


come off Baird. You see his movement. Gets back On to the line.


He, just before the game, talking about trainers, I thought he had a


pair on there! He redeemed himself later. Quite comical in some ways.


Scratching his head in disbelief there, as you might expect. We have


the dressing room ra there. Some animated goings on in the dressing


room. I am sure they are pleased in there. I cannot see Steve McClaren


at the moment or indeed Darren Bent, who has obviously scored at both


ends of the pitch. And Derby did come back well.


You have to say, it might have been a comical own-goal but a classical


header in response. It was a superb header t way he drifts between the


two or three defenders. A lovely run, Ince. That is a


fantastic header. Not easy at all. It is one of those where you glide


and hope to get it on target. You go between the two defenders there. He


is quickest to react. It is a superb header. That is what Derby deserve.


It is funny watching them this season, this season everything is


going in the corner. It is a remarkable difference. But the


header zipped off the surface. Schmeichel couldn't get there. There


was not too much in it, the different tactics. Derby went ahead


with that what you have to say was a brilliant finish. Superb finish from


Bryson. From a Leicester point of view this


sums their season up for me. They are second to react. They don't pick


up the second ball quick enough. Bryson is quicker than anyone to


react. It is one hell of a finish. Don't get me wrong. Look at the lack


of reaction from the two mid-fielders. They are so slow to


react. On the same line. Look at that! Not a tackle there. Go on


through. A brilliant finish. And that is exactly what I said before


the game. This is the ugly side of the game. Doing the tackling bit,


the working bit, quick to react. If you don't, that is when you get


punished. Just touched Huth's toe. Probably going in the corner,


anyway. Steve McClaren delighted. You can see Bryson surging into the


box. Makes a tackle before he gets in to the box. If he gives a free


kick away, so what? You can see Morgan moving his feet. He didn't


throw himselves at the ball. The mid-fielders have got to be quick to


react. They have to react off each other. There was so much space in


the middle of the park. Leicester did win the league last season,


didn't they? It is not good enough. What is the


hope for Leicester the way things are going? The hope is that I'm


seeing in this game what we saw last season, is that there's so much


space in front of that Derby back four, that Leicester have and can


again in the second half hit Derby on the break. They have had two or


three positions here where they actually should do better. Okazaki


breaks here. That happened time and time again


last season. Look at the two in front of him. The runs there.


If they split, they split too late. Okazaki doesn't pass it. He doesn't


have a shot at goal. That was the first instance. Another one happens


here. They win the ball and now they have got men bursting forward. So


much space again in front of that, the two centre halves. This time


there's no runners. He goes for goal and that is an excellent save. And


that is the one hope, I think, for Leicester, is if, and I am sure that


can happen again in the second half, it happened once more for Vardy


again, numbers pushing forward. Vardy doesn't do enough for me. He


should go past him there, try and get into the box. Critical of Vardy.


. That is his lack of confidence showing there. There's no doubt


about it. Confidence in football is a huge thing. Vardy would last


season have knocked that past the defender. We can cut to our


in-dressing room camera there and Steve McClaren is having his


half-time team talk there. The players are obviously engaged in


what he's saying. And next time, we will get a microphone in there as


well it is probably for the best we don't. I don't think he would let


you. It wouldn't be allowed! At all! Do Derby stick or twist? Try and get


that third goal. Leicester are vulnerable defensively. Why not get


that third goal! As Tom Ince said, pitside, they didn't start well,


they looked afraid of the champions. Since they got the equaliser, they


have been the better side. Difficult for Claudio Ranieri to pick up the


players. After last season it is... You have to let last season go,


Gary. It is gone! It's gone! It is there forever! Let it go! Never! It


is the only bit of joy we've had! We will not let it go, not yet!


Frustrating for him seeing the vast majority of the players not


performing like they were last season. They have to dig deep. They


have to believe because we showed earlier that chances and the


set-pieces they can put one away and get themselves back into the game.


Derby have won the Cup once. One of the best cup runs in Leicester's


history was 1969. They had a young English hopeful in goal who was


beginning to make his mark on the game.


