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Second Round Highlights

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Oxford against Macclesfield. Coming in at the far post, Danny Boyle. The


ball breaks loose. The keeper has lost it. There is a chance and it


goes wide of the post. Fitzpatrick on the far side. The corner is


beaten away by eastward. Floated in. And the head slams against the


outside of the post. And there is a chance. Pushed wide by Craig Ross.


Danny Rowe pushes it back. Good play. It is a good one as well.


Macclesfield, so unlucky. No goals on Friday night,


but non-league Macclesfield Town more than held their own


against Oxford United of League One - and maybe set the tone to expect


no walkovers for league sides in the second round of


the Emirates FA Cup. Steve Claridge and Dion Dublin


are with me to see which of the 40 clubs involved made the hat


for a potential dream tie Unfortunately, Stourbridge,


the lowest-ranked side left in the competition,


have to wait a little longer to play their part after today's tie


with Northampton Town was called off No such problems at


the Tameside Stadium, home of Curzon Ashton


from the National League North, the sixth tier of English football,


who took on a side 82 places above them in the football pyramid,


in League One fliers AFC Wimbledon. Commentary comes from


Adam Summerton and Chris Perry. Three divisions separate Curzon


Ashton and AFC Wimbledon. National League North meets League 1. All


manner of trades and professions represented in the Curzon Ashton


squad, teachers joiners and engineers among them. The longest


serving player, 43, is a roofer. Adam Morton started a Europa League


tie alongside Luis Suarez a little over four years ago. Alex Proud will


be glad he reconsidered a decision to retire made back in July. There


will now be a moment of reflection to be had, over the disaster


involving that Brazilian side on Monday.


A place in the third round of the FA Cup at stake. A chance to be up


there with the Premier League's finest clubs. A real glamour tie and


a sense of occasion. The crowd really up for it. The managers are


all up for it and obviously it is a fantastic opportunity for these


Curzon Ashton players to show what they have got. Going on the attack


early on! What a goal! Unbelievable strike. He got his boots off his


former team-mate at Liverpool, John Flanagan. He says they are lucky


boots. And they have proved to be so today. He lines up with his left,


and he will not hit a ball better than that in his career. It went


past James Shea into the Wimbledon net. Man United have only played


seven matches to win the FA Cup last season. AFC Wimbledon having to


defend thou. Curzon Ashton going forward with purpose. And it has


gone again, Morgan! This is quite remarkable! The FA Cup produces


fairy tales seasoning, season out. We are seeing one unfolding in front


of our eyes. A lovely ball from Guest, with nobody marking Morgan.


He arrives from the deep. The Curzon Ashton fans are in dreamland at the


moment. He did well there. The ball goes back to Elliott. A good saves


by Burton. A big save in the context of this match. Wimbledon have come


into this match in decent form, unbeaten in five. An incredible


shock on the cards here. And another block. They are throwing their


bodies in the way, the Curzon Ashton players. Good work from Conor


Hampson. Time is clearly of the essence for AFC Wimbledon. A good


hit and a wonderful save by Burton. A sensational save.


Towards Elliott from Shea. He is going to run through here. What a


chance that was. Taylor could not take it. He has to look to the


target at least. And now this is Guest. Unlucky. Drooled over


brilliantly! A hat-trick! And Morgan is there again. There is no stopping


them. A breakaway goal. AFC Wimbledon, hit hard again. What a


story that is unfolding here. A hat-trick for Abi Morgan. And there


is a Chief Executive, Natalie Atkinson, who says she wants


Manchester City in the third round. She might just get her wish. That


was a nervy moment at the back. Tyrone Barnett, flicking it onto Tom


Elliott, who has made the running behind. It would be a remarkable


comeback but there is still time yet for Wimbledon to hit back. Get one


and you never know. Towards the near post, and eternity in. Surely they


have? It is on the line and it is in again. I have they kept that out? It


could not have been much closer. Absolutely not. Brilliant defending


from the Curzon Ashton players. Elliott gets it off Barnett. Taylor


is there as well. They really have defended brilliantly this afternoon.


I can Burton came for that and he did not get to it. And there is one


back. Just over ten minutes ago. Tom Elliott has given AFC a glimmer of


hope here. And it will put a bit of doubt in the minds of the Curzon


Ashton players here. Up towards Elliott again. He leads with the


shot. He appeals for handball. The last ten minutes or so. Hakan Burton


tries to come through a crowd of bodies and it is another one. The


comeback is on here. Once again he does not get there. Dominic Poleon


in the six yard box. Is the theory to falling apart for Curzon Ashton?


