Quarter-Final: Tottenham Hotspur v Millwall The FA Cup

Quarter-Final: Tottenham Hotspur v Millwall

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Taxi. Where to? White Hart Lane, please. Righty-o. I'm a big Millwall


fan, me. We haven't played them for years. Last time we played them, you


scored. Times have changed since then. The game has gone mad, hasn't


it? Some of them celebs, do me a favour. Since we last played them we


made it to the FA Cup final. Loved that day. Not the result, mind. Our


bomber Harris played up front that day, use our gaffer now. We've been


brilliant this season. It would be great to see old Harry again. You


know we put a lion in that boy's heart. One of your own? Ha! Anyway,


here we are, White Hart Lane. He seems up for it. Welcome to the FA


Cup quarterfinal, Tottenham versus Millwall.


This will be the final FA Cup tie to be played at the old White Hart


Lane. The development of Tottenham's new 61,000 seat stadium continues


apace. The old ground is sure to have a raucous atmosphere for this


London derby. Millwall of League 1 have already knocked out three


Premier League clubs in this season's competitions. There are no


replays, so we could have extra time or penalties to decide the tie.


Welcome Jermaine Jenas, and we have reunited the old Sheeran Sheringham


which is difficult to say. You were pretty good in your day. Cannot


believe you pass this, Terry, there's no way I would have. I've


told people in a few interviews, there is no way you should pass from


a position like that. Beautifully sliced Finnish. You also played in


the game back in 1990 at the Den, great memories, no doubt? Fantastic.


The best of my career. We came through the ranks together, playing


in the youth team, reserves, got into the first-team. Great memories


looking back on these goals at the old a proper place to play. Always a


warm welcome one got there as an away player, that's for sure. You


were the record scorer for a long time until Neil Harris, the now


manager, took over. People don't realise that was before the Premier


League, there was a division before that. Football didn't exist before


the Premier League. Scored a lot of goals, had a lot of fun along the


way. Millwall have beaten three Premier League sides along the way


but this is a different task. Yes, only conceded one in their last ten.


It will be a very difficult day for Spurs. Having said that they have


not come up against the opposition they are about to face today. You've


seen Millwall a few times this season, you were saying earlier,


they are on an impressive run? Really good, seven, eight games


unbeaten at the moment. Even before that they've got a rigid formation.


4-4- two, two banks of four, get it up to their front two who are very


good, both can score goals, one big one, one little one. Spurs on a good


run as well, Jermaine. They've been absolutely sensational at White Hart


Lane this season. Since being knocked out of the Europa League


we've seen a shift in Mauricio Pochettino's focus on desperately


wanting to win a trophy. And the performance they put out against


Fulham was sensational. It has been a strong run, and they are playing


with such confidence, could be a tough afternoon for Millwall.


Impressed by the progress of your former club Tottenham? Without a


doubt. Pochettino has got his team performing. To a man they are very


good and as a team they are exceptional. That's all you can ask


other manager, to get your team performing. What do you make of


Spurs, kind of an unusual season, at times very consistent at home, and


some dodgy results in Europe? I think they'll be up for it. As you


said in the opener, this is the last FA Cup tie here. They have a great


history, albeit they have not won it since 1991. The fans are desperate


for it. Could be a big season for them, still. Certainly could be.


Let's confirm both teams. This is how Spurs line-up. Michael Vaughan


is one of four changes to the side that beat Everton a week ago --


Vorm. The same back three that started that match. Kieran Trippier


and Harry Winks come in for their fourth successive FA Cup starts. Son


Heung-Min is recalled, he and the in form Dele Alli will support striker


Harry Kane. Hat-trick hero at Fulham in the last round, starting against


the club where he launched his career five years ago. Let's take a


look at the Millwall side. Tom King only made his league debut last


month, continuing to deputise for the injured Jordan Archer. The club


stalwart, Tony Craig, captains the side in a back four with no Premier


League experience. On loan winger Jed Wallace makes his first start


since returning from a calf injury. Upfront fit again Steve Morison


reunited with Lee Gregory, the pair have scored 17 goals between them


since the beginning of last season. The Millwall manager Neil Harris is


a Lions legend. As a player his 138 goals broke a club record that was


set by Teddy Sheringham back in the day. He has played in an FA Cup


final for Millwall, now he has steered them to the quarterfinals.


Mark Clement went to the seaside to meet him.


Good chest and a good drive and a really fine goal by Harris.


You've got these strong south London credentials but you are a Southend


home bird which is why we are here today? Yes, this has always been my


home, this is where I grew up, where my friends are, where my family up.


Canvey Island just over there. You've got the pier. Just telling


them how perfect it is to live down here. Beautiful, isn't it? I live


about 15 minutes away. Amazing who you meet down here. Being by the


sea, being near the family, I think certainly helps me focus and do my


job. You could not have imagined when you turned up down there nearly


20 years ago the bond you were going to form with that football club? No.


There's been some highs and some lows, must admit. I've been


fortunate. The club suits me as a person. Suits my ethics as well.


During my playing days it was always said I wasn't the best player on the


pitch but I would give everything and that's what the fans want to


see, playing with that pride, passion and drive. I always gave


that. I believe that gave me a good starting point to be manager. You


mentioned highs and lows. I want to ask where the 2004 FA Cup final fit


in, you were having some trouble at the time, Wisey didn't fancy you,


was that bittersweet? Yes, moments when I was not playing regularly.


That was a slight disappointment. It's been a hard, hard data Neil


Harris. What that experience has enabled me to do is to pass back


onto the players in this cup run. Played in four Cummings and Cummings


scores! 90th minute of the match! Because of the life-threatening


illness you had back in 2001, do you think you've got a perspective and


subjectivity that maybe allows you to attack your work in a different


manner? The perspective for me, I can look back sometimes and say,


let's put this into reality, let's be disappointed when we've thrown


the game away that we should have won but let's get up in the morning


in the cold light of day and say, let's take the positives out of it,


how can we get better, how does that not happen again? I'd like to think


it certainly made me a stronger person. Do you think you can beat


Spurs this weekend? Of course we can. It's a one-on-one fight on the


day. Being underdogs suits us, Millwall Football Club is at its


best with its back to the wall as an underdog. We will certainly embraced


the occasion. We've got nothing to lose. Everybody expects Spurs to


win. Nothing to lose but of a lot to gain. Well said. His done a terrific


job, unbeaten in 17 games as well now. Like he said, the Millwall


unity, they will come together today. No one likes them. They were


come here and have a bit of fun today. Put in a workmanlike


performance. As I said earlier, very solid, rigid, two banks of four. Get


the ball up to the front two, very good. You never know what happens in


a one-off tie. You've had a look at those two upfront? They will be a


handful today. Not many times Tottenham will come up against a


two, in the Premier League anyway, two out and out centre forwards.


Millwall will not be afraid to get it for it and the vast majority, the


two will be linking and working together. That was after a minute in


their game against Watford. Getting the ball out wide. Long ball up, no


harm in doing that. Look how well they work together. They know each


other's game, they understand it, they've been around the block, both


of them, if you times. Should actually do better. At every


opportunity today the ball will be thrown into the box, thrown up


towards them, one to flick it on, and they will be a threat. The other


aspect is that they are pretty solid at the back as well, only conceding


one in their last ten? It tells you they are very organised and he's got


them playing the Whiteway. The thing that stood out for me, against


Premier League opposition they have a percentage of about 38% which


tells me they like to drop off. The record of unbeaten runs in their


last ten games which is unbelievable.


A bit like Leicester? It is. They put the ball in the channel, get


them chasing and causing problems. I think Spurs should be expecting the


same today. What will Spurs have to do differently than when they face a


Premier League side? Well, Millwall will have no problem about sitting


off and letting Tottenham come onto them. They know they will have a lot


of possession. They've just got to be patient, work the ball. They've


got a lot of good players. Big day for Harry win to find passes. He'll


have Little Thompson against him, who likes a challenge, he'll be


trying to leave one on him early on. For Tottenham they've got to kind of


grind them down, make them move more than what they normally do. In the


championship, in the First Division, teams don't really like to break


teams down. Where is Tottenham have the capacity to be able to pass it,


come back out, move out the other side, and they do that so well as


well. Let's go pitch side for two men who played with distinction for


these two clubs. Good afternoon, two former captains


here. Former Spurs captain Michael Dawson at Hull City, and Paul


Robinson. Huge day for Millwall, they will not come here with any


fear and they certainly have big backing inside White Hart Lane. It's


fantastic and obviously the fans will be in good voice. With the FA


Cup you get a lot of away fans, they will be making a lot of noise. The


challenge for Neil Harris is to put a team on the pitch for fans to


identify with. To knock out three Premier League teams so far they


have certainly done that. And Michael, Mauricio Pochettino has


come strong again, he had to today, who is key for you? Armstrong after


the only scraping through -- he has gone strong. Harry Kane in fine


form, scoring goals, I'm sure he'll be looking to get on the scoresheet


today. Dele Alli, another top player. Certainly Millwall will need


to be at their best. Harry Kane is somebody you played alongside at


Millwall, what was he like as a youngster? Did you see him having


this career path? Hand on heart I would probably say for him to be


leading the line for club and country, to be the leading Premier


League scorer, that was a tough thing to say at that time, but he


had a chance. He had a good work ethic, good head on young shoulders,


and the ruthless thing of all top strikers of wanting to score goals,


wanting to work and his trade. Even as an 18-year-old he scored some


important goals. Fantastic to see him doing well. Spurs go in as


favourites. They've challenged in the last couple of seasons in the


Premier League. Do they now need to make the next step to get a trophy,


get some silverware and show that they can contend? been a long time


since they have had silverware, 2012 since they were last at Wembley,


semifinal. Great opportunity to do it today and that is what they will


be doing, the fans here today, at a new stadium, got to get silverware


to take the next step. It is a huge match for both teams. Predictions?


3-1 Spurs. 2-1 Millwall. We have one of each, surprise surprise, I will


not make any score predictions but I predict it will be loud because it


is already allowed in here, Gary. STUDIO: One of Tottenham's Keith men


is Toby Alderweireld, who is regarded, and is, one of the best


defenders in the Premier League -- key mental and formed an excellent


partnership with his fellow defender Jan Vertonghen. Alderweireld wants


to get his hands on an FA Cup medal, just like Garth Crooks.


You and the Tongan have played together quite a lot over the years.


Can you tell me how many games you've lost in the 128 games you've


played in in Holland and England? I don't know, 35, 40. 14. That is


pretty amazing, isn't it? Surprised? Jan is doing pretty well isn't he?


