Third Round: Cardiff City v Fulham The FA Cup

Third Round: Cardiff City v Fulham

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The FA Cup third round, one of the most exciting times of the year for


football fans, and a competition that holds some anyone's full


memories for the Bluebirds. Can they make 2017 a year to remember as they


face Fulham? -- so many wonderful memories.


1927 - the fairy tale year for Cardiff City, the year they brought


the FA Cup home to Wales, an amazing Wembley win over Arsenal. Fulham and


the great Bobby Moore nearly got their hands on the trophy in 1975.


Alan Taylor! Runners-up to West Ham when Fulham were in Division Two.


And 2008, Cardiff incredibly booked their place at another Wembley


final. Joe Ledley! 35,000 Cardiff fans are delirious with joy! But


they couldn't quite go all the way, defeat to Premier League Portsmouth


ending an unforgettable FA Cup adventure.


Yes, lots of happy memories, lots of ups and downs as well for both teams


in recent years, Cardiff in a relegation battle, 19th in the


Championship, Fulham six points off the top intent. Today it is all


about creating a bit of magic in the FA Cup. Yes, a warm welcome to


Cardiff City Stadium, an early start in the FA Cup, I hope you have got


the bacon sandwiches ready. Two format Wales internationals are with


us, a warm welcome to you, first of all, a tough season for the


Bluebirds, they could do with a bit of excitement in this competition,


couldn't they? Yeah, they certainly could, and we are talking about the


biggest club competition in the world, no other domestic cup


generates the popularity, the excitement that the FA Cup does.


Let's not forget that Cardiff City have a lot of history in this


competition, it would be great to see them go on a good cup run, bring


a lot of excitement back, good for the players as well, help to instil


confidence. You are practically Mr Fulham, how good are they at the


moment? They have got a good balance, great pace, which is


essential at this level, a good-looking side. I want to take


you back 15 years, Danny, to that very special moment, part of the


Cardiff side that beat Leeds. This was a fantastic night, an amazing


atmosphere, really hostile, and let's not forget this was a


star-studded Leeds team, but we fancied it, we were up for it,


amazing to get the victory. Chasing Neil Warnock on the touchline! Life


is never dull with Neil Warnock around, Iwan Roberts is part of our


commentary team, and he caught up with the Cardiff City boss. There to


say you come into this game with the best result since you have been at


the club? By a mile, I thought the Villa result was very good, we had


to defend for our lives to keep the 1-0 win, delighted with everyone


that day. Two huge games in the league coming up, will your team


selection reflects how important they are? We have got a couple of


enforced changes, one injury, and one African nations with Bruno, so


we are only making three proper changes, five altogether with those


two. Only Newcastle have scored more goals than Fulham this season, you


will have to be at your best defensively. It will be a good test


for the lads coming in, they are so quick upstairs in Fulham, play and


go, and a number of people have said they are the best team they have


seen this year. It will be a good test to see we can compete with


that, with a few lads out. A bit of a brief Welsh lesson at the


end for Neil Warnock! He has made a few changes, but still a very strong


Cardiff side, and you think one man could have a big say in this game,


Sol Bamba. Being a fellow centre half, I had to pick him out, he has


been immense, a fantastic signing, instant hit with the fans, making


his debut against Bristol City, big, imposing centre back. He leads with


his performances, and the rest of the team rub off that, and he is


going to need another big performance today, covering up


against a really good Fulham side. Other players in the side, Rickie


Lambert upfront important, and a redstart for Emyr Huws. Yes, Ricky


Lambert will bring physicality to the front line, and I am delighted


that Emyr is making a start, he is not getting many runouts, it will be


a good game for him today. An opportunity for him this avenue.


What about the Fulham manager? He has been speaking to our reporter.


You have suggested that you are going to field a strong team today,


talk us through selection. Yeah, it is my strongest team right now, we


have some extra problems, some injured players, and this is my


strongest team for today. And despite the loss at the start of the


week, you come to this match on the back of some very good form? Yeah,


it is true, last week we had some distractions, but generally we have


played very well, we played with confidence, we still have some


weaknesses, and we will try to show our best face today. Thanks very


much. Yeah, they come here in decent form, Fulham, give us your


expertise, you have picked out the midfielder Kenny as one to watch.


Yes, an excellent player, why signed and My Titania, very creative, sets


of goals and school some wonderful goals. -- -- one I signed under


tenure. A team looking to find its way back to the Premier League.


There have been some ups and downs, when I took over, we were bottom of


the Championship, not really a squad fit for purpose, but the squad they


have got now is well equipped for a Championship challenge. Let's hear


from some of the players. Cardiff battling in the league, is this a


welcome distraction? It is all is a great occasion, and I think as


players we look forward to it. It is a good chance to have a good run,


hopefully go as far as we can, like you said, we are scrapping in the


lead at the moment for points, we know what we have got to do to get


out of there, but fully concentrating on the game today.


Welcome back! I enjoyed my time there, the FA Cup is different to


the lead, a bit more of a relaxed atmosphere, but I would expect...


Nice to be back, hopefully we can beat them today.


Yeah, the former Cardiff player Scott Malone returning to his old


club, Danny, clearly not their priority, Cardiff City, they are


fighting relegation from the Championship, but they have got a


big and squad to go on a cup run, haven't they? As shown with the


starting line-up, a really strong bench, a really strong first XI, and


this could breed confidence in the league, if you can get on a good cup


run, bring some excitement back to the city. The players love playing


in the FA Cup, it is a special occasion, and if you can get on a


run, you never know what could happen. We saw what happened in


2008. We saw Swansea City go out to Hull yesterday, Newport are out,


Cardiff are flying the flag for Wales. Yes, looking for a good


performance, hoping for a good game. Difficult one to call, two


Championship rivals, Cardiff at home, are they favourites? They have


to take it to Fulham, being the home team. Both teams know each other


very well, the two managers are making changes, we're not sure how


the game is going to go, but I think it will be an entertaining game of


football, hopefully Cardiff can come out on top. The teams making their


way out onto the field for this FA Cup third-round tie, how do you see


it going? You have Fulham allegiances, of course! Absolutely,


if Cardiff were to win, it would be through physicality and probably the


set piece, Fulham through pace and the counterattack, which they are


very strong at. The teams are out, we are moments away from kick-off at


Cardiff City Stadium, so can Cardiff book their place in the fourth round


of the FA Cup? Your commentary team, former Wales striker Iwan Roberts


alongside Rob Phillips. Success in cup competition seems to


be reserved for the fields of France last summer, but after this


third-round tie Cardiff City make five changes. Jazz Richards and Emyr


Huws get all too rare starts. A debut for Greg Halford. The


substitutes include mark Harris, the teenager about to sign his first


professional contract. So it has been start for Wales


international Jazz Richards, who arrived from Fulham in the summer,


dogged by injury at the swapping clubs. -- after swapping clubs with


Scott Malone. Greg Halford signed from Rotherham this week,


international clearance granted, he has a big chance to impress. And


watch out for Ryan Sessegnon, when I was 16, I was doing homework and


Sundays! He is making an FA Cup debut, having already become the


youngest Championship score with his goal against Cardiff early in the


season. The referee knows all about Wembley. The referee the Johnstone's


Paint Trophy final last season. -- he refereed. Fulham make three


changes, Bettinelli stepping in for his first start this season, and


watch out for Cairney, who has scored against Cardiff previously.


There is Greg Halford, known by Neil Warnock after his spell at Rotherham


last season. A very versatile player.


And there is the Fulham manager, Slavisa Jokanovic, who has taken


them within six points of the play-offs. They are tense, Cardiff


City 19th. -- tenth. And we are about to start brunchtime FA Cup


action, Cardiff City against Fulham, Fulham bling from right to left in


white shirts and black shorts, Cardiff all in blue. -- playing.


