Quarter-Final: Chelsea v Manchester United The FA Cup

Quarter-Final: Chelsea v Manchester United

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The final place in the FA Cup semi-finals is up for grabs tonight.


Chelsea are running away with the league. A double in his first season


appeals to their head coach, but they are up against Manchester


United and a manager on familiar territory.


There are days when you look at a team and you think, these are title


winners in the waiting! The ways and words of Jose Mourinho


are so woven into the fabric of Chelsea.


Mourinho's Manchester United are being blown away at the Bridge and


defeat is becoming humiliation. A sensational goal. Manchester


United almost scoring at will. Jose Mourinho's men... The holders go on.


Be it Manchester, Wembley or West London, it just always matters.


Jose Mourinho had that one FA Cup win in his five years in charge at


Stamford Bridge. How he would love another at his first season at


United. They will have to do it without Zlatan Ibrahimovic who is


suspended. Chelsea have a full squad to choose from and have only lost at


home once this season. There will be a winner tonight in the emirate's FA


Cup quarter-final, even if we need extra time and penalties. And we'll


have the draw for the semi-finals after the game as well. Welcome.


This is a whooper. It should be a chaker. I think -- cracker. The


league and Cup double in Conte's first season would be an incredible


achievement. United on a great run. They have a trophy in the bag. I


still think they have some way to go to where they want to be and exp ect


to be. With Mourinho, you have always got a chance. Having said


that, they have got a terrible record here in recent years. They


have and they have a few issues about what team to play. Chelsea,


they are solid at the moment. Not too many injuries. A good formation


working for them. From early season They changed. Big loss at Arsenal.


Conte started to pick three at the back. They are a machine. They churn


out the same results. What is their great strength? Togetherness. He


works hard on the training ground. When they attack, they attack


together. They are very solid and they have the special players in the


attacking areas. As for Manchester United there is questions about how


they will line up. What do you think? I think with a back four. I


think Jones will go into mid-field. The position he's played before. His


job will be to look after Hazard. It is in the wide areas, Mkhitaryan,


Young and Pogba will have a free role to where where he wants to


play. Up front, did United have a centre forward? They do, they have


Marcus Rashford, back from illness. Mourinho has won this competition in


2007. Nice memories? Ies? Nice memories. We got it in the last


minute or so. Against Manchester United. It was tight that day and we


got, got a winner there. Would love to get one over his old club today,


wouldn't he? He will do. His persona is this is the same as any other


game. It isn't. It is a big game. When you go back to your old club


there is something extra. The problem United have had this


season is clearly scoring enough goals to justify the domination of


some games? Ibrahimovic has had one hell of a season, obviously. The


rest, I think, have struggled. It is not for the want or not wanting to


create chances. They have done that. They have not put them away. The


times I have watched them this season. Yes, they have given chances


at the other end. They have created them but not put them away. Let's


concentrate on the Chelsea head coach for now. He's enjoyed success


as a manager and as a player. Fans outside are dreaming of a


double. Are you trying your best to manage expectation at this club? I


think that we have to play game by game. Our expectations are to try to


take three points, game by game and to try also today to go through in


this competition. You have picked that strong side. It is a


first-choice defence as well. I am sure you have seen your opposite


number, Jose Mourinho, saying Chelsea are very defensive. Do you


think that is the secret of your success, that defence? I don't


understand what means defensive. If you look at the stats and you can


see we are the best defence, but also we are the second best in the


league after Liverpool. Played one game more than us. I think the


football is good because everyone can tell their own opinion. It


depends, for sure, which you look. Enjoy the game tonight. Thank you


for talking to us. Cheeky stuff there from him, I


think. They have impressive players going forward. You could pick


anyone. Eden Hazard has been outstanding? He's been incredible.


Lucky enough to play with him myself. I saw the potential of him


as a young player. A very carefree player. When he plays, he has that


magic. This was last week against West Ham.


Doing what we expect, to win the ball there. The great thing about


Eden Hazard here is the pace. I think top players, they do great


things at top pace. From then, if he puts the brakes on at any moment, he


does not score that goal. I have seen him doing that in training. I


couldn't attempt it in training. That's how confident he is. More


than anything with me, Eden Hazard, this year, it is not just his


performance but his position. This is, earlier this season. But it is


where you expected to see him last year, coming from the left. We have


seen him time and time again creating a goal. I have started to


see him closer to Costa. Once he gets a into those central Areas.


This is probably the leading candidate for goal of the season.


Only the best players in the world can score this goal. Now he's


playing more central, he can add assists and move himself into the


top bracket of world football. Paul Pogba divides opinion a little


bit. He cost a lot of money. Is he living up to that price tag? I don't


think he has. I think we have seen glimpse in the big games where you


think, he's got real talent. United will need him today. If he can do it


on a night like tonight it could help him? The stage is set for him,


grab hold of the game and win it for United. We thought United might go


into this game without a striker, but Marcus Rashford has come


through. If they get through tonight, then one of the things they


have to rely on is obviously his pace running in behind because when


he's been involved this season, which from his point of view, he


hasn't, that hasn't been often enough, seven goals, three in the


league, but the vast majority of his play is getting in behind brilliant


goal, West Ham. This is what he's about. Once he


gets into that position, there are not many who will catch him. It is


whether he can get in and finish it off. This is brilliant. He doesn't


get it the first time. He doesn't panic. He bends his run. Doesn't get


it the second time. Goes a third time, gets it. All right. Doesn't


get the goal he wants. I said the pace is what we all know about.


Watch this for a pass off off from Mkhitaryan. He's pointing where he


wants it. He gets it. It is a hell of a finish. They will have to rely


on that tonight. They We are not on fire, they have turned


the dry ice machines on. This man managed Chelsea to an FA Cup 20


years ago. We will talk about that at half-time. In terms of tonight's


game how will this pan out? I think that Mourinho doesn't want to lose


this game. I think he's been very hurt in the first match. So,


therefore, he's going to park the bus. He knows that Chelsea are


favourites. He's going to wait for the right moment. I heard him


talking about Conte being defensive. Of course, it is an Italian. He's


bitter about the fact he had to leave Chelsea. Now, as a team coming


back, a little bit the same. The only thing is up front they do a


little bit more because they score a lot of goals. OK, it is building up


beautifully down here. More from Mr Gullit at half-time. Let's hear from


another former Chelsea manager, before he parks the bus, Jose


Mourinho, his second spell here ended acrimoniously. He seems to be


enjoying life at Manchester United. It is Manchester United's day. Are


you satisfied with the progress that you are making at Manchester? You


have already won a trophy? We are happy with the trophy. The trophy is


always important. But it is enough for us. We are in the quarter-final


of the Cup. We know the match we have, we no ethe opponents. But to


-- know the opponents. But we have to fight for everything.


Defeat is becoming humiliation... The Chelsea game, it has to have a


special significance for you, especially after losing at Stamford


Bridge, the way you did? Not really. For me, to play Chelsea is almost


the same as playing Arsenal or Spurs, or, you know... But you are a


human being. You have been there twice. There must be a little bit of


something, especially after last season... No, but probably in the


opposite way of what people think, I'm not looking for revenge. I'm not


looking for anything wrong or bad. If it is different, it is different


in a positive way. Are you surprised how well Chelsea have done this


season? No. Not surprised. I'm surprised with the way they play.


I'm surprised because I thought, I thought there were demandings of a


different kind of football, but I think Chelsea is phenomenal. But


Chelsea is an amazing defensive team. You think they are quite a...


I think they are good defensively. I think they have fantastic players to


be a counterattack team and keen opponents with three or four


players. Do you feel slightly let down by the


Chelsea players last season? Do you think they switched off at all? I


think we were all guilty of our phenomenal season with the Premier


League and the League Cup. And we were all guilty of our second


season. But in the second season, only one


went home. That's football. Much more of that on the Premier


League show on Thursday night on BBC Two. The two teams are coming out on


to the field. A bit of a laser light play, or whatever you want to call


that. Circles floating about. He's playing games there. It is great. It


is great to hear. It is part of the game. I think he said he loves


before the game starts, in the pregame. He knows they are a good


attacking team. He will know that tonight. Are they happy with the


progress under Jose Mourinho? The fans more satisfied than the


previous three years? They are going in the right direction. Tonight will


show they can go toe-to-toe with Chelsea. They will have to park the


bus. On the counterattack, three players away from the level of


Chelsea. How do you see it going? I see United sitting deep, trying to


use Rashard and Mkhitaryan's pace going forward. I see Chelsea having


a lot of the ball. I think it will be a cracker. And handshakes all


around. Good time to hear from your commentary team.


THE COMMENTATOR: It is rare to see Manchester United cast as underdogs.


Let's take a look at that Chelsea team.


Which has Thibaut Courtois in goal, in the FA Cup for the first time


this season. He plays behind their usual back three, which is captained


by Gary Cahill. There is a change to the front


three, with Pedro giving way for Willian to start, as he has all


Chelsea's three previous games in this cup round. He scored in rounds


three and four. For United it is David de Gea's


first FA Cup match since last year's final.


Matteo Darmian comes in. We're expecting Phil Jones to play


in mid-field with Herrera and Pogba. After all the talk of no-strikers


being available, Marcus Rashford is after illness and he fits the big


boots of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. There is something else in the air


tonight, with the return of the one who will always be a Special One at


Stamford Bridge, but who for now has been U surfed in Chelsea fans'


hearts by another. An extra Special One.


