Third Round: Tottenham Hotspur v Aston Villa The FA Cup

Third Round: Tottenham Hotspur v Aston Villa

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Welcome to White Hart Lane where Tottenham meet Aston Villa of the


Championship, a club who have played in the FA Cup final just over 18


months ago. Here you can see how Spurs' old home is changing with the


building of a new stadium and the regeneration of the area after some


difficult times. It feels like they're on the way up!


Listen, I come like Poch to the place. A new stadium, hopped off the


train at the lane again. Hard times, we have been through it. # Been


called for Redknapp, Rosy at left-back # Cup run for the lads #


There ain't no I in team # We have drama here, but still persevere, let


the world be clear! This is the Mauricio Pochettino's third season


with Spurs and he is again balancing the FA Cup with the demands of the


Premier League and European football. He is resting some key


players today. Aston Villa boss Steve Bruce was twice a winner as a


player and led Hull to the final. They will be backed by a vociferous


travelling support. We are joined by Alan Shearer, Dion Dublin and


Germaine Jenas. Good times for Tottenham? Yes, a very good team,


going for the Premier League. A new ground, exciting young players and


Aston Villa a bit of stability back in the club, with Steve Bruce in


charge. He is the right man for them. We should be in for a good


game. Tough days for Aston Villa generally? Yes, over the past five


or six years, had a stinker, gone down into the Championship. They


have had five or six managers. Has that been part of problem? There has


opinion no stability, they haven't said here is a contract and let's


build something. Spurs on the way up, but it is a long time since they


won this competition. Yes, a little giggle already. Looking at the team.


He has had to rest a few. It is still a long side and they have a


strong squad and everything is going well for them. Stadium, training


ground, good young players. This being one of them. Dele didn't even


play that well in this game. But he has been more clinical and that's


projected him into this level. Are the players around him watching him


and saying, I would like to do that? I think it was probably Harry Kane


that started that process. Once somebody knew they had the


opportunity to get on to the pitch and if they took the opportunity


they could go on to become a top player at Spurs. That has attracted


youngsters. He has trust. Let's see thousand two teams line up. -- how


the two teams line up. Agbonlahor makes only his third


start in ten months. Aston Villa are currently 12th in the Championship


table. Although they have improved under Steve Bruce, they're still


seven points off the play-off places. Steve a break from league


pressures, you love the Cup. What is the big challenge today? Well the


big challenge is who our opponents are, they're a good side, arguably


as good a Tottenham team I have seen in my time in football and very


confident with a wonderful win last week. They're one of big teams of


our country at the moment. So it is stacked again vs us. But that is


what the FA Cup is. Let's have a crack and try and enjoy it. You have


turned the form around a little. How big a job do you still face? Well,


we are under no illusion it is a big job, a great job, but it has been a


big job, because is has had six managers in 18 months. That Thames


you -- that tells you the traumas and there have been changes through


the playing end too. We need a bit of stability and you only get that


if you get a few results. Thankfully they have gone OK. That is all we


have done. There is shoots of recovery, but we must keep


improving. There is a long way to go. How do you approach this one,


you mentioned how tough it is. We have got to make ate cup tie -- it a


cup tie. We know how difficult that will be, but we have got to make it


what the FA Cup is about and try our best to get in among them and and


stop them playing and cause a threat the other way. Well Jack Grealish is


a player you remember from Aston Villa's run to the final two seasons


ago. He is still only 21 and has been involved in a few off field


problems since he starred in a semi-final win over Liverpool. He


has been looking back. Arsenal have four. It was heartbreaking, but to


play in a final at 19 was a dream come true for me. That spurred us on


to stay in the league. We were fighting relegation and we had a


good positive cup run. I think that helped us. Aston Villa will be at


home to West Bromwich. It was a big game. The local Derby. We had to win


to get to Wembley. Grealish plays it to Sinclair, who shoots and scores.


Then I got my first red card and I ran inside and asked the media guy,


what game am I suspended for. Luckily he said its Sunderland away.


So you will be all right for the semi-final. The bookies odds point


to Liverpool. But Aston Villa sniff a shock. I look back on that day as


the best day of my life. That day I didn't think I would be starting and


the team got announced and I was buzzing to be playing. Having a hand


in both goals was unbelievable. Degree lash into Delph and scores.


As a kid, that is something you dream of, playing for your local


team at Wembley against Liverpool and going on to win and having a


final to look forward to was a dream come true. You look at their


starting eleven that they had out and it was just too good. Oh Sanchez


has scored a beauty. A lot has come to you quickly. What have you


learned from this steep learning curve. Since the semi-final, it all


changed. I thought I was still the normal Jack, but stuff has changed.


I have just got to concentrate on my football and hopefully that will


continue. I suppose there are moments when it can go one way or


the other. We have all had that moment. It is choosing the right


path. Jack has had his problems, I have spoke to Jack on message on DM


and on Twitter and spoke about when he was getting into trouble. I said,


get your head right. He came back and said, I have made some mistakes,


I have got to get back in the fist team and do -- first team and start


doing well. Now, two years ago, he was setting the world alight in the


semi-final. Now he's couple of years older, I hope he has grown up and


keep himself out of that mess. I think he knows the mistakes he has


made. Because he has a very good footballing brain, knows when the


pass it. Knows what weight to put on and he seems to find the pockets,


just behind the four midfielders. And here the weight of pass, he will


look for, that was Benteke. And he has the culture to score as well. He


has got to start to say to himself, I'm a lucky man, playing at Aston


Villa, a huge club, don't ruin the thing. The penny has to drop. The


life of a footballer, it is incredible. To throw it away at an


early age would be madness. Aston Villa, despite regular -- relegation


have spent big. ?55 million they spent in the summer. You look at


some of the names and the price tags. I lot haven't lived up to


expectations. But they have got the right man in, Steve Bruce knows that


division. He knows how to get teams out of it and the owner will back


him. But it is a massive club. When you look around at the clubs that


would love to have that money to spend. You have got to get the


manager right and back him. That is the best signing. A man that knows


the league and how to get teams out of league. It is a show of intent.


That amount of money. I'm sure they will go again in January to try and


close the gap. Referee today one Mike Dean, who has made a few


headlines in recent times of course. Referees are under enough pressure,


but this guy will be under extra pressure because of what was spoken


about after that game. One thing I learned from the European


Championships was the standard of the referee, not every tackle has to


be a yellow card. This guy ties quick to bandish a red card. I hope


it is a game for him today to stay out of spotlight and do what he has


to do and not give a yellow card if it is not a right decision. You want


to keep the flow going. Not every tackle has to be a free kick. It is


a contact sport. That is what we learned from the European


Championships, because they didn't give a yellow card and allowed play


to flow and to carry on and that is one thing the referees should have


learned. Normally we judge referees during and after the game, but not


before. There we go. There has been one game that has finished already.


Quite a surprising result there at Liverpool. Ended up a goalless draw


between Liverpool and Plymouth. Liverpool did play a very young


starting line up. And in many ways the last thing Liverpool want is a


replay. Can you understand it? No. I don't like seeing teams rest soing


many players - resting so many players. We saw wit Bournemouth. Six


games to win to get the trophy. It is... Affected Liverpool and they


have another game. We can hear now from the Tottenham manager, Mauricio


Pochettino, he is with Eilidh. Nine changes today, you're on a great


run, but how big a risk is that? I think football is always about the


risks. We are Tottenham. We need to do our job. We need to try to


perform as well and try to win games. We believe after a very busy


period in Christmas to give some rest and some players that need


rest. And the players I have decided to play, because they're working


hard. We are a mixed team, because it is the case of Trippier and


Davies and Sissoko play a lot of games. We have a strong squad and we


fwheed to show we can -- need to show we can trust in everyone. And


it is not a excuse. It is important to go further in the FA Cup and to


try to avoid risks in terms of injuries and players that need rest


a little bit. Not only his body, but his mind too and it is for that, for


me football is about the squad and today it is Tottenham that play and


if it is not excuse for trying to go further to the next round.


Pochettino has given a chance to his young ballplaying midfielder, Harry


winks, another product of the Academy. You have been at Spurs


since the age of five, which is incredible. How are you finding your


first full season as a professional? I'm loving it, I really am, it has


been brilliant for me so far. I have been in and around at the last four


seasons, but I remember being 15 or 16 when I came in as a full-time.


