2012 Highlights The Grand National

2012 Highlights

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Hello and welcome to highlight of the 165th running of the John


Smith's Grand National. There are few sporting events that bring our


great nation as close together as this unique occasion. We all have


great memories of the rage - Red Rum's hat-trick and Aldaniti's


record. Who will write the next chapter in the story of the world's


greatest race? Spring comes to consciousness and


sets the pulse racing. Across these thrilling fields, where plot twists


extend beyond the immortal realm and Morse and palms greased betting


slips between fingers crossed. Reminiscence from the big chair of


flight without wings tearing through the air. Flashback cutaways


to monochrome coalitions. Men for all seasons jockey for position.


The commotion of a motion, the first to show. The electric


sprinters, the ready, steady, Go. The blinkered view. The mythical


flying horse, the too good to be true. The Rev Prof muscle, the


pound of flesh, the old, the young, the tired, the fresh. Owners,


trainers, runners, riders, dead certs, favourites, fancied


outsiders. This heroic, no bile equine beauty simply served to


widen the smile. It is about place, culture and nothing comes within a


mile. The geography has never changed for the wise man or the


full. It is in the country's DNA - Aintree, Liverpool.


Aintree will miss a dear friend today. Ginger McCain, trainer of


the Great Red Rum, sadly passed away in September last year and is


remembered here at the racecourse with this magnificent statue that


overlooks the winners' enclosure. There was a poignant moment on


Thursday, when cloudy laying won the Fox Hunters' Chase. On the same


day, the great Big Bucks won an amazing 17th race in a row. What a


horse he is, a true champion. As he comes up to the line, there is warm


applause from the appreciative crowd at Liverpool. And on Friday,


always when in, at the age of 11, became the first horse to win the


top and chase for the third time. And history in the making in the


Topham Chase for the third consecutive year. So will create


history in today's Grand National? A sell-out crowd gathered at


Aintree for what promised to be a fabulous occasion. The National


course once again looked in magnificent shape. Adding extra


spice to the afternoon's action was the battle for the championship


between Nicky Henderson and Paul Nicholls. Neither had won the Grand


National before. Sadly, Ruby Walsh would miss his big race wide after


crashing in the Aintree Hurdle earlier in the afternoon. His place


was taken by Paul Townend. They joined the 38 riders for the last


moment of calm for the traditional voter before the race. No. 1 was


Synchronised, ridden by the champion jockey Tony McCoy. Last


year's winner Ballabriggs was back, bidding to become the first horse


since Red Rum to win the race in successive years. Nicky Henderson's


representative was Shakalakaboomboom, ridden by Barry


Geraghty, while Paul Nicholls was pinning his hopes on Neptune


Collonges, ridden by Daryl Jacob. Katie Walsh Road Seabass for her


father Ted, hoping to follow in the footsteps of her brother Ruby, who


had won the race before. The other woman in the race was Nina Carberry,


Katie's sister-in-law, riding Organised Confusion. Beforehand,


Tony jockey was unseated from Synchronised. But after being


checked over, horse and rider were So after all the drama of Tony


McCoy being unseated on Synchronised, we are all set for


the 2012 John Smith's and National. There will win? Here is our


them forward. They are off and running in the 2012 John Smith's


Grand National. Write down the inside, State Of Play and Killyglen


are first away. They are followed by a Swing Bill. Viking Blond in


the front rank. I could not see the leaders at first. Viking Blond was


the faller. Viking bomb has gone at the first. Swing Bill is up there


with State Of Play. Then comes Always Right. Synchronised towards


the back of the field. Junior is down at the second fence. I saw


Shakalakaboomboom jump through. A bad mistake from Vic Venturi.


Shakalakaboomboom is just ahead of Swing Bill and Giles cross.


Shakalakaboomboom and Seabass are ahead. We have lost one. State Of


Play has gone. Chicago Gray has gone as well. They now come towards


Becher's Brook. It is Shakalakaboomboom, Planet Of Sound,


Deep Purple and then Swing Bill. Sunnyhillboy is towards the outside.


