Third Round: West Ham United v Manchester City The FA Cup

Third Round: West Ham United v Manchester City

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For 112 years West Ham called Upton Park home but soon all that will be


left of this famous old ground are memories.


West Ham's new stadium has plenty of history itself.


But this house isn't a home for the Hammers just yet. The 55th stadium


to host Premier League football and the third largest. A dangerous


cross! The Hammers are rocking and it's another one! The FA is


launching an investigation after scenes of hooliganism. Fans are


fighting amongst themselves. Unacceptable. Sanchez and Arsenal! I


have already got an investigation Rising costs of taking out temporary


seating. Right now this doesn't look like the stadium legacy anyone


wanted. Noble on the rebound! Mata, 1-0. Hard on West Ham this.


Tonight marks another milestone in the live of the London Stadium, the


first FA Cup tie to be played here sees West Ham take on Manchester


City. A first taste of the Cup also for City boss Pep Guardiola. These


two teams have lifted the trophy eight times between them.


Good evening. This is the first of 32 third round ties to be played


over the weekend and joining us in the studio Alan Shearer, Ian Wright


and a man who has represented both clubs, Frank Lampard. Did you


realise it was 21 years ago this month you made a debut for West Ham?


I didn't realise, I don't like it! Start worrying when it's 21 years


since you last played! The case for me. Great memories you had. The old


ground, not here. Yeah, great memories, I grew up a West Ham fan.


My father playing for them before me, as well. It was obviously a


dream. Everyone wants to become a professional footballer and I


certainly did. Great memories making my debut here, I obviously moved on


a few years after but you never forget your roots and playing at


Upton Park that day was very special. You two played together.


Frank actually - we have a bit of footage. Frank has a shot from long


range which he is prone to do and you poach him. That's a one-two from


Frank. If he gets around the 18-yard box there is nothing... 35 yards out


there. It was one of them, I had a great time, my time at West Ham was


brilliant. Playing with Frank and Rio. What do you make of this place,


frank? It's stunning. I came with the Olympics, it's stunning to look


at. The question is, we are all talking about it, is whether it


actually is helping the team on the pitch. Upton Park, the hostility and


the tightness, here we can see it's vast and open. It takes time, as


well, to get used to the surroundings. Yeah, even the best of


teams. Tottenham played at Wembley this year, Arsenal moved to the


Emirates and things change, even the best struggle. West Ham now,


unfortunately have have had a downturn on the pitch. Like it, the


stadium It feels like you are going into a final venue. It feels like


that, it feels big and vast. But there is a lot of empty spaces in


between. It's a nice place to come to, don't get me wrong. It will take


time to get used to it, but the sooner they can do that, the better.


Manchester City, a little prickly, the manager at the weekend. I do


think the Premier League has even taken him back. It's games like this


that brings the best out of top managers and top players. A full


house, live on TV. But I think also he's been disappointed in and


surprised in one or two of his players who haven't performed for


him. That's probably one of the reasons why he has been tetchy in


interviews. OK. Team selections are always a talking point after a busy


round of Christmas fixtures. Here's how the two teams line up. West Ham


make three changes from their last game.


Carroll comes in for payet playing his 100th game for The Hammers


playing - celebrating his 28th birthday.


Stones is recalled in defence. Fernandinho suspended, Zabaleta may


play in a holding role with Toure. Silva is recalled.


Sterling and De Bruyne keep their places.


Top scorer Aguero also comes into the starting line-up after beginning


on the bench against Burnley. So a strong looking line-up for Pep


Guardiola's first FA Cup selection. City did beat West Ham 3-1 at home


back in August. In fact, they won a first ten games of the season in all


competitions but it's not been such plain sailing since then.


He is coming to Manchester City... I will play - sorry I am not going to


negotiate. Congratulate them for their performance. It didn't look


good? No, maybe I will pay respect with them. How long do you think it


will take for the players to really understand the Pep way? Sorry, I


don't know. The beginning was quickly, now it will be a little bit


longer. I am happy to be their coach.


In these kind of games, of course, the little details make the


difference. You won it, you won it the hard way.


Yeah. That's true. You don't seem that happy that you have won. More


than you believe. I am so happy, believe me. I am so happy, happy new


year. Thanks, Pep. A pleasure.


The first taste of the FA Cup. How much do you as a manager relish


knockout football, particularly in a competition with so much history?


Happy talk about this competition, when I was in other countries, now


it's my first time, but in Germany the Cup is really good, as well. So,


hopefully we can make a good performance and go through. You have


made five changes but it's still a strong line-up tonight. You are


going out here to take this seriously? All the games, all the


games seriously, yeah. That's true. So, yeah, the draw, it was difficult


for both teams, of course, but away against West Ham one of the best


teams last season, and now it's much better in the beginning, so a tough


game and of course we have to think about it to win the game.


It's great that he has given the competition the respect it deserves


by going for a really strong, it also suggests that he needs a win or


two. Get that confidence back. They won at the weekend obviously but


after losing to Liverpool, he is feeling his way, finding his feet. I


think the Premier League has surprised him. You don't get any


walkovers in our league. That was slightly different to what I think


he has been used to. The poorer teams in our league are not as poor


as the ones they are in Germany or in Spain. And he is a manager that


loves to change his players around, to rotate his players. I looked at


the changes he has made for Manchester City this season so far.


68. Miles more than anyone else. That on the side is not league


positions by the way, that's a number of changes made in that


particular year. So, what I thought was when I seen 68 changes, I


thought he was looking for a system, he was looking at players, learning


about it and he hasn't found it yet. But when you look at Barcelona and


Bayern Munich he likes to move the team around and change and rotate.


That's what he believes in all the time, he believes in fresh players


and changing them constantly. Frank, how do you assess Guardiola's


progress so far? Well, it's been you have to, I am a huge fan. I love the


way he made his teams play, Barcelona and Bayern. He is making


changes back there, that was his style. He had good players, he


didn't really change Messi too much. He had a corner always at the top.


Now it's like he is searching. He is searching for, not just the right


players, but the right system. So I think on that front he has found it


hard. Even a top manager in the world, as he is probably one of, can


have a moment when they have to look at themselves and go hang on, do I


change slightly? Remember the Leicester game, didn't know what was


going on with that. If any manager here done something like that, would


have got hammered. After that when you saw the swu interview, didn't


ask too many pressing questions, to see him go like that, I don't know


if it's because we have irked him. I think one of the surprises I found


is that the goalkeeping situation, and he is not playing this evening,


but the goalkeeper, he signed Bravo. He didn't even give Joe Hart a


chance, you are not for me and I am changing it, and that's been one of


the problems because the goalkeeper has made mistakes. Even upfront,


Aguero doesn't always play even when he is fit. He has had an up and down


season in all sorts of ways. But he is playing tonight. If you are going


to say that he's come in and a few players with the rotation what he is


doing, he seems upset. I don't know what's up with him. He has elbowed


Reid there. Lunged into Luis. Pep has come in and... Even Aguero he's


upset. He's one player that you have to say that anyone else in the world


would probably want him on their team. You played with him, Frank. A


great player. One of the greatest strikers I have played with. Drogba


another one. But he is a goal machine. When he plays he scores


goals. He has that little bit of edge to him. I remember you throwing


a few of those! Even with that tackle there, nobody likes that,


particularly David Luis. We all saw the game, they should have won.


Frustrated. He has that even in training. Not every day, rarely, but


you knew it was there as an edge. Top players have that. He wants to


win. A bit of devilment. Under 15 minutes now to kick-off. The stadium


has a capacity of 57,000, compared with 35,000 at Upton Park. The good


news is we are expecting a full house tonight. Let's hear from the


West Ham manager Slaven Bilic. It's 21 years ago this week since


you first came to West Ham. You know the FA Cup history here. How much


would you like to write the next chapter? I would like of course, I


said last year that the FA Cup and the other Cup especially the FA Cup


we approach with big ambitions. We are hoping, we are dreaming, last


year we went to quarter-finals, we were quite unlucky not to go through


to semis and of course we are going to do everything we can to try to do


it this year also. And to go even further. We have a difficult draw,


of course. We are playing against top team, Manchester City, but let's


see three or four days ago we played on the same stage against also a


great team, Manchester United and even with ten men we were playing


good and I said to the boyses after that game if we continue to put a


shift like we put in that game we have a chance. That game also


drained us, this is our third game in six days and we are motivated. We


are going to try to beat them, of course.


It is 37 years since West Ham won the FA Cup, but what would success


mean for the current squad? Aaron Cresswell, who made his England


debut in November, spoke to us. West Ham have won the cup! It's one of


the biggest competitions in the world. The FA Cup lifted for West


Ham. I want to go as far as I can. Ever since I was a little boy,


kicking a ball around, the FA Cup final, and to actually be playing


and scoring goals in it. With the younger players coming through, do


they still see the FA Cup is the pinnacle of a career? For me, it's a


special competition but I think kids located different these days. I want


to go as far as I can in every competition. I'd like to look back


when I finish and have something to show. Has the move been more


difficult than you thought it would be? It's been different. We were


used Upton Park. Moving to a bigger stadium, bigger expectations and a


lot more fans each week. For us, there is no better way to give


something back and getting a bit of silverware. The history around the


stadium in our changing room. We want to create our own history.