Just playing with players that two years ago you were singing in the


crowd for. It is strange and surreal, slowly as the progress, you


feel a bit more part of it, and for me it is still a little bit


awestruck as well when you are in and around it. You made your first.


Against West Ham, and then you have the audacity to score that


equaliser. Harry winks is there! Progress through your emotions that


moment, if you can? It is a struggle, because of the time it was


a blur. All I can remember is seeing the manager, seeing my family up in


the box and every thing else was a blur really. The manager was saying


when you score your first ball, come running to us, and that was partly


the reason to do it as well, just to thank him for everything he has done


for me as well. What is it like to play them? It is brilliant, it is


perfect. I am a Tottenham fan, playing possession football, the


high pressing game, it is brilliant, that is what you want to be involved


in, you get on the front foot and it is what the crowd like to see, as


well. Who would you say is your role model? For me, the most important in


my development growing up was Steven Gerrard. He is a massive influence


on my career, I remember writing a letter to him than I was about five,


and he never returned it. He was a great player, just goals, assists,


power, he just dominated the Premiership for years. He is someone


I look up to and hope one day to emulate. Another young Tottenham


player you would think with a big future. I think he has a very big


future ahead of him. They knew he was going through because they allow


the likes of Mason to leave the club, he has pushed himself in front


of the likes of Tom Carroll as well and I think he could not be at a


better place with Rocio Pochettino. I like his willingness to go and get


on the ball whenever he wants in any type of situation because that is


what you need to do when you play for Tottenham. Especially in this


team that Pochettino has set up. He wants his players to receive it in


tight areas, passed the ball forward, find your forward players


and that is what seems to come to him naturally. Look at that, just


drifting away from people on the edge of his own box, passing


forward. This is a side to his game he will want to improve on, scoring


more goals. That was the stroke of his left foot, but what a dream full


debut that was the stick that one of the back of the net. But there is a


level of trust Monsieur Pochettino starting to give to him, in terms of


the big games he's playing him in. The one midweek when he took of


Dembele to bring him on after 65 minutes I think shocked everyone but


he trusts the lad in a big way. You said while watching the interview, I


think he is younger than Dele Alli. I think Dele Alli is on the run him.


Which is incredible. It shows how good Dele Alli is. One of the


perhaps downers of the season for the problem is perhaps the way some


of the new signings have not really performed. Vincent Janssen get


another opportunity. He has not scored a goal from open play yet. He


has 3:2 so far, ?70 million. -- ?17 million. The pace and intensity at


the minute seems a bit too much for him. These are big chances, you have


to hit the target and score goals. Whether you like it or not, a


forward will be judged on goals. He got 31 last season for outcome. This


is the part of the game that has been decent. -- for AZ Alkmaar.


Players running past. Should actually score. If they can get it


into him today then that will help. But he needs a goal. This is the


type of game that should work him. There will be chances for him and


you still get the feeling that the crowd are willing him to do well and


wanting him to do well, because they are sticking with him. There are the


two sides about to go out, how do you see it going, Jermaine Gresham


mark it is not Tottenham has my full strength side but there are still a


lot of good players in there. I think it will be tight. I think


without Harry Kane and Dele Alli on the side will do a bit more


confidence. Villa would love to take them back to Villa Park. If they can


get away here with a draw, met nobly wants an extra game but it would be


a great result for Villa. Gabby Adcock law stops today, a bit of


pressure on him, Alan Hutton as well, there are a couple of seniors


who say -- Agbonlahor starts today. With the changes even, Tottenham


should have too much for them. The fans inside the stadium looking


expectantly, waiting for the action. The two teams are gathering in the


tunnel so it is time to hand over to our commentary team of Danny Nephi


and Steve Wilson. COMMENTATOR: Thank you, Gary. Who's


to our cup royalty in the history of the competition, reaching the final


22 times between them, Villa 11 finals to Spurs nine. Lifting the


trophy a combined 15 times. Spurs lead that contest 8-7. Every time


Tottenham line-up in that tunnel, they are crossing off one more much


until they leave this, the home of 118 years. There are a maximum of a


dozen more games to play at White Hart Lane after today, and if they


lose today it will be the last ever cup tie on this ground. Spurs are


playing their Europa League fixtures at Wembley, not here. But it is a


competition with which both clubs are deeply associated, and ingrained


into the history of the FA Cup. The building site in way behind the


Park Lane end of the game grows at an almost shocking rate. Every time


you come here, that new stadium gets a little bigger and a little more


impressive, it is going to be some place. In goal for Spurs today,


Michel Vorm, the patient is able deputy to Hugo Lloris. Cameron


Carter-Vickers, his dad wasn't NBA basketball player. Janssen, top


scorer in Holland last season, has not done it yet in England. Only two


of that 11 started the midweek victory over Chelsea. In goal for


Villa, Sam Johnstone, signed on loan from just united on Thursday, his


eighth loan spell away from Old Trafford. His first senior game


enormously year. At the back, former Spurs full-back Alan Hutton. James


Chester played every minute of every game for Wales in Euro 2016. Mile


Jedinak played in the cup final last May for Crystal Palace, Grealish the


creator, and Gabby Agbonlahor, now 30, wants a real England contender,


scorer of just one goal in the last two years at Aston Villa. Steve


Bruce, FA Cup winner on three occasions with Manchester United.


Morros your del -- Mauricio Pinilla -- Pochettino has won the Copa del


Rey in Spain. Dele Alli possibly the most inform player in England. Talk


about talks about, there is Mike Dean, who is in charge today.


So, Danny Murphy, they've won the cup enough times in the history,


these two. Spurs would be contenders to do so again. Indeed, yeah. So


where is what they are trying to achieve in this club. Really looking


forward to seeing harrowing simmer flesh. He has done himself really


well to establish himself in this squad. For the love, Grealish is a


talent who probably has not -- for Villa who has not fulfilled his


potential. Strange but true fact, Tottenham in the white and blue from


right-to-left have now won who played in an FA Cup final, Aston


Villa's 11 contains seven players who have been involved in FA Cup


finals. James Chester scored in one for Hull against Arsenal, but none


of those seven have won the cup. When the Villa players get their


medals out, I am afraid they are mostly losers medals. Baker with a


header for Villa and Spurs with a throw. They were struggling down the


wrong end of the Championship when he took over, Steve Bruce. They are


12th as they stand, Aston Villa, he has improved. -- he has improved


them. Trippier for Spurs. Son beaten to it by Tshibola,


Sissoko trying to muscle his way through. Jedinak and Amavi forward.


Well won in the end by Cameron Carter-Vickers, he is very highly


rated, the teenager. He was on the bench for a couple of United States


World Cup qualifying matches in the autumn. Yet to actually make his


first appearance for the US senior team, but very much part of the


squad. Here's Trippier. He has had to be


patient, but he had an outstanding game against Watford the other week.


Well, he did, and his crossing ability was therefore to see. I


remember when he was at Burnley, the amount of assist the got from good


crosses, you could argue he is better in the final third van Kyle


Walker. Obviously Walker has that tremendous pace and athleticism that


keeps it in the side ahead of him, but he certainly has quality when he


gets up there. One or two young faces in this part and side, the


likes of Eric Dier and Alderweireld will be like comfort blankets for


them. Spurs so far have enjoyed almost


exclusive possession of the round thing. Yeah, looks like Gabby


problem will be up there on his own. -- Gabby Agbonlahor. Almost


impossible to overstate what a disastrous season it was for Aston


Villa. Agbonlahor really reclaiming his career. A terrific run. Sissoko


carried that a good 40 yards. Something we don't see enough of


him. He prefers playing centrally but he has this power and ability to


go past people. Really strong. Especially in central areas, if he


can get on the ball and really kill at Villa. He takes some stopping


once he gets going, Moussa Sissoko. He has not shown his best really for


Spurs yet. Amavi climbing for Aston Villa. Actually, it is Bacuna, I


begged his pardon. Finding Albert Adomah here. Ben


Davies for Spurs. Tshibola one of the summer signings


- came from Reading. Spurs goal kick. I was at Villa Park


when they drew with Leeds and the atmosphere at the club is


transformed from last year. There is a feel good factor and he is one of


the main reasons. Yes, he has that experience of the Championship. He


has taken teams up before. The question mark is why didn't they go


for him from the beginning of the season? Certainly lifted spirit


there is, that is for sure. 66 times Alan Hutton turned out for


Spurs. The fans living on past glories at


the moment, with songs about being champions of Europe! Making the


point that is something Spurs fans cannot sing. Actually they're making


the prediction that Spurs fans will never be able to say it!