Here are the substitutes. If it goes to extra time, a fourth substitute


can be used. Michael Oliver has the task of


keeping order. He also refed Chelsea's


quarter-final. He showed red cards. And the year before


Martin Keown is alongside me. We are looking at Paul Pogba, the most


expensive footballer in world football. Kante, the other side of


the pitch. This guy floats across the pitch. He's remarkable.


Expect Kante to be covering a lot of ground, as ever.


Terrific atmosphere at the Bridge. It is a full house.


And it is Diego Costa who gets the evening under way.


One semifinal place left, as a considerably big three already in


there. Whichever way this goes, another big name will join them.


Manchester United, just putting the bus into forward gear for the early


stages. Valencia, expected him to catch


that, which he does. Intercepted by David Luiz. Not so cool with his


second touch though. Good early intention from Valencia there.


Jones, we expect him to sit in front of that back four, again willing to


go forward. Marcos Alonso is forced to get in there with Ander Herrera


and put the ball behind for a Manchester United corner.


Chelsea conceded seven goals in the Premier League in 2017. Five of


those have been headers. It was a United head.


It was Marcos Rojo. Never seemed in control of it though.


Rojo gets away from his marker. It will be very interesting at the


set-piece to see how both teams cope. Great to see Rashard has made


it. They tell me it was his call. He's put his neck on the line. See


how he performs. Ford has made it. They tell me it was his call. He's


put his neck on the line. See how he performs. Rashford was the scorer at


this stage of the Cup stage a year ago. The replay at West Ham.


Rashford trying to give chase, but closed down by Azpilicueta.


A lot of talk about the tactics and formation, Chelsea of course have


been magnificent playing a back three. A lot of changes for


Manchester United to see how good a coach Mourinho is. Free kick.


Rojo getting a little too tight to Diego Costa.


Laying the law down early on, Rojo, not frightened to put his foot in.


Costa has been a different animal this season. He gets on with scoring


goals and winning matches now. Scored in the last three games.


Antonio Conte's Chelsea side have played and won.


Just overplays it, Alonso. I have been very impressed with him. Very


cultured. Left-sided wingback. Chelsea have won the last two FA Cup


fies between these -- ties between these great clubs. Met three times


at this stage of the Cup. The last two went to a replay. I am sure you


are away by now this one can't. The quarter-finals nowadays have to be


settled on the night. You never know, we might be in for the


long-haul. Well, it is a pleasure to be here,


you have to say. You saw the camera angles of the shots. View of the


game. The FA Cup is alive and kicking, I can tell you!


Back to his feet to exchange a handshake of sorts with his


attacker. Rashford... Got there, but not able


to keep the ball in play. That's what he has, Rashford,


blistering pace. Not been used ta much by Mourinho


this season, but he's a great young talent. He's only scored in two of


his last 29 appearances. But he's only started 15 of those. Plenty of


those on the wing as well. That is the problem, I guess, for the young


striker. It is. Mourinho is not noted for not playing too many


teenagers. Let's hope that changes. Pedro got that goal and Manchester


United never really recovered. Marcos Alonso... To Valencia, who


got him to wing it and again and it will be a United throw. A good start


from Manchester United, set their stall out well. A lot of


determination from Valencia. Mkhitaryan actually switched off,


didn't anticipate the pass from Rashford. Kante has the ball taken


from him by Jones. Valencia steers it safely back to David de Gea.


He's a master tactician, isn't he, Conte? He knows his game. He


understands this system very well. He hasn't changed it since. It was


game three, of the back three in the Premier League when they were here


in October. Interesting Manchester United


setting out. They have the two tlieing to split the three. It is


man for man. Jones coming after Hazard when he drops off deep.


Working well for them early on. Young looking for Pogba...


It is Kante who is there with him. Alonso doesn't agree with that. He


felt he was fouled. Manchester United players getting


quickly into every tackle. Every one matching up. Impressive. Mourinho's


done his homework. So much for parking the bus. They


have been pretty much on the front foot from the start. They are going


after the problem. They are not waiting for Chelsea to come on to


them. Here's Rashford... Mkhitaryan


Rashford had a little look up to the assistant referee. He thought he


might have got a decision. He didn't. United do now have a throw.


An interesting move using Phil Jones in that position. He was talked


about as the next Duncan Edwards when he came to Manchester United.


Has he really got the ability to play in there. It was against


Chelsea that he first came to our attention as a Blackburn player.


Played as a central defender in that game. And did a good job on Drogba.


That was seven years ago. Won by Azpilicueta... Free kick,


Chelsea. It is Willian who was pushed to the


floor by Henrikh Mkhitaryan. Back from a hamstring injury to score in


his last two appearances. He scored at Rostov. He scored before that


before he was injured. Cahill didn't have his radar on with


that pass. No, he didn't. He didn't seem to


know what to do with it. : He just wanted to get rid of it.


Martin's scorecard has the first 11 minutes going to United. I've been


impressed. Rashford, trying to step inside.


Mkhitaryan struck it well, but struck it wide.


Good play from Manchester United. Rashford with that pace.


Denied Mkhitaryan there. He's following up and he's got real


ability off both feet. Just putting it wide.


Mourinho might applaud his team so far. Talking about his latest


Chelsea return, insisting he's not looking for revenge after losing 4-0


earlier this season. He says it is a positive experience for him. But it


will mean just that little bit more to him personally tonight. It


certainly will. There'll be one or two players as well. Thinking of


Hazard, who will want to beat his former manager.


David Luiz. In front of Rashford. Goal kick is


the call. There's the slight insinuation of the point of an elbow


upsetting him. He did well there, David Luiz. You


have to say, in that central position, people say he's not the


best of defenders, but it is perfect there for him to be the spare man.


Free kick, Chelsea. It was Willian fouled by Matteo Darmian. Michael


Oliver wants to have words with the player for the first time tonight.


He plays the ball through Willian's legs and does foul him. He's gone an


awful long way. Chased across the pitch. Given a free kick away.


Desperately tried to get there but was never likely to.


David Luiz caught Great tackle from Ashley Young.


David Luiz just notes to himself, next time I'll just smash it again.


Hazard. Diego Costa. Willian with the flick. It came off Darmian. He


didn't know where it was going. Squirmed out to Valencia, who


clears, then finds Rashford. Nearly worked for him. He is angry with


himself, you could hear him. Good idea. Also good defending against


him. Just looking at the Hazard, and how Manchester United are trying to


manage him. Phil Jones has that task. When he pushes forward, the


central defenders are really tuned in. He is a special player, he needs


special attention. Diego Costa seemed to lose his


footing. Hazard, brilliant, suckered Smalling


in. He goes on and on, and just wide! Deflected wide. Chelsea


corner. Brilliant Aidan hazard. He just comes alive. -- Eden Hazard.


Little Cruyff. He explodes into life. Beats two or three players.


Great save from the keeper in the end. He really is a box of tricks.


Important glove from David de Gea. Willian with the corner. Looking for


the near post flick. Cahill, and another brilliant de Gea stop. He


got down so sharply there. Hazard's turn and run has brought Chelsea to


live. Moses with the cross. David Luiz till up there, Marcos Alonso


too, and turned behind by Smalling. Smalling, a great interception.


Manchester United on the ropes here. De Gea was catlike in that goal.


Another Willian ball in. All sorts going on in the middle. Out of it


all is Moses. David Luiz is the wide man.


Blocked. And de Gea can't give it in, it's a Chelsea corner.


Interesting, about of camera there, Costa has hit the deck, I think Rojo


not too far away from him. Just gone on to our man Michael Oliver has


seen it, wants a word with a pair of them. Thought we had seen the last


of this with Costa. In a way, I'm glad we haven't. A little shove


again, look. That was the I'm in charge moment afterwards. We'll see


who's in charge when this ball comes in. That should be the attitude.


Darmian on Costa. Ander Herrera on Marcos Alonso. Willian to take.


Killed in four Diego Costa to try and attack it. He had two around him


and he could only put straight over the top, with a word or two.


Gary Cahill was a scorer when Chelsea beat Manchester United 4-0,


and he had to really work to get that one on target. As if times is


Sid still, what a save that is. Fingertip. -- as if time stood


still. Looking at Costa, I wonder why Darmian is picking him up from


set pieces. Another great save, from Hazard. It will need something


special to beat in the night. Conte roaring. They have got Chelsea


roaring on the field. Really sparked them into action, that moment from


Hazard. Plays it against Azpilicueta to win Manchester United a throw in.


Showing no signs of being under the weather, Rashford. He is running


after everything. A reminder that he was a doubt with illness. Martial is


out injured, Wayne Rooney with the training ground collision. He is not


the squad. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is beginning a three match ban. Here's


Ander Herrera. Smalling to Valencia. Forced back by Marcos Alonso. Hazard


now. Hazard down, as Diego Costa ploughs on. A long advantage that


Michael Oliver played and never really came to anything. Now he has


stopped the game because he is just a little concerned as to whether or


not it is a head injury for Eden Hazard, and it is a yellow card for


Ander Herrera, who blocked Hazard as he was looking to get onto the


return pass here. Definite contact. Looking to see if Herrera moves into


his path. He knows exactly what he is doing there. He is the danger man


from official. -- the danger man for sure. Interesting advantage applied.


Well, Costa was through on goal and then Valencia gets back very well.


