Quarter-Final Highlights The FA Cup

Quarter-Final Highlights

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Time to turn our attentions to the Cup.


Eight teams remain in this season's Emirates FA Cup as the quarter-final


weekend got underway and a trip to Wembley for the winners


First stop is the Emirates as Arsenal welcomed Lincoln City -


the non-league side who have taken this season's competition by storm.


Over the top for Robinson. Catch them if you can. This link loco is


not for stopping. Lincoln City are through in the dying seconds! It is


Robinson. It is three! They have only gone and done it. Their FA Cup


adventure continues. Brilliant! It is in! The first time in 103 years


the FA Cup has a non-league side in the last eight!


So this is history in the making.


They standard their incredible journey in front of 765 spectators


and now the eyes of the football world are on Lincoln City as they


strive to become the first non-league FA Cup semifinalists


since 1912. Arsenal 12 times cup winners should win but given the


wretched week they had, who knows. A collective of brilliantly


inconsistent individuals against a consistent individual collector.


Arsene Wenger lay down a challenge to his players to show they care as


he makes just to changes. Kieron Gibbs coming on. Lincoln unchanged,


and they have three Arsenal found in the side including Jack Muldoon who


will still be in a Pilates class with his mum on Thursday.


It is a noisy Emirates Stadium and the Lincoln fans are making all the


noise. Bold run again from Kieron Gibbs forcing the corner. Short


corner. Kieron Gibbs. Incomes Koscielny and Olivia Shirov. Back to


Walcott. Koscielny Bacchin and squeezed out by Luke Waterfall. Good


save from Paul Farman. Denying Theo Walcott a fifth FA Cup goal this


season. That is the closest we have come so far.


Arnold. Nathan Arnold! Petr Cech said but only just. Nathan Arnold


nearly wrote himself into the pages of FA Cup folklore. Petr Cech denied


him. The best that we have seen from Lincoln City and that is what Nathan


Arnold can do to you. Kieron Gibbs. Mesut Ozil, virtually the whole game


has been played in the Lincoln house. Arsenal have created very


little, Lincoln have stopped them doing so. Nearly wet all the way


through, Olivia Shirov. Pushed away by Paul Farman. Got a second


quickly. Here's Aaron Ramsey. Mesut Ozil. A little mob. Olivia Shirov,


back in for Theo Walcott and he gets it now. Theo Walcott! Arsenal have


the lead on the stroke of half-time. Lincoln City, their first-half


endeavours undone and can they now come back is the big question? Theo


Walcott, his fifth goal in the FA Cup run this season. No player left


in the competition has scored more than him. Placed it well. Lincoln


failed to get the second ball away. Deflected, bad as the big


deflection. Arsenal really had to work for it. Lovely ball slid up to


Olivia Shirov. Kieron Gibbs arriving. Olivia Shirov, parried by


the goalkeeper. Kieron Gibbs! Could not get over the ball. Paul Farman


did well to stop that from Olivia Shirov because it came from behind a


defender. Paul Farman could only parry. Kieron Gibbs could not put


in. Theo Walcott coming away from his man who allows him to ten. -- to


turn. Mesut Ozil. Ms kick, Theo Walcott. Bellerin, Olivia Shirov and


it is 2- nil. Well worked by Arsenal, they cut through Lincoln


City and they're heading to the FA Cup semifinals barring a miracle


comeback the National League team. Movement on and off the ball, Theo


Walcott got into that position with clever movement. Good run from


Bellerin. The comeback nice and simple, the goal simply executed.


But this game has been far from simple for Arsenal. And the Cowley


boys have got to comeback from two down. Arsene Wenger said today in


this match programme notes, it was the Arsenal challenged to show care.


And they have done today, I think. Bellerin. To Mesut Ozil. Space for


Kieron Gibbs. Here is Alexis Sanchez. Out to Bellerin, lovely


touch with Doctor terrific effort but wide. Did everything right


except put it in the back of the net. Tried to bend it, just wide.


Lincoln City now look like a team that has played 46 games this


season. Since the turn of the year they have been playing weekend,


midweek, we can, midweek and will continue that way through the rest


of the season. Here is Alexis Sanchez. Mesut Ozil, Bellerin. Mesut


Ozil has been as bright as a button since he came on. Alexis Sanchez to


Kieron Gibbs. It is in off Luke Waterfall. Arsenal have a third.


