Semi-Final Highlights: Arsenal v Manchester City The FA Cup

Semi-Final Highlights: Arsenal v Manchester City

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It is Willian, who scores the Chelsea! Flick on and it is in the


net. Harry Kane, who else? Son slid in. Penalty. Willian to put Chelsea


in front, and he does. Erickson, delightful ball. What a great goal,


Dele Alli scores it! It is dangerous, it is Hazard, it is in!


Eden Hazard scores the Chelsea. Oh, brilliant goal! Na man you Matic


with a hammer by drive. -- Chelsea are into the 2017 FA Cup final.


And it promises to be another intriguing semifinal. Should Arsene


Wenger sign up from English football this season, will he do it with a


record seventh FA Cup title or can Pep Guardiola makes a more happy


Wembley memories and replicate Antonio Conte by making it to the FA


Cup final in his first season in England? Talking you to this one is


Martin Keown and Guy Mowbray. It is part two of a hard-hitting


Wembley weekend. It is a tie that is exactly how an FA Cup semifinal


should be, no occasion, no big Day out, for both clubs and bosses, it


is a means to an end, they really need this trophy. And Arsenal team


unchanged from last Monday's win at Middlesbrough, which means Arsene


Wenger has again gone with a back three, including 21-year-old Rob


Holding. Oxlade-Chamberlain and Nacho Monreal are they wide players


and with speculation linking Alexis Sanchez with a move to Manchester


City, today he will try and beat them at a ground where he has scored


five goals in four club and country games. For Manchester City, the same


11 as last weekend. Claudio Bravo keeping out his countryman. Yaya


Toure, David Silva and Vincent Kompany were all part of the team


that set things up for the modern-day City with their cup win


in 2011. Sanchez twists his way past De


Bruyne. Torre has to be quick. He finds


David Silva, who was too quick for Gabriel. City free kick. Better from


Arsenal, their best moment of the game. Ozil linking really well.


Gabriel just too eager to win the ball back. You can see what Pep


Guardiola thinks. Now it is Ozil. He is pulled to the


floor by Vincent Kompany. A free kick for Arsenal, a chance to get


the ball in for Giroud. He has done well there, Ozil, brilliant touch,


just takes it away from company. -- Vincent Kompany. Giroud beat him


that I'm but the flag is up. As Koscielny puts it in, it will count


for nothing. Some sections of the Arsenal crowd haven't realised it


yet. It is Giroud who heads it back in and the City defence comes up


brilliantly to catch Koscielny offside. Great finish, though.


Torre urged to shoot by some sections of the support.


Arsenal's defensive shape being stretched. Yaya Toure. Gets away


from Giroud. Aguero down as though tripped. And Craig Pawson could not


have had a better view and didn't think he was. It is a City throw.


Pep Guardiola has had his arms stretched out wide. Aguero has a


look back. Did he trip himself? I think maybe. It is minimal contact.


He did trip himself. Sane is coming in. Forster a little


wide by the pass. The flag is up, City have the ball in the net but


the flag is up to say the ball crossed the line earlier and the


ball went out of play. Steve Child is the man who has made that big


call. It was the cross from Sane that looks like it would come down


on the top of the net. The verdict is that the ball went out of play


and curled back in. We can't possibly see from that angle. We'll


take it that the linesman can see it. Here we go. No, I don't think it


has gone out. With the ball in the air like that, it is really hard to


tell if the whole of the ball has gone over the line. It certainly did


from Aguero and from Stirling. Arsenal have got away with one


there. Free kick Arsenal again. Swung in by


personal or Oxlade-Chamberlain. It is Oxlade-Chamberlain. And the


referee has a look about as Arsenal players run towards him. It was


Sanchez who went down. It is Claudio Bravo who gets on with the game


quickly. Sane goes down now and free kick to Arsenal in their own half of


the field. Just looking at Sanchez, he gets the wrong side of Jesus


Navas but goes down very easily. But look at that, it is a desperate hold


from Jesus Navas. Both arms around him.


