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Hello. Good afternoon to you. Welcome to Wembley. Thousands of


Chelsea and Arsenal fans are heading down Wembley way for the 2017


Emirates FA Cup final. If you don't have a ticket, sit back, relax and


enjoy the very best build-up right here on the FA Cup Show.


In the next few minutes, the remarkable stories of those who


competed in the FA People's Cup. I had aprehelpings, I thought hang on,


I can coach a team, but to coach a deaf team, I was nervous. The highs


and lows of the road to Wembley set to music. # FA Cup final, no


friendly... And an exclusive interview with Arsene Wenger ahead


of what could be his last match in charge at Arsenal. I believe it's a


difference between being criticised and being treated in a way that a


human being don't deserve to be treated. I will never forget that.


We look at some of the top football comedy sketches through history. To


me, there's nothing worse than a fake fan. Well, things to do. Nice


to have met you. And of course the main event on air at 4. 15pm with


highlights for those of you who like to relive it with me at 11. 35pm.


And here we are walking up Wembley way with the Arsenal and the Chelsea


fans, a gorgeous day here at Wembley. The one thing you have to


say about this, this really is one of the great days in British sport.


Lots of fans just walking up, having a drink and a burger. What you need


are two former athletes, former athletes! Look at them, talking into


a burger! You have only been retired a few years. Ladies and gentlemen,


caught eating chips! Pat, Nevin, fresh from winning. I am delighted


about that. You have been doing it for how long? Forever, exactly.


Actually it was me that was having the chips there, apologies. Good


start to the day for me and for the Chelsea fans here they're really


excited about it, up for it. It's a stunning day. The weather is exactly


the way you want it. It's really boiling, but I think that's more to


do with sitting here behind me. But the players won't care. What is


interesting today is that yes there are fans here from Chelsea and from


Arsenal just down the road effectively but fans have been here


since early this morning. This is a match with a lot of anticipation for


these fans. Definitely. You remember soaking up the atmosphere, getting


there early, the sun is always out on the day and why don't you get as


much out of it as you can. When you saw Chelsea in September did you


honestly think that Antonio Conte's side would be going for the double?


I knew of his history but no chance in the world did you think that. The


primary thought in most Chelsea's fans heads was, you know, the era of


Cech, Lampard and Terry, Drogba, finishing now. Will it come back?


Finishing 10th in the league. Nine months later and suddenly a


possibility of a double. There is no way that any Chelsea fan thought


there was any chance of that. The big fear is dropping back a long


way, because a lot of other teams, City, United, Liverpool, Everton,


Spurs all getting strong again. In many ways this could easily have


been, it's obvious to say, this could have been a Manchester City


and Spurs final. But for Chelsea when you look at what's happened


over the last couple of weeks or so, now they have to focus on a Cup


final, how easy to do that? It's the FA Cup final, it's a huge day but


when you have won the league and have been celebrating and you also


have had a few games in between winning where the importance isn't


as high, it's really important that you get back on it and refocus and


get into the Cup final early. I promised myself I wouldn't mention


this but you were unlucky when it came to FA Cups, you were part of


the squad but never played? Why did you mention that! It's one of those


things you want to forget. Disappointing for me, played in a


lot of the early rounds and for one reason or another injuries, maybe


mainly. The last time it was a really bad injury. I have always


missed out on a Cup final day, always been here having a burger!


Look at that, fine tailoring you are in. Who is going to win today?


Chelsea are favourites. Big favourites. But it's not going to be


a walkover. This is not... Arsenal are a good side, on good form. It's


been a good run they've had in the league since they changed to that


3-4-3. It's tight, if Chelsea and Arsenal play to their best, I still


suspect Chelsea will win but it will be tighter than people are


suggesting. Every former Arsenal player we have had in the studio on


Final Score and Match of the Day, I have tried so hard, incredibly hard,


and on live radio to find out what the inside track is. Here goes. Any


news on Arsene Wenger, is this his last game? Don't know. Even if he


knew he is not telling us. If you want my opinion, I think no. I think


he will stay. But it's a bit of... It's a 50-50 chance of getting it


right, I guess. Thank you. God bless you, thank you very much. There you


are, you can have that, that's yours! You are just going for the


tea. By the way, we want to you get involved here today on social media,


on Twitter, on Facebook. Let us know how you are getting ready for the


big FA Cup final. Use the hashtag BBC football. There is the best one


so far. Look at the lovely pictures. Lots of you getting involved.


Much more from us to come in half an hour after we remind ourselves of


the magic of this year's FA People's Cup.


It's the FA People's Cup Finals Day here in Birmingham and we are


welcoming teams from all over the country. 40,000 people have been


whipped down to just 672. Everyone is hoping to get their hands on the


prestigious People's Cup trophy. It's a trip to Wembley for the FA


Cup final. We are praying that this day would


happen. It's hard to get to the finals and such a big prize. It


gives regular people a chance on the big stage. Words can't describe it.


We are nervous. We are going to do this and go back with the trophy. We


worked hard for each other. Heads up, positive attitude. Who needs a


day of revision when we can go to Wembley! Let's go boys! Come on!


This is the FA People's Cup. Welcome to the finals of the FA


People's Cup. Forget the professionals for now, this is the


tournament that gives ordinary people like you and me the chance to


play in our version of the FA Cup. This year, 40,000 of you signed up


to take part. Playing in categories based on age, gender and ability.


Matches were held in football centres all over the country. With


teams whittled down through two intense rounds of action. Only the


best have made it all the way through to the national finals in


Birmingham. People's Cup glory is within reach. Their prize, walking


out on to the pitch at Wembley during half-time at the FA Cup final


to collect their trophy. If you can walk out at Wembley on FA Cup final


day, it's something anybody would look forward to. To have a chance to


win, a great incentive to play. It's the ultimate prize, going on the


pitch at Wembley. I have supported Arsenal and never been to a game and


so to get tickets to go there would be nice. Excellent. So the stakes


are high. Here is what you can expect from the next 30 minutes of


action. Match of the Day's Trevor Sinclair


tries his hand at walking football. One of the boys' teams enjoys a


training session with the England under-21s. And Arsenal star Alex


Scott meets a women's football pioneer hoping for People's Cup


glory. There's me, that one with all the hair. The People's Cup has


incredible teams with a passion for football. None more so than the deaf


Rhinos who I met in Manchester. I had aPremiership hengss, I thought


hang on I can coach able-bodied team but I was nervous, I thought I


couldn't do this. I don't know sign language. You are doing it with your


hands, with your eyes, your smile. I thought OK, when you coach football


you demonstrate. Let's try it. The People's Cup has been fantastic for


our club and the players that took part. It gave them an opportunity to


play in an FA organised tournament. They played against teams that are


at a high level they're used to, to improve their football, it's


improved their game. On pitch number 6 Deaf Rhinos. Well done! We played


really well. Played good teams. We surprised ourselves that we beat


them and we reached the semifinal. Our boys played really well, we just


about missed out. Well done boys. They were disappointed, yes, but


within minutes we realised how far we have come and how much we enjoyed


the day. The disappointment went out the window and we started


celebrating how much we have achieved. The memories they've took


they'll never forget and the exposure we got on the day was


fantastic. From there, we have already had inquiries from players,


I thought wow, deaf players exist, I want to join them. As a club, we are


more well-known. It's great to know even though the


Deaf Rhinos didn't make it to the finals their involvement has been so


successful. Behind me right now is the disability Premiership final.


England CP captain Jack is with me right now. There's been a massive


cheer, what's happened? They've won the ball inside the half and smashed


it in the back of the net. A second goal now. It's 2-0. 2-0 to Exeter at


the moment. What have you made of the action here this weekend? It's


been brilliant. Really impressed by the standard of it. And how


competitive it is. How much everyone is enjoying it. It's really good to


see because obviously the opportunity to lift the trophy at


Wembley is every person's dream, in my opinion. It's nice everyone gets


the opportunity to do that. Even the ones who don't, will still say


they've had a fantastic time in the People's Cup dream. 4-1. Exeter


champions. What a game. Champions! I would like to thank


everyone involved with disability football in general, because it's


like ladies football, it's growing. The more people get involved and are


aware it's great. Thanks to everyone for helping boost disability


football because we are no different to anyone else and we all have


issues and stuff, it's great everyone is involved.


