Third Round Draw The FA Cup

Third Round Draw

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It is not another game. The only way you will enjoy this day is to win.


Mark Clattenburg has blown his whistle. We have to fight to the end


and never give up. That has beaten Hennessy. Brilliantly finished!


Rooney. Juan Mata. It is in. United level. 30 minutes of extra time to


try to find a winner of the FA Cup final. Manchester United are down to


ten players. Valencia... Drills it in.


Good evening. Welcome to hotel football in Manchester. We are just


metres away from Old Trafford. The third round draw for the FA Cup is


in less than ten minutes. This is the round where the Premier League


big boys and the teams in the championship joined those from


League 1 and League 2 and the non-league sides who are in this


round. Sutton and Barrow giant killers over the weekend and we will


talk to representatives of both over the next half an hour. Former


Manchester United striker, Andy Cole, is here who won this twice


with Manchester United. 96 was the double double and 99 was the


trouble. To win it the first time was special, I don't think you can


top winning the treble in 99. It was an amazing feeling. That 96 final,


because of everything you dreamt about men's more? As a kid, you


always want to play in the FA Cup, you always want to win it. I


remember as a kid, watching them in their suits, getting on the coaching


going to Wembley. I always said, I would want to play in that. I was


fortunate to win it twice. When I first came to Manchester United, we


went to Wembley and lost to Everton. I was gutted that day. It spurred me


on a bit more to get to the final. The current Manchester United team


winning it last season. It was such a big deal for many of them because


it was one of the few medals they had one? If you look at the squad


who one, I don't think there was one player who had won the FA Cup. We


are going to move on and look back at the FA Cup second round weekend.


Sutton United one of three non-league sides who are guaranteed


to be in this third round draw. Although they did leave it late


against League 2 Cheltenham. Sutton looking to reach the third round of


the FA Cup for the first time since 1973. Drops nicely for Sutton


United. They have an equaliser. Drama here. Virtually the last kick


of the match. Another historic day in the life of Sutton United


football club. Rory Deacon scored the goal in the


96th minute and he joins us this evening. It was a very cool finish?


It was, to be fair. Looking back on it now, I just run at it and have a


shot. It was the last few minutes, last the second I thought if I get a


shot off, anything can happen and it did. How did it feel to have the


players jumping on your back. There are some heavy players in our team


and my back is still hurting. Who do you want in the third round?


Manchester United. Manchester United all day. If they come to our ground,


I think we will beat them as well. That is brave with them just over


there. How much to Sutton's history way on the current players, how much


is it impressed on the current players what happened against


Coventry all those years ago? It is, to be fair. The gaffer spoke to us


about it before the game. We thought we would go out and make more


history. The squad we have, very good players. Players who have


played at a higher level. We thought, go out and do the best we


can. Thankfully we did that and we are in the third round. Mid-table in


the National League, can you look forward to league football


eventually? 100%. With the players we have got, that is what we want to


do this year, anything can happen. Rory, the droids coming up in a few


minutes on BBC Two. But let's look at what else happened over the


weekend. Hat-trick! 3-0. Reeves and it is a


great cross. It is in. They have scored three, quickfire goals. Into


the area it goes. I can't believe what I am seeing here. Quite an


astonishing comeback from AFC Wimbledon. Halifax take advantage.


That was disappointing. Blue shirts pouring in towards the penalty area.


Johnson goes for the final shot. It is a scramble inside the box. It is


3-3. Jan Sterba Bristol Rovers. Gone in.


It was a route one clearance from the goalkeeper. Hughes... Harrison


attacks it. It is another goal for Harrison. They have knocked Bristol


Rovers out of the second round of the FA Cup.


I might only have time to talk to Paul because the draw is imminent.


All three sides are in the draw, Stourbridge and Halifax still have


to play. You are safely in after winning at Bristol Rovers? Yes, very


tough game. 1-0 down, early on. Boys showed tremendous character and


hearts two, not just equalise, but win. We are over the moon with the


results and hopefully we will get a good draw. You are in great form,


unbeaten since the 24th of August? Yes, 22 games. I am not having a


haircut all I am not shaving until we lose. I am hoping to look like a


yeti towards the end of the season. It was a few years ago when Barrow


to Sunderland so league side again? They took about 6000 supporters,


which was immense. We took a few down to Bristol Rovers on Sunday.