Suddenly they are a bag of nerves. It is Reeves, and a great cross! And


the header is in. Astonishing. A perfect header. Bending away from


Hakan Burton. This game has turned on its head within the space of two


minutes and 40 seconds. You could not scripted. The smiles have turned


to friends. The atmosphere, the feeling around the stadium has


completely changed. How it has swung in Wimbledon's favour. And the


header is saved by Burton. What a chance. He knows that his side


should have won this. Could they win it right at the end? Barnett is in.


So close. Tyrone Barnett throws everything at it. Within a whisker.


Woodford with the long ball. He gives away from Elliott but he was


brought down. In the final minute of added time. Into the area it goes. I


cannot believe what I am seeing here! Tom Elliott, with surely the


last touch of the game, has won it for AFC Wimbledon. You can see John


Flanagan, his hands on his head, he cannot quite believe it. But these


Curzon Ashton players should be proud of the performance they have


put in the supplement. Wimbledon through to the FA Cup third round


for only the second time in their history. John Flanagan Luxon in


reflection. A quite astonishing comeback from AFC Wimbledon.


Delighted with the players, what a game. I don't think I've been


involved in anything quite like it. It was an amazing game of football


that sums up the FA Cup. I feel for Curzon Ashton and I shouldn't


because a manager should worry about his own team but I do feel for him


because I thought they were incredible today. I cannot tell you


how I feel, to be honest. It is in the bottom of your belly. All the


lads are feeling it. The changing room is silent. I will probably not


sleep much tonight, thinking how close we were. I dread to think what


the draw will be on Monday, if it comes out and it is a big club. You


don't want to know. It was quite simply an incredible cup tie.


Heartbreak for them, considering that they are struggling in the


sixth tier of English football, but they gave Wimbledon and almighty


scare today. They were superb. They tried to play a bit of football as


well. They went along when they had a spell of 60 minutes where they


could not do anything wrong. Every time they got in the final third,


they put the ball into areas where they should be scoring. They could


have scored four or five but they got three. It was just not enough to


keep them where they wanted to be. It was amazing. But Mike Neal said,


that is the FA Cup, that is exactly what it is. 80 minutes and you are


three now up? Watching that game, they kept trying to play and the


game had changed, the momentum changed. You knew the ball was


coming into the box and they kept trying to play. It brought a little


bit of pressure on them. Stick it in the box, to Sowter made a big


difference for windows on and it changed the face of the game. It is


such a shame because the back pages tomorrow will be full of this


incredible comeback from Wimbledon but we should not forget the


hat-trick, the first goal of which was stunning. A wonderful strike.


This was 34 or 35 seconds. He was substituted later in the game. I


have never seen a person who scored a hat-trick look so unhappy leaving


the pitch. It is a really good hat-trick, I have got to say. 12


years at Liverpool Sony has a good grounding. These were all sorts of


goals. A lovely one down the left-hand side, jogging on the spot.


Great to get in among the defenders. The last one again, a good one. He


does not give it up. Guest, and then he played a big part in the third


goal as well. That is never die. Real determination. When he gets


there, look at the quality. The ball is bubbling, and when he looks up,


he finds the man. That is a wonderful pass. All they has to do


is control the finish and he does that brilliantly. And then he gives


himself a yellow card. You know all about scoring a hat-trick and losing


4-3. I scored a hat-trick for Coventry and lost 4-3 against


Sheffield Wednesday. I was as happy as him coming off the pitch,


absolutely gutted. Let's look at the 126 seconds, that is all the time it


was. In some ways it was old school Wimbledon. And it had to be, because


they could not score any other way and they had to find a way of


scoring goals. They put the ball into an area and they fought. They


fought hard for it. They deserved it. The difference, prior to this we


had seen three or four minutes before a scramble that did not drop


for them. If you look at this game, in ten minutes you are three nil


down, after 18 minutes, and they could have won this game 6-3.


Actually, that is brilliant. When you look at the angle, the way he


gets the placement, he made a big difference. Curzon Ashton thought


they had got away with it at 3-3. I mean this, that is one of yours.


That is a punt, a straight ball, with no real pace, and somehow he


manages to arches neck and get some purchase on the ball. People will


say it was the keeper but there is power on the finish. 80 minutes,


three now up, and they go down 4-3. -- three nil up. As much as you want


to say, well done to the lads, you want to say, you got away with that


one. Very well done to Wimbledon. To the Memorial Stadium now,


where Bristol Rovers, after an encouraging start


in League One, have hit So was this the worst time for them


to take on one of the surprise teams of the National League,


in Barrow, who last With a 21 match unbeaten run, Barrow


sensed an upset at the Memorial ground. They did not take long for


Bristol Rovers to show their superiority, setting the tone and


taking an early lead. Gaffney was on the right place at the right time.