That's what you want to do, lift trophies. It's dangerous, a


brilliant goal from Cresswell! What about your relationship with the


manager? Has been first-class from me. He is hands-on everyday. He's


been fantastic. Does he also crave success? I think every player and


manager should crave success, whether that is winning the cup


final or finishing in the top six in the league. To look back and have


something to look at and say, yeah, I won the FA Cup, I'd snap your arm.


It will not even be easy to get to the final or the FA Cup, but that is


what we want. Some decent players in that West Ham starting line-up, and


not just Cresswell. One or two of the players, Antonio, for example,


scored a lot of goals. Big, strong, powerful. He has been the one player


I think this season that has kicked on for West Ham after they


overachieved last season. He has played in so many different


positions, right wingback, right full-back, right side of midfield.


He even played centre forward. When you get balls into the box and


you've got a guy they know can do that, because normally they would


like Andy Carroll to be on the end of that but, because of injuries or


whatever, he hasn't been there. But he has been so versatile for his


manager. He got his England call up, and rightly so, and he was unlucky


that it was with Sam Allardyce, and I think he was probably more


disappointed with Sam because of what happened with him, because it


looked like he was starting to get in there. He has been the big plus


for them this season. I like them, his attitude, that he is willing to


play in different positions. He has been a big plus. Alan, you mentioned


Andy Carroll. He is an interesting player, Frank. The hardest thing, it


seems to me, is getting him on the pitch but, when he is fit, he is a


threat. When he is fit, he is one of the best target men around. He is a


sign of the intentions of how West Ham are going to go. Any time they


get the ball in any wide area... You look at Man City and you worry that


they might be a bit weak or soft. Andy Carroll is there to be is


physical and score goals. It's an obvious team, but he has got quality


when the ball drops around the box. He has got a great left foot. You


almost feel sorry for him. When he gets a bit of a run, he starts


scoring goals, then he gets injuries. It's horrible when you get


injuries. Tonight is a great night for him. A great game, the FA Cup


against Man City, a great time to show that he is back and he can may


be bullied defenders. A great first season for Slaven Bilic. A bad start


to this one, but they have bounced back OK. They have, but was


worrying. In public, he said that the intensity in training wasn't


there and they needed to get it back. I think they responded, but we


will have to see how they go and whether they can build on that. The


FA Cup, a good run for them would be brilliant. I think they overachieved


last season, especially with the performances of Dimitri Payet, who


has been nowhere near the standard he was last season. You played with


Slaven Bilic. I did. He is humorous, he has character. Last year, Dimitri


Payet was the player who made the difference, he lifted them. He has


dropped his level and they are struggling. Kick-off is a few


minutes away and we can hear now from Trevor Sinclair, who played for


both clubs in his career. The amnesty is building. A full crowd


expected. It hasn't been the smoothest move to a new stadium. How


much emphasis to you put on a good FA Cup run to make this feel like


home? You are right, moving training grounds as well, a lot to content


with and adapt to. I think they have done that. It took a long time get a


bit of momentum going and this place will be buzzing if they can get a


good result. They are a very strong Man City side. And all of a sudden


they will start to get a bit of history here. For Man City, is this


a place that intimidates teams and, if not, can that happen? I don't


think it's that type of ground. At Upton Park, the fans literally


spilling onto the pitch. For me, this is a ground where you turn up


and think, hello, I fancy this. A beautiful stadium, brilliant pitch,


there has been a bit of rain this evening, so I think they will be


looking at this team and thinking, we fancy this. Who is going to win


tonight? I think Manchester City have put too much quality. He is


going for Man City. From one Trevor to another, Sir Trevor Brooking. He


has got his own stand. He takes them around where ever they play. A great


guy. Always lovely to see him. The teams are starting to gather in the


tunnel at the London Stadium. How do you see it going? I think it's great


that both teams have put full strength teams out. I'm going to go


for Manchester City. They probably have too much quality. Do you think


the problem that they have taken a while to get comfortable with this


stadium could work against West Ham, even in the FA Cup? If Manchester


City play well, West Ham could find problems. I think West Ham. If they


can keep pressure, get the ball to Andy Carroll, I am not sure that Man


City will be able to deal with that. It is the first third-round FA Cup


tie of 2017. West Ham against Manchester City. The commentators


are Martin Keown and Guy Mowbray. Welcome to, for its FA Cup debut,


the London, formerly Olympic Stadium. A venue originally built


for something else, of course, as was the original Wembley Stadium,


and West Ham played in the first ever FA Cup final their 94 years


ago, the white horse final. In the here and now, third-round weekend


starts here. The start of the road to Wembley for the top two -- top


two tier teams in the country, and one of the biggies will go no


further than this. They are hoping to win it. We see that by the


strength of the line-ups named. All new stadium, and the greatest


traditions survive, as you can hear, with the West Ham fans blowing


bubbles where ever they go. Winston Reid leaves his West Ham players


down the line of City opponents, and let's take another look at the West


Ham team for tonight's club tie. Adrian is the cup keeper. It has


been Darren Randolph for the last nine league games. The same defence


that faced men united on Monday. Pedro Obiang plays his 50th West Ham


game. On his 20th birthday, Andy Carroll


brings up 100 matches in a West Ham shirt, 25 goals scored, one of them


in the FA Cup final of 2012, as Liverpool lost to Chelsea, Frank


Lampard and old. For City, Willy Caballero gets his tenth appearance


of the season. John Stones is back in defence with Alex Kolarov making


way. Fernandinho suspended, Fernando injured. Pablo Correa -- Pablo


Zabaleta in midfield. Sergio Aguero, whose brilliant finish as a


substitute against Burnley on Monday was just goal number 17 for the


season already. Through the bubbles, you can just


about see the greeting between Slaven Bilic and Pep Guardiola.


Looking at the substitutes bench is, two names jump out for West Ham.


Mark Noble, getting back to fitness after a knee injury and illness, and


Dimitri Payet, who could be more than useful at some stage. For City,


a welcome back to the fold for Fabian Delph, who has missed most of


the campaign with a groin injury. Michael Oliver is the referee


tonight, a first-time referee at this stadium. His first West Ham


game of the season. His last was in May, when they lost to Swansea.


Martin is alongside me to cast his eye over the two sides, and you have


picked out two players who are always keen. Andy Carroll is one of


the finest hitters of the ball. Only five starts this season. Can Stones


and Otamendi deal with him? And Yaya Toure, this guy loses absolute class


at times in midfield. He has shortened his game. He looks like he


is on a motorbike in midfield, with such pace. He will play a major part


for City for the rest of the season. We are just about ready to go.


Sergio Aguero has a little bit of previous with West Ham this season,


and elbow on Winston Reid when the sides met at the Etihad at the end


of August, earning him is the suspension of the season. They need


him on the field as much as possible to get the trophies at City. Pep


Guardiola making that their business these days. In that game in the


Premier League, City were 2-0 up inside 18 minutes, a superb first


half performance, but they allowed West Ham back into bit, and Slaven


Bilic has been saying that, since then, he has seen something of the


City game that can be got at. West Ham are going to try, with sloppy


and they coolly, easily beating De Bruyne. -- with Sofiane Feghouli.


Nowhere near the goal. He started well. Cut inside with a play on the


right-hand side. Good footwork, but wild with that shot. Feghouli so


unlucky to see his game cut short early against men united on Monday.


That red card was rescinded. No such luck for Fernandinho. He is starting


a four-game suspension. A lot of talk about the atmosphere


it's generated. I was here for the Olympics, lucky enough to be here,


and almost surreal to see a football match. But the is cracking. We were


told it would be close to a sell-out. -- the atmosphere is


cracking. 9000 Manchester City fans, there or thereabouts, in attendance.


Might be coming here again on February the 1st on a weeknight for


a Premier League game. Not the same intimidation you had at Upton Park.


That was a very special ground. I am sure you took a fair bit of that on


your visits. I am sure of that. I don't think I was a favourite there.


Not sure I was a favourite anywhere, really! You are a favourite with us,


Mark. Interesting how Guardiola likes to


find a position in midfield for his full-backs. Zabaleta playing


alongside Yaya Toure. Sterling took on Winston Reid but couldn't get the


better of him. It's all very left side for City at the moment.


Took a bit of a risk looking for Adrian, and Adrian wasn't happy with


the backpass, with Sergio Aguero in close attendance.


City are looking for Silva and De Bruyne to pull the strings in there.


The ball given away by City. Carroll may need a bit of help soon. Blocked


by Otamendi. Not ruled worthy of a foul.


Lanzini in to challenge, but that will be a Manchester City free kick.


Guardiola won two German Cups, winning the double in his years at


Bayern Munich. He picked a strong side in every round for them last


season. He is a serial trophy winner so he is going to take this


seriously. He has demonstrated that with the team he put out.


The assistant referee raised his flag.


At the weekend he scored a rare goal, as well. All three of his


Manchester City goals have been scored with his right foot.


Stones using his right foot. Only just enough on it to find Caballero.


Silva in that central role but De Bruyne is the one I think they need


to get to that central position. Sterling making his way to the


penalty area. Well challenged by Nordtveit but it is a City corner.


Now De Bruyne will move forward for the first time all evening to take


the corner. This is where Sterling drifts past the defender. Nordtveit


doing very well there. Certainly better than he did against Rashford


at the weekend. De Bruyne delivery. It's headed over


the top by the incoming John Stones. Yet to score for City. Only got the


one in 94 games for Everton. Well, it's an ambitious ball whipped in.