Well, I supported them from the age of 10. I supported them in the


evenings. Leicester was the only club I wanted to play for. 18 years


old, Peter Shilton. It was a dream come true for me. I wanted to get to


the FA Cup final. Leicester had been there three times before and not


won. It was a magical opportunity. Cup fever ran high as Leicester and


Manchester City made their appearance in the vast arena for the


match which would decide who would capture the glory and the hard to


get trophy, the FA Cup. When you came out of the tunnel the roar hit


you. Obviously I played at Wembley a few times before that. It was a


magical moment. Peter Shi will, tonne who has been here before, but


as a -- Shilton, who has been here before, but as a schoolboy. You want


to be at your best. A real ambition of mine to win the FA Cup. I was


determined to do everything I could to try and make that happen.


In from the wing came a dangerous threat. Shilton made a great safe.


It was a game of few chances, to be fair. The pitch was not brilliant.


It is Wembley. We knew the pitch would play all right. They had a big


Horse of the Year Show. It had been there not long before. I felt on the


day we had better chances and probably didn't take them and them


Young. Young...


You just pray then that you get the equaliser and stay in the game.


Unfortunately, we missed a couple much chances and we ended up,


Leicester being at the fourth time at the Wembley cup company final


having not won it. ARCHIVE: It's all over. A great


performance. They have played wonderfully and lifted the City. A


tremendous proposition. It was a bit of a regret, it was the


only trophy I never won. I just remember I was so, so disappointed I


hardly spoke to anybody all night. I was off with everybody. I was


gutted. It wasn't until I got back to Leicester and saw the fans and


how proud that they were, that I came out of myself and realised that


we had achieved something, even though we lost.


ARCHIVE: Sadly, it was a performance of which all Leicester can be proud.


That was a memory I will always have. Absolutely one of the greatest


of all time What a goalkeeper. I went down to Southampton in the 80s,


and time and time again he was on the training ground, working,


working. Magnificent.


Superb. There there they have had some


legends, Leicester. Are you looking at yourself?! Well,


this is the FA Cup quarterfinal. But I don't know where they dragged this


one up! That is some whipper snapper scoring.


But it was an FA Cup quarterfinal. Was it Shrewsbury? It was 5-2, and


two goalkeepers kept clean sheets. Sounds have interesting! I bet you


don't have the answer? Mark Wallington was injured he went off


at 2-1 down, and then Steve Lining went in. And so we won, 5-2. There


you go. Now I've bored you to death with that one. Let's go down to


pitchside where Danny is with Paul Ince.


Sorry, are you staggering the statistics.


I have woken up with that! Let's talk about the first half. We were


down behind the home team dug-out, despite the fact that Derby were


ahead, it was Steve McClaren with his head in his hands, more so than


Claudio Ranieri, and Derby were ahead.


I don't know why. But I do think that Derby showed Leicester too much


respect. I think they were a little nervous. After that they started to


come into the game. Started to believe in themselves. To pass it


around. If anyone should put their hands in hair head it should be ran


Asia. They cannot stop conceding goals, Leicester. There were two


quality goals from Derby but it is mistakes that lead to those from a


Leicester perspective? I think that even the heard for Bent. Three


players going up to the ball and he gets a flick on.


The second fell for Bryson at the right time. A great finish. And the


Darren Bent own goal. An absolute classic, was it not? Unbelievable. I


think before the show, we were talking about the trainers he buys


but I think he needs a pair of them on. I don't know why he panicked.


Rather than get a good side foot, he slung it and it went in the back of


the net. We are seeing the funny side now but I don't think that


charge Steve McClaren was laughing then.


But, listen, Derby have to keep their heads, 2-11 not enough for me.


But one more and they could win it. Just as well I didn't crack the same


joke twice, nicking your gag about the trainers.


Anyway, more from The Emirates FA Cup fourth round to come. Football


Focus is from Lincoln as Brighton are playing Lincoln City.


Mill Whitehall take on Watford, followed by the holder, Manchester


United, to Wigan. And still a chance to get involved with the People's


Cup. On Saturday, the 27th of May, 90,000


people fill this Stadium for the FA Cup final and you could be one of


them. Sign up your five a side team for the FA Cup People's Cup and win


your category, not only could you be here for the game but walking out on


to the hallowed ground to collect your trophy. Go to the baby web and


register now. -- go to the baby web site and


register now. In the end it's an awful own goal, Darren Bent can't


believe it. A little touch from Bent, he's still


going. And Bryson to give Derby the lead!


Claudio Ranieri has tinkered. On comes, Gray.


A substitute for Leicester City in the second half that they hope will


turn things around. It is all to play for. It could go


either way. There are more goals in this? I think there are more goals.