The celebrations did not last very long. Six minutes later, Harrison,


prolific in the National League, struck with his 18th goal of the


season. Then a costly mistake almost let Bristol Rovers back in. Into my


feet, please. It goes all the way through and then takes a ricochet


from Chris Lyons. He knew nothing about it. Into the second half and


Barrow were saved by the woodwork. What started as a cross from Lee


Brown might have given Rovers the advantage.


Unbeaten since August, the momentum was with Barrow, and Harrison again


of finishing off from Liam Hughes' Cross, 13 in ten games now for the


29-year-old. There was to be one last chance of escape for Bristol


Rovers. Goal-scorer Gaffney with the shot, but fine margins matter.


These fans travelled a 500 mile round trip to see Barrow in the


third round for the first time in six years. The one thing I can say


about this group is they don't really know when to give in. Went a


goal down, showed immense character and soaked up a lot of intense


pressure near the end, but these good boys are not just good players.


They have shown a lot of heart and character to get through an


extremely difficult fixture. Deja vu for Bristol Rovers but well done to


Barrow, unbeaten in 22 in all competitions. Well worth that


comeback win? It was a good performance against a very decent


side. When you go to a club like Bristol Rovers, you are going to


need that little bit of luck. They hit the bar a couple of times or


whatever but the threat up front, they worked incredibly hard and the


manager is right. They are something special. A group of players that


almost looks after itself. The way they apply themselves, you almost


know what you're going to get under the manager that is the best thing


you can have. Is the Harrison with the two goals for Barrow, we seen at


Cheltenham Town, 13 goals in ten games. He never looked in danger of


missing the shots. Very composed under pressure, very strong, gets


himself into areas where you are hoping the ball is going to come and


he's always there. This is a fantastic finish. The bounce in


front of him, he knows how to finish it. He will get lots more goals.


Just a matter of finishing. His all-round game was good, wasn't it?


Good, yes. His all-round game is a threat, anything over the top, he


held the ball up, went on behind, he did really well. It's the result


that adds more to the feel-good factor already at Barrow.


More of today's game shortly, but with just 15 places


between Sutton United of the National League


and Cheltenham Town of League Two, was an upset in the offing


An air of expectation and plenty of expectation at Gander Green Lane,


the most famous day is almost 28 years ago. Today, Sutton mid-table


in the National League and looking to reach the third round of the FA


Cup for the first time since 1993, by knocking out League Two


strugglers Cheltenham. James Tate, looking to curl it and


it was heading for the bottom corner, until Ross Warner pushed it


behind for the corner kick. The best chance of the afternoon so far. --


James Dayton. James Dayton was able to cut infield. Well saved by


Warner. Back across goal and cleared away off the line and away to


safety. Cheltenham so close to the opener. Spence acrobatically able to


click it away to safety. Gary Johnson took Cheltenham to the


National League title last season, with over 100 points as he guided


them back to the Football League at the first attempt. James Dayton has


two in the middle here. Couldn't find either of them. It's a way to


safety. Cheltenham wanted a free kick for the challenge. They haven't


got it. Dickie is a bit of trouble -- is in a bit of trouble.


Cheltenham do get the decision their way. It's more the way Dickie Falls,


on the small of his back. Cheltenham with five tall players, all waiting


on the edge of the penalty area. The cross takes a slight deflection and


Cheltenham go in front. It's the striker, Wright, who gets the final


touch. First blood to the league two side. Wright sticks out a foot, the


faintest of touches and he gets his fifth goal of the season. It's


Sutton United nil, Cheltenham one. No changes to either team in terms


of substitutions as we get the second half under way. Cheltenham in


the red and white stripes. Leading Sutton United by 1-0. Danny Wright


with it in the first half. The floodlights are wrong here at Gander


Green Lane. Gomis now for the National League side. Time to put in


a measured cross. Bailey, able to stab it forward and it drops a


nicely for Sutton United and Tubbs has an equaliser inside the opening


40 seconds of the second half. Tubbs, on his debut, brings Sutton


United level. Bailey's ball forward, the little head down and Tubbs was


on it in a flash. He only signed on Thursday from Forest Green Rovers


and already he's notched his first goal for his new club.


A delicate ball forward for Tubbs. Holds off the defender well. Looking


to turn away. Deacon tries to curl it and it's not too far wide either.


