Third Round Replay: Lincoln City v Ipswich Town The FA Cup

Third Round Replay: Lincoln City v Ipswich Town

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Welcome to The Emirates FA Cup third-round replay between


non-league Lincoln City and 1859 places above them, Ipswich Town of


the Championship. The players are in the tunnel getting ready to run out


to what will be an emotional and rapturous reception. They came so


close to victory at Portman Road ten days ago and what a story it would


be if they can tonight clinch that win and take themselves into the


fourth round of the FA Cup for the first time since 1976 when this man


was in charge. Probably the biggest advantage I


have, I think, is that I'm allowed to manage, and I think that goes a


long, long way. I feel that it's my forte, I think that I've got


qualities as regards coaching. I think that's what I ought to be


doing. It's a spectator sport and people come to be entertained, they


come to be excited. I see my role as being an employee of Lincoln City


now and doing my best so that if I'm here in ten years' time then I've


set something up well for the club. The sound of hitting a football


thrilled me. My playing career is over, I'm very fortunate I'm a


manager and I'd like to remain once simply so I can hear a football


being struck. Well, when injury cut his playing


career short he started his managerial career at just 28 years


old and had five fantastic years here, culminating in winning the old


fourth division and he will be remembered fondly tonight and the


bands will show their appreciation with a minute's applause just before


kick-off. Alongside me current manager of Lincoln City Danny


Cowley. Fantastic, just moments away from what could be an historic


evening. How much of an inspiration is Graham Taylor to you? Just a


proper football man, really humble and dignified. When we first arrived


at the club ceremony supporters spoke about Graham and the legacy he


left and the way he connected the players with the City and the people


and it is something we have tried to continue with. How many times over


the last ten days have you thought we were so close, it was a missed


opportunity? The thing I was most pleased about from the game ten days


ago was the fact when we came into the dressing room afterwards there


was a tinge of disappointment amongst us all we were able to go


toe to toe with a Championship club was something we were proud of and


the fact we got so close and just a little short. Alongside you, of


course, former Ipswich Town captain Terry Butcher, Trevor Sinclair.


Trevor, what a match it was and what a moment it was and how close they


came. Credit to the Lincoln City players and staff, they put


themselves about, competed well and were close to winning. If it wasn't


for Tom Lawrence's brilliance and scuffing one in for the second they


would have been in the fourth round. The Welsh international online from


Leicester saved the day, said Mick McCarthy's blushes. He did and he


got two goals on Saturday against Blackburn, the second one was a


rocket. Danny Willett have him well marked in this game because he is a


threat. The atmosphere, we are getting butterflies in the stomach,


you must be having to bring the players down to somewhere where they


can appreciate this but at the same time they have a job to do. How


tough was that early in the dressing room? I think so, the atmosphere is


unbelievable, not something we are used to, there are 10,000 people in


here tonight and we have to enjoy this experience, use the supporters


and use their energy but still play with our heads. A little fun and


frivolity in the dressing room but you seemed to get the message across


of what the job is tonight and that is to get through to the fourth


round for the first time since 1976. Best of luck, go and join your


brother Nicky in the dugout and we will hopefully speak to you later.


What an historic win it would be. You are looking through this through


slightly blue eyes from an Ipswich perspective and they have


made changes to night, Mick McCarthy has been given a second chance.


Straightaway after the win against Blackburn on Saturday, Mick McCarthy


said this is about experienced players and has made changes, as did


Danny in the game against Gateshead last Saturday. Fresh legs but it


will be the same game, if not more intense than the first one. You are


so impressed with the setup here and what the Cowley Brothers have done,


you came here ahead of Football Focus third-round ten days ago and


you just saw a managerial setup that is not missing any attention to


detail, which we hope to see later on. But right now, the crowd here


will applaud for a minute ahead of kick-off and remember the manager


who won the fourth division here in his five years. Former England


manager Graham Taylor. Such appreciation and huge love for


Graham Taylor here. I am going to hand you over to your commentary


team Jermaine Jenas and David Pearce. COMMENTATOR: Not so many


nights like this at Sincil Bank. Throbbing with events to come and


tinged with sadness. I was privileged to know Graham and his


generosity and friendship, and his smile of course, and he would love


this. All setup, Lincoln City, one defeat in 21, unbeaten in ten FA Cup


ties, looking for the fourth round for the first time in 41 years when


Graham took them to West Brom. They have their dangers, the likes of


Robinson upfront, already six goals in five FA Cup ties this season.


Unchanged from the first game. Six of the side rested for the game


against Gateshead. Nathan Arnold Andy Robinson only have gone beyond


that. Ben Toner with a job to do, the referee. Ipswich in the blue and


white will get us off and under way. Under fire from disgruntled fans,


brittle form, injury hit, former cup winners but without a single victory


in the competition since 2010. A recipe for a giant stew. Watch out


for Matt Reid who is a giant upfront. You can see the Ipswich


team. Two of the five changes from the Portman Road draw. Chambers has


proved his fitness against Blackburn at the weekend. Best has recovered


from the sickness that kept him out of the last two games. Matthew


Rhead, there he is, as we were telling you about. Perfect recipe


for an FA Cup giant steel. Mick McCarthy's 900 game, needing the


win. This is a dangerous run straightaway from Nathan Arnold who


can be so tricky down the right-hand side. Back to the right-back Bradley


Wood, England C International. Never been beyond this, hoping to go


beyond this, goal kick to Ipswich. You saw the first game? Yes, you


mentioned Arnold he was a prominent figure in the first one cause and


Ipswich Town a lot of problems and that's what he will need to do again


today, with the three at the back Ipswich have started with the back


of their win at the weekend that is where the spaces will be in the


white areas with the wingbacks pushing on and those balls from


midfield will have to be played more often for Lincoln. The manager is


Billy Cowley and his brother is Nicky. Remarkable work at Braintree.


Doubling up as secondary school PE teachers as well. The school is in


Essex. Now they are full-time here and steering Lincoln City, it would


seem, back into the Football League. They were relegated in 2011. Mick


McCarthy, so experienced. In old club football, 24 years, six jobs,


including the Irish manager's job. 900 games. But he's under pressure


and knows it and he needs a victory tonight, that's for sure. Douglas in


midfield wearing 22, now 35, the Irishman. Experienced midfielder.


Here's 30. Watch out for Young Grant Ward. He started at Tottenham


Hotspur and didn't make the grade. He scored a hat-trick on the opening


day of the season. The old FA Cup type challenge. Rhead with a word.


He was part of the Mansfield team that pushed Liverpool all the way in


2013. That is a reminder. There will be plenty of those from Rhead going


in, he is a handful and they struggled to deal with him in the


first game. One of the type of players who is perfect to play off.


Here comes the right wingback for Ipswich, Emmanuel, with a cross to


the far post and beyond Douglas. He was in there. He hasn't scored this


season. He was part of the Leeds team that were beaten by non-league


Histon in 2008. Free kick won by Robinson. It's definitely a similar


start to this game. The centre halves of Ipswich struggling, this


time it is Robinson causing the problems to error. The more they can


get the ball to those two upfront the more opportunities they will be


able to create for themselves. Our first came here in a quarterfinal in


2011 - 12. Habergham's free kick into the penalty area. They used


three centre-backs at the weekend against Blackburn. Decent run by


Hawkridge. Dean Gerken, the Ipswich Town cup goalkeeper. His third


appearance of the season. There does not seem to be a great deal of pace


in the Ipswich midfield trio. What do you think? Mick McCarthy has gone


for experience, in the first game he felt it was a bit lightweight in the


midfield area. That is a good throw out to Lawrence. Very much their


danger man. Opens things up to manual but drops a little bit short.


