Third Round Highlights - Saturday The FA Cup

Third Round Highlights - Saturday

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The start of the road to Wembley for the top two tiered teams of the


country. One of the biggies will go no further than this. That was a


risky one, a penalty for City. Here comes Yaya Toure, emphatic penalty.


Sterling, what a goal that is. David Silva, it's three for Manchester


City. Toure, and it's turned into number four. Into John Stones. West


Ham United nil, Manchester City five. Good evening.


So Manchester City the first team to come through their Third Round tie


of the Emirates FA Cup in impressive fashion last night, and tonight


we have a whopping 25 more ties for you to enjoy.


Watching all the action, the former Middlesbrough and Fulham


goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer, alongside Trevor Sinclair,


Cup finalist with Cardiff City and scorer, of course,


Let's start with one of the four non-league teams


left in the competition, Lincoln City of the National League.


They travelled to face Mick McCarthy's Ipswich,


who'd won just two of their last seven matches in the Championship.


Lincoln City have actually reached the FA Cup quarterfinals three


times, but the last one came 115 years ago. Fair to say recent form


is more relevant. Seven wins in eight, top of the national league.


Yeomans, promising. Robinson has scored four Lincoln City! Just seven


minutes gone, Theo Robinson sending shock waves out of Suffolk. It


switched no doubt spurred by the prospect of a half-time meeting with


Mick McCarthy, inspired by lonely Tom Lawrence levelled it only five


minutes later -- Ipswich, no doubt spurred by the prospect of a


half-time meeting. It's seven years since Ipswich won an FA Cup tie and


they made hard work of this one. Into Arnold, into the area, can he


finish it? No, the goalkeeper saves it. 57 blazes between them. Ipswich


were finding it tough going. If not quaking, certainly concerned.


Lincoln were on a roll. And come the hour, well, 65 minutes to be exact,


they have the man. It's a poor header. Robinson, he's done it


again! Theo Robinson has made it 2-1 to Lincoln City. Around 5000 Lincoln


fans, plus one excited commentator, pinching themselves. But just four


minutes from time, Ipswich skins were saved by that man, Lawrence.


Showed Leicester just what they are missing. You would have thought that


might have finished the non-leaguers off but with FA Cup headlines


flashing in front of their eyes, Lincoln raced forward in search of a


winner. Would they have the legs to finish it? Lincoln have a great


chance to break here. Slide the ball forward. Wood yard to the edge of


the area. Can't quite do it. So Ipswich survive an almighty scare.


Lincoln played very well, I thought they were excellent. They both had


spells in the game, but to be honest, they were the better side


overall. Probably didn't deserve that, but then, we gave a couple of


sloppy game -- we gave away a couple of sloppy goals as well. Yes, we are


still in the Cup, we didn't lose. It was a routine effort, we can draw


breath. We will wake up tomorrow pretty proud of what we've achieved


today. Late agony as far as the Imps were concerned. Trevor, you were


there. At Sincil Bank earlier in the week to see the build-up to the big


Cup tie. Many will be surprised by that but from what you saw from the


Cowley Brothers, you weren't? Two Brothers, the manager and assistant


manager, they have done a fantastic job. They came in at the beginning


of the season and the whole culture at the football club is about hard


work, togetherness and they were so meticulous in their preparation,


watching video footage of Ipswich. I was really impressed, they are


running the club like a Championship club, giving the players no excuses,


the training intensity was superb. I wasn't surprised by the result and I


thought they deserved to win today. They were pegged back twice, two


goals from Tom Lawrence, on loan from Leicester. Did you see this


kind of finishing from him when you are training there? Quite regularly,


he trained in the 20 ones that came and trained with us for a finishing


session. He's a talented boy, that he came from Manchester United and


they are expected a lot from him. He's got Bates Gill, great


strengths, and you have to question the goalkeeping on this occasion. --


he has got great skill. He put himself in the right position.


Robinson was superb going the other way for Lincoln. A great finish. To


control that, it's one of the most difficult skills in the game. He did


it so simply. A fantastic finish. Good hold-up play, I thought it was


a foul and the referee had a good opportunity to give the free kick,


not a great reaction that from the centre forward. But again, Lawrence


was the difference for Ipswich. He kept them in it, if it wasn't for


Lawrence they would have been out of the tie, and they must be very


pleased they have him in the side. Lincoln are still in the hat for the


draw. Still in the Hat, they will go back to Sincil Bank -- Sincil Bank


and will look to finish the job off. The lowest ranked team left


in the competition, Stourbridge - from the Northern Premier League -


got their first ever taste of the Third Round today


as they travelled to League Two Could they make light of the 74


league places between them? His grandad won the Cup, Bobby


Gould. Today, in his 23rd birthday, Matt Gould takes centre stage for


Stourbridge are ever present in their cup run which began on


September the 3rd, he's only conceded five goals in their seven


ties. Casting the unusual role of giants, Wycombe Wanderers post


League Two's Player of the Month in their ranks, Scott Kashket has


scored 13 goals this season including a hat-trick in the last


round away at Chesterfield. It might fall here to late. Chris late for


Stourbridge. Paul Brand, a decent cross pulled away. Tower Bridge full


of confidence from the off and Chris late who has scored twice already


causing real problems in that Wycombe defence. He was scored for


Wimbledon back in 2001 in the FA Cup. Won by Durbin, but the rebound


drops favourably for Scott Kashket, of all people. He knows he should


have tested Matt Gould in the goal here.


Up goes Brown. Dan Scarr, a good save. Dan Scarr got plenty of power


behind that half volley. Blackburn produces a really good save.


Wood has got away from Broadhurst. Akinfenwa in the box. Wood goes for


glory. Chances are still there. The effort was blocked and now it is


hoped in and its Sam Ward, the substitute puts Wycombe in front


early in the second-half -- Sam Wood. Stourbridge, all their effort


of the first half now counts for little.


There was a push as she tried to get a touch to that. Once more, Dan


Scarr and Duggan trot towards the Wycombe penalty area. The goalkeeper


thought about coming. It will drop here to Dan Scarr. He equalises! Red


lamp behind that goal! What seems at Adams Park. What determination


showed by Dan Scarr here. As he battles with Anthony Stuart,


wriggled through and fires home. Stourbridge stay alive in the FA


Cup. And with 20 minutes to go, it's a difficult contest to decide who's


more likely winner. Given away cheaply by Wycombe again.


It's Tonks. The cross wasn't of sufficient quality. Tension mounting


for those Stourbridge fans now. They've got something to hold onto.


Dogs with a chance to cross. Blackburn struggling against the


bar. What a let off for the goalkeeper on loan from Chelsea. Tom


Tonks, a lick of paint away from giving Stourbridge the lead. The


last eight minutes for Stourbridge to keep Wycombe out. Is this where


the extra fitness of the full timers will pay dividends? James Hunt's


cross -- Jacobson's cross, Akinfenwa heads home. He might go across to


Joe Jacobsen to congratulate him on the quality of the centre. Duggan


jumped underneath the cross there and Akinfenwa punishes him, and


Wycombe will fancy their chances of seeing themselves through now. All


credit to Stourbridge. They came in had a game plan and gave everything,


so this is the beauty of the FA Cup. Anything can happen and we had to


dig down and dig deep and luckily we got there in the end. I scored some


better goals than that, but at the time, in front of these fans, at


this sort of stage and occasion, no, that's one of the best goals I've


ever scored, yes. Very proud of everybody involved in the football


club, their performance, the fans, who were absolutely amazing, the


atmosphere that's been generated today it has on the back of the


neck. Yes, I'm down, but like everybody, we are down for the right


reasons. Heartbreak for Stourbridge, their dream is over. What a terrific


when it was. That was their eighth cup tie of the competition. They did


themselves and their manager Gary Hackett proud. They were excellent.