Really pleased that we got to this stage. And produced the goods to


win. I am very proud of them. They deserve to be in the final. I am


very happy myself. I am chuffed for the lads, we have lads that have


never been part of a team before, to be part of a team and winning


something like this is massive. They'll remember if for the rest of


their lives. When it comes to sport there really


are no barriers. And that definitely goes for age as well. The walking


football category bears the older player in mind and our own veteran


Trevor Sinclair has been taking a closer look. I am in my mid-40s,


believe it or not, I am here in Berkshire, there is is team inside


ready to train and I am going to join them.


Great to meet you. And you too. What initially appealed to you about


walking football? It gets people involved, maybe it could be an age


thing, you know, they can't run as well as they used to. You have to be


over 50 to play. Also it can be injury that restricts you from


playing running football. I know from experience because I have had


five knee operations. I had my spine unzipped 13 years ago and then


recently in the last couple of years I have got an arthritic hip. I


didn't think I would play football again but walking football, whether


it's in goal or playing on the pitch it gives you that ability where you


can still be competitive. And I will do that until my body says you can't


do any more. This has given us the ability to


compete against players of our own ability. We can't keep playing until


our 70s. We have been training against younger people and players


every Monday to make it tougher for ourselves. Before the game starts,


without stating the obvious, what are the differences between walking


and normal football? Obviously you can't run. The ball can't go


overhead height. There are no sliding tackles. You can't go to


ground. I'm quite pleased about that because I got some rough treatment


when I was playing. I might get through this game! I was tempted to


run with it there. That's pathetic! Take that all-day long. She's


vicious. You've got to be so alert. Don't watch the eyes, keeper. How


would you compare that to normal football? It's tough.


Cardiovascular, got a good sweat on. Thoroughly fed my appetite for


football, the Angles, touches, the weight of pass, shooting, slotting


in a penalty, giving the keeper the eyes. That's me spent. Better let


these guys recover for the finals. Look forward to getting involved in


this in a few years, when I get 50. What a strike!


You see the quality is a lot better at this stage of the competition.


What a strike! , three what a finish. 2-0 up and looking


good for the final now. Big mistake. Can Birmingham get back in this? You


can sense a bit of urgency now. Can't concede in the last minutes.


Oh! Penalties it is. Good timing. Great penalty, well done. World,


boys. The awaits. See you in the final. We will be back with the


Wokingham laps later to see how they got on in the final. The most


popular category in the people's FA Cup is the adults men. Just six


remain. These guys must be pretty decent.


And those six were down to the last two in a final that didn't lack in


ferocity and controversy, with a disputed goal handing Stafford


-based Woolpack united the trophy. We knew it would be tough but we


never thought who would come this far and win the final. It was a


really tough game, but credit to the lads who worked so hard through the


day. Going to Wembley, stepping out on the pitch and getting your


trophy. Amazing feeling. Doesn't get much better than that. I might have


to book the day off work! Sorry. Juggling the 9-5 routine with the FA


People's Cup can be difficult. On a Monday night we have a massive


session. We do 7-11 girls, and then the mums join in as well. Instead of


just standing around for an hour, they run around. We have a lot of


equipment tonight, nearly 16 people coming. She Can Play is about girls


and women coming together and playing football, regardless of your


ability, size and age. Last year I saw the FA Cup for people advertised


on Twitter. My heart was going grimly got through to the final.


They scored in the last 20 seconds and we were devastated. The FA


People's Cup has literally provided a platform for me to coach. It


basically pushed me into doing it. I love it. I can't think of my life


now without it. It's made me realise sport isn't about being really good


or playing all your life being skilful. It's about having fun. We


laugh, every single week we come and enjoy it. That's the important


thing. That and when in! The kids have their activities and the


parents have their activities, but this is fantastic to go together and


I feel closer to my girls. We get to learn how girls can play football


and not the boys all the time. Anybody can get up and off the couch


and get out and play. There should be no barriers. Especially showing


young girls that there should be no barriers to sport. What greater role


model for us? We finished the mums only and girls only training and we


are heading over to the She Can Play team. Cat drives us and she so


dedicated. She teaches everybody from kids who are little to their


mums. The dream of the FA People's Cup is to take the trophy to


Wembley. I felt like we should have done that in 2016. We will be coming


back with a vengeance this year and we will not leave until the cup is


in our hands with She Can Play on it. Although She Can Play made it to


the finals weekend with 11 victories behind them, they failed to match up


to the standard in Birmingham and finished on the table. Hard to put


into words. Struggled a little bit and didn't get off to the best of


starts, but the competition this year has been unbelievable. Credit


to the teams that have gone through. They are really good teams.


The final two teams out of the dozens that entered. Our you


feeling? Relative order the game, may the best team win. Absolutely


buzzing. Hopefully we can come away with the trophy. -- really looking


forward to the game. Wicked deflection. Plymouth take the


lead. WHISTLE It was a long journey here,


especially hard work, today with the games, but it's really nice to lift


the trophy. Finals weekend brings together players from across the


country. For many it means a long journey that gives yourself plenty


of time to get in the right frame of mind. We have the Sheffield


University higher education guys. I have the two team captains with me.


Will, what's your team name and tell me about them bastion yellow we are


Crowns FC, named after the memory of our favourite takeaway in Sheffield


that shut down. We are Wockey FC FC. We also play women's hockey. We


decided to dabble in football. Do you show up wearing gum shields and


things to freak people out? That would help us, but sadly not. Not


only am I finding out about your team, I also wanted to find out if I


could help get you psyched up for The People's Club through music. You


guys have suggested some songs. I have it on good authority that Sam


Sparro's Black And Gold is a good tune for you. Because you play in


black and gold. One of the suggestions that came through from


Crowns FC is Stormzy. We have number one fan boy sat at the back. He's


inspirational and gets you in the zone. That's what we're hearing. The


best suggestion and the only suggestion worth talking about is


mine. Because in football, it's important to close down defenders,


some might say shut them down. See where I'm going? You've got to shut


down the players! I think it's a great choice!


With my tracks ringing in their ears, the Sheffield University teams


started their people's cup final campaign. Sadly the boys were shut


down in the group stages, but the hockey girls did the black and gold


crowd making it all the way to the first higher education final. --


black and gold proud. Wockey FC held their nerve, with their goalkeeper


Fiona small making this great save to secure the victory. Look at us,


all in our hockey kit. Wockey FC, what's going on? It's going to be a


once-in-a-lifetime experience. I don't think I will ever forget it.


We are so excited for the big day. Amazing. This tournament offers


teams amazing opportunities both on and off the pitch. It's fair to say


I'm pretty jealous of this next one. We are the London elite youth. We


have a bus full of players who managed to get the day off school to


go to St James' Park to meet some of the U21 players and see the


fantastic facilities. They are big role models. Everybody in the team


wants to become a professional footballer. It's a one-time


opportunity. Even if none of us make it, we can carry it with us, we have


trained with England. Initially thinking it would be a two and a


half hour journey for five minutes meet and greet and the England U21


boys would come past, signs and pictures and be off. To see them


exceeded our expectations. Your team against my team.


I've really enjoyed today. I have come to meet people I have idolised


and looked up to. Ruben Loftus-Cheek, Nathaniel Chalobah,


great people to be with. I've enjoyed it. It's been a really good


day. The overall winners in the boy's category were from Humberside.


A crucial penalty stop by the goalkeeper Ronnie helped them to a


thrilling 4-3 victory. We were the underdogs. We kept going and saw it


through. In the girl's competition, the goal-scoring prowess of


midfielder Becky fired her team to victory. Her hat-trick in the final


meant the Norfolk side past their People's Cup examination with good


grades. I'm doing GCSEs at the moment. It will be such a nice


stadium and we will all enjoy it. To watch the highlights all of the


finals at the People's Cup, head to the get inspired website. To people,


winning the actual FA Cup isn't enough. They want to win the


People's Cup as well. Back at your school again. Back at the school


where we used to train in the good old days. We used to warm up outside


buying doing a two mile run up and down the road. It's changed since I


have been here. Just like the women's game. And it has definitely


changed for the better. Really good. How did you get involved in


football? My dad used to take me to the part in the pram to watch


football at the age of about two months. As soon as I was old enough


to kick a ball I was in the back garden doing that. What would you


say were the male attitudes towards football? It was never looked upon


as though it should be a sport females should play. We didn't get


the opportunities girls get nowadays to play football. In fact it was


discouraged and in my opinion that was very poor. Women's football,


still people find it hard to accept because they think it's a joke. I


rated very highly otherwise I wouldn't be doing this job with


Southampton. My dad eventually introduced me to a women's team.


