Third Round Replay Highlights The FA Cup

Third Round Replay Highlights

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Three FA Cup third round replays on the way, including


We have all of last night's goals as non-league Sutton and Lincoln


both booked their place in Round Four.


On the late shift, Danny Mills and FA Cup winner, Mark Lawrenson.


Danny Mills once made the fifth round - Just!


Mark lifted the Cup with Liverpool, who were at League Two Plymouth.


It's 58-years since Liverpool last lost to a team at least three


divisions below them in the FA Cup - that was against


This time round, Steve Wilson is your commentator.


COMMENTATOR: Plymouth Argyle welcome Liverpool to the Theatre of Dreams.


Home Park full to the brink it should be the biggest crowd here for


almost a decade. Plymouth's reward for their heroics at Anfield. The


reward for tonight's winners - a home game with Wolverhampton


Wanderers in Round Four. Oscar Threlkeld moves to midfield.


Ryan Donaldson comes into the middle for his first appearance since mid


December because of a broken jaw. Jurgen Klopp picks nine of the XI


that failed to break down Plymouth. Origi starts. What a night for Derek


Adams, the man behind Plymouth Argyle. What a season for Plymouth


Argyle. High riders in their division, as are Liverpool in


theirs, three divisions higher. You can see the line, back six for


Plymouth. The wide players are outside the full-backs, as Sturridge


goes for goal from distance. Off target. It looks like the pattern of


the game will be similar to the one at Anfield, 10 days ago. Plymouth


packing their defensive ranks. Coutinho. That's a good ball.


Sturridge is in behind. Tried to come inside the full-back,


Threlkeld. He felt he was fouled, Daniel Sturridge. He didn't. A


lovely ball by Coutinho. Played onbeyond side. You don't think that


Threlkeld is going to get there. It's a good recovery. As Sturridge


cuts inside here, well you have seen the knee into the back of


Sturridge's right. Liverpool had 80% possession. Similar to that at


Anfield. The scoreline was the same as it was at Anfield. That is a


Liverpool corner. Jervis and Slew are members of the front three for


Plymouth but more realistically, virtually members of the back six.


Free header. Liverpool in front. It's Lucas who gets the goal. Is a


rare, rare commodity indeed for Lucas, but the Brazilian heads


Liverpool in front. For once, Plymouth's defence take their eye


off the ball. Lucas got himself in front of Garita, who was slow to


react. A good header from a man who has only scored now seven times for


Liverpool. This is his 331st appearance for the club. It's a red


letter day for Lucas, and Liverpool lead by 1-0. Now, Derek Adams' plan


will have to change. Liverpool might have countered there, but the


referee got in their way. The ball at his feet. Good save by Karius.


Nodded down. The chance here. Good chance for Donaldson. Lucas slides


in and Karius smothers the ball. Excellent response from the League


Two side. A super strike this was, he would have dreamed about this


over the last 10 days. . Three wise men, they need to be, with Liverpool


leading 1-0. Clever from Jervis. Away from Lucas. A great chance.


They got in behind Liverpool here. They really should be level. They


did well to get away from Lucas. Might have been that Garita was


beaten to it. Good ball in. Alex-Arnold got the important touch.


Took it off his toe. Nicely worked for Carey. Very nicely worked.


Jervis here. Fox with the shot. Good start to the second-half for the


home side. Well hit by Fox. It's on target, but the goalkeeper is worth


worth his salt. Former Manchester United trainee, actually, David Fox.


Slew. Out by Alex-Arnold. Plymouth on the front foot at the beginning


of this second-half. It looks very much as though Derek Adams has


unleashed Plymouth into a new mind-set for the second 45 minutes.


One that will get at Liverpool when they can. It's not quite now or


never, but it's getting there for desh ebbing Adams of Plymouth.


Liverpool lead 1-0. Hoping Wilson was going to reach that, didn't give


him much chance, really. Oh! McCormick's clearance hits Wilson.


How lucky is the Plymouth goalkeeper that went over the bar, not under


it. Wilson chasing it. McCormick straight into the youngster's shins.