Hawkridge winning it back and they look to counter quickly. Here is


Nathan Arnold, he could be key. Stabbed away by Chambers, kept in by


the goalkeeper. It is a nervy start from Ipswich, not what Mick McCarthy


would have wanted. They have not been able to get the ball on the


deck and Jet2 passes together. They could get a lot of joy down the


right-hand side with Arnold and he will be asking more from his side,


Mick McCarthy. He could do without the injuries, Coldrick and Pitman,


but he has Tom Lawrence, full of confidence, his 100th career game on


loan from the champions Leicester, four goals in his last two. That is


Cole Skuse. Jonas Knudsen, the Danish international, and a Danish


cup winner when he was there. Skuse towards Grant Ward, who came off the


bench on the opening day of the season to score a hat-trick of the


first Ipswich substitute ever to do it. The challenge by Luke Waterfall,


the captain of the home side. A player who has never reached the


third round, powerful, very good in the air, the two centre-backs.


Described as front foot defenders. Knudsen with the throw. Christophe


Berra. He was with Mick McCarthy at Wolves of course. The backpass


signifies a team playing with very little confidence. I have to say it


surprised me because the way Knudsen setup on the right-hand side for the


throw in was as if he has a long throw to put into the box and the


players got into the right area and for him to go back to his


centre-half is a of a lack of direction and the way they want to


play. They haven't been beaten by a non-league side since 1960 when the


Sir Alf Ramsey's team were beaten by Peter Brough. From the depths of


that trough he led Ipswich to Championship success. Big burly Sean


Raggett gets it away. Signed from Dover, beaten in the Conference


play-off at semifinal last season. Pretty sure this one is going into


the box. This will be long from UNESCO -- Jonas Knudsen. One of


their tactics. There it goes. Away by Raggett again. Knudsen with the


touch. Towards Nathan Arnold. skews, neatly taken down by Tom


Lawrence. Lawrence did a good job. A shot from Arnold. He has ten goals


this season. This will be on all day following can. Nobody for Ipswich is


willing to get close enough to any players and Rhead is an absolute


handful. If they can get bodies in and around him, they will have bits


and pieces around the box and they will create chances. This will have


felt good to Farman, the goalkeeper. Didn't have the best game at Portman


Road and he will have needed that for his conference. He had a


horrible moment against man's reeled in the 2006 FA Cup when he conceded


in the own goal. Former Newcastle youngster. A fair few Lincoln


players didn't make the grade at their first clubs and had to go


away. Many travelled the non-league circuit. The way things are going,


they will be back in the Football League very shortly. That's the


brilliant thing about the National League. Taking those players, giving


them first-team football, bringing them back into the system. What's


going on at Lincoln, with the setup and what the manager wants, it can


only bode well for these players and their careers. Look at the pace of


Lawrence. Gets a shot away. He's scored some very good goals


recently, a blister at the weekend against Blackburn and he was looking


for his eighth of the season. He's dangerous, direct and full of


confidence. Only one thought in his mind, shoot as soon as. Rightly so.


Didn't get the contacting wanted. Very quiet off the field of play.


He's got alarm bells ringing with Premier League clubs looking at him.


Look at the boy Lawrence, they are saying. It turned into an inviting


cross. Bending away at the last moment. Lincoln worked the ball very


quickly, they press high. Very much the style of Danny Cowley and his


brother. They were at Concord and Braintree, non-league clubs. Great


delivery into the box. The keeper makes the right decision to help out


his defenders. Running towards your own goal with a delivery like that,


it usually causes own goals. Good decision by Gerken to come out and


punch. Is Lawrence hobbling? That would be a real blow. Got one round


beyond this last season. He was on loan at Oxford last year. Cardiff


and Rotherham. He is on loan from Leicester, he's only played four


games for them in two and a half years. Aggressively won.


Luke Chambers missed the first game with a swollen knee.


Lawrence was clipped as he turned away. They are not going to give him


an easy ride because they saw how dangerous he was in the opening


game. You want to get close to Lawrence because you know he can


cause problems. Waterfall won't get away with many of those. 6/3-round


defeats in a row for Ipswich. They haven't won an FA Cup tie since they


went to Blackpool in the third round in 2010. Jack Colback scored that


day. Too high. Not happy with that. Four away defeats in their last


five. The owner of the club, Marcus Evans, recently backed Mick


McCarthy. Backed him to get them progressing again. Grant Ward, the


youngster. Tidy enough. Away by Waterfall. He's there again.


That was much better from Ipswich. Willing to receive the ball in tight


areas, pass the ball to each other, make Lincoln work harder to get on


the ball. Lawrence got himself into a decent spot on the left. It's what


they need to do to get out of the press Lincoln keep putting them


under. You will often see Robinson is the


furthest forward Lincoln player. Matt Reid will drop in almost to the


number 10 role. It's been a feature of their play this season. We saw


him a bit deeper there. A good touch from Leon Best.


What form he's in, the Jamaican international. His goals in the cup


against Guiseley and two against Oldham and Ipswich. He's almost got


the perfect strike partner for the way he likes to play. He likes to be


high up the park and play of the shoulder. The two he scored against


Ipswich were brilliant strikers goals. One getting across the


goalkeeper and the volley over his shoulder was textbook. Two young men


making a name for themselves and the old stage who's been there and seen


it. Managed at the World Cup finals. A dangerous ball looking for Rhead.


Pressure in that area of the pitch. Brilliant play from Hawkridge on the


right. A good touch to get it under control and knows exactly what he


wants to do. He knows Rhead is on the back post and a lovely delivery.


Knutson does very well to put him off. Three centre backs and the big


6-foot four centre-back is left with the left back. That's what will


happen at times. The defenders get dragged over to one side and it's up


to the wingbacks to help out. Waterfall is that his ninth club,


formerly at Tranmere and Barnsley. In PD in the air. -- he was in PD in


the air. Luke Waterfall, part of the team


that played so well in the first game at Portman Road when Mick


McCarthy was big enough to say they were the better team and he's


repeated that today. Knudsen under pressure. Cleared away by Cole


Skuse. Down the line by Sam Habergham. A very settled Lincoln


side. Away by Paul Digby, 21 years old.


Second start this season. He's had injury problems. Suspicion of a


push, but again high pressure from Hawkridge.


That high pressure is a feature of the game all over the park. At the


minute Ipswich are second best. He had to react quickly, Paul Farman.


Risky by Woodyard, he's a better player than that. It was risky, but


the keeper does the right thing. Any doubts in your mind, get your foot


through it and get it away from danger.


The effort by Ward was blocked. A challenge by Power. The keeper hast


to come and claim. Woodyard could have scored the


winning goal in the first game. Played for the Cowley Brothers at


Concord and Braintree. They did remarkable work at Braintree on a


tiny budget. The flag catches Theo Robinson. I


think he was just offside as the ball was played. Knudsen manages to


get in line and Robinson was just offside. It's an area he should be


looking to. They are struggling on the left at the back. It's the area


Robinson needs to get at to get some joy. This is his 13th club, nearly


400 games. He scored a couple of goals for Huddersfield in a big


League Cup game at St James' Park. They lost but he played well that


day. He had a spell at Derby. He tended to polarise opinions in those


days. Hawkridge, who is thought of very highly here. What the Cowley


boys do is work very hard with their players. If they have natural


ability, Mike Hawkridge and Arnold, they work on what they call the


grubby side of the game, closing and pressure rising. It's a feel-good


story here at the moment. Rhead was caught. Very good play. Getting


himself into that area where he can be the hold-up man. He has a lovely


touch for a big man. The challenge was late from Douglas. Another


situation where Ipswich will have to deal with it. Just followed through


on to his left knee. 11 goals this season. The first Lincoln player to


20 lead goals last campaign since Simon Yeo something like 12 years


ago. Looking for Waterfall. And racket. -- racket.


Mick McCarthy will be pleased that they've drawn a bit of the Lincoln


staying in what is a very tricky replay. He will say how many chances


have Lincoln created? He will be a lot happier now than in the first


five or ten minutes. At that point it was looking like a matter of time


before Lincoln created a clear-cut opportunity. They've settled down.