Forward by Johansen, the Norwegian international. Looking for Kadeem


Harris. Dennis and oil looks like he will play in the right back role. --


Denis Odoi. The quest is to be drawn as number 21 in the draw, there is


an opportunity for both sides. Yes, Cardiff have only lost once in their


last seven at home. That was against Championship topping Brighton. We


are right to say this is not a priority for either team this season


and of course Cardiff trying to get further away from the relegation


zone, especially with two massive games coming up against relegation


rivals Bristol City and Burton Albion. A lovely ball in behind the


Cardiff defence, a really good tackle by Sol Bamba, who has made


quite an impression since joining the Bluebirds. Poor defending by Joe


Ralls, gets his body position wrong. It is a very well timed tackle in


the end by Sol Bamba, timed perfectly by the big fella. Ryan


Fredricson got in behind. A lot of big clubs watching young


Ryan Sessegnon, I don't think he really wanted to shoot there,


looking to cross the ball there. When you take the shot on, it is


always going to go high, right into the Cardiff City fans behind the


goal to our left. Pilkington is waiting in the middle,


but it is cleared away by Sigurdsson.


Picked up by Emyr Huws fouled by Cairney, free kick taken quickly by


Ralls, Pilkington stumbles initially. Bennett has intercepted


two. Piazon, the Brazilian. Crossfield ball from Johansen, away


by Halford, who has started in a defensive position. There was some


talk, Iwan Roberts, that he might sit in front of the back four, but


it looks like three centre backs. We weren't too sure, Bamba played in


that role against Aston Villa very successfully in their last game once


the mike here at the Cardiff City Stadium. Jazz Richards and Joe


Bennett can have the freedom to push up, enabling Kadeem Harris and


Anthony Pilkington to get much closer to Rickie Lambert.


Johannson seeing plenty of the ball in the opening minutes.


Great vision by Emyr Huws on that left-hand side, carried the ball


over the halfway line, no real support to his left, he has to


switch from left to right. Just a little bit too much on the pass


towards Kadeem Harris. A big future for Emyr, a chance to show what he


is about. No Chris Martin for Fulham today. The official line is that the


manager is not sure if he is injured, but he says he is. Well,


the manager says the medical staff couldn't find anything wrong with


the Fulham striker. He is on loan from Derby and is keen to move back


there. Defeat by Brighton last week was


their first in six games for Fulham. They pass the ball very well, don't


they? Very comfortable in possession, Fulham, they like to


build from the back through midfield. As they spoke about before


the game, they like counterattacking, they have pace in


Fredericks, Aluko, who called problems for Cardiff back in August


at Craven Cottage. -- who caused problems.


The little shimmy away was by Piazon, the Brazilian, on loan from


Chelsea. Jazz Richards knows a couple of these players from his


time at Fulham last season. Lambert, scampering forward, strong enough to


hold off Sigurdsson. Harris tries to go on the outside. Attended to by


Tim Ream, the American. Ralls was bundled over by Denis


Odoi. That is twice there, a great example of good holding play by


Rickie Lambert, strong physically, making sure that he gets that good


first touch in. He then laser to Joe Ralls, who moves the ball quickly


and is brought down. -- he then lays it off. It is a shame Peter


Whittingham isn't playing! I was just going to say, this is where you


want him. Pilkington would fancy it, he has scored from these sort of set


pieces before. It does look like under the


Pilkington. -- Anthony Pilkington. Halford is in the Fulham wall. And


he scores! And he looks ever so cool, Neil Warnock will be


delighted! I am not sure whether it took a deflection, but Anthony


Pilkington will not complain. He has given Cardiff City and early lead. I


think it takes a wicked deflection, and it is a poor wall by Fulham, you


can't turn your back, if you have to take it in your face, that is why


you are in the wall. No wonder that Anthony Pilkington didn't celebrate


too much. I think it is the Brazilian, Lucas Piazon, and once it


has taken that deflection, there is absolutely no chance for Marcus


Bettinelli to get back to his left hand side. So Anthony Pilkington's


sixth goal of the season, his first in the FA Cup since 2010. But it is


a perfect start on a Sunday morning for Cardiff City after Fulham, to be


fair, Iwan Roberts, had really taken the initiative early on. They had


started well in the opening four, five minutes, they looked


comfortable in possession, they had a couple of opportunities,


especially down the right-hand side, to attack. But that goal will lift


everybody here, you know, I have seen him score free kicks from that


distance on a few occasions when he was wearing the yellow shirt of


Norwich, so I knew we was capable. If Cardiff can win this game today,


it would be two consecutive wins for them this season, something they


have not done so far. But that is what you have got to do, when the


ball is played up to Rickie Lambert, he is playing that lone striker


role, and in mid flight, when it is going up to him, the other players


have got to get close to Rickie Lambert, as Anthony Pilkington did


there. They always say, Iwan Roberts, it


doesn't matter how it goes in. As long as it reaches the back of the


net. Well, as long as it passes the goalie! No chance for Bettinelli,


the deflection totally wrong-footed the Fulham goalkeeper. They are not


in the higher echelons of the Championship for nothing, Fulham


will want to respond. This is Aluko. Moving forward is Ream, the USA


international, Sessegnon attacks Richards. Cleared away by Morrison


Theo Ralls, Sessegnon's interception takes it back to Ream.


Fredericks takes on Bennett again, and he had the beating of the


Cardiff City left back. It has started lively, hasn't it? And Andy


-- and an easy decision, slow to react, Bennett, and once you go to


ground, no contact with the ball, if you bring the man down, simple


decision for the referee to make. Stefan Johansen or peers on. --


Piazon. That is your hands on, the birthday boy, 26 today. Is he going


to celebrate with a goal? Not on that occasion. Well it is one of


those for me, you have got to try and score on the back post, and if


you missed the post, hopefully one of your team-mates will be coming in


to get the final touch, but just a little bit too much on that cross by


Stefan Johansen. Levies a Jokanovic and a familiar figure, John Toshack,


he knows all about winning trophies, he has won silverware in six


different countries, including the FA Cup with Liverpool, of course. I


am sure he will be home for lunch! And he will be happy to see his


first club leading by Anthony Pilkington's eighth minute goal. He


did a question and answer session at the club on Friday, very


entertaining, as we know he can be, John Toshack, I have been in his


company many a time, had us in stitches.


At times, Fulham, they are not playing with the centre forward.


Aluko darting through now, lovely run by Sone Aluko, the former Hull


player, switching it across to Fredericks to take on Bennett again.


He will think about it after what happened, he gets it across, and it


is given home by Johansen, who does celebrate his birthday with the


equaliser! And it is all about Fredericks down that right-hand


side. That is the third time now that he has got himself one against


one against Joe Bennett, and he has got the beating of Bennett. It is a


great ball from Aluko, left to right, nice first touch, takes it


back down the line. He has got the beating of Bennett by pace, pulls


the ball back perfectly for Johansen, who smashes it past


Murphy, no chance whatsoever for him in the Cardiff goal. Johansen got


four and four in December, and he has started January pretty well.


Looking at that left hand side for Cardiff, Kadeem Harris started down


that left-hand side, he has got to get himself back defensively to help


Joe Bennett out, because one against one at the minute, Fredericks is


absolutely destroying Joe Bennett. Yes, the former Spurs trainee, Ryan


Fredericks. He is giving him a torrid opening 15 minutes.


Aluko, who started that move with a skiving stomach -- with a scything


run. He drops so deep, and when he does, you have got the likes of


Piazon to fill that role then. But it is clever play by the team from


London. He wanted the throw, but it has gone


to Fulham, Sessegnon will take it. Ralls goes to ground, referee allows


played to go on. Lambert into Harris. Tried a little backheel,


didn't he? Had no chance, really. You tried to do a Giroud, didn't


he?! -- he tried. The goal-scorer, Johansen, across to Ream, a very


fluid Fulham line up. Johansen once more, Sessegnon, Jazz


Richards, Albert steps in as well. Piazon is the most advanced Fulham


player at the moment, and Sean Morrison, also 27 today, like the


Fulham goal-scorer, Stefan Johansen, there's a neat defensive job. He did


well in the Cardiff's captain, Sean Morrison, did not quite get enough


power on the first header, and the pressure, but managing that in the


second header back to his goalkeeper. Piazon, initially


stopped by Bamba, but he could be through here. He almost dummied the


tackle. Great challenge, great upper body strength by Bamba, you would


expect him to win that contest, in all honesty. Fulham just starting to


dictate things here at the Cardiff City Stadium, great ball.


Kadeem Harris would not average that. But he should not be offside,


a lot of the Fulham back four, he has got the pace to go a split


second after the ball has been played over the Fulham back four.