It could have flown anywhere. Ben Woodburn here. Sturridge. Nicely


flicked in by Origi. Good save, McCormick. No-one around the penalty


spot in red to stroke it into the back of the net. This is well-worked


between Origi and Daniel Sturridge. Purrington, from left-back from


Plymouth. Finding Slew. It's a foul. Kevin Stewart. A chance! A whisker


wide. Whisker wide for Jake Jervis. That's the chance they've been


waiting for. It came to him quickly. It came to


him at an awkward height. He hit it really well. It hits the outside of


the Liverpool post. Agony for Jervis and Plymouth. Moreno. He wants it


back. He's got it as well. Oh, I think he has given Liverpool a


penalty. Moreno got there first.ful the referee, Graham Scott, strides


across and shows the yellow card to Yann Songo'o. Moreno got there


first. Songo'o slid in with the challenge. He caught the Spanish


left-back here. Well, massive, massive disappointment for Plymouth.


Divock Origi has a chance to put it out of the Pilgrim's reach. Saved by


McCormick. They is are still in this Cup tie. Well, well, well. Origi,


straight at the goalkeeper. They haven't got long, Plymouth, but they


do still have hope. If that had gone in, there would have been none.


Forward by Fox towards Jervis. Moreno, getting himself in front of


the Plymouth wide man. He did well. Forward ball to Origi. Origi, pulled


back clearly by Bradley. He goes on, Origi, he misses the target. Another


big chance for Divock Origi. Liverpool have survived a bit of a


scare. It finished at Home Park, Plymouth 0, Liverpool 1. Over the


two games we have done exceptionally well against Liverpool. Tonight,


especially in the first half, we created a number of good


opportunities. Even in the second-half we hit the post as well.


I think the players are very proud of their performance and the


supporters are as well. What was the gameplan tonight? To give Liverpool


a bit of respect, to start with. We did that. Then we came into the


game. We obviously lost a set-piece goal, it's disappointing. We nearly


scored a couple of set-pieces as well. Good play in and around the


box. Good passing movements we worked our goalkeeper tonight. We


were direct, after the second balls, behind the line. We had these


situations. Yeah. Then it was a little bit, it became too static the


second-half. Better. They had their chances, absolutely. The biggest


chance was offside. We had a second penalty, two, three four nil would


have been OK. 1-0 I'm fine with it. We said before the game we don't


want to go to extra-time. We want to go to the next round. No penalty


shoot, leaving Plymouth as nice as it is here as early as possible


because the next game is waiting. All good. What have you said to the


players afterwards? I said to them I was very proud of them. They have


left nothing out there on the field tonight. That's what your supporters


want to see. We have got a lot of technically gifted players and they


have shown that over the last two games. We will look at those


Plymouth opportunities in a moment. With Courtois Sturridge and Origi


and youth it was a strong enough side to get Liverpool through in the


end? Definitely. You throw-in Lucas, Moreno as well. It was always going


to be a little bit tricky. When a weakened side, players come in that


haven't played for a while, that mix. It is a little bit of quality.


We will see from the chances in a minute that was the difference


between the two sides. Liverpool took their one chance. Plymouth


probably had the better chances. Actually, couldn't manage to get the


ball in the back of the net. You love your statistics. 2,3 p p 16


days since Mr Lucas last scored for Liverpool. It was the winner. Yeah,


I think the irony for him and for Liverpool is probably was the


smallest player on the pitch aparred for Moreno. To score from a corner,


for Plymouth it's such a bad goal to concede, Dan. They have situations


in League Two every single week. They are a big strong side. In the


first-leg they cleared so many opportunities from inside their own


box. If you watch them all in a huddle. There is actually four


Plymouth players against three Liverpool players. Really simple, he


he just steals a march on them. He gets a little block? As a manager,


you will be so, so peeved because you are spending the game saying -


Coutinho is playing, Origi is playing, Sturridge is playing - How


many times do we see it now? Chelsea started it, people line up. You have


to be strong and get in there and boss people around. Get touch tight.