Derby continuing to play that way. Continuing to pushing forward and


leaving spaces for letters to exploit. But it is right, with this


game, lots to play for. And Leicester still have Musa in


their reserves to help. Back to the commentary.


No changes understandably from Derby.


Christian Fuchs is off. Demarai Gray is on.


This is to try to get Leicester back into the Cup tie. Derby have lost


eight of the last nine meetings with Leicester. The one that they were


victorious with was by two goals to-1.


Leicester getting us away in the second half trying to turn this


score line around. What might your former manager have said at


half-time, Graham le Saux? Well, I think that he will be positive,


saying that they did look dangerous but then the vulnerabilities that we


have seen with Leicester were exposed and exposed brutally by


Derby. The substitution, Gray is coming on. They will have to take


the game to Derby and put down the fact that they are going to concede


chances but they have to make more and give service to Vardy, to get


down the sides as well. Gray has that talent to make something


happen. That was his back heel. Johnson with


the interception. Interesting for Derby, it is whether


or not they condition to press and push for the third goal or if they


try to secure the mid-field and give Johnson a little more support and


protect what they've go. Chilwell on the left back position


now with the throw for Leicester. Derby, who, seventh in the


championship, a couple of points off the play-offs, just behind Sheffield


Wednesday. They have back-to-back away games in the league. Ipswich on


Tuesday and a swift return to Newcastle for Steve McClaren as they


go to St James' Park. Marcus Olsson is back after a


hamstring injury. His twin brother Mark was making his Swansea debut at


the weekend. Still a lot of football to play.


Albrighton against Olsson. Managed to get it across.


Okazaki's heard. It was blocked on the way through. It's a Leicester


corner. That was a great opportunity for


Okazaki. Albrighton getting space. Floating the ball in.


Over the head of Johnson. It comes off the arm of Keogh. Deflects it


past the post. But a good opportunity created by Leicester.


And another set play opportunity again. Couldn't find Huth. Away by


Bryson. Albrighton, drilled it in well. Gray! What an excellent start


from Scott Carson. Anywhere else it's a goal. He hits


it cleanly. Albrighton, again, the providers. A wonderful ball into the


box. He does well, Carson to get his fists on it but directs it to Gray.


This ball is vicious. But then good fortune as Gray passes it straight


into his... Thighs! That was an opportunity for the substitute to


make an immediate impact. Okazaki, Vardy, Gray again! Off the


post. Okazaki, terrific, then Carson in the way and Derby survive.


Leicester wondering how on earth they're not level! It looks like


they used their good fortune up with that Darren Bent in the first half.


How this did not go in? Okazaki doing well. It's all hands to the


pump from Derby. Excellent defensive work.


But once again, Carson is on the floor but is in the right position


to stop it from going into the net. The reaction of Okazaki tells you


everything. And Scot Carson, still only 31, he


Steined a new deal last month. A wrye smile there. He mentioned


before the Reading game, those eight consecutive clean sheets. A new


record. Steve McClaren is extremely happy with his man indeed and the


defenders in front of him. They survived two real scares there.


An excellent start by Leicester in this second half. So whatever


Claudio Ranieri did say to the players and what the players said


between themselves has clearly had an impact. Pearce is out of


position. Okazaki certainly fouled. Okazaki, again.


It's a positive start to the second half from Leicester.


Claudio Ranieri, whatever he said, has certainly had an effect.


The drums are still beating loudly around Pride Park.


Didn't do any favours there, Robert Huth. Michael had to make sure he


had - Schmeichel had to make sure he had something positive on


Baird, 34 now, Northern Ireland international.


Back to Pearce... He was in that Reading team which


surprised many by making the semi-finals, Alex Pearce.


The pressure from Hughes. To Schmeichel again.


A Johnson foul. Okazaki really going to win that


header against Johnson, so decided to back into him instead. Just


looking at Gray's position, since he came on he's dropping inside when


Leicester have the ball, which allows Chilwell just to keep the


width. That is causing Derby a little bit of a problem.


Particularly for Baird because he doesn't know whether to follow him


inside which leaves the space down the inside or maintain his position.


Although we have not seen a direct impact, it is having an effect on


how Derby set up against them on this left-hand side.


