Third Round Highlights - Sunday The FA Cup

Third Round Highlights - Sunday

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He's done it again! What a goal. What seems at Adams Park.


Akinfenwa hits home. Olivier Giroud to break the hearts of Preston,


right at the end of the game. Ferguson, into the box. Can he wrap


it up? He shoots, he scores. Wayne Rooney equals the all-time


goal-scoring record of Sir Bobby Charlton for Manchester United.


FA Cup third round weekend has brought us plenty of thrills,


All of today's highlight's from a five-star Sunday to come,


with the Premier League's top three each taking on an EFL


side looking to write their names into Cup history.


Kevin Kilbane and Mark Lawrenson provide the late night punditry.


First tonight, Premier League leaders Chelsea have lost just one


of their last 35 FA Cup home games against lower league opposition -


that 4-2 defeat to Bradford City two years ago.


League One Peterborough United were today hoping for a repeat.


Simon Brotherton was at Stamford Bridge.


It is 52 years since Peter Browne last knocked out a team from the top


flight in the FA Cup, beating Arsenal in 1965 en route to the


quarterfinals where they lost here at Stamford Bridge -- Peter borough.


Two changes the Chelsea, notable ones at the back as Kurt Zouma plays


the first time for a while, while John Terry makes his first


appearance since November. Peter Brett include Tom Nichols, who


scored against Liverpool last year to help Exocet earn a 2-2 draw and


the much talked about 18-year-old midfielder, Leonardo Da Silva Lopes,


from Portugal. Loftus-Cheek out wide, collected by Pedro. Advantage


played by the referee. Into Willian. First corner of the afternoon. A


good move from Chelsea. Worth the advantage from the referee, but


Willian unable to cut it back. Delivery into the near post, and


almost squeezed in beyond Luke McGee. Just managed to get down to


the ball. The flick from Gary Cahill so close to going in at the near


post. Great start from Antonio Conte a's much changed lined up. --


line-up. A first taste of the FA Cup at the Chelsea Italian manager. Good


chance, and Begovic makes the save. A chance here for Peterborough as


the ball was met by Angol and Begovic was able to make the save at


point-blank range. Peterborough will be encouraged on the last couple of


minutes. A shade too far in front of Leonardo


Da Silva Lopes. Chelsea with a chance to break. Batshuayi up there.


Willian still going. Diving in was Tafazolli. Fabregas tries to place


it. Chalobah are bringing the save. 1-0 Chelsea. Pedro. Chelsea just


would not be denied. Pedro gives them the lead in the 18th minute of


the game. Good, strong running by Willian. Lots of space for


Loftus-Cheek. Fabregas with the initial shot. Good save to a night


-- deny Shalimar. -- Calabar. He scored the opening goal at Boxing


Day, and he has the opening goal here as well. Fabregas. Willian.


Skipping three. Batshuayi to his right. Michy Batshuayi. Saved by


McGee. Chelsea threatening a second goal here. Batshuayi was quick to


shoot but not enough zip on the shot to trouble McGee. Fabregas. Flick


from Willian. This is beautiful play. Loftus-Cheek tries to apply


the finish. Denied by McGee first time. He smacks atop the bar. The


initial move from Chelsea was fantastic. The finish at the end,


clearly not. This was superb way, initially between Willian and


Batshuayi, then Loftus-Cheek. Good save by the goalkeeper and Pedro


should have made it 2-0. Darren Anthony, the Peter Boro chairman. --


Peterborough chairman. Enjoying occasions like today. Just five


minutes to half-time. Batshuayi's turn. Willian in support. Pedro as


well. Willian looks for the opportunity to shoot, but blocked by


the legs of McGee once more. Luke McGee has certainly performed well


in this first half and called on again here to deny another promising


Chelsea attack as Pedro set up Willian. There is Barry Fry,


director of football at Peterborough. He was in the dug out


the last time they played here at Stamford Bridge, in 2001, beaten


5-0. What a pass from Willian. Ivanovic with lots of time and bags


of support. Batshuayi. Great chance. 2-0. And Chelsea made that look so


easy. And Michy Batshuayi has his fourth of the season. Pass from


Willian, look at the space for Ivanovic. So much time and three


unmarked players. An selfies from Loftus-Cheek. -- unselfish. A casual


finish from Batshuayi, who dispatched it past Luke McGee and


with half-time not far away, Chelsea lead 2-0. No changes made by either


manager at half-time. Chelsea push forward. Batshuayi, the provider. A


great chance for free, but not taken by Ruben Loftus-Cheek. -- 43. Nearly


the perfect start to the second half. Loftus-Cheek unable to find


the bottom corner. Fabregas with a long ball forward.