He can't get the angle he needs. It's an area that he can improve in


at both ends. You look at John Terry and Cahills who score goals


regularly, you have to chip in for your team. Do you go along with the


opinion he is going to be a fine player? Tell us in a minute because


West Ham might test them here. He is one of the most talked about


players in English football. Aguero came in. He will challenge


again. Seemed to catch Ogbonna who hobbled


a little after the challenge. Stones doesn't get it properly away.


De Bruyne fires one forward for Silva to chase.


Aguero is waiting outside the area. Zabaleta is there with him. Here


comes Zabaleta! It's blocked. Reid got in the way of


it. Lovely ball from De Bruyne there the way he moved that out to the


wing. Great vision. When he is in a central position, surely you have to


play him there. It's an open game to start. Feghouli


fires one over. It escapes Cresswell. Cresswell there just


switching off. A great switch field pass. Look at this for a ball from


De Bruyne. Then it's the composure. Silva is waiting for the movement in


the box. Zabaleta, unusually so, gets in there. Gets in the way of


it, Reid. He will only find Caballero.


That's the outlet, Cresswell getting down that left side. Just better


quality, that's what Carroll wants. That's why he is in the team


tonight. De Bruyne has started in a really


deep position. Yeah, I think they want to get him on the ball there.


It's interesting interesting Yaya is sitting deep.


We talked about Stones earlier. His passing is excellent. It's


minimising your mistakes. He is a young man. We have to get off his


back a little bit. He has to make the right decisions. Don't be around


mistakes, minimise those and you become a top player. Silva has been


one of those for quite sometime. West Ham are really giving too much


space away. Need to get tighter. Zabaleta has seen plenty of the ball


in that midfield position. De Bruyne popping up the other side.


That was a risky ball back in with Sterling lurking.


Just being smothered. Sloppy there. West Ham need to get tighter and do


better with the ball when they get it. Might be a chance for Fernandes


and now Feghouli. Antonio pulls away to the left.


Sagna makes the block. Aguero picks up the pace.


An important interception there from Obiang.


Giving it away too easily, West Ham. All set up just to sit in, this


fella hasn't reached the heights of last season, giving him a rest


tonight. He may play a part towards the end of this game. Slaven Bilic


signed as a player from West Ham from Germany 21 years ago yesterday.


As a player he didn't see West Ham enjoy too much success in the FA


Cup. During his time they were knocked out by Grimsby and Wrexham.


Silva! Good save by the legs of Adrian.


He has plenty to say to his defenders. Manchester City are


looking menacing. He should have. Reid has come to the rescue once


more. It's all too loose there. Too much space for Manchester City. I


thought at first Clichy was on for another right foot goal. It shows


the intention. Both fullbacks of City getting down the flanks early


on. Blocked by Reid. He has been West


Ham's most important player, as he is in many a game.


Lanzini again. Nordtveit forward in support.


Feghouli trying to dance his way past Clichy.


That's deflected, the Antonio shot. Beaten away by Caballero. Caballero


does really well. A deflection off John Stones. Better for West Ham.


The crowd have woken up with them. I think the City players are looking


for that movement at the top of the team. Maybe Aguero making that run


beyond the defence. It's very safe at the moment. Sdab has burst


forward but has been ignored. -- Zabaleta.


De Bruyne won't look that way, he will only look to the middle. Reid


in the right place once more for West Ham. We said that a few times


already. Adrian and Caballero have both been


forced into saves. West Ham are happy to let City have


the ball in these areas. Just keeping their shape.


Thought he controlled it beautifully but controlled it the wrong side of


the line. As if there is not enough pitch here, it's a huge pitch. This


is Adrian's save here with his feet. Not played for a while. A little


tester for him. Expect him to make that. Just at the other end here,


Antonio's shot comes off Stones. The keeper reacts really well there.


Pushes it, though, back into the area. Keeps it live. Caballero's


last FA Cup appearance was in that 5-1 defeat at Chelsea in the 5th


round last season when Pellegrini effectively said bye to the Cup.


It wasn't long after that he was the hero of the league Cup serving in


the penalty shoot-out against Liverpool.


I think it's right with goalkeepers, number two, they're up and down the


length of the country, give them a chance to play. He's never really


let them down. At the start he took over from Joe Hart and then the new


signing came in, but a good start for him tonight. Loads of room on


the left for Cresswell. De Bruyne closes down. Feghouli. In


towards Antonio and Carroll. Here comes Cresswell. It's blocked by


Sagna. It's West Ham's turn to look the more threatening team. It comes


from a cross, as well. Once they start getting that ball in there


they're very threatening. Carroll is not interested in anything, he is


peeling off to the back post. Feghouli has put in another tester


with Carroll around. That's a push. Almost desperate to get on the end


of that one. Feghouli on this right side just whips one in. Carroll


really is never going to make that. It's a foul on Sagna. A little push


in the back. That's why he is in there, though, he wants to rein


those crosses in for him. Better service will cause problems. Given


away by Stones. Started well down the West Ham


right. Nordtveit in quickly. And tripped by


Sterling. Free kick for West Ham. Here is a chance to put one in for


Carroll or maybe Antonio. For sure. This is Sterling just over


the top of the ball. A little bit naughty there. It was City's


standout player in the league meeting in August, scored two of the


three goals that they put past The Hammers.


Not quite the aerial service that the number nine and number 30


demand. It's not worked for West Ham. A goal kick for City. City were


trying to keep West Ham out of their own penalty box, as high as they


possibly can, the ball is whipped in.


Difficult to see who that ball comes off.


Just about retrieved by Otamendi, but it's going to be a West Ham


throw. Not the best ball back in the Argentine defender.


Antonio plays it back towards Obiang.


Caballero started to come for that. It's Antonio who was having to get


high above Otamendi and try and watch the ball in full flight as


well. Antonio is so game, quite unorthodox, but if anything is going


to happen for West Ham, you feel it may come from them. Great spring,


just can't get the direction. He has scored a lot of goals with his head


in the last year or so. I think, if the referee had had a view on that,


it would have been a free kick to City, because he had a hold on


Otamendi's shirt. West Ham are finding some sort of rhythm. They


are, impressive how they are passing the ball and switching the ball very


well. Just a little too hard -- too high for Cresswell. A Manchester


City throw. Some of the 9000 City bands singing


their potion of Glad All Over. -- their version.


It will drift away for a City throw. It's the switch ball again. Obiang


unlucky, good tackle from Fernandes in that midfield.


They don't mind switching the ball every which way to find a way to get


through. They need to get that ball into Aguero's feet at times. Hardly


seen him in the game so far. There is Sergio Aguero. And Pablo


Zabaleta, completing the Argentine one, two, three, but he has given it


away. Squirted back to Angelo Ogbonna, who


in turn will find a dream. A bit of pace has gone out of the game in the


last few minutes. I think West Ham have grown in confidence. John


Stones takes no chances after Michael Oliver ruled no foul after


the collision between Otamendi and Carroll. It was almost as if to


emphasise the point, I'm happy putting it in the stand if I have


to. He smashed that one into his head, didn't he -- into Row Z,


didn't he? It looked like he was trying to reach the top of the orbit


with that clearance. Aguero coming back into his own half


for pretty much the first time tonight.


Obiang is still down after the brush with Yaya Toure. Aguero wants it.


Sergio Aguero with some wonderful control. Here comes Silva to help


him out. Nearly came to Sterling. Winston Reid wanting to put the ball


out so that Obiang can receive some treatment. He does need a bit of


medical assistance from the sidelines. Well, he wins the ball


well to begin with. He is coming out with it. Maybe it catches him on the


shin. Toure's followed through. Not even sure if he is wearing shin


pads. He should boo. -- he should be.


A challenge by Sagna, and so the ball is straight out for a City


throw in. Every so often, he has one of those games, as displayed last


April against Arsenal, where he ripped in three goals in a seven


minute spell. He was awesome that day. He can be capable of that, but


you've got to give him the service. Slaven Bilic was talking about the


high press. I'm not sure how Andy Carroll does that one. They haven't


particularly pressed the ball anyway. They've got to get better


service to him in those wide positions. Toure collected it OK. If


I was playing against Aguero, I'd be quite happy to see him in a deep


position. Maybe not there. Sterling tried to walk his way through to


goal. A great challenge from Winston Reid. Well, that is an awesome


recovery tackle. Good interchange passing from Sterling, cutting


inside. Winston Reid has to nail that tackle, no mistake. Beautifully


timed. De Bruyne with the corner. Too high.


Owns Mac and Otamendi. Aguero! Tipped over the bar by Adrian. Great


effort and a wonderful save. Look at Aguero swivel on this. It falls to


him, great technique. And a save to match. The man most likely to score


tonight, you'd think, coming closest. In from De Bruyne. That is


more routine for Adrian from Otamendi's header.


A good angle for the keeper. It gives him confidence. Watching that


ball onto his foot. Carroll helps it on, but only to Clichy. Zabaleta


fouled by Carroll. A lot of headshaking going on from the West


Ham number nine. Who will be the happier? At the


moment, maybe Slaven Bilic is content that they are still in the


game. City, who are only five points behind Chelsea at the top of the


table, no great panic for them, but there are some very good players in


the City team and they have been kept at bay at the moment. Silva


wanders away from Lanzini and keeps on wondering. The full-back was a


shrug of the ball back intended for Aguero. Played by Obiang. At times,


it's starting to look more difficult for West Ham to defend. It is.


Silva, a great runner with the ball. They keep getting to that byline.


