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May 27th. 2017. How will history look back on this day? Will this be


the day that champions become legends? Chelsea continue to


dominate English football. It all started with that double back in


2017. Is this the day that shapes a club's future? Arsene Wenger has


signed a lifetime contract here at Arsenal. He is the best manager we


have ever had and I am glad he is staying! What happens today changes


lives. Brilliant goal. Listen to the Arsenal roar around Wembley. Whose


name will live on forever? The Queen has announced a new holiday in


honour of Arsenal's FA Cup star Sir Theo Walcott. Breaking news from


north London, Arsenal have renamed their stadium after Alexis Sanchez.


Triumph. Victor Moses. The Academy Award goes to Mesut Ozil. But on


this day dreams can be shattered. One mistake can ruin everything. So


what will it be? On this FA Cup final day. Slightly over the top


maybe! But it certainly is a day to make your name.


It's an absolutely glorious day at Wembley for the 136th FA Cup final.


Chelsea have already won the Premier League,


now they're targeting the double in Antonio Conte's first season.


Arsenal missed out on the Champions League but are chasing a third


Supporters have been asked to arrive early due to increased security


checks following the terror attack in Manchester.


There'll be a minute's silence in memory of the victims.


The thoughts of everyone here at Wembley are with all those affected.


That's the view down Wembley Way right now.


90,000 people making their way into the stadium.


Here's a taster of what to expect from us over the next hour or so.


We chart the remarkable rise of back-to-back Premier League


We go back to where it all began for World Cup winner Mesut Ozil.


And, Josh Widdicombe and Elis James are put to the FA Cup test.


Tony Adams. Is that my voice? I went Welsh on you!


Joining us in the studio we've got goals, lots of goals,


Alan Shearer, Chelsea's record scorer Frank Lampard and Arsenal


Seven FA Cup winners medals between them.


I am going to move it on quickly. This game has everything for the


neutral. It has a team that is flying with confidence. Having


already won the Premier League with a manager who's looking for a double


and his first FA Cup. Arsenal struggling with injuries and


suspensions but with a manager going for a record-breaking 7th.


Incredible. Should be a great game. Frank, in terms of Chelsea, you won


the double of course with Chelsea. They've already won the league. Does


it help when you have won the league to come to a Cup final or does it


make any difference I think maybe it helps. They're confident. On a good


run. They won the league two weeks ago now. It's how they've handled


that patch that's important. They've a manager that will be pushing them


and when you get so close to such history for Chelsea to do it again,


then the players will be more than up for it. Different for Arsenal.


It's been a poor season for them. Would this salvage it for them,


victory today? Yeah, finishing out of the top four is disappointing,


but if you can beat a Chelsea side, an impressive Chelsea this season in


the Cup final that would be quite impressive. I would take it as


success. OK. For all their success in recent


times, these two clubs have met The year was 2002 and it was


an Englishman in central midfield It's not just any other game, it's


the FA Cup final. I never in my wildest dreams thought I can maybe


play in a Cup final, but to play in five FA Cup finals is an amazing


experience. 2002 probably my famous year, the one I really enjoyed the


most. Chelsea were become ago real threat to probably Arsenal,


Manchester United. So it started to get a special derby. The players


they had, they were superb. A young Frank Lampard, young John Terry.


Zola, what a player he was coming off the bench. It was a tough game.


The stadium was rocking, it really was, what an atmosphere. The game


itself was really, really tight. Second half opened up a little bit.


Chelsea had two or three really good chances. David Seaman made a couple


of really good saves. David Seaman had to turn it over the bar! I was


playing centre midfield. Tony Adams picked the ball at the back. Just in


time, Lampard challenged. Got into a good angle. It was really weird.


When I picked the ball up, I was waiting for the runners from either


side, but there weren't many red shirdz. Henry took a good run, he


took players away from the ball that was perfect, it was my opportunity.


All I did was open my body on the right foot. Two to his left and he


shoots. Oh, Ray Parlour. Next minute it was in the back of the net. The


joy, the emotion. The subs running all over you. It was brilliant. I


done that every day in training but in a Cup final it's a little bit


harder. We managed to score just as good a goal that was bent into the


far corner. Probably the best week of my life. We went to Old Trafford


five days later and won the double. What a day for everybody involved in


the club. Coming off that pitch knowing you just won the FA Cup


final, knowing you can show your grandchildren as you get older to


say I played in an FA Cup final and lucky for me I scored in one. What a


cracking goal it was as well. Well worth seeing again. Where were you,


Frank? I lost it in the build-up, didn't realise that! Tracking back.