From Rory Deacon you can see what he's aiming to do here. But it


beyond Griffiths, into the top corner. 2224 as the attendance here


this afternoon at under Green Lane. They've seen a fascinating FA Cup


second round tie, which may have plenty left in it. The chance for a


second but it's well saved by Griffiths. Sutton United breaking


forward. Eastman with the ball out wide and the shot in the end well


saved by the Cheltenham goalkeeper. Cheltenham racing into the penalty


area. A corner kick. Cheltenham fans behind the goal hopeful that this


corner might see their team gets a second goal. Sutton with virtually


everybody back except Tubbs. Driven high, in towards Dickie, it's off


the bar and the rebound is cleared away. There's a foul in the penalty


area. The free kick has gone Sutton's way. Cheltenham so close to


getting a second goal. You can see Dickie rising here.


O'Shaughnessy gets it away. Are we going to have last-gasp drama at


Gander Green Lane? Rory Deacon for Sutton United with virtually the


last kick of the match has put them through! Astonishing scenes!


Incredible. Rory Deacon's seventh goal of the season and almost


certainly his most important. Look at where he picks the ball up.


Defenders in front of him but he's able to get the shot away. Griffiths


is beaten and almost certainly Cheltenham Town are beaten. It will


be a place in the third round of the FA Cup for Sutton United.


Can you put into words what it feels like to be their winning goal-scorer


in a game like this question might it's amazing, absolutely amazing.


You dream of days like this and thankfully it's come true. We didn't


turn up in the first half and we said to the players, you've got to


give it a go here. Don't go out with a whimper. The second half was a


typical Sutton United performance over the last year. We've always


talked about the past history and it's lovely to be talking about


recent history and regardless what happens to be in the last 64 of the


FA Cup, for a club our size, that's our history made. Some years it's


yours, some years it isn't an Sutton did well to stay in the game, we


went 1-0 up, had a good first half and the last thing you want to do is


give a goal away so of course we are disappointed. It's their day, good


luck to them in the next round. We know that we have a little bit of


work to do. A tough afternoon for them. You look at what we've just


seen from Sutton in the third round, after 22 years. Conjuring up


memories of 1989 and the win over commentary, Matty Tubbs starts the


comeback in the second half, a player you've enjoyed watching over


the years? Yes, he has had one or two good moves, I think it went for


800 grand at one stage. He's had a flurry of clubs where he is moved


and you need to get in the right place at the right time and that's


exactly what they did because he will score goals. He is an out and


out goal-scorer. This is where the manager I'm sure will have said


please drop for Matt Tubbs. That's good technique, in and around those


areas. Makes it look easy, doesn't it? Concentration, a good finish.


They couldn't have left it much later, the six minute of injury time


before Rory Deacon pounced. I don't know how they've allowed him to


travel with the ball so far because he did have chances before that,


where he came very close one on the left with a curler. He had a few


blocked as well. He received the ball for his winning goal ten yards


outside the box. I'm thinking to myself, don't let him go any


further, there he is, ten yards outside the box, five touches and


they allow him to get in the box. You can't touch him when he's in the


box. People's the trigger and thinks he will get lucky, a bit Alan


Shearer. Straight through the legs. Both defenders leave it to one


another to shut the ball down. You have to just do it. Take initiative


in that area. Take initiative and get away from goal, a great strike


from the young lad. I remember Steve saying, speaking about the first


round, he's not up at -- not a fan of 3G pitches. They are rubbish, I


don't like them. Our knees and bones won't allow 3G pitches. With the


likes of Craig Eastman and Nicky Bailey there'll be a force to reckon


with in the next round. Back to today, and two more games


featuring non-league sides, starting with Eastleigh of the fifth


tier versus Halifax Town of the 6th. When the old Halifax Town were in


the league, Eastleigh were in the second. The Spitfires fly higher


this time. This is Mandron's 12 of the season. Eastleigh have had to


recruit a manager this week, Martin Allen replacing Ronnie Moore who


unexpectedly resigned. Alan has been knocked out of the cup once this


season with Barnet so what happened around the hour mark must have made


troubling viewing for him. First, Jordan Sinnott snuck in an equaliser


for the side's 21 places below. It started something. Five minutes


later the National League North side were ahead. Synod to the service


this time, Garner did the scoring. Clockwork... Orange. The Halifax


doesn't do much as camouflage but he still didn't spot that Peniket was


lurking. Less than 20 minutes left and Halifax were heading into round


three. They just needed to keep Eastleigh output two minutes later


and however they tried there was no stopping Scott Wilson. 3-2, with a


place in the next round at stake, it was all building to the final


minute, to dramatic conclusion to the most almighty confusion.


COMMENTATOR: Is a scramble inside the box.


Mandron has the final touch. Surely that was all the chaos we could


take. Halifax tried for a final twist. Denton's head, a deep breath


and back to Yorkshire. Back in 2004, Millwall's FA Cup bust


carried them all the way to a final with Manchester United. 12 years on,


safe passage into round two against non-league Braintree was their


ambition. COMMENTATOR:


They've scored, a fantastic goal, Michael Cheek. Michael Cheek with


the audacity to steer his side in front. Known as the iron, Braintree


now needed some steely resolve. COMMENTATOR:


He can equalise straightaway, what a great reply. Just one minute later.


