Semi-Final: Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur The FA Cup

Semi-Final: Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur

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55 year wait to be champions can only end if Tottenham win here.


COMMENTATOR: Here is Hazard, what a goal by Eden Hazard!


Chelsea have ripped the title out of Tottenham's hands. Tottenham have


finished. Tottenham are striving for excellence. The best coached team in


the Premier League. They know they have to win a trophy. Chelsea have


raised the bar that little bit. Kante finds a way! They are


relentless. Can anybody stop Antonio Conte's Chelsea? The most strongest


mentally this year and they will take it to the wire. Special strike


to add to the collection of Harry Kane. Chelsea fans rise to Eden


Hazard, brilliant! Chelsea, be concerned, because Tottenham are


coming at you. The two best teams in the country go


head-to-head at Wembley for a place in The Emirates FA Cup final.


Chelsea's ten point lead in the Premier League has been cut to just


four by Tottenham in recent weeks. So much talent on show today but


it's been an emotional 24 hours for Spurs following the death of their


U23 coach Ugo Ehiogu at the age of just 44. There will be a minute's


applause before kick-off in memory of the former England international.


Our condolences of course go to the Ugo's friends and family and we will


pay tribute to him at half-time. Alan Shearer, Frank Lampard and


Jermaine Jenas John Halas, plenty to come from them before kick-off but


first the team use and quite significant Tignous it is too.


Thibaut Courtois recovers from an ankle knock to start in goal, Nathan


Ake replaces Gary Cahill for his third Chelsea appearance this


season. Marcos Alonso returns at left wingback after a stomach bug,


no place for Eden Hazard, Willian maintains his record of starting


every FA Cup game this season and the shock inclusion upfront too of


Michy Batshuayi, making his first start in nearly three months, there


is no Diego Costa. As for Tottenham Hugo Lloris Captain


Spurs on his first FA Cup start over three years. In defence Eric Dier


drops into a familiar back three, Son deputises at left wingback


despite being the joint top scorer in this year's competition.


Christian Eriksen and Dele Alli take up their usual positions in mind


Harry Kane, the England man already has 25 goals to his name this


season. Only one question to start with? Apart from the fact it is a


big game, the big omissions of Eden Hazard and Diego Costa. Big


surprise, you could argue Diego Costa's form doesn't warrant him a


place in the starting line-up because he hasn't been at it since


Christmas, hasn't scored in six games. But the huge surprise in


leaving, or resting, Eden Hazard. I know they play Southampton on


Tuesday evening in the league but they have not been in European


football this season when other teams have been travelling around


Europe these guys have been resting. It is a massive surprise. What is


your take on it as a Chelsea man, Frank? As a Chelsea man I am sitting


here this morning thinking how do we win this game? Eden Hazard and Diego


Costa at the front of that, they have been the attacking players and


the big players so to take them out of the team. We have Willian who is


an attacking boy but Batshuayi, he has not done much at Chelsea. He


must have thought long and hard about it and we will see. It will


either be a genius move, having rested Hazard and Costa or if they


lose people will look at it. Looking at the Tottenham line-up the


interesting thing is the wingback selection, particularly on the left.


Son is definitely a surprise to a lot of people, to be fair to


Trippier on the right-hand side he has been playing very well as well


as Ben Davies. Son came in in the Champions League game against Gent


at half-time in the left wingback position and played very well,


changed the game, he is in form, so whether he's just trying to fit him


into the team because of his impact from goals, or whether he is more


worried about keeping Moses back, and obviously the worry that he


brings to the team and his attacking prowess. Again, it's another one of


those moves we will look out at the end of the game and say it was


either a weird one. Besides last season when Chelsea were dominated


the only side that has looked comfortable against the league


leaders this season is Spurs. They looked very comfortable. You said


Man United last weekend, they were aggressive and man marked them but


Tottenham will fancy their chances and won't do that because they will


think they have more ability in their team and would need to change.


This is in the game they beat them, Wanyama was fantastic in this game


and will have to be every bit again today if Tottenham are going to get


a result. Close them down, going straight at the Chelsea players, not


giving them any space whatsoever. Everyone was at it. Goes to Eriksen


come into the box and decent effort on goal and they were like that for


the vast majority of the game. This is the first goal for Dele Alli,


brilliant ball in but look how clever he is not going in to stand


up against one of the centre halves or the full-back and what a


brilliant header that is. Almost identical goal, similar ball in a


look at his positioning in between the full-back and the centre-half,


pulls off him, far post, Azpilicueta doesn't know where he is an equally


good header as the first one. I mentioned Wanyama earlier on in the


piece, this sort of summed up the game, he was Man of the Match, not


Dele Alli who got two goals, superb skill and he bossed the midfield


that they will have to do the same today if they are to go through to


the final. We need some explanation is. Matas here from the Chelsea head


coach Antonio Conte. One thing is for sure he will be kicking every


ball with his team today. Antonio, some very big team


decisions today, most notably Costa and Hazard on the bench. Can you


talk me through your thinking behind the way you have set out your team


today? Yeah, I took this decision about our starting XI. I think that


in this moment in this part of the season when you play another game


that is important for us it's important to have the play in your


mind and then take the decision. You risk in the same way if you start


with Eden and Diego, or if they come on, it's the same. It's important to


have an idea, to know the situation of your team, of your players


command to try to make the best decision. There you have it, that is


his explanation. Aside from that, since he has changed his formation


it has worked, not just for the team but it is a formation that kind of


works with David Luiz, because there were so many question marks about


him prior. David Luiz has always been a top defender for me, he is a


world-class defender, and in his first period at Chelsea the only


accusation about him would be he overplayed at times he had such


confidence in his own ability that there were times he would make a


great defensive tackle and then try and overplay in dangerous areas


where he shouldn't. In his first period at Chelsea he was


occasionally a midfield and these things you cannot do as a


centre-half. The other thing for me when he was here first he was


playing in a back four and hear his body shape was wrong and he got


exposed and the Chicharito scored. Cincy has come back to the club in


the back three he can play central giving him time on the ball where


his great range of passing can start a tax. He has lots of time here, his


balls driven into the front men getting Chelsea onto the attack.


Nobody closing down because he has the nice central role. On the


defensive side it has given him the confidence that he does not have to


worry about being as exposed as he was previously when he was here so


he can stay central, he knows Azpilicueta and Gary Cahill will


defend everything in front of them and take a good positions in the box


to defend the box, he has a good reading of the game and is sharp


around the box. He has come back like a more mature man. Going away


and playing in Paris, the change in system has helped him and he is a


massive character. When there is injuries around him they have not


wanted to move him out of the central position because he's so


comfortable they are. He is certainly a more mature man today,


it's his 30th birthday, happy birthday David Luiz. You talked


before the game, Alan, about the fact Costa has not been a great form


of late. Having said that Batshuayi has come in and hardly played any


football. He's only played 22 minutes since the end of January,


five goals this season. When you are not playing and the guy in front of


you is not doing as well as he should be you have every right to


knock on the manager's door and ask for an opportunity. He has a hell of


an opportunity to make a point today in front of millions, in front of


his fans here at Wembley Stadium. So it is a great chance for him to go


and shine today. I might be getting a bit ahead of myself here but are


some teams working at Chelsea? I think you are. I'm just playing


devil's advocate. What happened at Manchester United at the weekend,


they did a fantastic job, especially Ander Herrera but I think that was


more of a blip for Chelsea, they have a lot more to offer, they have


too many world-class players within their ranks to be sussed out. It is


a couple of defeats in the last few weeks, Palace as well. What has


upset the more than anything is the goals they are letting in all of a


sudden after keeping so many clean sheets and they


were so solid, they have a foundation to build from for their


attack but now they are leaking goals and that's a massive area you


want to shore up going into the back end of the season. We have heard


from the current Chelsea manager, we can go pitch side for the thoughts


of one of his predecessors, Eilidh Barbour is with Ruud Gullit.


One of Antonio Costa's predecessor, as Gary says, but already won a FA


Cup 20 years ago. I feel old already! But it was amazing for me.


I never asked for the job but I got the job because they wanted me to do


it and eventually we get to the final and win it and for the fans it


was fantastic and also for the players. If you have your manager's


hat on and look at the two teams out there today, which dugout would you


rather be in? Which group of players would you rather be in charge of? I


think Tottenham players have the best guns, the best players. Chelsea


have two on the bench, Hazard and Costa. Do they have the squad to do


that? I think this game is also a psychological game because if you


win it will push you for the championship. I think that the ones


who win this game, maybe also will win the championship. A huge


decision from Conte to leave those two out. I know you said on football


this morning -- Football Focus this morning that you fancy Chelsea, does


it change your mind? It doesn't change my mind because they can come


onto the pitch from the bench but can they afford to do it? That is


what you are thinking of, if he's doing it if he thinks he can rest


them for the championship, OK, let's see if they can. He knows his team


better than we do but it is a gamble, of course, but they are


still on the bench and can still come on. Thank you for joining us.


We will chat to you again at half-time.


Gary. Since winning the cup in 91, and what a side that was, Spurs have


lost six semifinals in a row. # Life is but a dream #


COMMENTATOR: Merson chips it in and in comes Tony Adams and Spurs's cup


dreams are over. # But there's no escaping...


COMMENTATOR: It's all over Everton four. Oh! Who else but Alan Shearer,


the man for the big occasion? In comes the cross and Pires is there.