Lincoln City had held their own but suddenly Arsenal home and dry.


Pre-nil to Arsenal. -- three. Alexis Sanchez.


Brilliantly placed for an Arsenal fourth. They have put Lincoln City


to the sword in the end. From the moment Bradley would miss timed this


lunging tackle, Alexis Sanchez was favourite and has the class to


produce that kind of finish. Arsenal have passed the ball well today and


Lincoln had to do so much chasing. They look exhausted. Back to Alexis


Sanchez. Clever movement again from Mesut Ozil. Poorly placed. Back to


Alexis Sanchez. At the far post. And walked into the back of the net for


an Arsenal fifth. Aaron Ramsey completes the victory. Lincoln City


are out on their legs after such a wonderful odyssey through the FA


Cup. Perhaps more history in this season but accommodation lies ahead


for Arsenal but the team who have stirred Romeu back into the FA Cup,


Lincoln City, are beaten team. -- stirred romance.


Petr Cech made sure of that he had to make the save. The Lincoln boys


are tired now. All credit to Arsenal. That is poor. It hits the


bar. Aaron Ramsey teed himself up. Lovely effort by Alexis Sanchez.


There is the final whistle. Lincoln City, they run comes to an end, the


end of the Odyssey. They've done the FA Cup proud, the name of football


proud. But there are beaten team at Arsenal today.


In the second half Arsenal were frightening and it was a pleasure to


see world-class players first time. Prasad felt like a long 45 minutes.


It felt like Arsene Wenger had brought 15 players onto the pitch


second half. We respect we will be fish and chip paper at Monday


morning but if we can learn from experience today, playing against


world-class players and throughout the FA Cup journey, then we will be


better players and better people as a consequence. That is what we must


make sure we do. They were well organised, they have clarity in


their mind off what they wanted to do. And to give credit to the


manager, when he gets that across to his team. The way he dealt with his


players after the game, I think he has done exceptionally well. I know


what they're like, they are winners and they would have been


disappointed and I did not want them to miss this opportunity to


celebrate with our supporters. Because we are not celebrating the


loss, we are celebrating the journey we have had. It has been a tough


week, one of the toughest in your career? I do not know. When I have a


problem I always just try to sort it out. I am competitive. Always


focused on solving the problem is that I face. And when you have


sorted one out you straightaway have another. Sometimes the size of the


problem is bigger and sometimes a bit smaller but you do not worry. It


was crazy, all the game, I just could not stop smiling. I was


turning around and smiling at the fans, it was on rail just a brush


shoulders with the likes of Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez, basically


the whole team was world-class. That will live long in the memory. Couple


of times I gave my head shake and any time there was a break in the


game I was trying to take in as much as I could because it will probably


not happen again in my career. What mementos have you got from the day?


I have got Petr Cech, he signed his shirt for me. That will go up in my


man shed in the bottom of the garden!


We are all the same, the Romantics amongst us wanted something to come


from that but it was a step too far. Arsenal are classified odyssey. But


the first 40 minutes or so, they were a match for them. They were a


match for them. And defensive qualities were superb. In general


looking at the achievement, for a national team to get to the


quarterfinals in the FA Cup is a great achievement. As a collective


the club and fans are so proud of what they have achieved. Looking at


the organisation defensively, it does not happen by accident. This is


work and preparation by the managers, the players, buying into


this belief that they can keep Arsenal and Bay and they did that


for the best part of 40 minutes. Getting bodies behind the ball,


affecting the ball, not letting Arsenal penetrate. Making them go


around the sides. Arsenal have the lion's share of possession. Getting


amongst the Arsenal players, not showing them too much respect. I


thought it was excellent. Nathan Arnold working really hard. And the


central defenders were exceptional. They were so physical in the box,


powerful. Stayed alive to the second phases of the game. And put pressure


on the ball. This is against Arsenal. The better team against


Bayern Munich midweek for the first part of the game. And they kept them


at bay and when they got the chance to go for it they looked dangerous


.biz from Nathan Arnold, a great move. Ghost to the side and it takes


an unbelievable saves from Petr Cech. That could have been 1- nil.