This was the bit of magic from Eden Hazard. Chelsea's first real spark


of life in the game. But a save it was from David de Gea. He is like a


slalom skier going between the posts. Just to watch him move, it is


so easy for him. Eden Hazard is going down to the touchline. Why


don't we do that and go and have a word with Dan Walker and Ruud


Gullit. A game of real quality so far? High quality. I did not expect


them to play that offensive, tried to press. They want to give Cahill


the ball. He is the one that makes the most mistakes over backwards.


That is their game plan but it is interesting. Have you been surprised


at how offensive Man Utd have been? Yes, they have a game plan, they


want to play up high, make it difficult for the three in the back


for the build-up. They leave these spacious especially for Cahill to


going on because he is right footed and then he gets in difficulty. Back


the guy and Martin. Thank you both. As Manchester United knock it around


in Chelsea's hah. Pogba to Young. Away by Cahill. Jones is all over


Eden Hazard. -- Chelsea 's half. Most likely as man marking him. At


times he goes into a back three. Definitely the danger man though,


you have got to get to him early. Just over desert here, Phil Jones.


-- overdoes it. We are approaching the midway point of the first half.


It is a cracking cup tie so far. Diego Costa. Matic let it fly and


the bolded fly. Antonio Conte seem to be saying OK but I don't think he


meant OK. He just wants that calmness, Conte, at this stage. Lots


of big players in this Man Utd team. Well used to this type of occasion.


They are not going to let go of this lightly. Hoping to make it to


Wembley for what would be united's 50th competitive game at the home of


an washable. David Luiz first Ashley Young quickly onto that and then


Kante was onto it to clear. Successfully held off Kante. Seemed


as though he might have been fouled by Valencia. Herrera. Valencia has


two in the middle and coming in from the back here is young. A let off


for Victor Moses who had gone down. He slipped.


Young keeps it away from Moses. Not the second time around. Great


battle, isn't it? Victor Moses and Ashley Young on that side. The fans


in the away end our loving what they have seen so far. Thousands of them.


Only 238 went to Rostock last Thursday. I bet nearly all of those


238 are in here tonight. The Manchester United fans are


incredible, they turn up in vast numbers.


Ashley Young with the United throw. Chris Smalling underneath this.


Smalling will have to give this away from Hazard by finding de Gea.


If we are critical of Azpilicueta it is in the air. Great defending,


gives you that extra mobility but not quite strong in the air as maybe


David Luiz and Cahill. The grand old man of Manchester United is in


attendance tonight. I dare say he is en route to chuck them tomorrow.


Alex McLeish alongside him to watch too, chatting all things Aberdeen


from way back when. They are in the semifinal of the Scottish Cup,


Aberdeen, for anyone who doesn't know that. You know that because


your son Niall is playing up there for Partick Thistle at the moment.


They were knocked out of the last round. Unluckily so. A United throw


in. Mkhitaryan lost it and could not


stretch far enough to win it back from Hazard. Now Hazard, inside. The


ball is tied to his boot and the ball taken cleanly in the referee's


views, and he couldn't have had a better one, I Paul Pogba.


-- by Paul Pogba. It is a ball that didn't go where he wanted it to.


Just a little bit casual. Great touch by the young man. I believe he


is a special talent. Gary Cahill, incomes Rashford on the


blindside of Cahill, he didn't hear him coming. That is twice now.


Rashford knows what he's doing. A point made by Ruud Gullit if you


moments ago. He will incidentally be pulling out


the balls for the FA Cup semifinal draw, which follows this match. That


A foul on Willian. He is coming very central, alongside Hazard. It is


interesting, Darmian will go right away in and we expect Ashley Young


to become the full-back there. Well picked off by Ander Herrera. Get the


return from Young. Azpilicueta elected off his toes. It is a United


throw. He was just gesturing to Marcos Rojo


to drop, actually he has gone the other way, so that is where the ball


goes. Costa held off Rojo. Azpilicueta is instructed by David


Luiz to play at Thibaut Courtois's way.


Touch from Willian. Costa drew two United players into him. Rashford is


coming. Kante got the call from three quarters of Stamford Bridge.


The ball has gone to ten one now, he has a go for goal. Slightly


off-balance as he struck it. He snatched at it, just waiting for the


bits and pieces. Jones makes the tackle and suddenly he is running


free at midfield here comes Jones. Hazard's on it in a flash. It is a


wild finish. I have to say it is testament to both managers how well


drilled both teams are tactically. This is the one player, though, who


has got a free role in that Chelsea team. He looks like making the


difference. Both teams confident, both ten games unbeaten in all


competitions they are playing in. Manchester United in more


competitions than Chelsea this season. I think you may have


mentioned that this week. Manchester United, 12 games they've played


more, you try to quantify that as a player, three days to prepare for


each month, it is over a month of football really in hotels and


recovery. So no wonder Chelsea are looking so good. Not through their


own choice of course, they would prefer to be still involved at


Europe's's top table. Of course. Hazard. Diego Costa. Kante.


It is Manchester United 's Mac ball this time.


He has been very patient, Ashley Young, the season, not playing grow


much. Talk of him going to China. Very important for them tonight.


Victor Moses is full of energy on that right-hand side for Chelsea. A


few home supporters arms folded. It is all noise in the away end. They


are used to being in front by now. This is it. Marcos Alonso.


Willian has tried that two or three times, it has worked once or twice.


Lovely stop and turn. When Manchester United get that ball


back, they have that winning run in Rashford. They're just needs to be


that better password may win it back. They have got the quality. --


better pass when they win it back. David Luiz up towards Costa, it was


dealt with well by Chris Smalling. Rojo perhaps a little too hasty with


his clearance. Chelsea playing a patient game. Nice


flick from Hazard. Blocked by Smalling. Ander Herrera under


pressure from Costa, who will now run at de Gea. It gets very


difficult in that midfield for Manchester United. That times they


are in a back three at the moment. Certainly when Alonso knocks and


just gives and goes. So many willing runners, spread out like a flower,


the Chelsea team. Jones follows Hazard, and pushes him to the floor.


And I think this might be... Well, I think it's just going to be a word.


Chris Smalling is across to play negotiator. And maybe to try and


save Phil Jones from a booking. I think it is the last warning. Phil


Jones just brought the captain over just to tell him, listen, he's


trying to get there as quick as you can. This fellow, though, it's like


he has got ABS brakes. He just turns on a sixpence. It is frightening to


watch. Jones is making his point. Antonio Conte is making his. That


would be a booking. It is a second yellow card for Ander Herrera.


Manchester United down to ten. Well, that happened in a flash. United


players swarm around Michael Oliver, who didn't hesitate. That's a smirk


on the face of the United manager. He'll have plenty to say about it,


too. Well, that changes the cup tie. Ander Herrera can argue all he


likes, the has got to go now, and Marouane Fellaini is already ready


to come on. I think Michael Oliver has just run out of patience. That


is one foul after another. Just catches him again. Listen, I have


sympathy, but you can't keep making fouls, you are on a booking, you


have got to be sensible there. Well, he clearly thinks it was soft, to


say the least. It is soft, but you know what Hazard is going to do when


he's around you. Can't take that risk. I think timing was the big


factor there, the fact that it happened immediately after another


foul on Jones. They just happen to be Ander Herrera, who is the only


player to have been booked to that point.


Henrik Mkhitaryan is the unlucky player who has not really have the


chance to get involved, and wed have now, because he is the one who has


to make way for Marouane Fellaini to add a little more steel to the


United team. It is a quick decision. I might have left it as it was.


Perhaps he's worried about set pieces, he wants him in there. And


here it is a set piece for Fellaini to try to defend. Willian to flight


one in, and de Gea is ready for him. Moses. De Gea is down. To his


credit, Diego Costa has drawn the rest's attention to that and help to


play a part in the game getting stopped. But why did de Gea go down


like that? He has been caught. It's Costa, it's Smalling. I don't think


there is anything much in that. He just bumps into him. He took an


elbow inadvertently in the navel. But also being professional here, it


is a chance to regroup, to take on board what has just happened. As if


it wasn't difficult enough, coming to Stamford Bridge, to be down to


ten men is tough for Mourinho. Whose world is upside down, as well as his


top, at the moment. Two years ago, Manchester United down to ten men in


their quarterfinal against Arsenal. Angel Di Maria was sent off. Arsenal


won it. A year ago, Diego Costa sent off for Chelsea at Everton in their


quarterfinal. The Everton won it. Michael Oliver was the referee on


both those occasions too. If you want an incident packed exciting


quarterfinal, look for the one that he gets. For sure. I hope it hasn't


killed the game completely, though, because Manchester United were doing


so well up to then. It will be debated the length and breakfasts of


the country. -- and the breadth of the country.


David Luiz finds Gary Cahill. There might be a little more bus parking


going on from the team in red now. It is ten against 11, it is another


foul on a Chelsea player. Play goes on with the men in blue. It's up


towards Diego Costa. Costa on the ball as there is a coming together


between the managers. We will have a look at that in a minute. Here's


Matic. The fuse has been lit here, well and


truly. Moses with a blast. A high one. Manchester United goal kick.


And it's all getting very hot in terms of the action in the middle,


and it's just getting a little bit warm on the sidelines, too. This is


why Antonio Conte and Jose Mourinho had words. There is contact made. We


know that he is not going to back off. Yes, a little bit of reaction.