What's up with you? When I start criticising everyone later on...


Jogging back. Look. Marvellous. Did he really do that in training all


the time? Ray was an underrated player but he did not do that every


day in training! I mean, it's not great losing an FA Cup final. It's


awful. We have all been there. I remember that was my first. I


remember loving the day. I enjoyed it. Nothing worse than not winning


and coming away losing a game like that. But the build-up was fantastic


and that's what this is all about. Certainly is. Here is a reminder of


how both how both teams - how both teams booked their place in the


final. Breaks the hearts of Preston North


End. It's 19 years since they went out at the third round stage. Pedro,


lovely goal. It's Willian, it's in! Sanchez has two for company. All the


time in the world. Arsenal have breezed through tonight.


Costa and that has sealed Chelsea's place in the last eight.


If football still has a place for dreamers then Green Lane is that


place. That is surely Arsenal through to the quarter-finals.


Now the eyes of the football world are on Lincoln.


Sanchez, brilliantly placed. Arsenal go through to yet another FA Cup


semifinal. One semifinal place left. It's a


considerably big three already in there. Another big name is going to


join them. Kante finds a way! Both chasing the


title and hoping to win this FA Cup. Driven, brilliant goal! Their double


is still on. It's part two of the big-hitting Wembley weekend. Welbeck


missed it. Sanchez has scored! It's going to be an all-London FA Cup


final between Arsenal and Chelsea. It most certainly is. The players


are out on the Wembley turf soaking up the atmosphere. We can hear now


from one of the Chelsea team. Gary Cahill. Tell us about the last week


and how difficult it's been and the challenge of winning the league and


keeping everybody in the right mental space and getting motivated


again for today? First of all, it's been enjoyable. I spoke after the


West Brom game when we sealed it and won the league. We have had a


relaxed week or so, rightly so, celebrated it. We had a couple of


days off. Then it was important that we got back to business in the way


the manager is, they crack the whip as soon as we finished celebrations


and we had a week's build-up for this game. We have been training as


hard as we have all season. We are in the right frame of mind and we


know that we have a great opportunity in front of us today. So


much has come from the back three that has been consistent this season


in terms of playing together, 28 times. How enjoyable has that been


for you to captain from that position and see what the team can


do? It's been amazing. It's been amazing so be part of a successful


campaign with the squad and to have the armband for a lot of that has


been unbelievable for myself. A lot has been made of the change in


formation. It's worked well for us. We have some great personalities in


there. Thankfully this season we have managed to keep players fit. We


have had a lot of consistency throughout team selection. We have


people coming in and out every now and again, but the players are more


than capable as you have seen. We have been lucky in that respect but


at the same time shown a lot of quality. We have done very well. We


have had a great campaign. We have a chance now to finish it off on a


high. And win an historic double. Good luck. Thank you very much.


He really has had an excellent season. The teams have been named.


Dan Walker can bring us up to speed. Thank you very much. Wonderful buzz


down here at pitchside. About five degrees hotter than it is outside


the stadium. Let's show you the two teams for the final.


Starting with the Arsenal side. The first time this back three have


started together. Oxlade-Chamberlain returns from a


hamstring problem and fills in at left wingback. Sanchez also fit.


Arsenal, several key players not here. Chelsea at full strength, that


includes the keeper Courtois. He has been first choice in the Cup


since the quarter-finals. The Blues have a settled defence.


This back three started 28 of their 32 league games.


Matic is preferred. Moses and Alonso the familiar two on the flanks. On


the right, Pedro gets the vote instead of the semifinal match


winner Willian. Hazard and Costa completing the line-up. There you


have it. The two teams who will battle here on the Wembley turf in


around about an hour's time. Will it be double bubble for Chelsea? Or a


magnificent seven for Arsenal and Arsene Wenger?


Chelsea at full strength. First, are you nervous about the back three


forced on Arsene Wenger and Ospina in goal? Yeah, I am, if Arsenal win


this game I couldn't find fans last night who said they fancy Arsenal to


win especially with that back four, that back three never played


together and Ospina. It's asking a lot against a Chelsea side that are


just, the system is brilliant, players are playing well. They


haven't a lot of choice back there because of injury and suspensions


but it's a huge ask. Not started a game, Mertesacker.


No real injuries for Chelsea, full strength, makes them look very


strong favourites, Frank. And no European football, which they have


used to their advantage. Antonio Conte working hard with the team.