This was the effort, it was difficult, wasn't it? He has


practised that scorpion kick! Not too many players would practice


that, in all honesty. You mean you didn't?! Are you surprised?! I am


sure the people of Norwich would be, as well as other places you were at!


But it is a decent game for a Sunday morning.


And it is clear, Iwan Roberts, both sides are up for this. Yeah, they


are both playing with a good tempo, Fulham have come here to attack,


passing the ball ever so well, forward-thinking players,


interchanging positions ever so well. Every time Cardiff get the


ball up to the likes of Pilkington and Lambert, they look like creating


chances. They certainly don't want a replay, do they? The last thing they


want. Lambert is onto that, Huws, a chance for him to run forward.


Great save. Bettinelli did well to punch that away. That was a fierce


shot by Ralls. A really well-struck shot by Joe Ralls. On that favoured


left foot of his. Opened his body up and it is a strong save. A good move


from Cardiff down the right-hand side.


Green has spent plenty of time forward down this left-hand side,


the American defender. I think he is allowed to. You look at Fulham's


right back, he is playing as a central defender really. He is


leaving Fredericks down that right-hand side all on his own.


Just patient. Very patient. Quite happy to keep the ball and try and


set Cardiff City out. The goalkeeper could have helped him


out a bit more. Johansen nowhere near as decisive as


he was for the goal. Didn't get hold of the shot. He has to rush to get


the shot in. This is Ralls at the other end and bet Nili at --


Bettinelli at full stretch. Ralls gets the ball out of his face,


enough power in there to cause a problem. But a decent save by


Bettinelli. Scored the winner against Aston Villa did Joe Ralls.


And a chance for Cardiff to put the ball into the Fulham penalty area.


Neil Warnock, reached the FA Cup semi-finals with Sheffield United.


There with Kevin Blackhall, one of his loyal lieutenants. He played for


goal for him in Scarborough I think in his first managerial job. He has


come a long way since then Neil Warnock. Bennett will look for a


blue shirt on the edge of the box. Piazon ensures he can make no


progress. That is where they have got to pass the ball sooner. He has


taken a second too long. He has drawn two Fulham players out. Take a


touch, pass to it Ralls and Ralls can cross that ball into the box.


The towel remains, Greg Halford has this in his locker - a long throw.


Bamba has gone across to meet him. Bennett was in the right place.


Piazon couldn't get hold of it. He will be disappointed, once again it


is Fredericks down that right-hand side. He is causing Bamba a problem


this time. Bennett just, the deflection off his foot, he tried to


stop the cross, goes straight to Piazon. But a disappointing shot in


the end by the Brazilian. Pilkington put Cardiff ahead on eight minutes.


And Johansen equalised on 14. They're just happy to be patient


when they have to be. This is good stuff from Fulham. They


pass the ball ever so well. They have matched Cardiff's formation.


They have gone three at the back. And Odoi is playing as a central


defender and you have got the pace down the left with Sessegnon. There


is the coach, Slavisa Jokanovic. I was surprised when he got the sack


from Watford in all honesty. I thought he done a great job at


Vicarage Road. An early start for those people from Fulham, down the


M4! Probably enjoying it at the moment,


because their side have the initiative back after falling


behind. Both these sides have been in FA Cup


finals. Fulham in 1975 as Aluko goes outside of Bamba. And Cardiff City


as we heard earlier, actually beat Fulham on way to the 1925 Cup Final,


that was a dry run for 27. And then returned in 2008. Defeat by


Portsmouth. Of course 2008 started at Chase Town. So from small


acorns... I would like to see Cardiff there,


Ricky Lambert he has got to put the keeper under pressure. Pilkington


and Harris are 25 yards away. It is so easy for the goalkeeper just to


roll the ball out to Sigurosson and -- Sigurdsson. Morrison has gone


into the Fulham half to track Aluko. They have given them a lot of time


on the ball at the moment. I suppose at this distance it is not too much


of a problem. But they break quickly as they are now. Johansen - good


challenge by Bamba again. Harris should be quick enough. The decision


goes against Odoi. The Belgian. Gets there a second too late, doesn't he.


Harris was quickest to react, just gets his foot to the ball. Great


tackle again. He has become such a leader in the short time he has been


at the club. The first signing of Neil Warnock. Just no-nonsense.


Doesn't mess about. I was at Ipswich that day they lost and the first


thing he did was apologise to everybody and rightly so. But as


soon as Neil had the opportunity to play him back into the side, exactly


what he did. Harris wants a free kick there against Odoi, but the


referee not having any of it. The earlier meeting of these sides


was in 1925 when Fulham lost 1-0 in the capital. Cardiff lost in the


final to Sheffield United that year. Morrison had to make the block.


Fulham corner. It is a joy to watch at the minute, the way Fulham are


passing and keeping possession and moving players and moving Cardiff's


defendsers. And the players are running into the gaps that are left.


It is a joy to watch. Cairney again directing operations.


They just don't waste a pass, do they? You can see the influence of


their manager. Always on the move. Whoever's on the ball, he has plenty


of options. He hasn't got just one or two, he has five or six different


players wanting the ball. You can see why they have moved to tenth in


the Championship. Neil Warnock said before the kickoff that a lot of


people who have seen Fulham this year think they're the best


footballing side in the Championship. You can see why with


this opening half hour at the Cardiff City Stadium.


Harris has to do better there. He loses the ball far too simply.


Former Bolton player, Ream, forward again.


Fredericks has caused all sorts of problems. Very quick. Goes for the


one-two and Murphy this to collect. But Fredericks from Bristol City in


August 2015. That was better by Bennett. He forces Fredericks to go


inside. Fredericks has to go inside. He is not Ayalewed to go down the


line as he has been on more than one occasion in this first half. --


allowed to go. And he can't get on the ball that is played into him.


That is better by Bennett. Aluko tries his luck and Murphy


collects. It is another opportunity to Fulham to get a shot on Cardiff's


goal and it all comes from a poor pass half way into the Cardiff half


by Pilkington. At the minute, Cardiff not keeping possession at


all. Giving it away far too cheaply and making life very difficult for


themselves. Again strong by Lambert. But Fulham Smaugle the ball


--smuggle the ball up to Cairney. Bennett still going and he has hit


the bar and it is turned in and there is no offside flag. It was


Cairney got the initial touch and Ryan Sessegnon scores against


Cardiff City again. I have to say it has been coming. First one came down


that right-hand side with very good wing play by Fredericks and the


second's come in the same way. Again he beats Bennett for pace. There is


a massive gap for the ball to be played into. He moves the ball


quickly. Pulls it back to Cairney. He is unlucky not to score. Is


Sessegnon offside? That is the big question. It is very close. It is


very close. First thing he does - he looks to the linesman. Has he raised


his flag. Maybe level Jazz Richards. Well, he won't worry, that is his


third goal and his second against Cardiff this season. I'm sure that


is something for Kit and Danny to look at at half-time. He won't be


happy. I'm thinking, is he thinking even at this early stage or at


halftime, getting Peltier on to that left-hand side, see how he copes


with Fredericks. Because at the minute, Joe Bennett is at sixes and


sevens. Halford with the throw. As Cardiff look to respond. That should


be easy for Bettinelli. Really, not untypical of Cardiff, their biggest


danger appears to be through set pieces. They scored from one via a


deflection from Pilkington. But Johansen and Sessegnon, his FA Cup


debut. He has turned this game on its head. What a talent for 16, Ewan


Roberts. Unreal. I saw him in August and he impressed me then. I couldn't


believe my ears when I was told he was only 16. I think he had only


turned 16 then. A massive talent for Fulham and no wonder some of the big


boys in the Premier League are tracking this man. That goal made


him the first player to be born in the 2000s to score a league goal. He


is an intelligent player and can see the gap when it opens and he then


decides to go. That isn't always the first thing that happens, especially


when you're as young as Sessegnon is. He already knows who he likes


playing most! No hurry for Fulham. The problems


are all with Neil Warnock. Bamba is in the right place once


more. Bamba did well not to buy the dummy himself there.


Good cross looking for Pilkington and it is headed behind. A vital


header from that cross. A teasing cross into the box. Maybe not quite


enough height on it to find Pilkington. The big boys coming up


from the back. Bettinelli just gets a touch and I


think they will leave it for Halford to take a long throw. Not a bad ball


from Harris. That is where you miss Whittingham - taking corners.


Halford will try again. Good distance. Easily read though.


