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What you'll see at Aintree this afternoon is the end product, the


dream, for thousands of people across the country, working yards,


big and small, the ultimate thrill is to be involved in a horse that's


running in the Grand National and for one of them they will know by


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


this evening that they have won the And this is the stage for a


sporting event like no other. The Grand National was first run in


1839. It was won by the five to one favourite. He was a horse called


Lottery. In the intervening years it's seemed like a complete lottery.


Crowds want to be here, including Sir Alex Ferguson. They want to be


here to witness history in the making. It's as famous for the


horse that's have won it, for the likes of Foinavon or Alderniti, but


also famous for those who haven't, the most dramatic Devon Loch, who


took a flying leap there and denied the Queen mother a victory in this


race. Aintree today is a complete sellout. A lot of people are here


in the betting ring to work out what they're going to back of the


40 runners in the race. There's been a lot of money for a horse


called Seabass. In 1944 the film was made of National velvet. In it


Elizabeth Taylor dressed as a boy, came here and won the Grand


National. Today fantasy could become reality. That is arguably


the biggest story of all. Nina Carberry as well in there on


Organisedconfusion. This race touches the soul like no other.


Here in the sunshine at Aintree, we've got live commentary... Spring


comes to consciousness and sets the pulse racing. Across the good to


firm of these thrilling fields. Where plot was to extend beyond the


mortal realm. And moisened palms crease betting slips twixt fingers


crossed. Reminisces from the big chair of flight without wings


tearing through the air. Flak back cut aways to monochrome collisions,


men jockey for position. The commotion of emotion, the first to


show, the electric sprinters, the ready, steady go, the sheep skin


nose band, the blinkered view, the mythical flying horse, the too good


to be true, the ripple of muscle, the pound of flesh, the old, the


young, the tired, the fresh. Owners, trainers, runners, riders, debt


certs, favourites, fancied outsiders. This heroic noble equine


beauty merely serves to widen the smile. This is about place, or


culture and nothing comes within a mile. The geography has never


changed for the wise man or the fool. It's in the country's DNA,


Aintree, Liverpool. It all comes down to these


magnificent animals. Down in the stables and arrived early


Synchronised, the Gold Cup winner, trying to emulate the last horse to


do the same in 1934. That's Ballabriggs in the same box as last


year and the same box that Red Rum used to have. That's Seabass, the


mount of Katie Walsh, attracting all the money. West End Rocker,


Wayne Hutchinson will ride him. Sometimes you can ask a question:


Do you think you're going to win the National? This is Ruby Walsh's


horse. Are you any good? I think that's a yes. They have been


beautifully cared for and prepared and AP McCoy is the man getting the


leg up on Synchronised trying to win his second Grand National. Ruby


Walsh and Barry Geraghty chat ago way to each other. A real feeling


of camraderie. That was Dennis O'Regan and Andrew Thornton there.


Richard Johnson could have a decent ride. He's chuckling away. He rides


Planet of Sound. And Jason Maguire is back again, hoping for another


dose of the best feeling in the world. Bob Champion who won in 1981,


will be leading out these jockeys, who include eight Grand National


winners for the legends race, the first race we'll show you live. A


lot of old, familiar faces there. A lovely atmosphere in the changing


room I suspect. Mick fits Gerald, a man who won the race. There's such


a buzz around the place. There is nothing quite like Liverpool.


There's nothing quite like the Grand National. It brings people to


life. Everywhere you look there's a story and could this be the


greatest story of all, this year? Do you think that Nina Carberry or


Katie Walsh winning would be the story that would reverberate around


the world. Will that make the biggest impact? It feels like


something very special is going to happen today, it really does. I


don't know whether I'm getting wrapped up in the buzz that is just


this race. There is something very special about it. Do you come here


now thinking "I wish I was still riding?" Is that the best place to


be? I do. On days like this, to walk down that little walkway here


to feel like you own this place for ten minutes. We are with you all


afternoon until 5.10pm. Here are some of the things we have in


store: Come tomorrow they may find themselves on the front pages of


the newspapers. I went to Yorkshire to meets the knellson family who


own According To Pete. One of the greatest stories of the day could


be of Katie Walsh won the Grand National for her Father Ted. He


rides Seabass, the best backed horse of the day. We take a tour


around 30 fences that they will be jumping in the company of winning


jockey Mick FitzGerald. We pay tribute to ginger McCain, the


trainer of Red Rum, has been followed by his son Donald, who


trains Ballabriggs this year. James May takes a fascinating Turin side


the lungs and heart of a race horse. He's the best person to look under


the bonnet. And the big race itself, 40 runners


line up at 4.15pm, for the greatest jumps race in the worldment --


world. We have five races before world. We have five races before


Our very own Richard Pitman who came so dlos winning the Grand


National in 1973 and who only recently donated a kidney is riding


in this John Smith's legends race, all of this raising money for the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


Bob Champion Cancer Trust, which he We have and this could be dangerous,


we've put a microphone on Richard, to hear what's going on. Have a


little listen. Settle down. Unlike Pitters, he's being quiet quite at


the moment. There's betting on this race as well. Mick Fitzgerald is


with me, some of these are great mates of yours. I think Pitters is


being safe there. He's hardly out of breath already. Marcus Armitage


has been doing some fitness. Yes, and he's very competitive, very fit.


Adrian Maguire there. Adrian was brilliant as a jockey. He will be


competitive also. That's Cape Express in the foreground. Number


four is Fidelis. We hope for a clean start. Our live action is


going to get under way on Grand National with this race for


legendary jockeys. Let's hand up to legendary jockeys. Let's hand up to


the commentary box and Jim McGrath. Thank you Clare. We have seen a


gallop by Bob Champion and John Joe O'Neill. They led the horses out.


These great riders, most of them part of the Aintree legend here,


all past winners. Mr Marcus Armitage there on the left. In the


red with the white sleeves. Last amateur to win the Grand National


in 1990 on Mr Frisk. Here is Jonjo on the right, appropriately in KP


McManus' colours and on the left Bob Champion. What a great man he's


been. 31 years ago he won on Alderniti, one of the greatest


fairy-tale wins ever in the history of the Grand National. Bob coming


back, fighting cancer, overcoming that and Alde -- Alderniti, a


cripple, coming back to win the greatest steeplechase. Jonjo having


had illness early in his career. They look like they're coming in.


They'll be very xestive, stkpwiet the fact many of them have been out


of the saddle for a long time. That's it, they're off and running


and May Contain Nuts has begun well. Satou, they're sharing the lead. In


third American Trilogy. Just Lille -- Private Story next. Let's hear


Richard. A mile-and-a-half to go. Must say the ground feels slightly


puddingy on top, different to when you're walking it. Richard Pitman


in third last position at the moment. May Contain Nuts on his


inside. They swing past the judges, Satou. Two lengths in advance now


of Just Lille. In fourth Private Story with the orange cap. Two


length as way Mick Cenan in fifth position on American Trilogy. They


swing into the back now. Further back in the field then, we can see


Miller's Reef. He's decided to stay wide. Adrian Maguire on Arabain


Heights has dropped right back through the field to last. He's on


the inside there. Pillar of Hercules is on his outside. He was


the rider of Band aree. Satou on the inside, the yellow jacket. In


the centre moving up stylishly. American Trilogy making ground with


the green cap. The grey on the inside Jimmy Frost, very prominent.


Vault Vogul making ground. Cape Express is getting a good ride. Two


lengths away the grey and Richard Pitman is last now. He said he


would run out of puff. He didn't think he would win. Now he's losing


ground. Now he's making ground. He's run past May Contain Nuts. It


gives him a send off as he goes past. They race to the home


straight in this John Smith's Aintree legends charity race. They


swing towards the corner now. On the inside the leader is Just Lille.


From Sky Calling. In third American Trilogy. He's starting to anything


alway. Two lengths away. Vault Vogul. Further back the grey,


followed by Adrian Maguire with Arabain Heights. American Trilogy


takes the lead. Mick kicks for home now. The 13 times Irish champion on


the flat. He's gone two lengths in front. No, there's no danger, he's


careering away. It's the 13 times Irish champion who's going to go on


and win the John Smith's Aintree legends charity race. He wins it by


a street. He wins by seven lengths. In second Vault Vogul. Cape Express


in third. Arabain Heights in fifth. Followeded -- followed by Fidelis.


Richard Pitman I think has beaten two home. They have all gone around


safely. It was the 13 times Irish champion, who was on the best horse.


He was able to take advantage of that and to win very comfortably


indeed. Number eight, American Trilogy, second number five,


Waldvogel, third number one, Cape Express. Fourth number seven, Sky


He's loving it. He's there with Dan Skelton and his wife as well.


They're absolutely loving it, as they see American Trilogy go to the


line and win the Legends Race very well. Nine lengths the winning


distance and one-and-a-half between distance and one-and-a-half between


second and third. The amazing thing he doesn't look any different Mick


Kinan, he retired at the end of 2009. He looks great. He looks no


different than when he was riding. Richard Pitman doesn't look that


much different. We'll talk to him later. Look at the tiny saddle!


There's not much to balance on there. He did very well. I can't


wait to talk to him about it. Well done to American Trilogy and great


to see those, the faces from years gone by that many people watching


will remember and also, lovely that Jonjo O'Neill and bob champion


should lead them out and greet them afterwards. For everybody at home,


you'll have picked a horse in the sweep stake or selected one to bet


on, often the story on the day or the biggest tip is what is being


backed. Down to the betting ring to find out.


We'll keep you up to date with that. There are golden rules, what are


they? Shop around for the value. It's like going to the supermarkets,


buying the milk in the morning. Shop around for the value, look for


the best prices. If you want a play each way. Most firms going first


four, some first five. Would you recommend take a price as well?


must. Make sure you take the price and get the value. That's what it's


all about. Here we are, there's the all about. Here we are, there's the


prices for this the Grand National: It's all about Seabass this morning.


It was 16-1 this morning. That's been smashed. It's 10-1 now. It


could go off five. Would would have thought that two days ago.


Synchronised I thought would start about 6-1. All the money for Katie


Walsh and Seabass. Ballabriggs sure to run well again.


Junior no money for Junior. Anyone to fancy here? Giles Cross I have


that in the BBC sweep. There's a bit of money for that at 20-1. I


have Black Apalachi in the sweep. He's a bit too old. Did you have a


bet yesterday? I had a good little bet. I was out and about yesterday,


zuking and diving. I've had a free bet here from Paddy Power �500 on


Your Tie. More runners here: I spoke to Andy Thornton in the pub,


he left at 11 o'clock. He looked as if he was getting ready for the


ride. Hello Bud has a chance as well. You had a bet on what?


backed you to wear a blue tie today. It was 2-1. With Everton playing


today and we know the score at halftime. Tell everybody what


colour tie you're wearing. A blue tie. So it's �1500 to Alder Hey


hospital, the local hospital here. We're starting off with a winner.


Great start. They're smiling because Everton are 1-0 up and


because Alder Hey will get that money. So many things that could


happen today that will end up being talked about in 50 years' time, or


100 years even. Let's join Jim McGrath for a scan across the


McGrath for a scan across the The Grand National always throws up


great stories. The win for Donald McCain's Ballabriggs would make him


the first repeat winner since Red Rum, almost 40 years ago. The


legendary horse trained by Donald's late father Ginger. He's the same


chance as last year. He's fit and well. We've come here fresh. He had


a run round at Kelso. He's -- he likes the place. Looking forward to


it. It was 1934 when the legendary Golden Miller completed the Gold


Cup Grand National double. Today Synchronised aims to join him in


the record books. The trainer is very happy with him, you know, to


get the Gold Cup was great to. Get the bubble, I -- double, I haven't


started to dream about it yet. Nicholls is locked in a battle for


the trainers' title with Nicky Henderson. A win for Neptune


Collonges or Shakalakaboomboom would have added. Winning grade


ones, he's older now, but he's run OK this year. We've never won it.


Been close a few times. It would be nice to find one. If there's a


horse for the big occasion, surely it's Junior, who seems to save his


best for the major racing festivals. Junior is hoping to become the


first horse to win at Royal Ascot, Cheltenham Festival and the Grand


National. It's a unique achievement. It shows his versatility that he


can excel at so many disciplines. Looking forward to the challenge.


The oldest horse in the race will be ridden by the youngest jockey,


as 14-year-old Hello Bud seeks to become the second oldest winner


ever under 19-year-old Sam Twiston- Davies. A good friend of mine. He's


done myself massive favours. He's got a massive heart and hopefully


he'll just keep galloping. 15 runners have come over from


Ireland, including Seabass, ridden by Katie Walsh and


Organisedconfusion, the mount of her sister-in-law Nina Carberry.


Both are seeking to become the first woman to win the great race.


It would be absolutely fantastic. I think it will happen at some stage.


I don't know when. We're hoping to get round and if comes down to that,


it will be fantastic, history. think an awful lot of people


involved in racing have just one thought about this year's Grand


National. Jim McGrath, what is the stand-out thing that you hope


happens today? I hope there's a great story here. I'm sure there


will be. Inevitably this throws up fantastic stories. As we said in


the piece before, if Nina Carberry or Katie Walsh could actually win


the race it will be so wonderful for the history of the race, for


the story of the race. They're two outstanding riders. They get their


opportunity here today. There have been modifications to the course.


Everyone's done everything possible to make this a safer race. It is a


fairer race, a safer race, but it is the ultimate challenge for horse


and rider. I don't think there's a single person here that isn't


hoping that everyone comes home safe and sound. Darren, this is a


very different commentary experience. Is there anything you


do that's special for preparing for the Grand National? Well, we've got


the problem of Mon Mome and Black Apalachi, both in dark green


colours. Black Apalachi wears cheek pieces. I believe they could be


brown. I'd like to see Black Apalachi with white cheek pieces.


Regarding my position at Becher's Brook, I've got one or two problem


areas. There are bushes alongside the golf course by fence number


five, which mean it's obscures my view of the landing side of fence


four. Fence four is one of Ian Bartlett's fences. If they fall


there, it's difficult to pick it up. We don't want anything happening at


fence four. The Canal Turn as well, there is a blind spot at the Canal


Turn, so you've really got to be on your toes. It is the ultimate


commentary challenge. They'll both be joined by Ian Bartlett too.


Fence four has been lowered in height and has been modified. If


you have a look down here from the start, long, long gallop to the


first fence, then a set of six fences and the sixth is Becher's


Brook. That is where we find Richard Dunwoody and with him is


Rishi Persad. This is one of the fences with modifications to make


the race safer for runners and riders. At Becher's Brook they've


raised the landing area slightly. How much easier is it? It will be


ease tkwror ride. They have built - - easier to ride. They have built


it up about five inches. It's not the fence I jumped ten years ago.


The ground is good, good to soft in places. I can't find any good to


soft places. What do you make TV? Really good jumping ground. It will


be against those horses like like it heavy. They've also done some


things, procedural changes as well, including a wash down area, similar


to what we have at the Olympics. Yeah, great idea, that is. They've


got fans there. They've borrowed them from the Olympics to help the


horses cool down. Richard and I are in the BBC sweep stake, who have


you got? We might be fighting it out your horse and mine at the rear


of the field. I've got Hello Bud. And Rare Bob, two of the outsiders.


We might not be celebrating today. I picked out Alfa Beat, who's 80-1


shot, one of the greys. Who did you get? Becauseicouldntsee. You hope


you can. I hope he can. Mick Kinnan being interviewed there. Ofrpblgts


He rides out every day? I don't think every day, but he is still


involved. Jump jockeys weigh, I was about to say stripped, that's how


they referred to it, how much roughly? About ten stone, 10.4. AP


McCoy, maybe around 10.7 today, quite comfortable. He's carrying 11


stone 10 in the race on Synchronised. He has top weight.


The Grand National, there's a handicap. The less talented horse


carry the least weight. The difference between Synchronised on


11 stone 10 and one of the ones on 10 stone? You look at Tharawaat he


only has 10 stone four, for instance. If you try to pick up a


bag with these in it, I promise you, it's a real struggle. This one


alone OK. We're putting on here 11kilograms worth. How has that


worked out? That is how much the difference will be from


Synchronised down to the bottom weight. A lot of that weight has to


be made up in lead plits that go inside the saddle cloth. It's in


weights that are in the saddle cloth. It should be easier for the


horse to carry it. This may sound a daft question, do some jockeys ride


lighter than others? Yes they do. Somebody who is very light, they


spring straight on, dead weight on the other hand just sit there, and


it's of no use. The greatest challenge is getting round with all


the weight in the saddle cloth, sitting there and making it harder


to gallop fast. The ones at the the youngest jockey in the race,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


We're in the betting ring again. We have had Tom Segal in, David Yates,


and Sam Turner now, Robin Good in the Daily Mail. How's it going?


Very good. Hopefully a big race today to safer. Most punters want


to know how do you go about picking a win sner You stick a fork in and


try to get the first three. I try it approach it by picking something


towards the bot o. Weights with a class horse, you know, you have


Giles Cross off ten stone one, it's a classy renewal. Something down


the bottom of the weights that stays well. We can put the prices


up here for the Grand National for I've gone for Treacle. Third in the


Irish Hennessy. Also fancy On His Own, because Ruby Walsh rides.


Terrific jockey. Great completion rate. I think he'll go OK.


Killyglen, still going well when falling four out last year and


warmed up with a nice performance at Down Royal. Whro will be


favourite? At the moment it's Synchronised -- Who will be


favourite? At the moment it's Synchronised. There is so much


public momentum for Seabass. All the ones next to her name. I think


that horse is gaining some momentum. I thought Ballabriggs would be


close, because the ground's dry. I've been shopping around, John,


and I've seen a bet here, Ladbrokes, when they come on course, 12-1


Synchronised and laid �50,000. Bangers and mash, cash, 12-1. I


think Synchronised will go off favourite. Pick another winner?


Chapoturgeon in the 3.25. You heard it here first. Robin, thank you


very much. Just to emphasise we have four races to come before the


Grand National itself. We'll continue to work our way through


the 40 runners and riders in reverse-weight order. Batches of


ten runners at a time. The last Yorkshire-trained winner was back


in 1960, Merryman. We could see the next or the first since then today,


because According To Pete is owned and was bred by a man called Peter


Nelson, who comes from a village 15 miles north of York. The horse is


trained half an hour east of that. When The Local shop closed down and


the papers stopped being delivered Peter and his family decided to


take on the task themselves and I said OK, I'll help you. It's gone


6am. I never did a paper round when I was little, so this is a first


for me. Morning. This is your little paper shop? It keeps us


getting up in the morning. Sandra, what is the benefit for you? Does


he pay you? Keeping fit. Listen, next Sunday it might you you lot


all over the front page, you never know. Mustn't scrunch the paper.


It's very important. This is Jim, my dad's best friend. What do you


think about him having a runner in the Grand National? Fantastic. He


dreamed about it. Hello. Good morning. I've got my PJs on. I've


seen that. You've set me up for this, Sandra. She hasn't. My dad


said if you're going to do something you have to do it well


and I might be a bit slow, but I'm being very precise. You are! That's


my last one. You lucky thing. I carry that? Are you sure? I've


got one left. Somebody who is on holiday. Cheers to you. Natives of


Yorkshire are not shy in coming forward with their views and it's


that reason partly that explains where According To Pete got his


name from. The 11-year-old is one of two in training for Peter Nelson,


the 71-year-old businessman. LAUGHTER


I've never been a businessman in my life To us, like, a horse is a


dream. I use today dream, but never thought weighed own one. -- we


would own one. I have a nice workshop and paid obg and field. I


love it. I spend my time -- paddock and field. I love it. I spend my


time. That's where he runs with his mum. I can't go to the sales, but I


can breed one, pay stud fee and keep him and bring him up. This is


where Pete grew up, is it? We were going to make it into a shop, but


we never got around to it. There is where he grew up in here, for the


first two years. We have had him from a foul. We bred him. You look


at him and think, well, he could be a world beater or nothing. You


don't know. He's growing up here and he's genuinely one of the


family. Yeah. You've seen him every step of the way. Turned him out and


had him all the time and broken in at Malcolm's when he was a two-


year-old. I went to see him when he was born. The funniest thing.