They made a hell of a lot of noise, so hopefully for the players and the


supporters, we get a good draw. I will talk to later on. Paul, this is


it, time for the third round draw of the FA Cup. We can join Jake


Humphrey in central London. Lift up to celebrate the draw


tonight. In 174 days' time, Wembley will host the 136th final of the FA


Cup. 736 clubs entered this year and the journey began for some way back


on the 6th of August. The iconic BT Tower in central London. This is one


of the special days in the football calendar, the FA Cup third round


draw. Thank you for joining us for a special night in a special location.


We're joined by people around the world perceiving, such is the


interest in the FA Cup. With me, a couple of men who enjoyed playing in


this competition. In 1990, Ian Wright scored twice for Crystal


Palace in a 3-3 draw with Manchester United. Three years later he was in


the winning side for Arsenal. Steven Gerrard won the FA Cup twice with


Liverpool. His first winner's medal came in the historic treble season


in 2001. His second in the 2006 final, also known as the Steven


Gerrard final. Liverpool won on penalties. You get the message, they


score goals and they won the cup. When you get a final name that do,


you have done all right. Yes, he trumped me, it was a good final for


him. You did all right, Stephen? Wasn't just about me, it was a team


FF. It was again West Ham, but we got over the line in the end. We


have had the second round, Nottingham got to the third round,


plenty of drama and heartbreak this weekend? Curzon Ashton, ten minutes


to go. Heartbreaking. Wimbledon have pedigree in the FA Cup. Adam Morgan,


had put Curzon Ashton 3-0. Joy and despair for him? Yes, mixed


emotions. Gets a hat-trick and thinks he will be the hero on the


day but unfortunately goes out of the competition. Devastating for him


but he did well getting three goals. We saw your goals from 2006, the


last time Liverpool won the FA Cup. Would be a lovely year for you this


year? I have a lot of team-mates still in the site, I am a big fan of


Jurgen Klopp. Who would you like Arsenal to get in the draw, Spurs?


No, Liverpool. Beat Liverpool. No chance. Might as well get them early


and beat them now. Let's have a look at some of the standout numbers in


the draw. Yes indeed, Arsenal number two, Liverpool for you to watch out


for, number 23. Chelsea and number 13. Number 51, Northern Premier


Stourbridge, the lowest ranked side left in the competition. No pressure


at all, don't mess it up. Time for the balls. Off you go, Steven


Gerrard. Couple of rogue balls. They are all


out. Steven, you are pulling out the home teams, Ian the way teams.


Number 20. Ipswich Town, the 1978 winners. Number 57. Lincoln or


Oldham, who played tonight. 55. 55 is Barrow. 64. They play Rochdale,


only the second team this season to beat Carlisle. 25. Manchester


United, the current holders of the FA Cup... 32. They will play


Reading, third in the championship. I wanted Stourbridge. Number 19.


Hull city, runners up. Number 38. They will play Swansea City,


struggling at the moment, 20th in the Premier League. 37. 37 is


Sunderland, winners in 1973. Number Ten. They will play Burnley, traitor


at home this season but they get an away draw to Sunderland.


31. Queens Park Rangers, who have won just two of their last 24 FA Cup


matches. They will play like burn Rovers who last won in 98. 47.


Millwall, the 2004 runners-up. Number one. Millwall will play AFC


Bournemouth. Jurassic 4-3 win over Liverpool yesterday of course.


Unfortunately. 42. As you heard there are some West Ham United fans


in with us. 24. West Ham will play Manchester City. Pep Guardiola's


first ever game. Sorry guys. Number eight. Brighton and Hove Albion


currently playing well, second in the championship, unbeaten in 11.


Number 62. And they will play MK Dons or Charlton Athletic, two


League 1 side, goalless in their second-round match. Number 50.


Blackpool, currently eighth in the league to. Number four. And


Blackpool will face Barnsley, the winners back


43. Wigan Athletic, the 2013 winners. Number 29. And they will


face Nottingham Forest, the two-time winners currently 14th in the


championship. Number five. Number five is Birmingham City, fifth in


the championship the moment. Number 27. And they will face Newcastle


United, the championship leaders and six time winners of the FA Cup.