He is always running backwards and then it is so difficult when you're


running backwards as quick as he is. He is back-tracking, to get the


power that is needed in the head tore head it back -- header to head


it back across the box. No fault on Halford. He had to put the ball in


as early as he did. He wasn't going to get time to have a touch and then


cross it. He was going to be put under pressure.


It shows you have Cardiff now stopping Bettinelli from passing


from that goal kick and then it is a poor kick to the right and Cardiff


win a throw. And Bennett can cross. Lambert pulls away to the far post.


Good work by Sessegnon. Just did enough and made sure he could feel


Lambert, who was always going to win the ball in the air. Ewan Roberts,


is he offside? It is really cross. I would say he is probably just level.


Maybe his foot's offside. But I think you have got to give the


benefit of the doubt to the attacking player there.


You have got to, haven't you? You know. I'm not sure Kevin Ratcliffe


would have said that, but there we go. I'm not sure Neil Warnock will


say that either. In rather more colourful terms he will make his


opinion known perhaps. It was a tight one you have to say. And Ryan


Sessegnon won't worry too much. It is such a hard one to spot, as the


ball leaves Cairney's foot that hits the bar. To then spot Sessegnon - is


he or isn't he. On the basis of play, you can't deny Fulham are


worthy of the lead and they have been the better side. They have been


very impressive. They pass and move and they have


very few poor passes. Ralls did well, he has no support. He is


trying to get a bit of space to play the ball forward, but there is no


one there. And he feels that touch by Sessegnon and goes down. Good


play. Richards has had very little


opportunity. He is looking. There is one pass he can put in down the


right hand channel. But there is no there to play it in. You have four


Cardiff players on the other side of pitch and no one made the effort to


break their necks and make that run down the right-hand side for an


option for Jazz Richards. He was fortunate with that one


Bennett. I thought he had lost control. McDonald's arguing his case


here. He doesn't think there was a touch. He doesn't think it was a


free kick. Johansen is having his say, he is being called over by the


referee, who has not had a lot to adjudicate on. The one decision was


his assistant's and might prove vital. Bamba wins it and it may


break for Harris. But Fulham smuggle it away and the break is on.


Fredericks runs over the ball and Huws steps in. That is when Fulham


are at their most dangerous. One minute or one second they're


defending a set piece and then they break so quickly and you're got the


likes of Fredericks, Piazon, Sessegnon down the left-hand side,


absolutely sprinting up there. And they're playing at their pace,


Fulham. There is an offside flag! This time


against Aluko. I would have been interesting in the linesman on the


far side, if he had been this side for that Sessegnon goal. He has got


to look all across the pitch to try and spot that. There is bodies in


front of him. Had he been this side, it might have been a different


decision he made. Fulham good value for this lead as they approach


half-time. You can hear some of the frustration


from the Cardiff fans. A couple of shouts - tackle him, get into him.


It has been far too easy for Fulham. A mix up, but Murphy will clear.


Sigurdsson slides in. One minute of added time.


Huws fell awkwardly there. Huws, just his second start and of course


made his Manchester City appearance against Blackburn in the FA Cup as a


youngster. A frustrating time for him. I thought he was a great


signing for the club when he did in the summer and he had a successful


loan at Huddersfield, one of my former clubs, scored a few goals


from midfield. For one reason or another it hasn't worked out for


him. He was brought in by Paul Trollope. He has had few chances to


impress Neil Warnock. That should just be about it. The problems are


all with Neil Warnock rather than with Slavisa Jokanovic in the


foreground of this shot. His side have been hugely impressive. And he


will know his team have plenty to do in the second half. And that is the


half-time whistle. It started well for Cardiff when Pilkington Gay them


the lead with a de-- gave them the lead with a deflected shot. But then


Johansen celebrated his birthday with the equaliser and the sensation


who is Ryan Sessegnon was on hand to turn home the ball. Debate about


offside. We will look at that now I'm sure. But let's head for a


Fulham point of view from Stuart Gray. You went behind early doors,


but reorganised and got the goals. Yes disappointed to go 1-0 down. But


perfect reaction. We dominated the ball. But with any team that Neil


Warnock's got there will be a reaction. But we have to continue


playing the way we are playing. I some Cardiff players calling for an


offside on the second goal. Maybe the score reflecting the game? I


think we dominated the ball and got into some good areas and needed to


be more clinical. We are disappointed to concede, but we are


pleased to be ahead. The most important thing is the next 45


minutes. I thank you. Not a bad cup tie so far. A great


start for Cardiff with Pilkington opening the scoring thanks to a


deflebs. The lead didn't last long. Johansen with the equaliser for


Fulham. More pressure from Fulham, Fredericks a real threat and he set


up the second. Cairney off the ball and Sessegnon tapping in, although,


was he offside? Danny and Kit to back to adjudicate. All you can ask


for is goals. We have had goals, excitement and it has been a great


cup tie so far. And Fulham by far the happiest team at half-time? Yes


a good start for Cardiff. Got the early goal. Since then it has been


all Fulham. They have been on the front foot and got back into the


game and they have been murdering Cardiff with their passing and


movement. Fredericks has caused all kind of trouble for Bennett and


deserved the lead. One touch football, it has been fantastic. Yes


they have been passing, it has almost been like a training session.


Cardiff have made it too easy. They're neither pressing or dropping


off. There have been three pressing at the back, but the midfield


dropping off and they're playing ing through them.


It was a good start for Cardiff, I don't see you will see a bigger


deflection, the goalkeeper had no chance. This is the foul first of


all. Yes, a definite foul, and that is what you get if you go over the


wall, you always get that chance of hitting a body, wrong footing the


keeper, and that is exactly what happens, fantastic start for Cardiff


City. Good free kick, but the deflection helped. It was, and


Piazon turning his back, you want them to be braver than that. It gave


Bettinelli no chance in goal. It came from direct play into Rickie


Lambert, which we said would be essential, and they had a little bit


of joy from that, a few bodies around him, probably their best way


of getting back into the game. We talked about the pressure that


Fulham exerted on the right-hand side, talk us through the equaliser,


lovely football, on the left on this occasion. Yes, then they switch it


out, as soon as Ryan Fredericks has got grass in front of him, he is so


fast. He should be picked up, really. He runs off Joe Ralls, and


he has acres of space, you can't allow that. You have got players


behind the ball, a false sense of security. Far too much time and


space and a good finish. Sol Bamba trying to do everything at the back,


somebody else should have leptin to block that shot. When the ball is


cut back, it is the defensive midfielder's job to be blocking that


and clearing the ball. Joe Ralls switches off, Cardiff pay the price.


They talked about Ryan Fredericks in the commentary box, causing so many


problems down the right-hand side. This is right at the start of the


game, one of the quickest players I have ever worked with Ryan


Fredericks, a electric pass. If he is given grass in front of him, he


will exploit that. He knows he has the beating of Bennett, and this is


obviously the goal that we have just seen already. But time and again,


tried and tested, Bamba, he knows he has got the legs on him and can get


the crossing. Probably should have done better. No surprise that their


second came from that route, again, Fredericks. Almost a carbon copy of


the first goal, we get to see it now. Cairney is able to drift into


the box, but you have got to track your runners. Ralls should have


tracked Johansen. Cairney gets in front of Greg Halford. Tom Cairney,


we picked him out at the start of the game, and lucky not to score


himself, Sessegnon gets the cabin. Fulham League 2-1 at half-time,


let's get the view of the Wales assistant coach. -- Fulham lead.