Really, why? Because he was white faced. That's all you saw over the


door and he shot under his mother. He's been a real star from day one


and he goes and does the work and comes off the gallops full of


himself again. Talk me through the plans for Saturday. Take the papers


first thing. Have a bit of breakfast and head towards


Liverpool. Then worry like hell until the race comes. You've never


watched him run? I did when he ran in his bumpers and I did when he


ran in his hurdle races, but then he went to Cheltenham and I


couldn't watch. Where did you go? stood in the toilets. Ever since


then I stand in the toilets. That's where you'll be at Aintree? Yeah.


love him to do well, because he's been such a lovely, honest animal.


I love to par rid him around apple by. -- parade him around Appleby.


You never realised how good he was and Mike used to say with Peter,


you don't realise what a good horse you've got there. He's been a


lovely animal for us and I just hope he gets around safe and sound.


Family there, delivering the papers there morning Andhaary Hains had a


winner here at Aintree on At A Glance, the horse from Cheltenham


and Malcolm's two Cheltenham winners have come here and both of


them have won. Cape Tribulation. Harry's in good form. 23-year-old


Harry will be having his first ride on According To Pete and Mick you


have to fancy him? I do. In the old days there were horses around good


form around Haydock and Aintree. Malcolm is red hot. I've got too


emotionally attached to him. His wife Anne says, "It's always


According To Pete." He's always coming up with a theory or another.


The reason the race is so special that over 173 years it has created


so much history and we celebrate that as much as anything. The best


man to do that is the one who has seen more than anyone, Peter


O'Sullevan. Not many people can claim to have trained both the


horse and jockey to Grand National glory, but Fred Winter could, after


the 65 National. Jade Trump became the first American-bred, owned to


win the horse. Much of the credit lay with Fred, a giant of the sport,


who rode two Grand National winners and went on to train too more.


Jockey Tommy Smith had been primed for his first and what would be


last, ride around Aintree's big fences, under the tueth lath of


Fred Winter. It real -- tutelage of Fred Winter. It really was a great


fin injury. Winter had prepared the imported horse to perfection for an


emotional victory that further added to the legend of one of the


sport's most dynamic figures. Peter O'Sullevan remembering Fred


Winter, one of eight people inducted into the Hall of Fame.


Legends who celebrated and Richard Pitman alongside mefplt a lovely


list of people, including -- me, a lovely list of people, including


Carl Llewellyn. They deserve it. Michael rode 16 consecutive years.


That is amazing to think he wasn't broken up. Won it on Oxo and Fred


Winter won it twice as a jockey and his first two years training. If he


had had Francome on one in 1973 he would have had three. It has to be


said, you are one of the very few men who has ridden in it, presented


the Grand National, and ridden again back here at Aintree on the


flat? I loved it. The doctor told me, because I'm a geriatric, so I


had to stay at the back. How were you? I was pretty agricultural.


Fantastic. If I would have had a bet in running I would have backed


Adrian Maguire, he was cantering at the back. Here's a legend. Come in


between us. Michael Scudamore, you won the race on Oxo, the year


before television started to cover it? That's right. You have your


grandson riding on Junior. Tell us the chance? I think he's got a very


good chance. He ran a decent race at Doncaster. I just hope he wins.


What advice do you give him, because you and your son, Peter,


between you rode so many times, I think this is Tom's 13th ride today,


so maybe he doesn't need it. What do you tell him? I think if he


wakes up this morning and God says he's going to win. He will. If God


says he wouldn't, he wouldn't. 16 years consecutive is still a


record. I think so. Were you ever dodgy injury-wise and thought you


would never make it? A couple of times I thought I wouldn't make it.


The hard part was getting there. The only time I relaxed was the


last hurdle in the race before. That's a good point, because Ruby


Walsh had a bad fall early in the day and Barry Geraghty replaced him


on Big Fella Thanks, so the jockeys riding in the first race, which is


over hurdles, all of them and those who have rides, hoping that they


just come home. They are making their way down to the start for


this the first of the live professional races. Here's Jim with


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


It's all about one horse, Simonsig. The bookies went one to two.


Ladbrokes went in. You see them betting at 1- -- 1-2. Solid, John.


Usually this week at Aintree one of the rules to follow is don't back


Festival winners because they don't come here and win, but that's been


overturned. We have had tonnes of Festival winners following up.


Richard, maybe that's why there's so much confidence in Simonsig?


think so, Clare. It's been later this year. It makes such a big


difference. Four weeks? Yeah. Simonsig, fab it's tick in the


Neptune. -- fantastic in the Neptune. The only thing he was


beaten was behind Thingall Bay. Nicky Henderson won this race with


Spirit Son. There is AP. He had a winner in the first yesterday. He


was in these colours. He's riding for Tim Vaughan. I think they've


got a really good chance. He's unboughten in three? Tim Vaughan,


really good trainer. Tim's on 99 winners for the season, so this


would be the 100th. Fantastic to do here. I think he may struggle. This


horse won at Donny with Will Kennedy in the plate. He beat many


there. He has won at Hexham and an Exeter bumper and he will be one


for the frame. We see Super Duty with the grey disc on the back.


Superduty has won all four completed starts. Would have gone


close, but tipped up. Very heavy fall up at Ayr. Really nice staying


chaser in the making according to Donald. That was good at Ascot.


would expect him making the running, Super Duty. Colour Squadron for


Philip Hobbs. He finished 13th behind Cinders And Ashes at


Cheltenham. He also fell behind horses at Newbury, but he was


cantering and he has run well elsewhere. They are going to jog in


and come into the start. Jason Maguire is up at the front. We'll


hand over to Jim. They are coming in for the first race proper.


They're lining up. They're coming in. They're off and running. On the


inside, first away is Super Duty. Goes on for Jason Maguire. Leads by


a couple of lengths, to in second, Go All The Way. Then up in third,


Aland Islands in the white cap, out deeper on the track with Maggio.


They draw to the first of eleven flights and they are all over


safely. Back on the inside, Old Tricks. Simonsig, the odds-on


favourite, the grey in sixth on the outside. Right there in the centre


is Baby Shine and Molotof and at the end, Flycorn. Flycorn just a


little bit sloppy there. On the inside, though, showing the way


down the back, Super Duty. Out in front by a length-and-a-half to in


second, Go All The Way and third on the outside is Maggio, as they


prepare to leave the back. Half a length is Old Tricks on the inside


from Aland Islands held up in the centre. The red cap of Simonsig


around the outside and the diamond jacket as they head up the inside.


Then Baby Shine on the inside. Further back is Flycorn and colour


Squadron, one of the two JP McManus-owned runners at the back.


Coming to the entrance to the home straight and the leader is Super


Duty. Jason rides Ballabriggs, last year's winner later today in the


big one. In second place is Go All The Way. Andrew Lynch will be on


Treacle. In third is Maggio, ridden by James Reveley, who is aboard


Always Right in the National. Simonsig just rapped that hard and


got in too close. Landed over it safely for Barry Geraghty, who


rides Shakalakaboomboom. Further back in the field is Old Tricks on


the inside of Aland Islands and Tony McCoy, wearing the colours


that he'll wear on Synchronised later on. On the inside, superduty


showing the way. Accompanied on the outside by go all the way, as they


clear that way. Back in the field, Old Tricks wasn't too fluent. Got


in a fraction tight. Super Duty on the inside of Go All The Way. Then


Simonsig, who crosses in third. A length further back is Aland


Islands scraping paint for McCoy. Then Maggio, followed by Baby Shine.


Two lengths away is Flycorn as they swing out with a circuit to go. Old


Tricks, who is second-last from Molotof and last is colour Squadron.


The tempo increases. They Ted to the back for the final time. They


are almost back where they skparted. Super Duty shows the way to --


started. Super Duty shows the way to Go All The Way. Simonsig further


back, who is travelling kindly. Back in fourth, on the inside,


alland alloonds. -- Aland Islands. Flycorn back in the field. Molotof


behind them from Old Tricks and colour Squadron now starting to


improve. They head down to the middle one down the back. Seventh


coming up. It's Super Duty on the inside. Comes towards it and gets


over it. They all clear it well. Go All The Way in a challenging


position. Applying more pressure. Simonsig biding his time. Then


Aland Islands niggling on the inside as they come to the eighth.


The leader got over well. The race is about to unfold. They prepare to


leave the back. It's Super Duty and Jason Maguire, two in front of Go


All The Way on the outside. Simonsig has had a perfect run.


Baby Shine and Aland Islands coming under pressure and passed by the


other McManus runner, colour Squadron. Molotof is back and


dropping back is Maggio. Racing to the entrance to the home straight.


Super Duty kicking for home. Simonsig looming large. A length


away is Baby Shine running a great race for Leighton Aspell. They've


kicked away from Go All The Way. Into the home straight now. Three


to jump. On the inside, Super Duty coming to the third last. Gets over


it. The faller there, colour Squadron. He's down. Richard


Johnson on the floor. They race up now with two left to jump. It's


Super Duty on the far side. Simonsig on the near side. Mistake


there by Super Duty. He went right down on his nose. All but sold out


and lost his chance now, as Simonsig starts to draw away for


Geraghty. Comes to the last. Spring heeled at it. Seven in front and


careering away. Simonsig, who was so impressive at Cheltenham and


winning the Neptune, is going to career away with the Mersey Novices


Huddle. He wins it in a canter. Geraghty is on Shakalakaboomboom in


the National later on today. In second, is Super Duty. What a


costly blunder. In third was Baby Shine, followed in fourth by


Flycorn. Then Molotof, followed by Go All The Way and there followed


by Maggio. They are the only Richard Johnson up on his feet and


leading back colour Squadron. They both appear to be OK. AP McCoy and


Old Tricks were pulled up. We'll check the one, two, three. Simonsig,


Barry Geraghty, number nine, Super Duty, Jason Maguire, third, ten,


Baby Shine, Leighton Aspell and fourth, Flycorn, who ran on well


for Paul town end. -- Townend. Barry is here with me now. Great


performance again by Simonsig. Just how good is this horse? He's as


good as he looks. He hosed up there. Done everything so easily. We were


probably going too slow. He missed the second last. I didn't want to


be setting sail too early. Really, he wants a fence. Would you be


advising next season just go straight over fences and no


hurdles? I don't think Nicky will need much advice. He's a real


chaser, but jumps well. He can be a little careless. He'll had more


respect for fences. Sprinter Sacre, Finian's Rainbow and him over


fences, it doesn't get better than that, did it? No, definitely not.


This one would be good over horses and Finian's Rainbow has done what


he's done. It's a great position. Well done. Thank you. Nicky


Henderson is we me now. You have so many good horses and this cob a


Very Special One? He's really good, isn't he? He's always looked it all


year, to be fair. You have to go back - I wasn't happy with him at


Sandown. He was beaten by fing albay and in fairness -- Fingal Bay


and it looked as if we were going all over him. He's a very good


horse, but we put him away and started again and he's been so good


since then. Real class. Very quickly for everybody looking for


the Grand National, Shakalakaboomboom, confident,


hopeful? He's fine. I'm staggered with his price. I think it's the


mystery of the name. You are training him. It's nothing to do


with him. He doesn't go any faster for me. He's a very realistic Grand


National horse, if you know what I mean. He's very straightforward.


He's been around here in the top hall, which wasn't far enough for


him. Ground is great. -- Topham, which wasn't far enough for him.


Ground is great, nice weight. He's a live chance, but he's horribly


short in the prices. He can't help that and neither can you. I'm sure


we'll be talking to you later on. Thank you. There's the best sight


of all. Richard Johnson walking back with Colour Squadron, both


unharmed after the fall. Richard will be on Planet Of Sound in the


Grand National. A hugely impressive win by Simonsig coming down to the


second last. Super Duty was doing his best and I wasn't sure Barry


saw this, but helped by the fact that Super Duty nods on his head.


Fantastic recovery there from Jason Maguire, but Barry was almost


trying hard to hold Simonsig he was so strong. Barry said he wanted to


put him in the bottom. He didn't want to jump it too well and being


in front too long. He's missed it, but hasn't Jase oon -- Jason done


very well. Incredibly balance. The horse's head has knocked him back


in again. Just given him a bit of a hand. It just shows amazing, the


horse to get a leg out so quick. Lovely size of horse. Real machine.


The hardest thing in the race, but he missed a couple because he's


going too well. The first in the straight, but out the back he's up


the heels of the winner. That was the hardest job to hold him there.


So interesting what he said, he'll show more respect when jumping


proper fences and they'll combine with Sprinter Sacre in the next,


who is another hugely exciting You may have heard a huge roar and


that's because a lot of them have half an eye on the FA Cup semi-


final and I understand that Liverpool have equalised. That's


what the big cheer was. Obviously the crowd split. The Liverpool ones


are roaring loudest with that. Huge crowd here and in among them 94-


year-old Sir Peter O'Sullevan, a man who commentated on so many


races for the BBC and enjoying his retirement and still going racing


as often as he can and he drives to Paris to watch the Arc. He'll be


watching this race with real interest. We'll give you the second


section of runners and riders. We are working our way up the weights,


so we now take you from number 29 to number 20. We are going through


them in reverse order, as Clare says. Number 30 is


Becauseicouldntsee. Fell at the second fence in last year's Grand


National. Owner Noel Glyn from Ireland. Number 29 is Tharawaat.


Gordon, the trainer, won the race in his first year as a trainer.


Number 28 Quiscover Fontaine, who stays and jumps well. Fourth in the


Irish National. David Casey, 13th National ride. Then Killyglen from


Northern Ireland. Going well when he fell four out in last year's


National. Robbie qup power rides. - - Power rides. Then Sunnyhillboy.


One of four runners for JP and Ritchie Mclernon in the saddle.


Then Arbor Supreme. 24 is Mon Mome. Running in his fourth Grand


National. Won in 2009 at 100-1. Aiden Coleman. 23 is The Midnight


Club, sixth in Ballabriggs' Grand National last year. Number 22 is


Treacle, who was third in the Irish Hennessy recently. Targeting this


race all year. Andrew Lynch. 21 Organisedconfusion. Can Nina beat


her sister-in-law, Katie Walsh to the honour to become the first


woman to win the Grand National? are here in the jockeys' changing


room and look at the kit back in the day when Richard was finishing


second. He finished second on this saddle. He also finished second on


that slightly bigger one. There's not a lot. It's lather and a bit of


metal. That would float. I wouldn't fancy riding that in the Grand


National. I would be safer. This is a modern one. Same weight, lot more


substance and a lot easier to sit on this one than on that one.


Interesting, the irons have changed. That is some sort of Vulcanite.


carbon fibre. This is the new, modern helmet. Plenty of protection


for your head. This was on the winner in 1960. No chin straps.


Anything like that. Look at that. I don't know that would give you too


much protection. Health and insurance these days would be


difficult. With these, they fly off when you hit a fence and you were


in the air, this would be in front of you. Over to Jamie Moore who


rides in the Grand National. How do you fancy on that saddle, wearing


that hat? I would rather be on the BMX with that hat on at home. It


looks like it could fall apart. The Antiques Roadshow is on tomorrow


night. Put it on there. It's worth a few quid. It is. It's crazy.


Things should move forward and health and safety is paramount. We


did have jockeys in my day with head injuries and I know there are


still a few now. Safety is paramount. They do everything here


to try to make sure. What a great place to be in here. This is it.


Makey feel young? Oh, yes. -- make you feel young? Oh, yes. Seabass is


a forerunner. A lot of people have huge belief in this horse, who is


unbeaten in seven starts since January 2010. The women getting the


lep-up is Katie Walsh -- leg-up is Katie Walsh. Ted is very, very


hopeful that the horse could do the same. We have been to Ireland to


Alongside elite jockey Ruby is Katie, seeking to win today's


National with Seabass. The head of the dynasty father Ted. Ruby's high


profile Because of his success. We're just proud to be his parents.


But I wouldn't call it a dynasty. That's a bit strong. Young Katie


here, come ago long, she's done us proud as well. She's enjoying it.


The main thing is they really love what they're doing. I'm delighted


she's turned out to be such a fine rider. I'm delighted as well that


she love what's she's doing. If you don't love sport, with the amount


of hours, the punishment and disappointment, and can't be upset


when you get beat and delighted when you win, it's no good.


good is he for advice? Brilliant. Sometimes too strong! It's great. I


still pick up the phone and I ring him, even though I know what he's


going to say. The family won the 2,000 National on the Ruby ridden


and Ted trained Papillon. I brought him over on the box. I was 15 at


the time. We went over on the box and I looked after him. I led him


up and everything like that. It was unbelievable. It was unbelievable


experience. I can remember it as clear as day. It was amazing.


Cried? Much. We all cried. COMMENTATOR: Papillon shows the way.


To have Papillon there, Ruby on board, I was hoping he would have a


good ride. For it to fit into place, it was fairy-tale stuff. He rounded


the bend, and I could cry talking about it.


COMMENTATOR: 507 yards left to go and Papillon wins the Grand


National for Ruby Walsh and Ted Walsh. This time it's the father


and daughter combination seeking to triumph with Seabass, winner of his


last seven races. He doesn't pull or haul. He's a lovely ride. He's


got loads of scope. He's everything. I genuinely cannot wait to ride him.


The trip, you wouldn't be sure if he's going to get it. He will


either stay or he won't stay. She can't carry him and I can't make


him stay. Katie wins the chase for her father Ted. Could it happen


again? It would be magic. It's 25 years ago when Charlotte Prue


became the First Lady to ride in the National. I remember National


Velvet and Liz Taylor, her hair tied up so she looked like a boy. I


remember that film well. It's fairy-tale stuff. I'd love to get


round. I'd love to be lucky, just love to have a bit of luck. I think


you need a bit of luck. Some people talk about winning, but to be part


of this great occasion, it's part of history. If you're a racing


person, from the time you're knee high it a grasshopper, English


National, you talk about Becher's Brook or Canal Turn, they're famous


names. You just want to be part of this great occasion. I hope she has


a great experience. And down in the stables, far away from it all is


Seabass, nine years old. He's carrying ten stone 12, that's a


great weight. He is 10-1 great favourite. He will give Katie the


most fabulous ride round here. There she is in the ladies' jockey


room. Nice for them to have some company, you're normally on your


own. We'll talk to them in a moment. We'll explain the connection


between the families. Concentrate. Ted is married to Helen. They have


four children, Jennifer, who is agent to Ruby, Katie, who is riding


in the race and her brother little Ted married to Nina Carberry. Nina


is riding in the race. Her brother also riding called Paul Carberry.


Their father is Tommy. Tommy won the race on L'escargot in 1975


trained by Dan Moore, who trains Organisedconfusion and also is her


uncle. I realise it sounds like Organisedconfusion. Good luck to


both of you and talk to you in a minute. In a meantime we will look


at the fences they will be facing. You heard about Becher's Brook ab


the angle for the canal turn. Mick Fitzgerald did it extremely well.