Arsenal 2-1 Spurs. The Prince stands and scores! And


puts Portsmouth into the final. And the goal is given, Spurs are


furious. It is a fantastic goal by Frank Lampard! I think I recognise a


couple of the goal-scorers there. Defeat would make Spurs the first


club in the history of the FA Cup to lose seven consecutive semifinals.


Let's get the thoughts of the man hoping to end that run, Mauricio


Pochettino. It has been a difficult couple of


days for the club. How hard has it been to prepare for this match and


go out and play football after what has happened? Yes, it is so


difficult. It is a big loss for us and a big loss for all of the


Tottenham family. I want to say to all of his family and my friends,


all my best, and a big hug because it is a difficult moment for us. And


now we play football. But yes, it was a very tough and very difficult,


still, always, through our life we will need to adapt to live with that


pain in our heart. The problem is what we can do to change. Only now


to give all of our support to his family and try to be close with his


friends. Very sad time. If we look to today's game now, how do you set


up for today? There are not many changes in terms of players but it


looks like a different formation to the last match. As always we base on


principle in the way that we play, not on systems. You will see all the


people that watch Tottenham for a long time, I think for us it's not


important the system. It's true that we want to win, we will put very


offensive setup and we will try to give our best and try to win the


game. That is our challenge. There is so much talent in this


first-team but it's often Mousa Dembele who is the linchpin. He was


described as a genius by his manager earlier this month.


Pochettino said he wish he had US a younger player. What is your


relationship like with the manager? Very good. He speaks a lot with me,


the way he trains, the way he motivates people is something


special. Everybody recognises it, it's the biggest reason we have so


much success here. He said he wished he had me when I was younger. I know


what he means. He helped me a lot to show me my limits and recognise I


can do a lot more than I did before. Has it taken new time to get to your


true potential? I don't think so. I'm playing better. The way we play


now, it's easier to play and we all know what to do. You are in a title


race again for the second consecutive year. How does this


season compared to last season? What's changed? Last year, the last


two games, it's difficult to say what happened. This year we are


Mogul focused and we believe in it. Everybody said so many points. I


don't think about how many points, we just try to win games. The


semifinal of the FA Cup, Chelsea are leaders and you are second. Do


Chelsea have a psychological advantage? I don't believe this. I


know they respect us, they know it won't be easy. It's a game on its


own. For me personally it has nothing to do with it.


The inimitable Garth Crooks putting the questions. Dembele is pivotal to


Tottenham. He is indeed. Harry Kane gets plaudits, so does Dele Alli,


but if you spoke to the players about their most important player, a


lot of them would say Mousa Dembele. He goes past people with ease. Look


at the amount of bodies he draws in to create an opportunity for Harry


Kane. He was so strong in this game alongside Wanyama. The amount of


time he gets back. This is what everybody loves about him. He has


the ability to glide past people like they aren't even there. He's so


strong with the ball that nobody can get it off him. Towards the back end


of this season, he seems even sharper and even quicker. Does he


create enough chances or score enough? That's a criticism of him.


If you think about players who play in the two in front of the back


four, it's like a new midfielder. He scored last weekend. It's a part of


his game he should probably work on, but his job is to get the ball, give


it to people like Eriksen, Alli, Son, they are the goal-scoring


midfielder 's these days. Spurs have struggled at Wembley and in the


Champions League in particular. It could be their home ground next


season. Why do you think it is? A change of stoutly -- Stadium for the


fans, a move from the home ground. Spurs player very fast, pressing


game with the ball and they haven't transferred it to Wembley. They will


have to do. If you want to win the FA Cup, you have to perform here.


440 square metres bigger. If this is their home game next year, they


should make it the same size as White Hart Lane. They should do


then. Once again we are looking at Harry Kane. One season wonder! He's


now scored over 20 goals in the Premier League for three consecutive


seasons. He's a hell of a player. He's had an injury lately and came


back last weekend, looking very sharp. He's one of the best forwards


in the league. He is having an season again. It's a crucial time


for Tottenham are not just Harry. They want to be classed as a big


club, big clubs win things. They have to start winning things now.


They've got one of the best goalkeepers in the league, the best


centre-half in Alderweireld. We've just spoken about Wanyama and


Dembele. Harry Kane. Eriksen isn't bad. One of the best youngsters in


world football in Dele Alli and they now have to win things. They are


talking about Pochettino being a great coach, but he's yet to win a


major trophy. That's the next step. It's these moments, with these


players from working with them to getting them to this point, we are


about to see if he's made that big step in his own managerial career as


well as the players making that huge step. They will also take a lot of


confidence from seeing the team sheets. When they saw no Costa,


Hazard, Gary Cahill. They will say they've got one hell of a chance of


getting to the FA Cup final. How do you see it going? The best team in


the league, Chelsea, and the form team, Tottenham. Tottenham have a


history of not performing, losing six semifinals in Rome. Now they


have the team to do it. I see a really close game. I can't say I


fancy Tottenham is a Chelsea man! It will take a big Chelsea performance


to win. I fancy Spurs. It will be tight. The form they are in, free at


the back, he's saying we can take you on and I fancy them. I'll go


with the form team, Tottenham. The first of the FA Cup semifinals. The


best two sides in the country, Chelsea against Tottenham Hotspur.


Your commentators are Danny Murphy and Steve Wilson.


Good afternoon. Shoulder to shoulder, not quite neck and neck in


the Premier League title race, but it could be getting there. Both


Spurs and Chelsea can realistically dream of being double winners in


2017. But not for long. One of those dreams will fall by the wayside


tonight. It's been said that nobody remembers the semifinal losers.


Spurs fans might not agree. Six times FA Cup semifinalists in the


last 24 years and beaten every time. Is this their time? Or will it be


Chelsea's again? Fantastic early evening. Thibaut Courtois is back


after his ankle injury. Cahill is out. Ake plays his first game since


the fifth round win at Wolves. Alonso and Moses have recovered from


illness. Up front, no Costa or Hazard. William -- Willian and Pedro


support Batshuayi, whose last start was in the fourth-round against


Brentford for stop Lloris might have played over 200 games for Spurs, but


only one was in the FA Cup, against Arsenal in 2014. A back three in of


him. Trivia preferred to walk. Son on the left. -- Trippier. That's a


surprise. Up front, Eriksen and Alli supporting Harry Kane. Interesting


to see these two young managers, Antonio Conte and Moritz Pochettino.


Conti with a whole host of trophies and medals as a manager. Pochettino


with nothing, Spurs with nothing for a long time. Too long, they will


say. On the bench for Chelsea, Hazard and cost. It's a big call by


Antonio Conte to leave them out. Can he break through for Tottenham


Hotspur and win them a trophy? Michy Batshuayi, the young man up front


for Chelsea today. 23 years old, prolific with Marseille, yet to


really make an impact at Chelsea. The referee, Martin Atkinson, took


charge of this game, cup semifinal between these teams when Chelsea won


5-1 including a ghost goal from Juan Mata that never crossed the line.


This week English football lost one of its most respected former


players. Ugo Ehiogu played with pride, skill and determination for


West Brom, Villa, Middlesbrough, Leeds, Sheffield United and Rangers.


He was seen as an up and coming coach with a reputation for passing


on his knowledge, working with Tottenham's under 23 side. We pass


on our heartfelt condolences to Gemma and his children. Football has


lost, but they have lost a dad and a husband.




Terrible shock for those young Tottenham players who worked closely


with Ugo Ehiogu. It's been a very special season of shocks in the cup,


so well done Macclesfield and Millwall, Baro, Wolves, Sutton and


Lincoln, but now it's the big boys. Four of the usual suspects to kick


off this semifinal weekend. Tottenham against Chelsea is the


first of the last four encounters. Martin Atkinson is ready. Tottenham


and Chelsea are ready. Spurs will kick from right-to-left in the first


45 minutes. Both chasing the title. Both hoping to win this FA Cup.


It could barely be more mouthwatering and encounter. Spurs


have a throw. Danny Murphy, everyone has been looking forward to this for


a long time. Including me. Contact Miss -- fantastic atmosphere this


evening. A couple of surprises in the line-ups, but still a


fascinating game. So many battles all over the pitch. I think the


absence of cost and Hazard was a surprise for most people this


evening. I think that's a compliment to Tottenham. I think he wants


everybody on board defensively. Sometimes you don't get that with


Hazard. He's probably been their best player this season, though.


Spurs get a corner thanks to the endeavours and determination of


Harry Kane. Putting Ake under pressure.


Spurs starts this semi on the front foot. Christian Eriksen with this


early corner kick. Alderweireld! If he had made contact, it would have


been a free header. Spurs rebound onto the attack. The pass intended


for Alli was cut out by Azpilicueta. Willian has had to be patient this


season. It's a chance for him, just as it is for Batshuayi, who was


beaten to it by Hugo Lloris. Good break by Chelsea. Dembele using his


athleticism to get back in. Victor Moses asked to retreat a


little before taking the Chelsea throw in.


Ake performed so well for Bournemouth in his loan spell in the


first half of this season. Their form really tailed off when he went


back to Chelsea. This is a big stage for him. He was at Reading when they


reached the semifinal a couple of years ago. But his loan spell ended


just before they took on Arsenal in the semifinal. That's a good tackle


by Nathan Agevi. He will feel pretty good about that. -- Nathan Ake. Eric


Dier brings down Pedro. Out protests. Earlier -- early recipient


of a yellow card for a foul on Pedro. Another great break, started


by Ake. A great tackle on the edge of his box. He's made the most of


it, Pedro, but he was stopped. Lovely touch from Batshuayi. That


will do him the world of good as well. Good awareness from the young


man, who we haven't seen much of. Another couple of yards and it was


inside the penalty area. It could have been worse than a yellow. That


is only his second yellow card in his last 41 Tottenham games, which


is incredible. You very rarely see him going to ground in desperation.