Pedro in possession here and he has support. Willian will go for goal.


And he finds the back of the net to increase the Chelsea lead up to 3-0,


and you have to say this FA Cup third Round tie looks done and


dusted in terms of the outcome. Willian gets the goal his


performance deserves this afternoon in the 52nd minute of the game. In


space, here. Onto the right foot. And lashed into the back of the net.


Chelsea looking good and looking likely now to make it 19 years in a


row in which they have got past the third round in the FA Cup. A bit of


a rest today for Eden Hazzard who has started all but one match in the


Premier League this season and what impact he has made -- Eden Hazard.


He has the making of a long working second half for Peterborough if they


are not careful. -- long looking. Fabregas with the shot. Chalobah has


done well here. Batshuayi with the backheel. Willian. It was merely a


superb goal, wide and just over from Daniel Chalobah one. -- Nathaniel


Chalobah. A moment between Diego Costa and Antonio Conte eh. He is


not always been so happy sitting on the bench, of course, especially


when Jose Mourinho was just in front of him last year, I seem to


remember. This is Willian. Away from Emyr Huws. Just a shade short on the


return. Forrester is forward, and Zouma is stretching. John Terry goes


down in front of him, Angol to the ground. John Terry pleads with the


referee and it is a straight red card for the Chelsea captain on his


return to the first-team and you sense from his reaction, as soon as


it happened, that he knew he might be in big trouble. Zouma stretched,


didn't get there, and Angol appended by Terry. Kevin Friend reaching for


the red card. Could Peterborough by Terry. Kevin Friend reaching for


make a game of this cup tie yet? In by Forrester. A good spell the Peter


Browne -- Peterborough. Tom Nichols was there. And 6000 Peterborough


fans in Stamford Bridge have something to smile about. They have


had a good little spell in the game following the Serio -- sending of


John Terry, and Nicols is there, past Begovic. Chelsea three,


Peterborough zero. The wider Peterborough how play they deserved


a goal from the match. Is it the start of a remarkable comeback. Now


Pedro. Waiting patiently on the far side.


Straight to MA Hughes, who cannot find a team-mate. Collected by Einar


-- Aina. Into Pedro, lovely goal. The second of the afternoon, the


fourth for Chelsea and their 3-goal lead is just -- restored. Aina


initially involved, forward to Batshuayi, turning this way and


that, then Pedro with pinpoint accuracy with the shot for Chelsea's


board. A fourth goal surely enough accuracy with the shot for Chelsea's


to put Chelsea into the fourth round. Dashboard Chelsea's fourth.


N'Golo Kante is a way. Pedro looking for a hat-trick. Can he complete the


job? Batshuayi! Pedro still going for it. N'Golo Kante. Chelsea


looking for the fifth goal in added time. Fabregas. And Chalobah not


even close. Chelsea have not lost in the third round stage since they


were beaten 5-3 by Manchester United in 1998 never like losing this type.


-- tidy. You change the players and it's


never easy to play a good game, if you want to be that kind of team,


but today we showed we can be a team and I'm pleased for the players that


in this moment those who are playing less, they showed me a good form,


and yes, I am satisfied with the result and also the performance of


my team. We could have come here and sat off and let them have the ball


but we thought we would get stuck in and it worked for the first 20


minutes. We had a couple of chances which we needed to put away and then


they punished us. They are in the Premiership reason. You need to take


those chances and we had a of hope late on, but too little, too late. A


good win in the first round. At home, with the supporters, very good


and good teamwork today, so we have this victory and I'm very happy for


the result. I think the biggest difference today was how clinical


they work around the box. They passed balls into the corner. We get


chances and we over the crossbar. It's something we need to work on


with the centre forwards and midfielders but the boys were


outstanding for 15 minutes, and then we went off a bit and in the second


half we matched them. I know there was a sending-off but I thought we


matched them the whole 45 minutes. Chelsea have scored in all 40 FA Cup


teams -- games. Fantastic support from Peterborough. They played their


part? Quite often when teams come to the top of a Premier League and they


sit there and make it difficult but it was blow for blow, and some of


the football Peterborough played was really good but Chelsea were in


great form and it was important to win after defeat to Tottenham on


Wednesday and the passing and movement and they showed why they


are top team. The big-name attackers, Fabregas, Willian,


outstanding. Grant McCann talked about them being clinical, that was


a difference, Pedro was excellent but Willian has shown he has not


started a lot of games recently with Conte reverting to three up front


but in this inside right channel, he was so hard to be picked up in these


positions and everything he did had quality and purpose, stepping in to


play, that linkup play with Batshuayi was excellent and it was


consistent, constant throughout. They could not live with him today.