Let's hear from him. The start of the John Smith's Grand


National, the most crucial part of the race, why should it be? You


have four-and-a-half miles to go, all the lads are here Jockying for


position. It's mayhem, chaos. They'll have one eye on the starter,


just looking for any signal he's going let them go. The first


problem is down there. Jockeys often get caught up in the charge


often get caught up in the charge to the first, which causes fallers.


There's a massive ditch, a huge challenge for the horses. Then at


the top of the straight another major hazard. We've come down to


fence number six, Becher's Brook, probably the most famous fence on


the course, apart from being at a slight angle, it looks a nothing


fence. That is, until you get to the other side. Horses are caught


out by the lower landing platform which causes many to tip up. The


drop is less pronounced on the outside of the track. We're right


down the inside, brave man's route here. The drop is quite dramatic


compared to the outside. They've filled in the Brook over the years


so horses can't roll back in and the turf is levelled to make it


easier, but still a formidable obstacle. Next up is Foinavon.


Clear that fence and the field approaches the Canal Turn on the


racing line that you can see marked out here in green. The reason you


see the field go out to come back in and jump at an angle is, if you


jump it straight, you land here. You're going there. Valentine's,


the first of four five-foot fence that's make up the back stretch.


Here the race begins to settle down a little. Negotiate the big pair of


ditches and there's a huge intake of breath without any jumps, during


which you cross the road and turn back towards the stands. The race


picks up again as the runners head towards another serious obstacle


The Chair. The biggest fence on the course, does size matter? Yes, it


does. The problem is this: I'm here in the ditch, where the horses have


to take off from is out here. That's 11 foot to clear, add in the


height, this is a huge jump. They do it all again on the second


circuit. Before the leaders try to jump the last in the middle of the


fence to get the best position at the Elbow. You need to get on this


running belt. This guides you home, a place in history awaits. Patience


is the key. It's a long run from the last to the line. A lot of them


waiting, because they don't have a ride in earlier races, waiting as


the clock ticks down. We thought we'd give thm a chance to laugh at


themselves by asking pretty stupid questions. The latest is "What's


the worst chat-up line you've ever the worst chat-up line you've ever


heard?" Chat up lines wouldn't be my strong point. Get your coat


you've pulled. I'm not experienced enough. A few I couldn't say.


your coat, you've pulled. Do you come here often? Is your father a


thief, because he must have stolen the stars from the skies and put


them in your eyes. Pass. Do you like jewellery? How do you like


your eggs? I don't remember. Mine's a peach, do you like to taste it.


It's been so long since I've used or heard one I don't know.


deadpan reply there from Ruby Walsh. His sister Katie and her best


friend and sister-in-law Nina Carberry have joined me here. You


must be getting excited about this. Seabass is all the rage. I know,


yeah. Sure, it's great. I'd love to get round. It would be fantastic.


Can't wait to get out there. Nina, a terrific record. I've had a few


nice spins around, hopefully be lucky enough to get around again,


it would be nice. You've got to think Organisedconfusion, the good


thing you know he stays. Exactly. He's a bit on the young side, but I


think he was able for it at six to go that distance, hopefully he's a


year stronger and hopefully we'll get around first and he'll be good


enough at end. It's pretty cold isn't it? Yeah, I'd like your


jacket. I made the right decision. Have the two of you walked the


course today or did you do it earlier in the week? I walk today


on Thursday with Ruby and again today with Ross. Ted and Nina as


well. There's two families come together because of you marrying


Ted, are you staying in the same place? We're all staying in the


Holly inn, my mum and dad have come over just today. They didn't stay.


You've had terrific family experiences with the race as well.


We know about Papillon and you leading him up, but for you, Bobby


Joe was the year. Yeah it was brilliant, amazing, the stuff of


dreams. It's absolutely unbelievable. You can't describe


what it feels like to ride in it, I remember my first year riding, I


nearly was crying coming down, I couldn't believe I was riding him.


It's brilliant. I was saying how much more fun to have Kateing with


you in the changing room. Yeah it was pretty lonely the last few


years. It's great to have Katie there. The two of us have good


rides this year. Will you keep near each other in the race itself?


don't know, I think we'll be looking after ourselves. If we end


up sides, we end up sides. I won't be looking for you and she won't be


looking for me. She's been around three times, maybe I should be


following her. You have to enjoy it. It's so exciting for both of you,


proper chances in the National. That's the big difference. In the


old days, if there were women riders they were riding 100-1 shots.


You have serious chances. Enjoy it, good luck to you. Thank you. Thank


you to Nina Carberry and Katie Walsh. Ruby is involved in the next


race, a small field of just four including the superstar novice


chaser Sprinter Sacre who will be a warm order to win this impressively.


Here's Jim. Certainly will be a warm order.


What a horse he is. What a horse What a horse he is. What a horse


here. Surely no-one's going to back that. 2 -13, you know what that


means you lay on �13 and if it wins, you get �2. I think tutu will be


second. I'm going for Sprinter Sacre. Two to 13, terrible. This is


Sprinter Sacre coming out onto the course. He's only been beaten twice


in his rear. Unbeaten in four starts over fences. He has looked


spectacular. He went for home a long way out in the Arkle at


Cheltenham. It's very hard to see him being beaten here. I'm sure


he's a horse that you love to ride. I love to sit on and reminds me of


Remittance Man. He was on springs. I bet Barry had the same feeling


when he schooled this horse the first time as well. I believe


you've seen this horse school, haven't you? He is just


unbelievable. He is and Nicky Henderson, I've known him for a


long time, even since the Remittance Man days. This horse is


the first since him I've seen him get really excited about. And the


added interest there for Nicky Henderson is that he's about �250


behind Paul Nicholls to be the champion trainer. This race is


worth �56,000 and change to the winner. He is 13-2 on this horse.


If you put on �13, you will get that back and �2 more. Put it into


perspective, Big Bucks won the other day, a horse who broke that


record, standing since the 50s. He was 1-5. This is a shorter price.


This is a novice chase. This horse isn't as big a certainty as he was.


This is the one Gary thinks will finish second or if anything went


wrong to Sprinter Sacre will benefit. He was brought down last


time. Yes he wasn't too fluent that day. He won a Sandown novice in


February. But certainly if anything happened to go wrong with the


favourite he'd be there, you'd think, the one to pick up the


pieces. Paul Nicholls with four winners and four seconds in this


race in the last ten years. Nicky hen dor son won it last year with


Finian's Rainbow who won the Melling Chase yesterday. We have


two greys in the race. The other Australia Day. This horse likes to


whiz along as well. Barry will be pleased to see this horse in the


field with print print. He's just got such a high cruising speed. Can


you see him being led by Gerry, to make sure this horse jumps offment


he's been reluctant in the past. Nice free going sort and jumps well.


Another front runner is Kudu Country, maybe both of them will be


in front. He won in February. He was second to Eradicate. He barely


gets the trip, he wouldn't want an extended two miles. It will suit


him round here. All in all, we're expecting what the bookmakers


predict, an impressive win for Sprinter Sacre. According to the


bookmakers he's almost home and hosed. Two miles round this tight


course. It's a flat course here at Aintree, very, very different from


Cheltenham. It will be interesting to see how he cope was that. Jim


McGrath, just academically an interesting race?


They've still got to jump them. So they come out. We have three


greys here. They're lining up. They're set to go. Off and running


in the John Smith's Maghull novices chase. Australia Day in the lead


from Sprinter Sacre and on the outside Kudu Country. They come to


the first across fence and Australia Day right out to his


right. Very eradic and he almost ran off the course. He almost


missed that rail. So a bit of drama early. Dennis O'reeingan great


horsemanship to get the horse back on the track. He leads by two


lengths. Sprinter Sacre missed that trouble fortunately for those


who've laid the 7-1 on. They come to the second. The leaders jump it


OK. Slight mistake by Kudu Country. Still out to his right this


Australia. Let's see how he handles the first open ditch right out to


his right. He's losing ground every time he comes to it. Toubab wasn't


fluent at all. That was in third, the yellow jacket with the blue


spots. Out the back is Kudu Country. So up the home straight on the


first occasion, Barry Geraghty on the favourite will be all the time


watching, hoping that he can manage to stay on the right side of him.


Let's go to the next one and they get over it safely. Australia Day


still again dramatically veering out to his right. But he still


leads by three paths to Sprinter Sacre, the long odds-on favourite


in second, who's cantoring. He wants to go faster. He's a bit


fierce. Two lengths away, Toubab and Kudu Country at the rear of the


field. It's 51 years since a grey won the Grand National. We've got


four greys in the big one later on today. Three greys in this race. At


the moment, they are liing in first, third and fourth position. Heading


into the back, Australia Day, let's see how he handles this one and


Barry Geraghty sticking on his inside as they clear that rail by


three lengths to Toubab and two away is Kudu Country at the rear.


Geraghty will let him stride on the favourite, I'd say here, as they


head up towards the sixth. He has to let him go. He's racing fiercely,


but he's still doing it quite within himself. He wants to go


faster. They come to this second open ditch. He's very keen,


Sprinter Sacre. He comes towards it and pops over it. Described as a


black aeroplane, one of the most exciting horses Nicky Henderson has


ever had. He's giving us a thrill a min the. He clears the eighth.


Toubab in second, Australia Day third. That effort of veering right


has taken its toll. Kudu Country at the rear of the field. Racing


across the top with four left to jump, Sprinter Sacre, an aerial


view, he's seven lengths in front of Toubab. They come towards the


cross-fence. He wasn't that fluent at it the leader, no damage done at


all. They round the turn now, Toubab still going pretty well in


second. They round the corner now. Sprinter Sacre yet to be asked a


serious question. Strides into the straight with three fence as head


of him. He leads by four lengths to Toubab. He's over it well. He's


away from it quickly. Geraghty is getting the response he wants. He


looks around. He can see Toubab falling a-- four lengths away.


Sprinter Sacre, he leapt that well. A mistake there by Toubab, who


crashed through it. A long gap to Australia Day and Kudu Country. One


left to jump. Sprinter Sacre he's five lengths in front, a long run


before reaching the last. Sprinter Sacre in front with ears pricked.


He draws towards the last for Barry Geraghty. He talks off. He's fluent


over it and home for all money. It's Sprinter Sacre who comes up to


the line, one of the most exciting novice chasers we've seen for many


years, maybe two decades, as he comes up to the line, Sprinter


Sacre wins the Maghull novices chase in great style, as he likes


from Toubab in second, a long gap, Kudu Country in third and Australia


Day, still veering out to his right as he crosses the line.


The winner is number three, Sprinter Sacre, ridden by Barry


Geraghty, trained by Nicky Henderson and in the colours of Mrs


Carolyn Mull. Started at 7-1 on. Second Toubab, Ruby Walsh, third


Kudu Country, James Reveley and fourth Australia Day Dennis O'Regan.


He rides Shakalakaboomboom later on. And he's won in tremendous style


and another valuable winner for and another valuable winner for


Nicky Henderson. You look relieved at the moment. Your horse didn't


have to exert himself, did he? been amazing all season. You're


getting to the stage now where anything but perfection doesn't do,


if you know what I mean? I think, he is spectacular. It's a joy to


watch when it's over. You know, I said to Caroline before, it's been


fun up to now. Now you've just got, it's not fun any more, it's


frightening. You come to expect to see what, thankfully, we have seen


again. He's just, frightening. must be extremely excited about


what next season could hold for him? Yeah, he's growing up all the


time. He can only get, I can't say better, but he can get stronger.


He's getting sensible. His scope and his swagger about him is quite


extraordinary. You've had a procession of top-class horses. Is


there anything you can compare him to, to help us understand what he


was like. I thought Finian's Rainbow was pretty good yesterday.


He was! No, it's just he has this aura about him. We've always said,


he knows he's very, very good looking, I suppose he does. All the


good looking ones do. Just because they're beautiful horses doesn't


always make them the best horses. It doesn't always apply. Here it


really just does. Everything fits everywhere. And he has the


athleticism and the attitude. I think attitude has a lot to do with


it. There don't seem to be any flaws in him. It may be slightly su


perve lus at the moment is he better than Finian's Rainbow?


don't have to think about it now. We have a long summer, like


Simonsig they're special horses so is Finian's Rainbow. They've done


what they have to do here today. We can put them to bed and we've got a


nice long summer to, so they can relax and we can dream. You're back


in front in the championship race again. The next race will tell us a


lot. Could you like last year, a great time to the start of Grand


National day? Yeah, no, well these two have been a bit special. They


are lovely young horses. Well done Nicky. Thanks. You could tell by


the way Nicky was talking about this horse how much he thinks of


him. Mick Barry's biggest challenge was hanging onto him, he was keen


to go faster. Yeah he was. Australia Day dpbtd really happen.


Nicky is desperate for that, get over the last fence. Until you have


jumped them all, anything can happen. Viking Blond running in her


colours in the National. Nicky Henderson back in front in the


trainers championship, �34,000 ahead, the next race in which he


rides Oscar Whiskey is worth rides Oscar Whiskey is worth


�90,000 to the winner. Barry's having a look there, to make sure


he has all the bases covered here, turning into the straight. He's far


from home and hosed at this stage. Toubab is still on his tail. He


didn't want -- doesn't want to tap the breaks too much. He will give


the other horse too much to get into the race. You wonder what will


happen when he really does have to be let down, when Barry has to get


after him and his head has to come down and he's put under pressure?


He won't. He doesn't have to be. He's broke the track record at


Doncaster. Broke the record at Newbury. This is a classy horse. We


haven't seen one take -- seen him off the bridle yet. A very exciting


horse and a proud and pleased Barry Geraghty, having a very good start


to the day. He's won the first two races on Simonsig and Sprinter


Sacre trained by Nicky hen dor son. That's the team with


Shakalakaboomboom in the big one. Great way to start the day,


particularly a day as important as this. Barry Geraghty of course, a


Grand National winning rider. Monty's Pass, not that long ago,


was his winner. There's Sprinter Sacre. I thought today he got away


from his fences particularly well, certainly over the last three.


There was one or two that he wasn't perfect. As Nicky Henderson was


saying, when you see a horse with this potential, with this exciting


persona,if you like, as a novice chaser, you do think to yourself,


you're expecting perfection all the time. He's still learning. He's


still a novice. But he's come a long, long way. If he could just


relax that little bit more in his races, he's going to be so much


better, more effective. What a lovely head. He knows he's done a


great job today. He knows well that he's won it. His trainers now in


front of his rival Paul Nicholls as well. Let's have a look at the


away against. Nb with that for a pound �2.38. Barry you've ridden


tremendous horses in the past, he's gone to weigh in. I will wonder


over here. His weight is 11.4. Spot on. I've given you the all clear.


Many congratulations. Very easy, wasn't it? Yeah, I just said to


Nicky, he's frighteningly good. Every jump was like a bungee jump.


He frightens you when he does it, but you want to do it again. I've


never ridden a horse with so much never ridden a horse with so much


scope. He's unbelievable. Amazing to hear this from you, a man who


has sat on some of the best two mile horses. Is he the best?


can't say. Only time will tell. It's the way he jumps down the back,


from fence to fence, he's, I don't think I've ridden a horse that


jumps and travels the way he does. Hopefully he can be the best.


put you in a great mood. A word about Shakalakaboomboom? Yeah he's


got a good chance. You need a lot of luck. He jumped round here last


year. I'm hopeful of a good run and hopefully might win or be placed.


Show him a video of what Sprinter Sacre just did. Maybe! It would be


good if you could show them videos and give them the experience of the


Grand Nationals gone by. It is under two hours now, in fact in two


hours' time we will know what has won this year's John Smith's Grand


National. This is what's still to come: The only way of finding out


what it's like to ride in the Grand National is talk to those who have.


The jockeys give us the inside track on this unique course.


We continue our Countdown through the field, all the way up to number


one. That's where we find Synchronised, the winner of the


Gold Cup. James May examines exactly what


makes a great race horse, one who can stay four-and-a-half miles and


jump 30 fences. And the one that does it best will


be the one that passes the post in front in the John Smith's Grand


National. The off time is 4.15pm. Last year, that horse was


Ballabriggs, trained by Donald McCain. People afterwards renaming


this place McAintree. Ginger McCain trained Red Rum. He won it three


times. His son Donald won it last year. Ginger was here to witness


that triumph. Sadly, he died in September last year. Now Ginger was


a character, a joker, a man who liked to make headlines. He


wouldn't want a morbid tribute piece. He would want his best lines


to be remembered. I say nowadays, this lot, being old


and rather long in the tooth, I can say this, you go in the weighing


room now, it's like a bloody poof's paradise. They're all on their


telefons and powdering their noses and bums and one thing and another.


Of course he was my friend. It was the choice between him and my wife,


COMMENTATOR: 200 yards now and Red Rum closing on him. Crisp is


getting very tired. Red Rum is coming after him. Red Rum is


finishing the strong of the. He's going to get up. Red Rum is going


to win the National. And at the line Red Rum has nudged it. People


said he's a one horse train er. I would agree. What a bloody good job


I made of that one horse. COMMENTATOR: Red Rum getting the


acknowledgement of the crowd. The winner of the National. I'm worried


to ask Ginger what it means to win the National. It meant a huge


amount. It did. Mick exaggerates. Sex didn't come into the hunt at


all. There's no question of that. I'm an expert on both matters.


COMMENTATOR: He's coming up to the line to win it in style. Hats off


and a tremendous welcome for him. Red Rum wins the National. May I


congratulate you, what do you think now? It's bloody marvellous, super,


really the horse's part and Tommy peace part. Never in doubt. Coming


across the road, yes it were going to be a nice fourth. Then jumped


the second rbgts we might have a chance of third. Then about 100


yards, I thought me, we're going to win it.


COMMENTATOR: Down the outside, am Beryl house wins the National.


you afraid ever? You sudden about the pressures, there are no


pressures. That's a load of (BLEEP). We're sportsmen.


COMMENTATOR: It's the McCain family with another National. You've got


to give some credit to Donald. Go on. If I ever meet his father,


I'm going to congratulate him and ask him where the brains came from.


We've had enough of this, let's go Ginger sadly not here in person,


but this bust was unveiled on Thursday to the approval of his


widow, Beryl and also Donald and the whole family and Ginger McCain


now here, looking down on the winners enclosure and it was


extraordinary, on Thursday, the very first winner over the fences


was Cloudy Lane, trained by Donald. It would be a fairy tail about


Ballabriggs became the first horse since Red Rum to win back-to-back.


That doesn't happen in real life. It does in the Grand National.


Fairy tails do come through. -- Fairy Tales do come true. One of


the best was in 1981. So to the story of Bob Champion's remarkable


recovery from cancer. The lure of the entry provided the platform for


one of the greatest sporting comebacks of all time. Aldaniti


himself mirrored Bob's recovery, coming back from a career-


threatening injury for a victory that would have seemed impossible


just one year earlier. You simply couldn't have written it.


COMMENTATOR: It's Aldaniti who wins it at the line. The whole nation


was captivated by such a heart- warming story. But beneath such


gripping emotion, the influence of trainer Josh Gifford must never be


forgotten. Josh had stood by Bob throughout his illness and provided


him with the hope of fulfilling a dream that was to prove a perfect


reality. Pure Hollywood. Marvellous, Bob. Sir Peter is here in person,


watching everything closely through his binoculars. 94 years old and


still hugely enthusiastic about the sport. Bob Champion is also here.