Synchronised is down at Becher's Brook! It is Shakalakaboomboom,


Seabass. Afrobeat has fallen. The leaders are about to tackle the


Canal Turn. It is Shakalakaboomboom, followed by Always Right, Seabass,


and according to Peter. Killyglen has gone. Organised Confusion has


also gone. Now the leaders are jumping Valentine's. Of the Supreme


appears to be the last one to go. With the stretch jacket,


Shakalakaboomboom is just the leader in the National. A bad


mistake from Deep Purple, further back in the field. Planet of sand


and Seabass were the leaders. Giles Cross has been pulled up towards


the rear of the field. Planet Of Sound has gone now as they come up


to number 12. Shakalakaboomboom in second place. In third place is


Seabass. Ballabriggs is in mid- division. Now they run on towards


the recourse proper. As they cross over now on the first occasion and


heading towards fence No. 13, Planet Of Sound has been jumping


spectacularly and is in the lead ahead of Shakalakaboomboom. Behind


them at is always write in fourth place followed by Hello Bud and


Deep Purple, followed further back by a Swing Bill. Further back,


midnight -- haze. Planet Of Sound is the leader as they head towards


the 14th. According To Pete is just behind them. Deep Purple is not


jumping well. On the inside his Ballabriggs. Sunnyhillboy is out


wide, followed by Neptune Collonges. One has gone, the others are over


safely. The leader is Planet Of Sound at the, then


Shakalakaboomboom, Seabass in third. Then Neptune Collonges. On the


inside, midnight haze. On the inside is On His Own, followed by


Cappa Bleu. Then there is In Compliance, followed by swindle and


Deep Purple, who is going backwards. Treacle is right at the back.


Neptune is at the back as well. Vic Venturi is third from last. Planet


Of Sound leads them now by three or four lengths to Shakalakaboomboom


in second place. Quiscover Fontaine has gone as they come to number 18.


On His Own and Seabass are close by. They come to the ditch now. Planet


Of Sound has been joined by Shakalakaboomboom. Then Seabass.


Behind these is On His Own. Vic Venturi is refused. It is Planet Of


Sound and Shakalakaboomboom. Then Cappa Bleu and Neptune Collonges.


Neptune, and Treacle are other back. Deep Purple has pulled up. They are


now approaching Becher's Brook for the first time. It is Planet Of


Sound, ahead of Shakalakaboomboom. Seabass is still there. So are


Sunnyhillboy and Neptune Collonges. On His Own is down. According To


Pete has been brought down at Becher's Brook. Mon Mome has been


pulled up. It is Shakalakaboomboom in front. Planet Of Sound in second


place. Cappa Bleu is then followed by In Compliance and Ballabriggs.


Ballabriggs may have made a mistake. At the back of the field, Neptune


Equester. Five more to go. Planet Of Sound just leading. Sunnyhillboy


is towards the outside. In Compliance is just behind those.


Ballabriggs tried to make some progress late on in the race now as


they raced towards the finish. Swing bowler still going.


Shakalakaboomboom and Planet of sound are the leaders. Ballabriggs


is beginning to close as well. Webb is still going, but well behind --


Wood. There are two fences left to jump. Shakalakaboomboom is the


leader. On the outside, starting to move up, is Planet Of Sound, but he


is under pressure. Now Katie Walsh is coming up on the inside on


Seabass, followed by Hello Bud. They have got two left to jump.


Katie Walsh on Seabass is on the outside. They are Kirov


Sunnyhillboy. In Compliance is running well. On the outside,


Sunnyhillboy. One left to jump for the Grand National. Seabass is the


leader, followed by a Sunnyhillboy and Neptune Collonges. They are


Kirov Shakalakaboomboom. But Sunnyhillboy has taken it up for


rich in a clone and as they come to the elbow. Katie Walsh is coming


back. Neptune Collonges is joining in as well. It is Sunnyhillboy,


with 100 yards to go. Neptune Collonges digging deep on the


nearside. Sunnyhillboy in front. He is a half lengths in front. Neptune


Collonges is diving and... Oh, it is very tight between Sunnyhillboy


and Neptune Collonges! A photo in the Grand National. Then in third,


the near side is Neptune Collonges! It is tight! It looks like the grey


might have just got there by a nostril. Neptune Collonges and


Sunnyhillboy. Daryl Jacob may have Neptune Collonges may have snatched


it, Paul Nicholls the trainer, Daryl Jacob the winning rider. It


is desperately tight. There is Richard McLernon on Sunnyhillboy.


Daryl Jacob, who on the evidence of that, what we have just seen, may


have just snatched victory in the last stride. We are waiting for the


official verdict. Ruby Walsh is just going over to Paul Nicholls...


Here is the result of stock Neptune Collonges.


For first is number four, Neptune Collonges, second is number 26,


Sunnyhillboy, third is Sea Bass, Katie Walsh, and fourth number 19,


Cappa Bleu. That are the first four in the 2012 Grand National. Daryl


Jacob, officially the winning rider, Neptune Collonges, the winner.