They make their own fortune. They have been ruthless winning games but


have certainly been fortunate. Conte is very good tactically, will he


target the central defence and Mertesacker in particular? 100%. And


I think he will say to Costa to get into the back three as soon as he


can. Definitely. Frank, you know Petr Cech very well. Will he be


upset to have been left out of the final? We have seen it with other


managers. Petr Cech played the quarterfinal and semifinal. I've


never been a fan of that rule. You have your best players, and Petr


Cech is a massive personality and a winner. They have a back three who


have never played together, but having that voice and presence


behind them in Petr Cech, to change that innocent cup final is very


strange. -- to change that in a cup final is very strange. It's almost


like he stacked it against himself. He hasn't got the central defenders


he wants, and then he brings on Ospina. In the first leg of the


Champions League he had a nightmare, but he hasn't let them down since.


This is massive, Arsenal need this and I think Peter Petr Cech should


have played. Is Arsene very stubborn? You played under him.


Well, yeah. He is. He has been like that for years. But I genuinely


believe in the last few months especially has been isolated and


taken on everything himself. He hasn't got much help in somebody to


talk with him. He ain't got no one, I believe, and that's why he looks


isolated. You call it stubborn but I think it's incredible belief in his


own ability. You look at the criticism around the football club.


Yes, stubborn, but there is a mean and tough streak within him. I don't


know about the rest of the team, but if Petr Cech has been dropped in a


final, I wonder what they are thinking. No disrespect to Ospina,


but I don't think it's the right message for the rest of the team.


Time for a sideways look at cup finals gone by with Josh Widdicombe,


Elis James, and some other comedian. This is a special FA Cup final


version... I was checking my flies, sorry! Seriously! I love this


already. Let's just keep this. I'm joined by two time FA Cup winner Ian


Wright. Ian Wright is their! He has sent the supporters into ecstasy.


And Elis James from the sitcom Josh. I've never won the FA Cup once.


What's your favourite FA Cup memory? Charlie George. I'm going to give


you three FA Cup final. Take it in turns to name players that played.


The first one to get a player Ron loses. Best of three. If you get a


substitute you can go again. If Elis James loses, you will be wearing a


full England kit on television in front of your nation. Ian Rush will


probably be watching. Ian Wright will wear a Chelsea kit at Wembley


on the day of the FA Cup final. A full kit? I think blue is your


colour. Blue is not my colour. Are you ready? No. Di Matteo. De Goey,


the goalie? Incorrect. Oh no! David Seaman. Freddie Ljungberg.


Ashley Cole. Bergkamp. Henry. Correct. Silva. Incorrect. He's much


better than I thought he would be, Elis James. This is to save yourself


from total embarrassment. Roland Nilsson. A curveball to start!


Palmer. Worthington. Waddle. David Hirst. Mark Bright. To throw one in,


Ian Wright. That took a while. Andy Linighan. Paul Warhurst. John


Harkes. Tony Adams. I just went Welsh and new! Kevin Campbell.


Graham Hyde. He was a substitute, go again. King. ... Unbelievable! That


means the winner, 2-1 to Elis James. (BLEEP) hadn't realised how


competitive a former professional footballer would be. Elis James,


congratulations. Ian Wright, enjoy the cup final. Thanks for nothing.


You will look beautiful in the Chelsea kit. A hand of friendship


across London. You should sing Abide With Me in the Chelsea shirt. What


was your single? The Wright stuff? You're out of order. STUDIO: I'm not


wearing it! They cut a lot of my stuff out in, I did better than


that. Frank Lampard on the back, I might wear it. Think how many more


goals you would have got. Can't even imagine. We can hear from a man who


knows what it is like to score an FA Cup final winning goal.


Aaron Ramsey. The first thing he said when he walked out on the pitch


was wow. That's to do with the heat. What difference will that make


today? It's absolutely boiling here. We'll have to manage ourselves


correctly today, go and press at the right moments. We have to be aware


of the heat. You have been a matchwinner in FA Cup finals in the


past. This is your winner against Hull from a few years ago. What does


it mean that you personally know how to win here and Arsenal have won


here recently. Does the history help? We have had great history here


in recent years in the competition. We like playing here so hopefully we


can have another day to celebrate. It's not been the best of seasons,


your boss and the players have come under criticism. Do you feel as a


group of players you owe him and your fans a performance today? I


think we have let him down at times this season. He has stood by us and


he believes in us. We only have ourselves to blame. But we do have


something to hopefully finish the season off on a high and give


something back to him, the fans and ourselves. The band are playing for


you behind us. Enjoy your day today. STUDIO: Another man at the heart of


the midfield battle will be the Footballer of the Year N'Golo Kante.