Terrific memories from 1981, but so sad as well as Ginger McCain, we


lost Josh in February? Yes. A great man. He stood by me through all my


careers. If I got beat on one, he still stood by me. Absolutely great


trainer. Great jockeys before and after myself and we all loved


riding for him. Bob, that story of you and Aldaniti was tushed into a


film. When did you know -- turned into a film. When did you know they


would do that? Just after the National Walt Disney got in touch


with the publishers and I'm pretty grateful that he didn't do it,


because I didn't want to be played by a puppet really. It was a very


good film. Yes. John Hurt, what an actor and Jen Jan Francis and Ben


Johnson and Alison Steadman. Look at them in that. You are still


coming back here year after year. It is special? Of course it is.


When you get off the M62 you get flutters and I still do now. You


know, what a job John Smith's have done to bring it to three days


great racing and let's be honest, without the National it's still


great, then the Grand National is the icing on the cake. Great to see


you in the Aldaniti colours, in which Richard was competing. Going


ago back to Ginger McCain and your memories of him and the sort of man


that he was and trainer, because sometimes underrated. Very. He was


so different from Josh Gifford. Josh was very emotional and Ginger


was heart on his sleeve. You've been on the end of his tongue,


haven't you? Yes. He didn't approve of women doing anything


particularly, so eventually one day he said to me, "You know, I don't


really like you doing all this, but you are all right, you are." That's


a real compliment. He was great before he was great, if you see


what I mean. He used to throw party the night before I used to ride for


him. He would give parties and the whole house would be empty and the


stables and old Red Rum listening to the music. The access that we,


the press, had to him was unprecedented at the time.


Absolutely. The most wonderful shots of Red Rum on the beach and


all of that, because Ginger understood you have to keep things


in the public eye and high-profile. He sold this race better than


anyone and the race he may not approve of the changes to, because


he liked it and better in his day, but it is still an amazing test, a


test for horses and jockeys and the jockeys are the ones who are going


to tell us how to ride it. At the start, you are waiting. Each jockey


has a place. Get out and find a position. Get the room. It's a


cavalry charge. The first six are the big test. Survival of the


fittest. The third fence on the track, it's huge. Early on, it's a


real test. It can scare horses, that's why you see a lot of fallers


at the fourth. The end of the line of the fences is Becher's Brook.


It's eleven hp foot drop. You find yourself -- it's eleven-foot drop.


You find yourself going over that. Fantastic. Grand Nationals can be


won and lost at the Canal Turn. to keep right. Cut the corner off.


You get to The Chair and it's a lot more often. It's a not a fence you


look for a long stride. It can unnerve a horse. You have to be


aware of what is going on around you and in front of you. Down to


the first fence, the tempo relaxes. Find your rhythm. It's a real great


camaraderie. You might get a bit of crack. There's a bit of crack going


on between us all. When you jump Foinavon you are really thinking


you could be in business here. Still five or six from home. You


try to save as much energy as you can. Across the Melling Road it


turns into a stamina contest. the way through you are conscious


of where the winning line is. don't want to go for home. Huge


crowd in front. You can hear the buzz from the stands. The winning


mentality kicks in then. You can't go out there with a plan. You've


got to be prepared for the unexpected. Plenty of luck. You can


really enjoy it. Get over the last and you're buzzing for months after.


Enjoy every moment. It was a childhood dream come true for me.


You have heard Richard and I speaking earlier on about the


safety measures that are in evidence here, ahead of the Grand


National. We saw the changes out on the course. Here just off the


course there's the new washdown area, one of the new changes to the


course. It's an area where Chris Proudman and his team, the vet


adviser here, you are helping to look after the horses post-race


where you can help recovery time? That's right. After the review


after last year's race highlighted the post-race procedures and


particularly looking after horses that might be in danger of


overheating. It was an area to look at. One of the issues was that


people didn't understand exactly what we were doing when we were


putting water on to horses. It's a highly effective way of preventing


horses from getting heed-related injuries. The other problem we had,


was there was a great mele of photographers who wanted to get


close and pictures of the horses, particularly the winning horse and


jockey. What they didn't realise was that when horses do get


overheated they go wobbly and can fall, so it was a dangerous


situation. The new facility that you see here, this allows us the


time and space to treat the horses as necessary, to get water on to


them, to cool them down and it provides a restricted area, so the


press photographers and other connections of the horse are not in


danger from the horses. Very busy day, but not only are you doing


things post-race, but earlier inspecting horses as part of the


new procedure, all the horses taking part will be checked over by


the vets here too? That's correct. The British Horseracing Authority,


the regulatory body, they check every single horse that runs in a


race over the Grand National fences so that involves palpating the


horse's leg and feeling for signs of injury, that might put the horse


at increased risk of suffering in the race. They then trot the horse


up and down to look at how the horse is moving. If the horse is


carrying an injury then the way the horse moves will not quite be


symmetrical and the vets can pick that up and maybe identify that as


a horse that is not safe to run in the race. Chris, thank you very


much for your time. Chris Proudman and his team doing a great job.


Lots of good safety measures in place for the horses competing in


today's race. Now, it's time to look at horses 20-11 in the big


race. Number 20, Rare Bob, one of four runners in the race for Irish


trainer Dessie Hughes. Brian Cooper, 19, having his first ride on this


33-1 chance. 19, Cappa Bleu. Is he the best chance of becoming the


first Welsh-trained winner in 107 years? Number 18, Always Right.


Ridden by James Reveley. Connections hoping a breathing op


will do the trick here. 17, On His Own, ridden by Ruby Walsh. Got the


best Grand National record. He's won the race twice. Number 16,


According To Pete. He's won some big races at weather by and Haydock.


15 is West End Rocker, fancied to put up a good performance today for


Wayne Hutchinson. Fourth ride. 14 is Shakalakaboomboom. The talking


horse here today. Barry Geraghty having his 13th National ride. 3 is


Seabass, backed off the boards. -- 13 is Seabass, backed off the


boards. Katie Walsh on board. 12, Tatenen. In the colours of the


Stewart family. Ridden by Andrew Thornton, the oldest jockey in the


race. 11 is Chicago Grey. Paul Carberry. He's bidding to be the


first grey since Nicholas Silver. Down in the jockeys' room a few


taking time out, keeping chilled. Katie Walsh has gone in there.


There's Slippers Madden who won a few years ago. A lot of people


signing autographs, because people want to Takeaway a commemorative


race card and get as many names on this there as they can. Nina with


the back protector on. Getting ready good and early. Soon it will


be time. You wonder when you look at that section of runners and


riders, Mick, Seabass and Shakalakaboomboom, now you worked


for Nicky henered son for how many years? 15. He's not had a great


record in the Grand National. First runner was placed. 31 runners in it


hasn't yet won it. Do you think this could be the year? The one


thing that strikes me about this he is brilliant and I mean brilliant.


There is nobody better at placing a horse to win a big race on the big


day. Getting them in the peak performance. He has done this with


this horse. This horse when he ran at Donny, was second. Nicky said


after to Barry, don't worry I haven't started training him yet.


lot of people backing him because of the name. Shakalakaboomboom.


It's a great name. But you think he's actually got the things that


you need, stamina and jumping ability to win? He's been around


here. Ran at the Topham last year, so got around and got that little


experience. Year older and stronger. Nicky is training him for it.


Nicky's having a good afternoon. Won the first two races and saddles


Oscar Whisky going for back-to-back wins in the Aintree Hurdle. Big


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


opposition here. Jim can tell us Wembley and what is the quickest


way and now you are going to take the bad news. I know the way to me


couch. Liverpool two. It had to be Andy car rolling. Will you watch it


toe -- -- Andy Carroll. Will you watch it tonight?! Liverpool won


there. Zarkandar, Ruby Walsh, he has chosen to ride Zarkandar rather


than Rock On Ruby. Over to Paul. Paul, Ruby is riding Zarkandar,


whose decision is that? A team decision really. Obviously, Noel


did nothing wrong in the Champion Hurdle. Ruby won the betfred on him


at Newbury and won on him leer last year. If you change, too much, then


if Ruby had ridden Rock On Ruby then someone else on Zarkandar and


you wouldn't be able to split them. You wouldn't be able to split them.


Rock On Ruby looks outstanding. There is improvement physically to


come from Zarkandar. How is Rock On Ruby coming out of the victory?


Looks absolutely stunning. Done a great job with him. He looks good.


That's a good sign when you've been to Cheltenham. Zarkandar a step up


in trip? It will suit him. Stayed on strongly up the hill. It doesn't


necessarily mean they want two-and- a-half. He's only a five-year-old.


Should suit him. We'll know a lot more in a moment. Neptune Collonges,


everything well? Looking forward to running him. Good luck with that


and these two. Thank you. The two most successful trainers in the


country, Paul and Nicky have never won the Grand National. Huge crowd


here. Now the football is over all focusing completely on the racing


and they'll try to decide what can win this race. Could it be Oscar


Whisky who won it last year? Such a talented horse. Still is. You can


see that Barry had to get fairly serious with him to hold off


Thousand Stars. Oscar Whisky had to pull it all out. Thousand Stars in


the field again? We are just watching the Champion Hurdle here.


You can see Rock On Ruby in the hands of Noel Fehily. Great day for


Noel. The owners and Paul have stayed loyal to him and let him


keep the ride. Noel will be delighted with that. Overturn, a


great yard stick and a lot of people were saying it's a Phluke,


but Oscar Whisky was disappointed in the World Hurdle and took on Big


Buck's and travelled too well in the race. He was a little too keen,


expanded -- expended too much energy. You would think he would be


hugely relieved to go back in trip. Rock On Ruby and Zarkandar are


stepping up, having run in the two- mile Champion Hurdle to going half


a mile further, but the course is flatter and it is less demanding.


Rock On Ruby is technically trained by Paul Nicholls, but Harry Fry


looks after him and does all the fitness how many miles away from


the main yard? I wouldn't know, but it's not that far, but far enough


that Paul was very keen to point out that they were amajor part in


this horse's success at the Festival. What a beautiful-looking


horse. I said to Harry Fry, will he go straight chasing next year and


he said, "Well, might bring him back to defend." The last one to


win this in the same season was Istabrack. He's a fine figure of a


horse. Got huge depth to him. You can see right down through his


chest and his girth. I love to see him jum fences, because he's the


chasing type. Looking -- jumping fences, because he's the chasing


type. Looking down there at them. Zarkandar explaining he thinks this


is the horse that has the most improvement. He flew up the hill at


Cheltenham. He's a horse who will be definitely oh suited by the step


up in distance. He's five years old, so the baby. We'll see if he can


come become. Thousand Stars on whom Katie Walsh has been so successful.


Also Ruby but Paul getting the ride. Paul is a champion jockey in


Ireland. Second jockey behind Ruby and on days when Ruby rides for


Paul Nicholls he comes in for a very good ride here. The Irish have


a pretty good record in this race. They've won it every year between


2005 and 09. All of those five wins coming from Al Ella. He used to


farm this race. Third Intention. Nice horse. Definitely good over


fences too. Solid type. The faster they go, the ber -- the better this


will suit. Just look at the market now. Tactically, what do you think?


I think that could be the problem here, what will make the run. Watch


the way the two are out. They are leading the pack. The rest are


happy to get a lead from Noel and Ruby. They'll set the pace and it


will be slow. You can tell now they are not going to set off very fast.


It will be very, very different later on in our big one. That's for


sure. We won't see them ambling to the tapes in the Grand National.


They're off and running. Can Oscar Whisky win it in consecutive years?


Stepping off in the lead, that's Rock On Ruby, leading by four


lengths as they draw to the first of eleven. He pops over it in


nickical style. Then in second Zarkandar and going second on the


inside is Oscar Whisky. Just taking a bit of a hold early. They come to


the second. In behind them the grey, Thousand Stars and Third Intention


is last of the quintet. Thousand Stars not fluent. Rapped it pretty


hard, but no damage done as they continue their trip down to the far


corner of the course and turning left and racing back to home. It's


rock on Robin Cooky who shows the way for Noel Fehily -- Rock On Ruby,


who shows the way to Noel Fehily. This magnificent racetrack here at


Liverpool, here at Aintree, and on the inside, it's Rock On Ruby


showing the way, and Oscar Whisky tucked in and Thousand Stars on the


outside and Zarkandar and two away is Third Intention. They swing into


the home straight. Noel Fehily, who rides State Of Play in the National,


bidding to make all the running here on Rock On Ruby. Leads by a


length-and-a-half to Barry Geraghty on Shakalakaboomboom in the big one.


He's on Oscar Whisky as they head over the next one. On the inside is


the grey, Thousand Stars, ridden by Paul Townend, who will be aboard


The Midnight Club and Zarkandar, ridden by Ruby Walsh, who is aboard


On His Own and two lengths away is Third Intention. Joe Tizzard there.


Heading up the home straight towards flight number five. Rock On


Ruby shows the way to Oscar Whisky. Thousand Stars getting a fraction


closer. Followed by Zarkandar, who is well and truly in touch and the


tempo has not been strong at all in the first circuit. Last of the five


runners is Third Intention. Rock On Ruby the leader, as they go to the


judge, and there's been no change in the order of the outset. -- from


the outset. Rock On Ruby and Thousand Stars travelling on the


inside. Half a length away is Zarkandar and one length further


back is Third Intention. Five lengths covers the field as they


draw towards the back once again. Back where they started. Rock On


Ruby still the leader by half a length to in second place, Oscar


Whisky. Thousand Stars and then Zarkandar and three parts away is


Third Intention. They head towards the sixth. The first one down the


back. A row of three. Coming towards them. The faller there is


Zarkandar. Zarkandar has gone. Zarkandar a heavy fall at the rear.


Horse up on his feet OK. Ruby Walsh sitting up. But it was a heavy fall.


They head to the next now. This is flight number seven. Rock On Ruby


shows the way from Oscar Whisky. Then Thousand Stars and further


back Third Intention. Just looking back to see how Ruby is. He's still


on the ground. They come to four out. It's Rock On Ruby, who steps


over it in the lead. The ambulance attendants are over with Ruby Walsh,


who took a very heavy fall there at the first one down the back. They


head towards the back now. They leave the back now and head across


the top of the track. It's Rock On Ruby showing the way, from, in


second place, Oscar Whisky. Then Thousand Stars. Half a length


further back is Third Intention. They continue their journey now


towards the entrance to the home straight. Rock On Ruby, Noel Fehily,


this champion hurdler bidding to make every yard. Then Oscar Whisky


and then Thousand Stars and a gap in the field to Third Intention.


Into the home straight. Three left to jump. Rock On Ruby he comes to


three out and steps over in the lead, from in second, Oscar Whisky.


Ruby Walsh is on his feet. Then Thousand Stars. They've got two


left to jump now. Rock On Ruby, lands over. Oscar Whisky coming at


him hard. Now the grey, Thousand Stars, is now switched up and


coming at the pair of them. They've got one left to jump. They draw to


the last. Three in line. Oscar Whisky touches down in the lead,


from Rock On Ruby. Thousand Stars now called on for an effort. The


same at least year, maybe. Oscar Whisky in front. Thousand Stars


down the outside. Oscar Whisky is clinging to this lead. 50 yards


left to go. Oscar wis I can fighting hard. It's a replica of


last year. -- whiskey fighting hard. last year. -- whiskey fighting hard.


It's a replica of last year. Oscar Whisky has travelled home from


Thousand Stars, the first one, two, two horses home at last year. Good


news that Ruby Walsh is up on his feet. He did get up, I'm told, and


it took a long time for his to rise to his feet. We'll have a report on


how he is very soon. He was injured in this race not that long ago and


Celestial Halo and had to miss his ride in the Grand National. There's


Oscar Whisky scrambling home by a neck to a half length from Thousand


Stars. Paul Townend there. Nicky Henderson has landed the first


three winners and here he is with Rishi. Nicky's making a habit of


winning the first three and Dai is making a habit of winning this, the


owner. Gentlemen, great? It was great. Just a complete re-run of


last year. I feel sorry for the grey horse. Another two strides


last year he would have had us and another two he might have just had


us today. Feel sorry for him, but ultimately you're pleased? Exactly.


What was that like that? Fantastic. It's dreams come true. That is what


you buy them for. I'm just so delighted with nick's team and Noel.


-- nick's team and Noel. -- Nicky's team and Noel. Great to see Ruby up.


That's a good thing. I'm delighted to see the horse back. I know we


tried three and in fairness he had a very, very hard race in


Cheltenham. He was even - quite wobbly even after the race. He


blatantly didn't get it. Very, very tired. You know, I just wondered


whether he had time to get him back. The boys have done brilliantly at


home. They helped me with him. Fantastic job. It's thanks to them,


but to get him back after what happened to him in Cheltenham, it


was - maybe I ran him in the wrong race, I don't know. He's done


really well to get back for this. That's thanks to the team. Now you


just have to go and win the Grand National. That's the sort of race


you don't ever think you're going to win. You try. These are the -


the first two had to win, if you like and this was a crux race, yes.


Well done, so far. Thank you. extraordinary treble for Nicky


Henderson. Won the first three races here on Grand National day,


but the crunching fall was the headline for Ruby Walsh. Two years


ago he was so badly injured from a fall in this race that Barry ger


fiity replaced him on big fella -- Geraghty replaced him on Big Fella


Thanks. He was properly landed on by Zarkandar and the rorst is all


right. He just stepped at the -- the horse is all right. He just


stepped at the hurdles. You see there absolutely flattens Ruby.


That's the sort of fall that can do you serious damage. He has a


crunching fall. You can see grass all over his head. He has taken a


serious bang. To see him walk away, the horse landing on top of him,


it's one of the falls where the horse comes up out of your hands


and steps and they are the heaviest, the hardest falls you can get. They


are a lost worse falls over a fence, because you hit the ground so quick.


This is Nicky. It's lucky he has got a strong heart, because he's


having a heart-stopping day. That was an extraordinary, exciting


finish, but the biggest relief is Zarkandar is all right and that


Ruby Walsh is all right as well. He will be on board On His Own in the


Grand National, but there is Chapoturgeon to ride in the next


Every six months they replace their hats. It must have shifted the


helmet back up on his head. Tough, tough men. Ruby Walsh has had so


many injuries through his career and that's the thing that really


gets to you, as a jockey. Barry Geraghty is a blessed man, he was


having a terrific day. All three horses that he has sat on so far


have come home to this winners' enclosure. Makes the walk back to


the weighing room very easy indeed. A fabulous race and Oscar Whisky


wins at 9-4. It was a copy of last year's video.


One part of our coverage this seems to be going down well is hearing


from as many jockeys as possible as they answer various questions and


this one may cause a fair bit of much for a start. Finish stronger.


Eat food. Drink. Got to be careful now, haven't I. Stay on horses.


Jump. Party. We like to save our money. Jump fences. Jump an


obstacle. They can eat more. Appreciate life better.


The reason they do appreciate life is because as you saw there with


Ruby Walsh every time you get on a horse and go out there and ride you


are in danger of having a heavy fall and they are the toughest


sportsmen I think I have ever come across. Extraordinary. And I am


pleased that Ruby Walsh is OK. He will be checked over by the doctor.


There is very good medical facilities here and he will looking


forward to the ride in the Grand National. We have been working


throughed horses in reverse order. We now come to those towards the


top and at the very top of the handicap.


We are up to number 10, which is Junior, ridden by Tom Scudamore.


Here is a horse for the big occasion, a winner at Royal Ascot


and Cheltenham. Can he win a Grand National?


Deep Purple, a horse who has come back after losing his way a little


bit. Jamie Moore will take the ride. Black Apalachi, his fourth attempt


at the Grand National. He was second in 2010.


Planet Of Sound, he won a big race in Ireland, the Guinness Gold Cup,


not that long ago. Alfa Beat, his only previous run over the big


fences. Calgary Bay, trained by Henrietta


Knight. Neptune Collonges, one of the four


greys in the field. Trained by Paul Nicholls.