Oxlade-Chamberlain, past De Bruyne. Sane to beat. Aaron Ramsey... Good


tackle by Yaya Toure, who has got Aguero going. Aguero will try and


stay in front of Monreal. And Aguero lists the ball over to score! --


lifts the ball over petty cheque to score. Manchester City's magnificent


Number Ten, 30 goals this season, the breakthrough goal in the FA Cup


semifinal and it all came about with Aaron Ramsey losing possession to


Yaya Toure. Aguero there, it is such a clever finish. The ball to him


from Yaya Toure. He is just too quick for Monreal. He waits for the


keeper to come and makes it look so easy. It is a stunning finish, just


as City looked like they were being outplayed by Arsenal. A Manchester


City breakaway and and Aguero finish of brilliance. It looked as though


he had touched the ball too far in front of himself and petty cheque


would get there. Was petty cheque a little bit slow? I think if he


doesn't come straightaway, he shouldn't really come at all. Once


it comes, he makes it so easy for Aguero to make his mind up -- once


he comes. Not so good with his left foot. That


was a scoop. Oxlade-Chamberlain. Really good


cross. Really good finish. Nacho Monreal has buried that! And Arsenal


are back in it. A man who almost never scores. Well,


Oxlade-Chamberlain, he has been outstanding on this right-hand side.


It is the other wingback, Monreal, playing more like a winger, who puts


it away. It says everything about Arsenal's system. It is a great


finish off his right foot. No City defender inside, really. The keeper


just can't stop it. Nacho Monreal's first goal in over two years. His


last one was a big one, it came in the FA Cup quarterfinal at


Manchester United. What a tie we have got are now. In response to the


City fans, Arsenal fans are doing their own Poznan. Even if nothing


happens in terms of goals now, we will be having another half an hour.


Yaya Toure held off Ramsey. Sterling has a chance to hit it. Yaya Toure


hits it. Off the upright with petty cheque beaten. It has bounced off


Navas and will be a goal kick. Yaya Toure very nearly won the title


City. It is an inspired shop from their and no right to get it on


target. It is a great save. Finger tip saved from Cech. It is in the


back of the net. Guardiola knows it as well. What a save.


Sane. De Bruyne gets it back to him. Vital stuff from Gabriel. Sane


finally getting away from Oxlade-Chamberlain. Gabriel there to


the rescue. No City presence in the six yard


box. Now the movement start and it is after bar! Thundering header. And


the follow-up shot from Navas is well wide. Fernandinho was close,


really, really close. He just gets over the top of Koscielny and it is


only the bar that stops him. Get some fantastically well, plenty of


power. Just can't get it down inside the goal.


I think that might signal extra time now. He's composing his words to his


players. Arsene Wenger likewise. The firm is up from Arsene Wenger, he's


more than pleased with what he has seen in the second half. Holding


daily ran that straight to De Bruyne. Now he has run into trouble.


And that will do it for the 90. Sergio Aguero is going to have to


summon up the energy for another half an hour. He gave City the lead


but the lead lasted less than ten minutes. Nacho Monreal, much more


unlikely goal-scorer than Sergio Aguero. It is one apiece from those


two. We are heading for extra time. We shouldn't be surprised the 90


minutes ended in a draw, that is five draws in the last ten meetings


between these teams. Are really determined Danny Welbeck.


Three to pull it back four. Welbeck buys himself some time. That was


blocked by Otamendi. Arsenal corner. He saw the freshness from Welbeck.


Pics Fernandinho's pocket. Arsenal lifted by that.


Ozil with the corner and headed just over the top by roadholding. What a


story that would have been for the youngster -- just over the top by


Holding. It is a great opportunity for him. Couldn't have done much


more with it other than score. Welbeck trying to get away from


Vincent Kompany and he has got a free kick, courtesy of the


Manchester City captain. We talked about Welbeck's extra mobility,


coming on for Giroud. It has won his team a free kick here. City have a


numerical advantage unhealthily so, with four Arsenal players staying


out of the box. I wonder if that is where the ball will go. Ozil does


put it into the middle. Welbeck missed it... Sanchez has scored.