They were unlucky at times because the game at 1-1, they had a chance,


a great chance off the crossbar. Was it across, was it a shot? On another


day it may go in. They did themselves proud and the league


proud and like the manager said, they'll be thinking about it but


they'll be walking away with their heads held high. They have to do it


the hard way. They came back from behind and had a chance to win it.


Yes, I'd be very surprised if he said this was a shot. Yes. This is


the goal, we are looking at it, they keep it alive really well. Dan Scarr


does well, a fantastic finish. He called it the best goal he's ever


scored, I'm not sure about that but it's an important one. The slots it


home really well will stop this is the cross, Tom Tonks, he might -- it


might be a shot. I'd like to listen to him say it, but it was an amazing


effort and it would have made it 2-1 to Stourbridge. They had a chance to


get in front and who knows what would have happened then.


Stourbridge were always going to be up against it, up against the Player


of the Month, Scott Kashket and Akinfenwa, he caused Liverpool


problems a couple of years ago when he was in a Wimbledon shirt and he


gave a telling contribution today as well. Yes, he certainly did. He's


always a handful for whoever he plays for. His movement into the


box, he's not the quickest, however, his timing is really, really good.


He's slightly off there but he's always a threat. This is a superb


ball across and equally excellent header in the top corner and it was


a nice, fantastic goal to win the game for them. You look at that


cross by Joel Gade -- Jol Jacobson and it's literally putting it on a


plate. He gets his timing right and there's no chance for the goalkeeper


and it was a winner. He's got a very big leap for a very big man. I was


going to see a big leap in a muscular salmon. I haven't seen one


of them before. Let's find out now how some


of the Premier League teams fared against sides outside


the top flight. Starting at The Den, where


Bournemouth travelled to Millwall. Troubled times at Millwall, they may


be forced to leave the dent because of a row with the council. Before


they knew they have been behind, only Morison knows how they won it.


Some heads might have dropped, Morison did something more


productive with his. Here comes the delivery, here comes Morison, into


the net. Morison has headed League One Millwall in front against


Bournemouth. Something was happening here. The League One side was


swaggering around them and. 20-year-old local boy found Lee


Gregory. Not quite, but Bournemouth were nowhere. They made 11 changes


but making them fresh but unfamiliar. They struggled for


rhythm. How they needed this header to be better directed. They found in


their path Millwall side which has been unchanged throughout the


Christmas period and was getting its second wind. Gregory is going to


stretch, Cummings takes over, plays Morison one side, and it's in the


net, it's 2-0 and its Cummings. The fullback continues his run and


Millwall have extended their lead, with four minutes on the clock in


the second half. This wasn't a display typical of Bournemouth this


season, they are ninth in the Premier League. It took until


stoppage time for them to get the ball in the net, it was no


consolation. Callum Wilson flagged offside. Game over? Not quite.


Morison won the tackle and gave a deafening den a big finish. Millwall


are coming forward, they absolutely exhausted. Ferguson into the box,


can he wrap it up? He shoots, he scores! Ferguson has wrapped things


up for Millwall. The boys worked hard on stopping


Bournemouth, nullify their threats. They have a hugely talented squad


whatever XI they put out today. We knew we were capable of making


chances. I felt it was a team strong enough to win the game. It was the


wrong decision. Do you regret the decision? Hindsight is a wonderful


thing. If we knew we would perform so badly we wouldn't have made the


chances. I believed in the players who played today better than they


showed. Wolves lost their last six FA Cup ties against Premier League


opposition. They showed early intent. It was a much changed


line-up but they took the lead on 29 minutes. Wander Helder Costa beat


Lee Grant at his near-post. Peter Crouch has been in fine form


recently with two in two, but failed to find the net with this effort.


Wolves keeper, Ikeme, wasn't required. Wolves skipper for the day


led by example, denying Stoke. Crouch was frustrated by a reflex


save. Wolves brought on 16-year-old Gibbs white. He had a close view of


this free-kick. Wolves had their first FA Cup tie win in six years


and a place in the Fourth Round draw. I thought we were outstanding


from start and finish. We are playing with confidence at the


minute. We looked exciting. Robinson came with a back after a year being


out and thrown into that and Lee Evans being out since I came to the


club and getting the young 16-year-old on the pitch who I


thought did well. We needed to be more aggressive in our work and on


the front foot. What you talk about about week in and week out. We


didn't start in the right manner we found it difficult to get out of


that. When we went behind that we got a reaction. Clearly, that's not


what is required. You need to be ready to go right from the off.


Derby won the last meeting 16 years ago, nervousness hung in the air.


However, it was Derby's defence that showed the jitters. Someone should


have told former West Brom keeper, Scott Carson he's now playing for


Derby. Keogh to the rescue. The main thing about mistakes is to learn


from them. Yes, about that! Keogh and Carson at it again, Matty


Phillips made absolutely sure this time. The Premier League side on


their way and they might have put the game out of reach, instead James


Morison picked out Ping. Derby have been transformed since McLaren


returned and they are made of stronger stuff these days. Darren


Bent showed he could find the net from distance, too. He has scored in


every one of his FA Cup aparances for Derby. Minutes later, the tide


was turned on its head completely. Master Ince with a master stroke.s


West Brom were stirring an upset in the sink. They threw everything at


it. Derby threw bodies in the way to stop them. Scott Carson had the last


laugh. Derby's first FA Cup win over a league opponent in over 30 years.


Darren Bent, he brought back the years with that goal. Didn't he. Not


seen many goals outside the box from Darren. That was a cracker. That was


a great goal. Icing on the kale cake with Tom and his free-kick. We


battered them. They have five minute spell after half-time where, you


know, they score two goals, two poor goals from our point of view. Fair


play to Derby. They get through. I hope they get a good draw. Good luck


to them. It wasn't our day today. Surprising results. Millwall with


the biggest shocks of the Third Round, 3-0 winners at home to


Bournemouth. How much credit do you have to give Steve Morison. He


missed a great chance for the side, only then to obviously help his side


on to victory afterwards? This is the miss now. The goal is gaping. He


has to lift it. For me, that shows great character. Getting back in


positions. Back into goalscoring positions and finishing it. It's a


great header. Really rolls well. Glancing header. Easy to put too


much on it and miss it at the near-post. He gets the right


purchase. Puts it in the back of the net. He is happy. That is his second


spell at the football club. They say - don't go back to the club again.


He has gone back and been successful. Spiritual home. Eddie


Howe made 11 changes, he said afterwards it might have been a


mistake in hindsight. Can you see where he is coming from there?


Definitely. It's difficult for players who haven't been playing


week in and week out to come in and gel together straightaway. They come


up against an opposition who they are at home, they are proud, they


want to try and progress in the Cup. They have a great opportunity


against a Bournemouth side who have made so many chances. It's nice to


hear that a manager comes forward and puts his hands up and said - I


got it wrong, simple as that. The in con sfras tras, Stoke were at full


strength. Only Joe Allen from the first team was given a rest for


their Cup tie against Wolves. In between the posts for Wolves.