A key man in Chelsea Pitman title success, just as he was for


Leicester last season. -- a key man in Chelsea's title success.


N'Golo Kante was born in Paris but grew up in the west suburbs of the


city. Not the most dangerous council estate, but still a council estate


with a huge sense of community. Mum was a cleaner and that was a refuse


collector in a very religious community. His dad died when N'Golo


Kante was 11. He stayed introvert. Started playing football. There is


an amazing picture of him winning player of the tournament. In the


picture all the other boys are lifting his trophy and he's standing


at the side, showing his humility. No club came in to sign him, which


is weird. Koscielny, Giroud, Rick Perry, they


all went through the lower leagues before making it to the big time. --


Franck Ribery. When he broke into the first-team, he was good.


I don't think I've seen a player with so many Man of the Match awards


in a row than N'Golo Kante in the second division in France. What


amazes me is Kante was setting such standards in the French league for


interceptions and tackles that others weren't on the case sooner,


but Leicester had the jump on everyone else. Leicester said, we


are the English version of your current team. We want you to do the


same thing for us as you do now. They the right words to get him to


sign. He was the perfect player for Leicester at that time, and for


Ranieri and the way he wanted to play, for Jamie Vardy, Riyad Mahrez,


and those players. He passed his A-levels and got a


degree in accounting. He good BA accountant if he wasn't -- he could


be an accountant if he wasn't a football right now. I think the


proof of Kante's importance has been this season, in what Leicester lost


and what Chelsea gained. He felt ready after just a year, like two


years in France, ready for the next step. And every next step, he


delivers. Winning the Premier League, playing in the Euro rose for


France as well, showing everybody that they got it all wrong. I think


for him, it's sweet revenge. Nobody believed in him when he was a kid,


despite being good, people said he was too small or not good enough.


But look where he is now. From when he started in that council


estate where he got with Leicester and where he is getting now with


Chelsea, I think he deserves it all. It's a wonderful story. STUDIO: He's


got a degree in accountancy. Check out these numbers, winning more


games than anyone else in the last two seasons, more tackles and more


interceptions than anyone else in the last two seasons. Remarkable


talent. I bet he has covered more ground as well. I have never seen


anyone in my football career cover as much grass in a 90 minute game as


he does. Even at the end of the game, I'm sure he could do exactly


the same again. There's no denying Eden Hazard's ability, but he's had


his best goal-scoring season this season. We know he can do this, he


has done it all season, stuffing out of moves from the off position.


Going forward, interceptions in front of the back three. This is


brilliant, winning it three times in the move. Passing, winning it back


again. Passing again. Losing the ball and time and time again, this


fella has done this. What enables Hazard to do is that he doesn't need


to track back. He can win this, superb pass. He wins the ball and


can play at forward to Hazard. Hazard doesn't have the same


responsibility, giving him the freedom to stay up front. I know


there is still a hell of a lot to do when he wins the ball here, but he


wins the ball, sets his team on the front foot, and he wins it in vital


positions. He hasn't done this too many times, but this was in the


quarterfinal against Manchester United to set them on their way. I


don't think it's a coincidence that Azpilicueta, Gary Cahill, David


Luiz, they have had their best seasons in football, I think.


Looking back to last season. Who had their best season? Wes Morgan,


Robert Huth, Mahrez and Drinkwater, going forward. He has played a huge


part in Leicester's success and the individual success of other players,


and in particular Eden Hazard. You played with Claude Makelele, who he


is often compared to. Better or worse, how do you compare them?


Makelele was a great player, but he is something extra. Makelele


patrolled in front of the back four, but he never really went forward to


unleash himself. I think Kante has that ability. In terms of the


Chelsea team, that is there a difference. They were pedestrian in


passing last year. But Kante has added energy in a team that has gone


right through them. He's an absolute pest to play against. One of the


instances, might have been against West Ham, where he anticipated the


past that was going to the right-winger. He gets a lot of stick


for not being technically good, but he's fantastic! He has everything.


but it's a huge ask. Not started a game, Mertesacker.


What a first season too with Chelsea it's been for Antonio Conte. A very


good player who has become an even better manager.


Antonio Conte was with us in Juventus. He understood really well


tactics of the game and I think he is the same as a manager. He is very


good at getting inside players' minds and can get them to play with


humility, pride, aggression, intensity. He was looking for


something new. For me he is the best in the world.


The most important teams for me is to be a team, every single player


must put their talent into the team. I enjoy the season. We play


different football. The system is different.


Another philosophy, another type of football. He is completely


different. Brilliant goal. Look what it means on the Chelsea bench.


It's my first season. To win in this league, I am really proud.