If they can get the ball into the final third a lot more, Lawrence and


Best and Grant can cause Lincoln problems, but they can't get the


ball. They've had no service in dangerous areas yet. A lot of people


have been grumbling about Mick McCarthy's recent record at Portman


Road, but they were bottom when he took over in 2012 and he's guided


them to three top ten finishes in a row and the budget at Ipswich is one


of the lowest in the Championship. I would think in the bottom six. A


couple of signings yesterday. Midway through the half. Looking for


Rhead... Robinson with a shot and a decent block. Important block by


Paul Digby. Back in by Power. Hawkridge trying to shrug off the


defender and open up an angle to get the cross in, and does so. Waterfall


was still up there. Pressure on Ipswich. Definitely got the crowd


going. Digby did absolutely brilliantly to get hold of Robinson


in the situation he found himself in once he was twisting and turning to


defend. A great opportunity for Robinson. The capacity here is just


under 10,000. Ipswich sold 1100 of their 1500 allocation. It won't


quite be full, but the biggest crowd since they played Liverpool in a


friendly. The biggest competitive crowd in a decade since they played


Huddersfield. Here's the chance. He does brilliantly, Robinson. Digby


knew that Knudsen was in trouble and got across to help out his


team-mate. What a block that is to keep it at 0-0.


The touch by Lawrence. Woodyard. Charlton and Southend boy. The shot


by Douglas, always passing wide. Real old-fashioned football ground.


Modernised over the years. Still the old feeling like 1895 around. Just


under 10,000, they think, in here. But terrific atmosphere. You always


see loads of kids at an FA Cup tie, may be experiencing the FA Cup for


the first time. Enthusiastic faces, one or two oldies in there as well.


Here is Rhead. It's an Ipswich ball.


He's been told to get back a few yards. His third FA Cup tie in his


career. Goals the problem for Ipswich at the


moment. With Pitman injured and McGoldrick injured it was always


likely to be so. That was met by Robinson. Woodyard away. Lovely


touch by Rhead. He has a soft touch for a big fellow. He definitely has


and that is such a good outboard. As soon as he picks up the ball on the


left-hand side he only has one thought, where is Rhead, where can I


find my man? He picks him out command as you can see he is causing


more problems. Wood with the throw. A suspicion of handball on the


cross, not. Of course, the Lincoln fans don't think it was. Out by


Best, quickly whipped around by Lawrence, lovely ball, the


goalkeeper has gone out. He stumbled into Grant Ward. I think Grant Ward


just fell over. That was what I was talking about, if you get them on


the ball enough they have enough creativity to cause problems.


Beautiful pass from Lawrence, first time, whipped over the back of the


defender. Grant was chasing it. Nice to see the goalkeeper stay on his


feet and not go sliding in. Definitely not a penalty. He was


going down. He tripped over himself, I don't think he was looking for it,


just good Ipswich play that the keeper did well. What about this


one? Any time it is that close it cannot be a penalty, there is


nothing he can do. It hit him around the chest anyway. Little stumble by


Woodyard. Wood competitive, as he always is. Sent off four times in


his Lincoln City career. Top of the National League. A remarkable


turnaround for Lincoln. November 19, 89 minutes gone, they were losing at


Wood Green. -- Forest Green. They would have been 19 points behind


them, they won 3-2 and they are a couple of points ahead now, Forest


Green. Wonderful run. Knudsen with the cross. Arriving with a great run


was Alex Woodyard. Big chance. Huge chance, he didn't connect with it


the way he wanted to. Robinson and Rhead were not involved so Ipswich


switched from the danger. I think it came off his shoulder. That was not


great defending in the middle of the Ipswich penalty area. They are a


centre-back three and they didn't work well there as a unit. The


Cowley boys thought that was in and here they come again, looking for


Robinson. He has pushed his man. He was released as a boy at Stoke at


16, went to Watford, would have known Graham Taylor from there.


Played six games and signed for Port Vale. A chequered career, went up to


the league with Hereford from the Conference, relegated with Doncaster


one year. They tell me he's very quiet off the field but very


competitive on it. Best challenged. Half an hour


played. Cleared away by Luke Chambers. He was at the Northampton


team that pushed Manchester United all the way back in 2004. United won


1-0. Bradley Wood with the throw. Lincoln


fans think very highly of him because when they were queueing for


tickets the whole day, Bradley Wood came out with Cofie and he went down


the line of fans giving out Cofie. Ipswich have got to be careful. They


are constantly giving away free kicks in these areas of the pitch.


It doesn't matter to Lincoln, it's going in and around the box where


they can get knock-downs to cause Ipswich problems. That should be


dealt with and is by Digby. The goals have dried up for Digby in


recent years. Cole Skuse, he was at Bristol City


for about ten years. A team-mate of his is on the opposition bench


today. Jamie McCombe. Lawrence felt there was a foul. Seemed to duck to


anticipate that. Possession 50-50. One attempt on


target so far. Hawkridge trying to make his way through. The cross back


into the box. Coming to the right-hand side now, switching to


his left foot. Robinson. Rhead was in behind between the two defenders


and the header goes wide. Brilliant play. Genuine quality in this side,


drops back onto his left foot. Lovely flighted ball as you can see.


Chops back onto his left hand side, no one getting close to him, and


Rhead gets between the defenders. You probably think he should do


better. He gets to the ball. He couldn't quite get his head to it,


lovely delivery. He could see it all the way. You can see what the


manager thought. He thought it was in. He says they cannot overuse him


because he does tire, Matt Rhead. Here is Arnold. Very impressive, the


Cowley management team. I know Trevor Sinclair was here last week


in the build-up to the first game and was really impressed with the


way they prepare for matches and their way they have conducted


themselves. You can almost tell sometimes by the


way a team warms up and their general setup what kind of things


are going on in the background. I watched both games, the game


previous to this one and this one tonight and the way they conduct


themselves throughout the warm up and beforehand with each other, you


can tell they are run in a good manner. Towards Best.


Don't forget you can see the FA Cup replay highlights tomorrow night on


BBC One at 10:45pm. The next live FA Cup action is the fourth round tie,


Derby against Leicester, the champions, the ailing champions, big


rivals. Friday 27th on BBC One. All across the BBC, the FA Cup.


They are talking about moving from Sincil Bank and having a new home


purpose built. I'm not sure if that is going to happen. A good


atmospheric night here tonight. Lawrence with a real beef of a


challenge. He likes a tackle. He's had to deal with a couple, Lawrence


but he's getting on with it, giving him a smile, just saying, just give


me one opportunity in front of that goal and I'm sure I can take that


smile off him. He is keeping his calm at the moment. England is a


non-league England team squad member. Ward progressing to the edge


of the penalty area. Emmanuel Riviere cross all the way through.


Lincoln know they cannot switch off for a moment. The National League


side is 59 places below Ipswich, as we were hearing earlier on. You


wouldn't believe that from what we have seen so far. No, you definitely


wouldn't. I think the difference between the two sides, one knows


exactly the way they want to play and the other doesn't. There have


been a couple of times when Leon Best has come short, and when it


goes wrong they go along and when they come short it go short, Lincoln


know how they want to play. They get Rhead to play and play off him. It


suits them well and with the energy they have got and their general play


that's why they have probably had the best of it in the first half.


Farman looks for Rhead, dropping a bit short, Douglas is competing with


him. By four inches the shorter man, the Irish man. Hawkridge turning


out, bringing Habergham interplay. One of the England C squad players.


Habergham played at Braintree. This has to be settled tonight, of


course. Very little in it at the moment. Christophe Berra. A bad


mistake for the second mistake in the first game. The header that


dropped out. It was a great finish, though. He took it, Robinson. He's


been in unbelievable form, hasn't he? 28 next week is Theo Robinson.


He certainly can play at league level and that is where they are


heading at the moment. Are they heading into the lead here?


Hawkridge. They go back to him and he still managed to have the vision


and wherewithal to hold it up. That is out of play by Woodyard. You


could see clearly with Ipswich where the issues are. Grant in midfield,


he has tried to make something happen, wants to get on the ball and


wants to try and have an impact on the game but whenever he picks it up


nobody is moving, nobody wants it and that is why he gets caught on


it. Away by Digby. Digby has played just


nine minutes since August before tonight with a knee problem.


Chambers got it away. Not really been able to get Lawrence


into the game yet, it's which. -- Ipswich. Really good balance on him.