He's very calm, a good decision maker. He said to the ref that Pedro


had made the most of that. Will it be a Willian Curly or a David Luiz


Dipper? It is a chance for Chelsea either


way, that is for sure, Hugo Lloris on his toes, it is a long white


wall, Willian scores for Chelsea! And immediately repays the faith the


manager has shown in him. Effectively in the side in place of


Eden Hazard, Chelsea's Brazilian Willian gives them the lead in the


semifinal. We have seen him do it so many times. I think he's been


unfortunate this season, Willian, not to play more. I'm not sure it


takes any sort of deflection. We will see it better from this angle,


it is a short run-up. The keeper has got to save it. It's a goalkeeping


mistake, it's his side, he took a big step to the right, he can't see


the ball, if he keeps his position he catches it. You see it so often,


the goalkeeper just move one way and then get beat the other. But he


doesn't need to because he has his wall outside and if the wall does


its job from that close and jumps... It is still a great free kick,


Chelsea in front early. He will be really disappointed with himself


when he looks back at that, Lloris, top goalkeeper like him. It is


Alderweireld. Alonso retreating. Hugo Lloris.


With the ball being so close it's not far off impossible to get it


high over the wall and dip in time in 18, 19 yards so he's got to keep


his position. Little flick from Kane looking for Eriksen, David Luiz is


there, captain played by Victor Moses but he might regret doing so.


Dele Alli. What is it about Spurs and Wembley? It's still a long way


to go but they are behind. They have a corner, however.


Spurs have only won one of the last eight games over nine years they've


played in the stadium. Christian Eriksen with this corner.


Headed firmly away by Nathan Ake from the Chelsea area. The key is to


try and remain calm, get some touches on the ball, get yourself


back into the game. Some people say you can score too early but I'm not


sure I am a believer in that one. It's got to be playing these days at


a football match, there must be a plane overhead.


Strange really, the only game Tottenham have won over those nine


years at Wembley Stadium was the only game that didn't really matter,


the dead rubber in the Champions League earlier this year against


CSKA Moscow. That is N'Golo Kante, Michy Batshuayi is square, here he


is, Angola can then again, good play by Dembele to snuff out the first


threat from Batshuayi. Vertonghen has helped out. That was sloppy. --


N'Golo Kante again. Spurs look hesitant.


Incidentally, Spurs have to announce over the next week whether they will


be playing all their home fixtures here next season. Here's the goal. I


mean, I'd think it does clip somebody slightly on the way


through. But it is a big error from Lloris. Good to see Costa happy,


celebrating. He is certainly celebrating. I'm not sure he is


exactly happy to be out of the side but he's happy enough to see his, I


hesitate to say, Countryman, Countryman by birth anyway, put


Chelsea in front. Dembele. So many victories have come so


naturally, so easily, so comfortably for Tottenham Hotspur of late. At


Chelsea was never going to be like that, and certainly not now. They


will be wounded, would they, after their performance at Old Trafford?


Top players always have a point to prove when you have let yourself


down in a game. Jan Vertonghen to Son Heung-min. He is in an


unfamiliar position on the left of Spurs' four man midfield.


Wanyama. Trippier claiming a handball on Marcos Alonso, but not


getting it. The three slightly unexpected picks


for Chelsea, Ake, Batshuayi and Willian have all made a great start


to the game. They have, there is a freshness about them, especially


Willian. He is a super player only because of Pedro's Superform and


Hazard, that he's not been playing. Pedro. Ake. Ake looks to me to the


Manor born, he has that elegance and grace about the way he plays. He


does need to be playing football. When they brought him back I thought


they were going to play him a bit more but he has not played much


since. Great opportunity for him today. He has started with a great


deal of confidence. He's 22 now, so time is on his side, but there are


22-year-olds who have played an awful lot more first-team football


than he has. There is Kurt Zouma who started against Manchester United


last weekend on the right of Chelsea's back three but he is on


the bench amongst the subs today. I think it's hard for a right footer


to play the left side in a three, you find yourself on the left foot a


lot and coming out in the left-back position, hence the fact he has


probably gone for Ake. You need eyes in the top of your head today, never


mind the back of your head. Moses


Slightly clumsy challenge by Wanyama.


Arguably more than a slightly clumsy challenge. Here is Harry Kane.


Wanyama. Nicely thought out but not quite


executed. It is unlucky. I'm impressed with Chelsea, committed,


on the front foot, winning a few knock-downs. Dele Alli is having an


unbelievable season. 19 goals this season. He is an incredible young


man. To come into the Premier League and play as consistently well as he


has, to have such an influence at such a young age. In an FA Cup final


semifinal against Chelsea Dele Alli is one of the key men Spurs are


looking to to get them back into the game. -- FA Cup semifinal. He scored


both of the goals in the win against Chelsea in January. That is a good


tackle. Here goes Dele Alli. Azpilicueta thought about blocking


his path but decided not to. It was a good decision in the end, it is a


Chelsea throw. I think one of his strengths is,


apart from the obvious athleticism and ability to score goals, is he


plays with no fear. It is like he is playing with his mates, he tries not


makes, flicks around the corner -- nutmeggeds. Batshuayi into the feet


of Willian and he has got there and Pedro is quick, he is going to reach


that, Marcos Alonso wants it at the back post. Pedro Coelho nonstop,


tried to deliver, blocked by Eric Dier. Willian, plucked that is like


a pair from the tree, that sure's header would not have counted. The


flag was up. The delivery from Hugo Lloris has a bit too much on it for


Eriksen. That was a close call. It was a good move again. Here he is


again, Michy Batshuayi. He has started well. Pedro chasing Eric


Dier here. Batshuayi again. Chelsea in the


ascendancy at the moment. Cut out by Son Heung-min but given away to


Azpilicueta. Here is Moses. It seems Antonio Conte has picked on


the perfect way to prevent Eden Hazard being man marked out of the


game. Don't pick him. There is probably a bit more to it, another


big game in midweek but certainly Willian and Pedro possess the


defensive qualities he looks for. Azpilicueta, he didn't know Dele


Alli was there. With Spurs' performance at White Hart Lane and


be athleticism they showed you can't carry anyone against Spurs. Chelsea


have started well. Kane. That is a foul, it was a foul on Harry Kane,


not the one which followed on Dele Alli.


Eriksen's free kick played quickly into Kane, N'Golo Kante just reacted


in time and got a deflection on the shot. They were nearly caught out


here. Super run from Kane and well spotted by Eriksen, something they


have obviously worked on. Kante did enough, nice underwear. Good job for


Chelsea that the little number seven was awake. He usually is. I was


going to say, you rarely see him switched off.


Christian Eriksen with this Tottenham corner kick, headed firmly


out by Ake. Son to Trippier, Eriksen. That is a good ball, the


little flick on and it's in the net! Harry Kane, who else? Two goals in


the first 18 minutes of this semifinal and Spurs are level.


What a header that is, what a goal from Harry Kane. He makes this looks


so easy. Eriksen manipulates the ball really well here. To get down


that low and guide it in, that is a superb header. I am sure big Al will


talk us through that. That is a striker who knows what he's doing,


where the goal is, playing with confidence, the first decent


opportunity, brilliant, brilliant goal from a brilliant player. They


say necessity is the mother of invention. That was inventive,


improvisation, at its very, very best.


That is a foul by N'Golo Kante. What a start we have had to this game. It


has not disappointed, has it? People talk sometimes before a big game, it


is going to be good, it is going to be this, part of me today wondered


driving here today whether it would be tight and cagey. They needed


that, Spurs. Kane just unable to collect that


from Vertonghen. Such an important goal by Harry


Kane. 26 goals this season. 28 in all competitions last season, 31 the


season before. Ake gave it away to Christian


Eriksen. Kane was in the middle again. That says strong challenge.


Marcos Alonso has conceded the free kick. It's a foul, but he slipped.


We've only played 20 minutes. So much to talk about already. Another


Spurs free kick. Christian Eriksen, few better.


That goal has made so much difference to Tottenham. They looked


second-best before that. They did. Use a important goal, but what an


important player Harry Kane has become for this football club. Talk


about wage structures and ambition, whatever it takes they have to keep


that young man at this football club for as long as possible. He's a


wonderful player. Alli fouled by Ake. He made a very confident start,


Ake, but a few questions being asked of him now by Spurs. Son's ball in


was not great and he apologises. I don't think there's any other way he


could have got this in the net. Ake is not in a bad position. That's


what great strikers do, they find a way. It's as good a finish as you


will see. In terms of invention, as you said, technique. Absolute joy


from Spurs fans who were getting a little bit worried after the start


Chelsea had made. Spurs have bossed possession since


that Kane header. David Luiz is still down and playing


everyone onside. Being asked by Chelsea players to put the ball out


of play. In the end Jan Vertonghen does. Definitely some contact here.


It's actually a really good clearance. I think he fell...