Arsenal have said that you are favourites t seems to be widely


perceived that Chelsea are the favourite in the press, does that


sit comfortably with you? I think in this type of game it's very


difficult to tell if there is one favourite. I think for the


motivation Arsenal could have something more than us, but for this


season we work very hard in this week on the pitch. Also in the


mentality to try to understand this game, we must keep great


concentration. But I am sure my players want to do this. You said


they may have motivation, was that your biggest challenge, to get into


the right mental frame of mind after winning the league? Yeah, it's very


important to keep the right concentration because when you win


this league in this way, yeah, and the possibility to be bit relaxed,


there is this, for sure. In this week we try to work very well, also


in this aspect. Tell me the overriding emotion right now, is it


excitement, nerves, anticipation? Yeah, I think a mix of all these


emotions. For me it's my first final in England and yeah, I am enjoying a


lot of this, there is a lot of excitement. But also I have great


concentration because the final you have to play the final, to try to


win. I hope you can enjoy it as well. Thank you very much. Good


luck. Thank you very much. Not only his first final in England as a


manager but he has never won a major final. Runner-up in 2012 with


Juventus. This will be a first for him. What a fabulous start to the


season he has had. Everyone has looked at his tactics but his


man-management skills have been good too. Obviously, he took a team in a


bad place. A very talented group and there were some individuals in there


and you wonder where they're at, Hazard had, probably had his worst


season in a Chelsea shirt. Costa. Mid season there were rumours and


probably more than rumours, that Costa was maybe a problem on the


training ground and he dealt with it and flushed it out. By the sounds of


it, he gave a bit of iron fist and dealt with it. Costa is hard for


anyone to manage. John Terry on the sidelines. Fabregas. Sometimes all


you want is honesty from a manager. He laid it on the line with John,


this is how it's going to be, John reacted well. With the group he has


managed it. Someone with the experience of John Terry and a lot


of power he has at Chelsea, but when you are winning football matches as


the manager has done for the vast majority of the season that's an


easier situation to handle rather than results going against you.


Costa the player. I like him. I am a huge fan of his. I tell you why,


because part of the job as a centre forward is to walk off a pitch


knowing that you have upset the centre halves. That you have given


them a tough time. You do not want centre halves walking off the pitch


thinking I have had an easy job today. Rarely in this Guy's career


and in games that defenders will do that, he is a bully. He is push you


around. He can have a fight with you. But he has ability. He can hold


the ball up. He can bring his teammates into the game. He has a


nasty side to him which... All of that. But at the end of the day he


has ability. He can score goals. He is a real handful. He strikes me, I


have seen a few clips of him off the field, he is probably actually quite


an enjoyable bloke to have around in the dressing room. Yeah, I get that


impression. He makes me laugh. I love watching, he makes me laugh


when you see incidents like that. You can see once they won the title,


he is obviously lively in the dressing room. The boys react to


him. I love him. I do love him. Only because he winds defenders up, like


you did. Is he a good chap? He is, he is great in the dressing room.


Two faces, one on the pitch. If he is angry, and talking about his


future, if he doesn't want to be at the club next year it might not be


so good. Big decision for Chelsea in the summer. Chelsea fans haven't had


much to complain about this season. It's been a different story for The


Gooners in a tumultuous campaign. No one has kept a closer eye on events


at the Emirates, here is Robbie Lyle. Arsenal and Chelsea, looking


forward to the game. If we can pull this off and win this game, manager


stays on for you? No. Winning this only papers over the cracks. Doesn't


make up for the season that we have had. It's poor, every single year.


Every year. So, it doesn't paper the cracks. So you don't think he should


sign a new deal? No, absolutely not. He should not be signing a new deal.


What about you? It will be a great achievement if he won today. A


record, 13 times. It will be a record. He would beat George Ramsay


who won seven, eight times. Incredible manager, we are lucky to


have him. Hopefully sign a two-year contract and... Can he sign a new


deal? He was poor in the league. He was noor the Champions League. Is


this like, like he was saying, paper over the cracks? You have to look at


the job of all. And what he has done. He has been a magnificent


manager for halfway through, but listen any team that has the


invincibles, 1888 when Preston North End did it, only played 12 games. Do


I need to go on? Best scenario for you today? Win the game, Arsene


Wenger says goodbye. The team we are playing sacked their most successful


manager and they're on to win the double. The fans are singing they


want him to stay, sums it up. Best scenario? We win. Two opposites


here. The main thing is we all want Arsenal to win today. Let's get this


victory. He really does divide opinion. A win


today will see Arsene Wenger overtake George Ramsay. He will


become the most successful manager in FA Cup history with seven. The


first of which was in 1998. He spoke to Dan Walker. Thank you for talking


to us. A chance for you personally to make history today winning a 7th


FA Cup. No manager has done that before. That would be a significant


achievement. Well, you want in my position, you want to do it, you


have worked hard to get here. You want just to win the competition.