Instrumental for their victory? Excellent for him. He was the


difference between the two sides. Strong wrist there. Could have gone


through goalkeepers. Excellent form. Made tremendous saves Ikeme


throughout the game. He is using his experience. He is an experienced


goalkeeper now. You know, that is where he is there for. His best save


was against Crouch he reacted from close-range. Threw himself to the


left hand side. They have a lot to thank him for it. How good is that


free-kick from Matt Doherty then? Outstanding strike. It's one of them


where you hit, as it leaves the laces of your boot. It has a great


chance of hitting the net. That is what it did. West Brom had six wins


in the last 10. Darren Bent with a strike from open play. Not going to


hit a sweeter one than this? Amazing strike. Sweet spot. I don't think


the defenders will be happy with their defending on that. Tony Pulis


was not happy with the free-kick. He said the referee made 13 paces for


the wall to go back. It's 11 yards. Could that make all the difference


for a goalkeeper when Tom Ince took this? Not necessarily for the


goalkeeper, it's a difference for the taker. He has room to get the


ball over the wall. What I can say is, he can't see it. The goalkeeper,


he's lost sight of the ball because the defender is running across,


attackers are running across. He is flat-footed. The ball creeps into


the near-post. Greatout come for Derby, second-lowest goalscorers in


the Championship as things stand. Five games down, just


the 20 still to come. COMMENTATOR: Rashford, around Al


Habsi. Xhin commend Hugo! Bennett denied. And McGovern claws it out


harms way. Now, could non-league Sutton United


make the headlines once They caused one of the greatest


shocks in Cup history back in 1989, beating top flight Coventry City,


who'd won the competition just This afternoon, the current


National League side hosted League One AFC Wimbledon


at Gander Green Lane. COMMENTATOR: A local Derby sell-out,


two famous giant killers, controversial pitch, lovely Cup tie.


The bog of a pitch was a leveller. Can the artificial surface have the


same effect today? AFC Wimbledon don't like it. Sutton have some


experience. Tubbs had a spell at Wimbledon as did keeper Worner.


Wimbledon keeper James Shea was once on the bench for the Gunners. Tom


Elliott has scored in both of their rounds so far. Any advantage point


from per missible today. It's been a remarkable journey from Wimbledon


since they played her first match here, pre-season friendly, in 2002,


six promotions later, the team in blue are the favourites here -


Sutton the giant killers in the making. Here's the early chance. It.


It been in. Matt Tubbs of all people. He has banged in 135 goals


on-loan when at Wimbledon. Should have scored. He has seven kids. I


think he was up most of the night with the young ones. He can't


remember Alex Ferguson having the problem of staying up a night before


a game. Taylor. Breaks here for the short by Bournemouth. Hugely


experienced Danny. Alan Pardew in there. Mrs Pardew a keen supporter


of Sutton. Where ever hi has been at a manager, helping them out. Tricked


his way through, Andy Barcham. Colliding with Eastman. Corner kick


in. A strong punch by Ross Warner. The cross back in. Dealt with. Swept


away. Here is the counter-attack with the pace of deacon. Biamou is


in here. Could this be their moment? Wide it goes. Another chance for


them. Good counter here. Fine pass by deacon. Good weight on it. Got


goal-side. No left foot outside of the right - went wide. Goalkeeper


slipped as well. Goodness me, that was an opportunity.


Slipped away. Steady on the left hand side. Break away here by


Sutton. In towards Biamou. Took it well on the chest. Good save. James


Shea in the Wimbledon goal. Lovely break by Sutton. Best moment of the


game so far. Took it brilliantly on the chest. Got the shot away early.


Shea stretched his 5 foot 11 inch frame. . All I want for new year is


my two front teeth! A man over. Good challenge. He has some experience,


Kevin Amankwaah over the years. At Sutton for a couple of years now.


Good build-up. Into the box. Is that a penalty? There was a challenge


from behind on him. The referee was well placed. It was the substitute


who made the challenge. Just on the field of play. Wrong side to make


that challenge. He got the ball. That's a foul for Wimbledon. They


got two tight on Lyle Taylor, who had a quiet game. Shirt was being


tugged. One goal will win it, surely. In towards the mix. Charles


was up there. It was blocked, poked over the top. Out to Robinson. He


had a few in his long career. Never prolific. Dropped to him. Over it


went. They've still to test Ross Worner with an attempt on target.


Barcham. Will they win it in stoppage time? In comes the cross,


near-post. Just wide. It's a corner kick, as Elliot went in there.


Barchm got beyond his man. Dangerous cross into that corridor of


uncertainty. Blocked. It's loose. It's scrambled away. Bowerman was in


there, Robinson was in there. Solid goalkeeping. It goes to a replay.


Non-league Sutton know they have the opportunities. A handshake for rival


managers. Certainly, Paul's team had the better of the chances. 0-0.


People thought we were the better side today. It's a big chance here


for us. I thought our keeper made two or three good saves. We did


ourselves credit. We put on a good performance today. I did what they


expected in the FA Cup from a home team. Took the game to us. They have


threats around the pitch. Today, for us, we didn't come here to try to


get a replay. We wanted to make sure it was in the hat. We had to put in


a solid display. What does it make to the community? It is huge. It's


the FA Cup. A one off. We will fancy it. Why not? They will have a replay


in 10 days' time. You kept a close eye on this one. Far from a do youer


0-0. Sutton will ask how they didn't get through it?


They did dominate and they deserve to go through. They have the best


chances. It's a local derby, so there's a lot riding on the game.


The artificial pitch has a big part to play in this. Rory Deakin was a


big part of their performance today as well. He set up the first two


chances on goal. Without him, I think they wouldn't have been as


effective, and I think his vision throughout the pitch was excellent.


On another day, I think they would have at least scored a couple of


goals and that would have gone through quite comfortable. He was


influential in the previous round, but none in the one that comes


afterwards. The Dons were under the cosh a lot of the second half.


Should they have had a penalty? We had a really close look at this and


it took a couple of times to decide whether it was a penalty or not, but


you have to give credit to the referee. He did a really good job.


It wasn't a penalty. Initially, it really did look like a penalty. It


wasn't a penalty. Just watch the action here as the ball goes


forward. He goes down dramatically. From here, it looked like it was.


You see the toad nicked the ball away, it's a well timed tackle, it


has to be perfect because of it wasn't, it would be a penalty. He's


done exceptionally well and thwarted the attack. I thought it was a


stonewall penalty to begin with, I couldn't believe he didn't give it,


then watching it a couple of times, you could see the referee was spot


on. Last season's winners,


Manchester United, faced a resurgent Reading,


who are challenging for promotion in the Championship under a manager


all too familiar with Old Trafford. Watching this one,


Guy Mowbray and Clive Allen. Yap Stamm has returned to Old


Trafford but before now not in the competitive capacity on the other


side. He has received a warm welcome, did leave under a bit of a


cloud though. The United team chose nine changes from Monday's Premier


League game at West Ham. It is carried's 50th appearance in the FA


Cup. It's Ashley Young's 150th game for the club and its Wayne Rooney's


first chance since before Christmas to tie with Sir Bobby Charlton as


United's record scorer and get an extra goal. Tyler Blackett does


return to his first club. Jew changes from the comeback win at


Bristol City sees George Evans and Liam Kelly. John Swift has only just


returned from an ankle injury. United kicking off their campaign as


the holders of the FA Cup. Last crashed out at the first hurdle,


this third round stage, three years ago, when they lost to Swansea City


due to a late winner from Wilfried Bony. Up towards Rooney. Rooney


collects. Rooney tests Al Habsi. A sign of United's intent. This is a


magnificent ball. Rooney makes the run from a slightly deep position, a


wonderful first touch. Yap Stamm will be concerned with the way his


team started. Here's Carrick, out RTL. Chris Gunter getting across to


him. Martial to test him. He was looking for Rooney, Mata might have


been better placed. Mata was a fantastic option, he tried to put it


back into Rooney's path. This time, marshy al. Wayne Rooney, he


equalises the all-time goal-scoring record of Sir Bobby Charlton for


Manchester United! Goal number 249 for the club. It's not the


prettiest, but it's an important one, and it comes off his right


knee. As the ball is cut back to him he sneaks out his right leg,


ricochets off his right knee and into the far corner. A moment of


history in the third round of the FA Cup. A moment of Manchester United


history. Look how please Sir Bobby is about it. That's it, he says.