Blocked by Power. A touch by Raggett was enough.


What a scalp it would be for Lincoln. Ipswich Town, winners of


the cup in 1978. Roger Osborne's goal against Arsenal. What a team


that was. They went on to win the UEFA Cup in 1981. Terry Butcher at


the back. He's here tonight. The last 16 Lincoln reached only


three times. The last time in 1901. In them and -- in the 18 hundredths,


Glasgow Rangers beat them! In the English FA Cup! Decent offending by


Chambers. -- defending. The first corner kick of the game. Five


minutes to go, first flag kick. Causing a lot of problems in the


last 15 minutes. Chambers did well to sense the danger and not allowed


to cross into the box. Sam Habergham will take it. Former Norwich


schoolboy. Can he put the skids under its switch? -- Ipswich. The


big boys were in there. It was aimed at Waterfall.


Away by Digby. Touched down by Nathan Arnold. Good pressure. Ward.


A question of bearer holding onto Matt Rhead, but I guess that's the


way they will deal with him. He's got hold of his shirt. Matt Read


throws himself around, it gets his arm into you. You will have to be


physical with him. Berra will have to be clever because if the referee


sees that, he won't be shy to blow the whistle and give the penalty.


Christophe Berra, 32 later this month. Scottish Cup winner for


Hearts in 2006, although he was on the bench. I think he was the


youngest SBL captain at the time. -- SPL. Looking at it, I would expect


Mick McCarthy to want more. He would want them to work harder, get closer


to the Lincoln players and almost do to them what Lincoln are doing to


Ipswich. They are not laying a glove on Lincoln at the moment, they are


hanging on rather than trying to create something themselves. Lincoln


have had much the better of this half. I'm sure Mick McCarthy will


want a lot more from his side than just hanging on. Took Sunderland to


the Championship title, took Wolves to the Championship title, took


Ireland to the World Cup finals. A dramatic few weeks in the far east.


In Lincolnshire, it's 0-0. A long throw by Habergham into the


box. Brilliant save! Denying Waterfall. Reaction save by Dean


Gerken keeps it at 0-0. He's given a goal kick! It's an unbelievable save


from Gerken. A long throw into the box, defenders get mixed up. It


falls to Waterfall and what a fantastic save that is. How the


referee hasn't seen that! Rhead with the initial touch on, Waterfall with


the effort. This is definitely a corner. Yeah! He tips it round the


post, a brilliant save. Even the keeper wants that to be a corner.


Trust me, I tipped it around the post! He's had to wait a long time


for this chance, only his third game this season. Played in the first


game ten days ago. A huge moment. They've struggled with that in the


first half, Ipswich, the long balls into the box. What a save that was


from Gerken, kept his side right in it. The two centre backs have 11


goals this season for Lincoln. You can see why. It's the way they play.


They know their strengths and they played to that. When I look at


Ipswich, I can't even tell you the way they play, it's so off-the-cuff.


But what a save that is. We are into stoppage time. Dean Gerken with the


save of the half. A slip as clips and tried to get the throw quickly


away to Lawrence. -- Knudson. Lincoln have been the more


aggressive team, they've been the more deserving team. They have. They


get the ball into good areas, into the box, they cause issues, they


have willing runners in midfield, they press and get close to people.


Hawkridge and Arnold on the flanks have got real quality and they are


getting the better of their opponents. Chambers will tidy up.


31, Luke Chambers. Defence under pressure again although Grant Ward


has the pace to stick with Hawkridge. The half-time whistle


beats Lincoln's efforts to set up another chance. Danny Cowley will be


pleased with the first of effort. Mick McCarthy will have a few harsh


words. But his team have kept the non-league side at bay. A quaint old


football ground, Sincil Bank. 0-0. (STUDIO) 59 places between


these sides. A non-league side and a championship macro side. They are in


the middle of the Championship and they would like to be doing better


tonight. Lincoln have got their measure. They have bossed it.


They've shown what they got a draw at Portman Road. It's mostly been


played in the final third. They were very close to getting the opening


goal. Trevor was requesting a heat map a moment ago because he wanted


to make sure most of the play was down that end. I hoped we could lie


on it because it is freezing! It looks like Lincoln have come out to


do a job and they have harried Ipswich and throwing them off their


side. There will be a heat map in the Ipswich dressing room because


Mick McCarthy will be going ballistic. They started brightly but


after that it's been all Lincoln. Lincoln deserve to be ahead. They've


taken command of the game. Ipswich can't get forward. Matt Rhead, the


big man, if ever a man had a target on him! He is the man they are


focusing on. Ipswich are struggling with what to do with him. Those


Championship players won't have come across a player of his size and


skill with that size. He has a fantastic touch his awareness is


great. That's an early taste of what he will give in this game, so


committed. I've been impressed with how he gets his body in the way of


the ball and protects the ball. He's in it for the team. He throws


himself all over the place. He's not afraid to put his head in. A


mismatch with the full-back. And again, winning the first ball.


Ipswich have to stop the supply into him because if they don't Lincoln


will score soon. Again, great touch for a big man. His linkup play is


outstanding. Using his body, strength and weight. You would like


to play a player against him. I would love to, he's my kind of


player! None of the Ipswich players can get hold of him. Look at this


cross. He peels away, his movement is very good. That's the sign of a


great striker who knows what he's doing. He's got a lot of experience


and he's a whisker away from that. You said Ipswich don't know what to


do with him, Berra resorted to holding onto his shirt. In the


Premier League, he would be looking for a penalty. I think he would. You


have to give him some of his own medicine. You have to show your the


dominant man. It's a big test of character. I don't think he'll be


happy his belly was out! I think he's old score. He's a man's man.


I've seen him train. He trains really hard. He's just a bigger man


and he's putting himself about. The chances didn't just come from him.


We would struggle to show you a hatful of chances for Ipswich, but


we will show you a few for Lincoln city. Woodyard here. Sorry, Theo


Robinson first. It's a great block by Paul Digby. Rhead flicks it on


and there's a great block. Fantastic block. Paul Digby getting across,


knows there is danger. Robinson turns his Manuel and it's a great


block. You said you would have gone through the player! I would have


gone through the man. Woodyard with the best chance. They haven't


stopped the crosses in the first half. Double figures of crosses.


Space and time to pick his man and it just catches his shoulder. Then


the captain, just before the end of the half, with one of those moments


where we thought we were coming in to talk about a famous Lincoln lead.


What a save that is by the stand in goalkeeper. A brilliant save. The


referee missed it. Great hand. There's been one corner in the game


and the reason is because Lincoln are finding a lot of ease. A very


composed Lincoln dressing room. Danny Cowley giving them


instructions for the second half. Presumably more of the same. Yeah.


They are having chances. He will be saying one thing. Don't rue those


missed chances, let's get the ball in the net. One goal could win it.


It was the early Lincoln pressure that you were impressed by because


it threw Ipswich off their stride. They are executing their game plan.


High pressure. They are not going into silly challenges. One of the


players is going in and the team goes in behind and they are making


clever decisions. They are standing their ground. Ipswich are struggling


to get out of the final third. It's not going half-hearted, it is going


to win the ball back and they are forcing Ipswich into mistakes.


Ipswich, 59 places above them, should be able to deal with this


pressure and they are not doing so well. They all know their jobs, they


know what they have to do. The pressure comes from the front men,


not just the back four. They defend from the front. Ipswich gets the


ball here and the centre-half comes across. When you are told that is


your man, they are doing it very well. I wish we had a camera in the


Ipswich dressing room! It wouldn't be very quiet. At the beginning of


the match, Tom Lawrence, if any chances fell to its rich, they were


going to him. Then Waterfall had a captain 's tackle, shall we say. A


reducer! Doesn't quite get hold of it. A good warning for Lincoln not


to give the ball away, especially to this man. They then got more


physical with him and Waterfall gave him a message. Watershed, not


Waterfall! I would be happy with that one. He looked very bright


until then, he was the main threat for Ipswich. If he's not at the top


of his game, Ipswich will struggle to penetrate. He looked


uncomfortable, has it throwing him off his stride? I think he would be


uncomfortable after that challenge! I think he's frustrated more than


anything. The more the first half has gone on, the few scraps he's had


to feed off. But he still carries a threat and I'm still optimistic. Not


as optimistic now as I was at the start, but you can never tell with


Tom Lawrence. Something out of nothing. There's one more non-league


side left in the Emirates FA Cup and that's Sutton. They travelled the


five miles to archrivals AFC Wimbledon. Let's get highlights.