Edimilson Fernandes stops the ball getting anywhere near De Bruyne. A


shimmy away and stop a slip from Qwest well -- Cresswell allowing


Zabaleta to take it up. You can see Sterling making that


wrong. He is going central, looking to make that run aeons the West Ham


back four. That run beyond the West Ham back four. Nordtveit has a


problem. Reid helps him out by putting it out. Doing to men's jobs


at times. Sterling, with his pace, and that threat behind.


Feghouli sort of came out to put the pressure on. Stones over De Bruyne.


Stones over that one. Interesting watching Guardiola from the side. He


seems quite calm tonight. He has been quite patient. I don't think it


was his finest hour, the interview he gave after the midweek games. He


has settled down a bit. Starting to see a bit more purpose and intention


from his team. Going at people. So far, City having almost two thirds


of the ball. Nothing to show for it yet. But it could quickly change.


That was a risky one, and it is a penalty for City. Pablo Zabaleta won


the race to the ball, and in being clipped, Michael Oliver determined


straightaway that it should be a spot kick for the men in sky blue.


Looking at it here, Obiang just catches him. We will see better from


this angle. It is a clip of the heels. Maybe a soft one, but it


catches him. Michael Oliver didn't hesitate, straightaway blowing his


whistle and pointing at the spot. Ogbonna is still protesting. Winston


Reid had a word. He isn't getting a lot of support from his team-mates.


He is going to talk to the linesman -- Ogbonna is saying, go and talk to


the linesman, but he has given it and he isn't going to change his


mind now. Yaya Toure has, in the Premier League, a perfect record,


ten out of ten from the spot. Can he give City the lead in the FA Cup


third round tonight? That is the result it usually is


when he kicks the ball from 12 yards. That is his favourite spot.


An emphatic penalty. The big man brought back into the side in


November to play, you would think, a big part in the rest of City's


season, and he has started it in the FA Cup tonight. He has been a big


player in their recent history. One of their number one men, never in


doubt. Plenty of power, slots it home, keeper no chance.


All the noise at the London Stadium at the moment is Manchester City


noise. What do you make of the call, Martin? It's very close. To be


honest, I don't think I'd be particularly happy if a foul was


given against me for that challenge, but there is an element of contact


to it. Controversial. Zabaleta was impeded, but deliberately so? Does


that matter? He definitely caught him. He was brought crashing to the


ground. Pep Guardiola will be contented with what he has seen so


far tonight. West Ham 0, Manchester City 1. Toure has his fourth goal of


the season. The man who scored the winning goals in the semifinal and


final when Manchester City last won the FA Cup, in 2011. West Ham trying


to get back quickly. Caballero makes the save will stop Feghouli with the


goal at his mercy. West Ham will be hard pushed to get a better


opportunity all evening. Agonising. Feghouli, Antonio, he is the man we


talked about, he cut inside and forces the save and you think he is


going to tap it in. Somehow, he puts it wide.


Caballero looked as though he thought that's me, I am done here.


He was waiting for that to hit the back of the net. Antonio again, he


has that threat, pace, power, unpredictability. Feghouli, you


can't keep him out of the headlines at the moment. Unlucky to be sent


off on Monday. Perhaps this wasn't unlucky. He puts him off, Clichy. He


is stabbing at that in the dark. Top players put those away. He can't


believe he missed that, Slaven Bilic.


Slaven Bilic is just making inquiries as to whether Feghouli was


fouled in trying to put that in. Certainly turned and asked the


question towards those who have the benefit of monitors down in the


tunnel. Yeah, he is clutching at straws there a little bit.


A City throw. Slaven Bilic may feel cheap penalties are the order of the


day, maybe after that one they conceded.


Straight at Adrian. De Bruyne in that central position.


Not frightened to shoot from anywhere.


Carroll again. Antonio.


Much better from West Ham, pressing the ball. Reid again coming up from


the back. Silva sells Aguero short. Reid is coming again.


Antonio. Sagna is strong against him. A bit


of character coming in now from West Ham.


Stones has given the ball back to West Ham with Fernandes. West Ham's


noise level is rising. Reid realised that Sterling was


going to cut off the pass. He is showing composure, Reid. Not just


the blocks and interceptions he is getting, coming out with the ball.


Cresswell is still forward down the left. Sagna makes the block. I would


like to see Lanzini pulling the strings more for West Ham in that


midfield. Carroll makes his way into the


middle. And will stay there for the West Ham corner. The volume


certainly goes up when Carroll lays those balls off to Cresswell. This


one will be delivered in. Looking for the big man. Using Reid as a


shield to make his run. Stones went up for it. Caballero


will now have the time to come and catch.


Sagna to Aguero. Back to Sagna again. Towards


Sterling! What a goal that is.


From one end of the field to the other.


Manchester City have moved the ball quite beautifully to take a 2-0


lead. I mean, it was fantastic build-up


from Manchester City. Sterling. The distance he is covering here, look.


Great ball into the channel. Sagna gives it and goes. Gets it back.


Look at this for a cross. It's perfect! It's saying put me in the


back of the net. It's a goal. It's a peach of a pass. Beautiful ball into


there. Just really... Actually comes off the defender. Sterling is


denied. Yeah, it's Nordtveit with an own goal. Take nothing away from the


build-up. City had that flowing rhythm right from the back to the


front. Sterling was gutted he didn't get the final touch. But it's such a


quality pass there. The defender is forced into that major error.


Caballero only just gets there. Fired by Antonio with Lanzini saying


leave it to me. It's just the quality of the ball


from West Ham, Carroll surviving on scraps. Now City could run away with


it here. It's over to Silva! It's three for Manchester City.


The Cup tie could be all over before it's halfway through.


Once again the ball has been moved quickly from Pep Guardiola's team


penalty area, the full length of the field. West Ham opened up. West Ham


perhaps saying bye to the FA Cup at the first hurdle.


Well, it's almost embarrassing from a West Ham point of view. Sterling


in that central position again. Just gets it back. They've runners coming


from deep. This is almost embarrassing. Stays on side. Look at


the composure. Just a little tap-in. Makes it look so easy. And it is


easy. Embarrassing for West Ham. Two goals in a two-minute spell for


Manchester City. Pep Guardiola went big tonight, in


terms of team selection. West Ham night 0, Manchester City 3. The


fourth round beckons for the boys in blue already. Nothing else now for


West Ham other than to go for broke. We might be seeing payet sooner than


we might otherwise have done in the second half.


They have that quality, City, on the pitch. We talked about it earlier.


Which manager would be happier once they switched on, City, it's the


class of the players that they have. Their movement, their pace. To be


fair, you are looking at West Ham just trying to get the ball wide and


put it in the box. Manchester City playing with so much expression and


movement and fluidity. Carroll offside as he helps it on to


Antonio. Nothing going West Ham's way right now. The Cup tie certainly


isn't. Don't think it's going to be 1980 all over again this season, not


unless there is the most miraculous turnaround after half-time. Against


City playing like this, that's very unlikely.


They look like the away team. I know it's a new stadium, but...


City are way better. You said before the match that you fancied City's


players to really enjoy this stadium. I am trying as a player,


you look back to your previous experiences, playing against Lazio


in the Roma stadium, the atmosphere wasn't like this, but there's so


much space, you don't feel under pressure. Upton Park, I am sure the


players would love to go back to that now, but this is the future. At


the moment it's not a comfortable one.


There are talking points, of course. The penalty will be disputed by


some. The goal that got City going. Then at 1-0 Feghouli had practically


an open goal and a chance of a quick equaliser.


Silva through to Aguero. Sterling in the box for him.


Aguero. Too high for Sterling. Antonio clear.


Won't be clear for long. Half-time can't come soon enough for


Slaven Bilic. It's seconds away. It must be three and no more by the


break for West Ham. Michael Oliver has had a look at the watches. That


will do it in the first FA Cup tie to be played at the London Stadium.


It looks highly like lie it will be the last this season because


Manchester City have powered away, taking the lead through a Toure


penalty. The unlucky Nordtveit then bundled the ball into his own net


under pressure from Sterling. Silva might have put the game beyond the


home STUDIO: Splendid view there of the


stadium. Not so splendid for West Ham, trailing 3-0. It took a while


for the game to warm up but once City got flowing they played some


stuff. Their passing and movement and one-touch football has been too


much for West Ham. Certainly in the last 15, 20 minutes. Yes the penalty


is debatable but after that the way West Ham heads went down is alarming


for their fans and manager. Is this a case of the magnificence of


Manchester City's football? We were worried that possession was slow.


The two chances before the penalty was about runners. Instead of


playing position they got people running behind and the moment they


started doing that the game opened up for them. West Ham, it's all been


too much for them. I thought with Carroll playing the best chance


they've got is to be tight to them and they weren't nowhere near. Win


the ball in areas where they could release Cresswell and Feghouli.


They've been nowhere near it. The turning point obviously is the


penalty. Zabaleta is playing a different position which is


interesting, the fact he is playing midfield. We are used to seeing him


as a fullback. He has made a difference. He is playing the


position very well midfield. This is early on. An excellent chance


blocked from West Ham's best player, a centre-half, Reid. That's another


forward run there. I don't think that's a penalty. I have looked at


it a couple of times. I don't see how he goes to tackle him. He


doesn't attempt to. I don't think it's a penalty. From that moment


He has never missed a penalty for Manchester City. Let's have another


look at this decision. Frank? I think I am on my own here. I think


Zabaleta was pretty clever. There is contact. It is a contact sport. You


don't necessarily have to touch him for him to go down for a penalty. I


don't think Ogbonna goes to even touch the ball. I think it's a bit


clumsy. Zabaleta has got the touch. When you get the touch on the second


foot, that is experience. I'm not saying it's clear-cut. It's so hard


to define. You see penalty sometimes wear a forward is running ahead of a


defender and he flicks his back leg up, catches him and goes down added


a penalty. Sometimes totally accidental. Should it be a penalty?