There were no female youth teams in those days. No youth teams?! At the


age of 12 I was in at the deep end with women aged 25 and 30. The first


time I played I broke two knuckles. It didn't discourage me.


But the dream was there because you got to play in a women's FA Cup


final. I did. 1981. Yeah, a long time ago. We played against St


Helens at the rugby club. I found something special for us to watch.


Really? We will see. Footage from the final. Oh, wow!


Yeah. It was Southampton's 10th appearance


in the last 11 finals. Our leading goal scorer, Pat. That's a great


finish. It is, yeah. A very good player. Nothing to do with me! There


we are with the Cup. There is me! That one, yeah. All that hair! You


are holding the trophy. Yeah, haven't seen that probably since


1981, to be honest. What are the memories that you remember from that


day? I think walking out was the first memory that I can recall. We


walked out to 3,000 people which was unheard of for us. We used to get 20


or 30 at a game of football. We had a lot of people on our side. It was


a memory that will live with me forever.


It was a great day for us, we got through the regional finals, we were


unfortunate to get knocked out in the semifinal which is


disappointing, 1-0. We got over it and said next year we are all going


to do it again. We loved the experience and we loved the day up


there. You can't wait for next year? We can't. We are in training already


now. When I retire is there a place for me on the team? Yes. Absolutely,


yes. I will hold you to it. You will be first on the team sheet, don't


tell the rest of the girls that one. The secret is safe with me!


Earlier, Trevor Sinclair watched on as Wokingham reached the walking


final. Could the boys in blue land the trophy? A few stiff limbs, I


think. Massive reward, though. A great save.


A cynical foul there. Ready to pull the trigger.


Oh! Blue card. Sin-bin. He is off. Two minutes that is. Can they make


that extra player pay now? Oh, back in the game!


Oh, what a goal! 2-1 up. Looks like it could be in.


Oh, that's got to be the winner. 3-1 Wokingham. There it is. Well done


boys. Well done. What's your taking on the walking football phenomenon?


To stop playing for years and you can still work on the game and enjoy


it. A word on the people's Cup? Brilliant. Millions of people play


football and this is for them, it gives everyone the opportunity to


lift the trophy at Wembley. Come on!


So that is it. The FA People's cup finals are over. The 16 champions


have all been crowned and in a few short hours the captains will be


walking out on to the pitch during half-time at the FA Cup final to


collect their trophy. What an epic prize. We will see you again next


year. To be part of a group it's massive


for these guys and I am sure we will have sa fantastic day at Wembley. We


haven't been together long, I am proud of them. Bringing back a


trophy, everyone will be proud of us. Don't know what to say, I am


really happy. It's unbelievable. It's a dream.


It's one of the greatest sporting arenas in the world and we are going


to lift a trophy there! Welcome back to the FA Cup Show.


Very hot here at Wembley today! And look who is here, some of the


finalists from the People's Cup. Graham, what was it like, what


experience was it? Walking football for me. Obviously, a damaging


experience, but one that I gratefully appreciated. It enabled


me to play football again, over 50, at a time when I thought football


was finished Fosh me. -- for me. Superb experience. It looks bad, how


painful? This was a detached tendon in the semifinal. Penalty shoot-out.


I didn't know at the time. Played the final, in a lot of pain, but at


the end of the day the adrenalin kicks in, you know, you play on


until the final whistle and we won. Really pleased. Amazing. Paul is fit


and well, you are looking very fit today. How much are you looking


forward to the Cup final? Yeah, really looking forward to it. I


don't really support the teams playing but I am sure it will be a


good game. What's your team? Liverpool. Relieved to be in the


Champions League, I tell you. But the experience, it must have been


amazing. Amazing. It's a brilliant effort from the team. What a


fantastic thing to come here and to have our name up on the screen there


was amazing. I have been inside Wembley and I can see your name on


the screen there. Rebecca, it must have been a wonderful experience,


when you started in the tournament did you expect to get that far?


Absolutely not. We have never played in a football tournament before. We


are hockey players. We thought we would give it a go, why not. We kept


surprising ourselves getting through rounds and winning the final on


penalties was unbelievable. After every round did you think this is


where it ends, we are not going to get to the final and win it? Yeah,


we thought we would be exposed at some point, the fact we can't play


much football but incredibly we won. It's a dream come true to be here


today. Who are you cheering for, who is your team? I support Manchester


United but I will be supporting Arsenal today. Dressed in red. The


only United fan I have ever met supporting Arsenal. Thank you very


much. Well done, Rebecca: Jason, magic tournament for you. Yeah, it


was fantastic. Just seeing everyone meeting people with another team,


what a great response and reaction from everyone. It was overwhelming


how passionate everyone was. And respectful as well, even when we


won, the other teams were just overwhelmingly friendly. It was


fantastic. The People's Cup offered a wide area for everyone to get


involved in football, rather than just one section. It's for everyone.


If you want to be involved in the People's Cup or have an opportunity


to come today to the final, then sign up for next year and get


involved. It's fantastic. Yeah. We have Rebecca there, who is a United


fan supporting Arsenal, I think you have an Arsenal shirt on. I have.


Yeah. No doubting his team. Been a fan all your life? Yeah, I love


Arsenal, used to live up here for a bit, as well. Used to see Charlie


George every day, I am hoping today they're going to not let me down.


It's a final, if it was a league game I would be wobbly-legged. Yeah,


we have a chance. Hopefully they can turn up today. Do you want Arsene


Wenger to stay? I want the club to be run correctly and I think that's


the board's job to cement that and he took a lot of abuse over the


season. The blame lies with the board at the end of the day. He has


done a fantastic job for us. Good luck to him and the team today.


Let's hope we get the result we want. Thank you all very much


indeed. You have been absolutely brilliant. Thank you very much. Well


done. Congratulations for the People's's Cup. Don't forget the


goal of the Cup competition is under way. We want to you choose your


favourite goal from this year's FA Cup. Go online and our pundits will


choose the winner later. It's also available via the sport website.


Plenty more to come this afternoon here on the FA Cup Show.


After more than 20 years, will Arsene Wenger bid farewell to


Arsenal after today? And it will make you laugh or


possibly cry. We look at the history of the football joke. Remember the


whole match live coming your way from 4. 15pm. Right now the highs


and lows of the 736 teams becoming two in this year's FA Cup. But with


the added bonus of music. Here is The Road to Wembley.


We all know where the road leads. History, glory, friendly. Wembley.


There is no blueprint for this, you can't plan for twists and turns.


Routes come with diversions. Past the floodlights. Stone cold winter


nights. The call to walk on WembleyWay starts in many places.


Fans in stands. And managers in dugouts. Chatter begins back in the


summer. All across the country this might be the one.


After all, we are overdue a Cup run. But imagine just to reach the start


line, seems so normal now. Premier League teams get to start at


half-way. Those lower down the ladder had to battle to get to the


first round proper. Many hurdles have been faced to get


to this destination, so welcome, welcome to your big day.


A reward for the regulars to celebrate and revel in the glory.


Some prime time in the highlights on Match of the Day. It's also a


potential place in the headlines for a top flight team whose nightmare is


the non-league dream. And all captured on the big screen.


Not everyone enjoys round one. This is where the professionals wait


nervously. They know this is treacherous ground


because the slips and the trips will be caught on camera. It's not always


a route on the night. Just ask Swindon Town. For many minnows it is


an end. But also west field, Stamford. Many memories to be


banked. : Rumour has it he got changed into his kit in the car on


the way down before scoring a hat-trick. Six floors down in


English football. And through to round two. The third round giant


stand on the horizon. Something didn't add up for Ashton.


3-0 up with ten minutes to play against Wimbledon. Still more than


enough time for Wimbledon to score four more.