Marcos Rojo has already played one terrific ball over the top. Martial,


Rashford on the run. Martial goes for the corner. Manchester United


have a two goal lead. It has been so easy for them, right from the start.


They are ripping Reading to bits. Rooney with the first. Martin Jol


with the second. How many more are coming Al Habsi's way? Manchester


United two, Reading nil. Jose Mourinho, a happy man. Reading


enjoying some possession. This is just the game.


Deflected behind off Jones for a Reading corner. A good spell from


the away side, a good response. 2-0 down, staring down the barrel, and


all of a sudden just relaxed a little and certainly been more


positive in the way they have passed the ball. Liam Kelly corner.


Something a little different. What a chance that was. Liam Moore missed


it. He is free as a burden United box. The left foot volley from the


edge of the box, Moore needs any sort of touch. That would be goal


bound, but he can't get the contact that is needed. Their best chance so


far, without a doubt. Unlikely to get many better in a tie like this.


Smalling, a great ball. Rashford, around Al Habsi. But only to hit the


side of the net. He takes up a fantastic position. It's a brilliant


pass. Lovely first touch, rounds Al Habsi. Just has to do the most


difficult part and that's hit the target. Delaney, Young. He will lose


that race with Vandenberg. Both slid in together, Obita hurt by


the late challenge from the Manchester United man. The yellow


carded or rowdy out of Andre Marriner's pocket. He's taken out


with both feet high. It's a dangerous challenge to make. I think


he's right, Andre Marriner. It was a bit reckless, Ashley Young. It


warranted a yellow card. McCleary on to it again, if he can


beat Romero. He is hurt by the challenge of the United goalkeeper.


He takes the full force of Romero's challenge, comes feet first and


catches him on the right right knee. You can see, he's fallen through


into the right knee of McCleary. Is that stands up a dangerous one? --


is that a studs up dangerous one? It's about being up in control and


the safety of your opponent. Rashford, his latest opportunity.


This one is taken. The goal has undoubtedly taken Manchester United


for sure through to the FA Cup fourth round. Rashford has had to


work for that and wait a long time for that. His first strike since


September. United three, Reading nil. He's had opportunities in this


game but when this one resents itself there's no doubt. This is the


hallmark of a striker. The first touch is good out of his feet, the


second one sets him up to side footed past the advancing Al Habsi.


Lovely finish from the young striker. Tim Fosu-Mensah and


Sebastien signs Tiger coming on. Listen to that. His Manchester


United career has never really taken off after all those glorious years


at Bayern Munich. Eight titles, seven German cups. The Champions


League. Of course, he only got the big one with his national team. And


that's a big one, from Ali Al-Habsi! You've given United a and a second


for Marcus -- he's gifted United a fourth. Like buses, you wait ages


for one and two come along at once. Al Habsi receiving the ball back and


just taking one second too long. Touch with the standing foot as he


tried to clear with the left, deflected away from his left boot.


Rashford pounces to help himself for the easiest goal he's going to


scoring his Manchester United career. It gets more comical every


time you look at it. A nightmare moment for Ali Habsi. Are really


proud moment for me and hopefully I'll enjoy today. I'm really


honoured to be up there alongside Sir Bobby. It's good to be back, the


atmosphere, the fans have been great today for myself but playing in the


top of the Championship and playing against a side top in the Premier


League and maybe top of Europe, it's a bit different. We are scoring


goals. Today, it was important to break the balance of the defensive


line. The goals are just a plus. Wayne, it's a question of time. We


know he's going to be the best scorer in the history of Manchester


United. We know that. It's just a question of time. You needed two


goal is for that. Now he needs one. United in total control against


Championship side Reading despite Jose Mourinho making nine changes


for the game. The headlines will be about Wayne Rooney, not Sir quite


yet, but he equals Sir Bobby Charlton's all-time goal-scoring


record for Manchester United with 249 goals. Where does he stand in


terms of the United all-time greats? You've got to put him up there with


the amount of goals he's scored equalling Sir Bobby Charlton's


record is outstanding and he has his critics, but for me, unfairly so. I


feel he's done a great job. Manchester United is a big part of


his life and he shows it on the pitch. He made a telling


contribution, did he not. There was a goal from him, and assist, four of


his six shots on target, high leading the fact he has plenty to


offer. He's always had brilliant basics. He takes the ball when --


ball well, he has an end product, superb. We know what he's got when


it comes to his passing range. Setting up another chance here.


Saying onside, really clever play on the weighted pass there, fantastic


defending to be honest but that's almost a goal. His passing range,


setting up another chance, he was instrumental today for Manchester


United and his movement, he doesn't want to get involved and listen, you


go with his foot, he doesn't connect with his foot, it comes off his knee


but they all count and that equals Sir Bobby Charlton is a fantastic


feat for the man. I'm really pleased for him. There was Sir Bobby


Charlton looking at his record being equalled of course. And Sir Alex


Ferguson, it's only a matter of time before he goes out on his own. You


can see the influence he had on the game. Yes, getting into the number


ten holes, side on. Reading didn't know what to do with him. They


didn't know whether to come or go and in the end he was instrumental


in the game. How about those around him? How much of Wayne Rooney's


performance was down to two, maybe three, key players? It was a big


difference, the fact that Martial and Rashford created a lot of speed


for him. They always had that threat of getting behind the Reading


defence. Rashford was excellent today. He could have scored a


hat-trick. Maybe he needs to improve on the end products, the finishing


and on another day he would score. His movement behind, Reading were


always petrified of him. They dropped off, gave him the space,


they were in fear of him because he was so good today. Players wouldn't


get back onside. You can see the intent was to get onside, he gets


lucky with the ball and he's able to cross. Peeling off the defender, the


ball from Carrick was excellent as well. It's a brilliant ball, enables


Rashford, and Rashford makes the initial movement and finishes it


calmly. Eight straight wins for Manchester United in all


competitions, momentum clearly with Jose Mourinho.


Next, two clubs with a rich Cup pedigree.


Preston North End have won the FA Cup twice in their illustrious


history and were hoping to continue their decent


Championship form against 12-times winners, Arsenal.


Darren Fletcher and Steve McManaman were at Deepdale.


It's a sell-out for this one between Preston Championship and Arsenal,


the 12 times winners against a team who have won the Cup twice and lost


five of their finals. The Gunners have been the dominant FA Cup team


in recent seasons, but North and have a manager in Simon Grayson who


knows what it takes to cause a third upset. He did it at Old Trafford


with Leeds United, six years ago. It's switched here. In towards Hugh


Gilbert, the defender for Arsenal. The flag stays down. What a start it


is for Preston North End. It's Callum Robinson with the goal. What


a start for his players! Monreal falls asleep. Everybody is played


onside. A little bit fortuitous. Poor defensive work by Arsenal.