For the club and for the team. Indirectly it will be as well I will


be very happy if we do it. Talk about the team selection. The


opposite number has had a relatively easy selection, you have had a few


choices. Yes, because we lost three centre-backs in one week. Last night


we lost Kieran Gibbs who had to go home sick during the night. So


decisions were not so difficult because it's not many defenders


left. This season, particularly this week, you have said that some of the


criticism you have received has been a disgrace which are strong words.


Do you feel that a win would silence critics today? No, I believe that


99% of the Arsenal fans are fantastic people who stand behind


the team and you want to play for them. OK. Enjoy the final. See you


afterwards. Thank you very much. If you are wondering what Arsene Wenger


is actually talking about on that particular thing about the disgrace,


let's see what he said earlier on Football Focus.


The lack of respect in some stages has been, for me, a disgrace. I will


never accept that. I believe there is a difference between being


criticised and being treated in a way that human beings don't deserve


to be treated. Well, they are strong words, criticism against some


Arsenal fans. Latterly he has made it 99% of them are absolutely onside


and stuff. What do you make of that? I don't think you can ever deny the


love and passion and what he has done for Arsenal Football Club. But


I don't think there is any doubt of what's happened in the last three or


four months with the indecision, whether he is staying or going, has


hindered the football club, on the pitch. I think too many players have


hidden behind that and used that as an excuse. Because of the position


that they're finished in the league, then yeah, you are right, fans are


divided. But there is no way it's helped the last few months. We might


find out in the next few days why he has been keeping it back from


everyone. Do you think some fans have been a disgrace in the way


they've behaved? Yeah. Fans have a right to criticise. Of course they


do. You know, you hear it a lot, 20 years, he has done more than enough


in 20 years to be treated more respectfully than he has been,


especially when you see some stuff on social media. Do you expect,


rumours is that he will announce there is a two-year contract he will


sign, do you think that will happen? I think he will probably sign, I


don't think he will want Arsenal to be left out of the top four and


maybe not winning this game today. It's not successful for him. Unusual


circumstances where a manager seems to have the overall say. That seems


to be the case at Arsenal. Yeah, I mean, I am with you, it's too


negative around him and something has to change. If he stays, they


need to placate fans and change structure, bring in a coach, change


the line, it looks like they're stuck in a way and everyone else has


moved on a little bit. That's what it looks like from the outside. Do


you think if he was going to leave it would be better to go out having


won this today? Yeah, I still believe that he, I hard him say not


long ago he believes this team can win the league. Some people say he


is delusional or whatever, the fact is that for somebody saying that,


that doesn't say he wants to leave. I guess we will find out at some


point. One man who has silenced critics this season is David Luiz.


More than a few eyebrows were raised when the Brazilian defender returned


to Stamford Bridge but he has been a standout performer.


# I can see clearly now the rain has gone...


David, this season has been fantastic for Chelsea. But for you


in particular it's been brilliant. What was the reason for coming back?


My dream, it was my dream to win the Premier League. My first here I


didn't get to win. Many people didn't understand why I come back. I


had a great life in France, great club. But I think if you don't take


a risk in life you never test something new. I wish to test


something new and that's why. There's been some ex-players who


have commented on the fact that you seem to have matured since you have


come back to Chelsea. Do you think it's a fair comment? I want to be


more mature every day, if I think I know everything, this is so bad. So,


I try to improve every day as a person, as a brother, as a son, as a


player, whatever. I try to improve. I love to learn. I think this is the


right way if you want to be a nice person. My mum, my dad, my family, I


think they are everything for me. When I left my family when I was 14


and they supported me always, doesn't matter if it's so far or


not, they always were present in my life and now I bring them when I


can. Of course they bring luck, positivity and energy, positive vibe


and it's nice to have them near me. I know that you are quite close to


some of your teammates and Diego Costa in particular. I have a great


relation with him, I love him, I love the way he is. Nice


personality, he has amazing history. He is a great person and great, it's


better to play on his side than against him.