This year we have been reminded of some of the magic the Cup provides.


Remember Sutton in 89. They conquered Coventry. I guess it's


time to update some upsets. Non-league Lincoln banished Oldham


Athletic who sit two divisions higher and Lincoln make a habit out


of punching above their weight. Remember the names. Remember the


faces. The road to Wembley awaits. This is where the dreams are


orchestrated. Christmas new year. Third round of


the Cup. Dates carved into the calendar. For some, it's a love-hate


relationship. # You think you know who I am


# But you don't have a clue # You ain't nothing but a stranger


#... We are seeing lots of clubs playing weakened teams. Nine


changes. Every team is making changes. Why would they not go for


it? Fans want to win trophies. # Your words may hurt for a while


# But after a while they can only make me stronger


# And I do the best that I can # But you keep bringing me down


# Don't you know I am only human # And I never said that I was


perfect... It's an incredible result in FA Cup history! # Everything that


you say and anything that you do... Liverpool have survived a bit


of a scare. # Liverpool crash out of the FA Cup at the 4th round stage. #


No matter, no matter how hard I try # I know in your eyes will never be


good enough #


Leicester and Derby must do it all again. We have to make changes, I


have people who can't make three games a week. If it was three


Championship games in a week and they were going for promotion, would


he play that side? I don't think he will.


# Anything you say and anything you do


# You try to hurt me. What a goal. Leicester City into the fifth round


of the FA Cup. Can he wrap it up? He shoots and


scores! When you performed so badly, you are potentially going to make


changes. # I run a little faster


# Scream a little louder. Does the FA Cup get the respect it deserves?


Take the competition seriously. # I run a little faster


# Scream a little louder. It's a winner forward Tom Wanderers. -- for


Wycombe Wanderers. The drama of the afternoon hasn't ended. Tottenham


have rescued it. Home doesn't go stumbling on. What an FA


Cup tie. # I use it as motivation. What if


the relationship is over. What if were living on memories. The club


isn't everything is absent of memories. Like Stanley Matthews


dashing down the wing. My grandad saw him in the flesh and I remember


him telling me how it seemed Stanley Matthews had the ball tied to his


shoestrings, the closest control. As he spoke it, I saw it. With the


clearest vision. His memory of what will now be a grainy picture given


to me in HD images. But Misty Romance can't compete with football


finance. Mid-table safety ain't sexy, but it pays. The excuses are


there. Always there, they'll never change. From Wednesday's league


games' points at stake, and so the cup becomes a drain instead of a


dream. What's all this about putting out a weakened team? See their cup,


it will always have an aroma of glory. That's why the fans remember


Ronnie Radford's rocket, Steven Gerrard's stunner and Ricky Villa's


run. We still remember those white suits. There is no cup for reaching


the top four. And the glory is ever so short. Nobody ever remembers the


years you were Champions League contenders, but the contentment of


cup glory is endless. Note open top bus parade for reaching the Europa


League, no T-shirt for beating the drop. What we need now are new


memories, new twists, hope that the cup spirit still persists. A


familiar melody set to a modern beat. And the greatest stories come


from unfamiliar tellers in unfamiliar places. And once upon a


time at Gander Green Lane, there was a little team who didn't know when


to stop. # Just say the word, we'll take on


the world. If football still has a place for dreamers, then Gander


Green Lane is that place. # I can see the pain in your eyes.


Believe me, and I have tried. We are going to have last gasp drama at


Gander Green Lane. And Roarie Deacon scores for Sutton United! It's


another historic day in the life of Sutton United football club. It will


be a place in the third round of the FA Cup.


# And just say the word # We'll take on the world. The


winning goal! The victory is sealed for Sutton United.


# Nobody knows you the way that I know you


# Look in my eyes, I will never desert you


# Just say the word, we'll take on the world.


# And it's the fight, the fight of our lives. It's a really good save.


Deacon hit that really well. Might be in here. Good save again. Sutton


United asking all the questions. The goalkeeper has come. Sutton claim a


penalty, and they've got it. # Never forget me, we're built to


last # Out of the shadows and into my


life. Jamie Collins of National League Sutton. Brilliantly


dispatched by the skipper. They've done it again. Sutton United are


into the last 16, further than they've ever been, eclipsing even


1989. Gander Green Lane goes mad. # Nobody knows you the way that I


know you # Look in my eyes, I'll never desert


you. Tonight the Arsenal players will certainly not be used to the


surroundings. This is a bit different, it's like a throwback.


It's the David and Goliath thing. It's gone all the way in. Lucas puts


Arsenal in front. # We'll fight... They are still in


this game. Get another chance in the second half. They've done well. 100


up for Theo Walcott in Arsenal red and white. Up goes Collins. Deacon


has smashed the bar. Nearly broke the bar. Sutton's adventure has come


to an end. Our will go through, but Sutton will keep the memory.


# Take on the world. Eventually the world kicked back.


But there is one whose faith took them further. There was a time when


a world looked up to Lincoln. Its cathedral was the peak, the pinnacle


of human existence. Its football team sits down the hill, never


ventured out of the valleys for long. But one man had led them


higher. The team aspired to reach the heights they hadn't seen since


back in the day. A moment's silence... For the third round


replay against Ipswich Town, for the manager Graham Taylor, passed away.


Before the game, a tribute. How well suited for Lincoln to reach the


fourth round now. A stage the team hadn't seen since Taylor was leading


the way. The Cowley brothers, proved a good fit. Lincoln City are


through! In the dying seconds, they looked out. The FA Cup 1978 winners.


-- they have knocked out the FA Cup 1978 winners. A win was tailor-made.


Or maybe even made for Taylor, little more than ten days later,


Lincoln faced Brighton. The Seagulls flying high and headed for the


Premier division. No contest for sure. The Seagulls forecast a flight


through clear skies but never foresaw the on coming onslaught.


It's all over for Brighton. They've only gone and done it. Lincoln City


boss Mike FA Cup adventure continues. On a special, special day


at Sincil Bank. The win meant the team would reach the last 16 for the


first time in 115 years. You see, the cup is a place for dream and


little Lincoln were dreaming big. The Imps had reached the 89th minute


against Burnley and were firmly in the mix. Headed back across goal.


And Lincoln City of non-league football, the National League, take


the lead at Premier League Burnley. Tom Heaton can't it. Let's make


sure! It's definitely over! The cup's soul, connected with modern


technology. The Lincoln bench is screaming to the referee. They want


the whistle. Lincoln have made history. This is one of the great


shocks of the competition. It's up there with Hereford, Wrexham against


Arsenal, this is Lincoln City, beating Burnley of the Premier


League. There FA Cup journey continues. A non-league team,


quarterfinalists for the first time in over a century. This was fantasy.


The stuff of dreams. Look who's left in the draw. Owen... Number four.


Sutton United or Arsenal. Number one. Lincoln City. A draw would see


Lincoln pitted against Arsenal's artillery. And once again, Lincoln


were cathedral tall. The world looking up to Lincoln once more.


We have changed history. There's a reason why no non-league team in the


last hundred years has been able to reach the last eight of the FA Cup.


The fact they have should make them mighty proud. We are winners. We


don't like losing. Of course we are disappointed that we lost, but while


we are not celebrating a loss, we are celebrating the journey that


we've had. We are able to draw breath, and I think we'll be pretty


proud of what we achieved. Of course, they knew it couldn't


last. Romance would give way to finance. Underdogs against


overlords, the big beasts began hunting. Road to Wembley, here we


come. # FA Cup final, no friendly.


# Sutton didn't know what was happening


# Wayne Shaw eight the pie, had to sack him


# Tottenham went with Wycombe. # Another hat-trick, Fulham were the


victim. The rigged Millwall came to the Lane


# Son Heung-min was listening # FA Cup final, not a friendly


# Who will win the road to Wembley? # West Ham getting hammered by City.


# Chelsea got through no biggie # After Aguero went to the Teesside


# Arsenal faced City. # Ander Herrera set of harshly


# Antonio Conte and Jose's Barney # FA Cup final, no friendly


# Who's going to win the road to Wembley?


# FA Cup final, not a friendly # Who's going to win the road to


Wembley? The Kings were gone. The throne was vacant. And then there


were four, four giants for Wembley. The first two at Wembley Way were


the top two, the Premier League elite, Chelsea and Tottenham, a


rivalry forged in geography and moulded in history. This was a semi


where we all look for a sign. A tale of two teams seeking their fortune.