Weird Al, one of the most talented jumpers in the field. Donald McCain


is the trainer. Timmy Murphy, who has won this race, will ride today.


Ballabriggs, last year's winner, again ridden by Jason Maguire. He


attempts to be the first in 38 years to win back-to-back Nationals.


Finally, Synchronised. AP McCoy bidding to become the first in 78


years to win the Gold Cup and The National in the one year.


A few horses have come close over the years but he is the first Gold


Cup winner to run in the race since Master Oaks in 95 and some horses


have won the Gold Cup and come here and won the Grand Nationaled


following year. And Golden Miller, you have to go back to him to the


horse that has won the Gold Cup and come on to win a National. Four


Gold Cups? Five. He came here nearly every year and fell three or


four times. Started refusing in and his owner, the most extraordinary


character, she kept replacing the jockey thinking that would make a


keufrpbs. -- difference. Huge Huge appreciation of history here and


love and respect for those horses that have been here before and done


it. There was a parade of champions earlier today, which included the


horse that you rode to your second Grand National, Minnehoma. Going as


grey as I am! 29 he is. But great to see him. Gave me the best day of


my life. Fitsy has better ways of putting it. I had done it on West


Tip but to do it again was fantastic. He was owned by Freddie


Starr, who wasn't here. He wasn't. We did an interview with Desmond


afterwards, Martin was on the phone to Freddie and he passed the phone


to me and you will I could hear was Barking sounds down the other end


of the phone. You held off the challenge of Just So. Great


memories. We are going to have perfect ground here today and the


rain that we felt hasn't fallen, so although it's a chilly breezy day,


very good conditions for the horses and significantly cooler than this


time last year. We are an hour and ten minutes away from the big race


itself. As we zoom in to the racecourse stables that's where the


runners for the Grand National are. Some still in their stables. Let's


find out exactly what will be happening to them with Ian and


Richard. Yes, it's just as you say, 70


minutes or so before the Grand National. The horses for the


previous race just coming back. The real stars of this afternoon,


they're still relaxing. They are, only just. We have seen a plethora


of lads here having the final fag, trying to keep calm. If I wander


over here, I want to talk to the travelling head lad to Donald


McCain. You are worse than the horse, you are shaking. This is the


worst part, just waiting. How long before do you get them out of the


boxes? About ten minutes now. And will you walk them around for ages?


Yeah, they'll walk around. Make their way to the enclosure. I saw


Ballabriggs last year, he is the epet me of what a horse -- epitome


of what a horse should be. can't fault him, no. Size, scope,


everything you want. How are you feeling? Nervous. Good man, that's


the way. As you said there's not much happening here. The thing with


horses, keeping them calm is so important. They're like kids, some


get geed up. Keep them level. we are - when do they last eat? You


can't run a race on a full tummy. In fact, we will ask Wizard again.


When When breakfast is the last feed? 7.00am this morning.


water? Until about 11.00. They've got to not be dehydrated. Depends


on the weather, if it was was warm you would leave it in later.


have been doing the job long enough, you know what you are doing. That


was the answer to your question. was. I have never met you before


but I will take him away now. Clare, all yours.


Fantastic stuff. Thank you. Only one horse in the field has the


possibility of having won at Royal Ascot, the Cheltenham Festival and


winning the Grand National. His name is Junior, he's already done


parts one and two. He could do part three and that takes a special kind


of horse. To assess the engine and the four-wheel drive capabilities


of a top-class thoroughbred, there was only one man to ask, James May.


For centuries man and horse have lived and worked side by side.


But it's only recently that we have been able to appreciate just how


incredible these creatures really are.


Through years of selective breeding we have witnessed the creation of


elite athletes. The kind of horses that will run in this year's Grand


National. But just how can an animal the size


of a cow exceed speeds of over 40mph?


I am here with Junior at David Pipe's stables in Somerset. The


first thing that strikes you about these beasts, if it's not its snout,


is the sheer size of them. This is a thoroughbred racing horse,


between 5 5 and 600 kilogrammes. If you could open the bonnet on a


horse you would find a huge ribcage and inside an enormous pair of


lungs, almost two metres long. They have an immense internal surface


area, so big that if you could theoretically open them out they


would occupy an area about the same as Tenor Nivernais tpheus courts.


-- ten tennis courts. This is Graduation Night. Now, as in a car,


fuel efficiency is the key during a race. The horse's fuel is oxygen.


Unlike humans, a horse can't actually breathe in through its


mouth. It can only breathe in through its nostrils, which is why


they're so big. The oxygen makes its way to these enormous lungs


which during the race can expand and contract up to a 150 times a


minute. So finish the Grand National a horse will breathe in


more than 21,000 litres of air. That's the same as an adult human


pwraoets in -- breathes in two whole days.


The oxygen has to make its way to the muscles and it does that by


being carried in the blood which is pumped around the horse by its huge


heart, bigger than a volleyball. At the moment Junior's heart will be


beating at something like 25-30 beats a minute. But in the race


that could reach a staggering 240 beats per minute. So, between now


and now that huge volleyball-sized heart will beat four times and


pumped around 75 gallons of blood around the body.


Just as in racing cars, all racing motorcycles, power is the key. This


is the bicep here and the leg works like a pogo stick. It has to


sustain what is really the equivalent of the weight of a small


compact car on each leg. But as it flexes, this bicep muscle stores


energy in its elasticity and that energy is released and that


catapults the horse forward for the next stride. This action is so


efficient it actually increases the power of that muscle about 100


times. Let's move to the back legs. Here


you have 25kilos, the equivalent of the weight of a small child, of


pure muscle wedged on to each leg. A horse is in essence, rear wheel


drive. This delivers immense driving power to the back legs


which is necessary for racing and speed, obviously, but also because


it has to jump. I am always nervous around the back of horses. In mid-


air the horse is in a state of suspension. When it's galloping it


will take one breath perfectly in time with one stride. But when it


jumps it holds its breath as it takes off, and only breathes in


again when it lands. We have all the elements here for a truly


fantastic thoroughbred within. Of course, this is racing, so you need


a little extra something, the va- va-voom. Perhaps the most


incredible thing about these horses is they have a kind of natural


turbo-charger. The eQuinn circulatory system allows blood


cells to be stored in the the spleen can I can be released on


demand. This means that during strenuous exercise the horse can


call on reserve red cells to help supply extra oxygen to its muscles,


just like having your own built in turbo switch during the race. It is


quite amazing. These horses have to be nurtured


from birth. They are fabulously well honed athletes with every


single body part working to the peak of efficiency so that they can


push the boundaries of speed and endurance. But on race day that is


not really what you see. You see simply this, a beautiful perfect


spesman working hard, doing what it does best and what it seems to


enjoy. Racing. And you love those.


They're not bad actually! The man himself is here in the


betting ring. Why are you here today? Well, I was set a challenge,


part of my series, could I commentate on the Grand National?


It's a test of our ability to remember things, which is all about


certain techniques which we can demonstrate. It's also about


keeping cool under pressure, remembering what you have learned


and doing something that everybody believes they can do, commentate on


a race. Actually turns out to be extremely difficult and I wish I


hadn't agreed to it. I spoke to you yesterday and it wasn't going too


well to say the least. You had only learned the first ten. I


recommended you stay in the hotel, have a nice meal and study colours,


did you do that? Sort of, we had four or five nice bottles of Rioja


and ate in the restaurant. We did produce flashcards and me and Rory


- try me on one. Give knee some colours. Weird Al. Black with


circle. How are you feeling now? It's coming very close, you will be


up above us soon, are you netting nervous? To be brutally honest, yes.


It's one of those things, you can't hurt yourself. It's not like - you


can sort of make an idiot of yourself, which in this business I


am sure you know, is pretty much the same thing. I am trying to be


upbeat and trying to enjoy it. If I enjoy it hopefully the listeners, I


will be on BBC1 red button and sport website, they will enjoy it


too. As part of your continued education of the racing game -


they're all singing Liverpool songs to put me off, one page of betting.


Here is the microphone. Off you go. Here for the John Smith's Grand


National. It's 10-1 the field. Shakalakaboomboom, blue and black


stripes. Ballabriggs yellow and green. West End Rocker red dots on


the sleeve. 14-1. Junior, blue, gold stripes, down there former


favourite 16-1 Cappa Bleu, now wearing a red hat. Sunnyhillboy


that's half a carpet. Stop showing off! If you get it right like that


with 40 runners you have passed your test.


Mick and I are in the jockeys' weighing room. Ruby Walsh will not


be riding. Ruby is being assessed at the moment and there is tension


in here. We don't know what's going to happen on Ruby and his ride On


His Own in the Grand National? lot of tension, because it could


change everything. What happens with the Willie Mullins runners if


he is unable to take his ride. He looked shook when he went out of


here. AP went with him to the doctor's room. We don't know. We


have nothing confirmed as yet. It looks doubtful. If that's the case


there is going to be a shuffle around. Willie Mullins will have to


change certain horses, very unsure. It's nervous times for everybody


here. There's other lads here hoping they might get on a better


ride. I was coming in to chat about how nervous it was with a race, now


with this added difficulty, it's very, very quiet in here. It is


very quiet. As well the other lads who haven't got a decent ride,


they're thinking should I put myself forward? Somebody's


misfortune is another jockey's good fortune. Somebody out there will be


hoping they can get a better ride. Ruby Walsh is not in the next race,


Paddy Brennan takes his run. We await for official confirmation of


whether Ruby will take his ride on On His Own.


If Ruby misses out again it will be the second time in three years a


fall has prevented him riding in the Grand National. We will


bringing you confirmed news as soon as we hear it. One jockey here in


the last race after we come off air could I suppose step in for that


ride. But Sir Peter O'Sullivan has been looking back on great Grand


Nationals past and the last in this series takes us to the year 1997


when all of us here were overtaken the race was abandoned following an


IRA bomb square in 1997. There were unprecedented scenes as the


announcement came through that nobody wanted to hear. I just ask


everybody here, including you from the BBC, to leave the course and


get on to the public highway immediately. Through adversity the


spirit of the local community shone. Great hospitality was shown to the


public and the race was rerun 48 hours later on Monday. For me it


brought down the curtain on a lovely long involvement in the


event with which it was an honour and privilege to be associated.


It is a delight to relive the past and to have the opportunity to wish


the truly Grand National an equally referred to as the voice and that's


the statue of Sir Peter O'Sullivan. He is here as well today enjoying


the build-up to the John Smith's Grand National. When it was moved


to the Monday that race, we had a record television audience and a


whole load, thousands of people coming here on free tickets. It


ended up being a terrific story of the resilience of the public. But


we are hearing news on Ruby Walsh, let's go to Rishi.


Terrible news, he will not be riding in this year's Grand


National. He has been stood down for the day. That means that Paul


Town end, due to ride The Midnight Club and he will ride On His Own.


Ruby Walsh out of this year's Grand National.


And that just is desperate bad luck. We look at the fall. Although he


walked away, the doctor clearly feeling he is not fit to ride.


Watch the way he hits the ground. Bang, head. Straight to the floor.


That's probably what's done him. The fact that the horse has come


over on top of him will mean he will be very sore tomorrow. At the


moment his body still probably feels OK but his head isn't right.


If your head is not right, you cannot ride. You cannot take the


risk and however much you love the Grand National and look forward to


it. Ruby Walsh will be inside, he will be absolutely gutted. You


would almost be willing to take a chance, but you can take a chance


with a lot of things, but with your head you can't. Katie Walsh now the


only member of the Walsh family in the race. She is on board Seabass.


One more race to go before they line up for the Grand National.


It's over fences on the Melling course and here is Jim with the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


runners and riders. The National is less than an hour


away and I have had a report William Hill, Betfred. William Hill


have taken over �20 million in bets so far on this National. This could


be the busiest National ever in the shops.


David Johnson's colours here will be carried by Swing Bill in the


National. Chapoturgeon, Paddy Brennan taking over. He is a horse


who has come back to form. He had his first win for a while in


January, beating Cloudy Lane. So the form is working out well.


this horse is stepping up against professional horses almost. Doesn't


he rook beautiful -- look beautiful? Looks like one of those


rocking horses. He has a chance. Lucky spare ride for Paddy Brennan.


Just desperate bad luck for Ruby Walsh, that he misses out on this


and the Grand National. This is Richard Johnson Marufo.


Isn't he another one, lovely low head carriage. Whatever it is about


the way horses when they go to the start like that, they almost as a


jockey feel like they would be able to jump anything. Wasn't it


interesting that piece James May did about how big the lungs and


heart is, where the power is. You watch them in motion in a different


way. Battle Group will give Tom Scudamore a good ride. This horse


has form at Aintree, which is a massive plus. You You get horses


that come to life here. David Pipe had a quiet Aintree, he will be


hoping this fella can buck up things. There you see Saint Are.


This horse looks really well in the paddock. Good looking, flashy sort.


Dougie Costello, good rider. Borrowed Wings is number seven in


there. Famous colours that I know well. I


wore them to win the National on Rough Quest. Andrew's colours, yeah.


Tom Cannon, nice young lad. Capable rider as well. They're making their


way out on to the course proper. Jim.


They're about to come out here, jumping 19 fences in all. Richard


Dunwoody joining me here at the commentary point. Richard, a


shocking blow for Ruby. To miss it twice in three years, Jim. You know,


he will dust himself down and hope he will be back for Punchestown.


They're off. Setting off over this three-mile journey. The tape goes


down and Ballyvesey first to show from Cannington Brook. My Boy Paddy


is there as well. They're all over the first safely. Tullamore Dew


takes up a prominent position. Followed then by On Borrowed Wings.


Out wider is Carrickboy. The first ditch and the leader gave it plenty


of air. Further back is Noland, back with Brackloon High. A gap


then to Hollinwell. The third fence and Ballyvesey. In third is my Boy


Paddy followed by Saint Are and next by Tullamore Dew. Marufo over


on the rail. Out wider is Carrickboy. Further back Ackertac


from On Borrowed Wings. They're followed by on the inside getting


through is Brackloon High. They head towards the back. On Borrowed


Wings next in the centre from Battle Group and Noland, followed


by Chapoturgeon and Hollinwell. They head to the fourth from


Tullamore Dew, now seeing daylight on the outside and jumps up second.


Chapoturgeon got in close back in the field. Jumping in third is


Cannington Brook from Marufo and a gap to My Boy Paddy. A length


further back is Ackertac. Followed by Battle Group. Further back on


the inside Brackloon High. Followed next by Noland and Carrickboy. The


second open ditch. The leaders jump it well. Further back is


Chapoturgeon. They continue their journey, down towards the 7th.


Ballyvesey on the inside. They jump together and land over three or


four lengths clear of Marufo. Further back then at this stage we


look for Chapoturgeon who is second last of the main group here as they


head to the side of the course. Twiston-Davies not getting a


comfortable ride off Ackertac. the cross cross fence on the first


occasion. Ballyvesey over in the lead. The Hollinwell about five or


six lengths behind the second last last horse. Tullamore Dew on the


outside, two away Marufo, from in fourth Cannington Brook. They're


followed next by Saint Are. They come to the 9th. Battle Group is


behind them, leaders jump it well. On Borrowed Wings in the centre.


Chapoturgeon starting to make some ground from Ackertac. They go over


that open ditch. They're clear of My Boy Paddy and the Hollinwell. Up


the home strait. Towards fence number 11. The leader is Ballyvesy


from Tullamore Dew. On the inside is Marufo. They come to the 11th


now. Tullamore Dew a bold jump on the outside. They go up and


challenge Ballyvesy. Noland and Carrickboy. A gap to Brackloon High.


At this point which would you like to be on? I have been watching


Battle Group and Tom Scudamore, he has been hugging the inner and he


has man making -- he has been making his way quietly through the


group. They head to the back and to the 12th. Tullamore Dew on the


outside of Ballycesy. Further back is Marufo. They continue their


journey towards the next plain fence. Cannington Brook is next,


followed by Battle Group the inside. They draw to the 13th Saint Are is


further back from Noland. On the inside Chapoturgeon making a few


places on the inside from Ackertac On Borrowed Wings is hard ridden.


Carrickboy is losing ground. They head towards the next. Hollinwell


is there. Brackloon High has been pulled up. Marufo has jumped to a


narrow lead here from Ballycesy and Saint Are. Battle Group looming


large. In the centre Cannington Brook has been pushed along with a


white cap. Happen chap now appearing. They around that corner


and race to the crossed fence which bit and coming into it well. Into


the home straight with three left. Battle Group is now emerging. At


the third last and St Ar moving up. Jumped is better -- St Are moving


up. Jumped it better. They've kicked way from Cannington Brook.


Coming now to the second last. Saint Are a narrow leader over it


from Battle Group. Five away is Marufou battling on and


Chapoturgeon. A Long Run before they reach the last. Saint Are on


the far side. Battle Group veering to the right. At the last it is


Saint Are on the far side, being grabbed by Battle Group. It's


Battle Group on the near side. A nose in front. Coming back is Saint


Are and Battle Group. Saint Are is out battling him and Saint Are will


win. Saint Are has gone on to win it by a half length to Battle Group


and then chap -- Chapoturgeon third. I don't think Ackertac has jumped


the last. Neither has Tullamore Dew, neither has on borrowed weeks or


The Hollingwell. Noel and my boy Paddy, who has also pulled up. The


winner is trained by Tim Vaughan and his 100th winner of the season.


What an achievement. Second number five, Tom Scudamore, Battle Group


and Paddy Brennan on Chapoturgeon. What a battle it was and when it


got to a battle, it was Saint Are who out-battled Battle Group and


put his neck in front to win it well. As they Cross The Line, it


was a Titanic struggle. It was, Jim. As you said, Saint Are wanted it


more. He's really stuck at the task well and got a little bit to his


left going to the last and taken Battle Group's ground a little, but


Tom was able to switch around and he really did outbattle him, but


Saint Are. Dougie Costello is the winning jockey. Rishi with him now.


Just talking about how tough this horse is. He isn't blessed with a


turn of foot, but has a lot of heart? Very tough. Tim's horses


haven't been right through the middle of the year, so he's well


handicapped. Jumps and stays and went for the win going to the


second last. Nurtured him and left him. Very tough and stays. He's won


twice around one of the quickest courses in the country. Yeah, but


it's a stayer's track here. It's furore long from the bend and we


went a good, strong, even gallop. It takes stayers to win around here.


Cheltenham didn't suit probably. The big undulating track and a big


horse like this, he is suited more. The perfect preparation for running


Postmaster in the National? He's ten and has plenty of experience.


Hopefully he gets a good spin around and me as well. Good luck.


Thank you. Dougie there, winning jockey on a horse who loves his


track. Richard, when they came to the last they were absolutely


locked together. It was interesting, wasn't it, over the last? There was


no strike there for Dougie and he got in the bottom. Battle Group has


jumped it better and pinged it. Here we are. You can see, he's in


short, whereas Battle Group has got a real, good jump. Landed running


and gone a neck up. But as we have said, really has stuck his head out


well. Really grabbed hold of him and set him about his business and


given him a great ride. Able to get back into it and win it.


winning trainer has brought up a century of winners, Tim Vaughan.


Had a bit of a disappointment, but much better. A horse who loves it


here? Definitely does. Third run here. Won two and second too, so


absolutely over the moon. 100th win of the season. Lovely way to spend


that. You have Postmaster in the next? Yeah. First run this year.