Actually Mourinho is quite calm down there at the moment. Michael Oliver


wants a word with both of them. Poor old Mike Jones in the middle of it


all. The extra official. I think there is a healthy respect between


them. They are both winners, they both want the same thing. This has


got plenty, hasn't it? Fairplay to Mourinho, the way he set his team


out. I would have loved to have seen it leaving both teams with 11


players. Chris Smalling back to David de Gea.


Pogba somehow keeps it, but not with three around. Moses. Kante has


pulled away to the right. Willian, there is that flick again, Costa,


Willian down, looking for something perhaps, in fairness to Willian, he


has not appealed for any decision. Well, he has gone down easily.


Looking for the referee to book someone if they are going to


simulate. He didn't dive. Nothing more infuriating for a player to see


another player dives, fall over in front of you.


Chelsea now with the extra man, are they going to be able to pull


Manchester United out of shape, find some room for themselves? It is


looking that way. United will stay compact in the middle. None shall


pass. Hazard kept Fellaini at bay. Moses.


It has just run away from him. Smalling gets it out under way.


WHISTLE Down goes Marcus Rashford. It's


going to be a free kick for United. He has done ever so well there,


Rashford. United need to get bodies up to him. I'm sure Fellaini can do


that. The player that has been brought on. The slip didn't help


Gary Cahill. He slipped and then fell over but just a respite for


Manchester United and for Mourinho. And for the referee.


Azpilicueta did well against Fellaini. The flag would have been


up anyway, the flag was up, but no need to stop the game.


Luiz and Cahill will be able to leave that one to Thibaut Courtois.


Rashford wants that ball. He's quick enough. Just needs to improve that


service to him. Not happy with himself, is he? Just


a simple pass. Now Pogba, gets past David Luiz, but


Kante is there again. Time for a throw. It is a United throw.


He's been privileged to It is often said he does the work of


two. Paul Pogba has got to do that for Manchester United now.


We are into minimum two minutes before we get a break for half-time.


Deep thinking, thinking how he can keep his old team at bay for


Moses... He's overdone it. Well done Ashley Young again. A good


match-up, those two. David de Gea will take as much of


this minute as he dare. Being told by his boss to put it


into the corner. He's looked for Fellaini instead. He won't be happy.


Mourinho wants that thrown into the corner flag.


Half-time at Stamford Bridge. We have not seen a goal, but plenty


more besides and we've seen a red card for Ander Herrera, as well as


some fantastic moments of attacking skill from Eden Hazard. Michael


Oliver w the two yellow cards, shown to Ander Herrera, will be a point of


discussion during the half-time interval though. Half-time sees the


score still, 0-0. No goals, but a man advantage to


Chelsea, which will be very difficult for Manchester United you


suspect. It will be very difficult for them. It has been a brilliant


first half. I know we've not had any goals. Two unbelievable saves from


de Gea and of course that red card, which has changed the game. At


thetically fascinating. Really. In the first quarter, the way... I am


not sure how they are playing. Maybe five or six at the back. The


impressive thing is they stepped in and got tight. For the first 20


minutes they would have been very happy. Manchester United though, it


is a massive blow to them losing a man when they were relatively


comfortable. I know de Gea had to make... De Gea has had to take a


couple of chances. They left Cahill on the ball. He gave away some


possession. The big talking point is whether he should have got two


yellows or not. Yes, for me. Cannot complain with that one, at all. I


think he knows what he's doing there. He's stopping Hazard. The


second one, I know he's not made a foul since then, his yellow card,


but this has happened and then the referee's talking to him. Constantly


fouling, Hazard... A warning... Stupid. He knows he's on a yellow


card. A yellow card for stupidity. I don't think it is a yellow for the


tackle he made. I think there's minimal contact. It was Jones that


tackled Hazard before. Not Herrera. But he's on a yellow card. When you


are in the heat of the battle those are the moments was take a view.


His third foul on Hazard, a strong one. I don't think it was a yellow


straightaway. The ref is ready to book someone after that first one.


Despite that, Eden Hazard been a threat as well. He always is. I know


whenever he gets the ball someone is on him, whether he's on the


left-hand side, whether it is Darmian, or whoever, when Jones is


getting tight on him. But as a forward player, I never mind when I


was man-marked. It is you against someone else. Most of the time it


has been him against Phil Jones. If he keeps on drifting to the middle,


which he is. They have decision to make. They can put him on the


left-hand side, on the right-hand side, on the touchline. Someone will


go with him. At times he's been brilliant. The touches, the turns.


They have made a mark on him. There's no doubt about that. The


intention is to get tight on him and not let him turn at all. He has


shown some pieces of magic. I think the key for United is it is


not just Jones and Darmian who are tight, Pogba went on top of Kante


and Matic as well. They kept rubbing the ball off. It caused Chelsea


problems because they did not allow them to get out of their own half.


Mind you, David de Gea, two breathtaking saves. I think The


first comes from Hazard's great skill. The way to get away from a


man-marker is through skill and then you are threw. -- through. That is


an absolutely top-drawer save. It will get beaten two minutes after


that, because I think he goes and beats him. You can see that


fingertip. Great strength there. That is such a big, strong hand that


is, when he's only seven/eight yards out. To get down so quick. Just a


superb save. For me de Gea is the best. Overall the threat remains to


be Eden Hazard. He's almost unstoppable at times. Some of the


stuff. We said before the game, how informed he is and the confidence.


He uses confidence when he gets the ball. He is the player lighting up


this game. He hasn't scored or created a goal, obviously. But the


problem earlier in the half is people getting tight. He found a way


to get away. Touches when he's not looking that way. We spoke about him


being a world-class player before. At the moment he looks like... When


you get man-marked, in that situation you can drag the defender


whenever you want. You can stand on the touchline, the defender might


come with you. That is fine. You know you'll be one on one. He's good


enough to beat anyone. After they went to a man less, ten men,


Manchester United, Mourinho maded the change, didn't he? You suspect


if he didn't park the bus in the first half, he will in the second


and the falling out, everything is heated? Ed? I think he will say, you


have to disrupt Chelsea more and get some of their players sent off. He


will not change his tactics. Fellaini has come on.


They will defend really well. I think Jose likes these moments. He


likes it on the line. It gets his team going. He'll be coming up With


another plan. What is he like at half-time when it is so tight, so


tense - everything is heated? That's when he's in his element. At his


best. Does he get angry in the dressing room? Will he be calm? He


might create, everyone is against us. That is not the right decision.


Go out and put it right. The organisation is massive for him. He


will get the banks of defenders. Now it is more. They might look to get


out. They might have to look with a view to extra time. You cannot see


them... It is a big ask for ten men. It is a big ask. From a Chelsea


point of view they have keep on moving the ball with pace. One


touch, two touch, keep demanding they give the ball to Hazard. He can


make a difference. More sport to come on BBC One. We'll have the draw


after the final whistle tonight. Phil and Ruud trusted with. That on


Thursday, on BBC Two, more from Jose Mourinho on the Premier League


BBC One will soon welcome back this as well.


This is the gateway to everything that ever was or ever can be.


It's like a... Space ship! What?


That is a robot. Mars... 1814... Get in! Nice here, isn't it? How do we


stay out of trouble? This is naughty. Exeter minutate!


Exterminate. Vy a feeling we'll be busy. It's time. Doctor!


You are about to be exposed to the vacuum of space.


This is the moment you have been waiting for since the day you were


born. With me to the Tardis... Well, Dan Walker has modelled many


outfits on Tom Baker's '70's look. There he is.


Thank you. I know there would be a red card. Red trousers for a red


card. We have been behind the dugout, a perfect ringside seat.


Frank said in the studio he feels Mourinho loves those sort of


moments... They do love Mr Gullit around here. Has he got under the


skin of Conte? I think so. The reaction was unbelievable. I think


he tries to provoke the linesman all the time. Tries to get his way.


Conte was getting, after a while he said, no. It is enough. There was a


battle between these two. It was fantastic to watch.


And it is a fantastic tactical battle out there as well. Do you


think that Manchester United will be harder to break down than when we


saw them in the first half? It was a good game to watch. I think they did


more than we expected. They pressed Chelsea very, very hard. It was


difficult to have a good build-up. So, now with ten men, they will


defend. They play five, three three, one. It is difficult to break


through. Chelsea has to go on the flanks, getting crosses in. When


they are on the flanks it is only one man in the box against three.


That's not enough. And we cannot have you here without showing you


Gullit magic from years gone by. This is the semifinal of 1996 when


you scored. Phil is upstairs tonight and he said you bullied him the


entire game. Do you remember that? I don't know. It was a great game. 2-1


in the end. What about this year - which one of


these teams will make it through to the last four of this competition?


Look, Chelsea's doing OK. This is not a very easy game to win, by the


way. Not very easy. Especially because of ten men. I think it is


going overtime. We saw you speaking to Fabio Capello before the game.


What secrets did he have for you? Any secrets you want to share with


us on the BBC? No. We were talking about the old days, about what


happened in the past. How we see football nowadays. Capello is happy.


He's done his job as a coach. He's been unbelievably successful. I am


happy to have him as a coach. I had some battles with him. Fair battles.


I am very keen and very happy, proud that I have been with him. Nothing


wrong with a bit of a battle. We will see what happens. One thing we


know for sure, they do like him around these parts.


Terrific atmosphere at the Bridge... It is a full house!


Brilliant, that is Eden Hazard. Manchester United on the ropes here.


