Fourth Round Draw The FA Cup

Fourth Round Draw

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Shoots, he scores. Scores! What seems here. They have done it again.


What a goal. Rooney! Equals the all-time goal-scoring record of Sir


Bobby Charlton. He scores against Cardiff City again.


Giroud has broken the hearts of Preston North End. Portsmouth have


held the mighty Liverpool at Anfield. Hello and welcome to Sutton


United, home of the lowest ranked side still left in the FA Cup. 31 of


the 32 ties have been played. We have Cambridge United against Leeds


to come this evening. Tonight we have players and staff from Sutton


United and representatives from AFC Wimbledon, who were their opponents


on Saturday. And also from Plymouth Argyle who had the draw at Liverpool


on Sunday afternoon. Let's not forget non-league Lincoln, they will


be in the hat for the fourth round after their thrilling 2-2 draw at


Ipswich. Lincoln arrived. This is the noise that they take to the FA


Cup stage. Robinson has made it 2-1 to Lincoln


City. Scored! The referee blasts on his whistle. That was magnificent


from Lincoln City. Two famous giant killers, horrible weather and the


controversial pitch. Lovely cup tie. Should have been in. Can this be


their moments, Sutton United. Why it goes! Good save, best of the game.


It goes to a replay. Goalless here. We have for Sutton United players.


Johns, Craig Nicky Bailey. When these five gentlemen arrived,


because comedian Tim Vine is here, he got the biggest cheer rather than


the players. They have seen me play football. You have your one and only


night of panto to come here? That's right. Oh yes I have! Oh no you


haven't. Supposed to be a night. Without rehearsal as well. Shall I


move on? This is the way I would like to spend the day off, come here


to Sutton United, be surrounded by these people. Oh no you wouldn't.


Let's talk to Lewis and Craig first of all. It was a special atmosphere


here on Saturday? Yes, the atmosphere was unbelievable. It was


the most fans I have seen since I have been here. It was noise the


whole game. It was a big moment for the club. It was tight all game? It


was very tight. We wanted to win, we had a few chances. But are we go


into the next game and we will have to finish our chances. You will feel


you have a chance in the next game because of the ones you created


here? We always create chances, we just have to take them next time.


Eric Samuelson, chief executive of AFC Wimbledon. It was a special day.


Given AFC Wimbledon's first ever game was here against Sutton in a


friendly? It was, 14 and a half years ago. They are good friends, it


is a good team and we have a terrific relationship. They gave us


a really hard game on Saturday and we were pleased to get through it at


the end. It was tough? , they had built a team used to playing on the


pitch and I would not knock artificial services. They are very


good, but we struggled on it a bit. We were grateful to get them back


onto our pitch and hopefully we can get through next time. The fourth


round draw is on shortly. First, let's take a look at some of the EFL


clubs who have pushed Premier League clubs all the way. Here comes the


delivery. Plays in Morrison. Onside. Low cross coming in. 2-0. David


Worrall plays it forward. Into the box. Shoots, he scores.


Shooting chance! What a great strike by Philips. Goes for and equalises.


Left footed and it is in. Derby are 2-1 up. It is officially the


youngest ever line-up in the club's history. Wood burnt. Daniel


Sturridge. Just beyond the post. Daniel Sturridge with the ball in.


Delivery comes towards Daniel Sturridge. It was almost an own


goal. It is an incredible result in Cup history. We can talk to the


Plymouth Argyle chief executive, who joins us now. Thanks for being here.


You have put in the miles over the last 24 hours? Yes, back and forth


to Liverpool them back here. We are used to it in Plymouth, we are


always travelling. Worth it? It was a fantastic atmosphere at Anfield


yesterday, 8500 took over the end at Anfield Road and they made a huge


amount of noise and encourage the players all the way. One of the


special things about the cup, the away fans get a bigger allocation so


it allows you to get a proper atmosphere? Definitely, Liverpool


were very good, they gave us a few hundred more than the 15% they were


obliged to do. Our fans made a real weekend of it. It was fantastic to


be there. Now you get the added bonus of bringing them back to


yours. You get the money spinning away tie and you get the chance to


knock them out at home? It is a little bit of a hurdle Axel but we


are confident. I did predict a goalless draw at Anfield, but I


think we have every chance. Derek Adams set out the team very well at


Anfield. The players executed the game plan perfectly and made it


difficult for what it was, very good Liverpool side even though they were


understrength. One of the most impressive things he has done the


this season is make sure heads didn't go down after the failure to


get up from League 2 through the play-offs last season? Yes, everyone


knows about the depression that can set in after a play-off final


defeat. Eric Samuelson is here, and I hope I don't get them in the next


round if we both get through. But we have bought a few players and Derek


and his coaching staff are very positive people and that has helped


tremendously. The atmosphere implement this morning? Very quiet,


a lot of them were getting over the celebrations, to be honest with you.


I don't blame them. Martin, thank you. You will find out who you get


in the draw. Here it is, from the BT Tower.