As much as Zabaleta's experience in a way has bought that penalty,


you've got to see that he's not made a challenge, he's not made a


challenge to try and win the ball. Zabaleta's momentum has taken him


that way. No intention. People keep going on about video replays. Three


people think it's a penalty, one doesn't. How do you settle it? 3-1


win. You don't get a vote. 2-1 then. Still a majority! An own goal, but


some great build-up play from Manchester City. This is when City


started to kick in. People running from behind, and here it is Sagna.


He runs, he keeps moving, and it opens it up. Great goal, great play.


At first, we think Sterling gets a touch, but he puts the defender


under so much pressure that he has no choice but to try and do it. Lee


unbelievable ball in. Brilliant. Right in between the goalkeeper and


defender, it's amazing. Two minutes later, David Silva makes it three.


More good Manchester City play. I like the calmness at the end. West


Ham, everybody has time on the ball, the kind of space he's got, nobody


going with him, Zabaleta, David Silva, it's just class. Just


quality. By now, West Ham are all over the place. They are passing,


they are moving both with and without the ball, and it's been


superb, certainly in the last 15 or 20 minutes. This is the kind of


Guardiola football that we seen in flashes. We saw a lot at the start


of the season. This could be Barcelona, couldn't it? He has got a


direct philosophy and he wants to recreate it here. It will take time,


but when you see it for 20 minutes like that, you see the endgame for


them. You give a team of that quality that time and space, you


will get hammered, like West Ham are experiencing. They did it to Arsenal


few weeks ago. They have had one two opportunities, which fell at


important stages, not when they were 3-0 down. They have. A decent


effort. The keeper should save it. It takes a deflection, but not


enough to disturb him. Antonio Barragan. -- Antonio again. He seems


to give him the freedom of the pitch there and says, go on, in an effort


on goal. When you look at it here, with John Stones, you are thinking,


he has to make a lunging challenge, surely. The first challenge, he gets


a little nick on him, but I don't think he gets close enough. Slaven


Bilic was appealing for a penalty. What do you think? He gets to the


ball first. That's irrelevant. If it's a foul, it's a foul. He has


already kicked the ball! Since when has that been a law? No, because he


has already kicked the ball. He should get the ball in the net. He


wouldn't need to. But he's already kicked the ball. Am I missing


something? It's not a foul, it's not a pal. Not unanimous. Frustrated by


a lot of the West Ham performance but particularly the delivery.


You've got Andy Carroll in the team for these reasons. Cresswell, for


me, brilliant left foot, too close to the keeper, hang it up for him to


attack. They have been occasions when they could have done something.


He is fouled here. But the ball had already gone. This is what Andy


Carroll is in the team for. He has got to put that one in there. Give


him a chance to attack it. Maybe Antonio can get close at the end. He


kicks it out of play! Here, Antonio, a great run, Andy Carroll stops


here, so I can't understand what the ploy is the West Ham. If you are


going to put the ball up in the air, somebody has to get on the end of


it. And they are not even doing that. I don't know where they go


from here, and I kicked them at the start of the game! I'm doing all


right, aren't I? -- I tipped them. At the weekend, west...


I grew up in a footballing family and every year the day of the FA Cup


was always very special. My first cup final, we took the lead early on


through Clive Alan and scored a really good goal. Dave Bennett


equalised for Coventry and, before half-time, Chris Waddle whipped in a


free kick. We both threw ourselves at the ball and it just bounced over


the line. Walking in at half-time and there it is, up in lights,


Tottenham 2, Coventry 1, little did I know. Brilliant goal! It's an own


goal! The only cup final Spurs have ever lost and I scored the winning


goal. Four years later, we got into the final against Nottingham Forest.


In the tunnel, Brian kept turning to Terry and said, Terry, form a hand.


They started to walk out and Brian Clough grabbed Terry's hand. It was


quite a light moment. The first challenge, Paul kicked the ball and


I've followed. The next thing I heard, the referee blew up. I saw


him giving it to Forest and I couldn't understand what had


happened. On his follow-through, he caught Gary quite high up. I thought


I had a chat to Paul, calmed him down, and the second tackle might


not have happened, but they didn't get the chance and I saw Paul going


in for that challenge and it was very rash. Yeah, Paul suffered a


very serious injury. That first half of the cup final, what ever could go


wrong did go wrong. That is Alan's touch of sight. Saved! Very rarely


seen Gary missing a penalty. Got back in again and Paul Stuart got


the equaliser. Got to extra time, marked by Des Walcott. Des walker,


in desperation, threw himself at the ball to try and clear it. You just


look at the faces of Forest, Stuart Pearce, Steve Hodge... The FA Cup is


full of joy and despair. That captures that moment perfectly.


Tottenham Hotspur have won the FA Cup for a record eighth time. That


moment whereby you are given the FA Cup, your elation, you are sharing


it with your team, with the supporters, that moment was an


absolutely phenomenal moment. It sure was. A great player, Garry Monk


that. Great memories as well. And a couple of bad ones! For a start, the


disallowed goal. No winner of sight! I think we will all agree on this.


Brilliant to see. I don't like the celebration. How can you get a


yellow card for that? A great run. That must be horrible. Said they


made bad decisions in the 40s as well! Can we gloss over this one? A


beautiful struck penalty there. Another penalty missed. Same one.


That was useless. You can see Spurs against Aston Villa on Sunday.


Coverage begins at 3:35pm on BBC One. Plenty of action before then as


well. Mo Farah begins his season in the


Edinburgh cross-country. On Saturday the 27th of May, 90,000


people will fill the stadium for the FA Cup final, and you could be one


of them. Sign up your five a side team for the FA people's cup, when


your category, and not only could you be here for the game, you will


also be walking out onto the hallowed turf at half-time to


collect your own trophy. Go to the website and register now.


Just a few minutes before the second half kicks off. Let's go pitch side


will stop --. Why have one Trevor when you can have two? It will take


some second half if he went to the 1980 FA Cup win is to continue but


it's not been the best 45. Man City have been the better side. A couple


of chances, but 33rd minute, the goal. I thought it was a really soft


penalty. Been here when there was bad decisions in previous games. So,


for me, it wasn't a sending off. That might be claret eyes. A few


minutes later, the shot was saved, Feghouli went on, but he got a great


chance. The few minutes later when he was brought down, that could have


been a penalty. City have been ruthless. The front three, Aguero,


Silva and Sterling have been superb. Silva in particular, his passing is


great. We are getting soaking wet. We have had a great view pitch side


of that Man City performance. At times, it's been superb.


Breathtaking play. The rotation between that three has been


exceptional. We are witnessing tonight why Silva has got the


defender Merlin. His reverse passing has been incredible. Watching it up


closely is great. The teams are coming out. I hope you can enjoy the


second half a bit better. We will head back up to you guys.


Third-round weekend starts here. Here comes Pablo Zabaleta. Silva!


That was a risky one and it is a penalty for City. Incomes Yaya


Toure. What a goal that is! David Silva. Three for Manchester City.


Just so that you know that this punditry business isn't easy, how do


West Ham turn this around? I don't know. You can't have damage


limitation in a cup game. They have to come out and go for it. They have


got 15 or 20 minutes to get something. Does the danger of


humiliation matter? The way they played in the first half, yes. If


they carry on this way, you can only see more goals for City. West Ham


have to try and get a bit closer to them. Their passing has been too


easy, Man City. Thanks, Gary. It will be West Ham to get the


second half started. They have a huge task under way of trying to


score at least three in the next 45 minutes. From Manchester City's


point of view, it looks as though, for the fifth year running, they are


going to get past round three of the FA Cup. They last had that sort of


run between 1994 and 1998, when things were very different for the


blue half of Manchester. Out by Otamendi. Slaven Bilic has not


decided to make a change just yet. It will have been a very difficult


team talk as well. There is element of embarrassment about tonight's


performance. At 3-0, a bit of humiliation creeps in. They will not


want to lose any more goals. At least a bit of reaction, some


character from West Ham. They will not want to capitulate as they did


when Arsenal were there on the 3rd of December and they won 5-1. Three


times as well as that game the Hammers had conceded three times.


And the worry is that Aguero isn't even on the scoresheet yet. It can


only be a matter of time, surely. Antonio. That little break for


Caballero. Aguero is on 153 goals for City. He is their joint third


record scorer, tied with the great Colin Bell. What a player he was. I


am not old enough. Well, there you go. I've seen clips of him.


Surely West Ham's best player, Reid. Without doubt. Says everything,


doesn't it? Some very good blocks that he got in.


City I think will be trying to take the sting out of this now in the


early stages of the second half. This is about growing in confidence,


we are halfway through the season. Certainly confident the way they're


moving the ball tonight. No way through for Zabaleta. Antonio


lifts one Carroll's way. Carroll saying he wasn't happy with the


height of Otamendi's boot in trying to win that. Good balance in that


midfield for City. Zabaleta making a lot of intelligent runs.