Alderweireld unable to find Davies. That is unlike him. Arguably the


best passer as a central defender from the Premier League, very good


coming out with the ball. Difficult for Spurs, Villa's wide men are


tracking the wing-backs and ending up with a back six. Very hard to get


behind that. Spurs have made sure that the


capacity at the new stadium will be just a bit more than Arsenal's!


A good ball but too high for Janssen. Flag was up any way against


Janssen. He just desperately needs a goal. He has scored three penalties,


but nothing from open play. No, he has struggled. I have seen him a few


times, I agree with the lads who were talking about his mobility. He


has a decent touch, but he had that chance with Palace where he missed


it and that could have been different for him. They do need more


from him and their other summer signings. Sissoko, ?30 million and


can't seem to find a place in the starting XI.


Adomah just got his foot in. It is a Villa throw.


Strangely Spurs have on the FA Cup eight times and four times of those


eight years they beat Villa on the way. So if they can do so again, it


might be an omen for them. You never know. These fans crave some


silverware. They have always filled the stadium. They have had some


troubled years. And now the positivity at the club, the talent


at the club, everything moving forward, the stadium, the training


ground is fantastic. Villa work hard without the ball at


the moment. You may remember Agbonlahor's last


game on this ground, November 2015, Spurs beat Villa at the start of


that terrible relegation season. Agbonlahor was substituted at


half-time, having touched the ball in the first 45 minutes in which he


played just eight times. Two of which were to kick off after


Tottenham scored! Son tried to get it through to Davies. Good pressing


that from Trippier, trying to set some tempo. On the front foot. It is


a bit lethargic at the moment a bit one-paced in the game. When you're


in the position of a Trippier, a Wimmer, a Sissoko, you have to make


the most of any opportunity you get, because you know you may not get


another one. One of three o'clock kick offs


today, across London at Stamford Bridge, it is Chelsea 3,


Peterborough 0. Janssen for Spurs, drilled into a good area. Bacuna was


there. If he had missed it, then Trippier was waiting. Better from


Janssen. Grealish taking it from Son and then


just caught Grealish. Strange that James Chester never got


much of a look in at West Brom. Yes, I agree, he is a good defender,


solid, good in the air, strong in the tackle. Wearing the captain's


arm band at Villa these days. You can actually see from our


position up here, now narrow the Villa back four is and those wide


men dropping and sticking with the wing-backs. Spurs need some runners


to get behind. That is where Dele Alli is so good. He is brilliant at


making the runs behind defences. There he is, can't stop scoring at


the moment, Dele Alli. Wonderful player.


Probably didn't want to be rested either. You never do when you're


playing well. Especially when you have got goals in you. The manager


knows best. He has all the medical reports and the rest of it. And Dele


Alli sits and watches for the moment. He has the potential and


Mauricio Pochettino was talking about this week, or he was asked


about it any way, here is Agbonlahor, behind Alderweireld.


Dier was there to keep it from Grealish and Trippier with the


clearance up to Janssen. The free kick goes against the Tottenham man.


Good play from Agbonlahor. Nobody with him. Did well and nice and


strong against Alderweireld. He looks p and there is no one there.


That is a free kick. Sissoko disappointed. Going back to Alli and


Mauricio Pochettino said not only could he become a key England


player, but perhaps England's best player. The England national team's


best player. High praise indeed. He's wonderful talent. But he has


got to keep working hard and keep listening to his coaches and not get


carried away and he has got every chance of being a top class England


international. That is for sure. Spurs at the moment lacking a bit of


direction. Certainly that ball forward was lacking direction. It is


a goal kick to Aston Villa. After that wonderful win against Chelsea


and that performance, next game could always be a little bit flat. I


know he has mixed the players up, but from the supporters' point of


view as well. Sam Johnstone on his Aston Villa debut untroubled so far


in their goal. He has been all over the place, from Manchester United in


various loan spells from Preston to Yeovil, but Aston Villa represent ps


his biggest club I would say. That is a good ball. Davies behind,


but the flag was up. He had just gone too soon. The passing abilities


of Alderweireld. He sees it. That is the type of run they need. I think


he is just off. Probably the right decision. But good run from Davies


there. Some pace about this counter and


then the touch from Janssen. He turns to look to Harry Winks. Maybe


it was too tight. But there was no danger in the end. That was positive


from Winks. Strong running with the ball. Trying to make something


happen. Push by Carter-Vickers on Agbonlahor.


A bit silly that from Carter-Vickers. This gives Villa the


chance to get Jedinak forward. Spurs have pulled everybody back. Davies I


think was aware that Hutton was coming in behind. It is a Villa


corner. Clever idea, late run from Hutton, drilled ball. Good spot from


Davies. A good header from Dier who, got a


blow in the back from Baker. Hence the free kick. A great ball in.


Whipped in a good area from Grealish. You would expect somebody


to be competing there for the header.


We are in the third round of the FA Cup today and Middlesbrough have the


lead through Grant Leadbitter against Sheffield Wednesday. 1-0.


Liverpool earlier held by Plymouth at Anfield. Jurgen Klopp made 11


changes. Fulham are through with a win at Cardiff.


Everyone back in the Villa half. Really hard to break through. Packed


defence, but someone's got to find something, a bit of skill.


Free kick in a good position too. That's what I'm talking about, a


good bit of skill. Yes, free kick. He is one of our own, that is the


song that has been lent by Harry Kane the Harry winks for the


occasion. He is indeed an academy boy. Five in white in the Villa area


here and Sam Johnstone could have caught that, he chose to punch. Yes,


I'm not sure about the punching when nobody is around you. I understand


in a crowd sometimes. It's just a personal preference thing, isn't it,


sometimes, with goalkeepers, some like to put a fist through it.


Others don't. The rain might be playing a factor in that possibly.


Almost halfway through this first half and Tottenham Hotspur have


enjoyed the lion's share of possession without giving Villa's


debut at and goalkeeper very much to do.


He was fouled by Alan Hutton. It is a free kick. He has got to stay


high, Janssen. You don't need him back there. Got to try and stretch


the pitch. A clear fouled by Jedinak.


Winks, good idea, well cut out by Chester. Sissoko was in a good


position and nearly found. Davies offering width. Sissoko to


Dier. It was a good idea. Bacuna and Adomah are being really disciplined


in their roles this afternoon. They have been given the job of sticking


with the wingbacks, no matter what the back four do, no passing on. He


matched that run another way, Bacuna. You think you would be


reasonably happy at moment, Steve Bruce. 24 minutes played, no great


alarms. That's nice, Sissoko on the Eric Dier, Janssen and Son in the


middle. This possessed I Villa's Grealish. Fair play to Janssen, who


has won it back. The game falls back into that


pattern again of Spurs possession. They possibly could afford to take


more risks in possession, Spurs, in their endeavours to unpick Villa.


Spent a lot of money on Janssen. Sometimes when you buy a striker


from Dutch football, you don't know if you are getting a van Nistelrooy


because God was to come a bit more cheaply in Holland. When I was at


Fulham, we signed Bryan Ruiz, who was the top scorer that year, he


didn't quite hit the same heights. Baker got a good touch. Sissoko in


the attack. Grealish is there. Leandro Bacuna is off the pitch at


the moment for Aston Villa getting some treatment. He has had to his


feet, wants to get back on, and Eric Dier bundled into the back of Jack


Grealish. Villa free kick. He will come back on now, Bacuna, and


receive the ball. Agbonlahor has not quite got the legs to reach that.


Good defending a minute ago from Baker, in an one-on-one position


with Son. News from Stamford Bridge, John


Terry has been sent off. Chelsea still leading 3-0.


Jedinak having to turn quickly. Grealish. Has Jedinak left it for


him. Adomah. Not selected by Ghana, Adomah, for the African cup of


Nations. Bacuna is capable, certainly from


set pieces. Eight had ambitious from there. He has got a good strike on


him normally but no problem, that ball -- a tad ambitious. Probably


happy for something to do. Given away a bit carelessly by Aston


Villa, and Steve Bruce is letting Amavi know what he thought about


that. Nicholls has a goal back for


Peterborough at Chelsea in the three o'clock kick-offs. 3-1, Chelsea. And


Negredo for Middlesbrough, they are 2-0 up against Sheffield Wednesday.