Number 13. Chelsea, the Premier League leaders, seven time winners


of the cup. They are at home to. Number 52. Number 52, Notts County


or Peterborough United, who drew 2-2 in their second-round match. Quite a


challenge for them in the third round. 26. Middlesbrough, the 1997


runners-up. Number 34. And they will play Sheffield Wednesday, currently


sitting six in the championship. 41. 41 is West Bromwich Albion, they are


on a great run, seventh in the Premier League under Tony Pulis.


Number 15. They will play Derby County, also on a good run of form


winning their last five in the championship. 16. 16, Everton, fancy


pulling them out, five-time winners. Number 22. And Everton will play


Leicester City, the Premier League champions and four-time runners-up.


23. Liverpool, the seven time winners, winning it last in 2006.


Number 63. And Liverpool will play Duport county or Plymouth Argyle.


That was a good draw. Jurgen Klopp will be happy now. He should get a


job for that. 46. 46 is Wycombe Wanderers. Number 51. And they play


Northampton town or Stourbridge were postponed at the weekend due to a


frozen pitch. Stourbridge the lowest ranked side left in the cup. 40.


Watford, there is a single Watford fan here this evening, semifinalists


last season. Number 11. They will play Burton Albion, 19th in the


championship, their first time at the third round stage. 30. 30,


Preston North End, 14th in the championship as things stand. Number


two. Preston play Arsenal, the 12 time winners. Oh, man. Number 12.


Cardiff City, 22nd in the championship. Number 17. And they


were -- will play Fulham. 36. Stoke City, runners-up in 2011. Number 44.


They will play Wolverhampton Wanderers, who are sitting 20th in


the championship. 53. 53, Cambridge United, 12th in League 2. They beat


Coventry in round two. Number 21. And they will play Leeds United,


fourth in the championship, currently their highest league


position in the last five years. Number nine. Bristol City, 11th in


the championship, knocked out in the third round in eight of the last


nine seasons. I get a home tie. Number 61. Against Shrewsbury town


or Fleetwood Town, they drew 0-0 on Saturday. Number 18. Number 18,


Huddersfield Town, the 1922 winners, eighth in the championship. Number


54. And Huddersfield will play Port Vale, 4-0 winners over Hartlepool in


the last round. 39. Number 39, is Tottenham Hotspur, the eighth time


winners, sitting fifth in the Premier League at the moment. And


Spurs are at home to. Number three. Aston Villa, seven time winners,


last winning the cup back in 1957. That's tricky, Spurs. Number seven.


Number seven is Brentford, 18th in the championship at the moment,


beaten at the weekend. Number 60. And they will play Halifax town or


Eastleigh. Got to be happy with that. 49. 49 is Bolton Wanderers,


second in League 1, knocked out Sheffield United 3-2 in the last


round. I said I'd get them a good draw. Number 14. Number 14 is


Crystal Palace. I'm not sure you would call that a good draw


necessarily. Crystal Palace 13th in the Premier League at the moment.


28. 28 is Norwich City. They have a home draw in the third round. 35.


And Norwich will play Southampton, 76 winners. Thanks very much. 59. 59


is Sutton United. 45. They will play AFC Wimbledon after that amazing 4-3


win on Saturday. 56. 56, that's Accrington Stanley, 20th in the two


currently. 58. And they will play Luton town, who came back from 2-0


down to Solihull north to win 6-2 on Saturday. Hopefully two balls left


in there. 33. 33 is Rotherham United, bottom of the championship,


not been passed the first round. And they will play Oxford United or


Macclesfield who drew 0-0 on Friday night. You've got through it,


gentlemen, thank you for your company, I enjoyed that. Just to


remind you that the ties will be played between the sixth and 9th of


January next year. Thank you for joining us, special setting, special


night, and some special ties there as well.


STUDIO: Let's take you through some of those third round draws.