A second yellow card for Ander Herrera... He thinks it was soft. A


fuse has been lit here well and truly.


It could of course go to extra time this evening. And you two


experienced that, didn't you, 2011? We did.


Frank, you were in the act. That was in extra time as well. I thought


that was the winner. It went to penalties in the end.


Look at the celebration! Here we go! Got knocked out to Reading in the


next round. Had you been in the sun a bit then?


November goals yet. 41 home games since Chelsea failed to score in the


FA Cup. The last time that happened was against Manchester United. It


was 2-1 to Manchester United and you played in that one as well, Phil.


1999. It was. I think it will go to penalties. I think it will have to


go to penalties for United to win this game. Do you expect Conte to


make any changes? He might look to introduce. He's got Pedro and


Fabregas. He might want people on the ball and move it quickly. That


is the important thing for Chelsea now. It gets tiring chasing the


game. Manchester United have played so many more games. I think he will


give it 15-20 minutes and Fabregas will come on to see if he can make


one or two of those key passes that he can do. And there are a lot of


people watching the game this evening. There's David Beckham with


all his friends. I am sure he's got a few. Hey. He


always looks the part. Alex Ferguson as well. Watching all the Manchester


United games and the Chelsea players first out of the tunnel. And so many


great players. We were marvelling at Kante's performance in that first


half. Nicking the ball, moving it forward. We've done it so many times


and said it this season and of course last season, but he is just


superb. He's the best in the league at it. Retrieving the ball back. The


energy, the amount of ground he covers in the game is incredible.


Now they have Kante, he does the job, and you have Matic there. The


creativity they want Fabregas. Chelsea problem could be


complacency. If you relax and start to move it slowly Manchester United


are a good team. Recently that is what he's done, played Fabregas in


mid-field rather than Matic, where he knows his team will dominate


position. As I said, don't be surprised after 10-15 minutes, if it


has not changed the score line and he will come on to try and open up


the back five or six. Saw a few shots of Hazard there. The year


before last, Footballer of the Year, magnificent. This year he's been


magnificent. How can a player that good have such an off season as he


did last season? Is it a confidence thing? He's a good lad. Laid back


off the pitch. Maybe confidence. He cannot do that again. It is almost


acceptable as a young player as a one off. Do you think it was down to


him? I think Jose Mourinho, he's a hard task master. Maybe if Eden


Hazard wasn't putting the work without the ball, but to be fair,


Conte is a hard task master. The way he's playing now, as I said, he's


going to all that... I would hang on. Keep going. You said it will go


to penalties, will he do anything difference second half? I don't see


how they can score a goal and I say, hang on for penalties.


Time for the second half. THE COMMENTATOR: Thank you, Gary.


All set then for another emotionally-charged 45 minutes. Ten


men, Manchester United against 11-man Chelsea. Running away with


the Premier League. As yet unable to take charge of this FA Cup


quarter-final. Manchester United's 4th game of the season. Chelsea's


35th. Jose Mourinho made it quite clear in the build-up to this game


the last thing they want is extra time. If it stays like this he would


take it. One little bit more effort from the team that he's put out


today. I was going to say fouled him, but


it's gone to United. Well, I don't think Azpilicueta will


get to that ball. So he's given a free kick. They might have to hold


on to the ball better than when they went down to ten men. Make the most


of these sort of situations. Ashley Young has to get this right.


Smalling is primed and ready. Fellaini in the thick of it all. In


from Young. It wasn't right. Jones has to hurry.


Looking to let that one run out of play. And running out of the dugout


Cesc Fabregas is getting ready for some sort of action. I said to Alan


at half-time about Fabregas coming on. He's right, this guy, he'll find


the passes. He's got great vision. Been in good form. Considering


himself unlucky not to play tonight. I am certain he'll be on shortly.


Scored in the last two home games for Chelsea.


An FA Cup win 12 years ago for Arsenal against Manchester United.


Although he was taken off before the extra time and penalties.


2005. 17 minus 12. I knew you'd remember


that. I wasn't there, actually,


unfortunately. You were there in spirit!


Very much so! Former players don't get tickets to


matches, I am afraid. That's the reality. We won't get the violins


out! Here's Kante... Now Moses... Actually well equipped Ashley Young


to play in that role, up and down the pitch. He's strong, quick.


Tenacious. It's run away from Willian. Fellaini


was quickly on to it. Now Rashford...


Kante has bumped him off it, as easy as you like.


Here's Azpilicueta... Azpilicueta's ball in. It wasn't far away from


Diego Costa. Chris Willian makes space for the shot.


Cleared by Young. Do better than that, because it's coming straight


back and Chelsea are committing more players forward. Azpilicueta is


pushing right on from the back three.


I don't think Valencia ever believed that was his throw.


Azpilicueta... He might have a go. He does. We talked about him getting


forward. Victor Moses, just out of shot, is just on for that pass.


Caught up in shooting. Manchester United will be happy with that.


Manchester United need a free kick from 25 yards and they need to bring


him on for it. Got to have a cap in the Beckham


household! Plenty of England caps, isn't there? Was on the end of one


of those Beckham-free kicks, in 1999.


Which end? The losing end! A game we should never have lost! I thought


you meant you headed one in for England. Of course, it was easy to


head in, such was the quality, I couldn't miss.


Costa holds them all off. Then Chelsea are forced back.


Matic decided there wasn't the option for a chip into the middle.


Kante... Shot! Kante finds a way.


Two Chelsea goals for N'Golo Kante this season.


Both at the Bridge against Manchester United.


That was rifled in. It's official now. This man, the


least player on the pitch you expect to do this. He knocks it out of his


feet what a shot that is. It has to be Something Special to beat de Gea,


who is back in his goal. Just to the opposite side. He can't get back.


A great finish from him there. Get so used to seeing de Gea save those.


I think he's just caught out by surprise because it's from so far


away. Chelsea 1. Manchester United, 0. It


is the man for all positions. He covers them all, N'Golo Kante, who


has made the difference. Now Manchester United have to give it a


go. A goal down and a man down. Young with the ball in. Fellaini


tried to win it. The flag is up. Chelsea will be able to get the ball


clear at their leisure. Kante is such a great story. It will


hurt him, the manner which he's scored. He's got his team back


behind the ball. Nobody gets to him quick enough. The little man who's


free wheeling through that mid-field punishes him.


Goal scored by a Chelsea player who was not one of his own.


Although Jose Mourinho would have loved to have had him. He's like


having two players, isn't he? . He's got two engines.


There's Pogba... Rashford. Flanked offside before the ball had arrived.


Manchester United have to lift those chins out of their necks.


Keep their heads up. They are proud holders and winners


last year of this competition. Looking at Kante and wondering,


well, he was in a Manchester United shirt tonight and they had gone down


to ten men, maybe didn't matter. He's that good.


Willian lost control. Interested to see if Mourinho


changes anything, if he's allowed to. They cannot get hold of the ball


at the moment, Manchester United. This is Kante, just knocking it out


of his feet. A great angle on the shot.


Don't often see de Gea beaten from there, do you? Manchester United's


best player of the first half. Puffed out his chest in celebration.


Smallest player on the field in stature. Biggest players on the


field so many times in terms of what he brings to the game.


Willian is there to help him. Moses there, too.


Azpilicueta will have a shot and it's the same result as the last


one. Azpilicueta will know he's to show


more quality than that. Antonio Conte had a smile on his


face when talking about N'Golo Kante this week.


A rye smile. He was saying the way he works in midfield reminds him of


me. He was some player, Conte. He won the Italian league, Champions


League winner. Uefa Cup winner. Won everything really as a player. 20


caps for his country. He's turned into a good manager as well. It is


good to see somebody with such a good playing career goes on to have


such a good managerial career. He won three league titles with


Juventus, didn't win the cop pa Copa Italia.


Willian has got it again. Bounced off his way.


Flag up against Moses. Manchester United free kick.


The most important test in the next phase of the game is staying in the


game. That's it. Just got to get hold of that ball a lot more than


they are. Wondering if Mourinho will make any changes. It is only the


Chelsea substitutes I can see warming up.


Fellaini making life difficult for Kante.


There is an example, Ashley Young with the ball in hand but nobody to


throw it to. There is the old adage in football


that it is harder to play against ten, but Chelsea aren't making


yellow flag that at the moment. David Luiz has missed it. Rashford


has to move. He has the beating of Cahill. Inside, outside, Rashford


with a chance and what a good save that is why Courtois. He has had


flesh is little to do all day but when called upon he was more than


ready. -- precious little. The way he shifts this sport from one foot


to the other and create the opening, and what about this for a save.


Unbelievable save from the keeper there. That has got United's fans


going again. Ashley Young. Headed firmly away by Diego Costa, now


there might be HRC brake on. We know what they can do on the counter.


Kante, four against two. Matic. Willian wants it at the back, it has


come his way. He was trying to pull it back for Diego Costa, and Hazard


gets the deflection. It is going to be a corner. It was like watching


PlayStation football, from one end to the other, unbelievable. Overlap


here, numbering Manchester United. I don't think the defender knows much


about this. Both of them. Have both hit him. A little taster for


Chelsea, what Rashford can do on the break. David Luiz got away with the


misjudgement. Willian. Free header! And, would you believe it, of all


the people to miss a chance like that, Diego Costa.