He was outstanding. Because he has not been on the side, Lance having


to dig a chance when they come in, and he did that. Again, with his


movement and ability, this was a superb ball, creating the goal that


Batshuayi scored, superb play initially but it was everything. And


certainly, if ever there was a player who deserved their school, it


was him. Taken so well in the end. I just felt today, the way they


played, Chelsea, Peterborough have been so open, going at them, it


suited them with those attacking players. Everybody is talking about


the system with those wingbacks but what this has done, it has freed up


people like Pedro and Willian and all of a sudden, instead of being


out wide, in the middle of the pitch there is more room to play and they


have the freedom to go for that. Willian was brilliant. The big


talking point... John Terry's sending-off. Kevin enjoyed this. He


was not his friend with this decision. That was a foul. He


stopped getting through. He didn't really touch him but he still


stopped the Peterborough player from going forward. I don't think there


was any other option. It does look soft but he knows what he is


getting. Three of the last six red cards have been for John Terry.


There wasn't much contact but there was a great through ball from Chris


Forrester but John Terry knows immediately, he upended Angol. In


that second, that classic thing. You know the legs are going, what can I


do? Batshuayi... He has said he has to take his chance at some point.


Did he do enough for a place in the Premier League? No! In front of cost


a? And he was not picked, and Conte made that statement by simply not


talking about it. By not picking him. He can only get better. If he


sits on the bench every week and watches Costa, he will get better.


Plymouth Argyle are flying high in League Two but only just squeezed


past Newport County in the second round.


A trip to Anfield to face Liverpool, who've never lost an FA Cup game


Alistair Mann watched Klopp v Adams.


It is 9000 visiting supporters will make this feel like a cup tie


bristling with possibility. Those fans might have been a by the


Liverpool selection. Jurgen Klopp next ten changes, deploying five


teenagers, including Gomez after that 14 month injury lay-off.


Officially the youngest ever line-up in the history of the club. Plymouth


have the strongest side, Fox and Carey, who has been here many times


as a Liverpool fanatic with his family here to watch him. Divided


loyalties. Lucas. Woodburn hugging the left-hand touchline, lovely


ball. Ejaria made that burst. Liverpool corner.


Plenty back for Plymouth. Liverpool free kick. You can see the raised


foot, right into the chest area, almost, even though Stewart was


ducking. That was probably on target. There is no offside. An


opportunity for Ojo. It killed the pace of the intended header.


Incomes Ejaria. Crowded out. Happy to play on. Here is Woodburn! Well


stopped by McCormick. And that is a Plymouth free kick. To release some


of the pressure. The first time that Luke McCormick has been truly


tested. More than 80% possession for a Liverpool in the opening 20


minutes. That gives you a strong indication as to what we have been


witnessing. Plymouth still in there. Stewart. Towards Origi. And he will


get there! Foul. Given the free kick. Last of the Whistle stops the


celebrations before they can get going. Just the arm around the back


of Miller prevents Origi from getting his goal. You can see what


the gaffer thinks. He has been in charge since June 2015, the former


Ross County manager, he took them to their first-ever Scottish Cup final


in 2010. Towards Moreno. That should have been dealt with and that breaks


for Woodburn. At the moment, it was about to connect with the finishing


blow. It just eased out of his position. Applause from his manager.


Carey, Slew. That will go down as an attempt, even if it was something


like 20 feet wide of the post. Just a little glimmer of encouragement.


That is the green barrier again in front of Liverpool. Queried this


time by Jervis. Threlkeld beaten to it. Woodburn. Opening up the angle


for the cross. Andy header at the far post, Ojo sliding out. Not an


attractive piece of play from Woodburn, the cross stood up at the


far post. And there was a claim of handball against Purrington. Here is


Woodburn. Now Ojo. Woodburn. Sturridge! One ball's with between


the post. He has not been on long but his arrival has been impactful.


Saint John and Jimmy Tarbuck wondering if their side will have to


make their way to the south coast. Another good block. This time by


Fox. Sturridge with the ball in and that just eludes Ojo. McCormick


flopping onto the ball and it looks to the flag to save it was offside.


Lovely ball. Just too far in front of the extended leg of Ojo.


Alexander-Arnold starting Liverpool. That is a foul. Free kick to


Plymouth. The way he landed seems to be the reason for the problem. There


is more than 53,000 at Anfield today. And they are rising to


applaud the sad sight of Gary Miller of being stretchered off. On this


historic day for the fourth year Plymouth Argyle. Here is Lallana.