CHUCKLES You've been in London a little while


you settled here and comfortable? Yes, everything is well, my family


is good, I feel at home here, I bought an apartment as well so I


have settled well. We heard a few rumours you are a bit homesick.


People ask about me and of course I miss my family and I miss home but I


love it here. If I want to feel that good I wouldn't perform on the pitch


-- if I wouldn't feel that good. But of course if you ask me if I miss


Belgium and my family, of course I miss them but it doesn't affect my


game. Now we have a situation where one by one this group is re-signing


their contracts to Tottenham. How close are you to committing to


Tottenham? I focus on the pitch, I do what I do, it is all rumours and


there is nothing I can say about it, so I just try and focus on the pitch


and do my performance and help the team in that way, my contract is


something I don't have control of now. You're playing Millwall, do you


know much about the rivalry between Spurs and Millwall? I know that


every London derby is special, especially this one, or we try and


focus on the team we play against. It's going to be a massive


atmosphere so I'm looking forward to it at the Lane. The Millwall fans


are very intense and will bring lots of atmosphere. Yes but I love all


fans and ours will take over and I love to play at the Lane and base --


they really support the team and give something extra. Were you aware


of the FA Cup as a kid growing up in yes, of course. It's the biggest cup


in the world. There is Belgium's up, Holland's up but the FA Cup is the


biggest one in the world so it is a big prize.


And are you aware of the traditions with the FA Cup and Tottenham


Hotspur Football? I don't want to look too much at the


past, just the future. We have to do our best to bring one home. Harry


Kane, Danny Rose, or the other English boys haven't mentioned this?


No, they just say we have to win the next tournament.


I think Garth Crooks was desperate for him to acknowledge the fact he'd


won the FA Cup. I don't think Toby had a clue, did he? Terrific central


defender, that's for sure. Me he is the best central defender in the


Premier League, he has everything to his game. We have a graphic of him


playing at other clubs here and where the team has stood from a


defensive record. Ajax people might say he was a lot younger but look at


that one, 2000 14-15 season, Southampton, second in differences


in the Premier League at that point shows how valuable he is as a


defender -- 2014 - 15. He never panics and doesn't dive in at the


wrong moment. He chooses the right moment to make his move, he reads


the situation well, has a little nibble, he doesn't switch off, lots


of defenders would switch off, he knows there is danger and gets into


a good position. This is an unbelievable part of Toby's game, so


calm and comfortable on the ball and in the situations strikers and


midfielders start coming to life because he has a whole different


array of passing. That is a low fade, that is a midfielder's pass,


you don't expect centre halves to hit balls like that and the


relationship everyone knows he has with Dele Alli over the years, Dele


Alli makes the run and he casually found him over 50 yards. In this


game, that comfortable but he says, let me do it with my left foot, and


sprays it out of his left foot, so, and comfortable on the ball and he's


the best in the business at centre-half. Is a fraud you always


weigh up who you are playing against and I look at Toby and think could I


do bully him,, I'm not sure? I think if you want a running behind or have


a scrap with him he can do everything. Watching his interview,


should Tottenham be concerned that he was noncommittal in terms of his


long-term future at Tottenham? He didn't really want to get involved


in that chat. He wasn't expecting the question, talking about the big


FA Cup quarterfinal coming up and all of a sudden the contract comes


up. They wouldn't want to lose him, would they? Not at all, I played


with some good centre halves in my time at Tottenham, Sol Campbell and


Ledley King and he is up there but he has some body alongside him,


Vertonghen, a great relationship, and that builds a great basis in the


team. It is now four years since Mauricio Pochettino arrived in the


Premier League and is fast becoming one of the most highly rated


managers in Europe. Ho-ho-ho it's magic.


# Ho-ho-ho it's magic never believe it's not so #


You have gone with another strong side today. How much importance to


you now place on the FA Cup is a realistic chance of some silverware


this season? I think it is very important. We are only one game to


go to Wembley. I think it's very important day for us, the FA Cup and


the Premier League, and it is a massive game for us today. We have


Alan Shearer in the studio. Earlier this week you said you thought Harry


Kane could go on and beat his goal-scoring record. What is it that


you see in Harry that makes you say that? Now that I was thinking a


little bit it will be very difficult for Harry because it is an amazing,


amazing record. We were talking a little bit before. Harry needs to


score 20 goals in the next ten years every season, 20 Premier League


goals to try to catch Alan. I think it was unbelievable what Alan made


in the Premier League, and it will be tough for Harry to catch up with


him. Can he do it? You hope not! LAUGHTER


I said that without moving my lips! If he stays free from injury and of


course if he stays here because over the years Tottenham have sold a lot


of their best players. It depends whether Tottenham are going to be


successful over the next two or three years, I would imagine. What I


would say about Harry, and I am a huge fan, there was a time in my


career similar to his age now where I thought... The penny dropped and I


thought I deserved to be in that list of players up there at that


time. I think he's at that stage of his career now where he thinks that.


He can do almost anything, he can score almost any girl, whether it's


headers, left foot, right foot and when you get to the stage of your


career -- score almost any goal. More often than not there are two


guys looking to pick you up, you are not battling just one or -- and


that's the sign of the player. No backlift, in the back of the net. He


can do this because those Everton defenders are happy with him there,


43 yards and all of a sudden the ball is in the back of the net so


they are not happy at all. He has a hell of a record and I am a huge fan


of his. He is handling the situation well. For the third consecutive year


he has scored 20 plus goals now so I think he is comfortable at this


level and comfortable being talked about as a top player and he will


only get better. It is probably not for you to say but in many ways he


is a bit like Alan Shearer, isn't he? Good in the air, likes the shot


from long-range. I've been asked this a couple of times this week. He


has a little bit more than Alan Shearer!


LAUGHTER He passes the ball as well. This guy


never passed, he shot, which is fine, when you play with a centre


forward and he shoots you know you can only get the ball off the


goalkeeper or a rebound but Harry has a little bit extra in as much as


he can drop a little bit deeper and thread the ball through, which


worked so well with Harry Kane, one combines and one goes long. He has


already gone past us in terms of hat-tricks for Tottenham. He has a


bit of everything. Was there ever a time in your career when you thought


I enjoy it at this level and enjoy the way people are talking about me


and the penny drops and you think I love playing at the top level.


Without a doubt. He has masses of the Dylan Sage that he doesn't rely


on pace. He still manages to get that yard -- he has a massive


advantage that he doesn't rely on pace. You look at Henry and you


think you are going to get slower. He's obviously a marked man and has


a reputation so does that make it harder? It does, as we say he has a


bit of everything. If you cannot run someone you drop off deep and if you


can't beat them in the year you can shoot from distance and he has


something and can score from anywhere. They have to keep him.


That will depend on how Tottenham successful Tottenham are going to be


in the next two or three years. It's inevitable if he keeps on improving


and scoring the goals it is inevitable that interest will come


in from other clubs. Whistle Pochettino interviewed and that's


the other thing -- we saw Pochettino interviewed. He's been looked with


Barcelona. It depends what Tottenham want to be, they have this fantastic


stadium and fantastic training ground and the message to the fans


is we're going to be a Champions League club, challenging for titles


and to do that they need top players so they will have to keep their


players and to do that you have to pay them top money and that is where


spares may find it difficult at times. Hickam Millwall finally, they


kept Spurs waiting a while in the tunnel. Interesting to see those


pictures of that massive stadium looming over White Hart Lane. You


deserve a shot at this because of how well they have played in this


competition. They have beaten three Premier League teams to get here so


they deserve that. I hope it doesn't faze them. They've got one or two


experienced players which they will need and they will also need a bit


of luck but good luck to them, they deserve to be here. Big day for


Millwall, Tottenham against Millwall for a place in the semifinals of The


Emirates FA Cup. Your commentators are Danny Murphy and Steve Wilson.


COMMENTATOR: Thank you, Gary, good afternoon everybody. 115 years on


from the first White Hart Lane has opened its doors for the last FA Cup


tie to be played at this famous old ground. 202 matches including 12


semifinals, which is where these two sides are hoping to be in tomorrow


night's draw. Spares hungry for success, second in the Premier


League but with Chelsea almost out of sight in that competition in the


FA Cup looks then most likely route to a trophy and ending that wait for


silverware that stretches back to 2008.


Their opposition, Millwall, two divisions below but under Neil


Harris bidding for promotion to the Championship, and they are the only


side in the top four leagues in England yet to lose a game in 2017.


Their last defeat was December 17th, 17 games ago. And there is the man


so far of 2017. As we saw that list of goal-scorers in the top five


European leagues, Harry Kane but this is the company he is keeping


now. That list said: Griezmann 12, 11. Skeete, Lacazette and Suarez 13,


Kane and Cavani 14, Messi 16. He is in amongst the best of the best.


Spares yet to play top-flight side this season's FA Cup and the


furthest they have had to travel is Fulham. The cup keeper Michel Vorm


keeps his place as does the back three of Eric Dier, Alderweireld and


Vertonghen. Kieran Trippier and Harry Winks come into the middle


four, Son Heung-min who has a good goal-scoring record in this


competition, and Dele Alli who has a good goal-scoring record in every


competition support Harry Kane whose first-ever senior honour would have


been the Millwall young Player of the Year in 2012 at the end of a


loan spell which Kane says helps to make him a man. Three Premier League


scalps already for Millwall but therefore former Spurs trainee


Jordan Archer, the goalkeeper, is injured, so Tom King continues to


deputise in goal. 21-year-old midfielder Ben Thompson is very


highly rated. Upfront Gregory has 14 goals this season and Morison 15


goals. Danny Murphy, Millwall are the last of the minnows in this


season's FA Cup. It has been a tournament of upsets so far, but can


they provide one more? They will believe they can. They


deserve great credit for what they have already done. Doesn't matter


what level of football you play at, if you go 17 games unbeaten and you


are a good side. They've obviously got leaders who organise each other,


good defending, clean sheets, we were talking about earlier, weren't


we? Unbeatable Daly unbelievable. Options on the bench for Spurs


include Christian Eriksen, he of multiple assists this season. Of


course disappointment for Onyedinma and Ferguson who both have been left


out of the starting line-up today but are amongst the substitute.


Martin Atkinson is the referee. And when you're up against Harry Kane


and Dele Alli then you know you are up against a very, very good duo.


When Harry Met Ali, that line must have been used many times, but


dealing with it is something different. I'd not actually heard


that, that's a good one. Do you know what? Neither had I, but I thought


somebody must have used it. Neil Harris played in the cup final in


2004 on the losing side to Manchester United. Can he died


Millwall to the cup semifinal? -- can he guide them? We know Arsenal


are there, we know Manchester City are there into the last four. Will


it be Tottenham or Millwall with Chelsea and Manchester United to


battle it out tomorrow for the last place? It is Millwall all in yellow


from left-to-right, of course. With Martin Atkinson in charge. And


Tottenham Hotspur in the white and dark blue.