And then you find out about the character of the Arsenal team. The


revitalised the FA Cup. The Romantics, the fairy tale. They have


been absolutely incredible. As good as they wear and is well organised,


were you surprised that Arsenal seemed just not to have enough


aggression or commitment. In the first half they did not seem to


really be mentally in that match. Arsenal did not want to make


mistakes. The handbrake was firmly on. This goal that Theo Walcott


scores, they got very static, Lincoln. They defended well, though.


It was one pass after another. It was a cool finish, just before


half-time. Perfect for Arsenal. It is some accolade to see to Lincoln


that Arsenal needed a goal to settle down. They should be better, and


they were in the second half. The goal from Giroud wrapped things up


in the second half. Arsenal use this as an exercise to get back to where


we expect them to be. They played with swagger, but Lincoln can leave


the stadium with their heads held high. Trevor, you have personally


invested in this journey. You have been to the club a few times. You


have observed the brothers. What will they take from this experience,


apart from the financial rewards? They will remember it for the rest


of their lives, and so will the fans. There will be a large sense of


achievement, pride. Danny Cowley was talking to the players after the


game, saying, enjoy this, the fans have turned out. 9000 at the


Emirates Arena, an amazing achievement for a National League


side. There are six points clear in the league. The players have bought


into it at the football club. They have a big future, the team and


certainly the manager. The community is engaged as well. We


all appreciate what they have done. The day's other tie took place


at the Riverside as Middlesbrough, struggling in the Premier League,


welcomed Pep Guardiola's Manchester Pep Guardiola says of Manchester


City do not win any silverware and it will not be a good season as he


lives to lead them into their first ever semi-cup -- first FA Cup


semifinal in four years. Any sort of left for Middlesbrough would be


welcome in their predicament. Those on Adam Clayton's mother's side of


the family are all City fans. For one day, they are hoping that he can


help Middlesbrough upset the odds. Claudio Bravo maintains his run of


starting in the FA Cup. He has kept only six clean sheets in his 25


appearances for the club. He looks to help City to their first


semifinal in four years. The third bottom in the Premier League against


third top in the Premier League. Forget about domestic issues for at


least 90 minutes. Middlesbrough zero Manchester City out of the FA Cup in


four of their last five meetings. They will have to put in a


performance to continue that in this particular game.


Zabaleta is free. Surely it will go in in the end? It does from David


Silva. Disastrous from Middlesbrough, just past the two


minute mark. Manchester City already in front. David Silva has weighed in


with his sixth goal of the season, his second in the FA Cup. Look at


the space that Zabaleta Kaz. Then David Silva made absolutely sure.


Totally unmarked. They could not miss. Middlesbrough, who outscored


only 19 league goals all season, have to find one against the team in


the top three in the Premier League. 4500 Manchester City fans have come


north. They are in good voice. Manchester City giving away


possession unnecessarily cheaply. The cross from Fabio was blocked by


Sterling. The first cross of the cup tie for Middlesbrough. This may be


an area that Middlesbrough feel they can profit from. Leadbitter's


corner. And they have not. Claudio Bravo almost conceding. This is the


second one. Gestede, just over. Middlesbrough thought they were


over. Zabaleta was the important defender. Bravo was unconvincing.


This could be problematic for Middlesbrough. Silva had time. De


Bruyne could not get there, beaten to it by Fabio. NICE survive. --


Middlesbrough survive. That was wonderful from Silva. Sane. It


should have been 2-0. He would agree. Watch this from David Silva.


Sliding behind Sane but he should have made better contact than that.


Really well done by Sane. Waltzing his way through. Sterling was beaten


to it. An injection of pace, the drop of the shoulder. He was past


Barragan. He could not pick out Raheem Sterling.


The cross from de Roon. The header from Stuani. Straight at Claudio


Bravo. This is what Middlesbrough have to do, be direct.


Toure looking for the ball over the top. Back from De Bruyne. Can


Sterling finish? He cannot. Another Manchester City chance goes begging.


No wonder he looks worried. They should have been out of sight. He


had time, it took the touch. Then he got underneath it.


Fabio, outnumbered in the end. This is De Bruyne, with Sterling on his


right. He has seen him. Raheem Sterling, looking for Aguero.