It is Nick Tompkins into the path of Matt Tubbs who continues his run and


watches as a shot is driven in and out comes the goalkeeper to make the


save. It is a big chance. Tumbling into the penalty area. Dean Parrott


has a free kick 15 yards inside the half. Considerable depth and a clear


unmarked header from Tom Elliott establishes a lead for AFC


Wimbledon. Matt Tubbs is onto it here. Matt Tubbs was threatening to


get through. Was there another covering defender? What colour will


the card be? Wimbledon lead 1-0. So, Wimbledon down to ten men, they


are into the second half now. Four other replays in The Emirates FA


Cup. You can see the goals from those matches on the BBC website


later on. Burnley continuing their fantastic run at home at the moment.


Let's get more opinion on this one and Damian Johnson is with Chris


Sutton who had a spell in charge here somewhere down the touchline.


Look at that, the beautiful Lincoln Cathedral which lights up in the


distance here. It was once the tallest building in the world in the


16th century, did you know that, Damian?


I didn't, I learn something every day from you. Chris Sutton is here,


one-time Lincoln manager, what do you make of your old club, they are


bossing this, aren't they? Absolutely, they should be in front,


Ipswich are the championship side, you wouldn't know which was the


Championship side, Lincoln have been brilliant, organised by their


decision-making has been better but you wonder if they will rue the


chances they have missed but from Ipswich's Ponta view, can they play


any worse in the second-half? I don't think can but it is the


taking. What do you think will be happening in the dressing room? I


can't repeat what Mick McCarthy will be saying. They have looked


disjointed going forward. At the back they look clueless, they have


no rhythm to their place but you have to give Lincoln credit because


they are organised, they are pressing, they are brave, winning


the ball back in midfield, and you just feel if they get another chance


Lincoln have to take it. We shall see, thank you, Chris. Back to you.


Thank you, Damian and Chris, as ever, holding his opinions back,


Chris. They are not there. Cowley Brothers, Nicky, assistant to his


brother Danny, giving his half of the team talk and it looks very


composed, doesn't it? And very calm. I imagine it's the complete opposite


in the Ipswich Town dressing room. We have loads of great FA Cup action


coming your way over the next few weeks, not least a live match and a


great rivalry, the champions Leicester ticking on their East


Midlands rivals Derby and the last time they win the final was in 1969


when a 19-year-old goalkeeper played and went on to have a pretty decent


career. I supported them from the age of


ten. I trained at the ground Tuesday and Thursday evenings, Leicester was


the only club I wanted to play full. One of the most promising, not the


most promising goalkeeper in the country, 18-year-old Peter Shilton.


It was a dream come true for me, I'd always wanted to get the FA Cup


final, Leicester had been there three times before and not won and


it was a magical opportunity. Cup fever ran high as Leicester and


Manchester City make their appearance for the match that would


decide who would capture the glory and the FA Cup. When you came out of


the tunnel the Rohit you. I've played at Wembley a few times before


that but it was still a magical moment. Peter Shilton, who has been


here before. I was obviously focused more and keyed up because you want


to be at your best. A real ambition of mine to win the FA Cup. I was


determined to do everything I could to try and make that happen. In from


the wing came the danger threat and again Shilton made a great save. It


was a game of very few chances, to be fair. The pitch wasn't brilliant.


It's Wembley. We wouldn't expect the pitch to play horrible. They have


had a horse of the year showed not long before. I thought we had the


better of the chances and didn't take them and ended up falling to a


goal from Neil Young. Back to Young. The goal is scored by Young. You


just prayed that we got an equaliser and we would still stay in the game.


Will you bring on as substitute? Not at the moment. Unfortunately we


missed a few chances and Leicester ended up being in the FA Cup final


at Wembley for the fourth time and not winning. A great performance.


They have played wonderfully but Leicester City have been such


tremendous opposition. It was a bit of a regret because it was the only


trophy I never won and I just remembered I was so disappointed I


hardly spoke to anybody all night. I was a bit off with everybody. I was


just totally gutted and it wasn't until I got back in Leicester and


saw the fans and how proud they were of us that I came out of myself and


realised we had achieved something even though we'd lost. It was a


performance of which all Leicester can be proud.


So, derby against Premier League champions Leicester live on BBC One


on Friday 27th and before that you can watch the goals from tomorrow


night's FA Cup replays. And I will be back with the Premier League show


on Thursday at 7:30pm, earlier than usual, this week on BBC Two. Amazing


to think that your old England team-mate Peter Shilton wouldn't


play in another FA Cup final after that. You'd think at 19 starting


your career that it would happen for you quite a few times. Almost the


World Cup in 1970 as well, so he is an old pro, but what a player, and a


real legend. Surprising he didn't get to play another one but you


didn't play one at all. I lost in the semifinal, so near but yet so


far from the Trophy. Sorry to remind you of that. Trevor... Don't remind


me! It is good to see the FA Cup cap making another airing. And the FA


Cup years! There they are. It is freezing cold at Sincil Bank but the


fans have that sense of expectation. What is lovely as well is you see


players and coaching staff coming out and making eye contact with


people in the crowd because you get the impression that what the Cowley


brothers have done is bring the Town together through the football club


and that has been so important engaging the community. Yes, looking


at the fans that have turned out, it is a sell-out, he has really


integrated the football family of Lincoln City into the football club


and so far so good this season in the league, let's hope they can get


through in the cup. The captain leading the players and touching the


hands of the fans at the start of the second half. They have a game


plan, they will stick to it because in the first half it was almost


successful. Wahab Ipswich got in return? We can rejoin your


commentary team of Jonathan Pearce and Jermaine Jenas.


COMMENTATOR: You mentioned the cathedral, it is 0-0 but it pays to


be patient, started in the 1185, took 200 years to build that


splendour. We have 45 minutes to go and then maybe another half an hour


so we have plenty of time to sort things out, Jermaine Jenas. I can't


think there are any changes, cannot see any changes for the two teams.


What do Ipswich need to do to change the game around quiz act I think


they need to change the mentality, their approach to the game. Find


some belief in themselves and their approach, get themselves half an


opportunity. The only one I can think of is Lawrence with the run


and the strike on goal. From Ipswich's point of view by Mick


McCarthy has hopefully set a few choice words to get them going and


make a game of it. Lincoln will want more of the same, they have been


brilliant. Danny Cowley is saluting the fans. He will be asking for the


exact amount of support they got in the first half and trying to get the


goal they deserve. Home-made cups in the stands. Great to see. Don't tell


any Lincoln City fan tonight that the FA Cup has lost its lustre.


Danny Cowley, three promotions, three cups, took Braintree to the


National League semifinal. Here he is doing a terrific job in Lincoln


against the longest serving Championship manager Mick McCarthy


denied that his Ipswich team were second best in the first half. And


away it goes from Knudsen. Just a reminder of the teams. Lincoln


unchanged from the first game. They have that Matt Rhead threat Andy


Robinson pace up front. And away by Emmanuel. Towards Leon Best who has


been very quiet. Laurens pressurising there. Of course, as we


talked about beforehand, he is their main threat. There is an interesting


character flown in from South Africa, director and a man who has


injected ?300,000 into Lincoln City, and reportedly over 1 million over


the next four years, come all the way to watch this. Looks like he's


feeling the cold. He left the sunshine behind him, that is for


certain. It is a raw old night. Free kick for the file by Jonas Knudsen.


He looks a bit bemused. Clever play from Arnold, he saw Knudsen was


coming in to him and mix it around him and it is blatant obstruction,


another opportunity to put a delivery into the box. We talked


about Rhead but I think Arnold could be the key for Mansfield, former


Cambridge and Grimsby player. That could have been a dummy.