Eric Dier to Alderweireld. Vertonghen.


It's going to be a boisterous atmosphere. There's that ball from


Alderweireld, first of the afternoon. Not quite on the mark


with his first attempt. Actually played a couple of games with Neil


Harris, came to Liverpool on trial, played a couple of reserve games


together. Great lad, actually. Decent footballer. Really nice lad.


Pleased to see him doing so well with Millwall. Excellent


goal-scorer, and proving to be an excellent manager. That was the


first flick on from Gregory towards Morison. Went through to Vorm. Here


is Wanyama. Trippier, whose delivery from the right-hand side, he doesn't


often get the chance to show it because Kyle Walker is just so good,


but Trippier never let them down. I'm a big fan of his. Last time we


were here, you are right, his delivery is up there with any


full-back I have seen, tremendous. Son Heung-Min has actually scored


four goals in this tournament in seven appearances in his career in


the FA Cup. Kane, just nicked away from him in the nick of time. But


lost again. Son Heung-Min could not wriggle through. Wanyama, and now a


chance for Trippier to deliver. Brings it on to his left. Cleared


away. It's always hard when you are a lower league team coming you come


to a big club, you want to get some touches of the ball and settle


yourself. At the moment obviously Tottenham are dominating possession.


Ben Davies, new contract signed this week. Kept in, I think, by Dele


Alli. Millwall were hoping to get in behind for the corner.


Gregory couldn't get it back to Thompson, it has only gone to Son


Heung-Min. Kane and Dele Alli inside the penalty area. Winks! It's on


target, and Tom King treated it with respect. Hooked out but only to


Troicki once more. -- Trippier. Wanyama holding off O'Brien. Here is


Harry will. -- Winks. Tottenham have been camped


inside Millwall territory. Winks around the corner back to Son. We


saw the Winks shot a little bit earlier, not a bad effort, keeper


did well. Got to be careful, Millwall, not to pay them too much


respect, dropping off too deep, letting them have space to shoot


from there. Decent save for Tom King, the young goalkeeper, who is


just sort of finding his way, really, in senior football. Released


by Crystal Palace. Had a loan spell at Welling and another at Braintree.


Just celebrated his 22nd birthday, the Millwall deputy. Got to feel for


Jordan Archer, young goalkeeper, Spurs trainee, groin injury. Missed


the last four games. I'm told he did everything that could possibly be


done to be involved today but in the end beaten by the injury and denied


the chance to face his former club. That's a good ball, Trippier to


Harry Kane, definitely onside. King stood up at the post. No kind of


angle for Harry Kane but he went for it anyway. I think he has hurt


himself. But why is he shooting from there? We know he has scored a lot


of goals. He has done something. This is the constant fear... As he


lands on his right ankle. Nagging fear for Spurs fans all the time,


particularly given that Vincent Janssen has not looked to be an able


deputy so far. We didn't quite see it then. As he has taken the shop


and he lands on his right foot, just loses balance with the ankle.


He's off the pitch so play can carry on and Harry Winks is going to take


the corner. Tracking it away from Wallace. Winks. Needed three


attempts to make that absolutely safe.


This is the Winks chance we have just seen. Harry Kane, meantime,


back on his feet, but hobbling behind the goal. Son Heung-Min,


accelerating towards Cooper. Dele Alli inside the penalty area, good


feet by the South Korean, then stayed on his feet. King at the post


again, for all five saves already from Tom King. Done the same again,


Son. Dele Alli was therefore a tap in. Seems to be shoot on sight for


Spurs at the moment. It's greedy. Lack of awareness or greed, one of


the two. Harry Kane is coming off. Well,


there's no point taking a big risk. They are dominating the game.


Obviously you would like him out there, and fingers crossed for him,


we know they struggle in that area, we always talk about it. Here is


Kieran Trippier. Jan Vertonghen, that's a good ball in.


Well, that's a sad sight for Tottenham fans. Yeah. He's had a


couple of ankle issues in the past. Maybe we'll see better. As he comes


down, there... Ooh, yeah. His right ankle caught between the legs of the


defender and bends horribly. Complete accident, obviously. Yeah.


Will it be a disappointment to Gareth Southgate as well? England


with two games coming up, friendly against Germany and the match


against Lithuania in World Cup qualifying. Harry Kane is yet to


play for England under Gareth Southgate because of injury. Well, I


mean, that looks a nasty one. The fact he was able to walk up the side


of the pitch and down the tunnel is, I would suggest, a good thing. So,


Christian Eriksen is getting instruction. He will be on shortly.


He hasn't got any confidence in the lab Janssen, has he? If the striker


is coming off, you would think he would go up there. Four goals for


Janssen since he moved here, all of them penalties. Alderweireld


covering. Cleared only as far as Dele Alli.


Harry Winks. Trippier again, that's a good ball. Unlike him, isn't it?


Jinxed him a bit. His quality from their normally very good -- from


there. So, Christian Eriksen comes on. Jan Vertonghen taking the


Captain's armband. Looks at the moment like Son


Heung-Min and Dele Alli are almost going to play as a two with Eriksen


just behind. Here is Son. Ten minutes has been almost all Spurs


but the story is the injury to Harry Kane so far unfortunately. Here is


Eriksen. Jan Vertonghen. Every yellow shirt now behind the


ball. Ben Davies weights, thought about the shot, then clips it


cleverly away to the far side, Trippier inside to Son. Eriksen.


Decent block. And here goes Morison, looking up and seeing where Gregory


is, and just behind Gregory, dealt with by Jan Vertonghen. Do you know


what? He did the first bit so, so well. Great first touch from


Morison. Didn't need to give it away, had time to settle on the ball


and wait for some support. This is the foul on Son. No arguments there.


The back four of Millwall have a really nice shape but they are too


narrow. If you go too narrow, you make it so easy for them to get


crosses in. You've got to find that balance. You may remember Harry Kane


got injured in September against Sunderland and did not play again


until early November, and that was an injury to the same ankle. Winks


with the free kick. Millwall with the goalkick. That's disappointing.


Reached the play-off final last season with Millwall, Neil Harris.


And lost the final two -- to Barnsley. Nickname chopper,


presumably in reference to Ron Harris.


They've not done much other than defend, Millwall, but they've got


through it. Stay in the game early on, get a bit of confidence. They'll


be pleased they have not conceded an early goal, there's nothing worse.


Here's Winks. Behind off Jed Wallace for the Spurs


corner kick. The wide men so far have been almost auxiliary


full-backs. Because the back four is so narrow. Very similar to what


Aston Villa did hear a couple of rounds ago. So, Christian Eriksen to


take. Alderweireld trying to get the near post flick but it was Morison


who made last contact. Another Spurs corner. If you are just joining us,


Harry Kane substituted in the seventh minute with what looked like


a nasty injury to his right ankle. Eriksen's Corner carefully delivered


into the box. Space here for Jan Vertonghen, he's used it


intelligently. Son Heung-Min couldn't quite reach its. Yeah,


unlucky. Winks has started brightly. Good little pass from Vertonghen, a


few yards ahead of Son, who now has the responsibility of trying to run


in behind, find the space, give them a focal point. There is the view of


the day. Only a bit higher than us. Was just thinking, I wouldn't fancy


that. Trippier, Dele Alli in behind. Well, little bit of a let off.


Webster can clear. Here is Morison, the free kick goes


Tottenham's way for a foul against Steve Morison. Dele Alli here,


beautifully found. Yes, Trippier with the diagonal, the keep her


umming and ahing, in the end he got caught in no man's land and Dele


Alli should have done better. The time and trying to play it between


Wallace and Cummings. Alderweireld to Michel Vorm, Hugo Lloris amongst


the French Dominic substitutes. The Frenchman has only played one cup


tucked for Tottenham, when they drew Arsenal in the third round three


years ago. He doesn't always make the bench in the cup but he has


today. That is nicely played, Christian Eriksen. Another corner,


the weight of pressure continues to grow on Millwall's goal. Another


good move from Tottenham. Eriksen making runs behind different


players, getting into that space is important.


Eriksen with this delivery short to Dele Alli. Good positioning from


coupettes get ahead on that in front of Toby Alderweireld.


Well, the Millwall fans enjoyed that, they have a throw in deep in


Tottenham territory. You could see why they keep so many clean sheets.


I'm sure they are not quite this negative in the league but they are


well organised and have a very good shape. They have conceded two in 13,


they went 14 and a half hours without conceding at all. Now that's


impressive. Very well-organised team under Neil


Harris. It's worth saying that Millwall have


reached the FA Cup semifinal more recently than Spurs, beaten by Wigan


as Wigan went on to lift the cup. Eriksen, blocked by Thompson.


Millwall's number eight Ben Thompson is very highly regarded, he's been


given a four and a half year contract, lifetime Millwall fan, he


was there as a ten-year-old with his dad at that semifinal. Wallace has


flown forward from the right of midfield. A chance now for Craig to


deliver but instead goes to Williams. That's a shame, straight


down the midriff of Michel Vorm. It was a shame but it was a good idea.


They got some men forward in the box there.


Wanyama. Look at that run. Brilliantly found, too. Trippier


just couldn't control it. Hands on the head because he might have done


more with that. It was a great break, wasn't it? He got in behind


really well, SuperPACs, he will be disappointed with that. Just under


4000 Millwall fans at White Hart Lane. -- super pass. They have never


won on this ground, two draws is the best they have ever done, 1-1 in


1929 and 3-3 in March 1978, Glenn Hoddle was amongst the Spurs scorer


that day and Brian Hamilton for Millwall, former Everton midfielder


and Northern Ireland International. Trippier forward to Son. Winks. Son.


I like Millwall's middle two Williams is six and Thompson is


eight. Williams is a clever player, both are tenacious. Alderweireld and


that is a trip by Wanyama. On Thompson. One thing is for sure with


those two, they are going to get through a lot of work. They look


like they are more than willing to do it. Yes, it is a foul. Ben


Thompson did well there. Well, this free kick is in an


interesting position for the League 1 side.


Jake Cooper, all six up from the back for Millwall, number 24. --


6'7", number 24. -- 6'7" not many people could look Peter Crouch in


the eye but he could. They will have worked on these all


week, Millwall. It's Williams with the delivery, Wanyama left at the


back poacher marking Morison and Morison's header bounced possibly


off Davies actually, it is a corner. Yes, it was a good delivery looking


for Morison, and good movement in front as well. Millwall's first


corner of the game. 20 minutes played. Shaun Williams to take this.