Nothing to do with Dele Alli. I think he trod on his ankle. OK. It's


kind of... Can't be that bad, surely. We'll let him off because it


did look painful. Inadvertent. Hopefully he's OK for Chelsea's


sake. He seems in pain, to be fair. John Terry is warming up. Not a bad


replacement! Eight FA Cup semifinal. It's a complete accident from Dele


Alli by the looks of things. There's not a great deal of force. My gut


feeling is he will be OK. He has a few problems that the moment,


Antonio Conte. David Luiz is just one. The message from the medical


staff getting back to the Italian manager. I strongly suspect David


Luiz will be back in a minute. Didn't look much. Putnam's problem


is down the left, Son is not used to that position. -- Tottenham's


problem. Vertonghen has been isolated a few times. Chelsea will


give possession back to Tottenham. Immediate test for that ankle from


Harry Kane. He seemed equal to the task. Miracle!


Eriksen trying to wiggle through where there didn't seem to be any


room. Eriksen has been pivotal in Tottenham getting on the ball a lot.


One of those majestic balls David Luiz is capable of, finding Moses.


Lovely ball to him by David Luiz. Brilliant. Unexpected for Victor


Moses to be against Son, I don't think he would have been preparing


for that this week. A different kind of challenge to the one Ben Davies


might have given him. Dembele made the wrong decision, I think. He got


away with it. He kind of wrestled Willian.


So many fascinating duels and tactical things going on. Eriksen


sneaking into that position between Alonso and Ake. He needs picking up.


Perilously close to a penalty -- the penalty area.


Azpilicueta but his leg out and Kane went over. Martin Atkinson


completely unmoved. He didn't appeal. Normally you get an idea


from the response of the players. The Spurs fans appealed!


Alderweireld at full wretch to get it away. -- full wretch.


Tonight, match of the eight, ten 20 PM on BBC One. -- Match Of The Day


at 10:20pm. Will the final feature Tottenham or


Chelsea? Antonio Conte was a player at the


World Cup and European Championships as a player. Three times a title


winner at Juventus. Plenty for Roberto Martinez to be watching, the


Belgian national team manager now, of course. But no Eden Hazard yet.


They are spoilt for choice in that squad, Belgium. Wonderful forward


players defenders and midfielders. They should have done more in recent


tournaments with the quality they have. Dries Mertens and nine Gelant.


A good -- a good block by Azpilicueta. Another Spurs corner,


their fourth of the game. The thinking behind playing Son is his


ability to run in behind. The pace and athleticism Davies doesn't


possess. It's really difficult to defend against. Moses is more attack


minded. Six FA Cup goals this season, equal with Adam Morgan at


the top of the FA Cup scoring charts.


Careless by Batshuayi. Not what they want from their man at the top,


Michy Batshuayi, Chelsea. Adam Morgan scored those six FA Cup


goals for Curzon Ashton. He was a Liverpool youth player. Remember


him? No, afraid not, but he'll be proud of that record.


It's been a terrific half an hour at Wembley. 1-1.


Matic has done well there. Alonso was struggling. Alonso looks a


little bit of it today. I think he's been ill. Dele Alli brought down by


Alonso. Spurs have the ball. Referee Martin Atkinson has acknowledged the


foul but has said play on. Great play, getting out from there.


Really good football from Tottenham. Spurs looking for an angle, looking


for a crack. Warm applause for the attempts of


Michy Batshuayi. This is good again from Spurs.


Pressing, quick passing. Was there a shove by David Luiz?


Yes. Harry Kane's linkup play this season


is much improved. So reliable when it comes in, so strong. Luiz seems


to have run off that injury. He missed the FA Cup final in 2012


after getting injured in the semifinal against Tottenham, David


Luiz. He would be desperately disappointed if history repeated


itself. That's a foul. It was the decision of Stuart Burt on the far


side. They are fortunate because it was a good break. Not sure what he's


doing, Alonso. Too late with his pressing. Just a yard of it at the


moment. Getting played around a bit too easily.


A fair few set pieces from Tottenham Hotspur. Four corners and a few free


kicks. Eriksen has been on all of them. A little over ten minutes of


the first half to go. Beautifully poised. Eriksen with a free kick.


Everybody back for Chelsea. Pretty much everyone except Dembele is


forward for Spurs. In by Eriksen. Son was just in behind hoping it


would reach in. It's a corner. Dangerous ball from Eriksen, good


pace on it. A bit low. Kante spotting the danger again. He's had


a good half. He rarely has a bad one, does he?


Unbelievable. Eriksen. Alderweireld! He would have needed lightning


reactions, Wanyama, to actually direct the header. Jan Vertonghen,


dangerous, great ball in and headed just wide by Eric Dier. Beautiful


delivery. He got it out of his feet, from that far out it is a good ball


in. It was a good effort. Good header from Eric Dier. It is a


Tottenham throw. Wanyama. Good play from Trippier. It will be


a goal kick to Chelsea. You might just save Spurs are in the


ascendancy, just as Chelsea were in the first ten to 15 minutes of the


game but there has not been much to pick between them. The goal from


Spurs changed the momentum for them. They were struggling, to be honest.


There are 30 Chelsea Pensioners here today, invited by the club, good to


see Chelsea still look after their most famous servicemen.


Trippier forward, bent in over the top of Ake, to Kane, the first touch


took him a little wide and Kane ran into the back of Ake rather than


anything more sinister, no appeal from Kane. Kane made a great run.


What a good pass it was from Trippier. From that 50-50 from


Trippier, Alonso back to Nathan Ake, the header from Pedro. We have not


seen much of Pedro in the last 15 minutes or so. Good header by Kane.


Dele Alli. Really good from Harry Kane and then by David Luiz. Good


recovery from David Luiz. He made the right decision.


His birthday today, David Luiz, as Gary told you earlier today, 30, big


day in every way. Azpilicueta, Dembele.


Three at the back for Spurs suits Eriksen and Dele Alli because they


don't have to play the wide roles so much. Dinked in, covered again by


David Luiz. He's having a very good game. The offside flag was up


anyway. I think Eriksen and Dele Alli, the license, similar with the


Chelsea formation, Hazard and Pedro, of course, when they play they can


go and wonder a little into central areas rather than thinking I've got


to give some width in a 4-3- three. Eric Dier. There might be some room


here, Christian Eriksen with Harry Kane in the middle, Marcos Alonso


has recovered his position, Trippier is capable from there. Good ball,


read by Courtois. Dele Alli hoped his late run into the box might bear


fruit. They are having some joy down Chelsea's left, most of their


attacks have come from there. Azpilicueta forced into a mistake.


Eriksen. Dele Alli turns to Christian Eriksen and said, did you


see me? With Eriksen's shooting ability he has every right to have a


go from there. Chelsea have a free kick. One of the


factors for Spurs this season, obviously Harry Kane is so important


to them, his goals, and of course again today, go without saying, but


the support they get in terms of goal-scoring from Eriksen, Alli and


Son Heung-min has been exceptional this season. In all competitions


those three have contributed 49 goals to Tottenham's season, before


you even get to Harry Kane's tally of 26. Earlier in the season it was


debated a lot and I was one who suggested they needed more from


those guys. Son and Eriksen have stepped up to the plate. Eriksen's


stats in terms of chances created and assists has been fantastic as


well. David Luiz, Alderweireld comes


across for Spurs. The 12th meeting between these two London rivals in


this competition, the most significant, the 67 final which


Spurs fans will gleefully tell you they won 2-1. But in recent years


Chelsea have normally have the upper hand against Tottenham Hotspur, two


wins in 16 against Chelsea, Spurs, one of those this January. N'Golo


Kante playing in Moses. Son slid in. Penalty. He has given it, the


linesman has given it. He has given it. Ian Hussin on the nearside


raised his flag and the referee has given it. Spurs complained but I'm


not quite sure what basis they are mounting their defence on. Well, we


don't know until we see a replay for sure but I don't know why he is


diving in, why is he diving in? Stay on your feet. It's a penalty, isn't


it? Whichever way you look at it. He might have jumped over him, it


doesn't matter. It is a ridiculous decision from Son to dive in.


Chelsea have missed their last two penalties, although Eden Hazard


scored from the rebound of one. I think Conte is shouting on. He told


Willian to take the ball from bachelor. Batshuayi was the last


Chelsea player to convert a penalty. But this is going to be taken by


Willian. To put Chelsea in front. And he does.


Never seemed to be in doubt. Willian has two, Chelsea has two, Tottenham


have one and Son can only reflect on a poor decision. Great penalty from


Willian, great dead ball specialist. I don't know what Son is thinking.


As soon as you go to ground, players are clever. Nice penalty, nice and


calm. Well, this could be Willian's day.


That's how it's shaping up at the moment. I'm surprised that the


penalty taker hadn't already been sorted out before the game, to be


honest. These are big moments for Spurs before half-time.


2-1 is not the end of the world. 3-1 against Chelsea is a major headache.


We see here, Moses sees him go to ground, nicks the ball past him. You


are always going to give away a penalty. He's made the most of it to


go over it. Never go sliding income are never going to win the ball.


It's just about making sure you don't give the referee decision to


make, stay your feet. Lloris has handled that outside the penalty


area, Ian Hussin on the nearside does not seem moved to give it. But


from up here it looked as if Hugo Lloris handled that. He did. He will


not give that if he has just given a penalty, the linesman, the referee's


assistant, sorry. Kante's header. It's a free kick to Chelsea for a


foul on the Willian, the double goal-scorer. Let's have a look at


this. He has definitely handled it. He got away with one.


It is interesting, all of the tour, not the only taught, but one of the


big issues on the team selection was that Son might be able to push back


Victor Moses and ask defensive questions of Victor Moses. That


moment, which may prove a defining one in the game, the boot was on the


other foot and Son defensively made a poor decision. He did but playing


in a different decision should still not make you make those silly


decisions because as a white man he will have been back in those


positions doubling up for full-backs before. You cannot go diving in.