Moreno. Firmino. Sturridge. Onto the top of the net. For all of the


possession and locations on which Liverpool have breast Plymouth,


McCormick has not been stretched that often. They queued up from the


small hours for this match at Anfield. I suspect they might even


be longer for the replay, should that take place. Still not over yet.


Here is Firmino. Again, leg in the way, this time from Smith, the


substitute. Lucas cannot reach it. Ojo goes to retrieve it. Sturridge.


Side netting. I think a portion of the ground that it had gone in but


that was just the side netting for Sturridge. Lucas. So many times over


the years... Ties like this have been settled in the last five


minutes but goodness me! Here comes Jervis around the back! Forget the


replay, Jervis was thinking, we can win this! So few opportunities but


this was one of them and he drags the shot agonisingly wide. Almost


there, they were thinking. Four minutes left to go. Lallana. By way


by Songo'o. Alexander-Arnold, coming away from him. Slew. Back by the


young full-back. Here is Ojo. Free kick, Liverpool. Slew penalised. It


was a little bit too obvious. The delivery comes towards Sturridge and


it was almost an own goal, I think. McCormick flopping onto the ball.


That is the last thing they would have wanted, it hits Smith, it could


have gone in but it did not. To maintain their levels of


concentration, to maintain their shape and discipline and show no


signs of tiredness or mental fatigue, that is an enormous


tribute. It is another corner. Is there time to take it? Firmino goes


over, there is a smile on the face of Jurgen Klopp, there is no time


after this. The referee calls time! It is an incredible results. In FA


Cup history. Plymouth Argyle, the fourth tier of the English game,


have held the mighty Liverpool at Anfield. And they will take them


back to home Park for the replay that thousands of supporters will


never forget. You came here with a game plan but


when you saw the Liverpool team sheet, did that give you extra


incentive? We knew Liverpool would make changes but the players they


had today have had a lot of first-team experience in them, they


had younger players but they are at Liverpool for a reason, they believe


in their ability. But we had a very good defensive display. It was


in their ability. But we had a very important we did that and a lot


Liverpool the ball but when we had the ball we still created a couple


of opportunities. The biggest challenge in football is to play


against the deep defending side, we had a young side and it is difficult


but we can do better. And we can still go through to the next round.


More of a learning process than restriction? I am not frustrated. I


knew before the game. It could have been exactly the same. The same


problem. It is not likely but possible. A lot of them to cover


Liverpool last night. They have come here, 9000 of them, very vocal from


the start to finish, they will go home very happy. I have come here as


a fan and I had chills in the back of my net -- neck, no different


today. We stuck to the game plan and we truly deserved the replay. It


causes an extra headache. As it does to Liverpool but it is great for the


City that we have a Premier League team coming. We're still in the next


round as well. They obviously want the rematch and they deserved that


and we will go there. And try to do better. Another game? Yes. Until


then, I hope we have enough players and rotate, probably!


Not many sides go to Liverpool and force a replay.


The last side from the fourth tier to draw an FA Cup game at Anfield


Derek Adams got his tactics spot-on, Mark?


The day was all about Plymouth. They were absolutely fantastic, the way


they defended. They never carried an attacking threat but that does not


matter and what this result does for the club is again, in terms of where


they are, second in their division, chance of promotion, maybe even get


them a couple of players in January. Every single man. And cried, the


supporters were magnificent. Only the second team to come to Anfield


this season and keep a clean sheet. The first team was Manchester


United. And they threw themselves at everything today. They had to.


Jurgen Klopp said that they fielded a young side from the start, which


they did. This was the best chance of the game for Liverpool. Ojo not


sure where he is and in the end gets the end of his nose on it. You can


see here, when Liverpool break, look at all of those green shirts trying


to get back. Woodburn unlucky. That really was the sum of it. Talk about


organisation! Everybody back. The first fellow missed that, the next


got that, they were just so disciplined. And I have to say, even


when Liverpool started to throw the bigger players on, like Firmino and


Sturridge, it was the same thing. Derek Adams said defensively was the


best performance and Phil had seen. What was important was getting back


in position. -- and had seen. The stats were amazing, 25 headed


clearances, 52 crosses into the box and winning 38 of the headers and 14


blocked shots. Sturridge came on and tried to change it a bit, but it was


how quick they filtered back into shape, out of position, into shape


and everyone knowing their drugs. -- jobs.


It hopefully won't be a long job going back. Look at these scenes,


they are amazing. It's what the FA Cup is about. I don't profess to


know the history premise Argyll but I think it would've been their top


three results ever -- Plymouth Argyle extremely well-deserved. They


are going well in League 2. Do you fancy them to nick the replay? At


home, anything can happen. Liverpool might play one of the big hitters


home, anything can happen. Liverpool and they might make a difference.