Preston with the benefits -- reap the benefits. Is Callum Robinson's


sixth goal of the season, which makes him a joint leading scorer for


Preston North End. It's only the fourth time he's scored in the FA


Cup and Arsenal, winners in the last three seasons, have early work to


do. Oxlade-Chamberlain, Gallagher has tracked him inside and Pearson


was waiting for him as well. It forced the error which is picked up


by Aiden McGeady. He's quickly on his way. Gallagher and Hugill are


over here. It's back into Robinson. It was a really important ball for


Arsenal. By Mustafi. Otherwise, it might have been 2-0 to Preston North


End. There was thought that clearance, that block by Mustafi,


might have hit the arm. I think his arm is by his side, not a penalty.


They have been able to hold firm, in the main. Which is why they are in


this promising position in the Championship. They are in here


again. The then Hugo. Teamed up for him, he couldn't reach it. What an


opportunity. How on earth he hasn't scored there. That is Arsenal trying


to play offside. What are they doing. That is an easy tap-in for


Hugo. You wonder whether the chances breast Preston haven't taken will


come back to haunt them. Now Gallagher. Spot space out wide here.


Fantastic ball. Lovely ball, wasn't it? Robinson waiting in the penalty


area. In goes the cross. Dealt with. Clear as far as Gallagher. Gallagher


might be in. Ospina starts to come. Over the goalkeeper. Clearance by


Monreal. Arsenal almost close it again and eventually clear it.


Another mistake. A difficult chance that. He had to generate a bit of


power to get it over Ospia. Another chance at the other end not taken by


Preston. Here's Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. The ball in


towards Ramsey! Well held by Maxwell. Little grin there. Nice


header. A good height for him. Oh! The first time that Arsenal have


managed to open up the Preston defence. He did well to win his side


the corner. Held the ball up well. One of the main dangers to Arsenal


here from this latest Preston corner. Which they take short. Sent


in by Gallagher. Ospina will get the free-kick. The goal won't count. In


the modern game, when you challenge a goalkeeper like that it's


inevitable the free-kick will go his way. Haven't seen any arms in his


face, let's have a look. Ah, yeah, maybe the right arm. I don't think


there was that much in it, to be honest. No changes made by either


manager. We will see whether Arsene Wenger has got this Arsenal team at


a better level in the second-half. Xhaka playing the ball forward.


Cleared. Pearson doesn't complete the tackle. Oh, it's the perfect


start for Arsenal with Ramsey. What a fantastic strike from Aaron


Ramsey. First goal of the season, just when they needed. The man who


scored the winner in the Cup Final, he pops up with a goal to get them


level. 50 seconds into the second-half, smashed it into the


back of the net. Good strength. Sees Ramsey, one touch. His first goal


since Mark. Whatever Arsene Wenger said at half-time had the desired


effect. The poker face from the Arsenal manager. What about Grayson


said to the Preston players of picking up where they left off


lasted 50 seconds or so. Preston 1, Arsenal 1. Oxlade-Chamberlain. Aaron


Ramsey. In towards Giroud. The last touch went off Cunningham. A corner


to Arsenal. Gabriel makes his way forward. Taken their full allocation


of tickets for this one. Oxlade-Chamberlain out to take the


corner. It's a flat one. Neatly worked. Well saved by Maxwell. That


was Mustafi. Robinson at the front post. Should never get across him


like that. Whatever the outcome of the tie now, this Preston team can


be proud of themselves tonight. They will be hoping the team get through


and at least get a replay out of a tie where they had so many


opportunities in the first half. Up it goes towards Giroud. Good


defending. Arriving to score the goal is Olivier Giroud, to break the


hearts of Preston North End right at the end of the game. Well, Olivier


Giroud should go right over to Perez it was his wonderful flick which


gifted him the goal. Simple ball in for Giroud. He does really, really


well. Knocks it down. Great from Perez. Look at this, beautiful that.


Good movement from Giroud. He was the sharpest one. He anticipated


what was happening. Past the goalkeeper. Another Arsenal late


show. For Olivier Giroud, his ninth goal of the season. You can see what


it means to the Arsenal striker. Loses out here to Danny Welbeck.


Still Danny Welbeck. That would have been the perfect return. In the end


it's a fine save by Maxwell. Danny Welbeck testing him there. Really


nice hit by Danny Welbeck. Straight at the goalkeeper. Simple enough


save, down the middle of the goal. It was a good Cup tie today. Typical


English enthusiasm. The crowd was behind our team. I'm long enough in


England to know, that was really top quality in the FA Cup. We stopped


them from playing. We got on the front foot and asked questions of


them going forward. We got real energy and real talent about us.


Just didn't quite take them opportunities, did we, when they


came along. Apart from Robinson in for Hugo. Maybe strong. Maybe the


cross when Hugo headeded it into the keeper. The keeper is debatable. We


had good chances. You need them second, third goal against top


players like Arsenal have got. Heartache. Another late comeback as


far as Arsenal are concerned. It extends their run, they last lost in


the Third Round of the FA Cup i 1996 -- 21 years ago. Preston asked


serious questions of the Gunners? They did. You can talk about how


Arsenal weren't up at it, Preston were so good. They started at


100mph. Their movement was excellent. Robinson, Hugill upfront


were excellent. Their movement. They caused so many problems. A better


weighted ball is in the back of the net to make it 2-0. All over the


pitch they were hungry in the first half. When Simon mentioned this


possibly maybe not a foul. I think it's clear it was a foul uch can see


his hand go across the keeper and preventing him from punching the


ball. That is not you being part of the Keeper's Union, do you agree?


It's a foul. The goalkeeper is going to punch the ball. Huntingdon, like


Mark said, pushes his arm in the way. Stops him going for it. Clear


foul. Simon doesn't see it that way. Have you to respect his views.


Arsenal 1-0 down, they had it all to do. It took them 50 seconds to get


into the contest through your former team-mate? The reaction from the


players Stoke for it EFL is. I don't think Arsene Wenger is a screamer.


He would say, listen that is not good enough vchlt a look at


yourselves. It's about getting on the front foot. That is quality from


Aaron Ramsey. We know he has it. Comes m off the post. Chris Maxwell


hasn't a sniff of getting that. Fantastic finish. Then it's game on.


Arsenal deserved it second-half. As well as Preston played first half


they didn't have a shot on target second-half. Perm reds, a naughty


little backheel heel. Giroud didn't make too many friends at Preston, it


must have been a bitter pill for the Preston fans to see it go in. A


deflection. For actual to it. A bit of quality and skill by Perez. It


was arrange important scoreline and finish for Giroud. Arsenal started


the second-half like Preston started the first, the difference being the


quality. The quality at the end showed. Effort and enthusiasm. It


didn't seem Arsenal were bothered in the first half. Arsenal have shown


real mental strength for the secretary game in a row.


Plenty more FA Cup action to come on the BBC.


You can see all the goals from every Cup tie on the BBC


Tomorrow afternoon, on BBC One, we feature eight-time winners


Tottenham against the beaten finalists of two seasons


Then at 11.00pm, there's highlights of tomorrow's five Cup


ties with both Chelsea and Liverpool in action.