Williams's delivery. Michel Vorm, could take them under pressure from


Gregory, possibly fouled by Gregory but he claimed it. Yes, it was a


good take. Difficult ball, lots of bodies around it. That is


encouragement for Millwall, and it all started because of some


slightly, well, very sloppy Spurs play. Well, there was a buzz and a


temper when Kane was on the pitch and it's kind of lost a little bit


of that. Understandable. Tottenham are a team of so many star


players. But Harry Kane is the star involved, if you like. As a player,


Danny, if the star man is ruled out of your team does it affect you when


you are out on the pitch? Does it put a doubt in your mind or affect


your confidence while you are playing? I think if it happens in


the middle of the game you do feel a bit deflated after a while but you


know you have got to get on and you have a game to win and give somebody


else an opportunity. But the Harry Kane situation is very different


because they are so reliant on his goals. There isn't another striker


really here who is adequate to fill his boots so it is a big worry for


them. That is Vertonghen's header, Eriksen, Wanyama, super signing


Wanyama has been. Son Heung-min, Dele Alli in the middle, Eriksen to


his left hand side, Christian Eriksen here. Dele Alli... Was he


being held? Martin Atkinson says not but many say he was. Wanyama got


caught as well after he made the pass. He is down. Well, there is no


question at all that Craig has a handful of Dele Alli's shirt. I


don't know why he's trying to grab his shirt and get in front of him


there. He got lucky. It's a penalty for me. Wanyama here has a problem,


court after the ball had gone, lovely bit of play by Wanyama to


start the move. I just think Craig might have got away with one here. I


don't know how he's not seen it, the ref, he was in a good position.


Great noise peeling around White Hart Lane.


Here is Vertonghen. Craig backpedalling, Trippier in behind


and again trippy's control lets him down. That's twice now. --


Trippier's control. I know he has played a good few games but in and


out of the team, you don't quite have your rhythm all the time but he


will be disappointed with that. Getting himself in some good


positions, though. His side have been awarded 11 penalties this


season, Tottenham, and they may well have had a case for making it a


dozen there. Cooper wants King to come, danger


here. Lucky that Son Heung-min couldn't control the spinning ball


instantly. Shaun Cummings is there. Vertonghen's head. Williams.


Slightly uncertain, the young Millwall goalkeeper. I thought the


defender should have dealt with that because he made the keeper come out


of the box. You don't really want your keeper coming out of the box.


He was playing in the National League last season, Tom King, had


alone spell from Millwall to Braintree, and it's a big step up.


Mind you, since he has come into the sides in the place of Jordan Archer


he has kept that solid defensive run going, conceding just one in four.


David Livermore alongside Neil Harris, Team Aitken the 2004 FA Cup


final in the millennium Stadium, or the Principality Stadium, as it is


now. David Livermore brought down Ryan Giggs for the penalty converted


by Ruud van Nistelrooy for Manchester United's second. --


team-mate in the 2004 FA Cup Scott Davies. Son, Eriksen to Vertonghen.


Cooper. Smashed away for Gregory to chase and Eric Dier is not entirely


comfortable. This is Gregory, and this is Morison, and that there's a


couple of yards wide. That was a chance. He liked that, Neil Harris.


It's the first time we have seen Gregory, really. You could argue it


was a little nudge but he was brave. Morison doesn't set it out and get


enough bend on it. Encouraging, though, for Millwall. A little bit


of room for Winks before Williams comes out at, and now Wanyama who


seems to have run off that little knock, Eriksen, Alli, Wanyama.


Simon King men, Davies to his left waiting. That's clever. Good


recovery, though, by Jed Wallace. It was. He's been given that job, I


think, making sure that he tracks the runs. Wallace in the side ahead


of Frank Onyedinma today. Onyedinma is a flying winger who, I would


suggest, is less likely to be disciplined defensively than the


more experienced player. Eriksen with the ball in, of Williams's


head, and over the top from Jan Vertonghen on his right foot. Yes,


certainly not as good as with his left, but he has a go anyway, and


rightly so. He just got under it a little bit. Millwall have defended


set plays quite well. They have not been caused too many problems with


the Tottenham corners and free kicks in.


I think he will be quite content at 28 minutes to be 0-0, Neil Harris.


Cummings coming forward now. And a handball given against Aiden


O'Brien. Half-hour mark approaching. Here is


Davies. Clipped in. Dealt with by Cooper. That early barrage of shots


which Tom King had to deal with and did deal with has rather dried up.


Hits his shin pad in frustration. Yeah, sloppy. Really those first two


chances, Kane and Son from tight angles that made us think there was


going to be a build-up of pressure from Spurs, but it didn't come. They


deserve credit, Millwall, for getting themselves in the game and


looking reasonably comfortable. He doesn't look massively impressed at


the moment, Pochettino. Byron Webster with the clearance. Wanyama


holding off Thompson. Spurs have passed the ball crisply and


precisely to midfield, then they will really test Millwall. Trippier


in towards Eriksen. Eriksen! Great finish from Christian Eriksen. You'd


struggle to call it half a chance, but boy did he take it. Spurs lead,


Eriksen scores. Well, we were just saying, hadn't been a chance for a


while. Good defending. Drops to him. What a strike that is. We know how


good he is technically. Sometimes we think he should score more goals


with his talent, but that's what he's capable of. Really, really good


strike. Low into the ground, far corner. Good substitution. Ooh,


wonderful goal. Wonderful finish from Christian Eriksen. Ninth goal


of the season. Spurs in front. Super strike. Didn't seem to be much


danger at all, but he hit it so well, so accurately.


Now what riposte can Millwall find here with this free kick which Shaun


Williams is going to take? O'Brien forward, Webster forward,


Morison now. Jake Cooper, too. Williams to deliver. Flick on... Ooh


it just flashed in front of Jake Cooper. It was flicked on by Aiden


O'Brien. Cooper wasn't far away from getting something on that. Yeah, it


wasn't a great ball in, but the first click on causes Spurs a


problem. It was Jan Vertonghen standing in front of Cooper who had


to be strong to hold off the centre-half.


The very first FA Cup goal of scored at White Hart Lane was by Johnny


McMahon for Preston North End in February 19 01. Could be that


Christian Eriksen's is the last. There's the goal-scorer, Super Bowl,


too. Yeah, she does score some great goals, doesn't he? -- super goal.


When you've got that much ability and you are technically that could,


in bigger games, contributing a bit more. Thompson with a clearing


header, Trippier forward, Thompson again. And again. Now Wallace. Did


well, Wallace. Being chased here by Wanyama, still going. He's had a


little look up, played a decent ball in. Alderweireld dealt with it. Did


really well, Jed Wallace. Williams to Thompson and back again. Clipped


up towards Morison, got a head on it, couldn't find Gregory. Might


have let that go through to Vorm but Spurs have dealt with it. Eriksen


into Davies, Spurs countering. Dele Alli and Son Heung-Min both forward.


Cooper back. Corner, Spurs. Good break from Spurs after Millwall


having some joy getting crosses into the box, better from Millwall. But


they are always going to be susceptible to that break from


Spurs. Imperative they get to half-time without conceding again,


really is. Christian Eriksen to take. Three are up from the back for


Spurs, in it goes deep towards Wanyama. Off the woodwork and not


turned away by O'Brien when it probably should have been. Here is


Wallace. He has done well. Up towards Gregory, ploughing a bit of


a lone furrow, and Trippier feeding Vorm. Might have been two. Yeah,


lost him for a second. Good header from Wanyama, he's dangerous in the


box. Spurs come again with Ben Davies. They are comfortable now.


Pass the ball about, try and draw Millwall out a bit.


Alderweireld for Spurs, Jan Vertonghen.


Shaun Cummings did well. Son Heung-Min was a bit weak in the


challenge. Gregory chasing this. Alderweireld.


Made that look easy, the pair of them. Some stat Garth Crooks came


out with about Alderweireld, as a partnership they've lost only 14 out


of 120 odd games they've played together, club and country. They


balance each other. I know Tottenham play a three now, but when they had


the two together, they complement each other really well. Nice balance


with the right foot and the left foot. Their biggest rent, they both


can play. Here's the header. Yeah, good. Unlucky. Big, powerful header,


that is. Could probably agree that of Spurs


summer signings, Wanyama has been the most effective. Sissoko and


Janssen still rather peripheral. Created a strong base in the middle


of the park with Dembele. And then with Winks playing his games as


well, looks fantastic young footballer. The centre of the pitch


is a strong area for Spurs. He may yet come good, Vincent Janssen, but


not if he doesn't get on the pitch, he won't. With Harry Kane going off


he certainly would have been thinking he was entitled to come on


but he didn't. No, must be thinking a little bit negatively at this


moment. Here's Ben Davies. No foul, Jed Wallace taking it away from


Davies. Wanyama. Steve Morison upfront for Millwall


in the centre circle had a spell at Norwich City a few years back in the


Premier League. Playing as a lone striker in a struggling team, scored


nine goals that season in the Premier League which is no mean


achievement. Here he is. Here is Eriksen.


He was allowed to take that a very long way, Eriksen. Volleyed away by


Byron Webster. There he is, Morison. 15 goals so far this season. His


return from injury has come at a good time. Good pace, willing


runner. He won't have wanted to have been doing this much defending of


course. But playing against higher quality opposition, that's what you


have to do. The key thing, the difference between the three Premier


League scalps, apart from the difference in class between Spurs


and Bournemouth, Watford and Leicester, with all due respect, is


that Millwall were at home in those three. Webster with the clearance.


In fact Millwall at home in every round of the FA Cup, all five of


them that they've played up until now. That's come off Alderweireld to


Morison. O'Brien getting forward here. Williams. Four up for


Millwall. Towards O'Brien. Not offside. Dealt


with by Dier, Spurs can break. Millwall had committed a few yellow


shirts forward. Son Heung-Min. Dele Alli is furious with him for not


controlling that. Son Heung-Min, ooh, makes amends with an absolute


beauty! Well! Take Christian Eriksen's goal and raise you. That


Sabrina and goal from Son Heung-Min. -- that's a brilliant goal from Son


Heung-Min. Well, his first touch wasn't great, but his second was


absolutely brilliant. Great break from Spurs. We criticised him


earlier for not looking across to Dele Alli, but this time he has


every right to have a shot. Look at that, on his supposedly weak foot.


Really, really difficult technique, there, on your weak foot, to bend it


with that pace. Keeper no chance. Still a great finish. Well, that's


12 goals now, for a guy who doesn't play every week, that's a good


return. Yeah. Welcome he gets on with it. Fit. He can play on the


left, play on the right, played down the middle he gives it his all.