Congratulations! The moment that that was announced, what was it


like? It is so good! I said I would do him proud and you can't beat


this! Just take us through the run from the elbow to the finish line.


It looked as if you were not going to get there! I always said I would


ride the Grand National and I am glad I have done it. You have got


him his first Grand National winner and you have got your first, well


done. This man has been trying for so long to win this race and with


your 53rd horse, you have done it. Probably the best horse we have put


in the race. Genuine... It was a fantastic ride, from Daryl Jacob.


Absolutely brilliant. I know my landlord will be watching. If it


was not for his support, I would not be here now, so thank you, Paul.


Given the races you have one, where does this rank? It has blown Nicky


Henderson out of the water! This is a good race, this is the one we


wanted as well. Let's get ready for a picture, we will let you do that.


Katie Walsh, the ride of your life on Sea Bass. You are the highest


place female jockey ever. I got an unbelievable spin. I was wrong a


couple of times and he put me right, and it was a fantastic experience


and I can't believe it is over, I want to do it again! It looked as


though you might win? Yes, as I was turning in, that reset, how are you


going? He couldn't last. I was never going to win but it was the


best I was going to be. They need to check their weight. The coolest


thing she did was to pull down her goggles so she could have a clear


vision at the last! For John Hales, the owner of the grey, he has had


moment of delight and tragedy. He has never had a runner in the Grand


National, he did not want to do it. His very first one, Neptune


Collonges, has come home as the winner and you have to feel for


Ritchie McLernon on Sunnyhillboy beaten in the tightest of finishes.


Daryl Jacob, we can speak to you again. All of the people that have


supported you through your career, who are you thinking of most?


Kieren Kelly, he has been a big help to me and he told me to come


over to England and this is massive for him. I am delighted for Robert


and Sally for bringing me on the way that they have, and also Paul


for looking after me this year. That had to be amazing. Did you


know you had one? It was very tough, it was a very close finish but I


just kept my head down. Fair place to the horse, he went deep today.


He jumped from fence to fence. is the moment you can celebrate


your victory. Than Skelton smacking you on the back! It was a massive


team effort. All credit to everybody, it was a team effort and


I am very lucky to be a part of it. If I am so pleased for you. We must


offer congratulations to John Hales, the owner, you have been involved


in a lot of good horses and this has to be the greatest but almost


the most heart-stopping moment of all. Yes. When he crossed the line,


I thought he might have got it and my first thought was, if he has got


it, Paul has retained the championship and I thought thank


you, you owe me this one. He split the family coming here. My wife was


fifty-fifty. Lisa, my daughter, could not face it but now she is


overwhelmed by emotion because we had sad memories of coming to


Aintree. We have nothing against entry, we love coming here, and


thank God we have come up trumps today. I am so pleased for you, or


well done. Neptune Collonges has his name


painted on the legendary roll of honour and becomes the first grey


since 1961 to win the Grand National. His owner, John Hales,


has always had an affinity for the grey and Neptune Collonges gave him


his greatest moment in racing, as he held aloft the trophy for the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 119 seconds


There was a terribly sad postscript to the Grand National.


Unfortunately two horses were killed. Synchronised and According


To Pete. The managing director of Braintree -- Aintree racecourse is


with me. What happened? I would like to say how desperately sad we


are went any horse is lost and these were two very sad accident


today. Unfortunately, Synchronised fell at Becher's Brook, but got


back up and continued, jumped five more fences and then suffered a


fractured leg was jumping the 11th fence. According To Pete,


unfortunately, was involved in an incident at Becher's Brook where it


was brought down and fractured his leg. In specifying the injuries


regarding Synchronised, he got used before the race and some people may


wonder whether that had any contributing factor to his injury -


- he got to lose. Can we clear that up? The three new racecourse


veterinary surgeon was there and checked the horse over before AP


McCoy was able to get on it and, and there was plenty of time to


check everything was in order. People will be concerned about last


year, the difficult aftermath, and this year. What is the situation in


terms of safety? You have put in a lot of improvements? Safety is our


priority. We will never stand still on safety. We will review these


incidents in detail. It will involve organisations like the arts


-- RSPCA and the British Horseracing Authority and if


changes are necessary, we will make them. We understand how this event


is so important to the general public. I am joined by Tim Morris


from the British Horseracing Authority. What happened was


unfortunately, coming round from the start, AP McCoy, they


reexperienced, came off and the horse cantered away, it was not a


gallop, and AP McCoy was first leaked checked over by a doctor and


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