Villa have a free kick here. Why couldn't he let that go just for a


couple of seconds and play the advantage? Literally a second, two


seconds, it's gone. A poor decision, that.


This is a free kick in a good position and Grealish and Amavi are


over it. Inside that Tottenham penalty area, half an hour played,


FA Cup third round, Spurs 0-0 Villa. Grealish with the delivery, it is a


good one. Adomah, can he keep it in play, he has. Chester rather took


that away from Baker as they both try to get a head on it. Pressure on


the Spurs goal. Their best spell, I would say.


Grealish might think about the shot. It needed to come off his left, and


it didn't. Worth a go, much better from Villa. They look a danger on


the set plays. A bit wild on his left foot there, Grealish. The flag


of the assistant goes up. It is a better run from Sissoko,


trying to get in behind. Good defending. Want to see more from


him, using that athleticism he has got, that power. Daniel Levy just in


front there. The man who used to sit in Daniel


Levy's seat years ago got Spurs reinstated in FA the Cup after they


were thrown out of it years ago, Alan Sugar. Showing your age there,


I don't remember that one. You do! You must do. No, I am old, you're


right. I actually spoke to him on the phone when I left Crewe


Alexandra to go to Liverpool. At that point there was only one team


for me, but he seemed like a gentleman.


Deflected on its way behind, Spurs corner, and that is their first of


the game. There is flawed of Apprentice fame. David Pleat sitting


in front of Tottenham Hotspur fame. Corner kick goes up, Alderweireld


missed it, Dier didn't but did not get any direction on it. Doesn't


half get some whip and place on those balls, Trippier. Really


whizzes it in there. He has a great right foot, and there he is winning


it from Bacuna, finding Son, you want it back, Trippier. Bacuna is


happy, he lost out to Trippier. Around ten minutes of this first


half to go. Goalless. Giving it everything Davies, but


couldn't reach it. It is hard finding the balance between when to


try the long balls and when to be patient. Villa end up with a back


six when Tottenham are up the pitch. It is quite negative in many ways. I


thought they would have a bit more of a go against a weakened Tottenham


side. Maybe they will in the second half as the game goes on. No lack of


effort from Davies to reach it. In the ten previous meetings, six to


four. A League Cup final. A Martin Chifers goal won it for Spurs. -


Chivers. Davies with the ball in. No one in white there. It was behind


Janssen and too far in front of Season. Son. Can Spurs whip up a bit


of tempo in the last few minutes of the first half?


Got to really move that ball quickly when you have got a packed defence.


Sharp and one or two touch. It is a patient game Spurs are


playing. You have a feeling that eventually their theoretical extra


quality will count. Janssen in behind and into the


keeper's gloves. He has got to do better. He is in a great position.


Good ball, good run, gets in a dangerous area and just rushes it.


Poor that is. This is Amavi with the three for


Aston Villa. Wouldn't bet against the Aston Villa getting in the


play-offs in the Championships. Their performances of late have


dipped a bit. But results are still hanging in there. Gone from 19th


when Steve Bruce took over to 12th. It is pretty congested. At the top


of that table, anything can happen at this stage. They had a crowd of


just under 42,000 for a home game with Burton Albion. That tells you


something about the club. It tells you they're enjoying what they're


watching again. Yeah. And they have given themselves a mountain to climb


after their disastrous start. Last season it felt like Villa had


more managers than they had accumulated points, it got so bad!


It is not going to right itself over night.


Good turn by Winks. A tussle with Tshibola and the Villa man won it


and Davies has come away with the ball. It looked like a foul on


Tshibola. Spurs corner. Seemed to make his mind up Ben Davies that he


was not going to lose that challenge. That was better from


Janssen. Quicker feet, good little ball.


Trippier trying to sneak in behind Bacuna. It is becoming a bit


predictable that diagonal, the wing-backs see it coming. Spurs need


to up the tempo. Brian Little there. A hero for Villa as a player and a


being. Ian Taylor, an athletic, good midfielder.


Been promoted into the Premier League four times as a manager. That


will give Villa fans hope. It is a wonderful record. Very difficult to


do that at different clubs. They seem to have forgotten that he


managed Birmingham City in a way they couldn't remember Alex McLeish


has managed Birmingham City. It is winning games, isn't it. Son and


well covered and almost off Amavi into his own net. Gets a bit of luck


with with the ricochet. Amavi gets back in and does well actually to


stab it away. Gets a bit of luck. Closest Spurs have come.


Spurs have to settle for a throw. From the angle he was at, Amavi


always knew that was not going to end up in the back of net. From the


angle many of us were looking at it, it looked like it had a chance of


doing so. Ben Davies, very good player, but he


has got to continue to believe that he can get ahead of Danny Rose in


the team, the same for Trippier about Walker. It is a big ask to do


that. Everyone is different in their mentality. He will have belief, but


there will come a point where he will want to be first choice and at


least there should come a point where a player will want to play


every week. And not settle for a handful of games.


Agbonlahor is very much ploughing a lone furrow up there. It is a job he


is putting his back into. I thought that was a corner. He thought that


was a corner. It looked it first sight. Corner or? ? ? It was


actually a poor touch. He made up the ground. Yeah, it's a corner. And


Spurs launch an attack from that goal kick. Bacuna and Adomah have


done well. They're more or less playing like full-backs. I'm sure


they won't enjoy that, because they're wingers. We haven't seen


them in the Spurs half. But great skill and talent from Adomah. The


whistle blows exactly on 45 minutes. No added minutes at the end of first


half and not much in the way of shots on goal either. Spurs have


enjoyed the bulk of possession. But neither keeper has been un-Duley


troubled -- unduly troubled and it is 0-0. Well that was a thrilling


first half! End to end up. I'm overcome with excitement! It has


been terrible. Can't get away from it. It has been awful. Villa have


frustrated Tottenham, virtually playing six at the back. But Spurs


haven't helped themselves, they have been slow in possession and not


moved the ball quick enough and they're making it tough for them. In


ways, Villa will be happy. Yes it is on Spurs to break them down. They're


not moving it quick enough. Villa have a shape that is working for


them and they look like they want set pieces. Get the free kicks and


corners. But Spurs have been too ponderous on the ball and not enough


movement. They have had it and kept it well, Spurs. As soon as they get


into the final third they run out of ideas. In wide areas, they have not


even made the crosses. The big lad up front is not having the best


game. It is interesting when you see people make changes for these


matches, bringing in different players and you look at Spurs and


you think, actually they have got quite a big squad. It shows the


difference between the ones in the first team. That is the frustrating


thing, I expected to see a rampant Spurs after that great win. But they


have got to pick up the pace. I don't think it would have been 0-0


if Kane or Alli or Dembele were playing. There is nobody in that


side that is pulling the strings. A lot of talk about Janssen and how he


has struggled to settle in, hasn't scored from open play. There are a


few signs as to why. He is making it too easy for defenders. Watch his


movement. He comes towards the ball. No, don't come towards the ball. Get


yourself in the six yard box where you're going to score. That is the


easy way out. It looks as if he is frightened to miss chances. To be


fair to him, the service has not been very good. That is a long


aimless ball. Tries to run in behind. Comes out wide again and it


is if same thing again. If he keeps on coming out wide, watch he should


be getting in there. He is going towards the ball and that is one


reason why he has not scored from open play and it doesn't look as if


he has the confidence from his team-mates. Son should be putting


the ball through. There is not a space, but he must be demanding it.


Unless he starts getting into the box, he is not go to score. It is


interesting, when, if your confidence is low and you're not


scoring to back away from that, it xas wait -- exacerbates it. Yes and


it makes it look worse. He is using his energy in the wrong areas. He is


wide left and right and he is chasing the ball back. He has to do


what Al said, stay in the middle. Let everyone else do that and get


them to serve you. Put the ball in the box. For Aston Villa they have a


plan and so far they will be happy. There is no way Steve Bruce was


going to come and play expansive football. The back four play very


close to each other. The back four are in the box and with Adomah and


Bacuna, it makes it a back six. Davies does well to get any type of


ball in. That is what has played into Spurs being ponderous. They're


trying to get Villa to come out of these areas, trying to craw -- draw


them out. But Villa are not budging. How do you overcome a side that just


plays that deep? What Spurs are missing f you look at the play ers


who are not playing, the ones who can beat a player. Dembele will go


by you and players like that and the structure changes. You can't play


six at the back. By the time that happens, the Villa


back six of got back into shape. Spurs will be training one and two


touch, it will be high pricing, getting the ball moved quickly. Now


they have lots of time to play and they are using that time. Never


quick, do it like you do in training. They would have caused


Villa more problems but they haven't. A long way to go, it can


only get better. The people's cup is back for another season. On Saturday


27th May, 90,000 people will fill this famous stadium for the FA Cup


final and you could be one of them. Sign up your five a side team for


the FA's People's cup, and you could be running out to the hallowed turf


at half-time to collect your own trophy. Register now.