Wouldn't say he's a natural in front of goal, far from it. But he's a


good player and he's just proven it there with the technique. Gregory


getting away from Dier. Alderweireld is covering.


Just what Neil Harris and Millwall did not need, but you cannot argue


with the quality of the finishing. Wallace. Eriksen in to Dele Alli,


they've got to be careful, Millwall don't want to get caught on the


break again. Dele Alli crowded out of it. Ben Davies was in all kinds


of space to his left-hand side. Meantime, that's Wanyama in a heap


on the floor, again. Hmm. Don't know if he's been whacked on the same one


he got whacked one before. Yeah. Don't think it's too bad. Yellow is


maybe about right. Followed through a little bit. So, yellow card for


the man who is on loan from Wolves to Millwall. They've not actually


kept the ball well enough, Millwall. Sometimes you've just got to hold


your hands up, haven't you? I mean, that is such a good goal. He has got


a fantastic left foot actually, considering he is right footed. Been


practising the handshake that Harry Kane has been doing. That would take


me a few weeks to get that. I wouldn't try, of course. That's two


days of training, that. Wanyama is currently off the pitch


getting treatment. But he's a strong boy. Millwall throw.


Helped on by Thompson but Winks takes up such good positions, Harry


Winks, he always seems to have pockets of space around him. Wanyama


is back on for Spurs. Davies. Dele Alli.


Eriksen back to Harry Winks. Dele Alli thinking about it. We have seen


two pretty spectacular finishes, that wasn't a third. No, not one of


his better efforts. I love the fact he has the confidence to try it,


though. There are a few medals there, Ray Clemence, Clive Alan,


Mark Fallon, Ossie Ardiles sitting behind, Paul Allen. I saw Ray


Clemence on Friday, actually, at a dinner, he was in good form. Worked


with him in the England squad, good guy, gentlemen, for work Liverpool


goalkeeper. It was a move which was a stunning move at the time from


Liverpool to Tottenham for Ray Clemence.


A real gentleman, good to see him here, Ray Clemence, looking well.


Alderweireld for Spurs. That will be a Spurs hoping and looking now as if


they will be heading to their 20th FA Cup semifinal in their history.


It's a tournament which Spurs are sort of associated with. They have


an won it since 1991. That's a long time. It is and I was talking to a


couple of supporters earlier about the fact that although they are


progressing and things are going really well here, lots of positives,


silverware is what it's all about, you know? This is a great


opportunity for them, two games away. From lifting a trophy, if they


can see this one out. Here is Jan Vertonghen. Eriksen Trippier. King


has dealt with that. Martin Atkinson's whistle goes and Millwall


are two down at White Hart Lane against Tottenham Hotspur. Christian


Eriksen on in place of the injured Harry Kane very early in the game


with a super finish topped by Son Heung-min's which flew in off his


left foot. Two great goals and Spurs halfway to the last four. Half-time


at White Hart Lane. And Hotspur 2-0 Millwall.


Tottenham certainly emphasising their high class in this game so


far, Millwall resolute for a while but in the end two terrific goals.


Total dominance from Tottenham, as you said they dominated possession,


they have been in so many good positions, stretching the wingbacks,


Trippier and Davies, high up and stretching the back four and


Millwall can't cope with it. They have been in great positions but


other than the two pieces of magic for the goals they have been so


wistful when they got into those areas, should be four or five with


better balls and finishing. We saw Millwall were very organised that


you felt it was just a matter of time. Yes, Tottenham got so much


possession, Millwall were having a 4-4- to effect but with Davies


pushing so far on he is bringing Jed Wallace back into a second right


back position really, so when Millwall get the ball they can't get


out because he's too far behind because there is nobody to pass two,


doing an honest job but Tottenham are wearing them down with their


superior ball keeping skills. Two leagues above and it shows. This is


the point as a manager were you think maybe I should have played


three in midfield because the gulf in class, Millwall are finding it


impossible not only to get out of their own half but sustain any


possession. Marcus Ericsson got the first goal out of nothing, wasn't


it? The two defenders both went for the same ball which enabled Eriksen


to have the space at the edge of the box when the ball falls, they are


both there and no one picks up Eriksen and before they know it it


is in the back of the net, wonderful finish. He has such a and awareness


of the space around him and he knows he must hit it first time but he


doesn't panic, he knows he can get good contact and to swivel and kick


it like that is a hard skill. He had to wait for it to come down but he


knows the two lads have challenged for the same ball so they are


unaware of where he is and as the ball comes off Dele Alli's chesty


waits for it to drop at the precise moment and hit it into the ground


and zip it off the surface. Which goal would win the goal of the half


competition? I like the technical element of Eriksen's. I would agree.


This one from Son was sensational. I was screaming at his touch at this


point but he answered perfectly with that unbelievable strike. I watched


him a lot at Bayer Leverkusen do this on his left foot, cutting


inside. Dele Alli unhappy, he's on a good goal-scoring run. But he


answered him. How many times have you done that in your career when


somebody has had a shot from too far out and you go, well done, good


goal. The keeper has absolutely no chance. It does help if it goes on,


if you hit the ball with your right or left foot, it makes the defender


think, you could only kick it with your right foot, you would never


bend it in with your left. We couldn't do that either! Running


away with one arm in the air, come on, guys! Whatever happened to


keeping it simple in the celebration? Do what ever you want,


it is fine. That was the good news for Tottenham, the bad news, of


course, is the injury to Harry Kane. It looks like he sustained a similar


sort of injury as the one at the start of the season that kept him


out for seven weeks. Such an awkward fall. We were debating whether he


should have passed it. The defender goes on top and straightaway it is a


very nasty thing to see. It was as he planted it, that's the problem


and he takes the full weight of his defender onto his ankle. The fact he


is walking, but limping but not on a stretcher. The fact he was out for


seven weeks at the start of the season with the same injury shows it


has not mended properly and that will be another couple of months. We


think Tottenham should have had a penalty? They should have had one. I


don't know how the referee doesn't see this, he was clearly having his


shirt pulled there. The ref isn't far away at all. He actually pulls


him down, doesn't he? He pulls him all the way, when he has hold of him


he doesn't let go for a while and it is very blatant and I don't know how


the ref has not seen it and the linesman has not seen it. Possibly


an underdog decision. He might have thought I have given you one here.


But it was a penalty. Only one opportunity, and not a great one, in


the first half, Morison on the counterattack. We said they would do


this, rigid two banks of four but when they get out they are trying


with the two Centre forwards, hopeful ball, Gregory does well


nudging him at the right time and gets his body in and they get a


little bit of luck. Might need Alan Shearer to put his foot through it


there rather than putting it in the top corner. It sat perfect for him,


didn't it? You can see the angle it was a couple of yards wide, but it


was worth an effort. That's the only time they've had any sort of sniff,


the long ball up, and the two forwards getting close together we


said they would do that but other than that they have hardly had the


ball. Bringing it back to the Harry Kane injury and what I could mean


for Spurs for the rest of the season if he is out for some time, it's


quite an unusual situation where they have Vincent Janssen on the


bench who is a striker and he hasn't even brought him on to make do. It


shows how weak they are in that position apart from Harry Kane. We


all felt for Vincent Janssen as Harry Kane was going off, you are


the centre forward on the bench thinking you are coming on and he


has put Son on. Son gives them something and stretches than the


other way, he goes in behind and stretches defences. I think that is


probably what he looked at, Vincent Janssen is more about holding the


ball up and they didn't need that today, they already have good


possession so he's gone for the legs and getting in behind to stretch


them. Whistle the stats with Harry Kane before the game about how many


goals he brings to the top and side, so to lose him for any period of


time would be a disaster for them. Especially at this stage of the


season. The Loston Footie months at the start of the season and look


like they could lose him for a couple of months at the end of the


season. It was a poor purchase not having a strong replacement and


could cost Spurs, I don't know how, whether it is a top position or a


trophy, you don't know how but that's the decision that could come


back to haunt them. It is worrying. We Haatheq rocking quarterfinal


tomorrow night on BBC One with Chelsea against Manchester United


live from Stamford Bridge. Chelsea have won the cup six times in the


last 20 years but their first success came in 1970 when they beat


Leeds in a replay. It was one of the most physical FA Cup games ever


played and that's putting it mildly and wrong Chopper Harris loved it. I


think it was a dream that anybody, any footballer wanted to do. It was


one of the proudest moments in all my years at Chelsea Football Club.


I'm proud of the fact I was the first Chelsea captain to ever lift


the FA Cup. COMMENTATOR: This year, a Cockney cup final, Chelsea versus


Tottenham Hotspur, two London teams. My memory on the Saturday was


fantastic, driving up Wembley Way which was thousands and thousands of


people, a fantastic day, leading the side out at Wembley was an ambition


of mine and at the time I was the youngest player ever to captain the


side in a cup final, 19. Robertson! Goal right on half-time! Robertson!


What's a good goal! We got beat 2-1. I think we froze on


the day, they played ever so well, we were a little disappointed


because we never really performed at all. A few years later we had a cup


run again and played Leeds in the final at Wembley. They were a


tremendous side, Leeds, very physical, and they had Jonny Giles


and Eddie Gray but we had players who could match them for enthusiasm,


Peter Osgood. It's a goal. ! Goal! Jones has done it. Goal!


I think we were a little bit fortunate, we got out of jail, and


about three weeks later we played in the replay at Old Trafford. We made


a tactical switch because I played right back at the time, to pick up


Eddie Gray, by orders was to follow him around and ruffle him up and I


think I did that. People used to say that all I used to do was kick


people but I played 795 games for Chelsea and captained them for many


years and I'd like to think I was a bit better than just going around


kicking people. You had two good sides that were fully committed and


people would say it was a very physical game.


My dad used to always say to me you get nothing for being second best.


All of the years I played football was an achievement I always wanted


to do when I was a young lad. 47 years later Chelsea are two games


away from the cup final against a live from Stamford Bridge from


7:30pm tomorrow evening from the -- for the semifinals follows that.


Before that Match of the Day 2 tonight will have highlights of


Liverpool versus Burnley in the Premier League. Rugby special is


back this evening with all of the highlights from the Six Nations


matches this weekend. 600 horsepower, ?200,000 car, what


could possibly go wrong? This is a rally stage will stop that is


immature. It sounds like I just kicked your as. Top Gear, the new


series continues tonight on BBC Two. Will afford to that but we will look


back at a couple of the tackles in the Chelsea- Leeds cup final. It was


extraordinary, they got a referee at one point to look at the game and


said there would have been 21 bookings and three sendings off. Did


he say it was called roughing him up? He probably didn't even get


booked for that. Casual stud in your cheek. Get in there, again, Peter


Osgood. That is when men were men. That was Man United against


Bournemouth, wasn't it? LAUGHTER


Things have changed a bit, they certainly have. Back to pitch side


to see what Michael Dawson and Paul Robinson made of the first half.