Wembley is where the FA Cup journey ends. From the 736 teams who entered


the competition in August, dreaming of that, just 42 remain and are in


the draw at the Emirates FA Cup fourth round including two


non-league sides. Very good luck to the players of Lincoln and Sutton, I


am sure you are watching with interest. 627 feet above the capital


at the top of another national landmark, the iconic BT Tower, where


we will discover who plays who from Chelsea to Sutton United, 105 places


between them. Thanks for joining us. Where ever you are in the world


watching this, best of luck with the draw this evening. It is always a


special evening. You cannot do this sort of thing on your own, so I have


brought some friends. Good evening everyone. Good evening. You could be


playing each other in the next round. They have already had a row.


The spirit of the FA Cup is alive and well. I have a couple of men who


know what it is like to do well in this competition. Michael Allen and


Martin Keown. We have all scored the winning goal of an FA Cup final in


our back garden, but you have done it, Michael? If I could do it again,


this would be it. It was an amazing day to come back from the dead and


score a couple of goals, it is the stuff of dreams. Your mum is here as


well and she said it was her greatest day as well. Where was the


defending, Martin? I had gone up for a corner. Tony Adams, Lee Dixon,


ageing defenders, he was unstoppable on the day. Nice to see blaming your


team-mates. Not all been bad for you, that was heartbreaking, but you


have won it three times. It is the FA Cup that inspired you to get into


football? No doubt, in 1924I dream about playing in the FA Cup final. I


was lucky enough to do it. Great days, great memories and the FA Cup,


I was very lucky to have won it three times. Great to see both here.


We were covering Liverpool against Plymouth yesterday and Juergen Klopp


said he will play the kids again the replay. Plymouth will not make it


easy! They didn't make it easy at Anfield, I still fancy Liverpool,


but it is a great result for Plymouth and this is what the FA Cup


is all about. Smaller clubs playing against the big boys and taking so


many fans away and getting their just rewards. Arsenal through


against Preston, but it wasn't easy. What is wrong with Arsenal at the


moment? Premier League away record is what it should be. But you cannot


dispute something's record in this competition. They could be strong


favourites. No pressure, make sure you give a decent draw to the two


non-league sides left in the competition. All eyes are new two


and all eyes are on these numbers. Let's you a key number. Number one


is non-league Lincoln or Ipswich Town. Manchester United are numbered


three. Eyes will be on number 17 and number 23. AFC Wimbledon or Sutton.


Here we go, time for the draw of the fourth round of the FA Cup. Make


sure every single ball goes out of the bag and into that part. I will


try. -- Potter. Michael, home teams to you, away teams for Martin. Let's


begin the draw. Number 26. Tottenham Hotspur, who


haven't reached the final since they won it since 1991. They play Wycombe


Wanderers, number 18. Decent draw. Big Day out for the Wycombe


Wanderers fans. Number 15. Derby County, lost just one of their last


12 matches in all competitions against... Number 16. Leicester


City, the Premier League champions, short hop across to Derby. Number


32. Oxford United have reached the fourth round for consecutive seasons


and they are at home to... Number 12. Newcastle United or Birmingham.


Number 30. Number 30. AFC Wimbledon or Sutton United, who


will go to a replay. Sutton, the lowest division side will play...


Cambridge united or Leeds United. In play this evening.


Number 17, Plymouth or Liverpool will get a home draw against number


22. Wolverhampton Wanderers, who progressed past the first round for


the first time since 2011. Number 29. That's Southampton or


Norwich City, who went to a replay. Number 20. And they play Arsenal,


who have not lost in the fourth round since 2010. Arsenal, away from


home, on the coast or out east at Norwich. Number one. Lincoln or


Ipswich, after that thrilling draw. Who do they get? Number nine.


Brighton and Hove Albion will be the reward after their replay.


Number 13. Number 13 is Chelsea, who have


reached the fourth round for 19 consecutive seasons. Number 27. 27,


Brentford, who have reached the fourth round for the second time and


that is a tough draw. A London Derby there. Number three.


Manchester United at home again in the fourth round of the cup. Number


11. They play Wigan athletic, who won at


home for the first time since September at the weekend.


Number seven. Is Millwall. Great result for them at the


weekend. They reach the semifinal. They are at home to... Number 19.


Watford, who reached the semifinal last season. Millwall up against


Watford. Number two.


Rochdale. Number 25. And their reward is 25 - Huddersfield Town,


unbeat no-one the last eight matches in all competitions.


Number five. Burnley or Sunderland. They are on the replay against...


Number 24. Another replay - Fleetwood Town or Bristol City.


Number six. Blackburn Rovers. You have come out. Here we go. Who have


you got in the next round? Number Ten.


Blackburn play, Barnsley or black poosmt he's nodding his head. He's


happy with that. Our Blackburn fan is happy with that.


Number 21. Fulham and victory against Cardiff.