Five in this Spurs attack and has gone right through Moses to Son, out


to Dembele, Dembele running into Pedro. Important intervention from


Pedro who is then fouled by Mousa Dembele in the opinion of the


referee. That work ethic from Pedro to nick the ball from Dembele is


part of the reason I think he and Willian were selected. Of course,


Hazard has more ability than them in terms of the final third but from


defensive positions. Alonso forward. Batshuayi.


Alderweireld just read that, but under the chest of Marco Alonso,


though. That is going to be a free kick to Tottenham, and the next


whistle will be half-time. Hello. What is he doing? The card is coming


out. That is an unnecessary yellow card for Marcos Alonso. He is always


going to get a yellow if he does that.


2-1 up with a minute to go until half-time, ridiculous decision.


N'Golo Kante with a foul on Dele Alli. Two minutes where indicated,


that is why they always say a minimum of, because we are now deep


into the third. Antonio Conte thinks the players should be in the


dressing room by now. Which is where they will head now


and Tottenham have some thinking to do. Willian has two for Chelsea, and


despite the brilliant improvisation by Harry Kane between those goals,


the defining moment of the half, the sliding challenge by Son on Victor


Moses which led to the penalty converted by Willian. At half-time


at Wembley in the first of the FA Cup semifinals, Chelsea 2-1


Tottenham. A fascinating first half and end to


end stuff for much of it. Chelsea got off to a very, very good start.


First ten to 15 minutes they were all over Spurs. To be fair, Spurs


came back into the game for the next 20 minutes and they dominated. They


got the goal and could have got another one through Dier. A crazy


tackle from Son. It's a really fascinating and interesting 40


minutes -- 45 minutes. When the whole world is bemuse by a decision


and then a player scores twice! We aren't finished yet. What Conte did


when he brought Willian into the team, he knows he still has pace in


the team and you saw the counterattacks from Chelsea. They


are still quality players and Willian came up with a great free


kick. For Spurs, playing Son as a Wing-back has kind of backfired.


It's not paid off anywhere near as much. The plan was to get Moses


running the other way. But Moses is winning that battle, he's been much


stronger. The majority of the counter racks from Chelsea have come


down the right. Chelsea have been brilliant at this all season, they


soak up pressure and they had Spurs running back towards their own goal


numerous times in the early stages. That was the first one. Look out


quick they go from defence that transition into attack. Spurs


defenders running towards their own goal. They couldn't deal with it and


then a foul that led to the free kick. I have to question Hugo


Lloris. Frank, you saw something else. I'm looking at Eric Dier. I


saw him in midfield last week and now he's centre-back. If you're


playing in midfield, you can afford to let Pedro run off you, but you


can't do that in the back three. Pedro is really quick. It's a


problem for Tottenham to get back to him. As for the free kick, Willian


is brilliant, do you question the goalkeeper? You have to. It's his


side. A little deflection off Matic. It just clips him. Having said that,


I don't think it clips him enough to change the direction of the ball a


lot. He tries to gamble because he thinks he's going over the wall. The


wall is therefore a reason. If he has the ability to put it over the


wall and put it in the corner, you put your hands up. He save it.


Chelsea have their own wall. They know he's going in that corner. We


see it quite often. As a goalkeeper, if you're on that side, if they pop


it the other way, you won't get blamed. If you had goalkeepers in


him now, they would tell us we are all wrong! Why they choose to gamble


I don't know. Even if it doesn't hit Matic, it's still going in. All


three goals have come from set pieces. Tottenham's as well. Harry


Kane got the corner in the first place, bright and alert from the


free kick. I did think he was going to let it run and uses body to roll


past the defender. They get the corner and they don't have any


protection in front of the near post. Harry Kane is so clever, right


and quick, alert. He spots the space and that is a hell of a header. To


guide it into the far corner. He knows where the goal is, he knows


what he has to do. He spots the space, no one protecting him. Superb


header. The keeper has no chance. He doesn't look at the goal. You don't


have to. The goal never moves. He knows exactly where he is. On


occasions when I played I felt it did move! That was a gorgeous


header. Then Tottenham were pretty dominant, Frank. But the penalty. He


went down early, but what a crazy tackle. I'm not a big fan of playing


attacking players as wingbacks. These moments can change big games.


He goes to the floor far too early. I can't even criticise Victor


Viguera in early. You are waiting for the contact. Clear penalty.


Crazy, what's he doing? It was how early Heaslip. As a player, I will


go over his legs. Conte saying Willian had to take it. Batshuayi


once a goal, but Willian has taken penalties before. He waits for the


keeper to go. He went Batshuayi crazy! One of a talking point in the


first half that we should look at because there's been a few people


whingeing, especially Chelsea fans on social media. Did Dele Alli stamp


on David Luiz? You will make me disagree with Chelsea fans and get


me in trouble. I don't think he does. He's looking in the opposite


direction. We can't say he meant it. Anyone think he meant it? Definitely


not. He has that edge to his game. It's probably the reason social


media has gone crazy. Nothing in that. Doesn't social media always go


crazy! Plenty more sport to come on the BBC this weekend.


It's a site that never fails to inspire. Very neat!


That guy is unstoppable. What a great start. He scores!


It's been a big day at the bottom of the Premier League. All the action


on Match Of The Day. Manchester United and Liverpool both


in action tomorrow. Time to pay tribute to Ugo Ehiogu, the former


England defender who died yesterday at the end -- at the age of just 44.


44, a tragedy. It puts football into perspective. He used to stand up in


the dressing room and say his piece. He was a strong character. Dawn in


the east of London, Ugo Ehiogu began his football career at West Brom,


but it was a move to Aston Villa under Ron Atkinson at the age of 19


which ensured his name in football folklore. He was the big man, an


imposing centre half who helped Villa to two League Cup triumphs and


went on to win as the England shirt four times. Ugo Ehiogu scores for


England! He loved a full-blooded challenge. He was an old-fashioned


centre whose job was to head it, kick it, block shots, tackle. Centre


forwards would not have playing against him. Fine tackle. In


training one used to get so frustrated that we couldn't score,


but he didn't realise how good Ugo was. He was just brilliant. It was


at Middlesbrough where his partnership with the current England


manager helped the club to the League Cup. His third. He finished


with spells at Leeds, Rangers and Sheffield United. After retiring he


moved into coaching with the youth teams at Spurs. He was a very good


player and a very, very good human being. Ugo Ehiogu, so sad. It's hard


to know what to say at these times. So young, 44. Terrific player and a


lovely person. I played against him many times and when on trips around


the world with him after our careers had finished. What you hear most is


how nice he was and he really was. He was very tough to play against,


but he was a nice centre-half. He wouldn't say things to you or kick


you, but he was a very, very tough player. Frank? I knew him a little


bit. I met him a few times. No ego, a gentleman, always positive. The


football speaks for his self, but as a man, thoughts with his children


and family. Terrible news. A coach at Tottenham. Very highly thought


of. He was and he was doing a fantastic job. A lot of the younger


players have been hugely affected by this. It wasn't just him as a coach,


it was him as a man. He was teaching labs about handling money, other


sites to the game which a lot of people take for granted. That tells


you all you need to know about him. He will not only be missed by the


football world, but also those young lads at first. Thoughts very much


with his family at this very difficult time. The second half is a


few minutes away. Chelsea have the edge. Both Spurs and Chelsea can


realistically dream of being double winners.


Willian scores for Chelsea! Chelsea in front early. A little flick and


it's in the net! Harry Kane, who else? That's dangerous and headed


just wide by Eric Dier. Son slid in. This could be Willian's day.


Chelsea are 2-1 up at half-time. Wembley Stadium, fabulous site. Down


there somewhere inside the stadium, waiting to talk to us is Ruud


Gullit. We've just had to run away from a


sprinkler. Sitting next to you, your excitement levels have been up and


down. Chelsea are leading, but have you been happy with everything


you've seen? They are fortunate to be ahead. Tottenham played really


good football. Chelsea had the opportunity to have an easy


build-up. Tottenham are pressing them from the start. It was


difficult for Chelsea to come out. They were very proactive, they had a


couple of counter attacks, they were dangerous. Tottenham, when they


scored, got better and better. They get out of jail, Chelsea. I'm


curious to see how they do in the second-half. Will they play like


this again? Tottenham looked much better. I was really impressed with


them in the first half. We know Chelsea have huge firepower on the


bench. Do you expect changes? Could cost or Hazard be involved? Not at


the moment, they are 2-1 ahead. I think the Italian will try to do the


same thing, play on the counter attack. They have quick players. If


Tottenham keep playing like this, pushing up, they will score more


goals. Who is the happiest manager? Will Pochettino still be pretty


happy? From his team performance he has to be very happy. Unfortunate


that Son made a mistake, sliding in in the box, unnecessary. He will say


to them, continue with what you're doing and the goals will come.


Chelsea have to be very careful. They can't allow Tottenham to play


like they do. I'm furious to see how the second-half develops. I'm also


curious. Thank you. Another big story out of Chelsea.


John Terry has announced he is leaving at the end of the season.


You have to be a good player to do that two seasons running! It looks


like it will be it this time. Appreciation of a great player.


Great player, irreplaceable. As a captain he led the club. Behind this


is, on the pitch. You can't buy that, you can't get someone to do


that. Not just a leader and the man he was, the player, underrated on


the ball. Always in the right position. These sorts of games where


his day, getting the team going in the dressing room. I think we've


lost the best defender in Premier League history. An absolute giant of


the Premier League. It speaks volumes that every manager who went


into Chelsea had him as their captain, their leader. When all the


foreigners were coming into Chelsea, they do to John Terry delete them.