Soon after, Millwall were celebrating further. Smith's second


goal in four minutes, it was fast turning into Harry's game. Braintree


heads spinning. The Essex side have made the 50 mile trips filled with


expectation. When Shane Ferguson added Millwall's third in 25 minutes


they may have contemplated a request to refund their petrol money. But


having demolished Eastbourne 7-0 to reach this stage of the cup for the


first time there are clearly goals in the team. Ten minutes before


half-time, Jack Midson added another to the tally stop Braintree right


back in it. Braintree have used no less than seven goalkeepers already


this season. The present incumbent, son of FA Cup winning keeper Dave


Beasant. Contribution was less memorable, picking out of the net as


Smith completed his hat-trick. The day started brightly for Braintree


but it ended with deflation. O'Brien got a goal in added time. For


Millwall, their name back in the third round draw, memories of FA Cup


exploits past rekindled. Top work, congratulations to Harry


Smith for his hat-trick. He did a couple of goals on his debut for


Millwall and less than a month and he's at it again? He is. He's come


out of the long league, a few trials and Millwall were the side that


picked him up. Six you expect someone to get the ball early


forward to him and he will work on the flick ons but he's got more than


from what we saw today. They scored straight from kick-off.


Is the key nudge there. Yes, that's on the spot, kicking up with play,


then this is good technique at the far post. How many times do we see


people see -- see people snatch at that? Here, this falls to him very


quickly and a lot of people try and get on their better foot the right


foot, he doesn't. It's an instant taken to finish, a good hat-trick.


He didn't move quick feet. In treat. He looked like Halifax had


to win. If you look back at the last two goals they conceded, this was


scrappy. It was. There was no talking, nothing at all. And then he


was on it, like a shot. The defender could not do anything. This is the


best scramble I have seen in the FA Cup for some time. It was pinball.


Actually, he was running for it and it hits him and goes into the back


of the net. Some comeback. Martin Allen's first game in charge. The


might of been strong words if they had lost that game. The last thing


he wants our two FA Cup defeat on his CV in the same season!


Ten years ago, Woking took on Accrington Stanley to secure


Alistair man was watching this for us. An unforgettable victory at West


Brom and a draw at Coventry City has ensured walking's place in FA Cup


folklore. Last season's striker was part of Wycombe Wanderers' side.


This year he has scored format goals in Woking's two victories. A year


ago, Shrewsbury were eventually knocked out in round five by


Manchester United. And the pass is a good one. The


chances even better. But despite the burst, Lewis could not find the


finish. Sullivan is in space down the right. He was the intended


target. Sure is happy to take this possibility. -- Kee. John Coleman's


side got automatic promotion in the last days of the campaign. And this


is a good one. The goal is scored by Kee. And Accrington Stanley take the


lead. The cross in from Pearson. Not the most conclusive. And it just


broke for Kee. Took a deflection on the way through that made it


impossible for the goalkeeper to stop it. It is the side from League


2 who nudge in front. Walking looking for an immediate response.


And it is a foul which the Accrington Stanley players take


enormous exception to. It was a loose ball and it is the way he


comes downwards towards the ball from above that the referee takes


exception to. And there is the red card for Charlie Carter. Walking


already trail and now they have to try to get back into this cup tie


with ten men. Accrington Stanley are in control. -- Woking already trail.


A second goal will make giant-killing almost impossible. And


it is Kee again! Woking had to keep it up until half-time and they have


not. Accrington Stanley are beginning to look towards tomorrow


night's third draw already. It is hard enough trying to plot a victory


over a professional side, but having to do it with ten men is going to


take some doing. Here is Clark for Accrington. And across is a good


one. The header is planted by O'Sullivan. And it is game over. A


simple enough header. It was just a matter of the delivery of the cross


from Clark which was good and the finish from all equally so. So often


in the past, the ones -- you are the ones doing the giant-killing. How do


you feel about being targeted? Coming to a non-league house, this


is probably better. We have been brought up on non-league, myself in


particular. This is nothing new to us. It feels like coming home. We


have great memories here. This is where we clinched promotion to the


Football League so this is a fantastic place for us and I am glad


we are coming away with a win. We started bright and I thought we


should be 1-0 up the first minute. There was a great opportunity, for


the first time in 19 years. As I say, we are young squad, and the


numbers have turned out for us. Now we have to move on and clear our


heads, get into training on Tuesday morning and Gulf to work again. What


will be will be. It is always going to be something we will look back on


and good luck to Accrington. We wish them all the best. Chapecoense's cup


run comes to an end. Accrington, the cup gives them respite from their


league struggles. 1-0 down, playing for walking, you do not want to go


down to ten men within a minute of conceding. -- playing for Woking.