Get hold of them before the ball comes into play. Once you get


someone gets a run on you, he has no chance. Gomes does well. Shirt


pulling somebody else. Suddenly, one player gets spare. Good ball in from


Coutinho. Free header back of the net. In the first 25 minutes,


Liverpool had 85% possession. Plymouth had the better chances in


the game? Throughout the whole game. Liverpool never really troubled the


goalkeeper. Decent shot. The goalkeeper is an issue this season.


You expect him to save that. Interesting had he gone down there,


the referee might have had a big decision to make off the back of


that. This is a glorious chance. Trying to make up maybe for mistakes


he made in the game. What a saving challenge from Alex-Arnold. He is


lightning quick. He has seen the headlines. That is the difference


between the two clubs. Just sitting back and waiting. This at the end, I


mean Jervis is so unlucky. He does everything right. Spectacular


volley. Great connection. Agonisingly, it just comes off the


outside of the post. That was the one moment that had to drop in the


back of the net for them. They have been great over the two games. They


have delighted their supporters. They have shown they can play at


high-level. They should get promotion. They have got ?1 million


in the bank from the two games. Hopefully they will kick on.


Liverpool take on Wolves, they play Wolves at home in round four.


Next to an all-Championship tie at St James' Park,


the league leaders Newcastle were taking on a Birmingham side


still looking for their first win under Gianfranco Zola.


Taking charge of Birmingham has proved an uphill task for Gianfranco


Zola so far. Six games down, yet to win. Now would be a pretty good time


to start. Although the Magpies have had their wings clipped in the cup


in recent times, they carried their form into this one. Zola not amused.


Mplts Through the middle and Newcastle in front, Ritchie with his


seventh of the season. Then Cockerill had a free kick. Could he


help Birmingham find a way back? He found the side netting. At the other


end, Gouffran was having a field day. And Birmingham's task got


tougher still before the break. That man again. Gouffran, great skill and


that is a terrific goal. Newcastle already with a foot in the fourth


round. Now, they were hitting their stride. Ritchie was greedy for


another. Shelvey now, Ritchie outside him. Looks to score from


open play. Hits the post. But a half-time cappuccino, a stern


Italian dressing down and the arrival of Jutkiewicz did wonders.


Cotterill has got the Blues back into the game. Sadly for Birmingham,


it didn't count for much. Had Jutkiewicz found the target it might


have been a different story. But in the dying seconds as they pushed


forward, Birmingham were caught. Return ball for Shelvey is played


off him, a low cross and turned home at close range by rich y. By


Ritchie. His second of game. We have to analyse in the context that we


were playing some young players and it is true we had the control. After


we concede the goal and it is a cup competition and after having some


nerves, I think we did well in the end. Newcastle had two key men,


Ritchie and Gouffran and they scored everything and won the game. Shelvey


coming back in is huge for Newcastle. He has been a big miss.


Against Championship sides, he is the key. It is a fantastic ball


behind. Gouffran, he has had a new lease of life under Rafael Benitez.