It is a ball that is whipped in and he runs onto a beautifully, and he's


got to score from there. Completely unopposed. It hits him on the


shoulder. He has shocked himself, Diego Costa.


Antonio Conte was putting it in. I think he was thinking about his


celebration there. Manchester United will feel that


they ought to be level with Rashford's run. Chelsea will feel


they ought to be clear with Costa's Heather. -- header. Costa has gone


down in the middle after a brush with Rojo, he didn't stay down for


long. They just keep going, Chelsea, from


side to side, keep proving, keep getting the overlap. Kante urged to


shoot by fans in the Matthew Harding fans. Moses. But forget the ball.


Azpilicueta, second chance. Kante will shoot now, now he won't,


a dummy away from Fellaini, and that is only just over from Willian. It


is a shooting gallery. It is that man, Kante, again. A dummy, and he


wraps his foot around that. A great bit of skill from Willian.


Beautifully curling, just over. This was why Costa went down a fume at


ago. A bit of argy-bargy, literally. Trying to invite the reaction from


Rojo. He was keen to oblige. Fascinating now, though, because


what Manchester United and Rashford did on that break really keeps


Chelsea honest. They have to wrap this came up, they desperately need


that second goal. Playing like a team that intends to get it soon.


Young delays Moses's progress. Costa rides the ball back from him.


And then falls over the leak of Marcos Rojo.


-- falls over the lake. Free kick for Manchester United. Nothing for


Diego Costa. It is an honest battle and Costa does really well, an


injection of pace, Rojo comes across, great tackle, well timed.


Needed to be as well. He resisted the urge to fully dive in first


time. Just about gets away with that, Rojo. He is a bowl of a


striker -- he is a bull of a striker, Costa.


Hazard has gone for goal. He did not look bright to see in girl Kante who


had some space on the edge of the box -- N'Golo Kante. You expect


better from Hazard in that position. David Luiz makes Cahill look a mug.


Brings it on to his left foot and that is a really important save from


Courtois. Keeps his eye on it, does other things right, the young man,


really, except for putting it in the back of the net. I think we are


looking at the future here. Ibrahimovic suspended for tonight's


game but Rashford has really impressed me. Hazard has managed to


get it across. Phil Jones manages to get it away. Manchester United are


clinging on their FA Cup hopes. Azpilicueta keeping the ball away


from Rashford. Rashford is putting a lot of energy onto his performance.


Another brush between Costa and Rojo. The whistle had gone, the game


had stopped, could Marcos Rojo have stopped? These two are having their


own duel. Costa runs offside. Rojo is running after the ball and he


wanted quickly. No. He is going down like he has broken his leg. It is


just an overreaction. We thought we had seen the last of that from him


but he is back again this year, I'm afraid. Sorry for you skilled lip


readers. Diego Costa does not need to get


himself involved but he can't top himself, it is the way he is.


Sometimes Rojo is a good player and he seems to have switched onto that


part of Costa's game tonight. Let's hope we have seen the last of that


from him this season because when he concentrates and just focuses on


scoring goals, I think he is absolutely awesome.


David de Gea leaves that one for Phil Jones. He was not sure he was


going to get there. Corner. A quarter of the game to go.


Down to ten men against the country's best team this season,


Chelsea. Got to stick in there. They are proud men, these Manchester


United players will Marcos Rojo back at Costa. Darmian


came to meet him. He can't properly get past Darmian.


All of this is energy sapping for the Manchester United players will


stop I think Rojo is doing an awful lot of the ball, watching him since


that incident with Costa, just trying to tease something out of


Costa, a reaction. Of course they wouldn't want to get a player sent


off, either, would they, Chelsea? Perhaps that is the master from


Rojo. Now Victor Moses. -- the masterplan. Picked off by Jones,


only to give the ball back to Matic. Kante shift the ball away from


Fellaini for stop looking for Costa. Phil Jones made sure he got in front


of him. A great header. Kante again though, showing the qualities he


has. A jinked cross away from Fellaini. A pretty relaxed wander


forward from David Luiz. Diego Costa will chase the ball. Moses, it is a


super run. Just let the ball ran away to far and that allowed


Smalling in. He did, and Smalling was there. So much height as well in


that Chelsea attack, with Matic coming in there. Costa, Cahill, all


big lads. The defending again from Manchester United. -- good


defending. Just turning the screw, Conte, he wants more from his team.


Willian in. Jones climbed higher to meet it.


Looking for Alonso. Darmian's had out. Kante direct a header down to


the feet of David Luiz. -- Darmian's header out.


Just probing, Chelsea, looking for that killer pass, the movement off


the ball. Willian has a go. Tried to catch


David de Gea out with the early one. He has looked really sharp tonight,


Willian. Really good turn there. Kante put him in again.


Willian in. Pogba out. Chelsea relentless in their search for a


second goal. It is not their manager demands.


Conte. He is a serial winner. When he was at Juve he didn't stop


winning trophies. Just looking, no sign of any Manchester United


changes yet. I am surprised at Mourinho. He surely will have to


change it because the players are almost out on their feet at the


moment. It seems as if Antonio Conte is waiting for 2-0 before he


switches cards. Willian finds Matic. Valencia was


not going to let Hazard go. Michael Oliver has let him off. Hazard, as


soon as he feels so one lock in on him, he just pushes the ball, goes a


bit quicker, able to buy the foul. Willian, he has got away from Marcos


Rojo. And it has missed in the middle by Costa, pulled back by


Alonso. Hazard muscled off it by Valencia. Chelsea have had the


chances. They have got to take one, haven't they? They have, but it is a


gallant effort just united there. Willian so quick, you think Costa


will put it in. Look, he misses that. He should be scoring there. It


is a side foot of his left foot. Away from Pogba and out for a throw.


Manchester United have just got a hope for their manager they can grab


a goal on the break. They just can't get the ball at the moment. Just a


reminder to stay with us with the way through to the end the night


because the semifinal draw will follow. As it stands, three from


London, one from Manchester in it. And it is City who will be in the


last four, they are in the last the Paw. United have work to do to join


them. You can't fault the work they have put into this, with ten men


since the 35th minute. David Luiz back to Courtois. Over


the last few minutes, Rashford has had the chance to get a bit of air


back into his lungs. He has not had to run so much. If he was coming


into this game with any kind of illness he certainly hasn't shown it


to night. He has just got to keep the energy levels high, wait for his


opportunity. I'm not sure if he will get another one. Chelsea will give


another one because Ashley Young gave them at the too much to do with


that header back. -- gave David de Gea. Again, he will be tiring every


time Moses has got the ball, he has been straight upon him. Just signs


of the last few minutes that the gap has been getting wider. They are


ruthless, Chelsea, aren't they? Drawing all that energy out of


Manchester United. Marcos Rojo involved this time on David Luiz,


allowing Phil Jones to leave them to it and head away.


Rashford wasn't quite ready to run for that one. He has glanced over to


the bants a couple of times. Jesse Lingard has been warming up for


Manchester United. Incomes Valencia and then he jumped into the tackle


on Kante. Michael Oliver Gibson the benefit of the doubt for the second


time. -- gives him the benefit of the doubt. He has, but he has gone


in with the side of his foot, so I am within there. I am not unhappy


with that sort of tackle. -- I am with him. Riding in Izaaj problem


but he is turning his body and going in sideways. For me, that is a fair


challenge. Took the child after committing a foul on Hazard a few


minutes ago. Young stopped by Moses, and Moses getting away from Young,


who has hacked down. That will be a yellow card. The name of Ashley


Young will be taken, and I think there are signs, as we hope that


Victor Moses is OK after that, that Manchester United, one or two of


them, letting their frustrations get the better of them. Ashley Young was


never going to get to that one. He knows he has a 30 yard run as well,


so he has taken one for the team there. As it all gets a little bit


heated again down near the side of the pitch, let's hither views of two


who are down there. Ruud Gullit and Dan Walker. It is all getting a bit


tasty on the touchline but at 1-0 there is always that opportunity for


Man Utd. Yes. Rashford have the opportunity. The red card killed the


game, it is a pity, it was fascinating the first time. Chelsea


tried to find spaces between a very defensive, and understandably, Man


Utd. Both sides making changes. Lingard and Fabregas about to come


on. Thank you both. Cesc Fabregas will bring his artistry to the game


shortly. We understand it will be Willian who makes way.


Darmian can't get to grips too strongly. Hazard finds Matic.


Fellaini makes sure that he can't even think about an attempt on goal.


Kante. Pogba's in. Kante snaked him and was fouled by him. Chelsea free


kick. No sign of a card. Just the two hands and a fiery into the


hamstring as well. -- and a thigh. So a change of peace. Willian is.


Cesc Fabregas is going to come on to see if he can, well, score, as he


has done in the last two home games, or perhaps do what he usually does,


supply a go for somebody else. Fabregas will be looking to come on


with that ruthless head on, but William can come on this head held


high. A big favourite. Player of the Year last year, but he can hold his


head high tonight. Did well. The Manchester United change sees Ashley


Young take a break and Jesse Lingard comes on, scorer of Manchester


United's goal in a 1-1 draw between the sides fear in February of last


year. -- here in February. The man who always seems to score when


Manchester United get to Wembley. I don't think it is going to happen in


the FA Cup this season. Who knows? He has plenty of energy about him,


an I for goal. Who knows indeed, it is not all over yet.


Jones to swing it in. It is over Rashford. Moses got his head to it.