Trying to add to the nine goals in the last 13 games. Quicker to react,


Derby, in that situation. The time he gets into the penalty area, he's


off balance and unable to control the strike. Round three of the


Hawthorns with that free kick against West Bromwich Albion.


Gray trying to get to that. Across came Pearce. And a card is coming


out for Alex Pearce. He was beaten by Gray's pace. A


Leicester free kick. Gray in off that left-hand side, feeding on the


flickoff from Vardy. Pearce then never getting to the ball.


Gray too quick for him. A cynical challenge. An obvious yellow card.


The first yellow card of the Cup tie, issued by Mark Clattenburg.


It gives Leicester a free kick from an inviting situation.


Drinkwater and Gray are the two contenders here for Leicester.


It needs to be Gray. A surprising effort from Leicester, back in from


Chilwell. Comfortable for Carson. A derby free kick. A great


opportunity, if Carson had released the ball earlier, three against


three on the break. In the end, Will Hughes under a lot of pressure.


Two FA Cup semi-finals, the Teesside team as well.


'02 and '06. To take the East Midland manager's


honours this evening. Clattenburg again happy for play to


continue. Hughes is off again, away from


Drinkwater. Still didn't give it up at the end.


A challenge from Baird. To dispossess Gray.


Over Bent. Simpson can deal with it. And then into the side netting from


Johnny Russell. What a delightful ball that is in


from Chris Baird on his right-hand side. Does well to nick the ball


away from Gray. He's got plenty of space to line it up. That is such a


difficult ball to defend. Schmeichel cannot come for it.


Russell just unable to get it back on target.


He got ten goals last season, Johnny Russell. He only had one so far this


season. It was the winner against Leeds. Steve McClaren's first game


back in charge. It would have been perhaps even more


important if it had established the two-goal cushion. The pace of the


ball here. It bounces on the six-yard line. First defender and an


attack and misses it. Cannot react in time and direct it on target.


He thought it was in! From this angle, we are above him and on the


same side of the pitch it looked like it was above the net, not on


the outside of it. He is a man you know well, you


played in a Cup final under Claudio Ranieri. We will not mention the


result. You saw him pre-match. Not seen him Vy for 12 years. It was


interesting talking to him about the situation and how desperate he is to


succeed, not just in this competition, be be to make sure he


can get his team going. In this game or the season. Smiles


on the inside, but he's hurting inside.


He has his usual zip and zest about him.


What do they play next? Mahrez back from the African Cup of nations,


amongst the substitutes. Musa is there. He'll be energy to that


mid-field, potentially. I think the obvious choice, as you


have mentioned, is Mahrez. They have to bring him on some time and see if


he can create some magic. You can see the intention from


Drinkwater. Now we understand that Will Hughes has a hamstring problem.


Waiting to see if he can play any further part.


Chris Powell, Steve McClaren's assistance, is trying to clarify the


situation. Just watching Will Hughes, he's sat


down on the floor in the middle of the pitch there. Were just talking


about Riyad Mahrez. That was clearly the subject of discussion and the


Algerian international just back from the African Cup of Nations is


going to be introduced imminently. We understand that Will Hughes's


evening is over. You can see the disappointment and frustration on


his face. Paul, we've been looking at Will


Hughes, holding that hamstring. He's been desperate.


I think he's been absolutely outstanding from the first whistle.


Controlled the game. Brave on the ball. Set up attacks. It will be a


big, big miss for Derby. But the fact he has come off now, hopefully,


the substitute can replicate what Hughes has been doing.


Your hope? I'm hoping 3-2 to Derby. But Derby are looking tired. There


is pressure getting the ball into the box. They have to still


counterpart attack. But certainly, there are more goals in this game.


So, Mahrez, not yet on the field. But he will be shortly indeed.


They are keen, Leicester to get him on. He's had three games in eight


days in the Africa Cup of nations for Algeria.


It is Okazaki who is going to make wayen and Mahrez who has been left


out at times by Claudio Ranieri this season, after his 17 goals last


season, he is on now trying to influence matters.


I'm interested to see who replaces Okazaki in terms of position. It


looks like Gray has gonnaow behind Vardy and Mahrez will operate on the


right-hand side. There with all of those silky skills


and the incredible balance he has got.


Two training sessions with the team after his arrival back.


Only two goals on open play this season.