These two were wincing at a couple of those. Michael, the happier of


the former captains. Spurs came in as favourites. How impressed have


you been by their professionalism and their approach? Very impressed,


the way they have dominated the game. Being professional, that's


what it's about when you are playing teams from the lower leagues.


They've been in some good positions, should be maybe more than two up.


They'll be delighted the way it is going. The only downside, losing


Harry Kane to injury which could be a big loss. It could indeed. Paul,


it was always going to be tough for Millwall, how do you feel they have


done in this game? Defensively looked strong up until the first


goal of the first real mix-up in defence. They knew they would spend


long periods without the ball, they knew they would have to work


defensively. For a good 25 minutes they did that. Two bid strikes from


Tottenham. Especially the second one. 2-0 up at half-time looks a


commanding position but they had nothing to lose beforehand and even


more so now, I'm sure they'll have a good go in the second half. What


will Neil Harris do in the second half? Players like Onyedinma on the


bench, very good upfront, perhaps not so good defensively, will they


go for it and perhaps risk a real drubbing? They've got nothing to


lose on the day, it might as well be 4-0. Defensively they'll still have


to work really hard, keep defending their box well like they have done.


The keeper will need to make some good saves. I'm sure he will let the


shackles of a tiny bit more, take more attacking risks. I'm sure you


will see the pace and power of Fred, soon, and maybe Ferguson. What about


the Spurs players? 2-0 up, looking comfortable, is it difficult to


mentally come out and prepare for a second half when you know you cannot


let anything slip? With Wembley and a semifinal at the end of this?


Pochettino will be drilling them to come out and start right, the way


they did in the first half, and keep going, to build on 2-0, get the


third goal and the game will be finished. The two centre halves for


Spurs have got to be strong, Dier, Alderweireld and Vertonghen. Spurs


will want to go on and get the third and fourth, game over. I just got


hit by the match ball, everybody wants to touch the match ball, don't


they? Hope you can enjoy the second half.


Will it be Tottenham, will it be Millwall? Think he's hurt himself. A


sad sight for Tottenham fans. Dele Alli, was he being held? Martin


Atkinson says not. Eriksen! Great finish from Christian Eriksen. Son


Heung-Min! That's a brilliant goal from Son Heung-Min! STUDIO: Yes, two


wonderful goals have given Tottenham a comfortable half-time lead. It


would take something rather spectacular for Millwall to come


back from this, Alan? What Millwall have got to do, they've got to


gamble now. Got to try to get a bit closer to the 2-macro/ because it


was really nonexistence in the first half.


To do that you have got to have the ball and they have not had much of


it. Next ten minutes have got to be important. Millwall need to have a


little gamble, get people forward, women their knock-downs in the half


-- and win their knock-downs. Got to get the ball first, then try and do


something with it. They could just not come out... Seems like an option


as it stands. They were two exceptional strikes, really. There


will be 11 thinking, let's not get embarrassed today, let's put in a


similar defensive display and we can walk out, if we get beaten, with


some pride and they have definitely shown they are capable of that. The


Millwall players are now venturing out on to midfield. We can rejoin


the commentators, Danny Murphy and Steve Wilson. COMMENTATOR: Millwall


have made a change, Ben Thompson has come off, and this is Calum Butcher


in midfield, former Spurs trainee, was on the bench for a Uefa cup game


in 2009. That was as close as he ever came to pulling on the lily


white jersey. Get the chance to play against them here in the second half


of this cup quarterfinal with Spurs leading by two excellent goals.


Eriksen and Son. But Spurs without Harry Kane, injured early on. It's a


big ask for Millwall, the League 1 side, to get back into this cup tie.


But one goal can change a lot. Eric Dier. Cushioned by Davies, to Dele


Alli. Harry Winks, here. Williams getting in smartly for Millwall.


Unable to find Morison. Gregory certainly put in a shift for


Millwall, hasn't he? But no real reward as yet, anyway. Worked


tremendously hard. Here is Eric Dier, forward to Dele Alli, on the


turn, can he find a way to get the shopping? He can't, but Tom King


ends up with the ball in his hands. My microphone is playing up a bit,


sorry about that. Great run from Dele Alli, wasn't it? So good at


that. And they are so good at finding him. Yeah, they are.


Here's Davies for Spurs. That's a good run by Ben Davies, he's going


all the way! Well, a scuffed shot in the end. Those yellow shirts


retreating just about did enough to bring this run to an end, but what a


super run it was. He just kept going, didn't he? Unfortunately


found itself on his right foot which is not his strongest. Can't get a


decent connection on it. It suits him playing more as a wingback,


doesn't it? Can get forward and use his skills higher up the pitch.


Here's Gregory. Vertonghen once Vorm to come, and he did. We saw his only


goal so far the Spurs, Ben Davies. That was second against Aston Villa


in round three. Cute little header. Well, he's been unfortunate. Because


the form of Danny Rose over the last year, 18 months, has been


exceptional, hasn't it? I'm kind of surprised he's signed a contract to


be honest with you. Here's Williams. Trippier to the right, Eriksen, good


hit, good save by King. Dele Alli is onto it, Eriksen wants it back. Here


is Wanyama. Header didn't really do the job but Wanyama couldn't find a


way to get a shot away. Ghosts in and out of games


sometimes, Christian Eriksen. At when on song he is such a good


player. Also a good striker of the ball, isn't he? Technique's really


good. He gets such pace on those shots. Nice, positive run. Looking


at his options. Son, Dele Alli, Christian Eriksen just got


underneath that one with O'Brien making it difficult for him, closing


him down. Actually saw, I think it was last week, a stacked with


Eriksen saying he's covered more distanced than anybody in the


Premier League and I thought that was quite interesting. Because you


look at him and think, creative, skilful, somebody who can win a


game. You wouldn't put him in probably with the guys who do the


most running but it just shows you, he certainly does put a shift in for


his team as well. That's long from Byron Webster. Hoping to find


Wallace, who has kept the ball in play and found Gregory. And Gregory


has support. Williams wastes the chance. Well worked. Yeah, it's a


good cross. Brings it down really nicely. Fires it back a bit too


hard. Hard to run onto a ball coming at you that quickly and keep it


down. Here is Wanyama. Do you prefer Eric Dier in a three


or as a defensive midfielder, Danny? He's better as a defensive


midfielder. He was absolutely sensational last season. But I think


if Spurs are going to play that way, it's OK to have him there because


he's got such good cover around him. Either or, really. But I think his


best form was when he played in a deep midfield role last year. But


now Wanyama has come, he's obviously got good competition in there. So


he's found himself at the back. Here is Wanyama. Christian Eriksen. Jan


Vertonghen. Winks, using his body well. Dele


Alli, lovely little flick, didn't quite come off, Shaun Cummings is


there. Snapped away rather hurriedly by Jake Cooper, don't think he


wanted the past much. Winks to Trippier. Taking on Craig. Behind by


Cooper, Tottenham corner. It's been a great cup run for


Millwall. Ooh, sensational. They've done themselves proud. Deserve this


tie. When you consider at one point they were 1-0 down to Braintree, it


has gone extremely well. But very tough to come back from here, you


would say, against the Spurs side playing with such confidence,


unbeaten at White Hart Lane since last May. Their only defeat in home


games, in inverted commas, are the games they played at Wembley in


Europe. Semifinal will be under the arch at Wembley, where they have won


one of their last nine games and that was the dead rubber in the


Champions League this year against CSKA. Somewhat of a worry, that, I


would suggest. Especially as they will be playing all their games then


next season in all likelihood. I gather the contract with the


National Stadium is as yet unsigned. Maybe they are having second


thoughts because of the form there, who knows? Certainly need to get


used to the place. Beaten in the air by Alderweireld. Spurs have also


lost their last six FA Cup semifinals. Here is Cummings. Is


there any good stats? For the poor Spurs fans who aren't here today,


listening. They are going to be a bit worried now. All things, good


and bad, must come to an end, I suppose. Here is Trippier. Son, good


run, well found, 3-0! Well, his cup runneth over. Millwall add cup run


is over. Son Heung-Min with another delightful goal. Brilliant ball from


Trippier. Well, the quality of their goals today has been exceptional.


Brilliant pass again. We've seen this from various players. Look at


the movement. I mean, to pick him out there, take it on the Wally. --


on the volley. That's what Trippier gives you from those full-back


areas. Son's finishing is on point today. That's a really difficult


thing to do, volley it as it is coming out of the air. Three


high-quality goals from Tottenham Hotspur today. Hmm. I think probably


that one being the best, for me. Here goes Vertonghen. Davies.


Cummings in the way for Millwall. O'Brien.


Yes, his movement is really good, Son, when he plays high up there he


doesn't half keep the defenders on their toes. Down the left, down the


right, getting in behind, his comfortable down both flanks. Michel


Vorm to Trippier. Great noise at White Hart Lane. Wanyama. Cut out by


Cummings stretching also lofted high in hope, Wanyama arrogantly controls


it on his laces. Winks over the top looking for that man, Son. Webster's


header goes straight to the South Korean. Eriksen in the box,


overlapping is Davies, tipped out by King, Dele Alli, Eriksen, was Dele


Alli felled? Martin Atkinson again says no. Craig clears his lines,


Millwall in danger of being swamped. They are. Spurs are playing with


such confidence now, everyone wanting the ball. O'Brien wants that


to go out of play and it hasn't. Davies kept it in.


Eriksen Wanyama to Winks. Spurs in full flow just now.


Trippier nutmegging Drake, foul by the Millwall captain and the card is


coming out for Tony Craig. -- nutmegging Craig. Rightly so. The


fact it is 3-0 doesn't really matter, that is a penalty. Could


easily be a penalty. Millwall are going to make a change. The young


winger is going to come on, Onyedinma, but maybe not before this


free kick. Winks pulling it square. Dele Alli


dragged across it. Yes, a bit different, though a nice and


inventive from Winks and Dele Alli. Got the touch perfect, just cut


across it. Here is Onyedinma coming on. Steve Morison, who has run, and


run hard, makes way. 20 years old, from Plumstead, comes on. Six goals


this season, he is a wide player, normally plays on the right, can


play up front. It is towards Onyedinma. He has kept


the ball in play. Cummings is in support for Onyedinma. It is


deflected, and Onyedinma takes it up and over the crossbar, Wallace. That


is a chance. Their best. Onyedinma does brilliantly there. He's just


come on the pitch, he's positive, he made a great run, well found, and


then confident enough to get the ball and go past people. Wallace


will be disappointed. Yeah. Here is Harry Winks for Tottenham.