A gentleman who has had some great experiences here, they have got it


all to do, Fulham playing so nicely, there is to lose now? They have had


a great first half, the way they have passed it around, rotation very


good in the middle of the park, and Cardiff have found it difficult at


times, the communication is key, who is stepping out from the back, I am


sure Neil will be tried to organise that at half-time. I am sure you


have got your eye on the Cardiff City players, Emyr Huws, Jazz


Richards, big game against Ireland in March. It has been frustrating


for both, because they have not been playing, so an opportunity for Neil


Warnock to see them in a match situation, good that they are


getting some playing time, hopefully that will continue and they can


cement a place in the starting line-up. I have got to ask you, we


have seen players of Gareth Bale back training, have you heard from


him? Yes, things are progressing nicely, but time will tell, it is


important to take it one day at a time, really, in terms of his


recovery. Everything crossed that he will be ready. Osian Roberts, thank


you, enjoy the second-half, diolch. I think he's big Sporar nation,


saying that he hopes Gareth Bale will be back. Let's talk about Neil


Warnock, what will you be St Louis players? -- what will he be saying


to his players? The only way I can see them getting back in is the


route crosses and set pieces, you have got to try to utilise his


talents more. -- is through crosses and set pieces. Kit, as a coach,


what do you do? How do you change it? As Danny says, they have to do


one or the other, either sit off and get everyone behind the ball or do a


high press. That is generally what Neil Warnock teams do, get right in


your face, but they haven't done it this first up. It is whether they


have got the legs to do it anyway, physically, that is another kettle


of fish, that is his problem at half-time! We will see what he does


in the second half. The only Welsh side left in the competition after


Hull beat Swansea City yesterday, not a great start for the new


manager, Paul Clement. Rob Phillips has all the details on this one.


Two new managers at the helm for the Premier League's bottom pair, and it


was Hull got the better of Paul Clement. The winning goals came late


with the Tigers breaking the deadlock, Shaun Maloney getting


behind a soft defence to set up the substitute, Abel Hernandez, for a


simple finish. Swansea pushed hard for an equaliser, but the game was


sealed in Hull's favourite in injury time, a sweeping crossfield ball,


Robert Snodgrass found academy product Josh Tymon, who scored his


first goal for the club. Celebrations for him, disappointment


for Clement. Do you feel a little hard done do with that result? For


long periods, we were in the game, it was an even game. There were


chances at both ends, not a massive amount, both teams with probably an


even spread of ball possession as well. We looked tired at the end,


the goals came in disappointing circumstances, it was a soft goal.


We defended well for long periods, so the nature of the goal was


disappointing. But a great start for Paul Clement.


We will talk about that in a few minutes, the job he has got on his


hands to keep Swansea in the league, but worth reminding you of a few


results yesterday, three Premier League teams knocked out by lower


league opposition. Millwall, a big win, beating Bournemouth 3-0. Stoke


lost at Wolves of the championship. And Tony Pulis's West Brom side lost


steel Derby. Aaron Ramsey scored as Arsenal came from behind to win at


Preston. Another Wales international, Tom Morris, who spent


time here, he scored twice to stop Ipswich going out of the competition


against non-league Lincoln. Let's talk about Swansea is it, then, that


defeat yesterday at Hull, I wonder whether that illustrates the job


that Paul Clement has got on his hands there in trying to save


Swansea. It is a massive job, without doubt, I am sure he is under


no illusions, going into this job. Yesterday, it is one of them, it


could prove to be a blessing, getting knocked out of the cup now.


I have had some great memories from the FA Cup, some brilliant cup runs,


and it is great to be part of, but when you are scrapping down at the


bottom, sometimes not the worst thing in the world to go out early


doors and focus on the league. Danny, one thing that a lot of


Swansea City are annoyed about, the fact that he has removed Alan


Curtis, this club legend, from the front line of the coaching team.


What you make of that decision to my well, I think everyone was


surprised, hearing the news. He is a club legend, as you said. There he


is. I thought it might have been good continuity wise to keep him


around the place, he knows the players well, and Paul Clement


goodbye into business lodge. That has not been the case, you have to


accept that, every manager has his own ideas. -- could buy into his


knowledge. He has that every right to bring people into his coaching


team? Yes, I think it is more the way it was done, told by text


message, and that is not the right weight -- way to do things. He is a


top guy, but Paul Clement has got the right to bring in who he wants.


Let's just tell you what else is coming up today on BBC Television.


Let's grab a quick word with our match summariser, Iwan Roberts, what


is your assessment of the first half, what would you be saying to


that Cardiff team if you were Neil Warnock? First and foremost, they


have got to get a lot closer to the Fulham players, they have had far


too much time and freedom to play the possession game that they have


in that first out. First and foremost, they have got to squeeze


up as a side and get in their faces, because it has been far too easy for


Fulham. Cardiff got off to a good start with that deflected goal from


Pilkington, and then on it has been one-sided, time after time, both


left and right, Fulham have caused problems. The only surprise is that


Cardiff are not further behind, one down. They are still got a chance,


good options on the bench for Neil Warnock, but they have got it all to


do. Would you make changes at this point? I'm just looking at Joe


Bennett, the left wingback, he has really struggled with the pace of


Fredericks in at first out. Peltier can play on that left-hand side.


Probably too early at the half, he will get better, another


opportunity. A big powerful centre forward, we have not seen enough of


Rickie Lambert, but he has not had the service that he would have


liked, and when the ball has got into him, apart from the opening ten


minutes, they have not had enough bodies close enough to help him out.


So a lot to be done for Cardiff in this second half. Thank you, Iwan,


that is the question, how do you get Rickie Lambert more involved in the


second half? They have got to get on the front foot, look at the two


wingbacks, Joe Bennett spent the first half defending, never got into


the final third. They need to get bodies up the pitch, as Iwan said,


press a little bit higher, get the ball into Lambert, bring players


into the game, get the ball wide come into the box, otherwise there's


no point being on the pitch. I might expect changes at half-time, Neil


Warnock is a no-nonsense manager. I would not be surprised to see maybe


a double substitution at half-time. Some pretty glum faces among the


Cardiff supporters, these Fulham fans will be happy, those who have


made the journey down this Sunday morning. What will be Fulham boss be


telling his team? More of the same, really, they were not really playing


with a centre forward as such. Pretty much a false nine, really.


But the movement and rotation was excellent. The two goals came from


good play my Cardiff not tracking their runners into the box is a


cardinal sin. 45 minutes to rescue a place in the fourth round of the FA


Cup, Danny, can they do it, Cardiff? Of course they can, only one goal in


it, they should be a couple more down, Neil Warnock can rally the


troops, get them all on the front foot, get some of their better


players into the game, set pieces always important. Well, he looks a


pretty happy man as he comes out for the second half, a bit of a poker


face maybe, the Fulham boss taking his place for the second 45 minutes.


Let's rejoin our commentary team, can they get back into this one?


Iwan Roberts and Rob Phillips for the second half.


I can think of one or two Welshman who would be happy with this score


at half-time, notably Gordon Davies, the record goal-scorer for Fulham.


Ivor, as many people in Welsh football know him. Cardiff will be


happy with one goal to take this to a replay. There is Anthony


Pilkington, before that Ryan Fredericks, who caused all sorts of


problems. I do not think there are any changes at half-time, Iwan


Roberts. You heard what the lads thought, will there be any paint


left on the wall in the dressing room? I don't think Neil Warnock has


mellowed in his old age, he won't mince his words! The players will


know that the first half was not acceptable. It is not the standard


that they set against Aston Villa in the last home game. They have not


played with the same emergency, tempo, everything that you would


expect from a Cardiff City side. So Cardiff City have 45 minutes to


ensure that there is a Welsh presence in tomorrow night's


fourth-round draw. Murphy has not had too much to do,


but when they have struck, they have struck decisively. Just looking at


Halford's position, he looks as if he is a little bit further forward


than in the first half, P3 with Bamba and Morrison, looking like he


is responsible for that role in midfield, which would then enable


the likes of Ralls and Huws to push further up.


Kenneth Zohore is an option on the bench for Cardiff City, he has made


a real impact in the last few games. But time yet. Was it wills when he


came and changed the game? -- Wolves. He calls Aston Villa all


sorts of James Chester and Nathan Baker, their centre halves. Fulham,


as Kit was saying, I am sure Slavisa Jokanovic has just said, keep it


going. Just passed the ball, keep it simple. Frankly, they don't look


like a side who would panic. They look a very good side, don't they?


Very impressed with them in that first out. -- first half. The curse


of the commentator there! Richards, who was wearing a Fulham showed last


season. That is a chase for Emyr Huws. Just as keen to much of Emyr


Huws, he is not well-known for his pace. The spaces there for the ball


to be played in two down Cardiff's right-hand side, but you won't


Harris out there. Cairney has seen the run of


McDonald. Bennett has Morrison for company.