Slow build-up. It's almost hypnotising West Ham.


That's going to go behind for a corner.


It's about appreciating your role and your responsibility in the team.


Guardiola is good at that. Players will know what they're doing. He


changes the system so regularly, it's a nice balance to their team


tonight. I think he was seen as a midfielder initially. He is a good


team player, good in the dressing room, as well.


Towards Otamendi. It's clawed away. Ap then bounced up against the hand


of Aguero who scored from that angle against Burnley on Monday. Denied by


Adrian that time. West Ham furious that handball


wasn't given. Rightly so. Stones is getting in too easily. I think it


comes off the arm of Aguero. Linesman on this side really should


see that. Good ball whipped in. Bounced up against his arm and he


had a quick look. That's right, certainly did.


Toure. It's turned in for number four! Aguero got a touch. Aguero


celebrates the goal that has surely killed off the tie for good.


Maybe talking about making changes. This game is well and truly won now.


That was Manchester City fans who made the trip down to east London.


They're going to have a party there tonight. Sterling again down this


left side. Chopping and changing. Just play it is back into the path


of Toure. It's just in that position, just in front of the


goalkeeper. Just gets that little touch. We have said it was a matter


of time before he got his goal. Look at that for a touch. Takes the sting


out of the ball there. West Ham try to battle back with Antonio. It's


all smiles City with Aguero taking his tally for the season to 18. And


154 City goals, one more than even Colin Bell got for the club in the


days of the 60s and 70s. He is a legend at Manchester City all right.


He is a wonderful player. Great pace. Links well with his


colleagues. Seems like he is a nice man, as well, to have around you. No


real ego with him. Just wants to win games and score goals. This could be


big trouble for West Ham because City have shown no signs of lifting


up. We can hear Blue Moon now. Some of the home supporters have headed


for home. It's hard to see if people are coming in or leaving at the


moment. The second half just starting. There is constant moving


up and down the steps. I think they're leaving. There is more white


seats visible. Effortlessly gliding across the


ground again. Aguero getting into a goal scoring


position which for him could be anywhere.


Sterling is handling the ball very well tonight. Good movement, as


well. There is De Bruyne. Steered away by Ogbonna. Carroll


found Lanzini. David Sullivan has plenty to say. If


he had a dream of watching his team win the FA Cup final this season, I


am afraid it's gone already. That dream has turned to a


nightmare. Somebody that did win the Cup with City, against Leicester, he


is at every Manchester City game and loves watching this team just as


much as enjoyed playing for the great team he was in. A real


gentleman, as well, you have to say. City are really in the mood here.


There could be a couple more, dare I say it from the West Ham fans' point


of view. Payet going through gentle warm-ups.


Mission impossible for him if he gets on. There is hardly any point


putting him on, is there? West Ham don't play until next weekend.


Tomorrow it's Crystal Palace who come here. I am sure Sam Allardyce


will get a reception. City have two huge games, Everton and Tottenham.


Zabaleta went tumbling after offloading the ball. It's a free


kick for the visitors. Continues to impress in there, Zabaleta. Just a


little give and go. Just taken out as he tries to get forward.


What is evident is how high the fullbacks are for City. Look at


Clichy on the left side. Sagna the same on the right. Just setting


their stall out. Sterling can't keep the ball. It's


cleared by Obiang. Here is Stones. They create that width and De Bruyne


and Silva have so much space to come into those little pockets.


Manchester City are going to make a change shortly. Nolito is going to


come on. Silva we understand is going to make way, he is going to


get a breather. I think that's good management. You want to protect him.


Noble and Payet ready to take to the field.


That's a stroll for Manchester City now.


Turning into a testimonial? I don't think man City have any


intention of letting off the pace. They want as many as they can get


tonight. That comes from their manager. He is obsessed with winning


and doing things in the correct manner. Here is the City change with


David Silva giving Nolito a run out. Silva will be applauded by not just


City fans but a few West Ham supporters joining in too.


He has been purring all evening long. He has been magnificent. A


stroll in the park for him. He has enjoyed himself. Job done.


Congratulations from his manager. A few West Ham fans, I did mean


literally two or three! Off goes Lanzini. Disappointing, wasn't he?


Noble on to take the captain's armband and a disappointing night


for Andy Carroll, not a happy birthday for him. On comes Payet.


The style of play West Ham is light years away from Manchester City


tonight. Getting the ball wide in the box. I don't think it suits that


here at this new home of theirs. West Ham's throw in. Straightaway he


is on the ball. Antonio has gone down the middle.


Obiang will use Payet once more. Fernandes has joined Antonio. Noble


overcooked that. He is lifting the ball there,


doesn't need to. Keep it on the deck. He is there to pass it. West


Ham have had defensive problems tonight. It's at the other end where


they're being linked with moves in this January transfer window. Made a


bid for Defoe to come back. That was rejected. Looks as though that's


gone. Looking also perhaps at Celtic's


Demble. Scott Hogan. Need to do something to give them a lift,


that's for sure. Want to hold on to that fella, Payet. Talk of him maybe


moving on. The goal that took Aguero past Colin


Bell in the all-time charts. So casual. A deft little touch, outside


of the right foot. A puff of the cheeks from Slaven Bilic. He knows


it's far too easy. Unlucky for Reid who has defended well most of the


night. I think it is important for West Ham


to keep the fans onside and to show good reaction, professional


performance, show they are willing, keep going. Dimitri Payet sparking a


bit of enthusiasm, sparking something for his team. Feghouli


looking for Antonio, and Caballero was not sure which side of the post


that was passing. It will be a corner for West Ham. A good ball,


Feghouli. Antonio, again with that spring that he gets. Just coming off


Otamendi. Gets up well there. Dimitri Payet with the West Ham


corner. Antonio might be the biggest threat, but it doesn't reach him.


Sterling eating up the ground to put the pressure on. Aguero tries to get


in Adrian's I line. Now is -- loads of time for Clichy defined


Caballero. This is actually going even better for City than the last


time they met West Ham in the cup, League Cup semifinal three years


ago, a 3-0 win at Upton Park. That was a second leg. They had won the


first leg 6-0. You saw the quality of Stones, that sort of cutting past


that he whips into the midfield. You've got a coat like that. I have,


but I think this West Ham fan as seen in. -- has seen enough. Reid


backed Ogbonna. That will be a West Ham corner.


Trevor Brooking, not just any old iron, in conversation with the


Ireland manager. Martin O'Neill, once a Manchester City player.


Finding more to talk about than to watch at the moment. Payet's corner.


Headed away and collected by Aguero. He showed the energy to get there.


It was Sagna, trying to turn it into the path of Nolito, who will get it


now. Obiang quickly upon it. The fair for West Ham is leaving holes


and spaces for man's ditty -- Man City to fly into. You feel they can


go up a gear at any moment. City are breaking, with Sterling.


Nordtveit just stepped across to make sure he couldn't get to the


ball again. Adrian tidies up. No letup from City. They want


everything. Sterling has impressed me. He wants to keep going, keep


attacking, keep asking questions. I think Yaya Toure could play that


role well into his 40s. He could almost have a picture out at the


base of that midfield. Talked about his class. -- he could almost have a


deck chair out. This is a stroll for him.


It almost feels as if West Ham have gone down to ten men, such is the


dominance of possession from City. It continues with Bacary Sagna.


Raheem Sterling. Zabaleta has to be quick.


Played straight into the hands of Clichy. I think that is what he's


saying the referee, Michael Oliver. Sterling trying to force his way


through. Is there anything wrong with that? I don't believe so. I


don't think Sterling is ever going to get to that. But he made sure.


Certainly did. Free kick, West Ham. City are about to make another


change. In the build-up, Yaya Toure just


likes to sit quite deep. He splits the defenders, Otamendi and Stones.


Manchester City have the chance to make their change, and Kevin De


Bruyne is going to go off. His run of games without a goal as stretched


to a dozen, but he is about more than just scoring goals, the


Belgian. That will worry him, that he hasn't scored in a while. But he


and Silva, they are the cutting edge of this City team, the creators. For


the final quarter of the game, 19-year-old Aleix Garcia is on, for


his 17th appearance, his first since that match in February. He's now


playing in very different circumstances for a City team who


might score five of their in London. Garcia is straight out of the Pep


Guardiola mould. He will pass and pass. A great chance for him


tonight. Zabaleta offside. Straying offside.


It's just the way that City are just stroking the ball around very


confidently. Looking so supremely confident tonight, aren't they, in


their possession? It really suits them. I bet they wish they could


play here every week. So many injury setbacks in recent


times, but the Man City captain is itching to get back onto the field


and stay on it. You have to feel for him, the number of injuries he has


had to contend with. In every game, he is in the audience even when he


can't play. When he comes back, he Swans back in like he hasn't been


away. He just doesn't stay fit enough for long enough. Aguero just


lent into Nordtveit, hence the West Ham free kick.


Still contesting those sorts of calls, even with his team 4-0 up and


having got is customary goal. -- having got his customary goal. That


ten men victory against Pep Guardiola -- Burnley, that showed


they have got some character and fire and tonight they are back to


their flowing best. Guardiola is feeling a lot better tonight and he


was at the weekend. He is probably back in love with the game of


football again, and I think the game is a lot better for him being in it.