Listen to the Arsenal roar around Wembley now. Manchester City caught


by a set piece, finished by Sanchez after Welbeck had passed up the


earlier chance. It seems every time the ball goes into the box at both


ends, defences are failing to deal with it. It is a mis-hit from


Welbeck, it lands with Sanchez and he is just too quick for Kompany. It


is through his legs. No chance but the goalkeeper.


-- for the goalkeeper. A smile creeps across the face of Arsene


Wenger. Much more than a smile in those seats. Arsenal have turned


this around. Manchester City have four more minutes of this half of


extra time and then another 15 to get back on track.


Ozil has saved his energy for the last moments of the game. Ramsey


once it just outside the box. Bravo stays back and Welbeck misses the


target. That could have seen Arsenal in the final Foreshore. Monreal is


going mad behind him because he feels he is favourite for this one.


When you are in this situation as a player, when you are behind, you


have to -- start to wonder, does something special have to come from


someone in the team? When you are winning it, every moment is painful,


trying to get through this period. Iheanacho has found De Bruyne and it


is three on two. De Bruyne finds Delph and delve has missed! It is


blocked, in fact. Quite a few City fans thought he had scored. It is a


fantastic break, lots of pace, the ball arrives with Delph and we are


waiting for it to hit the back of the net and Monreal gets the block.


Yaya Toure. Nobody going down the left for him. De Bruyne has found


some space. De Bruyne. There's no touch from the


keeper. It's a goal kick. It's a piece of brilliant skill, isn't it?


De Bruyne takes it early, but sit across the box. There's too much on


it for any Sidibe treble get in there. If they book their place in


the top final, Arsene Wenger's competition, if they can beat


Chelsea, if they hold on here first, they will have won the FA Cup seven


times, and outright record. It's Claudio Bravo up towards Delph, the


ball is won. Kompany is up at centre forward now. I don't think you've


got time to do anything. City are out of time, Arsenal are into the FA


Cup final. There will be no trophy for Pep Guardiola in his first


English campaign. There might well be another year for Arsene Wenger.


He's got the chance to win the FA Cup for an outright record seventh


time, and Martin Keown, his players, for him, have answered some


questions all right. Well, this has to be his greatest ever semifinal


victory, Arsene Wenger. The pressure he was under coming into this game,


his team have really responded to him. It's a new system and I feel in


the end of the team that deserves to win has won this. It's going to be


an all London FA Cup final and the blue, between Arsenal and Chelsea.


They've won it at Wembley, thanks to their man most likely, Alexis


Sanchez. Arsenal two, Manchester City one. The week produced a great


performance, not only technically but mentally as well -- I felt we


produced. We became stronger through the game. We deserved to win the


game. Can you describe emotions right now? Congratulations to Arsene


to play the final, we'll come back strong. When you look at the


performance and the result today, what's the biggest disappointment


and frustration for you right now? That we're not in the final. We


tried to do it and we created more chances again. So I don't have


regrets, we tried and did what we wanted to do and that's all. Am


delighted. We set out today to get back to a final. Our league form


hasn't been good enough and there's disappointment with how that's gone


and this is something we can hold on for the fans. It was important we


got to the final and give ourselves every opportunity to go and win. I'm


delighted for all the boys, the fans and the club. When your players are


completely focused you turn up for them and to date, they've shown they


accept the results, Win, lose or draw, but what you want on an


occasion like that, is a great performance. We were given another


example of Alexis Sanchez and his determination, the fact he never


gives up. How vital is he within this squad? How confident are you


that he may still be here next season? Well, I cannot answer that


question at the moment, but he's an animal, he's always ready to kill


the opponent and in games like that, you know, we never give up. He will


still be next year here -- he will still be here next year because he


has a contract until 2018 and hopefully we will manage to extend


him. When you look at this season, should you finish in the top four


and having been to the semifinal of an FA Cup, how would you assess that


in your first season in charge? The analysis of what we have done, you


are the journalist and you have to say how was your opinion, of course


the results show who you are and the results could be better, could be


worse, but at least we try to do fully our best to win. People


questioned is a lot recently and we went through some tough times, but


in difficult times you can be divided, it's natural inclination,


or you can be united and I think today we have shown the right


response, that we are capable to be together.