What Frank says about him being a top footballer goes under the radar.


Two feat. He could pass. My first run in with him was when he came to


Forest online. -- on loan. Such a good footballer. Brilliant this year


for Chelsea, behind-the-scenes. He will be talking to the lads in the


dressing room now. You can't play down his role this year. They are


back on the field, the referee is in position. Let's go back to the


commentators. Thank you. No substitutions from


either side. When Willian moved to England from Russia, it was like


pass the parcel. Liverpool fought they had him, Tottenham hijacked the


deal and then Chelsea hijacked that deal. Now here he is biting the hand


that wanted to feed him. Chelsea lead 2-1. They get the second half


under way. But there's plenty of time for Tottenham Hotspur to turn


this one around. Spurs from left to right in the


second half with Chelsea attacking the goal away to the left-hand side.


Dembele. Kane.


Nicely done. He beat Cesar Azpilicueta there and the referee


Martin Atkinson will not let that go without a word to Azpilicueta who


gives Kane a little part of apology. Knockaert. It was good feet from


Kane, sees him coming. So many titanic battles between


these two sides, not least in the game at Stamford Bridge at the end


of last season which confirmed Leicester as Premier League


champions. Chelsea came back from 2-0 down. You are a former Spurs


man, Danny Murphy, and it is often said that, terrific though Spurs are


at the moment, and the very good times they have had over recent


years, they need to win something. I think so, yes. They've been so close


recently. To move forward and gain confidence as a group they need


something that makes that easier. The referee says, play on. Getting a


furious reaction from Tottenham fans and not a good one from the manager


either. David Lewisham was not overly interested in the ball, say


Tottenham. -- David Luiz. Agreed. It gives you such belief as a group


when you get over the line for your first one. I remember Liverpool


against Gerard Houllier getting their first trophy. The confidence


you get from that is huge, and for the supporters of course. They are


certainly hungry, first Tottenham fans.


Here is N'Golo Kante for Chelsea. Pedro. Eric Dier. That is a foul by


N'Golo Kante on Victor Wanyama. On the flip side the Chelsea fans


are used to seeing trophies most seasons these days. The amazing


thing is that since Tottenham last played in an FA Cup final Chelsea


have played in eight. Really? Eriksen. Pedro. Ake. Spurs' throw.


Eriksen. Harry Kane got in behind Matic. David Luiz is a big influence


on this football match. Yes, he's had a good game, hasn't he? The


corner count is now 6-0 in Tottenham's favoured but that is one


of the least significant statistic. The one that matters is Chelsea 2-1


Tottenham. Can Chelsea spring out? It is a


strange choice from Eriksen with the power they have in the air in the


box. He is a great dead ball specialist and he should have just


put that in. I don't understand that one.


Dembele. Wanyama.


Spurs will be glad to have Victor Wanyama back for the run-in after


his injury problems at the beginning of this calendar year.


Trippier. He's been the one Spurs signing who


has really improved the team. He has had a great season.


They have had a few injuries this season, not least Danny Rose there.


Sitting, forced to watch, still hoping to get back and should be


soon. He's missed the last 13 games with a knee injury. Ake. Spurs are


trying to dictate the game. Dembele has space. Azpilicueta did well.


Victor Moses. Batshuayi was moving in the other direction. It is a good


start from Tottenham. Good tempo, on the front foot, trying to get back


into the game. Chelsea very dangerous like this, though, because


they love breaking. They don't mind soaking up pressure. I've seen them


do it many times this season when you are thinking they are sitting in


and comfortable, and all of a sudden, as the boys talked about in


the studio at half-time, their pace on the brakes so quickly can hurt


you. Chelsea sometimes are at their most dangerous when you have the


ball in their final third. Eriksen, delightful ball. What a


great goal! Dele Alli scores it but Christian Eriksen makes it with one


of the assists of the season. That is a brilliant, brilliant Tottenham


equaliser, it's 2-2. You are right, you are absolutely


right, that is one of the assists of the season. I was talking about his


influence in the first half, he's playing with confidence at the


moment. I mean, this Paris, he knows Dele Alli is going to be on his


bike, he sees him, but to pick him out, we can talk about defending but


that is an absolutely unbelievable pass and brilliant run and finish by


Dele Alli, he doesn't miss those. Great run.


That is the move of a grandmaster from Christian Eriksen. And Dele


Alli got there and Spurs are level and Spurs now have their tails up.


Here is Dele Alli again and he goes over, Ake's challenge, Spurs howling


for a penalty of their own, not going to get it. Given away by Ake,


here they come again, Tottenham. Dembele. A challenge on Dele Alli


and he's not getting that either, Dele Alli can't believe he hasn't


got either of those decisions. I tell you something, Dembele and


Wanyama are dominating Chelsea's two. Kante is gamely trying but he


needs a bit more help from his partner. Here we go. Well... Spurs


are in Chelsea's faces at the moment.


Having given a penalty to Chelsea, of course Martin Atkinson is going


to be put under pressure. Batshuayi has won this from Wanyama and Martin


Atkinson gives Tottenham that decision. I think they might have


got lucky with that one, Batshuayi does well. This is the penalty


appeal, I think you will see Ake just gets a touch on the ball.


There. It's a good tackle. It does not surprise me that Spurs


were appealing, however. Yes, the pass from Eriksen is exquisite. Its


two things, seeing the paths, which is difficult for most people, and


then executing the paths. And now it's Tottenham feeling good.


The odds in this match have swung wildly one way and then the other.


It's all square again if this game goes a long way beyond the 90


minutes. It could be about aces up your sleeve. Don't forget Chelsea


have Eden Hazard and Diego Costa on their bench. David Luiz and Harry


Kane coming together, the referee Martin Atkinson inclined to see that


as six of one and half a dozen of the other. Here is Willian. What a


game this is, Dembele trying to find Dele Alli. We always go hoping for a


good game. Today I think we came expecting a good game and we have


got one. Oh! There are some tackles going in now.


There certainly are. Luiz. We talked about the 2-2 draw


at Stamford Bridge at the back end of last season and they spent 90


minutes kicking lumps out of each other, these two, providing all


kinds of entertainment. There are more than a few people on the pitch


who remember that game. Lucky he did it to Wanyama who is honest because


he left a straight leg there. It is one of those games. I think he


got away with it. He got angry because Dembele had taken the ball


from him and our strength, took out his frustration with a straight leg


on Wanyama. Alderweireld for Tottenham Hotspur. Twice they have


come back now. A great sign of their mental strength. Here is Dembele. He


had a six match ban for gouging Diego Costa in the game at Stamford


Bridge. Pedro going forward. Good feet by Pedro, Willian for Chelsea,


outside Vertonghen, good block by the Belgian, that was dangerous.


Great defending, Vertonghen, well done. Kante has robbed Dembele. Here


is Mousa Dembele again. Tottenham get the free kick and Son


has taken it. Good run by Dele Alli, he's got himself in the box. It's a


corner. Talk about turning up for the big


games. For a young man he has the temperament. It has been superb


today. Another Tottenham corner. Another


Christian Eriksen delivery. Couldn't get his head on that one. Hazard is


coming on. Eden Hazard is stripping off. Eriksen pulled it back.


Dembele... Dembele started the second half very well, they can't


cope with him at the moment. Hazard and Costa are getting themselves


ready. In goes this Tottenham corner kick,


out goes Courtois, I don't think he got anything on it, the keeper.


Trippier. Out by Kante. Son to Alli, brilliant footwork, but then the


scoop. The first touch was great, his second was all wrong. It was. He


has such good feet. So now the team we expected will be on the pitch. I


am a little bit surprised to see it so early but I suppose he thinks


Tottenham have the momentum. So, Diego Costa and Eden Hazard will


both be on shortly. Willian and Batshuayi will be


enough. Has not been a hat-trick in an FA Cup semifinal for 59 years,


since 1978. I don't know the thinking behind that. I'm really


surprised. Unless he has a knock. Predictable mixed response from the


two sets of fans at the name of Diego Costa. He tends to divide


opinion. Chelsea love him. Not many other people do. Eden Hazard on.


Arguably Chelsea's ace in the pack. Unbelievable couple to bring on.


Hazard has been the best player in the Premier League for me this


season. Willian has gone straight down the tunnel, which would suggest


a knock. Yeah. Maybe. Or he could be extremely annoyed. He didn't seem to


have a knock to me. I'm really surprised, if it was tactical, but


it was Willian. Really surprised. Pedro was pleased to hear the


whistle. A little under half an hour of normal time to go.


That will be... Is that a corner or a throw? If it's a corner, it's


Chelsea's first. It's a throw. Five Premier League games without a


goal, Diego Costa. His longest lean spell in England. Unlucky, good


break. Offside flag is up on the far side.


Against Chelsea. The number three. It wouldn't surprise me if Tottenham


start thinking about fresh legs at some point. They don't have the same


kind of big beast on the bench. They don't have a Costa or a Hazard.


Davies, Janssen, Sissoko, Wimmer, Nkoudou and Walker.


Good tackle by Kieran Trippier. A few Spurs fans behind the goal


urging Wanyama to shoot. Or not to! I can just see Pochettino having a


word with Kyle Walker. He will be on. Interesting to see whether they


put him on the left or have Trippier over there. I've seen Trippier play


there before, he's reasonably comfortable. Don't forget match of


the data night. -- Match Of The Day tonight.