Ritchie puts the penalty away. Comes into this one. You have got to be


confident do that. Yes, but this is great. Maybe a touch fortunate on


the first touch. But the second touch is fantastic. Third one in the


back of net and they were at it all day long. That was unlucky. Great


balance. Shelvey again and a simple tap in for Ritchie. But you have got


three players there with real quality. That probably were the


difference on the night. I thought Birmingham were poor defensively. As


good as Newcastle were, every time one of Newcastle players got the


ball, just acres and acres of space and the supporters must be looking


at their team, OK Gianfranco Zola has had to job, but Gary Rowett was


doing a great job. It does bring pressure. The fact you have been


brought in by the new people helps. If it was the old people and you had


seven he would be gone. Popping back to Newcastle, three debuts. They're


a club going in the right direction at the moment. They're a huge club


still and especially in that Championship as well. They have got


a fantastic squad. Next round you would expect them to get through,


Oxford away, still a nice ground, not like back in the day. They


should get through and for the first time Newcastle might have a decent


cup run. I actually detected a half smile from Rafael Benitez. Just a


half one. He thinks that is fantastic. Because they have not


won. Thought you were going to say something else with a W. They have


not won a cup game for five years. Arsenal are waiting for Southampton


or Norwich. The champ side side were on the south coast fof a draw at


Carrow Road. COMMENTATOR: Pickings had been thin for these two. One win


in six. Slipping in their respective leagues. Time to concentrate on the


job. Norwich in general and Alex Neil in particular in need for a


boost. Vultures circling around the Canaries. The line-ups changed, but


it didn't help the entertainment. This was about as good as it got for


either side before the break. But the game opened up a little. Long on


the the left. Drives the shot and it is just pipped wide and behind for


the corner. No, John Moss has given a goal kick. Southampton slowly got


on top. 0-0, This is too far. Over the wall Ward-Prowse and behind.


Southampton fans thought it had gone in. Pritchard hangs on to it for


Norwich at the moment. Under pressure he has given it away to


lorng who has played o' - Long who has played it back and it is behind


for a goal kick. That is the best chance of the nights. Norwich were


pushed further on to the back foot by a former team-mate. Here they


come again, Martina, a cross in, deflected, Redmond shoots. Palmed


away by McGovern. Redmond made an impact from the bench, but extra


time loomed. Not a prospect to excite. Perhaps a moment of


brilliance would finish it. Or more likely perhaps something less


memorable. McQueen has to run to keep it in, and Shane Long scores -


finally in added time at the end of a really drab FA Cup replay, Shane


Long has bundled the ball over the line and must have taken Southampton


into a fourth round tie at home to Arsenal. We had some good


situations, but the final pass or the link up, we didn't play it as we


would have wanted. I can't fault the boys for effort. It is difficult


against a Premier League team. They will move it quickly and having so


many players out, it was always going to be difficult for us. But we


applied ourselves well. Well done to our team who managed to turn that


game into two and a half minutes of barely watchable football. It was a


dreadful game and Norwich, not a single shot on target. It is just


poor. They're struggling for form. But you have got to have a go.


Whether you want to play it or not, you have bigger things to think


about, but to not have a shot. That is so disappointing for the fans. We


have sat here the last couple of days and so many teams have made so


many changes. I guarantee both those teams that started tonight have


never played in the same eleven. It is hard to find fluency and it was a


scruffy goal. Shane Long's with a 50p head. Most of the chances fell


to him. He is a good player and what you would say is he needs a few


chances to score. But he is as game as a pebble. He will always, always


get in there. What that is phrase. Game as a pebble, yes. Redmond was


the difference really. He was bright. But even this. How lucky is


it. The first header on target for the first time. The keeper makes a


great save and the follow up hits his left foot. Norwich were unlucky


in that respect. But Southampton at least they tried to win the game.


But disappointing for Norwich fans that went all the way there. Norwich


made seven changes. Shane Long has scored 22 goals. One in five almost.


Good maths. He needs quite a few chances. But somebody to run in


behind defenders and harry and worry defenders all day long. Southampton


play Arsenal in round four. Now last night's goal, starting at Lincoln,


where the non-league side caused an upset. Ipswich were the victims. Not


sure how many nights like this have been experienced here. It is


throbbing with anticipation of what is to come. Robinson with the cross.


Big chance, arriving with a good run. Brilliant save. Are Ipswich to


win it. Four minutes of stoppage time. Here the is break. Arnold to


win the cup tie. Lincoln City through in the dying seconds! They


have knocked out the FA Cup 1978 winners. Great stuff. Sutton added


another chapter to their history with victory at AFC Wimbledon.


Parrett with considerable depth and a clear unmarked header from Elliot


established the lead for AFC Wimbledon. Water clears and Tubbs is


on to it and Tubbs was threatening to get through until pulled by


Collins. Was there another covering defender. What colour is the card.


He has been sent off. Collins has been dismissed for Wimbledon. It is


back to Deacon who twists and turns and shoots and scores spectacularly.


A fabulous cup goal. Clever ball. And in. It is a goal for Sutton.