Trippier. Son in behind again. Blocked by Jake Cooper.


There is more goals in this and he's hoping he might get one of them.


Spurs have not yet assessed that injury to Harry Kane's right ankle.


The prognosis will become clearer tomorrow. The most positive thing is


he was walking by himself. But it could still be quite a while out the


way he went over on it. Davies trained to play it square, cut out


by Williams, almost managed to squeeze it through to Wallace,


Vertonghen cut it out. Trippier back to Son Heung-min. It


will be a goal kick. If Kane is out for a few weeks then Son, Eriksen


and Alli, all goal-scorers, will be the men Pochettino turns to. They


will have to step up, that's for sure. They are more than capable,


they have ability, they have not got the consistency Kane has in scoring.


Gregory Pauling Eric Dier's shirt but Spurs carry on by Martin


Atkinson playing advantage. Ben Davies trying to find Eric Dier who


continued that run forward. I mean, he must be maybe thinking


Vincent Janssen in a game like this to get him a couple of chances. His


former club Southampton are the next opponents after this game for


Tottenham Hotspur, they come to White Hart Lane. It is Burnley,


Swansea and Watford next in line for Tottenham in the Premier League.


They will continue to try to close the gap on Chelsea but it's looking


a tall order at the moment in the Premier League. They are as always


keeping one eye on Arsenal, hoping to finish above their neighbours for


the first time since 1995. The FA Cup sixth round, the final place in


the last four up for grabs tomorrow, 7:30pm, BBC One. Here is some human,


off target this time, certainly after a hat-trick. -- Son Heung-min.


Chelsea against Manchester United tomorrow at 7:30pm and the semifinal


draw will follow that. Manchester City definitely there, Arsenal


definitely there, Spurs almost definitely there. And then either


Chelsea or Manchester United, it may well be, Danny Murphy, that the


2016-17 FA Cup is remembered as a year of shocks but no shot in the


last four unless Millwall termers around and that doesn't look like


happening. It doesn't but what it does do is give us some semifinals


to look forward to. Any combination of those teams is mouthwatering at


Wembley -- Millwall turn this around. You could not split them in


terms of odds, could you? If Chelsea were to beat Manchester United you


think the way they are playing they would edge it but you could debate


it, you are right, it could go either way. Here is Davies. Wanyama


might hit it. Did. And it hit Cooper, that will be a corner.


Cummings got himself in the way of Dele Alli who I think was attempting


to swing a volley in the direction of the Millwall goal. Millwall very


much in the hunt for play-offs at the end of this season in League 1,


maybe more the form they have been in in league football. Eriksen. That


was a good block by Craig, Neil Harris the League 1 manager for the


month of February, and received that award this week.


He will know they've had a fantastic run in the cup. They were never


going to win it. The priority for them, especially after last year's


disappointment. Trippier and Son. Cooper watched the ball and watched


it well. It was another good run from Son, so willing to get in those


channels. We talked in the studio earlier about why he plays him


instead of Vincent Janssen, the mobility he has got. Davies...


Volleyed clearance. Christian Eriksen.


Eric Dier now. Heavy touch. They are just enjoying it, aren't they?


Passing the ball around. The centre halves getting forward now, enjoying


their football. They don't get many games like that in a season where


they are comfortable at 66 minutes. The fear for Spurs is that the cream


of the crop in their playing staff, and coaching staff, are being


coveted by others. Onyedinma. Wallace. Alderweireld


covering. The interview from Alderweireld was interesting before


the game. He was very noncommittal about his future and contract and


stuff, which surprised me. It wouldn't surprise me that some of


the best teams in the world are trying to sign him. Tottenham over


the years have been a selling club and they've got to change that now.


Here is Eriksen. Alli. Wanyama. Trippier. Almost midway


through the second half of the game. Three really, really special


Tottenham goals. I think in a way that will please


Neil Harris. They haven't conceded anything sloppy, they haven't


conceded anything silly. They've just been really, really top-class


goals. Yeah, and I think that does give you some comfort but it shows


that when the better teams in the Premier League to play their more or


less best 11, although there are a couple missing today, Dembele and


Eriksen coming off the bench. But very hard over a period of 90


minutes to defend against such quality in the Premier League now


which the Premier League teams possess. They had their scares when


Wycombe came here, Spurs. They got away with that one. They have had a


bit of luck, that's for sure, that game, and the fact they've been


drawn at home. They have not played a Premier League team yet. I was


just going to say, and not a Premier League team. That's what the cup is


sometimes. Sometimes it goes for you, sometimes it doesn't. Eriksen.


Trippier. There is the cross in, Dele Alli's touch, cannoned off


Davies, I think. Goalkick. It was Davies who got the last touch


despite Dele Alli's attempts to put the ball in the corner quadrant.


And we are about to see Shane Ferguson come on. Jed Wallace is


making way. Shane Ferguson, the former Newcastle man, Northern


Ireland international, played in Euro 2016 for Northern Ireland in


the group match against Poland. Good experienced player to bring on,


Ferguson. Well, Millwall, now, supporters


anyway, our thinking, can we get the consolation of a goal to cheer at


White Hart Lane? Yeah. This came close. Probably their best chance


after that move involving substitute Onyedinma. Williams is going to take


this. Cushioned it in, Williams. Cooper got ahead on it. Vertonghen


has gone down holding his face. The ball in was not quite brave enough,


looped in rather than trying to put pace on it. Easy to defend. Caught a


little forearm in the face. Never used to get centre halves that


good looking back in the day, did you?


Had a terrific side, Millwall, in the Sheringham days. Tony Cascarino,


Jimmy Carter in midfield. Yeah. Here is Trippier, Eriksen, tap in, 4-0,


Dele Alli. Well, perhaps not as spectacular in


its conversion, but very, very nice in its creation. Dele Alli scores.


Look at this for a pass. Great spot from Eriksen. He knows that Dele


Alli continually runs late into the box, he has done all afternoon and


he was always going to get one. He gets himself in there. Great desire


to want to score goals. Eriksen playing with that vision and


confidence is a real danger. It has been a dominant display. Really,


really good from Tottenham. Dele Alli's 16th goal of this season.


That's a terrific return. Here he is. Janssen is stripped and ready


for action. Here is Trippier. Ooh, that touch from Shaun Cummings just


took it away from Wanyama. Having taken his season 's tally to 16,


Dele Alli, I think, is going to be replaced by Vincent Janssen. They


may take this corner first, they do. Here is Winks. Blocked by Ferguson.


Onyedinma here. Good turn from Son Heung-Min. Too


quick for Webster. Stretching Cooper.


Free kick, Millwall. And a chance for Spurs to make the substitution.


Standing ovation, richly deserved, yet again. Good decision, there.


Nice little tap in for him. Give him a little breather. Plays lots of


games, Dele Alli, put in a hell of a shift every time he does venture


onto the pitch. 20 minutes breather for him. Give Jansen may be the


opportunity to score in open play. 27 goals last season for Alkmaar in


Holland. Four so far for Spurs in England, all of them penalties. Here


is Wanyama. Son. Janssen trying to play it back into the path of Son


Heung-Min, who is not done yet. Wanyama.


Onyedinma trying to force Son Heung-Min away from the danger area


and he has won a throw in the end, he has done well. Son looks


horrified with Martin Atkinson's decision. All he will be thinking


about now, can I get the match ball? You don't get many opportunities to


score a hat-trick. Seen three hat-tricks, Spurs fans, already,


this calendar year. All of them from Harry Kane. Christian Eriksen,


Trippier. Wanyama... On target. King getting his body behind it. The ball


is kept in by Kieran Trippier. Here is Janssen. Winks dispossessed,


good challenge by Onyedinma. Free kick, Millwall. Played up


towards Gregory. It has been really tough for


Millwall, this. Tottenham aren't just the Premier League team, they


are a very, very good Premier League team, who, at home, are nearly


unbeatable, at times. Their defensive shape, their quality,


organisation, creativity and energy going forward. It was a massive ask


for Millwall. Janssen... A long way wide in the end. Can't blame him,


get it out of your feet and have a go. Spurs making another change.


Victor Wanyama is coming off to be replaced by Moussa Sissoko. He was


good, Wanyama, especially in the first half. Really good season for


his new club. Sissoko comes on. He has not had the impact at White Hart


Lane, yet, that Spurs would have been hoping for since his move from


Newcastle. His pretty hefty move from Newcastle in terms of shillings


and pence. Yeah, he's been inconsistent. Certainly not short of


ability. Pochettino was quite openly critical of him back in the autumn.


Ooh, a mistake by Eric Dier. Vorm away. On site here, Son. Jansen!


He will be ecstatic with that. Getting become -- getting the


congratulations all his team-mates. Vincent Janssen scores from open


play for the first time for Tottenham Hotspur. You can see what


it means to him. Son did really well for him, you are thinking, Ayew


going to go on your own for the hat-trick? He looks up and sees him


in a better position. Really tidy finish, that is. Crisply hit into


the corner. And exactly why Pochettino was right to bring him on


in a game like this. They are absolutely thrilled for him. Ten


starts, 20 substitute appearances, first goal from open play.


That will do him the world of good. Might get another one in a minute.


Here he is again, Janssen scrapping for it. Cummings only just evading


Christian Eriksen. That's an wise from Shaun Cummings, here's Ben


Davies. Put behind for the Spurs corner. With ten minutes to go it's


kind of pick a number at the moment as to how many more Spurs might get.


Well, they are dead on their feet, aren't they, Millwall?


Out by Onyedinma, back to Christian Eriksen. Goalkick. Remember many


years ago Arsenal fans had T-shirts printed, I saw Jensen score. Similar


name. To be fair he had scored prior to today but only from the penalty


spot. Might be the first of many, who knows? Careers have turned on


less than that. Could well do. Whistle had gone already before


Gregory lashed that. It can be hard at a new team, you get a run in the


team and it doesn't quite go for you, your confidence drops and


before you know it you are being looked at different than you were


six months previous. So hopefully it will get better for him now. Neil


Harris now is just concerned that his team does not unravel in the


last ten minutes. Here is Son Heung-Min. Trippier, there's a space


everywhere for Spurs. Behind by Craig for yet another Tottenham


corner. To 11 now. Trippier. Sissoko.