We are none the wiser as to who will be in the FA Cup final.


Offside, Diego Costa. He's probably had his poorest month over the last


few weeks for Chelsea, Diego Costa. That was close, a tight one. They've


got to keep giving Hazard the ball. He will get them back into this


game. At the moment Tottenham are quite comfortable and looking is a


bigger threat. Spurs beat Chelsea at White Hart Lane 2-0 in January. They


have never beaten Chelsea twice in the same season since 1970 - 71.


That is a very long time. You can see why both teams are


number one and two in the Premier League. So strong, athletic, so much


quality and creativity in both teams.


Ake did really well. Kante with the long Chelsea clear Ross. That was a


hoof, the whole hoof, and nothing but the hoof. Foul by Diego Costa. A


little pat on the back of Mousa Dembele. Rather more friendly than


the exchange between the pair last season. For which Dembele was


banned. A clever nudge from Alderweireld.


That's what centre halves do, a quick nudge before the ball comes


and your control goes. Out of-year-old is so big and strong. --


Alderweireld is so big and strong. Spurs are now going to make that


substitution. Son is coming off. Kyle Walker is coming on.


Trippier is going left-hand side, getting instructions from Walker.


It's what you said, Danny. It makes more sense. I've seen him play there


before. I've rarely seen Kyle Walker on the left. Here he is, Walker with


a throw in. We've just gone past the midway


point of the second half in this first semifinal. 2-2.


He certainly went off down the tunnel when he went off, Willian.


Two goals in the semifinal. I think he was upset, I really do. He looked


pretty annoyed. As I would be. After scoring two. This is going to start


getting tense fairly soon. It's been a match of abandonment and


unfettered excitement. The tension will creep in as the clock ticks on.


Spurs are asking most of the questions that the moment. Alonso


did well, but it's a corner. They are the better team. You have to say


it. They are winning the midfield battle, Dembele and Wanyama


controlling things. Alli's movement and Eriksen, terrific.


Ninth Tottenham corner. It flashed just in front of Eric Dier.


Dembele did really well against Hazard. That was a brilliant spot by


Dembele. Got there first. Great pace and strength. Another Tottenham


corner. 10-0 in corners. There have been some terrific performances out


there. Man of the match will be impossible at this rate. Just under


86,500 here. Everyone utterly engrossed.


Nonstop Spurs pressure at the moment.


Not often you see Chelsea camped in their own half of the field.


I suspect Dele Alli knew precisely what he was doing. He did indeed.


Calculated foul and it brings him a yellow card. Chelsea have to be


careful they don't become a back five. Their wing backs still need to


get a bit higher and press the ball higher. Otherwise they give up


possession to Spurs. Fabregas is coming on for Chelsea. I think


that's a very sensible choice. The surprise is Pedro coming off. Matic


hasn't done enough today. He's been overrun. What Fabregas gives you is


that confidence and capability to keep the ball under pressure. He's


going to play further forward, further forward than Matic and


Kante. He takes the ball calmly in tight areas. He has the ability to


open new up with his passing ability. He won the FA Cup 12 years


ago with Arsenal, Cesc Fabregas. Finally Chelsea have a corner. I


think Victor Moses has been one of Chelsea's best players today. He's


continually got forward, good energy and he's defended reasonably well.


The first chance they've had to do what they were working on on the


training ground. Hazard. It's in! Eden Hazard scores for Chelsea. And


for the third time in this semifinal, they are in front.


Now, can Tottenham do it again? Well, for the life of me I'm not


sure how or why he has this much time on the edge of the box. But


it's a great strike, isn't it, on his weaker foot. It may have taken a


little nick on the way through. But no chance for Lloris. You can't let


someone of his quality have that much time on the edge of the box.


The players must have been drawn into areas they should have been


because you would never setup is only to have no one on the edge of


the box and even man to man you would still have somebody there.


It's a great strike. It is a great strike. It's 3-2. From a brilliant


player. Dele Alli fouled by David Luiz. You could argue it's very much


against the run of play which is what Chelsea are so brilliant at,


they don't have to be playing particularly well to win games


because they have such amazing firepower in their side. So,


Mauricio Pochettino and Jesus Perez deep in conversation. If anyone can


conjure something it's Christian Eriksen. But how many times can they


come back? Eriksen. That flicked off the head of David Luiz. That was an


important touch. He's had a lot of those today. In a game where Chelsea


have been put under a lot of pressure he's stood up and been


counted. In it goes. Diego Costa, useful to


have defending corners. Jan Vertonghen, nice turn. Matic rather


bundling his way into possession. Wanyama. Dele Alli to Walker.


Stabbed away by Alonso. Dele Alli. Dembele. Trippier.


It's Eric Dier. He can't find Kane. Off the ball Kane was trying to pin


David Luiz and he moved away from him, clever from David Luiz to stop


himself getting pinned on the edge of the box. Good defending.


Spurs are going to make another change. Mauricio Pochettino speaking


to Georges N'Koudou. I would imagine he would put him down the left-hand


side. Wanyama's head. Diego Costa's flick, Alderweireld


for Tottenham. Spurs have to do something which no


team has done to Chelsea since Arsenal right at the beginning of


this season, that is put three past Chelsea. The substitution is going


to take place here. Georges N'Koudou coming on, Wanyama going off.


Georges N'Koudou brought to Tottenham from Marseille for ?9


million in the summer, his 13th appearance off the bench, only two


starts. They have gone to four at the back. Eric Dier stepped into


midfield. Only ten to play. Eden Hazard for Chelsea, Fabregas onside,


Eden Hazard, still Eden Hazard. Driven. Brilliant goal! Nemanja


Matic Hamels Chelsea to within touching distance of the FA Cup


final itself. With a hammer of a drive. Tottenham Hotspur have come


back twice from a goal down but with ten to play now they have to come


back from two down. Magnificent strike.


That is an incredible strike from Matic. I was talking about him not


being at his best today but he certainly made up for that here.


Look at this. I mean... That's incredible. If you're going to wait


until the back end of April to score your first goal of the season you


might as well make it a good one. One or two of them you hit in your


career, one or two at the most. I mean, he has caught that pure. That


should be it for Chelsea. Famous last words. But... Ten minutes to


go, two goal cushion. He didn't just hit the sweet spot, he knocked the


living daylights out of it. Its 4-2. Sometimes you just catch one and you


know as soon as it leaves your foot. He will never score a better goal


than that. Here is Eric Dier for Tottenham Hotspur.


They have lost their last six FA Cup semifinals. No one has ever lost


seven on the spin. But it will take something truly remarkable now. It


will. They deserve great credit today, there has been a lot going on


at the football club over the last couple of days and they have put in


a hell of a performance. Let's give Chelsea credit too because after


their defeat last week, they have not played that well today but shown


the spirit, dug in and showed some moments of quality that look like


they will get them through this game. There is lots of credit to


both sides, it's been a wonderful game of football. It's not over yet.


It's not over yet and if Spurs can snaffle something soon, it will have


to be very soon, but it might be game on again, Eriksen to Dembele.


Running into the Chelsea defender. Azpilicueta. Martin Atkinson saying


there was no intent on either side. But, feast your eyes on this.


Or if you are a Tottenham fan look away now.


As I said, it's not been his best performance. Look at Kurt Zouma's


face, look at his face. Eden Hazard's onside, Lloris has


come, Hazard has hurtled him, he can pull it back, they are queueing up


in the middle, Marcos Alonso and Alderweireld with the block.


Nearly five. That's going to happen now,


Tottenham are going to throw men forward and not chase back because


if you are going to you lose a semi you might as well and dumber lose


five or six, you've got to try and get back in. Chelsea are very good


at that, as we know. -- you might as well lose five or six. Just can't


control that, Diego Costa. Dele Alli and N'Golo Kante together, forward


towards Cave, cut out by Azpilicueta. Victor Moses, no


direction on that, Walker and Moses together. Eden Hazard here.


Fabregas. Alderweireld do well. -- did well. This has been one of the


best semifinals at the new Wembley, it really has.


If Spurs are going to stay in the cup it's going to have to be one of


the best on any ground at any time. I've been fortunate to be in a lot


of them and this is definitely the best in terms of quality,


entertainment, the ebb and flow of the game.


N'Golo Kante. Cesc Fabregas.


It's a challenge which Cesc Fabregas took exception to.


I think the one thing it does show, there are long periods in this game


and when Tottenham have been better. But the strength in depth that


Chelsea possess. Whoever they had played today, Willian comes in and


scores, Hazard comes on and scores, Fabregas comes on and makes a


difference. I'm not sure Tottenham have that. That face tells the


story. Painful, so painful. It is an old, old story being played out yet


again here for Tottenham. Here is Diego Costa, and he really should


have made it five. Good ball from Fabregas.


Not like Costa. Normally Diego Costa just buries that. I think Alonso was


in a much better position behind him. Here is N'Koudou to Walker.


Chelsea have won the FA Cup seven times, hoping now, surely expecting


now, to reach their 12 FA Cup final. Here is Eric Dier for Spurs, for


whom time is now trickling quickly through their fingers. N'Koudou


taking on Moses. Good balance, good feet. Goalkick. Danny, your thoughts


about the Man of the Match here in this semifinal? Well, I think for


Tottenham there has been some really, really great performance but


I will give it to David Luiz for Chelsea because on a day when they


have been under the cosh, he has lost Cahill, he's been exceptional,


won a lot of headers, interceptions, he's stood up to the play, taken


criticism in the past but he has topped a great season with a


wonderful performance on his birthday today. Rarely have we seen


Chelsea under so much pressure but he, for me, is the Man of the Match.