Finally, the draw for the Fourth Round is live on BBC Tow


We'll be live from non-league Sutton.


If all that's got you in the mood to play again,


Barrow in the National League have been on a terrific run of late -


just one defeat in 24 games - but they faced a Rochdale team


A sellout crowd and Steve Bower were in Cumbria for this one.


COMMENTATOR: 11 times Barrow tried to reach the Fourth Round of the FA


Cup, they have never managed their target. Hoping to help them make


history today is 22-year-old Jonathan Flatt to makes his debut


having been signed on-loan this week from Wolves. The fourth goalkeeper


Barrow have used this season. Rochdale almost went out in the


first round. They needed a replay win thanks to two goals from Steve


Davies to beat Maidstone. He is recalled today. He is hoping to find


the back of the net for the third round in a row. Andrew. Run of


Henderson. Goes himself. Deflection along the way. Rochdale corner.


Jonathan Flatt, met his Barrow team-mates yesterday. Steve Davies


with the corner. There is the free header. Henderson has given Rochdale


the lead. Just past the 16 minute mark. His 11th goal of the season.


It was a simple Downward header, no chance for the


goalkeeper on his debut, Jonathan Flatt. Barrow 0, Rochdale 1. He is


Mr Rochdale, five years as a player, two spells as a manager, promotion


in each. He's got the fourth in League One. In game Bennett. Denied


by Logan, who savedle second time. First chance for Barrow. Ritchie


Bennett was the one it fell to. Good first touch, decent save from Conrad


Logan in the Rochdale goal. He denied Bennett a ninth goal of the


season. Barrow an equaliser. Dave Davies into Matthew Lund. Calmly


done. Didn't quite have the finish. Matthew Lund, seven goals this


season. Terrific run. Just lacked a clinical touch at the end of it.


Williams. Andrew with the header away. A committed challenge from


Rathbone. It wasn't well timed. It's a yellow card. He didn't time it,


did he? Packed penalty area, again. From Jordan Williams. Goalkeeper


stayed at home. Away by Davies. Back in by Williams. Diarra. No foul on


the goalkeeper. Watch the big Frenchman, Diarra, here. His eye on


the ball. He got there. That would have counted.


He took that brilliantly in his stride, Camps. Henderson free. A


chance for Rochdale. Once again, Matthew Lund couldn't finish the


move off. The time and space he had. Beaten. Couldn't find the target.


His team unbeaten here in any competition since early February.


McGahey. Davies is the latest Rochdale player not to find the


target. They have had opportunities to add to their goal in this


second-half. So far Rochdale haven't taken them. Diarra's header.


Rathbone. In to Henderson! Two for him. Two for Rochdale. Clear


daylight now for the League One club. Set in by Rathbone. He was


onside. Clinical from Henderson. Rochdale had opportunities they


haven't taken. Henderson has taken his. Dropped to Hannah. Williams,


in. Good chance. Harrison couldn't add to his 20 goals he has scored


this season. Didn't quite get his angles right. It just hasn't been


Barrow's day. They worked hard. It's been a fantastic journey. We got


beat by a very good side today. I said that before the game. Keith has


done a fantastic job there. You know we dust ourselves down and we go I


was please again. D with the way we attacked today. The scoreline should


have reflected that. I'm happy with 2-0. Happy to be through to the next


round. Let us see who we will get. Who would you like? I would love to


play at Anfield, Liverpool. A lot of boys are saying Manchester City or


Manchester United. Dream big? Of course, you know! We will see what


Monday's draw throws up for Ian Henderson if it's Liverpool.


Barrow's great run is over. They have reached the stage for the 12th


season at the Third Round stage. Was it a case then of Rochdale's class


telling in the end? It was. It was. If talent doesn't work hard, then I


think Barrow would have had a chance. They are talented players of


Rochdale they worked hard. They have been set out well. Great ball in by


Steve Davies to start with. Fantastic delivery. Henderson


scoring his 11th goal of the season. Barrow could have had someone on


their far-post. They could have dealed with that. Rathbone, who


could have been off the field, great weighted pass past. Henderson, 12th


goal of the season. Good and bright in the final third. I was impressed


with Rochdale. Not only that, going into the Academy I'm seeing stuff


there. They are doing good things. Barrow on their fourth of the


season. Rochdale's keeper kept them in it at crucial times He did. He


played very well. The good thing about it is, he is back from a


badger. Conrad Logan. Great to see him back and playing well.


Time now to see how the remaining non-league side got on today,


with Martin Allen taking National League Eastleigh Town back


This was always going to be tricky for National League Eastleigh.


Brentford 63 divisions above them and the Bees won penalty in the


first ten minutes. Graham Stack fouled Acevedo. -- Lasse Vibe. It


wouldn't get any smoother for the Spitfires. Eight minutes later, back


came Brentford again. Brentford coming forward in numbers. They will


put the ball in towards the penalty area. They still have possession.


Chipped in towards the penalty area and the header. Brentford have


scored again. Tom Field the scorer this time. Eastleigh didn't give up.


They were putting their Championship opponents and concerted pressure.


But Brentford possessed paste and position. They were simply not used


to. Defence turned into devastating attack. It's cold in and Brentford


make it 3-0. Survived the scorer. Tough to take for Eastleigh, but


they would get their goal. Punched away and it is tapped in. Eastleigh


have scored, Ayo Obileye with a goal and maybe it's not over yet. It's it


would be, 38 minutes in former Chelsea man found Field again, 4-1.


Still there was time for another goal before half-time and what a


goal. Sawyers outdid everyone. Some performance from Brentford. Again,


distilled into a huff. We couldn't ask any more from our players and


our supporters appreciate at the end where they gave a standing ovation


coming off. It was still, the despite the result, a great day for


me personally. Brentford through to the fourth-round draw and in some


style. Another Championship team in desperate need of a good performance


Norwich City. They took on the Premier League Southampton. Alistair


Mann as the commentator for this one.


Cameron Jerome returns, the last time he was on target against


Southampton was a 90th minute equaliser in a thrilling 3-3 draw


for Stoke some four years ago. For the visitors there is a debut in


goal for 19-year-old Harry Lewis, who was on the bench for the first


time at Everton this week. One of eight alterations to the side he


would be to -- beaten at Goodison Park with a League Cup semifinal


against Liverpool looming next Wednesday.


Towards Long. Not for long, then Reid gathers it in and Tadic brings


in Bertrand. Southampton will keep it alive on the far side. With


Ward-Prowse. Long to try to get to it, he did, and it's helped over the


top by McGovern. A really good leap from Long.


All those who came up from the corner will try and attack it. Van


Dijk. That is an expert finish. From a quality player, who continues to


be mentioned in the ?50 million bracket in the newspapers as a


potential target for suitors elsewhere. And Southampton lead at


Carrow Road, 7/2 minutes from the interval, through Virgil van Dijk.


-- seven and a half minutes. Murphy can't get beyond Van Dijk. A


heavy touch from the goalkeeper, and it's a penalty, bringing down


Jerome. Lewis penalised. A wonderful opportunity to draw themselves level


for that challenge by the debutant Lewis on Jerome. Whittaker to level


for Norwich. He does, sending Harry Lewis the wrong way. In the opening


few minutes of the second half, Norwich are back, level.


Ward-Prowse, gets away from Pritchard.