Obviously a bit of a disappointment for the others, but excited to have


a runner. Sounds like you're already hoarse, but hopefully


you'll be able to shout one home. We'll enjoy tonight. Thank you very


much. I've come around now to the saddling boxes, where the runners


for the Grand National, some of them already being taken into the


boxes and being saddled. We'll talk to some of the key contenders. The


horses looking well. Four greys, so lovely to see them around here. We


are not far away. The next race will be the John Smith's Grand


National. We'll get you in the mood. Springs comes to consciousness and


sets the pulse racing. Across the good to firm of these thrilling


fields. Where plot was to extend beyond the mortal realm. And


moistened palms creased betting slips between fingers crossed.


Reminiscence from the big chair as flight without wings tearing


through the air. Flashbacks cut- aways to monochrome collisions. Men


for all seasons, jockey for position. The commotion of emotion,


the first to show, electric sprinters, the ready, steady, go.


The sheepskin noseband, the blinkered view, the mythical flying


horse, the too-good to be true. The ripple of mussel and pound of flesh,


the young, old, tired, fresh. Owners, trainers, runners, riders,


debt certs, favourites, fancied outsiders, it's a noble beauty that


serves to widen the smile. This is about place, culture and nothing


comes within a mile. The geography has never changed for the Wise Man


or the fool, it's in the country's DNA, Aintree, Liverpool. Gives you


goosebumps. There is Becher's Brook. The sixth and 22nd fence. They go


too circuits around here, but one they jump only once is this one,


The Chair, biggest on the course, five foot two on it. Big spread.


The really extraordinary thing about this race is the 90-degree


turn they have to make at the Canal Turn. Ruby Walsh did it brilliantly


yesterday. Sadly, the news here if you are just joining us is he will


not be riding in the Grand National. He had a heavy fall in the hurdle


race. He's not riding on his own and that's a great shame. Second


time in three years that's happened to Ruby, but he's all right. His


helmet was cracked and therefore they said absolutely not. Richard


Pitman is down here with me in the pre-parade ring. Lovely to get so


close. Clare, doesn't it strike you how many horses have got nosebands


on to keep their mouths shut, because you need them to answer


your questions, if you say go, they need to do so. According To Pete is


the most lively one. He's been Spocking out going around. Viking


Blond has been bucking and stamping on the ground and coming by us this


is Swing Bill. Almost white. You can see the cheek pieces and behind


Tatenen there. Here comes According To Pete. He's a lovely horse.


Malcolm has had two runners this week and both won, Cape Tribulation


and At A Glance and According To Pete could give him a huge chance


and Peter Nelson is here and Sandra. I came delivering papers with you.


How are you feeling? Very nervous. Sandra, you all right? No. She'll


be going to hide in a moment. are wearing your lucky tweed coat?


I've got everything that I normally wear on. It's all a bit much. It


will be great. Look at him. There is Ruth and Malcolm's daughter


helping up and Tina, if you stay there Adrian for one second, I'll


nip in and chat. Tina, everything all right? Grand. Everything fine.


Ruth, what are you thinking now? Not a lot. I'm trying not to. It


gets a bit nerve racking at this point. The coolest person in this


team is the horse, According To Pete. There's not a bother on him.


He's not very big, but a lovely neck on him in front of him


Andhaary will have his first ride on board him, so lots there. Alfa


Beat, who I've picked out in the Sweepstake. We have seen Swing Bill


before, but it's a real buzz and as you can tell from Sandra and Peter,


they are getting very wound up and nervous, but this is the dream for


them to have a horse running in the Grand National and According To


Pete will have so much support from the village, where their friends


will all be watching in the pub there and fingers crossed we hope


he runs well. Here is the field then for the John Smith's Grand


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


Llewellyn here is doing his duty as assistant trainer to Nigel Twiston-


Davies. Nigel is Hello Bud. Are you in charge of Viking Blond? He's


looking great. Very happy. I'll let Nigel put the saddle on. If it


comes off, I blame him. Do you give advice to the jockeys? We chat to


both of them. Different instructions, but you have to have


a few plans in this race. Plan A doesn't always go right. Exactlyly.


-- exactly. Adapt. Yes. Good luck tow. Richard Pitman is in with


Johnjo and Synchronised. The great thing about Synchronised I've


noticed, he has been going around like an old sheep. He's absolutely


totally unphased by any of this razzamataz. I think he probably


would saddle himself, but JonJo is disappearing behind the tail and


checking on the plating there. This horse is a Gold Cup winner, to come


here, it's so exciting and even on top weight of eleven stone ten he's


well in. Is that attitude? Or is that attitude? Maybe that's the


secret to his success, that he doesn't get geoed up before the


race. -- geed up before the race. JonJo celebrated his 60th birthday


yesterday and rode in the race a few times. This would be an


extraordinary success for Synchronised. He says, "I don't


want to come out. Can't I just stay?" next to him, this is


Shakalakaboomboom. Nicky Henderson has had the most amazing day with


three winners, the first three races and this is a bit of a star


and you've trained himel for this? Well, he doesn't know that, but


yeah, we have. He enjoyed the Topham last year, so we always said


this would be his goal for the year. It's quite a narrow goal. It is.


It's a tricky one to set yourself, but we wish you well. The day


couldn't have gone better. In concompliance and Ballabriggs


heading by. This is Viking Blond. So fresh and well. You don't want


to stand near the Beckend because he's bucking and kicking the Rare


Bob looking well. You can see all the lads and lasses looking after


the horses. They're the ones that spend all the time at home. A lot


ride them at home. Got up early. Some have come - the Irish in


particular - come down a few days ago and spent a few nights here.


Once they're saddled they'll make the walk down into the paddock,


which will be packed with 40 different owners and trainers in


there. The jockeys finding it difficult to get through. We'll


difficult to pick the winner. It's difficult to get a bet on. Look at


this. There are two form Erwiners in the race, Ballabriggs, the other


Monday mopbl who won in 2009 -- Mon Mome, who won at 100-1 in 2009.


Vida Bingham is here to support him. She will be giving the leg-up to


Aiden Coleman. We'll hear from the jockeys on how they prepare and


ride the Grand National and what they think of their chances.


always remember as a kid I was very excited about it. I remember


watching it in my grandparents' house doing the commentary. Always


a joy. The one that is set apart from any other. It's just the


National. The whole word watches it. I think the night before the nerves


start. So much anticipation. get butterflies. Joorbgs calm


before the storm. Everything is brewing up -- Calm before the storm.


Everything is brewing up. helicopters Up Above. The sound.


much colour. It feels like you're flying. My wife worries about me.


Dreaming of getting a clear run around. As a child that's all


you've ever dreamed about. Have you ridden in the Grand National?


can't do it without the horse. National is the ultimate. Right,


come on. Is it going to happen for you or is it not? You heard Ruby


Walsh there, the real sadness he's not going to be riding this year.


Had a crashing fall on Zarkandar. He's been replaced. Ted Walsh, his


father, also responsible for Seabass, who your daughter Katie


rides firstly, have you talked to Ruby, but how is he? Sore. It's


disappointed. It's part of the game. It's not the first time. Two years


ago he broke his arm. How about Seabass, an awful lot of money for


him this morning? I don't know where it's coming back, he has no


better chance than yesterday morning, but somebody must have


latched on to him. I don't know where the money is from, but he has


his chance. The question mark around four-and-a-half. I would be


happy if Katie comes back in with a big smile on her face and loved it


that much. For the second time to have one of your children riding in


the race? Particularly to have your young daughter, it's a bit more


pressure. Herself and Nina, two young girls, they are light. You


hope they get around. At this stage I'm very much a father and not a


trainer. Good luck. She's a very good event rider, which does help


in a race like this, where you have to adapt to the size and spread of


the fences too. The build-up is we are getting close. Seabass there.


We'll go to the jockeys' room and join Mick. We are here in the


jockeys' room. Jockeys buzzing around. It's chaos in here. You can


see them behind me all getting ready. You can see just poor Ruby


Walsh in the foreground. He's absolutely gutted. You can see


behind him Paul Carberry, and Barry Geraghty on Shakalakaboomboom.


Previous winner. Just exchanging a few little secrets. Paul Maloney in


the corner, on Cappa Bleu. And raw Lynch is on Treacle and Andrew


Tinkler has picked up a spare. You can senile Slippers Madden. He has


won the race on Numbersixvalverde. David Casey and Wayne. Brian,


another first-timer and Nina Carberry. She rides


Organisedconfusion. Could it be here day today? Down here we have


Davie Conlon, rides Becauseicouldntsee. Going forward,


we have young Ritchie Mclernon and Giles Cross in the corner and Paddy


Brennan. Vic there and Brian Cooper and Rare Bob and Seany coming in.


Over here in this corner you have the oldest jockey, Andrew Thornton.


He looks very relaxed, doesn't he? He doesn't look as relaxed as Timmy


Murphy does in the corner. He's asleep. He rides Weird Al. Go up to


this corner. Back up where I used to sit. This is where AP, Daryll


Jacob, I can just see him getting organised. The youngest jockey, Sam


Twiston-Davies, had a few goals already, but up here in the top


corner, Dominic Elsworth, Tom Scudamore, very narrowly beaten in


the last race. Jamie Moore getting rid. Dickie Johnson, 5 goes. Planet


Of Sound. Noel Fehily in there and AP McCoy, the champion jockey. He


rides Synchronised. Could it be his turn again? Trust me, in here it is


Organisedconfusion! One of the last horses to make his way down to the


parade ring and one of the last to be saddled is last year's winner,


Ballabriggs. Of all the horses he's standout. Looking fabulous. Ros


stepbs illed into his quarters. -- a rose stencilled into his quarters.


Such a joy to be here ahead of the Grand National. Seeing the horses


here with Richard Dunwoody. Seeing some of the horses with big chances.


Just going past us, number 39, Hello Bud, the oldest horse in the


race. I've drawn him in the Sweepstake. He's looking well and


I'm sure he'll give Sam a very, very good ride. Talking about Tom


Taaffing e's runner. His grandfather trained the winner and


his father rode two. Number 22 over there. He really saying on well


there. -- Tom Taaffe. According To Pete is the little one in there.


He's not the biggest to be going around over the fences. I watched


him at Haydock and he likes that track and that was over the hurdles,


those immovable hurdles and he was really good over them. He's made a


really nice chaser. We'll look at a few more. Number 12, Tatenen. One


of the big outsiders. Behind him is the horse that has me to carry in


terms of my selection, number 20, Rare Bob. Ran good races in the


past. Here's a horse, 18, that a lot of people are talking about,


Always Right. Even though he's been pulled up in the last two runs.


Looks fine. Been pulled up, but he's had a wind problem and been


operated on, so you can see a lot better from him today. One of the


four greys, four, Neptune Collonges. I like Neptune Collonges. He has


got some great form. Third and fourth in Gold Cups. Could run a


big race. He could do. The Gold Cup winner, Synchronised. Walking away


from us. Richard Pitman was saying in the paddock how Switched Off he


was. Certainly hasn't switched Onyett. He's a Bute -- switched on


yet. He's a beautiful horse. We'll look at some of the others. Giles


Cross, number 34. He's a horse that probably would have preferred a bit


softer ground, but four-and-a-half miles, probably necessity gaits


that. Certainly. We were saying at the head of the programme, I think


the ground will be too fast. I think he wants it heavy. Dennis


O'Regan was hoping to ride him, but couldn't do the weight so is on


Black Apalachi. The horses are looking in good shape. Nothing is


negative at the moment. Made my way down into the paddock. You can see


the mass of people around and Nicky here with the Shakalakaboomboom


team. JP over there, who has got a handful of runners and Graham Wylie,


due to have two runners, but Prince De Beauchene went wrong and On His


Ownened he's not running in your name. A good friend of mine bid for


him at a charity auction, and I'm delighted for him and he'll run a


big race. Where is he? He's over here. Can I say hello? Hello.


exciting is this? Very exciting. You're a rugby man? Yes, but I love


horses too. Fantastic. Bit of a late drama and change, because Ruby


was due on? With the other horse too, but Paul is a great jockey.


wish you well. Thank you. Thank you. Fantastic thing you are doing in


terms of raising money. I've mentioned Shakalakaboomboom. If we


make our way over here, Beryl McCain, Ginger's widow is here.


Beryl, I had a look at Ballabriggs, he looks magnificent. He does. Look


110%%. What is your feeling about him this year? Well, we are


expecting a really good run and I hope he comes back safe and sound.


He's got a look of Red Rum, maybe it's the noseband. Well, no, he has


got a lot of presence. He's amazing. He's a lovely horse. Very proud to


have him in the yard. It's lovely to talk to you and very emotional


for the family. The first Grand National woupbt Ginger, who died --


without Ginger, who died last year, and we hope he does the family


proud. Thank you. The jockeys are making their way through the crowd


and into the paddock and led by last year's winner, Jason Maguire.


Bary Geraghty trying to trip him up. A roar from the crowd as they come


out. Andrew Thornton, oldest jockey in the field there. Andrew Lynch


having his second ride. Rare Bob's rider, Brian Cooper, his first ride.


Coming out next is James Reveley, having his third on Always Right.


Jamie Moore, and Dougie Costello already won. Postmaster for him. AP,


on Synchronised. In the blue cap, just behind, David Casey, 13th ride


in the race on Quiscover Fontaine. They walk out to pose for this


photograph in front of the paddock. It's one of the traditional things


that happens here at Aintree and I think it's a wonderful tradition as


well. All 40 will pose and that picture locked away in the archives


forever. Ruby Walsh unfortunately is not with them. Andrew Tinkler is


the new name who has joined them. He's In The Pink jacket. He's right


up the back there. He has picked up a last-minute ride on The Midnight


Club. He'll be thrilled. Every jockey in the game wants to ride in


this race. These 0 will feel very, very privileged. Who will come home


to get on board for the race. Just coming behind us we'll take a


closer look at Seabass. Richard, you were quite keen on this horse?


Impressed by him and On His Own, two really lovely chasing horses.


Should be looking forward to the ride on this horse. Number 13,


Seabass. Just in front is number 23, The Midnight Club now ridden by


Andrew Tinkler taking over from Paul Townend. He looks well. He


rubbed one early last year and a little careful with Ruby but


Taking a look at some of the others. Another of the greys, Alfa Beat.


Alfa Beat, yes. He's won two Kerry Nationals this horse. He really


appreciates this better ground. Give us one horse that just stands


out to you. For me On His Own. To me he is the most impressive


looking horse in the paddock. Nerves are jangling here. The


Nelson family who own and bred According To Pete. Anne on the


right and her husband Peter, they delivered the papers this morning,


they say they will do again tomorrow morning, they might be on


the front of them. A big gang here. This is all the racing club, how


are you feeling? Sorry, I trod on your toe! I am fine. Good, yeah. I


am not riding him! Exactly, Felix is. This should give you a real


thrill. Definitely, can't wait. What is your plan, where do you


expect to be? Just line up with them and he might be outpaced early


on, but try and get him jumping and travelling and see from there.


Fingers crossed for you, good luck. And over here, this is interesting.


This is Midnight Haze for Kim Bailey. This is a big syndicate.


Who is in charge of the syndicate? Is it you, Kim? Hello, how are you.


Very nervous. You have brought a great gang of people with you.


They're a lot calmer than I am. They're having a great day. How did


you get tempted into this racing game? A long time ago I bought a


share and after a few months worked with Peter for about ten years and


started up with Kim a few years ago and everything's going great.


stuff. Kim knows how to win a Grand National. Did it with Mr Frisk. Not


had that many runners recently. They've all run very well. A long


time ago 1990, sadly. What are you feeling about this year? He has an


outside chance. But he will love the course, jumped well. Will give


Sean a good ride and the members of the partnership a good day out.


Sean will be getting on shortly. About now, actually. The colours of


Mon Mome here, Venetia Williams about to give Aidan Coleman a leg


up on to the winner of this race in 2009 and he was 100-1. Chicago Grey,


this horse has a chance. Trained by Gordon Elliot who won the race with


his first runner, youngest trainer to have won it with Silver Birch.


You can see they're getting ready to sound the fanfare which will


welcome the horses on to the course. Rishi is having a close look at


these horses. Well, we are seeing Killyglen


wandering past and Richard, you liked him. Yeah, Down Royal, he won


there. Running well in the race last year. You would have to say if


he runs the same sort of race he will have a great chance. Paul


Carberry about to get the leg up soon on Chicago Grey. Won at


Cheltenham last year and he is another one that is a potential


winner. He stays. He will have a magician in the saddle with Paul


Carberry. Katie Walsh on Seabass. Shaoeud -- I'd say she's really


looking forward to. As jockeys we hate this milling around in the


paddock. You want to get out there away from the crowd and start to


focus on the race. OK. West End Rocker, with Wayne Hutchinson on


board, who won other these fences earlier in the season. He loves the


soft ground, I have a feeling it might be quick for him today.


End Rocker, he has a chance but the ground perhaps against him.


There's plenty of Welsh horses this year. Evan Williams has three in


the race. State Of Play. He hardly ever runs except in this race.


Haven't seen him since last year, hope springs eternal. Your best


chance must be Cappa Bleu. never know. Jockeys get it wrong,


don't they. What is your thinking as trainer? It's the Grand National


and anything can happen, Clare. It would be silly to think otherwise.


Indeed. Now, Mick Fitzgerald was going off in search of Gordon


Elliot, the trainer of Chicago Grey. Not sure where he has gone. While


we try and find him, I will have a word with Venetia Williams, we did


this just before Mon Mome won in 2009. How is he this year? He's in


great form actually. Sarah has been telling me they had a job with the


trotting up, he was so full of himself. I guess we saw it on


Thursday with with always Waning, it's where some horses wake up.


has a similar profile. So, we are very hopeful. He looks fantastic.


Yeah, he is in great form. 12-year- olds have won this before, so we


hope. Fingers crossed for you, thank you. The runners are making


their way out. They'll circle in front of the grandstand. Let's


check on the latest betting. money for Seabass. People are going


along the line of bookies taking for riders and for punters, as the


horses are parading, or getting into a parade. AP McCoy, having his


17th ride in the race. A picture of serenity and calmness. He is well


focused. He has the monkey off his back. He's won it already. It's


important. Here is Katie Walsh, what a moment for her. Her first


ride in the big race. On a horse who has been backed so heavily


today. At one stage he was favourite, certainly challenging


for for favouritism at the moment and trained by her father, Ted.


Walking around too is Paul TownEnd, on On His Own. He has woman in for


the -- he has come in for the change of ride, Ruby Walsh was


injured and had to forego that mount. It's been a change of riders.


Paul Townend having his third mount in the National. Shakalakaboomboom


going through there. There is the man, Jason Maguire, he won it last


year. Can he deliver back-to-back victories on Ballabriggs today?


order, and also in weight order. This year it's the winner of the


Cheltenham Gold Cup, Synchronised, the last top weight to win was Red


Rum. Ballabriggs, a brilliant winner


last year. This fella is fancied. Donald McCain also has in the field


Weird Al. Timmy Murphy knows how to win a Grand National. He will be


very patient on this horse who can be classy on his day. Neptune


Collonges, many people backed this fella because he is grey. Behind


him we find Calgary Bay, trained by Henrietta Knight who guided Best


Mate to victory. Alfa Beat, Davy Russell has had nine goes so far,


he will be hoping it's 10th time lucky. Richard Johnson is on Planet


Of Sound for Philip Hobbs. This horse was second in the Hennessy.