Charlie Carter, was in frustration? He dangled a flute a couple of times


before this. He has control of the ball on the right hand side and he


overcooked sits lightly. For some reason, I have no idea why, that was


the first one, where he raises his foot. And there, he just overcooked


it, and then he seems to jump in. Not so much a two-footed tackle but


he leaves his studs in, knowing there will be follow-through. From


the Accrington player's perspective, the way that they gather together,


are they right to do that? I think they considered it to be a dangerous


challenge. And that is how you would react. You want people to look after


each other. That used to be the only way that forwards could kick a


defender, leave your foot in. Don't tell everybody! Rose tinted glasses,


back in the day... The two highest-ranked teams


in the FA Cup at this stage, Bolton and Sheffield United


went head to head at They're second and third


in League One - where they're Spearing from the right-hand side


this time. Saved by Aaron Ramsey Dale. That is an absolutely stunning


stop. -- Aaron Ramsdale. Can Bolton make this one can't? The danger is


still not cleared. Did that cross the line? The assistant referee says


no. The ball swung in, and initial stop was saved, by Beevers, and then


my words, it looks as though it may have crossed over the line. Taylor


with a long through. Kicked across the face of goal. And Bolton take


the lead. In the final two minutes. Good work from Ramsdale. He lays it


off to Ameobi. Bolton doubled their lead inside 30 seconds of the


restart. Good work by Clough, but what a hit.


The shot is deflected and in. Sheffield United have won back


thanks to Coutts. He will claim it, although with the deflection, really


that was what Pete Ben Alnwick. Sheffield United have not failed to


beat these opponents since 1981. And Bolton get their third through Vela.


They are on the brink of the third round. His third goal of the season


for Bolton. Sheffield United's corner. It is headed in. They have


made it 3-2. And Jack O'Connell takes Sheffield United back into


this tie. A great fear, that one. Parkinson, when he was in charge of


Bradford, working his magic again in the cup. You got the feeling that


both teams took a little while to warm up. Once they dragged each


other into the game, it was a good moment. It was always going to be


special. Ameobi's goal was to reflect. I am glad he has been


watching me. He told me he wasn't. Right, three more ties now which saw


League Two sides hoping to upset their League One opponents,


starting with the Dion Dublin derby - as Cambridge United took


on Coventry City at the Abbey 1987 winners Coventry have long


enjoyed a romantic entanglement with the FA Cup. Cambridge, less so. But


it was the League 2 side who concentrated on the cup here. He


delivers across them. And United are in front thanks to Berry. Coventry


defence playing the mannequin challenge. Indeed, Berry was to play


a pivotal role in proceedings. Before the half-hour mark, he


wriggled towards goal and found Ian Harris blocking his path. Berry


picked himself up, dusted himself down and tucked away the penalty.


But he was far from done. The sense of a hat-trick in his nostrils, he


was played in by man Gaya. -- played in by Mingoia. Coventry will


celebrate the 30th anniversary of that great victory this may. On this


evidence, repeat will not happen any time soon. Luke Berry turns in! It


is Luke Berry Day at the Abbey. Peterborough arrived at Meadow Lane


with an impressive record at this stage of the competition, having


lost only once in the last 15 second round ties. They did not take long


before they found themselves in front. Three minutes, in fact.


Leonardo De Silva with this low strike to give the League 1 side and


early lead. And it was looking comfortable for Posh. Paul Taylor


finally honoured words. He made no mistake for his sixth of the season.


But Notts County pick themselves up and deservedly reduced the arrears


after a sustained spell of pressure. Adam Campbell produced this fine


strike that ended up in the bottom corner. The home side well and truly


back in the game. They then found themselves with a man advantage. Lee


Angol was sent off, Matt Tootle on the receiving end of his


frustration. Angol on the receiving end of a red card before half-time.


The home side continued to push Peterborough all the way in the


second half. The ball comes into the box. Shot towards goal and into the


back of the net. Laing seals it at 2-2. The only previous time these


two met in the cup, Port Vale won 6-0. It would not be that bad for


Hartlepool, would it? Cecilia, born into account, to them in front. Two


minutes later, it got worse. This was the most acrobatic of accidents.


An own goal from Woods. Port Vale said the division above Hartlepool


but there was a gulf between them. Jones, now with four to his name.