And then you expect Liverpool to get through. Different game, Plymouth


will have to try and win. So Plymouth Argyle dreaming


of a Wembley date in May. And if you fancy playing there,


too, here's your chance. The 2017 FA People's Cup


launched this week. Nick Bright from Radio


1Xtra will tell you more. On Saturday the 27th of May, 90,000


people will fill this stadium for the FA Cup final and you could be


one of them. Sign up your five-a-side team, win your category,


and not only could you be here for the game, you can be walking out


onto the hallowed turf at half-time to collect your trophy. Go to the


website and register now. Do get involved.


Aston Villa had a poor start to the season in the Championship


following relegation from the Premier League.


The appointment of Steve Bruce has steadied the Villa ship.


But a trip to Tottenham Hotspur is a tough task.


Commentary from Danny Murphy and Steve Wilson.


In the history of this competition, these two clubs are top royalty,


reaching the final 22 times between them, Villa have nine finals, Spurs


have 12. Spurs leading eight wins against Villas seven. Alderweireld


survives from the team that beat Chelsea in midweek. Aston Villa give


a goalkeeper debut to Sam Johnston, signed from Manchester United on


Thursday, Gabriel Agbonlahor leads the line. It's impossible to


overstate what Sam -- shambolic season was last season for Aston


Villa and Agbonlahor is still reclaiming his career. That is a


terrific run. That is a super run, and something we don't see enough


from him. He has this power and ability to get past people.


Struggling down the wrong end of the Championship when he took over, and


now they are 12. So Steve Bruce has improved them. Here is Jack


Grealish. And Bacuna, he is capable, certainly from set pieces. A tad


ambitious from there but he does have a good strike on him normally.


No problem there. This is the game Spurs are playing, that eventually


but they have theoretical extra quality, which should count. Bacuna.


A good spell for Aston Villa. Their best, I would say. Grealish might


think about the shot. It needed to curl of his left, but it didn't.


Worth a go. Much better from Aston Villa. More players higher up the


pitch. A bit wild on his left foot, Grealish. Spurs just lacking a


little bit of direction at the moment.


Jansen. Sissoko. Davies providing the overlap. Davies with the ball


in. And it was behind Janssen and too far in front of Son. They could


take more risks in possession, in their wish to unpick Villa. Janssen,


and back into Son. Almost of Amartey into his own net. Nearly went off a


defender. Gets a bit of luck on the ricochet. Amavi does well, actually.


Gets a bit of luck. Forward to Son. It bounced off Winks. Son using his


body to turn Amavi. Into Son, back to Janssen. He doesn't hesitate, he


got the shot away but straight into the midriff of the keeper, as it


happens. Nice and strong, little give and go. Thought he might try


and set it outside the far post. Trippi was spotted, and he found


him. His ball in, and Son can control it, but then mis-hit it. In


the context of this game, it's a great chance. A great chance and a


poor finish from Son, but what a cross. Does not wait, and it is


going in. No conviction in that. Slashes at it. So, Janssen is coming


off, and Dele Alli is coming on. Seven goals in his last four games.


Son, beautifully left by Kieran Trippier. It's the shot, really good


save. Sam Johnston with the save. Well hit by Son. Good turn. Got a


bit tired. Terrific save. Was in the League Cup final in his first season


as Tottenham manager, losing to Chelsea. Never actually been beyond


the fifth round as manager will either Southampton or Spurs.


Grealish, forward to Hutton. And a chance. Agbonlahor blocked it.


Chester's chance might have been the better one. Look at Alderweireld's


desire. Some intent from Aston Villa as well. Three quarters of the way


through the game now. Dele Alli. On as a substitute for Spurs. Running


at Alan Hutton. Deflected. Good save by eight John Stone. -- by Johnston.


Good ball to pick out, unlucky from Winks with a deflection. Eric Dier.


Davies. Left by Ali. Hutton is covering. Here is the substitute.


And it is in. Davies with a glancing header and Tottenham Hotspur have


the lead with 20 minutes to go, and Ben Davies pops up with a header in


the opposition penalty area. And the substitute provided straightaway,


Son, and Davies provides his first-ever top on goal. Just come


onto the page, NDoukou, but he's put a good ball in. Found his feet.