Black Apalachi, this fella knows his way around here. This is one of


four runners for Dessie Hughes, the trainer. We talked to Evan Williams


with three. This is the outsider of the three, Deep Purple, as Evan


says anything can happen in the National. Junior, owned by a


Midland racing club. Chicago Grey, he will definitely stay. Tatenen,


ridden by the oldest jockey in the race. Andrew Thornton says don't


worry about his price, he will run better than that. More money for


Seabass, 8-1 favourite. From around 20 this morning. It's a huge gamble


on Katie Walsh. Shakalakaboomboom, owned by Liam Pwresden. West End


Rocker, was supported a lot earlier in the week when we thought there


would be rain. Wayne Hutchinson gets on with the horse brilliantly.


According To Pete, this one ridden by young Harry Haynes, first ride


in the race. This fella has a right chance.


Now the horse that Ruby Walsh was due to ride but Paul Townend


replaces him, On His Own. He could have the most potential in the


field. Always Right, trained by John and owned by him, John a


popular man in the north-east. Cappa Bleu has been prepared for


this race, third in a Welsh National. He is ten years old.


Bob, first rider in the race for Bryan Cooper. Good, capable rider.


Then we find Nina Carberry who has completed all her rides in the


Grand National so far. Could be her best chance ever on


Organisedconfusion. 20-1. Treacle, this one trained by Tom, his father


won the race twice as a jockey. This fella ridden by Andrew Lynch.


Tony McCoy holding his arm there. He's clearly fallen off


Synchronised. Something's happened on the way to the start. He is


holding his arm. Drama here before the start. You can see the grass on


as well. Rishi, what happened? saw Tony McCoy on Synchronised just


- Richard and I were actually just standing nearby. I was watching one


way and Richard the other. What happened? He just tucked under the


tape. A couple of them tuck under the tape. This is low here. It's


amazing. Mon Mome, and he is doing exactly the same. So, he's given AP


a nasty fall. But he says he is OK. The horse is loose and AP is


shouting out, has he been caught yet? He hasn't. Hopefully someone


will grab hold of Synchronised ASAP. AP McCoy just desperate there


because he doesn't know how long it's going to take for Synchronised


- yes you can probably lipread that. Doesn't know how long it will take


for Synchronised to be caught. There is the owner. We will look at


how it happened. As Richard was explaining, just coming under where


the tape goes across and there is the line for the start. He jinxed


at it and Synchronised gallops off loose. He is desperately trying to


hang on. He knows everything involved with this race, if a horse


gets away, you might struggle to get it back. The way Synchronised


was going to the start, he is not doing himself any damage but he is


a long way from the start of this race. One thing of the improvements


they've done, one thing very very haven't yet done is provided any


outriders. There are police riders who bring the winner in, but in


Dubai, for example... That is Ed Burn. Famous photographer. He has a


bit of horse sense, he will make sure we catch him. Good lad, Ed.


Playing his part in Grand National history. He looks won the -- none


the worse for that, Synchronised. AP holding his arm there. You know


he is made of stern stuff, AP and it will take more than a kick on


the elbow to stop him riding this fella. AP, an MBE and OBE, been


champion jockey 16 times. On course for a 17th successive championship.


Now he will have to be checked over by the doctor. Doesn't matter how


easy a fall, you will be checked by the doctor to make sure everything


is OK. Looking at him, I think whatever damage is superficial.


two senior jockeys, Ruby and AP having the last-minute dramas and


goes again to emphasise, you cannot tell what's going to happen in a


run-up to the Grand National or during the race. That meant we left


the parade midway through. We will try and get the rest when we can.


Obviously, you have seen Synchronised has been caught and


Tony McCoy is waiting for a lift, someone's going to bring a car


around. Someone's going to get a car, he will jump on and head down,


and ride Synchronised back. He was calling for Jonjo as well to come


out. There are a lot of vets here and he will be checked over. Yeah,


other runners as quickly as we can. Synchronised there being led back


and the good thing is he didn't take off too fast and that's the


key. Aren't they lucky he is a nice horse. We were talking about him


about how sleepy he looked and nothing bothered him. He gets a


spook at the start line and that's what happened. AP wasn't expecting


it. When you are riding short obviously, you know, and you are


not expecting something, just that change of direction can send you


out the side door. The rest of the field there are gathering down


towards the start. There is Donald McCain, trainer of Ballabriggs and


Weird Al. He is quite nervous, Donald. I deliberately didn't go


near him, it was clear he didn't want to talk. He likes to keep away


from the start. He finds a small area by himself. The thing is the


jockeys with sense here will know that horse needs to be caught first.


He will need to be checked over, the jockey will be checked. The


sensible ones will know they can relax, wait. Let's see if it's had


any effects on the markets, Synchronised getting loose. Here is


John and Gary. The favourite, Seabass. What about that punter at


the start of the programme, what did he have had on. �50,000 on


Synchronised. The ups and downs. How about the punter who had


�10,000 on Seabass at 16-1. It's now 8-1. We are trying to take you


through some of the higher numbers we missed out in the parade. A few


of them looking calm down there, some getting geed up. AP getting a


lift to meet Synchronised and ride him back to the start.


Synchronised is settled down again. He looks like he is about to be let


out into the paddock, he is that relaxed. It's great, the one thing


you want before a huge race is a horse expanding too much energy.


has had a good look at the tpebss - - fences. He is enjoying himself.


He has such a distinctive white streak down his face. There is his


trainer, Jonjo O'Neill. He had an interesting time in the Grand


National. Never got around in his rides. He has been lucky enough to


win as a trainer. He had a few dramas he thought this race is just


not destined to be mine. One of those at the higher numbers we


didn't see in the parade was Killyglen. A lot of people feeling


this horse has a great chance because he was going so so well in


this race last year. Blundered just behind the leaders five out and


fell at the fourth last. You can just see the vet there, just


checking this horse over making sure he is OK. He has given him the


all-clear by the looks of it. AP is keen to get on board. Just making


sure that the heart rate is normal. That's procedure they'll take to


make sure they've every base covered with this horse. The vet -


I think they're saying not a bother on him. AP will get the leg up


again and take him back. Talking about Killyglen, would you give him


a chance? I would, I spoke to Robbie Power, he's very sweet on


his chances. He is trained in Northern Ireland. Jonjo has arrived


at the start, other trainers down here. You had a quick word, what


did he say? He said he will be fine. Main thing is AP, he was holding


his arm after that fall. It was quite nasty. But I think he will be


fine. AP is the best position, because all the lads now are


getting geed up at the start and AP is away from it all and he will


just take the horse back. Synchronised and AP have been


reunited, making their way to the start now.


And Jonjo O'Neill has Arbor Supreme and Sunnyhillboy. Sunnyhillboy has


a chance. He has a chance. This horse if he takes to it - this


horse, ridden by Ritchie. He has to be a little more rhythmical in his


jumping, doesn't almost look like he is the cleanest jumper, same


could be said of Synchronised to be honest. Absolutely, but he looks


well. You had a word with the jockeys before the race. What were


you saying to them about trying to keep cool? Young Harry Haynes,


young lad. He said to me about his horse, According To Pete, what did


I think? I said, just look around you, look at the guys with


experience, they're the ones you want to be following, they'll take


you into the race. They've been there before. They know what not to


do. That's basically what you need to know. What not to do.


Synchronised nearly joining with them. You saw before that Giles


Cross getting warm now and obviously the delay doesn't help.


It's not a warm day. It's cool here. Giles Cross is fancied because of


how well he has run in the Welsh National, probably the most extreme


test of stamina outside the National. Ed worry is the ground


might not be soft. This horse will jump around, if he does he is a


major player. AP now doing with Synchronised what he wanted to do


well from Synchronised. Just taking him down to look at the first,


saying this is what you are going to do. Synchronised, I don't think


he fancied it much. That's a silly thing to say, we don't know.


wants to go back to the race. he is with the pack I am sure he


will be fine. There's been a major mover in the market, Gary. It's


Shakalakaboomboom. They're backing the public are backing every horse


in the race, what a Grand National! In his own sweet time, Synchronised


will now join the others at the start. We are running five minutes


late here. At the start is Rishi. Donald McCain went out to the


runners and found his two horses, Ballabriggs and Weird Al. He has


had them led out of the pack. They're both getting warm. Tony


McCoy arriving back at the start. Weird Al certainly on his toes and


AP just taking his time. Showed the first to his horse and now he will


have to get checked. Jonjo will look at him. The horse is in good


form. Indeed. I suspect, you can see the jockeys


all on edge and looking up at the start and saying when are you going


to let us go. Oh, my word, no, it's a false start. They've charged the


tapes. It's a false start. Midnight Haze going through them there and


also Tharawaat. And that was just impatience. Sam


Twiston-Davies, on Hello Bud. would think the oldest horse in the


field would have more sense, but obviously not. It's a case I think


of the horses thinking we are going and starting to go too soon. The


tape was not up. Tharawaat's jockey lucky not to be parachuted out of


the saddle. Let's hand over to Jim. That's it, they're coming in now


and starting to line up. The starter is asking them to form a


straight line. Calgary Bay is out the back, so too is Weird Al. Those


right up at the tape are State Of Play, also there On His Own.


They're adjusting the tape at the moment. West End Rocker went


through. West End Rocker went through the tape on the far side.


That's what happened on the first occasion, as well.


It's natural exuberance, nervousness. Don't forget, these


riders have been waiting there for a long time for Synchronised. So


they're on edge. They're wound up ready to go. Ballabriggs looked


very, very sweaty. He was feeling it. Now West End Rocker. Those


standing well back, Calgary Bay and also Weird Al, they're miles behind


the others. Junior is some way behind them and so too West End


Rocker. Now they start to come forward. The starter I think - no,


the ones out wide, Alfa Beat and also Sunnyhillboy have been turned


side on. He is sitting back, the starter, and just saying relax.


They still haven't tightened the tape, that's what's happening.


The tape has to be right across the course and it has to be fixed into


position. You can see them there. Now the runners are turning. There


is the starter. He calls them forward once again this time


they're off and running. Always Right near the inside with State Of


Play and Killyglen first away. Giles Cross is going fast in the


centre. Up there with Hello Bud and BecauseIcouldntsee. They're


followed next in the field by Swing Bill who is wide, According To Pete


is there as well. Viking Blond in the front with Tharawaat. They


charge towards the first of 30 fences. We join Ian. Giles Cross


and BecauseIcouldntsee amongst the leaders at the first. Viking Blond


is the faller. Viking Blond has gone at the first. The remainder


over OK. Arbor Supreme the back marker. Swing Bill up there and


State Of Play. Then Always Right. Synchronised towards the back. West


End Rocker has gone. Also down is Junior at the second fence.


Shakalakaboomboom jumped through the tape the lead there. A bad


mistake from Vic Venturi back in the field. Arbor Supreme is behind


the main group of runners already. They come to number 4.


Shakalakaboomboom. Swing Bill and Giles Cross. Killyglen. Wide on the


track is Sunnyhillboy. We join Darren. On the run to the one


before Becher's Brook. Shakalakaboomboom and Seabass,


Swing Bill, According To Pete. Towardsed outside -- we lost one,


State Of Play has gone. Chicago Grey gone as well. They go towards


Becher's Brook. Another one down, Rare Bob might have gone. Now


towards Becher's Brook. Shakalakaboomboom, Planet Of Sound,


Deep Purple. According To Pete and Swing Bill. Sunnyhillboy towards


the outside. They stream over Becher's Brook. And Synchronised is


down. Synchronised is down at Becher's Brook. Shakalakaboomboom,


Seabass. Always Right, Giles Cross blunders badly. Alfa Beat is a


faller. The leaders are about to tackle Canal Turn.


Shakalakaboomboom followed by Always Right, Killyglen, Planet Of


Sound, According To Pete. Then Swing Bill. Followed by Giles Cross.


Killyglen has gone. Killyglen has gone. Black Apalachi is down.


Organisedconfusion is also gone. BecauseIcouldntsee is down as well.


Now jumping Valentine's. Ballabriggs may have made a mistake.


Arbor Supreme appears to be the last one going. Fence number ten.


Shakalakaboomboom is just the leader in the National. A bad


mistake from Deep Purple further back. Hello Bud, Planet Of Sound,


Seabass. Always Right with the leaders. Then According To Pete.


Behind this is Deep Purple and then Sunnyhillboy as they take number 11.


Swing Bill behind those. Giles Cross has been pulled up towards


the rear. Planet Of Sound now has gone on as they come to number 12.


Shakalakaboomboom in second place, behind those in third position is


Seabass. Then Always Right. They get over it. Ballabriggs is in mid


division. They go once across the road and on towards the racecourse


proper. We rejoin Jim. They cross over now on the first occasion.


Heading towards fence number 13, Planet Of Sound, who has been


jumping spectacularly is in the lead, from Shakalakaboomboom. Third


Seabass, for Katie Walsh. Behind them is Always Right. Followed


further back in the field then According To Pete, and Hello Bud.


Deep Purple is behind them. Followed further back by Swing Bill,


the grey. Further back Midnight Haze and followed next as they head


towards the next is Ballabriggs. They head over the 13th fence and


it's Planet Of Sound leads over it. Planet Of Sound is the leader. They


head up towards the 14th, from Shakalakaboomboom, and up there too


is Seabass. According To Pete is just behind them, followed by


Always Right and Hello Bud. Deep Purple went through that. He is not


jumping well. Calgary Bay is there as well, from Swing Bill. On the


inside is Ballabriggs, followed by Midnight Haze. Sunnyhillboy is out


wide. Followed then by Neptune Collonges. Further back pwhrau back


-- Cappa Bleu. They go over The Chair. A faller at the Chair. All


the others are other safely. Towards the water. The leader is


Planet Of Sound, from Shakalakaboomboom. Seabass in third.


Hello Bud is next. Followed by According To Pete and Sunnyhillboy.


Calgary Bay. They're clear of them. Neptune Collonges and on the


outside Quiscover Fontaine. On the inside is Midnight Haze. Followed -


23 still standing. Followed by Ballabriggs. On the outside is On


His Own. Followed by The Midnight Club, Cappa Bleu. Back in the field


then is In Compliance, followed by Swing Bill and Deep Purple who is


going backwards. Further back is Weird Al. Followed by Tharawaat,


then Treacle out the back. Neptune out the back as well. So too Mon


Mome who is lost. Vic Venturi about third last. We rejoin Ian.


It's Richard Johnson on Planet Of Sound who leads them now by three


or four lengths to Shakalakaboomboom. Further back in


the field Quiscover Fontaine has gone there, as they come to number


18. On His Own, According To Pete, Hello Bud and Seabass are close


behind the leaders. Then comes Calgary Bay as they jump this.


Neptune Collonges and Sunnyhillboy. Behind that is Cappa Bleu and


Midnight Haze. They come to the ditch now. Planet Of Sound being


joined by Shakalakaboomboom. Hello Bud is behind those in the white.


Then Seabass. Behind these is On His Own. And refusing Vic Venturi,


Vic Venturi has refused. It's Planet Of Sound, to


Shakalakaboomboom and Hello Bud. Seabass. Behind those is Cappa Bleu


and According To Pete and Neptune Collonges. They're being waved


around the next obstacle. Weird Al is at the back of the field. So is


the The Midnight Club, Neptune Equester, Treacle and also Mon Mome


who is still going but is miles is still there. So too Sunnyhill


Boy. Neptune Collonges, the grey to the inside. They jump beechers and


On His Own is down. According To Pete has been brought down.


Tharawaat made a bad mistake. Now heading towards the fence, Mon Mome


pulled up before beechers and the leaders jumping the finance,


Shakalakaboomboom out in front. Planet of Sound second place and


Hello Bud, Seabass followed by Neptune Collonges, Sunnyhill Boy,


Cappa Bleu's just behind these. Cappa Bleu is then followed by In


Compliance, Ballabriggs and Weird Al. The leaders tackle the Canal


Turn. Ballabriggs may have made a mistake. Looking to the back end of


the field, Neptune Equester and Tharawaat are the last two going.


Over at Valentine's. Planet of Sound the leader from


Shakalakaboomboom. Hello Bud, Neptune Collonges, Seabass,


Sunnyhill Boy, then several lengths to Ballabriggs. Ian Bartlett.


Planet of Sound leading. To Shakalakaboomboom, the stripes in


second. Spotted jacket Hello Bud in third. Seabass, maroon and white.


Then Sunnyhill Boy towards the outside. In Compliance behind those.


Neptune Collonges the grey is behind those. Ballabriggs with the


nose band trying to make progress, late on in the race now as they


race on towards the third from the finish, Swing Bill is still going.


Shakalakaboomboom and Planet of Sound the leaders there. Neptune


Collonges the grey, Seabass there. Sunnyhill Boy and Ballabriggs is


beginning to close as well. The midnight club, Neptune Equester


still going. They're well behind. They come to the Melling Road for


the last time, the finish ever the Grand National. McGrath.


They've got two fences left in the 2012 John Smith's Grand National.


Shakalakaboomboom is the leader on the outside starting to move up is


Planet of Sound. He's under pressure. Now Katie Walsh is coming


on the outside with the big run on Seabass. Followed by Hello Bud and


they've kick add way from Neptune Collonges, running on well is


Sunnyhill Boy. They've got two left to jump. Katie Walsh on Seabass


it's on the outside, the leader from Shakalakaboomboom. They're


clear of Sunnyhill Boy and In Compliance is running on well at


the second last. Shakalakaboomboom led over it, but joined again and


passed by Seabass on the outside, Sunnyhill Boy. One left to jump in


the Grand National. They're followed by Neptune Collonges and


In Compliance. Seabass led over the last. Seabass is the leader,


followed then by Sunnyhill Boy, Neptune Collonges. They're clear of


Shakalakaboomboom. Further back In Compliance and Ballabriggs.


Sunnyhill Boy has taken it up for Ritchie Mclernon. Seabass is not


done with. Katie Walsh is coming back. And Neptune Collonges is


joining in as well. It's Sunnyhill Boy with 100 yards left to go.


Neptune Collonges digging deep on the near side. Sunnyhill Boy in


front. He's shortening stride. He's half a length in front. Neptune


Collonges is diving in, oh, it's tight! It's very tight between


Sunnyhill Boy and Neptune Collonges. A photo in the Grand National. In


third Seabass, fourth Cappa Bleu, followed then by further back


Tharawaat. They're followed then by In Compliance. Let's have a look at


the photo. Let's look at them as they cross


the line. Sunnyhill Boy, the far side, near side Neptune Collonges.


Oh, it's tight! It looks like the grey might have just got there by a


nostril. Neptune Collonges and Sunnyhill Boy. Neptune Collonges


Daryl Jacob may have snatched it in the last stride. Neptune Collonges


may have snatched it. Paul Nicholls the trainer. Daryl Jacob the


winning rider. It's desperately tight, a desperately tight photo.


There's Ritchie Mclernon on Sunnyhill Boy. And Daryl Jacob, who


on the evidence of that, what we've just seen, may have just snatched


victory in the last stride. We're waiting for the official verdict.


Ruby Walsh going over to Paul Nicholls there. There he is.


They're waiting for the official result in the John Smith's Grand


National. Here is the result: Number four Neptune Collonges.


First is number four Neptune Collonges, ridden by Daryl Jacob.


Second is number 26 Sunnyhill Boy, Ritchie Mclernon. Third number 13


Seabass, Katie Walsh and fourth number 19 Cappa Bleu, Paul Moloney.


That's the one, two, three, four in the 2012 Grand National. Daryl


Jacob officially the winning rider, Neptune Collonges, the winner of


the National. Congratulations, the moment that was announced what was


that like? This is so good for my best friend deeran Kelly that died.