Five penalties. Still capable of a moment of magic


that Leicester need. With him on the right-hand side,


Albrighton has moved to the left. It's across Mahrez but blocked by


Olsson. It's a Leicester corner. Olsson doing well there. I suppose


you could say that Mahrez has not quite warmed up. But Olsson in


control of that situation. Morgan and Huth are both forward.


Albrighton closing it down. The cavalry are still forward.


Out of play again. It happened in the first half as


well. Finally poised? He certainly is. I


keep looking down at Derby's bench thinking when is he going to shore


up the mid-field and stick with what he has got. I see that de Sart is on


the bench. At some point I think he has to pull


someone in alongside Bradley Johnson to lock down the mid-field and


prevent Leicester from getting numbers between the mid-field and


the back line of Derby. Chris Powell alongside Steve


McClaren. He was telling me earlier on he played his last game for


Leicester aged 40 here at Derby. They lost 1-0.


He has played for both clubs and been caretaker/manager for both


clubs and knows this fixture better than most. Now the assistant to


Steve McClaren. King under pressure.


Drinkwater to Vardy. Still coming through to Albrighton.


Chilwell trying to take it forward. Bryson for Derby.


Ince is all alone. He has Bent trying to get up with him.


Ince went for goal himself. He is full of confidence, Tom Ince.


He believes in himself. He is a prolific scorer in terms of


goal-scorer. Good link up play between him and Bent. Once he is a


way. A little nibble by Huth. I wonder if he should have kept the


ball alive and fed to Bent. as far as Drinkwater. Deflected on


the way through as well. It's a Leicester corner.


A header straight at Scott Carson. . Well, they got away with one here,


Derby. They switched off. A good movement. Good movement by


Drinkwater. He got in there way too easily. Once again, Scott Carson is


fortunate to be in the right place in terms of the ball. Headed by


Vardy straight at him. Carson has been to the semifinal of the FA Cup


with Wigan. And beating Manchester City along the way before losing to


Arsenal. The Derby the championship, still leading the reigning


Premiership champions here. We head to the last 20 minutes.


Clearance by Chilwell. I think we know what he's saying


there. There is a plenty of space for Leicester to get the ball down


and play but every time they get it defensively, the first thought is to


hit it long. It is such a hard ball for Vardy to keep alive.


A chance for Mahrez to run at Olsson. Simpson's on the overlap.


No problems for Keogh on that occasion.


Ince with the header and two going for the same ball, Bryson and


Butterfield. Derby are going to have to dig deep.


It's such an important stage of the game for them, Derby.


They have to keep their energy up. I know that Paul Ince was saying that


they looked tired pitchside. They have to dig in now, know what


they've go. -- know what they've got.


Fouled by Drinkwater. There's the throw-in to Drinkwater.


It's a decent movement. But two Derby players switching off. It's an


excellent ball in. Vardy gets plenty on it but can't direct it either


side of Carson. Ranieri, not surprising will I at


this stage is going to introduce Musa.


He got both goals in the win against Everton.


I have to say that back line of Derby's done really well. They're


under a bit of pressure but every time the ball is away from their


goal, they press. Even if it's just five yards. They did it well


together then. It caught Jamie Vardy ands themselves a bit of time.


So, the third and final change for Claudio Ranieri as the Nigerian


international musa comes on. He started the season with CSK Moscow.


He scored 18 time last season. Just the four goals for Leicester so far,


two of them in this competition in round three. He's not had too many


chances again tonight, Vardy. He hasn't. His work with Okazaki


looked like it might produce something.


Butterfield is looking for Ince. Musa, Gray, Mahrez and Vardy on the


pitch for the last quarter of an hour or so as they look to stay in


the FA Cup and avoid an East Midlands Derby defeat.


One way out and a long way wide. . It's a complete waste of excellent


possession by Leicester. Although they were unable to penetrate Derby.


Derby are working so hard to keep their shape. Almost breathing a


massive sigh of relief, the Derby players that the ball went wide.


Once again it gives them time to reset and reorganise themselves and


get oxygen back into their lungs. So much more than an FA Cup win at


stake tonight. Tracking back to good effect for


Derby. Options to the right-hand side side


for Butterfield. I think he felt he was under a bit of pressure. No


Leicester player within five yards of him. He had plenty of time.


Good play by Tom Ince there. It says it all, doesn't it?! Is he giving


her a hug or is it a chin head lock? "You will stay to the end of the


game! " Will there be more goals? Leicester hope so.