Middlesbrough survive, yet again. Sterling's delivery, the perfectly


timed run from Aguero. There was a touch from Guzan. Just the faintest


of touches to take it on the post. Silva, with space and time. Back to


Silva. It was a good strike. It has been sent away for a corner by


Guzan. He had time to assess the situation, David Silva. The keeper


was at full stretch. That is cleared only as far as Sane. The German


international might fancy a try. Guzan was required again. It was an


excellent effort from Sane. It was definitely going in. It was well


watched by Guzan. He does not want any dramatic the Manchester City end


in the remaining minutes. 21 trophies in seven seasons as a


manager. He is close to taking another step towards one in his


first season at Manchester City. The Sane, in full stride. -- Sane,


in full stride. Into worse Aguero. Finally, the scoreline has a more


realistic look about it. Sergio Aguero, four in four in the FA Cup,


with the goal that could see his team in an FA Cup semifinal for the


first time in four years. Created by Sane. What about that for a


delivery? Aguero did the rest. It has been a long time coming, but


eventually City have the two goal advantage.


That was awkward for Guzan. Sterling following in. He is offside. Aguero


with the drop of the shoulder. As he struck it, Sterling was probably


offside. It was a close call. He is taking on Otamendi, going


around him. Towards Negredo. Then Fabio. Virtually of the line by


Stones. That would have made it interesting. Fabio had to head it.


Stones had to clean it. It was outstanding, from the beginning. The


goal was the consequence of our approach, it was brilliant. There


was one period in the first half, for 15 minutes, we missed easy balls


and you can always see the counterattack. Middlesbrough are


dangerous with the crosses. It was a good performance in the second half.


I regret how many chances we created and how few goals we scored. Even


conceding the goal, the team was good, the crowd was good. The last


game were awful for us. I was a little bit concerned with the


atmosphere, especially when we conceded the first goal. But this


group has been working together for the last three years. It was


important to win the game in 90 minutes. Especially because we


played a couple of days ago against.... We have a massive game


on Wednesday against Monaco. It was really good to go through to the


next round. -- against Stoke. It will be special to go back to


Wembley. When I was a football player, we played the final


Champions League at the old Wembley. When I was Barcelona manager, I won


a second Champions League at Wembley. I have good memories.


People talk about the atmosphere, Saturday and Sunday, four teams,


four sets of supporters. I am very pleased to be able to live that.


Those goals are fast as that Manchester City of scored in any


competition this season. The speed of their start maybe Middlesbrough


start look even more sluggish and the defending worse. Karanka said he


thought his team were magnificent, but there are things they could do


to improve. City clean out this area for Zabaleta. Fabio is not there.


Then 12 -- Stuani could help him. The midfield players could get out


quicker. I am not sure what Fabio is doing. The two central defenders on


the right without taking anyone up. But Fabio can rescue everything.


They can see the whole picture. He could stay with Sterling and does


not. It is a simple finish. The organisation, then 12 Mac is here.


What is Fabio doing? The need to get the screen in front. But the setup


like this. Zabaleta will wander into that area. This one does not come


off. They kept doing it. Fabio was sleeping at the far post. This time


it is De Bruyne that comes in. It should have been 56, the chances


that City had. Guardiola has never finished the season without winning


a trophy. They have scored 15 goals in the FA Cup. They looked good at


the moment. They had only won three and 12, Boro, and they were in the


FA Cup. Tough times for them. For Man City, it was the David Silva


show. Yes, they missed him against Stoke. He makes them tick. He is so


competent on the ball. It is unbelievable. Sane and Sterling


complements David Silva's magic. If there is one thing he could improve


on, it is his finishing, being more clinical in the final third. The


timing of his past cause than overload. It was a brilliant cross


from Sane. We know that Aguero gets in the box and scores goals. His


impact on the game, the way he dictates play, he is the best in


this position in the Premier League since he arrived. The best chance of


silverware for Guardiola, the FA Cup? I think so, being a realist.


His third trip to Wembley, once as a manager, once as a player, and now


with Manchester City. That's two quarterfinals completed


and two more to come, including So Jose returns to the Bridge as


Chelsea take on Manchester United. BBC One, at 7:30, with


Frank Lampard joining Gary, Before that, we've Spurs


against League One Millwall on Sunday afternoon -


Teddy Sheringham our special guest. progress in the cup,


but Lincoln still give Good job, guys.


We totally nailed it. This year, fundraising kits are


going to be sent through the post.


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