# Heartache surrounds me # I don't know how you still are


standing... Big admissions. What do you make of that? It's a massive


surprise. As a Chelsea man I am probably sitting here this morning


thinking how do we win this game? Pedro now. Brought down. Will it be


a Willian curler or a Luiz dipper? Chelsea's the lead!


# If you search... It's in the net! Harry Kane and Spurs are level.


They'ves inventive improvisation at its very best.


It's a great ball in and headed just wide by Dier.


The referee has given it. Willian. To put Chelsea in front. And he


does! # If you search you destroy...


Luiz has handled that outside the penalty area. Got away with one.


# Now he's gone. # I used to feel the one you look


# I used to see him up above # Now he's gone.


That's a delightful ball! What a great goal! Alli scores it but


Christiansen makes it with one of the assists of the season. Brilliant


equaliser! It's dangerous, it's Hazard, it's


in! For the third time in this semifinal they're in front. Can


Tottenham do it again? Driven. Brilliant goal! Chelsea are


within touching distance of the FA Cup final itself.


If Spurs are going to do something incredible this has to go in. It's


Harry Kane. Oh, Courtois. Back spin. It has not been their day. Chelsea


are into the 2017 FA Cup final. Their double is still on. You don't


win games having possession. Spurs have dominated that game.


Possession-wise. Fate was coloured, Chelsea blue,


again. But what a semi too. This was the game of second chances.


The league's gone but the Cup's on. Were Manchester City at the birth of


a new era? Were Arsenal at the death of an old one? When you get this far


you have to trust. Now is not the time for doubt.


# I walk through hell and through the storms


# I know too well... It's part two of the big hitting Wembley weekend.


It's exactly how a final should be. Both clubs and their bosses really


need this trophy. # I've been praying for a... It's


tipped over the top by Cech. Ozil is pulled to the floor by


Kompany. The lines have been drawn. Aquero down. We are waiting for a


game to break out. # I am overdue a little bit of


luck... The flag is up. Arsenal got away with one there. It's a


desperate hold. # I'm been praying... Aquero scores!


Manchester City's magnificent number 10, the breakthrough goal. What a


time we have got on now. It has sprung to life. Arsenal are back in


it, Monreal buried that. # I am in the deep end


# I won't be beaten until I find what I have been praying for.


Extra time at Wembley Stadium. Sanchez has scored! Listen to the


roar around Wembley now. A smile creeps across the face of Arsene


Wenger. The great survivor of the Premier


League era. Arsenal are into the FA Cup final.


# Seasons change. He has the chance to win the FA Cup for an outright


record 7th time. Faith can't be renewed with a single game.


Questions haven't been answered. But Arsenal still had something to hope


for. To the final steps of football's


most famous road. All the ups and downs are behind you


now. It's one clash left between two of football's biggest giants. London


derby, as well. Chelsea once again champions.


Arsenal, everything has been called into question. The players, the


board and especially the manager. But it's an argument that won't be


settled in an afternoon. For the sake of red versus blue we can put


it to one side for a few hours, at least. It's always been the power of


the Cup. You forget, to dream, to get lost in the history and the


memories. The anticipation. See these steps are the ones that every


fan in the country dreams of taking. So look up. You made it.


Wembley Way. The last junction on the road to Wembley.


Welcome back to Wembley. We have moved to the Arsenal fan park.


That's the arena where Professor Brian Cox was doing clever stuff


last night. He is very intelligent. Much more intelligent than the BBC


crew we have here today. But he can't tell you what is coming up. I


can. Can Arsene Wenger add another trophy


to the cabinet? We have an exclusive interview very shortly.


Football and comedy have gone hand in hand down the years. We guide you


through it. To me it's nothing worse than a fake fan! Well, things to do.


Nice to have met you. And then Frank Lampard, Ian Wright and Alan Shearer


join Gary for the FA Cup final live and uninterpreted -- uninterrupted


here on BBC One. We are about to meet some big Arsenal fans. None


bigger than Alex Scott. Good afternoon to you. How excited are


you? I have to say you look very nice in your suit. I have to put a


dress on and get ready. This is the warmest suit I have ever worn. It's


nice. How exciting is it for you as an Arsenal fan? So exciting.


Obviously the season's not gone to plan but this is a one-off game,


anything can happen. Forget about that and just perform today. Alex,


tell viewers how many FA Cup titles have you won? I think it's eight.


Just the eight! As a player, I will count them when I stop. I am still


playing, I don't count the trophies. What is it like when you walk out on


to that hallowed turf. It's magical, you have to take it all in, but


don't let it affect your performance. I like to stay calm.


You have done the hard work and got here, it's about going out there and


performing and putting on a show for the fans. You have taken over the


BBC Instagram channels. Lots of fun, I am in the fan park and will talk


to people. 107 steps, did you know that? I didn't! Went into the


Arsenal dressing room to see what it's like, follow all the social


media accounts and you can see behind the scenes stuff. Do you


fancy Arsenal to win today, Chelsea are the favourites? . We had the Cup


final last year, the women's game and Chelsea came in as favourites


but one-off game, anything can happen. You can't write Chelsea off,


the form, the confidence, the camaraderie within the team. But


it's about Arsenal performing and turning up. Wonderful. I will let


you get back to Facebook and Twitter and whatever. Chris and Joe are


here. Hello. It's a big day for you young man, this is your first FA Cup


final. How are you Amazing. Didn't think I would be


able to do it, it's a great feeling. You were singing I heard this


morning in the shower, is this true? Yeah. I was really excited. Over and


over. It was your dad, he told me! What a great dad you are. What an


amazing dad getting a ticket for your lad. Well, I managed to get one


ticket for Villa a couple of years ago and we didn't get two tickets


and I felt bad. This year when we got the two I thought about, you


know, not bringing him to wind him up! No, I am delighted for him, he


makes me look like I am not a fan. He is obsessed. I had to bring him


and he has been excited. You are season ticket holders. What is your


assessment on the season? I think it's gone... Terribly! Could have


gone better. That's an understatement. Well done. For you,


the future, with Arsene Wenger? I will never ever call for his head.


He has given me some wonderful times in my life. Unbeaten sides and sort


of the things we have won, but I think he shouldn't renew his


contract. It's probably time for him to move on. How is it going to go


today, Chris? Trying to be as confident as I can I think we might


sneak it 2-1. What about you, Joe? 2-1 to Arsenal. Alex, I didn't get a


prediction from you? Obviously I am going to stick with the boys. I am


Arsenal through and through. You are working for the BBC today, you are


supposed to be impartial! Arsenal 1-0 win. Good lad, thank you very


much. Well done dad for getting him his ticket. Alex have a great day.


Thank you very much. As the boys mentioned there, Arsene Wenger will


he stay or go? Jonathan Pearce has been sitting down with the man they


call The Professor. I am grateful that I have worked for


such a long time in a country with a passion and emotions are so high. I


rate myself as very lucky to have the privilege to know that in my


life. I believe that England is a country with heart and I have huge


respect for that. I just want to be remembered to have given some


pleasure, great moments to people who love my club. You don't mind


criticism, the lack of respect in some stages has been for me a


disgrace. Whenever you move away from the English game, what will be


the thing you have given to the English game, what has England given


to you? I would say I will have a lot of respect for the passion in


this country, for the passion that people have for my club, for


example. I believe that today Arsenal is a respected club all over


the world. The one thing I hate to say, the behaviour of some people


during the season, that hurts me most because behind the work and the


respect for this club are the values that this club respected and the


image the club has given in recent weeks is absolutely unacceptable


because it tarnishes the impeccable image that the club has all over the


world. What are your earliest memories of


the FA Cup final, did you watch it? I watched it, it was the only game


we could get at the time on television. Of course there was no


colour. Small television. We had to bring 100 francs to the school to


have the right to watch the game. It's good memories because it shows


at the time it was not as easy to watch football so young. I don't


remember, I think I saw West Ham. Is there any chances could be your


last match, cup final? I'll... It will not be my last match anyway


because I will stay in football. At this club? I don't know. I always


loved English football and the English atmosphere. I remember when


I think I was a very young coach, I came to watch a game, Manchester


against Liverpool, and you could see, that's where football has been


created and you could feel the intensity and passion for the game.