It's very animated on the sidelines this evening with Steve McClaren,


for observe reasons. They thought that was a handball


against Chilwell. Was handball if you saw a replay of


it. Missed that one. Gray's touch. Musa trying to get on


the end of it. Tom Ince has stayed down.


He fell there, I think. He looks to be in a fair amount of


pain, doesn't he? Chilwell there running into him.


Blocked him off for some reason there. I can not see for why because


the ball's going nowhere near them. I think it's purely accidental. He's


trying to get back into position. He's not looked at him there and Tom


Ince has come off a bit worse for wear, winded.


He's back on his feet. Let's hear from Ince Senior again. Tom's dad,


Paul, you feel he wants to get on TV after that incident. Either that or


one of his eyelashes have fallen out. He'll be all right. It is not


his type of game. He's working hard. Do a job for the team now. Ten


minutes to go. Can they hold on? Mahrez for Leicester, who need a


goal. Every Derby player inside their own


half. Derby asking Leicester the question to try and break them down.


Conceded. All the creative players are back trying to offer a shield to


the defensive line. Once again Pearce and Keogh very disciplined


this their position. They are not getting dragged out.


It is a Leicester throw. I think Derby did the right thing


there. They didn't force the pass. Matej Vydra, the Czech international


will offer fresh legs for Derby imminently. Johnny Russell


departing. Vydra, they paid Watford ?8 million for him. He's started


three of the last 15 games. A 24-year-old coming on for Russell.


Put in a good shift, hasn't he, Johnny Russell? He has worked hard.


He looked like he was working more and more hard. Slightly limping as


he comes off the pitch, exhausted. This final seven or so minutes will


be about Derby plugging gaps. Here's Vydra's first touch.


Fouled by King. All of these little free kicks for


Derby are huge at the moment because it allows them the time just to get


back into position, slow the game down. King there nearly getting a


bit on the ball. Mark Clattenburg feeling that just a bit too much


contact on Vydra. These last five minutes or so will


tick down that little bit slower for all of those Derby supporters.


Leicester want something from somewhere.


Leicester with the corner. An area of concern for Derby, these


corners. Gray will take it from his left-hand


side. Concentration time for Derby. In


from Gray. Beaten to it by Keogh. Another corner. Did well there


Keogh. Thought Morgan had a run on him, but he wanted it that little


bit more. Take two from Gray. There's the


header and there's the equaliser from Morgan. Carson beaten. The


skipper has come up with a big goal in the last five minutes to level it


at 2-2. We spoke about it on the first set


piece, didn't we? The space that Derby seem to leave on the edge of


their six-yard box. You can see it there, you could draw a circle


there. It was Morgan who checks out into that space. There was no-one in


front of him. He does well to redirect the header because he's


going back out, away from goal. Just gives himself a small margin of


space from Keogh. Just gets that head on it. Directs it into goal and


for once Carson's not in the right position. But preventible. I think


that is a preventible goal. If you get bodies in front of that space,


on the six-yard line, you don't give the player a chance to get a decent


head on it. An excellent finish by Morgan, you


have to say, to get his, to get the direction and control on the ball


was excellent. As I said, preventible.


Craig Bryson is going to be replaced by Abdoul Camara, the ginnian


international. Signed by Paul Clements. Had six


days with the manager. Could he have a big impact? Very nearly. They are


appealing for hands and Mark Clattenburg says, no.


He's now given a free kick to Derby. Let's talk about impact playing -


what a good run to start with. Once he's in that area it goes through


the legs of Chilwell and hits Huth on the arm. Well, that is difficult


because his arm is out away from his body, but he has no chance of moving


it when it hits him. He does not see it as it comes through the legs of


Chilwell. That is one of those decisions that the referee has to


work out. Camara has done well there. Headed away by Simpson. Well,


we said at the start of this game, neither side wanted a replay.


Definitely Derby in the long journey to the championship season. They are


going for the winner here. Cleared by Gray.


The questions you have to ask yourself on that, Steve, is, is his


arm in a position that you wouldn't expect, you know, he hasn't put his


arm out to the ball. He's just hit it. We see more and more now that


doesn't necessarily mean it is a penalty. We don't see them often


given when the ball just strikes the arm.


Let's have a closer look. I mean, he's running and his arms


are out for balance. You see it go through the legs of Chilwell. I


don't think he can do anything about that at all. I am with Mark


Clattenburg on that one. I think Steve McClaren is. He wouldn't agree


with me. I don't think any Derby fan would.