The header is terrific, into the back of the net, turned in by


Yoshida. Southampton in front for a second time. The ball in, and


Yoshida got in front of Martin and powered the header into the roof of


the net. McGovern could do nothing to prevent it. Norwich one,


Southampton two. Norwich was plenty forward. Jerome on the far side,


headed away by Van Dijk, picked up again by Olsson.


It's a good effort, good power in by Lewis. Also looking for it again.


Norwich threatening an equaliser and Lewis with a save that will make him


feel a whole lot better. Here's Whittaker, still time for Norwich


for one more attack, maybe. Home supporters urging their men on. The


passes and great though. -- the past isn't great though.


Naismith! Stoppage time come right at the end. Naismith's header earns


Norwich City a replay. Neither side wanted a replay. But it is a replay


that they are going to have to prepare for. Norwich City two,


Southampton two. A dramatic finish at Carrow Road with Norwich coming


back twice. It was a day to remember for the Southampton goalkeeper,


Harry Lewis, 19 years old. A harsh lesson on his debut? It was a harsh


lesson and it's obvious it was a mistake. He's made the mistake, he's


taken a really heavy touch. What he does, he panics. The ball is going


away from goal. Jerome gets there in front of him, takes it away from the


goal and what he should do is stand and shimmy out of the eight yard box


but he doesn't, he gives away the penalty. That comes with experience.


It's a harsh lesson, unfortunately. Southampton switch off though, the


last couple of minutes of the game, you should is looking in the wrong


direction, he's not picking up. Van Dijk is pulled out of position by


Cameron Jerome and Yoshida realises he's out of position and by that


stage it's too late. It's in the back of net.


Let's catch up with the fortunes of some more Premier League sides,


starting at the KCOM Stadium in Hull, where there was not one,


There was a two day gap between these two appointments, both men


looking for a much-needed morale boosting win. Precious little for


the six and a half thousand to cheer about in a forgettable first half. A


few moments, a few saves, although this one from Jakupovic was key,


from Swansea's key. The second half wasn't much better. Jakupovic


continued to frustrate Swansea. One hand once again before Dyer on the


second attempt fired over. Sung-Yeung Ki went closest for the


visitors, the post denied him. But then two Scottish internationals,


Snodgrass and Merlot Lee combined, to set up Hernandez on his return


from a two month absence from injury. Before Josh Tymon made his


mark, deep into stoppage time, with his first senior goal for his


home-town club. It helps give Marco Silvestri first win as head coach.


-- Marco Silvestri we get this win, it's important for the club, for the


players to give confidence to the players. 2-0 flatters them. I said


to the players, we are looking for a performance to back up what we did


against Crystal Palace. For long periods I got it. We have to build


on the positive things that we were doing. It's been nearly 22 years


since Everton won the Cup. Leicester have never won work but this Fox's


side are well versed in rewriting club history. Leonardo Ulloa had a


crack at the next chapter here. Off the pitch there is talk of a new


ground for Everton. On it, they'd be happy with the Cup run. Schmeichel


was forced to react, Lukaku was like -- unable to do likewise. Leicester


have struggled for consistency in their title winning campaign Wes


Morgan headers so often flew in. Midway through the second half,


Everton surged. A superb run from Deulofeu laid this on for Lukaku. A


goal that owed everything to its creator. Just as Ronald Koeman would


have wanted his side to advance, they were set back. Three minutes


later, Leicester attacked us. Demarai Gray found Musa off the


bench, off the post, and eventually, in. It won't win prizes for artistic


impression but Claudio Ranieri won't care. Soon afterwards, Musa set


about proving he can score stylish goals as well. 1-2, 2-1. Evident's


hopes of a trophy room for -- are over for the season. I love it so I


reaction after the conceding a goal. My players react very well and try


to score and we created good chances. Until 1-0 up the team


played well, but unbelievable, how we lost control in the game, how we


dropped back, and a sloppy ending after 2-1. These two may be familiar


Premier League foes, but they haven't met in the FA Cup in almost


40 years. Before the returning jury there was even a twinkle in Mr


Barton's I. But even here he wasn't able to inspire his comrades in a


tie that fails to live up to its moderate billing. It might have been


a different story, had Sam Vokes managed to convert. One up to the


keeper. Thumbs up from Burnley's commander-in-chief. There was even


more encouragement when James Tarkowski struck a post, a goal


surely was just around the corner. No. The game slowly died, as the


contest, though briefly a glimmer of Sunderland hope as Jermain Defoe was


bundled over. Nothing doing. Which sort of summed things up. As did


Burnley's last throw of the dice. Ashley Barnes unable to tie up the


tie. Only 18,000 saw this one. Those that stayed away may not lose too


much sleep. Watford will be glad Christmas is


over. They've gone five without a win over the festive period, but


outwith the old, in with the new, like 18-year-old Brandon Mason,


starting his first game for the Hornets and soon impassively his


first goal, scored by Kabasele. Ighalo could have done with one of


those to tap in. He got 17 goals last season, but has just two this


campaign. His fortunes haven't yet changed with the year. Burton Albion


are at a high point in their history, playing Championship


football, and came out I found a way back into this had Luke Varney


finished here. The David and went off injured. The Premier League side


settled it in style. 20-year-old Jerome Sinclair had never scored for


Watford since signing from Liverpool. Whatever he does as a


Hornets, this goal will take some beating. Sinclair clearly had a


taste for it and not long later he set about after the Brewers again.


He found the angle and the goalkeeper were against him but this


was an afternoon of youthful optimism for Watford.


Sam Allardyce two returns to what is previously called his spirit to all


home with his Palace side searching for a first win under his brief


tenure. It was a great nutmegged by Henry. Bolton are in. Can Henry find


the shot? Good save by Speroni at his near post. It had to be. The


ball towards Campbell, love Li Lei off, Remy. Good save by Addicks. It


was a fierce shot. Here's Remy, isolated, he's got Hopson is coming


forward. Fraizer Campbell, delays the shot. And now Remy. So close,


Loic Remy. That was an excellent move by Crystal Palace. Taylor,


decent delivery in. It's going to fall for thought. A chance for


another cross this time. Left footed. Oh, so close, Bolton. Josh


Villa, Speroni was beaten there. A typical third-round FA Cup, I think,


drizzly day, white, two teams giving their all -- it was wet. Not a lot


of quality in front of goal today from our point of view particularly.


He says it was drizzly and wet, you'd think he would have been used


to it, spending eight years at Bolton. He is looking for his first


win on his return to Bolton Wanderers. It could have been so


different. It could have been. They could have


won the game comfortably if they were prolific in front of the goal.


Remy is fit, after signing four months ago. He caused problems. The


only thing was hitting the back of the net. He hit the post. He had a


couple of chances. An another day he could have scored a couple of goals.


They were lucky in the end not to concede with a great header there.


It was a great, great header. The difference was the post, really.


Speroni well beaten. A battle of the two new managers between Hull and


Swansea at the KCOM Stadium. Hull coming out on top. That is what he


needs, strikers who can score goals? Absolutely. Hernandez has been out


of the team since November, injured. Scored his second goal of the


season. He scored one in the Premier League, against Swansea as well.


Great to have him back in the team. If you have a goal threat, Hull


haven't in the Premier League. They scored 17 goals in 20 games. Having


him back from injury is a big boost. A shame it was done in front of


6,000 fans. Encouraging start they take on Manchester United at Old


Trafford on Tuesday. What will he make of the fact there is was 6,600


at the KCOM Stadium protesting? He is walking into a baptism of fire.