Greg Halford apologising to his team-mates, once again losing


possession far too easily. I suppose this isn't a bad game for him to


make his debut. I am not sure how many games he has played this


season, in all honesty. Neil Warnock says he fills a number of positions,


he is versatile. I have seen him play right back, in the heart of the


fence. -- in the heart of defence. And like today, playing right


midfield. The backpass by Ragnar Sigurdsson,


who was famous in the summer, because he scored one of the goals


for Iceland that knocked out England.


Three cheers this side of the border as well!


He has been largely untroubled today, signed from Krasnodar in the


summer. All too easy for Fulham at the minute. Sessegnon takes on


Richards. Richards managed to do the defensive job. Piece took to his


task, Jazz Richards. -- he's stuck. Richards was up to the task. Corner


taken quickly, they have left your hands and in space, the ball is


cleared by Emyr Huws. -- they left Johansen in space. They try to send


Kadeem Harris away, but he has the equally pacey Fredericks for


company, and Frederic scams away with it. Good scrap between the two


of them. -- and Fredericks comes away with it.


Johansen has got so much time to get Cairney out. Johansen, who got


Fulham back into this game after Pilkington put Cardiff area with a


deflected free kick. Brian Sessegnon, the teenager, made it


2-1. -- Ryan Sessegnon. It is easy street for Fulham at the


moment. They don't look in any sorts of problems. Sure Neil Warnock was


hoping for a busy start to the first half, the second half, after the


interval. You would expect a quick start from the home side, wouldn't


you? To put the Fulham players and a bit more pressure, get closer to


them, get a tackle in. Sometimes it is a tackle. It gets everybody


going, get the fans off their seats. They almost look as if they could be


undone again at any time. Piazon tries to break through,


Cardiff City cannot get out of their own half. It is wave after wave of


Fulham attack, and the game is being played in the Cardiff City half.


Well, they are not rushing to take the throw-in, Fulham. They look so


comfortable with the ball, Rob, they see an easy pass, they don't try to


complicate things, and all of a sudden, when they get into the final


third, that is when the passes start becoming quicker, the movement is


better. Cardiff just can't get hold of it at the minute!


Ralls over the head of Lambert. He has got to think about that one, he


has got Rickie Lambert, let's be honest, he has never been renowned


for his pace. There is only one place he wants the ball, behind


Sigurdsson, but he wants the ball, does Rickie Lambert.


Bennett with the block, Harris gives the ball away, winds and back


momentarily, McDonald. -- wins it back.


It is men versus boys at the minute, Cardiff getting a lesson from Fulham


on how to keep the ball. Really sloppy by the men in blue. Neil


Warnock has to be thinking of making a change before this game goes away


from them. Ten minutes into the second half, a couple of Cardiff


City Stadium dudes warming up. -- a couple of Cardiff City substitutes


warming up. There is Kenneth Zohore, waiting for


the call. Lovely ball by Cairney, Murphy is equal to it. Only his


third start, suddenly rocketed from third choice goalkeeper, signed in


the summer, to Neil Warnock's first choice. It was a good decision to


come out, early shout to his defenders, good one from Sessegnon,


across the 18-yard line. A good ball in by Stefan Johansen, but as I say,


good early decision, good starting position. Coaching conference going


on on the side, surely considering a change. They have to be, Rob,


because this is not good enough from Cardiff City. They can't get over


the halfway line at the minute. They do now, with this long kick from


Murphy. Clearance by Murphy. But every second ball, you know, it is a


white shirt that is picking it up. Piazon is in behind the Richards,


Sessegnon makes the run forward. He was tempted to have a tackle there


but thought better of it! Still not cleared by Cardiff.


A third goal now would really so it up for Fulham, surely. Oh, Piazon


from Cairney! Somehow scrambled away by Cardiff. Piazon once a free kick,


a penalty, but they were opened up there, Cardiff City. Cairney,


Piazon, great play. It wasn't a free kick, but once again it is


magnificent play by the visitors. It is a footballing lesson for Cardiff


City. Well, Neil Warnock wasn't kidding


when he said that in some ways this is the best team in the


Championship, best footballing team. The league table never lies. Looking


for Lambert, just over the top of the big striker. Just offside as


well. Good effort by Ralls, he is capable of picking players out.


Let's have a look. He is leaning into it! He still had plenty to do.


I think it was Kit that picked out Cairney before the game, wasn't it?


He scored a beauty for Blackburn against Cardiff when they return to


the Championship a few years ago, a Friday night game, 1-1, I remember


it well. Partly because of the six-hour trip on the M62, which was


like a car park, nothing new there! --


And Cardiff do something pretty rapidly, they have still got half an


hour, Kenneth Zohore is warming up. Just look at Fulham's back four,


back five, they are playing quite a high line.


Johansen took a knock to the mouth as Huws at least forced Bettinelli


into some action. Better from Cardiff. A well-timed the run down


the left-hand side by Lambert. The ball finds itself at the foot of


Huws. He doesn't really get ahold of the shot. A comfortable save. The


first he has really had to make since that shot he saved from Ralls


in the first half for Marcus Bettinelli. Stephan Johansen gets


some treatment. Time for refuelling as well. And they may have had an


early start, but they're enjoying their trip to the capital so far.


Those full happen support - Fulham supporters are in good heart and


good voice. They have plenty to sing about. Their side are running this


game and they lead 2-1. A bloody lip. The spoils of war. Do you think


he will be able to blow out his birthday candles with that? 26


today, Stephan Johansen. Slavisa Jokanovic has won the Yugoslav cup.


He won it twice when it became Serbia as well. He took Watford to


promotion from the Championship. So he has a track record. Did he lose


his job straight after winning promotion? Yes he did.


Florence Kiki Sanchez Flores was brought in. He lost his job as well.


And he didn't do a bad job either. It looks like there could be a


change in the offing for Cardiff. It is perhaps the most unexpected in


that Mark Harris is warming up on the side. He has just had a word


with Neil Warnock. The heavy squad are all involved now on the side. As


Fulham continue as they have almost from the first minute - dominating


possession. They fell behind to Pilkington's deflected free kick.


But they didn't panic. They just played their football and now lead


two one thanks to goals from Johansen and Sessegnon.


Cairney is involved in most of Fulham's good play and there has


been plenty of that. So, who will it be? It looks like Mark Harris is


coming on now. And Stewart O'Keefe. Mark Harris has been propelled to


first team squad training almost as soon as Neil Warnock got here.


Clearance by Murphy drifts out. Will this be the chance? No, they're


still getting their laces sorted. He has shown a lot of faith in the


young man. Zohore is on the bench. My first opportunity to see Mark


Harris. It will be interesting to see if he plays alongside Lambert.


That would mean a change of shape for Cardiff. That would give O'Keefe


a bit more bite and energy and give the likes of Johansen and Cairney a


bit more of a problem. He will get closer to them. They need to do


something. Bamba is in on Aluko. I think he is unlikely there Bam


banana he -- Bamba. He can count himself unlucky he gave away


At the moment, Cardiff look in no rush to make the substitution. They


sometimes do with iPads onside. Now they have got a little graphic which


the coaches are looking at. It is just that last bit of information to


give the players before they go on. Set pieces and their jobs and roles


in both penalty boxes. Halford scooped it across for a throw in.


There is Mark Harris, getting final instructions. He has had enough of


that! He would rather sit down and have a drink!


Ralls drives at the Fulham defence. Tried to play in Harris. Nearly and


it stems from a good tackle by Halford.


Harris looked appealingly at the referee, but he kept his whistle in


his hand. It just takes an awkward bounce as it reaches Khadim Harris.


Johansen! Always drifting wide. Always hitting across the ball. Lets


the ball run across his body. Halford has held Fredericks up and


forced him to pass inside. Johansen looking for his second goal, lets


the ball run across his bod y and goes well wide of the right-hand


post. Now it is Stewart O'Keefe who is being told what they expect of


him. Fulham are warming up their substitutes as well. But this will


surely be looking ahead to next week and Championship action, rather than


any concern about the way things are going. That is Bristol City a team


just above Cardiff in the Championship. But on their showing


they're going to be a force in the Championship aren't they? Fulham?


Yes, I have been very impressed with them. Halford trying to inject some


venom into the Cardiff performance. I think this will be a Halford long


throw. Or maybe it won't be. It won't be, because Halford's debut


ends. And he will be replaced by the debutant, young Mark Harris. He has


been offered a professional contract and what a moment for the youngster.