Here's Gray at the other end. There'll be four minutes of added


time. Cleared by Keogh.


It has been a wonderful stage tonight. It has seen four goals, two


each. A little over three minutes of


stoppage time for one of these two teams to find a winner. Here is


Simpson for Leicester. Headed away by Pearce.


Beaten away by Carson and then cleared by Baird.


Snrp We mentioned at the beginning that Derby go to Ipswich on Tuesday,


Leicester to Burnley. They didn't want another game in the FA Cup but


it looks as though they're going to get one.


Every chance. But this game has really had so many chances.


Each team, you still think there might be one chance created. Both


teams are looking shaky defensively. A little over a minute of stoppage


time to go. Is there another twist in the tale. Butterfield! Held by


Schmeichel. A huge kick from the Leicester


goalkeeper. The final few seconds now.


Still Mahrez. Tired but effective clearance from


Pearce. Morgan, it's his goal that's going


to force a replay as it stands. Excellent composure, awareness and


trust by Chris Baird there. He gets a round of applause from the


manager. But Schmeichel, that ball there, on


a hard surface, he made that catch look easy.


And honoured shared, Leicester and Derby must do it all again for a


place in the fifth round of the FA Cup. Steve McClaren's Derby, with


stoppage time away. And Wes Morgan, the captain of


Leicester popped up with the equaliser after Derby had led for so


long. Darren Bent with the eventful first half with the bizarre own goal


and then a header to equalise. Craig Bryceson, the squish international


was the man who looked as though he might have won it for Derby but in


the end, Wes Morgan's goal forces the replay to see which of these


teams goes into round five. It is finished at Pride Paddy


Ashdown, it is Derby, two, Leicester, two.


Yes, the two sides will have to do it again. Probably not what either


teams wants at this stage. Wes Morgan's corner equalising, making


it 2-2. They get to do it all again. I think that Leicester certainly had


enough of chances in the second half to get themselves back in the game.


They left it late but it what was they deserved.


I know I criticised them before the game. But they were a little better.


A desire from the manager to work for him. They deserved that. It was


a fair result. OK, 2-2. Let's hear from both of the


Derby goal-scorers, with Dan Walker. Thank you. I'm with Darren benighted


Craig Bryson. Darren, was that a cup tie that got away with you? A little


bit. Obviously, I gave the own goal on my part. But they stuck with it


and they got their goal in the end. And a cracking atmosphere, Craig.


Talk us through your goal. It was a cracking finish? I just managed to


go down and get a touch. And I defended and got it in. Delighted


with the result but gutted we conceded two goals from set plays.


Both managers said they didn't want a replay. Is that the same


perspective? Well, there are enough games in the championship but


hopefully we can go and put on a good performance. Darren, I know you


are smile being it now, the players and the rest of the team find it


funny, what happened? I don't know. Obviously I lost concentration, I


lost the ball. I tried to hit it, it flew into the side of the net. We


wanted to come out of the blocks quick. As we did on Saturday but we


were slow but fair play. We got the result later. You must have been


delighted with the goal later? Yeah. It was a great ball from Hughes. I


managed to get my head on to it It was set up from the left-hand side


and I controlled it. A cracking game. Thank you, boys. Very


entertaining, fair, end toe end stuff. Robbie? Yes, rester did


better in the second half. So many chance. Carson was fortunate to make


saves. But overall, I would say that the draw was fair.


Let's see the goal that made it 2-2. Leicester looked a threat from the


set pieces? They did. Look at Darren Bent's position. He has his back to


everything. He can't see what is behind him. He can't see what is in


front. But look at Butterfield behind the line. Too much space in


there. It's a very, very good header but poor defending.


What is Butterfield doing standing three yards behind the line? If he


stays behind the line, he can head it out.


He didn't miss the header? He was behind the line, Gary. There was too


much space in the front. Let'ser deserved that.


But did Derby deserve a penalty. After the goal, a handball from


Huth? It's not for me. I think if you watch it in slow motion, it's


Camara with a shot. It comes off Huth's thigh. If you watch there, it


ricochets and it is a natural position. So I thought that was spot


on. I thought he has time to get his arm away but the referee got that


right. Great refereeing. It took us four slow motions to come


to that conclusion it was not a handball. It was a very, very good


decision from the referee. Darren Bent was talking about the


own goal. We should have a look at it. I'm sure it will be shown many


times. I don't think he will want to see it.