today we have shown the right response, that we are capable to be


together. The fans have all gone, it's just the lawn mowers behind us


here at Wembley, but I've managed to encourage Jermaine Jenas and Martin


Keown to stick around longer. It turned into a pretty decent game,


that semifinal, didn't it? It really did. The first half of the game was


pretty slow and Arsenal really wanted to maintain their defensive


unit. Didn't really come out, but didn't give up any chances in


fairness to them. It made it a tough watching the initial stages, but


boy, did it opened up in the second half and obviously in extra time.


Martin, we start with the first goal, the Aguero goal. From a


defensive point of view you might have an opinion on what happened


with that one? It was probably the only thing Monreal did wrong in the


match and the ball that was played over from Yaya Toure and Aguero, you


just don't catch when he through goal like that. Maybe Petr Cech


comes out a bit late and makes it easy for him, he lifts over the


goalkeeper and it was an outstanding finish and he has been part of the


huge success that Man City have had in recent years. It was looking like


maybe that was going to be at for Arsenal. They made up for it,


Monreal, it was a fantastic ball to him and he was all on his own at the


back post. He was and I saw along with the back three I thought


Oxlade-Chamberlain and Monreal were outstanding for Arsenal and it was


created by Oxlade-Chamberlain on the right-hand side. He was one of the


players who look like he wasn't prepared to accept Arsenal losing


today. I quite like that about its performance. Once he took it on the


right-hand side and whipped the ball in, I was very surprised to see how


well Monreal took it on the volley, on his weaker foot. But what a


finish. The final goal perhaps wasn't as spectacular, but it was


the most important one really, the one that won it for Arsenal, the


Alexis Sanchez one in the box. I'm sure Martigny will be delighted, but


is it what Arsenal deserved today? They rode their luck, but really


Sanchez reacted much quicker than anyone else. It was ironic he should


score the goal. Lots of talk about if you will find a new contracts.


Kompany couldn't quite get there, it was a mis-hit from well Baku I


thought made a major difference to the Arsenal performance but


Oxlade-Chamberlain, he came of age and finally Arsene Wenger, after all


these years, has found a position for that player because he was up


and down the right-hand side and Monreal as well, the other side,


he's the sort of man of the team and Jermaine talks about this, they


showed character today, Arsenal, there was spirit in the group. I'd


rather they win than finish fourth, if it creates proper players for the


future instead of it kind of breeds a bit of mediocrity if you are going


to finish fourth every season. They've played like winners today.


They were asked questions and they showed character against a very good


Man City team. They were more physical, David Silva bore the brunt


of it early on, a big blow for City. We were impressed by the physical


nature of Arsenal today? What I was more impressed about, with Arsene


Wenger and Arsenal, was for once they looked at it and didn't have


that arrogance about themselves which was we are Arsenal and we will


play exactly how we want to play, which is usually the 4-2- 3-1


formation. They changed the way they played and frustrated Manchester


City. If you put that alongside the fact they were very physical with


the likes of Aguero and David Silva, it made it tough for Manchester City


in the early stages of that game. They were just tough to beat today,


Arsenal. The performances they put in, it was more grit and


determination in the early stages, which sets it up for when the likes


of Welbeck came on to open it up and I thought they were the better side.