Really good header. Just behind him. The guides it into the corner. What


he's doing in there, I don't really know. That is a lovely header. Yes,


clever. Ben Davies, just about the most unlikely Spurs scorer. Dele


Alli. That is a good ball. Sissoko. Good save. Stood up well. He would


not commit, the goalkeeper, until Sissoko blinked first, and it's a


good save. He did well. Gets in far too easily, and that looks like a


poor challenge. NDoukou. Away to Kieran Trippier. Trippier. Sissoko


in behind Amavi. Evander NDoukou, and he finds the net and he puts


Tottenham Hotspur into the fourth round of the FA Cup. A well worked


goal to finish the Aston Villa resistance. Right on cue, Sissoko,


producing quality in the final third. Nicely worked. A good, --


good give and go. Nice, easy finish, but a good pick out. You've got to


be calm when you get in there and get the right path. Villa have got


what they deserved. They've been disappointing, in all honesty.


NDoukou, Son, and NDoukou did really well. Not far away from tapping in a


third. The exuberance of youth. Really good play. So positive and


direct. Great pace. Could not quite pick him out.


Chased by Hutton. Square to Son, should be free. But a good save


again. -- should be three. The on loan Aston Villa has earned his


corn, especially in the second half. Done well. Good pass. Gives that


keeper time to come out. That is the final whistle at White Hart Lane. A


big brace between the two managers. Aston Villa will return to their


attempts to get out of the Championship but Tottenham March on,


comfortably in the end. It finishes 2-0. It was nearly 70 minutes 0-0


and we the system to try to change the game and it was good, because we


scored. After the second goal, I'm very pleased. Always difficult. I am


pleased for the players. I train hard every day and it's difficult


because I have Kyle Walker in front of me. I have to keep working hard


and whenever I call upon I do the best of my team. The breakthrough


came from the man next year, a first goal in a Spurs shirt and a great


time to get it. I pick it was coming. A tough time in the game. We


were sloppy and making a few mistakes. But in the end we got it


and from thereon we had to see the game out. We had to defend well and


run 1 million miles because they are game out. We had to defend well and


a good side and we had a big chance in the game, Chester and Agbonlahor


have a chance where you hope they can take it and make something to


hang onto. A touch disappointed with the goal because they didn't have to


do much. Brawl the defensive work, one cross the box and we didn't deal


with it -- for all of the defensive work. The only time we didn't, it's


in the back of the net. Spurs go marching on.


Fresh from their Premier League win over Chelsea in midweek,


that's now six wins in a row, scoring 17 goals


A good week for Spurs. Yes, they found a team that came to frustrate


and they struggle to break them down. The nine changes to Tottenham


did not help the continuity or from an attacking point of view. Probably


the change of system and personnel in the second half probably helped


them. To be blunt, one man change the game. It was a good advert for


penalties, that game, then your man comes on. I sat in this chain --


chair when Tottenham played at Watford and he was sensational. When


he came on and it was like a completely different game. As though


nothing happened before. His first touch is too good to anyone on the


pitch. It looks like a bad lay-off, but it's not. He flicks around the


corner, but his team-mate was not reading it. Just everything he does,


he skips across the ground and nobody seems to be able to lay a


glove on him. But he sees so much. He's very, very unselfish and always


thinking, always moving and always getting himself into position. You


hear about teens managers talking about playing between the lines.


That's what he does. Minimum amount of touches. Cross comes in. What a


good header that is. That was the opening goal and that was the big


thing in the game. A bit sloppy, Aston Villa and should have cut it


out. Second comes in, but Dele Alli, he can be anything he wants.


Spurs fans will not like this but this is modern football. Newspapers


are speculating that Barcelona and Real Madrid are looking at him. Is


he good enough? Of course. He is better off trying to improve, Spurs


are good position, it would be great for him if he carries Spurs to some


sort of championship challenge because they will go close again


with the way they play. He has only been here for a non-2 minutes. But


he could. If you look at some players and the newspapers build


them up, but him... And your assessment of Aston Villa?


Concentrate on the championship because they played 4-6. I


understand with Steve Bruce they will play that way to get the replay


but they were not good enough on the day. But they have the right man.


Thank you. No Harry Kane today as his girlfriend gave birth to little


Ivy Jane today. Ritzy Pochettino dedicated that went to the new


addition to the household and from all of us on Match of the Day,


congratulations to one and all. Middlesbrough returned


to the top flight this season after a seven-year absence and faced


a tricky third round tie against a Sheffield Wednesday side


knocking on the door of the Premier Mark Drury and Neil Maddison


were at the Riverside. The first thing worth noting is it


while Middlesbrough are in the home strip of red shirts with the white


band and the red Sox, Sheffield Wednesday, in blue and white, it is


very blue, they are in one of the most disgusting away kits I have


ever seen! What is wrong with the normal


I am not sure! Here is a chance for a Middlesbrough to put the ball into


the box. He takes a shot! He got underneath it and it was lofted over


the bar. That was a good ball in. The keeper comes out, get something


on it. Ayala cannot get that. That sums the game up. It is a really


boring game. Middlesbrough on the move, Chambers. He could be into the


box, Negredo. De Roon cannot quite get there! Leaps on top of the ball


in front of the Middlesbrough midfield. De Roon winning that back.