We will see some of today's FA Cup goals in a moment.


As we have mentioned, on the other side of the ground, Spurs are


building a new 61,000 all-seater stadium, so this is the final season


of the worldwide Hart Lane, and Aline is with one of the greats to


have played him. Alan Mullery, a win in the 1967 cup final, great


memories I am sure you have of playing here at White Hart Lane. I'm


a bit upset about it, actually, because it has been here for


literally a hundred years, I suppose, and to see so much success


and everything else that went with it over the years, double winning


side in the early 60s, always winning cup finals, league cups, FA


Cup 's, and being in Europe, it has just been a fabulous stadium. Then


my day they would have put 60,000 people in there, a lot of standing


and things like this. So yes, we will miss it, but the new one, oh


dear me. That is out of this world, it is like something built from


elsewhere. It is just absolutely brilliant, looking forward to going


in there now as well. Is is incredible that they are building it


here why we are still in the stadium playing football matches. It looks


fantastic, you must be excited but I'm sure it is tinged with a bit of


sadness. The memories will always be here, no doubt, the new stadium,


which will be magnificent, there will be lots of memories there that


the younger players coming through. But this will always be home to me,


White Hart Lane, on evening games and was marvellous, in Europe and


things like that, and they will never be forgotten. And people


before me as well that are still around. It has been a great place to


play football. You mention some of the younger players that are here,


it has been a little while since Tottenham lifted some software, the


use of this current crop and the way the team is developing right now as


the best chance that Spurs have the do it again? I would think so, I saw


them last Wednesday and they outplayed Chelsea, and before that


with Manchester City, they were going really well at the start of


the season and they murdered Manchester City. If they can keep up


that level of football they will have a great chance of catching


Chelsea this season. A big 45 minutes left to come this afternoon,


Alan, enjoy the rest of your afternoon. We can bring you some


action now from some of the day's early cup games, starting at


Anfield. COMMENTATOR: Up towards Origi, and


he will get there, no, it is a foul. He has given the free kick. Last of


the whistle halts the celebrations before they can really get going.


Sony times over the years ties like this have been settled in the last


five minutes, but goodness me here comes Jervis round the back! Forget


the thought of a replay, he was thinking he could win it here. The


delivery comes towards Sturridge and it was almost an own goal, I think.


That is the last thing they would have wanted, an own goal. It hits,


Smith, it could have gone in, it didn't. WHISTLE


The referee calls time, it's an incredible result in FA Cup history!


Plymouth Argyle, of the fourth tier of the English game, have held the


mighty Liverpool at Anfield! Willian still going, diving in was a


bit of space the Loftus-Cheek, Fabregas tries to place it. Pedro


Wilkie at up now. 1-0 to Chelsea! -- Pedro will tee it up. Chelsea just


would not be denied. Pedro gives them the lead. What a pass from


Willian, and Ivanovic with lots of time, bags of support, Loftus-Cheek,


back sure why, by chance, 2-0. A casual finish from Batshuayi, who


just dispatched it. Willian will go for Galan will find the back of the


net to increase chosen's leads to 3-0, and you have to say this


Chelsea Di FA Cup third-round tie looks done dusted. John Terry goes


down in front of him, John Terry pleads with the referee, and it is a


straight red card. For Chelsea's captain on his return to the first


team. Forrester. They decent spell this for Peterborough. They have got


a goal! Peterborough have a goal. Tom Nichols was there. In to Pedro.


Pedro, lovely goal. It is his second of the afternoon, Chelsea's fourth,


and their 3-goal lead is restored at 4-1.


It is Pilkington, and he scores! And it looks ever so cool. Took a


deflection but Anthony Pilkington won't complain. Frederick to take on


Bennett. Driven home by Johannson, who does celebrate his birthday with


the equaliser. Frederick 's is haring down that far side again.


Cuts in on Bennett. Still going. Oh, and it has hit the bar and it is


turned in and there is no offside flag, and Ryan Sessegnon scores


against Cardiff City again. Blimey, was that game played behind


closed doors? Hardly anyone watching, was there?


I have a bit of information here, that is the first time in 5.5 years


that Tottenham only had one shot in the first 45 minutes of the game. On


that occasion though they went on to win 7-5, actually I made that bit


up! LAUGHTER Just keeping people with us. But


they have got to do better in the second half, surely, when it opens


up a little bit? Yes, they have to start the second half with a bit of


intent, energy and a bit of pace to their game, Tottenham. One and two


touch football to try and dislodge that Villa back six as it has been.


I am sure that is what the manager will have been saying at half-time,


Steve Bruce to his players will say more of the same. Keep frustrating


them and hope for a set piece. Dele Alli might come on at some point,


get those runs into the box, get them a goal. He has some options. He


could put Son through the middle. But I am with owl, from Steve


Bruce's point of view, they will be happy. They will be delighted, it is


all down to Spurs now, all about Tottenham and how they break down.


Because Villa's back six point break down. If they can get a draw and go


back to Villa Park, they will be happy. Steve Bruce said before the


game, you have to try to frustrate Tottenham, that is exactly what his


team have done so he will be delighted with his team's


performance. As for Tottenham, here they come the second half. I suppose


in many Pochettino will be looking for... How does he spice it up? He


will have had to have asked some of his players some questions, because


a fewer of them have been put out to impress, to give themselves


opportunities to be seen as part of a squad that is chasing a title. And


one or two of them are not really answering those questions they need


to step up in that second half. OK, Steve Bruce is having a laugh with


one of the officials, it seems, and he is happy with them so far, let's


hope for a bit more entertainment in the second half, with Danny Murphy


and Steve Wilson. COMMENTATOR: No changes in the


second half so far, this year Pochettino will be a little bit


concerned by the first 45, because with Europa League football to


content with, a push for the title in the Premier League and all the


rest of it, these are players he is likely to be calling upon in what


remains of the season, and in the first 45 minutes, they have not done


a great deal for their case. Anyway, can Spurs go on and do more in the


second half, or is it more of the same and more frustration? Well


maybe Aston Villa might even lick themselves a lead, and then we'll


see what Spurs look like. It hasn't looked likely in the first half, but


you never know. An obvious change, Sissoko is high and left, giving


them a bit more width. Alderweireld on the ball. Carter-Vickers forward


to Son, anticipated the run by Amavi, it bounced off Winks. Janssen


using his body to turn Amavi. In towards Son, back to Janssen. He


didn't hesitate, he got the shot away. Straight into the goalkeeper's


midriff, as it happens. Nice and strong here, little give and go. Son


did not get through the wall, 40 might set it outside the far post.


-- threw the ball, he thought he might set it outside the far post.


Here's Bacuna for Aston Villa. WHISTLE


The first ever meeting between these two sides was an FA Cup tie on this


ground, way back in 1903. Villa were winners on that occasion, 3-2. No


sign of five goals yet, let alone the 12 that Gary Lineker was


predicting. One would be nice. If Spurs were to score, obviously Villa


would have to change their mentality and tactics, throw some men forward,


open the game up. The ball did not drop inside the


penalty area where Sam Johnstone would have preferred it, but he has


dealt with it well enough. He never actually played for Manchester


United's first team, Sam Johnstone, 23-year-old.


Try to get the ball to Sissoko, high and wide, feeding the ball, let him


get at Hutton. Into the feet of Janssen. Back to Davies, here is


Sissoko in that wide position where he has taken up camp second half.


Sissoko. Comfortably dealt with under no pressure underneath his bar


by Sam Johnstone. It was a bit safe, on his week for it. Not particularly


comfortable on his left. Grealish, he does move beautifully,


doesn't he, Jack Grealish? There is an elegance about how he built over


the pitch. Yes, very comfortable with the ball, glides past people,


uses his body well. Given away by Patton to Winks -- by Alan Hutton.