We spoke to Paul Cox from Barrow earlier, and they are going to be


playing Rochdale in the third round. Holders Manchester United are at


home to championship side Reading, a return to Old Trafford for Yap stamp


as Reading manager. Manchester City and Pep Guardiola will be going to


the London Stadium to take on West Ham United. Other ties to pick out,


the all championship tie between Birmingham and Newcastle. Chelsea


will play Notts County or Peterborough. All Premier League tie


between Everton and the champions Leicester. Liverpool will take on a


League 2 side, either Plymouth or Newport. Arsenal will be going to


Deepdale to take on Preston North End. Championship side Leeds going


so well under Garry Monk, they have to go to League 2 side Cambridge.


Aston Villa and Steve Bruce will be going to White Hart Lane to take on


Spurs. At Halifax, Paul Eastleigh, whichever side gets through,


non-league opposition for Brentford at Griffin Park. Bolton will be


taking on Crystal Palace. And Sutton United will face AFC Wimbledon.


There are the last two. Paul Cox is still with us, and Chris Beech, who


is Keith Hill's number two at Rochdale. As you are next to each


other, is it a time either of you wanted? Well I think the chairman


will be really happy because at least we are at home. We gave each


other a little nudge as it was coming out. With it being one of the


last ones to come out. We are home and we have got to be happy with


that. It is a great challenge, isn't it? They are winning games every


week. Tough tie. But the boys will get ready for that. Is it the first


fixture after Christmas, something like that? A lot of trouble to be


played in between. By the time we get there we'll be ready for you. A


lot of fixtures to be played between now and then. Let me go over to Rory


and Sutton United. I suppose you have another romantic story from the


FA Cup, AFC Wimbledon. Yeah. They have obviously done well in history


in the FA Cup. It's a decent draw for us. We are hoping we will beat


them because we are at home and teams don't like coming to our home


ground. Good tie for us. Let's go back over to talk to Andy Cole, with


Manchester United just over there in the distance, a return to Old


Trafford for Jap Stamm with Reading. I look forward to that, he has done


very well with Reading. It will be a good game and no doubt he will get a


good reception. Has it surprise you how well he has done as a manager?


No, I have spoken to him a few times and he was desperate to get into


management and he has done really well. Another man you will know,


another captain of Manchester United, Steve Bruce, tough one for


Aston Villa. Started to turn them around and now they go to Spurs. I'm


not surprised Bruce has gone there and turned them around, he's a super


manager. I think his managerial skills have turned it around at


Aston Villa. The place needed to be shaken up a bit and he's done that.


Matthew, step forward, don't be shy. The game was called off against


Northampton first of all, so you need to get through that first.


Massive game for the club. Unfortunately it was called off on


Sunday. We bring them their next Tuesday and hopefully we can put a


performance in. You never know what can happen, we might even beat


Wycombe. You are the lowest ranked side left in. Was there a sense of


disappointment yesterday? I think so, there was some massive hype


around the 2500 Stourbridge fans were in the town ready to come down.


I think for the club, you never know, we might get a TV game next


Tuesday and will wait and see and hopefully we can go and beat


Northampton. Don't know whether you get fed up, but you have a great FA


Cup pedigree, Bobby Gould Grant. Yes I've had a lot of questions about


that. I don't do original questions. We've spoken about the FA Cup quite


a lot over the past few weeks, me and my grandad. Gone over the game


against Liverpool. Hopefully us at Stourbridge cant cause an upset --


can cause an upset. We wish you well. Liam from Halifax, coming.


Offer you said you did not want Arsenal away. You haven't got


Arsenal away so that's all right. Obviously we were joking, it would


have a tough game. Like I said, we've got Brentford, but we are not


through yet. First things first we've got to do a job and try and


get through against Eastleigh which is a tough target. Let's hope we get


to the next round. But obviously we've got to do the job. Do you feel


like you've had to pick yourself up? Obviously it was heartbreaking at


the end, hanging on for dear life, which is expected in the FA Cup. The


boys got a good result and we took that before the game. Hopefully we


can push on and get the stadium rocking. And maybe get a


championship side away. Thank you to everybody who has come and join us.


Let me point you in the direction of more football that is coming your


way. Premier League football this evening. Middlesbrough against Hull


at 8pm on 5 live. You can see all the FA Cup catch up now.


The Premier League show has an interview with Slaven Bilic. Thank


you to Andy, our guests, and our audience here. Coverage on the FA


Cup third round across the BBC beginning in January. Goodbye.


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