Who was part of that Wales side who beat England at under age level and


Stewart O'Keefe replaces Ricky Lambert. So it looks like Pilkington


up front do you think? Yes. And Harris maybe just in behind him. But


he has 22 minutes to show what he is about. To show the Cardiff


supporters that have turned up today what a good play hear the he is, he


has an eye for goal and it is the first time I have had a glimpse to


watch Mark Harris. He has been given plenty of time here by Neil Warnock.


Bettinelli's clearances haven't always hit the right target. Harris


from Harris. This could get confusing, two Harrises on the pitch


now. No ultimate target man now is there.


That is the high the service up to Harris and Pilkington has got to


improve drastically. Mark Harris was almost in then. Not


sure what it is about Kadeem Harris. Is he an impact sub. I have seen him


come on and been a positive player from the bench. But he doesn't seem


to do that as effectively, he isn't as effective when he starts the


game. He has taken a long time to find his feet at Cardiff City.


Fulham have definitely found their feet in the capital this morning.


Harris tried to go through Odoi. Not sure what Odoi could have done. He


can't get out of the way. He has been beaten by a good bit of skill a


little nutmeg by Harris, who runs straight into him. But nine times


out of ten, the referee always gives that the forward's way. The big men


are up from the back. Bamba, Morrison.


Now here Fulham are dangerous. But Johansen overhits the pass. Awkward


by Richards. But he just about got there. Why doesn't Bennett just go


to his keeper, instead of putting Jazz Richards under pressure. You


have put him under so much pressure with Aluko closing him down quickly.


Murphy just was fortunate that it was Bamba who picked up the Parry.


Bamba takes control again. Richards has to get closer to Piazon. Once


Piazon reaches the box, you have a problem, Richards can't sell


himself, can't dive in. You have got to close him earlier.


Oh Murphy has played himself into trouble. This could sort it for


Fulham. And it was saved, the day was saved and Murphy's blushes were


saved by Sean Morrison. You're in your own box, just put it into row


Z. Don't try and do what you do. Just sums up Cardiff's sloppy


performance. Piazon straight at Murphy. It is


another quickly taken corner and they find Piazon. A nice ball by


Macdonald. Three Cardiff players surrounding him, but manages to get


a shot on Murphy's goal. Comfortably dealt with. It is just such an


un-Neil Warnock-like performance. Sessegnon gets the job done again. I


heard the display against Aston Villa described as great intensity


about the performance. We haven't seen any of that today sadly. Fulham


have brought a real intensity to their play though.


If we are honest, some lads have been given an opportunity and


haven't taken those opportunities. Good tackle from McDonald.


McDonald's come off worst from that. He has stayed down. He is up now is


McDonald. Good challenge by Bamba again. Aluko looks aghast that it is


not a free kick. That is an unbelievable challenge. I thought


Aluko got past him, but he stretches that right leg and hooks his foot


around the ball. It is a magnificent tackle. I think it would have been


harsh had the referee decided to give a free kick. Aluko still not


happy. He is having a word with the assistant referee on this right-hand


side. And Kevin McDonald is still down injured. This is a worry for


Fulham. I think he hurt his shin putting in that tackle on Harris.


Timed to perfection by McDonald. That is what your holding player


does in front of back four. He did it to perfection there did the


Scotsman. That man, Slavisa Jokanovic, will be a very happy man.


And he does not look as if he is enjoying a Sunday stroll. He won't


have enjoyed this performance whatsoever. You can see the passion


in the eyes. I think he would like to get on there himself and get


close to a Fulham player and put a tackle in! That is all he asks -


passion and a bit of desire. Kevin McDonald is back on - good news for


Fulham, who are within 14 minutes or so of a place in Round 4.


That is offside. Not much in that, but he went early, Huws. I mentioned


the way Fulham are defending very high up the pitch towards the


halfway line and there is plenty of space to drop the ball in behind


them. Just got to time your runs better.


I should mention today that both Cardiff and Fulham fans are mourning


the loss of Paul Went in the week, a central defender who played for both


clubs. 72 to 73 at Fulham. And also at Cardiff as well. He also managed


Leyt Orient. -- Leighton Orient. Harris had the pace to beat


Johansen. Which he did. But a poor cross. The break is on now.


Piazon shoots and over the bar. Such clever play. One-touch football.


They have numbers up. They have four or five up in the attack. Just


little five-yard passes. Just looking for that bit of space they


need. It falls to Piazon eventually. Richards just did enough and got


himself in front of him. Forced him to take the shot sooner than he


would like. Last three of the dice for Cardiff. Noone replacing Kadeem


Harris. He has had an impact as a substitute, Craig Noone. Neil


Warnock must think Kenneth Zohore needs to be wrapped up for the


Championship battles ahead. Maybe Noone can exploit that space that


the Fulham back three are leaving behind. One thing he has got is pace


to burn. He has not found his form since that Premier League season I


don't think. He lost his way. He has had a few injuries. And not had the


influence that he would have wanted. Noorn Noone might have been offside


there. I think he was. It looks like a Fulham change is in the offing.


That is Denis Adeniran waiting to come on. All they have to do is see


it out now. The last ten minutes or so. A change will be made now and


the man who started Fulham on their way, Stephan Johansen with his sixth


goal, his first in the FA Cup, the Norwegian, former Celtic player. He


has shown he has got the scars of war, but he will be more than happy


with that. He won't be down in the mouth with Fulham winning. This is


his goal. They were trailing 1-0. Like for like. One defensive


midfielder in Johansen for another one, Denis Adeniran, a young


18-year-old. An FA Cup debut for him. Johansen can be delighted with


the way he has played. Ralls was just on his right foot. It


Wurz there to be hit. -- it was there to be hit. Sadly it wasn't on


his favoured left foot. Clearance by Murphy.


Fulham are within sight. Wrong pass down the left-hand side. Bennett's


in acres of space. O'Keefe got injured there. Aluko.


Pushed away by Murphy. O'Keefe is still down in the area. Looks in


some problems. Now he is up. The last thing Cardiff need is an


injury. To add to their woes. Fulham will just run the clock now.


They could have done with that third goal. It is another decent save for


Murphy. But they will just keep possession. They won't go chasing a


third. If anything they should have been increased the lead in the


second half. They have had the chances. Murphy has been far busier


and in fact I can't think really of too many times even in the whole


game Bettinelli has been called into action. But he might be now. Noone


into the area. But Sigurdsson was there at the right time. Great


defending. If he had in earlier he may have spotted Pilkington by the


penalty spot. Bennett into the box. No penalty.


The referee right there. Now the break is on.


Odoi and Richards ensures it doesn't go near the net and out for another


Fulham corner. Let's look at this. Beats two men. The arm comes out.


But not too much in it I don't think. The game now in the last five


or six minutes, it will get stretched. I think that will favour


the away side with the pace they have got in their side. Especially


on the counterattack. Another change for Fulham. And it is Sone Aluko who


will be replaced by Steven Humphrys. A debut for him. FA Cup bow. He has


had a couple of substitute appearances has Humphrys. Another


teenager enters the fray. He is more of a natural forward. One of the


Fulham youngsters that has broken through into the first team.


A good turn by Noone. Chips it across looking for Pilkington. Just


the wrong side of the Irishman. That is a free kick. Maybe at last


Cardiff come to life in this second half. Clumsy by the sub Adeniran.


Barged into the back of Bennett. The big boys come up from the back -


Morrison and Bam Bamba. A free kick against Cairney. A long


way out you have to say. I just thought when Noone beat his first


man, I thought I have seen him do it so many time, get the ball on his


left foot and shoot for goal. He hasn't scored since Wolves last


January. And it will be Bennett with the free kick.


Down the side to Noone and a good block by Fredericks. A throw now.


Bamba urges his players on. It has been the first time in the second


half there is a bit of pressure by Cardiff. They're not short of long


throwers, even with Halford off. Is there a twist in the tale? Breaks


for Bennett. Can't get the shot away and O'Keefe lofts it high, wide and


not too handsome. Not an easy chance for O'Keefe. It is an awkward


height. He is falling backwards. A bit of pressure being put on Fulham


in the dying minutes of this game. When Morrison takes a long throw,


there is one less target to hit in the middle, isn't there? Bettinelli


said I'm not playing this short. This is going long. Another free


kick. This time against Humphrys. Did well to bundle over Bamba.