If you've Graham Evans there. Put into a decent area, but there


wasn't anyone on hand to reach it. Bacuna has got Aston Villa a throw


in. It was the highest we have seen


Adomah. A decent ball. Great pace. Started the season playing in the


Premier League for Middlesbrough. Sold on the very end of the transfer


window to Aston Villa. Amavi with the three. Here is


Adomah. Found Grealish. From a neutral point of view if


Villa were to score, it would be like the Alamo, Spurs would throw


everything at them. Chester getting caught in at least


two minds! Trippier's ball in and Son can


control it and then mishit it. In the context of this game that is a


great chance. It is a great chance. Poor finish from Son, but what a


cross. Talked about his quality earlier. Doesn't wait, gets the ball


out of his feet and it is going in there. That is a brilliant ball. No


conviction in that. Poor touch and then slashes at it. Strange, because


he is having a good season, Son Heung-min. He has scored seven goals


this campaign. Wimmer winning the throw. Reached


the League Cup final in his first season as Tottenham manager,


Mauricio Pochettino, losing to Chelsea. He has never been beyond


round five in the FA Cup. Either with Southampton or Spurs.


Spurs fans upping the noise level. Sissoko taking on Hutton.


Grealish running into Winks. You feel there is a bit more pace about


the game now. Janssen is in the middle. But so is


Chester for Aston Villa. He did well. For the first time in the game


there is some momentum. It was brilliant play from Winks, read the


trick from Grealish, won it off him, carried the ball to the far corner.


Just couldn't quite pick his man out. Telegraphed his pull back a


bit. He is looking, who can I find? Chester reads that well. But a


better game. It has taken 53 minutes, but it feels like a


football match has just kicked off. Strong tackle that. He has done well


Tshibola. Steady and strong, good with the ball, I have been


impressed. Hutton has a problem with Sissoko,


Adomah is picking up Davies. If you get the ball out to him, you would


fancy him with his pace to cause a few problems.


Janssen after this. Chester keeping a close eye on him. That was the


demonstration of his lack of mobility. It was a good ball. He had


to chase it and chase it. He only just got it.


He is certainly trying hard enough. Just that lack of quality I'm


afraid. Might have come off Trippier, yes it


is going to be an Aston Villa throw in. Won't be long. Here he is, Dele


Alli! Instructions are just go on and score a couple of goals. That is


what you normally do. If Spurs can get themselves in front


here they may rethink introducing Dele Alli.


Trippier's delivery. They're claiming a corner, but they haven't


got it. It is Baker I think matches his run. There is a hint of a shirt


tug there as the ball was whipped in from Trippier.


There is a real lack of threat when Dele Alli and Kane don't play for


Spurs. Very reliant on those two. In a way isn't that inevitable when


you have a couple of top, top class players? Yeah.


Trippier just unable to keep that in play. Here we go. No huge surprise


to see the No 9 raised. So Janssen is coming off and Dele Alli is


coming on. Seven goals in his last four games. You have got to feel for


Janssen a little bit. Certainly working hard enough.


So Dele Alli is on for Tottenham, with half app hour to go -- an hour


to go. Dele Alli loves to slot into that


position behind the striker. That was unlucky. The goals are


almost a bonus with Dele Alli, because he is so good at everything


else. It is a great role for him, the one he plays normally. He has


protection behind him of people like Wanyama and Dembele.


Adomah's done well. Tshibola was waiting and Carter-Vickers took


control. Grealish ran back a long way there


to make the challenge on Sissoko. He did well. Adomah did well as well.


Didn't quite pick out the right pass. But he is the threat.


Son hits the shot and a really good save. Sam Johnstone with the save.


Well hit by Son. It is a good turn. Got a bit tight there. Good strike


as well. Terrific save. Sam Johnstone. Just checking on the


keeper after this save, one or two of his team-mate avenues Mike Dean


checking that he is OK. It was a good stop. Much better from Son.


Important touch from Baker, who has gone down holding his back. Davies


with the ball back in. Baker has a problem here for Villa. As


Carter-Vickers heads wide. It was just on the landing. You see here, a


good header. Just as he landed, something went in his back maybe as


you said. He has done well this afternoon. Yeah. Just the way he


landed, immediately it was holding the small of his back.


It is a really good header, Alderweireld is waiting. Probably


give it a few minutes, see how it is.


Tommy Elphick, signed by Aston Villa from Bournemouth in the summer, is


among their substitutes, with the possible replacement if required.


Good to see Colin Calderwood there alongside Steve Bruce. Former


Tottenham defender of course and has been on the coaching staff here. And


a good addition I think for Steve Bruce. Plucked from Brighton, where


he was assistant manager to another former Spurs old boy, Chris


Houghton. He swapped a promotion campaign to take up the challenge


with Steve Bruce at Villa. He is a top man actually Colin


Calderwood. I think Brighton were sorry to see him go. The players


enjoyed his coaching. Well thought of.


You would think Tottenham don't want a replay, the amount of games they


have coming up. It certainly would be more difficult going to Villa


Park. They have a big Premier League game coming up in a couple of weeks


at Manchester City. Grealish, for to Hutton, a chance, another chance,


Agbonlahor blocked, Alderweireld made the blog. Chester's chance


might have been the better one. Sloppy from Spurs. A good tackle,


that is, from Carter-Vickers, and then Alderweireld. Really good


offending twice. Straight back to Grealish.


They have got some big lads, Villa. Look at Alderweireld's desire there.


Fantastic. Really, really good offending.


Sissoko. Davies outside him. Really phased into the area. He must not


have looked, played it blind, I think. No chance for anyone to get


onto that. Here's Agbonlahor. I don't think Grealish will reach


that. Some intent from Aston Villa, as well. Yes, they have been better,


definitely on the front that a little bit more.


Three quarters of the way through. Dele Alli honours as a substitute


for Spurs. Winks can shoot. Deflected. Good save again by


Johnstone. It was good play from Dele Alli, nice and positive, good


running with the ball, good pick out. Unlucky from Winks, but a


deflection. It is a good save. Yes, good hands.


Carter-Vickers on Grealish. Just locked him, ran in the way of his


past. Made the most of it but it was a free kick. Talk about Tottenham


not wanting another game, Villa won't either. The amount of games


you play in the Championship. Spurs are making their second change. Toby


Alderweireld is coming off. Georges-Kevin N'Koudou coming on,


the player they signed from Marseille. I would imagine Eric Dier


might drop into a further at the back for Spurs. We will see after


they have defended this free kick. Grealish trying to catch Michel Vorm


out. Eight had ambitious from there. -- a tad ambitious. That was a very


famous goals in Merseyside derbies, last minute, I think, at Goodison.


Back into Dele Alli, patent covering. Here's N'Koudou, the


substitute, oh, and it's in, Davies with a glancing header and Tottenham


have the lead! Ben Davies pops up with a header in the opposition


penalty area. N'Koudou the substitute provided early on, and


Davies with his first-ever Tottenham goal. He has only just come on the


pitch, N'Koudou, but he has put in a really good ball. Out of his feet.


They really good header. Just behind him is welcome he guides it into the


corner. Good header, clever. What he's doing in there, I don't really


know, but... That's a lovely header. Well, Spurs in front. Now what have


Villa got. They have to defend a corner first.


Ben Davies, just about the best unlikely of Spurs scorers.


Wimmer was hoping to tea something up here and Agbonlahor caught him.


Free kick. Didn't need to. Grealish was coming at a block. Silly free


kick to give away. I think Spurs have gone to a back four. If they


make it two here, you would think that would do it. Dier and Trippier


deep in, session. Trippier is running away from it, Eric Dier will


have a go. It the wall. Grealish is there. He has found Adomah. Wasn't


Dier's best effort. Lovely moment for Ben Davies to


glance in a header like that. Here's Son. Davies. Dele Alli. Davies


advancing again. Eric Dier. They asked him to shoot, and he did. Yes,


a bit wide, he actually has a good strike on him, Dier. Dele Alli has


made a difference is coming on the pitch, popping into those positions,


good touch, positive, giving everyone a lift. This is the goal.


He does really well, because the ball was a bit low actually and he


has two stooped down and guide it into the far corner. Really good


header. Trippier is in a bit of bother here.


Yes, I think he just took a kick. It hurt, whatever it was.