Lingard will try to keep United pressing, now Pogba to go for goal


but he has dragged it wide. He had to take it first time. It is a long


way out, it is a hopeful hit from there. Good play from Valencia,


though, down the right-hand side. Works the cross. Just not the


quality on this strike you'd expect. Fellaini just putting the squeeze on


Courtois there. He was able to clear and Jones is able to find de Gea.


You can tell it is not won for Chelsea yet because Diego Costa is


getting more and more at all. They may feel they need another goal, and


goodness me they are trying to get one. -- more and more rattled. Conte


will feel they should have had at least one more against ten men. You


just feel is going to be Manchester United's turn to grab one on the


break? Fabregas slips. A little bit of afters involving


Marcos Rojo, but no harm done. There has been quite a lot involving


Marcos Rojo. He wants to have a little nibble at everyone, doesn't


he, Rojo? They just leave these Manchester United players to find it


in themselves for another big effort on the break, and it is so demanding


physically when you have had to defend for so long to find that


energy. Chelsea fans biting their nails. They haven't had it quite so


tense as this for most home games this season. By this stage, they are


normally getting their orders in down the Kings Road. I think these


Chelsea fans know they have a special group of players here, a


special manager. Marcos Rojo now after Matic. He will


chase Cahill. Rashford is upon David Luiz in a second. Courtois just


evades Rashford. Azpilicueta. Diego Costa. Two to the left. Hazard with


just a little touch will stop Alonso back in towards Hazard, and turned


behind by Valencia. You have to say Valencia is absolutely magnificent


the way he gets back. He is running 40 yards or so, great interception


from him. They are just inviting Manchester United on. Rojo has gone


flying out and it is like, right, we are going for the kill, Chelsea.


Eventually gets back to save his team. Fabregas with the corner.


Four and a half minutes on the 90 to go. Chelsea not quite in the FA Cup


semifinals yet. I think Rojo will still be following


him at midnight! Fabregas. Diego Costa has just got another


autograph from Marcos Rojo. Moses. Hazard. Skipped away from


Jones. Here's Marcos Alonso. Costa. Costa back in on Jones. That will be


a free kick for Manchester United. It is going to be a yellow card for


Diego Costa too. It came to boiling point, finally.


There can't be any complaints there. Loses it initially. I think he's


annoyed Jones is trying to put Rashford away here and just catches


him. Got a delay.


We digest Diego Costa's yellow card. It is because Victor Moses needs


some treatment. Two-and-a-half minutes to go.


Chelsea joining Manchester United. Arsenal and Spurs in the last four.


Kante and talk about Man of the Match... It is men of the match


Isn't it? He's everywhere. He's been outstanding. He's scored, he's


everywhere. It's as if someone has picked him up and put him on the


pitch. He's been magnificent tonight. Moses can't continue any


longer. He's got a hobble that needs some treatment. Zouma comes on.


Pogba might get another chance for Manchester United. He couldn't quite


get there though. Zouma involved immediately. It has brought a roar


from the visiting fans. Zouma arrived in the nick of time.


An important header. Lingard, Manchester United might as


well have one last go if they can. If they get caught on the counter,


no matter. Fabregas continues with his move.


Kante has just slowed everything down.


Valencia stopped him. There's a double deflection. It will be a goal


kick to Manchester United, who might as well just have a charge.. Well,


for sure, they want to push players up. Fellaini get him up the pitch.


Pogba has gone to centre forward. Up towards Fellaini. And it just


arrived at Pogba a little too quickly. It's bounced away off his


knee. He looks tired there, Pogba. Is this another game where


Manchester United needed more from that record signing? Or is it a


different game because of the red card? You want your big players to


arrive on the big occasions. A huge price tag to live up to.


Here's Rashford... And Rashford has beaten Azpilicueta. Turned by David


Luiz. United aren't done yet. They have the best part of four minutes.


Cleared by Zouma. Just feel if they can get Rashford


on the ball one by one, he might do it this time.


Smalling, he's given it to Fabregas. Of Diego Costa forward. A race for


Jones. There is blue support arriving.


And Fabregas finds his effort smothered by Marcos Rojo.


. We are seeing outstanding defending.


It is Rojo again... He's caught Eden Hazard.


When you think of how much he's been involved, it is incredible Marcos


Rojo hasn't had his name taken. He gets a good block


Matic... Is that it? Have we seen the


Manchester United flurry? We're going to see another Chelsea free


kick. Valencia.... He's so frustrated,


isn't he? He's got stuck into three now.


Chelsea free kick. Only now do their fans feel content enough to start to


sing about going to Wembley, with two minutes to go.


First time we've heard it. Well, the double is very much on.


Rashford doesn't have the energy to go for it. You can understand that.


The final Chelsea change. Antonio Conte has used all three substitutes


in every Premier League game this season. And he's using all three in


this FA Cup quarter-final because Diego Costa isn't going to score for


a fourth game in a row. But again, he's certainly left his impression


on the match. Well, you have to say he's an outstanding striker. He


wants to effect you. He can score goals, not tonight. They love him


here. He's the Guvnor! Time will be added on. We might even


go to plus-five minutes at the end of this.


Kante in the mid-field has revolutionised it now. You have an


extra player in front of you. Played that system myself. How you can be


ex-pleased when Kante -- exposed when Kante is in that mid-field.


Zouma has had to do a fair bit since coming on.


This has got to be launched. This is last chance Manchester United time.


Fellaini... Nobody there in red. Mis-kicked by Kante.


Fellaini collects it from Rojo's pass. Tries to dig it out to


Rashford. Rashford has a blue swarm around him.


Darmian has a hack at it. A Chelsea throw and they will take all the


time they can with it. Still giving the instructions, but


Mourinho, he'll be pleased with the efforts from his players, they are


fighting for their lives. You are just too good, Chelsea. Chelsea are


too good! The double is still on for Antonio Conte's London Blues.


Single strike from the number seven has taken Chelsea to Wembley and not


Manchester United. Out of the FA Cup. The holders are gone. They gave


it their all to defend their Cup. With ten men, from ten minutes


before half-time, they fought, they scrapped, they stayed in the game.


But it is Chelsea's game. Chelsea's tie. Chelsea, 1. United, 0. .


Jose Mourinho applauding his spectators. But ultimately it is


defeat for his side. Herrera getting sent off. A man advantage for


Chelsea. The winning goal from N'Golo Kante and Chelsea can wave


their flags. They are going to Wembley. It is looking like a very


special season for them. They were the better team on the night. I know


the sending off changed the night completely. They did stretch them,


as we expected. They did move the ball quickly. They did create


chances. They should have scored a couple more goals. The Man of the


Match, was without doubt Kante. Mentioned at half-time, the way he


retrieved the ball. We are not used to talking about too many goals of


his, but we made such a big difference. I know they had a


man-advantage, but they were very dominant. Playing against ten men is


a challenge. It is not that easy. Barring the one chance, they created


enough chances to win the game. They were the better team. OK, we'll hear


from Phillip Neville, before we speak to Gary Cahill, who is with


Dan Walker. Thank you. We will have a word with the captain. We have


Kante coming over to join us live. Thank you very much guys for talking


to us. Gary, it was a big game. An important win and another home


victory for Chelsea. We kept the momentum going. You know, changed


from playing in the league. I thought we dug in and I thought it


was a professional performance from us to be honest. We controlled the


game when we needed to. Job done. It was tough at times against the ten


of Manchester United, but a special goal. You only score against


Manchester United? I am happy to score again. I'm happy for the win.


Tell us something about the confidence in the team - it looks,


when you watch Chelsea play, it looks like you feel you can't lose.


Do the players feel that? It was difficult. Manchester is a good


team. It was a tough game. We are happy for the win. Did you see the


red card. What did you think of that? It was 35 minutes in It was a


tough game for us today. Obviously that turned it in our favour after


that. I haven't got off the pitch yet to be honest. I thought there


was a few fouls leading up to that. Maybe slightly silly to go in and


make the foul again. You know, we were complaining, we felt there were


many fouls. No dangerous ones, but little ones. I don't know, I haven't


seen it. For us, it went in our favour. A brief word about having


this man playing in front of you - doesn't score many goals, but does


is much about the pitch? He's been fantastic. I spoke about him last


game. Performance level is right up there. You see what he did last


season. He's come here and he's kicked on again. Such a humble guy


off the pitch. Works hard. It's so important for us. Especially at the


back. We can tell a lot. It is tremendous addition to the squad.


He's won us a goal today. You would like to play in the semi-finals? It


is a pleasure to go to the next one. Hopefully we can go in the final


and, we'll see. Anyone you fancy, Gary? It is tough. It is full of the


big teams now. It's going to be difficult. If you win this


competition, you will deserve to have won it. You will not dodge


anyone. It will be tough all the way. Go and turn the telly on. The


draw is coming up. See you at Wembley. Well done, boys. I thought


Kante might intercept all the questions there.


He's going to do the draw for us which will come in a few minutes'


time. Kante, we talked about him. He's an astonishing footballer. If


he starts to add goals to his game, Lord knows how good he'll be? You're


looking at the Players' Player of the Year. He's stood out above


everyone else. Chelsea showed great Patience. He went from one end to


the other. Eventually comes to him in the middle of the park. As I


said, we are not used to him scoring too many goals. He was absolutely


superb tonight. He was all over the park, as usual.