It is on to a Fulham head again. And that is disappointing and rather


sums up the lunchtime for Cardiff. It needs a bit more of an angled


cross put in. Mark Harris has not had a touch


since coming on. He has found it difficult to get into this game.


Bettinelli extended. Having to come out of his own penalty area, but he


has largely been a spectator - had no chance with the goal, the


deflected free kick by Pilkington on eight minutes. There are five


minutes of added time to come. Will we see another goal, Iwan Roberts? I


think if there is going to be another goal, I can only see the


visitors getting it, in all honesty, with Cardiff, yeah, they had a


period two or three minutes ago, a few balls being played into the


Fulham box, but no real quality, in all honesty. The more that Cardiff


have to push forward, maybe that will leave them suspect on the


counterattack. It is another free kick. Outstanding


performances, he has been in the middle of everything, Piazon has


caused problems, Sessegnon down the left-hand side has been very good. I


have to give it to Ryan Fredericks, the right wingback for Fulham, great


energy down this right-hand side, created both Fulham goals, has not


just been a superb creator but outstanding defensively for his team


as well. So for me, Ryan Fredericks. Ryan Sessegnon, the other


goal-scorer, the teenager, scored his first FA Cup goal, he makes way


for a familiar figure Scott Malone, part of the deal which took Jazz


Richards to Cardiff. He went to Fulham, so a return for him. The


dying minutes. That is the man of the match, Ryan


Fredericks, ace sprinter, ace footballer on this performance. Did


Simon say he thought he -- he thought he was the quickest


player he had coached? You don't want to get in a foot race with him!


Is energy levels have been incredible this afternoon. -- his.


Good ball played in first time, does not get past Sigurdsson. I am sure


Neil Warnock is thinking, why didn't they play like this half an hour


ago? Instead they played like that, giving the ball away in a good


position, momentum is lost, and there hasn't been much of that this


afternoon by Cardiff City, and he looks a very frustrated man. He


doesn't look happy at all. They should have had three points at


Griffin Park, then a really good win against Aston Villa last Monday


afternoon. Jokanovic knows he is inside of a fourth-round tie,


provided he can hold out. -- in sight. Ralls, looks for an angle to


carve the ball forward. Then it has to go back to Morrison under


pressure from Humphrys, now Murphy, Bamba was offside. Just over a


minute for Fulham to see this game out, it would be a hugely satisfying


victory for them. Morrison, that has to go one way, he


has lost it. Malone to McDonald. Fulham are going exactly where they


need to be, in front of their own fans. Scott Malone holds it up. The


two players who swapped clubs in the summer come to grips with each


other. Just keep it in that corner, Fulham, take an age to take this


throw in, run the clock down, get back on the team bus, back to London


and the fourth round. All now looks lost for Cardiff City,


and Fulham will be ball 21 in tomorrow night's draw live on BBC


Television. Bettinelli looks for the man of the


match, Fredericks, blocked by Bennett.


I think that could be far it as far as the referee has concerned, he


hasn't been too busy. He has not had any yellow cards today. He looks to


the side, and there is the final whistle, and the travelling Fulham


fans celebrate. Sleazy can pitch shakes hands with the Cardiff


manager, Neil Warnock. -- Slammys Jokanovic. What a great day out it


has been for them in Wales on Sunday morning. It started well for Cardiff


when Anthony Pilkington put them ahead, but Stefan Johansen and then


this youngster, Ryan Sessegnon, delivered his first FA Cup goal, his


second against Cardiff this season, and Fulham will be in the round four


draw tomorrow. Cardiff City 1, Fulham 2, let's head to the man of


the match, Ryan Fredericks. A dominant performance in that second


half to book your place in the fourth round. We came here is a full


strength team, we came to dominate, and that is what we have done. Neil


Warnock said before the match that you were a great footballing side,


you seems to really enjoy yourself and kept the ball well. We play good


football, we work on our training, and that is what you want to do, we


are at our best when we have got the ball, that is what we have done


today. Congratulations, thank you. Congratulations to Fulham, no


glamour games for Cardiff City this year, and from the man of the match


to the manager, Slavisa Jokanovic, you must be delighted with the way


you played today, as well as the victory. We played very well, we had


control of the ball, we kept possession of the ball. We need to


try less to win the game, we can score some goals more, similar


things what we are doing in the Championship. A lot of success down


the right-hand side, did you feel there was a weakness in the Cardiff


City side to exploit? No, it is not weakness, we are strong on both


sides, and we have a good solution in our full-back, playing very well


today, Sessegnon playing on the left side too. Generally, I believe our


strength is to keep possession of the ball and try to dominate the


team, the strength of Cardiff is to be solid, be strong, try to win


second phase, and that is how we prepared for this game today. Many


congratulations, thank you for joining us live on Match Of The Day


Wales. Thank you so much. Danny Gabbidon, that was the Fulham


perspective, let's talk about Cardiff City, not a great day for


them, how do you explain that performance? Yeah, it was very


lacklustre from Cardiff, normally you associate Neil Warnock's size as


being on the front foot, in your face, getting up to the opposition,


and it just didn't happen. I thought second half they would try to get


back into the game, but it was a footballing masterclass from Fulham,


the passing and movement, Cardiff could not deal with it. They have


that part, at 2-1 they were still in the game, and that was probably the


only positive, that Fulham did not finish the game off. But Fulham


thoroughly deserved their win today. Kit, Mr Jokanovic is a serious


character, but happy with the way his team performed, and we have got


some examples of just how well they played at times. Ryan Fredericks


guardsman of the match, two assists, but Tom Kenny was involved in all of


their best play. -- Cairney. That was unfortunate, but there was so


much good play throughout, Cairney involved, so confident on the ball.


The system they played today suited them perfectly as well. Numerous


opportunities and openings from their good passing and good play.


The only one thing probably is that they didn't have an out and out


striker playing today, and they probably would have won buy more.


Danny, from the Cardiff perspective, looking at the way Fulham managed to


play around the 18-yard box, that will really disappointed Neil


Warnock, they did not close down the attacking players. They were very


passive the whole game, I thought in the second-half Neil Warnock try to


address that, but they sat off, Fulham created numerous chances, and


Neil Warnock will be disappointed. We didn't really see a game plan


from Cardiff today, with or without the ball. Fulham are really well


drilled, the manager has been working on passing and movement, but


let's not forget that they were very good off the ball, very good


defensively, working hard and dominating in all departments. We


can hear from Tom Cairney. How are the players feeling in the changing


room at the moment? We are delighted to the next round, we dominated


nearly all the game, we couldn't find the third goal in the second


half, so a little bit edgy towards the end, but overall quite


comfortable. After going behind so early, how happy are you with the


way you came back into the game and dominated? Yeah, I think that was


always going to be the case, we didn't panic from the deflected free


kick, which always played the same, the manager in stills it in us, we


have to keep playing the right way. And you will be watching the draw


closely tomorrow, I'm sure, thank you.


A very happy Fulham captain, and the man that you picked out as the one


to watch before the game, he played his part. Just looking at the


chances Fulham had to extend their lead, they might well have got three


or maybe four. Well, they could have done, they had decent openings and


opportunities, and Cardiff were not quite last-ditch defending to keep


the scoreline down, but it comes from good play from Fulham. They


were by far the better side, but all the time it is 2-1, they had a


chance late on, but they created some good openings. A good save


there from Murphy for Cardiff, and as far as Cardiff are concerned, I


would have thought a famous Warnock wobbler in the dressing room, he has


not mellowed, would he be angry? I think he will be more disappointed,


the Championship is the more important thing to look at now, a


massive game coming up against Bristol City at the weekend, so they


have to move on. There will be disappointment about how the game


went, especially going in front, the way they were taught a footballing


lesson after scoring the goal, but they will have to move on quickly,


they are out of the competition now, onto league form again, trying to


pull away from the relegation zone. Let's just remind you of some


programmes coming up on BBC Television...


If you are a Cardiff City fan, you might want to avoid and! Can they


survive in the Championship? They certainly can, without doubt, it


might not always be sparkling football to watch, but he will get


them solid and organise, I'm confident they will stay up. So


Cardiff get a footballing lesson from Fulham, no Welsh sides left in


the FA Cup, who needs romance when you have got a relegation battle to


fight?! From all of us, bye for now.


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