Clashed knees, maybe? Didn't see too much there. Looks uncomfortable. I


suspect he'll survive. Forward from Wimmer to Dele Alli. N'Koudou.


The free kick taken to quickly for the liking of Mike Dean, because


Villa are preparing, I say a substitution, it's at least one,


could be a triple substitution. Albert Adomah is one who is coming.


Keinan Davis is coming on. Mile Jedinak coming off. That's Keinan


Davis. Gabi Agbonlahor is the third change


for Ross McCormack. So all three in one go. Keinan Davis for his first


appearance of the season, Andre green on, and Ross McCormack, who


cost Villa 12 million, has come on. Dele Alli, Son, trivia and Sissoko


all forward here for Tottenham Hotspur. -- Trippier. Good play from


Spurs, nice and patient, trying to draw Villa out. If they want to get


back into the game, they will have to come and press. Vorm's clearance


has found its way to Son. The whistle has gone because he was


offside. So we've got McCormack and Davies now playing up front for


Villa. -- McCormack and Davis. McCormack has been linked with a


move away from the club in this transfer window, Steve Bruce denying


he has any interest in learning him out to anybody. Wolves among the


clubs interested for him. Villa are trying to bring in Henri Lansbury


from Nottingham Forest in this window, they are confident of doing


that. That's a good ball. Sissoko, good save, stood up well. Sam


Johnstone. He wouldn't commit, the goalkeeper, until Sissoko blinked


first and it is a good save. He did well. Gets in party will easily


here. A poor challenge from Baker, looks like he's struggling still.


I'm surprised he wasn't one of the ones to come. That is a foul by


Grealish on Dier, but play on. WHISTLE


Now there was no proper advantage, so it is a free kick to Spurs.


Talk about Vincent Janssen needing a goal, Moussa Sissoko wouldn't mind


one either. He has yet to score for Spurs. That is three good saves now


from Sam Johnstone. You expect more from Si Sissoko, ?30 million. More


goals, more assists, more consistent.


Bright feet from N'Koudou. Sissoko behind Ba Mavi and he finds the net


and tuts Tottenham into -- and puts Tottenham into the fourth round of


the FA Cup. A good finish to to finish Villa's resistance. Right on


cue. Talking about Sissoko producing more quality in the final third. It


was a good pick out. Really nicely worked. Good give and


go. Mistake from Amavi. Poor defending. But a good pick out. Got


to be calm when you get in there. Make the right pass. It is a good


finish from Son. Good to see Sissoko playing there with with his head up.


If you have his pace and power and mobility, you should be really


causing problems for teams. But Villa have got what they deserved


really. They haven't had a go. 2-0 the referee Mike Dean has played


advantage. McCormack. Mike Dean saying free kick now, because there


was no advantage. N'Koudou did well. He has been


lively since he come on. Not just the goal. Injection of pace he has


got. Surprised we haven't seen more of him. His only start in the


Tottenham shirt was the EFL Cup tie that they lost at Liverpool. But


cost them about ?9 million to get him from Marseille.


Amavi rather dived in, but managed to come away with the ball.


That is a Spurs throw. Villa had been one of only seven ever present


clubs in the Premier League until relegation last season.


Spent a lot of money, of investment, in players, trying to get out of


that division. McCormack. Offside flag was up. They are lacking a bit


of creativity, Villa. I know they're playing a Premier League side today.


Moussa Sissoko is coming off. Onomah will replace him. He will be pleased


with his assists, Sissoko. On comes another local boy. Josh Onomah. An


England under 18 international. Enfield born. Skoerped his first --


scored his first Spurs goal earlier this season in the EFL Cup game with


Gillingham. N'Koudou did really well and Onomah


was not far from tapping in a third. The exuberance of youth. Good play


that was. So positive and direct. Great pace. Couldn't quite pick him


out. Five minutes to go, Danny, here is Dele Alli, there is the block.


Goal kick. Give you a moment to select a Man of the Match. Come back


to you in a moment. They are threatening a third now, Spurs.


Villa resisted stubbornly and in a very disciplined fashion for a long


time. It has been an easy afternoon for them in many ways though.


So man of match from you, Danny? It is not the easiest, there has not


been too many stand out performances. Very solid


performances from Tottenham. Winks has done OK. Probably give to it


Trippier. His crossing has been quality. Defended well. Full of


energy up and down the right-hand side. Looks like he is trying to


keep his shirt. Trying to impress the manager. He is a really good


footballer. Carter-Vickers has done well. He


hasn't had too much to do. But very solid. Good with the ball.


So no Cup Final this year for Steve Bruce, who took Hull to Wembley in


that final. 2-0 up in eight minutes against Arsenal. Beaten 3-2 in extra


time in the end. But I think he is the right man for the job, given


Villa's job at the moment is to get themselves out of the Championship.


Grealish caught by Carter-Vickers. Free kick to Aston Villa. Good play


that. We have not seen enough of that from him. That low sense of


gravity, goes past people easily. Glides with the ball. Grealish is


capable of tormenting his opponents. He has actually tormented a couple


of his managers as well over the last year or two! Seems to be on the


straight and narrow at the moment. Long may it stay that way. Because


he is a really good player. I think Steve Bruce will be good for him.


Lot of experience. Seen a lot of players over the years.


Can they get a consolation? Ross McCormack. It has been a comfortable


day for Michel Vorm. Very comfortable. In the first half I


understand, you're trying to get your foot into the game. Don't give


a goal away early. But when they went 1-0 down, they have thrown the


subs on the mentally didn't really change.


They have been disappointing in all honesty. Grealish almost got caught,


a shout of, man on. Free kick. We are into the 90th minute. If this


one was to go in, stranger things have happened - not too many I must


confess, but they will still feel if they can get one, there might be


enough time, dependant on the the fourth official for them to sneak an


unlikely replay. I wouldn't hold your breath, but this has got to go


in. Grealish wants it. But Bacuna is a good free kick taker. A minimum of


three minutes added. He has had a go and I don't think


McCormack will get the next one. Which may well be in the next game.


Winks' use of the ball is really good. Good feet. Always knows when


people are coming. Good range in his passing. Looks a really good player.


Ben Davies is reluctantly retreating to his left-back spot. He has got


forward on two or three occasions since that goal. He has done well.


Really comfortable with the ball. Doesn't have that pace that Rose has


gone. Powers of recovery in that left-back area. But really good


footballer. Davies looking for Grealish. It


ricochets to Dele Alli. He was trying to stay onside! Had to


check his run. He didn't give it him early enough. So he had to stop and


then it was too late. He has got something though N'Koudou.


Certainly nudged the manager. That is a decent ball from Bacuna.


McCormack just didn't quite read it quickly enough. That is all you can


do when you come off the bench, try and make an impression, put yourself


about. Onomah. Being chased by Hutton. Should be three. Good save


again by Sam Johnstone. Well, the onloan Villa keeper has earned his


corn. Particularly in the second half. He has had a good afternoon.


Done well. Good pass. Just had to take a touch. Stretching a bit.


Gives the keeper time to come out. And that is the final whistle at


White Hart Lane. Big embrace between the two managers, Aston Villa will


return to their attempts to get out of Championship. Steven Clement


there is among the coaching staff at Villa, a former Spurs man. But


Mauricio Pochettino and Tottenham march on, thanks to a header from


Davies. His first ever goal for Tottenham and a second from Son


Heung-min to put it out of Villa's reach. So the eight time FA Cup


winners are into the fourth round. We have got a couple of goals in the


end and Tottenham go through. A much more dominant performance from the


home side in the second half and over all, a good victory? Yes you


have got to praise the manager. Because he realised that he needed


to change things. He did and took Janssen off and brought Dele Alli on


and gave them more pace. And they were a lot better in the last 25


mibs. Minutes. It could have been three or four. But yes, the best


team won, but it wasn't a great game was it?


Now there was no proper advantage, so it is a free kick to Spurs.


From a Villa perspective, never really in it, and never looking at


it. They will be thinking what did we contribute to that game to try


and win it. I don't think they were positive enough, they seem to sit in


and they stay the same way. The last five minutes it was too late. You


can't come to these kind of places and expect to absorb all that


pressure. Is that because they don't have the quality always adjust the


tactical approach? Steve Bruce possibly got it right in regards to


not conceding early on, see how you get on. He would have been happy


with the first half, but come the second half you have to try and win


the game, surely. I did not see anything from Villa at all.