Skoerped by Biamou. They're going through. Sutton United are nearly


there. Borrowed time. Fitchett is through. Lifted it beyond Shea and


won the tie beyond all doubt. Sutton United have done it and they have


done it with style. I ran down to the family when the equaliser and


the next one and the third. I was hyper ventilating, I didn't realise


I was so unfit. A brilliant night. Now that Deacon goal for Sutton. You


can see why a number of clubs higher up have had a look at this lad. It


is a really good strike. Composure. You don't often get that lore down.


Players will have snatched at shots. But he picked his spot and the whole


momentum of the game shifts in their favour. I think after the first


game, you know, where Wimbledon have held them on the 3-G or artificial


pitch, whatever it is, you thought Wimbledon would have won. Sutton


played well and Leeds next. Have Leeds got a 3-G pitch. They have one


on the training grounds. That you would have equalised it. Now the


Lincoln situation. We will talk about the game in a minute. This is


BBC Lincolnshire commentator describing the winner for Lincoln.


Lincoln with a chance to break. Of the halfway line. Arnold is


sprinting, Arnold into the area, Nathan Arnold does it for Lincoln


City. Arnold does it. Oh, yes he does. He is the hero. What a moment!


You can hear the excitement. It was a brilliant moment. It was a good


goal. Ipswich didn't play well, but Lincoln took the chance. In the


first leg they were twice in fronts. So they look a good side and do they


play Brighton next. That will be a game and a half. Lincoln are into


the fourth round for the first time since Graham Taylor was in charge.


Fate, it is fate. Do you think they could go further, Lincoln or Sutton?


No. You're harsh. You asked me the a question and I gave you an answer.


They're playing the leaders of the Championship. Sorry. Lincoln


probably have the greater xhans. Chance. You expect Lincoln to go


through? Replay. I will take a replay. Here are the rest of


yesterday's goal starting at Oakwell. After battling to a draw in


the first game, Barnsley may have thought they had done the hard part


against Blackpool. Think again. Mellor showing he is no slouch in


front of goal. After the half-time tea, something stirred in the


Barnsley ranks. Slocombe with one of those moments between the sticks,


Macdonald, squeezing Barnsley back into it. But celebrations gave way


to despair, the clock ticking to penalties. Philliskirk is there.


Blackpool win it at the death. Samuel curls it away and it has


surely won this tie. Fleetwood had never reached the fourth round and


after 17 minutes that looked to be the case again when patserson timed


his run to perfection. Edge of penalty area. Shoots and scores. The


home side's 13-match unbeaten run was under threat and they almost


fell further behind after the break. Bryan pounced on a loose ball, but


he didn't find the target. Sunderland have problems enough in


the Premier League now. But if they were seeking inspiration from the


cup, they were to be disappointed. There were seven Burnley changes


from the side that beat Southampton and before the break a spot of team


bonding led by Sam Vokes. Burnley sub Grey scored a hat-trick on new


year's eve when the teams met and he is at it again. Grey strikes against


Sunderland. They must be sick of the sight of him. That surely is safe


passage into round four. Last season's beaten finalists were


without a win under new manager Sam Allardyce and they fell behind to


his former club Bolton. Sam Allardyce sent on Benteke to rescue


the tie and six minutes later his header pulled Palace level. That


sparked life into the Premier League side and Benteke was on hand to


finish from Townsend's cross. Benteke turns and shoots and scores


again. He puts Palace ahead for the first time in this tie. We now know


the fourth round line up. More football tomorrow night the


Premier League Show is at 7.30. And you can still get involved with


the FA People's Cup. The FA People's Cup, a free


five-a-side tournament that is for everyone. For more go to the


web-site. You win that, you get to receive your trophy at Wembley on


Cup Final day. We were talking and changes you would make to the Cup.


You both said no replays and make Premier League teams play away from


home every round. It makes it more interesting. When drawn against


lower league teams. You get more upsets. And that is what you want.


The magic of the cup is the small clubs getting the big draw at home.


Do you think they would not make as many changes if there was only one


game. There you have sold it. Thank you we will see you this week for


Football Focus and in ten days we are live at Lincoln. And that is it


on the night that Liverpool halted The Pilgrims' progress. Good night.


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