Port Vale only managed one more. Nathan Smith brought down in the


second half, a penalty. Over two Ryan Taylor. Once of Newcastle, who


he may yet meet in round three. Port Vale through and Hartlepool


struggle. As for the performance of the day, well done to Luke Berry. On


his four goals for Cambridge. We're calling it to the Dion Dublin Derby.


Steve, they are all derbies as far as we are concerned. But this was a


special moment for him. He is a Cambridge boy, and I think he has


only ever played in Cambridge. This is his second time around. This


takes into 23 goals and he scored 22 last time he was there. In half the


time. The boy has ability. He has real good ability. Beesley, this is


his spiritual home and he is a player. And he is not actually an


out and out centre forward. He is more of a ten but he has great


vision and he can play. He seems to be the catalyst for what happens in


and around Cambridge when it comes to the game. I interviewed him when


he was about 17 and he has just got better. He has grown into being a


man now, and a very good footballer. Quickly on Coventry, now manager, no


stadium. No training ground. When does it end for your old club? 20


minutes in, no fans, because they were shocking. The fans have been


treated terribly and they keep saying CC without, and they're not


doing the right thing for the club. The fans spend so much money and


they have done for years. They have nothing to cheer about. I do not


know where the club will go. If you own it, you cannot sell it. I think


many now on Coventry fans will tell you -- agree with you on that one.


OK, more FA Cup goals on the way - first a quick reminder


that two weeks today, there's a big sporting


celebration planned - and you're all invited.


BBC Sports Personality of the Year. Looking forward to that.


Now yesterday, Blackpool and Luton Town went


into their second round ties with their reputations


very much on the line, as they took on non-league


Brackley Town and Solihull Moors respectively, who had never reached


The ongoing fans' protest meant Blackpool's Bluefield Road can be a


quiet place these days, a strange situation for Brackley town to


arrive into. Perhaps they hadn't fully settled when Blackpool went


after them. Matt got his fourth goal of the season, just six minutes in.


Just the tonic for the Tangerines. Brackley of the National League


North knocked out Gillingham in the last round. They are dangerous but


somehow they came out of this gamble without an equaliser. There would be


other chances, as Brackley pressed their League Two opponents, suddenly


there was time to wait up. Perhaps too much time. Sam Slocombe saved


Blackpool, but Brackley will feel he should have been bypassed. Blackpool


had only one FA Cup match since 2012. No wonder they were jitters


but 12 minutes remaining, only Tom Aldred on the line kept Brackley


out. Blackpool into round three. Some good news that a troubled club.


With Luton fifth in League Two macro and two defeats in 14 games,


National League Solihull might have feared the worst heading to


Kenilworth Road but daunted they want. Early on at least. Jamie


Osborne is steering them skilfully in front with just five minutes


front. This will Solihull's first of a second round appearance but no


signs of stage fright here. Osborne playing his part to perfection. To


double the non-league's league. It could have got even better before


the break. But when his big moment came, the lines were fluffed. Still,


to look at the break, Solihull must have seen those FA Cup headlines


flashing before their eyes but hold the back page. Luton may have been


late arriving, they were about to get their party started. Bill


ton-macro was first to be inspired and could barely disguises delight


-- Hilton was first to be inspired. Johnny Mullins on the mark,


Solihull's sterling resolve was about to crumble. Luton began to


take charge. Fresh from the subs bench, O'Donnell stepped up to the


plate next and helped himself to the third to edge the home side in


front. Batmanning the mask Hylton certainly put the wind up Solihull


Moors. Is past released Jack Marriott and with room to manoeuvre


he did the rest. Luton had really found their feet. Talking of which,


with twinkle toes, O'Donnell danced through again to make it 5-2. Who


needs Ed Balls! Luton haven't lost a non-league opponents while a league


team in 46 years. Mariette reserved their place in round three with


number six. The Hatters in the hat again. Their manager surely thrilled


to bits. It was contrast in performances from first after


second. The first half, it wasn't one I want to be associated with.


Well done Solihull, Luton were absolutely ruthless.


Now, don't forget there's more football on the way


And on Match of the Day 2 - they'll be mulling over


the contenders for November's Goal of the Month.


Right, the final five ties from yesterday on the way now.


Starting at the Proact, where League One strugglers Chesterfield


found League Two Wycombe just too hot to handle.


League One played league to watching this you would mix-up which mix-up


which was which. But Paul Paul Hayes and in went Wycombe's first goal, so


began an afternoon of Chad moisture. Everyone had barely settled down


when they pinned chesterfield back again. Eventually in the right place


at the right time was Kashket. He began his career playing in Spain,


hence perhaps the gloves. Things spiralled down for the Spireites.