Pochettino will be happy, made the changes that changed the game in the


end. Even though it was not one of Tottenham has my greatest displays


as we have cinemas in weeks, it keeps that momentum. It is a


victory. As Al said, it was his change that probably change the


whole course of the game, you are too will be totally delighted about.


Villa had a little go at it at one stage in the second car. Too little,


too late. I think that Ed mired -- ignited Pochettino to making the


changes is made. Let's here from the Tottenham full-backs, the Man of the


Match and the matchwinner. You had to work at that but you must be


delighted to be true. They made it hard for us, sometimes it seem like


coming six at the back. They were hard to break down but I thought we


reacted well in the second half and I thought the first goal was crucial


and then we were delighted to get the second. You have personally had


a couple of decent performances, are you now showing the manager that you


can be a regular? I train hard every day, and it is difficult because


I've got Kyle in front of the who have been doing excellent. Whenever


I am called upon I make sure I do my best to the team. A first goal in a


Spurs shirt, a great moment and a great time in the match to get it.


It was coming at a tough time in the game for us, starting to get a bit


sloppy, making some mistakes looking to get the first goal. In the end,


we got it, and from there on we just had to see the game out. There is a


big expectation on the Spurs team, then you come into games like this,


mentally how much pressure does it add? It is not so much pressure. We


expect a lot of ourselves, the standards we have put out in the


field, so for us to come out here, we have to have that winning


mentality and that's what we had today. Kevin, just finally come it


has been a long time since Spurs lifted a trophy, do you feel as a


squad this could be the season that you lived a trophy? We just want to


take it a game at a time. Hopefully end of the season we can have one of


them. All the best. There can't be many squads around the full-back


variety they have. They did well, particularly the second half. They


have two very good players in front of them, which they will find it


very difficult to get in front of those two. With the Villa sitting so


far back and bringing on Dele Alli, we were speaking about this. Villa


had now won the mark. All those defenders doing nothing at all. Dele


Alli just moved around Son. The Villa players were thinking we have


no responsibility, that is when a found it difficult. Looked a lot


better, Tottenham, when they made the change, unlikely goal-scorer for


a full-back. It was like the kind of thing you want to see Janssen doing.


Unfortunately for Janssen, it was not his day again, and it was purely


because he did not spend enough time in the box. A little bit of movement


from Dele Alli and Son, that understanding they have together,


N'Koudou when he came onto the pitch, Ben Davies found themselves


an unusual position. He has a calmness about him, even in those


left-back positions but that is a fantastic header. It is behind him,


he has had to guide it into the far corner. As he said himself in his


interview, they were getting quite sloppy at the time and they


desperately needed that change in personnel, that goal in particular,


and after that... See what happens when you get in and around the six


yard box! Tell Janssen that, he looks a bit like a poor man's


Soldado at the moment and you kind of filter him. He is having a hard


time, the lad said they felt sorry for him and I said the manager has


to take him off, and the guys were saying leave him on because he would


get chances. I was saying the manager's neck is on the line, think


you will take off and he did. Never a manager, me, too soft, give him a


chance! Big softy. And then Son eventually wrapped things up a


Tottenham and it was all over. He came to live towards the back end of


the game, Son. Trippier, Man of the Match and a fantastic game. He finds


on the right-hand side. This is where he has scored a lot of his


goals, this year, Son. He has added this to his game. This is what they


weren't doing in the first half, passing, moving, quick, one touch,


to touch football to try and dislodge that back four, backfired,


whatever it was. That is the change -- back five. And the ball was


finding its way into the box because there was movement from two or three


players in there, down the side, get it in the box. You ask a question at


half-time, how do they dislodge the back six players of Aston Villa?


That is how you do it, one touch, movement of the ball, running


behind, and they did it very well second half. We have dug through the


match and found Villa's probably only wanly -- one touch the macro --


one chance in the game. A good challenge. Gabi Agbonlahor's only


real chance on goal. But Spurs did well. They were disciplined. Games


like this can go away from you if you are not disciplined and you


don't concentrate. The manager has got it right, Pochettino. You guys


do what you have to do and let the other six: win the game for us. It


must be quite concerning, though, as a Villa man, you played there, a


club like that, almost like we are looking at real under box here. It


was a few months ago they win the Premiership. In fairness, their top


scorer was away. They are relying on their top scorer to score the goals


for them. But in regards to the club, it is sad to see where they


are. It is not a foregone conclusion, when you go down in that


Championship it is incredibly difficult to come back out, so don't


expect to walk back into the Premier League because you have a big


football club. You have to earn the right. Got the right man in charge


now though. That is the key, a bit of stability for a while? They have


to give him some funds to try to get at that division. He knows better


than anyone else, a fantastic record getting teams out and back in, which


it looks as if they are going to do, and he will get it right, I'm sure.


How close are Spurs to the finished article? This year, they took


Manchester City to the cleaners, they gave Chelsea a great game here


the other night, and beat them 2-0. They were better than Manchester


United to 60 minutes. What's missing, a trophy presumably? The


players clearly adore him. The trophy is the obvious thing missing


from this group of players. The big thing that Mauricio Pochettino has


done at Spurs is change the mentality. Spurs have gone from


let's chased the top four, getting into a final, the now we need to win


a league, let's do something serious, we are building this huge


stadium, developing young players, new training ground, we need to


change the mentality. Now the fans, everyone is starting to believe that


so it is about delivering that now. And they have this nucleus of young


talent. He encourages that, you trust them. They are good players.


Dele Alli, what a future he has got, Harry Kane is exactly the same,


scoring goals. If they can get that 11 out that played against Chelsea


constantly, they are a match for anyone. Hutsby only negative is the


recruitment in the summer, they spent a lot of money on players that


haven't really improve what they already had. I believe he will get


if you more quid at the end of the season to spend. If you get it now


in January, not that much happens in January, but if they did, where


would you invest now? Last year, if you look at their midfield they


looked like. This year they have bought Wanyama and looked solid. He


has possibly been the best of them. I think a striker to back-up Kane,


and the 3M behind, I would like to see him get someone really top end,


who plays in that position to give them a real chance of actually


winning the league. That is what you need, a world-class player. The


manager has stripped it back and said let's start at the beginning


and get it right from the bottom. If we need anything down there in the


youth team all the under 18 's, U19s, it is there for us. Let's get


them playing the same way I want to play. They have some seriously good,


young talent. We saw that with Dele Alli in the week, the two headers.


He gets into brilliant positions. I said if he worked on his finishing,


because he has so many chances, it looks as if he is actually doing


that. He has one hell of a future. The vultures are circling over these


youngsters, they are seeing what they are capable of. Can they keep


them at Spurs? Gareth Bale the obvious one. The more goals that


Harry Kane keeps banging in, Dele Alli. This club has got to turn


itself into players staying and adding to what they have got.


Quality attract quality. To do that, they have to win things. They


certainly do. At Anfield, it was Liverpool against League 2 side,


Plymouth. Alistair Mann was watching for us.


COMMENTATOR: Up towards Origi, and he'll get there, now it is a foul,


he has given the free kick. Last of the whistle halts the celebrations


before they can really get going. So many times over the years, ties like


this have been settled in the last five minutes, but goodness me here


comes Joe this round the back expat forget the thought of just a replay,


Jervis was thinking we can win it here! -- Jervis. Delivery comes


towards stowage and is honest and own goal, I think is the last thing


they would have wanted. It hits, Smith, it could have gone in, it


didn't. WHISTLE The referee calls time! It's an


incredible result in FA Cup history. Plymouth Argyle the fourth tier of


the English game have held the all mighty Liverpool at Anfield!


Terrific from Plymouth. You can see all of the FA Cup action highlights


this evening. Liverpool got a replay, the last thing they probably


want. A lot of changes for them. With the semifinal coming up, also


have Man Utd at the weekend. Are you better off not playing a strong team


at the start. Take this competition seriously, get yourself into the


next round. I sympathise with them a little bit given the fact they have


the midweek game and United. Soft manager! But now Europe. Another FA


Cup win the Spurs before the Son goes down on the old White Hart


Lane. Goodbye. COMMENTATOR: In the history of this


competition, these two clubs are cupped royalty really.


Son hit the shot, really good save. Another chance, Agbonlahor blocked.


N'Koudou, the substitute, oh and it's in, Davies with a glancing


header. He finds Son, who finds the net and put stop them into


They want me to write and produce - for a boy band. Oh.


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