He is so different off the pitch and on the pitch. Yellow he's still ugly


off the pitch! But it's true he's totally different. And Willian. He


has been my great friend since I was eight. And your neighbour. He can't


live without me, that's why I came back! A piece of quick thinking from


David Luiz. The double, I think Chelsea just got


it one time, so we need to do it with our feet on the ground, working


hard. That's our way during the whole season. We have to play at a


high level two win against Arsenal. It was Antonio Conte's first season


in the Premier League. The first time you were working with him. How


key was he to your success? He is a winner. He loves to watch football.


He's a guy. He tells me I want to work high everyday. He said, are you


ready. I said yes, that's why I came here. That's why he has done a great


job in his first season. There are still things to do, big things to


do. Let's try to win the FA Cup also. We have brought you a little


surprise. A belated birthday gift from everyone. Thank you so much.


Sideshow Bob! Thank you, BBC. STUDIO: We are very generous souls.


David Luiz answering his critics. I think three at the back has helped


him. It has. And with Kante in front, that has given them more


security. And Azpilicueta as well has been there to help him. And Gary


Cahill is having the season of his life as well. He has that protection


in all areas. Speaking of Azpilicueta, or Dave, as they call


him in the Chelsea dressing room, he has been remarkable. One of those


unsung heroes, but he has made more passes in the Premier League than


any other player this season. And he has been ever present. What I like


about him is that he's proactive, trying to press into midfield.


Recovering with pace and desire. He has no right to put him under that


pressure to stop the goal. He has speed and perception. He knows where


the danger is. You can get there early. He goes back from right back


to covering central areas. He wants to get tight. When it is the ball is


going behind he has the speed and awareness to get going early. And


Paul Pogba is no slouch. At the end he has composure as well. He has


made his own that position, between right back and centre-half. He


recovers so quickly and he has grown. That composure, we haven't


seen that from him before. We wonder if he has the height to play


centrally, but he wins that through commitment. He knows where he needs


to be. And he wants this to step into midfield, make the different.


Gets it out of his seat, quality ball to Costa, whose scores. He has


four assists this year from a centre-back. This is the goal that


wins then the league. Coming from right wing. An unsung hero, but he


has played every minute of every game this season. In a squad as


squad as strong as Chelsea's with John Terry and Kurt Zouma breathing


down his neck. The managers talking in the tunnel. Respect being shown


for each other's abilities, skills and successes over so many years.


Conte came out the other day and said how Wenger should be respected


more for what he has done. I totally agree. We have seen from the fans


that they want some form of change. Somewhere along the line, some form


of change. The board or the manager, something has to change. 20 years


since a foreign manager first won the FA Cup with Chelsea. Ruud Gullit


was the man in charge. He is with Gabby Logan. 20 years and since he


walked out at the old Wembley with Chelsea, who were on the precipice


of a new era of winning trophies. The atmosphere today is as special


as ever. Does it take you back? It was a fantastic day. I saw it as a


kid and then to walk that long walk out of the tunnel, that was magical


for me. Chelsea had scars on every single seat of the Chelsea fans


here. -- had scarves will stop there is a sea of blue around us. You have


crystallises between Chelsea and Arsenal. Chelsea are secure in


themselves because they have already won something. On the other hand,


they hope something happens. It's natural. A difficult season for


Arsenal, if they want to get something out of this season, it's a


trophy. Chelsea have already talked about a bit of complacency before


the match, because they have won something. Maybe they could relax,


but this could be the icing on the cake if they win this as well. It


would be an historic double. Gary talked about it in the studio, what


Conte can do with man management. Coming into a club that finished


tenth, hardly adding to the personnel. Motivation shouldn't be a


problem. He has a good team and they are all professional, but be aware


of some players who might get a bit easy going. David Luiz could be a


player like that, sometimes he's easy. But I think he's very


energetic. He is on the team all the time. As long as you win, it's OK.


And there comes a period also when things are not going so well, that


could irritate some players. We saw it with Mourinho when Hazard had a


difficult season. It all depends how you win and if you win. I know you


are confident for a Chelsea win. Yeah, 2-1. This time next year, we


will be just two weeks away from the Russia World Cup. Four world


champions featuring today, Pedro, Fabregas, Mertesacker, and the man


who divides opinion like few others, Mesut Ozil.


I am proud of where I come from. It's my home, Gelsenkirchen. When he


came to our school in 2000 he was just an ordinary school kid. You see


in the classroom he was really focused on maths, English, whatever


else. He was humble and shy. You wouldn't imagine he could be such a


rocket, an explosion when he's on the pitch. A totally different


personality. I played with him when I was, I


think, five, and when we won the Game 10-0, he sometimes scored eight


goals or something like that. He would dribble through opponents. It


was great. His technique was great at this time. Especially his game


intelligence. Always with his head up. Like Xavi or Iniesta. The same


capabilities, scanning the players more than other players. You do


wouldn't think he was 17 or 18. He was like he was 30. With his


composure. A small guy, really shy. Kept trying to hide himself, didn't


know how to talk to me. And then I saw how he played on the pitch.