Number four. Fulham will play Hull, who won against Swansea and needed


that win at the weekend. Manchester City, of course, still remain, they


are dwrot be drawn. Number 14 -- are dwrot be drawn. Number 14. Middles


burger. They are at home to... Number 31. Accrington Stanley.


Manchester City, home or away, let's find out. 28.


Crystal Palace or Bolton, who draw against... Number eight. Which is


Manchester City. So there you go. Pep's team are the last to be drawn.


Gentlemen, thank you very much. Think are you are happy with that.


They are nodding their heads. Thank you very much. Thank you for your


hard work. It can either all go wrong, but it went perfectly well


this evening. The weekend of the 27th to 30th January. There you go,


the draw for the round done and dusted. Whoever you draw, enjoy the


match and thank you very much. Liverpool or Plymouth will host


Wolves. Arsenal to Norwich or Southampton. Southampton knocked


them out of the Cup. There's a local game between Chelsea


and Brentford. Wigan will go to Manchester United.


He was the reserve team manager, and Millwall, after knocking out


Bournemouth, get another Premier League side in Watford.


Rochdale, host championship side Huddersfield.


Let's talk Plymouth first, with Martin. So it will be Wolves at


home. When we have beaten Liverpool, you mean? Yeah. I think that is a


task we've got on our hands. Anything can happen in the FA Cup,


as you have seen. We are happy to have a home draw. Wolves are bound


to bring a big following. Hopefully we'll get that far. It will be a


great occasion again. I will get the Sutton view in just a moment, but


from an AFC Wimbledon point of view, Cambridge or leads coming to you? We


need to beat Sutton first. That is far from a given. Any home draw is


great. We prefer Leeds. OK. Cambridge and Leeds is the final


game tonight. There is a round of the goal competition on the BBC


Sport website. Here are the contenders so far. There could be


more going in tonight. Then you can vote from tomorrow.


A long-range effort and into the far corner of the net and Accrington


take the lead, with one minute gone. ... To the corner of the box. Sees


Costa free on the right. Floats the ball over to him. Costa looking for


a delivery. Shoots and scores. Costa. 1-0 Wolverhampton Wanderers,


just inside the half an hour. Brentford get it away on the break


away. Can they make it three? The


unselfish thing and it is curled in. And Brentford make it 3-0.


Oh, it is the perfect start for Arsenal with Ramsey. What a


fantastic strike from Aaron Ramsey. Through the middle Sinclair. He


makes it two. Terrific run and finish from Jerome


Sinclair, who surely sends Watford into round four.


Lovely ball by Billing. Released Payne. Payne shoots. Drilled in from


the far post. And 2-0! Wolves could be going to a


fourth round. A wonderful free kick.


Plays it back. That is the pick of the bunch.


Brentford have scored again. It looks like it might be Leadbitter


to take it. It is. He finds the far corner.


Finds Beck, 25 yards. Goes for goal. Equalisers. Darren Bent from range,


in front of those 5,350 Derby fans. Sends them into applause.


Let's get reaction to the Sutton draw, take on Cambridge or leads at


home. The assistant manager is here along side me. Happy? A lot of


football to be played before that one. Very entertaining tie between


ourselves and Wimbledon. I think the manager will be sitting at home,


unwell as he is, thinking, at the end of it is a home tie, so we will


take that. You would take that, wouldn't you? If you get the same


atmosphere as on Saturday, if you get through. Not going to lie. It is


not the draw we probably were looking for. But if we get through


Wimbledon, then we'll fancy beating anyone down here. All your fellow


Sutton fans were chanting easy, easy, easy. Sorry to betray


confidence... And Bruce may pick me up. In 1970 Billy Bremner's leads


beat us. We came here for revenge. It is time!


Do you know what annoys me about that, they told me that in my ear. I


could sound smart and you ruined it. I am even more annoyed because I was


going to tell you that as well. I am rather like Eric. We have a tough


game in the replay, but I am with him. For nostalgia reasons, if


anything else, obviously that would be wonderful. If we can get past AFC


Wimbledon and we are an excellent team on grass, so there's hopefully


Leeds at the end of it and that would be a real rematch. The cliche


is you cannot think about that until the replay is played. Of course you


can't think about the game until obviously we play AFC Wimbledon. I


feel we will go to their ground and the players what we got, we have a


good chance of winning. We had quite a few chances of winning here. We


didn't convert them. Hopefully we will go there and convert our


chances. Saturday was everything you wanted of it? Saturday is one of


those days that I am sure everybody here will remember forever. One of


those where you will look back and say, well I was there. I witnessed


it. I wasn't there, Bruce! No! That is one of the reasons why


it was Sutton. That is one of the reasons why it


was such a good day because Tim wasn't here. Yes, it was a fabulous


day. I think it all went well. The arrangements went well. Other than


perhaps taking one of our chances, that would have made it the perfect


day. But it was a fabulous day. Bruce, thank you for your


hospitality, as always. Let me take you through the football coming your


way across the BBC. From here, in Sutton, thank you very


much to everybody who has been here. The fourth round tie, last weekend


in January. Good night.


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