Floated high towards Waterfall at the back. I think it was a false


mistake on the far side, dummy to give across in. Yes, you chuck those


in just in case the defence like to play the offside trap. It was more


about the delivery to the back post. When he gets his head on it it's all


about the second ball and Robinson wasn't able to get the body towards


the goal. Here it comes, all the way through. Out of play for a goal


kick. Racket was up from the back. The crowd will be the extra man for


Lincoln City tonight. Extra little girl there. -- Raggett. That hat is


a little bit low, don't know if she can see the game.


Good catch. Hasty throw and Rhead has limped back and the referee has


already reached for his pocket and he could be in trouble here. It's a


yellow in his hand. Rhead went up in the air and drew


his arm back in the challenge. It is a yellow. My initial thoughts were


he did lead with his arm. There is a difference between leading with your


arms to challenge and actually throwing your elbow into somebody.


He is a physical presence up there and error has had to be on the


receiving end a few times. Arnold is having a quiet word with him.


Berra's eyes on the ball, leads with his arm and catches him. It's a


yellow card. It is not a nice one for error to take but there is no


maliciousness in that from Rhead at all.


Front two for Lincoln share 18 goals. Leon Best is yet to score a


goal this season. Lawrence has seven. They are missing a


goal-scoring threat, out on the treatment table, as we mentioned.


Kieffer Moore from Forest Green impressed Mick McCarthy when playing


for Yeovil against Ipswich the other year. Signed yesterday. And Jordan


Spence, who was a free agent, former West Ham player, who has come in as


well. Ineligible for today, of course. That is a lovely bit of


hold-up play by Rhead. Habergham. Hawkridge. Switches it away to


Arnold. Lawrence doing the work. Waterfall. Straight back over the


top looking for Robinson. Sensibly done. Arnold on the outside of


Lawrence. He did enough. He didn't really want the ball played back to


him and he got an absolute cruncher from Bradley Wood.


He certainly knew he'd been challenged by Bradley Wood. Not the


first tough challenge he's received from Bradley Wood tonight. It's a


late one. Completely mistimed and goes over the ball and into


Lawrence. Already Lawrence is having to do the majority of his work deep


in his own half and he doesn't want to be there, he wants to be at the


top end trying to create. They don't seem to be able to get any service


to do their forward line so you can understand why he's dropping deep.


You can understand why they are getting agitated, wanting more


protection for Lawrence. Sent off against Sutton, had four red cards


in his Lincoln career of 74 games. Important challenge to win by


Douglas. Straight back at the defence. No one holding the ball up


four Ipswich Town. Offside flag. The problem is it's not coming forward


for Ipswich with any quality. It's not like somebody is trying to get


their head up and find Leon Best, getting it into his feet or in the


channel, they are not even looking, they are just hooking it clear.


There's nothing really Best or Lawrence can do. Quickly on by hawk


rich. They do like to move the ball quickly. Ipswich have experience out


there. Hawkridge... They should have done better. It was a simple pass


and Rhead was in on goal. They have the extra experience, Ipswich, at


the higher level. If they can get a chance to break hearts, they will.


You just can't see it happening at moment.


Robinson is caught by the flag. Terry Connor, long-time first


Lieutenant for Mick McCarthy. Options on the bench limited. Kevin


Bru played in the first game. Freddie Sears. Andre Dozzell,


Jason's son. Ben Morris is a 17-year-old centre forward. Pat


Webber, 17 years old. Adam McDonnell, another teenager. I know


Mick McCarthy has several big bids on the table for potential signings.


We've seen very little of Best. The challenge came in from Bradley Wood


to deny Knudson. The long throw of the danger is a


weapon. -- the Dane. A couple of substitute appearances for his


country, Jonas Knudsen. A good long throw, the keeper has to come and


claim and does. Disappointingly for Ipswich, no challenge on the


goalkeeper. Brighton await the winners in the


fourth round. It's a massive kick! Unbelievable!


Looks like he didn't even try. He just launched it. Launched it into


the other box. I think the ball hit him in the


face. As it was getting crossed into the box.


Wasn't really full in the face, more on the shoulder than anything.


Looks as if he may well have bitten his cheek or something like that


with the impact. There is certainly blood, you would think. He's got a


bit of a problem, Knudson. The option they have at left back is


young Pat Webber, a young scholar. Signed from Worthing. He's the son


of Dave Webber, who was at Millwall when Mick McCarthy there.


Difficult tie four Ipswich Town again.


Waterfall under pressure but got it away.


A new shirt. I don't think he's got a number on the back of that shirt.


Best is in the middle. Berra came along way to make contact.


Emmanuel got the shot away. It must have zipped off the turf. It came


back into the danger area. A good effort from the full-back. It really


was, he worked it well onto his right foot and got the shot away as


soon as is. The keeper does well. There could easily have been a


deflection. Parries it into a dangerous area. 57 minutes gone and


Ipswich Town get their first corner kick of the game. Played short. Out


by Waterfall. Decent night for the Lincoln City


goalkeeper. Attempting an 11th clean sheet this season. Hasn't kept one


in his last six games. Ipswich very rarely keep clean sheets. Header out


by Waterfall. Hawkridge gave the full-back a lot of work to do.


Habergham did well. Emmanuel was rejected by West Ham when he was 14.


It was a good effort. The first thing Ipswich have offered. Comes in


at pace, the keeper gets it away into a dangerous area, but


thankfully for him and his defenders get it clear. Played the last couple


of games, Josh Emmanuel. Free kick conceded here.


First goal in any game is always important, but in a match like this,


it could have such a vital bearing for Mick McCarthy and Ipswich.


Approaching the hour, the first goal is huge. Mick McCarthy is asking


them to get as high as possible. Leave space for the goalkeeper to


collect it. Arnold with a free kick. Good goalkeeping in the end. He was


clattered. It was good goalkeeping. Ipswich dropped very early and


caused their own problems. Mick McCarthy would want them to hold the


line longer. Certainly a foul. Definitely an infringement. Reached


the fourth round in 2006. Colchester beating Derby, but he didn't play in


the next round. Lawrence felt he was fouled. West


macro, rather. He had a case as well. -- Best, rather. The referee


keeping his whistle silent. He's allowed a fair degree of physicality


there, which is nice to see. He's allowed the game to flow. There's


been some tackles flying in, but he's dealt with it. Leon Best having


to deal with getting pulled down. That's been part and parcel of this


FA Cup tie. The challenges have been flying in, the players have been


fine and the referee has allowed it to flow. Robinson to pressurise


Berra. Big night at Sincil Bank, but will


Robinson have his night? He's got the pace to get away. Good covering


in the end, though. Emmanuel fouled Hawkridge. The home fans unhappy


with that. Habergham with the free kick. Went


to Everton with Tamworth in their adventure in the cup in 2012. Got


beaten that day. The cross was deflected. Power tried


to get it back in the box. Woodyard was in there. A strong challenge on


Lawrence, this time fair. Arnold with the shot. Berra with the block.


Ipswich, backs against the walls. Trying to get a little bit of


revenge, Lawrence. A good cross. Chambers got it away for Ipswich.


Under duress. Those two incidents is why it's which aren't getting


anything out of this game. Not prepared to put their foot in and


win the challenges. Out by Skuse. Back in by Arnold.


Not enough for a foul. He was certainly playing for it against


Habergham. That might have been a free kick. Over the top of Lawrence.


In goes Douglas. The referee will pull it back and produce a card for


Douglas. It was a foul, but I still think he


could have played on. Hawkridge was in a good spot. He wins the tackle


very well in midfield, Woodyard. This one is late. Takes him out on


the ankle. Rightly gets a yellow card, Douglas. Habergham's free


kick. Douglas pressure rising and then a foul.


Best couldn't get above racquet. -- Raggett. Grant Ward on the outside.


Good defending by Power. Not a good clearance by Lincoln City.