I always thought that if I had a chance to want a work here, I would


do it. Arsenal have sacked their manager Bruce Rioch. The sacking has


shocked the football world. The club say they have identified their


replacement but they will not name him yet. Walking down the street and


outside the ground, some Arsenal supporters might not recognise you.


I think I accept this idea very well. It's for me to prove I have


qualities. If I do well here, people will recognise me. Where was he


born? France, I suppose. Germany, I think. He's Swedish, isn't he? When


we first met him, he looked like a schoolteacher. That's not a nasty


thing. He looked like my geography teacher. My main priority is to


bring success to the team and to satisfy all the people who love


Arsenal. When you came, what state was the club in? As you know well,


Jonathan, football has changed in the last 20 years and we have


changed as well. It's a total revolution in quality of football


and culture. There was a drinking culture at the club, let's be clear


about it. The older boys, if you ask Tony Adams, Martin Keown and David


Seaman, he has prolonged their careers by the fact they realise


they now have to look after their bodies. There was a fear at the


start when you came in, we thought, do nice guys win things? We have


this placid and humorous exterior that is great to be around, but he


has this slightly Machiavellian streak inside him, a raging bull


inside Arsene Wenger, I think. I remember people said that a foreign


coach can't be successful in England. People were sceptical, this


attitude. Of course, I wanted to show I could be successful and have


an impact. I already had good experience because I had managed ten


years in France and two years in Japan. 12 years at the top level. I


was coming to a club that wanted to build. It was a very exciting


period, in fact. Tony Adams! What a finish, what a way to clinch the


championship. How special was that first cup final? Completing the


double? It was at the old Wembley and that makes a big difference. I


have seen the first cup finals at the old Wembley. For me, that was a


dream. To walk out there at Wembley, with the tradition, walking your


team out, it's something exceptional. The first time you do


that, it's really moving. Nicolas Anelka. The flag stays down. Nicolas


Anelka! Arsenal at 2-0. Will that clinch the double? I think Arsene


Wenger might have surprised himself by winning both fans doing the


double in his first season in English football. Cynics at the


start of the season, including myself, were asking questions about


too many foreigners in the side and the French coach himself. We didn't


know who he was. Those questions have been accidents that way.


Nicolas Anelka scored that day. Thierry Henry, Robert Pires. You


were globalising Arsenal. Was that always in the plan? We always felt


if a player was good enough and had a good mentality, why not give him a


chance. When you are a young boy, you dream to become a star. You


don't look at your passport, you just hope that somebody will notice


you are good and give you a chance. I came to Europe and you were like a


father to me. He monitored everything I did at Monaco. I follow


his example and he made me a good man. I give him this because he


deserves it more than I do. I have always been for a society based on


merit and quality. And not too much on passports. Do you remember the


time he came in when we were losing at home and he didn't say anything


for 14 minutes and then he drew two bits of chalk on the board and a


line, and then said, we start to play in the second half, come on,


and he clapped and walked out. We went out in the second half and won


3-1. We wondered, how did he do that? 2002 was another double


winning year. What was most satisfying, winning the title at Old


Trafford or the cup final with Chelsea? Chelsea were an up and


coming team with top quality and we needed something special. Ray


Parlour scored on the day. All I would say is it was a fantastic


scene. And BB the most difficult cup final to win -- and may be. It was


an exceptional week. Freddie Ljungberg. On the left-hand side


here. Freddie Ljungberg goes himself. He's curled one. Another


wonderful goal for Arsenal. After that 2000 and 200, Tony Adams


retired and Lee Dixon retired. -- after that 2002 double. These


generations of football players, I respected those guys, but they


weren't always convinced during the week. But then they would deliver


great games because sometimes they took the training easier, especially


Tony Adams. But on Saturday they turned up. Everybody else let Tony


get on with what he was doing, as long as he was playing well. Arsene


Wenger came in and literally helped him, spoke to Tony and saved his


life. He is a very loyal man, fiercely loyal. He has proved it in


dealing with clubs and is also fiercely loyal to players. He has


done it in every circumstance. It was sad to lose this generation.


They were men you could rely on. Winning the English championship.


The final of 2003. Freddie Ljungberg with a chance for Arsenal. Robert


Pires surely. Goal! Ladies and gentlemen, the winners of the FA Cup


2003, Arsenal. The consistency in the competition has been superb. We


are either at the top or second. We want to keep that going. The manager


since he has been here has been fantastic. We were close to a double


double. Looking at the last two seasons, we have won twice the cup


and league championship and also runners-up. The opposition, it's not


too bad. You created the best team in the world, Thierry Henry scoring


goals for fun. Yeah, they scored for fun. At the time you don't notice,


you think it's normal to win those games, but at a distance, we had


quality, an exceptional team. Something about Arsene Wenger, I


would not been playing for Arsenal or here. When I first arrived a lot


of people were doubting my ability. With Arsene having a lot of


confidence in me, without that I wouldn't be here tonight. He brought


me to the club and changed me. He made me believe in my quality and


myself, made me work really hard and maybe improve as a player and human


being as well. -- made me improve. I thought Manchester United probably


had more of the play that day. I wouldn't disagree. I think that's


the final we won where we did not deserve to win at all. It was a


couple we won with luck. A symbol on the day is Patrick Vieira scoring a


penalty to win us the cup. And it's his last kick for Arsenal Football


Club. I think the hardest thing is always, after you have won


something, and have a great team, to change the team and bring in 45 new


guys. He does it by spending less money than anyone else. No Arsenal


fan will accept the step backward now. We have become spoiled by what


we have seen. People really have a taste for it now. Will there really


be a statue going up there one day? I think they already starting to


build it. I was privileged to be alongside him for a lot of those ten


years. A remarkable man with amazing intellect. Another ten years out of


him at Highbury? Everybody hope so. Then the Dolderer years, nine years


without a trophy. Why did that happen? It was simple reasons. Very


simple reasons. -- the doldrum years. It was the most difficult


period of my life, but where I may be did the best work. I think where


maybe some of the fans have been upset is that money hasn't been


spent. What about his philosophy about free-flowing attacking


football. Should he reassess that? Nobody question is it when they win


all the trophies. They have put the trophies around the top at the


Emirates, but it stops at 2005. Clearly he is driven. Things must


have happened in his childhood that means he has this need to try to


create beautiful football. I think what drives him is that need rather


than winning. He is a specialist in failure. I'm not. 2006-2014, we had


restricted finances and had to sell our best players. We had to maintain


at the top, be in the Champions League and had to make at least


54,000 average attendance to pay back the debt. Ask Alex Ferguson or


Jose Mourinho or Arsene Wenger of 2000 or 97 or 2004, how do you fancy


coming third and fourth for 12 years? They would laugh at you. I


did sweat more than ever during those years. It was the most


difficult period of my life. But give me the challenge again today, I


would say, no thank you, give it to somebody else. We live in a society


that's always very categorical, dismissive, and I'm just interested


in doing quality work everyday and letting other people judge that. As


well, I believe people make the right decisions. What has gone wrong


in modern society, it's not any more, is this the right decision,


but is this popular or not popular? Is to buy this player popular or not


popular? Is to sack this manager or employ this manager, popular or not


popular? It has nothing to do with competence. People have to make the


right decision and today may be more than ever have to make decisions


that are not popular. The more expensive a player is, the more


credit he gets. Nobody looks, can he pass, dribble, kick the ball? No. If


he costs 150 million he must be exceptional. We have to keep it


simple and just make the right decisions. Do the two later cup


final successes, you are two down against Hull, and the Villa romp,


did it to rekindle that love affair? I think winning the trophy again,


when you don't win for a while, after the success we had before,


everybody says, where are the trophies? I believe against Aston


Villa was the dream to have, because we didn't concede a goal, we scored


four, and after 20 or 30 minutes we could see we were by far the better


team. Against Hull it was completely reverse. A nightmare final, 2-0


down, shaky and nervous because we had absolutely to win. We came back


into the game. Ramsey! And Ramsey scores for Arsenal in added time


here at Wembley. Could that be the moment that will clinch their first


trophy for nine years for Arsene Wenger?