What he creates with his teams, it is almost an art form, the way he


gets everybody's pass the ball, imagination. Not so great if you're


a West Ham fan, but it gives you an idea of the way they have got to go


to improve their game. I also think it's good that he


hasn't just come here and ripped the Premier League apart. He has been


successful in Germany and Spain. It says a lot about the Premier League


that you just -- you don't just come here immediately and win everything.


Are you getting the tube home, Martin? I don't think there will be


a long queue by the time this finishes. No, there will be a bit


less traffic on the roads. Sterling's was the fence. It's going


to be a West Ham free kick and another change. The final one of the


night. Antonio is off and Ashley Fletcher gets a run. The former


Manchester United junior or rather got leapfrogged by Marcus Rashford


at Old Trafford. His only goal for West Ham since making the move to


the capital has been against his old team, United, in the AFL cup. --


EFL. He has been a regular on the bench for West Ham all season. They


tell me 12 months ago he was ahead of Rashford at Manchester United, so


it has been quite a turnaround. He finds himself here. Antonio, I think


it was the right call to take him off. He is such a gallant runner-up,


a worker for his team. Rest him for another day. He played in every


position, gives everything to the cause. Bundled over. West Ham


supporters, those still here, are going to give plenty of backing to


their team to try and get some sort of consolation. This is even too far


out for Payet, surely, from here. Looking all around, sizing up what


will be the best option. A superb free kick in the cut at Manchester


United last March, but it wasn't quite this far away from goal. This


one will be a chip for somebody else at the second run. It's a chip for


nobody. That is West Ham's night. He might as well have had a shot, after


that. He's trying to chip it and the Man City defence comes out very well


and he's caught in two minds and has to adjust and it doesn't come off.


Caballero, looking for Sagna. Too high for him, and now the final Man


City substitution happening. A welcome back to action for someone


who has been something of a forgotten man Fabian Delph is


getting a man. He has only been off the bench twice in the Premier


League this season. He has had a groin problem. Yaya Toure's number


was up, but Michael Oliver is saying that City can delay the substitute


because Sagna might need some more treatment. Well, they are just going


to hold on, just for a moment. Pep Guardiola wants to get the thumbs up


from Bacary Sagna first. I think it's a head injury, isn't it, Sagna?


If Fabian Delph has played right back, he might be coming on there


shortly. He just gets an arm in the face. I think he would go into


midfield and Zabaleta would drop back, if Sagna needs to make way. A


bit of boxing glue applied to the injury. You must have had a few of


those. For sure, far too many of those. Centre forwards, putting


their elbows in my face. Did you have any brushes with Slaven Bilic


on the field? No, I left into Tony Adams. Everybody thought that Tony


Adams scored it in 98, it was the one that set us on our way to win


the double, in a Premier League match, and it came of Slaven Bilic's


head. Quite pleased with that. I like the way you can't say "Double"


without a big grin creeping across your face. All those years later. I


remember it like it was yesterday. His team are going through to the


fourth round of the FA Cup. And West Ham take the throw in, so that Delph


still can't get onto the field. Toure continues for now.


That's going to be added on to the end of the game and prolong the


agony for West Ham. That's right, you just want it to end now if you


are a West Ham player. Now Manchester City can make that


change and it will be Toure to leave the field and Delph will return to


action. He kicked it out himself, he wants to get off. He is going to


have a massive part to play in the second half of this season. A great


leader in there. Good relationship now with the manager, he is back in


favour. They're all smiles, best of friends again. Certainly are. At the


start of the season he was left out of the Champions League squad. It


seemed he would be on his way. You can sure he will be in the squad for


the last 16 when City play Monaco. Didn't pick him until November.


Early bathn the right sense, substituted Toure.


Payet still shows the skills, even if the game is lost. A moment of


magic there, Payet. As far as the tie is concerned, it's


a miracle now that is needed. We have seen it before, we have seen


it in the Cup when a team was 3-0 down at half-time. I think once that


third goal went in here that was it. There's never been a hint of any


reaction. City have just purred for the whole night and controlled every


department of the match. This is a real springboard for them for the


rest of the season. Nolito had that dig that out from


behind. If you are a City player now it's in


these moments that you grow that extra armoury that there is a belief


about the group. You can't recreate this on the training pitch. You do


it here for real. It's been a stroll for them. Of course they've made


their one big transfer window signing, we think, it was made at


the start of August. The 19-year-old Brazilian striker to add more punch


upfront. It gives him options. He wants options. They give you the


belief to win games, centre-forwards.


You wonder now will Guardiola stick with this formation? Had lots of


changes this year. Last year, shall we say. Always has been his way.


Yeah. Players enjoy that bit of stability, I think. Occasionally


let's pick the same 11, the same system.


Here is Fletcher. Nice foot work from Fletcher. But he


is being ganged up on now. And he had no assistance. Aguero through


the middle. Adrian doesn't get there. Stood up to stop ago in the


end. That's going to be a corner. Aguero play it is off the back, off


Nordtveit. Adrian appeals to all in front of him to keep going to limit


any further damage. It's Aguero this time making the run


from a Sterling pass. Those two have been really important tonight for


City. Another foot from Adrian. Nolito to lift one over.


Into John Stones! It's cleared off the line. No t has


crossed the line. Michael Oliver points to the is there. -- to the


centre. John Stones has his first Manchester City goal on a night


where they've flown in for his team at the London Stadium.


John Stones deserve that is tonight. He has had three headers that I have


counted where he has got there first. This one he has done it


again. Far too easy for him but he wants it more than anybody else.


Attacks the ball really well. It's another in-swinger. You see that, he


is first to the ball. Yes, no doubt about it over the line. Noble


couldn't keep it out, instantly the signal went to the watch on Michael


Oliver's wrist and he points to the middle and John Stones points to the


sky. West Ham United 0, Manchester City 5.


Incredible. For West Ham it's a similar feeling to that they will


have had over a month ago when Arsenal scored the same number of


goals here. They want to turn around, they might see a 6th! Well


might they celebrate. It's really important, we talked about the


ingredients, you have to score goals for your team, of course you make


the clearances, but Stones has attacked every corner well. That's a


big improvement from him. Sterling nearly got there in front


of Adrian. You feel for the Spanish keeper.


Kept out of the Premier League team lately. On his return tonight he is


hit for five goals. Over towards Delph.


Manchester City fans are jumping up and down, some watching the match,


some not as their team threaten here. It's a horrible experience for


West Ham in front of their own supporters. City are looking hungry


again. It's Aguero! Enough behind it from Adrian to keep


out the 6th goal, for now, at least. Just enjoying himself, Aguero. Goes


nice and deep. Makes the run. Stealing the shot. Saved by the


keeper. This really has been, and continues to be, a superlative


Manchester City display. Who is next? Towards Stones.


Nolito's effort blocked. Otamendi. Doesn't reach Aguero.


John Stones deals with Fletcher. Payet demands that something is


given. Michael Oliver not bothered by that one bit.


West Ham fans have now left the proceedings, a lot of the fans. Been


second best for all the evening, apart from the first 25 minutes or


half an hour or so, until City got that penalty. It's almost been men


against boys after that. The team is breezing through to the FA Cup


fourth round. Garcia not close enough to Aguero.


In goes Garcia to win the ball back for City.


Such a contrast, West Ham playing in isolation. Everything is joined up


for City, everybody moving off one another. Plenty of options on the


ball. Here we are moving to the last


minute of the 90. Who would be your Man of the Match choice tonight in a


superb team display? There have been lots of good performances, Sterling,


but Silva was magnificent tonight the way he pulled the strings in


there. Ahead of De Bruyne for me, a wonderful player to watch and learn


from, I am sure this man enjoys working with him. He is his kind of


player. David Silva scored the third before half-time which effectively


sealed the tie before it was halfway through.


Payet to Cresswell. This is a real bonus for Pep


Guardiola, progress through to the next round. Noble goes on a run.


It's going to be a City throw. Progress through and he has been


able to bring off Silva, De Bruyne, Toure, with minutes to spare and can


look forward to a nine-day break before a trip to Goodison Park.


Yeah, plenty of time to build on that, to enjoy it. He is used to


that winter break, he didn't get it and he was almost at boiling point.


It wasn't his finest hour, the interview he gave after the game,


but I am sure he will be happy tonight. It's been a wonderful


display from his team and good reaction. I am afraid as Nordtveit


gets set to take the throw, we have a delay because we have a few jokers


on the field, which is the last thing West Ham want.


It's making everything last longer for them.