-- Christophe Berra. Emmanuel's cross. Free kick. Offside against


Best as he came to win the ball. Skuse already in an offside


position. Great spot by the linesman because he went into the offside


position very late. The keeper is down at the minute. Farman is down


here. A calf problem, perhaps. He does


give it some welly when he clears it away. Their substitute goalkeeper is


the goalkeeping coach Jimmy Walker. Notts County, Walsall, West Ham,


Colchester, Tottenham fans, he was their late on, I don't think he


played. He was there when I was there. He is 42. He has been around


a while, he was a joke, bags of experience in the dressing room, and


he might find himself back out there at 42. That would be some story. I


think this man will Carayol. -- this man will carry on. Zipped up at


Sincil Bank tonight. Skiing tomorrow. That's the life. He has


borrowed that one from you. Where do you stand on the romance of


the FA Cup right now? Well, I mean it's clearly up there. I think there


is a divide now that you don't see as many shocks as you used to see.


The love for the FA Cup and that passion that a lot of these lower


league clubs show is so important to them and their survival, for a lot


of them. I think what irks a lot of football fans is to hear manager say


I love the FA Cup, I grew up with it and I love it but I'm only picking


one of my regular first team today. I thought there has been a few


surprises in the early stages of the FA Cup from some big clubs not


playing their full strength squads, especially teams that are not really


playing in Europe and doing well in the Premier League as well. It might


be something that we have to look at. Offside against Lawrence.


The game just needs to be opened up a bit. There has been a few


stoppages in the second half which have slowed the game down and that


only helps Ipswich. Lincoln need to build at the moment again and keep


putting them under pressure like they did in the first other and try


and create an opportunity. They have not really created one yet in the


second half. I don't think it is going to be a question of the


Championship team being a fitter team because we know how hard the


Lincoln players train. Is what I expected in the first game, I


expected Lincoln to drop off from a fitness point of view but they kept


pushing on. Here is the long throw in from Wood, the header by


Chambers. Wood again. Here is Power. The Dubliner. Towards Woodyard.


Power again. Power didn't make it early in his


career. He was at and Nottingham Forest and had one game there. Comes


back out for a fine effort by Hawkridge. Gathered at the second


time asking by the Ipswich keeper Gerken. This was one for the


cameras, from Gerken, doesn't catch it as cleanly as he wanted to,


Hawkridge. It was always going wide. But Gerken obviously felt the need


to scurry across and get his hands to it. He's been around too. Terry


Hawkridge. The first win against football league opposition since


2012-13. 20 minutes ago. Habergham. Nudge on Hawkridge, perhaps? He's


there with him hanging on for dear life. Woodyard. The England C


Captain. Looking for a Rhead, wouldn't come down, Robinson. You


sense that Lincoln are going up through the gears again. You can see


the appetite from Bradley Wood in every challenge. Very much a front


foot defender. Skuse has a poor touch and plays for


a foul and didn't get it. It was a poor touch but he was put under a


lot of pressure again by Alex Woodyard himself. And Power in


midfield. They get through a lot of work for this Lincoln side.


Unselfish work. Themselves about, collect a lot of second balls. The


heartbeat of this side. They are both having good games. Ipswich fans


look a bit concerned. Christophe Berra with the header.


Ipswich are 14th in the Championship, ten points above the


bottom three. It is a division that can change quickly with two or three


wins. Their budget certainly is nowhere


near some of the teams up there at the top end of the table.


On the Ipswich bench. Freddie Sears looks like he will come on. Freddie


Sears, former West Ham man, after a startling debut he came on and


scored after five minutes. It never quite happened for him. He scored


against Burnley in the fifth round of the cup in 2011. He is going to


come on. He has a couple of goals this season, he is a hard worker.


The other substitute is Andre Dozzell. He had a startling impact


when he made his debut and he scored last season. Ipswich are on the


attack now. Here is Best who could have looked across and seen Freddie


Sears warming up. It hasn't been this game at all, Leon Best. It


hasn't but I wouldn't say any of the Ipswich players have played all that


well. He had an opportunity to find his strike partner. Lawrence was


probably in a better position than him. When you don't get that many


opportunities, I suppose you try and take them when they come. Hawkridge.


WHISTLE Here come the two substitutes. Sears


to the right command Leon Best will be hooked. Missed the last couple of


games ill. Hasn't looked at his sharpest since that big-money move.


?3 million, it was, to Blackburn. July 2012. 11 goals in 95 games.


Here comes Freddie Sears. Hardly prolific in 2016 himself, went ten


months without a goal. His last goal was against Rotherham in October.


This is a youngster a lot of clubs are having a look at. Often goes


Ward and on comes Andre Dozzell. He is 17. He scored on his debut last


season. Just like his dad had done all those years before. 16 years and


350 days when he scored against Sheffield Wednesday. The youngest


top-flight scorer. This is half a chance for Arnold. A


lot of it centring around a long ball to Rhead. The composure from


Arnold, he does not slash at it, takes a touch and gets it onto his


left hand side. He was trying to bend it into the far left hand


corner and just overhit it. He shaped to hit it well but didn't


quite wrap his foot around the ball. Only one Graham Taylor. The lights


go on. Just after 70 minutes. Graham, in his 70s, taken too early.


Remember when he was England manager, even though he got fearful


stick at the time, he always took time to talk to you about the game


of football. Wherever you were in the world. I was privileged to have


worked closely with him in those days. He was a very good man. A very


good man. 76, of course, would have been the year he was here.


76 when they won the fourth division title with 74 points, which was then


a record. Two points for a win in those days. Would have been right?


It was a record. Here comes Rhead! Now Woodyard. He wrapped his foot


around that one. Robinson gets the touch after the clearance.


Have they got enough quality in the final third. From the word go they


have looked the team most likely to win this tie. Arnold. Good block by


Christophe Berra, who has put in a decent shift at the back for


Ipswich. Hawkridge. I suppose that is their only worry really. You get


the feeling that although Ipswich haven't played well at all, if


somebody like Lawrence gets half a chance he will stick it in the back


of the net. He has worked hard for the best part of 78 minutes. They


seem to have dropped the tempo and are struggling to create the chances


they did in the first half. Adam Marriott waiting to come on for


Lincoln. Emmanuel. A little bit rushed. At least he


tried to open things up. It was a misplaced pass, but in fairness to


him I don't think there is any need for Knudsen to be that narrow, he


needs to be on the touchline creating more space. He is a


wingback. He needs to go wide and get up-and-down the left hand side


creating opportunities. Those supporters have replicas of


the FA Cup. They thought Theo Robinson was going to be the game


winner here but he is departing. Six goals in five FA Cup ties this


season, not enough to keep him on. On comes Adam Marriott, who has only


had a couple of starts since September. He's Court 4 goals this


season, signed from Stevenage. He was a former Norwich and Cambridge


United youngster. Rhead. That is a good chase.


Goalkick given. Yes, it was the right decision. Christophe Berra


does well. He stuck with his man. Tried to clear it just to get it out


of play but managed to kick it against the attacker and out for a


goal kick. At the start of that chase you wouldn't have backed him


to win it against Nathan Arnold. As soon as the ball goes over the top I


fancied Arnold to get the ball in over the top. He must have found


some speed to keep up with him. Ten minutes to go until we go to --


extra time. Chambers away. This is it, they are shouting. Good


challenge by Woodyard. He's done that all game. On the front foot,


winning tackles, getting his team up the pitch. Great encouragement from


the Lincoln bench. If Bradley Wood can get this in there, can Rhead


exploit a tiring Ipswich defence? Waterfall's cross was deflected


away. He's home by Douglas. He is frustrated, you can understand


his frustration as well, Lawrence. Two minutes ago on the edge of the


box. Skuse had the ball and he just launched it. Blatant handball. The


service to him tonight has been terrible. They've been robust with


the way they've dealt with him. Straight down the throat of Dean


Gerken. He's done well. He won't be in the league team at the weekend.