Ramie scored and got us the first trophy we hadn't won Father a while.


So on the night I must say it was just a relief. Fans are unhappy


anyway, that's being polite. They are fuming. We put up with this for


12 years. If they give him a two-year deal I am not coming to


Arsenal. I am sick of it! It's turning! This season the pressure


has been back on. The hardest criticism has been... I would say


you don't mind criticism because we are in a public job. The lack of


respect in some stages has been, for me, a disgrace and I will never


accept that. I believe there is a difference between being criticised


and being treated in a way that human beings don't deserve to be


treated. I will never forget that. There are some people who have


admired everything you have done here and everything, seeing you


lifting the FA Cup at Wembley would be like a beautiful farewell. Does


that go through your mind at all? No, I want to win the Cup for my


club and this is all I care about. It's not about me. I know that I


meet so many people who love this club and share the passion for the


club. I just think you cannot do anything and it is not my person


that is hurt, for me it's the image I love to see of Arsenal Football


Club all over the world and I don't believe that kind of behaviour


reflects what Arsenal is and the values that Arsenal carries through.


Is this as enjoyable a build-up to as an enjoyable a day for you as the


first was? Of course, what is the beauty in life is that to share


something with people around you, share emotions, share preparations,


share excitement and have a collective target to reach and


overall I believe that is of course something exceptional, that will


always be exactly the same. Why? Because you don't know what will


happen during the game. Football is unpredictable and nobody can predict


what happens at 5. 30pm. What a view, Wembley Stadium, ladies


and gentlemen. Look at it. Especially given the events in


Manchester this week. It is going to be a very poignant FA Cup final this


year. A wonderful view at Wembley Stadium. I have been here from this


morning, there were a handful of fans having pictures. It's getting


so busy now. We have left the Arsenal fan park. We are now heading


to the Chelsea fan park. We have a wonderful welcome. I think you can


see us. That's the back of my head apparently. Let's give you a wave.


Hello. Lots of Arsenal and Chelsea fans. How lovely is this? Lots of


fans, rival fans having a laugh and enjoying it. That's the side of


football that we like. We have been joined by four Chelsea fans here.


Alex, a blogger, with Chelsea Football Club. How excited are you


about today? Really excited but nervous obviously. Everyone is


saying we should win and it's going to be easy but everyone who has


supported chemical for a length of time knows that's never true. -- who


has supported Chelsea. It's wonderful seeing all the fans. It's


brilliant nobody has been put off by sad events this week and everyone is


here to have a good time. Why are you nervous, you are the Premier


League champions and Arsenal have had a terrible season. Because


that's exactly why. That will be the time that we trip up and let them


beat us. That's what happens. I am quite confident, quietly confident.


But anything can happen in a 90-minute Cup game. Alex, we are


here to celebrate the final. I don't want you going all political here,


but I have to ask you, because I was in the middle of a finals studio


when the John Terry story broke. Don't shout at me. It was Garth who


said this is not Hollywood. Can I ask your view of how the media


handled the John Terry story? We greet it all with a massive pinch of


salt. If there was any day that should have been about John Terry it


was last Sunday. We put up with a six-month farewell tour of Steven


Gerrard. It wasn't the same. Somebody who has given 20 years of


service, it was about showing him respect. We all had a great day. He


is done with Chelsea now and I don't any of us are sorry about what


happened. It was a Premier League fixture. It was, there was nothing


at stake. As I understand it, Sunderland were happy, we were


happy. Nobody did the same when Drogba got carried off in his last


game. I am amused by the amount of venom, especially from Garth Crooks.


Takes himself too seriously. That's my friend. I know, he is a lovely


man, but chill. Good afternoon, Garth. Message from Alex, chill.


Thank you. Lovely to see you. Sam, how excited are you about today,


Chelsea win? As excited as I can be. Chelsea win, hopefully. On paper it


should be. But let's be honest, it's a Cup final, it's a derby, it can go


either way. I think I can remember recently we played them in the


Community Shield and we fell apart. Granted they had a full team and


today it's not the same story. It's a game of football, could go either


way. Karen, can you believe you are going for a double. Did you think it


would happen? Never dreamt we would be here today. Who is this? My dad.


Hello dad. You look like you have been supporting Chelsea for a long


time, no offence. Thanks a lot! Yeah. Since 56. 1956. How many Cup


finals? Can't remember. I missed one, I had to come all the way home,


they left the Cup find. You might not remember, we were within that


much of picking up the Cup and gave a goal away. Then there was a


replay. This must be the best time to be a Chelsea fan. It is. I was a


glory hunter in 56 when we were winning. I had to wait 50 years


after that for the next time. But it's all coming good now. Can you


believe the job Antonio Conte... They all start singing now, the job


he has done. He has been magnificent. Amazing. Especially


after the first six games. I thought here we go again, another year. Have


you seen the papers today, ?9. 6 million contract apparently. He is


worth every penny. He is a gentleman. Sign him for the next ten


years? Absolutely and the rest! Best one we have had. That's saying


something. Ranieri, he was a nice man, as well. Thank you very much.


They're shouting come on Chelsea. Lots of people have been getting in


touch using the hashtag BBC FA Cup. Lots on social media. We have had


lovely pictures. Thank you all very much indeed for getting in touch.


Keep them coming. They've been coming in of babies and


also of boats in Thailand. People getting ready around the world to


watch the FA Cup. That's the global appeal. Good afternoon to this chap,


as well. Known as the dancing Arsenal fan. One Chelsea fan is


saying maybe he should be going to your fan park. He has been dancing


like this for the last 25 minutes or so. He must be boiling. Now fun with


Omid Djalili. He has been looking at the best comedy sketches with


football down the years. Enjoy. Football is a very simple game. I


hit the ball first time and there it was in the back of the net. Still


got the maths to enjoy. Watch it, watch it! It's going to


move! The FA Cup one of the biggest dates


in the sporting calm ender, high stakes, high tension. High drama. It


all happens here at the cathedral of English football.


Oi, off the pitch! The FA Cup one of the biggest days in the sporting


calendar, high drama, high tension. High stakes. This is where it all


takes place, the cathedral of English football. Wembley.


Just over there. Arsenal! Chelsea!


What a Cup final it's going to be. But I have to declare my loyalties,


I am actually a Chelsea fan. I am not just a Chelsea fan, I am widely


kind of seen as an expert. In the 2005-06 season and in 2014-15


Chelsea won the Premier League title by how many points? 103. If only,


eight. Yeah, got beaten by a puppet. I have been a Chelsea fan since


1971. I am not one of those fans that gets carried away.


Chelsea are champions of Europe! All right, maybe a bit carried away.


Some of us take football so seriously it's actually really


funny. The fact it's not lost on sketch


writers. You can catch all that football here where we will show all


the football all the time. Thousands and thousands of hours of football,


constant dizzying 24-hour year-long endless football, every kick of it


mattering to someone presumably. Watch it all here, all the time,


forever T will never stop. The football is officially going on


forever! Coming up, watch it, watch the football! Watch it, watch it!


It's going to move. Watch the football! What does David Mitchell


know about football? That sketch was written by someone who hates


football. For those of us who love the game we know that some of our


best comedy characters came out of their love of football. Once again


the pace and tempo of that first half totally dictated by the boy


wonder Ryan Giggs. Ryan Giggs, you know, Giggsy, isn't it. Ryan


Giggs-wiggsy. Marvellous. Do we need a structured game, look at the


Brazilians? Those Brazilians, oh, broke the mould. Didn't they, you


know, theory out the window. Free expression of football.


Uncharacterisable. Is that a word? It is now. You know, a far cry from


the English game. Small boys in the park, jumpers for goal posts. Three


in the middle, four at the front. One's gone home for his tea. Beans


on toast. Possibly, don't quote me on that. Marvellous.


There's no doubt media coverage has a a huge impact on our relationship


with the beautiful game. Back in the day the biggest challenge we had as


football fans was getting people not to tell you the result of an


important football match you were going to see the highlights of on


telly that night. Who do you think will win the match? Yeah. The news


from Bulgaria. Don't tell us! We want to watch it on the box tonight.