That's a better shot. BOOING. That's what the West Ham


supporters think about that. Michael Oliver decides that he


doesn't have to prolong it any more. Full-time whistle sounds at the


London Stadium. Pep Guardiola, a man who deals in


trophies, and he has set his side off on the perfect start to traps


winning another one because they have absolutely blown away West Ham


tonight to book their place in the fourth round of the FA Cup. Both


went strong, both named strong sides. Manchester City looked


really, really strong from start to finish. They have breezed through


with a final score at the London Stadium of West Ham 0, Manchester


City 5. It was the first ever FA Cup tie


played at the London Stadium, formerly the Olympic Stadium, and it


happens to be the Hammers' biggest ever defeat at home in the


competition's history. A desperate night for them and their supporters,


who came and packed the stadium this evening, but a great night for Pep


Guardiola, his first FA Cup tie and an emphatic victory. They played


some terrific football at times. They were brilliant and West Ham


could not live with them. Their passing, moving, one touch football,


running in behind and movement off the ball was superb. Once they went


1-0 up, it was alarming how the heads of West Ham went down. Pretty


embarrassing. Slaven Bilic stood on the touchline for 90 minutes. He


didn't show his responsibilities, unlike a lot of his players. Six


defeats at home in all competitions this season. It's definitely an


issue about this stadium at present, even if it's just in the mind. You


can feel it in the stadium. Their performance was passive, it lacked


confidence. The fans tried to get them going but there was a feeling


that they are waiting for a bad turn and, as soon as it came, they threw


the towel in. Very worrying for them. Upton Park is trending on


Twitter. I can imagine. The stadium feels like a nice place to come and


play, big and wide, and when you have got the players with the lack


of intensity of the West Ham players, you got to get closer to


seeing players like that. I understand moving to a new stadium


is new for everyone, but you can't use that as an excuse for lack of


passion and commitment. It goes for both sides. You can't use a new


stadium as an excuse for that, because there was no response from


any West Ham player tonight. You are sat in this brand-new stadium, 15


minutes to go, and it's half empty. 57,000 beforehand, live on TV. An


embarrassing night for West Ham. Do you sense that Slaven Bilic might be


under the cosh a bit now? They haven't been back in the league of


late, but a result like that...? At the moment, I don't think so. What


he gained last year was the respect of global performance, but it


doesn't look now like the problem is him. -- over performance. I think


the problem is the players, on the pitch. It looks like they are


shocking, but I think there is a lack of confidence. And then you


look at their best player, who comes on at the end, the signs are that he


might want to go and then you are really worried. A real confidence


booster for Manchester City and Pep Guardiola. He was a bit prickly at


the weekend. They were fantastic. You give a team like City that kind


of time and space to play and they will cause you problems. Silva was


Man of the Match, Sterling was brilliant today, and Yaya Toure was


playing like he could play for another ten years in that position.


Very comfortable for him. We can hear from one of the goal-scorers,


John Stones, and one of the least busy people that entertained us this


evening, Willy Caballero. A comfortable performance out there


for you. You must have enjoyed being part of that. Definitely. I thought


we moved the ball well. First and foremost, that got us the chances.


We changed our system a bit today and played with a diamond. I thought


it worked really well, with the front three of Raheem Sterling and


so on. The overall performance was really good. To get a clean sheet as


defenders, which we haven't had too many this season, we are thrilled. A


clean sheet and a goal, your first in a City shirt. Must have been


nice. It's been a long time coming! I should have scored a few in


previous games. It's nice to get one in a special cup. Willie, when you


come into games like this, how important is it as a goalkeeper to


keep the goals out? Reid for all the team, it is very important. For all


the team, it is very important. I think we will feel more better when


we keep going this way. And I think we finish our complete performance


tonight. How important was this performance and the result in the


development of the team under Pep Guardiola? Every game is important.


We have to start this cup against a big team with a history in this cup.


It was a big game. And we started out very well. And I think, after


the last game in the Premier League, it was very important to take a


confidence that we can play in our game on in our way, and we really


enjoyed the way that we finish. Well done, guys. Thank you. You can look


back on all sorts of different games, but there is normally a


defining moment that changes things, and it was definitely the penalty


decision. Before that, it was relatively easily. There wasn't a


lot in it. Gleaned from David Silva and a run from Zabaleta. The way it


passed from Silva into Zabaleta, and I don't think that he went for the


ball. But, Frank, you do. I do. I think it's a bit clumsy, the content


is there. I agree it isn't clear-cut, but for me it is. From


there on, it was a dominant performance from Man City, and it


wasn't too long before the goals started. Even if it wasn't a


penalty, which they may have complained about, they didn't have


any reaction to it. So they can't complain. A fantastic ball right in


that area where the defender and goalkeeper are in no man's land. You


just need a forward and get on the end of it. In the end, the defender


put it in. A brilliant ball. They deserved that. At this stage, you


are seeing good players playing with great confidence. They have got the


goals and their passing and movement. West Ham couldn't live


with them. The third goal was another example of that. Terrible


defending. They completely gave up here. You can't defend like that.


Still a long way to go in the game, and that is gung ho to the extreme.


Again, talking that runners, an easy goal in the end when you get to that


stage. This is pure class. That is what David Silva is all about. Quite


rightly Man of the Match, and that moment sums him up. He was brilliant


tonight, the way he controlled the ball, and his passing and movement,


superb. He is a delightful footballer. There are four of us in


this room and we all quite like the feeling of scoring goals. Also, when


your team starts to bag a few and you haven't got one! I suspect


Sergio Aguero is of the same ilk. Even before, he was thinking, it 3-0


and he ain't on the sheet yet! When you look at how much space Yaya


had... Equals into him. The touch is brilliant. If you look at it from


this angle, he takes it off luckily. Beautiful. That sort of sound West


Ham up. They were a second late to everything. By the time they


realised they were in trouble and make the effort to close the ball


down, it was too late. You can't give good players that amount of


time and space. Looking at that again with Aguero, he mis-hit that,


Yaya Toure, and Aguero's instinct was to go where the ball was going.


That's unbelievable. You can't teach it. You don't need to. I know full


well you're thinking! John Stones, what do you make of his


progress? He scored his first goal for Manchester City delight, giving


him more confidence. He kind of divides opinion. I like him and I


want to like him. He is a defender that we are looking for for England


and Manchester City, and the way he plays, there have been times this


season where he is so relaxed on the ball, you want him to show a bit


more urgency and be more careful. There are times when he defends, as


he did with a couple of West Ham chances, and you want them to be


more active and get tighter. But that goal and give him confidence.


His first goal of the season, and that will give him confidence go


forward. I bet you wish you had had goal-line technology! I think we all


do. How far are City off being the real deal? How many players do they


need to bring in? I think three, a goalkeeper and another forward, in


case anything happens to Aguero, and another defender. They've got a


goalkeeper. I sent that might not happen. Full-backs, they could


invest in. In terms of the title race, are they still in it? They


have so much quality in their side, you can't write them off. At the


start of the season, they won ten games, bang. If you wanted to add to


it, it's quite difficult in this transfer window. It is but, from


being at Man City for a year, I know the owners and they will back him.


They had four at the back today and I think it suits them. When they go


to three, they might be expansive on the ball, but they give holes behind


them. In terms of West Ham, they have got to kind of stopped the rot


here, and today. They've got to start winning games on a regular


basis at home. Absolutely. I don't think they are in any real danger of


being relegated, they are better than that, but they have to show


more urgency and passion and more of a reaction when things are not going


right for them, because that would be the most disturbing thing


tonight, when the first goal went in, you could really see their heads


going down. The manager is standing on the touchline, urging his players


along. As I said, he didn't walk away from the crowd. It would be


easy for him to go and sit back in his dugout, but he stood out there,


taking the stick from the fans, but he has to get something better from


the players on the pitch. They are said to have made offers for Jermain


Defoe and Robert Snodgrass. But it's hard to prise them away, because


those teams need them. Teams that generally get sucked in, and they


could do, they need goal-scorers to get results. Jermain Defoe has done


for Sunderland and maybe he could do here. The expectation is high I


suppose because of how they performed last season so, this


season, ring just above the relegation zone, there is a bit more


fear and disappointment. -- hover just above. Also that they are


losing at home. You have to look at their main players. Antonio seems to


have picked up from where he left off last season, but it's strange to


see Dimitri Payet coming on at 4-0. Is the manager tried to prove a


point, bringing a forward on at 4-0 at home? He is saying, I'm the boss?


It felt like that, because it seemed strange to bring him on. Rest in. He


is an integral player who needs to do a lot more for them. -- rest him.


Were they right to come to this particular stadium? 20,000 more


supporters, a beautiful ground... The of a lifetime, wasn't it? They


literally got for peanuts, in respect of what they should be pain.


Here is Pep Guardiola. A comfortable night, but what please choose the


most? They win, of course. -- what pleased you the most. Finally, we


were able to keep the ball more than the last games, it was almost


impossible, so we played much better in that sense. We created chances


and conceded few. For the penalty, we had three or four chances. After,


OK, the second and third goal, it was easy for the second half. How


important was it for you in this competition to put in a performance


like that and show everybody else that you are serious and want to win


this trophy? It is always important, FA Cup first round, West Ham, but


hopefully it can make us help to make our players believe us that


they are good enough to play every game and Triumph, in both our fans


and the people in Manchester, they can believe that we are good. Then


they know what happened in the past, but so we are the good guys, so they


bore the season are going to fight a lot, playing good. -- all the


season. They have to believe they are able to compete wherever,


whatever team. Well done. Pep Guardiola. We are just about out of


time. Frank, before you go, what are your plans? Are you going to play,


go into management, TV? I don't know. I enjoyed this tonight. At the


moment, I'm keeping fit. If I play again, it has to be completely right


for me. I had a good, long career, so it has to be the right choice.


I'm relaxed about it and we will see full thank you very much. We are out


of time in a stadium famous for super Saturday. For West Ham


tonight, it was a frightful Friday. Farewell. Third-round weekend starts


here. The start of the road to Wembley for


the top two tier teams of the country, and one of the biggest will


go no further than this. That was a risky one and it is a penalty for


City. Here comes Yaya Toure. Emphatic penalty. Sterling! What a


goal! David Silva! It is three for Manchester City. Toure, turned in


for number four. And Aguero celebrates. Into John Stones! West


Ham United U Merrick zero, Manchester City 5.


We're looking for someone who can sing, someone who can move.


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