I told him I could do him proud -- Kieran Kelly. Take us through the


run. It looked for all the world you weren't going to get to the


line. What a tough horse. I've always said to Paul someday I will


ride you a National winner. I said to him two years ago. You've ridden


him his first National winner and you got your first. Well done.


Thank you very much. Until this day Paul Nicholls had had 52 winners in


the Grand National. He had never won it. He has. It's on the bob of


a head in the final stride, Neptune Collonges getting up on the line to


take the John Smith's Grand National, probably the seal the


trainers championship as well and beat Sunnyhill Boy in a photo


finish, brilliant run from Seabass for Katie Walsh, the highest place


female jockey ever to ride in the Grand National. Daryl Jacob puts


his hands to the sky and says "thank you". Paul Nicholls had a


nervous waits and that's his reaction as he heard the result of


the photo finish. He's done it. Georgey, his wife there, and a


quick reaction there grabbed by Five Live. Daryl Jacob who is an


emotional man, tears in the enclosure. For John Hails, he and


his wife Pat now celebrates victory in the most extraordinary


circumstances. There are a lot of fallers out there.


Neptune Collonges managed to avoid all the trouble. A terrific success


this for the Paul Nicholls yard, a class horse this, 11 stone six on


his back. He's run in Gold Cup. He's won the Punchestown Gold Cup


twice. There Ritchie Mclernon watches the rerun and thinking


"Could I have done anything different?" Richard, you know what


that feels like, don't you? afraid I do. None of them have done


anything that they could have done differently, you know. Ritchie went


for it, all the time the grey horse getting, get, getting. It was the


line. That's the closest finish we've seen. It's agony for one and


great jubilation for another. Daryl Jacob, just, what does that mean it


a jockey. He's thanking God, isn't he? I feel so sorry for Ritchie


Mclernon. He had it in the bag and it's snatched away from him. Ah, I


feel gutted for him. You can't see it now, but Darryl's taken his


teeth guard out, gum shield and he's got it tucked into the band on


his hand. They're all very vain. He knows he'll get a good photograph


and doesn't want the gum shield. Paul Nicholls after all that


jubilation now, trying to take in this moment, the greatest of his


training career, for all haecheefd with Kauto Star, Denman and Big


Bucks. A race you can have no concrete expectations because so


much can go wrong. Today it has gone right for this lovely grey


horse, for Neptune Collonges, who at the age of 11, has won the Grand


National. You know, the toughness of these


horses coming eight of them, coming together across the anchor bridge


Road and quite of a few of them in with a chance, then it spreads out.


Very few stay the four-and-a-half miles. That is one thing I was


impressed about this horse the last time he ran at Haydock. He really


stayed on. He nearly snatched it that day from Giles Cross. Here's


Jonjo's horse coming back in. What a brave race. Jonjo thought he had


it. Must have done. Thought he was going to win his second Grand


National. Synchronised out of the race early. He nearly did this


there on Sunnyhill Boy. He's such a sporting guy. Do you think he


thought he'd won it? I think his reaction there was gosh my horse


has run a great race. Ritchie Mclernon's parents over from


Ireland today. So many people are affected by this race, aren't they?


Yes, it's incredible. What a great day for them. They've had great


horses over the years. I was lucky enough to ride One Man for them.


enough to ride One Man for them. Superb. Ladies and gentleman, we


have witnessed the closest ever finish in the John Smith's Grand


National and in the very last stride, under a brilliant ride from


Daryl Jacob, Neptune Collonges is the horse who has come home in


front for his owner John Hales and his trainer Paul Nicholls.


Congratulations to the gallant grey, Neptune Collonges.


APPLAUSE Frts Neptune Collonges the very


brave winner of the 2012 John Smith's Grand National. The man


hugging his jockey is John Hales, a man who - there's Ritchie Mclernon.


That's the difference between victory and defeat. Daryl Jacob in


the winner's enclosure, a very emotional win. And the owner, a


horse who tragically lost his life here, One Man. There's Clare. She's


hugging the winning trainer. I think she's doing a winning


interview. This is a man who has been trying for so long to win this


race w. Your 53rd runner you've done it. Yes and probably the best


horse we've run in the race. Class form, Gold Cups, stays, genuine. A


fantastic ride with Darryl, when you analyse where he went. A great


horse and brilliant. I know my landlord will be watching at home,


thanks for everything Paul, and the whole team, it's just fantastic.


Given the race that's you've won and the gold cups that you've won,


where on earth does this rank? blown Nicky Henderson out of the


water now. I'd given up just now. You will be champion trainer that's


for sure. Any good race, but this is the one we wanted as well,


obviously. Brilliant. Dan skeleton saying now let's get ready for a


picture. We'll let you do that. And Katie Walsh with the ride of your


life on Seabass, terrific. You are the highest placed female jockey in


the race. I got an unbelievable spin. I was round a couple -- wrong


a couple of times, he put me right. Great to get round and can't


believe it's over. I want to do it again. You looked for a long way as


if you were going to win. I thought, over the last, it was going OK.


Barry said to me, how are you going? And I put down my goggles,


he got on to the last. Third was the best I was going to be. They


need to check Katie's weight. The coolest thing she did was pulling


down her goggles come together second last to get set to vai clear


vision of that. For the owner of this horse, he has had moments of


huge delight and moments of tragedy as well, One Man, the best horse


that he owned. He never before has had a runner in the Grand National.


He didn't want to do it. His very first runner, Neptune Collonges has


come home the winner of this. You have to feel for Ritchie Mclernon


on Sunnyhill Boy beaten in the tightest of finishing. Let's get


the reaction of Daryl Jacob, we'll speak to you again now you've had


time to take it in and all the people that have supported you


through your career, who are you through your career, who are you


thinking of most now? Definitely, Kieran Kelly. He's been a big help


to me through my career. He told me to come over to England. This is a


massive for him. Also delighted for Robert and Sally for bringing me


along the way they have. Also, with Paul really looking after me this


year. And that had to be an amazing thrill. Did you know you'd won?


It's very, very tough. It was a very close finish. I kept my head


down. He kept going for all he was worth. Fair play to the horse. He's


dug very, very deep today. He knew the gallop he wanted to go. He


jumped from fence to fence. That is the moment of, That you can


celebrate your victory. Dan skeleton there whacking you on the


back. It was a massive team effort. All credit to everyone. It's a real


team effort. I'm very glad to be, lucky to be a part of it. I'm so


pleased for you, a great moment. And also congratulations to the


winning owner John Hale s. You've been involved with a lot of good


horses, and this -- this has to be the greatest but almost the most


heart stopping moment of all. you know, it's, when you cross the


line, I thought he might have got it and my first thought was well,


if he's got it, Paul's retaining the trainers championship, I


thought thank you Aintree you owed me this one, you know why, from


many years ago. It split the family coming here. My wife was 50/50, my


daughter couldn't face it. Now she's overwhelmed with emotion down


there because we'd had sad memories of coming to Aintree, nothing


against Aintree, we love coming here. Thank God, today, we've come


up trumps. Really thrilled for you, well done. Thank you very much


indeed. Thank you. ( What a dramatic Grand National seeing


dramatic Grand National seeing Just seen Ted Walsh behind me and


he said to Katie "What did you think? How did it feel?" The thrill


of finishing third in the National, a fabulous moment. What a great


ride she gave Seabass. Let's now review the 2012 Grand National of


what happened in a very, very few attempts at this. Yeah I think


the jockeys were getting carried away here. You could see, in the


end he let them go to a very good line. All the jockeys who wanted to


be in the front line were. Weird Al, In Compliance and Junior were the


three slowest away. The yellow jacket of Giles Cross in the centre


just about the leader. The grey Swing Bill was next to him and


between him the white Jacquelin Becauseicouldntsee. They see that


first fence and they quicken onto it. In the middle of the pack in


the red Viking Blond puts the brakes on and gets caught out.


There's a slight drop at the back of the fence. He's right in the


middle. He hits it and unfortunately he's got two to take


you over and carries you down. Mistake as well one of the greys


Alfa Beat, furthest from us there. Seabass did well, Katie Walsh.


is fence number two, Junior in the light blue goes and just ahead of


him the red jacket was West End Rocker. You can see Junior midway


back in the blue, just going now, just got too close to that fence.


You know that's the one thing with these fences. You can't get too


close with them. Swing Bill and Shakalakaboomboom jumped that very


well. Vic Venturi was the horse in black and yellow colours who makes


a bad error. He has a good look at the ditch. He hangs a bit in the


air. Weird Al and Arbor Supreme the last couple there. Here is number


four, they all get over this. Shakalakaboomboom going in. There


was an error by Synchronised there. Yes, there was. Great shots here.


The camera on the inside. There is Weird Al at the back of the field.


This is number five. Chicago Grey, Rare Bob and State Of Play come


down here. State Of Play unseats the rider. Brought down Chicago


Grey, seeing him going and Rare Bob brought down there.


You can see here just watch this horse as he goes. He just shoots


out of the top and unfortunately Rare Bob gets brought down by the


stricken rider. Chicago Grey gets brought down by him. This is,


looking here for Synchronised, there he is. Tony McCoy coming down


to Becher's Brook. He only got as far as fence number six. He goes in


here, he meets it OK and he just gets caught out by the drop. That's


all it was. The big white face, here he comes now.


He just almost jumps at a slight angle. They are trying to because


the track begins to turn there. Yeah, that's what catches them out


more than anything, beechers. You can hear it, that's the boys


screaming as they go across. This is Shakalakaboomboom. There's Katie


Walsh, what a great ride she's had. She'll love watching this. Sam


Twiston-Davies on Hello Bud flashing through. Giles Cross.


Tharawaat, a good spin. Hands off the reins from James Reveley.


the blue cap was Ballabriggs going through. Now Alfa Beat the grey


there he goes. He fell over these fences. Davy Russell there. Middle


of your screen there, grey horse, down he goes, fires Davey into the


up. Seabass on the left of the screen. So, the next one we come to


is Canal Turn number 8. Black Apalachi, Organisedconfusion,


Killyglen and BecauseIcouldntsee all going down. All a big melee in


the middle. The winner lucky to get around them. Very lucky. On the


inside in the orange, there you can see on the left of the picture,


coming out the side door now Robbie Power. Denis O Regan on Black


Apalachi, he fell. Watch now for the pile-up. Just at the back. You


can see Nina Carberry gets fired out. Andrew Thornton, the same fate


for him. Treacle badly hampered, so too Neptune Equester. This is


number 9. Shakalakaboomboom has gone through to a lead of a length


or so. The winner, about five from the right, way back in the field at


the moment. He was ridden differently this afternoon. Daryl


allowed him to find his stride. Great shots here. You can see him


flying over that fence, Neptune Collonges. He was enjoying himself.


This is the last look at Neptune. That was Ballabriggs, took it at an


angle. He did, on his own going through there. On to number 10.


Treacle, in black with yellow, right at the back of the field.


Arbor Supreme, in a red cap. He is also right at the rear of the field.


He unseats his rider. Way in the background. Look for him here, four


from the left. Right at the back now. Yellow cap. He gets too close.


Here is the price, Andrew Lynch fired into the turf. Right at the


back that horse was ducking out. Arbor Supreme, attempting to refuse.


Planet Of Sound has come through to join Shakalakaboomboom. Postmaster,


tiny error behind him. On the left Paddy Brennan says enough is enough,


this horse is not enjoying himself. This is number 12. A little bit


slow jump there from Seabass in fourth place. Also Tharawaat well


back in the field. Shakalakaboomboom, look how far he


stood off that. He was very good there. Deep Purple having a tough


time. Going through the picture top of the screen in the green, that's


In Compliance. He finished fifth. lot of these horses have come from


back in the field this year. This is number 13. Richard Johnson now


he is in a good lead for himself. He is, he is enjoying himself on


this horse and he has a little bit of class, he thought I will pull


the race up here and suit myself. Seabass, and Katie Walsh, what a


ride she had. Shakalakaboomboom was next to her, they were second and


third at this stage. On the left is Sunnyhillboy. The green and white


on his cap. Vic Venturi right at the back. Now this is another one


of the small fences, number 14. Still a couple of lengths lead


there for Richard Johnson on Planet Of Sound. Vic Venturi is also well


back. Five from the right now jumping in the yellow, that's the


winner Neptune Collonges. Daryl Jacob sensible ride on this one.


This is The Chair. Planet Of Sound is bold there. Yeah, we can see


Always Right getting rid of James Reveley. He didn't have a chance of


staying on board. Bottom of the screen, red colours. No chance of


staying on board that. It's like being fired out of the car with no


seatbelt on. Three from the right, with the white hoops on the sleeves.


Just gets close. The horse's head goes down and jockey goes flying


out the front. Nobody briefed him the fence was that big! Planet Of


Sound still over the water jump. This is roughly halfway.


Shakalakaboomboom is in second place. Hello Bud still there behind


Seabass, According To Pete. winner going through now, Neptune


Collonges. Sunnyhillboy, green cap towards - Seabass is third and


Cappa Bleu red cap there. Out in front at the moment is Planet Of


Sound, still got a good lead on the second set. He is enjoying. Barry


Geraghty had a lovely ride. Quiscover Fontaine disappearing


there out of the shot. Sunnyhillboy just jumping there. Watch for the


thud now. Neptune Equester, the final one getting over it. Down he


goes. David Casey. Getting fired out of the plate. Watch for him


here in the blue cap. He gets too close and pays the price. If you


don't respect these fences that's what happens. This is number 18.


Planet Of Sound the leader, but he's already starting to feel the


heat from Shakalakaboomboom, Hello Bud and Seabass. In the background


David Casey walking away having been deposted from Quiscover


Fontaine. Sunnyhillboy now. In Compliance flying through. Watch


out for Vic Venturi, here he comes. He does end up in the ditch. No


fallers at number 20. Neptune Collonges, watching this in running


you wouldn't have been counting your money just yet. He is going OK


but plenty in front of him. He has Cappa Bleu, According To Pete. On


His Own as well. Plenty of horses still in with a chance and


Ballabriggs you can see him nodding behind. Andrew Tinkler on the spare


ride, The Midnight Club. 21 was ommited. There was something going


on there. This is Becher's Brook. A lot of action here. According To


Pete. Mon Mome. Postmaster. This is unfortunate here. You can see it


here. Barry Geraghty did well to keep that partnership in tact. On


His Own falls. According To Pete had nowhere to go. Here is the


angle down below. Lovely to see them come over. Planet Of Sound,


Shakalakaboomboom. He's run well on the way around. You can see this


Neptune Collonges did well to avoid that, he was behind them. The last


one to get over is Tharawaat. This is Canal Turn, number 24. This is


when you have to try and save ground. Just at the rear Cappa Bleu,


trouble getting around. Look how much ground Barry Geraghty saves


here and Sam Twiston-Davies. He will be pleased watching this, he


saved a length or two. Turning very sharp there. Ballabriggs, things


aren't going well for him this year. You can see the front horses


starting to make a few mistakes. That was the first mistake Katie


mentioned when she was speaking to Clare, that Seabass got close to.


He got in deep. You can see Katie did well to stay on him. At this


stage the all green of In Compliance is making some progress,


one from the left. He dives at the fence a bit but is getting close to


the leaders. You can see Planet Of Sound, his horse is having a bit of


a look. Midnight Haze was the one who made the error there in white


and Blue. They're on the way back towards home now. Terrible error


from Midnight Haze. This is the open ditch number 27 where


Shakalakaboomboom just takes the lead. Down there is Weird Al.


That's unfortunate. Tharawaat you can see going over the bottom of


the picture. The Midnight Club having to avoid Weird Al's fall.


This is number 28. Back in 6th, 7th Ballabriggs. I thought maybe it


could be on for him. He is He is starting to get closer. Jason


Maguire had a nice race. You can see Calgary Bay flipping through


there. Let's look at the closing stages. Here is the winner, Neptune


Collonges. Sunnyhillboy finishes in second place. Seabass in third


place. Cappa Bleu is 4th home. He is not in that shot. But Seabass,


Katie Walsh taking the lead in the National at the second last.


must have thought for one minute she was going to win here. She


could obviously feel the other horses around her, but this is a


chance where you allow yourself you thought were going to win.


can see here just look, he leaves the hind end in the fence, causes


him to lose momentum, but you can see it's anybody's race.


Sunnyhillboy has come through to take it up. Seabass in second.


Neptune Collonges only in third. They're going to put in the


formbook led post. After four and a half miles the only time this horse


was in front on the winning post. Sunnyhillboy, and Richie, that's


the only place they pay, because this horse has been robbed, my


heart bleeds for Sunnyhillboy and his six -- connections. Looking at


the closing stages, Swing Bill is still going. Planet Of Sound in the


maroon and white. Great race. I just think that Neptune Collonges,


what a great winner for this horse. Placed in a Gold Cup. He's been


rewarded with a victory in the greatest steeplechase of them all,


the Grand National. So, it is Sunnyhillboy who wins, but not.


Just got on the line there by Neptune Collonges. What a thrilling


finish to a Grand National. Daryl Jacob has won the Grand National


for Paul Nicholls on number 4, what happened to them:


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


Nelson family, According To Pete and Synchronised, the Gold Cup


winner. Weird Al is being treated by the team out there. Explain why


it is necessary with Synchronised and According To Pete, or why they


couldn't be treated? You can't immobilise a horse like you can a


human being, that's the trouble, if you sling them they get pneumonia.


It's so difficult. You break a leg you will be treated. For a horse


you can't. There's so much veterinary expertise here, so if a


horse is treatable it will be treatable. The awful thing was,


Clare, that Synchronised jumped the fence very, very well. He met it


spot on. It just hit the ground and away he went. The kindest thing to


do is to end the suffering before they start feeling the pain?


Absolutely. Yes, I mean their adrenalin will be up initially, but


they will have made the decision from expert people. It's not a


light-hearted thing at all and it's the kindest thing. Richard, thank


you so much. On the honours board the name of Neptune Collonges is


put alongside the great winners of years gone by. He follows


Ballabriggs in winning the John Smith's Grand National and Neptune


Collonges becomes the first grey horse to win the Grand National


since 1961. Celebrations for John Hales and


Paul Nicholls. John Hales, his first winner in a


Grand National. He wasn't in front at all, not for any stride until


the very final stride by the line. More sport coming up on the BBC, on


BBC2 Wigan against St Helens, the Challenge Cup. That's Neptune


Collonges. He is being hosed down there and will be taken back to the


stables. He will have had a long drink of water already and will


have another one later when he needs it. A wonderful, wonderful


performance from him. Just mentioning the other sports, Wigan


and St Helens. The Chinese Grand Prix at 7.00am tomorrow morning and


we will have live coverage of that. As far as racing on the BBC is


concerned, we will be covering the Derby meeting, The Oaks and Derby


and we will be at Royal Ascot for all five days. We are hearing news


that Frankel has sustained an injury and may not race again.


That's the news on that, he will be fine but will not be able to race


again. Once again, the John Smith's Grand


National has been an extraordinary race. The closest finish we have


ever known. A short head between Neptune Collonges and Sunnyhillboy.


Daryl Jacob riding the most perfectly judged of races. It is an


event I know millions of people still enjoy around the world and


thousands turning up here at Aintree. Thank you to all those who


have ever been involved in the television coverage, because that


the Grand National. The fences await the big challenge.


commentators this afternoon are Peter O'Sullivan. That's it,


Grand National history. This is where it happened. Aldaniti is


going to win it at the line. I ask everybody here, including you from


the BBC, to leave the course at the five teenth attempt -- 15th


attempt. Unbelievable. bloody marvellous. Ballabriggs,


it's the McCain family back for another National. It's incredible.


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