That is a free kick for Middlesbrough. That must be a


booking for Bannan. Negredo fancies his chances. Round the wall towards


the post. And the far corner! The deadlock broken at the Riverside, it


is the skipper from the free kick. That is a great free kick. It has


got lots of power and bent, into the bottom corner. Great free kick.


Leadbitter gives them the edge in the third round tie. Forestieri


bursts through. Ayala, the charge and a red card. For the Boro


defender. Straight red card to Ayala. One, two from Forestieri,


bursting away, I thought the recovering players but Ayala is off.


I think the recovering defenders, that was a harsh red card. Well


taken by Wildsmith. Back to the keeper, Negredo! He makes it two! He


blocked the clearance. Boro jubilant. They have it two goal lead


thanks to an industrious Negredo. What a strange goal. Closes him


down. Under pressure, the ball in the back of the net. Bannan takes a


back. Left foot, into the box. Wrestling with Bernardo, Forestieri,


to the ground in the box. The referee says fair tackle, Forestieri


cannot believe it. Leadbitter. Into the box. Stuani still going!


Wildsmith makes the save with his left foot. De Roon puts the icing on


the cake! But is it! Boro through, 3-0. De Roon makes it safe. I


thought we had to play better and be more aggressive and show that we are


Premier League and their championship, sometimes you think it


is going to be an easy game and that is a big mistake but I am pleased


with ten men, they were better than them. I am not unhappy with my


players because we tried, we did our job. I am unhappy with the score and


I know because we lost today, it was because of the circumstances that


cannot happen in football, but they happen. I will never put


responsibility with one player, we lose and went together.


So Wednesday's search for a Premier League scalp


Definite red card? I think so, I thought initially he sent him off


back for the professional foul because he was in on the goal but


that is dangerous play, dangerous I think he was sent off for the


elbow on Ayala. That was a poor challenge. Has Ayala lined him up?


He has gone across to just block him, he doesn't mean to do him with


the elbow but that was a bad one. The referee had a great view? The


referee was straight on it. You can definitely see movement from the arm


and the elbow, I think he was right. Another goalkeeping harder. We had


Ali have see, Daniel Bentley of Brentford yesterday and this is not


a great moment for Wildsmith. I know, that was a bad mistake. It


really was. That was the kick out, initially, and once that came back,


he did not get that adjusted. That was a bad error. It was made worse


by the fact that, they were down to only ten men and they had the second


goal and it was game over. That was a good first touch from Negredo.


Boro made the Cup Final in 97, decent run this year? No! In typical


style! It was an early alarm call


for Cardiff City and Fulham - Rob Phillips and Iwan Roberts


were at a near-empty Success in cup competition appears


to have been reserved for the fields of France at the Euros and under


Chris Coleman, a man so familiar to both of these clubs. It has been a


tough start for the Welsh international Richards arrived from


Fulham in the summer, he has been dogged by injury after swapping


clubs. And immediate debut for Halford. International clearance


granted. And watch out for this youngster, Sessegnon, when I was


doing my homework at 16, he has made his FA Cup Debbie! The youngest


championship scorer with his goal against Cardiff early in the season.


He has taken them within six points of the play-offs. Richards.


Ralls is bundled over by Odoi. That looks like Pilkington. Halford in


the Fulham wall. And Pilkington scores! And he looks ever so cool.


Neil Warnock will be delighted. It took a deflection but Anthony


Pilkington will not complain. He takes a wicked deflection. That was


approved wall from Fulham, you cannot turn your back, the Brazilian


performs the Canon and once that has taken the deflection there is no


chance. For Bettinelli, to get himself back to the left-hand side.