Amazing. Playing with Mesut Ozil, you have to be careful with what he


will do. I told him, never put a bad ball in here, because I will kill


you! Brilliant from Ozil! In many ways he's the perfect Arsenal


player. He has the technique, the pace. He's not going to be the


player who runs up and down the pitch and wins all the tackles and


starts pumping his fists. Ozil, beautiful. A top team always needs


players that try to play the through pass. It's normal and clear that not


every through pass can reach the other player.


When Germany won the World Championship in 2014, there were a


lot of discussions going on between German football fans, where should


Ozil play, couldn't he play better? I think sometimes it isn't fair to


him. Because he does more in games and sometimes fans think. I think


what Germany have done quite well is to create a system around him where


he doesn't necessarily feel he has to do everything. I think that


Arsenal sometimes it can look like he's not trying or not interested.


But I think more often than not, it's down to a lack of organisation


and direction as far as the whole team is concerned. Put him in the


Real Madrid team, put him in the Germany team, and you see a very


different Mesut Ozil. At Arsenal there are some good players, yes,


but when you have played with Cristiano Ronaldo, it's much better


when you play with Olivier Giroud somebody like that? People say he's


the best player you can have at ten. Others say he is lazy. We talk about


body language. I know this discussion. He's always like this,


his face is like he doesn't want to play. But we know this is Mesut


Ozil. Sanchez, could come back to Ozil. It


does. It's three! There are times in every season in the last few years


where he's been in touch with his potential and fulfilled it and


people talk about him being one of the best players of his generation.


But because we haven't seen it consistently throughout a whole


season, I think there will always be that nagging doubt at the back of


people's nines about just how good he is. -- people's minds.


They either like him or they don't. Ian Wright? I do like him. It's


quite interesting listing to Rafa Honigstein and his old team-mates


talking about what he's like. When you watch him in games like this,


against Sunderland when Sunderland were down, his energy and drive. He


can murder teams like this. This is stuck. Look at him go. Great ball


from Sanchez. Criticism that he is a flat track bully. These games


against Sunderland, Stoke and Watford, the energy he has trying to


get in. This was when Chelsea were not performing. Him and Sanchez were


fantastic. Bielik brilliant, energised. He gets in there and does


his stuff. What happens is when Arsenal are not playing well, he


does things like that. People judge him by his reaction. He can close


down closer there, but that's not what he's about for me. When you


have the kind of players around him, like people say in the video, like


Ronaldo at Real Madrid, he looks like a much better player. He got a


lot of stick for this. But the way he plays and Howard he is, I know


what he can create. I'm not bothered about that. Does he do enough? When


you consider the goal against Chelsea was his first against a top


six side, then no. Paying out money for him, you want him to perform in


these games, massive games. Consistent enough? For me, a bit of


a luxury. In the Premier League, you have to have 11 players. We had Di


Canio, who was a luxury, at West Ham. But we knew we were average and


he did the extra. He is world class and can change the game today. There


is no denying that he has huge ability. I would just like to see


him doing more in big games. When you mention the word flat track


bully, one goal this season against any team that finished in the top


half. That's not enough. I think he needs to do more in big games. What


an opportunity to ram that down everybody's through today. The same


can't be said of Alexis Sanchez? A very good player. I think he has


been asked's best player again this season. -- Arsenal's best player.


Down the middle, left, right, wherever. More often than not, he


has come up with the goods, the goals, the assists. He is a very,


very good player. He seems to like this place as well, Wembley.


Remarkable record, six goals in five games for club and country here. Won


all five of the matches as well? He could be the difference. You talk


about Ozil, but this man, the pace he has got to dribble the ball, do


something special. 13 of his goals for Arsenal have been outside the


box. He can score from anywhere. He gets frustrated that some of the


players around him are not as confused as he is. I think that is


where his frustration comes from. -- not as enthusiastic. He will


deliver, he will get something from this game, and that is something you


cannot level at a lot of these players. Eddie Newton, representing


Chelsea, Sol Campbell representing Arsenal. They are coming out to


present the trophy. They wave to both sets of fans. There is the FA


Cup that they are all chasing this afternoon. Such a strong favourite,


Chelsea, quite unusual. Chelsea against Arsenal, you would think it


would be quite even. That doesn't block to be the case, prior to


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