John Nolan's challenge was his last act of the match. What was difficult


enough with 11 would be tougher still with Ken. Six minutes later,


the Wanderers' path was fully cleared. Kashket is in only his


second season of professional football but seems to have an eye


for it, right down to the corner flag celebrations. Wycombe had won


their last four going into this. Right now things are dropping for


them and in this case Anthony Stewart, number four. Chesterfield


had only made round three twice in 20 years and her blondes -- long


since given up on it this time. Three minutes later, Kashket


ambushed again. No foul apparently so he got his ninth of the season. A


5-0 win, and on Thursday they are clear their debts to a former owner.


Not a bad old week for Wycombe. Brunton Park has been a focus for


Carlisle this year and they welcome the team division above with only


two league wins away all season. Carlisle had some good attacking


spells. This one from Jason Kenedy, heading over against his former


club. But a little help for Rochdale to set them on their way. Steve


Davis with this shot spinning off defender and into the net. Not the


start Keith Curle was hoping for so early in the second half. Rochdale


could have wrapped things up, the keeper was beaten, only the


striker's shot wasn't on target. Rochdale made sure the tie was safe


at the end. Nathaniel Mendez-Laing, clinical from close range, as


Carlisle suffered a rare home defeat. Keith Hill more than happy


to celebrate Rochdale's success and their place in round three.


With a typical spot of FA Cup mischief Charlton's new manager Karl


Robinson faced former club MK Dons and former assistant Ritchie Barker


holding the fort while MK's new man at the helm Robbie Neilson watched


with fingers firmly crossed. COMMENTATOR:


It runs all the way through, Charles unexposed, excellent saved by


Dillons Phillips. -- Charlton exposed. Looking threaten again,


Bowditch. That's a good reaction save by Phillips. Here goes


McGuinness. Nicely threaded through, is this the moment? Ajose threw


himself at it. That's a giveaway. He has options here. He has pinned one


out, a great block, off the line, great defending late on.


Shrewsbury's manager wants them to have more fun, difficult when you


are bottom of League One but last season in the cup they made the


fifth round tie against Manchester United. Reason enough for these


flourishes of joie de vivre against Fleetwood, which seemed destined to


bring them an opening goal. Lewis Dodds will still be wondering how it


didn't. Clwyd are going much better in


League One but needed a bit of luck. -- Fleetwood are going much better.


Stopped by the post. Shrewsbury kept trying. Ivan Tony, on loan from


Newcastle, had ago from further out. Shrewsbury Town been getting the


impression it wasn't their day and they'd have been nervous when the


ball came out of FleetwoodBobby Grant with time running out.


Shrewsbury survived and will take in the winter seaside air in a week and


a half. Newport have already lost to


Plymouth twice this season so would the Cup help turn their record


around? It didn't take long for the first moment of controversy. Sean


Rigg, straight in on Jake Jarvis and straight off. The referee had no


hesitation reaching for the red card. Plymouth should have been in


front at half-time. A case of how did that not going? , Smith also


asking the same question. On loan striker Rhys Healy got into a good


position to try and force a winner for Newport. Luke McCormick's legs


getting in the wake and instead forcing a second round replay in


south Wales. The Amman we have seen so many hat tricks, the one we saw


from Scott Kashket of Wycombe in a huge win for them, 5-0 winners to


turn the tables on their League One opponents in Chesterfield. It was


the composure in front of goal. It's a different kind of goal, where he


has to use quick feet, one with precision, one where he has to use


composure. This one here, it's not a foul, get up, centre half. He finds


a bit of space and bangs it in. Another hat-trick this weekend,


really cool finishing. Does well. You were a centre half. I was a


centre half, but I didn't go down as easy as that, let me tell you.


Wycombe our debt free to their previous owner in Steve Hayes. I was


there when Steve was the owner. It's not just been a great few days, it's


been a great couple of months. They started slowly but are fantastic


run. That tops it off nicely. Incredible to think it wasn't that


long ago that Gareth Ainsworth's job may be under threat but they've won


five. You lose one or two players, you gain one or two players and it


can change the momentum of the season. Yes, absolutely, if you have


quality can help you out. Well, fair to say we've been spoilt


for goals in the second round. If you'd like to relive


them all once again, they're available to watch back


on the BBC Sport website. There's a bite-size summary


of all the headlines from the second round in our Catch Up service -


which is available And the draw that always


gets everyone talking - for the third round of the Emirates


FA Cup, can be seen at seven o'clock on Monday night,


when the Premier League sides go You can follow the draw


with our special interactive service on the Match Of The Day Facebook


page. What has been your standout


performance? Luke Berry. The win at Bristol Rovers for Barrow,


fantastic. Thanks for your time. Two ties left to play. What a second


round it's been. We leave the last two words to Barrow and Sutton




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