And there is a familiar figure, John Toshack, he knows about winning


trophies, he has won silverware in six different countries. Including


the FA Cup with Liverpool, of course. Lovely run. Taking on


Bennett. And he gets the ball across! And it is driven home by


Johansen, who celebrates his birthday with the equaliser. And it


is all about Fredericks on the right-hand side, great ball from


Aluko from left to right. Nice first touch, goes to cross that, back down


the line, he has the beating of Bennett. He pulls that full back


perfectly for Johansen, who smashes it past Brian Murphy. No chance


whatsoever. One against one at the minute. Fredericks is destroying Joe


Bennett. Lambert is on that. A chance for Huws to run forward. But


to the goal-scorer, Pilkington. He has got Harris. Ralls. Great save.


to the goal-scorer, Pilkington. He Bettinelli did very well to punch


that away and that was a fierce shot from Ralls. That was well struck. On


his favoured left foot, opening his body and that was a strong


right-handed save by Bettinelli but a good move from Cardiff on the


right-hand side. Fulham smuggle the ball. Fredericks down the far side


again. Cutting in on Bennett. Still going. He has hit the bar. There is


no of side! Cairney got the initial touch and Sessegnon scores against


Cardiff City again. Very good play from Fredericks. Once again, he


beats Joe Bennett. Pulls the ball back again. He was unlucky not to


score, is Sessegnon of side that is the question. Very close. The first


thing he does as he looks towards the linesman. Maybe, maybe he has


got away with that. He will not worry, his third goal and his second


against Cardiff this season. Piazon behind Richards. Sessegnon makes the


run forward. Morrison was on the right place. He was tempted to have


a tackle and thought better of it. Cairney, still not cleared by


Cardiff. A third goal would really settle things for Fulham, surely.


They somehow scrambled that. They want a free kick or a penalty.


Opened up, Cardiff City. Cairney, Piazon, great play. Just


overstretching, Piazon. It wasn't a free kick but that is magnificent


play by the visitors. It is a footballing lesson for Cardiff City.


Piazon. Takes on Richards. Light-footed. Murphy was fortunate


that it was Bamba who picked up that Parry. Fredericks around Bennett.


And he takes control once more. Richards has to get closer to


Piazon, once he reaches the penalty box, Richards has a problem, he


cannot diving, he has to close earlier than he does. Decent save by


Murphy. Murphy has played himself earlier than he does. Decent save by


into trouble. Johansen, this could sort it for Fulham. And the day was


saved and the blushes of Murphy were saved. By Sean Morrison. Just put


that out for the throw-in, that just sums up the sloppy performance from


Cardiff. He will not have enjoyed this whatsoever. You can see the


passion in his eyes. Lovely ball to Bennett. Breakthrough, into the box.


No penalty, the referee right there. The arm comes down. There is not


much in it. The referee has not been too busy. He looks to the side and


that is the final whistle. And the travelling Fulham fans celebrate.


Shaking hands with the Cardiff manager, Neil Warnock and the


backroom team. And what a great day out it has been for them in Wales on


Sunday morning. We played a very good game. It was a


good performance, we dominated and created many chances and we scored


only two goals. We can score more to finish the game and it would be an


easier way for ourselves. We have to be satisfied. I think the lads did


well, it's not their fault. I felt it was the right decision, we have


so many challenges ahead and Gunnerson has not had a break since


the Euro Championships and we have lads with hamstrings. We were not


going to risk anybody. Overall, in the second half I think we did


better. We were trying to put pegs into square holes or the other way


round. Just 16 years and 235


days, Ryan Sessegnon. He has a future, certainly, and the


news coming out of Fulham is that he has a real chance that lets keep it


nice and low for him. He will be going to Barcelona next week as


well. Fulham fans will be in contact on twitter now. Very disappointing


for Cardiff City given the fact there are involved in a relegation


battle, Bob Rob Lever right decision. Neil Warnock said it


himself -- but probably the right decision. You're at home, FA Cup


tie, let's win the game but you understand the priorities. Great


stories this weekend. What have been the highlight? Plymouth. Millwall,


Lincoln, most certainly. They themselves a replay. Even some of


the Championship side is up lamp -- Premier League grounds. Akinfenwa.


Great header to get the win. That's what it is. I thought the standout


win was Millwall and I know Bournemouth made changes but


Millwall winning was fantastic. Why would you make those changes? It's a


question many are asking. You could possibly go there and win and go on


and have a good cup run. Exactly, make the club and yourself some


money. A strange one. Is that reflected in the crowds? That credit


card, just over 5000. The atmosphere was like they were playing on the


moon, so it is reflected. Some people said it resembled a


pre-season friendly. In the crowd, yes. The lack of crowd does not


generate an atmosphere and the players don't get lifted. A bit of


both there. Good stuff. Thank you very much.


Don't forget, if you've missed any of the weekend's FA Cup action,


Deakin with the shot. The scores. Incredible. Defending with their


lives. You lucky people. Unbelievable. The FA Cup is at it


again. That's available on the BBC iPlayer


from 6am tomorrow morning. The fourth round draw


is live from Sutton United, who are in the hat after a draw


with AFC Wimbledon One more third round tie to come -


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Great FA Cup history. Plymouth Argyle have held the mighty


Liverpool at Anfield.


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