You will never last until tonight. Let me put you... Don't tell us! One


of the great things about working at the BBC is that you can actually go


and film inside the Match of the Day sturd I do. -- Match of the Day


studio. I am really excited. Come on in.


This is it. Match of the Day studio. Very comfortable. The pundits really


have it easy, don't they? It's the commentators who have the toughest


job. Moving into the last minute of the game. It's really been on edge,


end to end stuff all night. Great excitement. Come on, liven it up!


Skips past Terry. If you are talking for 90 minutes you are bound to say


something stupid. But in Alan Partridge's case it's a gift. Goal!


Yes, yes, yes, yes! Yes! That was a goal! Eat that! And another! The


proof is in the pudding and the pudding in this case is a football.


Eat my goal! The goalie has got football pie all over his shirt. I


am Alan Partridge and that will be my World Cup 94. You can come too.


Join me. Can I have Gary's seat? I don't want


to be Mark Chapman. Even Mark Chapman doesn't want to be Mark


Chapman! There are so many ways to get your football fix now. Football


heroes at the tip of your fingers. Even random stuff, if we suddenly


want to watch Icelandic fish goal celebrations, you've got it.


Literally anything you want. Can you imagine a world where you can go a


whole day without finding out the football scores? Still got the match


to enjoy. That's at least salvage something from today. We will now


take you over to Vienna for the finals of the European figure


Skating Championships. You what?! This replaces the England against


Bulgaria soccer match that was postponed earlier today because


though waterlogged pitch! The need to analyse has become


insatiable. Hours of talking about the game, sometimes as long as the


game itself. It's easy to overanalyse a simple game. We are


now standing with the team and my Man of the Match was this


freethinking, arch midfielder Jimmy buzzard. At least one ageing


football commentator was enamoured last night by an English footballer


breaking three tentacles backed Mediterranean defence. Good evening.


What I'm getting at is that you have understood concepts by which you


intersected the Italian defence last night. I hit the ball first time and


there it was in the back of the net. For comedians, the first butt of


jokes is you, the fans. The players feel pain, but for the fans come you


can feel eviscerated. Personally, I love it when fans take it seriously.


There's a general rule that when you play for double, even if it's a


kickabout in the park, the more intense the game is, the more fun


you have. So for me, there's nothing worse than a fake fan. Looking a bit


grim there for us for a moment, wasn't it? But that equaliser really


sorted is out. I think with that boost, win the second half we have a


good chance of hammering them. What a goal, nobody there and then nodded


it in. It was disallowed. He was offside. They can't do that! They


did. So were losing then, are we? Yeah. Well, things to do. Nice to


have met you. Soccer! Deep down, we have always laughed at the same


things, even when the football was in black and white. Arsenal against


the Liverpool team of 1991. Playing for the first time in black and


white. Charles Charley Charles shaking hands with the referee, Mr


Hollingsworth of Cheltenham. How touching coming he's given him a


lovely scarf. Beauxis around some nice looking sandwiches. Liverpool


have taken account of the whistle, they are off and it go.


Shot for goal. If the referee going to allow that? Yes, it's just over


the line. And as for referees, well, they're just frustrated footballers.


A nice fair game. Two of my lads haven't turned up. I can play on


your team then. The referee is playing for them! It's OK, let's go.


Where do you want to play? Full-back? I'll play up front. Off


we go. No goal. I was offside. What are you


playing at? Penalty! Penalty! No penalty. I


dived. I'm booking myself for diving. What are you talking about?


It was a penalty. This one, we thought, was amazing.


Just before the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, for comic relief, a


good cause. I still believe in you. Frank, actually, do you know...


Oh... Do you know Steven Gerrard? Big Scouse guy, yeah? Has the


unfortunate forward hairline was always talks like that... Me and the


gaffer just want to do great, play football. You like him, get on with


him? Play like it then! May look up and passed him every now and again,


OK? Because you are really good at football, OK? And he's as good, if


not a teensy bit better. JT, you are the last bastions of the


old-fashioned English centre-back. You're like Terry Butcher with a


bandage round your head, until you miss a penalty. I've had enough of


this since Gazza. We save that tears for home. That goes for all of us.


The choice of comedy, which galvanised the England team who went


on to get thrashed 4-1 by Germany. -- good choice of comedy. The thing


is, though, you've got to love the players.


# Blue is the colour, football is the game... One of the oldest gags


in football is marking a player for being a bit thick. It's an easy


target. The young and pampered being paid millions to kick a ball for a


living. Jason, how did you see today's game? It started off, then


carried on... A break in the middle, and then it was over. Disappointing


result though. It was one of those games where whoever scored first was


going to win it and we were extremely unlucky, especially with


their faith, sixth and seven. Number eight was unstoppable. And frankly


by nine we'd given up. It's a cheap shot. Not all footballers are


stupid. Pat Nevin has a degree. Gary Neville is actually Doctor Gary


Neville. And our Gary has been moonlighting as a comedian on have I


got news for you. The toilets at Victoria Station cost 50p to use


unless you book online two months ahead, when you can get in for 35p,


but they still won't get you a seat. You have to give it up to all the


foreign players, coming over here, putting up with all the terrible


weather, learning a new language. Julio Geordio, good to have you back


on the show. Any mocking of the players is really


only because word jealous of their incredible physique, they're


fabulous good looks and their amazing skill. With 20 minutes of


the first half done, still no score. What a fantastic ballplayer this boy


is. He has completely mesmerised the defender. Fantastic! Let's go


through it again. He beat Swann, another man. Stands at the goal


line. The game has always had funny


moments, given its a full-bodied, physical and contact sport. Right,


now, listen. Football is a very simple game. What is it? A very


simple game. What the object of the of football? To run into the box and


fall over. One at a time, Ricky, off you go. There are many ways you can


laugh at football, but if you think about it, really think about it,


really, really, really think about it... Now we are going back to the


Olympic Stadium for the closing minutes of the philosophy final and


I understand there is still no score. Nietzsche is there. Victims


dine with him. Beckenbauer. -- Wittgenstein with him. There is


Archimedes. He's had an idea. Eureka! Archimedes to Socrates, back


to Archimedes. A little flick. On the far post, Socrates is there and


it's in. Socrates has scored and the Greeks are going mad. The Germans


are disputing it. HKant fires the ontological imperative. I would like


to see Sir Alex Ferguson sort this one out. Has to be the toughest job


in football. Sometimes being responsible for a bunch of players


is like running a nursery. How do you communicate with small kids?


Big, animated gestures. Play the ball, I said to them play the ball.


It's a simple game. Simple game. Why would they listen to me! JT, tell


them my hair is the best. Tell them, come on! Joe Hart, no, how? I've got


much better hair. I got the hair commercial, I got the hair


commercial! I love Antonio Conte. Who doesn't? But maybe sometimes


there's a little too much testosterone in football. The


greatest thing about football, I think, is that it's for everyone,


you know? It's not just for men. And anybody who says it's just for men


is a sexist, which I hate. Women watch football too. Not to me, I'm


not... But to women. For everyone. If there two teams that reflect the


diversity of our society, it's Chelsea and Arsenal, black, white,


young, old, straight, gay... I don't think there are any gays in the


team. Is he? He looks so butch, doesn't he. Wembley Stadium on cup


final day. There you have it, very shortly Chelsea and Arsenal fans


will be cascading down Wembley Way with glory on their minds. Nice to


see you to see you... Nice! The FA Cup is up for grabs and it's a


serious business. It's precisely because we care so much that we can


afford a little giggle at the beautiful game's expense. The skill,


passion, a bit of afters. It's always been that way. And long may


it continue. And this is what it's all about. The


Emirates FA Cup on the hallowed turf. In just a few hours, either


Arsenal or Chelsea will lift the famous trophy at Wembley. The BBC


sport coverage will start at 4:15pm with Gary, Ian Wright, Alan Shearer


and Frank Lampard. The fans are still making their way along Wembley


Way. Fantastic atmosphere out there today and both dreaming of lifting


the FA Cup. Thank you for watching the FA Cup show. Hope you are ready


for a fantastic FA Cup final on BBC One. Now it's time for the news.


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