Alderweireld for Tottenham, for whom the game is almost up. Eric Dier.


They played their part again and again. That is absolutely no


consolation. No. Losing 4-2 sounds like they have been torn apart


really and they haven't, they have played really well. They have


obviously had their bad moments defensively a couple of times, but


generally their performance has been decent. But Chelsea just know how to


get over the line, they've been there and done it. I could watch


that all-night. Yes. Chelsea are very good at punishing teams, they


give you a glimmer of hope and punish you with their quality going


the other way. It's the reason they have been successful for so many


years now. Is this place becoming a problem for Tottenham now? They will


almost certainly be playing all of their matches here next season. They


have got to make the pitch smaller. For psychological reasons I don't


see it as an excuse, we saw the dimensions before, two meters each


way in length and one metre in width. It's amazing. I think 440


metres square when you add it up. It sounds a lot to me. But geometry has


never been my strong point. That's Courtois. I think the type of pitch


makes the difference, more than the size. N'Koudou climbing. White Hart


Lane, really firm. The grass is really short. Ball zips about. This


grass here is a lot softer, after walking on it it has a lot more


give, the grass is a bit longer. The way you want to play and with press,


I think it's fair to say if they had played this way at Wembley every


time they had been here they would have a lot more wins. Of course, it


is likely that once Spurs move out of Wembley, assuming they do move


here, and into their new home, it's likely Chelsea move in. They are


hoping to play their matches here while Stamford Bridge is rebuilt.


Stamford Bridge, which hosted the FA Cup final, the last three finals,


before the old Wembley was built. One of which was won by Spurs at the


Bridge. Here is Fabregas. Five would be so harsh on Tottenham. It doesn't


really matter. But they don't want to go away having let in five. There


are four added minutes for Chelsea to inflict further pain on their


neighbours. Costa... Conte will enjoy his post


match interview about their tactics. Isn't a! The man brought in score


two, the man brought on scored one, and the other man brought on scored


one. Exactly! He's provided one of the memorable


moments of this game, Christian Eriksen, with the pass for Dele


Alli's goal. It's been a memorable game. But that is of absolutely no


consolation for those who just can't watch the end. There are many, many


of them. You think how far the club has calm in the last two years and


how the team has progressed. The expectancy level has gone high


because of the success they've had and it's understandable, but they


are in a really good place. You just hope the Tottenham fans and the club


that they keep their best players. Kante with a foul on Dele Alli, free


kick. Yellow card. Alli's waving leg was at least


partially responsible for the contact. But a yellow card was


shown. If this was to go in, we might have 60 seconds of drama. If


this was four minutes ago, you'd think it could be the platform for


something extraordinary. But two and a half minutes of the four added


have been played. If Spurs are going to do something incredible, this has


to go in. Harry Kane. Courtois! It has not


been their day. Just has not been their day. Backspin kept it out.


Good strike. Talking about the keeper staying where he is. That's


when you know. It does occur to me that only Kenny


Dalglish and Carlo Ancelotti have won the double in their first season


as a manager in charge of their clubs. Antonio Conte could do that.


Four points clear at the top of the Premier League table. I think


Liverpool won it at Chelsea. Yes. Kenny scored himself.


Good effort by included, David Luiz covering to a mighty roar and the


ball flies away into the empty seats that were once packed with Tottenham


faces. Expectant faces. Heartbreaking. Seven on the spin.


Seven semifinals. A lot of these players won't have been involved in


those and they have to take the positives. Chelsea are into the 2017


FA Cup final. Their double is still on. It's been a remarkable


semifinal. Chelsea were never behind, but only late on could they


truly say they had shaken off Spurs, who came back bravely twice,


skilfully twice, but in the end a Nemanja Matic piledriver has sent


Chelsea to the final. Spurs have to reflect on what might have been yet


again. It's finished 4-2. What a fabulous game of football


that was. Chelsea eventually running out winners and they are the first


side through to the final of the FA Cup, where they will play either


Manchester City or Arsenal. They are in great shape for a league and cup


double. For Spurs, a seventh consecutive loss in the FA Cup


semifinals. An unwonted new record. Conte, who made those controversial


changes prior to the game, leaving out Hazard and Costa, but Hazard


came on and scored the all-important fifth goal and then a stunner from


Matic clinched it at the death. Thoroughly entertaining game.


Brilliant game of football. I thought Chelsea deserved it. They


were dogged and resilient. Tottenham had a lot of possession, but didn't


make as many chances as they would have liked. We talked about his


decision before the game. It was a huge gamble to leave Hazard in


particular out. He had firepower to bring on, Fabregas, Costa and


Hazard. Has changed the game and I think Chelsea deserved it. It's what


they do, they frustrate teams. Maybe Conte has found the new formula,


save your best players and bring them on later. We can hear from the


man who clinched the game, Nemanja Matic.


What an incredible result. What a strike that was. You surprised even


some of your team-mates on the bench. It was a nice goal. First of


all I want to say we are very happy because we are in the final.


Congratulations to Spurs, they are a great team. It was really hard


today. When you score four goals against them you have to win the


game so I am very happy. It was the perfect start, but Tottenham


wouldn't leave you alone, they kept coming back and coming back. It


looked tough. They are a great team, one of the best teams in the Premier


League. It was very hard today. We scored the first goal, they


equalised, we scored a second, they didn't give up. Congratulations to


them, they play good football. That's why we are so happy today.


You had some firepower on the bench today. You showed what you can do.


You must be delighted to be coming back in May. It's always good to win


this game, this kind of game, a semifinal against London team. It's


good for the fans. It will be my first final in five years at Chelsea


in the FA Cup. I hope to win it. It was a surprise for many that you


were on the bench. How did you feel about starting the game there? Were


you surprised? No. The manager told me yesterday. You have to expect


everything in football. You want to play every game, but he made a great


choice. Willian score two goals. Well done to both of you and we will


see you back here in May. The fans leaving after the game. A


lot of Spurs fans left before the final whistle. If they had got a


couple of late goals it would have been interesting to see them try to


get back in. Frank, your former club through to Wembley again and they


did it with emphatic finishing. They did. I have to give Conte so much


credit. The two most potent attacking players in the team on the


bench and they win. A lot of people will have watched the game and said


they defended a lot. This is Hazard. Bad from Tottenham. They leave the


edge of the box completely open. It's a great finish, but you need


leaders in there to put someone on the edge of the box. They don't.


That was Chelsea's first corner. They've had to switch around, Walker


coming on as substitute, the full-backs changing around. I think


they were mixed up. Very rare and we rarely would you not have anyone on


the edge of the box. You felt Tottenham were unfortunate. Alan


thought Chelsea deserved it, you're not so sure. Definitely not. I can't


believe you think that. I can't see how you don't feel Spurs deserved to


win that. Not lose the game the way they did. They were the better team


throughout, they dominated possession. Granted, Chelsea were


much more potent in front of goal. No way Spurs deserved lose. You


don't win games with possession. We know that. Spurs dominated that


game. With possession. Chelsea were on the back foot. Chelsea were


against the best defensive team in the league and they scored four. You


don't need to play well to win finals. When you're under pressure,


you need to defend. Tottenham played the better football, but the only


had four shots on target. Frank, you would be upset as a Spurs player.


Yes, when you think you've played well and you've lost 4-2, you will


be upset. Let's move on! One thing we can all agree on was the final


goal was something special. Unbelievable strike from Matic. You


hit a few strikes in your career where the minute it leaves your


foot, you don't need to watch it because you know where it's going.


Do you?! He will not hit a better strike than that in his career.


Right in the postage stamp, top corner, Lloris had no chance. You


could have two or three goalkeepers and they wouldn't stop it.


Unbelievable strike. Look at Zouma's face! One of the best goals ever


seen at Wembley I would suggest. Out of the blue and it finished off the


game. His game plan today worked absolutely perfect. The guys he left


out showed him the right reaction, the guy he brought in score two


goals soak it worked out perfectly. We have two more heavyweights facing


off here next weekend. We followed Anthony Joshua in the way to


Wembley. Heavyweight champion of the world,


Anthony Joshua! Don't miss that. It's been a big day


at the bottom of the Premier League. All of the action in Match Of The


Day. We've got a bit more time to talk


about what was really cracking game of football. It was. It was


interesting. You've got one team who dominated possession, one team quite


happy to sit and soak up pressure because they know they've got the


players to change the game when they go forward and that's how they won


the game. Is it also important in terms of the title? Definitely.


Confidence. He's rested their two best players and they've made the


final. The run in looks nice. They will be fresh and confident on


Tuesday. I'd love to see the Alli goal again. It didn't have much


bearing, but it made it a cracking game of football and it was such a


sensational goal. Eriksen has come into his own at the back end of this


season. This ball, you won't see many better deliveries. David Luiz,


man off the match, scrambling to get anywhere near it. I think Alli was


clipped by David Luiz. To finish it on his left foot like that was


brilliant. One big thing. Yours, what Chelsea brought off the bench


today is something Spurs need to look to for the future. Final word


on Spurs. Looking ahead, it could affect them a bit, they missed out


at the end of last season and this season again possibly. They had a


big chance today, no Cahill, Costa or Hazard. They had a big chance to


win today. I think it will damage them. Chelsea? They've got the


mindset, they are winners. We are out of time. Chelsea are through to


the FA Cup final. Once again, Spurs are given the Wembley blues.


Goodbye. # You've made it this far


Don't leave it to chance


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