When yutd yut did win the ball back, he was -- when United did win the


ball back, he was scoring for Chelsea. He really is Something


Special, isn't he? Alan is right. I would say he's the best central


mid-field player in the world on current form. He was left out of the


Euros. Looking at the performance this way, maybe he's not scoring a


lot of goals. In the way he's playing, the driving force he is, I


can not see anyone out there in world football better than him at


the moment. He's extraordinary. Marcus Rashford had the only Real


chance, just after half-time. I didn't know what David Luiz was


doing there. We were screaming get in the box. He went one way, went


the other. Top goalkeepers make saves at crucial times and that was


a huge safe. A good opportunity. The only decent one they had in the


whole game. But a top, top save. He could be relaxing there and


sometimes your concentration is not there. When he had to do his job, he


did it perfectly. Clel sea, I know they had a -- Chelsea, I know they


had a man advantage, they were impressive. Before the sending off


they were taking control of the game. Hazard was getting on the


ball, the link up between him and Willian was good. When we said


United went at Chelsea, they didn't have an effort on target. And the


best player was the goalkeeper. They didn't really dominate


They have almost won the league already. They are now in the


semi-finals of the FA Cup. They have no European football to bog them


down. They will take some stopping. That definitely helps European


football. One thing you would say with Jose Mourinho tonight is this


is sandwiched between two big games. The way Chelsea are playing there


was not a weakness. And the thing is you don't get many chances to score


against them. Just the one. That was the one effort they had on target.


It was a big opportunity. A very good save. OK, well it is almost


time, as promised, for the draw for the semi-finals of the FA Cup. We


can head, well about ten yashds that way, actually, to join Jake.


-- yards. Nice to see you. Thank you very much


for being with us. A warm welcome to the millions of people who are


joining us right now around the world on TV, on radio and online as


we find out who will go toe to toe in the semi-finals of the emirate's


FA Cup. We have seen two North London sides dominant in their


quarter-finals. We have just seen here at Stamford Bridge Chelsea


dominate the game. Manchester United spent much of the game down to ten


men, which makes it difficult for Phil to be standing here. Nice to


see you. These two have a decent pedigree in this competition.


Ruud, you don't look different from 20 years ago. I was very proud. We


have to look carefully to spot Phil. There he is. You won it three times.


You had a great relationship with the Cup? Great memories. Great days.


Chelsea could be there in a couple of months. In some ways it was a


game ruined by that red card. Although they were not looking like


scoring, Manchester United were holding their own. They were well in


the game. The sending off changed the game. Jose had to change the


game plan. There was not an attacking force, apart from the


chance from Rashford. They were beaten by the better team. You would


have Ruud enjoyed watching the managers. The chitchat, trying to


provoke the linesman and trying to intimidate the clash. It was fun to


watch! Antonio Conte is making it look easy... What he has, he has


upfront, he's so strong. And Hazard is unbelievable. Willian also. Pedro


also. All these little guys who are so quick. And you know, it is


fantastic to watch. And the standard is really, really


high. Kante was special tonight. We hope


the best performance of the night comes from you two. Four of the


biggest names of English football. It will be over in a flash. Don't


miss it. Here we go. Right, we put the balls in there.


Here we go. The first team out, Ruud?


First team out... Number one. We have just seen them playing here


against Manchester United, Chelsea. The first team out. Chelsea will


face... Number three. Tottenham. All-London clash. Chelsea against


Tottenham is the first clash out of the hat.


Number four. Number four, Arsenal, who had that


convincing win over Lincoln City, who did so well to make it through


to the quarter-finals. Arsenal against? Number two. Manchester


City. So, Gentlemen, that was nice and easy.


Yes! Thank you for your work. These ties will be played over the weekend


of the 22nd and 23rd April. I cannot wait for them. It should be two


brilliant matches. We are down to these four teams. I


suppose, looking at that, Chelsea verses Tottenham. Tottenham have


caused Chelsea more problems this season. It will be a London derby,


which will give it an edge. I think they are two very form teams. The


difficulty is, only a few weeks to go. Important players whether they


are injured, whether they are fit. Chelsea sit favourites as it stands.


The other one? A tough call. When the big boys joined the FA Cup in


January it got off to a slow start, with a lot of players out. Four big


hitters in the semi-finals. One team will miss out. That is Manchester


United. Let's hear from their manager, he's with Dan Walker.


Thank you for talking to us so soon thaft game. Do you feel hard done


by? Everyone is talking about that red card? I don't speak. I just want


to say that I'm really proud of my players. I'm really proud of the


fans. And we have a very important match on Thursday and I want to try


to rest a little bit, to try to prepare the team the best we can for


the Thursday match. And that's the most important thing. We were


standing right behind you. Do flow not want to talk about it because


you are so, because it annoyed you so much, is that the reason? No.


Everybody, of course we can analyse a different perspective, everyone


can do it in a different way, but I think we all watched the match until


the red cards and after the red card, so, and then we can compare


the decisions of these two yellow cards, in this case the second


yellow card with other ones that were not given. But I don't want to


go in that direction. You know, this Mr Michael Oliver, the referee, the


fantastic potential, but we done, Manchester United, a bit unlucky, in


four matches. Three penalties and one red card in such a moment of the


game. But, again, I cannot change that. But I can try to interfere in


the Thursday match, which is the match which is, that is coming and


now we have to rest. Can I ask you, did you speak to the referee after


the game? No. I shock his hand. I told him many congratulations and


there is nothing to speak of. Thank you for speaking to us. It is


sometimes difficult for managers after a game, like Dan was pushing


him there and he probably wants to say something, but can't. What do we


make of the decision looking back now? You can take from that what


Jose Mourinho thinks. He didn't say the words, as such. But I think it


was critical to the game, as you know. The first is a yellow card,


for sure. I don't think the second is for the tackle.


The referee talks to the two players and warns them. Straight after


this... Which is the fault of Herrera. That is where he has to


step off for a second, let the game cool down. I don't think it is a


yellow. The view? I don't think it is a yellow. The second one I think


it is harsh, considering what we saw in the second half. That is a soft


booking and the referee's got to judge that on the individual merits,


not what went on before. It was a very difficult game to referee.


There was definitely, there should have been at least another one or


two red cards in the second half for things going on off the ball.


OK. The referee makes the decision. I think we are all agreed in terms


of the Man of the Match. N'Golo Kante - he was brilliant. When --


he's ended up in areas of the field, he's on the right wing late in the


game. He's in the box. He manages to come out of the box, 15 yards. I


mean... He breaks up play sometimes. When they counterattack. Watch this!


He's the most effective mid-field player in Europe. They must thank


their lucky stars that they have got this guy in front of them because he


takes so much pressure off those three guys, a lot of the time, the


way he wins that ball back. The energy that he has is just quite


staggering. A lot of people talk about the difference in Leicester.


He's one of the most significant reasons, for sure. And he showed


that how he played tonight. I don't see anyone with the influence He has


on a team. I thought he was a six, but he's more than a six. He's a


six, an eight and a ten. He's three players in one of. -- three players


in one. A couple of really good opportunities here to score. A free


header. Got to score there. Another one here - superb play. He cannot


get his feet ready for it. But... They were having a right go at each


other, the whole of the second half and trying to wind each other up.


There are lots of parts of Costa's game that I am a big fan of, but I


really don't like that side of it where trying to get players sent


off. And that is a stamp, whi wouldn't surprise me at all. He


should have been sent off After what we saw last week at Old


Trafford, you would think the FA would look at that. Jose Mourinho


frustrated a lot of times on the touchline. He doesn't like losing.


He certainly doesn't. I think he's telling the Chelsea


fans that he's won three titles. Good job he didn't win two! They


understand it. I think they will let it go. This is the heat of the


moment stuff. Here, you know, he's got great pass. Slightly off his


target. Wide from where he wanted it to be.


But you can see the decision Then he was bouncing up and down the


whole night. It is good he didn't get in


Thursday night they have another game. That is their priority now. We


can hear from Antonio Conte. Before we go, here he is with Dan.


Congratulations. You are into the semifinal. How impressed were you


with that performance this evening? For sure, a good performance against


a team, very strong, with good players. For me United are the best


squad in the league. A lot of good players. And for us, we must be


pleased to go and be in the next round and to beat a great opponent.


Your opposite number, Jose Mourinho, was talking about the red card, he


felt it changed the game. He didn't want to talk about about the


performance of the referee. What was your take on that? Hazard started


the game and he couldn't -- Started the game and couldn't play the


football. All the people look at this and, yes, and then they judge


the situation. The draw has just taken place. You have got a London


derby against Tottenham. How do you feel about that? The semifinal, it


is normal the draw. It is difficult, but also in this quarter-final was


the final. Very difficult against United. But now we go to Wembley and


we are ready to play against Tottenham. Against a really strong


team. But now I think we must be satisfied for what we are doing.


Congratulations! See you in the semi-finals. Thank you. What a debut


season he's having. We are out of time. Thank you all very much.


Chelsea are through and will face Tottenham in the semifinal. Thanks


from a goal from N' Golo. Terrific atmosphere at the Bridge.


On the ropes here. A second yellow card for Ander Herrera. A fuse has


been lit here, well and truly! Kante finds a way!


The double is still on for Antonio Conte's London Blues! .


The 24-year-old man has been charged with murder.


You made sure an innocent man is charged!


What gives you the right to say that he's innocent?


If police wrongdoing is part of this, I want to know.


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