Nothing to do with him, to do with the ownership and the fans no. . Not


a great relationship between the two of them. Hopefully that will be


remedied a little bit. Four more ties on the way now,


starting at the New York Stadium, home of Championship strugglers


Rotherham United. COMMENTATOR: Rotherham have been


enduring a rotten time. Bottom of the Championship they haven't made


it beyond the Third Round of the FA Cup in years. Spirits have been


flagging. What they needed is for an ex-player to haunt his old team.


Which is where Ryan Taylor comes in. He was brought down to give Oxford


the chance to take the lead from the spot. Chris McGuire wasn't reading


the script. Well done Lewis Price. Ryan Taylor and his family have


Rotherham running through his convenience. He spent six years at


the club. Taylor steered Oxford in front. Bittersweet. Rotherham heads


were spinning. Danny Ward levelled the tie. Power, accuracy, 1-1. After


15 defeats in their previous 18 games, Rotherham were in need of


something, anything, to perk them up. When your luck is out... It's


been an energy zapping few weeks. Rotherham's defenders seemed to be


sleeping as Edwards nudged Oxford back in front. Halfway up League


One, they sensed a minor upset. Johnson and Hemmings tore at the the


home side open, again. The game was just about up. Oxford were left


dreaming. It would be fantastic for the club to get a tie against a


Premier League side. Similar to last year. Give the players and the fans


and opportunity to go head-to-head against one of the best. Reasons to


be fearful. Bristol City had lost six in a row. Fleetwood were


unbeaten in 11 going fwhoo this. The League One side might have gone


ahead. Frank Fielding was in-form. There wouldn't be many more chances


for Fleetwood. They created one for City. Little couldn't beat Alexes


Cairns, though. The Championship side had 63% of possession and 18


shots, including this from Brownhill. No joy. It fizzled out in


the second-half. There was one chance to cancel the trip to the


north-west. Abraham got it just wrong. This goes back to the coast.


If only Blackpool could rewind to their record appearance maker and


their 1953 FA Cup winning team. Images of the Matthews final a


reminder of what used to be. They had the upper hand in the first


half. Davies the busier of the two keepers. # this effort was pushed


away. This shot was heading for the top corner. The keeper produced


another fine save. Another chance went bagging. Davies was at full


stretched from Potts. Before, at the other end, Slocombe pulled off a


huge save from Hourihane. Blackpool are in with a chance of the Fourth


Round. Life at Accrington has been a struggle this season. Might the FA


Cup be a beacon of light in the murk? Do not adjust your sets that


is fog blurring the screen. It couldn't obscure this strike.


McConville's first since August. Luton's travelling fans sang, "can


you tell us if we score?" For the record, Marriott didn't. But after


this save, Jake Gray did. Stanley are 20th in League Two, Luton


eighth. In the 57 minute, Beckels headed Accrington back ahead thchl


would be their second trip to round four since reforming in the 60s.


Luton's search back difficult to find in this. Ray was sent off for


the Hatters -- Rea. One of Accrington's brighter days. Big


thing is winning at home, going into the last 32. Great for everybody


concerned. We had to get that monkey off our back at winning at home.


Delighted with that. Luton are a good side. They showed it in the


second-half. Incredible conditions towards the end of that game.


Coleman relieved they got their first home win since October. We saw


good goals. McConville has to be there? Outstanding strike. Comes in


off the left-wing. On to his right foot. The rest is history, really.


Absolutely brilliant strike. Starts it outside the post. That bend and


whip, gives the goalkeeper no chance. It's one that he will never


ever forget. 2-1 victory over Luton Town, ?67,500, a huge boost as far


as they are concerned. Time for the final round up,


and a chance to see how the rest of the Championship teams fared this


afternoon, starting with the teams COMMENTATOR: Brighton are top of the


Championship they were keen to avoid em-Barrasment at the hands of MK


Dons. This early finish was a welcome settler from Kayal. A good


way to return his return after a 15-week long absence. Dons weren't


prepared to cave in there. It took the Seagulls into the second-half to


spread their wings a little. Kayal offering a helping hand. Israeli


international Hemed headed to steer Brighton through this stage for the


seventh time in eight years. Two shuffled packs for these two


Championship side but no trump card. Newcastle were on course for a place


in the Fourth Round when the ball fell to Murphy in the fifth minute.


This his first goal for Newcastle. His last was for the Republic of


Ireland. Newcastle lost Mitrovic to injury in the build-up to that goal.


Jonathan Grounds queued up Lukas Jutkiewicz. Blues don't have a


winner under Gianfranco Zola, but they do have a replay.


David Wagner has to enjoy a knockout win since taking over at


Huddersfield. There was an opportunity at the fourth time of


asking. Brown on his debut, teed up Jack Payne for a finish to put


Huddersfield in control. Their second didn't come until late in the


second-half. Kasey Palmer's strike took a deflection to beat Port Vale


substitute goalkeeper. Mark Bunn finished off his run, sidestepping


and curling home for Huddersfield's third.


COMMENTATOR: Superbly goal by Mark Bunn. Port Vale looked tired. It was


comfortable for the home side as Holmes-Dennis crossed for Payne who


won't get a much easier finish than this all season for his second of


the afternoon. His third goal in the space of 11 minutes.


COMMENTATOR: Their rivals at the foot of the Championship right now,


so in their first r FA Cup meeting, Wigan and Nottingham Forest were


looking for a confidence boosting. Wigan discovered a spring in the


step, with this shot from Will Grigg. It was to get worse for


Forest. Approaching the hour mark, Wildschut scored this time. Lichaj


was left feeling know. Wigan kept their place in the Cup intact. The


new American owners are heading Forest way. A money spinning Fourth


Round FA Cup tie won't be. Two teams looking to put bad results behind


them met at Loftus Road with QPR having been knocked out in round


three on 47 occasions. It took eight minutes for Blackburn to take the


lead. Unfortunate for Joel Lynch as the ball deflected off him and into


the net. That lead increased. Gallagher broke clear, Feeney, right


place, right time, to finish off from close-range.


COMMENTATOR: The goalkeeper palmed it straight out into the path of


Feeney. He is off the mark for Blackburn Rovers senior team.


Celebrations were short-lived. QPR had a chance to get back into it due


to this foul. They took it. Jake Bidwell made no it mistake to reduce


the deficit. Blackburn held out comfortably. They progressed to the


Fourth Round for the third successive time. That is a setback


for your old club, QPR, Trevor. They won the last two after six


consecutive defeats. Thought Ian Holloway would get a response in the


Cup? He put a team out where he was expecting a response. He wanted team


spirit and togetherness. He didn't get it. A poor result at home. Again


the FA Cup and QPR don't get on at the moment. They don't seem to be


able to get past that third round. Disappointing for the fans. Well


supported club. Disappointing they can't have a Cup run and get excited


about something. Six ties remaining in the Emirates FA Cup third round.


What is your highlight so far? The games we saw today, for me Sutton


United's performance against AFC Wimbledon. They were excellent


today. Unlucky think didn't win the game today at home where they had


the advantage. Their away record is not so good. It will be a tough


game. Trevor? The Ipswich v Lincoln result. Lincoln were outstanding.


They will be confident after that performance and have that game. The


backing of 10,000 fans? The community is behind them.


Just time to bring you the headlines from the morning papers.


Trevor, Mark, thanks for your company.


The Emirates FA Cup third round always makes the history


books somehow, and today, it was Wayne Rooney's


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