In from the Vertonghen, Jansen! Welcome he really should have


scored. He should have. Great ball in as well. I mean, it was an easier


chance than the one he scored. Here it is. Doesn't get a great contact


on it. Got to aim that more to the back post. Putting it in just about


the only place Tom King could possibly save it. Here he is again,


Janssen. Deflected. He will want to get one more, I


would imagine, after missing that. Who is to say in the next six


minutes he went? Because Tottenham are completely on top.


Getting a little carried away, Harry Winks. Hoping that he could get in


on the act. He's an exciting young prospect for Tottenham Hotspur, is


Harry Winks. I think he's a super player. I've seen him three times


live now. He's very confident. He always wants the ball. It doesn't


look to faze him, no matter how big the game. Great future ahead of him.


Gives you a minute or two to consider your Man of the Match,


Danny, in this FA Cup quarterfinal. Here is Williams. Spurs throw.


Obviously this has been a step too far for Millwall today. Yeah, I mean


they will be disappointed because they've been battered, basically, by


a really good team. But they should not be down on themselves, they've


had a great run, beaten three Premier League teams. They've all


been good goals, but the first two especially, super quality. And once


they went 2-0 up, it's very difficult for them to come out and


try and press Spurs. They should just be proud and not let it affect


their form coming up in the league. Davies hammering it into Shaun


Cummings. Who is your Man of the Match, Danny? There has been some


great performances, Eriksen has been terrific, Dele Alli again. But I'm


going to go for Son. Not just his goals, since he has gone up front he


has ran the channels, his movement has been great, his touch has been


good. He's give the assist to Janssen. For me, best player on the


pitch today. Son Heung-Min will be pleased with his goal tally this


season, 13. Eriksen Ford, Son might get his


hat-trick yet, Son finding space. Important touch by Craig to take it


away from him, well timed touch as well, actually. I tell you what,


there was an argument to take him on because with Harry Kane injured you


need to protect him now. I think Pochettino wisely taking off Dele


Alli with two stars shining brighter than the rest of this Spurs team,


then it is probably Kane and Alli. That's true. Vincent Janssen almost


finding Son. Gregory. Onyedinma here for Millwall, back into Gregory, who


has done well to get there. Vincent Janssen being held by


Webster. So this is it now, the last couple of minutes of FA Cup football


at one of the grand old homes of cup football, White Hart Lane. Their


biggest win was 13- to hear against Crewe. Even the new stadium were


holed quite as many. A bright future for this club and this team, and an


FA Cup semifinal for certain coming their way. Trippier. Sissoko.


Son Heung-min. Williams got his head on that. It was a good strike. It


looked to me that it had the curl he was hoping to get as well which


might have taken it in the top corner. Here is Winks. Spurs looking


for a sixth. Sissoko. Deflected. Vincent Janssen. It is a free kick.


He will have appreciated the gesture, Vincent Janssen, every


single outfield player came to congratulate him. What is important


about that is he is well liked, obviously popular amongst the squad,


and that means he's doing something right in training, he's obviously


working hard, getting on with the lads, it gives him half a chance.


Still emotionally part of the group. Sometimes if you are having a bad


time yourself you can let it affect your mood and your relationships


with your team-mates when you are new to a club and feel a bit


isolated, but obviously not the case with Janssen. Here is Sissoko,


nicely done by Son Heung-min. Sissoko. Out by Cooper. Trippier.


Lee Mason, the fourth official, is waving his board about getting it


ready. Son Heung-min, lovely feet, Eriksen. Sissoko. Harry Winks. Maybe


a couple of feet off the mark from Harry Winks. Still a good effort,


though. I like the fact he's prepared to take on his weak foot.


Technically a very good shot. Just a few inches past the post. He has


that mindset, confidence, at such a young age.


Still, Onyedinma in support. Cummings looking to take on


Vertonghen. Beaten to it by Davies. Moussa Sissoko here, Spurs might


break if Sissoko gets his pass right, Sissoko still, Christian


Eriksen is onside, Janssen and Son in the middle, Son on a hat-trick


and here he is Andy King lets it through his legs for six and Son has


his hat-trick. Well, you have to feel sorry for Tom King in the


Millwall goal. But Son Heung-min gets a hat-trick and Spurs get six.


Sissoko, brilliant run, good pick out from Eriksen, he doesn't quite


get hold of it. You've got a feel for him but you've got to be happy


for Son, his performance has warranted the hat-trick. The keeper


will not want to see that again. It is rather cruelly being played time


and again on the big screen. I know, I know. He cannot fail to see it.


Pretty much six of the best, a bit of a masterclass from Tottenham


Hotspur in the art of finishing, even without their main man.


Thoughts will turn to Harry Kane and what the medical staff have to say


about the injury to his right ankle. But Spurs turned it on even without


Harry Kane, far too good for Millwall in the end. They are


through to the last four of the FA Cup. Eriksen scored a good goal,


Janssen scored his first goal from open play, Dele Alli scored a


beautifully crafted tap in and Son Heung-min got three. Tottenham


Hotspur 6-0 Millwall. STUDIO: Spurs are on their way to


Wembley, as they like to say in these parts, as they often are these


days, of course, and will be for much of next season, hat-trick for


Son, Pochettino will be happy, and all in all a massive gulf in class,


Alan. Yes, a very professional and impressive performance from


Tottenham, they never gave Millwall a sniff, Millwall didn't have an


effort on target, going forward some of their goals were superb, the


technique of three or four of the goals was great to watch. Very one


sided, Teddy. Yes, we said ten minutes at the start of the second


half would be crucial but Tottenham killed it off with a fantastic goal


for Son, with his second and the third goal killed it off. We have


seen lots of football from Tottenham as we have on many occasions this


season. Very professional from back to front, stand-up performances, Son


got the hat-trick but Trippier at right back was sensational and Harry


Winks was calm and control in midfield and ever impressive,


Pochettino obviously giving his players a hug and he will be


delighted. Difficult one for Millwall to bounce back from. You


just hope it doesn't have some kind of negative effect on their league


form. Yes, they've got to put that out of the window now, you've had


your day out at White Hart Lane, back to the bread-and-butter, they


play Bury at home next week and they are in a promotion push and they


need to get back to winning ways and put it out of their minds and get


back to winning ways next week. It was a bit of a lesson, though. It


was always going to be tough, nobody other than the Millwall fans thought


they could go away with a victory today but it was total domination


from Tottenham, very, very professional from start to finish


and some excellent goals. We will start with the second half goals, we


will have a look at those. Son's second of the game, fabulous pass


and wonderful finish over the shoulder. The weight of pass is


superb, the run in the first place but the technique coming over the


right shoulder, and the technique to get it on target, it was a brilliant


goal. Everything about the goal was just superb. This is exactly why he


came on, or he stayed on and Janssen didn't, it was a case of stretching


them behind and little balls over the top, perfect timing, fantastic


ball as you said from Trippier, and a wonderful finish. As is so often


the case, in recent weeks, Dele Alli got in on the goal-scoring act


again. He makes so many runs into the box, eventually one will drop to


him. He missed an opportunity from a great ball from Alderweireld


actually, but he was never going to miss this one, intelligent play from


Winks in midfield, lovely pass out wide to Trippier and this pass from


Eriksen this spot on, beautiful football. It is, as a team goal that


is as good as it gets and it is real quality but it's about Dele Alli


consistently making runs into the box at the right time at the right


moments. He gets his head down. That was the difference in standard, how


they passed it so quickly and moved it so quickly, Millwall couldn't


cope with it. Perhaps the biggest cheer was for Vincent Janssen for


understandable reasons, his first goal in open play, it has been a


long time coming, you could feel the relief around the stadium. Without


doubt, and a lovely goal for him, and sometimes when you get 3-0, 4-0


up people start taking the Mickey out of other teams and getting a


little bit flash but this was a professional performance by


Tottenham in the second half, 3-0 up and the game was over with half an


hour to go and they still played it properly and that's why the goal


came about, they opened the team, short pass, lovely finish. That is


what the manager would want, you put him on because he could see they


were creating chances and that is why he put him on, to do that. We


can hear from one of the Tottenham goal-scorers, Dele Alli.


What a performance and result and you have shown everybody you are up


for this cup. Definitely, we fancied ourselves


today, we knew it would not be easy for us but we knew if we stuck to


the game plan and the chances would come and we stuck them away. Some


great finishes and he will needed to step up when Harry Kane went off. It


was a difficult start in that regard but some great finishes. Definitely,


always horrible to use Dummett lose a player like Kane but it shows the


depth and quality we have in the squad, when he went off everybody


stepped up and rose up and everybody stepped up a gear and we wish him a


speedy recovery. We have together and see what has happened to him but


it was an important win for us, not just for the cup but for the league,


important to keep the form and get the goals. You were relentless as


well, you didn't switch off or slow down when it got a three or four.


Why is that? What is it about this team? We are hungry for goals, we


knew it would be a difficult game and we didn't want to give them a


chance to get back into it because they have got a threat and when it


was 2-0 it is a horrible result in case they score and it can get a bit


nervy but everyone wants to score and get goals and that is a good


thing for this team. Well done, Dele Alli.


Thank you. Let's round it off, six goals for Tottenham, three for Son,


nice hat-trick for him. Bit of a shame for the keeper. I felt sorry


for the goalkeeper, the other five he had no chance with those goals


but this one he should save it, it is straight at him. But very good


for Son, in the position again. Straight through Tom King. It's all


about hitting the target, as you three constantly talk about, because


there is a chance that the keeper will make a mistake. He deserved his


hat-trick, great performance. Great for his confidence also because if


Kane is going to miss a bit of the season he will have to step up and


put in those performances. And it is a boost for Tottenham because they


will need that cover. It looks like it but we hope it is nothing


serious. Three goals coming on playing as a centre forward, you'd


be delighted with that every time. The semifinals might be a bit tasty.


There are few names in there. Tottenham, Manchester City command


either Chelsea or Manchester United. It is a bit tasty now in the


semifinal. Who do you fancy in the last one? Chelsea or Manchester


United? Chelsea. Who do you think? Who do I think? Just thought you


might go against the grain. I think Chelsea. Should be good game, on BBC


One tomorrow night. Make sure you don't miss it, Chelsea against


Manchester United and then we will know the four semifinalists but one


of them are Spurs, through to the semifinal of the FA Cup on a happy


Sunday. From all of us here, goodbye.


COMMENTATOR: Will it be Tottenham? Will it be Millwall? That is a sad


sight for Tottenham fans. Dele Alli, was he being held?


Eriksen! Great finish from Christian Eriksen.


Son Heung-min! That's a brilliant goal.


Son, that's a good one, well found, 3-0.


Tap in, 4-0, Dele Alli. Janssen!


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