Bartosz Bialkowski will come back. Mick McCarthy calls him the best


goalkeeper in the Championship. One of their best players in recent


weeks, along with Lawrence. They are still in the cup. Seven


minutes to go. Will they be come the final whistle? Will they take it to


extra time? Rhead crush and the header. Out by


Chambers. At the minute it is nailed on for extra time because both


sides... Ipswich haven't created anything all game. Lincoln have


stepped off the Gas a little bit and slowed down. Maybe they've run out


of a bit of energy. They need to get back to the way they were playing in


the first half. Is this the moment the National


League team knocks out the former FA Cup winners?


Rhead plants the header forward, but Berra got it away. Cole Skuse.


Pressurised immediately by Woodyard. Space for Josh Emmanuel. Just over


five minutes left. Look at the man who made the


challenge. Matt Rhead, the Centre forward back there.


Really important for Ipswich to get that home tie with Brighton. Out by


Hawkridge. It's a fine effort! Kept it really low, Knudson. I think it


was well wide, but he did well to keep the shot low. A strange


clearance from Hawkridge. Didn't get it where he wanted it. Knudson did


well to get a firm contact on the strike, but always going away from


goal. The fact we are talking about it tells you a lot about the way


it's which are playing and what they've brought to the table this


evening. They had one effort from Emmanuel which brought a save out of


the keeper. What you will get with Freddie Sears


is workrate. Hasn't scored enough goals in his career. 53 in nearly


300 games now. Comfortable night for the Lincoln


Centre backs. Have Ipswich timed it perfectly?


He's forced the corner. The second corner of the night for Ipswich. Is


this the moment they execute the perfect smash and grab raid in an FA


Cup tricky tie? Lawrence with it. Up from the back is Digby. Attacking


the six yard area. A good header by Bradley Wood. Shorter man by five


inches. Not the greatest of passes by Digby.


Over the two matches, the National League team have worked


prodigiously. Easily read by Alan Power. The


longest serving player here. This is his 222nd game.


Half an hour of extra time looms, and then penalties. For Ipswich, no


McGoldrick, no Pitman, who would take penalties. Both out injured.


Woodyard trying to borrow his way through. Woodyard again. Well


marshalled at the moment by Digby. Doesn't need to do anything, just


jostle him and he did so. Emmanuel was too strong for Habergham.


Well... A yellow card for Bradley Wood. Another foul on Lawrence. I


think Ipswich will say Lawrence has not had enough protection. I mean,


it's been a long time coming, that yellow card for Wood. He's put in


some heavy challenge. Some good, but more bad. That's another one for the


list. That was the situation Lawrence scored from in the first


game, picking it up on the left, Justin up to the 18-yard box and


sticking it in the net. Wood said not tonight. Four minutes of


stoppage time to play. Here comes the substitute on the break.


Arnold... Arnold! Lincoln City are through! In the dying seconds! They


have knocked out in the 1978 FA Cup winners! What a night for the


National League side! No time now, surely, for Ipswich.


Beautiful break! . Deflated Dean Gerken shakes his head. Nathan


Arnold's 11 goal of the season. It leaves Mick McCarthy nodding his


head ruefully. He knows they deserve it. He knows they've been the better


side. That came from their own free kick. A poor delivery from Lawrence.


They are just not set up, it's which. Nobody is picking up Marriot.


I wondered if he was offside, Arnold has timed it to perfection. It's not


been his best game, Arnold, but when you want a player in that situation,


with the composure, he was the man for the job. He takes it around


Gerken with aplomb and sticks his side into the next round. Brilliant


play from Marriot and the Pats is timed to perfection. Thoroughly


deserved. Brilliant finish. So composed. Sheer delight on the


bench. Look at that. Brilliant. They've been the better side.


Pandemonium. And pathos. That goal pretty much summed up Ipswich's


night. Disorganised, not knowing what they are about what they are


doing. Getting caught out from their own set piece.


Can Ipswich stage a hugely dramatic comeback? Moments left. The only


person who went back, by the way, to stop the breakaway for Ipswich was


Tom Lawrence. That was the odd thing. Rhead. Straight at the


goalkeeper. Good challenge by Power. They want


to get him off, actually. They were looking to make a substitution


moments ago. Jamie McCombe is waiting to come on.


Safe hands, Paul Farman. He will drop and hold. We have ten seconds


of stoppage time remaining. It will come back to Rhead. He will


hold it, surely. We've had the four minutes. If they keep it there, they


are through. Jack Muldoon, just on as a substitute. Came on during the


goal celebrations. Goal kick. Surely Ipswich don't have enough time.


Here comes Jamie McCombe. Six and 34 years of age. Craggy, experienced.


Centre-back to shore things up. Cruel taunts by the Lincoln fans to


Mick McCarthy. Five minutes of stoppage time.


CROWD: You're getting sacked in the morning! . A big hit and hope from


Chambers. Launched long and... That's it! They've done it! Lincoln


City have beaten a team 59 places above them in England's football


period. -- pyramid. FA Cup legends in the 1970s, Ipswich, are out. The


pressure will rise on Mick McCarthy, but it's all about Lincoln City,


they deserve it. Nathan Arnold in stoppage time. The crowd come on and


deservedly the victory is Lincoln's. By far the better team on the night.


They were more organised, they knew how to play and they got what they


deserved. Some standout performances from all of them. The manager set


them up to perfection will stop people like Rhead, Arnold, Power,


brilliant. Lincoln City have done it! Big shock.


Incredible scenes here. Such a dramatic way for Lincoln City to


make history. Since 1976 they haven't been in the fourth round of


the FA Cup and they are in its now. Trevor Sinclair and Terry Butcher


alongside me. We expected to say it was going to extra time and to ask


what the game plan would be. Nathan Arnold popped up and did for his


manager Danny Cowley, what they almost did Portman Road, but tonight


they finished the job in front of a home crowd of 10,000. Listen to the


home support, something special is happening here at Sincil Bank. The


players doing it on the pitch, the coaching staff have integrated them


into the community and to put in a performance like that is


outstanding. Everyone needs credit. This club is going places and you


can sense the excitement. The news will follow in a few minutes,


dominated by news of Brexit but it is Ipswich's exit tonight that will


cause Mick McCarthy nightmares tonight because that was a woeful


performance at times from his side. They couldn't match up to the


intensity and haranguing of that aside from Lincoln City. Let's hear


from the goal-scorer Nathan Arnold who is with Damien.


Nathan Vella many congratulations, describe your feelings as the ball


hit the net. We fully deserved it over the two Lakes and I was pleased


to get the goal. I was pleased, my Mrs had a dream that I scored and we


won 1-0. Had to keep your composure rounding the keeper. Yes, you've got


to stay calm in those moments and it was a great ball and my experience


kept my head call at that moment. Does that top what you achieved with


Grimsby scoring at Wembley? It is up there, definitely up there. Before


the game we backed ourselves and they made five changes, and, you


know, we wanted to take advantage of that and it's not always good if you


don't have continuity in the team. Proud of the lads and we deserve


that. Well done, Nathan, congratulations.


Terry Butcher, a goal that takes them into the fourth round and a


home tie against Brighton Hove Albion. It does, great build-up


play, that free kick from Lawrence, woeful defending from Ipswich,


Arnold goes around the keeper. I tell you what, Ipswich should be


having an autopsy on the way they played over the two games. Insipid,


I'm embarrassed. Blimey, that was an utter disgrace from Ipswich. Of


course, there was another non-league side left in the competition as the


night began, Sutton who played their rivals AFC Wimbledon, they were down


to ten men. Sutton ended up 3-1 winners. Two non-league sides left


in the draw now for the fourth round, left in the fourth round, the


draw happened a week ago and their reward is a tie against Leeds United


as well. What a night it has been, we promised drama and emotion,


because the last man to take them through to the fourth round of the


FA Cup was Graham Taylor. Tonight they have lauded his memory here and


as the big man himself would say, I think you will agree, did we not


like that? From all of us here at Sincil Bank, a very good night.


I'm not too sure how many nights quite at this have been experienced


at Sincil Bank. It is throbbing with anticipation of what is to come. The


cross and a big chance! Brilliant save!


Arnold! Arnold to win the cup


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