He did everything right. The ball was there, he span around, it was a


hell of a slice but he can't get his feet around quick enough.


Get rid of it but no. We shouldn't really laugh.


But he redeemed himself with a wonderful, wonderful header.


It was. Let's have a look at it. A good ball from the set play. Coming


back to Will Hughes. Schmeichel punch it is. A good run from Hughes.


That creates the space. But it's a brilliant header. Quicker to react


than any Leicester defender. An excellent header. It picks up pace


and the keeper has no chance. Right in the corner. A superb header.


Brilliant header. It certainly was. He's a goal-scorer. That's what


goal-scorer's give you. He doesn't always contribute in other areas of


the game. He had that chance there. But ?50


million in transfer fees. He needed to do something to rectify that


mistake in the first call. Yes, probably mightily relieved.


Craig Bryson put Derby ahead before half-time with a cracking goal. The


goal of the game. As I alluded to, that area is not


right. Look the at the mid-fielders. Look at the space. Drinkwater and


Chilwell, the challenges from the players. Morgan can't sort his feet


out, a good finish. That was an excellent finish. This sums up


Leicester's season, too slows to rereact to the second ball and by


the time that they do, the ball's in the back of the net. A super finish.


Leicester have a replay, a Champions League football, a survival fight in


the Premier League. It will be a tough few months.


And for Derby. I don't think they wanted a replay with the fixtures in


the championship. And credit to Steve McClaren as well. Other teams


have rested players. He could have easily rested players to focus on


the championship. But he played a strong team. They so nearly went


through. You want to play. Do you want to be


rested for FA Cup ties? Not everyone feels that way.


But this rotation, it is a myth. I never got rested.


Lionel Messi, Ronaldo. You just didn't... Did he put


himself in the same space as Lionel Messi and Ronaldo?! I'm not saying a


world. Let's pause and we'll hear from


Steve McClaren, he is with Dan. Steve is keen to see the penalty, we


will see it in a moment. But was that a frustrating night, you must


have felt you were through to round five? Yes, we did all we could. I


think we came across a Leicester team at it 4-4-2, determined. Hard


to break down. They started well. But our character was fantastic.


Digging in the second half. A bit of luck with Carson's saves. Chances,


there looked to be a handball. Let's have a look at it, the handball, or


was it from H rushgs th? Tells what you think? Well, it's in his hand.


It's going off target. It's in his hand. I've seen them given and not


given. We fought to the end. We didn't want a draw.


You both said you didn't want a replay.


Yes but what a cup tie. A great game. A great atmosphere. As I said,


proud of the players. To come up against the champions and perform


like that and give them a really good game. And I have said, another


game, we look forward to it. It was it was a great tie for us.


Thanks for another game of cracking Friday night football.


Cheers. Managers always see things in


certain ways. Lots more football to come.


Football Focus on Saturday. Replay. Leicester obviously will be


the clear favourites. They are much better home form than away from


home. For large parts of the game it


looked as if their confidence was shot. And understandably because of


the way that the results have been going for them. But give them


credit. They dug deep. They got the goal that they wanted and needed.


But no-one wanted a replay. But a very, very good cup tie.


And Mahrez back from the African Cup nations? Yes. And the pass from


Mahrez near the end, the reverse pass. What a player Mahrez is.


Drinkwater hitting the target. But in chances, Leicester could have won


the game but I think that the draw was fair.


That is about right. Derby, where does it leave them with confidence?


I guess it depends on the replay. They have to get into the play-offs.


Have you seen enough to think that they could get into the play-offs? I


think so. There were not many options for them to change the game.


I know he brought Vydra on but play-offs is a minimum. Excellent


game of football. We got some contention decisions, we got the


goal, so a very enjoyable night. Enjoyed it Robbie? Loved it. Loved


it. Always great to be in your company.


Messi, Ronaldo, Robbie Savage! That's it.


We will do it tombe all again. Captain Morgan, rumbles, Derby. Good


night. Darren Bent can't believe it. An own


goal. A little touch from Bent. He scores now! Craig Bryson to give


Derby the lead. Okazaki, then Carson in the way.


Simpson, deal with it. There's the header and the equaliser from


Morgan. Leicester and Derby must do


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