Everything went well for Arsenal today. You think about the goal that


was disallowed, it was very fortunate there. And the woodwork of


course. Silva going off injured, the tackle, and there was another one


later on on Aguero. It was getting quite tetchy. It was interesting


today, because you saw the Man City players around the referee, that


might have been Arsenal a few years ago but today, they roll their


sleeves up and showed character and that was one of the most pleasing


thing as an Arsenal supporter watching the game today. I'm sure


from Man City's point of view they might feel aggrieved. They obviously


had the woodwork twice, there was the goal that was disallowed. A big


question as to whether it was in or not? The ball was not out of play. I


think the referee linesman got it wrong. He was getting. The linesman


was in a good position so I thought he had to be right and we have to


favour the goal-scorers whenever there is any doubt. They can count


themselves unlucky, City. Sometimes it's in the hands of the gods, who


will win the FA Cup. We go to the final now, we'll Arsenal win it?


Cheers -- Chelsea were magnificent yesterday. Arsenal have shown they


will be happy to come back again because it was a good place today.


If Manchester City had gone ahead, with the disallowed goal? I'm not


sure, they were a goal down and they were able to respond, Arsenal. City,


where it would have given and confidences they were on top and had


Arsenal pending. It was tough for the linesman to call. The ball was


in the air. My initial thought was if it's gone past Petr Cech it must


have gone out because he is massive and he's got a huge reach, so I


don't know how he's not got his figure tips to it. But having looked


at the replays it looks like it's gone right along the crossbar. Could


have had a bearing but in terms of Arsenal they got themselves back


into have had a bearing but in terms of


Arsenal they got themselves back into it and won the game. They go


through to the final but there's plenty more football to come on the


BBC. and highlights of Manchester City


Women's Champions League semi-final feature on the Women's Football Show


straight after us. On Wednesday, 5Live will bring


you commentary And if you've missed any


of the goals from the cup, the FA Cup catch-up is available


on the BBC Sport website and iPlayer Arsenal will be back you Ron Meh the


27th but it won't be a north London derby for you but it will be an


exciting week to look forward to -- there will be back here on the 27th.


It was always going to be an exciting final, that was the beauty


of the semifinals we had. Chelsea, the way they set up, their


experience of being in this situation will make it a really


tough game for Arsenal but I have to say they massively impressed me in


the game against Manchester City today. They've shown me they can


play a different way so it sets up to be a brilliant final. You


mentioned experience of Chelsea but the manager, less experience of


winning trophies compared to Arsene Wenger, who is going for a record


seventh FA Cup. Does that come into play for a final? It's phenomenal,


the record Arsene Wenger has got. He's showed today he's not going to


give this away lightly. Chelsea go into the game is massive favourites,


when you can put Costa and Hazard one in the closing stages of the


match it shows the strength and depth that Chelsea have. I'm not


sure Arsenal can match that. They are in a new system. It's Bogut the


moment, this three at the back, so it's great for us tacticians to


discuss who's going to come out on top -- it's fashionable at the


moment. Sometimes your name is on it but it will be a cracking game and


Arsenal will be in better shape and more confident than they started


today's game, they finished really well but they came into this really,


it was a shock performance, their best of the season, so they need


something similar to that in the final. Neither team will let up in


terms of league business, it will be an interesting build-up to the final


and certainly an interesting competition on the pitch. I think


the league form leading up to the FA Cup final will be important, because


as Martin says, Arsenal changing their formation they need to get


used to playing it and playing it well and Charles -- Chelsea will


want to go into the final knowing they've probably won the league as


well. It's all about confidence going into the final. Yesterday was


a massive psychological advantage. Chelsea could come as champions,


looking to win the double and it's a huge incentive for their players.


It's difficult to back against Chelsea really. It's been a


fantastic weekend. Both semifinals have been brilliant.


We leave you with the best of the weekend.


COMMENTATOR: It's been a special season, now it's


the big boys. Matic wins with a hammer of a drive. Chelsea are into


the FA Cup semifinal. Monreal is back. Sanchez hasn't missed it, he's


scored. Arsenal are into the FA Cup final.


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